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Happy Easter! The Sunday service started with the prayer line section where many people from across the globe came to seek a touch from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Many who came with neck collars, lumbar corsets, walkers and crutches received their miraculous healing through the power of God working in the lives of the wise men. We also saw many dramatic deliverances during the prayer line and laying on of hands sections of the service as the evil spirits in the lives of the people were exposed and expelled by the matchless power of Jesus Christ. Prophet T.B. Joshua also exposed the root cause of the problems in the lives of many as he moved around the auditorium prophesying.


Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the meaning of John 4:24, “God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth” by saying that those who worship God without depending on God’s Spirit to worship Him, worship a god they do not know. When you worship a god you do not know, surprises come. He said that God’s power works through both His Word and His Spirit. He added that God’s power cannot work through His Word alone; we need both God’s Word and His Spirit to make it work in our daily lives.

WISE MAN HARRYIn his message titled, ‘The Supreme Sacrifice’, Wise Man Harry reminded us of the meaning of Easter.  He said that Easter is a day set aside by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of the One who paid the supreme sacrifice for our sin (Isaiah 53:3-6). The Easter period offers us the opportunity to once again reassess our lives in order to stay focused on Christ Jesus.


Mr Christopher Mba, a Nigerian residing in Togo, was among the thousands of those who received the Anointing Water upon his visit to The SCOAN. In subsequent journeys, he decided to minister the Anointing Water, praying for God to shelter him under the shadow of His protection. As he prepared to travel on another journey to The SCOAN, he ministered his Anointing Water before embarking on the trip. While on the journey, he and the other travellers with them encountered a group of armed robbers who halted their vehicle and demanded that they produce all of their belongings. The bandits were armed with heavy weaponry. ImmediatMR. CHRISTOPHER MBA {ARMED ROBBER ATTACK}ely, Mr Mba began to pray and announced to the robbers that the vehicle was travelling to The SCOAN. As soon as they heard this, the armed robbers stopped their operation and said everyone should continue their journey. Mr Mba was astounded as he was carrying finances in excess of N1million. He advised everyone travelling to minister the Anointing Water before embarking on any journey and commit their lives into the protecting hands of Heaven.



Mr Sibangani Mabode came to The SCOAN from Zimbabwe with the problem of joblessness, which had stretched for two long years. Despite his impressive professional qualifications, all applications he made were turned down for no clear reason. When he came to The SCOAN, he received the Anointing Water and was also privileged to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua who told him that he saw him come to work in Nigeria.MR. SIBANGANI MABODE {PROPHETIC WORD -BREAKTHROUGH} Mr Mabode was initially confused because he had no intention to work in Nigeria and had never applied to a Nigerian firm for work. A few months later, a UK-based firm emailed him out of the blue, inviting him to head a project based in Nigeria. Shocked, Mr Mabode immediately remembered the prophetic word he received! Without even undergoing an interview, he was employed by the company and an impressive financial package was agreed on as his monthly salary for the duration of the project. After two years of joblessness and financial challenges, he is now fully employed and will begin work on a huge construction project in Nigeria in just a few days time. Indeed, a prophet of God shall say that which he shall live to see accomplished!



Mr Edema came to The SCOAN with the challenge of stagnancy in his professional career as a customs officer. After many years of faithful work in customs, he had not experienced any form of promotion and seemed to be staying at the same point. Upon going to The SCOAN, he was given the Anointing Water and Prophet T.B. Joshua prophetically told him that he would become a ‘king’ in his field of work.MR. EDEMA {KING IN YOUR CAREER} From that point forward, he continued to minister the Anointing Water and began to experience a huge breakthrough in his career. He led a team of customs officers for over two years and was subsequently given an award as ‘officer of the month’ as well as another award for exceptional bravery and heroism in his work. This year, he was promoted to the Head of Revenue and Customs Services, fulfilling the prophetic word that he would become a ‘king’ in his career. He advised people to always carry the Anointing Water with them in their activities and also encouraged leaders in various fields of life to involve God as they discharge their duties and responsibilities.



Mrs Chinanu Nwali came to The SCOAN a few weeks ago with the problem of a spiritual husband. The spiritual husband used to appear to her physically and in her dreams, instructing her to kill her husband. The spiritual husband also gave her the spirit of anger which caused her to quarrel with her husband all the time and she eventually moved out of the house with her four children.MRS. CHINANU NWALI {A BROKEN MARRIAGE RESTORED} She came to The SCOAN a few weeks ago and received her deliverance through the prayer of one of the wise men. Mrs Nwali said that after her deliverance, she has reconciled with her husband and has moved back to the house. She said that she now has love and respect for her husband and they are happily living together. She said that she no longer sees the spiritual husband in her dreams and there is peace in her marriage. Mr Nwali confirmed what his wife said and added that their marriage is now ‘sweeter’ than before. The Nwalis advised that what man could not do, God had done in their lives. Therefore, don’t give up.



Rev Martins Ugo, a Nigerian residing in Ghana shared his testimony of how God had delivered him from his past that had haunted him. He said that the problem that brought him to The SCOAN was setback and instability in ministry. He explained how his grandfather was one of the greatest witchdoctors of his time before he died, renowned for his extraordinary occultic powers.REV. MARTINS UGO {DELIVERD FROMFROM A PAST OF WITCHCRAFT} When his mother was pregnant with him, a witchdoctor met his mother and explained to her that his late grandfather had met him and instructed him to tell her that the baby in her womb would be his late grandfather coming back and therefore, the child should to be initiated and trained to become a great witchdoctor. As he grew up, he was taught everything about the idols his grandfather worshipped and how to perform the diabolical acts of a witchdoctor such as preparing charms for people. He also joined many secret societies and wanted to become an even greater witchdoctor than his late grandfather. He served under more than seven witchdoctors – each depositing more evil powers in his life.

However, he was in an occult temple one day when he had a vision and saw a Man instructing him to repent and change his life. When he asked the Man who He was, He answered, “I am the Saviour of your soul, the King of kings and the Lord of lords”. After that encounter, his life changed and he eventually stopped practicing as a witchdoctor. He gave his life to Jesus Christ and was given an instruction to fast. He went to Bible school, became a pastor and started establishing church branches. Although he had surrendered his life to Christ and was a pastor, he continued to receive serious evil attacks in his dreams from the evil forces from his past life of being a witchdoctor. He realized that despite the fact that he had accepted Jesus Christ and stopped being a witchdoctor, he needed to be delivered from his past and started to go to different pastors in search of deliverance, without success.

He was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend and started watching it. He then had another dream and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for him. Later, he had a vision and saw himself digging up all the idols he once worshipped. After digging up the idols, he sprayed Anointing Water on them and as he sprayed the idols with the Anointing Water in his dream, they all caught fire and was consumed. When he came to The SCOAN, one of the wise men prayed for him and he was delivered in Jesus’ name. He said that during his deliverance, he saw an angel pulling off black clothes from him and putting white clothes on him. He advised parents to bring up their children in the way of the Lord and also implored all ministers of God experiencing evil attacks to seek deliverance.


Mr Henry Osigbemue shared his testimony of how he was once a notorious armed robber and used to astral travel to survey the areas he wanted to rob physically. He was initiated into a secret cult when he was at school and soon became a notorious armed robber, stealing cars on the highways, breaking into shops and even robbing five churches. He was the leader of a gang of boys, all involved in armed robbery. In a search for more power to commit crime, he went to the internet and saw a website about astral travelling. On the website was an advertisement to order a package from a woman in France, to teach people to astral travel. He ordered the package and when he received and opened it, he saw a black cloth, mirror and a magnetic picture in it with instructions on how to use the items to astral travel. The woman who had sent the mystical items to him from France physically appeared to him in his room and performed an occult ceremony of initiation on him to enable him to start practicing it.MR. HENRY OSIGBEMUE {ASTRAL TRAVELLING ARMED ROBBER}

He explained that while he was astral travelling, if someone tried to wake him or move his body, his spirit would not be able to enter his body again and if his spirit was not able to enter his body within 21 days, he would die. He used these diabolical powers to steal as he would spiritually survey the areas he wanted to rob before physically going there the following day to do so. One day, he visited a friend and saw the Anointing Water in his friend’s room. He asked his friend what it was and his friend showed him Emmanuel TV and ministered the Anointing Water to him. He slept off and had a dream and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua telling him to repent and then invited him to come to The SCOAN for his deliverance. When he came to The SCOAN, one of the wise men prayed for him and he received his deliverance in Jesus’ name. After his deliverance, he said that he is a completely changed person and no longer experiences evil attacks or has the desire to rob or astral travel.



Mr Oni Sky, a Nigerian living in Libya was brought up in a polygamous house; his father was a powerful witchdoctor who married approximately 30 wives and had over 60 children. As a young child growing up, he worked with his father in the shrine and his father trained him as a witchdoctor. Later in life when he was at school, he was initiated into a secret cult and soon rose up the ranks of the fraternity. He later became the cult leader. He started robbing people with other cult members and had many charms put in his body in order to protect him from different weapons such as guns and knives. As a wanted man in Nigeria, he fled to Libya and started duping people by feigning to invoke money. While in Libya, he introduced the secret cult to literally thousands of people there, many of whom proceeded to travel abroad to Europe and carried the cult with them. He said that millions of people had joined this cult as a result of his influence and the number of people he initiated who proceeded to initiate others wherever they travelled to.MR. ONI SKY {LIBYA CULT MAN}

He had 201 incisions on his head given by his father to diabolically ensure he would not die young, giving him boldness to carry out acts of armed robbery and fraudulent crimes. Prior to watching Emmanuel TV, he never believed anyone could deliver him and felt churches were also involved in duping people and the activities happening there were not real. After watching Emmanuel TV and listening to the messages from Prophet T.B. Joshua, he decided to come to The SCOAN. During his deliverance, he saw fire around the wise man erupting like a volcano and was unable to come close to him. Ever since his deliverance, he testified that he no longer smokes, drinks or takes drugs. He no longer has any urge to kill, steal and destroy people through armed robbery or initiate people into his cult. He said that he has even been calling people in all the countries he operated to come for their deliverance. His advice was that people should turn from worshipping idols and give their lives to God. He advised the youth involved in secret cults to drop their weapons and turn to Jesus.


Miss Florence Peters came to The SCOAN and received a mighty deliverance from an evil spirit that had sent her on an assignment to destroy men. Coming forward to share her confession, she explained that she had been possessed by a marine spirit right from birth. She was given the name, ‘Eze Nwanyi’ meaning ‘Queen of the coast’. When she was young, her mother took her around various spiritualists and churches in search of deliverance who then took her to a river for a ‘spiritual cleansing’. However, since she knew the spirit within her came from the water, the deliverance she went for served only to increase the powers she was given in the marine world. The assignment she was given in the marine kingdom was to seduce and destroy men, most especially those who claimed to be pastors and preached against the kingdom of darkness with pride.MISS FLORENCE PETERS {SPECIALIST IN SEDUCING PASTORS}

In the middle of the church service, she would enter and immediately attract the attention of the pastor by using the power in her eyes and wearing revealing clothing.  After the service, she would request for prayer from the pastor, in order to have a one-on-one encounter with him. When she entered the office of the pastor, she would pretend to request for deliverance and while the pastor was counseling her, she would look directly into his eyes as a form of seduction. Thereafter, instead of delivering her, she would go ahead to sleep with them and thereafter, their ministries would be under the influence and control of the demonic kingdom of darkness. She explained that she specifically was sent to attack pastors because the kingdom of darkness thirsted for souls and bringing down a pastor would bring more souls into that kingdom.

She said after her deliverance, she slept peacefully for the first time in her life, no more tormented by dreams of snakes, fishes and a strange man sleeping with her. She advised parents to be extremely careful about the names they give to their children, stating that the genesis of her problem was the name she was given. She further advised people to abstain completely from visiting witchdoctors and spiritualists as it will only compound their problems. Her advice to pastors was to be watchful of those who come pretending to ask for prayer, saying, ‘All that glitters is not gold.’


Mr Adogah from Ghana received a prophecy a few weeks ago and the man of God prophesied that he saw a lot of birds where he lived and that there was a tree at the entrance of his compound where many people’s destinies were tied. A video was replayed of a how the Emmanuel TV Team travelled to Mr Adogah’s house in Ghana and indeed when the Emmanuel TV Team arrived at his house in Ghana, birds were all over the premises. On the video, Mr Adogah explained and showed the herbs in his garden which he used to make charms and also showed where his temple was. Mr Adogah took the Emmanuel TV Team inside his consultation room and sprayed the Anointing Water all over the room and also on the various books and spiritual items he once used to perform his diabolical acts as a spiritualist and herbalist. Different spiritual paintings covered the walls of the room but the main feature was the table, on which different coloured candles and a large variety of spiritual and magical books were arranged. He also showed the Emmanuel TV team the spiritual clothing he used.2

The Emmanuel TV team also travelled with Mr Adogah to Togo where he showed them the tree that the man of God had prophesied about. A close inspection of the massive tree showed that it was hollow inside containing different items such as hair, bottles, children’s footwear etc. Approaching the tree, Mr Adogah sprayed the Anointing Water on it, in Jesus’ name and proceeded to explain how thousands of destinies had been tied there by witchcraft through the decades of its existence. tree AWMr Adogah brought the items and a pigeon he used as a witchdoctor to The SCOAN and explained the use of each item including the spiritual and magical books he used. He explained that he would use pigeons to carry a wide variety of his charms, medicines and other items to people anywhere in the world after casting a spell on the bird. Mr Adogah thanked God for his deliverance and said that he is completely free from his past life of witchcraft.


Mrs Martha Nzwile from Namibia, accompanied by her husband, Christopher Nwile, her nephew, Morgan and friend came to The SCOAN with a horrific story of fraud. The problem that brought them to The SCOAN was various kinds of sickness. She was involved in a serious accident in her country which resulted in a spinal cord injury. She was forced to use a neck collar and lumbar corset for over four years and lived literally in constant pain and distress. After watching Emmanuel TV, she desperately attempted to contact The SCOAN, but didn’t receive an instant reply. While lying in pain in hospital, she was told of a testimony of someone healed of colon cancer miraculously through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua via Facebook. Although she had never used Facebook before, she decided to log on and search for TB Joshua Ministries on Facebook. However, she naively opened a fraudulent account of someone who claimed be T.B. Joshua. Unknown to her, the person she began talking to was actually a fraudster, deceptively using the name of T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV to defraud people who were desperate to come to The SCOAN.


After establishing contact with the fraudster, she was told that she would be invited to The SCOAN, picked up at the airport and all accommodation would be prearranged. She was told to bring almost $800 as an advance fee. She was initially skeptical and requested to see proof that the person she was corresponding with indeed represented The SCOAN. The fraudster claimed to be the account officer of The SCOAN, terming himself, ‘Joshua Emmanuel’ and going further to provide a phone number with which she could contact him. The fraudster in question sent her a fake invitation letter, using a crafted letterhead with The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV logos. Deceived by the amount of details provided, she actually paid the money into the account provided, totaling over $3,000. Innocently believing that she and her family would be met by The SCOAN at the airport, they went ahead to travel to Lagos. Upon arriving and meeting the official SCOAN protocol, they were shocked to learn that the person they had been dealing with was a fraudster and the letter of invitation completely fake.

Remember, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.

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Emmanuel! Sunday 25th November 2012 was another wonderful day in God’s presence at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. The service started with the prayer line with the five Wise Men ministering prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit to hundreds of people from all over the world. After this was a time of faith-building testimonies from those who had come to The SCOAN in the past and received the Anointing Water.


The first testimony was that of Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka who shared an extraordinary story of how death had been conquered in her family after ministering the Anointing Water. Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka explained that a member of her family had died at a similar time every year between 2006 and 2010 through mysterious sicknesses. Each death was pre-empted by the arrival of a strange bird on the roof of her house, one which locals in her area confirmed was symbolic of the idols in the area and messengers of spiritualists and witch doctors bent on destruction. Frightened that she was next in line for diabolic termination, Mrs … decided to visit The SCOAN in 2011, where she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. As the annual date of death loomed large, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka kept ministering the Anointing Water. One fateful day, upon hearing the arrival of the menacing bird on the roof of her house, an ominous sign of impending calamity, she promptly began ministering the Anointing Water. The bird took off immediately and the year ended fatality-free for the ecstatic family.

Upon coming to The SCOAN to share this initial testimony, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke prophetically to them that they would still have another encounter with the evil spirit masquerading in the form of a bird. He stressed that when the bird arrived this time, after ministering the Anointing Water, it would be unable to leave and would therefore be captured by God’s power.

Nearly a year later, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka explained how one day, as one of the birds alighted on her roof, she suddenly felt as if the blood within her body was being drained slowly and life was seeping away from her. She fell into a comatose state and family members began fearing the worst. However, in her dream, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua place the Anointing Water in her hands and command her to rise up. Upon her miraculous recovery, the spiritual attack intensified as the bird in question inexplicably entered her house and perched atop a curtain rail in one of the rooms.

Utterly confident that her victory was at hand, Mrs Ohora Osim Enyieka organised a local cameraman to come and then, in battle-mode, entered the room with the demonic bird armed only with her Anointing Water. She began wildly spraying the Anointing Water and praying in Jesus’ name for every demonic force behind the deaths in her family to be broken. As if in a drunken stupor, the bird, without anyone physically touching it, fell to the ground. The family returned to The SCOAN to share this wonderful testimony, even coming with the ‘owl’ that had succumbed to God’s power in the Anointing Water. Where oh death is your sting? Death has been swallowed up in victory!


The next testimony was that of Mrs Isioma Omene who came with her family to testify to God’s protection and power in their lives through the ministration of the Anointing Water. On 10th October 2012, having closed her shop for the day, a car had suddenly blocked her own car on its way home. Little did she know that it was a co-ordinated effort to kidnap a member of her family. As her husband exited the car to ascertain what was happening, suddenly the sound of bullets shattered the silence. With her husband running for dear life, Mrs Omene struggled to hold her children close to her, knowing that it was a critical situation. As the kidnappers approached the car, all the family could do was pray. Her young daughter, Favour, lifted up her voice crying for God to protect her mother and siblings. Upon seeing the little girl’s bold prayers, the kidnappers turned their attention on her and cruelly snatched her from the clutches of Isioma.

The following day, the distraught family received a call from the kidnappers, demanding a ransom of

20 million naira be paid for her safe release. Failure to do so would, however, end in her execution. Unable to raise such an amount, Mrs Omene decided to visit The SCOAN to seek the face of God. As the service progressed, she shouted helplessly in the crowd, catching the attention of Prophet T.B. Joshua who asked her to wait behind after the service. He then gave her Anointing Water, asked her to be prayerful and spray the child’s photograph with it and assured her that she would be returned safely. Mrs Omene followed the instructions accordingly, believing God for Divine protection. Thirteen days after her capture, the kidnappers called Mr Omene and told him to meet them at an appointed area to release the child, as her incessant prayers were ‘disturbing them’. The father rushed to the designated spot and Favour was released without any ransom paid!

Favour, still recovering from the ordeal, told the touched congregation that she had been blindfolded and taken into a thick forest. She was warned not to pray in the name of Jesus but continued to sing and pray, remembering the songs she had learned at her school and the prayers she had watched on Emmanuel TV. She was neither given food nor water for two weeks and each time they found her on her knees in prayer, the kidnappers would flog her with the branch of a tree. She thanked God for saving her from the hands of her captives through the Anointing Water. The father, Hon. Godfrey also thanked Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua, stressing that after her release, the kidnappers were caught and are now in custody. His wife said that people should be faithful to God because with God, all things are possible.


Dr Enongene John shared a testimony to God’s transformative power in his life after using the Anointing Water. He had been sick for two years in Cameroon, resulting in a deteriorating skin condition that left him in constant pains, virtually immobile and jobless. Various hospitals he went to were unable to help as the creams and medications applied brought no seeming result. The skin condition on his legs worsened to the point where he was unable to wear shoes or socks and stayed most of his days indoors.

Being a viewer of Emmanuel TV, he started praying and fasting. A Good Samaritan who saw his condition and had just returned from a trip to The SCOAN, gave him the Anointing Water and encouraged him to spray the affected areas on his body. As Dr John began ministering the Anointing Water, his situation radically changed! The swelling and flayed skin on his legs disappeared and normal skin with a few scars were all that were left. He supernaturally regained his strength and after a two year hiatus due to the sickness, returned to his work. His wife, who accompanied him to share the testimony, said God’s power through the Anointing Water actually saved his life. He advised people to believe in God’s anointing in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua that is also so mightily prevalent in the Anointing Water.



Mr and Mrs Babalola came to The SCOAN with a powerful testimony of how God replaced their barrenness with fruitfulness after they had ministered the Anointing Water. Medically, Mrs Babalola had been diagnosed with tubal blockage and all forms of medical solution had been sought by the couple who had been looking for the fruit of the womb for eight years.

On visiting The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for them and they were given the Anointing Water. Today, they are proud parents to Esther Babalola! After her miraculous conception, Mrs Babalola continued to minister the Anointing Water throughout the course of her pregnancy. She delivered her baby safely and without complications. The husband had advised that people should always depend on God because He is above all! The wife said that women should learn to be patient when seeking for the fruit of the womb because God’s time is the best.





Mrs Bitrus came all the way from Ghana to share her heart-warming testimony. Three years ago, her menstruation had suddenly ceased with no clear medical explanation. The ailment was accompanied by constant headaches, and the search for healing led Mrs Bitrus to hospitals and herbal centres across the country.


However, after being strengthened in her faith through viewing Emmanuel TV, Mrs Bitrus began to believe God for Divine restoration of her menstruation. She was privileged to receive the Anointing Water from a friend of hers and immediately sprayed it all over her body and into her mouth. Suddenly, she experienced a hot sensation in her stomach. It became almost unbearable and, running to the toilet, she was shocked to see that blood had started flowing! It was an instant miracle! She showed photographs to verify the veracity of her miraculous healing to the congregation, praising God and advising people to always depend on Him who is able to do abundantly, exceedingly above all we could ask or imagine.


Pastor Charles Lomba from Zambia was the next in line to share his testimony. The clergyman explained that he was experiencing stagnation and financial setback in his ministry and was embarrassed to be walking home from church weekly while some of his members drove by in their cars. He had prayed for others who had received rich blessings but seemed stuck in a cycle of limitation and setback. 

After visiting The SCOAN on August 22nd 2012, Pastor Lomba received an Anointing Sticker and declared that by faith, he would soon own a vehicle to enable him to place the Anointing Sticker on it. In bold faith, he even specified the type of vehicle he was praying for God to bless him with. Merely a week after returning from The SCOAN, a member of his church blessed him with not one but two new cars, one of which was the exact type he had requested from God! Full of happiness that his case had been touched by God’s anointing, he counselled the congregants and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to have confidence that whatsoever had been prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua, could be used as a point of contact to release blessing and breakthrough into their lives.





Mr and Mrs Cawkwell had travelled all the way from the United Kingdom to seek Divine healing at The SCOAN. Mrs Cawkwell had been diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis and Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable disease that had weakened her body to the point where she was forced to move about in a wheelchair. In the course of last week’s service, her husband had cried out to God for healing as Prophet T.B. Joshua was passing by during the time of prophecy. Moved with compassion, Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched his hands towards her and commanded her to rise up and walk. To the astonishment and joy of the entire congregation, supernatural strength returned to Mrs Cawkwell’s limbs and she rose up from her wheelchair and walked unaided for the first time in two years!

Coming forward to testify, Mrs Cawkwell looked like a different person, as she walked comfortably forward with her beaming husband by her side. She was barely recognisable from the wheelchair-bound condition she had come to The SCOAN in last week. In his testimony, Mr Cawkwell explained how the sickness had taken over their lives for the past two years. He had to resign from his work as a security officer to attend to his wife and literally had to do everything for her.

However, upon seeing the miracles taking place daily at The SCOAN on Emmanuel TV, he was full of faith, with his wife, that if they came to The SCOAN, she would receive her total and complete healing. He described his amazement at seeing his wife walk after the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua and said her recovery since that point had been nothing short of phenomenal. He told viewers around the world on Emmanuel TV that the power of God he had witnessed in The SCOAN was real, tangible and life-changing, encouraging those oppressed with sickness to never give up or doubt God’s desire and ability to heal them.

His wife said that she felt the power of the Holy Spirit flow through her entire body as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her. After she stood up to walk, she began to vomit substances that had been clogging up her lungs for many years. With her healing came a clear throat and the ability to communicate freely, which she had not experienced for years because of the sickness.

She testified that her journey to The SCOAN was clearly providential, as even before embarking on the flight, when her condition was very dire, she had seen Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for her in the dream, which had strengthened her faith. It was a wonderful testimony to God’s healing power still at work today and the congregation joined the couple in song and dance to rejoice with them!


In the third part of a series titled, ‘Secret Of Faith’, Prophet T.B. Joshua expounded further on some profound Gospel truths. He explained that faith is something that comes spontaneously, not by force or external pressure. “Anything that comes by force is not faith. Faith is something that comes spontaneously, willingly. Don’t force me. If you force me to be a Christian by giving me whatever you want to give me or you adopt me as a child and give me everything, such Christianity cannot last. If you stop giving me those things, I will stop being a Christian. If you become a Christian because of the miracle you receive, what if there is no miracle tomorrow? You will stop being a Christian.” 

He further characterised faith and rest as being inseparable, citing Hebrews 4 as a Scriptural reference. “Whenever we truly believe, our hearts will be at rest. If our hearts are uneasy and restless, if we are afraid of this and that, if we are fearful and feeling lost, struggling with all our effort to plan, to resolve, to plead and ask for help, this shows we have not yet believed. When one believes, he is at rest. Therefore, when a person believes, he will no longer worry. He will leave it for God!”

Prophet T.B. Joshua further explained the necessity of living in God’s Word and receiving it in the midst of our hearts. “If a person has not received the teaching of the Scripture or the promise of the Holy Ghost in his heart, forcing him to do such acts is indeed a risk – because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. You must take God’s Word to heart; you must live in God’s Word. If you have taken God’s Word to heart, you can act it. It will by its very nature, change you and when it does, you will automatically find yourself acting. This kind of rest is very real, genuine and natural.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua concluded the profound message by challenging believers to examine their daily lives. “If we examine our daily lives, we will find out how much faith we have. Faith is manifested in the small things in our daily life. Do you know how much you need God?” He said that the problem faced by believers around the world today was that they believe they only need God for certain tasks or at certain times instead of realising that they need Him in literally everything.







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In a few remarks of advice before opening the topic of his message, Wise Man Racine reminded the congregation of the protection the righteous man enjoys in the hand of God. In his words, the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. He advised them to be happy whereas there is nothing to be happy about on the outside. Some people, he went on, complain, lament and murmur in spite of being Christians. The cause, according to him, is that they are centred on what they are doing.  Taking a cue from this, the wise man entitled his sermon, ‘See Beyond Your Situation’ and opened to Psalm 91:14 as his proof text. The Lord, he said, has given assurance to all believers of His protection. Troubles, he continued, do not require any invitation before they come. However, when they come, we should be determined because we are not alone. The devil uses our situation to tempt us. Temptations to sin are the most grievous because they are messengers of satan.  You should not listen to them because you are not alone. Situations make people act out of character. How do you handle temptations?  God, according to him, uses foolish things to prepare us for new things in life. He first humbles those he intends to honour so that they will not be conceited. He cited Daniel in the lion’s den, Joseph and his travails and Anna’s barrenness for years as Biblical cases to buttress his point.  He assured his listeners that their problems were meant to prepare them for the blessings of God. He also echoed Prophet T.B. Joshua’s advice to listeners to be careful when entering temptations allowed by God so as not to think it strange and doubt their Guard. When temptations come, there is a purpose. They are meant to draw you closer to God.  As a man of faith, victory is yours. A man of faith is led by an indwelling Spirit of grace that is greater than him. He does everything out of a heart of peace, not for sheer popularity. He believes that when he is weak, he is strong. Any confidence that is based on the outside cannot stand the test of time. Jesus is my Healer whether he heals me or not. This is confidence based on faith. With the Word of God in our heart, our confidence is settled and nothing can change us. The heart must be grounded and rooted in the Word of God. If you must speak, you must think first and in accordance with the Word of God. The words we speak create the curses or blessings that come our way. Your words dominate your life because they express your thoughts which are the seeds of your life. You cannot be above your words. A poor man acting poor and enjoying the company of poor people will remain poor. My words need cleansing because my heart needs cleansing.  Our heart is cleansed by focusing on the Word of God. Faith focuses on God, not on the situation. Your faith is your personal situation focused on God and His sufficiency. When difficult times come your way, examine all things in the light of God’s Word and listen to the testimonies of your conscience. God’s Word points you to life though your situation may point you to death. The answer to your situation is the Word of God. The Word of God is sure, eternal and cannot fail. You should see beyond your situation where there is God’s purpose for your life. Your situation is meant to draw you closer to God. Once you believe the Word of God, success is yours, the wise man concluded.


After commending the message given by Wise Man Racine, Prophet T.B. Joshua turned to the viewers under the influence of the telecast and assured them that once they listened; their prayers would answer, adding that distance was no barrier. The prophet gave a sermon, which he entitled, ‘Overcome Your Doubt’ and told his listeners that the best saints have need for the help that can make their faith stronger. He drew his listener’s attention to some Biblical characters to make his point.  According to him, Abraham in Genesis 15:6, Gideon in Judges 6:36-37 and John the Baptist in Matthew 11, needed signs to make their faith stronger. Though he believed, John the Baptist wanted concrete signs to make his faith set that Jesus was the expected Messiah. Many people in the Bible who we consider pillars of faith had moments of doubt. This however, does not mean that they had less faith but that their faith was challenged in a new way. Moments of doubt arise when unusual things come one’s way. If you are genuinely seeking salvation from God in the midst of doubt, He will not mind because at the end, your doubt will move you closer to God. When situations in life challenge your faith, they should move you closer to God, not farther away from Him. In situations of poverty, sickness and the like, one seems to be tempted to doubt His ability or desire to help. When one’s faith is challenged in a new way, what one has not experienced before in one’s life cropping up will generate panic, anxiety, worry and doubt in one’s faith.  John the Baptist, Peter and many Biblical heroes struggled with many doubts. However, doubt can become a sin if it leads you away from God to scepticism, cynicism and then to hard-heartedness. As you move closer to God, you will find the strength to trust God. One of satan’s strategies or tactics is to get you to doubt God’s goodness. One should be patient because God’s time is the best. Satan tries to make you forget all that God has given you and focus on what you do not have. If you spend your time thinking about what you do not have, you may be slipping into unhealthy doubt. Today, we only acknowledge the immediate goodness of God when we receive and thereafter, we never mention that miracle or blessing. The sickness you had in the past, others had it and died while many others are still on the sickbed. You may think it was an ordinary sickness but people die of the sickness every day. Do not doubt God’s desire or ability to help you. When David, a rustic boy (1 Samuel 17:37) was brought to the king to defend his cause, he simply testified to how God delivered, saved and rescued him from the mouth of lion and bear at his tender age. Today, people will mention only the immediate ones and forget those at their tender age. God gives everyone plenty of evidence to believe in Him. Doubt comes when we fail to stop long enough to observe all the evidence. Once in a while, we should create time to reflect over God’s track record in our lives. Many who are from poverty-stricken and sickness–ridden families are able to live above all that today. We are like a man who prayed that he had no shoes and when God gave him money, he went to the market and met another man who had no legs. You should review God’s track record in your life and you will realise that many of you have come from nowhere to somebody. When you take time to review God’s track record, it would grow confidence that He would work in your present situation. Your situation is not like others’ but for the glory of God. You will grow confident that a solution is forthcoming and that God will never fail or abandon you because He never did so in the past.  Be patient and let God answer your questions on His own schedule, not on yours. God’s time is the best. At His time, it is all good.


At the instance of the prophet, some of the striking incidents and prophecies of the previous Sunday service were visited on video.  In course of the mass prayer, the prophet issued a message that there was a woman in the congregation whose sexual urge remained unsatisfied after she had a love encounter with a dog in her dream and he asked the woman in question to come out for deliverance. The woman having been delivered the previous Sunday, re-emerged accompanied by her husband as directed for a testimony. In her testimony, the woman who went by the name Tina Ekezie, narrated her encounter with a dog in her dream after which her marriage was destroyed. She had prayed and fasted but all to no avail.  Her marriage after that lacked love for her husband and witnessed much quarrel and hatred. She however, added that after the deliverance her admiration for her husband fully surfaced again. In his testimony, the husband, Eugene Ekezie told the congregation that the radiance displayed by his wife was the function of his money when he was doing well as a kerosene dealer. Since his downfall however, his wife’s attitude and affection for him had become zero, causing a cat and dog relationship between them. Mrs Tina Ekezie knelt before her husband in apology for her past misbehaviour and promised a positive change. The man of God however promised to counsel them on their economic downturn, which seemed to have partially dissipated Tina’s affection.


Another clip revealed the prophet issuing a prophecy to a Kenyan lady as he laid hands on the congregation. In the prophecy, he saw the woman living where men were coming to her for sex. She was living as a harlot. The prophecy also added that her father abandoned her as a child and that frustration had led her to that style of life. It concluded that her father owed her an apology for all that. The lady who bore Nelly Wangari as her name confirmed the entire prophecy as true and she was delivered. She retold the prophecy and recounted all the hardship and name calling she went through because of her father’s behaviour. The man of God consoled her, told her that all was past, that God was her Father and that she would soon know why God allowed that suffering in her life.


The next video clip unfolded the prophet as he issued a prophetic message to a man who sent his wife away on the rumour that she was enjoying an extra-marital relationship. The prophecy ended in two questions. The man was asked whether he was sure he had not sent an innocent woman away and how had his life been since he ejected his wife from the marital home.  A man who called himself Emmanuel and the suspected wife emerged from the congregation to say the prophecy referred to them. In his testimony, the man said that neighbours used to tell him when he came home that his wife had developed the habit of going out often and coming in late and that she might have a lover outside. That was the basis of his action.  The man of God however, told him that the wife was innocent and that the husband was to blame for the challenges that made her go out. In her testimony, Janet, the suspected wife said her husband sent her out because he suspected her with one man. The prophet confirmed her innocence and promised to reconcile them.


A fairly aged man, Kayode by name, mounted the platform with a photograph of his burnt building and started by apologising to the man of God and the congregation that he had not been paying his tithes. He then added that his house was burnt because of the carelessness of one of his tenants with a generator. The entire roof of the storeyed building was burnt and needed rehabilitation. The man of God blamed him for his failure to contribute to the growth of the church in spite of his wealth. A cash gift of one million naira was given to him to put the building in order.


A couple who named themselves as Mr and Mrs Oghobo mounted the stage to say they had been barren for twelve years before they received the Anointing Water. They prayed over the Anointing Water after fasting and met as a couple. That very month, according to the man, the woman missed her period. They had gone to many places and medical doctors in search of a pregnancy but without success. The man of God commended them for fasting before ministering the Anointing Water quite unlike many who would just gulp it as soon as they received it. Thanking God for His mercy on their lives, the couple wished their listeners the same fortune in the hand of the Lord.


Mrs Linda Chinwe and her miracle baby mounted the podium next for their testimony. According to her, she had been barren for fifteen years. Her sister in-law brought her to The SCOAN to collect the Anointing Water. It was that, according to her, that ended her infertility because as soon as they met as a couple, she became pregnant. At the time of the testimony, her baby was five months old. She thanked God for His mercy and advised her listeners to have faith in God.


Mr and Mrs Ani-Nweke climbed the platform to tell their listeners about their ugly experience with miscarriages. They said they came to The SCOAN to meet the man of God for that very reason and he gave them the Anointing Water.  They met as a couple after ministering the Anointing Water and the wife became pregnant. They thanked God for His mercy in their lives.


The video clip revealed a prophecy given by the Wise Man to a pregnant woman in which he reminded her of her unpleasant experience with her earlier pregnancy and her recent dreams in which she used to eat and see dead people. He told her that a similar misfortune might befall her, if she was not delivered.  After delivering her, the wise man told her to go home and enjoy a safe delivery. At the end of the video clip, Mr and Mrs Chukwuma climbed the platform to say that the clip was about them. Mrs Chukwuma retold the story as already told on the clip and added that it was on the 14th of August, 2011 that she was in The SCOAN. Her husband added that she delivered her baby safely on the 6th of September, 2011. Both thanked God for His mercy and advised their listeners to take time to remember the way God had worked in their lives.


The next clip revealed how the Anointing Water worked wonders in the Church of Signs and Wonders, India where Pastor Narula ministered it. Practically everybody who received a spray of the Anointing Water fell down in deliverance. Many cases of healing and deliverance were recorded there, like in the other places where it had been ministered.


Widows and their children of school age trooped to the platform to receive cash gifts from the prophet to pay their fees for the term. Their spokespersons praised the man of God for making it possible for them to enjoy formal education without tears despite being orphans and seized the opportunity to appeal to other well-to-do Nigerians to emulate the good gesture of the prophet. Among those who spoke were Ebele, Ossai and Caroline Akinpelumu.  One Alfred R. among them had physically challenged parents. A total sum of 6 million naira was disbursed to them.  As usual, we always have cause to praise the Lord for His marvellous blessings in our lives. May His mighty name be extolled forever!

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After the choir had prepared the atmosphere with tunes for the Holy Spirit,  Wise Man Christopher emerged for the Sunday message. Greeting the congregation warmly and wishing them easy transformation from darkness to light, he proceeded to pray with them. ‘I believe in your Word’, he went on, as the congregation repeated after him. ‘In your Word is my salvation, redemption and victory’, the wise man took the congregation through a length of heart- lifting prayer to the Lord.  Beginning with a short story of a Christian friend who wondered why he had trials in his life in spite of his devotion to the work of God, the wise man advised that trials and tribulations were part of Christianity. In his words, the Bible says everyone who works with the Lord will have testing but that as a child of God, your trouble is not like others’; it is for the glory of God. Trouble comes not because of any wrong step but because we are in a complex and contradictory world. The children of God, according to him, are passing through this world to a place prepared for them. This Is Not Heaven, he aptly titled his message. Citing John 16:33 as his proof text, the wise man said Jesus overcame for us and so we shall overcome, though there will be disappointments, as said in the proof text. In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Apostle Paul derived strength from the Lord. My grace is made perfect in your weakness. Though Apostle Paul was tormented by a thorn in his flesh, the grace of Christ was sufficient for him  and so for us, the wise man affirmed. Continuing, he said the thorn of Christ makes easy and sanctifies our thorns. Jesus took our place in afflictions. Troubles are designed for our spiritual development and  to advance our course. Our situation could be to humble us but to leave us dignified at last. Spiritual burdens are ordered to cure spiritual pride. He allows poverty and setback to humble us. He will however, prepare us for it. Those God calls for service, He makes fit for it, Deuteronomy 28:7. The enemies will come in a united manner but they will be confounded and routed by the superior power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is greater than all the combined forces of hell. He has conquered death for our sake to bring us to the Father. To hope is to look forward to a Heavenly home that will last forever.  Stones were hurled at Stephen but his affection for God’s command was regular because of his hope, Acts 7:54. In Romans 8:35-39, Paul advised Christians to keep the solid front in the face of sickness. The rich should not concentrate on their wealth or the poor on their situation because a man may be poor, yet be a candidate of Heaven. Citing Luke 6:20- 26, the wise man recited the beatitudes. Don’t doubt the genuineness of your spiritual experience or question your sonship of Christ because of your situation. The promise of God can only be appropriated by faith which comes through hearing and obeying the Word of God. We were elected before the foundation of the world to inherit the Kingdom of God. Faith is a necessary condition to access Heaven. Faith purifies and justifies us and removes the guilt of sin. The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears. Fear not, for those who are fighting for you are more than those out to destroy you. Because you know that Heaven is your permanent Home, let everything that has to do with you be redeemed now and forever, the wise man prayed in conclusion.



A lot of Christians, Prophet T. B. Joshua said, after commending the message, grumble and despair about their situation because their lives are centred on how they are doing. How clearly, he asked, do we really see our lives? When you look at your life, what do you see? Do you see your life the way Jesus sees it? Continuing, the prophet added, ‘A man I met yesterday told me that the Holy Spirit gave him an idea but advised him not to take the credit.’ Don’t take the credit, he echoed, is a Word from the Holy Ghost. It is all about Jesus, he said. All we do is to give back what we have received from His generous hands. Don’t take the credit, he reminded his listeners. Citing Mark 11:1, he said whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed’, and does not doubt in his heart, it will be done. The prophet emphasized the prayer of faith. The object of our faith is God. Have faith in God, Jesus said, according to him. Teaching today, he went on, encourages believers to have faith in faith. On the contrary, he maintained, it should be on the finished work of Jesus. Because He is good all the time, I can bring my request to Him and cast my cares  upon Him. Why complain, murmur or despair? Realising that He is God and I am not; that He is a Father and I am but a child; He is a Shepherd; I am a straying sheep, I should have faith in God. We often hear, he continued, that prayer changes things but this is not entirely true. Prayer, he corrected, changes us; faith causes things to happen. Advising his listeners to have faith in God, he added, today we pray but lack the necessary faith to release the belief in our hearts. There is power in our mouth; the belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth. Faith requires us to speak the Word before we feel or see the result. The object of faith, he concluded, is God.



Delivered the previous Sunday from the spirit of eating sand and mattress, Ammen in company with his mother appeared on the platform to confirm the deliverance after the video clip refreshed viewers’ minds. Mrs Izah, the mother joyfully told the congregation that her son no more  had no appetite for those things after the deliverance.  Confirming her mother’s testimony in response to the prophet’s questions, Ammen said that he wanted to be a pastor to pray for the sick, so that they would not die and agreed to submit himself to the fasting and prayer demanded by the profession.


A woman from Anambra, Nigeria and her 14 year-old son took the platform and told the congregation that the son had been eating sand and mattress since the age of four. She added that her watching the deliverance of a girl from Tanzania on Emmanuel TV, fuelled her visit to The SCOAN regarding their plight. Enlightening his listeners on his affliction, Onyeka Ibiano said that at night, an object appeared to him and that caused the addiction to sand and mattress since that time. After touching and staring at him for a while, the prophet declared him free.





A video clip revealed Wise Man Racine as he laid hands on worshippers and asking one man among them, ‘Who are you?’ ‘Nobody’, the man responded. Worried that the man’s deliverance was not thorough as he never opened up, the prophet insisted on his re-deliverance.  Confirming that he never opened up, Chukwemeka Paul, accompanied by his wife, agreed to open up and told the story of his life. He admitted being a cultist in a group of boys who delighted in drinking, robbing  and raping girls. Threatened in Nigeria, he went to Ghana where he discovered that security awareness was even higher and he decided to go into computer training. He married in Ghana but did not approach lovemaking in a normal way, afflicted by the spirit of raping. In a way he never quite understood, he found himself in The SCOAN and after his second deliverance, he demanded to know from the prophet whether the wife who had had twins by him was his God-given wife. He explained that they enjoyed no peace in their marriage and the wife often nagged, calling him a baby especially because of his age. He added that he enjoyed peace more with other women than with his wife. The wife narrated that the man lured her into cultism after she married him. They came into the relationship through a call given to her by the erroneous tapping of just a digit by the man who had intended to call his sister. She was not surprised because her church had told her that her prospective husband would locate her in such a manner. She however complained about the raping approach of her husband to lovemaking. The man of God delivered them and declared their marriage sanctified from Heaven.







The osude family from Anambra, Nigeria, though resident in Lagos, appeared on the platform for their  testimony.
According to the spokesperson among them, they came for the Monday service where Wise Man Christopher prayed and laid hands on them. But on Wednesday, they noticed that their sister, Ikechukwu started to display signs and antics of evil attacks causing her to be violent. It was in that state of violence that they brought her back to the church. As the wise man laid hands on Ikechukwu on the Monday in question, she opened up in a smile and Wise Man Christopher told her that he knew her and she knew he knew her. In her testimony after the second deliverance in the prayer line, she told her listeners that after the Monday service, she began to behave funnily and talk nonsense by Wednesday and so her family brought her to The SCOAN on Thursday. She said she possessed many evil spirits which gave her all sorts of powers that she used to wreck the lives of her parents and siblings.  She said her misbehaviour began at the age of five, when she was afflicted with the spirits of lust and gluttony among others. At the age of five, she was fond of watching herself act before a mirror, where a woman appeared to her and asked her whether she would be her friend. She agreed and thereafter, she played with the woman often, though unnoticed by other people. She started having meetings in the spirit world and had astral powers by which she visited many parts of the world effortlessly. She attacked members of her family one after the other. She afflicted her father with high blood pressure and made him a debtor. She wrecked her mother’s business and rendered her sisters jobless in spite of their very good degrees in International Relations.  At the end of her breath-taking and most surprising confession, she pleaded with the man of God to deliver her family from all the evils of the devil for the past 50 years.



The miraculous work of the Anointing Water in the four corners of the earth was shown on Emmanuel TV. In country after country where the Anointing Water was administered, the atmosphere became charged with anointing that set the devil and all its evil spirits in confusion and disarray. Many of the faithful in such locations became delivered   from ailments which many prayers of yesteryears were yet to free them from. In eager anticipation of the miracles associated with the Anointing Water, congregants besieged the venues in their thousands before the appointed time of service. To the glory of God, they were not disappointed because many left the scene with testimonies of deliverance and healing. That was the picture in London, UK; Athens, Greece; Cape Town, South Africa; Accra, Ghana and other locations where the Anointing Water was ministered.  In Cameroon, where the man of God had just okayed a house fellowship for a family about a month before, the congregation was so much that the man of God, in his surprise, never knew how to classify it. Equally amazing, according to the family granted the concession, was the dumbfounding work of the Anointing Water in deliverance and healing.



Mr John Mark of Kogi State but working in Katsina as a chief superintendent of police also mounted the platform for his testimony. He said he had come to The SCOAN on 31st December for a breakthrough service during the candle night. He added that the man of God prophesied about violence in the country and advised worshippers to obtain both the Anointing Water and the Wristband, which he did. On a date in May 2011, water came out of his Wristband unusually like sweat.  Not quite sure how to react to the situation, he stayed put in his office until his phone rang and a voice asked him to take one of the vehicles for patrol on one of the major streets. He noticed that as he came out of the office, the sweat on the Wristband stopped. He never knew that at that time, hoodlums had come to plant bombs in the police premises. As soon as he drove out for the patrol, he had a terrible sound of the detonated bomb that brought the entire office down in rubbles.  To his surprise, the portion of the office block where he hung the portrait of the man of God and the Anointing Water stood strong and unaffected by the bomb blast. The panel of investigators who had earlier suspected that he had secret knowledge of the blast before it happened, in view of the fact that it was just ten minutes after he left when the blast occurred, became convinced that his safety was the work of God when they saw the Anointing Water and the portrait still hanging safely. Before then, the service provider had no record too of the voice that invited him out of the office. It was the Holy Spirit, they then realised, that took him out of the office and death by that call. Thanking God for His mercy, Mr John Mark remarked that he had become a different person and that his life was no more his. As regards the breakthrough for which he came for the candle light service, Mr John told his listeners that he got it in many areas of his life.



Mrs Ogeshi Okeke from Imo State joyfully mounted the podium to tell her listeners that after the hand- laying ceremony of the very day, she went to the ladies to check herself following the sensation she received when Wise Man Racine laid hands on her.  She had, since her miscarriage last December, lost her menstruation and was longing for it. In the ladies, she saw that her menstruation had miraculously surfaced and she thanked God most spiritedly for the miracle, reassuring her listeners that everything happen at the opportune time and that nothing is beyond God. It is all praise to God almighty as we watch the miracles  which we read in the Bible happening again ceaselessly in our time.

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The prefatory adoration melody over, Prophet T.B. Joshua mounted the altar to minister to the congregation. He assured the assembly that God was with them and that they should be in the attitude of prayer as the message for the service was being delivered, reminding them that the message would deliver them. Soon after, Wise Man Daniel took over the baton to deliver the message. In the same fervour as the prophet, Wise Man Daniel evoked ebullience in the Church, in the presence of the Lord.

In the words of the Wise Man, the Bible makes us understand that the name, Jesus Christ has authority and power among those committed to His glory. Christ’s duty is to raise us from death and restore the wholeness and fellowship between God and man. Power comes through the Holy Spirit to those who accept Jesus. In His name you can! A Christian, according to the Wise Man, should depend entirely on the power of Christ, if he must overcome satan. Citing Mark 16:15-20, the Wise Man told the Church that the name, Jesus can drive out demons and poison will not have the power to harm believers. Those who depend solely on God’s power show the evidence of this power in them. They are also the people who can move mountains in His name. Citing Mark 16:17, he said the text advises us to kick the devil out of our lives and the lives of others. Ephesians 1:21 says Christ has dominion over all powers and authorities on earth and in Heaven. In His name you can make wonderful things happen!
Mounting the altar once more, Prophet T.B. Joshua cited Matthew 9:18-32, where a man who could not talk was brought to Jesus and He cast out the demon (rather than heal the man) and the man spoke. The prophet remarked that there is the spirit of bondage which causes affliction. The sin of the soul is the cause of sickness, poverty and other problems and when you are delivered, you are free and blessed and this is why, he said, everybody needs deliverance. If one is healed without the spirit being delivered, the healing is only momentary as the spirit will cause a relapse of the ailment. To be blessed effectually, you need deliverance because there is a spirit of bondage from which you need deliverance. Deliverance is taking one from the dark kingdom to light. It is making one a channel of light where there is darkness. When your sins are forgiven, you are delivered.

The prophet looked in retrospect at the major events of the previous Sunday service and remarked that man treats but God heals. One of those who received their miraculous healing was, Mr Isiaka Sadik Fache, an ulcer patient from Okene, Kogi State. He got not merely a healing but also a replacement of his tibia. The leg in question (right leg) sustained a fracture and was rotten to the bone as a result of the ulcer that became chronic in defiance of treatment in both hospitals and traditional medical homes for two years. At a stage in the hospital, iron was fixed in the leg but it never gave the relief much sought after. Consequently, both the hospital authorities and his relations considered amputation as wise and inevitable. Fache, however resisted the idea, being used to the miracles relayed on Emmanuel TV. Much against the advice of his people, Fache came to The Synagogue and he was arranged on the prayer line. As soon as the prophet stretched his hand at him and declared him free on the prayer line, the excruciating pain which propelled the ulcer disappeared. He went home and watched the gradual healing of the leg. As he was having a bath at home, he saw that some bone in the affected area fell off. He became afraid that that might be another problem to contend with. Contrary to his fears however, the Lord was doing something about his effectual healing. The Lord was supplying a spare part to replace the damaged bone and in truth, Mr Fache became healed with a new bone. Mr Fache displayed the damaged and rejected bone on a sheet of newspaper as he told his story to the congregation that listened with rapt attention. Today, Mr Fache can contest in a game of 100 metres with anybody!

The next testimony came from a couple whose male partner received a prophecy in the Church that the wife, like her own mother, had the spirit of lust and that it was a generational curse. As the prophecy was being issued, the man called his wife, Adeola whom the prophecy referred to. On her way to meet her husband in response to the call, she was enmeshed in a web of spiritual frenzy, declaring herself a queen. She told the prophet that she was a queen of the river and that her husband was her wife much to the consternation of all. She vowed never to recognise the authority of her husband as she was a queen. This satanic assertion apparently sent cold shivers down the spine of the husband and the man of God had cause to tell him not to be afraid. Reeling on the floor in the frenzy of the manifestation, she displayed uncanny bravado in utterances and unwillingness to relent. On his part, the husband voiced his refusal to continue with the relationship as he had contracted a new relationship with another lady, who incidentally was present in the Church at the time. The husband accused Adeola of infidelity both outside the matrimonial home and even defiling the marital bed when he travelled. On account of her marital malfeasance, the husband decided to abort the marriage. The prophet however, advised him to reconsider his decision because the Adeola who misbehaved as a mermaid in the past was quite different from the delivered Adeola who had become an epitome of love and care for him and the children. He added that the new relationship with the other woman should be discontinued even though it had advanced almost too far to contemplate that idea. The man of God assured the new lady, whom he never allowed to come out, that he would point her way to success and more marital bliss than she could ever get from the present man. On that note, Adeola and her husband were delivered from a marriage of insolence, insubordination and infidelity to the much desired spate of conjugal bliss in a capsule propelled by the trio of prophecy, deliverance and reconciliation.
Picking a strand from the web of interlocking factors for broken homes, the prophet asserted that demons are the causes of broken homes. Accusing individual members of the family of wrongdoing, does not hit the root of the problem. According to him, families should be reconciled and put on the right course. It was the demonic spirit in Adeola that committed the crime and so the person of Adeola should not be punished. Jesus came to restore the relationship and fellowship between God and man.

Mr and Mrs Paul Udeh gave a startling testimony about The Anointing Water. According to Paul, his case differed from that of others who had low sperm count. In his own case, there was no sperm cell in his semen. That was the reason the couple remained barren for twelve years as no hospital or traditional medicine could provide a solution. He, wise enough, came for The Anointing Water and got one which they applied and soon after, his wife, Nicky became pregnant and bore him a son. By that, he became happy as his penis was no more for urinating alone but also for procreation. They named their miracle son, Treasure. His wife, he added, nursed the pregnancy for nine months without complications. At the time of the testimony, Treasure was only ten months but Nicky was already pregnant again. The bitterness which plagued the family for twelve years has turned to joy, thanks to The Anointing Water. In her testimony, Nicky told the assembly how people had spoken to her in the shadows to void the marriage as she would not bear children. Her patience and prayers have paid off, thanks to The Anointing Water.

The family of Folunrosho Olugbenga also came out to give their testimony concerning The Anointing Water. For many years, the couple were barren ‘til they collected and applied The Anointing Water. After that, the wife urinated continually because of the diagnosed fibroid.Soon after the fibroid was wiped out, the wife became pregnant and by God’s grace, they hope to be parents soon.

Mrs Ann Nwaobi was the next to give her testimony.In her words, she had been married for four years but had had no child because of fibroid. When she got The Anointing Water and applied it as directed, she experienced an unusual flow of the menstrual blood that very month. When she went for test after the menstrual flow, the fibroid had disappeared. She thanked God for the miracle she got through The Anointing Water.

Miss Powerfree Andrew from Cameroon also came to testify to the power of The Anointing Water. She, once a brilliant student, began to wane in academic performance. In one of her examinations, she passed only two courses out of the twelve that she wrote. It was certainly a big issue that needed attention. So, she came to The SCOAN to collect The Anointing Water to remedy the situation. As soon as she applied The Anointing Water as instructed, she noticed a positive change in her memory power. Consequent on her improved academic performance, she got admission in London School of Commerce and also a scholarship thus reaping prosperity from the Prosperity Anointing Water she collected in April.
In course of the second service, the prophet, in a vision, saw a man who hid a gun in the Church premises. He called the young man out and he led the prophet to where he had hidden the gun. The prophet recovered the gun and asked the Church to watch out for the man and his mission in the following Sunday’s service adding that the recovered gun would be handed over to the police.
The service ended on a happy note as all participants were assured of total deliverance from the hands of satan and its agents.

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