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The choir, having animated the atmosphere with faith-inspiring songs amid great dancing by the congregation, The SCOAN Sunday service of May 1, 2016 witnessed the outpouring of God’s Spirit in many ways. The testimonies, prophecies and mass prayer were all Spirit-filled. Each, in its own special way, posed a great threat to the kingdom of darkness and led to the destruction of strongholds in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

In his message captioned BELIEVING FIRST AND SEEING, the man of God advised Christians to solidify their relationship with God by believing in Him first without necessarily seeing any proof of His promises. He lamented the state of the world in which so many people build their faith more on the things they see rather than on those things they should believe in their hearts: “The thing that keeps us from despairing is not what we see but what we believe. This is why we have so many rich men today with wealth, just talk about it but yet, they are despairing. They are not happy, they are worried. With the material wealth, properties and money we can see with them, yet, no joy.” According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, in spite of our belief in God, we are not free from the troubles of this world. However, the only difference between us and unbelievers is that while their troubles may consume them, ours, as Christians, would only strengthen us and prepare us for future glory: “As a Christian, believer, born again, friend of Jesus, favourite of the Kingdom of God, lover, that you will enter the Kingdom is very sure, that does not mean you are ‘out of touch’… Sickness will test you. Hardship will test you but they cannot destroy you. Affliction of all kinds may test you, they can only test you. Tribulations may test you but they cannot destroy you.PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA

Concluding, the man of God left this food for thought to all Christians all over the world: “The only thing that will give you peace of heart is to consider your neighbour while looking for your way out. You neighbour can be someone who does not share the same faith with you, your enemy, friend. You who are a Christian today can be a criminal tomorrow. That is why you have to consider others. Your greatest enemy today who wants to kill you, may be your Saviour tomorrow.”

Earlier, Evangelist Olamide had nourished the minds of congregants with uplifting counsels based on the Word in her message titled THE SEED OF YOUR HEART. She admonished Christians to guard their utterances because the words that proceed from their mouths are capable of building up or pulling down.


Put differently, our words, as products of our thoughts are capable of making or marring our lives and those of others around us: “Your words have the capacity to make and unmake. With your words, you constantly paint a public picture of your inner self… it is the character of a good man that he has good treasure in his heart and from there he brings forth good things…”



Mr Patrick was ten years old when he was defiled by a man on his way back from school. The man had enticed him with sweets and had cajoled the lad into the abominable act. Since that day, young Patrick developed the urge for men and lost total affection for women; his life was possessed by the spirit of man. He would rather see himself in dreams as a beautiful woman and sometimes as a queen who had feelings for men. Not all men though but men of substance.

The spirit of man took a destructive toll on the young Tanzanian who eventually dropped out of school and even changed location in order to whet and satiate his obscure appetite. For 15 years, he laboured helplessly with the yoke while his life was tossed around like a ship on an unruly sea. He would make up his face with cosmetics like a woman and bleach his skin – all under the influence of the spirit of man which engineered his descent into transvestism so that people of same sex may take an interest in him and vice- versa. He slept with influential men, including the high and mighty in government as his odyssey across different regions gathered momentum.


His ungodly lifestyle however soon caught the attention of a lady he had met. Mary was not comfortable with his same sex fancies and persuaded him to change for good. She urged him to retrace his steps which were already so much astray from God’s plan for his life. She also introduced him to Emmanuel TV, encouraging him to seek God’s intervention even as she gave him the Morning Water and the Faith Bracelet. Immediately he started committing his time to watching Emmanuel TV, ministering the Morning Water and meditating with the Faith Bracelet, his indecent sexual habits started disappearing gradually. Inspired by the little changes he had witnessed in his life, he decided to visit The SCOAN.

Attending a Sunday service, he was spotted by Prophet T.B. Joshua during Prophecy. The man of God said, “A brother there, you have this spirit upon you. Can I help you? I see you sitting down; you are sitting down. Can I help you? You have that spirit of man.” As soon as Mr Patrick rushed out from the congregation to confirm the prophecy, a strange force seized him by the throat; he was no longer able to say anything until the man of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit ordered the evil spirit out of his life. Having commanded the evil spirit out, Mr Patrick fell to the ground and was declared free through Christ Jesus by the man of God.


During his testimony, he told the congregation how he felt so agitated and uncomfortable when the man of God was ministering prayer. According to him, even when his case was being mentioned, he initially refused to come and instead beckoned on another man as he tried to hide from the power of God. The matter was finally settled when the man of God pointed to him directly. By that time, the foul spirit, sensing public disgrace, became jittery and tried to dodge the deliverance by trying in vain to strangulate him. Thanking God for his deliverance, Mr Patrick said his life has changed dramatically after the encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Even his dreams have improved; no nightmares. All feminine attitudes have ceased to exist. He had the following advice to people all over the world: “It is possible to be delivered; we should look unto God for a new life.”



Miss Samahar Daniel was addicted to internet dating and ended up marrying a man she had never met physically. Her passion for dating unknown men remained inexplicably strange. She derived some pleasure from it which only she could tell. She was barely fifteen years when that unholy wedlock was consummated. Other unpalatable issues later reared their ugly heads in her life. She developed an insatiable appetite for alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. She would smoke impulsively, become extremely aggressive and talk to people impolitely. Her parents were at the receiving end of all her misdemeanour. She would quarrel with them and turn down all their entreaties to her to embrace God. Whenever men of God were invited to the house to pray for her, she would just walk away to smoke her cigarettes and would leave them to ponder over their failed evangelical mission. As far as she was concerned, there was no God and she had no intentions of changing her opinion on that.


In her delusory world, life was too sweet to give up on drinking and smoking. She would begin the day on a smoky note to the extent that she could steal lighters for her cigarettes from people. In spite of all her addictions and the transitory pleasures she derived from them, happiness was missing. She knew deep down in her heart that something was not complete about her life. There was a longing which could not be suppressed. That longing was the ultimate solution to her challenges. She needed God in her life. There were moments when she would be sober and cry out to God to change her life, if He truly existed. Her disillusionment with God would soon come to an end after an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Even when she arrived at The SCOAN, she still had the urge to smoke and even had a mild clash with ushers who prevented her from leaving the auditorium while service was on. The man of God, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, gave her the shock of her life. Mere mention of her case jolted her to the marrows. Yes, she had issues but had never discussed them with anyone. For the man of God to prophesy about her case, then God must be in existence and is truly present at The SCOAN. “You married through the internet… that is your first attempt. Somebody you are not seeing physically; just like you are on the internet. You chatted and you decided to marry the person”, said the man of God as he laid hands on her. Coming in contact with the raw power of God, the young woman fell to the ground and was declared free in Jesus’ name.

Giving thanks to God for her deliverance, the Ethiopian resident in France said God really changed her life through the prophecy of Prophet T.B. Joshua. According to her, she had given up on God but eventually found Him at The SCOAN. Now she is closer to God than ever. She reads her bible regularly and has renounced her past life. She advised people all over the world to come to Jesus Christ.




For Mr Roman Ariri, it was a multiple onslaught against his health as he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, swollen feet and prostate cancer. All these ailments made life very difficult for him as he sought spiritual as well as medical help, all to no avail. The Nigerian resident in the United States had to come down to Nigeria in search of help. But as he enquired about The SCOAN, he was discouraged by a woman whom he described as an elder in a particular church. Bowing to pressure, he visited a popular Nigerian ministry and after receiving prayers there, nothing changed.

On his own volition, he proceeded to The SCOAN where he received the Morning Water. After ministering the Morning Water, the first thing he discovered was that his breathing improved as the asthma disappeared gradually. After a while, a sore that had grown around his scrotum also disappeared. His initial medical reports showed that he had a prostate antigen level of 76.71 and a normal level antigen should be between 0-4. However, after ministering the Morning Water, to the amazement of the medical doctors who had been treating him, his prostate antigen level miraculously went down from 76.71 to 0.91. Within weeks, all other ailments that had ganged up against his well-being also disappeared completely.

Testifying before the congregation, Mr Ariri marvelled at the power of God which demolished the mountains of incurable ailments that had threatened his life. He reckoned that the Morning Water is a potent gift from God to His people for their deliverance. He advised people all over the world not to listen to doubters who would always discourage them from coming to The SCOAN.



Ms Samantha Wilson was hooked on cigarettes to the extent that she would lock herself in a room and smoke for up to three hours. For sure, the Nigerian banker had some emotional scores to settle with herself; she was depressed. Her work life was also affected as she failed to give her best. She was always aggressive and would only be pacified whenever she lit a cigarette. Not even the love she had for her children could stop her from ingesting nicotine into her system. For twenty years, the problem lingered.

As she laboured under the yoke of the unhealthy habit, her sister got concerned and encouraged her to watch Emmanuel TV. As she embraced the anointed channel, she got inspired to let go all her emotional and bottled-up grievances by the sermons of the man of God, urging Christians to stop taking offence and free their minds from hurt. As she gradually imbibed those Christ-like principles, her faith grew stronger.


One day, she encountered the man of God in her dream. In that dream, she was delivered from the problem of smoking and even went ahead to vomit some substances out of her system. After that dream, her life changed. Her desire for cigarettes disappeared. She also lost that indecorous spirit of aggression. Coming down to The SCOAN and receiving the Morning Water, she became a better person as the days went by. As she continued to minister the Morning Water, all those problems and habits that held her down vanished completely. As she returned to testify to her remarkable deliverance from smoking, depression and the spirit of aggressiveness, she was full of joy for rediscovering herself on the path of God’s love. According to her, the new-found peace in her life is symbolic of the fact that there is nothing God cannot do. “Smoking is not an easy thing to stop; only Jesus Christ can save you,” she advised.



Miss Cudjoe Martha, a Ghanaian studying medicine in China, was doing well academically until she got to her fourth year when things became very tough. Somehow, she could not come to terms with most of the things she had learnt; she would read and assimilate and yet would not remember when it mattered most. For the whole of her fourth and fifth years, it was a huge struggle. According to her, she battled with the spirits of pride and lust. Because of these challenges, she decided to do her sixth year in Ghana, thinking that being close to her family would help her. Unfortunately, it didn’t.


After completing her sixth year in Ghana, albeit with serious prayers, she returned to China to write her final exams. Having graduated, she was advised to return to Ghana for her board exams so that she could be licensed as a qualified medical doctor capable of practising medicine. Knowing that she was struggling with the spirits of pride and lust, she felt reluctant to enrol for the board exams. Caught up in a dilemma of choice, she was introduced to Emmanuel TV and the Morning Water and was greatly moved by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s teachings on humility. She also learnt how to invite the Holy Spirit into her life through a prayer the man of God taught her.

Sensing some changes in her life, she got the form for the board exams and applied after ministering the Morning Water on it, asking God to take control and help her. A day before the exams, she ministered the Morning Water and prayed along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. On the day of the exams, she ministered the Morning Water and repeated her prayers for God’s favour. After the exams, the results were released in April, 2016. To the glory of God, out of the 151 candidates who sat for the exams, she is among the few who passed. Today, she is a qualified medical doctor with the license to practice. She advised people to focus on God.




Before I knew Emmanuel T V, my life was sour in all areas. This led me to divorce my wife before I knew Prophet T.B. Joshua,” said Mbhalati Simon, a South African police officer who came to The SCOAN to testify to the wonderful things God has done for him. According to him, life was not encouraging in many ramifications. As a police officer, he was in the junior cadre and was not satisfied with his take-home pay which could hardly take him home. He was always full of aggression as a sign of his frustrations. A visit to one of his brother in-laws would become the beginning of his breakthrough. There, in his in-law’s house, he was introduced to Emmanuel TV and was flabbergasted with the miracles he saw on the channel. That encounter propelled him to visit The SCOAN in 2013.

At The SCOAN, he was able to meet with the man of God who prayed for him, gave him the Morning Water and told him to go back to his country and come back with a testimony. When he finally returned to South Africa, the uninspiring aspects of his life began to give way to a new dawn of God’s grace and glory. Mr Simon made the Morning Water a daily companion and also installed the Emmanuel TV cable. He never missed ministering it before the day’s job and would rather forget other things instead of the Morning Water and Good Morning Stickers. His faith was rewarded eventually by God. One day, his superiors approached him and informed him of his elevation to the position of a Commander in charge of a cluster, consisting of six police stations. Though he declined this offer because, he felt he was taking over another superior officer’s place, his bosses did not let go of him.

Months later, he was posted to command another cluster, consisting of nine police stations. This cluster consisted of Special Forces called Technical Response Team which handles high risk situations where normal policing fails. As commander of this special cluster, he was highly influential and respected and enjoyed so many privileges. In fact, he had the final-say on matters. In the midst of his breakthrough, he was saved from an accident as he drove in a convoy of police vehicles. Even though his car somersaulted three times, he came out without a single bruise and even joined in rescue efforts. According to him, the prayer CD of Prophet T.B. Joshua which he was listening to ensured that he sustained no injury in that accident.

Mr Simon also testified to the healing he got through Water Therapy. He had injured his knee during a particular training exercise and was battling with the pain for quite some time. The injured knee made it difficult for him to carry out certain operations. Doctors only tried but could not really proffer a solution. After applying the Water Therapy principles in line with the advice of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he discovered that his damaged knee had healed miraculously. Thanking God for his multiple blessings, Mr Simon advised people all over the world not to allow anyone discourage them about coming to The SCOAN or believing in the fact that God is present here.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016 was another great day at The SCOAN. The power of God radiated the entire atmosphere as congregants expressed their appreciation through testimonies, songs of praise and worship and dance moderated by the choir. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered many through prayer and prophecy and encouraged them to continue serving God in their new-found freedom in Christ Jesus.




The man of God, in a message titled, ‘FAITH RELATES TO THE INVISIBLE’, frowned on the universal propensity of human beings to repose their faith in man and other things that were created by God. He admonished the world to seek God’s face by believing in Him and putting all their trust in Him, stating that faith relates to the invisible. “The challenge we have today is that if we have faith in anything today it is in man. That is man’s experience. Our faith is always based on the experience of man – what man has done – science, works, organisation and the Bible says we must never make the tragic mistake of believing in an experience.” However, in spite of the failings and ineffectual outcome of man’s departure from God’s will through making the wrong choices, the man of God proffers a solution and urges Christians to imbibe it in order to salvage their already fragmented relationship with Him: “There is no logical explanation for every act of God. All we need is the knowledge of the Word of truth concerning the act. The Spirit makes us to know that believing is possessing. The instant you believe, you have.”


Concluding, he urged Christians to remember the promise of God to His children even in the midst of tribulation, stressing that He rewards those who believe in Him: “God rewards those who serve Him when things seem hopeless. That proves our sonship. The Bible says, in this world there will be tribulation but in the midst of that tribulation, I will save you.”


During the message, T.B. Joshua noticed some in the congregation who were exceptionally uncomfortable due to their health conditions. Mr Muluila from South Africa sat with a full body brace and restrictive neck collar, having suffered from multiple back injuries in an accident. The man of God called him forward, prayed for him and declared him free from his affliction. Joyous, Mr Muluila and wife praised Jesus for the instant relief.


MRS. CHRISTY OKOYE (3)MRS. CHRISTY OKOYE (2)MRS. CHRISTY OKOYE (1)Mrs Christy Okoye was sitting awkwardly in the church with a neck collar and knee braces due to scoliosis and arthritis. Inviting her forward, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and she received instant healing to the glory of God.


MRS. MIKHARI NKHENSANI (2) MRS. MIKHARI NKHENSANI (3)MRS. MIKHARI NKHENSANI (1)Another lady, Mrs Nkhensani from South Africa was suffering from lumbar spondylosis using a lumbar corset.Seeing her in pain, the man of God prayed for her and she received her freedom.


EVANGELIST. RIKHARDEarlier Evangelist Rikhard, in his message titled, FULL TIME, NOT PART TIME, had encouraged congregants to cheer up and put their faith in God, irrespective of their situations: “Whether you are coming from a bed of roses or thorns, God is aware. It is all part of a greater plan of God for your life in order to rearrange you for your future…He knows where you are coming from; He knows where you are right now and where you are going”.




Little Joshua Nosike gave his parents a serious reason to be worried. He had downed raw acid which affected the tissues connecting his oesophagus to his stomach. The implication for the three year-old, was that he could no longer feed normally. From a local clinic to a teaching hospital, the only solution they could muster was to connect a tube through his nostrils to his stomach to enable him to take in liquids as he could no longer swallow. It was indeed not the best of times for his parents who ran helter-skelter to ensure that their son got the medical attention he needed. Unable to solve the complicated issue, doctors made a further referral to India for surgery but his parents chose to look to God for a miracle.

Having watched a series of great miracles through Emmanuel TV, Mr and Mrs Nosike decided that the best option would be to visit The SCOAN. When they arrived at The SCOAN, they joined the Prayer Line where the man of God was breaking yokes and healing infirmities in the name of Jesus. As the man of God moved about commanding chains to be broken, Mr Nosike screamed at the top of his voice. “Man of God, please help me! Help my son, man of God – he drank acid!” Ministering the Morning Water on the boy, on the exact spot where the damage was done, the man of God declared him free, directing that he should be given solid food immediately. After eating without difficulty to the elation of congregants, Joshua was taken to the doctors in order for the tube to be removed as advised by the man of God.


MASTER JOSHUA NOSIKETestifying in company of Joshua (who is now eleven years-old) and his parents, Dr Emmanuel Kolo who headed the team of doctors that had handled the case, recounted how miraculous the boy’s recovery was after he had received the Morning Water ministration from the man of God. According to Dr Kolo, every empirical fact showed that the boy was healed after visiting The SCOAN. To further cement the surgeon’s faith was the fact that his own son’s skin rashes were healed after they placed his hand on the screen of Emmanuel TV while Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers. In spite of the scepticism of the doctors and their reluctance to remove the tube as directed by the man of God, they eventually realised that the boy could eat even crunchy snacks without difficulty. At that juncture, they had to succumb to the reality of God’s miracle albeit against medical advice. Eight years on, Joshua is a picture of sound health.


For Dr Kolo, that episode endeared him to The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. He is an Emmanuel TV partner and has shared a lot of testimonies in the Arena of Liberty. As an associate Professor, he is optimistic that he would soon share the testimony of his full professorial chair here in The SCOAN. He left the following advice for people – “Jesus remains the same yesterday, today and forever. Doctors treat but God heals.”



MISS EMMANUELLA AMANAblurredMiss Emmanuella Amana found herself in an unfortunate corner of life. After losing her father when she was just two years old, her mother’s new marriage to a retired soldier turned the tide of life against her expectations. He would maltreat her at will. He was already married to another woman with whom he had four children before he met Emmanuella’s mother. The way he treated her was very unpalatable even to his own children who took note of the cruelty and decided to take her down to their base in Lagos. She had thought that her coming to Lagos would usher in the dawn of a glorious era, especially in her education but the fate that befell her in Lagos was even worse than her previous experience. Her step-sisters sold her into prostitution.


At age thirteen, she was already been rented out to men by her ‘madam’ who owned a beer parlour. She would sleep with up to three men in a day while her appetite for alcohol became a growing calamity. By age fourteen, she became pregnant and was advised to go for an abortion. Out of fear that she was too young for such, she opted to keep the pregnancy and was kicked out of the house by her sisters. Left with no other choice, she later moved in with the father of her unborn baby. After she delivered her first child, her alcoholic fancies went into a higher gear, encouraged by her baby’s father. She would go to nightclubs in company of her step-sisters and get herself saturated in the unholy beverage only to end up disgracing herself in public.

When she could no longer bear the battering occasioned by her wayward behaviour in the hands of the father of her child, she absconded with her baby and kept the child in the custody of her mother in Adamawa. She returned to Lagos to reignite her horrible lifestyle with careless abandon. She became a slave to her sexual and alcoholic passions and ran into a soldier who after seeing her abort five pregnancies for him, insisted that she kept the sixth one. Though the soldier was already married, he found a way to work his transfer away from Lagos to Kogi State where they lived together. After she gave birth to her second child, her drinking malady took a tempestuous dimension. This time, she consumed an average of two cartons of beer daily.


The disgrace she brought to her partner was untold. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew her as a drunkard. In order to have some peace, her second ‘husband’ opted out of the traumatic union. She left the soldier and took her second child along to her mother. When the drinking problem became too heavy a burden on her life, she made moves to get spiritual help from some churches but none was forthcoming. It was at this point that one of her step-sisters introduced her to some idol worshippers in Kebbi State.


The nature of that idolatry was crocodile worship. The ancient crocodile spirit is said to have existed for over five hundred years. After visiting their shrine, almost naked and presenting her sacrifice of a chicken to the spirits, she witnessed an almost hypnotic event in which dozens of huge crocodiles appeared everywhere, moving in and out of the river surrounding the secret shrine. She wanted money and so entered into a covenant after which she promised to offer a goat when her prayers came to fruition. After her visit to the shrine, her dreams became nightmarish. She would see all sorts of reptiles and dragons.


Having realised that the shrine was far from being a help, she returned to her drinking ways. The more she drank, the more she disgraced herself to the extent that her step-sisters called her names and threatened to stop taking her out. But unknown to her, the mighty hand of God was about to pull her out of the highway of damnation. She had just settled down in a club drinking when she heard a voice urging her to run to The SCOAN. Even though she tried to suppress the voice, it became louder. That was the genesis of her deliverance.


Seated in the auditorium, Emmanuella was fished out through prophecy by Prophet T.B. Joshua who led Mass Prayer under the influence of the Holy Spirit. As soon as the spirit in her saw the man of God, it cried out – “I am her husband… We are three… Dragon… Crocodile.” After her deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit, Miss Emmanuella Amana told congregants that her life had transformed dramatically. According to her, those unholy urges have been taken over by a steady hunger for God’s Word. She even evangelises to people now. She thanked God for her deliverance and advised the world to run to God because life without Him is meaningless. Now free from her past life of prostitution and drunkenness, she was financially assisted by T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV partners to establish a business and a new life in Christ Jesus.



MR GODWIN & WIFE [RECONCILIATION]Just because he was experiencing a downturn in business, Mr Godwin Ebhowhimhen turned his back on his wife and three children. His encounter with a so-called man of God influenced his rash decision. They had visited a particular church where the presiding pastor called the couple out and said the wife was responsible for the man’s predicament. Though, Mr Ebhowhimhen was initially confused, he later took the whole thing to heart and started avoiding his very own family. Sometimes, he would leave home for months without caring about them, their upkeep, school fees and rent.


The more he experienced business reverses, the bigger his anger towards his wife became, to the extent that he stopped putting on his wedding ring. After considering several options, he decided he would sell off one of his properties in Abuja in order to abscond abroad with the proceeds. He attempted to manipulate God by coming to The SCOAN to perfect his intentions. He knew that the Morning Water was a great medium for miracles. So, he had hoped to use the medium to get a very good buyer for his property.


It was at the point of being linked with a buyer through phone call that the voice of God came through Prophet T.B. Joshua. “If I may call a brother there, the brother that decided to abandon his wife and children and left home. You left everything for them and ran for your dear life because a ‘prophet’ or a ‘pastor’ told you that your wife was whatever you call her… Come out. You abandoned your wife and you are here today”, said the man of God. Coming out from the congregation, Mr Ebhowhimhen confirmed the prophecy but blamed his business woes and the pastor for his behaviour.


Back to his normal senses, Mr Ebhowhimhen reconciled with his wife and came down with her to The SCOAN for testimony. Introducing her to the congregants as “my lovely wife”, he recounted how God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to reconcile him with his wife whom he had wrongly accused of being the architect of his downfall. He openly begged for forgiveness from his “honey” who could not conceal her tears of joy. The couple advised people all over the world to always seek God’s opinion on matters and not to jump into conclusions on their own.


T.B. Joshua and the The Emmanuel TV Partners help the family whose business had been destroyed get back on their feet with a gift of 100,000 naira.



MR GODWIN & WIFE [CHARM MAN]Mr Godwin Job worshipped a group of deities. His family background was suffused in fetish activities. His father was a member of the Ogboni fraternity, a secret cult that is thought to be very ruthless in its affairs, especially with perceived enemies. After his father’s demise, he inherited the worship of different deities associated with the fetish world. He was a custodian and priest of the Ifa oracle and worshipped Orunmila, the supreme deity of the dark universe.


In his worship of those deities, other demonic gods and goddesses also formed part of the process. To this effect, Mr Job also had in his possession other demon-deities such as Esu Laalu, Aiyeiala and Olokun. All those demon-deities were used to wreak havoc on perceived enemies and provided a communication platform between their worshippers and the demonic world.


Mr Job’s decision to embrace such fetish practice was borne out of certain challenges he had within his family. His wife was barren while he had some mental issues that were affecting him. He was deceived into believing that worshipping those deities would put an end to their family problems. But several years after being initiated into the fetish world, their situation had instead degenerated even after they had parted with so much money. It eventually dawned on them that those people who introduced them into idolatry were only milking them dry. They needed a way out of the demonic entanglement they had found themselves in.


A visit to The SCOAN by Mr Job became the greatest decision he ever took. He was spotted through prophecy by Prophet T.B. Joshua during a Sunday service. “A gentleman there, you have pot in your room. This pot has cowries – these white cowries. They have begun to change colour ”, said the man of God as Mr            Job rushed out from the congregation to affirm what God had revealed about him through His Prophet.


Returning to The SCOAN to testify, Mr Job and his wife renounced their attachment to the deities and pledged to follow Christ. Displaying the fetish materials before the congregants, they urged the man of God to pray for them and separate their souls from any ties they had with the fetish world. They admonished Christians to keep faith in the almighty God rather than run after witch doctors and their strange gods that have no good thing to offer. According to them, it is mere deception to worship fake gods.


To support Mr & Mrs Job’s new life in Christ, they were presented with a cash gift of 100,000 Naira from T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners.



MISS ODEHIOMEIY BECKY OBIYANIn her early times at the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, Miss Becky Obiyan was not a particularly serious student. She was only interested in passing her exams and nothing more. She would rather exhibit much passion in other inconsequential fancies like attending parties and having the fun of her life. A visit to The SCOAN soon changed the direction of her thinking. Having been inspired by the story of Yinka (an outstanding youth of The SCOAN) who excelled with a First Class Honours from the University of Lagos and is currently tidying up her doctoral degree in the United Kingdom, Becky rededicated her life to illustrious pursuits in her academics. She became more focused and asked God to help her attain the excellent heights Yinka has attained.


Her devotion to studies became very serious. Her prayer life also improved. She studied as if all depended on her and prayed as if all depended on God. She would regularly minister the Morning Water in and out of the class. When her final results were released, Becky graduated with First Class Honours in Science Laboratory Technology (Microbiology Techniques) from the University of Benin, Nigeria. Now a lecturer in the same university, she came to The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God in her life. She told congregants how the exemplary academic strides of Yinka had influenced her success. She also appreciated the impact of the words of encouragement she had received from Emmanuel TV. Radiating an air of God’s grace and the joy of greater blessings to come, Becky, in company of her mother, advised youths with the following words – “Believe in God, stay focused, read as if it all depends on you and pray as if it all depends on God and excellence will come to you”.



After he graduated from university in 2011, Mr Bavo Tengio got a job with an NGO but used his earnings for illicit pleasures. He drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes. His squandermania soon came to an end as his working relationship with the NGO was threatened by non-payment of his remuneration. It got to an extent that he became bankrupt and could no longer pay his bills. A pastor introduced him to Emmanuel TV from where he got the motivation to visit The SCOAN.


Visiting The SCOAN in 2014, he received prayers from the man of God and also got the Morning Water which he ministered with expectant faith. Sooner than later, an employment opportunity came up and he applied. After a while, a friend saw his name in the newspapers as one of those shortlisted for an interview and informed him. On the day of the interview and against the odds of ill health, he ministered the Morning Water and prayed fervently for God’s grace. As he was being interviewed, he felt a strange sense of calmness and confidence and answered all the questions thrown at him with ease. During The SCOAN Live Cross-over service of 2014, he had keyed into the prayers of the man of God that jobs would be waiting for him.


About three weeks after the interview, his name appeared in the newspapers again. He had been selected from the long list of candidates who sat for the interview. Checking his mail, an employment letter had already been sent to him. As he resumed at his work station (The College of African Wildlife Management, Tanzania) as a Librarian, he was received by a woman who ushered him into a big office. But the Tanzanian was sceptical thinking that the office was too big for him going by his qualification. But after conferring with the authorities, it was confirmed to him that he would work as the Head Librarian. He was shocked because it is rare to find someone being promoted on the very first day he resumed work. But with God, nothing is impossible.


Testifying before The SCOAN congregation, Mr Tengio said God had been good to him. He has received a lot of motivational packages from his employers including a trip to Belgium for training among other incentives. He has also been confirmed as a permanent staff with a pensionable status. His life has changed dramatically. He has stopped drinking and smoking and no longer mingles with bad company. Thanking God for his breakthrough, he advised people all over the world, especially youths, to believe in God and never give up.





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The SCOAN Sunday service of April 17, 2016 witnessed God’s Spirit in action from different angles. While the choir reeled out inspirational tunes, congregants poured out their heart-felt prayers to the Throne of Grace even as many of them received prophecies and deliverance as the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the Mass Prayer. Speaking on the unfailing nature of God and the importance of His Word to sustain us each day, he said, “You can never be consistent in your doings, in good times, bad times and worst times without God’s help.”


Prophet T.B. Joshua

Evangelist Angela’s Message – HOME IS A HEART GOD DWELLS called on Christians to profess their Christianity from the heart. She urged them to imbibe the love of God that flows directly from within and not the hypocritical and deceptive type that has pervaded the world. She said, “Christianity lies in the heart. A man, Christian in profession yet not such in heart, deceives his own soul. This is the job satan wants you to do – deception. He wants you to forget God and focus on yourself. He wants you to forget all God has given you and focus on what you do not have. He wants you to forget where you are going and get lost in his distractions. Judas walked with the Roadmap but could not follow His directions. His heart could not find home.”


Evangelist Angela


Admonishing Christians to be wary of the fact that we live in an unbelieving world with so many unbelieving and doubting Thomases, she concluded by urging everyone to draw closer to God through their heart, stressing that it is only when we are connected to God in Spirit that we can overcome the antics of satan and his crowd of unbelievers who prowl around the world looking for hearts to contaminate: “When we break free from that unbelieving crowd in our heart, we too will begin to share in the promise of Joseph. Our enemies may separate us from friends, relatives and country on the outside but they cannot separate us from the presence of the Lord. They may rob us of liberty and confine us in a prison cell but they cannot shut us out of the throne of mercy and communion with God.”



Dr Caroline Akachuku and her late husband while carrying out research in Harvard, during the 1988/89 academic session, had discovered a lot of forest food species courses that were not taught in Nigerian universities. Inspired by the passionate desire to contribute to the rise in food production, the couple returned to Nigeria in 1994 and championed the introduction of some new courses on forest food resources into the Nigerian university curriculum. Being novel and relevant, the courses were embraced by all faculties of Agriculture in Nigerian universities and all universities of Agriculture in the country through the National Universities Commission.

Through their efforts, many Nigerian graduates now engage in forest food production, especially Apiculture (Bee Keeping and Honey Production) which has become a major catalyst to other industries. Today, students from other African countries come to Nigeria to study these courses. She has continued to commit her energies towards initiatives that would help bolster an increase in food production in her country.

Sometime last year, Dr Akachuku saw an advertisement by an Israeli body inviting applications for a course on Better Bee Production and Pollination. Moved by her love for the course area, she applied. Before sending in her application, she ministered the Morning Water on it and asked God to make her one of those that would be chosen. True to her prayer, she was among the 20 applicants selected out of a total of 300 applications from all over the world. Having successfully attended the course and now back to Nigeria, Dr Akachuku came back to The SCOAN to testify to God’s goodness in her life as her selection from the very long list of applicants was made possible through the ministration of the Morning Water. She thanked God immensely for His grace and urged people all over the world to embrace God as He can use any medium to express Himself to us.


Dr Caroline Akachuku



The unemployment index amongst the youth has remained alarming and calls for concerted efforts from both government and the organized private sector all over the world. How disheartening it has been for many parents to see their children graduate from school only to idle themselves away due to unemployment. But the Job Creation Scheme of The SCOAN is not resting on its oars in ensuring that Nigerians, irrespective of tribe and denomination, get gainfully employed in order to chart purposeful causes for their lives.

After three years of securing employment through the Job Creation Scheme of The SCOAN, 22 Nigerian graduates from different denominations came back to testify to God’s grace in their lives. All smiling and exuding great peace of mind, they took turns to explain the joy that God has brought into their lives through the scheme. They recalled with visible relief how difficult life was, in spite of their qualifications and grades, until the mighty hand of God located them through the Job Creation Scheme of The SCOAN. When they first visited The SCOAN, most of them were frustrated and were already considering other ignominious options but today, the goodness of God in their lives cannot be hidden.

Today, their histories have changed as the jobs provided for them by The SCOAN Youth Empowerment Programme served as a stepping stone for greater heights. They are now fully employed by the federal government of Nigeria.

Mr. Innocent Onwuegbuziem, a native of Delta state, Nigeria and a software/web developer came to The SCOAN jobless. A catholic by faith, he believed God would put an end to his unemployment at The SCOAN and it happened as he believed. He is now a lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti. His software and web development skills have endeared him to the school authorities who see him as a great asset. He developed the school’s ‘e-learning’ portal amongst other numerous contributions and has had opportunities to travel abroad for courses at the expense of the school.   Mr. Onwuegbuziem expressed so much gratitude to God for the radical transformation that his life has witnessed as he displayed the picture of his beautiful family to the congregants. “We were lifted from zeros to heroes”, he concluded.

Timothy Adeleke Ogundaini who was once unable to pay his bills is now gainfully employed. The pangs of hunger and penury have been dispersed by God’s intervention through the Job Creation Scheme of The SCOAN. There is enough food on the table now and he is even the owner of landed properties. Thanking God for the great change in his life, he advised the youths never to give up on life when things seem discouraging.

For Ebiloma Ojonugwa Martha, it was smiling galore as she shared her testimony. According to her, her case is memorable because it was the first day she stepped into the Arena of Liberty that the Youth Empowerment Programme was announced. To her joy, she was among those who were employed in Abuja through The SCOAN programme.  As a result, she has been able to fund her Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. Aside from taking care of her personal needs, she extends her love to the needy through acts of charity. She told the congregants, “God is real. Keep trusting in Him. He will do it for you as He did it for me.”


Beneficiaries Of The Job Creation Scheme Of The SCOAN



Mr Stephen Anigbo had taken his family out for shopping when he encountered kidnappers who ordered him to enter their car at gun point. Meanwhile, his wife and five children were inside his own car. They proceeded to open the door of his car, with his family still inside. Not knowing what to do, he began to shout, “Jesus!” The gunman and kidnappers tried to take his wife and children but only managed to snatch one of his sons. They said that if Mr Anigbo didn’t cooperate with them, they would hurt the child. They demanded a ransom of 20 million naira from him. Not able to pay, the kidnappers took the child.


Mr Stephen Anigbo And Son

Confused and emotionally traumatised, Mr Anigbo read The Mirror, written by Prophet T.B. Joshua and ministered the Morning Water devotedly. He got great inspiration from reading The Mirror and had faith that God would step into the matter. As policemen swung into action to rescue his son, well wishers thronged his house to encourage the family. The police, who had earlier asked for prayers for a successful rescue operation, eventually came with cheering news. They had rescued his son and arrested the kidnappers. Mr Anigbo and his entire family sang songs of praise to the Most High as they were reunited with their son. Testifying with so much elation, the father of five advised people all over the world to believe and trust in God in every situation.

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T.B.JOSHUAThe SCOAN Live Sunday Service of April 10, 2016 witnessed great exhortation of the Word aside from The SCOAN Choir’s choral counsel. Every song was tailored to suit a Scriptural purpose and remind congregants of their duties as Christians towards the world in which they live. The message of Evangelist Evelyn Joshua focused on THE IRONY OF FATE and reflected the essence of God in a man’s life. It also captured the intrigues involved in the Christian race which has never been a stroll in the park for anyone – not even for our Lord Jesus who had to die for our sake.

In the world today, mankind has endless wishes and desires to suit the philosophy of what a successful life means to them. Many desire to be leaders – the spokesmen in that gathering, the pastors in this congregation, the chairmen of that forum, the Managing Director of that company – endless wishes. But it is not mere wishful thinking that brings about a contented life; it is a rightful focus. So, on what are you focusing? When you focus on God in your decision making, you are prepared for tomorrow.”

MUMMYEvangelist Evelyn contended that it is only when our lives are focused on God that we are assured of a brighter tomorrow. But a brighter tomorrow is not without its own tests and trials that we must strive to overcome. We must endure, persevere and remain steadfast like great people of the Bible whose dependence on God paved the way for their eventual greatness: “If you carefully observe the lives of great men and women of faith, you will discover that their lives were centred on one thing – the Saviour first in mind. In all their steps, in every move they made, they were driven by Christ’s Spirit of hope, faith, patience, endurance, perseverance and forbearance for a better future. They had the right attitude to life by combining hard work with a quiet confidence in God, their source, for the future they desired not the one they feared”.

Evangelist Evelyn left the congregation to ponder over and derive inspiration from the following nugget: “The best are those who are destined for Heaven, those who internalise God and believe that the service of God is a thing of the mind. They are willing servants who do what the Lord puts in their mind to do. They mirror Christ; they are not swayed or moved by public attitude or opinion concerning what they believe. They are unique among the crowd”.


Mrs Idowu Gambo Dennis did not get the best of parental upbringing – her parents separated when she was barely a year old. Her mother remarried but her father did not, in the spirit of love for his five children, of which she was the last. Her father’s sister ended up raising them while her father supported them financially. Young Idowu did not see her mother again until she was fourteen. They planned for Idowu to attend school in Kaduna with her mother, however the plan fell through and she ended up spending just one school term there.

MRS IDOWU GAMBO DENNIS [DELIVERED FROM THE SPIRIT OF SNAKE]Her progress as a growing child was very unstable as she moved from place to place because of a faulty home front. At age 18, she met a man who wanted to marry her – a married man with four wives who did everything possible to entice her. Even her parents who were tormented by poverty tried to convince her to marry the man who was 30 years older than her. Despite the fact that she found it unthinkable to marry a man old enough to be her father, she ended up sleeping with him before finally making an escape from him.

As Idowu was growing older, she never had the slightest inkling that she was possessed until she reached the age of 34. She discovered that her dreams were dominated by snakes and she always felt a crawling sensation in her back. Her inter-personal relationships were also affected by the evil spirits that were working against her. She experienced so much hatred from people who called themselves her friends. Disappointments trailed her wherever she went and people who borrowed money from her refused to pay her back. One day while working in a hospital in the United States, she peeped into a ward only for a patient to shout out that he saw a mighty snake. The patient was considered to be insane but she realised the evil spirit within her was what the man had seen.

Realising that her snaky nightmares and the resultant gloom that always followed her life were not ordinary, she embarked on a long mission for solution. She visited many churches which confirmed she was possessed but could not deliver her. Her quest for deliverance took her to South Africa and Zimbabwe but nothing good came out of those trips. Discovering The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua via YouTube, she decided to visit Nigeria but was initially discouraged by a pastor. It was after all her efforts failed that she made up her mind to visit The SCOAN.

Seated in the auditorium during The SCOAN Mass Prayer, the demon in her made her run away from the fire that pervaded the atmosphere. But after the service, the Holy Spirit arrested her in a special prayer session in which the demon, bombarded by heavy anointing, spoke out through its host: “She refused to marry me; so, I projected a serpent. I am at her back as a serpent. I don’t care about her family. I just don’t want her to make it. We are cultists. You cannot take her from me. I have been here for a long time, for almost thirty years. They advised her not to come here but she insisted that she must come. I am the head of Ogboni (cult).” The man of God, taking authority in the name of Jesus, commanded the demon out of Mrs Idowu Dennis who immediately fell to the ground.

Returning to the church for her testimony, Mrs Dennis thanked God for her freedom from captivity and urged people to put aside the falsehoods they are told about The SCOAN, stressing that God is here.


For ten years, Mr Agyei Boateng suffered from obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that prevented restive, uninterrupted sleep. The problem led him to travel to the UK for medical attention and it was so severe that a surgery was carried out on him. There was no respite for the Ghanaian in spite of the money spent and efforts made trying to seek MR YAW AGYEI BOATENGsolution. His daughter, an ardent watcher of Emmanuel TV, introduced him to the channel. After watching several times, Mr Boateng’s faith was built to an unshakeable level, so much so that he decided to visit The SCOAN.

On getting to The SCOAN, father and daughter were placed in the Prayer Line with the father connected to his oxygen machine. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, on sighting Mr Boateng, handed out a bottle of the Morning Water to the daughter and asked her to minister it to her father. While ministering the Morning Water, the young woman fell to the ground, immediately under the influence of the Holy Spirit. The man of God thereafter instructed Mr Boateng to minister the Morning Water to himself. As he ministered it, his body began shivering under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Commanding him to remove the oxygen machine, the man of God declared him free and he was free indeed, through Christ Jesus.

Testifying before the congregants, Mr Boateng, in company of his daughter, praised God for healing him and restoring his sleep. He advised people all over the world in the following words: “God does miracles through the Morning Water. Anytime you are praying, pray for the man of God”.


MR ALOYSIUS OSIUWU [HEALED FROM STIFF NECK]For Mr Aloysius Osuiwu, it was pain all through as he battled with a stiff neck caused by cervical spondylosis and degenerative disc disease after he was involved in a motor accident. The indigene of Imo, Nigeria experienced serious discomfort, especially at night. Whenever he wanted to sleep, he was forced to keep his head facing up. He could not sit properly without support. He had been to four different hospitals and had spent a fortune but no respite still. He was confined to a neck collar after all medications failed to bring about any improvement. The option of surgery was there but he declined the offer. Recalling a horrible dream his daughter had in which he died in a motor accident, he concluded that his problem might be spiritual and instead opted to visit The SCOAN.

On coming to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him. According to him, during the prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he felt a sensation and heard a sound like a bone being fixed back to its normal position. In an instant, he felt no more pain and stood up celebrating his healing to the glory of God.

Thanking God for his healing amid demonstrations of his total fitness, Mr Osuiwu said he now does all the things he could not do when he had the problem. “We should look for Jesus Christ; He is our solution,” he advised people the world over.


“There is a brother under the canopy – you are an armed robber.” Sitting in the overflow congregation at The SCOAN, Chukwuma Emengini sat listening to the message from Prophet T.B. Joshua in shock. Church was the last place he had wanted to be on the weekend – a time he wanted to spend with his gang. Chukwuma’s life, though young, was already marked with violence, crime and witchcraft. It all started with the friends he had chosen. After celebrating a football victory with friends, one of them dropped a charm into a glass of alcohol and asked him to drink it. He hesitated but since it was given to him by a friend, he agreed to drink it. The unthinkable then began. On the very day he took that drink, he had a bad dream in which he found himself breaking into people’s shops and houses, stealing their belongings. Subsequently the urge to steal built its tent in his heart to the extent that he consulted a native doctor who prepared a charm for him to make his body impregnable to bullets and knives. An incision was made on his hand to complete the diabolic fortification and the native doctor tested his charm on the lad to ensure that it was working by firing a shot into the boy’s arm which bounced off and hacking at his head with a sword, which also left no mark. Initially, Chukwuma and his friend who gave him the charmed drink started as pick-pockets and progressed rapidly towards becoming armed robbers. After every successful operation, they would relax in night clubs and squander their loot on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

However, as strong Christians, his parents had noticed their son’s strange behaviour and had made up their minds to bring him to the Arena of Liberty lest he die an untimely death. Seated under one of the overflow canopies, the young man received the following prophecy from the man of God: “There is somebody under the canopy out there. The reason I am calling you is because you are a thief. You have that spirit of stealing. You have graduated to a high level of robbery… you need deliverance because this thing keeps tormenting you.” The young man made his way into the auditorium and confirmed the prophecy after which he received deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus. Thanking God for the deliverance of his son, his father, Mr Ikechukwu Emengini advised people, especially parents, to put their hope and trust in God.

MRS HELEN NATHANIEL [HEALED OF CEASED MENSTRUATION]Mrs Helen Nathaniel had the problem of ceased menstruation for 17 years. She went to many specialist hospitals in search of a solution and was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance by various doctors. The doctors could not provide her with a permanent solution and could only prescribe multiple medications for her. She started going around to different churches in search of solution to her problem. She was even frustrated more as she was asked to ‘offer’ a lot of money in exchange for their so called ‘deliverance’ but deliverance never came. After she had spent all her money in the ‘churches’, she decided to pray on her own.

One day, she received a flyer to visit a church and when she went to the church, they encouraged everyone to watch Emmanuel TV. Following their recommendation, she installed Emmanuel TV and began watching it daily and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. One night, she had a dream in which Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her. Immediately after the prayer, she saw two dwarf-like beings leaving her body.

This prompted her decision to visit The SCOAN. On the Sunday she arrived, she was perplexed to discover that while she had come all the way from Abuja to enter the church, upon the point of entry, something in her told her not to. The SCOAN ushers, seeing her hesitation, encouraged her to enter the church to receive her deliverance. Finally, she agreed to enter the auditorium and during the Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua came straight to her and gave her a prophetic word. He prophesied that she was suffering from ceased menstruation and then prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ.

That night in her hotel room, she began to feel strange sensations in her abdomen and in the morning, her deliverance was miraculously confirmed – her long ceased menstruation had started flowing.

Mrs Helen’s advice to everyone was, “Be patient and trust in God. Only God can heal you. Look for a living church and worship there”.

Brethren, as we keep doing the will of our God and focusing on him alone, we are assured of a great tomorrow, irrespective of what the irony of fate brings our way. Because he lives we can face tomorrow!

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“Open the floodgates in abundance… And cause your rain to fall on me” The foregoing hymn by the choir connected with the message of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua titled, POWER FROM ABOVE.  Even as congregants savoured the symphonic menu from the choir, their hearts were undoubtedly expectant of goodies from up above and thus inspired them to sing and dance along with passionate intensity. In his message, the man of God called on Christians to realise that only those who are connected to God above are capable of performing great exploits. He observed that such people are not controlled by their own human reasoning but by God’s Spirit which guides them and directs them on what to do at every given time: “You can only get these qualities from God. Those who have these qualities, a suggestion always comes from the Spirit that the action be performed.” In other words, those who are connected to the power from above always get their instructions and directions from God and do not rely on their own thinking.


Speaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua stated that it is only through the help of the Holy Spirit that one can claim to be a Christian: No one can say ‘I am a Christian’ without the help of the Holy Spirit.” According to him, there are many problems in the world today because people who are not grounded in the Word are parading themselves as Christians whereas the Spirit is not in them: “When one is not grounded in the Word, there will be nothing there for the Spirit to remind you of.”


The man of God left the following takeaway for Christians who wish to be connected to the power from above: “The Spirit is released to the degree you stand in reverence of God’s Word. God’s Word refreshes our mind and God’s Spirit renews our strength.”


During the Mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the onslaught against the kingdom of darkness, taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus to order the release of careers, finances, health, promotion and progress that had been bound by satan and his agents. There were also powerful prophecies that set many captives free through the power of deliverance in Jesus’ name.

Earlier, in her message titled, TODAY’S PASSPORT FOR TOMORROW’S JOURNEY, Evangelist Fanny admonished Christians not to allow the challenges of life overwhelm them to the extent that they lose sight of the glory ahead.


She particularly warned against self-imprisonment through the preoccupation of our minds with worry. According to her, such state of mind undermines God’s purpose for our lives: “Many of us are not free; many of us are imprisoned.” Instead of worrying themselves with the uncertainties of tomorrow, Evangelist Fanny urged Christians to “Live to use today’s supply and let tomorrow be.”




Ms Danny Ekalle Babette came to The SCOAN to testify to the salary increment she received from her employer. The Cameroonian national resident in Abuja had sent a prayer request to The SCOAN asking for an increase in her remuneration as well as that of her workers and was assured that her prayers were answered via a reply to her mail. Overwhelmed by the miracle and moved by the spirit of thanksgiving, she proceeded to The SCOAN to share the good news with the people of God. Unknown to her, the man of God had a prophecy for her.


She was almost leaving the church when the man of God prophesied that there was a woman who had the spirit of woman in the church. As soon as she heard the prophecy, she ran towards the man of God who laid hands on her and delivered her from the spirit that had made a mess of her life. Confirming the prophecy, Ms Babette gave frightening accounts of how the spirit of woman tormented her life and made her lose affection for her husband. According to her, she found herself having nightmares in which worms would come out of her private parts. After those nightmares, she would rebuff every move for intimacy made by her husband; it got to a point that their marriage totally collapsed as the spirit in her refused to accept him as a husband. She was totally lost in affection for females until she encountered God at The SCOAN.



Mrs Patience Amoyaw was introduced to female affection by her childhood friend twenty years ago. That friend became her sex partner and night-crawling cohort. They would go clubbing together, smoking and drinking themselves to stupor. The ugly trend continued through the years up till the moment she met her husband. She refused any form of friendship with men but was always attracted to her fellow women at the slightest opportunity. She accepted to marry her husband not out of love but out of a design to deceive the world. Trouble became obvious when after their marriage, she refused all sexual advances from her husband. Even when she agreed to his advances, she would direct the whole drama by teaching him how to sleep with her. She preferred to sneak out of the house to go and be with fellow women.


She had come to The SCOAN with her husband with the problem of barrenness but during the mass prayer, the spirit of woman tormenting her was exposed and she was delivered. After receiving deliverance from the man of God, Mrs Amoyaw is back to her normal self. She now has affection for her husband and is very remorseful about all she had done to him. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, mediated in their reconciliation and in the rekindling of their marital affection. He urged them to live in peace as man and wife.


Chief John Ugboma Obi was born into a very fetish family. His paternal grandmother, grandfather and father were all native doctors. After listening to his mother’s account of how she lost all her children except him, he became more convinced on the need to fortify himself in the dark arts in order to protect his life but unknown to him, he was gradually dining with the devil without the proverbial long spoon. He became an adherent of the river goddess and kept totems of her worship in his house. His wife’s reservations about his fetish engagements and their futility fell on deaf ears as he was not ready to disassociate himself from them.


Somehow, he got to know about Emmanuel TV through one of his children. Though, he developed interest in viewing the station, it was not without some level of scepticism. He took most of the miracles he saw on Emmanuel TV with a pinch of salt and decided to visit The SCOAN on a confirmatory mission. Having visited and confirmed that God was indeed at The SCOAN, his perception and mindset changed. As he made to return to his home, he received the Morning Water from the man of God. On getting home, he decided to evacuate all the fetish items in his house. After emptying his house of all unholy materials, a battle soon ensued.


The evil forces fought back. They attacked his daughter’s health and almost truncated her educational aspirations. On several occasions, she would collapse and convulse with doctors suggesting different causes only for her father to minister the Morning Water on her to revive her. Even on occasions when she was far away from her father, he would minister the Morning Water through the phone and pray for her and her condition would improve. The greatest threat to her health came when she was about to sit for her bar exams at the Law School. A day to the exams, she fell ill. As the information reached her father, he ministered the Morning Water on her picture inside his phone and prayed for her. Moments later, the terribly ill young woman was strong enough to sit for the exams and afterwards, she came out with flying colours.


Today, his daughter, Miss Ndidi Obi, is a qualified lawyer having been successfully called to the Nigerian bar. Thanking God for their daughter’s successful completion of her education, Chief and Mrs Obi urged people to believe in Jesus and to minister the Morning Water as a power-packed material sent to mankind by God for healing and deliverance. On her part, their daughter advised people all over the world to embrace and minister the Morning Water even if they don’t come in contact with the man of God.


For Mr and Mrs Bannerman Henry, it was fourteen years of anguish and suspended hope as they waited desperately for the fruit of the womb. The Ghanaian couple went through untold social embarrassment, especially whenever they came in contact with friends and associates who had children. It was always a sorrowful experience for Mrs Bannerman. All efforts to get help yielded nothing except the medical report that showed the couple had issues with their reproductive health. While the husband was diagnosed with low sperm count, his wife was diagnosed with multiple fibroids and irregular menstruation. All the medications they consumed did not help.


The discovery of Emmanuel TV would later add value to their lives. Inspired by the miracles they had observed via the channel, they visited The SCOAN and received prayers from the man of God at the Prayer Line. Before they returned to Ghana, they also received the Morning Water. A few days after ministering the Morning Water, Mrs Bannerman discovered some thick and pale substance coming out of her body. Months later, she was confirmed to be five months pregnant.


Today, they are blessed with a bouncing baby girl against all odds. Even though, doctors had hinted she would undergo a caesarean section, she went on to deliver her baby naturally after her husband ministered the Morning Water on her. The couple thanked God for His grace upon their lives and urged people to look up to Him in all things.


Mr Olagunju Joseph Owosola was on his way to The SCOAN to submit a business proposal when he ran into a gang of armed robbers operating on the road along the Ikorodu, Lagos axis. As they flagged him down, he discovered that three people had been shot and their blood littered the road. He received hot slaps as they asked him where he was heading to. He told them he was going to church and unknowingly angered them the more as they pointed a gun to his head, asking for his Bible. It was at that point that he told them he was going to the church of Prophet T.B. Joshua to submit a proposal.


On hearing the name T.B Joshua, the robbers immediately asked him to go away, accusing him of spoiling the day for them. For Mr Owosola who had been a doubter of Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN, he had never in his life experienced such a miracle in which the name of a person could save him from the venom of armed robbers. Urging people to see the man of God as a true Prophet sent from Heaven, he regretted his former state of doubt and unbelief and thanked God for saving his life.


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The SCOAN service on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 was memorable in the sense that it re-echoed the triumph of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ over death, sin and sorrow. It offered congregants and Christians all over the world another opportunity to re-align themselves with the ideals of the risen Christ who according to the choir, cannot be denied. “There’s no denying my Jesus… He wants to know you…”



In a powerful time of prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua brought to reality the meaning of the term ‘resurrection’ which is to bring back to life peace, comfort and joy, in the name of Jesus. Speaking to the congregation and viewers worldwide, he said that many of us have been following someone else’s destiny but the promise of God this Easter is to bring back our destiny so that we can become an authority in our calling. According to him, it does not matter what you are doing; what matters is what you are destined to do.

Earlier in the service, Evangelist Chris in his message titled DEATH IS DEFEATED, called on Christians to attune themselves to the realisation that Easter is a day to celebrate their triumph over death, sickness, poverty and infirmity through Christ Jesus whose blood paid the supreme price for all mankind: “…Easter is a day set aside to commemorate the resurrection of the One who paid the supreme price for our sins. We are here today to celebrate the fact that death was swallowed up in victory! If Jesus Christ defeated death on the Cross of Calvary, what is the problem you are facing today that cannot be swallowed up?  Today, your sickness will be swallowed up in good health! Your poverty will be swallowed up in blessing! Your bondage will be swallowed up in freedom! Your barrenness will be swallowed up in fruitfulness! Your test will be swallowed up in testimony! Jesus Christ lives; He never said goodbye.



He concluded with a call on Christians to remain focused and never allow the harsh realities of life to derail them from the path of truth and honour: “Nothing can be more ridiculous or absurd than to allow symptoms or feelings to cause us to doubt the fulfilment of God’s promises. We can believe God. His promises stand. He cannot lie. The Bible is full of promises for every matter. As long as you have faith, they will work for you.”






Mr Robert Dut Talang had migrated to the United States from his native South Sudan with high hopes and expectations. He had envisaged an easy, prosperous and financially rewarding time in America. But what he met in the United States was very discouraging. Life was definitely not a bed of roses over there as he struggled to settle his bills, including his house rent. His business was virtually on its knees. After trying in vain to get himself out of the predicament, a friend introduced him to The SCOAN.

Convinced of the presence of God in the Arena of Liberty, Mr Talang visited The SCOAN and received a prophetic declaration from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. “It shall be well”, said the man of God to him, holding his hand and looking at his face with a smile that lit up the fires of hope inside his heart. Keying into that prophetic declaration, Mr Talang returned to his base in the United States with the Morning Water given to him by the man of God.

As he continued to hold on to that prophetic declaration, Mr Talang also prayed together with his family amid a devotional ministration of the Morning Water. Within a short while, the unexpected happened. The landlord of the properties he was occupying for residential and official purposes approached and informed him that the properties had been put up for sale, asking if Mr Talang was interested in acquiring them. Even though he had no dime for the purchase, he remembered the declaration of the man of God and claimed it once again. He ministered the Morning Water around the properties, believing God had settled everything.

After those acts of faith, Mr Talang registered a new business and together with his attorneys met with the landlord to negotiate for the purchase. And to God be the glory, after fruitful deliberations, he was able to purchase the properties. He is now a landlord and has rented many of the rooms to tenants. Narrating his glorious story to the congregation, Mr Talang thanked God for lifting him from the trenches of debt and shame to the zenith of prosperity and progress through Christ Jesus. “When God is not in your life, it is hopeless”, he told the church as he ended his testimony.


Professor Benedict Mbam of the Ebonyi State University, Abakalilki, had an excellent career progression until he got to the rank of Senior Lecturer, where he got stuck for seven years without further promotion. The experience was demoralising as he saw his subordinates being promoted ahead of him but could not explain why things turned out that way. Deep down in his heart, he knew something was wrong somewhere. His visit to The SCOAN would eventually disentangle him from the evil that had held him down for seven years.



Receiving the Morning Water at The SCOAN, the hardworking academic went home ministering it all over himself and the entire household. After three months, the first bubble of glory appeared – he received promotion to the rank of Associate Professor of Computer Science. As he was still savouring the joy of his first promotion in seven years, he was appointed Director, Academic Planning, a position exclusively reserved for full professors only. How an Associate Professor was able to get that promotion remains a case study in uncommon grace. Moving on to a federal university, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, he was made a full professor within months of ministering the Morning Water –  another promotion from Heaven.

When they got the news of his promotion in his new school, the management of his former school also promoted him to a full professor. With those promotions came great improvement in his financial status. He was able to buy brand new cars for himself and his wife and also built a house for himself. Just last week, he was elected the Dean, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. As he thanked God for the grace he has received through Christ Jesus, Professor Benedict Abam advised people all over the world: “Hold onto faith and one day, your miracle will locate you.”




After fifteen years of meritorious service to his employer, Mr Paul Azeka Asia, instead of being rewarded for his loyalty, was told that his position was no longer useful. It was declared redundant by the company’s management thus forcing the Ghanaian to leave and join the list of the unemployed. It was failure at the peak of success. Not willing to accept defeat, he visited The SCOAN after watching series of wonderful miracles and testimonies on Emmanuel TV.

Attending a Sunday service, he cried to God to change the story of his life and received inspiration from the testimony of a brother, all the way from the UK who had similar challenges but triumphed after visiting The SCOAN. After the service, he received the Morning Water and continued to minister it with zeal even on his credentials. In less than two weeks, he saw a job advertisement that matched his qualification and applied online, ministering the Morning Water on the computer screen. Two weeks later, he was invited for a job interview. After attending the interview, he was selected among the long list of candidates who applied for the job.

His new job is better than the previous one and the way it came could only be a miracle. Acknowledging that it is not easy to get a job in Ghana, he reckoned that his case was exceptional in the sense that he lost his previous job in December 2015 and got a better one in January 2016 in a country where people could be out of a job for years. Thanking God for the unlikely way his job was restored, Mr Asia advised people to build their faith on God, the Solid Rock as all other grounds are sinking sand.


Mrs Precious Okorie, a Nigerian resident in Togo, searched for the fruit of the womb for six years without reprieve. Her condition took a heavy toll on her psychologically. All the hospitals she visited could not diagnose any problem with her. Even her recourse to herbal medicine could not yield any result.



An encounter with Emmanuel TV inspired her visit to The SCOAN from where she received the Morning Water.

Returning home, Mrs Okorie ministered the Morning Water in prayer together with her husband. That same month, she became pregnant and went on to deliver a baby girl (christened Mary Okorie) after nine months. Describing the Morning Water as an ‘atomic bomb’, Mrs Okorie marvelled at the immediacy of her pregnancy after she had ministered it. Thanking God for His intervention in her life, she advised people to trust in God so that they could meet their own breakthrough through Christ.





He had been diagnosed with symptoms of valvular heart disease and had tried different medications without solution. Mr David Ogong eventually stumbled on Emmanuel TV via Youtube. The marvellous healings and deliverance God has wrought through Prophet T.B. Joshua easily caught his attention and endeared him to The SCOAN. The Ugandan national, without looking back, made up his mind to visit the arena of liberty. He visited The SCOAN in 2015 and had the opportunity of receiving prayers from the man of God who also blessed him with the Morning Water. Before he departed from Nigeria, he felt a great improvement in his health condition as he ministered the Morning Water.

Returning to Uganda, Mr Ogong went to the same hospital that had diagnosed him with the heart problem. After another round of tests, it was discovered that his heart was healthy. The valvular heart disease that had reared its ugly head was no more. Thanking God for his healing, Mr Ogong also testified to the healing of his brother who had collapsed and gone into coma due to multiple organ failure in the UK. According to Mr Ogong, after doctors gave up all hope on his brother’s case, it took just the ministration of the Morning Water to rouse him from a two-week coma. Today, his brother is hale and hearty. Mr Ogong while promising to return with more testimonies, urged people to believe in God and His servants.


Mr Kelechukwu John while sojourning in Angola had started an extra-marital affair with a lady whom he claimed promised to help him secure all his residence documents in the South African country.



The Nigerian kept the relationship without the knowledge of his wife and never knew that the bubble would one day burst in full glare of the public. The woman in question had visited Nigeria and had accompanied her ‘lover’ to The SCOAN Sunday Service, where the man of God, through prophetic insight revealed the unhealthy union between them. “The brother under the canopy – your wife is at home but you are here with a lady. What kind of prayer do you want to offer? What do you hear us preaching since morning? Your wife is at home. She is even trying to cook food for you but you are here with one lady…” After hearing these words from the man of God, Mr John   hurriedly came out of the congregation to confirm the prophecy. The man of God thereafter summoned his wife to the church and ensured that their threatened marriage was saved. Mr John admitted wrongdoing and took responsibility for his actions. He asked God and his wife to forgive him. On her part, Mrs John accepted her husband’s apology and stated that she had forgiven him. She advised every family facing similar challenges to know God so that He would always help them recover their homes.


Right from the night of her wedding, Mrs Ifeoma Obimma developed apathy and dislike for marital affection. This later developed into a full-blown lack of affection for the opposite sex. Her legitimately married husband suffered untold rejection by a woman with whom he had exchanged marital vows. The spirit behind her challenge ensured that they lived thousands of miles apart from each other. While the man was here in Nigeria, his wife was junketing between the UK and South Africa and was more concerned with her business than any other matter. The couple spent seven years apart.



Though they are blessed with a set of twins – a boy and a girl – it was a serious battle before she could allow her husband to meet her. She continued to give the man headaches until the day she attended The SCOAN Sunday Service where she had an encounter with the man of God through prophecy. The man of God, led by the power of the Holy Spirit, spoke of her case: “You are a man. Your affection is dead. This is giving you loneliness. Anybody that looks at you – you are a beautiful lady, beautiful woman – they want to marry you but you don’t have affection.” Confirming the prophecy to be true, Mrs Obimma was delivered by the man of God, in Jesus’ name.

Testifying in company of her husband, she narrated to the amusement of the congregation, how she had previously denied her husband the intimacy of marriage and frustrated every move he made for them to meet as husband and wife. She acknowledged the fact that it was only her business that mattered to her even more than her husband. She however thanked God for changing her life through the prophecy and deliverance. She confessed that after her deliverance, life has become normal for her. She now has great affection for her husband and treats him as her God-given husband. She commended her husband for his patience and maturity in the face of all she did to him and advised people to always seek the face of God in everything they do.



Ms Kate Agbebaku had been tormented by the spirit of bedwetting which had actually started while she was a child. The problem affected her in many ways and took her to so many places in search of a solution. She even went as far as doing a fifty-day fasting programme in order to overcome the problem. Instead of abating, it became worse. An encounter with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream would eventually inspire her to visit The SCOAN, believing that her problem would definitely come to an end.



Seated in the auditorium on Easter Sunday 2016, the man of God prophesied about her case in the following words: “… When you sleep in the night, something happens to you. It started from a young age. You thought it was over but you are experiencing it again. Don’t be shy; get rid of it and be delivered… This bedwetting is happening to you.

Testifying before the congregation how the problem of bedwetting had seriously embarrassed and affected her life, she thanked God for her deliverance, observing that since she was delivered by the man of God, the problem had gone for good. She advised the congregants and people all over the world to keep believing God because He is indeed an awesome God.

The service left the congregation and viewers in the incredible joy of Jesus’ resurrection. Whatever situation you are in, by His resurrection, you can rely on Jesus. We have been seeing the purpose why Jesus was resurrected – Jesus Christ brings back to life the joy, peace, comfort and reconciliation. Happy Easter!


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It was Palm Sunday 2016, commemorating the triumphant entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. The choir captured the scenario and animated the service with songs of praise to the Most High, reassuring Him of their resolve to serve Him forever. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in a message titled A VISIT WITH GOD, urged Christians to attune themselves with God and position themselves properly to receive His blessings.


He analysed the problem of belief and gave an explanation on how to ignite this principle in the light of God’s Word: “The problem of believing is made easy if you know that it is acting on what God has spoken.” In other words, our faith will only move mountains and make great things happen when we realise that faith is acting on what God has spoken. According to the man of God, “Believing demands action. The Spirit makes us know that believing is possessing.” Christians can only possess their possessions when they believe God’s Word and act upon it by faith.



Earlier, Evangelist Racine, in a message titled GOD’S STANDARD OF LOVE, had reminded Christians all over the world on the urgent need to live according to the example set by God when He sacrificed His only begotten Son for the redemption of the world. He urged them to uphold the principles Christ stood for: “This is time to give our kindness, love and faithfulness. It is time for sober reflection.” Concluding, Evangelist Racine, explained what Christ’s standard of love stands for: “Christ’s standard of love never gives up and always gives way for reconciliation.” He thereafter encouraged Christians to walk in the path of love.

Master Somtochukwu Achumie, a secondary school boarding student from Anambra State was complaining of an inexplicable and recurrent illness that forced him to leave school for home on three different occasions. Heavy fever, cold, severe headache, hotness of the legs, stomach ache and chest pain were symptoms that characterised his experience and made life agonising for the lad. His complaints led his parents to The SCOAN to worship God and to get the Morning Water for their ailing son.



Returning home and receiving the Morning Water from his parents Somtochukwu went back to school, ministered it and complained of a terrible feeling inside of him. At that juncture, he insisted on coming back home. Back home, his father knew something was amiss spiritually and instructed his wife to minister the Morning Water on their son who had already asked for tea. Ministering the Morning Water into his tea, the young student took a sip and became more troubled, complaining that something was moving from his belly towards his throat. As his mother ministered more of the Morning Water on him, he vomited seven pins and fainted. He was thereafter revived after his mother ministered more of the Morning Water on him.

Testifying to his son’s healing and revival, Mr Achumie and his wife never knew that their son belonged to a secret cult. It was the man of God, through prophetic insight that made the revelation which was corroborated by the lad. He recounted how he was initiated when he was in Junior Secondary Three by a friend who lured him into a bush where he was flogged and inducted into the cult. According to the man of God, those pins represented the mission of the cult and were not physically placed inside him but were commanded spiritually to enter him after he had taken blood as part of the initiation rites. The man of God directed his parents to change his school immediately.

Testifying in company of his visibly emotional wife, Mr Achumie thanked God for saving the life of his son. The man of God admonished Christians all over the world to love everyone but not to trust anyone except God.

For twenty years, Mrs Opelore Alli was in the wilderness of life. Peace of mind and joy were overtaken by agonies and endless pain. She had been diagnosed with multiple fibroids and heavy bleeding. All the hospitals she went to could not solve the problem, not even the spiritual homes she was taken to by well-wishers. She kept on crying day and night until she encountered the man of God at The SCOAN where she was given the Morning Water.



Receiving the Morning Water, Mrs Alli began praying profusely. Ministering the Morning Water amid those fervent prayers, she was faith-filled and sure God would do something in her life. In a matter of minutes after ministering the Morning Water, a very big and ugly-looking fibroid came out of her body. Since then, all the pain and bleeding have stopped for good. “Whatever situation you are passing through, give God time. He can use any medium to set you free,” she advised the congregation while thanking God for wiping away her age-long tears!





Mr Cheniku Killian would sit in the beer parlour and make jest of the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua, saying that he was fake. The Cameroonian who derived pleasure in womanising and drinking alcohol found solidarity in fellow drunkards who would vilify the man of God whenever they gathered in their assembly. He was not aware that he had a huge problem and continued to wallow in self-deception, thinking that casting aspersions on the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua was a worthwhile thing to do. A man who abandoned his pretty wife in the village just to mess around with irresponsible women, was definitely tormented by spirits and needed deliverance but there he was, reviling a man, to whom he should have run, for spiritual help.


One day, as he sat watching football on television, he inadvertently stumbled on Emmanuel TV. As he watched the life-changing channel, he came across different testimonies about people who had been delivered from yokes like the ones he was under. Instead of praising God for His wonderful works, he continued his mockery, saying they were all fake. But a voice in him kept admonishing him to tarry awhile and listen to the Word of God coming from Prophet T.B. Joshua via Emmanuel TV. The constancy of that gentle voice persuaded him into having a rethink.

The first attraction was the statement from the man of God that “…when you sin don’t run away from God, run to Him.” The power in those words brought him back to his senses as he began to realise that no matter the sins he had committed against God, there was still an opportunity for repentance and redemption. As he stretched out his hands to the TV screen to join the man of God in prayer, he felt a great shock even before his hand touched the screen and immediately, he saw a complete being walk out of his body.

Since that day, his life has changed for the better. He has reunited with his wife and now has affection for her. His drinking and womanising problems are over. Even his once stagnant business has now been restored. Thanking God for his new life, in company of his wife, he left the following advice for people: “If you find yourself condemning a man of God, go on your knees and ask for mercy.”




Dr and Mrs Hilarius Abiwu had been married for five years but were torn apart by certain issues that remained unresolved for so long. As a medical doctor with so many professional obligations, Dr Abiwu hardly had time for his wife. But most importantly, interferences from his mother in-law worsened the whole thing. The usual intimacy that characterises a blissful marriage was absent in their case to the extent that Dr Abiwu no longer had even an iota of affection for his wife. Even the wedding ring on his finger was nowhere to be found – a sign that he was disgruntled with the marriage.

For five years, the couple lived like two walls apart. It was an agonising episode for his wife, who could not fathom the reason the flame of love in their lives was losing its glow. In her seeming confusion, she visited The SCOAN and was spotted during a Sunday service by the man of God through prophetic insight. “I am seeing a broken home… This is the problem of your family – there is divorce”, said the man of God as he referred to her case. Confirming the prophetic message amid profuse weeping, Mrs Abiwu received her deliverance through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, who afterwards invited her husband and mother in order to resolve the matter in the light of God’s Word.



Through divine wisdom, the man of God, after stating that the marriage was of God, mediated in the matter and admonished each party accordingly. He finally reconciled the couple and also ensured that the wife’s mother would not overreach her boundaries in future.
In spite of the misgivings they had harboured against each other, the couple are now living in total peace! Testifying to the rekindling of their love for each other and the restoration of their marriage, the couple thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to bring joy back into their lives. Dr Abiwu also confirmed that the reconciliation has brought many blessings into his life, especially in his professional career which has continued to experience progress upon progress. The pain and hurt of the past have been overtaken by love, promotion, awards and great hope for the future. The couple advised people to have faith in God and make His Word the standard for their lives. They also admonished Christians not to run away from challenges but to dig deep and fight them through in prayer.



Mr Sumaila Benjamin from Edo state, Nigeria, was afflicted with the spirit of man. The problem started when he was between the ages of 16 and 17. Then, he was working for a boss who allowed him and other male workers to sleep together as a group, but he had always noticed that while he slept, someone always came to pull his trousers down. After noticing that aberration, he took steps to tighten his trousers in order to check the excesses of the ‘nocturnal marauder’. He eventually caught the man in question and reported the matter to his boss.

Notwithstanding the punishment meted out to the culprit, a spiritual damage had been done to his life. His urge for same-sex relations increased and continued to torment him. He experienced setback in everything he put his hand to. Tired with the turn his life had taken, he visited The SCOAN where he had an encounter with God through Prophet T.B. Joshua.

During that historic Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked up to him, prophesying, “You have the spirit of a man. Suddenly, the spirit came upon you. You have a kind of passion for men… when you see a man, it is like you see a woman.” After the prophecy, Mr Benjamin was delivered and declared free from that bad spirit. During his testimony, Mr Benjamin thanked God for his deliverance. According to him, things have since changed in his life. He is no longer attracted to men and has overcome all the setbacks that were caused by his passion for men. He has the following advice for people all over the world: “Run to God, no matter the problem you are going through.”

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