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God’s presence was felt in every aspect of the Sunday service of January 31, 2016 at The SCOAN. As the choir gave congregants enough musical reasons to shake off the devil from every corner of their lives, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded all Christians of the need to hold on to God in times of trouble. According to him, troubles have always had a significant role to play in the lives of all those who have a special place in God’s heart. In a message titled, THE HIDDEN TRUTH, the man of God observed: “When you are in trouble, that trouble should strengthen your desire and determination for God. Your situation cannot say you are not a Christian. God refines us with situations like that. The reaction of your situation on you separates impurities. Your situation separates impurities and allows the character of God to grow in your life. My situation cannot determine my Christian life. The Spirit of God needs a free spirit”.

Concluding, the man of God admonished congregants to avoid the erroneous impression that the Christian race is a bed of roses. According to him, the crown only comes after the trials that must be overcome: “A true Christian is tested by his ability to face situations. Trials and temptations are tests to promote you. Your faith life needs to be tested by foolish things. You can never live and be ‘out of touch’ until the end of your days. That touch is to separate impurities and allow the character of God in your life to grow”.



All the way from Edo State Nigeria, HRH Aidenojie Ehidiamen attended the first Sunday service of 2016 were he received the new Good Morning Sticker from the man of God. The royal father who is also an ardent user of the Morning Water has always made it a point of duty to minister anointing materials from The SCOAN, in the name of Jesus.  HRH Aidenojie Ehidiamen

After that eventful first Sunday service of the year, the traditional ruler in company of his driver and police escort had prayed and committed the journey back to Edo state into God’s hands. He ministered the Morning Water and asked for God’s protection on the road.

On their way back to Edo State, specifically around the Ijebu-Ode axis, their car had run into a gang of robbers on the road. Flouting the orders of the AK 47-carrying robbers who tried to flag them down, the driver manoeuvred his way out of the way of the robbers and drove the royal father out of the danger zone. But for the miraculous hand of God which played a major role in their safety, the robbers would have opened fire seeing that their plans did not work out. It also remains a mystery how the driver forgot to put on his headlamp which would have exposed the police officer to the robbers, thereby drawing the anger of the marauders of the highway who hate to behold any law enforcement agent whenever they are at work.

Thanking God for their miraculous protection, the royal father urged people all over the world to appreciate the anointing materials from The SCOAN. He also prayed to God to continue to increase the man of God in anointing as he keeps helping mankind and returning them to Christ.


Mr Nzube Onyekaozulu

Mr Nzube Onyekaozulu had been delivered at The SCOAN in February 2012. After that experience, the young man embarked on the compulsory National Youth Service Corps programme and was posted to the capital city of Abuja where he was faced with the grim reality of hardship. Mr Onyekaozulu experienced so much hardship that he had to live in an area where the safety of life was not guaranteed. On one occasion, with his Morning Sticker on his door, armed robbers could not even knock; they passed his door and attacked other tenants.

As he continued to pray and minister the Morning Water, a business idea from heaven came to his mind. He started shoe business with the little money he had saved. He would move from office to office selling shoes. With credit facilities from a friend, his business grew. It got to a level that he bought a car from the proceeds of his business. The car became his mobile office as he would stock shoes in the boot and drive to offices to deliver to his customers. From there, he got a shop and stocked it with shoes. Business became very lucrative for Mr Onyekaozulu who now boasts of three good cars. He is also an employer of labour and has continued to support people who need help, especially in the area of their education. Apart from his shoe business, the young man is also involved in car business. He connects people to sellers and gets commission. Thanking God for the turn-around in his life, Mr Onyekaozulu urged people to seek first the Kingdom of God so that all other things would be added unto them.


Mrs Tsholofelo Moagi-Hlohlolo, a native of South Africa, suffered from a curved spine after she delivered her daughter. The condition deteriorated to the extent that she could not do her domestic chores. It was very difficult for her to drive even as she couldn’t carry heavy burden. She was taken to many hospitals yet there was no solution in sight.  A particular doctor even suggested that she be confined to a wheelchair but her belief in God lingered while she hoped for the best. A friend would later introduce her to Emmanuel TV after all her efforts to get medical help failed. Speaking emphatically, her friend told her that help would surely be found at The SCOAN. Mrs Tsholofelo Moagi-Hlohlolo

Visiting The SCOAN in 2014, Mrs Moagi-Hlohlolo received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua as well as the Morning Water. On her return to her native South Africa, she would give the Morning Water to her children who would in turn minister it on her body. As the ministration went on, she felt sensations on her body. Her healing was almost immediate; all the debilitating pains that accompanied her curved spine gave way to the healing hand of God. Today, she is totally healed and is fit, hale and hearty and does all those things she could not do before now. Mrs Moagi-Hlohlolo gave thanks to God for her healing and urged people all over the world to have faith in Him.


Mr Isa Barguma was a civil servant in his native Adamawa State, Nigeria. As a Staff Officer, he could not achieve much with his salary. It was as if he was working from hand to mouth. The trend continued until he retired and was left with nothing apart from his paltry pension. All efforts to create something out of retirement failed. His plan to go into farming fell apart. He eventually embraced buying and selling but could not make much progress from that. It was at the verge of his frustrations that a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV which he later installed in his house. Mr Isa Barguma

In May, 2015, Mr Barguma visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water with which he prayed, insisting that he would not return to Adamawa empty-handed. As a mark of his seriousness with God, he ministered a whole bottle of the Morning Water on himself. Shortly after his arrival in Adamawa, things that happened can only be described as a raw expression of God’s power. Two weeks after his visit to The SCOAN, he bought a house of his own after his business experienced a sudden but miraculous boost. This was followed by a car. In a matter of three weeks, he was blessed with a house and a car – things that some other people labour for in their entire life time.

Thanking God for his restoration, Mr Barguma also highlighted the immense benefit of the Morning Water on his family’s health. According to him, ever since he started ministering the Morning Water in his home, no member of the family has fallen ill. He advised all retirees to run to Jesus.


For over six years, Miss Martha Obiofiong, a native of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, suffered from severe migraines which greatly affected her academic activities. The problem continued even when she embarked on the mandatory National Youth Service Corps programme. Having been posted to a school, she could not withstand the noise and unruliness of pupils to an extent that the Head Teacher always gave her permission to go and rest whenever she got tired. All medical efforts to solve her problem hit the brick walls

Miss Martha Obiofiong

One day, reprieve came her way. That day the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua made his first appearance after several months of dutiful absence and came with a great gift to the church – the Believer’s Card. Miss Obiofiong was one of the lucky recipients of that gift. After receiving the Believer’s Card, she prayed with it that very night. While discussing with family members, she felt like scratching her head. As she placed her hand on the spot she wanted to scratch, she removed a strange pin from there. Since that pin was removed, the age-long migraine ceased till date. While thanking God for her new-found freedom, Miss Obiofiong urged people all over the world not to limit God to a particular response but to leave everything to Him.


Mr Samuel Banigo

Mr Samuel Banigo from Rivers State, Nigeria, suffered from diabetes and hypertension. The health challenge had been a recurring issue in his maternal lineage. Many of his aunts and uncles have died of the ailment. Even his mother had the same problem. Life became a shadow of itself for him as he would urinate frequently even when he was on a journey. Sometimes, he would pay additional money in order to allow drivers stop for him to ease himself. While everyone was asleep at night, he would visit the rest room continuously. All the drugs recommended for him by doctors proved incapable of helping his condition.

In 2015, Mr Banigo visited The SCOAN and came to the Prayer Line where only a wave from the hand of Prophet T.B. Joshua made the difference. According to him, immediately the man of God waved his hand towards him, he felt a cool sensation and afterwards, all the symptoms of diabetes and hypertension stopped. Returning to the same hospital that diagnosed him with those ailments, he was issued a clean bill of health stating that he was totally free from the two health monsters that tried to destroy his life. Mr Banigo urged people all over the world to accept the fact that Prophet T.B. Joshua is a man of God sent from Heaven to bring healing and salvation to mankind.


Driven by a bitter disappointment and left lifeless like a ship without a sail, Mr Phumudzo Madzhie from South Africa came to The SCOAN in 2014, and received a prophecy by Prophet T.B. Joshua that he had applied to the USA and that he had been disqualified. The man of God instructed him that after the deliverance, he should reapply. The man of God also warned him that he should settle down with a lady before embarking on this journey. He had indeed applied to go to the USA though an organization initiated by the President of the US. He was disqualified and not selected, leaving him terribly rejected and frustrated. If not for the prophetic word, he would never have reapplied. However, before reapplying, he followed the second instruction in the prophecy to settle with his fiancée and within a few months, they got married because he knew it was an instruction in righteousness. There were 50,000 applications and only wanted 40 from South Africa. He calculated the percentage chance that it would be him as 0.0003. Nevertheless, he applied and was selected by the president of the USA as one of the 500 top up and coming businessmen across Africa to participate in the journey.


He went for the all expenses paid trip touring around the USA highlighting in Chicago and Washington DC. They had weeks of two lectures per day along with workshops and meetings with CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, visiting the World Bank and Google HQ to name a few. He was also invited to go to the White House where he met the US President, Barack Obama. Now, he knows so many connections in different countries across Africa and several US capital organisations to be able to fund any of the projects that he wants to do. After coming back, he was able to start a restaurant under the franchise called Mike’s Kitchen. He began receiving multiple awards in this franchise as the Best Newcomer/Franchisee, 2014 and award of joining The Millionaires Club 2014, for a store that consistently had a turnover of over 1 million Rand per month. Being inspired by the example of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he has also sponsored over 300 families with food allowances, scholarships and internships at his company. His advice “is that the grace and mercy of God is all that you need. That is the only thing that can qualify you for the things that you want.” He also wanted to thank the man of God for giving his life direction because if not for the prophecy, he didn’t know where he would be today. Crowing the whole testimony off, the man of God smiled as he said, “You will soon leave that restaurant for your wife – something even bigger is coming for you”.


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PROPHET T.B.JOSHUAIn his deep and incisive message on Sunday, 24 January, 2016 titled, Life Through The Spirit, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua admonished Christians on the need to understand the workings of God in the spirit realm because God is Spirit. God must be worshipped in spirit. Romans 8:14 says, “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, if you don’t worship God who is a Spirit, in the spirit, you will be led intellectually or by your emotions – what you see, hear, read or how you feel. If we do not worship God who is a Spirit, in the spirit, can we hope to obtain His favour and acceptance? So, we miss the end of worship. Speaking further, the man of God said, “When one does not worship God who is a Spirit, in the spirit, the worship is defective; that is, carnal – dealing only in the letter and referring to the Spirit and design, which are at a distance, by types and ceremonies. We must depend upon God’s Spirit for strength and assistance, laying our souls under His influence and operation (Romans 1:9). We should worship Him with fixedness of thought and a flame of affection, with all that is within us”. He then advised all to commit themselves to the guidance of the Word.



Mrs Charlotte Aidoo suffered from severe hypertension for five years. She was always weak and could not live the normal life she had been used to. Her career as a caterer was hugely affected as she could not deliver on orders made by her clients. Whenever she received orders she would hand them over to her apprentices who ended up disappointing her clients. It got to a time that she stopped receiving orders from customers because of her health. The financial toll the ailment took on her was unquantifiable as she spent a fortune on medication.

Mrs Aidoo visited The SCOAN and was at the Prayer Line where she received prayers from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and was also blessed with the Morning Water. On her return to her native Ghana, she ministered the Morning Water after which she visited the hospital where she was certified free from hypertension. Mrs Aidoo is now back to her energetic self. She works hard, is very healthy and happy with her healing.

One day, when she had already gone back to Ghana, she was called that her bakery caught on fire. Immediately when she got the call, she was confident that God would take charge in the situation because she always faithfully ministered the Morning Water on her business in Jesus’ name. To the glory of God, when the fire was put out, nothing was destroyed. After the whole incident, someone told her that a man wearing white had come to the bakery and told the workers to put powdered soap inside water and spray it all over the bakery. Immediately after they did that, the fire stopped. Mrs Aidoo tried looking for the man who helped save her business, but to this date, they cannot trace the man at all. To God be the glory!



The spirit of premature death had been a thorn in the flesh of the Phiris back
in their native Zambia. Shortly after Mrs Phiri gave birth to her first baby girl, she lost her to that wicked spirit after weeks of medical care in the hospital. It was that unpalatable experience that led them to the discovery of Emmanuel TV. Consequently, Mr Phiri visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water with which he returned to Zambia. After ministering the Morning Water together, the couple met as husband and wife.

Mrs Phiri eventually became pregnant and later delivered a second baby girl to the glory of God. Soon after the delivery of the baby, the same ailment that was said to have killed their first child reared its ugly head again. Having been diagnosed with pneumonia and anaemia, the new baby was bed-ridden in hospital and had to be placed under oxygen with urgent need of a blood transfusion. Mrs Phiri would not give in to fear. Instead, she continued to pray, ministering the Morning Water and believing her daughter was healed. She insisted her daughter should be discharged much to the displeasure of the doctors and nurses.

Back home with her daughter, Mrs Phiri continued to minister the Morning Water until it dawned on her that her daughter was indeed healed. Returning to the hospital for test, it was discovered that her daughter was free from all the ailments that had earlier been diagnosed in her – giving her a very outstanding clean bill of health. Mrs Phiri, while displaying all the medical test documents, thanked God for restoring her daughter’s health and for putting an end to the yoke of premature death that had tormented her for so long. She gave the following advice to viewers all over the world: “If you want to overcome the devil’s schemes, do so by the blood of Jesus and the word of your testimony.”


Mr and Mrs Marvellous Nweze had suffered from various different hardships. Mr Nweze had been involved in a terrible motor accident while he was on a journey from Accra, Ghana to Aflao. Prior to embarking on the journey, he ministered the Morning Water on himself. Along the way, he suddenly saw a white car directly in front of him. He tried to dodge it, but lost control causing the car to end up in the bush. While the car was still in motion it was as if he was struggling with an invisible being that was handling the steering wheel. The car finally reached a pot hole and started spinning and suddenly, it stopped. He pulled himself together and came out of the car. To his surprise, he discovered that all four tires of the car had deflated. It is indeed a miracle that a car could travel that distance with four deflated tires. There was a large crowd gathered around. They wondered how anyone could have come out of the vehicle alive.

He further testified about how God healed his son of a terrible sickness. According to him, he received a shocking message from the wife while he was away that their son was very sick and she was at the hospital with him. The doctors even reprimanded her as to why she allowed the sickness to reach such a level before seeking medical solution. She explained that it had happened within just 30 minutes. The sickness was so severe that the skin started to peel off. He looked as if he had been severely burnt. With no solution at hand, they ministered their son with the Morning Water and a miracle happened. The sores of the skin and mouth totally disappeared within hours. Seeing the baby now, one would hardly believe he once suffered from such a terrible sickness.

Mr Nweze continued his testimony by recounting how God delivered them from limitation in progress. This happened after they received their deliverance here, at The SCOAN. Their finances were totally transformed. They were able to buy a land and also build a magnificent house, having lived in a rented house for many years. He advised the congregation and viewers all over the world to believe in God; with Him, all things are possible.



Mr Cyprien Mouanda suffered a terrible eye problem after an incident that happened eleven years ago while working for an oil company. For awhile, he was out of job as he searched for a lasting solution to his problem. When it appeared as if the ailment was abating, he joined an American company but could only work for seven months due to the resurgence of the eye disease. His company was compassionate; they got him a consultant optician who eventually diagnosed him with glaucoma.

As he resorted to glasses to help improve his sight, his wife discovered Emmanuel TV and shared the marvellous news with him. After realising that they had been missing God’s raw power, the couple decided to visit The SCOAN where they received the Morning Water. When they returned to their native Gabon, Mr Mouanda continued to minister the Morning Water on his eye. Removing his glasses one morning while watching Emmanuel TV, he discovered he could read the subtitles. He tried to read his Bible and saw everything clearly. Returning to the doctors for confirmation, he was certified free from the eye disease that rendered him inefficient at work. Mr Muoanda proclaimed his healing as he also affirmed that God has continued to work in his life since the restoration of his sight.


Mr Kanyi Randy was possessed by the family idol when he was only two years. He grew up with the spirit and eventually started manifesting some strange characters. He would spend most of his time with computers at the cyber cafe. His computer skills were very obvious but he used them the wrong way. He would build websites for people for illicit businesses. As he progressed in school, he became a truant who would go out to get drugs for his mates. He started ganging up with bad friends who ensured that his appetite for alcohol and Indian hemp remained unmatchable.

Randy was dismissed from five different schools for his misdemeanours. He later became a scammer, using the credit cards of unsuspecting people to shop for free online. His mastery of the internet made him an asset even to churches where he was taken for deliverance. After spending days in one particular church, he had to be sent away for being irredeemable; the pastor could not deliver him. Randy continued to have horrible dreams in which he found himself eating assorted food and having sexual relations with women.

From his internet escapades, Randy made money which he usually squandered on girls of easy virtue at clubs and casinos. He would keep late nights in the company of rugged friends. On one occasion, he was beaten and stabbed and nearly lost his life in the process. Randy’s voracious appetite for money was alarming. He would spend millions of CFAs in a matter of days, frolicking from one 5-star hotel to the other. His life style gave his mother so much stress. She would borrow money to pay his school fees yet he would mess up himself with his wayward fancies. Fed up with his life, his mother handed him over to his aunt who took it upon herself to bring him down to The SCOAN for deliverance. During the ministration of the Morning Water on a Sunday service, the young man fell under the power of God just as the spirit cried out through him, “I am the family idol… nothing good comes out of his life… I give him money anytime he needs it… He has talent but I use it negatively.” In spite of all attempts to resist arrest and binding, the spirit tormenting young Randy was cast out finally.

Testifying in an emotion-laden recall of his irresponsible past, Randy regretted the pains he had put his mother through and thanked God for his freedom. The young man advised the youth to pursue hard work instead of quick fixes.

Having been sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua, in Jesus’ name, Evangelists Yinka and Rikhard led a great onslaught against the kingdom of darkness during the  Mass Prayer. It was historic in the sense that many were set free from age-long bondages and demonic manipulations. Many vomited all substances of spiritual contamination that had wreaked havoc on their lives for so long. To God be the Glory



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“Son of David, have mercy on me… Let Your mercy speak for me… Your divine favour locate me…” The choir heralded in the Sunday service with an appeal for mercy from the throne of grace, knowing that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. Evangelist Kimi Skota gave a heart-moving rendition of the Christian classic – Amazing Grace. The pungency of her voice and the clarity of the lyrics reminded all of the awesomeness of God – a loving Father always willing to welcome both the lost sheep and the prodigal son.EVANGELIST RACINEEvangelist Racine, in a message titled BE DETERMINED, urged believers to remain steadfast in the race, irrespective of the troubles they may encounter on their way to glory. He urged them to bless God in good and in bad times: “Those who find room in their hearts to bless the name of the Lord, in their trials, always have breakthrough.” He also encouraged them to move on, no matter what comes and no matter what happens. According to him, their faith in God is the most important element that will see them through the rough and muddy terrains of life, if only they can act it out and hold on to it without failing. He defines it thus: “Faith is not abstract. Faith is not a risk but a sure and practical act.” In his conclusion, he called on Christians to see the unseen in every situation by applying their faith to every circumstance. He urged them to dig deep and reject the suggestions of the spirit of fear: “when fear hits, speed up the attack! We fight through our situation by maximizing our forward motion.



Chief Collins Okorie, a Nigerian resident in Ghana, could not fathom the reason for most of the strange behaviours he exhibited towards his wife until he visited The SCOAN. The Nigerian businessman was afflicted by a spirit wife who ensured that his immediate family was never at peace. She would always visit him at exactly 1 am and have intimacy with him after which he would descend on his wife with blows much to the surprise and annoyance of his children. For so long, peace and harmony were absent in his marriage. CHIEF COLLINS OKORIE.jpg

His relationship with the spirit wife affected him in many untold ways. He was afflicted with sickness any time money came his way and he tried to buy things for his wife. Sometimes, he would use his money to lust after other women, spending wastefully. Chief Okorie could not tell anyone about his experiences with the spirit wife because she had threatened to kill him if he ever revealed their affair to anyone. Unknown to Chief Okorie, his soul had been under the influence of the devil through his agent, the spirit wife.

While Mrs Okorie was fed up with the no-affection situation in their marriage, she vowed never to enter the New Year with this problem. She came down to The SCOAN where she received deliverance and got the Morning Water and Faith Bracelet. Reaching home with the anointed materials, the spirit wife appeared to Chief Okorie and tried to convince him to steal away the Faith Bracelet from his wife. Each time he tried to touch the Faith Bracelet, he felt something like an electric shock and retreated. And as his wife ministered the Morning Water, he felt some reaction within his body and opened up to her on his experiences with the spirit wife.

Mrs Okorie convinced her husband on the urgent need to visit The SCOAN. As he journeyed to The SCOAN, the spirit wife appeared to him physically on two occasions and told him how foolish he was to end their relationship rather abruptly. She even went to the extent of taking his wedding ring from his finger. Undeterred and inspired by his wife, Chief Okorie eventually arrived at The SCOAN. As he sat in the auditorium, the spirit wife appeared trying to deceive him out of the church.

As soon as Chief Okorie heard the voice of the man of God, he fell under the anointing of God and his body began to shake uncontrollably. As he continued to shiver, he manifested the spirit wife who boasted that she had destroyed his business and spoilt his career. He was eventually delivered and set free from the manipulation of the spirit wife. Testifying alongside his wife, he publicly apologised to his wife and thanked God for restoring his marital bliss and affection. He urged people to always go for spiritual check-up before they embark on marriage.


Mr Barango Matthew Wenke was stricken by poverty to the extent that his daughter was once sent away from school because they could not afford to pay her school fees of two thousand naira. As he struggled to make a meaning out of his life, he embraced politics but was eventually betrayed by fellow politicians. After opting out of politics, he had a dream of establishing a refinery and nurtured that dream with his faith in God. Still holding unto his dream, he decided to come to The SCOAN where he received the Morning Water which he continued to minister as he walked the talk of his dream. MR BARAANGO MATTHEW WEUKE.jpg

Within a very short while, the story of his life changed. People who avoided him in the past looked for him and offered to help him. He eventually received financial assistance to establish his refinery after being granted the operational licence. Nurturing a vision to be among the list of Africa’s richest, he diversified and established over ten companies, including a school for the less-privileged, a low-cost university for the poor and an airline. With offices in Benin Republic, Abuja and Yenagoa and with prospects in Israel Mr, Wenke, a native of Bayelsa, is creating jobs for youths in Nigeria.

After a tough election that took place in the office of the Honourable Minister of Petroleum, Mr Barango Matthew Wenke emerged the President of the Private Refinery Owners of Nigeria (PRON). Thanking God for his ‘grass to grace’ story he advised people to have faith in God, wait for His time and worship together with their spouses.



Mrs Ajao had come to The SCOAN with a paper filled with prayer points, hoping to receive God’s touch. She never had an inkling that the real problem tormenting her life would be spotted by the man of God. She was more concerned about her financial problems and expected God to put an end to them. The man of God was almost leaving the auditorium when he turned around and called her out. “There’s a woman here…your problem is bedwetting…come out.” Running out from the congregation, Mrs Ajao received her deliverance amidst screams. The man of God explained that it was an evil spirit that was responsible for her problem.

Returning to The SCOAN with her husband for testimony, Mrs Ajao told the congregation how she had suffered so much embarrassment due to the yoke of bedwetting. According to her, the problem started from childhood and had prevented her from spending the night away from home. All medical examinations aimed at ascertaining the cause of the problem showed that there was nothing amiss with her urinary system. She also praised her husband for standing by her, in spite of the stigma attached to her problem. Thanking God for delivering her from the spirit of bedwetting, Mrs Ajao advised people to come to the realisation that miracles are real at The SCOAN even as she admonished them to move closer to God in faith.


When Mr Thompson Muzona visited The SCOAN in February 2011, he was languishing in poverty and hardship and needed urgent divine help. The Zimbabwean was able to meet with the man of God who prayed for him and made a prophetic declaration – “It is done: go and implement.” Returning to his country with the Morning Water given to him by the man of God, he continued to pray, believing strongly in the prophetic declaration of the man of God. He ministered the Morning Water incessantly during prayers and kept his faith intact. Within a short time, the hand of God began to manifest in his life. From one makeshift grocery shop, he constructed nine more. As ideas from heaven flashed through his mind, he thought of diversifying his business and ventured into transportation. Today, he has fifteen buses on the road.MR THOMPSON MUJONAN.jpg

Mr Muzona has moved from his one-room rented apartment to his own building and has also acquired more land to expand his business. Apart from the grocery and transportation businesses, he also plans to establish a pharmacy and butchery. He is a major employer of labour in his country. Thanking God for transforming his life through the medium of the Morning Water, he told the congregation that God’s grace located him in many ways. According to him, a two-year yoke of barrenness was also broken when God blessed him and his wife with two great boys. Filled with joy and the spirit of gratitude to God, he advised the whole world to wait upon God as He will never disappoint.


Mr and Mrs Azumah Wisdom were married with children yet the devil found a way to add trouble to their lives. Mrs Wisdom had a spiritual husband that had truncated the affection in their marriage. She would see a strange man in the dream claiming to be her husband. The same strange man had earlier appeared to her in a dream when she was about to marry Mr Wisdom. In that dream, she got engaged to the strange man. MR & MRS AZUDUAH WISDOM After that episode, everything fell apart between her and Mr Wisdom. There was no affection. She would beat and disgrace her husband in public. Sometimes, she would deny him of affection and make him feel inferior. According to Mr Wisdom, even when his wife agreed to his advances, he would lose his erection.

As she came to The SCOAN in search of a solution to her spiritual problem, the man of God located her through the word of prophecy. “She has a spiritual husband…if she is not separated from the spiritual husband, this man (referring to Mr Wisdom) cannot enjoy the marriage.” Prophet T.B. Joshua, taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus, cast out the spirit husband and severed whatever covenant he had with Mrs Wisdom, thereby restoring their marriage and bringing joy back into their lives. Testifying before the congregation, the couple confessed their new-found love for each other. In an emotion-laden review of her unsavoury past, Mrs Wisdom regretted all she had done to her husband and pleaded for his forgiveness. She thanked God for her deliverance and for the restoration of affection in their marriage.


There is nothing hidden under the sun. The forgoing captures the power of prophecy and lends credence to the omniscience of God who has continued to use His servant Prophet T.B. Joshua to reveal hidden things to the children of God. After Mr Robert Nnazi had an illicit affair with a woman, she used a handkerchief to clean herself up. Later, he discovered that his manhood was no longer functioning properly to the extent that he could not meet his wife. According to Mr Nnazi, a native of Benue, Nigeria, the strange woman had caused so much havoc to his life.MR & ROBERT PATRICK NNAMDI.jpg He had lost his first wife as a result of his affair with the woman. Even his career suffered serious setback and stagnation since he met the strange woman. He had also escaped death by motor accident on three occasions.

In his dreams, he would see snakes feeding him with pepper soup as well as strange people pointing guns at him. In one of the motor accidents, he had been declared dead and taken to the mortuary before he eventually woke up. All those evil consequences of his affair with the strange woman came to an end when he received the prophecy from the man of God during a Sunday service: “There is a brother there…you met a woman. After meeting the woman, she used a handkerchief to clean her body and since then, your “thing” died… you cannot meet your wife…

Mr Nnazi was delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua and was declared free in Jesus’ name. Testifying after his deliverance, Mr Nnazi thanked God for saving him from destruction and death and regretted the misery and evil experiences his affair with the strange lady had brought into his life. Today, he enjoys greater affection with his wife, whom he described as a lovely woman. He advised people all over the world to have faith in God in times of trouble.


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On Sunday, January 10, 2016, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua added a philosophical dimension to the idea of love, urging Christians to understand the secrets of its applicability to life and to the service of God: “When we love without expectation, our love is being sown to the Spirit. Anything you do to carry God along, you are doing it in Spirit because God is Spirit – I mean, in total humility and submission to His will”. Speaking further, this time about expectation, the man of God linked it to the emergence of offence, especially when our expectation from people is not met: “Expectation of certain behaviours from loved ones, relatives, acquaintances and friends sets us up for offence. This is a major root of offence”. Instead of imbibing the mundane philosophy of tit-for-tat that has become one of the greatest banes of Christianity all over the world, Prophet T.B. Joshua admonished Christians to love without expectation and do good even to those who hurt us.

The man of God concluded with a very thought-provoking submission to the world: “My response determines my future. When I am wronged, deeply hurt, bitter, cheated, wrongly accused, my response determines my future. Two wrongs do not make a right. The landlord of today can be the tenant tomorrow and the tenant today can be the landlord tomorrow. The pastor today can be the drunkard tomorrow. The drunkard today can be the pastor tomorrow. The rich man today can be the poor man tomorrow. The poor man today can be the rich man tomorrow. The sinner today can be the righteous one tomorrow and the righteous one today can be the sinner tomorrow. The beginner is not the owner but the finisher. There is a race”.





When the man of God appeared to the congregation pen-ultimate Sunday, after several months of dutiful absence, he did not come empty-handed. In confirmation of his declaration that he was not on holiday, he presented a power-packed gift to the church – the Believer’s Card. Mr and Mrs Kalu are living witnesses to the spiritual efficacy of the new medium. “When the man of God gave me this card, something like a shadow immediately walked out of me…I staggered and eventually fell down. When I stood up, I decided to take this card home to share with my family,” Mrs Kalu told the congregation as she testified to the mighty works of God in her family. Getting home, Mrs Kalu introduced the card to her husband who had been suffering from erectile dysfunction for five years. Those years were strewn with dejection and lack of affection for the couple as they slept in separate rooms – a practice unbecoming of a Christian couple.



Mr Kalu, who was also beset by a legion of other challenges, wept after he had been introduced to the Believer’s Card, bemoaning his financial fate. But his wife was on hand to help encourage him. As the family prayed with the card, the results came in an instant. Mr Kalu vibrated as he held the card in prayer; he noticed something move within him and as he tried to fathom what was going on, the vibration increased in intensity. His erection was restored instantly during the prayer while the affection that had deserted the marriage returned in abundance. Mr Kalu expressed inestimable gratitude to God for restoring the joy and affection of his marriage, even as he advised people to hold on dearly to any medium given to them by the man of God. He observed that there is nothing beyond God.


Pastor Mrs Ruth Ojoka had come to The SCOAN with a heavy burden on her mind. Her only daughter had absconded from home and had not been seen for ten years. Seated in the auditorium, in anticipation of divine intervention, she was beckoned upon by the man of God. As soon as he called on her, she burst into a screaming hysteria, “Man of God, where is my child? Prophet T.B. Joshua, where is my child?” Understanding her pain, the man of God gave her the Believer’s Card. Mrs Ojoka prayed with the Believer’s Card, calling on God to reunite her with her only daughter, wherever she was in the world.

In a matter of three days, her daughter called her via telephone, after which arrangements were made for their reunion at The SCOAN. On the fourth day, Miss Rejoice Ojoka who had been missing from home ran into the warm embrace of her mother right here at the Arena of Liberty. Narrating her experience, Miss Rejoice Ojoko confessed to have been possessed by the spirits of an unreasonable hatred towards her mother and lust which lured her way from home into the wild world. Expressing the mutual affection that had ceased to exist between them, mother and daughter embraced each other in an emotion-laden reunion. Mrs. Ojoka described the Believer’s Card as an invaluable vessel of God’s power that cannot be subdued.




Seated in The SCOAN auditorium on Sunday, January 3, 2016, Mr Moemedi Dijeng from Botswana received some prophetic words from Prophet T.B. Joshua about his life. “…This last September 17, something terrible happened to you. It would have taken your life… just give thanks to God that you witnessed this year… your blood was taken… there is a travel before you this February. It was September that you attempted to go when that accident happened.” One week after, Mr Dijeng visited The SCOAN in the company of his wife to confirm the prophecy and to testify to the goodness of God in their lives.

According to Mr Dijeng the said accident actually involved his wife. It was a multiple accident in which three cars were affected. Pictorial evidences showed how Mrs Dijeng’s car was hit from behind and battered. The couple were unanimous in their belief that the Morning Stickers pasted at the back of the car prevented any form of fatality. Mr Dijeng also confirmed the prophecy concerning blood taken from him. He told the congregation that so much blood had been taken from him over the years for examination to ascertain certain medical conditions threatening his health. In one of the medical reports, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure.



Continuing, Mr Dijeng, was delivered and eventually certified free from the disease. His rescue from an accident that would have consumed his life also came to the fore as he testified to God’s glory in his life. Then, he was a heavy drinker of alcohol and would spend nights on the crawl from bars to nightclubs. On one occasion, after soaking himself in liquor, he drove at a high speed and later fell asleep, only for the car to dangerously skid off the road. How he was able to survive that accident remains a miracle. Mr Dijeng later embraced and started ministering the Morning Water on himself and discovered that his drinking habit was no more. The same Morning Water ministration brought about his miraculous acquittal from a 10 year-old court case in which he had earlier been convicted. The visibly elated couple advised viewers all over the world to have faith in God.


Before she visited The SCOAN in 2013, her life was overgrown with weeds of limitation. Her school business witnessed stagnation as student enrolment waned drastically. Ends refused to meet while bills piled up unpaid as she was left with her precarious fate staring her in the face. Mrs Nkem Esedo, a native of Anambra residing in Wukari, Taraba brought her ‘trailer load of problems’ to The SCOAN where she received prayer and the Morning Water. After she returned home and ministered the Morning Water, life turned around. Gradually, student enrolment increased dramatically. Mrs Esedo would later build more classrooms as her finances improved.

She would go on to acquire an acre of land in addition to building a new palatial apartment for her accommodation. Life indeed moved from grass to grace. She also bought a new car for herself even as the academic fortunes of her school became reputable – most of the results of her students who sat for their WAEC examinations came in as distinctions. Thanking God for the turn-around, Mrs Esedo advised people facing similar challenges to seek the face of God as He alone can turn situations around for good.





Mr Geoffrey Mensah from Ghana was stuck in his banking career in the centre of nowhere. In spite of his lofty credentials, he remained stagnant in one position – Officer Grade 2 for nine years. His wife, knowing that her husband’s case needed divine solution, visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. Returning home, she shared the Morning Water with her husband. Mr Mensah made it a duty to minister the Morning Water every day as he went to work, asking God to help him. Within one month of ministering the Morning Water, he received a double promotion. He was promoted from Officer Grade 2 to Officer Grade 1 and from Officer Grade 1 to Branch Manager. Thanking God for his promotion which remains miraculous in every ramification (because promotions of this nature are usually after every four years), Mr Mensah advised viewers all over the world to always believe in God in order to receive their own miracles.





A strange hush fell over the congregation as the young man received the Believer’s Card from Prophet T.B. Joshua, only to see him explode into a flurry of movement. The evil spirit hiding in the boy’s life had been exposed by the light of God and began to manifest out of his life. Seeing the spiritual battle that was taking place, the man of God instructed, “Shout Jesus!” As the boy shouted the name above all names, he was hurled to the ground and the demon was cast out. The congregation roared. The man of God prophesied how the boy had been possessed by the spirit of dog which had given him the same immoral, flirting characteristics and had ruined his life but was now a thing of the past.



Now, a week later, as he came forward to testify to the congregation, Mr Rial Rustamov explained that his affliction began seven years ago when he had a dream where he was bitten by a dog. The spirit of dog entered him at that point and destroyed his academic and spiritual life. He could not concentrate; he would watch pornography, masturbate, flirt at school and spend hours chatting with girls online at home, as the man of God had prophesied. His academic life was affected in that his grades started deteriorating. He was no longer able to keep focused while in class. He no longer spent time reading the Bible or praying and found himself lose interest in the things of God.

However, since receiving his Believer’s Card from the man of God, the 20 year old from Azerbaijan in Eastern Europe declared that he no longer thinks about pornography, lust or evil. He says he felt that he had been given spiritual armour to protect himself against the wicked thoughts of the enemy which had pushed him into a life of flirtation and frustration.

He advised those caught in similar traps of the devil as he had been that they should trust in God as He alone could make a way where there seemed to be no way in their lives.

The remainder of the service was an action packed session as the man of God delved into the deep things of God to speak forth God’s opinion over the lives of scores of individuals face to face, calling them out from among the congregation. As the Lord Jesus revealed intimate details about their past, present and future, the time of prophecy brought the conviction of sin, edification and comfort to the people of God.

Thereafter, the man of God sent two of his evangelists to lead the congregation and viewers worldwide in mass prayer which captured their bodies, souls and spirits for the glory of God as they were released from every evil spirit which had been threatening their future. As the evil spirits were expelled from the lives of their helpless victims, people fell to the floor under the delivering influence of the Holy Spirit and many received instant healing, some even vomiting out the spiritual causes of pain and sicknesses in their lives in a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of the living God. Be sure to tune in next service and your case too, will not escape the anointing of God.

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DADDY2Being the first Sunday of the year 2016, the church service witnessed a massive turn-out of congregants who came with their hearts full of glorious expectations for the New Year. Ushering them into the fresh vista of a new beginning, the choir dramatised the reality on ground by assuring every worshipper that the fears of the out-gone year have been buried in the past. “I am no longer a slave to fear… I am a child of God”.


It was Prophet T.B. Joshua’s first appearance in The SCOAN after several months of physical absence. But as he would later tell the congregants, “You can see that your pastor did not go on holiday”. That short statement came on the heels of the massive demonstration of God’s power by the Holy Spirit through Prophet T.B. Joshua who prophesied and delivered many from the stranglehold of demonic forces. In less than thirty minutes, he had wreaked untold havoc on the kingdom of darkness!


EVANGELIST RUTHEvangelist Ruth had earlier assured Christians of the constancy of their place in God in a message titled ‘YOUR SEAT IS STILL THERE’. Referring to a couple of biblical stories, with special focus on the story of ‘The Prodigal Son’, she observed that, irrespective of the flaws of a child of God, he or she still retains a place in the Father’s house. But that is made possible only through repentance and reconciliation. In other words, every true believer will always be accepted back and restored to his or her place of glory in God if only there is true remorse and repentance.


“When a Christian wrongs God, fellowship is broken but he does not lose his place as a son or daughter of God. No matter what you feel about yourself, no matter what you feel about God, your seat is still there and Jesus is always there to reconcile you”. January 3, 2016 ushered in the first Sunday Service of the year with joy as it assured worshippers of their place in God’s plan, irrespective of their human frailties.



While silver bells sounded all over the world on December 24, 2015, in anticipation of Christmas, the devil also had his own evil plans for Mr Kirsten Nematandani. The South African who once headed his country’s football association, was on his way to a local community when a cow crossed the road and caused him to apply brakes suddenly. Hitting the cow hard, the animal was lifted by the impact and landed at the back of the vehicle. It was the cynosure of all eyes to behold the huge animal flung to the back of the vehicle by the impact of the collision.

For Mr Nematandani, it could only have been a miracle. Even people who came to the scene of the accident wondered how he was able to escape unhurt seeing the magnitude of damage done to the vehicle and the harm done to the cow. Testifying before the congregation, he told them that it was the goodness of God through the Morning Water and Morning Sticker that saved him from the cauldron of wicked forces. Apart from an insignificant bruise on his finger, Mr Nematandani came out of the experience unscathed. He urged people all over the world never to undermine the counsels and directives of God.



MARIA MONICAMiss Monica Maria’s mother had visited The SCOAN in August, 2013 and returned to their residence in Ethiopia with bottles of the Morning Water. The young Indian lady was undergoing some tough times at her work place. She was not happy and depressed. In search of a way out of the stress, she comforted her spirit with Emmanuel TV and continued to build her faith. One day, she visited the United Nations website and saw a vacancy announcement. She applied immediately as that same day was the deadline for the submission of applications. From the very moment she applied, she continued to minister the Morning Water daily on her credentials, confessing that the job was hers.


Despite UN regulations on employment that stipulates a three-month review time for all applications, Miss Maria was contacted through phone after just one month and was informed of her employment as a Technical Officer in Geneva, Switzerland – a senior position. Testifying with the highest sense of frankness and humility, she observed that she knew she was undeserving of the position, especially at the age of 23, but that God only wanted to bless her. For all the financial blessings and peace of mind, she thanked God immensely, stating that her mother’s last visit was made possible through a loan which has since been paid.



The Nwankwos had come to The SCOAN in 2012 in search of divine rescue from the pangs of poverty and hardship that had crept into their lives. Seated in the auditorium, their situation was spotted, through prophetic insight, by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. MR $ MRS EZENWA FELIX NWANKWOHe told them about the depression and suicidal tendencies that had threatened the family’s joy due to frustration. After receiving prayers and deliverance accompanied with the Morning Water, the man of God declared them free from all their problems. As they were about to return to their hotel, an evangelist offered them the sum of three thousand naira for their transportation. For Mrs Nwankwo, the gesture appeared funny as their hotel was only a stone-throw from the church. The couple agreed to commit that money into business, believing that it was blessed. Before they returned to Russia, their country of residence, Mr Nwankwo bought six packets of yam flour which he intended to sell in the European country.


On getting to Russia, the six packets of yam flour sold out in just a minute. From three thousand naira which was the equivalent of twenty dollars, they realised two hundred dollars. Little by little, they continued to import the yam flour and realised bigger margins with time. Today, they own four Afroshops in Russia with different sections, including a hair-making salon – the first of its kind in the entire nation. They also have two exotic cars and now live in peace of mind and abundance. The couple advised people to appreciate the mighty works of God through the medium of the Morning Water.



GRANNY MASHAMAITE (2)Ms Mashamaize was troubled by a legion of problems. Her professional nursing career coupled with her academic endeavours put so much pressure on her. The South African national also had uterine fibroids and experienced stagnation and disappointments in many areas of her life. After undergoing surgery for fibroids in 2010, the unhealthy growths resurfaced in 2011 much to the bewilderment of her gynaecologist who encouraged her to seek God’s help, stressing that the resurgence of the fibroids was a mystery to her with all the years she has practised.


Her quest for God was given a boost by a friend who told her about the kingdom exploits of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Searching for the man of God endlessly via the internet and cable TV, she almost gave up because she had erroneously thought that T.B. Joshua was the name of a TV channel. But her persistence paid off and she finally discovered Emmanuel TV and came to realise that Prophet T.B. Joshua was a Prophet of God and not a TV channel. She developed the habit of praying with the man of God and eventually visited The SCOAN in December, 2013. After receiving prayers from the man of God, she returned to South Africa and was certified free from fibroids after an ultra-sound scan was conducted on her.


As she continued praying along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV, her hitherto poor academic performance improved drastically. According to her, the man of God signed some papers she was holding in the dream and told her they were her university papers. After that experience, she applied for admission into the university and was successful. Today, she has obtained her Bachelor’s and is currently rounding-off her Master’s programme in Clinical Psychology. In addition to these blessings, she was also rescued from a ghastly motor accident through God’s protection after ministering the Morning Water. Ms Mashamaize advised people not to listen to the voice of negativity but to have faith in God and focus on His Word.



MR JUSTIN ATINDOHOUTOAs a teacher who had put in 15 years into the profession, Mr Justin Atindohouto expected promotion to higher levels but it was never to be. Surprisingly, it was his subordinates that overtook him in the scheme of things, much to his disappointment. To find an escape route from the psychological trauma his stagnation was causing, he took to drinking alcohol. His family life deteriorated; he could no longer concentrate on his parental role. His mother was hugely taken aback by his situation because he was the most educated in the entire family.


As he battled with his problems, he encountered a friend who introduced him to Emmanuel TV. He reluctantly accepted his friend’s advice and decided to pray along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. The effect was immediate! Within a week of praying with the man of God on Emmanuel TV, his drinking malady ceased forever. Convinced that greater things awaited him at The SCOAN, he visited the church and received the Morning Water which he ministered with devotion and faith and continued to pray with the man of God on Emmanuel TV.


One day while watching a weekly national council meeting of his country on TV, he was shocked to hear his name mentioned being appointed as a Representative of the Minister of Culture by the President of the Republic of Benin. According to him, that was the mother of all miracles. He thanked God because he did not apply and yet he was selected to work with the Minister of Culture. Displaying his employment letter duly signed by the President of his country Mr Atindohouto advised people all over the world not to be discouraged as their miracle would surely come. He added that his years of riding a bike were over as his new position included a chauffeur driven car!



MRS EDONG FLORENCEAfter being promoted to the Rank of Superintendent of Immigrations in 2008, Mrs Ebong from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, battled to get to the next rank. On three occasions, her name was not included in the list of officers to sit for the promotion exams, leaving her stranded in the same position for six years while all her colleagues enjoyed their new ranks. Remembering the counsels of the man of God who encourages Christians never to yield to the devil’s antics whenever there are challenges, she continued to believe in God for a breakthrough.


When it was time for another promotion exam, she prepared herself, ministered the Morning Water on her papers and sat for the exam, calling on God to hear her cry. To God be the glory! After the results were released, she was promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent of Immigration at last. Thanking God for the miracle, she urged people to put their trust in Him and rely on His promises.



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Evangelist Chris

Hinging his message on the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers, Evangelist Chris admonished the congregation on the need to trudge on in spite of the discouraging realities that sometimes punctuate the happiness of life. He observed that disappointments are not death sentences but instead they create the enabling environment for God to manifest and prove Himself in such situations. According to him, a sack letter could be a blessing in disguise if only we are patient enough to dig deep into such a discouraging situation. All the problems Joseph encountered in life prepared him for that position which God had preserved for him. In a nutshell, REFUSE TO ACCEPT FAILURE by Evangelist Chris highlighted the importance of disappointments and setbacks in the life of a true believer.



DR IRENE NGOBENIDr. Irene Ngobeni’s career as a medical practitioner was threatened by health issues that had been a thorn in her flesh right from her university days. It was unthinkable that a very brilliant student, who got distinctions in her primary and high school days, could end up struggling to pass her exams in the university. But that was truly the case with the South African resident as she battled with migraines and menstrual pains for fifteen long years. Those health challenges almost ruined her academic and career lives as she could not concentrate to use her brain and energy at optimal levels.

Somehow, Dr. Ngobeni was able to graduate from medical school. When she eventually started work, those health challenges continued to rear their ugly heads in her life. She found it very difficult to make progress in her career much to the bewilderment of a friend who talked her into the dire need to seek for a solution from the Arena of Liberty. Seeing the unpalatable situation she was faced with coupled with the avalanche of miracles she had seen on Emmanuel TV, she accepted her friend’s advice to visit The SCOAN.

At The SCOAN, Dr. Ngobeni was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua and also given the Morning Water which she ministered in Jesus’ name. She later returned to South Africa only to discover an improvement in her spiritual life. She also discovered that the twin tormentors of her life disappeared – the scourge of migraines and menstrual pains which ravaged fifteen years of her life was conquered by the power of God. In order to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of her new-found freedom from pain and to check if her once faltering intellect was fully restored, Dr. Ngobeni enrolled for a couple of courses and was amazed at the results she got.

In all the exams she wrote, she came out with distinctions in a manner that shocked even her very self. She later extended hands of love to the families and relations of the martyrs of faith, as directed by the man of God, and received many other breakthroughs. Testifying to the God’s goodness in her coupled with the joy of restoration, she urged people to see challenges as transient while holding unto the integrity of God’s Word.



Faced with the loss of her job and the inability to actualise her business plans, the devil tripled Mrs. Tlhomamiso Mogaetsho’s predicaments with a recurrent migraine. She was always falling sick and could not co-ordinate her life and affairs properly. All efforts by her husband to find a solution from hospitals and native healers proved abortive. She was later encouraged by a friend to visit The SCOAN for a lasting solution to her challenges. Mrs. Tlhomamiso Mogaetsho bought the idea and headed to the Arena of Liberty where she received prayers and also got the Morning Water.MRS TIHOMAMISO MOGAETSHO

When she got home and ministered the Morning Water, she realised that her migraine had stopped; she felt as though ice was being placed on her head. Since that moment till now, the migraine has not recurred. After her healing, she also won very lucrative contracts and was able to construct a guest house which in turn has continued to fetch her money. She has acquired additional two plots of land which are being developed. Her guest house was rented by a company which also pays her monthly to maintain the property. Mrs. Mogaetsho also built a two-room apartment for someone in need of accommodation. Grateful to God for the manifestation of His grace in her life, she advised people to continue to pray, irrespective of the situation of things.


Mr. Daniel Omoyibo was indebted to four banks and three money lenders DANIEL ELOZINO & KINGSto the tune of a whooping 58.6 million naira. His company was on the brink of collapse as he could not pay his workers’ salaries. He was on the wanted list of security agencies and was hiding to evade arrest. Coupled with all those issues was the sad story of his wife who was faced with the problem of ceased menstruation for six years. At a time when things became very difficult, Mr. Omoyibo deceptively used his house as collateral to borrow money from two different banks. While the banks were on his trail, the money lenders also threatened fire and brimstone. But, he was nowhere to be found. Like lightning, they were unable to get hold of him. Burdened by those challenges and eager to get out of the dilemma, he approached a friend to offer him a bailout in the form of a loan but that was never to be as his friend could not provide the loan he requested.

Even though he left without getting the loan, he did not go entirely empty-handed as he was able to acquaint himself with Emmanuel TV as he waited in his friend’s house. That acquaintance with Emmanuel TV would later become the greatest experience he had come across in life.

Having realised that a visit to The SCOAN would change the direction of his destiny, he decided to do so in company of his wife. When they arrived at The SCOAN, they were placed at the Prayer Line and received prayers from the man of God as well as the Morning Water. Miraculously, Mrs. Omoyibo’s ceased menstruation of six years was restored immediately that same day. As the couple returned home and continued to minister the Morning Water on themselves and Mr. Omoyibo’s business documents, more miracles began to unfold. Mr. Omoyibo received divine favours as he won several huge contracts.

After he had successfully executed the contracts, he was able to pay off his debts. He had since constructed a duplex and has a fleet of exotic cars. He also owns trucks and hummer buses for his staff. His staff strength has drastically increased from six to one hundred and twenty-four. He is currently constructing a big hotel as well as a school for the less-privileged. Testifying in company of his wife, daughter, staff and traditional rulers from his community, Mr. Omoyibo advised people all over the world to continue to trust in God.


For Mr. and Mrs. Odubu, it was a sad tale of barrenness. They searched for the fruit of the womb for nine years without respite. Doctors had diagnosed Mr. Odubu with low sperm count while his wife was said to have irregular menstruation. All medical efforts to make Mrs. Odubu pregnant yielded no result until the couple built their faith through Emmanuel TV and subsequently made up their minds to visit The SCOAN. Typical of those who are earnest seekers of God’s grace, the couple received the Morning Water and returned to their home. As they ministered the Morning Water amidst prayers, God answered them within that same month of their visit to The SCOAN.MR & MRS OGHENEKARO

After nine months, the Odubus received their first bundle of joy; Mrs. Odubu was delivered of a baby boy christened Oghenemairo Peculiar. Blessings followed the birth of the child as loads of gifts were given to the family including a car. The couple exalted the name of the Most High for wiping away their tears of anguish and putting a new song of thanksgiving in their mouths. Mr. Odubu urged men with similar challenges to support their wives and hold on to God rather than lay blames.



Mr and Mrs Gabriel Ebagun came to The SCOAN with the problem of barrenness for 28 years. On the wife’s side, she was diagnosed with ceased menstruation, tubal blockage and hormonal imbalance while her husband had the problem of low-sperm count. They had visited various places for solution, all to no avail. MR & MRS GABRIEL EBAGUN
They later came to The SCOAN and had the opportunity to receive the Morning Water. At The SCOAN, she witnessed the testimony of a lady who had the same problem of barrenness but was blessed with the fruit of the womb. This woman testified that after ministering the Morning Water, by faith she bought baby clothes believing that God would bless her with the fruit of the womb and God indeed blessed her with a bouncing baby. Mrs Gabriel was so inspired by this testimony and did the same as the woman had done. She ministered the Morning Water in Jesus’ name and bought her own baby clothes. After meeting as husband and wife, she discovered that she started having some symptoms and went to the hospital and to their greatest surprise, Mrs Gabriel was confirmed pregnant.
Mr Ebagun advised everyone to wait patiently upon the Lord.


CHUKWU & FAMILYWhile at a cyber one fateful day, Mr. Chukwu saw two men playing the betting  game on the internet. He took interest and asked if he could join them which they agreed to. That was how he became possessed by the spirits of suicide and gambling. He would look for money at all costs and use it to gamble. Whenever he gambled and lost, he would harbour suicidal thoughts. The spirit of gambling took over him completely to the extent that he once abandoned his treatment in hospital to go and gamble. He was very skilled at lying to people in order to get money from them. Sometimes, he would use his father’s influence to swindle acquaintances just to be able to gamble. He wasted more than 2.7 million naira on gambling and was hugely indebted to many people. On several occasions, he had squandered his father’s money on gambling.

One day, after his parents had turned down his request for money, he attempted to kill himself by drinking methylated spirits but for the intervention of his family members. He had once spent two months in hospital admission after drinking raw methylated spirits which had his intestines burnt according to scan results. Sometimes, he would deliberately walk on the road expecting to be knocked down by a vehicle in order to escape from the emotional trauma of losing out in gambling. Mr. Ukaoma wasted precious time and money gambling and was on the trenches of death but for divine intervention at The SCOAN. Even the demon which spoke as the evangelist ministered the Morning Water on him, said that he had only six days to live.

“He’s the bad boy of a good father…the only person who would lie to you and you’ll be happy”. Those were the words of the demon as the evangelist ministered the Morning Water on him.

Mr. Ukaoma finally got delivered through the medium of the Morning Water. Though the demons tried to put up some resistance, they could not stop the anointing fire power in the medium as they were cast out. Mr. Ukaoma himself corroborates the experience thus: “As soon as the evangelist ministered the Morning Water on me, I felt heat all over me…in fact, the rest of what happened that day, I cannot explain”. Thanking God for his son’s deliverance, Mr. Chukwu Ukaoma’s father advised that people should draw nearer to God.


CHISOM & MOTHERMr. Ebeleme was the victim of a broken marriage between his mother and estranged father. As time went on, he started dreaming of strange experiences; he would see himself in the river with women singing for him. After sometime, he started behaving like a woman physically. He would cook, dress and use cosmetics as woman do. He later developed homosexual instincts and also had the spirit of stealing which led him to steal his mother’s money. Mr Ebeleme would have sexual affairs with his fellow men and was paid in return. All efforts by his mother to seek for spiritual help proved abortive. One of the so-called spiritualists who was patronised to help him ended up sleeping with him.

His homosexual tendencies drew the ire of his community which had him beaten publicly with a broomstick inserted into his private part. After the public disgrace, his mother tried to seek another spiritual help but her son preferred to visit The SCOAN. It was at The SCOAN that he successfully got his deliverance in Jesus’ mighty name. The demon responding to interrogatives by the evangelist said she was a queen from the river. Displaying feminine traits, Mr. Ebeleme was brought to the ground after the demon was forced to leave him through the fire of the Holy Ghost in the Morning Water.

Narrating his experience during the deliverance, Mr Ebeleme said he saw the queen with an arrow trying to attack the evangelists but could not stand the anointing present in the auditorium. According to him, the queen disappeared when she could not survive the fire that had taken over the entire atmosphere in the church. Testifying to his deliverance and freedom from the throes of darkness and death, his mother thanked God for giving her son a second chance.


As the congregants danced to the songs emanating from the choir, the Spirit of God was felt in every corner of the auditorium. During the Mass Prayer led by Evangelists Yinka and Christopher who were sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua, in the mighty name of Jesus, unclean spirits, demonic manipulations and spiritual contamination in the lives of the people were rendered ineffective. Many vomited poisonous substances while others manifested demonic possession and were set free. Still radiating the redemptive spirit of Christmas, The SCOAN Sunday service of December 27, 2015 was worth the while in every dimension.

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“Oh come to the Father, through Jesus the Son, and give Him the glory; great things He has done”. There was no better musical way to capture the spirit of the coming Christmas than the rendition of this hymn by The SCOAN Choir. All keying into the mood of the season, the congregants came to appreciate more and more the true meaning of the name Emmanuel.


Evangelist Racine

As Evangelist Racine engaged their mind with a message titled A NEW RELATIONSHIP WAS BORN AT CHRISTMAS, it was obvious that the dawn of a glorious era was at hand. The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, no doubt, opens a new epoch in our lives as it draws us to renew our relationship with the Creator through His only begotten Son, just as Evangelist Racine pointed out: Jesus has come to restore the relationship and fellowship between God and man which sin, the actual enemy has broken”.




He had been involved in an accident in 2002 and had almost forgotten that experience when the injury he sustained then reared its ugly head 13 years later. Mr Francis, a South Africa-based Nigerian was diagnosed with stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis.  He resorted to using a neck collar. All efforts to get lasting solution to his condition remained unyielding of any positive result. The debilitating nature of his problem made him


Mr Francis

somewhat inefficient in many ways. He could not drive, sleep properly or carry objects due to the immense pain that he experienced. When the whole experience became unbearable, doctors had suggested surgery but the young man who had seen the great works of God via the Emmanuel TV medium, made up his mind to visit The SCOAN.

When he arrived at The SCOAN and was placed on the Prayer Line, it took only a command and a simple touch from the man of God for him to receive his immediate healing. Describing the experience with elation, Mr Francis said “Immediately the man of God laid hands on my head and commanded me to stand up, I stood up and felt some heat all over me. After a while, I was covered in heavy sweat. From that moment till now, all those symptoms and pains have ceased. I can now do those things which I could not do before”. Testifying with physical demonstrations to attest to his fitness and healing, Mr Francis thanked God for the miracle and advised people all over the world to make God’s Word the standard for their lives.


Mrs Ogechukwu Tagbo received a call from her husband informing her of a transaction with some persons who claimed to be building a hotel and needed to purchase some electronics. Mr Tagbo told his wife that payment had been made by them and even went ahead to show her a bank credit alert confirming that 6.3 million naira had been paid. But as they prepared to make the supply, Mrs Tagbo ministered the Morning Water on the goods and also prayed with Emmanuel TV. A confirmation visit to the bank would later reveal that the Tagbos had fallen victims of fraudsters. The credit alert was a fake.


Mrs Ogechukwu Tagbo & Sister In- law

Fortunately, the fraudsters were traced to Lagos, even though they had given the impression that they were headed to Lokoja. They were eventually rounded up while all the goods were recovered. Other victims who lost their goods to the fraudsters also recovered them. Thanking God for using the mediums of the Morning Water and Emmanuel TV to save her from the evil plan of fraudsters, Mrs Tagbo also testified to God’s goodness in her life after He delivered her from an armed robber who stole her handbag while she was driving and later returned it intact, begging that fire was all over him. The robber eventually gave his life to Christ through her evangelism and vowed never to return to his evil ways. Mrs Tagbo advised people to have faith in God, stressing that without it, it is impossible to please Him.


Mr Brian Moshi deviated from the godly examples his parents set for him and decided to embrace the mundane pleasures of life. He repudiated his Christian upbringing and allowed his entire soul to be taken over by the devil. All that began after he enrolled into secondary school. By the time he was promoted to Form Two, the illusory fancies of the world soon built their tents in his heart. He started going to clubs, drinking, smoking, watching pornography and masturbating.


Mr Brian Moshi & Brother

As he suffused himself in those evil practices, his academic and spiritual lives suffered stagnation. He could no longer concentrate on his studies and opened up his soul to spiritual manipulations as his dreams revealed. He would dream of snakes, spiders and other objects of demonic manipulation.

Fed up with his unrepentant attitudes, his parents would weep and mourn their fate for having a wayward child who had become un-teachable.  But somehow, God intervened. Mr Moshi visited The SCOAN in 2012 and received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. He also received the Morning Water and Morning Stickers. When he returned to his native Tanzania, he continued to minister the Morning Water in prayer. Within a short while, things changed. His evil appetites ceased. He stopped doing those things which made him spiritually weak and dormant. By this time, he had gotten admission to commence an undergraduate course for which his parents were able to raise the funds. Mr Moshi went on to graduate with a First Class result and also received recognition as the Overall Best Graduating Student for his orderly conduct and extra-curricular commitment.

To cap up the success story, the Moshis were blessed with a brand new family house and a fleet of exotic cars. The shame and pain of living in a wooden house have given way to absolute peace of mind. The family is now involved in charitable works, including succour to widows and other less privileged in society. According to Brian, his parents’ works of charity are inspired by the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He advised youths to draw nearer to God and stop chasing things that don’t glorify Him.



Mrs Janet Munguatoshi & Children

Mrs Janet Munguatoshi was struck by poverty and stagnation in business to the extent that she could not feed her family but instead relied on her children for upkeep. In order to put an end to her troubles, she visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water and Morning Stickers. On her return to Tanzania, she ministered the Morning Water and placed the Morning Sticker on one of her properties occupied by tenants. But to her surprise, all the tenants vacated the house. Still believing in God and praying to Him with strong faith, Mrs Munguatoshi had a dream in which the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to her and assured her that all was well.

After that encounter with the man of God in her dream, grace located her. A company called and showed interest in her properties and rented four flats immediately. Apart from restoring her business fortunes and increasing her financially, God also blessed her family with good cars. Testifying to God’s goodness, in company of her children, Mrs Munguatoshi urged people to cast all their burdens on God, stressing that no burden can escape the anointing of God for those who trust Him.

Brethren, the birth of Jesus provides us with another opportunity to reunite with our God through repentance. The greatest relationship we can ever have is to relate with our Creator in Spirit and in truth. That relationship is the essence of Christmas.

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