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TB JOSHUA God’s omnipresent power radiated among the entire congregation at The SCOAN Sunday Service of February 22, 2015. The inspiring atmosphere, enriched by the beautiful and soul-lifting songs of the Emmanuel Singers, provided the platform for the flow of God’s undiluted grace amongst His people. And for sure, many souls were touched, favoured and blessed through the Word that was practically sent out through the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, to heal, to save and to bless.

In furtherance of his message OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON OUR MEDITATION AND CONFESSION, the man of God emphasised the significance and gains of trusting in God. He observed that there are certain principles governing the possibility of one’s heart being made God’s house. According to the man of God, the heart plays a very essential role in this arrangement: “How can Christ make His home in your heart? That is the place, the residence where Christ dwells. In our hearts we want to be like Jesus, not in our faces. Our heart is the communication point – a dwelling place for Christ. We hear from Christ in our heart. You cannot hear Christ from your ears but in your heart. This makes it possible for us to talk to each other and at the same moment talk to Christ. I will use my mouth to talk to you and use my heart to talk to Jesus because it is not the same medium. I am talking to you and talking to Jesus at the same time and Jesus is talking to me”.

The man of God elucidated the role and place of faith in man’s relationship with God. According to him, “…faith is perfected by our acting on the Word. That is the Word must dominate us, live in us. This is the secret of faith. If the Word is not dominating you, you cannot act faith. You can easily know a man of faith, merely by looking at him and his attitude”. He also described the nature of faith and the qualities of a true man of faith: “Faith does not neglect responsibilities. Faith is not a panic button to push only in times of trouble. It is a lifestyle of trusting in God. When the goings are good, you see them fasting, when the going are hard you do not know the difference, that is a man of faith”.

Again, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to embrace the practice of meditation as a connective tool between them and their Creator. He analyses the connection between meditation, confession and the heart: “Our success depends on our mediation and confession. The Word builds Christ nature in us. What is the nature? Christ possesses a nature that makes it easy for you to trust in God – faithfulness, purity, goodness, kindness, obedience – these are the natures of Christ”. According to the man of God, meditation brings about an increase in faith because it engages our minds deeply with the Word of God: “Nothing should stop your heart meditating this: ‘Take more of me and give me more of Your faithfulness, goodness, self control, humility’. This makes it possible for you to increase your faith. We have faith when we have more of the fruit of the Spirit. The more the meditation the more you have faith. You say until you read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation before you have faith. No, you must acknowledge His faithfulness and goodness”.

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged Christians to hold on to meditation and enjoy the benefits that come from it. Apart from connecting us with our Creator, it prepares the way for us to receive our hearts’ desires from God: “There is a process before prayer. Meditation will take you to God. From here to God, there are many obstacles that will stop you from reaching God – disobedience, unfaithfulness etc. They are there to block your voice from reaching God. It is not all up to God and certainly it is not all up to you – you have a role – your role is meditation”.



God has continually proved Himself to us in the great songs of testimony He has put in our mouths and we shall continue to praise Him from everlasting to everlasting. Your testimony is here just like the one you are going to read right now! Put your faith in Him and experience uncommon miracles. Emmanuel!




Miss Ireti Rhoda Rowland, a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Ilorin was filled with dismay when as a young lady of 28, she became incapacitated. Her body was becoming very swollen and she was not able to move around. The doctors conducted various tests and discovered her blood pressure was extremely high at 250/130. They then gave her a bottle of water to drink. After drinking the water, they examined her and were shocked to discover that the water had not gone to her bladder but instead to other parts of her body. The diagnosis was grave: chronic kidney failure.


Both her kidneys were damaged and could no longer function the way they were supposed to. The only temporary relief was that she had to go for dialysis three times a week, where her blood was pumped out and then filtered before being pumped back into her body. She would become very weak each time the dialysis was performed. She tried to stop herself from drinking water or liquids, because the more she drank, the more she needed the dialysis and each week of dialysis sessions cost N120, 000. She became so thirsty that she would ask her sister to drink water in her presence so that she could imagine how it would be to drink water herself. It got to the point where her parents, after selling all their property, had to borrow money to keep up the treatment. They became unpopular at the hospital as unpaid bills continued to accumulate. If her dialysis was delayed for one reason or another, her body would begin to swell and the fluid would begin to go to her brain. She would then become very angry and would behave abnormally. This was a sign that she desperately needed to go for the dialysis.


The alternative treatment she was offered was a kidney transplant operation in India. This would cost $14,000 which was far beyond their financial capabilities. Her only brother offered to donate his kidney to save her life as it matched with her own.


With her case worsening and no trip to India in sight, she confessed to her sister that she wanted to commit suicide. Tearfully, her sister told her that it was not the way out; she should instead hold onto God. Knowing that death was just around the corner, her mother asked her to examine herself and if she had any grievance against anybody, she should forgive them so that she would be accepted before God in Heaven. Mrs. Rowland came to The SCOAN to renew her membership pass and to collect one for Ireti as well. She was determined that whatever might happen to her daughter at last, she should be a member of a living church and would inherit the Kingdom of God. The coordinators asked to see her daughter but she explained that she could not come due to the sickness. They reported the case to the man of God who was touched and prompted by the Holy Spirit, decided to follow the case up. She was invited and placed on the Prayer Line.




At the prayer line, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked her a question, “If Jesus gives you another chance, will you live for Him?” She promised, crying out, “Jesus, give me another chance to serve You. I will live for You for the rest of my life!” The man of God explained this miracle, calling it, ‘Another kind of miracle’. He said, “Jesus has a warehouse. When a kidney is damaged and you call upon Him, He will open the warehouse. Every one of us has an extra spare part/ organ in the warehouse. He can open the warehouse and give you your own and give you another chance. My job is to set you aside, position you for the attention of Jesus”.


Before the man of God came to her, she began to feel fire all over her body, especially where her kidneys were located. After the prayer, the man of God gave her Morning Water and told her she would have a dream.







When she was afflicted, she would dream of seeing a very old woman who also had a kidney problem taking care of her and playing with her. That night, after taking the Morning Water, she slept and she saw the same old woman chasing her with a big stick and in the next minute, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in a white garment with open arms telling her he was ready to accept her even though the old woman was chasing her; she then woke up. The next day, to her immense surprise, she began to urinate normally for the first time in many months. Strength returned to her body and she began to walk normally and do things by herself. Previously, her siblings would have to physically carry her around anywhere she needed to go. It has now been 12 days since she last did dialysis! She now knows what it feels like to drink water and no longer feels thirsty. She knows what it feels like to sweat again. She can now plan for the future with a firm confidence and hope in Jesus Christ, her Saviour. This truly is another kind of miracle.



During Mass Prayer, the man of God took authority in Jesus’ name to loose the captives from the stronghold of the devil much as he bound demons and evil spirits that prowl around destroying destinies. With great power and anointing, the following prayer points resonated with charismatic zeal to the glory of God through Christ our Lord and Saviour: “Cover your career, business, finances, marriage with the blood of Jesus…Whatever you might have eaten knowingly or unknowingly in your dream, on the table of your enemy, flush it out, in Jesus’ name…Whatever pain in your system, be it in your kidney, blood, liver – command them out in Jesus’ name…Lord, Jesus, I receive You into my life. I believe that You save me now, thank You for my salvation”



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Prophet T.B. Joshua The SCOAN Sunday service of February 1, 2015 was power-packed with inspiring messages, teachings and divine visitation. The SCOAN choir, with their passionate and energetic renditions, lit up the entire atmosphere and created the spirit-filled environment for God’s power to work at its peak.

With his message titled


WHAT YOU HAVE TO CONSIDER IN PRAYER, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua x-rayed the workings of the heart of man in relation to the spiritual act of praying. He put the message in perspective using a scriptural reference


(Psalm 34:12-14): “Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies. Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”  The man of God enumerated the basic things we need to consider in prayer as follows: “The thoughts that are in the mind, the desires that are in the heart and the feelings that are in the spirit”. It means that Christians must understand the right concepts of praying before their prayers can attract the attention of Heaven. No wonder many people pray and yet things remain the same. The major import of the message is that we must understand how to pray aright as true Christians.

Because prayer is a serious communion between man and his Creator, the man of God observed that it requires careful thinking before we jump into it. In other words, we need to think deeply about what we want to pray for before embarking on the act: “The heart should be strong, alert and active to know the feelings that are in the spirit; that is emotions. To come to this, one has to think more before praying. Meditate until God gives you a clear light to pray. When an airplane comes to a country before it can land at any airport it must be given clearance. In the same way, you must meditate until God gives you a clear light. Can you see that we are wasting our time? What we call prayer is not prayer – we are saying words”.

Prophet T.B. Joshua expatiated on the importance of meditation, its relevance to the act of prayer and the power it carries to bring about true communion with God. He counselled Christians on how and when to use this great medium: “When you get up in the morning, meditate, “Take more of me, give me more of You”. These are words that have been anointed for you. This will help you to think more before you start prayer because it will make your heart active, alert and strong. With this, you are meditating to the level where God will give you a clear light and say, “Go ahead and pray”.

During Mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed along with the congregation consisting of visitors from many countries of the world. He took authority in the name of Jesus to bind demons and all spirits that are holding the people of God captive. He prayed for the nations of the world and asked God to intervene and stop the bloodshed that has become a global affair. He prayed against the spirits from the past and ministered healing and deliverance in Jesus’ name.

Earlier on, Evangelist Cindy had engaged the minds of the congregation with a message titled YOU CAN STILL TURN IT AROUND.

The message which revolved around the impermanence of circumstances urged Christians never to give up in the face of disappointing circumstances stressing that with God, every bad and ugly situation can be turned around for good.

She admonished Christians to learn from the experiences of great biblical figures whose situations later proved to be stepping stones to their eventual glory and triumph in life. According to her, only God knows what the future holds. Hence, our realization of this fact should endear us more to Him: “Have you ever wondered how someone who passed through the valley of the shadow of death, I mean, moved from hatred to a dry pit, from a dry pit to slavery, from slavery to false accusation and from false accusation to imprisonment could become a man of honour? Have you ever wondered how this young man Joseph, who was not even an Egyptian, could become the Prime Minister of Egypt? No man knows by the present signs or situation what the future holds. What does the future hold? In Jeremiah 29:11, God says, “For I know the plans I have for you … to give you hope and a future”. What a beautiful picture He has given us but know one thing that if gold must be gold, it has to pass through fire”. Evangelist Cindy enumerated certain steps that we as Christians must take to enable us overcome the world and all the negative situations it brings about. She talked about Mind Management and encouraged Christians to mature mentally by handing everything to the Holy Spirit. This is a level where situations around them would not be able to break them down. She talked about Dreams and advised Christians to realise that there are times when our expectations fail, yet we can turn such situations around when we allow the Holy Spirit to take total control and possession of our hearts. She spoke about Readiness insisting that unless we as Christians are ready to fight the good fight of faith, it will be difficult for us to achieve God’s plan for our lives. The fight of faith involves a lot of pain and sacrifice and only those who really desire God passionately can withstand the pains it brings. She also encouraged Christians to TALK FAITH and ACT FAITH by exercising the immense power at their disposal; the power which their son-ship automatically bestows upon them. Concluding, evangelist Cindy admonished Christians to understand that things will always turn around when we make God the centre of our existence: “No condition is permanent because there is nothing that God created that He cannot change. With Jesus, all things are possible. With Jesus, you can still turn it around”.


God has continued to prove Himself at The SCOAN. Every day comes with a harvest of soul-lifting testimonies. Like a tree planted by the river side and watered by the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua is being used by God to bring salvation and redemption to the people of God. The following testimonies are a proof of the great signs and wonders that He has wrought with His mighty hand at The SCOAN for the conviction that the whole world might be saved through Christ Jesus.


In 2012, Pastor Magyari Laszlo from Hungary was afflicted by a skin disease and before long, his neck was covered with spots. His concern increased as the skin disease was spreading rapidly to every area of his body. The doctor diagnosed him with psoriases, an incurable skin disease. He was experiencing severe itching all the time and could not sleep. His skin would peel off and sometimes it would be bleeding. As a pastor, this embarrassing condition impeded his duties as he was not able to go out and evangelise the Word of God. He could only communicate through the internet or on phone because he had to stay indoors as a result of this problem.

One day, while searching for solution on the internet, he discovered the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua through videos on YouTube. When he saw the miracles and how people were cured of all kinds of sicknesses and diseases, he believed that God could also work wonders in his own situation. Soon after that, one night, while he was sleeping, he had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua praying for him at The SCOAN. During the prayer, he saw four snakes appear and Prophet T.B. Joshua hit the snakes’ heads; smoke appeared and the snakes disappeared.

Convinced that his case would not escape the anointing of God, he decided to come to The SCOAN so that Prophet T.B. Joshua could pray for him at the Prayer Line. Immediately after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the itching disappeared. The following day, he noticed that the skin disease started to clear up. After the healing, he can now go out and evangelise the Word of God and do all the things he was unable to do before. He is also sleeping very peacefully at night. Joyfully testifying before the congregation and viewers worldwide, he showed his now perfect skin, restored for the glory of God.


Mr Lekan Mustapha together with his wife and mother-in-law came to The SCOAN to share their testimony with the children of God. One day, when his mother-law woke up, she experienced terrible joint pains. She was taken to hospital and diagnosed with arthritis. The condition deteriorated over time and the treatment was also a constant drain on her finances. She was moved to Canada in search of greener pastures and at that point, the second knee was also affected. She was diagnosed with severe arthritis on both knees. The last resort was to book her for an operation for knee cap replacements. She returned back to Nigeria and the diagnosis was still the same. She began to get discouraged as this pain had been her constant companion for ten years and she could no longer run her catering business. During this time, Mr Lekan Mustapha discovered Emmanuel TV and everything began to turn around! When his mother-in-law returned to Nigeria, Emmanuel TV was installed in her house and she began to watch testimonies of so many others.

When they learned about the Morning Water, they decided to bring their mother to The SCOAN. At the Prayer Line, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave Mr Mustapha a bottle of Morning Water and to his greatest surprise, told him to minister the Morning Water on his mother-in-law in the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. Immediately that was done, she rose from the seat and was able to walk freely to the glory of God!  Full of joy, her son-in-law proclaimed in awe at the miracle. Overflowing with gratitude to God for rescuing her health, Madam Fatoyinbo Ashati had nothing to say but “Thank You, Jesus!”


Bishop Smart Olusegun and family came to The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God in their lives through the medium of the Anointing Water. One fateful day, they were travelling in a car with some of their church members when suddenly an oncoming car took the wrong side of the road. Mysteriously, his wife did not see the car but Bishop Smart, in order to avoid the oncoming car which only he saw, drove into a ditch and it became a very serious accident scene. The vehicle was a complete write-off.

By the divine grace of God, the Emmanuel TV crew were passing at that time and stopped when they saw the accident scene and rushed to assist. The bishop’s daughter was lifeless. She was removed from the vehicle and taken to an open area where the Faith Bracelet was put on her wrist and drops of the Anointing Water were ministered into her mouth. Shortly after that, the little girl was restored back to life and to the joy and amazement of the onlookers, opened her eyes. The Emmanuel TV team took the family to the nearest hospital and continued showing love to the family.


Mr Jonas from Zambia started his testimony by challenging the world that they should know that satanism is real as he was fully into it before his deliverance at The SCOAN the previous week.

It started when he was in boarding school where he was surrounded by rich friends who were a popular group in the school. Curious and eager to join their ranks, he joined one of their meetings where they took blood from his left hand, dripped it into a cup and made him drink half of the contents in the cup while the other people shared the remaining half. After this physical initiation, that night, he saw himself leave his body to appear in a graveyard, where people were singing and dancing. In the graveyard, he was given a black gown and red scarf to wear like the rest of the group. After that he went back to his body. When he woke up the next morning, he saw the black gown and red scarf in his wardrobe. In his suitcase he found a brown envelope with a lot of money together with a letter which told him that he was not allowed to use all the money but had to distribute a larger fraction of it to people. Later he learned that anyone who received the gift of that money could be used in the kingdom of darkness at anytime – they would be able to use that person’s body or face.

After completing his secondary school, he was promoted to another rank in the satanic kingdom. He started to appear under the sea and saw many people there. There were many departments but he was taken to the destruction section. They gave him two marks – 666 on his chest and hand. He was given assignments to destroy many people and cause confusion. He and his three friends were instructed to initiate women through sexual intercourse. They were given luxury cars which they used to target hotels and nightclubs to pick up women. Because of the money at their disposal, they could buy drinks for the women in order to accomplish their assignments with them by planting in them demons that would destroy their lives and marriages.

He explained that those from the satanic kingdom used to know each other because of the third eye on the forehead. They would greet each other and pass. They would know true Christians by Someone at their back, guiding and protecting them. Mr Jonas said that in the satanic kingdom, nothing you would do would ever be appreciated. He was asked to sacrifice his own parents but it was too difficult for him. The ‘master’ told him that he was very stubborn and they wanted to discipline him. He and two of his friends decided to quit and he was told that they would suffer for that.

Soon after that, he was suspended from the university, for no reason. One of his friends died while the other one ended up in a wheelchair.  At that point, he started looking for deliverance. When pastors would pray for him, he would be the one to deliver them; the pastors would be beaten by something they could not see. He thought all hope was lost. He then remembered when he was still part of the satanic kingdom that there was a time when a presentation was made under the sea and one woman stood up to complain about a certain man, “T.B. Joshua” and at the mention of that name, everything under the sea shook. They told her not to mention that name there because he was very problematic to their satanic kingdom. He also heard people in Zambia talking about how God was using T.B. Joshua. That made him to decide to come to The SCOAN to receive his deliverance. At the prayer line, when Prophet T.B. Joshua looked at him, he saw a very bright light like the sun and fell down. From there, he did not know what happened. When he regained consciousness, he was feeling very light and the wickedness from his heart was removed. Before his deliverance, he used to hear voices and see strange things but since his deliverance, he is free and enjoying peace of mind. He brought the picture of his friend in the wheelchair. His friend touched the screen when Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the viewers and rose up from the wheelchair and is now walking freely!  He advised people to believe and trust in God and be prayerful.


In March 2014, Mr Sampson Nwokoro, (aka Sanui Godman) a Gospel artist was afflicted by the spirit of suicide. He looked for the highest bridge in Abuja to jump down from. When he jumped down, he broke his leg. He was hospitalised, treated and later discharged. Then, the spirit of madness came upon him and he was admitted in a psychiatric hospital. There, he broke his leg again and ended up with crutches. His sister had to take care of him. She kept telling him about The SCOAN but he was reluctant to come until he finally decided to listen to her. When they eventually came, it was a Saturday and there was no healing service but rather than going home empty handed, they received the Morning Water. Back home, his sister ministered it to him in Jesus’ name. He slept and woke up and felt strength returning to his leg. The following day, he came back to The SCOAN and at the overflow congregation, he heard the evangelist saying, “You that are sick, rise up and walk!” He felt that she was talking to him and rose up and walked freely! He advised everyone to apply their faith in Jesus’ name and they will receive.

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On Sunday 25th January 2015, the atmosphere in The SCOAN reverberated with echoes of edifying anthems from the Emmanuel Singers who encouraged the congregation with soul-lifting songs. As indicated by the attentive yet participatory inclination of the entire congregation, the songs from the Emmanuel Singers served as forerunner to the moment of exhortation when the mind must be fed with spiritual food for thought.

Prophet T.B. JoshuaEvangelist Catherine delivered a thought-provoking message titled DIG DEEP; FIGHT IT THROUGH. She captured the dynamics of the Christian race in uncertain and perilous times and put it in perspective from collective and individual angles. Citing the life of Apostle Paul as a typical example, she encouraged Christians to remain of good cheer in the face of all the trials and challenges that are part of life.

“In Romans 7:15, Apostle Paul said, ‘I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.’ But despite the predicament he found himself in, he did not stop, he did not give up, he did not allow his weakness to pull him down or tear him apart; he continued to run the race, to fight the good fight and he kept his faith. Our God – powerful and faithful to His faithful ones – raised him to such an extent that we still look to and learn from Paul as one of the greatest apostles that ever lived”.

Explaining the concept DIG DEEP, Evangelist Catherine uncovered hidden facts about appearance, packaging and deception. Just like the popular advertising lingo “appearance is not reality”, she urged Christians not to judge things based on their face value or appearance because appearance could be deceptive. Sometimes, blessings are disguised as troubles and vice-versa. There are generous biblical exemplifications of this fact. The fig tree that Jesus cursed in the Bible appeared fruitful from face value but was actually full of leaves and fruitless.

Evangelist Catherine - SCOANHence, according to Evangelist Catherine, the true Christian must be meticulous in his or her judgement by being thorough in analysing scenarios. When times are hard, our tears and complaints are not the solution. Instead, our ability to dig deep and discern the lessons inherent in such experiences is most important. Using the experience of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt, she encouraged Christians to dig deep for the voice of God in all circumstances rather than allow themselves to be distracted by the extraneous voices of their circumstances.

“Moses dug deep within him and heard the One who had sent him instructing him what to do. It is not difficult to act when you know God is speaking to you. Because Moses’ heart was deeply engaged with God, he was familiar with His voice, so when God spoke, Moses listened and obeyed what God told him to do. That voice on the inside was greater than the noise on the outside and following God’s instruction, the sea was parted in two and the Israelites with Moses safely walked through”.

Bemoaning the panicky and defeatist attitudes of most Christians in the face of trouble, Evangelist Catherine counselled the congregation to seek direction from the throne of grace rather than cling to the promptings of the human thinking and flesh. “When trouble comes, many run to the strong arm of institutions, medicine or flesh but according to God’s Word, we are to run to the throne of grace as a chosen people, a royal priesthood, God’s special possession called out of darkness into God’s glorious light to praise His holy name”.

According to Evangelist Catherine, every human being is shaped by the predominant thoughts he or she continually harbours. In other words, we are what we think. It is on this basis that she counselled Christians to think like champions and conquerors which they really are and look up to God in times of trouble believing strongly that He is able to see them through whatever life throws at them.

“I want you to think differently, talk differently, look differently, behave differently – knowing that Someone stronger, smarter, more powerful than you is for you, not against you, is fighting just for you and is more powerful than the combined forces of earth and hell. He wants to see you through whatever life brings. Whether the goings are good or tough and unpredictable, He wants to see you through – if only you give God a chance to prove it”.

God’s Word will never return to Him void without accomplishing that which it is sent to accomplish and the songs of praise and thanksgiving will never depart from His house. The following testimonies proclaim the wonderful works God is doing at The SCOAN through His anointed servant Prophet T.B. Joshua. Just believe and you too shall a partaker of His glory!

During the Saturday Prayer Line service, Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced the eagerly awaited, ‘Morning Water’, ministering it to several people in the prayer line who came with severe afflictions. The results were extraordinary as with just a spray, sickness bowed the knee to the name of Jesus Christ and evil spirits behind infirmities were forced to get out. The following day, several of those who were ministered to with the Morning Water returned to share their triumphant testimonies!

MR KALU KALU Mr Kalu Kalu was in agony. Literally, each movement was accompanied by searing and shooting pain that made even a mere attempt to walk hellish. An accident in April 2014 left a fracture in his vertebrae compounded by a disc compression. His job in the civil service was threatened as he could no longer perform any of his duties due to the debilitating condition. A surgical operation was recommended by doctors but Mr. Kalu’s faith rested on God’s power.

Sitting down watching Emmanuel TV last week, he was amazed to discover The SCOAN Saturday Prayer Line service would hold the following week. By God’s grace, he made the difficult, painful journey to Lagos and was arranged at the Prayer Line. Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered the Morning Water upon Mr. Kalu’s hands, telling him to place them on any part of his body which was in pain. He rubbed the Morning Water upon his back and suddenly rose to his feet! “It was as if something came out of me and the pain just disappeared,” Mr. Kalu told the congregation. For the first time in eight long months, he was able to walk by himself. Returning home that night, he slept peacefully without pain for the very first time since his accident! Indeed, Mr. Kalu was able to genuinely greet his health ‘Good Morning!’

Mr Victor AgbedoThe dawn had awoken. Mr. Victor Aghedo stirred from his sleep. He tried to get out of bed but his legs remained immobile. Attempting to sit up, a wave of pain hit him. It was agonizing. Unable to get up from the bed, Victor desperately beckoned on his wife. That was the beginning of two long months characterized by constant pain. He literally relied on his wife for everything – even to go to the toilet! Several medical tests could not ascertain exactly what had happened to Mr. Aghedo but the facts remained the same – he could not walk.

Painfully struggling to make his way to The SCOAN accompanied by his wife, Victor sat at the Prayer Line and pleaded with God for mercy as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached. Moved upon seeing his plight, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the Morning Water to Mr Victor’s wife and told her to minister it to him. ‘But I am not a pastor,’ she internally questioned. She poured the Morning Water into her husband’s mouth twice. Suddenly, the man who had been practically bed-bound for the last two months jumped to his feet with the athleticism of a young man! “The pain just disappeared,” Mr. Aghedo joyfully testified to The SCOAN congregation. He advised them to believe nothing is impossible with God’s power, stating that he personally drove to the church the following morning and walked by himself into the auditorium to authenticate the mightiness of the miracle he received! Thank You, Jesus Christ!

MISS MILLA VVONE (1)The numbing paralysis continued creeping slowly across her entire body. What began with heaviness and weakness in her lower limbs soon deteriorated into full-blown paralysis for Miss Milla Yvonne, a young Cameroonian. Her educational aspirations were blighted by the onset of the ailment which doctors concluded was due to spinal degeneration. As her condition worsened, Milla’s faith strengthened as she courageously decided to make Emmanuel TV a constant companion and believe God for healing.

When it was announced that The SCOAN Saturday Service had returned, Milla, joined by her brother and mother, decided to make the difficult journey from Cameroon. Braving all the odds against them, including language barrier, they made it to The SCOAN for the Prayer Line service. Milla was seated in a vehicle when Prophet T.B. Joshua approached. He called for Milla’s brother to come forward and ministered the Morning Water on his hands before telling him to minister it to his sick sister. As he followed the instruction in righteousness and Milla received the Morning Water, her limbs which had been numb and lifeless suddenly began to shake! The resurrection power of God pulsated through her entire body and suddenly, Milla rose up and began to walk! Her mother and brother fell to the floor in an emotional display of appreciation to God as Milla began walking and even started to run!

MR PRELATI LUCIANO (1)For eight years, Mr. Prelati Luciano had an unusual nocturnal companion – a machine. After being diagnosed with a rare form of sleep apnea which was extremely dangerous, doctors prescribed a breathing machine, informing the Italian that he would have to use this machine every night for the rest of his life. Despite the use of the machine, Mr. Luciano would awake with irritability and restlessness. His breathing was both heavy and painful due to the condition.

Despite his skepticism, he accompanied his Nigerian wife to The SCOAN in Lagos to attend the Prayer Line together. By God’s grace, the very week they arrived in Nigeria was the time God spoke to Prophet T.B. Joshua to release the Morning Water. As he ministered the Morning Water to Mr. Luciano, he began to stagger, clearly under the influence of God’s power. Immediately afterwards, he testified that he could breathe freely without any hindrance. However, the full extent of the miracle was only to be revealed later that night. Taking a bold step of faith, Mr. Luciano decided to sleep without using the breathing machine. To the glory of God, he slept peacefully and awoke the following morning without the usual tiredness and tetchiness. “The Morning Water is very powerful,” were the Italian’s final words to viewers!

MRS ONUCHE MARIAM (1)Mrs. Mariam Onwuche was facing a dilemma which seemed impossible to overcome when viewed with natural eyes. She and her husband were desperate for children but after two ectopic pregnancies ending in operations, both of her fallopian tubes had been surgically removed. Depressed and distraught, the medical authorities reluctantly informed the couple that it was impossible for them to ever have children.

However, a ray of hope shone upon their hearts as they discovered Emmanuel TV. Listening to Prophet T.B. Joshua and seeing the works of God rekindled their faith that with God all things are still possible. They watched the 2013/2014 Candlelight service with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and joined him in prayer as they entered the New Year. Then, the miracle happened. That night after the prayer, Mrs. Onwuche had a dream in which Prophet T.B. Joshua came to her and told her not to worry as she would soon have her child and come to give her testimony. After meeting with her husband, a short time later, she became pregnant and true to the vision she had had, she came to The SCOAN to testify of the pregnancy.

Tears of joy etched the lines of her cheeks as she proudly stood with her husband and family to testify with their beautiful baby girl, Miracle Onwuche. She encouraged all others who had desire in their hearts to experience God’s power that distance is not a barrier. All they should do is believe, touch the screen by faith and get ready to come and share their own testimony of transformation.

HRH IGWE GODWIN NWAOBU1A king? Godwin Nwaobu thought his community was playing a joke! The South-African based businessman had just returned to Enugu State when the unusual proposal of kingship was laid before him. Knowing the entanglements attached to such a position, Godwin decided not to respond immediately to the request, telling his kinsmen that he needed a year to ‘hear from God’ before taking a decision. ‘God? Where will you hear from God?’ many irreverently scoffed. Several months down the line with the deadline of his decision nearing, Godwin had yet to make up his mind. Confused and perplexed, he decided to visit a place where he knew God’s voice was clearly being spoken – The SCOAN.

Sitting down during the Monday Prophetic service, Mr. Nwaobu made an unusual vow. ‘If Prophet T.B. Joshua does not speak to me today, I will forget about this title.’ A short time later, as Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying in the midst of the congregation, he walked up to him. “I am seeing beads on your hand,” Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed. There were no visible beads to be seen and the two had never met themselves previously nor had Godwin revealed his dilemma to anyone. God had spoken. Confirmation from Heaven had been unveiled. Today, HRH Igwe Godwin Nwaobu of the Ugwuleshi Community in Enugu, Nigeria stood to testify that no word from God is void of fulfillment!


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PTBJThe verve and cheerful aura radiated by worshippers depicted how precious they all hold The SCOAN Live Sunday Service in their hearts. The atmosphere was fresh as the ever-vibrant choir edified the congregants in the auditorium and overflow congregations with their edifying renditions, brimming with heavenly zest.

Evangelist Annette’s message was deep and incisive, like a precious EVANGELIST ANNETTEseed sown into fertile soil. Titled AT THE LORD’S FEET, the message highlighted the nature of man in relation with his or her ability to make the right choices, bearing in mind the fact that God even gave His only begotten Son for our salvation as Christians. Have we made the most of that divine privilege? She urged Christians to make the wisest decision of establishing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ: “When God created man, He gave him the right to life. Within that right was discretion. In other words, Jesus Christ gave man a mind and the ability to choose between right and wrong. In life, man is given the freedom to choose from the many alternatives that surround him. What choice have you made concerning Jesus Christ? Have you chosen to make Him your Lord and personal Saviour or otherwise? Life’s biggest decision is what you do with Jesus Christ”.

Evangelist Annette further shed light on the vanity of human wishes, attractions and aspirations. She observed that the material fancies and attractions of the world are not worth living for, compared to the everlasting joy and glory inherent in a life dedicated to the service of God: “Today, many make the world their heart’s delight. Many embrace the world desperate to be satisfied by it. But what we need is in God’s Word. No matter how many years you work or strive trying to acquire wealth – the best car, beautiful house, children; you can never be satisfied by them. Satisfaction is not about having children, money or other worldly possessions; you have to experience God. Until you experience God, there will be dissatisfaction – a sense of hunger to know what life is all about, a desire to know what happens after life is over”. 


The glory of God endures forever; so do the wonderful songs of thanksgiving He continues to put on the lips of His children. God is truly doing wondrous works at The SCOAN. The following testimonies are some selected from a multitude to inspire your faith and prepare you for your own miracle which is already on the way in Jesus’ name. No matter the situation, God’s hands are not too short to locate you.

Engineer Abijor Obukowho, who graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, had applied for many jobs but was told that he lacked the necessary experience as an Engineer. Due to the high unemployment rate, he constantly met with disappointment and this gave him frustration. Having visited The SCOAN, he ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and soon after applied online for a government position as an Engineer. He travelled to Abuja and among 7,000 people, to his greatest surprise and joy, he was selected for the job! Standing before the congregation, he happily displayed the letter of employment.

Advising people about the Anointing Water, he said, “It will put you at an advantage. It will locate you at the place of your destiny”.


As if eight years of career stagnation was not bad enough, Sergeant Leonard Ekeh was also tormented with a never-ending addiction to alcohol, smoking and womanizing. While his colleagues received their due promotions as time went by, it was a different story for Sergeant Leonard Ekeh who drowned his frustration in ceaseless drinking, smoking and chasing different women. One day, his father introduced him to Emmanuel TV and gave him a bottle of Anointing Water. These changed his life forever.

He ministered the Anointing Water and prayed in Jesus’ name and truly, things took a turn for the better. He experienced deliverance and suddenly realized that he no longer felt the desire to smoke, drink or chase women.  He was also asked to go on a peacekeeping mission in Dafur, South Sudan and it was there that his promotion happened! Among all his colleagues, he was the only one promoted to the position of Staff Sergeant. Advising Christians, he said: “No matter the circumstances, believe in God. The best is yet to come”.


A Senior Inspector of Immigration in Nigeria faced shameful stagnation for seven years. Each term, after writing the normal exams for promotion, he would be greatly disappointed as his colleagues would receive promotion but he would remain at the same level year after year. On top of this crisis, he also found himself increasingly addicted to smoking cigarettes. He started smoking individual cigarettes then moved on to packs of cigarettes and then rolls of cigarettes each day. He was constantly discouraged.

Then one day his sister brought Anointing Water to him from The SCOAN. He prayed in the name of Jesus that God should break every chain holding him back from his divine life and destiny. He them ministered the Anointing Water on the answer sheets for his next exam. At night, after completing the exam, he had a dream in which Prophet T.B. Joshua called him and told him to go and collect his promotion letter. He woke up and shared the news with his family, who immediately gave thanks to God for the breakthrough. When he arrived at work, his boss called and told him he had been promoted from Senior Inspector of Immigration to Principle Inspector of Immigration.

Along with the promotion was his deliverance from the strong addiction to cigarette smoking. Today, he is promoted and free from cigarette to the glory of God!


Fourteen days after they had their baby boy, 4 discovered that their bundle of joy had developed a swelling on his scrotum. They took him to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed the problem as a hernia. Mrs Okeke was able to get an empty bottle of Anointing Water, refilled it with pure water and prayed in Jesus’ name. After her prayer, she ministered the Anointing Water on him and saw that the swelling was moving from his scrotum to his stomach. He later excreted and went into a deep sleep.  She checked his excreta and discovered her baby had passed out a black stone. She noticed that the symptoms he was usually having stopped and that motivated her to take him to the hospital for a test where, to the amazement of the doctors, it was confirmed that the hernia was gone and the baby had a normal pelvic scan. Mr Okeke was elated and gave glory to God for delivering their baby. They advised to Christians to trust in God and believe that whatever the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua has blessed, is anointed for breakthrough.


Emmanuel Okoro Imagine a child who could not play with his friends; a student who could not attend school. Such was the case of Emmanuel Okoro who was born with Sickle Cell Anaemia. His life consisted of falling sick, being rushed to the hospital, receiving treatment and blood, only to return home with the same weakness and lifeless limbs. His case was so severe that he could not attend classes regularly due to the extreme fatigue. When at school, he found it difficult to concentrate and impossible to play with other children. One beautiful morning, his family brought him to The SCOAN and he received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Little did he imagine that just one prayer would bring a radical transformation to his life. When they returned to their home in Delta, Nigeria, the family immediately saw drastic changes in their son. His energy suddenly returned and did abate. He was able to bathe himself that night and started playing with friends outside. When it was time for school, he got up and got ready by himself. The days passed and he realized he had not missed any day of school and had not had to visit the hospital. Believing that their miracle had come, the family took their son back to the hospital for a test and was delighted to receive a result that showed negative to Sickle Cell Anaemia. Their son was finally free, in Jesus’ name. The Okoros advised all parents to rush their children to God whenever they face family challenges so that He will see them through.


Lance Corporal Adejumo Mutiu, a soldier in the Nigerian Army found himself in a terrible accident in Enugu, Nigeria in Lance Corporal Adejumo which he fractured his tibia and fibula. He was rushed to a hospital and from then on he could not walk. He was confined to a pair of crutches. His wife was practically doing everything for him. In the military hospital where he was being treated, he would watch Emmanuel TV and his faith grew. He decided to come to The SCOAN Prayer Line and he was prayed for by Prophet TB. Joshua. Since then, he is able to walk and has gone back to his job as a soldier in the Nigerian Army. Mrs Adejumo, wife to Corporal Mutiu Adejumo whose joy knew no bounds, shared her harrowing experience saying, “…It became a burden to me because I had to do everything for him but I thank Jesus for healing him and now things are back to normal”.


Mary Inyang from Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria, a 70 year-old Central Bank of Nigeria pensioner, shared her joy at the transformation in her life after following the instruction in righteousness of the Water Therapy. She used to experience pain in her joints, internal heat and would wake up every day tired and stiff but after the water therapy, all became a thing of the past. Now she is able to move freely like a young woman! She can sleep at night peacefully and no longer suffers from internal heat. Appreciating the man of God for this instruction that has flushed her system, she advised the youth of today, “Instead of drinking alcohol and taking tablets, listen to this instruction from God through Prophet T.B. Joshua – come close to God”.


Mrs. Stella ObiahMrs. Stella Obiah, 68 years old suffered from severe sinusitis for many years. She was no longer able to breathe through her nose but was breathing through her mouth. She complained that dust and different particles carried through the air always entered her passages and caused her pain and irritation. This was the life she was living in her old age as a result of the sinusitis. After the man of God introduced the Water Therapy, she said that she and the other members of the Old Testament Group discussed and agreed that this was the way forward for their lives. As a grandmother, she realized she had a responsibility to be a good example and began taking the Water Therapy for herself and her family. As she began drinking the water, she realized her breathing passages became clear. She no longer had to breathe through her mouth but began breathing normally through her nose. She is now free from sinusitis and advised all to keep to the instruction in righteousness from God’s servant as it is truly the secret to good health.

After the breathtaking testimonies, prophetic messages were delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua to individuals, revealing the root cause of their problems and providing solution in Jesus’ name. The Prophet then moved to the prayer line where countless received healing and deliverance through the Word of God working in the Spirit. All received a touch as later, Prophet T.B. Joshua offered mass prayer and the congregation as a whole received the fulfilment of God’s promises in their lives. They left the service rejoicing and glorifying God for their mighty deeds, proclaiming that they would be the next to share their testimonies on Emmanuel TV!

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DADDYFrom the Candle Light Service of 31st December, 2014 to the Sunday Service of 4th January, 2015, the atmosphere at The SCOAN has been spiritually intense. While the entire congregation, just like the whole world, awaited the successful cross-over into a new year, it was a great suspense of sorts. Though, we all started the journey from the very first day of 2014, not all of us have been fortunate to see the end of the year or even witness the advent of a new year. Yet, all glory and honour must be given to the Most High God who in all His omniscience, knows best.

CROWD3CROWD2The anointed message and instruction coming from the mouth of God to those present in theCROWD1 church and the myriad of viewers worldwide for the New Year was the simple Word: Good Morning. The man of God explained, “You are a plant. You need dew because you are dry. Your business needs dew, your health needs dew and your career needs dew. Dew is in the morning. Joy comes in the morning. Say Good morning my health! Good morning my business! Good morning my career! Good morning to nations, continents, the whole world – Good Morning to you all. This year you shall continue to live in the morning. When people greet you ‘Good afternoon,’ greet them ‘Good morning’. When people greet you ‘Good evening’ or ‘Good night,’ greet them ‘Good morning’. This Word is anointed for you.”CROWD4

Being the last day of the year, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua talked about DISCOVERING YOUR REAL VALUE, a message that was very timely bearing in mind the imperative significance of living within the scope of our God-given destinies. Until a person discovers him or herself, he or she will continue to wallow in ignorance and failure, without achieving God’s purpose for his/her life. The man of God had earlier told the congregation that the purity of heart was a prerequisite for expecting a trouble-free new year: “If you are expecting a new year, you must be pure in heart if not 2014; I mean the troubled year 2014 will continue in 2015. To get rid of the trouble, for you to overcome the trouble, is not a thing of the flesh. You need deliverance to overcome the trouble”.

DADDYSpeaking further on the same message at the Sunday Service of 4th January, 2015, the man of God expatiated on the essence of discovering one’s real value. According to him, our real value resides in our spirit and our willingness to surrender it to the ways of God. We cannot operate within our real values of spiritual power and authority if we allow the distractions of life take the greater part of us: “The real thing about us is our spirit. If our real thing is our spirit, our attention should be more on the spirit. You can either yield yourself to God or the devil because you are a free moral agent. God has given us discretion. I cannot just force you to get healed; I need your faith to do so. There is so much distraction. That is why we have this for you and there is an anointed word for you: Take more of me, give me more of you. The more you think about what you read, the more your spirit acts on the Word. Meditation brings revelation”. Each and every person present was given the New Anointing Sticker inscribed with the New Year message: Brethren, Good morning as a point of contact to help them open the New Year with prayer.

In conclusion, the man of God enlightened the congregation on the therapeutic dimensions of water, stressing that the spiritual and the physical must work in tandem. He explained in details how early morning intake of water helps flush the system of unwanted waste and cleanses the human body. It was a very instructive moment and the gains remain innumerable.

He moved to the Prayer Line to minister healing, deliverance and restoration to the teeming crowd that have been waiting for God’s hand upon their lives.

EVANGELIST OLAMIDEEarlier, Evangelist Olamide had engaged the minds of the congregation with her deeply edifying message – YOUR SITUATION AS A CHRISTIAN. She vividly captured the Christian life in its most realistic nature, observing that living the Christian life was not a bed of roses but one full of trials and temptations. She urged the congregation to be of good cheer even in times of trials because they are the elements that make victory worth the while when it eventually comes: “In our spiritual walk with the Lord, we have good times and hard times; a time to enjoy and a time for restraint. A time to be born, a time to grow, a time to die, a time to face persecution, a time to overcome and a time to show the proceeds of victory. A man without a situation is a man without a future. The journey to the throne is not a bed of roses but of thorns, hardship, snakes which points us to trouble and problems”. Evangelist Olamide went further to cite numerous biblical examples of God’s servants like Joseph, Moses and Daniel who faced one tribulation and the other yet the glory of God was manifested and magnified in their situations. God would always allow us to face trials just as He allowed the devil to tempt Job. Our attitude to the trial is what pushes God into restoring us even unto greater levels than we envisage.

Concluding, she urged Christians to brace up in the midst of trials and seek God’s directions no matter how hard the situation may be, stressing that whatever God says is the ultimate: “No matter how hard your situation may seem, when God manifest His strength in your weakness, you will overcome. For when you are weak then you are strong. So whatever situation you may be in, find out what is God saying through that situation because what God says is the answer. To walk with the Lord in all situations is to ask Him for direction. To ask the Lord for direction is to open our eyes of faith so that we can see the higher hand that is leading us to salvation”.


Like rivers of water that will never dry, more and more people continue to throng The SCOAN, testifying to the mighty works of God in their lives. Faith is the only thing you need to be one of those to testify to God’s wonderful works. As you read these testimonies, may your faith in God be ignited like never before for your breakthrough, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


“Mr Maphoto, we need to talk” the voice on the phone was both grim and harsh. “We have no choice but to terminate your existing contracts.” It was a message every businessman feared most – bankruptcy.


Penniless and verging on hopeless, the young South African man was at a crossroads. Courageously deciding to turn his cares into prayers, he sought the face of God after his fledgling business inexplicably nosedived to the point of financial ruin. Resolving to visit The SCOAN in Nigeria for divine intervention, he was privileged to receive the Anointing Water during his stay within the church. Upon returning to South Africa, he ministered it on a prospective business proposal he had mustered a miniscule amount to begin. Favour flowed. Several months later, an eight million rand contract was in his pocket and his fortunes had completely reversed.

“The blood that Jesus shed on the Cross of Calvary 2000 years ago still works today,” Mr Maphoto told the congregation at The SCOAN. “God is working through the Anointing Water mightily!”


Frantic. Hectic. Manic. Johanna Matli’s work schedule in the radio and television industry left little time for her family, let alone her relationship with God. As her work levels rose, so did her stress and blood pressure. The result was her health dwindling dramatically, ending in two partial strokes and a medical diagnosis of hypertensive heart disease.JOHANNA MATLI [AW TESTIMONY]

Taking medicine daily and a familiar face at the local clinic for blood pressure checks, her entire life forcibly revolved around her health challenges which kept worsening. As a viewer of Emmanuel TV, when Johanna heard Prophet T.B. Joshua’s instruction to visit the families of the Martyrs Of Faith, she considered her schedule and reluctantly concluded she could not find the time to engage in such.

However, the repeated call from Prophet T.B. Joshua to care for them continually bombarded her heart to the point where the South African decided to make some sacrifices. She visited the family members of the Martyrs Of Faith, believing by faith that obedience to this Divine instruction would work wonders in her life. After her first visit, while engaging in her regular clinical check-up, Johanna got the shock of her life!

“Madam, your blood pressure has reduced from 220/ 170 to 130/90,” the surprised doctor informed her. “What did you do?” Holding up her medical reports confirming her miraculous healing before The SCOAN congregation, Mrs Matli testified that her health had transformed and her priorities shifted toward Heavenly things by her obedience to this instruction. “It is a wonderful thing to create time to help others,” she concluded. “Please, make sure you obey Prophet T.B. Joshua’s instructions in righteousness.”


“There is a lady here with the spirit of a dog,” the prophecy rang forth. Totanang’s heart skipped a beat. Prophet T.B. Joshua was talking to her. Taking a step forward from her seat towards the altar of The SCOAN, she suddenly lost all consciousness of the following sequence of events. It was only when a clip of her deliverance was replayed that she saw herself barking and gesticulating like a dog as the evil spirit within her was exposed by the prophecy and subsequent prayer.

Rising up after the deliverance,TOTANANG KEBOPELWANG Totanang’s life never remained the same! Upon returning to Botswana, the spirit of anger that had ruined her relationships and rendered her jobless stopped. Her journeys from sangomas to spiritualists ended and a renewed desire to serve God and pursue her education was born. To her greatest surprise, as she continued to minister the Anointing Water, after five years of joblessness, Mrs. Kebopelwang was offered a job in the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation, a position she never even applied for. The job enabled her to finish her studies abroad in Swaziland – something she had never dreamed was a possibility prior to her deliverance. Her word of advice was concise: “Whenever you receive the Anointing Water, minister it in faith – that is the only way it can work in your life!”


Fervency welled within her heart. As Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged viewers around the world to reach out to the relatives of the martyrs of faith, Mrs Chidraas could barely sit still. The desire to respond in faith to his instruction MRS CHIDRAAS & DAUGHTERsuperseded the barriers posed by her geographical location as she determinedly drove over three hours to Johannesburg to meet with the Emmanuel TV team the following day.

Both her and her daughter Koketso joined the teams extending love and care to the affected family members, giving sacrificially in the process. God’s blessings soon manifested in the life of Koketso. As a student in Scotland, UK, her passport was inexplicably held when she was due to return to South Africa for the December holidays. At the same period, her mother had a dream where she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua asking her what she wanted from God.
“I knelt down and prayed that God would release the passport of my daughter. Four days later, her passport was released! To our surprise, it was not just a student visa that she got but a residence permit in the UK,” she joyfully testified! Aside from this unique blessing, Koketso was further given the opportunity to partake in an exchange program with a student in USA – a feat the school had previously termed impossible due to her mother’s stay in South Africa.

“Act upon the instructions of Prophet T.B. Joshua and definitely, your destiny will be reshaped,” were her final words of advice.


After 18 years of teaching in a small Zambian school with paltry pay and dingy, dirty classrooms, poverty and squalor still surrounded Elizabeth. Never in her wildest dreams did the middle-aged Zambian envisage the ladder of success she was about to dramatically and emphatically scale after being introduced to The SCOAN!MRS ELIZABETH KAMPAMBA [BREAKTHROUGH TESTIMONY]

Upon praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua during a period of mass prayer, the first breakthrough miraculously manifested. Mrs. Kampamba was surprisingly chosen to be a Deputy Head Teacher in another Zambian school. This was rapidly followed by promotion to the position of School Inspector across the entire country! Receiving the Anointing Water at this point following a visit to The SCOAN, Elizabeth was content with the astounding breakthrough she had enjoyed and was preparing to retire since she neared the statutory age of 55. Before now she had trekked to work; she became financially secure enough to be able to purchase a brand new car! However, God was not finished yet!

An interview for the post of a senior lecturer in English at an international university in Zambia came forward and Elizabeth was one of 15 candidates considered. Several months later, Mrs. Kampamba received her retirement letter at 10am. Five hours later, another letter came through informing that she had been appointed to the post of senior lecturer! Truly, better is not good enough; the best is always yet to come!


“I was working like an elephant but eating like an ant.” Mrs. Zwane’s situation was dire and depressing. A single mother with three children to bring up, the revenue from her job disappeared as soon as it arrived as mounting responsibilities and burdens ate up her money at ease.MRS ZWANE BREAKTHROUGH TESTIMONY (AW)]

She was living in a small flat with her children when someone brought her the Anointing Water, encouraging her to minister it in faith. Being an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Dikeledi took no time to use the Anointing Water, praying in faith that she would be positioned for God’s mercy and favour. Indeed, she was divinely positioned!

Several months later, blessing after blessing followed favour after favour. Mrs. Zwane is now the owner of a brand new car, lives in an exotic holiday house in an affluent area of Johannesburg and enjoys not only financial security but has more than enough for her and her children! What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!


MR MEJANG PENECK [FREE FROM KIDNEY STONE (AW)]Mr. Mejang Reneck from Cameroon came to The SCOAN with the problem of kidney stones. He always experienced chronic pain in his side as a result of this affliction. He received the Anointing Water and after ministering it in the name of Jesus Christ, he was completely healed. Now, he can exercise, play football and has returned to normal life – pain free! He brought two documents, showing when he was diagnosed with the kidney stones and after the ministration of the Anointing Water, when he returned to the hospital. He no longer has any trace of the kidney stones. He advised the world to believe in the God they serve and that if they put their trust in God, He is able to manifest Himself in their lives again and again.


Siyabonga Mlewa was born into the bondage of asthma, which was a burden that weighed heavily on his life and that of his mother. When the attacks came, his chest would become tight and his lungs would start to close. The doctors said there was no cure and that he would have to use a breathing machine, known as a nebulizer for the rest of his life. The nebulizer became a part of his everyday routine, having to take it with him wherever he would go. At school he was limited and unable to participate in sporting activities. At home, his mother would take care of him keeping a watchful eye on her son’s bad health. His mother had to regularly leave her job when attacks came at any interval.


After eleven years of sickness and struggle, Mrs Mlewa managed to bring her son to The SCOAN believing God’s divine intervention. They came and Siyabonga received prayer from Wise Man Racine at The SCOAN Prayer Line, where he demonstrated how he would use the nebulizer. In moments of receiving prayer in Jesus’ name Siyabonga thanked God for being healed. Today, three years later and some feet taller, Siyabonga came back to thank God for his complete freedom from the asthma formerly deemed incurable. Life has improved for both him and his mother whose joy cannot be quantified.


“I bought a cutlass and told my wife to kill me…” It had got that serious. Nehemiah’s tumultuous marriage disintegrated to the point where death appeared more meaningful than life. The heated internal turmoil reached boiling point when Nehemiah’s wife decided to leave him, taking their four children along with her. Four years passed. Four years without any communication, let alone the thought of reconciliation.

Increasingly frustrated in life and business, Nehemiah one day decided to visit The SCOAN, hoping for a Word that would change the course of his life. In the midst of the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to him, revealing the root of his marital challenges lay in the amorous affairs he engaged in with a friend called Henry during his university days. Prophet T.B. Joshua ended his message to Nehemiah with a surprising, divinely inspired declaration – “Your wife will call you; you will come back with your testimony.” Wife? Testimony? The two words didn’t seem to compute within Nehemiah’s jaded reasoning.

Several weeks later, however, Nehemiah’s phone rang. It was his long-lost wife! Without any knowledge of the prophetic word, she was suddenly moved to call him and seek reconciliation, requesting forgiveness on her own part. The family were remarkably reconciled and returned to The SCOAN to testify that when God speaks, His Word will not return void of fulfillment.NEHEMIAH FAMILY BRECONCILIATION [PROPHECY]

All glory belongs to the Lord for He has ordered all so that the whole shall appear to be of grace. There is no room for any man’s boasting in their own ability or power for it is not our logic, philosophy or reasoning that brings these happenings to pass but the living Word of God. May God’s Word continue to abide in you and you in it in the coming year. Keep watching Emmanuel TV! Good Morning!

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Prophet T.B. Joshua The Sunday Service of December 28, 2014 was superlative in every sense. The merry ambience of the Christmas celebrations coupled with the respectable presence of the families of the Martyrs of Faith, all the way from South Africa, gave the occasion all the trappings of Godly joy expressed in a sober reflection. Though they have lost their loved ones, the families of the Martyrs of Faith have keyed into the realisation that their loved ones did not die in vain but were transited to higher glory to enjoy the eternity of life in all its splendour and purity. Indeed, they have freed their spirits and hearts from the inconsequential attachments of this material world and have attuned themselves to that heavenly frequency that avails much to the spirit of man.
In consonance with the sobriety and depth of the atmosphere, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua pungently identified with them through his deep and incisive message centred on the nature of the human spirit and its connection with the Spirit of God: “When your spirit is free, it is sensitive to the Spirit of God. There are three spirits – the Spirit of God, your spirit and evil spirit. I am referring to your spirit. When it is free, it is sensitive; it is alive to the Spirit of God”.

Speaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua delved into the instrumentality of the spirit of man in unleashing the power of God to every situation that Christians may encounter. He urged Christians to exercise the inestimable power within the spirit to tackle every situation: “Our spirit is our instrument. What kind of instrument is it? It is an instrument to loose and bind. It is an instrument to act upon the Word. When the Word becomes a part of you, it becomes an instrument to loose and bind. When your spirit is free, it acts upon the Word”. He went philosophical with his delivery on the imperative essence of trials and tribulations to the attainment of eventual glory. The congregation, especially the families of the Martyrs of Faith, were told that a hard time to the Christian was akin to the soil upon which faith flourishes.

Concluding, the man of God prepared the minds of the congregants for the approaching New Year with prophetic precision and gave an allegorical analogy of the beauty and priceless essence of their lives: “Preparation for the next year. I want to be the first person to greet you good morning. The best life for the seeds and plants is very early morning when you find the dew. That is your life”.

MASS PRAYER focused on our dire need of mercy and on the breaking of all hindrances and bad habits standing between us and God: “By grace, you deserve His mercy. Somebody in the person of Jesus is waiting to see you through whatever life brings. Whatever hindrance, between your heart and the Spirit of Father, I remove it in the name of Jesus. That weakness/ bad habit/ addiction – I remove them in the name of Jesus. Come out, in the name of Jesus!”

Earlier, Evangelist Fanny had delivered a didactic message titled WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS. This EVANGELIST FANNYapocalyptic admonition came timely when the entire world was about crossing into a new year. She was full of counsels to Christians to explore the newness of the year in reconnecting and re-dedicating their lives to God rather than to the pursuit of pecuniary and worldly fancies: “What makes the year new is when you see that sober reflection in that transition as an opportunity to get back to God. I mean, you need to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We are in perilous times, end times where as a Christian, what God’s Word says should be final. Jesus’ return should be uppermost in our minds”.

Dissecting the passion and energy with which Jesus attended to the needs of others, she counseled Christians to emulate the life and demeanours of Jesus through whom our salvation was made possible on the cross of Calvary: “Jesus was Water to the thirsty, Bread to the hungry and a Roadmap to the lost. Are you following the footstep of your Father? “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” (Matthew 5:1-8).

In her concluding remarks, she advised Christians to embrace the principle of selflessness in their relations with others just as Christ did in order to stand a chance of being counted worthy to stand pure before the almighty God in these last days.

In confirmation of His presence at The SCOAN, people from different walks of life continue to testify to the wondrous works God has done in their lives using Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN as contact points. The following testimonies will inspire and prepare your mind to claim yours by faith in the mighty name of Jesus!
Mr. Frank Gogo from Ghana was reduced to a pauper as he lacked almost everything apart from his life which was hanging on the trenches of frustration and lack. He was homeless and resorted to drinking, smoking and “chilling out” with bad gangs, thinking that God had abandoned him. His pitiable fate continued until the day God led him to The SCOAN. When he came to The SCOAN, he had no dime with him but was fortunate to receive the Anointing Sticker with which he prayed in faith for breakthrough and soon returned to his native Ghana. By the time he got to Ghana, things began to take a dramatic turn. He was able to register his agro-allied company and witnessed a business boom. During this time, he was able to acquire two state-of-the-art cars and a big truck for his company. After some time, he was able to buy 22 acres of land and now has 2 branches of his company in Ghana where he sells agrochemical products. He has since abandoned his past life of heavy drinking and smoking, having discovered a new life in Christ Jesus. He has been uplifted from poverty to wealth through the power of God. His community has also named him as the next King. He advises Christians to draw nearer to God in order to have their testimonies restored.
Miss Astridah Lupupa from Zambia had applied for a scholarship to study Teaching in Malaysia but got disappointing news after two weeks. She then mustered the faith to give it another try. This time around being the second time, she had so much faith in the Anointing Water as a point of contact for God’s intervention. She ministered the Anointing Water on herself and all the documents involved prior to the interview. Within two hours after the interview, she was greeted with joyous news that she had been granted a scholarship worth $12,600. She is scheduled to fly to Malaysia on January 4th, 2015.
Mr. Frank Karikari was the victim of spiritual attacks which negatively affected his academic pursuits. He would find himself walking naked in his dreams, eating all sorts of things and being chased by animals. These attacks hampered his concentration and resulted in his inability to get the result he had envisaged in his HND studies in Mechanical Engineering. He ended up obtaining a Lower Credit and became very sad with himself. Even though he started working, he was not satisfied with the state of things. He started watching Emmanuel TV and began to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. He received a scholarship from his company to study Mechanical Engineering but while in the university, precisely in the second semester, the attacks increased but he was not willing to give up. A friend ministered the Anointing Water into his bottle of water which he then ministered on himself with faith that all setbacks would go for good. True to his expectation, he regained himself and continued to study without distraction. He also got his own Anointing Water. The turning point came through a dream in which he saw himself at the Prayer Line at The SCOAN being prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua. He felt something like an electric shock and woke up and since then, that affliction through dreams has stopped. He started concentrating well and ended up with a First Class Honours from the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana. He advises Christians to make God the centre of their lives so that they can become what He had destined them to be.
Mr. Eric Kwasi Danquah was addicted to alcohol for ten years. He graduated from a mild drinker to a heavy drinker who could not do without liquor. His condition became very sad when he made drinking his partner in life. He would drink in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. He spent so much on drinking that he hardly sent money to his mother. To show the extent of damage drinking can cause, the man who introduced him to alcohol died and yet, he was unperturbed. He kept on playing slave to his craving.
One day, at a party, he had asked for alcohol but the lady who was the celebrant told him she was a Christian and would not allow alcohol in her party. He got very disappointed and uneasy as he usually did whenever he was in a party that forbade drinking alcohol. Somehow, they exchanged their contacts and the lady invited him to church. He was initially reluctant thinking that it was his mother who was the family’s problem and really needed deliverance.
However, the lady was able to make arrangements for him to come to The SCOAN with his mother. At The SCOAN, the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua walked straight to him and prayed for him. He found himself rolling on the ground. By the time he got up, he felt some relief. After his deliverance, he stopped drinking and no longer had the desire to do so. The ironic twist to the whole story is that the same lady who took him to church became his wife. She told the story of how she had organised a thanksgiving party after coming to The SCOAN for deliverance from years of marital disappointment. Unknown to her, her husband to be was the despondent alcoholic she had met and discussed the idea of coming to church with. According to her, she thanks God for the life of Eric, who is now transformed through her effort to help someone in need. Today, they are happily married to the glory of God. Eric advises the youth to stay away from alcohol.
Ten years after she had been called to the bar, Barrister Omolola Olaitan was jobless. It was a great embarrassment for someone of her educational standing. In May, 2014, she had visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. Four weeks later, she received a car gift from a friend. While hoping on God for an employment, she would dress up as if she was going to work even though she knew she had nowhere to go. She continued acting her breakthrough and watching Emmanuel TV until it eventually came. In November, she dreamt that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua came to her and told her to prepare her CV for a job that she would receive. By the time she woke up, she decided to obey the instruction given to her in the dream. She went to a business centre to photocopy her CV and while there, she received a call for an employment. Today, she works as the Legal Research Assistant at the Kwara State Judiciary. She presented her employment letter and advised Christians not to give up on God no matter the situation.
Mr. and Mrs. Nghixulifwa came all the way from Namibia in search of solution to their barrenness. While the man suffered from a very low sperm count, the wife had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. The problem took them to many places in search of solution; they spent so much money and found none to be of help. They came to the SCOAN in faith having been inspired by the fact that Mrs. Nghixulifwa’s cousin who had a similar problem received her healing there. After meeting with the man of God and explaining their situation, they received the Anointing Water which they ministered on their return to Namibia. To God be the glory, Mrs. Nghixulifwa became pregnant and is today blessed with a baby girl. They advise people to keep faith in God and wait for His own time.

Shakhile Naanyane from South Africa obeyed Prophet T.B. Joshua’s instruction to show love to the families of the martyrs of faith. Before now, she had been suffering business setbacks and decided to close her shop while waiting for God’s direction. Her husband had given her some capital for a new business and from that capital she took some money to buy groceries for the families of the martyrs of faith. Since she did that, she has witnessed an upward swing in her business fortunes such that she was able to make up to R150, 000 [$13,000] in a franchise deal with King’s Pie within one month. She was awarded the ‘Best Business Plan’ award at a convention on entrepreneurship. She advises people to obey the instructions of Prophet T.B. Joshua and they will be blessed in whatever they do.

Mrs. Maria Ogbu fractured her tibia and fibula bones in an accident and came to The SCOAN for healing. According to her husband, Mr. John Ogbu, her situation was really terrible as she could not do anything. She was privileged to be at the Prayer Line where the man of God laid hands on her. As the man of God laid hands on her, she felt the bones coming together and stood up to walk at the command of the man of God in the name of Jesus. Husband and wife glorified God for the healing.


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The atmosphere was festive and hearts full of hope as those in the auditorium and the overflows of The SCOAN joined together to worship Jesus Christ – the centre of Christmas! The congregation comprised those from all over the world who had chosen to spend the Sunday before Christmas in God’s presence. Time with Jesus Christ is time well spent.



Prophet T.B. Joshua enlightened the congregation about the importance of worshipping God in Spirit and truth: “God is Spirit and His worshippers must do so in Spirit and in truth. I promise you that the best Christmas gift is to take you back to God because we have not been worshipping God in Spirit and if it is not in Spirit, it is not in truth and so it is all nothing.” He further explained the transformative power of the Word of God, saying, “If God’s Word is Spirit, it means it has ability to quicken us spiritually, animate us spiritually – to give new blood and take out the old one. Since God’s Word is Spirit, it has the ability to develop a spiritual force within our hearts called faith. In that Book of John 6:63, it says, ‘My Word is Spirit and life’. That thing called faith is developed within our heart.”

Encouraging his listeners that faith comes naturally when we focus on God, he said: “You will agree with me that if you pay attention to God’s Word, you will spontaneously have faith, naturally have faith. If it is natural, it means you don’t need greater faith but a greater God. You just need to know His faithfulness and trustworthiness. What we are lacking is not greater faith but a greater God.”

Earlier, the church had been blessed and strengthened by a message from Evangelist Bolaji, titled, “Keep Your Solid Front.”



She said, “Many change their perspective about their Creator when things around them tend to go contrary to their expectations. The believers in the first century church faced intense opposition, rejection and even violent persecution but they never allowed their situation to derail them from their focus on God. They kept up the profession of their faith even in the face of overwhelming odds against them.” Inspiring the congregation and viewers to stand firm in trials, she said, “Don’t give up – keep your solid front. In time of troubles, don’t give up; keep your solid front for it is written that trials cannot impair you but improve you.”

She concluded her message by emphasizing that we should never doubt our position as children of God: “Never doubt your salvation because of challenges, I mean your situation. Once you become a Christian, satan can never snatch you away from God. He will try but he will not succeed for the Lord has given an overcoming victory to every person who is born again.”

During the course of the service, many came forward to acknowledge God as their Healer, Saviour and Deliverer which inspired the faith of all who heard them. Here are some of them:


As a commissioner of police for years without promotion, Mrs Edang Priscilla was facing disappointment in her career as she regularly watched her male counterparts receiving promotion while she looked on, frustrated and depressed. Desperate, she looked to God and decided to journey to The SCOAN for divine intervention.  She received the Anointing Water and was filled with hope and faith that her fortunes would change.



Surely, God was faithful and she was granted a double promotion and today is the first female Senior Superintendent of Police in her country of Cameroon.

She joyfully displayed the photographs before the congregation of the glorious day where she was promoted and given this large responsibility. She advised the viewers: “Trust in God – He reigns; He reigned in my situation and He will reign in your life, in Jesus’ name!’

Her husband, Pastor Wilson Ndzoke added to the testimony as he explained that a while ago, they decided to apply for a visa to travel to the USA. Before getting to the US Embassy, guided by God, he placed the Anointing Sticker on his forehead and prayed that the will of God be done. When called for the forward visa interview, the lady who conducted the interview and was known to be notorious for declining visas surprisingly gave them a one year visa for the USA, with no questions asked! His advice concerning the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker was “Those who have it carry the anointing of God with them”.


Chief and Mrs Anthony Agalivie from Delta, Nigeria came to The SCOAN with their baby to thank God for breaking the yoke of 12 years of barrenness in their lives.



They came to The SCOAN – The Arena Of Liberty in May 2013, where Chief Anthony Agalivie was delivered from a spiritual wife and they also received the Anointing Water.  Upon their return, her period was so heavy and she felt discouraged but her husband reassured her saying, “Don’t forget where you are coming from; the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua is cleansing you”. Together, they ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and met as husband and wife.  Soon after, she had a dream in which she saw a little girl who introduced herself as an angel of God sent to deliver them. When she woke up, she knew that her testimony was on its way. The following month, she became pregnant and on her birthday, she was given the best gift – she gave birth safely to her son, Samuel!

Her husband, Chief Anthony Agalivie explained that prior to his deliverance from a spiritual wife, his life was messed up by the devil. Each night, a demonic woman would visit him and taunt him that he would never be a father. Determined to receive his freedom, they came to The SCOAN, and to the glory of God, he received his deliverance. After that they continued meditating on the Word of God, believing for the miracle child. After God answered their prayer, he explained that he felt butterflies in his stomach as he was so joyful to be a father – at last!

He said, “The rod of Moses in the hand of Prophet T.B. Joshua parted my red sea! Concerning the Anointing water, he said, “I drink it, I use it as my perfume. It is my daily companion”.


Blessing Eleke received a powerful breakthrough praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. As a talented professional football striker, he played fantastically well in Lagos but when he headed to Europe for a breakthrough in his career, he suddenly developed setback.



His football skills dwindled and his sponsors threatened to send him back to Nigeria as he was rejected from many European clubs.

When they told him they would give them one last try, his brother, also a footballer back in Lagos recommended Emmanuel TV to him, saying that he should watch it. He decided to watch and then touched the screen, while the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying. After this prayer, everything changed and he was granted a three year contract from a first division club in Slovenia! Full of joy, he showed photographs of himself as part of the winning side of this Slovenian club. He advised people all over the world not to take the prophet’s words lightly but to connect with him and pray in faith.


Pastor Peter Osikhuemhe was diagnosed to have low sperm count and this news landed him in depression. Unable to become a father, he was always sad seeing his friends who married at the same time as him with their own children. Friends tried to persuade his wife to seek alternative solution by visiting herbalists but she refused, believing that one day, God would answer them.



A friend introduced Emmanuel TV to him and he installed it in his home. Upon watching, he and his wife were encouraged to see the testimonies of others in the same predicament. They decided to visit The SCOAN themselves and received the Anointing Water. They returned home, ministered it on themselves, prayed together and met as husband and wife. Indeed, that very same month, his wife conceived! Amazed at this miracle, he went back to the doctor and the same test was conducted on his sperm. The results confirmed his miracle as his sperm count had returned to normal! Their advice: “Believe in God – distance is not a barrier. Have faith in God – the God who did it for us will do it for you!

During the mass prayer, spiritual chains were broken as people prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua in these divinely inspired prayer points:

“I want to talk to your heart: You, heart, contact the Spirit of God. Faith is of man’s heart. Whatever barrier between your heart and the Spirit of God, begin to break it, in Jesus’ name. Whatever hindrance between your heart and the Spirit of Father, begin to break it, in Jesus’ name.”

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