The kingdom of darkness was in total shambles on Sunday November 22, 2015 as God’s power descended mightily in the service at The SCOAN. In a message titled, LIBERTY FROM ANXIETY, Evangelist Bolaji captured the sad reality staring the Christian race in the face. Many have allowed the worries and cares of this transient world to weaken their faith in God and His promise of eternal glory. She defined anxiety as an enemy of progress in a Christian’s life as it tends to pitch him or her against their belief in God.



Our personal cares for the present, future, family and others are capable of changing our focus from running the straight race with God, especially when they arise from unbelief and distrust. Therefore, don’t be agitated and thrown into confusion. Worries about tomorrow do not advance our cause at all; they are absolutely useless. Remember that anxiety distracts one’s mind and hinders our interest in the service of God”.


The faith-destroying tendencies of anxiety notwithstanding, Evangelist Bolaji provided a Spirit-inspired recipe for all Christians to remain focused on God and His everlasting promises.


“Free yourself in the Word of God. When your spirit is free, it becomes sensitive to the Spirit of God. Do you want a free spirit? Keep your heart from cares. He who bore the burdens of our sorrows, worries, fears, cares and anxieties desires us to leave it entirely for Him because He alone knows what it takes to give us rest. Why don’t we trust Him and let Him prove Himself? After all, He is the Governor of our future – He owns the future”.


SCOAN Evangelists, sent by Prophet T.B. Joshua, led the congregants in yet another round of Mass Prayer that was massive in every sense of the word. Stubborn spirits, yokes, curses and sundry afflictions were broken by the power in the name of Jesus. Age-long demonic entanglements were disentangled as the atmosphere of prayer grew in intensity. Those who had been poisoned spiritually received deliverance as they vomited all evil deposits in their systems to the glory of God.


With all the songs of reverence to the Almighty God emanating from the choir, the testimonies that followed were indeed a reflection of one fact – GOD’S WORD WILL NEVER RETURN TO HIM VOID WITHOUT ACCOMPLISHING THAT WHICH IT HAS BEEN SENT TO ACHIEVE IN THE LIVES OF HIS CHILDREN.




Mr Jack Washington, a native of Rivers state, residing in Abuja, Nigeria, was diagnosed with diabetes and suffered from the effects of the disease for eight long years. Psychologically and financially, he was not having the best of experiences. Aside the numerous places he had visited in search of a never-coming solution, he also had to bear the brunt of consuming a cocktail of medicines, both orthodox and non-orthodox. He would always wake up at night to empty his bladder indiscriminately; sometimes, he did so twenty times in a night! Weakness of the body and internal heat were other issues he had to battle with.


Knowing that his family had an infamous reputation of producing diabetics, he was afraid and hoped that his case would not be like that of his mother who was sent to her grave by the disease. Something urgent had to be done for Mr Washington to carry on with the good life he had always envisaged. A friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV, having also experienced the hand of God through the ministry. Convinced that his friend’s testimony was enough proof to cement his own faith in God, he made up his mind and started praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua.


Praying with the man of God on Emmanuel TV soon became a daily affair to the extent that he never went to bed without doing so. One day, while praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he felt something like a shock. After moments of contemplating what was going on with him, he discovered that the perennial internal heat that had troubled his sleep and comfort was no more. An inexplicable level of calmness took over his life. Gradually, all the other debilitating symptoms of diabetes became extinct. A visit to his doctors later confirmed that his blood sugar level had returned to normal. His joy knew no bounds as he thanked God for the seamless miracle that had taken place in his life. He advised people to cultivate strong faith in God in order to receive His blessings.



When her aunty presented her with the offer of coming over to Italy to seek greener pastures, her heart leapt with exuberant joy. The prospects of working and earning foreign currency thrilled her. Above all, the prestige associated with living abroad, especially in Europe made her grab the offer without looking back. But for Blessing, what awaited her in Italy was a far cry from her expectations. The Nigerian adventurer from Benin soon realised that not all that glitters is gold.


Faced with the grim reality of working as a prostitute to earn a living in a strange land, she had no option than to dance to the irresponsible tunes of her so-called aunty. The camp followers of the illicit trade soon found their ways into her life. Cigarette and Indian hemp smoking were habits she had to live with for twenty five years. She emaciated at some point when the smoking habit took the place of good food in her life. Even the Italian whom she later married was also hooked on those substances. He would smoke himself to stupefying heights and damn the consequences. He never believed in God. He lived his life on the spur of the moment. In a nutshell, husband and wife were a notorious tag-team in the smoking art.


But an encounter with Emmanuel TV soon brought the storm of their lives to an end. Inspired by the Spirit-filled programmes, Blessing’s life was transformed. Those dirty habits became things of the past. As she got and continued to minister the Morning Water on herself and her stubborn husband, the reality and intensity of their transformation became visible to all. For a woman who had smoked for twenty five years, it is now exactly two years since she parted ways with the spirit behind smoking. The husband has also been delivered from that spirit of smoking through the medium of the Morning Water.


Thanking God for rescuing them from that destructive path, Blessing radiated undiluted peace of mind while calling on viewers all over the world to grab the wonderful healing, deliverance and blessings through the medium of the Morning Water anointed by Jesus Christ.



Mr and Mrs Bassey Enefiok were searching for the fruit of the womb. For six years, they did everything within their human capacity but still could not bring about the cry of a baby in the family. Mrs Enefiok had been suffering from some complications right from childhood and had to come under the surgeon’s knife on six different occasions. Those complications played a major role in ensuring that she never had a child. While she managed to bear the social consequences of childlessness, she continued to look for solution until she came across Emmanuel TV.


Having attuned themselves to Emmanuel TV and the power of God manifested at The SCOAN, the couple came down to the church and received the Morning Water. Ministering the Morning Water and believing in God for a miracle, Mrs Enefiok eventually became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy after nine months. With the coming of their child also came financial breakthrough and abundance. The couple’s businesses began to boom as money also came from different angles. God also blessed them with a home of their own and an exotic car for their mobility.


Thanking God for the turn-around in their fortunes, the couple advised people all over the world to hearken to the counsels of God’s Prophets, stressing that the Morning Water is a product of prophetic insight God sent to mankind through Prophet T.B. Joshua. She then happily told the congregation that she is currently pregnant with her second child!



Mr Simeon Boafo-Lartey had borrowed some money from a bank with the intention of investing into a business. Unfortunately, his plans hit the brick wall; the business never materialised even as the money also went down the drain. The bank would not take any of his excuses; instead, the management resorted to selling his house which he had used as collateral for the loan. It was a pretty embarrassing scenario for Mr Boafo-Lartey and his family. Though he lived in the house, the bank had sold it and was only waiting to throw him out. He was like a man on house arrest. Worried about the development, he contacted his son in the US who sent down some money for their upkeep. But rather than convert the money to domestic use, Mr Boafo-Lartey used it to fund his journey to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria.


During a Sunday service at The SCOAN, he received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning his indebtedness to the bank. The man of God urged him to pay the loan and also prophesied about a land through which his freedom from debt would come. Before leaving The SCOAN for his country, he also received the Morning Water. When he got to Ghana, he continued to minister the Morning Water while calling on God to change his situation from bad to good. Not quite long after he had started ministering the Morning Water, he received a call from a friend who was in search of land. It was from the sale of that land that he raised the money to settle his debt with the bank.


After clearing his loan, reprieve came the way of his family as other miracles started coming in turns. His garage which could not boast of a single vehicle now has a fleet of 12 trucks parked therein. Mr Boafo-Lartey was also blessed with a Toyota Land cruiser. Testifying in company of his visibly elated wife, he advised people all over the world to never lose hope in God.



Mr Etu Ernest from Edo State, Nigeria was a rampant womaniser to the extent that he went to the cemetery to bury charms in order to win the heart of a woman whom his friend was having an affair with. A native doctor had prepared the charm for him but it did not work even after a second attempt. Instead of winning the heart of the girl in question, dead people approached and interacted with him in his dreams. At that point, he was fed up and needed an escape route.


Even with a legally married wife, Mr Ernest could not be satisfied sexually. He would camp in hotels with different women without the knowledge of his wife. Most of his concerned friends wondered how he lavished his money when some of them were already doing good things with theirs. It was disheartening for them to realise that while they were making investments against the rainy day, he was frolicking in self-delusion with women of easy virtue and building his own castles in the air.


When it dawned on him that the life he was living was abnormal, he came down to The SCOAN in search of redemption. Seated during a Sunday service, his case was prophetically spotted by Prophet T.B. Joshua who told him about his escapades at the graveyard. After the prophecy, he received deliverance and is now enjoying a new lease of life in Christ Jesus. Blessed with the Morning Water and Morning Stickers, Mr Ernest has continued to wax stronger and stronger in faith. God has restored his troubled marriage as he now has time for his wife; they both plan the progress of their family unlike in the past. Mr Ernest is also doing better in his job and has received the blessing of a new car from God.


Testifying further on his deliverance, he also recalled his miraculous protection during an accident in which his former car somersaulted and yet did not have any dent or cause any injury to him. Instead, he was miraculously lifted to safety by a strange hand. According to Mr Ernest, the ministration of the Morning Water which had since become a daily practice coupled with the Morning Stickers on the windscreen of the vehicle, were the medium through which God granted him his miraculous escape from that accident. He advised people not to run from God but to run to Him.



On Sunday November 15, 2015, Prophet T.B. Joshua sent evangelists to continue their Spirit-filled raid on the kingdom of darkness through a power-packed Mass Prayer that witnessed a colossal dismantling of strongholds and the deliverance of chained destinies during church service. Many vomited strange substances which their souls had been contaminated with through spiritual pollution. Others manifested demonic possession and eventually got loosed for life through the blood of Jesus present in the Morning Water. The testimonies that followed showed the efficacy of prayer and further buttressed the fact that The SCOAN is indeed the Arena of Liberty. As the Choir interjected intermittently with their songs, the congregants exuded so much faith and with their response to the melodies, suggested that it was their turn to arise and shine.

EVANGELIST MICHELLEEvangelist Michelle, in a message titled HEART OF THE MATTER, called on Christians to cultivate a pure heart that is capable of connecting with Heaven by meditating on the Word in Spirit and in truth as that is the only way they can guarantee themselves a place in God’s Kingdom. Taking a lead from 1 Samuel 16 which expresses God’s preference for our hearts rather than our outward appearances, she summed up the heart of the matter with the following words: “The Bible is telling us here that the condition of our heart is critical in our walk with the Lord. We need a free spirit, a free heart to connect with Heaven. If God dwells in your heart, it is Heaven but if satan dwells in it, your heart is hell because your heart is the communication point, contact point between the visible and the invisible, between God or satan. Your heart is the contact point for Heaven or hell depending of what you focus on, what you give your attention to and what you meditate on all day long.”



Miss Ofurum Confidence was possessed with a legion of marine spirits right from birth. As she grew up, the spirits began to manifest in her life. They would visit her physically and do her bidding because she was queen in the marine world and wielded some powers and influence over them. She had had physical encounters with the giant man, snake, queen of the coast and ancestral spirit. They usually carried out her orders whenever she wanted to deal with any perceived enemy or someone who had hurt or offended her. In all, she had a total of 120 spirits living inside her. MISS OFUKUM CONFIDENCE

Anytime she got upset at home, she would make the house uninhabitable for other family members. She would reach for the nearest weapons such as kitchen knives and scissors and use then to scare everyone away from the house. Even her elder brother would not stand her physically. Her stubbornness and boldness were so frightening to the extent that she fought a teacher in her school and had to be expelled by the school authorities for her escapade.  For her, she was somewhat above the law and untouchable.

She had powers that she deployed whenever she wanted to deal with those who stepped on her toes. Her left finger could spell doom for anyone who offended her each time she raised it while commanding a misfortune to happen to the person. Her eyes had their own powers; to magnetise, seduce and attract men or women whom she wanted to have as friends. Her legs also had their own powers. Whenever she stepped into a place, she caused distractions with them as everyone present would fix their eyes on her.

She smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol and had a strange love for corpses. Each time someone was about to die in her vicinity, some demons would inform her. And until she saw their corpses, she would not be satisfied. She went on with her rampaging life until that Sunday at The SCOAN when the power of the Most High through the medium of the Morning Water brought all the demons propelling her life to destruction to their feet.

While the evangelist was ministering the Morning Water on congregants, the demons in her could not stand the heat and had to manifest. First it was the giant man followed by the snake spirit and then the queen of the coast followed by the ancestral spirit. Even though the demons were clearly being pummelled by the fire of the Holy Ghost, their host was not willing to be brought to her knees as she ran helter-skelter, screaming “fire…fire”. As the demons left one after the other, the man of God who was in Tanzania sent a message instructing the evangelist to minister the Morning Water on her feet. As soon as that was done, the unyielding, stubborn and aggressive demons went crumbled like a pack of cards. Surely, the centre and source of her evil powers had been located and dismantled through the prophetic insight of the man of God.

Thanking God for her deliverance in company of her mother and elder brother, Miss Confidence expressed joy for finding a new life of freedom in Christ Jesus.


Mr Gordon Danlaadi from Ghana was doing very well in his musical instruments business and was travelling around the worldMR GORDON DANLAADI until the unfortunate winds of life blew sorrow to his direction. Between 2008 and 2009, his business crumbled. He lost everything, including his wife and was left with a huge debt profile. Life became a mere shadow of itself even as he resigned to his fate. Like Job, nothing mattered anymore other than God. He sought God through Emmanuel TV and kept his fainting hope alive with the channel. According to Mr Danlaadi, if not for Emmanuel TV, he would have died.

Coming down to The SCOAN to further cement his faith in God, he was shocked to receive a prophecy from the man of God. “…have you paid the money?” asked the man of God. Mr Danlaadi was shocked knowing that his indebtedness to the bank was a top secret between him and the financial institution. He however buttressed his belief in the prophetic gift of the man of God and received the Morning Water which he continued to minister in prayer when he returned to Ghana. After a while, he was able to raise money to pay off his debt but was still doing nothing business-wise.

Suddenly, he received a call from his business partners who queried his long absence from China. It was after he explained his experiences to them that they decided to start supplying him goods on credit with the grace of payment after months. It was from there that his story began to change for the better. Today, Mr Danlaadi owns an unprecedented roofing factory in the northern part of Ghana, employing up to 100 workers. The commissioning of the factory was graced by the crème de la crème of northern Ghana, including regional ministers and chiefs. Thanking God for wiping away his tears of despair, Mr Danlaadi urged people to hold on to Him at all times.


Mrs Anna Ben, a nurse from Zamfara, Nigeria was diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis and was advised by doctors to seek further medical attention in India. Because of the waist pain and other debilitating symptoms that she experienced, her job was threatened as she could hardly do anything without assistance. Matters got worse when she was told that she would use a lumbar corset and analgesics for life. But refusing to accept the reality before her, she came down to The SCOAN to seek God’s help. MRS ANNA BEN (1)

At The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water and prayers from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. As soon as she received the Morning Water, she discarded the lumbar corset and continued to minister it to herself amid prayers. In a short while, all the symptoms disappeared. She began to walk withouMRS ANNA BEN (2)t assistance and is now totally healed of lumbar spondylosis. Mrs Ben also testified to the goodness of God in the life of her daughter who was granted fruit of the womb after ministering the Morning Water with her husband. Today, they are blessed with a two year-old baby boy to the glory of God. She advised viewers all over the world to take the Morning Water seriously as it is a gift from God to mankind.


kuthala awunzieWhen Mrs Khuthala Awunzie was pregnant with her son, she had serious complications resulting in bleeding. The doctors had
advised her to abort the baby as it might not survive. But believing in God, she carried on with the pregnancy and eventually delivered a premature baby at seven months. After the baby was born, it was placed in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. While the baby was in the ICU, Mr Awunzie dashed down to The SCOAN and got the Morning Water which he ministered on the baby on return to South Africa. Within two days of ministering the Morning Water, doctors had certified the baby fit for a discharge. Since then till today, the baby who is now a 4 year-old boy has not fallen ill.

At a time when poverty and career setback were setting into her life, Mrs Awunzie came to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. She had resigned her employment due to frustration and was not even asked by her employers the reason for her resignation. But after receiving and ministering the Morning Water, the same employers who accepted her resignation recalled her and placed her on a higher position with a better pay package. Even her husband who also had his own share of the abject poverty now has three different companies including a commercial laundry after ministering the Morning Water. Today, husband and wife have two exotic cars and are proud to be a blessing to others, in Jesus’ name.


15-11-2015 [CH] (16)Mrs Aboh Doris from Delta state was a broadcast journalist who suffered serious rejection before she eventually got a job. Even when she did get a job, disappointments, delays and failure to remunerate her became issues she had to deal with. She was spurred to start her own media outfit but could not sustain that for long as challenges thwarted all her efforts to meet
deadlines. In a nutshell, she inexplicably could not satisfy her clients. She got confused and was even becoming a menace to her marital life as her husband queried the essence of her going out every time when she could not point to one thing she had achieved in the name of her so-called job.

Disturbed by the turn of things in her life, she woke up from sleep one fateful day and glued herself to Emmanuel TV through which she got the inspiration to carry on with her life. She had watched the testimony of a lady who received her breakthrough at The SCOAN and decided to visit the church. Coming down to Lagos from Delta state, she was at The SCOAN gate but was deceived to return to her state by an evil voice within her which told her that there was nothing for her at the Arena of Liberty. As she embarked on the return journey, another voice told her to go back to The SCOAN where her breakthrough was waiting for her. In fulfilment of a dream in which she encountered the man of God assuring her of her breakthrough, the mMRS ABOH DORIS YERI & FAMILYan of God prayed for her and gave her the Morning Water. After she ministered the Morning Water, things began to change. She eventually got a job with Africa Magic and afterwards got the opportunity to cover a national event at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. She travelled widely across the African continent and also established a multi-million naira studio.

To crown all her efforts, her continuous ministration of the Morning Water led to her being appointed as the Senior Special Adviser on Media to the Deputy Governor of her state. Singing with unbridled joy and confidence before The SCOAN congregation in company of her family, Mrs Aboh Doris also thanked God for providing a home for her immediate family plus a car gift she received from her husband in appreciation of God’s glory in her life. In her parting statement, she sang of her encounter with destiny-changing solution at The SCOAN, after several futile attempts all over the place.


MISS MARIA CHIAZORMiss Maria Chiazor had thought that her ambition to study Nursing would end up a pipe dream due to the sad reality of her parents’ inability to provide funds to see her through at the Institute of Public Health in Niger Republic. But being a member of the Youth Department of The SCOAN, the benevolent hands of God would soon locate her. In the angst of all the financial tension facing her family, The SCOAN Scholarship Programme came to her rescue. All her tuition and sundry fees were paid. She also received spiritual guidance from the man of God who gave her the Faith Bracelet and the Morning Water.

At the end of her studies, Miss Chiazor came out on top with a First Class honours. Currently undergoing her National Youth Service Corps programme, she thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners to rescue her education which was threatened by lack of finance. She advised youths to pursue their education with utmost passion and remain focused. She equally urged them to work as if everything depends on them and pray as if everything depends on God.

EVANGELIST EVELYN JOSHUAOn Sunday November 8, 2015, congregants at The SCOAN witnessed God’s presence in an elaborate fashion. The multi-lingual deliveries of the Choir carried everybody along and ignited the passion for true praise and worship in the minds of all those present. The time of Mass Prayer witnessed the bombardment of the kingdom of darkness from many fronts. Unclean spirits which could not withstand the onslaught of the power of God succumbed to the anointing by manifesting through their victims before they were cast out in Jesus’ mighty name never to return.

In her short but explosive message titled THE WAY OF THE CROSS, Evangelist Evelyn Joshua highlighted the precocity of God’s grace in the lives of His creation, especially those who have been redeemed by the death of Christ on the Cross. The core essence of her message is captured in the following words: “But if the battle were for the strong or the race for the swift, there would have been no basis for the promise of hope – for people like you and I, without fast legs, smoothness of tongue or power to inspire. Many a good man, dedicated and hard working spend their days unnoticed and uncelebrated. What can you say? God knows we are weak that is why He chooses grace.” In a closing prayer, she commended all who received the message to depend upon the grace of God.


Right from childhood, MRS MARIA .C.SAKALA suffered from bronchial asthma. She was allergic to smoke, dust and all perfume fragrances. As she grew up, her attempts to control the condition resulted in her romance with alcoholic concoctions through the advice of friends and family who reckoned that a mixture of ginger, garlic and brandy or gin would take care of her problem. But rather than yield the much desired result, she became a drunkard who developed serious dependence on alcoholic beverages just to get through the day. On several occasions, she would lie to her siblings and even steal from her husband in order to satiate her alcoholic appetite, especially on Fridays.

By the time she got married, she found a worthy partner in her husband who himself was prolific in consuming booze. It was a sorry story to see husband and wife hooked on a substance that had destroyed many lives and destinies. However, God intervened in their lives through a friend in Swaziland. They were introduced to Emmanuel TV by that friend and her husband was the first to be touched by God. While watching Emmanuel TV together, Mr Sakala touched the screen and suddenly began to shake and fell to the floor. His wife dismissed it as a result of drunkenness. After that moment of an encounter with Jesus Christ through Emmanuel TV till today, he has not taken alcohol. For Mrs Sakala, she was not so easily taken with the channel and continued asking money from her husband to continue her usual drinking habits. He obliged but each time told her that she would soon join him. Truly, a short time later, Mrs Sakala also gave up her drinking after a while of watching Emmanuel TV and praying with the man of God. She couldn’t even understand how it all happened but she was certain the miracle came through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

Mrs Sakala also testified to her healing from bronchial asthma and an enlarged heart after she was prayed for by the man of God at the Prayer Line. After the prayer, she has not experienced any of those debilitating symptoms anymore. Even when she returned to her country of residence, she discovered she could do those things she could not do before. All subsequent medical reports showed that she now has a clean bill of health. Mrs Sakala, in the spirit of thanksgiving, advised people all over the world to remain steadfast in God.


Mr Henry Preye, a native of Bayelsa State residing in Port Harcourt, was diagnosed with kidney stones. For seven years, heMR HENRY PREYE suffered from severe and excruciating pain. In spite of all the medications he took, there was no solution in sight as the pains continued. A friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV and he afterwards became an ardent viewer of the channel. As he continued to watch Emmanuel TV, his faith grew in leaps and bounds. He became passionate about the healing and miracles that happen at The SCOAN and decided to visit the church.

When he visited The SCOAN, he received the Morning Water and went back home happy and convinced that God would set him free from the health burden he was carrying. As he continued to minister the Morning Water to himself with prayer and fasting, he discovered that those painful symptoms were beginning to subside. This development coincided with his company’s directive to all staff to go for medical check-ups. It was when his medical results came out that it was confirmed that his kidney problem was no more. Today, he is free from the ailment. To further confirm his healing, Mr Preye also passed out the kidney stones through urine after using water therapy as directed by the man of God. Thanking God for his healing, he advised people with similar challenges to know the truth as it would set them free.


HON. DR. LABODEHon. Dr. Ruth Labode is a member of the Zimbabwean parliament. She is a medical doctor by profession and served her region as the first female medical director. After a while, she developed some allergies and decided to go into private business. The business however did not last too long, leaving her indebted to a local bank to the tune of over a hundred thousand US dollars. As she struggled to gather herself together, the bank came asking to recover the debt she owed. At this juncture, she became confused and harboured suicidal thoughts knowing that her only house could be confiscated by the bank and auctioned.

In a chance meeting with the chief executive of another bank, she explained her challenges to the man who afterwards intervened by paying the loan she owed the other bank and spread the repayment for her in a 10-year mortgage plan, thereby ensuring that her house was saved from being auctioned as threatened by the loaner bank. These developments came after she had ministered the Morning Water. As she continued ministering the Morning Water and praying with the Morning Sticker, Dr. Labode, who was just an ordinary nominee, went on to become a member of parliament and was eventually elected the chairperson of the Health Committee. She was also appointed into the national executive committee of her political party.

Thanking God for the legion of blessings bestowed upon her by God through the Morning Water and Morning Sticker, Dr. Labode also noted that her son received a grant he had applied for after they prayed and ministered the Morning Water. He also got a job through the same medium to the glory of God. Dr. Labode advised people to trust in God and have faith Him in whatever they do.


Ms Hannah Bazon from Sierra Leone was given a charm by her mother to use for her ‘success and protection’ yet since then, her life took a destructive turn. She became afflicted with violent spirits, including that of a lion which pushed her to do a tattoo on her hand. She suffered from severe anger and lust and was so violent to the extent that when she caught her only son stealing their neighbour’s meat, she thrust his hands up to the wrist in the flames the meat was cooking in. She would go around fighting even with men.

HANNAH BAZONMembers of her family would always call her to come and fight for them whenever they had quarrels with people. She lied against her stepfather, one of her greatest benefactors in order to take him out of her way because the spirit in her disliked the good works he was doing in her life. She also engaged in prostitution and had a special way of seducing men. She continued to wallow in her pitiable lifestyle until she succumbed to the power of God during Mass Prayer at The SCOAN Sunday service.

During the Mass Prayer, the demon in her spoke out as it crawled menacingly like a wild cat, confessing the many evils it had done to destroy her life and that of her son. Weeping profusely as a sign of regret for all the evil spirit had led her to do against her will, she thanked God for giving her a new beginning through deliverance and advised people, especially parents, to monitor their wards and watch the things they give to them.


Mr Alexander Johnson, a Liberian residing in Ghana was possessed by the spirit of a bush dog which tormented his life with ALEXANDAER JOHNSONseveral other spirits, including anger, lust and poverty. According to him, the genesis of his problem is traceable to his grandfather who was very traditional in nature and who took him to so many places. He recalled one occasion when his grandfather took him to a bush where he was given something that looked like palm wine to drink. Days after that experience, he found himself sleeping with a mentally impaired woman at the tender age of six. Since then, he had been lusting after young girls and elderly women alike. He also developed the spirit of anger after he saw a dog which was unable to bite him in his dream, appear and bite him in the leg the following day.

He had fathered three children from three different women and could not cater for them because he had nothing. The dog spirit also confessed to have been responsible for his poverty. Anytime he had sexual relationship with any woman, that woman’s progress depreciated. He impregnated many women and also helped them to abort the pregnancies. In all, he had aborted about twenty pregnancies. He would later be introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend and was shocked when a prophecy by the man of God concerning Nigeria’s qualification for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa came to pass. After that experience, he made up his mind to visit The SCOAN.

Present in the church auditorium during a Sunday service, he manifested the dog spirit when authority was taken in the name of Jesus to pull down strongholds and wicked spirits as the Mass Prayer went on. Mr Johnson was eventually delivered and is now enjoying that inner peace and freedom associated with a soul that has found rest and restoration through Christ Jesus. He advised people to run to God whenever they notice strange things in their lives as events which seem ordinary may have extraordinary effects in the spirit.


MR& MRS EMMANUEL KOLO & CHILDRENMrs Kolo had come to The SCOAN with the problem of severe chest pain but received an entirely different prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Seated in the church auditorium, the man of God walked up to her and told her that there was a letter for her husband. At first she looked confused but eventually it dawned on her that the man of God was very correct with the prophetic message he had given her. Concerning her chest pain, all efforts by her husband who is a medical doctor, to treat her proved abortive as she had to be referred to a senior doctor. After several tests, nothing was found. The doctors, in their own human reasoning advised her not to get pregnant with the condition as it could threaten her life. She could not sleep at night and found it very difficult to drive. However, after her encounter with the man of God where after he had prayed for her, the pain disappeared. She now does those things she could not do before. She has even given birth to a baby girl to the glory of His name.

For Mr Kolo, the prophecy the man of God gave to his wife about a letter came to be fulfilled in multiple dimensions. Having prayed over the prophecy together with his wife amid ministration of the Morning Water, Mr Kolo received a letter after two weeks from the office of the Registrar, Bayero University Kano, confirming his promotion from the rank of Lecturer 1 to Senior Lecturer. Afterwards, he received a letter from the National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria appointing him as an Examiner even though he does not have the pre-requisite qualification. In the same vein, after one year, the West African College of Surgeons also appointed him as an Examiner without having the full qualification there either. In August 2015, he received another letter from the Registrar of Bayero University confirming that his papers have been submitted for consideration for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor.

Mr Kolo also received another letter from the Federal Government confirming him as one of the lucky applicants who won the YouWin grant for small scale businesses. In spite of all the challenges he encountered along the way, he was able to navigate his way out through the ministration of the Morning Water. He eventually got a letter affirming that he has been awarded a 10 million naira grant to start an ear, nose and throat clinic in Kano. Mr Kolo has dedicated his services mostly to the poor and less- privileged. He observed that his inspiration to help the poor and needy came from the counsels of the man of God who encourages people to reach out to the needy.

Finally, those who go the way of the Cross must understand that to a man of faith nothing is lacking while everything is necessary. God is concerned about you and the gracious call Christ gave to us to come to Him encourages our hope, that when we come to Him, we will receive freedom, power and grace, deliverance, healing and all of God’s blessings. May the Lord strengthen you to go the way of the Cross, in Jesus’ name.

EVANG. ANNE (1)The SCOAN Sunday service of November 1, 2015 reflected the generality of human experience across the world. The congregants sang and danced along with the church choir, irrespective of the harsh realities in the outside world. They seemed to suggest that once they are inside the Arena of Liberty, all their problems and challenges are gone forever. Evangelist Anne’s message titled THE PRESENTATION OF EVIL also captured the prevailing circumstances around the world. It echoed the deceptive realities that the devil has continued to use to pull many souls to his side. The façades called wealth and fame are good but, according to Evangelist Anne, a good Christian must not put them first before God. She summed up her admonition to Christians to be wary of satan and his chameleonic antics lest they begin to see the presentation of evil in good light: “If you are focused only on making money or acquiring possessions, a large slice of life will pass you by because a focus on materialism diverts our devotion from God Almighty to the god of wealth; distracts our mind and hinders our interest in the service of God. Though possessions are a useful support, we should not put our trust in them rather, they should be in reverence to God. Those with the most positive impact on society are not so much concerned with fame or fortune”.



MR MOSES MASENYAMr Moses Masenya had three different certificates, including two distinctions in Chemical Engineering and Production Management and yet could not lay his hands on a job. Even when he once had an opportunity to attend a job interview, he was told that he was over-qualified and therefore, could not be employed. At a time, he tried to conceal his qualifications in order to get a job but nothing was forthcoming. He became more and more confused and depressed as most of his mates were already working with big companies and cruising in flashy cars. Many people mocked him and rubbished all his educational qualifications. Even when he eventually got a job, it was one to ensure that he did not die of hunger as he lived from hand to mouth with very tight and insufficient finances.

As he faced the grim reality of hardship and stagnation, friends and family deserted him. He even became scared of associating with people because of his poverty. His visits to different prophets and prayer mountains did not yield any results. All encouragement by well-wishers seemed not to have any positive effect on him as he continued in his romance with hard times. His constant depression was not going down well with his wife who always encouraged him to socialise with friends in order to dispel the tension that had been causing the depression. It was on one of such socialisation visits to a family friend that he encountered Emmanuel TV. The teeming testimonies of people who had experienced the benevolent hands of God at The SCOAN encouraged him to believe that his case would not be an exception. He could not resist the alluring prospects of visiting The SCOAN.

When he finally arrived at The SCOAN, he received yoke-breaking prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua and also got the Morning Water with which he returned to his country. Dedicated to his prayers and the ministration of the Morning Water, he continued to call on God to change the story of his life which had been at point zero. In a matter of months, his life was transformed in a manner that defied human reasoning. What he could not achieve in twenty years, came to him on God’s platter of gold, within one year. Today, he is the proud owner of an agro-allied business factory in Johannesburg with many staff under his employment. He also owns a fleet of exotic cars and has become benefactor to many including the less privileged in society. Thanking God for lifting him from zero to hero, he urged people all over the world to realise that life is full of tests that are meant to be passed before breakthroughs come.


MR & MRS PIUS ODIAKA OKOHOFor four years, Mrs Ijeoma Odiaka and her husband could not hear the cry of a child in their home. They had been declared barren due to certain infections. For Mrs Odiaka, it was candidiasis and hormonal imbalance while Mr Odiaka had low sperm count. Their inability to bear children was a pill too bitter to swallow as they faced the social embarrassment that follows such conditions. Last year, the couple visited The SCOAN and received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. They also received the Morning Water. They continued to minister the Morning Water amid prayers while hoping expectantly for a miracle. Within one month, Mrs Odiaka was confirmed pregnant by her doctors.

Mr Odiaka confirmed that Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared in his dreams on several occasions and ensured that no complications arose from the pregnancy. According to him, the man of God always appeared in those dreams to adjust the baby whenever it was not positioned properly. After nine months, Mr and Mrs Odiaka welcomed their first baby christened Odiaka Happiness Chukwuemeka [‘God has done it’]. Testifying with joy radiating all over her face, Mrs Odiaka declared that the sorrow and tears they had experienced for those four years have been replaced by joy unspeakable in the mighty name of Jesus through the medium of the Morning Water and the Faith Bracelet. The couple reminded viewers all over the world that with God, all things are possible, while pledging to train the child in the way of the Lord.


Mr Moses Simone from Cameroon came from a poor background and was left to face the stark realities of a troubled world after he lost his parents in his childhood. Even though he was very brilliant in primary school, what he would later get from life was totally incongruous with his expectations. He took to the trade he had learnt in order to see himself through the uneasy journey of life. But he was soon to realise that not all that glitters is gold. As he would later discover, a woman he had taken as his own mother, unknowingly cast an evil spell on him and opened his soul to demonic possession with the spirit of a bush  pig and spiritual wife. She had picked an instrument and asked him to keep it in a basket inside his blacksmithing shop, only for him to discover that she had also placed a strange stone in the same place.MR MOSES SIMON

Moments after that episode, Mr Simone found himself covered with cobwebs. He would later dream that night of himself being chased menacingly by masquerades. Other evil dreams became a recurring decimal. He would either dream of climbing high mountains, having sex or sleeping in the midst of bush pigs. His life became terrible in reality. The spirit of womanising soon took over him. Even when he did not go for women, they came for him. His social life deteriorated and saw him father four children with four different women. The legion of demons that had taken over him soon ensured that he lost everything; he had lost hope and was only living like a kite tossed helter-skelter by the winds without the will power to take redemptive decisions.

During a Sunday service, while the evangelists were leading Mass Prayer, the anointing was so hot that Mr Simone could not stand the fire. He had tried to heed the advice of a voice which had told him to run away when the power of God located him. Like a bush pig sniffing through the gutters, Mr Simone manifested the demonic influence under which his life had been kept. The demons spoke through him in turns, explaining how they had ruined his life: “We are many…I met him at the shop side and destroyed him…his marriage has problems, problems everyday…” He was eventually delivered through the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

Testifying with an intermittent outbreak of uncontrollable tears, Mr Simone lamented the torment he suffered in the hands of those evil spirits and how they had almost destroyed himm if not for God’s intervention at The SCOAN. Radiating the inestimable joy of his new found freedom in Christ Jesus, he thanked God for his deliverance and redemption.


Mr Emitimi Akassa Stephen is not one that would step out of his house without praying and ministering the Morning Water on himself and his entire family. He also has the Morning Sticker on his vehicle’s windscreen at every point in time. While driving, in the company of five other passengers some days back, his brakes had failed on the highway and the devil was already celebrating the havoc that would befall them. In the face of that chaotic scenario, Mr Stephen summoned the courage to call on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come to their rescue. As the vehicle sped on without a break, it somersaulted before crashing into another vehicle. But none of the passengers, including Mr Stephen, was hurt.

Testifying in company of his wife and expressing his gratitude to God for protecting them from danger, Mr Stephen observed that it was incredible the way God saved their lives, going by the magnitude of damage on both his vehicle and the one it crashed into. According to him, onlookers were shocked to discover that no one lost his life in an accident that looked so ghastly. He attributed the miracle to his constant ministration of the Morning Water and the use of the Morning Sticker on the windscreen of his vehicle. He urged everyone to believe in God and focus on Him as the only solution to their problems.


Mr Loly Shalishali is a DR Congo national residing in Canada. For fourteen years, he was stuck in alcoholism to the extent that he would use all of his salary to drink and later resort to regret. His drinking was daily; from Monday to Sunday. It was a destructive routine that sapped not only his finances but his spiritual life. He was defenceless in the hands of the spirit of alcoholism and had no idea how to set himself free. Unhappy with the perilous turn his life was taking, he became sober and started nurturing the urge to get close to God. A friend would eventually introduce him to Emmanuel TV.MR LOLY SHALISHALI

One day, after getting himself soaked in booze, he was at home watching Emmanuel TV and was moved by the prayers going on at that particular moment. The man of God said that distance was not a barrier and urged viewers all over the world to touch the screen of their TVs. As soon as he touched the screen of his TV, he found himself on the ground. After that experience, all efforts he made to drink did not go down well with him. Within weeks, the urge to drink had completely left him. As he continued to pray via Emmanuel TV, things he could not achieve in fourteen years came to him in a matter of months. His dream of travelling abroad came to fruition after the UN resettlement programme selected him to travel to Canada. His visa was granted without the usual hassles involved. By the time he arrived in Canada, he got an office job he never applied for through divine connection. His quest for another child also materialised after he ministered the Morning Water. His wife would subsequently deliver another baby boy to the glory of God. Mr Shalishali urged people all over the world, especially those struggling with any form of substance abuse, to seek God for their total freedom.


Mr and Mrs Marcel Anarah are Nigerians residing in Germany. For many years, they had suffered from the problem of barrenness due to some medical conditions. While her husband had low sperm count, Mrs Anarah was diagnosed with fibroid. As they continued to search for solutions without results, they were introduced to Emmanuel TV. Upon watching the channel, their faith was rekindled with the level of yoke-breaking miracles that they observed on the channel.MR & MRS MARCEL IFEANYI ANARAH Having been convinced that God is truly at The SCOAN, they came down to Nigeria to visit the Arena of Liberty.

At The SCOAN, they were placed on the Prayer Line where they received prayers and were given the Morning Water. On their return to Germany, husband and wife continued to minister the Morning Water while calling on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to answer their prayer. In a matter of months, Mrs Anarah became pregnant and went on to deliver a baby girl safely to the glory of the Most High. Testifying in high spirits and gratitude to God, the couple advised people all over the world to run to God no matter the level of their problems.


Mr Abuh Adama is a retired Assistant Director with the State Security Service of Nigeria. The Kogi state indigene is currently a Security Consultant to many state governments. By every world standard, he is an accomplished security expert with thirty five years experience. But he had serious spiritual issues to contend with in his family. His businesses suffered collapse. His son, who used to be a passionate Christian evangelist in school, suddenly became a drug and alcohol addict after graduation. The other son had graduated from school for ten years without a job to show it. His daughter’s graduation was marred by allegations from the university that she had carry-over courses to cover. The issue dragged on endlessly. Troubled by his children’s cases, Mr Adama decided to visit The SCOAN in the company of his children.MR ADAMS ABUH & FAMILY

Though the journey was almost truncated by the family idol which tried to discourage the father through his son’s careless utterances, Mr Adama ensured through prayer that he stepped into the Arena of Liberty. At The SCOAN, reprieve came the way of Mr Adama during the Morning Water ministration. As the Morning Water was being ministered in Jesus’ name, Mr Adama fell under the anointing and began to manifest the demon that had been tormenting his family. The demon identified itself as a family idol and confessed to be behind the family’s myriad problems. It confessed to be the one destroying the lives and careers of his children. The family idol also confessed to be the one behind his broken marriage and many sundry challenges facing the family. As the evangelist ministered the Morning Water on Mr Adama, the idol, which was apparently under bombardment from the fire of the Holy Ghost, succumbed and was cast out of Mr Adama.

After his deliverance, things have changed for Mr Adama and his children. The mighty hand of God has indeed wiped away the many tears of anguish he had wept in the past. His children’s jobs and careers have now been restored even as his own life has taken a promising turn for the best. Thanking God for redeeming his family from the wicked idol, Mr Adama urged people all over the world to put their trust in God.


Mrs Fatmata Kargbo is a civil servant from Sierra Leone. For over ten years, she had used glasses to read. One day while watching Emmanuel TV from her Freetown residence, she was impressed with the deliverance of a particular brother from Cameroon and decided to join the Mass Prayer from the comfort of her home by placing her hand on the screen of the TV. With a very strong faith, as soon as her hand touched the screen of the TV, she realised she could see well without glasses. Since that day in 2012, she has not used her glasses anymore.MRS FATMATA KAGBO

Mrs Kargbo returned to The SCOAN for thanksgiving and received the Morning Water. By the time she went back to her country, she continued to minister the Morning Water and to use her Morning Sticker. She also fasted on several occasions. Then, came the notice of examination for civil servants who were eyeing promotion to the next level. Before she went for the exams, she ministered the Morning Water and placed the Morning Sticker in her answer sheets. After the exams, she came out with flying colours and was promoted to the position of Permanent Secretary in the Sierra-Leonean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thanking God for her healing and promotion, Mrs Kargbo also testified to the great works God did for her country through Prophet T.B. Joshua who sent a consignment of the Morning Water through a chartered jet to the Ebola-affected areas of Sierra Leone in August 2014. The man of God also made a cash donation of US$50,000. According to Mrs Kargbo, after the ministration of the Morning Water in the Ebola-affected regions, the disease disappeared finally from those regions to the glory of God.




The SCOAN Sunday service of October 25, 2015 witnessed an outpouring of the Spirit of God in many significant ways. From the soul-lifting songs of the choir to the awe-inspiring testimonies of people who have experienced the power of God in the Arena of Liberty, it was obvious that with God, all things are possible. In her message titled YOUR TRUE PICTURE, evangelist Morenike reminded Christians on the need to look beyond present circumstances and focus more on the bigger picture of their future in God’s hand. According to her, every pain or sickness to the true believer could be his or her path to greatness in God’s divine purpose. She cited the story of Joseph and how, in spite of the pains he went through, still fulfilled God’s plan for his life. The following words from her message would guide us in our Christian walk to realise that a little discomfort is part of the race: “Everybody desires comfort whereas pain sometimes preserves us for a new level in life. Everybody desires good health whereas sickness sometimes preserves us for a new level in life. Everybody desires breakthrough whereas setback sometimes preserves us for a new level in life. Everybody desires freedom, whereas captivity sometimes preserves us for a new level in life.  Those who are capable of seeing beyond their immediate situation know what God says about their situation. They know that a believer’s trouble is not like others, for behind their troubles lie God’s promise for their life”.




Before she visited The SCOAN in 2012, Mrs Mazu Mazibuko from South Africa, suffered from business failure to the extent that she harboured suicidal thoughts. Life was very harsh on her; nothing seemed to work out. After she received her deliverance at The SCOAN, things soon took a prosperous turn. Her business picked up almost immediately after she found herself in a dream in which the man of God was putting some money into her wallet and assuring her of deliverance. After that experience, her business came back strongly. She even acquired a couple of cars.

By 2014, she had opened a new shop in Durban. In early 2015, she got another opportunity to work for an international travel agency and broke a record being the first person to be made a director within the space of one month of employment. She has been invited in company of her husband to Dallas, Texas in the US by the company to come and spend some time with its founders. Thanking God for expanding their business, Mr Mazibuko attributed their favour to prayers while acknowledging that they have been blessed financially. He advised people with the following words, “…don’t be discouraged whenever you face challenges. Hold unto God because what He says about you is what matters”.


An ardent worshipper with The SCOAN, Mr Chukwudi Onah, a worker with a Nigerian offshore oil company always had his Morning Sticker and Morning Water with him wherever he went. That fateful Morning when he was about to board the helicopter, he had the anointed materials in his pocket. He had even ministered the Morning Water as he always did every morning. The delay in the arrival of the aircraft might have been a premonition to the coming tragedy but he never took it to mind. However, when he eventually realised on board that the helicopter conveying him and eleven others to Lagos was nose-diving into the sea, a few metres away from the airport, he called on the God of T.B. Joshua to come to his rescue.

Trapped in the deep with the seat belt of the wrecked aircraft still around his waist and struggling to set himself free, God ministered two powerful words to him. First he heard, “Your seat belt” and thereafter, “Life jacket”. After loosening the seat belt and putting on the life jacket, he was lifted ashore and could behold the skies. From there, he found a life raft in which he took refuge in company of a colleague before fishermen paddled them to the land. The two persons who sat on either side of him in the helicopter lost their lives.

It would be recalled that the Nigerian and international media were awash with the famous helicopter crash that claimed four lives months ago. Thanking God in company of his family and a colleague with whom he boarded the ill-fated helicopter, Mr Onah advised people to realise that with God, all things are possible. He also thanked God for giving him the grace to witness God’s power at work through the great miracles that take place at The SCOAN.


Mrs Phamella Quku and her husband were birds of the same feather. They were both hooked on alcohol and suffered from severe poverty. They would even borrow money to satisfy their alcoholic appetites. They soon became famous for their unwholesome lifestyle. People declined offering them credit because of their debt profile. Their living conditions were abysmally poor. Instead of a clear cut apartment, they managed to sleep in a makeshift abode. Sometimes, Mr Quku would drink himself into a stupor and pass the night in the bush. This problem persisted for fourteen years. All attempts to find a solution yielded no result; not even the charms of herbalists. But Mrs Quku knew she had been initiated in drunkenness through traditional ceremonies observed in her family right from childhood.

After watching Emmanuel TV and witnessing the level of God’s power, they made up their minds to continue worshipping with the ministry. By January 2014, Mr Quku visited The SCOAN and received his deliverance. He was also fortunate to receive the Morning Water with which he prayed along with his wife once in South Africa. In a short while, change came. Firstly, their accumulated debt was cleared. Mr Quku’s salary was increased and the couple commenced and completed the construction of their own house within two months. Mrs Quku urged people to desist from fetish traditional ceremonies as they create more setbacks than progress.


Dr Emmanuel Kolo, a Kano-based medical doctor was faced with a precarious financial situation occasioned by the insecurity that pervaded the community in which he lived. By that time, only the wealthy who could afford to live in government reservation areas, enjoyed some level of safety and social security. Disturbed and distraught by his financial situation, Dr Kolo tried to relocate but was handicapped by lack of money. While grappling with the situation he had found himself in, he found a building to let but was taken aback by the exorbitant rent. The owner of the building had put the rent at 1.2 million naira per annum. Dr Kolo did not have that kind of money and only wished he could get a better deal.

A friend who had visited The SCOAN brought the Morning Water to him and inspired him into praying along with the man of God through Emmanuel TV. After ministering the Morning Water, praying and pasting his prayer requests on Emmanuel TV screen, the landlord who put his rent at 1.2 million naira, came back asking Dr Kolo to pay five hundred thousand naira. As soon as he paid for and relocated to his new house, things took a new turn. Within months of continuous ministration of the Morning Water and pasting of their prayer requests on the Emmanuel TV screen, Dr Kolo and his wife purchased a plot of land and started the construction of their own house.

In spite of the huge amount of money required for the construction of the building, Dr Kolo was able to carry on with the building through favours from people who supplied him building materials on credit and asking him to pay whenever he could. Even the building engineer who had initially looked down on him could not believe that the building would go at a very fast pace. Within twenty four months, Dr Kolo had roofed his house and is currently living there with his family. They enjoy a twenty four hour solar-backed electricity supply as well as a water-supplying borehole. In addition to the building, Dr Kolo has also acquired two other plots of land to be developed in the near future. Praising God for the transformation he has witnessed in his life, he advised people to dig deep and fight through when things are difficult.


Ms Lydia Twala, a South African nurse, remained on the same spot for six years without promotion or any form of elevation. She did not like the way things were happening to her career. All attempts to free herself from that yoke of stagnation remained futile. Even when she had an opportunity to attend an interview for a new role, the questions that were thrown at her by the panel forced her to go back home and cry out to God for help. She knew pretty well that it was only God who could help her out of the bottomless abyss her career had plunged into.

While watching Emmanuel TV one day, she was inspired by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s directive on extending love and care to the relations of the martyrs of faith and decided to embark on a weekly visit to such families. Not quite long after she had started visiting the relations of the martyrs of faith, another job opening came up from her head office. This time, the position advertised was higher than the previous one. Ministering the Morning Water, she prepared and went for the interview. At the interview venue, most of the people she met were more qualified than her. But somehow, she was only asked simple questions and told to describe herself.

After the interview, she continued to thank God. After a short while, she received a phone call informing her of her promotion from a nurse to an Operational Manager for HIV/AIDS Programme for the Johannesburg region. Her remuneration is now doubled with other fringe benefits such as car allowance. Appreciating God before The SCOAN congregation, she urged people to always remember that they are blessed in order to bless others.


Mrs Ndidiamaka Oguamalan is a Chief Superintendent with the Nigerian police. For twenty years, she suffered from a leg ailment that had left her incapacitated and unable to walk freely. While she suffered from the ailment, she was taken to many herbal homes in search of a remedy but only ended up wasting her money as all the concoctions given to her could not bring about any relief. One day while having her hair done in a salon and watching Emmanuel TV, she had come across the kind gesture of Prophet T.B. Joshua towards a police officer who was shot by armed robbers. Moved by the level of love shown to the police officer, she reckoned she would have to visit The SCOAN.

As soon as she visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water, she went back to Anambra and continued to minister it on her ailing legs. Within a short while, the ailing legs returned to their normal state and no longer posed a problem to her. Today, she can walk freely and does the things she could not do in the past. Thanking God for His unending mercies, CSP Oguamalam also praised God for rescuing her from imminent stagnation through the medium of the Morning Water.

A career threatening query that had put her promotion on hold was withdrawn after she had ministered the Morning Water, just before facing a panel that was set up to look into her matter. As soon as she stepped into the boardroom, she was asked to take a bow and go. She was subsequently sent a letter of exoneration, showing that she was innocent of every allegation levelled against her. CSP Oguamalam also revealed how she had encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream. According to her, since that experience, she has become totally free from all the nightmares, eating and sex in the dream that had ravaged her life. She advised people to receive and use the Morning Water in faith.


Professor Mrs Goski Alabi and her husband had come to The SCOAN to thank God for granting them the rare privilege of getting their Open University approved in Ghana when the Almighty God surprised the couple by healing the wife of deafness in the right ear. For over forty years, she had to live with that problem. Oftentimes, during serious meetings where people had to whisper into her ears, she would always nod in the affirmative to pretend that he had heard them when in actual fact, she never heard anything they had said. All efforts to get medical attention were abortive. The amount of money and time invested in trying to get her to hear with the right ear are unquantifiable. But her healing was remarkable in the sense that it took place without anyone touching her or praying for her. She reckoned that her healing is a proof that God is everywhere in the
Arena of Liberty – The SCOAN.

Aside the healing Professor Mrs Alabi experienced inside The SCOAN, their university project was blessed by the Lord to thrive exceedingly as the first of its kind in Ghana, after several attempts by both government and private efforts to establish an Open University in the country. Professor Mrs Alabi had, unknown to her husband, placed the university’s certificate of registration in her bag as they visited The SCOAN the last time. On arriving at The SCOAN, she had presented the document to the man of God who assured them not to worry. By the time she was writing the concept for the university, she ministered the Morning Water on both the certificate of registration and the concept itself. As soon as she submitted the documents, favours started locating them from different angles. Beginning with the certificate of authorisation and institutional accreditation from the government, their university attracted interests from international investors and collaborators like Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio who have been of immense benefit to the institution. Aside the collaborations, the university has also received donations of learning facilities from foreign interests. Husband and wife, filled with joy and the awe of God’s goodness in their lives, advised people to cherish the gifts God has given to this generation through the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Morning Water.


During The SCOAN Sunday service of October 18, 2015, the choir created the enabling environment for the Word to flourish in the minds of the congregants who danced their hearts out in praise and worship of the Most High God. Not minding the harsh economic and political situations around the world, every congregant exuded incomparable confidence in God’s ability to put smiles on their faces because “Jesus conquered the world and gave us victory. Victory, victory, Hallelujah”.

In her message titled FAITH CONFESSION, Evangelist Kemi admonished Christians to cling more unto the power of God to do all things through faith irrespective of the discouraging realities around the world. Speaking further, she said that by faith we please God and live in line with His will for us, “People of God, when we know thEVANGELIST KEMIat the Word is God speaking to us now, it is not difficult for us to act upon it now… God has given us the measure of faith, the Spirit of faith and the Word of faith we would require to live for Him here and now.” In other words, there is nothing a Christian will ask of God or decree with his mouth believing that it is done, that will not be done for him by Heaven. As custodians of God’s Word, Christians have been redeemed to receive their heart’s desires through faith in Christ Jesus.



Mr Zwindofhela Ratshikombo’s problem was hydra-headed. The young South African
MR ZWINDOFHELA PATSHIKOM  was labouring with the yoke of poverty and business failure. The twin morale destroyers were also accompanied by the spirit of lust, womanising and depression. In his desperate search for solution, he was told to go to the graveyard to worship the dead in order to break the yoke that was making his life miserable. But instead of making progress, his graveyard escapades resulted in worse conditions. It took the intervention of his mother for him to fully realise the vanity of his human thinking. A friend who was concerned about his life introduced him to Emmanuel TV through which he developed much passion for the marvellous works of God. Inspired to partake of the glory of God present at The SCOAN, he made up his mind to come to Nigeria. But the challenge was that he had no money to fund the journey. God in His infinite mercies, provided the travel fund through a good Samaritan.

When he got to The SCOAN, he was placed at the Prayer Line where the man of God laid hands on him and also gave him the Morning Water. As soon as he returned to South Africa and continued to minister the Morning Water, things took a glorious dimension in his life. His restaurant business thrived exceedingly even as the spirit of lust and womanising disappeared. He presently employs labour and has highly motivated staff. He owns an exotic car and plans to add a new one soon. Thanking God for his deliverance, he advised people, especially the youth to wait for God’s time.


Mrs Elizabeth Hawa Ellie came MRS ELIZABETH HAWA ELLIE all the way from Sierra Leone with the problem of limitation in progress and career stagnation. But today, it is a different story as she has been elevated to the position of a Permanent Secretary in the office of the Sierra Leonean President through God’s intervention. Prior to her promotion to this enviable position, she was stagnant in one position for a long time. For five years, she was Acting Deputy Secretary but as soon as she visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water, she was promoted to Deputy Secretary and a short time after, she attained the position of Permanent Secretary. Her daughter also received her USA visa and green card breakthrough after she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and ministered the Morning Water. Testifying with gratitude to God’s wondrous ways, she advised people to have faith in God.


MRS DAWN DJOKEY PAYNE & SON (ELOLO) Mrs Dawn Payne from the USA had a history of delivering premature babies. When she was pregnant with little Elolo, doctors had discovered that the unborn baby’s urine was refluxing to his kidneys. Having been born through a Caesarean Section, it was unthinkable that the new born would undergo three surgeries within a month to correct the problem caused by the refluxing urine. After the surgeries, there was rarely any improvement. She was perturbed to see her son with a catheter in his bladder.

The family made arrangements for the baby to be flown to Southampton in the UK for further care and examination. The doctors in the UK discovered that one of his kidneys had been damaged by the constant reflux of urine. The next option left to the doctors in the UK was to do another major surgery to enhance the free flow of urine, which she refused because of the complications that might arise despite all the threats from doctors who reckoned that she did not have the interest of her son at heart. The lad grew with this problem into primary school and was in and out of school due to infections emanating from his health condition. Having exhausted the different options to correct his condition, Mrs Payne resigned to prayer as it was clear that only God could heal her son.

In the midst of all the anguish and sleepless nights that came with her son’s travails, Mrs Payne continued to speak to her son about the Word of God and encouraged him to have an optimistic outlook on life, even though he went about with a catheter bag which seemed to mock the essence of his humanity.

One day, she discovered Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube and later attended a revival arranged by The SCOAN in the UK. She obtained the Morning Water which she ministered in Jesus’ name. While the man of God from The SCOAN service in Lagos, prayed for the congregation live during the revival, her son who was miles away from where she was received his healing. By the time she got home, she discovered he had removed his diapers, saying he did not need them anymore. For the first time in eight years, young Elolo told his mother that he wanted to urinate. After also doing the Water Therapy as introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua, miraculously, he was able to pass a large volume of urine freely without the use of the catheter. On visiting the hospital, doctors discovered that the refluxing urine was no more and his kidneys and bladder had started to function normally. He now does the things he could not do before – he runs around, plays football and rugby and urinates as normal people do. She urged everyone to continue to believe in God even in the face of obstacles.


MR ABRAHAM SAINT Mr Abraham Saint, a gold miner, came all the way from Ghana with the problem of barrenness. He was diagnosed with low sperm count and hepatitis B while his wife was also diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia. For four years, they were not able to have a child. Mr Saint visited The SCOAN where he received life-changing prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, in Jesus’ name. After returning to Ghana, the couple met as husband and wife. She conceived and eventually gave birth to a baby boy christened Joshua. Mr Saint also got business connections that opened travelling doors for him. He is currently on the verge of travelling to China and Thailand to meet with investors. These blessings came on the heels of a dream he had in which he saw the man of God giving him the Morning Water and prophesying to him that investors would look for him for business. To God be the glory!



Leading the charge against the kingdom of darkness, evangelists instructed by Prophet T.B. Joshua, took authority in the name of Jesus Christ to pull down strongholds, set captives free and declare deliverance to the afflicted during a Mass Prayer that was intense in every sense of the word. Many unclean spirits were shown the exit door even as age-long yokes were broken with the demonstration and manifestation of God’s power.

The SCOAN Sunday service of October 11, 2015 was packed with incisive messages that came from different quarters. From the SCOAN Worship Team came songs of praise and worship that reminded congregants of the need to draw nearer to God in an era when the distractions of this world are so prevalent.


Consequently, Evangelist Annette, in her message titled FLIRTING WITH OTHER GODS summed up the vanity of chasing and mingling with entities which seem to take the place of God in our lives. It could be money, fame, beauty, education or even pride. Her deep message captured the universality of God’s supremacy over all His creation and His propensity to get jealous of our infidelity in His marriage with us. She stated, As Christians, the Bible warns us against flirting with other gods because as the children of Israel demonstrated in the Old Testament, flirting leads not only to immorality and unfaithfulness but also causes jealousy on the part of our God and the Book of Exodus 20:5 tells us that our God is a jealous God. In marital relationships, husbands and wives have a key responsibility to remain faithful to each other; likewise as Christians, we have a key responsibility to remain faithful to God”.



CHINONSO IGWEZE 4In a desperate bid to seek greener pastures, Mr Chinonso Igweze swore he would get an American visa at all costs. His desperation fuelled his vaulting ambition to the extent that a family member took him to a spiritualist in an obscure bush located around Badagry area of Lagos, Nigeria. After collecting his personal details, the spiritualist requested for his mother’s clothing. But scared of the consequences of his actions, he went home without returning. After some time, he began to see the spiritualist in his dreams. On certain occasions, the spirit would appear physically in the form of a human skeleton, opening the door to his room and scaring the life out of him.

As these strange realities unfolded around him, things became pretty precarious. His life nosedived from hope to hopelessness. He found himself caught up in a web of struggles. Feeding his family and paying his bills became cumbersome. In his search for solution, he also read a spiritual literature that had a great influence on his psyche. It was at the point when life became unbearable that he ran down to The SCOAN. Seated in the auditorium during a Sunday service, he was spotted by the man of God who reeled out prophetic insights about all his past activities, including the visit to the spiritualist as well as the reading of the spiritual book.

Having affirmed the prophecies of the man of God about his life, he received his deliverance. After his deliverance, he returned to South Africa. In a matter of months, his life took a promising turn. The clouds of hopelessness that dimmed his glory gave way to a brighter and newer beginning. He soon acquired a truck which he put on the road for haulage business.  In no time, he was able to acquire two buildings from the proceeds of his new venture. In his own words, “…after my deliverance at The SCOAN, my life changed positively and moved from lack to abundance”. He advised people all over the world to hold onto God and seek Him for deliverance.


CHIEF OJONG ROLANDChief Ojong Roland, a traditional ruler from Cameroon suffered very severe pains in his genitals. He found it difficult passing out urine. Whenever he was travelling from one state to the other within his country, he would draw the ire of other passengers anytime he alighted from the vehicle to ease himself because of the time it would take him to urinate. His condition was so bad that sometimes he would just abandon one vehicle only to board another in order to avoid offending other passengers. All medical examinations conducted on him showed no result even when they were narrowed down to sexually transmitted diseases. Eventually, doctors confirmed he had a swollen prostate.

Sleep became alien to him as he would stay awake all night battling with his bladder which struggled to pass out urine in batches. While his ordeal with the strange ailment lasted, one of his advisers in the palace introduced him to Emmanuel TV and encouraged him to try the power of God at The SCOAN. In 2013, he visited the Arena of Liberty where he received the Morning Water and returned to his country. On getting back to Cameroun, the pains reared their ugly heads once again. But convinced that the Morning Water is filled with the healing power of God, he ministered it to his lower abdomen, declaring that his situation would not escape the anointing of God. Within seconds, he felt the forceful urge to urinate and decided to do so into a bowl. As he emptied his bladder, a maggot dropped out!

Since that moment, he was delivered from the pains and the inability to urinate freely. When he returned for another medical examination after ministering the Morning Water, he was certified free from the swollen prostate that almost rendered him incomplete. Thanking God for his deliverance, he urged people to turn to God, irrespective of their social status as only Him can heal and deliver them.


Mr Jonas Chukwuma, a Nigerian living in London, started smoking cigarettes since 1990 and continued the dirty habit until four years ago when he had an encounter with the power of God via Emmanuel TV. Then, he would wake up from sleep every morning with a stick of cigarette in his hand. He could not empty his bowels without lighting ‘the stick of destruction’. Sometimes, he smoked a packet or more in a day, depending on his mood. His finances suffered from the habit as he found it difficult to save money. He knew he had a problem and decided to seek solution.JONAS CHUKWUMA

A friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV and urged him to seek God’s intervention into his case through the channel. He eventually found the channel on the internet where he prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua right from his home in London. After the prayer, he felt uneasy all over his body and rushed to the bathroom to take a shower only to resume smoking after he had felt some calmness. As he smoked away, a voice declared, “…you are set free from the spirit of smoking from henceforth”.

From that moment till today, he has not returned to cigarette smoking. His business and financial fortunes have improved commendably. Thanking God for setting him free from a habit that held him hostage for many years, he encouraged people all over the world, to believe in God’s power.


DENNIS OGEGERE Mr Dennis Ogegere from Delta State, Nigeria, had applied for the position of a Fireman in the Delta State Civil Service but was erroneously offered the position of a driver. Accepting the offer physically, he decided to fight for his rightful position spiritually by coming down to The SCOAN to receive the Morning Water. The following year, he was informed of a promotion exam. As he prepared to go for the exam, he was told not to bother as his name was no longer included in the list of eligible candidates. But convinced that the God of T.B. Joshua would see him through, he ministered the Morning Water on his appointment letter.

Afterwards, he attended the interview much to the surprise of his friends who wondered how his name even came up when he never sat for the exam. After the interview, he was sent a corrective letter confirming his employment as Fireman instead of driver. After one year, his promotion was granted as he was elevated to the position of Leading Fireman. The following year, he also received promotion as Senior Fireman

He was subsequently promoted to Chief Fire Superintendent. Displaying his triple promotion letters to the admiration of The SCOAN congregation, he thanked God for lifting him up from oblivion to glory while urging people not to lose hope or get discouraged whenever they are facing challenges in life.



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