The presence of God was well-felt as congregants expressed their faith by keying into all the glorious moments of the service. Singing and dancing along with the choir and applauding those who came out to testify to the goodness of God in their lives, they demonstrated the fact that their own testimonies were on the way. They also committed their lives into God’s benevolent hands during the Mass Prayer, positioning themselves for greater uplifting even as the kingdom of darkness was brought into total submission to the power and glory of the Most High.



Speaking about faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to always meditate on the Word as it has the ability to ignite faith when it dominates the heart and influences our character: “All you need is to meditate on the Word. The more you meditate on the Word, the more your heart acts upon the Word. Don’t forget when the Word dominates your heart, it influences your character and conduct. When faith comes, it influences your conduct and character – it is no longer what you want to do but what God wants you to do. Allow this to dominate your heart.” He also observed that faith is trust which cannot be accorded to an unreliable entity. According to him, God being our only dependable and reliable Refuge, would always respond to our prayers and yearnings when they emanate from our faith-filled hearts: “Faith is a trust – the kind of trust you cannot give to man. Who is trustworthy? Who is reliable? Who has no beginning and end? It is Someone that is trustworthy, reliable and has no beginning and end that we can give our trust to. You cannot trust a man who has a beginning and end, someone who will die and leave you one day. When there is God, there is power. Anointing is the power of God. When God smiles, power smiles. When God sits, power sits. When God walks, power walks. When God looks, power looks. Without faith, you cannot put a demand on the anointing – demand for blessing, deliverance and salvation. That is why the Bible says, only faith pleases God.”

The man of God concluded by reminding Christians that faith is maintenance. He submitted that the beautiful things of life can only be sustained if faith is maintained: “Faith is maintenance. You maintain your life if you live the life of faith – you will be able to maintain your finances and health. To maintain healing and deliverance, without faith, it is not possible. You follow Jesus through faith. To follow Him demands faith, employs faith. Between you and God – the barrier is faith. If you don’t have faith, you don’t know whom you are serving. When faith comes, it influences your character and conduct.”

Earlier, in a message titled LOOK WITHIN YOU, Evangelist Olamide admonished Christians not to base their judgements on external qualities but instead consider the hidden strengths in people just as God did with many great men and women in the Bible. evangelist-olamideShe summed up her message thus: “Man oftentimes makes a mistaken judgment of character but the Lord only values the holy faith hidden in the heart beyond human perception. When you come to God, He is not interested in your outward qualities and skills but at your faith because that is what makes you one with Him. But today when we are looking for a leader, we are tempted to look only at externals. We fail to realize that human point of view is limited but God’s point of view looks beyond and is unlimited. You need to discover your root in God. A man of faith is not satisfied by the world but he looks beyond it.” She left the following advice to people of God all over the world: “Your life will always go to the level of your words because we measure our Christian life by the thoughts in our heart. Your words express your thoughts which are the seeds of your life.  Order your thoughts aright in accordance to God’s Word.”



Preparing to travel from Yaounde to Douala on October 21st, 2016, Mrs Pauline Moanyang received a discouraging information about the nature of the highway linking the two Cameroonian cities. A landslide had cut the road into two, making it a death trap of some sort and barring vehicles from plying that route. Tinkering with options, she had considered travelling by air instead but was sorely disappointed when she realized that all flights that day were cancelled. The only option left for her was to travel by train. When she rushed to the train station, the crowd that had gathered there sent shivers down her spine. In spite of the enormity of the crowd, she was able to book for a seat.mrs-moanyang-pauline

As she made to enter the train, she recollected the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua which encouraged people to pray wherever they find themselves, especially during travels. Those words reverberated strongly in her memory. She had thought of ministering the Morning Water when those words of the man of God crept into her consciousness and moved her into a powerful prayer. “Oh Holy Spirit, take more of me and give me more of You – more of Your faithfulness, more of Your protection. Lord Jesus, let Your favour and mercy speak for me throughout this journey.” She thereafter ministered the Morning Water on herself and on her luggage.

The journey commenced with the train filled to the brim. As they approached a bridge, something unpalatable occurred. The train was trying to negotiate a turn when the coach in which she was seated went off track, sending the last four coaches into summersaults and into a deep slope. As the ghastly drama ensued, Mrs Moanyang cried out in anguish: “Lord Jesus, save me. Rescue me. Rescue me!” Not given to such horrible scenarios, she fainted and woke up within minutes of the catastrophic experience only to discover that all her belongings had torn to shreds with only her Morning Water and Good Morning Sticker surviving the devastation. One strange thing she could not forget in a hurry was the fact that as the commotion lasted and as bodies were being flung from one angle to the other, a force she could not comprehend kept her glued to her seat. “God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, rescue me,” she continued to cry as she found herself stuck with an iron bar preventing her from any form of movement. At that point, she was under the weight of dead and dying bodies.pauline

Trapped in the midst of the dead and clutching an iron, a voice directed her on how to turn the iron so she could free herself from the deadly entanglement. To her utmost surprise, aside from herself, the only other survivors were the two babies whose mothers, she had assisted to carry them when they could not find enough seats. Mrs Moanyang was flabbergasted beyond words as she narrated her experience before The SCOAN congregation. It could best be described as an appointment with death which was thwarted by the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua. “I don’t know how to express my gratitude to God for rescuing my life,” she said while testifying last Sunday at the Arena of Liberty. “Belong to the ever believing group by trusting in the Lord and making God’s Word the standard for your life,” she advised people all over the world, especially those who watched her live on Emmanuel TV.



The couple had envisaged a happy home in which having a child of their own would be a great blessing from God. Alas, their expectations were not to be as persistent miscarriages played the kill-joy to their union as husband and wife. For ambassador and Mrs Raphael Horsfall, life had lost its meaning without a child of their own. Mrs Horsfall had had seven different miscarriages before her husband summoned the faith to go the way of God. Together, they agreed to pitch their tent with God at The SCOAN, believing that their case will not escape the anointing that breaks the yoke. Proceeding to The SCOAN, the couple received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua who later blessed them with the Morning Water and the Good Morning Sticker.amb-and-mrs-rapheal-and-son

Returning to their base in Abuja, Nigeria, the couple ministered the Morning Water with devotion and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Days later, Ambassador Horsfall received a call from his wife to tell him that she had missed her period. Ordinarily, he was not excited because he had heard such news for the umpteenth time. However, deep down in his heart, there was a strong conviction that something new had happened.

The couple continued to minister the Morning Water and seized every opportunity to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. In the spirit of thanksgiving, the couple visited The SCOAN when the pregnancy was seven months-old to show gratitude to God for keeping it safe without a miscarriage in the belief that He would do more in their lives. Ambassador & Mrs Horsfall had the opportunity to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua who pronounced a safe delivery for the couple.

Days later, the couple travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to deliver the baby. When it was time for his wife to deliver, the couple’s faith was rocked with an unexpected news from the doctor that Mrs Horsfall was diagnosed with accumulation of fluid in her womb. The doctor wanted an urgent caesarian section, or else, she would lose the baby and perhaps, her own life. For Ambassador Horsfall, he stood fast to his faith on the word of the prophet that his wife would deliver their baby safely. Upon his insistence, the wife was taken out of the theatre and back to the delivery room.2b

The doctors persisted and handed Ambassador Horsfall a consent form to sign as they insisted their medical centre was too reputed to allow any grave unforeseen mishap with Mrs. Horsfall to tarnish their image. Running out of time, Ambassador Horsfall demanded to be left alone with his wife in the delivery room for a while. The doctors obliged, but kept the couple under the microscope as they watched them on a CCTV screen.

As his wife slipped into weakness, Ambassador Horsfall boldly told his wife that they had all the evangelical items they received from Prophet T.B. Joshua and so it was time to act faith and demonstrate the Power of God in the Morning Water and Good Morning Sticker. “At the count of 5, you will shout ‘Let There be Light!’” Ambassador Horsfall instructed his wife. She agreed.
“1, 2, 3,…” began Ambassador Horsfall.

“Let there be Light!” screamed Mrs. Anita Horsfall with all her might, before her husband had the chance to reach 4 on his count. Lo and behold, “Let There Be Light” pushed out the bouncing baby boy, leaving the doctors bemused in front of the monitoring screen. “What did you do? What did you say?” the doctors questioned, as they rushed into the delivery room to see the baby in his arms. “’Let There Be Light!’ is the prayer my Pastor Prophet T.B. Joshua taught us,” the joyful Ambassador Horsfall told the doctors.

Advising the congregation and viewers all over the world, Ambassador Horsfall said: “Knowledge is not the key, obedience is, as Prophet T.B. Joshua said. Act faith with whatever Prophet T.B. Joshua tells you to do or gives you.”



She had been enmeshed in career failure and stagnation and needed to find her way out of the mess. At some point, she drew close to God and even preached to unbelievers. Those days, she was always exhibiting a high sense of joy until she suddenly lost it and was overtaken by sorrow where an inexplicable longing always drew tears from her eyes. Sometimes, she would isolate herself from family and friends only to brood over some pain which only she could feel. On several occasions, Mrs Thania Requeno would argue and quarrel with her husband and would laugh over her funny behaviours when she was later reminded about them.thaino

However, that sorrow that had haunted her life and career would soon be eliminated after Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to her on January 1st, 2017 during the New Year service. The yokes of depression and suicidal thoughts were cast out of her life in the name of Jesus Christ. The man of God restored the lost joy in her life, giving her hope and the peace of mind to face tomorrow. According to the United States of America citizen, she had actually come to The SCOAN for financial and career breakthrough but ended up getting delivered from the spirits of depression and suicide.

Thania’s husband, Akim spoke extensively being the one who had been adversely affected by his wife’s suicidal episodes. He said when they first got married, she tried to hide this depression and would go into mood swings and tried to escape by drinking alcohol. Later, he would find her crying. Akim, originally from Benin Republic, a neighboring country to Nigeria, recounted how he believed that he had left T.B. Joshua behind in Africa because he thought that he had nothing to offer so he rather went in search of a solution to their problem in mega churches in the USA. mr-and-mrs-thaina-and-akeem-requenoHowever, to his shock and amazement, a staff in one of the mega churches he attended asked him if he had heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua since he was from west Africa. He bluntly replied that he would have nothing to do with ‘that man!’ He kept pondering over his encounter with the minister. That night, he had a revelation and from there, he became convinced that Prophet T.B. Joshua is indeed a true man of God and resolved to send his friends in Africa to help him get the Morning Water. Through this means, he was able to file for a residence permit and got that breakthrough to the glory of God.

Thanking God for her deliverance, Thania advised the congregation saying, ‘Trust in God alone for everything and in anything’.



Ms Bernice Kekeli Flamour received a word of prophecy about her bedwetting problem from the man of God. According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, the bedwetting problem was an attack that was aimed at destroying her marriage. Confirming the prophecy to be true, Ms Flamour received deliverance from the man of God. The Ghanaian Customs Officer returned to The SCOAN last Sunday for her testimony. According to her, when she visited The SCOAN, she prayed that the man of God would locate her and had even gone into meditation, appealing to the Holy Spirit to help her. Truly, she was located by the Spirit of God.ms-bernice-kekeli-fiamor

Her problem actually started seven years ago when she was posted to her first station. During that posting, she had dreamt that she was in a classroom with colleagues and was pressed. As she made for the restroom to ease herself in the dream, she suddenly woke up to find her body wet and cold. That dream continued to rear its head, making her to wet the bed wherever she was posted to. It had been a very embarrassing experience for her as she always found it difficult and shameful to dry her wet matress in the barracks environment where she lived.  She also deliberately avoided visitors so that they wouldn’t get to know about her problem.

She had even stopped drinking water at night, thinking it could help her but it never did. But ever since she received her deliverance from God through Prophet T.B. Joshua, she has stopped experiencing that evil dream. Whenever she feels pressed, something always alerts her to go and ease herself. Thanking God for lifting a heavy yoke out of her life, she advised congregants and people all over the world to have faith in God and never give up.



She had been taken to a river to wash plates by her mother when she was eight years-old. At the river, after the washing was over, she and her siblings decided to have their bath. But as the bathing continued, her mother noticed that she was going deeper into the bowels of the river and asked every one of them to stop so they could return home. When they returned home, young Flora went to her room and slept off. The next morning while her siblings were dressed for school, she told her mother that she wouldn’t be able to go to school because she was tired and could not explain the way she felt. That same morning, she consumed three plates of food in quick succession, making her mother to suspect that something was wrong with her. The young girl felt that there was something inside her that devoured all the food that went into her stomach.5

Flora started acting in a rather strange manner. She would always want to have her way even when her mother thought otherwise. One day, she had a terrible dream in which a very big snake entered her private part. According to her, after that dream, she developed an unusually nasty sexual urge in her dreams. She also dreamt of herself flying like a bird, travelling to different locations and markets, buying things from old women. At age 15, the snake inside her became her guide. It would instruct and direct her on things to do and places to go. It revealed to her the types and colours of weave-on and dresses she should put on in order to seduce men.

She became so seductive that friends would rally around her, urging her to follow them out to night clubs. Because of her dancing dexterity, men would fight their girlfriends and push them away just to have her dance with them. According to her, her dancing was a carry-over from the marine kingdom where she occupied an exalted position as queen of the coast and controlled a lot of wealth and influence. Whenever she slept with a man, he would release straight into the snake’s mouth and such a man would never want to leave her. He would continue to desire her until something terrible would happen to him. She had a leg chain given to her in the marine kingdom with which she attracted men. The evil spirit in her destroyed marriages and also culminated in her inflicting bloody injuries on people.


She had had two sons for a man but their union was truncated by one of her spiritual husbands who actually slept with her, leaving her in pains and making her physical husband’s advances worthless. Flora also met another man and had a child by him. She was just being used by the marine world to destroy her own life in instalments. A friend who had invited her to Lagos from Ondo State where she was languishing in frustration and joblessness, noticed something was wrong with her and told her about coming to The SCOAN. When she eventually came to The SCOAN, she refused to pray. Instead, the evil spirit was telling her to run away because the man of God would soon come with fire. As she was considering those evil suggestions, she received a hot slap on her head. Before she could gather herself, the fire of the Holy Ghost had taken over her entire body.

Flora received her deliverance and is today free from the powers of the marine kingdom. According to her, there is peace and joy in her life as she is now a new person in Christ Jesus. Thanking God for her deliverance, she advised men to be wary of the women they frolic around with, especially those who are still in the world. She also called on mothers to advise their daughters to live godly lives and that they should know that all that glitters is not gold.



Miss Erica Masaoe was addicted to the internet to the extent that she started to share her nude pictures online. According to her, at the age of 15, she developed serious interest in watching pornography and saw it as a normal way of life. As she became engrossed in the ungodly act, it took over her senses and made her to masturbate. Often times, a sense of guilt would twine her conscience. She would ask herself why on earth would she have to succumb to such an immoral fancy. But despite the momentary soul-search, she was unable to resist the rampaging urge.erica-jimmy-masaoe-prophecy-testimony

Her problem grew in scope and intensity, leading her to the social media where she found unlimited platforms to exercise her pornographic inclination. She would chat from morning to night, paying less attention to other more productive areas of her life. As a result of her addiction, she suffered rejection, depression and became isolated socially. However, she soon discovered other means of keeping herself happy in drinking and smoking and became totally detached from the things of God. She found it extremely difficult to pray or even read her Bible and became easily irritated.

Her dream life was not left out. She dreamt of mermaids who would threaten her that unless she worshipped them, she would die. The relationship she had with her countryman on the internet was actually centered on an exchange of nude pictures and according to her, rather than develop into a well-meaning association, it only aided her to masturbate and nothing more. The young Tanzanian woman was enmeshed in those unholy alliances until she visited The SCOAN and had an encounter with God through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Seated in the auditorium during the Sunday service, the man of God prophesied to her. “You have a serious addiction to the internet. There is one that even sent a naked picture,” observed the man of God. Having confirmed the prophecy to be true, Miss Masaoe received the anointed touch of the man of God and was set free from the evil bondage through the power of the Holy Spirit.


During her testimony last Sunday, the young woman radiated great joy and confidence in Christ Jesus as she narrated how her addiction almost ruined her life. Now, totally delivered and free from those immoral habits, she advised parents to endeavor to watch their children and the type of companies they keep.

prophet-tb-joshuaThe SCOAN Sunday service of January 8, 2017 provided an opportunity for congregants and Christians all over the world to build their faith and connect to the Spirit of God. The atmosphere was filled with the presence of God as the choir drew the attention of God’s children to the need to always praise and worship their Father in Spirit and in truth. The testimonies, prayers and prophetic declarations made every moment a remarkable encounter in the House of the Lord.

Admonishing Christians on the importance of prayer and the pertinent need to build and sustain their faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua also reminded them of the urgency of praying with devotion. According to him, it is the connection point between them and God: “Time like this is time to pay attention, not this kind of attention we pay out there – attention with devotion. How do we pay attention? We have to be in an attitude of prayer. As I’m talking to you now, you are supposed to be praying. Viewers at home, wherever you are, as you are looking, paying attention to what I am saying, be in an attitude of prayer. Continue to pray. Simple language. “Oh Holy Spirit, take more of me and give me more of You, more of Your faithfulness, goodness, kindness, purity, holiness.” Continuing, the man of God emphasized the fact that devotional prayer avails much to the Christian, including the ability to see visions. He also added that Christians should imbibe the idea of praying all the time and everywhere: “Prayer must be an integral part of you. You must be in an attitude of prayer. ‘Take more of me and give me more of You’. Your heart is the prayer room. Your heart is the temple of God. You want to see visions? You must see them with your heart. You must learn to pray in the Spirit. Everywhere can be an altar. Satan keeps catching people unprepared.

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to exercise their faith by using it to put a demand on the anointing. According to him, “Faith is a vacuum that draws the anointing from Jesus. Self-healing will happen. You will be very surprised that the sickness you have been talking about, when you wake up, it will be gone”.

evangelist-anneEarlier, in her message titled THE END OF OURSELVES, Evangelist Anne lamented the intellectual disposition of modern day Christians who seem to position themselves as God’s enemies rather than obey His unquestionable commands. She made reference to Abraham who, in spite of the many years he waited before having a son, never hesitated to offer him to God who commanded him to do so in a rare test of faith. According to her, Abraham trusted and obeyed God because he knew that His command was final: “It was at the point of total obedience that God brought the substitute. God will wait for you at the point of your obedience. It was at that point when he was about to complete the assignment that God brought solution”.

She concluded by urging Christians to uphold the will of God, irrespective of the opposition they encounter in the world so that their God-given vision would stand the test of time as it did in the days of Master Jesus, Abraham and Job: “If God gives you a vison and it is opposed by men, don’t reduce your vision – stay in the will of God.




Miss Esther Kehinde, her older sister Deborah and their father came to The SCOAN to thank God for the extraordinary thing He had done in replacing her head with the Cross. Yes, literally the Cross! Esther left her house for school and was expected back in the early evening. However, when the clock struck 7pm, 8pm and continued to tick away into the late night, panic ran through the spines of her sister Deborah and their father who united in prayers. While their father prayed with Esther’s picture, Deborah ministered the Morning Water on Esther’s bed and put a demand on the anointing by asking the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to return her sister home safely from wherever she had gone.esther-family

Recounting her unbelievable experience, Esther said that on her way back from school, an unknown man had violently knocked her unconscious. When she came to her senses, she found herself in the midst of several wailing captives. She was panicked as to what was happening and why they were crying. Within seconds, she saw people beheaded and sliced into bits. In that moment it dawned on her that she was about to be murdered. As she looked at the killers, a demand came in for fresh blood. “Yes, there is a new arrival,” one of the henchmen said, pointing in the direction of Esther. The thought of being beheaded and her flesh sold to the human flesh and blood buyers rushed through her mind. They motioned for her to place her head on the chopping board. She was forced to obey. As the killer raised his ax up to chop off Esther’s head, he suddenly cried out that he saw a Cross instead of a human head. This threw the killer into a frenzy and he shoved Esther aside. Another kidnapper standing by, asked Esther, “Which church do you attend?” Esther responded, “The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations”. The man’s next question was about Esther’s pastor. When she told him that her pastor was Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man did not hesitate to show Esther the exit. As Esther took to her heels in the direction of escape from the shadows of death, a young boy attempted to escape at the same time but was quickly seized by the killer kidnappers and dismembered within minutes.

As Esther finished her narration, her sister Deborah took up the story from her end. After she had offered her prayer at home, she suddenly saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in a vision holding Esther’s hand while leading her through a bush path. He handed the young sister into her hands saying, “She has been released”. Indeed, Esther was released and returned home safely to narrate her ordeal through tears of joy. The two sisters and their father thanked God for the protection they were under in God’s hands. Esther also advised people all over the world to believe in the anointing in the Morning Water and minister it in faith, in Jesus’ name.


She had come under relentless spiritual attacks and was on the brink of losing out in the battle of survival.  Ms Brigitte Graciella Afoumbom from Cameroon needed to get back on her feet and was desperately seeking the prospects of a promising future. As a result of the evil attack, the graduate of Electrical Engineering had been forced to leave her job and remained jobless for an exasperating six years. At the end of that time, she was introduced to The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV. In 2010 she had the opportunity to visit and receive prayer and deliverance through Prophet T.B. Joshua who personally declared that she was free. Uplifted, she returned to her country with strengthened faith and the Morning Water.3

In a dream one night, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to her, informing her that there was a hole in her head. He placed his hands on her head and shook it, after which he told her that she was free from all her troubles. Upon waking up, she realized that she was free indeed and suddenly saw a bright future in front of her. Disconnected from failure and energized by Christ, Ms Afoumbom set out for an exam on Computer Network Security and passed with a very high score. She then sat for a job interview and was selected as the best candidate. She was eventually employed as a Data Network Security Engineer by one of the biggest firms in her country.

As she stayed connected to Christ through His Word, by His Spirit, she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to improve her knowledge and so, in 2015, she registered for a course which required at least ten years of practice and one year of preparation. Saddled with the herculean requirements of that course, she prayed earnestly and ministered the Morning Water, asking God to see her through the journey. In two months time, she was ready for the six-hour long exam. Ministering the Morning Water, she cried to God for His favour and when the results of the professional exam were released, she had passed in one sitting.

With a new certificate and new professional status, Ms Afoumbom began looking for a job that matched her new level. She continued to pray and minister the Morning Water as she set her sights on the World Bank. Once miraculously securing an appointment for an interview, she used her Faith Bracelet to count her faith as she was questioned and also put away offence from her heart, forgiving a colleague who had once hurt her at work. To the glory of God, she was granted employment and was remarkably posted to the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC to serve as an Information Security Officer. “The words of Prophet T.B. Joshua are powerful and effective,” she told congregants as she testified to the great things God had done in her life.


Thoughts of suicide plagued Mrs Anthonia Nnenna Nwabiakam as she continued to battle with decades of bedwetting, a spiritual husband, financial hardship and marital problems. Thoughts of hopelessness and helplessness kept rearing their ugly heads and made her entire life utterly miserable. Mrs Nwabiakam would never have considered coming to The SCOAN but for her mother’s recent revival from a near-death state through the ministration of the Morning Water. Always under the impression that the miracles at the Arena of Liberty were fake, her view began to change as suddenly as her mother’s ill-health did.1

During the penultimate Monday’s service, Mrs Nwabiakam hesitantly attended and was astonished when she came under the influence of the Holy Spirit at the Prayer Line. The spiritual husband tried to force her out of the presence of God at several points but the anointing would not give her breathing space. As the prayer continued, the evil spirit could not stand the firepower of the Holy Spirit and was cast out of her life forever.

In the presence of her sister and daughter, she testified that since her deliverance, all negative experiences in her life have stopped. She now sleeps freely and is filled with joy and inner peace. Thanking God for lifting a heavy burden out of her life, she advised people all over the world to stop listening to those who would discourage them from coming to Jesus for their deliverance.


Years of trying to have a child left a frustrated and disappointed marriage in its wake. No doctor or specialist could pinpoint the cause of Mrs Natasha’s fruitlessness. Devastated, the young wife turned to Emmanuel TV and began to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. One fateful day, Mrs Natasha complained to her doctor that she felt sick and after an ultrasound, was told that she was pregnant! Ecstatic, Mrs Natasha began to rejoice only to be silenced by the doctor’s follow up statement: there was a serious problem and the removal of the pregnancy along with one of her fallopian tubes was suggested and highly recommended.1

Weeping, Mrs Natasha left the doctor’s office and turned immediately to the counsel of her uncle. This was the same uncle who had previously introduced her to Emmanuel TV. After narrating her experience to him, he reminded her that distance was not a barrier for the move of the Holy Spirit. With his encouragement, she turned away from despair to Jesus Christ. At his suggestion, she placed her picture on the screen of Emmanuel TV as Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying and allowed Jesus do the rest. After prayer, she returned to the hospital and requested the doctor to check her pregnancy again. To the glory of God, the doctor cancelled his earlier prognosis and confirmed her pregnancy was perfectly healthy.

At the time of delivery, the doctor again recommended an operation as her cervix was too small. Once again, she called her uncle who asked her to pray along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV through the phone. In the end, she was delivered of a beautiful, bouncing baby girl. For the Haitian nationals living in Canada, it was Christ’s victory over the plans of the devil. Thanking God for the miracle, Natasha who recounted the embarrassment she faced as a childless woman had the following advice for people all over the world: “Wait on God; just believe and receive it”.

The SCOAN New Year service had all the qualities of a new beginning.

crowdSongs of joy echoed all through the auditorium as the choir led congregants in praising God and thanking Him for ushering them into a brand New Year with great expectations, dreams and aspirations. In his message to Christians all over the world,


Prophet T.B. Joshua advised them to dream of walking with the Lord, adding, “No difficult circumstances or infirmities will stop you from the love of God. The more they come, the more your desire and determination for God!”

Describing the year 2017 as a wonderful one, the man of God said Christians will pray harder in spite of the attacks that would come their way. He also submitted that, the more the challenges, the more they would desire to serve God in Spirit and in truth because there would be blessings hidden in those challenges.

Continuing, the man of God urged Christians to soldier on and hold on to their goals and dreams irrespective of the magnitude of challenges that would come their way in the New Year: “When challenges come, remember your dream and your goal. Nothing should be compared to your goal and dream.” He also added that the voices of wailing, trouble and difficulty will be silenced. He concluded by emphasising on the vision that he had received from God for the new year: “A dream of walking with the Lord, a new dream for you.”




Mrs Blessing Dike was diagnosed with ovarian cyst and other pelvic anomalies. Faced with the stark reality of a surgery, she became depressed. In an escapist attempt to evade her worries, she dabbled into internet-surfing and ended up browsing and downloading pornography. Her escape from worries was always temporary. The emotional burden always returned as soon as she was done with watching pornography. Mrs Dike would ask God for forgiveness after watching those obscene videos. She couldn’t control the things that were happening to her. She also had nightmares and spiritual attacks to which her husband was a co-witness.

Towards the end of 2015 when Emmanuel TV was included in the DSTV/GOTV bouquet, Mr and Mrs Dike seized the opportunity to listen to the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua as well as the wonderful testimonies abounding at The SCOAN. According to Mrs Dike, the powerful teachings of the man of God ushered her into a whole new world ornamented by hope, faith and the joy of the Lord. She was convinced that God would take care of her worries as soon as she stepped her feet into the Arena of Liberty.


In January 2016, Mrs Dike and her husband visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. The couple returned to their base and started ministering the Morning Water as they prayed along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. Suddenly, the overwhelming pressure to watch pornography stopped. The same with all those nightmares and spiritual attacks. Feeling extremely excited, the couple agreed to revisit the hospital for another test on her pelvic region. After the test, the doctor confirmed that there was no problem with her ovary and pelvic region. The ovarian cyst that had reared its ugly head was destroyed by the power of God through the Morning Water. “Share your testimonies so that they could bless the lives of people who are still struggling,” she advised as she concluded her testimony.



Mr Kolawole was away when two men and a woman visited his showroom to enquire about some furniture works. The three visitors who pretended to be customers eventually revealed their true identities and intentions. Mr Kolawole’s shop attendant, Miss Haneesah Ibrahim never had an inkling of their evil intention when they led her into her boss’ office only to tie her up legs-and-hands, demanding money and threatening to kill her if she resisted. Though they were able to lay their hands on some cash, they attempted to slaughter her by the throat but the knife failed. They tried the same thing on her belly but their sharpened steel became blunt and unable to penetrate. Frustrated, they resorted to the use of a screw driver to pierce her neck.

Mr Kolawole got the greatest shock of his life when he returned to find his shop attendant in a pool of her own blood. She was lifeless and the only thing he could do at that point was to minister the Morning Water on her. The anointing had an instant effect – the girl showed signs of revival by shaking her body after which she was conveyed to the hospital where she spent some days receiving medical attention. It was at the hospital that she narrated her ordeal in the hands of the unholy customers.


According to Mr Kolawole, he had always been in possession of the anointing materials in all areas of his life. The Good Morning Stickers adorn his business premises, including his office and showroom. Even his shop attendant, though a Muslim, had always used the Morning Water. He attributed the inability of the robbers to kill his shop attendant to the power of God in the Morning Water and Good Morning Sticker. He was visibly overwhelmed with the miracle as he testified in company of his family and the shop attendant. Thanking God for intervening and stopping the plan of the devil from materialising, Mr Kolawole advised people all over the world to hold on to God who can do all things through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua.


She was diagnosed with rectal and lung tumours which were later confirmed to be cancerous. Mrs Isabell Formin was advised to undergo both chemotherapy and radiography. In spite of the conclusions of doctors, the Cameroonian living in the United Kingdom did not give in to fear. Even when the nurses urged her to order for a wig to mitigate the hair loss usually associated with chemotherapy, she insisted that she would not lose her hair and so it was, according to her belief. During a chance meeting with a woman whom she told about her problems, she was introduced to Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV.


The woman also went ahead to give her some drops of the Morning Water which she mixed with ordinary water. As she ministered it, she discovered that her waning strength improved. Not even the debilitating effects of chemotherapy and radiography combined could affect her. She was just indescribably strong and knew within her that the Morning Water was working wonders. Mrs Formin continued to minister the Morning Water on herself and on her children. She also watched Emmanuel TV without ceasing. Her faith grew in leaps and bounds to the extent that she once told her husband that, though she was healed, but coming to The SCOAN would make her healing complete and permanent.

Visiting The SCOAN in August 2016, Mrs Formin received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua at the Prayer Line. After her visit to The SCOAN, she returned to the UK and had an appointment with her doctors. After carrying out some check-ups on her, she was told that there were no tumours in both her rectum and lung. The cancerous growths disappeared. While undergoing another test to ascertain the state of her colon, Mrs Formin was anesthetized. As she was about to wake up from the induced sleep, she heard a voice shout, “You are healed!”. By the time she finally woke up, the doctors handed her the test result which showed that there was no problem whatsoever with her system.

Thanking God during her testimony last Sunday, Mrs Formin told congregants how she suffered from all sorts of dream attacks. According to her, strange people always came to sleep with her in the dream, leaving her sick when she woke up. She thanked God for intervening in her case through Emmanuel TV and the Morning Water. She advised people all over the world to have faith in God as there is nothing He cannot do. She also encouraged them to watch Emmanuel TV, adding that they shouldn’t mind whatever negative things people say about the man of God and his ministry.



Mrs Miriam Kwaw-Yankson had lost her job in May 2013. While she was lamenting the unfortunate development, she discovered she was pregnant. How to give herself the special attention needed by a pregnant woman coupled with her joblessness became a very heavy burden on her. Her husband could not help as he himself was also jobless. The family was indeed at a crossroad. All doors of help seemed closed as they battled with bad dreams. As they continued to hope for a change in their fortunes, Mr Kwaw-Yankson visited a friend and discovered Emmanuel TV.

Having witnessed the display of God’s power on the channel, the Ghanaian couple decided to install the cable in their home. As they watched Emmanuel TV and keyed into the prophetic declarations of the man of God, things started changing. Their dreams also changed. Sometimes, Mrs Kwaw-Yankson would be rescued by Prophet T.B Joshua whenever trouble brewed in her dreams. In 2014, God blessed Mr Kwaw-Yankson with a job. In May 2015, after praying with the man of God and ministering the Morning Water on her credentials, she was called to submit her CV by a friend. The submission of that CV eventually culminated in her employment as the Branch Manager of a firm.

Thanking God for restoring what the locust and cankerworm had eaten in their lives, Mrs Kwaw-Yankson also told congregants how they were blessed with a family car. According to her, God has blessed them so much so that they even give to charity as a sign of gratitude to God. She advised Christians and people all over the world to see whatever situations they may be passing through as opportunity to move to the next level.



For twenty-seven years, Mr Okundia Edosa was battling with the yoke of bedwetting. The problem brought a lot of shame to the young man. His movement became restricted as he could not visit friends and family easily. The few friends and family members he had put up with did not actually notice his problem as he would use water to wash off the urine from their mattresses. At a time, he got fed up and decided to live alone. It was at that juncture that he came across a friend who urged him to install the Emmanuel TV cable in his house.

After installing Emmanuel TV, he continued to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and later decided to visit The SCOAN. Mr Edosa actually visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. One night, after ministering the Morning Water, he went to sleep and dreamt he was about to excuse his friends to go and urinate. But before he could start urinating, he heard a voice and felt that something hit him. As he woke up, he discovered he was in his room. Since that day, he has not wet the bed.

Thanking God last Sunday, the Nigerian from Edo State also testified to his deliverance from the yoke of drunkenness after over ten years of addiction to alcohol. According to him, he stopped drinking alcohol after he had ministered the Morning Water. Describing the Morning Water as fire, Mr Edosa advised people all over the world to continue serving God, adding that they should take the Morning Water as their working tool filled with the power of God.

The 2016 Christmas service at The SCOAN witnessed a blend of celebration and warfare. While congregants exuded illimitable joy on account evangelist-racineof the commemoration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, they also used the occasion to unleash holy terror on the kingdom of darkness. The Mass Prayer shook the foundations of the satanical kingdom and caused commotion in the gates of hell. The intensity of the Mass Prayer also brought about deliverance, healing and liberation for those under the many different yokes of the devil. Congregants also made positive confessions of promotion, prosperity, sound health and career progress ahead of the approaching new year.

In his message, The Promise of Liberation, Evangelist Racine urged Christians to look onto Jesus whom the Father sent to liberate us from all the worries and burdens of the world. According to him, “He (Jesus) is the fulfilment of every God’s Word. He is a Light for direction and comfort. A glorious Light that will dispel every shade of darkness in our lives.”  He also assured them, using Biblical references, that their stolen joy would be restored through the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Urging them to repose their absolute trust in the Son of God, he added that they will never be overwhelmed by the oddities of this world: “When you trust in Jesus Christ, you will never be confounded in time or eternity.” Concluding, he urged Christians never to allow the devil remind them of their past, stressing that their past is over. He also encouraged them to rebuke the evil one by reminding him of his future failure: “When the devil comes to remind you of your past, remind him of his future failure.”



3-mr-mrs-ebenezer-first-quaoMr Ebenezer First-Quao’s decades-long service with the United Nations as an interpreter witnessed its own sad times. The Ghanaian would suddenly be hit by a nasty ailment that threatened his career. Each time he went to the restroom to ease himself, he came out weak. Visiting a specialist hospital in his Ethiopia base, he was diagnosed with severe haemorrhoids with thrombosis. The doctors had suggested the option of surgery but his wife would rather have the matter tabled before God; she encouraged her husband to visit The SCOAN, having become an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV after some initial scepticism.

Visiting The SCOAN in 2009, exactly the same time when the late Ghanaian President, Atta-Mills held a thanksgiving at the church, Mr First-Quao received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. During the prayer, he felt an unprecedented calmness all around him. That same evening, as he went to ease himself, he felt no more pain even as the blood stains that usually accompanied his visit to the restroom disappeared. Before he left The SCOAN, Mr First-Quao received the Morning Water. He subsequently visited his children in different countries across Europe and ministered it to them.

The entire First-Quao family received great and remarkable blessings thereafter. Apart from receiving academic and business breakthroughs, some of his children also received their citizenship in their various countries of residence in Europe. As for Mr First-Quao himself, he was recognised in retirement by former United Nations Secretary-General, Ban-Ki Moon with an award for an initiative he had spearheaded to assist victims of drought in Ethiopia. He was also blessed financially with a retirement benefit to the tune of five hundred thousand US dollars. He has invested the money into several building projects aside from buying his own house in Addis-Ababa.

According to his wife, during their testimony, coming across Emmanuel TV was the biggest breakthrough they had ever experienced in life. She also submitted that the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua have enabled her to discover practical Christianity.



francis-ekene-1Having been diagnosed with a stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis, Mr Francis Ekene was advised to go for a corrective surgery but the Nigerian living in South Africa rejected the idea. Instead, he chose to seek the face of God rather than waste his money on an operation that was without any concrete guarantee. He eventually visited The SCOAN and proceeded to the Prayer Line.francis-ekene-2

After Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, he noticed that he could turn his hitherto stiff neck. All the debility and excruciating pain that came with the stiff neck stopped. Thanking God during his testimony, Mr Ekene who has since returned to his work, observed that he can now sleep peacefully without discomfort.

According to him, he now drives his car with ease. He advised people all over the world to put their trust in God.



For ten years, it was a sad experience of joblessness or at least, having to make do with odd jobs just to keep body and soul together. Sometimes, her daughter would have to intervene to save her from total financial annihilation. Mrs Christiana Abiye Rullich really needed God to bring her dire situation under His control. One of her concerned friends became the angel God used to change her situation. Her friend had learnt about the December 2016 Revival Service on Emmanuel TV and had informed Mrs Rullich about it. In a display of absolute faith, Mrs Rullich purchased her flight ticket and flew down to Nigeria. In her mind, the unending failure to secure a permanent job must succumb to the 5-christianapower of God.

During the Revival Service, Mrs Rullich received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. She also received the Morning Water. After the prayers, she received a letter from Germany, notifying her of her employment for a permanent position which commences on January 2, 2017. Thanking God for the miracle, Mrs Rullich told congregants that the employment is her first permanent one in ten years. The new job comes with several securities including health insurance. She advised people going through her type of challenge to believe in God as the only real Helper.


caroline-2 Despite the fact that she is a nurse, Princess Caroline Ene could not help herself tackle the ailment that had befallen her. For two years, she suffered from difficulty in walking and had to resort to the use of a lumbar corset. The ailment made her unable to carry out domestic chores. Not even was she able to lift a bucket of water. All her quest for a solution ended in futility. The Nigerian residing in the United States of America had to make the over twelve-hour journey in order to attend the 2016 Revival Service at The SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria in December.caroline

Mrs Ene was at the Prayer Line where she received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua. The power of God through His Prophet uprooted the cause of her problem and made her whole again. Demonstrating her new-found fitness, Mrs Ene urged people all over the world to believe in Jesus as He is the ultimate Healer.


family-3Mrs Maduekwe was born to a sangoma-practicing father and had grown up to find herself dreaming of taking over from him. Sometimes, she would dream about herself dressed as a princess. Her problems started after her father’s death when she refused to take over from him as a sangoma practitioner. The sangoma spirit forcefully possessed her and made her do many terrible things, especially in her marriage. Before she married her husband, they both enjoyed unmitigated peace until they got married. The love that bound them together soon took flight. Mrs Maduekwe became a terror. She would become uncontrollably angry and would threaten to injure her husband. Whenever her husband wanted some intimacy, his manhood would die unnaturally.
Mrs Maduakwe had terminated three of her pregnancies and almost lost her life in another attempt to abort a six-months-old pregnancy. She continued to live a violent life and eventually rekindled a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She even told her husband that the young man was just a cousin. She continued to frolic with her ex-boyfriend as they would meet secretly without her husband having an inkling of their escapades. On his part, Mr Maduekwe also had extra-marital affairs because of his wife’s seeming frigidity. For fourteen years, the marriage hit the doldrums.family-2

The couple visited The SCOAN and encountered the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua as he ministered prophecy to congregants. As soon as the prophet approached her, the spirit inside Mrs Maduekwe started manifesting. The man of God went on to tell the couple that the cause of their marital woes was a spiritual husband that had been tormenting Mrs Maduekwe for a long time. The couple thereafter received their deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus. Since their deliverance, the couple have rediscovered the true love that was the hallmark of their early days as a married couple. Mrs Maduekwe urged people all over the world to know that God’s time is the best while her husband added that we should run to God in the face of every marital problem.

Tprophet-t-b-joshuahe SCOAN Live Sunday Service of December 18, 2016 witnessed the demonstration of God’s everlasting glory. The glorious as well as victorious power of Christ was displayed with the testimonies that greeted the Spirit-filled occasion. The prayer led by Prophet T.B. Joshua further proved that, we as Christians, are drawn in an everlasting battle of supremacy with the kingdom of darkness. The prophecies also revealed the hidden antics of the devil while illuminating the lives of congregants with the resplendent fire of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking about the concept of faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua took Christians on an excursion into the nature and power of faith in their daily living as children of God. He urged them to cultivate Biblical faith which does not deny the existence of a problem and which “…must arise in each person’s heart based on the Word of God”. According to him, “Faith is not an issue of ordering God around”. He lamented the attitudes of some Christians who feel bad and lose faith in God whenever their prayers seem not answered. According to him, God knows best and has His reasons for not answering some prayers. “Who knows what would have happened to you if your prayer for a better life had been answered?” he said.

evangelist-gbengaEarlier in the service, Evangelist Gbenga, in his message, SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM, had called on believers to put the service of God first in every situation so that they may share in the endless glory that abounds in the Kingdom. He reminded them that life is more beneficial when lived in Christ than in the valueless things of the world: “This life is too short to waste time on things that have no lasting value”.

According to him, this world is not our home; our home is more precious and everlasting than this earth and thus, we are only wayfarers on earth: “This world is not our home. We are only passing through”. Even though this world is not our home, Evangelist Gbenga added that we need God to guide us through the rough edges of a wicked world full of evil and strife: “In our passage through this wicked world into our permanent home, we need God so that we will not dash our feet against a stone”. He also observed that the love of money and material possessions above God is evil, adding that, “When fame, wealth and authority come, we become too busy to serve God”.

Concluding, he urged Christians not to bother about their situations. Citing the account of Job who remained faithful in the face of all the calamities that befell him, he submitted that, “Whoever is great among men, it is God that made them so”.



In July 2016, Mrs Veronica Nyathi had applied for admission at the University of South Africa  but received no response from the school. A month later, another school, the Gordon Institute of Business Science sent her a mail inviting her to apply for a scholarship. After applying for the scholarship, she embarked on a journey to The SCOAN. While on her way to Nigeria, the Gordon Institute of Business Science contacted her, requesting her availability for an interview. The South African was already at The SCOAN and would not leave the presence of God in a hurry. Having informed them of her mission to Nigeria, the school requested for a telephone interview. Veronica was unperturbed; instead she believed that the scholarship would have to wait for her.

After receiving prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua, Veronica also received the Morning Water and headed back to South Africa. On her return home, she found another mail requesting for a telephone interview by the school. By the time she called them, they told her that it was too late as the scholarship offer had closed. Somehow, she was not moved by their discouraging response. She believed in her heart that her mission to The SCOAN was not going to be in vain. In a matter of days, the very same school which had told her that the scholarship offer had closed, called her to arrange for another telephone interview. During the interview, one of the panellists enquired about her mission to Nigeria. Veronica was quick to inform them that she had visited The SCOAN for prayers. The panellist surprised her by telling her she was blessed.

Though it was apparent to her that she did not do well in the interview, by the sheer grace of God, she received a mail the next day congratulating her for winning the scholarship offer. All expenses involved in her upcoming studies were shouldered by the school. Thanking God for making the scholarship possible, Mrs Veronica Nyathi ascribed her selection to God’s special grace and nothing else. She also described the scholarship as a rare privilege, citing the fact that the Gordon Institute of Business Science is among the best business schools in the world. While thanking God for also protecting her home later during a burglary incident, she advised people all over the world to live in faith no matter what they are going through, adding that with God, all things are possible.


For eight years, Mrs Adeyanju could not walk as a result of lumbar spondylosis. She had been placed on many analgesics and had used a lumbar corset and knee brace but still could not walk. The fact that her problem started in the United Kingdom, a more advanced society in terms of medical equipment, did not improve her condition. Instead, it made matters worse as she would have to rely on aid to move around. She was almost incapacitated by her condition as she could neither carry out her domestic duties nor do any business. A friend would later introduce her to Emmanuel TV. She started watching the channel and built her faith. She also witnessed the healings that took place during the special healing service to commemorate the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua on June 12, 2016.

During the 2-day revival service at The SCOAN from 9 – 10 December, 2016, Mrs Adeyanju was brought to The SCOAN in a car. Prophet T.B. Joshua had to come out of the auditorium to minister healing to her. Laying hands on her and commanding her to stand up and walk, Mrs Adeyanju stood up and walked for the first time in many years. It was to the glory of God as people around, including her two daughters, celebrated her healing in the name of Jesus. During her testimony last Sunday, Mrs Adeyanju told congregants that she did not know how it happened. According to her, she only realised that she could suddenly walk. She also thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver her daughters who accompanied her to The SCOAN that fateful day.“Trust in God and have faith in Him,” she advised people all over the world.

During the 2012 Candle Light Service, Miss Rita Adzokatse was watching Emmanuel TV live from her home in Ghana. She had heard Prophet T.B. Joshua advise people to return to farming as a way out of the looming economic recession that would cripple many oil-dependent countries of the world. Keying into that prophetic message, Rita started a farm in 2013. Being a graduate of Animal Science, it was even more auspicious for her to engage in farming. And so, as she started the farm, she ministered the Morning Water on it, thereby involving God in the whole thing. In spite of all the challenges she encountered, she kept faith in God and continued to minister the Morning Water.

Early 2016, she was told about an organisation that supports young entrepreneurs and she went ahead to gather information about them. She subsequently applied for support after submitting a business plan. Rita was among 1,300 people whose applications were received and she knew it was going to be a serious battle. After processing the applications, 514 applicants were shortlisted for the next phase. From 514, the final list had 157 applicants shortlisted. Rita was one of the 157. A date was set for the final presentation and it was a 3-day process.

Having prepared for her presentation, Rita ministered the Morning Water and proceeded to the presentation venue. Before she started the presentation, she also ministered the Morning Water. After her presentation, the panel was impressed. Even though there were initial doubts, it was later discovered that she was a practising farmer. After the entire process, Rita returned home and continued praying with the man of God via Emmanuel TV while also ministering the Morning Water and remaining expectant of good news.

Two weeks later, Rita received a mail inviting her for an award. At the award, she received the highest financial support from the organisation to the tune of six thousand pounds. With the money, she acquired over 2,000 birds (layers) for her farm. Rita testified in the company of her sisters. She thanked God for finding her worthy of His favour. She advised people, especially youth who are unemployed, to embrace the prophetic message of Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning agriculture and create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for ready-made jobs.


Mrs Rita Chukwuekwu suffered from uncontrollable urination due to vesicovaginal fistula. The indigene of Delta, Nigeria noticed the anomaly after she delivered a baby through caesarean session. To worsen matters, a surgical needle was also forgotten in her womb, making her need for another surgery very urgent. This myriad of problems made life very difficult for her. She could not breastfeed her baby properly as she found it difficult to sit down for long. She also used a catheter to pass out urine lest she mess up her body. This artificial living continued until she visited The SCOAN.

During a prayer session led by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mrs Chukwuekwu cried out to the man of God about her problem. Led by the compassionate Spirit of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on her and commanded the root cause of her problem out, in the mighty name of Jesus. In the twinkle of an eye, Mrs Chukwuekwu received and declared her healing to the glory of God. She returned to The SCOAN last Sunday to give her testimony in the company of family members.

Thanking God for healing her of an embarrassing health challenge, she lamented the near-death situation in which she had found herself, losing blood profusely and relying on all sorts of support to live. According to her, all that stopped as soon as Prophet T.B. Joshua touched her. Today, she is hale and hearty and is no longer living on medications. She now eats well and drinks water freely unlike in the past. “Put your hope and trust in God and He will see you through,” she advised people all over the world.


Miss Collette Umeokwara had been labouring under the yoke of bedwetting for a very longmiss-collette time. According to her, the problem started through a dream experience in which she had excused herself from a group of people to go and urinate, only to discover that the deed was also happening physically while she was sleeping on her bed. Since that experience, she had continued to suffer from the problem. She had had to cover up the embarrassing situation on several occasions, especially when she was in school and during her National Youth Service Corps programme.

She could not visit friends or family members because she did not want to embarrass herself. In her desperate search for a solution, Miss Umeokwara had resorted to serious prayers on her own but it appeared the affliction was beyond her capacity. She would eventually attend last Saturday’s prophetic service where the power of God located her through Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God saw her case and called her out. As soon as she stepped out from the congregation, Prophet T.B. Joshua commanded the spirit behind the affliction out of her life. As a demonstration of God’s power and victory over her problem, the young woman fell to the ground.

During her testimony last Sunday, she narrated the ordeal she faced while under the yoke of that affliction. According to her, ever since her deliverance, she has not had any of those evil dreams anymore. She thanked God for putting an end to the embarrassing situation she had battled with for years. She also advised people all over the world, especially those having similar challenges not to lose hope but to put their trust in God.



Mrs Catherine Tetteh and her husband had both had broken marriages prior to their union three years ago. While Catherine is in her third marriage, her husband is in his second. Their union as husband and wife had been threatened by a lot of misunderstanding occasioned by lack of affection and an unexplained incompatibility. Mrs Tetteh had been harbouring the thought of walking out of her third marriage but somehow reckoned that it was better she sought the face of God at The SCOAN before taking that decision.

mr-mrs-bongani-2During the last Prophetic service held at The SCOAN, the Zimbabwean living in South Africa visited the church in the company of her husband. While Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministering prophecy to congregants, the Holy Spirit led him to see her problem. Mrs Tetteh was moved to tears when Prophet T.B. Joshua told her about the thoughts in her mind concerning her marriage and how she had walked out of previous marriages. The man of God also revealed to her that a spirit was behind all the disappointments she had gone through in all her marriages.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to Mrs Tetteh, her husband also came out to receive his own part of the prophecy. The man of God prophesied that the man had quit his first marriage without God releasing him. He also told Mrs Tetteh that she quit her previous marriages without God releasing her. In effect, both husband and wife were victims of failed marriages due to their own impatience and decision not to wait on God. Even though a spirit was behind their marital crisis, they inadvertently made matters worse by side-lining God in the entire equation.

After the prophecy, the couple received counselling and prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. They came to The SCOAN last Sunday to thank God for restoring their marriage. While Mrs Tetteh was happy that God revealed the root cause of their problems, her husband expressed joy that God’s opinion about his marriage was confirmed through Prophet T.B. Joshua. “No one can address the problems we face, only God. So, run to Him,” he advised people all over the world.


The young man was initiated into cannibalism by his mother when he was a child. He grew up to relish human flesh to the extent that he would go to the graveyard to exhume corpses through magical powers and devour them in company of fellow cannibals. Most times, he would dig holes and ditches in his room and trap unsuspecting persons whom he would eventually kill for onward consumption together with his cannibalistic allies. According to the Ugandan, the spirit of cannibalism which his mother afflicted him with through some herbal concoction, was one that could not be easily resisted. Whenever it came upon him, he became blood-thirsty like a lion and began to look unrelentingly for human flesh to consume.

The spirit had sent him to jail on several occasions and yet there was no end in sight to his unwholesome appetite for human flesh. He continued to eat human flesh and had even lost count of the number of people he and his cohorts had eaten. After coming in contact with Emmanuel TV during one of his prison experiences, the young man vowed that he would be delivered at The SCOAN. During the last prophetic service at The SCOAN, he was spotted by Prophet T.B. Joshua and received his deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus.

Testifying last Sunday, he told congregants about the change that has taken place in his life. According to him, the urge to eat human flesh has since disappeared from his life. He no longer experiences those nocturnal encounters with spirits. Instead, the peace from Heaven has taken over his soul. He reminded congregants and people all over the world that “everything can be done in Jesus’ name,” when you seek first the Kingdom.

The SCOAN Revival Service witnessed a massive turnout of people from different parts of the world. Arriving in their thousands, the sick and all others who had one issue or the other believed that Jesus Christ would turn their situations around. The first day of the revival was power-packed. The man of God ministered healing to a multitude of people, including those who had been confined to wheelchairs for years, HIV/AIDS patients, people with mental challenges and those with various spiritual problems. The power of God was at its zenith on that day, being Friday, December 9, 2016. Many people who had received their healing in the past also turned out to share their testimonies as a boost of faith for those believing God for theirs.

prophet-t-b-joshuaOn Saturday, December 10, 2016, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the Prophetic Service that saw a lot of hidden problems unfolded concerning many congregants. The man of God also gave insights into what the future holds for some. Many also received deliverance through prophetic words. During Mass Prayer, many were set free from the oppression of the devil. Sunday, December 11, 2016 witnessed a plethora of testimonies to the glory of God. The entire service was brought to a powerful end with songs of praise and worship after evangelists ministered the Morning Water to congregants.

In his message titled YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL, the man of God reminded Christians of their place in the world, stating that, though they may encounter challenges, they will always come out triumphant because they are in Christ Jesus Who is the Author and Finisher of their faith. According to the man of God, “If you are genuinely born again, nothing can separate you. Your faith may fail but not utterly.” Speaking further, he told Christians that they are not above attack. Citing the experience of Job, he submitted that, though satan may seek permission from God to test a Christian’s faith, he cannot destroy him/her: “As it was with Job, with God’s permission, satan can tempt or attack you but cannot destroy you. In the same light, if you are a true born again Christian, satan can attack you only if God permits.”

The man of God concluded by urging Christians to brace up for the coming year 2017, crowdadding that they must learn to live within their incomes. He warned against unnecessary spending and extravagance. He also advised them on certain management principles that will see them through the economic downturn that is affecting nations all over the world: “This coming year, you have to learn to cut your coat according to your size.”



Coming from a family that had a terrible reputation in witchcraft and other fetish cannibal-exposedactivities, the young man from Uganda lived a very horrible life. He was a cannibal that went to the extent of exhuming corpses from cemeteries just to eat them together with his fellow cannibals. He had dug a deep pit in his house in which he would push unsuspecting victims into. If the fall did not kill them, he would finish them off and eat their flesh fresh. Aside from his cannibalistic appetite, the young man also lived a wayward life fathering five different children with five different women. His actions took a toll on his mental state as he always thought he was going to run mad.

cannibal-exposedWhen his activities got to public domain, he was arrested and was even sent to prison a few times. He later encountered Emmanuel TV and discovered that God is at work at The SCOAN. It was the psychological burden of all his atrocities that brought him to The SCOAN to seek for deliverance. According to him, he knew it was only Prophet T.B. Joshua that could deliver him. During the prophetic service last Saturday, the Ugandan was fished out by Prophet T.B. Joshua through a prophetic Word and the urge to eat his fellow human beings left him. After that encounter, the young man confessed all his evil deeds, declaring that he has been delivered by God through Prophet T.B. Joshua. He vowed never to go back to his evil past and also pledged to continue in the ways of the Lord.



mrs-mariaFor six years, Mrs Maria Ikezue battled with a malignant leg ulcer and skin disease that rendered her incapable of doing many things. First, it immobilised her, making it difficult for her to carry out most of her domestic chores. For the woman who hails from Anambra State, Nigeria, life was at its lowest ebb. She could not cook for her children but rather depended on them for her daily survival. They aided her every effort to the extent that whenever she wanted to ease herself, they had to get a bucket for her. The severe pains that came with the ulcer also gave her a hell of a time. Mrs Ikezue visited many churches, native doctors and hospitals but could not find a solution.

One day while lamenting her condition, she had sought the help of her brother who advised her to visit The SCOAN. Mrs Ikezue heeded her brother’s advice and came down to The SCOAN. She proceeded to the Prayer Line where it took just a touch from the man of God to end her years of pain and anguish. According to her, as soon as the man of God touched her, she felt something fly out of her and that was it. By the night of that very day, she had woken up from sleep to discover that the watery sore on her leg had miraculously dried up. Thanking God during her testimony, she advised people all over the world to desist from visiting native doctors as they have no solution to offer. She however urged them to run to Jesus who remains the solution to all the fundamental problems of life.


Mr Adams had been treating Malaria and Typhoid for five years but unknown to him then, mr-julius-adamshe was carrying the deadly disease called HIV/AIDS. For those five years, he experienced a lot of pains and discomfort accompanied by many sleepless nights. In the year 2000, Mr Julius Adams visited the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital known then as Ayinke General Hospital. There, he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. After the result of the test was made known to him, Mr Adams knew he had only one option to seek God’s intervention or die slowly and painfully too. By this time, he was already aware of the awe-inspiring exploits of Prophet T.B. Joshua in the vineyard of God and decided to visit The SCOAN.

According to him, when he arrived at The SCOAN, he discovered that there were several other people who had the same problem. The man of God ushered them into the auditorium in a queue with each carrying a placard displaying their problems. As soon as the man of God stretched his hand towards Mr Adams, something unforgettable happened. A dark shadow came out of his body. While he was still trying to contain his bewilderment, the shadow had disappeared. Right from that moment, all the symptoms of HIV/AIDS that he had exhibited for five years ceased to be. There was even more bewilderment when he returned to the hospital for a confirmation test. After the test, the doctor was shocked beyond description as to how the incurable disease disappeared from his system. Mr Adams had to ‘educate’ the doctor on the omnipotence of God.

Thanking God for bringing him back from a state of hopelessness, near-death and anguish to one of hope, life and joy, he advised people all over the world to hold on to God, adding that He is the only One who can cure HIV/AIDS which has continued to defy medical solution to date.

“I CAN HEAR AGAIN!” – Hungarian Healed By Jesus Christ

evelyn-balassy-3Evelyn Balassy had come all the way from Hungary to The SCOAN with the problem of severe hearing loss. Since the tender age of eight years, she had experienced this problem which had made her a public spectacle because of the great embarrassment it caused. She was operated on at a young age but it didn’t change her condition. She was still unable to hear anything with her right ear. She was forced to wear a evelyn-balassy-2hearing aid which caused her great discomfort as the only temporary relief to her problem. The doctors had told her that it was nerve damage in her ears that caused the hearing loss and that it would never improve; she simply had to live with it for the rest of her life. Upon coming to The SCOAN in desperate search for a final solution to her predicament, she received a divine touch from God Almighty through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. After she received her healing, she started hearing normally with her right ear and no longer has to use the hearing aid! Now, she can hear perfectly and she has been restored to the glory of God!


mr-anthony-familyAssistant Superintendent Laar Anthony of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps had been on the wheelchair for two months. He woke up one day to discover that he could not walk, having lost sensation in his legs. He was taken to many hospitals and churches but there was no sign of improvement in his condition. He also tried native medicine which also did not offer any reprieve. Through the help of his family, Anthony was introduced to The SCOAN. During the 2-day revival service held from December 9 to 11, 2016, he was among the multitude of people who received their healing.

Anthony was healed by God through Prophet T.B. Joshua who only laid hands on him and mr-anthony-family-2commanded him to walk. As soon as Anthony got up on his feet, there was jubilation amongst his family members who came with him. One of them lifted his wheelchair to show the world how marvelous the works of God are. Anthony was among 29 other people who were healed of inability to walk due to various medical conditions. After their healing, the man of God gave the thirty of them two bags of rice each and the sum of twenty thousand naira each for their transportation back to their different destinations.

Thanking God for his healing, Anthony could not conceal his joy. He described the day of his healing as a new chapter in the story of his life and thanked the man of God for reaching out to them materially, especially at a time when the entire nation is feeling the effects of the economic recession ravaging it.



Mr Jaspal Bharya had been addicted to cannabis smoking from a very young age. TheMR JASPAL BHARYA.jpg Tanzanian became unrestrictedly free when he travelled to the United Kingdom to further his education. There, he enjoyed unlimited freedom compared to those times when he had to hide from his parents in order to satisfy his urge for smoking. His addiction took a terrible toll on his finances as he would sell his personal effects just to satiate his appetite for cannabis. He sold his wrist watches, gold chains and phone.

For twenty-two years, Mr Bharya lived with his addiction. He became confused and could not concentrate on any useful venture. Apart from cannabis, he also experimented with cocaine and other hard drugs. Because of his untoward behavior, he was humiliated by family members who found it hard to come to terms with the shame he was bringing to them. Somehow, he became an outcast. During his younger years, his parents also stopped giving him pocket money. Later in life, even his marriage was not spared as he was separated from his wife and children as a result of his bad lifestyle.

Mr Bharya got to know about Prophet T.B. Joshua through his father. The Tanzanian who now resides in the UK visited The SCOAN and received his deliverance from the man of God. According to him, the day he arrived at The SCOAN, he was looking for a way to go and take his drugs but thank God that after his deliverance, that evil urge had gone for good. He now sleeps better and has peace in his life. He urged people all over the world, especially smokers and non-smokers to desist from the act as it comes with many negative health consequences.


mr-richard-nkhwaziTwo years ago, Prophet T.B. Joshua had released a prophetic word, urging congregants and nations all over the world to return to agriculture, adding that the reliance on oil will soon spell doom for many countries of the world. Back in Malawi, Mr Richard Nkhwazi was watching Emmanuel TV and was inspired by the prophetic word. He thereafter conveyed the message to his entire community which had 24, 000 hectares of uncultivated land. Most of the inhabitants of that community were rustic poor people who could not finance any form of agricultural project on their own and so, needed support.

Mr Nkhwazi therefore solicited the support of a private organisation which got interested and provided some financial support to the community. As cultivation began, the Malawian government also got involved and made available funds for the construction of dams, canals and other useful resources. Other private organisations from India and South Africa also got involved, making the project a very huge one with international status. With the level of investments channeled into the project, it will create jobs for many and also provide food for the community and beyond. According to Mr Nkhwazi, over 5,000 thousand people, including the less privileged will benefit from the project.

Thanking God for granting him the grace to key into the prophetic word of the man of God, Mr Nkhwazi urged people all over the world to take the words of a prophet seriously because they convey the righteous thoughts of God.


Since 2011, she had been bleeding through all the orifices in her body. She also hadhope nightmares in which strange people would forcefully sleep with her while others tried to inflict bodily injuries on her. She also dreamt of strange beings with odd frames. While all that happened, Hope would not tell her mother. She preferred to keep it all to herself. By the year 2013, the attacks had become so recurrent that she could no longer hide them. She would bleed from her eyes, nose, ears and skin. Most times, her pillows were stained by the blood from her eyes, nose and ears.

The young South African became depressed with the strange developments happening right in her own body. There was a time she started having prolonged menstruation which would span 40 days at a time. Her aunt would eventually let the cat out of the bag by reporting the matter to her mother. When her mother confronted her about the whole saga, Hope cried. But alas, her tears were bloody. It got to an extent that her friends in school started deserting her because they believed she was an evil child. In search of spiritual solace, she would resort to reading her Bible but each time she did, she wept blood. Because of the seeming insoluble nature of her problems, she had considered suicide on several occasions.

A mysterious hair loss also set in to compound her already complicated case. Hope tried to HOPE 3.jpggive hope to her mother by covering up the hair loss issue. The financial implication of her travails was immense as she had to be placed on a lot of medications which ended up proving unbeneficial. The family was able to visit The SCOAN months back and Hope was delivered during a Sunday service through the ministration of the Morning Water. The young woman who was raped three times, first at age 8, had surely seen many horrible things in her life. But since after her deliverance, behold, old things have passed away and all things have become new in Christ Jesus. The bleeding, the depression and the suicidal thoughts have given way to the peace of God.

Thanking God in company of her mother and sister, Hope advised young people all over the world not to focus on their circumstances but to concentrate on Jesus because He cares for them. According to her, no matter the situation, God still Has something to say. She also urged them to make God’s Word the standard for their lives.


mrs-heide-menzel“Since I was born, I would always cry.” Mrs Heide Menzel, from Germany, grew up with a feeling of rejection from her father, since childhood. From the age of six years old, she would always ask God why she was even alive. From that young age, she even tried committing suicide. This became a regular occurrence in her life, trying and failing to end her life. There was not a single night that went by that Mrs Heide would not dream of death. “I felt rejected and imprisoned in my own body. I always thought something was wrong with me.”

Realising that this problem was not one that she wanted to carry for the rest of her life, she began seeking a solution. Coming from a religious home, she tried to get close to Jesus Christ but always felt like there was barrier between her and God. She became so desperate that she started trying anything, including dry fasting, to attract the attention of God. “No matter what I did, I always felt a barrier because I was trying to force the hand of God.” She started reading books about deliverance and began to search YouTube for deliverance ministries. That was how she came across Emmanuel TV. After watching a few times, she became hooked and began to feel there was hope for her situation. She could relate to so many of the testimonies that she had seen and had a strong urge to come to The SCOAN. This desire came to fruition last Sunday as she partook in the Live Service.

The Spirit of God located her as Prophet TB Joshua gave her a word of prophecy saying, “You are depressed. There is a suicide problem from your father’s side.” It finally made sense! For so many years she didn’t know what the cause of her pain was, to now discover that it was a spirit of suicide tormenting her. She came to The SCOAN feeling so desperate, but after receiving deliverance from the evil spirit, she has now come to testify to the glory of God for her newfound freedom. The burden lifted and feeling like a new person, she testified, “I now feel joy and I feel so full of love.” She gave a strong word of advice to all who were listening, “Please endure – don’t end your life because Jesus loves you so much!”


mrs-alice-amaraMrs Alice Amara and daughter came to The SCOAN for the Friday Healing Service in a vehicle because she couldn’t walk for the past five years. She had lumbar spondylosis which had rendered her completely unable to cater for her own needs, even the most basic and necessary ones! She had gone to many orthopaedics and hospitals, searching for a solution but they were all unable to provide any relief to her ever-nagging pain. She confessed that in search for healing, she had gone to many spiritualists who had demanded for her to pay up to 50,000 naira for her to receive that miracle. Unfortunately, after paying the required amounts at various places, the solution never came. She decided to come to The SCOAN, saying to herself
that it would be her last bus mrs-alice-amara-2stop. As she arrived at The SCOAN, she remained in her car outside of the church because she was unable to walk by herself into the auditorium. As the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua came out of the church to pray for her, she received her healing and immediately started walking majestically, all to the glory of God. Since that day, she can walk freely, painless and limitless, all thanks to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ!

Finally, she is advising viewers to believe in Jesus Christ, who is able to heal and set us free, for His glory.


mrs-yevgeniy-leeIn 2015, Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee from Kazakhstan received dreadful news about her US-based brother-in-law that he had been shot in the stomach. The bullet, fired by an unknown gang, had penetrated the stomach and ruptured his spinal cord. In the aftermath of the onslaught, the functionality of her brother-in-law’s brain began to dwindle. His vital organs started to fail, resulting in loss of senses in his limbs. His body deteriorated by the second. The medical doctors and nurses assigned to his case had all given up on any hope of Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee’s brother-in-law ever recovering. He remained in a coma, with no hope in sight that any part of his muscles would ever be able to coordinate any movement of his body again. Disturbed by the fact that his sensory organs had been compromised, he had been reduced to a vegetative state and placed on life support in the hospital, the family in both the US and his native Kazakhstan collectively wrote to The SCOAN to seek the face of God.

In December 2015, Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee came to The SCOAN. Although bad news coming in from the US about her brother-in-law were disturbing enough to distract her focus, she continued to pray. After being prayed for by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the prophet requested to see a photograph of Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee’s brother-in-law and prayed for him.

After her visit to The SCOAN, all the bad news about Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee’s brother-in-law turned into non-stop good news. Doctors who had booked her in-law for further surgical operations that would have included a kidney transplant, had to cancel the surgery because of the rapid pace at which the young man was making a recovery. All his vital organs bounced back to full life. Doctors, who had once claimed he would never walk again, were left baffled to see how God’s miracle got them to change their confessions. They watched in awe as Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee’s brother-in-law started to eat, talk and walk freely without any support. One of the nurses, who also thought the young man was certain to die, was so dumbstruck by God’s awesome miracle in the man’s life that she fell in love with him and subsequently they got married. The nurse, who never believed in the existence of God, has now given her life to Jesus Christ. The couple has been blessed with a child to the glory of God.

Sharing their joy with the world, Mrs and Mr Yevgeniy Lee advised the congregation and viewers all over the world not to lose faith in God because He is in control and that He will see them through.


The faith of the congregants was lifted up as they listened to the divine teachings from Prophet T.B. Joshua in a message titled, ‘Pay Attention To God.’ Aside from the awe-inspiring testimonies and beautiful renditions from the choir, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke extensively on the concept of faith and how Christians are expected to apply it to their lives. According to the man of God, “If you pay attention to God’s Word, you will find that faith comes spontaneously, that is naturally.” He further observed that one cannot have faith by just memorising the Word of God. “It is good to memorize; it is valuable but it must become an integral part of you.” He likened memorising the Bible without it being a part of you to storing water in the mouth without swallowing it: it is a waste. “To live the Bible is to allow it to become an integral part of us.”
The man of God also reminded Christians that being in possession of the Bible or bearing the name “Christian” does not confer on them the privilege of having faith. Instead, faith is only available in those whom Jesus knows: “That you have a Bible or are a Christian does not mean you have faith, until Jesus knows you.”
Summing up his message, the man of God observed that “The Word of God is Spirit that has the ability to develop a spiritual force within our hearts called faith.”

In an earlier message titled ORDER YOUR WORDS ARIGHT, Evangelist Racine urged Christians to rise above the challenges and trials of life by confessing victory and triumph even in the face of the discouraging realities of life, adding that many people today are unnecessarily weighed down by their earthly worries: “Many people are walking in their situation. They murmur and grumble and speak as common people.” According to him, the life of a Christian will always go to the level of his or her words. He also noted that good Christians would surely have their faith tested as a mark of spiritual maturity and growth in the knowledge of the things of God: “As a man or woman of faith, your faith will be tested by facts and experience. Tests and trials are meant for our belief. Trials and temptations determine where you are spiritually. Prophet T.B. Joshua says that challenges reveal the true condition of our heart.”
Continuing, he urged Christians to repose their faith in God in all circumstances, stressing that, “We overcome by faith. Faith is a force that moves our words to work.” Evangelist Racine also reminded Christians that faith acts on the Word of God which is a reflection of His will: “The Word is a seed of divine life that comes into the heart and causes faith to grow.” He therefore encouraged believers to observe their supplications in accordance with the will of God: “When you ask and pray according to His will, your prayer is answered.”
Concluding, he urged Christians to realise who they really are and the power they wield as children of God. “There is power in your mouth. The belief in your heart is released by faith out of your mouth. God’s Word in the midst of your heart gives you an authority in Heaven.”


Mr and Mrs John Ughamadu were targeted to be kidnapped but escaped by whiskers. However, the same could not be said of their house help and a neighbour’s wife who were whisked away by the criminals. Soon after they were abducted, a communication ensued between the abductors and the victims’ families. The abductors were a bit disappointed when they realised that the person they had thought was Mr Ughamadu’s wife was in actual fact his house help, an orphan who they had adopted as their child. Their disappointment was inconsequential as it did not stop them from placing a ransom of one hundred million naira each on the two women.
After several pleas from Mr Ughamadu and his neighbour, the kidnappers called to inform them that the ransom had been reduced to fifty million naira each. But even at that, the money involved was just too much for the men. At that juncture, Mr Ughamadu who had been a staunch member of The SCOAN and an Emmanuel TV Partner, summoned courage and decided to exercise his faith. He put a call through to The SCOAN Prayer and Counselling hotlines. An evangelist picked up his call and listened carefully to his dilemma. The evangelist urged him to call the kidnappers and tell them that the house help is a spiritual daughter to Prophet T.B. Joshua and that they should release her unconditionally.
When Mr Ughamadu communicated the evangelist’s instruction to the kidnappers, there was apparent confusion in their camp and for the first time in a couple of days, he was allowed to speak with his adopted daughter. Sensing that their deal was already undone by the mere mention of the name T.B. Joshua, they resorted to keeping Mr Ughamadu incommunicado and shifted their attention to his neighbour. But all efforts to extort money from him also failed. Left with no other option and perturbed by fear, the criminals eventually released the women after sixteen days of captivity.
During their testimony last Sunday at The SCOAN Mr and Mrs Ughamadu, in company of their house help and adopted daughter, thanked God for the marvellous thing He has done in their lives. Both husband and wife as well as the girl took turns to praise Him for what He Has done. They were unanimous in their advice to people all over the world: “Hold on to your faith and don’t give up. Your faith in God will see you through.”

Corporal Yerimah Ojoh was on a United Nations Peace-keeping Mission in Darfur, Sudan, when he suddenly developed a strange ailment that rendered him bedridden. The Nigerian soldier had to rely on colleagues for support in order to walk to and from hospital. After various hospitals in Darfur failed to diagnose the cause of his problem, he was referred to a specialised military hospital. It was there that doctors discovered that he had a liver infection that defied medical solution. While the military authorities in Sudan were making arrangements to redeploy him and another sick soldier back to Nigeria, in the event that their conditions deteriorate, Corporal Ojoh summoned faith and decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on a colleague’s laptop in their hostel.
After that prayer, an incident he would never forget occurred that night. In a trance-like encounter, a voice beckoned on him to rise from the bed. As he arose, he found two of his own frame still lying on the bed. The voice then went on to say. “I created you without any problem. Now, these two bodies represent you. Which of them do you want? The one with sickness or the one without sickness?” Corporal Ojoh who also doubles as a pastor answered and chose the body without sickness. He was then told to enter the body without sickness by the voice. As soon as he entered that body, a strange but fresh surge of energy came into his body. He went into jubilation and was joined by other soldiers in praising God. Since that day, he has had no cause to visit the hospital save for a confirmation test he carried out on the advice of his wife. The result showed that his liver function was normal.
Testifying at The SCOAN last Sunday, Corporal Ojoh thanked God for restoring his health even when he was on the throes of death. He however regretted the death of his colleague who was referred to Nigeria but could not make it home alive. He also urged ministers of God to jettison the politics and sentiments of denominationalism and work together as one family of Christ. He left the following advice to sick people all over the world: “You should connect to God by faith through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua.”
He had been tormented by a spirit wife right from his childhood. Mr Innocent Chinedu would find himself eating and having sexual intercourse in the dream. He experienced stagnation and could not have a successful marriage because each time he tried to settle down with a woman, the spirit wife would wreak havoc and frighten the woman away. The Nigerian living in the USA would eventually have an encounter with God through Emmanuel TV. While flipping through TV channels in his home in the United States, he came across the testimony of a brother who had the same spirit wife issue on Emmanuel TV. The mere fact that the brother received his deliverance ignited Mr Chinedu’s faith with passion and a sense of urgency to push for his own.mr-mrs-innocent-brother
Remembering how the ruthless spirit wife had destroyed his earlier marriages, Mr Chinedu decided to pray along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. In April, 2013, he laid his hands on the TV screen and prayed with the man of God. In an instant, he felt something get out of his body while a heat sensation took all over him. After a while, he felt a breath of fresh air. That same 2013, Mr Chinedu returned to Nigeria and got married to his new wife without any problem. When he went back to the USA after his wedding, he had a strange dream encounter in which the man of God woke him from sleep to alert him of the physical presence of an evil bat trying to attack him in his room. Mr Chinedu finally hit the bat down and sprinkled the Morning Water on it. After disposing of the dead bat, Mr Chinedu’s life further changed for the better.
Even business-wise, he is doing well. He no longer has financial challenges. Indeed, God has turned his life around. Testifying in company of his wife and brother, Mr Chinedu expressed profound gratitude to the Almighty God for bringing total peace into his life. He advised people all over the world to install Emmanuel TV in their homes because it brings the presence of God.

Mr James Joseph was sent to school to study but decided to pursue other fancies. He jettisoned his academic pursuits and dabbled into cultism, alcoholism, drug use and night-crawling. He would use his school fees and allowances to drink alcohol and sniff cocaine in company of his friends who shared his kind of thinking and attitude. Matters got worse for him to the extent that his elder sister began to see him in her dreams lurking around the corners of death. She had to intervene through pleas for him to come down to Lagos and encounter God at The SCOAN.
Mr Joseph visited The SCOAN on 20th December, 2015 and was caught in a cross-fire of the Morning Water ministration against all the antics of the kingdom of darkness. As soon as the Morning Water hit him, the evil spirit tormenting him manifested and was cast out of him. After his deliverance, Mr Joseph’s life has taken a very promising and glorious shape. Those irresponsible behaviours have taken flight. He enjoys an unprecedented inner peace and has since reconciled with his parents who had been grossly disappointed with his former ways of life. Mr Joseph has since completed his studies and has been awarded a degree in Biochemistry, despite having missed several papers due to his former ways of life. Thanking God in company of his in-law, Mr Joseph regretted the time he wasted living an irresponsible life. He called on youths to avoid evil associations. He advised them to give God a chance in their lives.

Miss Otaru Evelyn was involved in a tricycle accident in September last year. Her leg was seriously affected to the extent that on-lookers and even the doctor who later attended to her said she was going to undergo amputation because according to them, the leg was badly damaged. But Miss Otaru would not bulge. She insisted on going God’s way much to the consternation of the doctor who threatened to send her home for being unnecessarily stubborn. She demanded for her wallet and from it brought out a Good Morning Sticker and placed it on her leg. There was an instant effect. A leg that had remained unimaginably stiff, gradually became flexible.
The doctor, unable to convince her to accept amputation, sent her home. But for Miss Otaru, she was being pushed to exercise her faith in God. Back home, everyone avoided her because of the offensive nature of her wound. Miss Otaru was unperturbed. Instead, she sent for the Morning Water. As she intensified her prayers with the ministration of the Morning Water, miraculously, the pieces of dead bones fell off Miss Otaru’s affected leg and she was eventually healed, against all odds and discouraging remarks by people around her who had thought she would end up as an amputee. It could only have been God for a leg which was badly damaged to heal completely. During her testimony, a visibly elated Miss Otaru advised people all over the world to hold on to God because there is nothing He cannot do.
Mr Godwin Adiga was a successful businessman until the devil came onto the scene. A man who ran a petrol station became indebted, stagnated and oppressed by the spirit of lack. The more he and his wife sought help from different places, the more heartbroken they became. There was a church that asked them to sell one of their trucks and sow a seed into the ministry. As they grappled with the debts on their shoulders, the bank that they were indebted to even threatened to dispose of their petrol station in order to recoup their money.mr-godwin-family
A friend of the family told Mr Adiga about The SCOAN and advised him to seek the face of God there. Mr Adiga visited The SCOAN last year and received his deliverance during the ministration of the Morning Water. The spirit wife and family idol that had been oppressing him all manifested before they were sent back to the pit of hell. After his deliverance, many changes occurred in his life. The spirit of anger and lack of affection for his wife have all gone for good. He has paid off all his debt and now has more than enough to take care of his family. His business has also returned to boom time. Mr Adiga had the following words of advice for people all over the world: “When you are going through the storms of life, always focus on God and stop doubting.”


When Emmanuel enrolled at a university in his native Ghana to read Maritime, little did he know that striking acquaintance with a strange woman he’d caught sight of a first time would soon evolve into another journey in parallel to his academic pursuit. It all began when he offered to give her a lift home on his way from the university campus. It was there that a strange relationship started – and with it, his freedom drifted away. The first thing that she told him was that every first female in her family are kept for two weeks in a room and covered with red oil in a ritual. He did not consider it strange.
The relationship reached a crescendo and became almost undoable to the extent that the lady threatened to kill him if he ever dared to leave her. The young man received the shock of his life when the lady intercepted him while he was urinating and dipped her finger into his pee and back into her mouth. As bamboozled as he was, he took the whole thing as part of the oddities of a love relationship. Afterwards, whenever he wanted to urinate, the lady would kneel in front of him and drink his urine.
The despicable routine continued while Emmanuel became lost in sin. He was enmeshed in fornication and pornography and lost complete focus on his academic pursuits. She wanted to be happy at all times; she never bothered about his own happiness. She ensured that he never communicated with anyone else except her. Even calling his mother on phone led to quarrels. She bought him everything and made it impossible for him to receive anything from anyone else. According to him, the body cream she always bought for him enabled her to know his exact location at all times.
Emmanuel was shell-shocked when he saw a dog that she had given him consuming the urine he had passed out on the sand. And for the fact that the dog remained the same size all the while, he became suspicious. Emmanuel suddenly became an induced glutton. She would encourage him to eat and eat and eat until he started bloating. His manhood also started feeling funny. By this time, his academic performance had become abysmal.
Emmanuel had an encounter with Emmanuel TV and since that day, he started worshipping with The SCOAN in Ghana. As he intensified his fellowship with the children of God and continued to watch Emmanuel TV, he discovered that some of the things he used to do no longer appealed to him. Even the lady was surprised when he told her he was no longer interested in the immoral acts they carried out together. Emmanuel suddenly realised that his understanding had been held captive by the devil. On one occasion, he found the lady with a lot of snakes on her head. After that frightening experience, he attended a Sunday service in the Ghana branch of The SCOAN and received his deliverance through the Morning Water medium.
During his deliverance testimony last Sunday, Emmanuel recounted how he was always flying in his dreams and having sexual intercourse with strange people. According to the young man who is presently living in the United States of America, he has since graduated from the university and is doing very well now. He is gainfully employed and is no longer connected to the lady. He is married with a son and is expecting another child soon. Emmanuel advised people all over the world in the following words: “This battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.”

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