It was an atmosphere of great celebration. The devil was put to shame and so the children of God danced and sang the praises of their Father in Heaven who made the victory possible. The SCOAN Sunday service of February 26, 2017, was just the tip of the iceberg. There was joy like a river in many hearts as congregants partook of the testimonies of others who shared their triumph over trials in the mighty name of Jesus.



No African country can succeed alone. Africans need each other to develop. For example: West Africa needs Southern Africa and Southern Africa needs West Africa to develop. North Africa needs East Africa and East Africa needs North Africa to develop. Indeed, we are indispensable to each other; we cannot do without each other. No one is self-sufficient. Everyone has a contribution to make. Whether you are poor, rich, immigrant or refugee – you have a contribution to make.

With regard to issues of illegal immigrants, drugs and other crimes, our duty is to work with the law enforcement agencies by giving them useful information. It is only when these agencies fail that we can lawfully protest.

Dear Africans, we should not let other fellow Africans feel unwelcome to our countries. Africa has neglected her youths. Africa has abandoned the youths to themselves. Africa has failed to make provision for the youths, whereas tomorrow’s Africa is the youths.

When I think about the future of Africa, I have sleepless nights. Everything looks gloomy, frustrating, hopeless, dark, darksome, shadowy, shaded, dull, sunless and unilluminated.

We all take the responsibility for this state of affairs. What then is the way forward? The Lord has instructed me to make myself available and I know God, in His infinity, must have touched other Africans, so that we can come together to remedy this challenge.

This will be posted on social media and other channels, to rally others. Long live the future of Africa (youth). Long live Africa. May God bless you!

evangelist-cindyMeanwhile in her message titled THE LOVE CHALLENGE, Evangelist Cindy urged Christians not to see their challenges as personal but rather to change their approach when things are not working out the way they want. “If you cannot change your situation, it is time to change your approach,” she observed. Continuing, she submitted that forgiveness is a cardinal ingredient for unlocking God’s favour and mercy: “When you forgive, you receive the mercy and favour of God.”

She summed up her message in the following words: “It is time to show love – do something good that is a reflection of your love for GodChoose the love lane today; don’t hold an offence. It is certainly not the way of the Lord.”



While they were expecting a baby in 2006, Mr Paul Malichi travelled to South Africa with his wife so she could undergo some scans of her pregnancy. The result of the scans showed that the baby would not be born normal as he was said to have cysts in his brain. According to the doctor, the presence of the cysts meant that the baby would be born with severe Down Syndrome. He solemnly advised the couple to consider the option of abortion. Mrs Malichi could not swallow the bitter pill thrown at her by the doctor. She cried inconsolably while narrating the development to her husband.

mr-mrs-paul-malichi-sonAngered by the position of the doctor, Mr Malichi rejected the suggestion that he would be father to an abnormal child. Even the prospect of an abortion was totally unacceptable. “That cannot be my child,” he had muttered to himself. To further cement his belief that nothing abnormal would be his potion in life, the Zambian national, resident in Swaziland decided to visit The SCOAN to nullify all the negative pronunciations. He knew that there has always been an ever-flowing anointing at the Arena of Liberty and that distance is not a barrier. And so, he wanted to be a partaker of it.

Proceeding to the Prayer Line, he received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua and returned to Zambia only to be confronted with so much tension emanating from the waves of uncertainty that pervaded those days. For every iota of doubt that arose from his wife’s side, Mr Malichi had an invaluable and strong panacea. His faith in God coupled with a high level of expectation that the prayers at The SCOAN would soon yield positive results had a ripple effect on his wife. At the next appointment with their doctor, nothing negative was found in the unborn baby. As such, the couple waited until the child was born.

Since his birth, ten years ago, the child has not exhibited any form of abnormality! According to Mr Malichi, “This is one of the most intelligent boys that I have ever seen”. Corroborating her husband’s story about their baby, Mrs Malichi, a native of Swaziland revealed that the problem actually started when the pregnancy was five-months-old. She told congregants how she mustered the psychological fortitude to withstand the dispiriting revelation made by the doctor. She however thanked God for seeing her through that ordeal, even though there were times when her faith wavered like a ship tossed about by a turbulent sea.


It was as though God had forsaken him as he tried in vain to find meaning in his life. As an entrepreneur with a cocoa-exporting company, he ordinarily should have no business with limitation in progress. But that was not to be for Mr Charles Chabruma as he struggled to survive with his family. He became seriously worried to the extent that he decided to abandon his family only to hook up with another woman whose bride price he had even paid in an attempt to marry her. While the sad drama played out, his family became very unhappy with him. Unable to extricate himself from the vicious web of a situation he had never bargained for, the Tanzanian remembered that there is a ministry in Nigeria famed with the turning-round of stubborn situations into glorious ends. He applied online and was invited to visit The SCOAN.

mr-charles-chabrumaOn the 15th of December, 2013, Mr Chabruma received words of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua. “You have to forgive this woman. There’s a woman in your life you need to forgive. So, forgive and I’m seeing… Because you are lonely,” said the man of God as Mr Chabruma nodded in confirmation. The man of God continued, “And secondly, the appointment you are waiting for will be given to you.” After receiving those words of prophecy, he returned to his country and made peace with the woman the man of God had prophesied about. After that peace move, he felt happiness bubbling like a fountain in his heart.

Six months later, he received a call from a former colleague, urging him to resume business with him. Though he was excited about the promising development, he had no money and did not mince words in letting his former colleague know. Being an act of God, his former colleague offered to give him some money to return to winning ways with his cocoa business. Within days, money was wired into his account. Mr Chabruma, on receiving the funds, called all his staff who had been rendered jobless as a result of his challenges, informing them that the company was back on its feet and rearing to go.

Since that day up to this moment, it has been tales of success and God’s blessings as the company has continued to thrive to the glory of God. According to him, forgiveness is the key to a better life. He had actually come to The SCOAN with a mind-set of seeking for breakthrough, unaware of the fact that he needed to forgive someone. But today, he has realised how powerful forgiveness can be and how wonderful the doors it can open to one’s life. “To date, I have a new company dealing in the same crop. Because of forgiveness, I have three offices now. I have 150 employees in one company,” he revealed as he testified in company of his son.

Mr Chabruma told congregants that his family is now at peace, adding that they have put the gloomy past behind them. Displaying pictures of his houses, offices, exotic vehicles and other assets, he advised people all over the world to see forgiveness as a key to breakthroughs, adding that only those who believe in God and His prophets shall prosper.


Mr Akague Kennedy had been suffused in illicit drugs. As a cocaine addict, he had spent a stupendous fortune on the narcotic. A top official of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, he also engaged in professional boxing. His infamous descent into the abyss of drug addiction destroyed his social relationships and even put his marriage on a rickety pedestal. For 15 years, he sniffed the powder, throwing caution to the winds. Whenever he chilled out with cocaine, he would resort to beating people indiscriminately. With those detestable acts of violence, his boxing career suffered a major setback. Mr Kennedy became a social menace. He became the King of touts in Abuja because, he knew all the bad boys who traded in drugs and violence in that terrain. He had a large followership and would mobilize them effortlessly whenever there was a need to unleash mayhem on enemies and opponents alike. He had an indomitable knack for single-handedly fighting large groups of men and seeing their blood flow, as a strange power would well up within him when outnumbered.

img_0902At a time, he delved into fetish engagements as he tried to fortify himself from possible counter-attacks. He would visit native doctors who would prepare different charms for him. While he swallowed some, he used others to have his bath and also drank some. He was told that those charms could make him invisible and impregnable by bullets. As the illusions of life blurred his sense of good reasoning, he lost focus on his marriage and career. One day, while resisting arrest by policemen, he was sprayed with bullets, but none entered his body, enabling him to escape. He had also, in company of his thugs, beaten to pulp a pastor and his church members, after they had converted the church premises into a drinking spot.

After that abominable act, the pastor rained curses on him. Since that day, his life, like a car driven by a reckless driver, had entered a higher gear, heading for outright destruction. Knowing that a heavy burden was weighing his life down, the man from Edo State, Nigeria, resorted to visiting all sorts of herbalists and ended up eating all forms of concoctions in a bid to free himself from the repercursions of his terrible ways. He also partook in different spiritual exercises in which demons where conjured up from under the earth. There were times he wanted to stop his violent acts and drug intake but things just couldn’t fall into line.

Most times, he would sleep in clubs and hotels, indiscriminately smoking and carousing with women of easy virtue. He lost affection for his wife and abandoned her at home. Mr Kennedy was introduced to The SCOAN by a friend and because within him, there had been a quiet longing for salvation, he decided to keep a date with God penultimate Sunday at the Arena of Liberty. That day, as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered prophecy and deliverance, Kennedy cried out to the man of God to save his life from doom.

Man of God, please sir. I am addicted to drugs, sir. I have been taking drugs for the past 15 years. Man of God, help me. I take cocaine. It has destroyed my marital life. Even my promotion at the office…,” he beseeched. For a boxer and a terror who once injured men in their multitudes, Kennedy never expected that he would be easily brought to the ground in a very humbling manner. As the man of God moved round, ordering the evil spirit out of him, Kennedy also moved round under the influence of the Holy Spirit before crashing to the ground, having received the anointed touch of the man of God on his head.

Testifying last Sunday in company of his family, Kennedy told congregants while asking God for forgiveness, that he had masterminded the destruction of so many people. According to him, his life has taken a godly turn after his deliverance. He no longer takes drugs and has ceased to be a trouble-maker. Acknowledging that drugs destroy many things in one’s life, he urged people all over the world to learn how to follow God. Meanwhile Kennedy’s father who also accompanied his son to testify, told congregants how he started smoking, drinking and womanising at the tender age of four. His revelation showed that Kennedy’s problem had been in the family before his deliverance by the man of God.


Mr Temitope Oladele suddenly woke up one day and decided to leave his wife for another woman – an old one for that matter. According to him, the problem started shortly after his marriage when he started dreaming of having sexual intercourse with old women. Since the beginning of those dreams, the bliss and happiness that existed in his marriage started crumbling gradually. He eventually lost his job while his career went downhill.

img_0935A couple who once slept on the same bed became two worlds apart. He lost affection for his wife to the extent that he once threw her belongings out, asking her to leave his house. He knew that those happenings were not normal but seemed powerless to prevent it. He just couldn’t help himself. It was as if a veil was used to cover his sense of reasoning. Mr Oladele recalled that his own father was a polygamist and that there were several unpalatable issues that blighted the image of the family. Even his brother has children with different women. Those abnormal realities coupled with his own rejection of his wife for an old woman, gave him the inkling that all was not well with him.

While at a work site, he had come across Emmanuel TV as his colleagues watched the channel via YouTube. Mr Oladele became interested and started looking out for an opportunity to visit The SCOAN. Luckily, his boss sent him to Lagos to carry out an assignment. On getting to Lagos, he had lodged in a hotel where he had an affair with an old woman. After sleeping with the old woman, he became worried about his life. He wondered why his penchant for old women remained incurable, even when he knew that it was not normal. Before the old woman would return for another ‘round of love’, Mr Oladele had absconded from the hotel in the wee hours of the morning, running to The SCOAN for help.

When he visited The SCOAN penultimate Sunday, Prophet T.B. Joshua called him out during prophecy time: “There is a brother there – you cannot help yourself. It’s like you want to leave your wife and marry an old woman – very old woman. You have a beautiful woman but this is a charm. You find yourself falling in love with this woman…” Making his way out from the congregation, Mr Oladele confirmed the prophecy to be true and cried out to God to deliver him through His servant. Ordering the spirit behind his ordeal out, the man of God declared him free in Jesus’ name. Rising from the floor after he had been hit by the power of the Holy Spirit, he thanked God for his deliverance, raising his hands in reverence of the Mighty One.

During his testimony last Sunday, Mr Oladele, accompanied by his family, told congregants how he had become fed up with having affairs with old women. He recounted that even his son had started manifesting some abnormal traits and he knew they were a direct consequence of his own misdemeanours. He however thanked God for putting a final stop to the vicious cycle. Soon after his deliverance, his affection was restored while he was accommodated and counselled by the man of God who also sent for his wife. The couple were finally reconciled by the man of God. The testimony transcended his deliverance. It was also an avenue of celebrating the restoration of a marriage on the brink of collapse, to the glory of God and the good of His children.


At the end of the testimony section, an elderly woman, one would be forgiven for thinking she was a dear mother coming to testify of what God had done, came forward instead with an atrocious confession to give, revealing that her well-to-do appearance actually housed a wicked, greedy and corrupt heart.

fraudsterHoping for the mercy of God to expunge her devious past, Mrs Funsho Odum confessed how she had defrauded people across the country falsely using the name of Prophet T.B. Joshua. She used to introduce herself as a right hand woman of Prophet T.B. Joshua, whereas she had never even met the man of God before. After gaining the confidence of people, churches and gatherings, she would go to collect their tithes, she claimed, on behalf of the church, usually from 50,000 to 130,000 naira. She would lie that she had delivered the tithes to the church whereas, she never did. Rather, the money became hers to spend frivolously on whatever took her fancy.

A man to trusted the woman that he even asked her to get him a responsible woman from The SCOAN for him to marry. Not having been to The SCOAN or knowing any members, she went to her village and brought one of her sisters for the man to marry, telling her to introduce herself as a SCOAN member. The two got married and had two children but as all things that begin badly, end badly the marriage has since dissolved.

A change began to come in her fortunes one day, when someone asked her to provide proof that their tithes were being delivered to The SCOAN as suspicion began to rise in the minds of some of her victims. Wickedly inspired, she wrote up a letter to that affect with a receipt and signed it on behalf of Prophet T.B. Joshua to continue the deception.

She added that she had also collected vehicles, clothes, gift items and money people had brought from abroad for the man of God yet instead of taking them to The SCOAN, she took them for herself. To add to her deceptive skills, she used to imagine fake prophecies for people and would bless soap and water, saying it was from Prophet T.B. Joshua for their loyalty and faithful tithe payment.

The woman’s web of lies became further and further twisted as she began to tell prominent members of society that the man of God ordered them to make sacrifices, to sell land and give the proceeds to the church for humanitarian works, which she would collect for herself instead. She also used the prophet’s name to get favour from people, an example of which was a man who reduced the price of land he was selling, so she could gain commission on the sale.

She pleaded that the man of God should forgive her and deliver her and begged for the forgiveness of all she had offended with her evil acts. This is a sound reminder that no matter how long a lie runs, truth got the start and it will get the race. Anything that starts dubiously will end dubiously. If you do not want to end with failure, be sure to begin with God.


The Mass Prayer, led by Prophet T.B. Joshua, caused so much trouble for satan and his agents as all unclean spirits, afflictions and demonic manipulations bowed to the superior anointing of the Holy Spirit. Many vomited poisonous substances while others were freed from age-long ancestral and foundational bondages. Prophet T.B. Joshua also commanded all infirmities out in the mighty name of Jesus: “Anywhere sickness and disease is located in your life, blood, kidney, liver, fluids, bone, skin – let the power of God come upon you, in Jesus’ name!” There were destiny-changing prophecies for individuals as the man of God urged them to declare: “I am not going to be the same – my business, finances, career, future – Someone is busy changing my history!”

The man of God also offered special prayers for viewers. Knowing that distance is not a barrier, he urged them to stretch their hands towards the TV screen as he commanded all infirmities and troubles out of their lives: “I say to that infirmity, let the power of God come down, wherever that sickness is located, out in the name of Jesus!” He also prayed for restoration in different aspects of their lives, including their marriages, businesses and finances.

Praying for Africa, he regretted that the continent had neglected its youth, adding that God should intervene in those areas where the continent needs redemption. He declared breakthrough to the continent and committed the whole world into God’s hand, asking for peace in all troubled spots of the universe.


God’s power and glory permeated the atmosphere as the choir sang songs of worship and thanksgiving to celebrate the goodness of God. It was another harvest of powerful testimonies as many who had been blessed beyond their expectations came out to express their gratitude to the One who made it all possible.

During his message to congregants, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave startling revelations about impending trouble in some African countries, calling for urgent prayers: “Sometimes, when I see what is happening around the world – I have kept quiet. I refused to release the revelation for around the world. That position is better – to pray for the whole world. But the Bible says where there is no vision, people perish. Like what is happening to my people in Democratic Republic of Congo – I think three years ago, I was invited to the country to see the President. I prayed and said, ‘Travel to DRC to see the Head of state? I went through the letter and I said I must go. I prayed over it and God said he would give me a message to deliver. If you say you are going, do you have a message to deliver? You have to wait for the messageMy people went there. Joyfully, they received them as visitors to the Head of state and they came back. They delivered my message. With joy too, the delegation from DRC came here to visit. ‘Before God will release me to come to your country – this is the message.’ By February, there will be trouble. The trouble will start from February. It will start and I stated the troubles that will start. The reason why I am saying this is that I am worried; I am not comfortable because of what is happening around the world.”prophet-tb-joshua

Continuing, the man of God added: “The whole thing will start unfolding and there will be crisis. Rise up; let us start our prayer from this nation because the crisis is coming. With all your heart, pray. Don’t say it’s not your country. Open your heart and pray for God’s intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray for God’s intervention because I am seeing trouble coming – a big trouble. God’s intervention for DRC!”

Shifting his attention to Southern Africa, he also warned of a coming natural disaster that will sweep across different countries in the region: “Now, let’s go to Southern Africa. I am seeing some natural disasters like wind – bad wind coming from the sea. Bad nature. Natural disaster that will destroy many things, that will move from one country to another. I saw this two years ago and we kept praying. But there is momentum in the sea which will look strange, which has never happened in Africa. The whole thing will arrange from the Mozambique area. When I first saw it three years ago, the thing repeated September last year. It’s part of the prophecies I hadRise up and pray for Southern Africa – moving from country to country. Like Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana. Open your lips. Why I am calling your attention to this – I have been praying but God said I should call your attention because of the atmosphere we are in. Whatever we loose shall be loosed; whatever we bind shall be bound.”

The man of God also called for prayers for the nation, Ethiopia, asking congregants to pray against serious famine which will be caused by the unpredictability of their seasons. He commanded the wind to be calm. Turning to the nation Nigeria, the man of God reiterated an earlier prophecy on the country. According to him the food scarcity and devaluation of the naira which had already happened will create hardship that will last until June, 2017.

The man of God also prophesied that the naira would change at the rate of 650 to a dollar, adding that it would not go higher than that before it will eventually go down. He also urged for prayers for President Buhari, whom he said has good intentions but needs the support of his followers. He called for prayers for the President: “Ask God to give him whatever he needs. If you are not hearing anything, whatever you believe he needs for strength and enablement. Strength where there is weakness! Strength where there is weakness!… More importantly, we also have to rise up that the Lord should give the grace to sustain democracy. Grace for democratic sustainability. Pray for an uninterrupted democracy.”

Evangelist Ruth shared a message titled HEAVEN IS WITH YOU, in which she reminded Christians of their true nature in Christ Jesus, “A believer’s heart is the prayer room – the contact point for the Holy Spirit. Your heart can also be the contact point for satan if it is troubled or full of offence… you want to be happy but something keeps stealing your joy – satan wants you to be sad because that is his entrance into your heart.evang-ruth

She urged listeners not to trade their joy by listening to the voice of their situations but to listen to the eternal promises of God (John 15:11). She summed up her message by asking Christians to discover the presence of God within them and ignore the devil because there is no limit to what they can achieve as children of God – who have Heaven within them. She emphasized through a practical demonstration that the greatest embarrassment you give to satan is to ignore him because when you are crying, satan is laughing and when you are laughing, satan is crying.” Satan wants you to cry; when you laugh, you have defeated him.



In 2012, Mr Wellington Nathaniels from Germany, had developed a serious back pain that left him disoriented. Then, each passing day was lived in pain and discomfort and offered no hope of a solution. Good sleep was far from him, as the pains kept him constantly belly-wise on the bare floor. When the situation became worse in 2013, Mr Nathaniels was advised by his doctor to see a specialist who, after a series of X-rays, concluded that he had a spinal cord deformation and that the condition was beyond their expertise. Conferring with his doctor after the sad discovery, he was advised to either live with the condition while receiving medication or to undergo a corrective surgery that may not even guarantee success.

Caught in the web of that medical dilemma, he sought his wife’s opinion who advised him the rather visit The SCOAN and seek the face of God. Mr Nathaniels toed his wife’s suggestion and visited The SCOAN in 2014. Receiving the Morning Water and the Good Morning Stickers, he returned to Germany and applied them in faith. While he ministered the Morning Water, he also placed the Good Morning Stickers in strategic positions in his home.

In 2015, he underwent another series of X-rays and it was discovered that something strange had taken place. His deformed spinal cord was restored to its normal state. Even the bent bone was miraculously straightened as shown on the X-ray results, which left his doctor amazed.

Still sceptical about the total transformation that had taken place in his patient’s spine, the doctor requested for a blood test. The result of the blood test became the last straw that broke yoke of disbelief in the doctor. The result indicated that all was perfectly well with Mr Nathaniels. During his testimony, he was full of glorious smiles as he narrated before congregants his ordeal and final triumph over an ailment that would have rubbished his humanity if not for the power of faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He advised people all over the world to believe in God who makes all things possible by His grace.


There was nothing that suggested to the ordinary eyes that she was a woman with a tainted past. It took the prophetic insight of the man of God to discern the immoral path she had been treading for many years. Mrs Paola, a Cuban living in Spain, was dancing spiritedly with other congregants during the service. After the praise and worship Prophet T.B. Joshua had words for her: “Are you sure when you leave here you will not go back to your past life? Because I see you as a harlot.” Weeping profusely, she fell to the floor under the influence of the Holy Spirit as Prophet T.B. Joshua ordered the unclean spirit out of her life. Slithering along the ground in serpentine movements, Mrs Paola was delivered from the spirit of prostitution in the mighty name of Jesus.paola-cuba

Paola recounted the story of her life to congregants during her testimony on Sunday. She traced her problem to when she was four-years-old. According to her, a maternal relative, who was a witch-doctor had come to the house to perform rituals, using all sorts of fetish items, including animals. After that experience, she started having terrible dreams in which animals and men pursued her, while demons also attacked her.

At age 16, the malevolent side of the world dealt her a heavy blow as she was raped by a police officer who ordinarily should protect her from all sorts of public assault. After raping her, he threatened to kill her should she divulge his deed to anyone. Keeping the deed to herself, she discovered that the appearance of demons in her dreams had increased. She also heard a voice telling her that she would soon run mad. Not only that but people around her started calling her “crazy” due to the introverted character she began to portray.

During a crisis in Cuba when even food became difficult to come by, Paola was approached by her friends with the idea of becoming a model so she could make some money and help her family. She was 19- years-old at that time and could not withstand the pressure that came with their proposal. She eventually joined the modelling company which later turned out to be a prostitution ring. While she engaged in the immoral trade, she was initiated into witchcraft. One day, she met an older man who impregnated and later abandoned her after the birth of their baby, making her return to the brothel.

In a bid to leave Cuba and to forestall the impending insanity which a voice had always told her about, she underwent a lot of rituals. After those fetish exercises, the older man returned and took her away to Spain where she later married. There, the spirit of prostitution continued its evil reign in her life. Though she was married to a man, she still found herself having affairs with multiple partners. Men and animals continued to torment and sleep with her in her dreams. The torment was such that men would even stop their cars while she was walking on the street to ask her for prostitution even though she was dressed normally. She soon divorced the older man and married another man.

She really loved her husband but there was a force that stopped them from being close. Each time she tried to show some affection towards him, that evil spirit would come in-between them. She would suddenly become aggressive, angry and repulsed by him and would reject all his efforts to get close to her. There were times that she would just wake from sleep with the idea of walking out of the marriage. She knew that there was a strong satanic presence but she lacked the spiritual knowledge to salvage the situation.

Through a friend from the Dominican Republic, she got to know about Emmanuel TV. She attended a church who coincidently, were organising a trip to The SCOAN. “I knew that visiting The SCOAN would bring me freedom,” she said as she testified to her wonderful deliverance and that she was set free from the spirit of prostitution and madness.

Even her obsession with artificial hair stopped. She now enjoys her natural hair. “I can’t wait to return to Spain to be with my husband as I am now feeling so much affection for him. I know that God has restored what the demons had destroyed in my life,” she added as she advised people all over the world, especially those with the kind of challenges she had, to trust in God and watch Emmanuel TV. She also urged them to seek deliverance.


Her initiation started in her mother’s womb and it was masterminded by her grandmother who was a witchdoctor. The old woman would touch her mother’s tummy, making enchantments to the unborn child, all in a bid to dedicate her to satan. Seven days after her birth, her grandmother performed some rituals and isolated her from every other person until she was forty-days-old. As young Ionara from Brazil grew, she became a veritable tool in the hands of the devil. Her grandmother converted her to an assistant in the witchdoctor business. Because she was a virgin and young, the fetish assignments she carried out were claimed to have worked effectively and faster. Ionara grew to understand the language of the evil spirits and always had the premonition of their presence. She also accompanied her grandmother to cemeteries to invoke spirits. As they worked in tandem, Ionara soon learnt many secrets about the workings of witchcraft.

alice-brazilShe soon began to do her own personal charms. The more charms she did, the more powers she got. She would conjure men to kiss her thereby initiating them into the spirit of lust causing them to commit sexual immorality. Whenever she was offended by anyone, she would cause havoc in their lives by chanting their names using witchcraft powers.

At the age of fourteen, she came across a boy that she liked and wanted to have him by all means. She tabled the matter before her grandmother and a ritual was performed to join her spirit and that of the boy together. However, for that union to last, she would have to renew the covenant every year, according to her grandmother.

Ionara soon discovered they were not compatible and only brought together by the power of witchcraft. So she didn’t renew the covenant realising that their union was not genuine. As the union faded, her desire to relocate to another city intensified. Though, she eventually moved to Spain with her husband, their marriage hit the rocks soon after, making her to send her daughter to Brazil to live with her mother while she stayed back in Spain. She decided to stop practising witchcraft and all the evil spirits she had worked with started tormenting her. She became depressed and harboured suicidal thoughts.

Getting married to another man, she had thought her problems would abate. Alas, it was even then that the evil spirits intensified. They also made her to treat her new husband badly as she tried to control him. Ionara was so much engrossed with those evil spirits that they never allowed her to visit a church all her life. The first time she visited a church in Spain, she felt very uncomfortable, having headache and wanting to throw up. Any time she tried to go to church, something kept chasing her away.

She finally attended a church in Spain where she was told about Prophet T.B. Joshua. Her attendance coincided with the time the church was making plans to visit The SCOAN and so, it was an opportune time for her to have an encounter with God. Penultimate Sunday, Ionara was at the Arena of Liberty where the Spirit of God located her. It was during the Mass Prayer when the man of God declared: “I command every difficulty to be surmounted! Your challenges – be surmounted. Your situation – be surmounted!

Receiving her deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus, Ionara found herself on the ground as the evil spirit was sent out of her into the pit of hell. Describing her deliverance, she said: “During the Mass Prayer, I felt so uncomfortable and wanted to leave. When I tried to go to the back, I felt something pushing me forward and the evil spirit began to manifest.” She thanked God for rescuing her from destruction. “Since my deliverance last week, I feel totally free. A huge weight has left my body! All the evil spirits that entered me since birth have gone!”, she added. She urged the world to realise that only Jesus can give them freedom, peace and joy.


Mr Obodoruku Jaro had visited The SCOAN in 2015. During that visit, he received the Morning Water. Returning to his home in Delta State, Nigeria, he told his wife about the Morning Water and they both agreed to minister it during their daily prayer sessions. One night, as he slept, he had a dream in which he encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua asking him to come to The SCOAN with his family. According to Mr Jaro, he was going through some difficulties when he had that dream encounter. After discussing his experience with his wife, they both made up their minds to obey the directive which the man of God had given in the dream.

Taking permission from his employers, Mr Jaro worked half-day and set out on a night journey to Lagos. Though his wife had had misgivings about the security risks associated with night travels, the young man would not look back after all, he had ministered the Morning Water, thereby covering his family with the blood of Jesus. He told her he was confident that God would see them through. The journey commenced and was almost turning out to be a complete success until they arrived at an outskirt of Lagos called Owode along Ikorodu in Lagos, Nigeria. It was about 4 AM in the wee hours of the day on Friday, February 17, 2017.

The bus conveying them with its almost all passengers asleep, veered off the road and plunged into a river. As the local media would later report, the driver did not understand the road architecture very well, so, he lost track and inadvertently drove them into the river. Submerged in the river with everyone struggling to stay alive, Mr Jaro realised that the water level had risen to his neck. In the ensuing pandemonium, he started searching for his wife as passengers stepped on one another in a desperate bid to escape death.

Death was around the corner, staring each passenger in the face and as he would later reveal, it was the grace of God that kept him and his family alive. As he kept calling his wife and daughter’s names, there was no response. It was a really agonizing moment. Using his hands to search through the water, he felt the texture of his wife’s clothe and pulled her out to safety. With his wife out, his daughter was still missing. Not even his wife in whose arms his daughter laid could say where she was. Mr Jaro had resigned to fate. He had muted to himself that even if Angel was dead, he would rather retrieve her corpse for a befitting burial rather than lose both her life and body at the same time.

As he contemplated different things at the same time, he was faced with a rescued wife who had become very weak due to the absence of proper ventilation. Eventually, Angel was rescued by her father. When she was pulled out from the water, she appeared lifeless but later came alive after her father’s spirited efforts as he kept calling the name of Jesus. Having rescued his wife and daughter, he tried to open the windows of the bus to let in some air but being that everyone was in a stampeding state, it was difficult to find the window. Miraculously, he found himself and his family out of the bus and on land. All that while, his Morning Water was in his bag.

Surprisingly, instead of evacuating all the passengers first before doing any other thing, the rescuers threw Mr Jaro’s bags out before attending to other casualties. As at the time, the Jaros got out of the bus, there were already three dead bodies on the ground. More shocking was the fact that, of all the passengers who came out alive, the Jaros were the only ones without any bodily injuries. During his testimony last Sunday, Mr Jaro radiated so much joy while urging congregants and people all over the world to put their trust in God. According to him, “It is not about the name of your church; it is about putting your total trust and faith in Christ Jesus.”


Miss Aishat was an international prostitute who advertised her body on social media platforms. She had plied her trade in different climes and had made money but she knew that something was missing in her life. With all the material profits she chased, there was a deep-rooted longing that cried out for attention. That longing would eventually culminate in her historic visit to The SCOAN to seek for deliverance, redemption and salvation.

Recalling how it all started, she had been defiled by an old man who took advantage of her childish naivety when she was between the ages of nine and ten. “He would give me gifts and money and later lured me to an uncompleted building where he defiled me,” she remembered. After that encounter with the old man, she had been chasing after men. But she observed that she went only after handsome men and detested ugly ones. She had a magic wand with which she got those handsome men, irrespective of their status in life. According to her, mere looking at their faces was enough to seduce them.

Young Aishat would have sex with two to three men daily even at that tender age. As she would later reveal, her father divorced her mother when she was very young and that made her to work hard in the illicit trade to cater for her mother and siblings. She later graduated into other obscene associations like going to clubs, drinking alcohol and smoking weed.

When she was fifteen-years-old, she met a man who actually wanted to change her wayward lifestyle but things could not just work out. The man had even paid her bride price only for their union to be truncated by allegations of infidelity on the part of her man. When she left the man she resolved that marriage was not the be-all and end-all of life, hence she made up her mind to continue her prostitution business since it earned her money with which she took care of her family.

All efforts to stem the tide of her immoral excesses failed. She had even consulted a native doctor who requested some money with which he would do ritual for her so she could make quick money through other means apart from prostitution. She was told she would have to swim naked inside a water near the cemetery for three days. But after all the rituals involving an egg and old currency coins, nothing happened. Even pastors had slept with her after promising to help her get deliverance. She was deceived by many so-called native doctors and pastors and yet her problems remained. A man friend in Nigeria had promised to initiate her into a blood money-making cult but the deal could not be sealed because she failed to raise the money he had requested for.

Aishat eventually travelled to Saudi Arabia through a travelling agent after selling all her belongings and borrowing money from people. She was told by the agent that she was going to Saudi Arabia to work in a company but that was not what she met when she arrived at the Mid-East nation. She was taken to a house where a man who claimed to be her master told her that she had been sold to him as a slave for two years. Living with her master soon turned out to be another nightmare. She was treated badly. Sometimes beaten ruthlessly and denied access to good sleep. Her rights where severely trampled upon. Her workload was such that could not be handled even by five persons.

She was not paid a dime and in an angst of survival, she had to fashion out a way to make ends meet. She knew that if she could get the man to sleep with her, all the maltreatment would end. And so, the young woman went to work. She eventually seduced her master by looking at his face. As she slept with him, she also slept with his son in the same house. Her master with his son started protecting her from the overbearing attitude of his wife. Whenever Aishatu was being beaten by her master’s wife, they would defend her and even threaten the woman of the house. When she decided to leave her master’s house, she contacted a friend in Dubai who advised her ‘to deal with him before leaving the house.

Stealing her master’s daughter’s phone, she absconded from their home and ended in a police station. When the police had contacted her master, he told them he was fed up with her and in order not to end up languishing in the cell with nowhere to run to, she was resold to a new master. Life in her new master’s house was ‘worse than hell’. She was exploited and used to generate money for her master’s wife without any meaningful compensation. She worked from house to house while the money ended in the hands of her master’s wife. While she passed through all those troubles, her family was unaware of her whereabouts. Just as she did in her former master’s house, she decided to seduce her new master.

The reprieve she got from her master was short-lived as she once again absconded from the house and ended up at the police station. The police, fed up with her recurring misdemeanour, sent her to the prison where she spent three and a half months. While in prison and even as a Moslem, she joined a group of Africans who were praying with Emmanuel TV and asking for God’s intervention so that they could regain their freedom.

Aishat’s prayers were answered as she was told by one of the prison officials that her visa to return to Ghana had been secured. The young woman returned to Ghana and made up her mind to visit The SCOAN to seek God. But a friend discouraged her, asking how she wanted to survive, having returned from Saudi Arabia empty-handed. That friend urged her to go back to prostitution. Aishat returned to her prostitution business as advised by her friend. One day, she had dreamt of a woman who had a tattoo. According to her, the woman looked like a goddess. The next day, a friend showed her a tattoo on her phone and to her greatest surprise, it was the same tattoo she had dreamt about. That same day, she had the tattoos done on her body.

While in her room one day, her friends had invited her to come with them to a club but she told them she was not interested. They reminded her of her lack of money and the fact that her sick mother needed care. Aishat refused to go out with them. Instead, she remembered how God rescued her from the prison and decided to pray. She called on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to help her, being the father of the poor. That night, she encountered the man of God in her dream. He told her that she would not get anywhere unless she is delivered. Replying, she had asked him if deliverance could give her money. The man of God responded by telling her that with God, all things are possible.

After that encounter, she vowed to visit The SCOAN. Without any money to fund her journey, she sold her phone and used the proceeds to pay her way down to Nigeria. During penultimate Sunday’s Mass Prayer, Aishat received her deliverance as Prophet T.B. Joshua located the root-cause of her problem. Thanking God for taking away the spirit of prostitution as well as all those ungodly habits of drinking alcohol and smoking weed, she advised young girls to be patient even if they are poor, adding that they should wait for God’s help.


Sometime in 2007, she had returned to Germany after visiting her native Cameroon where she was making final arrangements to establish an orphanage. On her return, she discovered that her body was showing signs of illness. From headaches to loss of appetite and eventually to fever, her health began to deteriorate gradually. Mrs Marie Williger visited her doctor, received treatment and returned home. Rather than subside, her health condition became worse, taking her to so many hospitals which even rejected her on account of the strangeness of the ailment. In that condition of uncertainty and near hopelessness, her doctor took her home. That same day, she fell into a coma.

How she found herself in a hospital after three months in coma remained a mystery until she was told that people actually pulled down the door to her room before they could retrieve her comatose body for conveyance to the hospital. At the hospital, she lost all sensations in her body; she could neither stand nor walk. Mrs Williger was thereafter confined to her house. Her condition was so sad that she defecated and urinated on the same spot with her daughter doing the cleaning and evacuation. She could only move her mouth; from her neck to her feet, there was no sign of life. Her career as a Flight Attendant crashed as she could no longer go to work. As she grappled with that condition, she received a call from a cousin in Cameroon who asked her if she had heard about Emmanuel TV.

She was told to search for Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua via YouTube. As soon as she watched the videos of the miracles God performed through His servant at The SCOAN, she developed an instantaneous conviction that her healing had come. She began to feel positive about herself. The positive outlook inspired by the miracles she had watched on Emmanuel TV encouraged her to consult with her boss on her plan to visit The SCOAN. She also showed him some YouTube videos on the wonderful miracles at The SCOAN. Her boss personally secured a visa for her and even presented it to her in her house. Mrs Williger arrived at The SCOAN in April, 2012 on a wheelchair pushed by her daughter. The atmosphere was very busy, making it impossible for them to gain entrance into the church. They only managed to stay around one of the Over-flows. At a time, her daughter who was pregnant got tired of waiting and returned to their hotel room.

As Mrs Williger sobbed on her wheelchair, God sent ‘an angel’. Out of the blues, a girl came consoling her and telling her that if she could just believe, her case would be settled by the Morning Water. The girl got the Morning Water for her and told her that she would give a testimony the next day. She even wheeled her to the hotel where she lodged with her daughter. As soon as they got to the hotel, Mrs Williger was trying to appreciate the effort of the girl when she suddenly realised that the girl had disappeared. In the hotel room, she told her daughter that she would never return to Germany with the wheelchair, adding that she would give her testimony the next day.

Pushing the wheelchair to one corner, Mrs Williger started ministering the Morning Water all over her body, saying, “Lord Jesus, take more of me and give me more of You.” Immediately, her whole body started itching. As the itching increased, Mrs Williger stood up and started running, not just walking, all around her hotel room, to the glory of God. Since that day, she has been walking on her feet. While testifying to that miraculous healing last Sunday, she told congregants that though she has not set her eyes on that girl that got her the Morning Water, she still found it expedient to give glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ.





The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of February 12, 2017 was a day in which the diseased received health, the oppressed received freedom and the dead were literally brought back to life – spirit, soul and body.

dadSpeaking on the importance of faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a thought-provoking message titled: HOW MUCH YOU NEED GOD. He said, “When we examine our daily life, we will find out how much faith we have. Faith is manifested in the small things in our daily life”. He made the message practical with these examples, “To you, you don’t need God to sit down or stand up. You claim you are a Christian – how many of you are sitting in the name of Jesus? Do you know you need God to dress up, make up, comb your hair, to even greet?”
Pointing the way out, Prophet T.B. Joshua continued, “Satan attacks you where you believe you don’t need God. Satan lashes at you in the areas you believe you don’t need God. You create avenues and opportunities for satan to enter. For you to be victorious in life, you must know how much you need God”.

In her message titled SOLDIER ONevangelist-shadeEvangelist Shade called on Christians to brace up for war if they really want to triumph over the tribulations of this world. “He who desires victory must be ready to embrace war,” she said, adding that “We are not to run from confrontation”. According to her, a good Christian must confront the world with confidence because, “Victory does not begin with fear, doubt or condemnation”.

She warned people of God not to allow their situations to affect their destinies, arguing that no matter what the world throws at them, they should soldier on with their eyes fixed on the victory that would crown their efforts: “Many have changed their destiny by listening to the voice of their situation. Don’t listen to the voice of your situation.” She summed up her deep message with the following philosophical maxim: “Life is not a playground or a bonding meeting; it is warfare.”

Proclaiming victory over their challenges, people from across the globe came forward to testify how God had won their battle:


After tinkering with different medical options aimed at curing her issue of barrenness, Mrs Bimpeh decided to pursue the things of the spirit. That zeal to grow in spirit led her to visit a prayer centre where she believed she was “blessed” with the gift of speaking in tongues. The gift did not materialise physically until she was visited in the dream by a gentleman and a woman. It was in that august dream that she was taught how to speak in false tongues. Mrs Bimpeh continued to speak in those tongues, expecting the Heavens to put a new song in her mouth but unknown to her, she was already doing the devil’s bidding. The tongues which she had thought would dismantle the mountain of barrenness that had been the gap between her and the fruit of the womb, soon proved to be from the pit of hell.

mr-and-mrs-bimpeh-cornelius-enamThe more she spoke those strange tongues, the more mysterious her dreams became. She would find herself in the presence of a strange woman in her dreams, speaking demonic gibberish and sometimes seeing snakes even in the physical. Beyond the superficiality of those tongues, there were ominous signs that the devil was taking her for a ride. She noticed that after her fellow tongue-speakers touched her tummy, she would have a sudden miscarriage. When she herself spoke those strange tongues with unrivalled vigour during one pregnancy, she experienced an induced abortion. In total, she had six miscarriages. Eventually, Mrs Bimpeh began to nurse fears about the strange occurrences in her life. She wondered why and how a supposedly spirit-filled activity such as speaking in heavenly language could become her greatest undoing.

mr-and-mrs-bimpeh-cornelius-enamIn a state of utter confusion, a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV. Watching with rapt attention how God was working through the anointed channel, Mrs Bimpeh realised that what she actually needed was a firebrand deliverance. That moment of spiritual self-realisation became the prologue of her journey to salvation. Visiting The SCOAN, she made herself available for the Holy Spirit to locate her. During the course of the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Mrs Bimpeh, gave her the Morning Water and declared that her past was over, adding that she would return to the church with a testimony.

Six miscarriages and six years of tears were wiped out of her past after receiving deliverance. Testifying, Mrs Bimpeh told congregants how she conceived and went on to deliver a baby girl without any complications, after nine months. Mr and Mrs Bimpeh thanked God for enabling them to cross through the Red Sea of barrenness. The Ghanaian couple advised people to hold on to faith and desist from speaking in strange tongues.


Mr Mthunzi was only nine-years-old when the devil invaded his dream and contaminated his innocent spirit. That night, while other lads were enjoying their sleep, young Mthunzi was playing victim in a dream-drama to a giant man who had come to abuse him. After he awoke from that stream of sleep, he shared the horrible experience with his father but was told to disregard the nightmare as it was just a dream. But from that very moment, the South African developed certain negative behavioural traits. He starting smoking, stealing and growing violent. Before he completed secondary school, he was arrested on two occasions by the police for his misdemeanours.

His university education was a disastrous adventure as he dropped out after three years. From the university, he proceeded to the prison after he was arrested for a crime. Coming out of the prison, he reunited with his wayward gang and continued living on the spur of the moment – clubbing, drinking and smoking. While chilling out at a club one night, he was approached by a man who wanted to sleep with him. The scenario felt like the opportunity of a lifetime and he went with the man without looking back. After that night’s saga, he became a willing tool in the hands of the spirit of man. Whenever he was drunk, he would end up with different men. All efforts to get out of that evil entanglement were in many ways harder than a camel passing through the eye of a needle. He had been bottled by satan; it would take God to free him.

His relationships with women were abysmal. Anytime he wanted to woo a woman, he mr-mthunzi-butheteziended up with a prostitute or drug addict. Burdened by the reckless and immoral engagements he had suffused his life into, the flight of freedom became imminent. He narrated his escapades to his brother who prescribed a solution to him. Having watched Emmanuel TV, his brother knew that his case was a minor thing that would be handled perfectly at The SCOAN.

Visiting the Arena of Liberty penultimate Sunday, Mr Mthunzi received a word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua, “You find yourself in a mysterious life,” pointing to Mr Mthunzi. “I am sorry; you would like to have passion for women but your passion is for men. A very handsome man. Ladies would want you but suddenly, you found yourself having affection for men… It is the spirit of man that is tormenting you,” he added. Confirming the prophecy to be true, Mr Mthunzi was delivered as the man of God spoke freedom into his life through the prophecy in the mighty name of Jesus.

Testifying before The SCOAN congregation last Sunday, Mr Mthunzi exuded great joy as he told congregants that he was no longer stealing, drinking, smoking or sleeping with men. Instead, the evil hand working in his life had been chopped off by the power of the Holy Spirit and he is free. Advising people who have a similar problem, he urged them to hold on to Jesus as He is the only solution.


When she was seven-years-old, she noticed some fetish items in her mother’s room. Those items included idols with different shapes and represented different water spirits and animals. Her mother was definitely worshipping those idols and would later pass them on to her. Rosemary was asked to make a covenant that she would inherit those idols whenever her mother died. To perfect the covenant, little Rosemary was clad in white attire, half-naked and asked to kneel beside her mother. A cow was slaughtered and its blood poured into a calabash. Rosemary was asked to dip her middle finger into the blood and place it on her tongue.


After the consummation of that covenant, Rosemary grew up to encounter a barrage of problems. The spirits of anger and perpetual unhappiness became a constant part of her. By age 25, the evil spirit that had entered her during that covenant started operating on a full scale. Instead of young and promising suitors, all the men who came to her were married. Moreover, her relationship with them would suddenly be marred by her uncontrollable fits of anger and unexplained resentment. On their part, the men would have problems with their wives as their homes would always be boiling points with different troubles.

Rosemary had a child by a married man whom she later parted ways with. Her dream life became a complete mess. She would always see a giant man sleeping with her. On several occasions, she had dreamt of herself pregnant and delivering babies in a river. She would also dream of herself swimming and flying. The more she had those dreams, the worse her physical condition became. No single man dared to approach her for marriage; only married men did. Worried, she confided in her mother about the strange things that were happening to her. Her mother took her to a fetish priest who told them that she had a spirit husband in the river. According to the priest, she would have to physically get married to the spirit husband lest her life became a total mess.

Scared of the consequences of refusing to marry her spirit husband, Rosemary convinced her mother on the urgent need to follow the directive of the fetish priest. In 2006, she was taken to the seashore, stripped half-naked and had the marriage rites carried out. As the fetish priest performed the rites, Rosemary was asked to speak her problems into the ears of a white dove which she had in her grip. After speaking into the ears of the dove, she released it. As the dove flew away, she beheld a smoke-filled light afar in the horizon. According to the fetish priest, that light was her spirit husband. She was advised to abstain from physical sexual relations starting from Fridays to Sundays because those days were reserved for her spirit husband to sleep with her. She was also instructed to wear white clothes on such days and was handed beads and a wedding ring. After that seaside ritual, she developed a love for tattoos and went ahead to imprint the images of a dove, a snake and a lion on her body.

Brought down by depression and body pain, her yearning for freedom grew in intensity. When she could no longer bear the ravaging oddities that had taken over her life, in spite of all the rituals she had undergone, Rosemary knew that the only place to be was The SCOAN. Visiting the church, Rosemary received her deliverance as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered prophecy and healing during The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer. As soon as the man of God touched her, the evil spirit in her felt the brunt of the fire of the Holy Spirit and started confessing all the destructive roles it had played in her entire life. The mermaid spirit as well as her spirit husband were cast out as she was separated from all generational covenants she had entered into. “When the man of God touched my head, I felt as if a hammer hit me to the ground,” she recounted.rosemary-edem-blithia

Testifying last Sunday in company of her mother, daughter and other family relations, Rosemary thanked God for setting her free from the gates of hell. Rosemary’s mother also revealed how her grandmother was impregnated by a man who turned out to be a spirit from the sea. According to her, it took some rituals on the advice of a fetish priest for that pregnancy to be delivered. She corroborated the fact that Rosemary’s problems emanated from a generational covenant between their ancestry and the river spirit. Rosemary also expressed her new-found joy in upholding the things of God, adding that she was more than ever poised to develop her relationship with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It was a triumph of the Kingdom of God over the kingdom of darkness as congregants visibly exhibited their gratitude to God for redeeming a lost sheep through the Arena of Liberty.


She was showered with scintillating gifts by her teacher but never had an inkling of the sinister motive behind those kind and unsolicited gestures. As a student, her self-esteem had soured on account of the fact that she was one in a million to be so loved by her teacher. But unknown to her, an evil process was gradually gathering momentum. Rita was sixteen-years-old at that time and did not really understand that the world was deeper than it appeared. One day, her teacher visited her at home and requested that she spent the weekend with her. Like a sheep being led to the slaughter, the unassuming young woman accepted her teacher’s request.

miss-okenna-rita-ukamaka-and-fianceThat night, in her teacher’s house, Rita’s innocence was raped after she had downed an unnamed alcoholic beverage that induced her to sleep. When she woke up, she discovered that something untoward had happened to her. She noticed that she was naked and was compelled by her teenage emotions to ask her teacher some questions. Her teacher’s response was like a thunderbolt. “I have done what I would have done a long time ago, after showering all those gifts on you,” said her teacher. The confused student, not satisfied with her teacher’s response, probed further. “Please, ma, what have you done?” she asked. “I have made love to you,” retorted her teacher.

Since that incident, Rita began to develop affection for women. That urge to mingle with women became unstoppable. It thwarted all attempts by male suitors to come close to her. If at all she did have male friends, they were there as a decoy, ensuring that her problem remained hidden. By the time she became fully aware of the spiritual transformation that had taken place in her life, she embarked on many quests for a solution. All the places she went to in search of solution failed abysmally to help her.

Realising that a solution was far from her, she had resorted to self-help but it just wouldn’t work. Her dream life became a direct reflection of the things she did with fellow women physically. She just could not curtail the urge. Whenever she came across women, a spirit in her would always push her to go and woo them. While all these things transpired, Rita did not put her parents in the know. For a girl who had slept with several women, including the married and unmarried, deliverance would be the ultimate solution. Rita would later meet a man whom she told her problem to. The young man eventually became her fiancé. He took serious interest in her case and advised her to come to The SCOAN for deliverance.

Prior to her coming, she had prayed and had received a revelation in which Prophet T.B. Joshua was delivering her. When she finally attended the Sunday service two weeks ago, the Holy Spirit located her during the Mass Prayer. Prophet T.B. Joshua, taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus, commanded the evil spirit out of her life. During her testimony, Rita told congregants how the whole atmosphere turned into fire while she was being delivered. After her deliverance, she has since been free from the spirit of woman.

For a woman who once drank alcohol and received numerous phone calls from fellow women daily, change has come finally, according to her fiancé. “She no longer does those things as the Spirit of God has since taken over her life,” he added.


1On a fateful evening, there was no sign that evil was lurking around the corner. The family was together, relaxing when suddenly their togetherness was put asunder by uninvited invaders who left in their trail, sorrow, tears and blood. They devoured the family’s dinner and asked for cash and ATM cards. The mother of the house surrendered all she had in her possession but it was not enough to placate the hardened criminals. In the ensuing gruesome drama, the evil men increased the volume of the television set in order to stop the screaming of their victims from filtering outside the house as Praise’s mother was raped and slaughtered along with his younger sister.

3As Praise rushed into the sitting room in a panicky move, he ran into the villains who stabbed him in his stomach and chest and slit his neck, leaving him in a pool of his own blood. Thinking he was already on the other side, the armed robbers left with the family’s possessions.

Confined to the throes of death, Praise’s consciousness was not impaired as he saw a benevolent being dressed in white come to carry him to a neighbour’s doorstep. Banging on the neighbour’s door, the being then disappeared. When the neighbour came out of the house to behold Praise in a pool of blood, he went berserk with a blend of pity and anguish. He hurriedly took the dying boy to the hospital and contacted his extended family. At the hospital, he was assumed dead until his aunt came along with the Morning Water and Good Morning Sticker, believing that God would prove Himself.

For several months, Praise underwent a series of operations. His trachea and vocal cavity had been seriously damaged and needed to be fixed urgently. He could not talk but depended solely on gesticulations and writing on paper to communicate his thoughts. According to his aunty, he had actually passed on three times in the course of the seven operations he had undergone but was miraculously brought back to life with prayers and the ministration of the Morning Water. When it became apparent that he needed better medical attention, he was referred to the United States for specialist attention.

_mg_7023In his usual spirit of extending love to the needy, Prophet T.B. Joshua was moved by the plight of the hapless boy. The man of God immediately provided feeding and accommodation for Praise and his aunt while consultations commenced with medical experts concerning his referral to a better hospital abroad. It would be noticed that the boy’s health had improved while he was living in The SCOAN. The challenge was that he could not talk, owing to the complicated damage done to his vocal cavity. Securing visas and international passports for Praise and his aunt to the tune of two thousand US dollars, the man of God also provided the initial medical deposit of five thousand US dollars as well as another two thousand US dollars for their welfare abroad.

Embarking on their inaugural flight, Praise and his aunt travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa where they were received by the Emmanuel TV team which accompanied them to Cape Town, where the specialist hospital is located. Making funds available for their transportation and accommodation within South Africa, Prophet T.B. Joshua also paid for all the operations and medical procedures to the tune of forty thousand US dollars. For the surgeons who carried out the operations on Praise, they had discovered that his case was very severe with damaged vocal cords, making him unable to speak. As Prophet T.B. Joshua continued to pray for him and as his aunt continued to minister the Morning Water on him, a miracle happened – the vocal cords were revived and began functioning properly. Praise started breathing and speaking and was declared perfectly fit. He no longer needed the oxygen pipe on which he had depended for months.

dsc_0129After the entire medical process, Praise went on to visit tourist and recreational facilities in Cape Town before his journey home to Nigeria. He returned to Nigeria a complete person. Together with his aunt, they came to share their testimony at The SCOAN. They were joined by other immediate and extended family members and acquaintances. The atmosphere was glorious as congregants joined the testifiers in singing and dancing. The choir was in their element as they kept everyone on their dancing feet. “Unchangeable, reliable, God, only You can do what no man can do,” they sang as tears of joy rolled down faces.

Speaking audibly well and thanking Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners for helping him find his voice again, Praise told congregants that he had received two Certificates of Bravery from the surgeons that operated on him. “I was treated like a king and enjoyed myself in South Africa. I ate all their burgers and spaghetti,” he said jokingly. Discarding the two pipes which he had used as breathing aids, he called on the rich in society to emulate Prophet T.B. Joshua by helping the sick and the poor. Cumulatively, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners spent a whopping fifty thousand US dollars on Praise’s medical trip and welfare but nothing is too dear to give when you realise that what we do or fail to do to our fellow man, that we do or fail to do unto God.

master-praise-and-auntSpeaking on the boy’s testimony and healing, Prophet T.B. Joshua extolled the synergy between the church and the hospital in ensuring that Praise is back to his normal self: “You can see the mighty result you achieve if God’s servant and medical doctors are able to work together. God is God of nature. If God’s servant works with medical doctors, there is no limit to what they can achieve because God’s servant will be able to say whether a person will come out successfully during the operation, the treatment. Before I said to the young one (Praise), “Go”, I had seen the to and fro; I had seen that he would come out of the operation”.

Concluding, he urged children of God to exercise their faith so that their belief in God could be felt and seen by the world: “You must exercise your faith to show you believe. Faith must be practised. Faith is practical; there is no abstract faith. It is by faith you can tell people, ‘This is what God has sent me to do’. The belief in our heart can only be released by faith. If you can’t show that faith, then you don’t know the God you believe and If you don’t know the God you believe, it means it is not Jesus.”



The children of God had a practical experience, listening to the faith-building testimonies of people who had received their deliverance, healing, breakthrough and blessings through the various anointed mediums of the ministry. The SCOAN Sunday Service of February 5, 2017 was a confirmation of the correlation between the concept of faith and the unleashing of God’s power. Prophet T.B. Joshua, while exhorting Christians through a message themed the Word of Faith, reminded them about the systematic way through which faith can be inspired or attained. “Faith comes by hearing. That is why we need to hear about healing anointing, deliverance anointing and blessing anointing,” he said, adding that Jesus always responds to those who put a demand on Him.

Speaking further, the man of God urged believers never to allow the crisis and attacks that may come their way to sway them from doing the will of God. According to him, many have allowed their marriages to crumble because they chose to bother about the problem rather than seek the face of God and hear what He had to say about their situation, adding that every blessing must go through God’s processing. He also observed that only God can make a true relationship work: “If God brings you to a relationship, the same God will equip you.”

Urging them to cherish God’s processing more than the end result, the man of God advised Christians to see the things they do when trying to achieve something as more important as the achievement in itself: “When you want to achieve something, what you do to achieve it is more important that the achievement.”

In his concluding remarks, he had a simple and straightforward counsel to the children of God, all over the world: “If you don’t forget yourself, you cannot follow Jesus. To forget yourself is to forget your challenges, predicament, situation or worry… Following Jesus makes you consistent in your blessing.”


Meanwhile, in an earlier message titled YOUR SPIRITUAL CHECKUP by Evangelist Fanny, Christians were admonished to live up to their spiritual expectation by attuning themselves to the things of God rather than waste time chasing after the ephemeral pleasures and transitory gratifications of the flesh. She observed that, “Your Christian life is measured not by your body language, your type of clothes or your makeup or no makeup but by the movement of your heart in the midst of your challenges. That is why the Bible says the first place you are to prosper, you are to beautify, to purify, to sanctify is your spirit man, your spiritual life, the one that holds your strength, your health, wealth, even your outward beauty, in fact, all. That is why the real you must be redefined in order to be sensitive to the Spirit of God.”

Continuing, she revealed the role challenges play in the life of a true and dedicated Christian. She said, “Challenges reveal the true condition, position of your heart. Just as a physical examination is the process by which a doctor investigates the body of a patient for signs of disease, a spiritual examination is the process by which God, through challenges, investigates the heart of a Christian for signs of weakness and disease.” She further stressed that, “A spiritual check-up will determine where are the loopholes that give access to satan in your life and determine how strong is your heart in the face of the turbulences and attacks.

She however left the following counsel to people of God: “Your situation is not your enemy but your friend; it is a check to your spiritual life. Therefore, no matter your situation or condition, continue to meditate on God’s Word – your spirit will gradually act on it because meditation removes the burden on our spirit. I leave you here in the midst of challenges, knowing that I will meet you again stronger that when you went into it.”



She had been relegated to the gloomy side of life by a terrible knee problem that made it impossible for her to function properly. Mrs Margaret Fabiyi, a Nigerian tourism promoter who had traversed most of the African continent, was forced to give up her career only to be left on the bed after undergoing a surgery to fix her troubled knee caps. The surgery came and went but the pain and discomfort refused to abate. Since 2014, she had been bedridden, unable to take care of herself. In her sad and handicapped situation, she resorted to soliciting for help in order to be able to carry out certain personal and domestic obligations. She virtually begged to live.


Moving with crutches, Mrs Fabiyi was confined to her home, unable to even attend church programmes. She remained in that piteous state until she discovered through Emmanuel TV, that a revival was coming up between the 9th and 11th of December, 2016 at The SCOAN. She attended the revival service on the 9th and had an encounter with the Holy Spirit as Prophet T.B. Joshua led the Mass Prayer. As the man of God specifically commanded every pain in the body of congregants to go, he also ordered those unable to walk to stand and walk. It was at that instant that Mrs Fabiyi keyed into the command of God through His prophet and decided to put away her walking aid. With faith, she walked unaided for the first time in two years.

MRS MARGARET FABIYI (2).jpgmrs-margaret-fabiyi-4

According to her, as soon as she obeyed his command to her to stand up and walk, she could not understand the way she found herself walking without aid again. She described the experience as awesome, adding that a strange force inspired her to walk as she felt more energetic than ever. “Since then, I have not had any cause to use the crutches. I walk perfectly on my own,” she told congregants. Demonstrating her new-found wellness and agility during last Sunday’s testimony time, in company of her son and other relations, Mrs Fabiyi thanked God for using the man of God to restore her health. Her son, who also shared her testimony, advised people to have faith in God, adding that he had witnessed the glory of God in the life of his mother.


She had seen her father watch pornography at the tender age of nine and had subconsciously allowed the demon behind that evil activity to pitch its tent in her heart. Since that day, Stephanie became a slave to sin. She would grow up to find herself lusting after men, unable to concentrate even on her studies. As a result of that demonic distraction, she had to repeat a class and was also once suspended for absconding from school to go and see her boyfriend.  After her suspension from school, Stephanie fell out with her parents on several occasions and each time such happened, she would run away from the house to put up with her boyfriend who was in his early twenties. But even when she returned home, the demon was still haunting her every thought and action. She could not just understand what was wrong with her but she knew that something was surely amiss with her life.

Aside from her lustfulness and addiction to pornography, Stephanie was also a troublesome lass, always bullying her younger siblings and disobeying her parents. The cycle of immorality continued until her parents sat down with her to try and understand the mysteries around their daughter. They needed to know what was really wrong with her in order to make the right choices.

Penultimate Sunday, Stephanie was at The SCOAN with her parents and received words of prophecy from the man of God. According to the man of God, she had a flirting spirit which operated like a dog and caused her to run after men. The man of God added that she would jump the fence in order to go and meet men, irrespective of their status. Corroborating their daughter’s problem, her parents confirmed the prophecy to be true. As her mother spoke, the man of God prophesied that Stephanie’s problems were an offshoot from her mother whom he said had no affection for her husband. Commanding the demon in Stephanie to come out of her, the man of God delivered her in the mighty name of Jesus. Both parents also received their deliverance, making the whole thing a family affair.

During their testimony, Stephanie and her parents thanked God for bringing about a new lease of life into their family. According to Stephanie, all her immoral ways are now things of the past even as she is now a very respectful and obedient child. Her mother also thanked God for the family’s deliverance. The Thai citizen told congregants how she and her husband had engaged in a couple of illicit businesses in the past, adding that she was pregnant with Stephanie then. According to her, she only loved shopping and spending money, irrespective of the source. The tattoo-adorning mother also recounted how Lucifer had approached her in the dream, trying to sleep with her.

All the illicit businesses they engaged in thrived but whenever they wanted to do something legitimate, their resources would dwindle and fritter away. It was their desire to do something legitimate that brought them to Nigeria. As soon as they arrived in Nigeria, all their legitimate investments crumbled. The strange and recurring happenings in their family led them to The SCOAN. Aside from her lack of affection for her husband, Stephanie’s mother rejected any form of intimacy from her husband as the prophecy would reveal. According to her when the man of God laid hands on her, she felt something like a big hammer hit her head. Since that day, her love for her husband has returned. There have been very great changes in the family. Peace has come to stay while the spirits of anger and undue agitation have left the family. Stephanie advised young people to desist from pornography as it could destroy their lives.


He was born into an idle-worshipping home and had boasted of a fetish ancestry. At a time, he was handpicked and initiated into fetish engagements by his paternal grandmother who also used him as an errand boy for her unholy business. The Ghanaian continued serving his grandmother, taking part in many evil covenants until he became ill and started rotting away with maggots coming out of his smelly body. The old woman who was famed for her expertise in fetish matters, had suggested that he be buried alive but his father kicked against that evil suggestion. Instead of allow his own son to be buried alive, his father angrily took him to a river and dumped him there.


Young Winfred was barely three years-old when he was dumped in a river for three days. After three days, his father revisited the river in search of him and luckily found him still alive. At that point, a ‘miracle’ happened. All the maggots and sores that had taken over his body disappeared. After that healing at the river, Mr Winfred Obedia returned to his father’s house. There, he started to wield his evil powers, exhibiting the traits of wild animals and suddenly found himself on the streets of Ghana, mingling with drug addicts, traffickers and prostitutes. He was eventually sold to a drug-dealing woman who resided in Texas, USA.

Mr Obedia was shipped to America to live with the woman who was actually an international prostitute that also trafficked drugs. She would engage in her sexual adventures in his presence and would also have him sleep with her because, he had no mind of his own, having been sold to her in Ghana. But the evil association would not endure for long as the woman was hit by a deadly disease. When she was beginning to feel the brunt of the deadly disease, she had called him and told him about her impending death, urging him to pray for her so she may survive the battle against HIV/AIDS. Before she died, she narrated to him how she bought him at a very tender age in Ghana. She also reminded him of the killing of her two sons by an armed gang in Texas. The woman eventually died and left the young man at the crossroads.


When he returned to Ghana, he made efforts through a radio station to locate his biological parents. After two weeks of announcements, the radio station called to inform him that a man had been found who said he had lost a son at age four. After a couple of formalities, father and son were reunited. The father knelt down to ask his son for forgiveness, stating that he was away on national duty as a Ghanaian soldier when the unfortunate incident happened. Obedia was taken in and was introduced to other members of his family. As he gradually adapted into the family, he made clear his intention not to marry much to the displeasure of his mother. Along the line, he encountered a lady who turned him into a house boy and controlled him. Whenever they had sex, she would use a white cloth to wipe his semen. The woman exploited him at will because she wielded some spiritual powers that he could not comprehend.

Having made a lot of money through his business, Obedia had wanted to build more houses for his parents but the first attempt was thwarted by his elder brother who squandered the money. He would not give up. He insisted on starting all over again all by himself. He went ahead to erect another building which later collapsed. Undeterred, he built another after three months. But to his greatest shock, his mother rejected the house and instead requested for money. A woman neighbour who advised him to relocate to the house his mother rejected would later appear to him alongside her daughter in a dream-like but real encounter, saying she had come to protect him from an evil community.

How they gained access into his house, when all the doors and windows were locked, baffled him. As he tried to query her, she sprinkled water on him and left. That scenario was so scary that he had to drive to his parent’s house that night without dressing up properly. Though his parents allayed his fears, the young man returned to his house to encounter another bizarre development. As he stepped down from his car, heading to his apartment, he felt like a bullet was fired into the centre of his head. Later, in spite of his father’s warning to the woman to leave his son, she and her daughter kept appearing to him and having sex with him.

It was apparent that he was being spiritually polluted by the woman and her daughter. He became sick and was taken to many fetish places by his father in search of solution. Obedia would suddenly degenerate health-wise, looking frail and sickly. He developed a serious craving for alcohol, squandering a lot of money on whiskey. All efforts to help him proved abortive until a business project took him to China. In China, he was initiated into Buddhism and partook of the blood-drinking ritual. When he returned from China to Ghana, the strange woman called him and requested for money. To be on a safe side, he went to the bank, withdraw money and gave to her.

Unsatisfied with the direction his life was going, he decided to visit India, thinking it was one of the world’s most spiritual enclaves. There, he was initiated into the Hare Krishna cult. As part of his initiation, he was given the ashes of a cremated human being to drink inside an evil forest. He also received a lot of tattoos in different parts of his body. He was told that his problems were over by the Hare Krishna adherents. Returning to Ghana, he resorted to running a herbal shop. But the so-called business was marred by heavy drinking. One day while trying to tune to a new channel with a glass of whisky in his hand, he accidentally stumbled on Emmanuel TV. Just a flash of the anointed channel brought him to the floor, sending him into compulsory sleep for hours.

When he woke up, certain changes had taken place spiritually. His urge for alcohol was no more. Around that time, he met his wife. Together, they relocated to the house he had abandoned while on the fast lane of spiritual contamination. They cleaned up the house and discovered a lot of charms which they burnt eventually. They also installed DSTV and watched Emmanuel TV, praying along with the man of God. Obedia’s appetite returned to him after he had prayed with the man of God via Emmanuel TV. He ate voraciously one day much to the surprise of his wife who had known him as someone who rarely ate. As they continued praying with the man of God, they discovered many evil entities in their house. His wife played a major role in influencing his decision to visit The SCOAN.

When he visited The SCOAN penultimate week, he received deliverance from the man of God. According to him, when the man of God touched him, he felt like thunder stuck him. Since that episode, his life has changed radically. He even dreamt of killing a mighty python after the deliverance – a sure sign that he has conquered the demon behind his predicament. Mr Obedia, who testified in company of his parents, wife and little son, thanked God for saving his life from the gates of hell.

Evangelist Evelyn

Evelyn Joshua

Opening The SCOAN Live Sunday Service, Evangelist Evelyn Joshua brought an encouraging message titled, GOD IS WHO HE IS.
Urging Christians to connect with God through faith rather than cling to the physical circumstances that would always instigate doubt in their minds, she added that faith in God, even in times of trials, brings about blessings: “Faith lifts us above the realm of the senses, our reasoning abilities, understanding and makes the possibilities of God available to us.  The Bible says, blessed are those who believe without seeing; blessed are those who shout, “Hallelujah” before a miracle happens. Blessed are those who bless God in their trials and difficulties, for they shall be blessed by God through their challenges”.

She added that faith will only be activated when we make the Word of God the standard for our lives. As Christians, as the Word grows in our hearts, it connects us to our Father in Heaven and makes us operate with power: “God’s Word is a living, growing force that develops in the heart of man. As it grows, faith grows. As a child of God, if you continue to operate with this divine faith, your word will be as powerful as if God has spoken it Himself”.



Mr Jideofor Eze

Mr Jideofor Eze

For Mr Jideofor Eze, living with a kidney disease and urinary tract infection was a serious challenge. The scenario painted the ugly picture of weak kidneys incapable of carrying out their excretory functions optimally. He could not urinate the normal way and doctors had to insert a catheter into his urinary system to enable the free-flow of urine. The native of Enugu, Nigeria could not enjoy any reprieve as the problem always re-emerged whenever the catheter was removed.

He could hardly sleep and was not be able to access any form of help around when the problem hit in the odd hours of the night. After a series of tests, he was told he had a kidney stone which could only be treated by surgery and all the doctors he consulted gave the same verdict. Unfortunately, he only stood a 50-50 chance of living after the surgery. Mr Eze wondered how he would be able to muster the financial muscle to foot the gigantic bills that would accrue from such a medical exercise and whether he would live or not.

As he waited for his operation date to be set, he started watching Emmanuel TV. Seeing the wonderful testimonies of people who once had even worse health conditions, he developed the urge to visit the Arena of Liberty. He was lucky to hear that in a few days, there would be a healing revival at The SCOAN in December, 2016.  A day to the commencement of the service, the ailment reared its ugly head, preventing him from passing out urine that night. He visited the hospital and had the catheter re-inserted, pleading that he should be allowed to travel to Lagos the next day – a request that was granted by his doctor even though he was advised to be careful because of the catheter which could injure him on transit. The troubled man arrived at his Lagos lodge to discover that his catheter was passing urine mixed with blood. The discovery drew tears from his eyes as he rushed to a nearby hospital to have the catheter reinserted. Thinking it was the end of the road, he raised a deep-hearted and anguish-stricken prayer to the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to save his life.


Once in The SCOAN Prayer Line, he witnessed the greatest drama of his entire existence. Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministering healing and deliverance, in Jesus’ name. As the shadow of the man of God passed him, he suddenly felt a continuum of cold sensation all over him. In moments, he was healed! Testifying, he told congregants that what he experienced was more than just a man of God but God Himself in action. His remark lends credence to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s statement that he is not the one performing the miracles but God working through him.

After his healing, Mr Eze returned to a doctor and requested for the removal of the catheter. Upon arriving home, he felt a sharp pain and ran to the toilet. Ministering the Morning Water in prayer, he was surprised as he urinated out the kidney stone! Thanking God for saving his life from the hands of a deadly ailment, he advised people not to hide their problems, urging them to find every means to come to God to receive their healing.


Mr Nnamdi Ezechi

Mr Nnamdi Ezechi

Mr Nnamdi Ezechi was employed as an electrical technician with a multinational company in Delta, Nigeria. He was carrying out his duties diligently and was trying to manage well the small success God had given him. As a regular viewer of Emmanuel TV, he came to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water, which he continued to minister in prayer. His life entered a dramatic dimension when one day a member of the House of Reps, representing his local government, asked him to nominate persons for consideration into a transition committee from his local government area. After compiling and sending the name of nominees, Mr Ezechi was shocked when he began to receive congratulatory messages from friends and associates. Confused, he met with his boss who confirmed that he was the one chosen for the position. He had never aspired to such a political position in his life and was a shock to him to find himself a member of such a committee. He continued ministering the Morning Water in prayer and one day, after the Nigerian general elections, he was contacted again by his boss to suggest the names of three persons whom he wished to be nominated as honourable commissioners in the state of Delta. Mr Ezechi was confused. He wondered why his boss would ask him to do such a serious thing as he saw himself as a simple employee who was neither wealthy nor famous. In short, he felt the task was beyond him in a local government where there were very influential people. Anyhow, he sent in some names and moved on with his life. While driving to work some months later, he received a call from his boss, instructing him to come to Asaba, the Delta capital. He quickly ministered the Morning Water as he prayed for God’s divine direction and guidance and made his way to the capital. When he arrived, Mr Ezechi’s boss congratulated him for becoming appointed as a DESOPADEC (Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission) Commissioner. Indeed, there is nothing God cannot do for those who are faithful to Him. Thanking God, the former electrical technician enjoined congregants and people all over the world to leave every case to God to handle.


She joined her country’s foreign mission in 2011 and had always wanted to excel. One day, she came back from work and found her children watching Emmanuel TV at home. The great miracles, teachings and testimonies she saw on the channel inspired her so much that she started praying to God to take her to The SCOAN.

Mrs Isata Bangura

Mrs Isata Bangura

God, in His mighty ways, answered her prayer. In 2014, Mrs Isata Bangura was posted to Nigeria as a Third Secretary in the Sierra Leonean liaison office in Lagos, Nigeria. When the news came to her, she was surprised because at her grade level, she was not qualified for such a posting. However, she was happy because she had been praying for that opportunity. As soon as she settled down in Nigeria, she was promoted within the same year to the position of Assistant Secretary, Grade Seven.

After that shocking promotion, Mrs Bangura started worshiping at The SCOAN with great devotion. She continued to pray for bigger things to come. By 2016, memos were circulated around all their missions inviting qualified persons to return to Sierra Leone to sit for the Senior Assistant Secretary examination. Conferring with a colleague in their Addis Ababa mission, she received materials bordering on the promotion examination, including the civil service code which she specifically requested.

Receiving the materials, Mrs Bangura started studying them. As she did, she ministered the Morning Water and deployed all other anointed materials, including the Faith Bracelet in her prayers and meditation. After writing the examination, she returned to Nigeria. When the results were released in November, 2016, she passed and qualified to occupy the position of Senior Assistant Secretary. Though she had passed the examination, she refused to be too excited because unless she received a letter to that effect, it would still remain unconfirmed. The much-awaited confirmation letter was eventually sent to her in January, 2017.

During her testimony, Mrs Bangura told congregants that she was highly overwhelmed with the promotion because of the way it came. According to her, it is unusual for a person who just joined the service in 2011 to be promoted within a very short while. She thanked the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua for doing the impossible in her life. She advised people to believe in God and allow Him to set His time-table for them, adding that they should continue praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.




When she was a very little child, she had accompanied a friend to a stream in her hometown. There, she was being taught how to swim only to find herself deep inside the stream. An unseen force had grabbed her legs and was making it difficult for her to either swim to safety or loose herself from the entanglement. All she could do was to scream, attracting the attention of a lady who came to rescue her. After that saga, young Ngozi did not disclose her experience to her parents. She carried on with her life.

But things were no longer at ease with her spiritual life as she started having strange dreams in which she would be surrounded by snakes. Sometimes, she would dream of a very beautiful woman draped in a gown with the dazzle of a queen, coming to crown her. The dream visits of the strange woman continued even when she got to secondary school level. She became attracted to other senior girls who came to her for friendship, disguising as school mothers. Even though she later got pregnant for a boy at age 14, her attraction to women like her lingered like a stubborn stump, refusing to be uprooted.

Ngozi had sent her daughter to stay with her mother in Cameroon in order to pick the pieces of her life together and perhaps, start afresh but her intentions would not promise anything good to the family. Her daughter became a replica of the mother, living a wayward life and eventually becoming pregnant at age 14 as well. It was a pill too bitter to swallow. In Ngozi’s reckoning, history seemed to be repeating itself rather unfortunately. She felt that her past was haunting her in some sort of déjà vu. Worried, she continued to spend her money on herbalists who deceived her into believing they could help her.

Ngozi was sought after by men but after getting engaged, they would suddenly disappear. It was apparent that there was a force thwarting all her hopes of settling down with a husband. Instead, she was made to have more affection for women. As she continued to find a way out of the problems in her life, Ngozi came across Emmanuel TV and witnessed the awe-inspiring testimonies on the channel. Immediately, she told herself some bitter truths and made up her mind to visit the Arena of Liberty. As the set date approached, her daughter with whom she had planned to come to Lagos, disappeared. It took some prayers for the lass to be reunited with her mother.


When they finally arrived at The SCOAN, they attended the Sunday Service. And during the Mass Prayer led by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Ngozi was fished out by the Spirit of the living God. As the prayers increased in tempo, the evil spirit tormenting her life manifested and was cast out of her life. Ngozi was floored by the power of God. Her daughter who confessed to have been raped at age 13, also received her deliverance. Mother and daughter thanked God for their deliverance. Ngozi’s mother also thanked the man of God for being a worthy instrument God used to deliver her daughter and granddaughter. She appreciated God for the fact that her child and grandchild have changed for the better and Ngozi advised people to have faith in God even when they are facing challenges.


Mr James Lubilo

Mr James Lubilo

He had always wanted to be a man of God and had always expressed that aspiration to his mother. As a young man, his mother encouraged his aspirations but the devil and his agents would not fold their hands and allow that lofty dream to come to fruition. Suddenly, a boy who once harboured thoughts of working in the vineyard of God became a problematic child. James started stealing, a trait that did not go down well with his parents who, in an attempt to curtail his misdemeanours, sent him to a boarding school. Unknown to them, they were creating an enabling environment for him to become worse. In spite of his parents’ opulence, he could not stop the despicable act of stealing. It was like a deep-rooted malady that required a superior force for it to be expunged from his life.

When he entered secondary school, he met some friends who influenced him into drinking alcohol and smoking weed. Those habits made him lose his head as he would always misbehave. When his system became immune to the highness in alcohol and weed, he graduated into hard drugs. He took codeine, cocaine and heroin. As his class of drugs changed, he also changed the calibre of friends he moved with. Eventually, he hooked up with unrepentant drug addicts whose minds had been hardened by arbitrary drug use. When he realised that he was the only one without a tattoo among his bad friends, he wasted no time in having one on his chest.

Together with his gang, James engaged in supermarket robberies which proceeds were squandered on women, alcohol and drugs. But one fundamental reality that begged for explanation was the fact that his parents were well to do and yet, he would not stop stealing. Somehow, his mother got wind of his strange behaviours and came to the conclusion that he was taking something injurious to his health. To stop him, she had discontinued the act of giving him money. James would later devise new strategies of getting money. He resorted to stealing and selling his mother’s personal items, thinking that it was the only way to pay her back in her own coin. The young Zambian was so much addicted to alcohol and drugs that he was once locked up for harassing security personnel who resisted his insistence on purloining alcohol by force from a supermarket in the early hours of the morning.

mr-james-lubilo-2Somehow, James’ mother was able to convince him to come with her to The SCOAN for a Monday service. The man of God laid hands on him and delivered him from the evil spirit that had made a mess of his life. The deliverance was not without some drama as the evil spirit manifested, confessing some of the destructive things it had done to the young man. According to him, even before the man of God came close to him, he had already started feeling the presence of fire all over him. That was the last scenario he could recollect until he found himself rising from the ground, declaring that he was free in Jesus’ name. James’ mother and younger sister were also delivered from evil spirits that had also oppressed them. According to his younger sister, she had also abused hard drugs and had even initiated many of her friends into the ungodly habit. During their testimony, James, his mother and sister thanked God for delivering the entire family from the clutches of the devil. They reckoned that all things have become new ever since they received their deliverance. James’ mother advised parents to show more care to their children because they have the propensity to hide certain injurious behaviours.



“I am a snake!” shrieked the evil spirit manifesting from Mrs Angel Nwokoye, a woman who could no longer control her behaviour towards her husband and quarrelled constantly. Feeling neglected as a wife, she had been hearing rumours that her husband had been having extramarital affairs and her anger was at its peak.

Mr & Mrs Chika Ndubuisi

Mr & Mrs Chika Ndubuisi

After 18 years of marriage and four children, their marriage was on the brink of divorce as Mr Chika Ndubuisi could no longer stand to be with her due to their irreconcilable differences.

Ready to throw in the towel and give up on his marriage to Mrs Angel, he had decided to leave their home in South Africa and set out on a holiday in his home country of Nigeria. His journey had a secret mission, however, as he had resolved to look for a new wife.  After some time, Mr Chika called home to check in on his children only to find out that his wife had also left on a holiday. Surprisingly, her own secret mission was also in Nigeria but for a different purpose. Unwilling to allow the devil to destroy her marriage, Mrs Angel had gone to The SCOAN to seek God’s divine intervention. That was the moment of her divine encounter.

After her deliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua invited her husband to hear God’s opinion about their marriage. Honoured to receive the call, Mr Ndubuisi came to The SCOAN the following Sunday and aired his negative feelings about his wife and asked for God’s direction. The man of God revealed that the marriage was indeed a marriage from God and that Mr Ndubuisi was also in need of deliverance.

Mr & Mrs Chika Ndubuisi

Mr & Mrs Chika Ndubuisi

Both husband and wife received their deliverance, one week after each other and returned to the church embracing. They could not help but share the joy of the Lord as they told of their wonderful reconciliation. Mr Chika confessed that prior to his deliverance, he saw himself as an innocent victim in his marriage while he saw his wife as old and wretched. The following morning, waking up after his deliverance, he suddenly recalled all the ways he had made mistakes in his relationship in the past. Turning to his wife to apologize, he saw a more beautiful woman than he remembered. “I had eyes then but I could not see. Now, I can see clearly! Wow, is this a mistake? Is this woman that I found in Nigeria the same one I left in South Africa?” He then made a promise before the whole congregation to love his wife more and more, as Christ would have it. The Gospel of God’s grace challenges and changes everything!

C’était une rencontre indescriptible avec l’Esprit du Dieu Vivant. Le Service du Dimanche de la SCOAN du 22 janvier 2017 a amené la Congrégation et les téléspectateurs du monde entier face-à-face avec la démonstration physique du pouvoir illimité de Dieu. La Chorale a fourni la plate-forme musicale pour louer le Seigneur. La Prière de Masse était massive dans tous les sens du mot. Les âmes troublées, les destinés piégées, et les opprimés spirituels ont reçu leur liberté dans le puissant nom de Jésus. Pour ceux dont les jougs ont été soulevés par le Maître bienveillant de l’Univers, était une occasion de témoigner de la bonté de Dieu dans leur vie. Leurs témoignages, signe de gratitude au Ciel, restent également des sources d’inspiration pour ceux qui croient au Seigneur.prophet-t-b-joshua
Exhortant les Chrétiens du monde entier, le Prophète T.B. Joshua les emmena faire une excursion dans les choses de l’Esprit. Selon l’homme de Dieu, la voix du Saint-Esprit apporte les changements souhaités dans nos vies. Il a observé que toute personne qui rencontre le Saint Esprit, ne restera pas identique : “Quand le Saint-Esprit parle, que vous le vouliez ou non, les changements prennent place”. L’homme de Dieu a reconnu la place de la chair dans la vie d’un chrétien, mais a ajouté que, par la Grâce de Dieu, nous sommes autorisés à surmonter nos erreurs et les défis causés par la chair : « Tant qu’il y a de la chair, les erreurs viendront et vous apprendrez et avancerez. Donc, chaque fois que cette erreur vient – il s’agit d’un test. La promotion ne peut pas venir sans les épreuves et tests. Dieu nous a donné la capacité d’apprendre de nos défis. Si vous ne voulez pas de défis, vous ne voulez pas apprendre, et si vous ne voulez pas apprendre, vous ne voulez pas aller de l’avant. »
Concluant, Le Prophète T.B. Joshua a rappelé aux Chrétiens que servir Dieu n’est pas par la force ou par la parole élégante, mais par sincérité. Il les a également exhortés de chercher premièrement la prospérité spirituelle avant toute autre chose : « Vous ne pouvez pas continuer à servir Dieu avec une force physique, un discours élégant – vous devez servir Dieu de tout votre cœur. Notre vie spirituelle d’abord. S’il y a une première place, où nous devons grandir ou prospérer, c’est dans notre vie spirituelle. »
evangelist-yinkaPlus tôt, l’évangéliste Yinka a donné à la Congrégation sujet à réflexion, avec son message intitulé, JÉSUS DETIENT NOTRE AVENIR. Elle les a exhortés à ne pas se décourager quand les événements autour d’eux semblent sombres face aux témoignages des autres personnes, ajoutant que Dieu a son avenir dans ses mains : « Parfois, dans la vie, nous nous demandons ce qui se passe autour de nous ; si nous croyons que Jésus est notre Seigneur et Sauveur, un nouveau corps, une âme et un esprit nous attendent un jour ».
Continuant, elle exhortait les chrétiens à ne pas se retourner contre la Grâce de Dieu, ajoutant que lorsque les yeux de notre foi seront ouverts, nous verrons la valeur de notre épreuve que Dieu utilise souvent pour nous préparer à de nouveaux niveaux dans la vie. Elle a demandé aux Chrétiens de soumettre leurs vies à Christ, afin de jouir de la connexion sans fin par la Grâce qui demeure en Lui : « Lorsque vous faites de Jésus-Christ le président-directeur général, le patron, le directeur de tout ce que vous faites, vous devenez connecté à Celui qui vous a créé ». Elle souligna bien le fait que « c’est un honneur pour Dieu que de le croire, même si tout sens le contredit », et ajouta que si notre décision de servir Dieu est soutenue par la foi, la confiance et l’engagement, nous allons certainement tout surmonter.

Il était sur le point de passer vers le grand au-delà, mais Dieu avait d’autres projets pour lui. Le pasteur Maurice Alamba, se souvenant de ces horribles moments, a dit à la Congrégation comment sa vie était à ravagée par le trio destructeur de l’apnée du sommeil sévère, l’hypertension artérielle sévère, et des migraines graves. Pour ce Congolais résidant au Royaume-Uni, le septième jour de juin 2016 restera un moment inoubliable dans sa vie, car ce jour a marqué un nouveau départ pour lui. En ce jour fatidique, il avait reçu le touché onctionné de l’homme de Dieu qui l’a libéré de tous les maux dans sa vie, qui le forçaient à utiliser des machines pour vivre.pastor-maurice-alamba
Avant sa rencontre avec Dieu dans l’Arène de la Liberté, il avait vécu une vie que l’on ne pourrait envier. Il passait toute sa journée à dormir, et la nuit, il luttait pour dormir à l’aide d’une machine. C’était une expérience désespérante pour lui, dont le sommeil dépendait de l’aide d’une machine. Il était absolument contre nature et inacceptable qu’un être humain aurait à lutter pour dormir. Au fond de son cœur, il savait qu’il avait besoin de Dieu pour que le pire soit évité. Et ainsi, sa décision de visiter le SCOAN était la plus grande décision qu’il ait prise.
Selon lui, sa passion pour la SCOAN émanait de la démonstration merveilleuse de la puissance de Dieu qu’il avait regardé sur Emmanuel TV. Et donc, venant à l’Arène de la Liberté, il avait une foi absolue que ses défis vieux de 13 ans s’inclineraient devant la puissance supérieure de Dieu. Décrivant sa guérison, il a dit que dès que l’homme de Dieu a posé les mains sur lui à la Ligne de Prière, trois choses successives se sont produites rapidement. Tout d’abord, il a senti un choc électrique partout dans son corps après quoi, quelque chose sortit de lui. Comme il essayait de comprendre ce qui se passait, il sentit une sensation fraîche autour de lui et se retrouva par terre. Selon lui, il se sentait très léger quand il se leva.
Après sa guérison, M. Alamba a bien dormi, sans encombre. Il révéla à tous que, pour la première fois depuis tant d’années, il pouvait dormir naturellement sans l’aide d’une machine. Sa respiration et son bien-être général ont depuis été restauré pour une vie optimale par le Saint-Esprit. Depuis le 7 juin 2016, son histoire est celle de l’action de grâces et de l’engagement total envers les voies de Dieu. Démontrant sa capacité à bien respirer devant la Congrégation, il conseille à tous de garder l’espoir en étant obéissant à Dieu, ajoutant qu’Il est un Dieu fidèle.

M. Michael Ugwu était fatigué des défis méchants que la vie lui avait infligés. Ses entreprises s’étaient émiettées suite à sa décision de construire une maison dans sa ville natale. La maison elle-même a également souffert de la stagnation car la construction s’est arrêtée à la toiture. En outre, le couple a souffert de stérilité pendant six ans. Dans leur lutte contre la stérilité, un procès impliquant un terrain qu’il avait acheté a également fait surface. En un mot, M. Ugwu avait beaucoup de problème à résoudre. A la recherche d’une solution, il a visité la SCOAN à plusieurs reprises, mais sa véritable rencontre avec la Puissance de Dieu est venue lors d’un Service du Dimanche en 2014, tandis que le Prophète T.B. Joshua prophétisait à la Congrégation.
Ce jour-là, l’homme de Dieu s’était approché de lui pour lui poser des questions sur la maison qu’il bâtissait ainsi que sur l’affaire judiciaire. Confirmant que la prophétie est vraie, l’homme de Dieu lui a également dit qu’il aurait un petit garçon. À ce moment-là, sa femme n’était même pas enceinte et était en lutte avec des fibromes multiples. Il reçut l’Eau du Matin avec laquelle il s’administrait, et priait avec sa femme. Après un certain temps, sa femme est tombée enceinte et c’était le début de la porte de la bénédiction que Dieu a ouvert à lui et à sa famille.
mr-micheal-ugwu-and-familyAprès neuf mois, Mme Ugwu a délivré un bébé, comme le Prophète T.B. Joshua avait prophétisé. Bien que, en raison des multiples fibromes sa femme avait, les médecins avaient voulu qu’elle subisse une intervention chirurgicale pour l’élimination des croissances anormales, mais le couple a choisi d’exercer leur foi en administrant le l’Eau du Matin et en demandant à Dieu de sécuriser l’accouchement. Dieu, dans Ses Miséricordes infinies, a écouté la voix de leur supplication et a rendu l’accouchement doux et sûr – un exploit qui a étonné tout le monde, y compris les médecins dont les règles médicales ont été rompues par l’ordre surnaturel du Ciel.
Après la naissance de leur fils, la vie de M. Ugwu a été témoin des bénédictions interminables de Dieu. Sa vie financière s’est améliorée et tout tourna pour le meilleur. Il est allé acheter une voiture pour sa femme et son fils pour faciliter leur mouvement d’un endroit à l’autre sans avoir à marcher sous le soleil brûlant ou sous la pluie. Comme un arbre fruitier dans sa saison florissante, sa vie a été dépassée par des percées. Il put compléter au goût, l’édifice inachevé que l’homme de Dieu avait signalé dans sa prophétie.
Corroborant la prophétie, sa femme déclara à la Congrégation comment elle a tenu fermement dans sa foi concernant la prophétie donnée à son mari par l’homme de Dieu. Elle avait une confiance absolue dans la Parole de Dieu dans la mesure où elle continuait à acheter des vêtements pour bébé, allant ainsi contre les conseils des gens. Elle a également révélé comment les fibromes multiples ont été éjectés après qu’elle s’administra l’Eau du Matin le jour de son accouchement. En remerciant Dieu d’avoir rétabli la joie et le sourire dans leur vie, ils ont conseillé à tous d’être fidèles à Dieu en toutes choses et de croire en ceux que Dieu envoie.


Arrivée en fauteuil roulant, Mlle Nicole Wezolek et sa mère Mme Marefe Wezolek sont venues à la SCOAN pour chercher la rédemption d’une sclérose en plaques sévère et incurable qui avait été une épine dans la chair de leur famille. Ils ont lutté contre les problèmes de dépression et de pensées suicidaires. Selon la mère allemande, lorsqu’elle était enceinte de sa fille il y a de nombreuses années, elle souffrait de dépression, mais elle pouvait surmonter l’orage de sa propre cause par la prière. Et donc, ce n’était pas vraiment une grande surprise quand elle a découvert que sa fille adulte avait commencé à montrer ces traits hostiles.card Placée dans la catégorie B comme 80% handicapée et dépendante, Nicole se plaignait d’engourdissement de ses mains à différentes parties de son corps. Elle portait aussi des vêtements noirs, visitait des cimetières et s’isolait des autres membres de la famille.

Pour le fait que Nicole ait tenté de se suicider à deux reprises, la question nécessiterait une solution spirituelle plutôt que les nombreuses doses de médicaments prescrits auxquelles elle avait été soumise. Et c’est bien la raison pour laquelle ils ont visité la SCOAN pour chercher la face de Dieu. Comme tous les autres membres de la congrégation, elles étaient assises dans l’auditorium pendant un service du dimanche quand la parole de prophétie de l’homme de Dieu les frappa comme un boulon. Mettant sa main sur la tête de Nicole, l’homme de Dieu dit: «Il y a un esprit suicidaire dans la famille. Tout le monde pense à la façon de se suicider. Dépression. Elle possède cet esprit.miss-nicole-wezolek-and-mother C’est la deuxième fois qu’elle échappa au suicide “. Mme Marefe Wezolek a confirmé la prophétie pour être vraie et après, a reçu la délivrance avec sa fille, Nicole, de l’homme de Dieu, au nom puissant de Jésus. Après leur délivrance, la mère et la fille ont joyeusement partagé leur témoignage au service de dimanche de la SCOAN la semaine suivante. Nicole a remercié Dieu d’avoir utilisé le Prophète T.B. Joshua pour la sauver de l’emprise de la dépression et des pensées suicidaires. Elle a dit aux congregants et aux téléspectateurs du monde entier qu’elle était libre et se sentant très heureuse car tous les mauvais wheel-chairsentiments qu’elle hébergeait autrefois avaient disparu. Elle a également dit qu’elle a retrouvé le toucher et l’usage de ses membres immédiatement après sa délivrance, confirmant que l’engourdissement avait disparu. Manifestant sa capacité à courir d’avant en arrière, elle déclara qu’elle n’avait plus besoin du fauteuil roulant. Le Pouvoir dans le nom de Jésus-Christ a rétabli le statut de Nicole de reconnue handicapée à valides! Pour leur retour en Allemagne, le Prophète T.B. Joshua a donné à la famille 2 000 $ pour les aider à recommencer leur vie avec la nouvelle liberté trouvée de Nicole!

Il s’était engagé dans une relation extra-conjugale avec une autre femme en dehors de son foyer conjugal. M. Joseph Nwodo jouissait de l’affaire illicite, ne sachant pas que cela aurait des conséquences désastreuses. Tout d’un coup, sa fortune commerciale a commencé à s’effondrer dans la mesure où il avait du mal à répondre aux besoins de sa famille. Chaque fois qu’il était sur le point de recevoir une percée, il rêvait d’une femme et les choses se décomposaient. Son destin a été laissé suspendu précairement sur le précipice d’un avenir incertain jusqu’à ce qu’il ait visité la SCOAN où l’Esprit de Dieu a exposé ses problèmes par le Prophète T.B. Joshua. C’était pendant un service du dimanche pendant que l’homme de Dieu prophétisait à la congrégation. « Il y avait une femme que vous avez rencontrée. Ce n’était pas de votre propre chef, mais vous êtes tombé amoureux de la femme ; cela vous affecte », a déclaré le Prophète T.B. Joshua alors qu’il appelait M. Nwodo pour lui imposer les mains. Secoué abondamment sous l’influence effrénée du Saint-Esprit, M. Nwodo se retrouva sur le sol. L’Esprit de Dieu élimina le mauvais esprit responsable de son infidélité. Après sa délivrance, la vie devint significative et encourageante.

Son entreprise a explosé comme jamais auparavant. Il retrouva ses sens et se rendit compte qu’il devait formaliser son mariage en compensant toutes les exigences traditionnelles exigées par la famille de sa femme. Sa responsabilité financière envers sa famille s’est considérablement améliorée dans la mesure où il a même acheté une voiture pour eux. Alors que sa relation avec son épouse est devenue très solide, il a cessé de convoiter d’autres femmes. Racontant comment il a visité la SCOAN rempli de déception et de frustration, M. Nwodo a dit aux fidèles qu’il était choqué quand l’homme de Dieu a retracé l’origine de ses problèmes et le délivra par la suite. Témoignant en compagnie de sa femme et ses enfants, il a remercié Dieu pour sa délivrance, ajoutant que les choses ont vraiment changé pour le mieux dans sa vie, son mariage et son antreprise. De son côté, Mme Nwodo a rejoint son mari en remerciant Dieu pour sa délivrance, ajoutant qu’il a fallu la sagesse pour qu’elle puisse faire face à toutes les expériences décourageantes qu’elle a rencontrés dans son mariage. En ce qui la concerne, leurs problèmes sont résolus. M. Nwodo a avisé les personnes du monde entier à s’abstenir de tout ce qui ne plait pas à Dieu.

Initié à l’alcool et à la cigarette en Décembre 2004, Christian, n’a jamais su qu’une initiation plus grande et plus dangereuse l’attendait. Les amis qui le cajolait dans ces mauvaises habitudes ont également pensé qu’il serait agréable de « le mélanger » dans un groupe de culte, la confrérie Eiye. Après avoir stupéfié le jeune homme avec beaucoup d’alcool, il a été réduit en bouillie comme l’un des nombreux processus méchants de son initiation souterraine. On lui donna un charme à avaler et on lui fit jurer de garder le secret.christian-attah-and-family
Il a par la suite reçu un fusil avec lequel son groupe culte a mené des opérations. Ils ont intimidé d’autres étudiants, en particulier les femmes dont ils ont volé leurs objets de valeur à volonté. Le produit de leurs opérations de vol était généralement remis à leur chef, qu’ils appelaient Senior Man. Avec le temps, il a découvert de nouvelles fantaisies, y compris des tatouages qu’il avait sur tout son corps à des fins différentes. Plus il s’associait avec les membres de son culte, plus ses problèmes s’intensifiaient. L’esprit derrière les tatouages sur son corps l’a toujours conduit à commettre des actes malveillants tels que le vol à mains armées.
Le jeune nigérian de l’État de Kogi battait sa femme sauvageusement chaque fois qu’elle osait remettre en question ses activités néfastes. Il y eut un jour où il l’a frappée alors qu’elle était enceinte et l’a presque étranglée juste parce qu’elle se préoccupait de son mode de vie. A cause de son insoumission, il avait des querelles avec son père qui menaçait de le renier. Sa relation avec ce dernier était déjà irrémédiablement aigre sans l’intervention de sa mère. Celle-ci a largement contribué à sa délivrance à la SCOAN. Elle l’avait encouragé à venir avec elle à l’Arène de la liberté.
Christian a cédé à la pression de sa mère et a visité la SCOAN, il y a deux semaines. C’est au cours de la prière de masse de dimanche que l’Esprit de Dieu pris l’a attrapé. Comme l’homme de Dieu avait ordonné à tous les obstacles et les limitations sur la vie des fidèles de se lever, la puissance de Dieu est tombée sur lui et une bataille spirituelle s’ensuivit immédiatement. Les démons qui avaient été à l’origine de sa situation se sont manifestés, il était incontestablement violent et devait être maintenu car les démons ne supportaient pas le feu de l’Esprit Saint. Avec toute sa résistance, le jeune homme se retrouvait toujours sur le plancher, dominé par la puissance de Dieu.christian-attah-and-family
Témoignant en compagnie de son épouse, de ses enfants et de ses parents, Christian remercia Dieu pour la nouvelle vie qu’il a trouvée après sa délivrance. Selon lui, il aime maintenant sa femme et abhorre toutes ces mauvaises habitudes qu’il avait engagées dans le passé. Il conseilla aux jeunes de renoncer aux choses du monde. Un jeune homme qui menaçait de tuer son père et son frère cadet a maintenant trouvé la paix en Jésus-Christ par sa délivrance à la SCOAN.
Ses parents ont également remercié Dieu pour sa délivrance. Ils racontèrent comment il a presque détruit toute la famille en corrompant ses plus jeunes frères. De peur d’être tué par le groupe de culte de son fils, son père avait également déménagé au Ghana et avait juré de ne jamais revenir à moins que le jeune homme n’ait été délivré. Et fidèle à ses prières, son fils a reçu la délivrance. Selon lui, il avait vu dans un rêve son fils délivré par le Prophète T.B. Joshua.
Selon la mère de Christian, elle a conçu son fils dans des circonstances impies. Comme une panacée à son problème récurrent d’estomac, elle avait reçu des concoctions de fines herbes du père de son mari. Finalement, le défunt grand-père de son fils lui apparut dans un rêve et lui donna le cadeau d’un petit garçon. Après un moment, elle a conçu Christian et lui a donné naissance après neuf mois. Elle a dit qu’elle avait remarqué ses comportements étranges très tôt mais ne pouvait pas faire beaucoup car il continuait à mentir jusqu’à ce qu’il devienne une menace sociale. Cependant, ses parents ont exhorté les parents à prier pour les défis auxquels ils sont confrontés.

Elle avait subi de sérieuses attaques par un esprit de serpent qui l’avait toujours poussée à quitter son mariage et inconnue d’elle, la plupart des expériences négatives qu’elle avait dans son mariage étaient causées par le mauvais esprit. Mme Angela Nwokoye a souffert des embarras incalculables dans son mariage. Après son premier enfant, son mari a engendré deux autres enfants hors mariage. Ils se disputaient sans fin sur son habitude de boire, transformant la maison en une arène de crise. Pour les mozambicains vivant en Afrique du Sud, tous ses efforts pour obtenir de son époux de revenir à ses bons sens avortèrent.mrs-angel-olga
Selon Mme Nwokoye, sa famille élargie l’a abandonnée et l’a laissée à son destin malheureux. Avec quatre enfants de son époux, il l’avait délaissée et avait emménagé avec une autre femme et ne rentrait que de temps en temps pour changer ses vêtements. Tous ses plans pour affronter la maîtresse de son mari étaient inutiles puisque la dame a insisté qu’elle ne l’abandonnerait pas, arguant qu’il l’a attirée dans la relation. Selon cette dernière, à moins qu’il ne décide de sortir de la relation, elle ne le lâchera jamais. Avec ces tristes réalités qui la regardaient en face, Mme Nwokoye ne connaissait pas la paix, alors même que ses enfants étaient dispersés à cause de l’instabilité de son mariage. Pendant deux ans, son mari a vécu avec sa maîtresse et l’a laissée dans ses démêlées.mrs-angel-olga
Quand elle a finalement réalisé que ses problèmes n’étaient pas ordinaires, elle a utilisé l’argent de son mari pour se rendre au Nigéria pour chercher la face de Dieu à la SCOAN. Lorsqu’elle y est arrivée, Mme Nwokoye a été délivrée lors d’un service de prière du lundi après que des évangélistes eurent appliquée l’Eau du Matin sur elle. Au moment où l’homme de Dieu est arrivé sur les lieux, elle était déjà étourdie spirituellement comme le démon derrière son problème conjugal s’était manifesté, avouant toutes les choses horribles qu’il avait fait à son mariage.
En posant sa main sur sa tête, l’homme de Dieu apporta la dernière goutte qui a brisé le dos du chameau. Il a scellé sa délivrance dans le nom puissant de Jésus et l’a déclarée totalement libre. Un jour après sa délivrance, l’esprit de serpent lui est apparu alors qu’elle dormait, se lamentant de la raison pour laquelle elle s’est faite délivrée. Comme elle essayait de se réveiller pour savoir qui lui parlait, le serpent disparut et ne revint jamais. À partir de ce moment, elle savait qu’elle avait été libérée de l’assaut de l’esprit maléfique du serpent. Elle a remercié l’homme de Dieu pour sa délivrance et l’a appelé à l’aider à se réconcilier avec son époux, ajoutant qu’elle voulait vivre amicalement avec sa famille. Elle a également ajouté qu’elle voulait demander l’avis de Dieu sur son mariage.
Honorant l’invitation de l’homme de Dieu à une réunion de réconciliation à la SCOAN, son mari, M. Nwokoye, natif de l’Etat d’Anambra au Nigéria, a dit aux fidèles comment sa femme voulait le contrôler et comment elle menaçait toujours de s’enfuir avec leurs enfants. Selon lui, il a failli avoir un accident mortel à cause des troubles dans son mariage. Même s’il avait juré de mettre fin au mariage, il ne pouvait refuser l’invitation de l’homme de Dieu, qu’il disait respecter tant pour sa réputation de porte-parole de Dieu. La sœur de M. Nwokeoye qui est venue avec lui, a également appelé l’homme de Dieu à délivrer son frère, soulignant que les problèmes dans leur mariage n’étaient pas unilatéraux.
Prophète T.B. Joshua a parlé de la part de l’Esprit de Dieu en disant à M. Nwokoye que sa femme avait été délivrée du mauvais esprit. Selon l’homme de Dieu, leur mariage est de Dieu. Il a également conseillé à M. Nwokoye d’être libéré après quoi leur mariage pourrait être dédié à Dieu. Il leur a assuré une coexistence pacifique après leur délivrance. L’homme de Dieu a également profité de l’occasion pour exhorter les chrétiens sur la nécessité de laisser les offenses afin que leurs cœurs puissent se connecter à l’Esprit de Dieu.

 It was an indescribable encounter with the Spirit of the Living God. The SCOAN Sunday service of January 22, 2017 brought congregants and viewers all over the world face to face with the undiluted demonstration of God’s illimitable power. The choir provided the musical platform for all to praise the Lord. The Mass Prayer was massive in every sense of the word. Troubled souls, entrapped destinies and the spiritually oppressed received their freedom in the mighty name of Jesus. For those whose yokes have been lifted by the benevolent Master of the Universe, it was an opportunity for them to testify to the goodness of God in their lives. Their testimonies, as marks of gratitude to Heaven, also remain sources of inspiration to those who believe in the Lord.

Exhorting Christians all prophet-t-b-joshuaover the world, Prophet T.B. Joshua took them on an excursion into the things of the Spirit. According to the man of God, the voice of the Holy Spirit brings about the desired changes in our lives. He observed that no one who has experienced the Holy Spirit ever remained the same in any way: “When the Holy Spirit speaks whether you like it or not, changes are beginning”. The man of God acknowledged the place of the flesh in a Christian’s life but added that through God’s grace, we are allowed to overcome our mistakes and challenges caused by the flesh: “So far as there is flesh, mistakes will come and you will learn and move on. So, each time that mistake comes – test. Promotion cannot come without tests and trials. God has given us the capacity to learn from our challenges. If you don’t want challenges, you don’t want to learn and if you don’t want to learn, you don’t want to move forward.”

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded Christians that serving God is not by strength or through elegant speech but with wholeheartedness. He also urged them to pursue spiritual prosperity first before every other thing, “You cannot continue to serve God with physical strength, elegant speech – you must serve God with all you heart. Our spiritual life first. If there is any first place we must grow or prosper, it is in our spiritual life.

evangelist-yinkaEarlier, Evangelist Yinka gave congregants food for thought as she delivered her message titled, JESUS HOLDS OUR FUTURE. She admonished them not to get discouraged when events around them look gloomy in the face of the testimonies of other people, adding that God has their future in His hands: “Sometimes in life, we find ourselves wondering about what is happening around us, listening to the testimonies of others.” According to her, “If we believe that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, a new body, soul and spirit await us one day.”

Continuing, she urged Christians to guard against turning against the grace of God, adding that when the eyes of our faith are opened, we will see the value of our trial which God often uses to prepare us for new levels in life. She demanded that Christians submit their lives to Christ in order to enjoy the unending connection through grace that abides in Him: “When you make Jesus Christ the CEO, the Boss, the Director of all that you do, you become connected to the One who made you.” Maintaining that “It honours God to believe Him even while every sense contradicts Him,” she added that if our decision to serve God is borne out of faith, trust and commitment, then we will surely overcome.





He was on the verge of transiting to the great beyond but God had other plans for him. Pastor Maurice Alamba, in a soft-spoken recollection of those horrible moments, told congregants how his life was at a low ebb ravaged by the destructive trio of severe sleep apnea, severe high blood pressure and severe headaches. For the Democratic Republic of Congo national resident in the United Kingdom, the seventh day of June, 2016 will remain an unforgettable moment in his life, as it marked a new beginning for him. That fateful day, he had received the anointed touch of the man of God and was set free from the ailments that made him live an artificial life with the aid of a machine.

Before his encounter with God at the Arena of Liberty, he had lived a life he never bargained for. He would spend the whole day sleeping, while at night, he would struggle to sleep with the aid of a machine. It was a seriously disheartening experience for the man whose sleep depended on the aid of a machine. It was absolutely unnatural and unaccepted that a human being would have to struggle to sleep. Deep down in his heart, he knew that he needed God lest the worst happened. And so, his decision to visit The SCOAN was the greatest move he had made.pastor-maurice-alamba

According to him, his passion for The SCOAN emanated from the wonderful demonstration of God’s power he had watched on Emmanuel TV. And so, coming to the Arena of Liberty, he had absolute faith that his 13-year-old challenges would bow to the superior power of God. Describing his healing, he said that as soon as the man of God laid hands on him at the Prayer Line, three things happened almost in a quick succession. First, he felt an electric shock all over his body after which something went out of him. As he was trying to fathom what was going on, he felt a cool sensation around him and found himself on the floor. According to him, he felt very light when he eventually stood up.

After his healing, Mr Alamba enjoyed his sleep without any encumbrances. He told congregants that, for the first time in so many years, he was able to sleep naturally without the aid of a machine. His breathing and general wellbeing have since been re-engineered for optimum living by the Holy Spirit. Since June 7, 2016, his story has been that of thanksgiving and total commitment to the ways of God. Demonstrating his ability to breathe well before The SCOAN congregation, he advised people all over the world to keep hope by being obedient to God, adding that He is faithful.



Mr Michael Ugwu was fed up with the nasty challenges life had thrown at him. His businesses had crumbled following his decision to build a house in his hometown. The house itself also suffered stagnation as it got stuck at the roofing level. Besides this, the couple suffered from barrenness for six years. As they battled with the issue of barrenness, a court case involving a land he had bought also surfaced. In a nutshell, Mr Ugwu had so many nuts to crack. As his search for a solution continued, he visited The SCOAN on several occasions but his real encounter with the power of God came during a Sunday service in 2014, while Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying to the congregation.

That day, the man of God had walked up to him to ask about the house he was building as well as the court case concerning his land. As he confirmed the prophecy to be true, the man of God also told him that he would have a baby boy. By that time, his wife was not even pregnant and had been battling with the problem of multiple fibroids. Mr Ugwu seized that opportunity to key into the prophetic message of the man of God concerning him and his wife. He received the Morning Water with which he ministered and prayed with, together with his wife. After a while, his wife fell pregnant and that was the beginning of the floodgate of blessings that God opened unto him and his family.

After nine months, Mrs Ugwu delivered a baby boy as Prophet T.B. Joshua had prophesied. mr-micheal-ugwu-and-familyThough, due to the multiple fibroids his wife had, the doctors had wanted her to undergo surgery for the removal of the abnormal growths but the couple chose to exercise their faith by ministering the Morning Water and asking God to ensure a safe delivery. God, in His infinite mercies, hearkened to the voice of their supplication and made delivery smooth and safe – a feat that astounded everyone, including the doctors whose medical rules have been broken by the supernatural order of Heaven.

After the birth of their son, Mr Ugwu’s life witnessed more of God’s unending blessings. His financial life improved just as everything turned around for his good. He went ahead to buy a car for his wife and son for their easy movement from place to place without having to trek under the scorching sun or inside the rain. Like a fruit tree in its blooming season, his life was overtaken by breakthroughs. He was able to complete to taste, the uncompleted building which the man of God had pointed out in his prophecy.

Corroborating his prophecy, his wife told congregants how she held strongly to her faith concerning the prophecy given to her husband by the man of God. She had absolute confidence in God’s Word to the extent that she kept on buying male baby clothes, against the advice of people. She also revealed how the multiple fibroids in her were ejected after she had ministered the Morning Water on the day of delivery. Thanking God for restoring joy and laughter to their lives, they advised people to be faithful to God in all things and to believe in those God sends.


Arriving in a wheelchair, Miss Nicole Wezolek with her mother Mrs Marefe Wezolek came to The SCOAN to seek redemption from an incurable severe multiple sclerosis that had been a thorn in the flesh of their family. They had battled with the problems of depression and suicidal thoughts. According to the German mother, when she was pregnant with her daughter many years ago, she suffered from depression but was able to weather the storm of her own case through prayer.card And so, it was not really a big surprise when she discovered that her grown-up daughter had started exhibiting those inimical traits. Placed in the B-Category as 80% disabled and dependent, Nicole would complain of numbness from her hands to different parts of her body. She would also wear black clothes, visit graveyards and isolate herself from other members of the family.

wheel-chairFor the fact that Nicole had attempted suicide on two different occasions, the matter would require a spiritual solution rather than the many doses of prescribed drugs she had been subjected to. And that indeed, was the reason they visited The SCOAN to seek the face of God. Like every other congregant, they were seated in the auditorium during a Sunday service when the word of prophecy from the man of God hit them like a bolt. Laying his hand on Nicole’s head, the man of God had said, There is a suicidal spirit in the family. Everybody thinks of how to commit suicide. Depression. This one has it. The second time she’d escaped suicide. Mrs Marefe  Wezolek confirmed the prophecy to be true and afterwards, received deliverance together with her daughter, Nicole, from the man of God, in the mighty name of Jesus. After their deliverance, mother and daughter cheerfully shared their testimony at The Live SCOAN Sunday Service. Nicole thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to save her from the grip of depression and suicidal thoughts. She told the congregants and viewers all over the world that she was free and feeling very happy as all the bad feelings she once harboured had gone. She also said that she regained the sense of feeling immediately after her deliverance, confirming that the numbness had gone. Demonstrating her ability to run back and forth, she declared that she no longer needed the wheelchair. The Power in the name Jesus Christ restored Nicole’s status from registered disabled to able-bodied! On their return to Germany, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the family $2,000 to assist them to restart their lives with Nicole’s new found freedom!



He had involved himself in an extra-marital affair with another woman outside his matrimonial home. Mr Joseph Nwodo was enjoying the illicit affair, not knowing that it would lead to dire consequences. All of a sudden, his business fortunes started crumbling to the extent that he found it difficult to cater to the needs of his family. Whenever he was about to receive a breakthrough, he would dream of a woman and things would fall apart. His fate was left hanging precariously on the precipice of an uncertain future until he visited The SCOAN where the Spirit of God exposed his problems through Prophet T.B. Joshua.It was during a Sunday service while the man of God was ministering prophecy to the congregation. “There was one woman you met. It was never your making but you just fell in love with the woman; this is affecting you,” said Prophet T.B. Joshua as he called Mr Nwodo out to lay hands on him. Shaking profusely under the rampant influence of the Holy Spirit, Mr Nwodo found himself on the floor. The Spirit of Godmr-joseph-chukwuemeka-nwodo chased out the evil spirit responsible for his infidelity.After his deliverance, life became meaningful and encouraging. His business boomed like never before. He regained his senses and realised that he had to formalise his marriage by offsetting all the traditional requirements demanded by his wife’s family. His financial responsibility to his family improved dramatically to the extent that he even bought a car for them. While his relationship with his wife has become very solid, his lust for other women stopped.Recounting how he visited The SCOAN full of disappointment and frustration, Mr Nwodo told congregants that he was shocked when the man of God traced the root of his problems and thereafter delivered him. Testifying in company of his wife and children, he thanked God for his deliverance, adding that things had really changed for the better in his life, marriage-wise and business-wise. On her part, Mrs Nwodo joined her husband in thanking God for his deliverance, adding that it took wisdom for her to cope with all the discouraging experiences she encountered in her marriage. As far as she was concerned, their problems were over. Mr Nwodo advised people all over the world to desist from anything that does not please God.




Initiated into the habits of drinking and smoking in December, 2004, Christian, never knew that a bigger and more dangerous initiation was awaiting him. The friends who cajoled him into those bad habits also thought it would be nice to ‘blend’ him into a cult group, the Eiye Confraternity. After stupefying the young man with a lot of alcohol, he was beaten to a pulp as one of the many wicked processes of his underground initiation. He was given a charm to swallow and was made to swear to an oath of secrecy.christian-attah-and-family

He was thereafter provided with a rifle with which his cult group carried out operations. They intimidated other students, especially the female ones whom they robbed of their valuables at will. The proceeds of their robbery operations were usually remitted to their leader whom they referred to as Senior Man. With time, he discovered new fancies, including tattoos which he had all over his body for different purposes. The more he associated with members of his cult, the greater his problems became. The spirit behind the tattoos on his body always led him to commit evil acts such as stealing at gun point.

The young Nigerian from Kogi State would beat his wife blue-black whenever she dared to question his nefarious activities. There was a day he beat her while she was pregnant and almost strangulated her just because she showed concern about his lifestyle. Because of his waywardness, he had quarrels with his father who threatened to disown him. His relationship with his father had already gone irredeemably sour but for the intervention of his mother. His mother was largely instrumental to his deliverance at The SCOAN. She had encouraged him to come with her to the Arena of Liberty.

Christian bowed to his mother’s pressure and visited The SCOAN two weeks ago. It was during The SCOAN Sunday Mass Prayer that the Spirit of God caught up with him. As the man of God commanded all hindrances and limitations out of the lives of congregants, the power of God fell upon him and a spiritual battle ensued immediately. Manifesting the demons that had been behind his predicament, he was uncontrollably violent and had to be held down as the demons could not stand the fire of the Holy Spirit. With all his resistance, the young man still found himself on the floor, humbled by the power of God.

christian-attah-and-familyTestifying in the company of his wife, children and parents, Christian thanked God for the new life he had found after his deliverance. According to him, he now loves his wife and abhors all those bad habits he had engaged in in the past. He advised youths to desist from the things of the world. A young man who once threatened to kill his father and younger brother has now found peace in Christ Jesus through deliverance at The SCOAN.

His parents also thanked God for his deliverance. They recounted how he almost destroyed the entire family by corrupting his younger ones. For fear of being killed by his son’s cult group, his father had also relocated to Ghana and vowed never to return unless the young man was delivered. And true to his prayers, his son received deliverance. According to him, the deliverance of his son was also conveyed to him by Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream.

According to Christian’s mother, she conceived her son through ungodly circumstances. As a panacea to her recurrent stomach problem, she had received herbal concoctions from her husband’s father. Eventually, the now late grandfather of her son appeared to her in a dream and gave her the gift of a baby boy. After a while, she conceived Christian and gave birth to him after nine months. She said she had noticed his strange behaviours early but could not do much as he kept lying to her until he became a social menace. However, his parents urged parents to put whatever challenges they face into prayer.



She had been under serious attacks by a spirit of snake which had always pushed her to leave her marriage and unknown to her, most of the negative experiences she was having in her marriage were being caused by the evil spirit. Mrs Angela Nwokoye suffered untold embarrassments in her marriage. After their first child, her husband fathered two other children out of wedlock. They would quarrel endlessly over his drinking habit, turning the home into an arena of crisis. For the Mozambican living in South Africa, all her efforts to get her husband to his right senses failed to yield any result.mrs-angel-olga

According to Mrs Nwokoye, her extended family abandoned her and left her to her unfortunate fate. With four children for her husband, he had deserted her and had moved in with another woman and only came home occasionally to change his clothes. All her plans to confront her husband’s mistress were to no avail as the lady insisted she was not going to leave him, arguing that he lured her into the relationship. According to her husband’s mistress, unless he decided to walk out of the relationship, she would never let go of him. With those sad realities staring her in the face, Mrs Nwokoye knew no peace even as her children were scattered due to the instability of her marriage. For two years, her husband lived with his mistress and left her to sort herself out.

When she eventually realised that her problems were not ordinary, she used her husband’s money to transport her to Nigeria to seek the face of God at The SCOAN. When she arrived at The SCOAN, Mrs Nwokoye received deliverance during a Monday Prayer service after evangelists had ministered the Morning Water on her. By the time the man of God arrived at the scene, she was already dazed spiritually as the demon behind her marital problem had manifested, confessing all the horrible things it had done to her marriage.

Laying his hand on her head, the man of God brought about the last straw that broke the camel’s back. He sealed her deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus and declared her totally free. A day after her deliverance, the snake spirit had appeared to her while she was asleep, lamenting why she had to offer herself up for deliverance. As she tried to wake up to know who was speaking to her, the snake vanished and never returned. From that moment, she knew that she had been freed from the onslaught of the evil snake spirit. She thanked the man of God for delivering her and called on him to help her reconcile with her husband, adding that she wanted to live amicably with her family. She also revealed that she wanted to seek God’s opinion about her marriage.

mrs-angel-olgaHonouring the invitation of the man of God to a reconciliatory meeting at The SCOAN, her husband, Mr Nwokoye, a native of Anambra State, Nigeria, told congregants how his wife wanted to control him and how she always threatened to run away with their children. According to him, he nearly had a fatal accident because of the troubles in his marriage. Even though he had vowed to end the marriage, he couldn’t turn down the invitation of the man of God, whom he said he respects so much for his reputation as a mouthpiece of God. Mr Nwokeoye’s sister who came along with him, also called on the man of God to deliver her brother, stressing that the problems in their marriage were not one-sided.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke the mind of God by telling Mr Nwokoye that his wife had been delivered from the evil spirit. According to the man of God, their marriage is from God. He also advised Mr Nwokoye to undergo deliverance after which their marriage would be rededicated to God. He assured them of a peaceful coexistence following their deliverance. The man of God also used the opportunity to admonish Christians on the need to let go of offences so that their hearts could connect with the Spirit of God.




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