“Open the floodgates in abundance… And cause your rain to fall on me” The foregoing hymn by the choir connected with the message of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua titled, POWER FROM ABOVE.  Even as congregants savoured the symphonic menu from the choir, their hearts were undoubtedly expectant of goodies from up above and thus inspired them to sing and dance along with passionate intensity. In his message, the man of God called on Christians to realise that only those who are connected to God above are capable of performing great exploits. He observed that such people are not controlled by their own human reasoning but by God’s Spirit which guides them and directs them on what to do at every given time: “You can only get these qualities from God. Those who have these qualities, a suggestion always comes from the Spirit that the action be performed.” In other words, those who are connected to the power from above always get their instructions and directions from God and do not rely on their own thinking.


Speaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua stated that it is only through the help of the Holy Spirit that one can claim to be a Christian: No one can say ‘I am a Christian’ without the help of the Holy Spirit.” According to him, there are many problems in the world today because people who are not grounded in the Word are parading themselves as Christians whereas the Spirit is not in them: “When one is not grounded in the Word, there will be nothing there for the Spirit to remind you of.”


The man of God left the following takeaway for Christians who wish to be connected to the power from above: “The Spirit is released to the degree you stand in reverence of God’s Word. God’s Word refreshes our mind and God’s Spirit renews our strength.”


During the Mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the onslaught against the kingdom of darkness, taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus to order the release of careers, finances, health, promotion and progress that had been bound by satan and his agents. There were also powerful prophecies that set many captives free through the power of deliverance in Jesus’ name.

Earlier, in her message titled, TODAY’S PASSPORT FOR TOMORROW’S JOURNEY, Evangelist Fanny admonished Christians not to allow the challenges of life overwhelm them to the extent that they lose sight of the glory ahead.


She particularly warned against self-imprisonment through the preoccupation of our minds with worry. According to her, such state of mind undermines God’s purpose for our lives: “Many of us are not free; many of us are imprisoned.” Instead of worrying themselves with the uncertainties of tomorrow, Evangelist Fanny urged Christians to “Live to use today’s supply and let tomorrow be.”




Ms Danny Ekalle Babette came to The SCOAN to testify to the salary increment she received from her employer. The Cameroonian national resident in Abuja had sent a prayer request to The SCOAN asking for an increase in her remuneration as well as that of her workers and was assured that her prayers were answered via a reply to her mail. Overwhelmed by the miracle and moved by the spirit of thanksgiving, she proceeded to The SCOAN to share the good news with the people of God. Unknown to her, the man of God had a prophecy for her.


She was almost leaving the church when the man of God prophesied that there was a woman who had the spirit of woman in the church. As soon as she heard the prophecy, she ran towards the man of God who laid hands on her and delivered her from the spirit that had made a mess of her life. Confirming the prophecy, Ms Babette gave frightening accounts of how the spirit of woman tormented her life and made her lose affection for her husband. According to her, she found herself having nightmares in which worms would come out of her private parts. After those nightmares, she would rebuff every move for intimacy made by her husband; it got to a point that their marriage totally collapsed as the spirit in her refused to accept him as a husband. She was totally lost in affection for females until she encountered God at The SCOAN.



Mrs Patience Amoyaw was introduced to female affection by her childhood friend twenty years ago. That friend became her sex partner and night-crawling cohort. They would go clubbing together, smoking and drinking themselves to stupor. The ugly trend continued through the years up till the moment she met her husband. She refused any form of friendship with men but was always attracted to her fellow women at the slightest opportunity. She accepted to marry her husband not out of love but out of a design to deceive the world. Trouble became obvious when after their marriage, she refused all sexual advances from her husband. Even when she agreed to his advances, she would direct the whole drama by teaching him how to sleep with her. She preferred to sneak out of the house to go and be with fellow women.


She had come to The SCOAN with her husband with the problem of barrenness but during the mass prayer, the spirit of woman tormenting her was exposed and she was delivered. After receiving deliverance from the man of God, Mrs Amoyaw is back to her normal self. She now has affection for her husband and is very remorseful about all she had done to him. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, mediated in their reconciliation and in the rekindling of their marital affection. He urged them to live in peace as man and wife.


Chief John Ugboma Obi was born into a very fetish family. His paternal grandmother, grandfather and father were all native doctors. After listening to his mother’s account of how she lost all her children except him, he became more convinced on the need to fortify himself in the dark arts in order to protect his life but unknown to him, he was gradually dining with the devil without the proverbial long spoon. He became an adherent of the river goddess and kept totems of her worship in his house. His wife’s reservations about his fetish engagements and their futility fell on deaf ears as he was not ready to disassociate himself from them.


Somehow, he got to know about Emmanuel TV through one of his children. Though, he developed interest in viewing the station, it was not without some level of scepticism. He took most of the miracles he saw on Emmanuel TV with a pinch of salt and decided to visit The SCOAN on a confirmatory mission. Having visited and confirmed that God was indeed at The SCOAN, his perception and mindset changed. As he made to return to his home, he received the Morning Water from the man of God. On getting home, he decided to evacuate all the fetish items in his house. After emptying his house of all unholy materials, a battle soon ensued.


The evil forces fought back. They attacked his daughter’s health and almost truncated her educational aspirations. On several occasions, she would collapse and convulse with doctors suggesting different causes only for her father to minister the Morning Water on her to revive her. Even on occasions when she was far away from her father, he would minister the Morning Water through the phone and pray for her and her condition would improve. The greatest threat to her health came when she was about to sit for her bar exams at the Law School. A day to the exams, she fell ill. As the information reached her father, he ministered the Morning Water on her picture inside his phone and prayed for her. Moments later, the terribly ill young woman was strong enough to sit for the exams and afterwards, she came out with flying colours.


Today, his daughter, Miss Ndidi Obi, is a qualified lawyer having been successfully called to the Nigerian bar. Thanking God for their daughter’s successful completion of her education, Chief and Mrs Obi urged people to believe in Jesus and to minister the Morning Water as a power-packed material sent to mankind by God for healing and deliverance. On her part, their daughter advised people all over the world to embrace and minister the Morning Water even if they don’t come in contact with the man of God.


For Mr and Mrs Bannerman Henry, it was fourteen years of anguish and suspended hope as they waited desperately for the fruit of the womb. The Ghanaian couple went through untold social embarrassment, especially whenever they came in contact with friends and associates who had children. It was always a sorrowful experience for Mrs Bannerman. All efforts to get help yielded nothing except the medical report that showed the couple had issues with their reproductive health. While the husband was diagnosed with low sperm count, his wife was diagnosed with multiple fibroids and irregular menstruation. All the medications they consumed did not help.


The discovery of Emmanuel TV would later add value to their lives. Inspired by the miracles they had observed via the channel, they visited The SCOAN and received prayers from the man of God at the Prayer Line. Before they returned to Ghana, they also received the Morning Water. A few days after ministering the Morning Water, Mrs Bannerman discovered some thick and pale substance coming out of her body. Months later, she was confirmed to be five months pregnant.


Today, they are blessed with a bouncing baby girl against all odds. Even though, doctors had hinted she would undergo a caesarean section, she went on to deliver her baby naturally after her husband ministered the Morning Water on her. The couple thanked God for His grace upon their lives and urged people to look up to Him in all things.


Mr Olagunju Joseph Owosola was on his way to The SCOAN to submit a business proposal when he ran into a gang of armed robbers operating on the road along the Ikorodu, Lagos axis. As they flagged him down, he discovered that three people had been shot and their blood littered the road. He received hot slaps as they asked him where he was heading to. He told them he was going to church and unknowingly angered them the more as they pointed a gun to his head, asking for his Bible. It was at that point that he told them he was going to the church of Prophet T.B. Joshua to submit a proposal.


On hearing the name T.B Joshua, the robbers immediately asked him to go away, accusing him of spoiling the day for them. For Mr Owosola who had been a doubter of Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN, he had never in his life experienced such a miracle in which the name of a person could save him from the venom of armed robbers. Urging people to see the man of God as a true Prophet sent from Heaven, he regretted his former state of doubt and unbelief and thanked God for saving his life.


The SCOAN service on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 was memorable in the sense that it re-echoed the triumph of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ over death, sin and sorrow. It offered congregants and Christians all over the world another opportunity to re-align themselves with the ideals of the risen Christ who according to the choir, cannot be denied. “There’s no denying my Jesus… He wants to know you…”



In a powerful time of prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua brought to reality the meaning of the term ‘resurrection’ which is to bring back to life peace, comfort and joy, in the name of Jesus. Speaking to the congregation and viewers worldwide, he said that many of us have been following someone else’s destiny but the promise of God this Easter is to bring back our destiny so that we can become an authority in our calling. According to him, it does not matter what you are doing; what matters is what you are destined to do.

Earlier in the service, Evangelist Chris in his message titled DEATH IS DEFEATED, called on Christians to attune themselves to the realisation that Easter is a day to celebrate their triumph over death, sickness, poverty and infirmity through Christ Jesus whose blood paid the supreme price for all mankind: “…Easter is a day set aside to commemorate the resurrection of the One who paid the supreme price for our sins. We are here today to celebrate the fact that death was swallowed up in victory! If Jesus Christ defeated death on the Cross of Calvary, what is the problem you are facing today that cannot be swallowed up?  Today, your sickness will be swallowed up in good health! Your poverty will be swallowed up in blessing! Your bondage will be swallowed up in freedom! Your barrenness will be swallowed up in fruitfulness! Your test will be swallowed up in testimony! Jesus Christ lives; He never said goodbye.



He concluded with a call on Christians to remain focused and never allow the harsh realities of life to derail them from the path of truth and honour: “Nothing can be more ridiculous or absurd than to allow symptoms or feelings to cause us to doubt the fulfilment of God’s promises. We can believe God. His promises stand. He cannot lie. The Bible is full of promises for every matter. As long as you have faith, they will work for you.”






Mr Robert Dut Talang had migrated to the United States from his native South Sudan with high hopes and expectations. He had envisaged an easy, prosperous and financially rewarding time in America. But what he met in the United States was very discouraging. Life was definitely not a bed of roses over there as he struggled to settle his bills, including his house rent. His business was virtually on its knees. After trying in vain to get himself out of the predicament, a friend introduced him to The SCOAN.

Convinced of the presence of God in the Arena of Liberty, Mr Talang visited The SCOAN and received a prophetic declaration from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. “It shall be well”, said the man of God to him, holding his hand and looking at his face with a smile that lit up the fires of hope inside his heart. Keying into that prophetic declaration, Mr Talang returned to his base in the United States with the Morning Water given to him by the man of God.

As he continued to hold on to that prophetic declaration, Mr Talang also prayed together with his family amid a devotional ministration of the Morning Water. Within a short while, the unexpected happened. The landlord of the properties he was occupying for residential and official purposes approached and informed him that the properties had been put up for sale, asking if Mr Talang was interested in acquiring them. Even though he had no dime for the purchase, he remembered the declaration of the man of God and claimed it once again. He ministered the Morning Water around the properties, believing God had settled everything.

After those acts of faith, Mr Talang registered a new business and together with his attorneys met with the landlord to negotiate for the purchase. And to God be the glory, after fruitful deliberations, he was able to purchase the properties. He is now a landlord and has rented many of the rooms to tenants. Narrating his glorious story to the congregation, Mr Talang thanked God for lifting him from the trenches of debt and shame to the zenith of prosperity and progress through Christ Jesus. “When God is not in your life, it is hopeless”, he told the church as he ended his testimony.


Professor Benedict Mbam of the Ebonyi State University, Abakalilki, had an excellent career progression until he got to the rank of Senior Lecturer, where he got stuck for seven years without further promotion. The experience was demoralising as he saw his subordinates being promoted ahead of him but could not explain why things turned out that way. Deep down in his heart, he knew something was wrong somewhere. His visit to The SCOAN would eventually disentangle him from the evil that had held him down for seven years.



Receiving the Morning Water at The SCOAN, the hardworking academic went home ministering it all over himself and the entire household. After three months, the first bubble of glory appeared – he received promotion to the rank of Associate Professor of Computer Science. As he was still savouring the joy of his first promotion in seven years, he was appointed Director, Academic Planning, a position exclusively reserved for full professors only. How an Associate Professor was able to get that promotion remains a case study in uncommon grace. Moving on to a federal university, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, he was made a full professor within months of ministering the Morning Water –  another promotion from Heaven.

When they got the news of his promotion in his new school, the management of his former school also promoted him to a full professor. With those promotions came great improvement in his financial status. He was able to buy brand new cars for himself and his wife and also built a house for himself. Just last week, he was elected the Dean, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. As he thanked God for the grace he has received through Christ Jesus, Professor Benedict Abam advised people all over the world: “Hold onto faith and one day, your miracle will locate you.”




After fifteen years of meritorious service to his employer, Mr Paul Azeka Asia, instead of being rewarded for his loyalty, was told that his position was no longer useful. It was declared redundant by the company’s management thus forcing the Ghanaian to leave and join the list of the unemployed. It was failure at the peak of success. Not willing to accept defeat, he visited The SCOAN after watching series of wonderful miracles and testimonies on Emmanuel TV.

Attending a Sunday service, he cried to God to change the story of his life and received inspiration from the testimony of a brother, all the way from the UK who had similar challenges but triumphed after visiting The SCOAN. After the service, he received the Morning Water and continued to minister it with zeal even on his credentials. In less than two weeks, he saw a job advertisement that matched his qualification and applied online, ministering the Morning Water on the computer screen. Two weeks later, he was invited for a job interview. After attending the interview, he was selected among the long list of candidates who applied for the job.

His new job is better than the previous one and the way it came could only be a miracle. Acknowledging that it is not easy to get a job in Ghana, he reckoned that his case was exceptional in the sense that he lost his previous job in December 2015 and got a better one in January 2016 in a country where people could be out of a job for years. Thanking God for the unlikely way his job was restored, Mr Asia advised people to build their faith on God, the Solid Rock as all other grounds are sinking sand.


Mrs Precious Okorie, a Nigerian resident in Togo, searched for the fruit of the womb for six years without reprieve. Her condition took a heavy toll on her psychologically. All the hospitals she visited could not diagnose any problem with her. Even her recourse to herbal medicine could not yield any result.



An encounter with Emmanuel TV inspired her visit to The SCOAN from where she received the Morning Water.

Returning home, Mrs Okorie ministered the Morning Water in prayer together with her husband. That same month, she became pregnant and went on to deliver a baby girl (christened Mary Okorie) after nine months. Describing the Morning Water as an ‘atomic bomb’, Mrs Okorie marvelled at the immediacy of her pregnancy after she had ministered it. Thanking God for His intervention in her life, she advised people to trust in God so that they could meet their own breakthrough through Christ.





He had been diagnosed with symptoms of valvular heart disease and had tried different medications without solution. Mr David Ogong eventually stumbled on Emmanuel TV via Youtube. The marvellous healings and deliverance God has wrought through Prophet T.B. Joshua easily caught his attention and endeared him to The SCOAN. The Ugandan national, without looking back, made up his mind to visit the arena of liberty. He visited The SCOAN in 2015 and had the opportunity of receiving prayers from the man of God who also blessed him with the Morning Water. Before he departed from Nigeria, he felt a great improvement in his health condition as he ministered the Morning Water.

Returning to Uganda, Mr Ogong went to the same hospital that had diagnosed him with the heart problem. After another round of tests, it was discovered that his heart was healthy. The valvular heart disease that had reared its ugly head was no more. Thanking God for his healing, Mr Ogong also testified to the healing of his brother who had collapsed and gone into coma due to multiple organ failure in the UK. According to Mr Ogong, after doctors gave up all hope on his brother’s case, it took just the ministration of the Morning Water to rouse him from a two-week coma. Today, his brother is hale and hearty. Mr Ogong while promising to return with more testimonies, urged people to believe in God and His servants.


Mr Kelechukwu John while sojourning in Angola had started an extra-marital affair with a lady whom he claimed promised to help him secure all his residence documents in the South African country.



The Nigerian kept the relationship without the knowledge of his wife and never knew that the bubble would one day burst in full glare of the public. The woman in question had visited Nigeria and had accompanied her ‘lover’ to The SCOAN Sunday Service, where the man of God, through prophetic insight revealed the unhealthy union between them. “The brother under the canopy – your wife is at home but you are here with a lady. What kind of prayer do you want to offer? What do you hear us preaching since morning? Your wife is at home. She is even trying to cook food for you but you are here with one lady…” After hearing these words from the man of God, Mr John   hurriedly came out of the congregation to confirm the prophecy. The man of God thereafter summoned his wife to the church and ensured that their threatened marriage was saved. Mr John admitted wrongdoing and took responsibility for his actions. He asked God and his wife to forgive him. On her part, Mrs John accepted her husband’s apology and stated that she had forgiven him. She advised every family facing similar challenges to know God so that He would always help them recover their homes.


Right from the night of her wedding, Mrs Ifeoma Obimma developed apathy and dislike for marital affection. This later developed into a full-blown lack of affection for the opposite sex. Her legitimately married husband suffered untold rejection by a woman with whom he had exchanged marital vows. The spirit behind her challenge ensured that they lived thousands of miles apart from each other. While the man was here in Nigeria, his wife was junketing between the UK and South Africa and was more concerned with her business than any other matter. The couple spent seven years apart.



Though they are blessed with a set of twins – a boy and a girl – it was a serious battle before she could allow her husband to meet her. She continued to give the man headaches until the day she attended The SCOAN Sunday Service where she had an encounter with the man of God through prophecy. The man of God, led by the power of the Holy Spirit, spoke of her case: “You are a man. Your affection is dead. This is giving you loneliness. Anybody that looks at you – you are a beautiful lady, beautiful woman – they want to marry you but you don’t have affection.” Confirming the prophecy to be true, Mrs Obimma was delivered by the man of God, in Jesus’ name.

Testifying in company of her husband, she narrated to the amusement of the congregation, how she had previously denied her husband the intimacy of marriage and frustrated every move he made for them to meet as husband and wife. She acknowledged the fact that it was only her business that mattered to her even more than her husband. She however thanked God for changing her life through the prophecy and deliverance. She confessed that after her deliverance, life has become normal for her. She now has great affection for her husband and treats him as her God-given husband. She commended her husband for his patience and maturity in the face of all she did to him and advised people to always seek the face of God in everything they do.



Ms Kate Agbebaku had been tormented by the spirit of bedwetting which had actually started while she was a child. The problem affected her in many ways and took her to so many places in search of a solution. She even went as far as doing a fifty-day fasting programme in order to overcome the problem. Instead of abating, it became worse. An encounter with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream would eventually inspire her to visit The SCOAN, believing that her problem would definitely come to an end.



Seated in the auditorium on Easter Sunday 2016, the man of God prophesied about her case in the following words: “… When you sleep in the night, something happens to you. It started from a young age. You thought it was over but you are experiencing it again. Don’t be shy; get rid of it and be delivered… This bedwetting is happening to you.

Testifying before the congregation how the problem of bedwetting had seriously embarrassed and affected her life, she thanked God for her deliverance, observing that since she was delivered by the man of God, the problem had gone for good. She advised the congregants and people all over the world to keep believing God because He is indeed an awesome God.

The service left the congregation and viewers in the incredible joy of Jesus’ resurrection. Whatever situation you are in, by His resurrection, you can rely on Jesus. We have been seeing the purpose why Jesus was resurrected – Jesus Christ brings back to life the joy, peace, comfort and reconciliation. Happy Easter!




It was Palm Sunday 2016, commemorating the triumphant entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. The choir captured the scenario and animated the service with songs of praise to the Most High, reassuring Him of their resolve to serve Him forever. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in a message titled A VISIT WITH GOD, urged Christians to attune themselves with God and position themselves properly to receive His blessings.


He analysed the problem of belief and gave an explanation on how to ignite this principle in the light of God’s Word: “The problem of believing is made easy if you know that it is acting on what God has spoken.” In other words, our faith will only move mountains and make great things happen when we realise that faith is acting on what God has spoken. According to the man of God, “Believing demands action. The Spirit makes us know that believing is possessing.” Christians can only possess their possessions when they believe God’s Word and act upon it by faith.



Earlier, Evangelist Racine, in a message titled GOD’S STANDARD OF LOVE, had reminded Christians all over the world on the urgent need to live according to the example set by God when He sacrificed His only begotten Son for the redemption of the world. He urged them to uphold the principles Christ stood for: “This is time to give our kindness, love and faithfulness. It is time for sober reflection.” Concluding, Evangelist Racine, explained what Christ’s standard of love stands for: “Christ’s standard of love never gives up and always gives way for reconciliation.” He thereafter encouraged Christians to walk in the path of love.

Master Somtochukwu Achumie, a secondary school boarding student from Anambra State was complaining of an inexplicable and recurrent illness that forced him to leave school for home on three different occasions. Heavy fever, cold, severe headache, hotness of the legs, stomach ache and chest pain were symptoms that characterised his experience and made life agonising for the lad. His complaints led his parents to The SCOAN to worship God and to get the Morning Water for their ailing son.



Returning home and receiving the Morning Water from his parents Somtochukwu went back to school, ministered it and complained of a terrible feeling inside of him. At that juncture, he insisted on coming back home. Back home, his father knew something was amiss spiritually and instructed his wife to minister the Morning Water on their son who had already asked for tea. Ministering the Morning Water into his tea, the young student took a sip and became more troubled, complaining that something was moving from his belly towards his throat. As his mother ministered more of the Morning Water on him, he vomited seven pins and fainted. He was thereafter revived after his mother ministered more of the Morning Water on him.

Testifying to his son’s healing and revival, Mr Achumie and his wife never knew that their son belonged to a secret cult. It was the man of God, through prophetic insight that made the revelation which was corroborated by the lad. He recounted how he was initiated when he was in Junior Secondary Three by a friend who lured him into a bush where he was flogged and inducted into the cult. According to the man of God, those pins represented the mission of the cult and were not physically placed inside him but were commanded spiritually to enter him after he had taken blood as part of the initiation rites. The man of God directed his parents to change his school immediately.

Testifying in company of his visibly emotional wife, Mr Achumie thanked God for saving the life of his son. The man of God admonished Christians all over the world to love everyone but not to trust anyone except God.

For twenty years, Mrs Opelore Alli was in the wilderness of life. Peace of mind and joy were overtaken by agonies and endless pain. She had been diagnosed with multiple fibroids and heavy bleeding. All the hospitals she went to could not solve the problem, not even the spiritual homes she was taken to by well-wishers. She kept on crying day and night until she encountered the man of God at The SCOAN where she was given the Morning Water.



Receiving the Morning Water, Mrs Alli began praying profusely. Ministering the Morning Water amid those fervent prayers, she was faith-filled and sure God would do something in her life. In a matter of minutes after ministering the Morning Water, a very big and ugly-looking fibroid came out of her body. Since then, all the pain and bleeding have stopped for good. “Whatever situation you are passing through, give God time. He can use any medium to set you free,” she advised the congregation while thanking God for wiping away her age-long tears!





Mr Cheniku Killian would sit in the beer parlour and make jest of the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua, saying that he was fake. The Cameroonian who derived pleasure in womanising and drinking alcohol found solidarity in fellow drunkards who would vilify the man of God whenever they gathered in their assembly. He was not aware that he had a huge problem and continued to wallow in self-deception, thinking that casting aspersions on the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua was a worthwhile thing to do. A man who abandoned his pretty wife in the village just to mess around with irresponsible women, was definitely tormented by spirits and needed deliverance but there he was, reviling a man, to whom he should have run, for spiritual help.


One day, as he sat watching football on television, he inadvertently stumbled on Emmanuel TV. As he watched the life-changing channel, he came across different testimonies about people who had been delivered from yokes like the ones he was under. Instead of praising God for His wonderful works, he continued his mockery, saying they were all fake. But a voice in him kept admonishing him to tarry awhile and listen to the Word of God coming from Prophet T.B. Joshua via Emmanuel TV. The constancy of that gentle voice persuaded him into having a rethink.

The first attraction was the statement from the man of God that “…when you sin don’t run away from God, run to Him.” The power in those words brought him back to his senses as he began to realise that no matter the sins he had committed against God, there was still an opportunity for repentance and redemption. As he stretched out his hands to the TV screen to join the man of God in prayer, he felt a great shock even before his hand touched the screen and immediately, he saw a complete being walk out of his body.

Since that day, his life has changed for the better. He has reunited with his wife and now has affection for her. His drinking and womanising problems are over. Even his once stagnant business has now been restored. Thanking God for his new life, in company of his wife, he left the following advice for people: “If you find yourself condemning a man of God, go on your knees and ask for mercy.”




Dr and Mrs Hilarius Abiwu had been married for five years but were torn apart by certain issues that remained unresolved for so long. As a medical doctor with so many professional obligations, Dr Abiwu hardly had time for his wife. But most importantly, interferences from his mother in-law worsened the whole thing. The usual intimacy that characterises a blissful marriage was absent in their case to the extent that Dr Abiwu no longer had even an iota of affection for his wife. Even the wedding ring on his finger was nowhere to be found – a sign that he was disgruntled with the marriage.

For five years, the couple lived like two walls apart. It was an agonising episode for his wife, who could not fathom the reason the flame of love in their lives was losing its glow. In her seeming confusion, she visited The SCOAN and was spotted during a Sunday service by the man of God through prophetic insight. “I am seeing a broken home… This is the problem of your family – there is divorce”, said the man of God as he referred to her case. Confirming the prophetic message amid profuse weeping, Mrs Abiwu received her deliverance through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, who afterwards invited her husband and mother in order to resolve the matter in the light of God’s Word.



Through divine wisdom, the man of God, after stating that the marriage was of God, mediated in the matter and admonished each party accordingly. He finally reconciled the couple and also ensured that the wife’s mother would not overreach her boundaries in future.
In spite of the misgivings they had harboured against each other, the couple are now living in total peace! Testifying to the rekindling of their love for each other and the restoration of their marriage, the couple thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to bring joy back into their lives. Dr Abiwu also confirmed that the reconciliation has brought many blessings into his life, especially in his professional career which has continued to experience progress upon progress. The pain and hurt of the past have been overtaken by love, promotion, awards and great hope for the future. The couple advised people to have faith in God and make His Word the standard for their lives. They also admonished Christians not to run away from challenges but to dig deep and fight them through in prayer.



Mr Sumaila Benjamin from Edo state, Nigeria, was afflicted with the spirit of man. The problem started when he was between the ages of 16 and 17. Then, he was working for a boss who allowed him and other male workers to sleep together as a group, but he had always noticed that while he slept, someone always came to pull his trousers down. After noticing that aberration, he took steps to tighten his trousers in order to check the excesses of the ‘nocturnal marauder’. He eventually caught the man in question and reported the matter to his boss.

Notwithstanding the punishment meted out to the culprit, a spiritual damage had been done to his life. His urge for same-sex relations increased and continued to torment him. He experienced setback in everything he put his hand to. Tired with the turn his life had taken, he visited The SCOAN where he had an encounter with God through Prophet T.B. Joshua.

During that historic Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked up to him, prophesying, “You have the spirit of a man. Suddenly, the spirit came upon you. You have a kind of passion for men… when you see a man, it is like you see a woman.” After the prophecy, Mr Benjamin was delivered and declared free from that bad spirit. During his testimony, Mr Benjamin thanked God for his deliverance. According to him, things have since changed in his life. He is no longer attracted to men and has overcome all the setbacks that were caused by his passion for men. He has the following advice for people all over the world: “Run to God, no matter the problem you are going through.”


The SCOAN Sunday Service of March 13, 2016 witnessed an uncommon message from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Knowing that, both the physical and spiritual aspects of man work together, the man of God delved into the impact of physical fitness and lifestyle choices on our spiritual lives. In an encouraging word titled YOUR REAL VALUE, the man of God said: “If you are not naturally fit, you cannot be spiritually fit. When you talk of faith, you must be fit naturally to be fit spiritually. If you dodge your responsibility in the natural, it will be difficult for you to believe God in the supernatural.”

Speaking further, the man of God observed that what we sometimes want are those things that are harmful to our wellbeing while those things we don’t want are actually the ones that would help us: “Whatever is sweet to the tongue often causes damage to the system. What we hate, because it’s so bitter, is oftentimes very good for the system.”

In a final admonition, the man of God urged Christians to begin to take things in the natural seriously as it will be difficult to really serve God when the human nature is out of tune: “We keep preaching the Bible everyday but there are some areas we go astray. People need to sit us down and counsel us about life in the natural. You are lost, you need to recover yourself.  When you say someone is lost, it means their real self is gone.”




Mr Victor Lucky Odiete smoked cigarettes for 33 years. Even though he knew the health and financial implications that the bad habit was having on his life, he found it difficult to give it up. The Nigerian-Italian resident in the United Kingdom developed the habit in his native Nigeria in the early eighties through the bad influence of friends. For those 33 years, Mr Odiete smoked an average of 20 cigarettes every day. His doctors’ counsels fell on deaf ears. Even the affectionate pleas of his son could not touch his heart.

The story however changed in December 2013 in Birmingham, UK. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua sent some evangelists to Birmingham to carry out a Morning Water Revival. Mr. Odiete was one of the lucky persons that received their deliverance at that event. Just a ‘mere’ ministration of the Morning Water into his mouth changed the negative course of his life that had held him hostage for three decades. After that experience in Birmingham, Mr Odiete tried to return to smoking but could not just explain why a habit which he had kept for that long suddenly became offensive and irritating.

Smiling and radiating so much joy, Mr Odiete stated categorically that since December 2, 2013 till today, he has not smoked a cigarette. Testifying to his freedom from tobacco bondage, he had the following advice for viewers, all over the world, “Cigarettes are dangerous to your health. Young people, it is better not to start smoking than to start and get addicted.”



Mr and Mrs Moses Aruwa were expecting a set of twins but their expectation was threatened in the seventh month by complications of severe bleeding in pregnancy. So severe was the affliction that Mrs Aruwa would often wake to find the bed soaked in blood. The couple went from one hospital to the other in search of solution. But all medical efforts to stem the tide of those complications failed even as doctors confirmed that one of the twins had died in the womb. This meant that both the dead and the living foetuses had to be evacuated through an operation. In an attempt to observe the usual protocol concerning surgery, the doctors had asked Mr Aruwa to sign a document permitting the operation to be carried out on his wife.

Armed with his Morning Water, while his wife was being wheeled to the theatre for surgery, Mr Aruwa ran towards the window and ministered the Morning Water into the theatre. In a miraculous chain reaction, not only did his wife deliver successfully without the surgeon’s knife touching her body. Three other women who were also being prepared for surgery went into labour and delivered simultaneously to the glory of God.

After the baby was born, it was placed in an incubator by the doctors who said it was weak and needed special care. But Mr Aruwa feared not. Instead, he ministered the Morning Water on the incubator, asking God to strengthen his son. By the next day, the doctors confirmed that the baby was okay to go home. Mr Aruwa and his wife were full of praise to God for doing a great thing in their lives. They urged people, all over the world to run to God, stressing that impossibility in the sight of man is a possibility before Him.


After a terrible motor accident, Miss Tossou Francoise, a Cameroonian resident in Germany, suffered the worst injury of all who travelled in the doomed bus. Her leg was completely broken and the bone completely shattered. She was bed-ridden for two months and was in severe pain. Doctors who attended to her concluded that amputation would be the only option due to the severity of the damage. Back home in Cameroon, her family had thought she was dead, having not heard from her for months. It took the concern of her closest friend to discover that she was bed-ridden due to injury.FRANCOISE & FRIEND

It was the arrival of her friend in the hospital that inspired the release of God’s power onto the scene. As her friend prayed and ministered the Morning Water to her in the hospital, Mrs Francoise felt heat all over her body and insisted she wanted to stand up to go to the bathroom, much to the surprise of all present. But determined, Mrs Francoise took the crutches and walked to the bathroom and back to her bed by herself. The next time her friend would visit her, she met a completely free and healed Tossou Francoise, bubbling with the zest of sound health and was released home without any crutches or apparatus. Demonstrating her fitness before the congregation, the soft-spoken lady advised people all over the world to believe that the Morning Water is the blood of Jesus Christ; it is more than ordinary water!


Mr Kure Aninga encountered so much difficulty as he tried to get admission into one of the Nigerian higher institutions. For inexplicable reasons, he was unable to get admission as all his applications were turned down despite his getting good grades. As he battled with the situation he had found himself in, his father introduced him to Emmanuel TV and urged him to continue believing God for a miracle. His father, being an ardent visitor to The SCOAN, knew that sooner rather than later, his son’s heart’s desire would come to fruition in Jesus’ name.MR KURE & FATHER

As the lad continued watching the faith-moving miracles that happen at The SCOAN via Emmanuel TV, he also received the Morning Water and ministered it amidst fervent prayers. Suddenly, an international opportunity came up. A university in Ukraine had openings for international students and he applied. Initially, he had tried to doubt his capacity for the foreign admission, thinking that it would be more difficult gaining an international admission for him since he couldn’t get one in his own country, Nigeria. But subsequent events soon corrected his impression. He would later discover the unpredictability of God’s wondrous ways. Against all odds, his application to study Aeronautical Engineering in Ukraine was granted.

When he eventually resumed his studies in far way Ukraine, another challenge reared its ugly head. He could not understand what he was being taught as his courses were delivered in the native Ukranian language. Through the ministration of the Morning Water, he was able to win the cooperation of his Ukranian colleagues and some lecturers who took time out after lectures to put him through the language barrier. By the grace of God, he was able to see himself through to his final year. The defence of his project became the next big challenge he had to scale through. That challenge was worsened by the fact that a member of the panel he would face was a professor who always took delight in asking him tough questions outside the confines of his coursework.

Knowing that the particular professor was part of the project defence panel, rather than be unnerved, he became spiritually creative. Armed with his Morning Water, he went to the auditorium where the project defence was to take place and ministered it round the whole place, including the eight seats meant for the members of the panel. Interestingly, immediately before his defence began, the ‘tough’ professor stood up abruptly and left the auditorium much to the delight of the young Nigerian. In the professor’s absence, Mr Kure Aninga defended his project valiantly as most of the questions thrown at him by other members of the panel were things he knew much about. He was told to take a bow and as he was about to go celebrating his successful defence, the same professor came back to the auditorium. But it was too late. The child of God had since ‘crossed the red sea!’ Today, Mr Kure Aninga holds a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and is also preparing for his master’s. He is now referred to as Engineer Kure Aninga. Thanking God in company of his supportive father, the young man advised people all over the world, especially the youth to believe that God is still alive.



Mrs Yetunde Oladeji was hard-hit by a pair of problems in 2003. The problems’ aim was to destabilise her family life. The Nigerian resident in the United States had lost her job and had also witnessed her marriage crash that same year. With three big boys to cater for, she had to take up a job in teaching, a job she was overqualified for, in order to make ends meet. In spite of the fact that she humbly came down from her previous job of 75, 000 dollars yearly to a teaching job of 32, 000 dollars, she tried to make sure that her children were provided for. She even embraced the idea of acquiring more education to develop herself in this field.

Convinced that the best for her life was yet to come, she visited The SCOAN in 2015 and received the Morning Water as well as The Mirror signed by Prophet T.B. Joshua. When she returned to The States, she put all her documents inside the anointed book given to her by the man of God and continued to minister the Morning Water over them. After a while, she received divine help. A new job with a six-digit salary erupted into her life with a transformative flow of peace and provision. With her new job as a Senior Clinical Research Associate, she enjoys a lot of travelling privileges and allowances. Her family is now happy. She is currently in line for a service award as well as a second salary increment, putting an end to twelve years of lack and financial hardship. Thanking God in company of one of her sons, Mrs Oladeji urged people all over the world to continue watching Emmanuel TV and praying with the man of God, whenever the problems of life tried to get them down.



Mr Emmanuel Dickson grew up in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. His upbringing was somehow problematic in the sense that his father and mother lived almost apart from each other. The inadequacies in his parents’ relationship opened his life up to the danger that would later follow. One day while his mother had gone fishing, an older lady came calling with evil intentions. She cajoled the teenager into a sexual affair. After that episode, the young man would dream of himself swimming in oceans and seeing pythons all around him. At a point, he received a ghastly visitation – a mighty python slithered past him physically while he lay awake on his bed, scared stiff.

With those strange experiences, his life took a precarious course as he could no longer control his sexual urge. He became lustful of women and would sleep with anyone that came his way. Hardly did a day pass by without him sleeping with a woman. When he had the opportunity to travel to South Africa for studies, he diverted his attention to pornography and occultism. He would explore literatures on infamous occult groups, in order to further furnish his already warped senses with corruptible knowledge.

His indiscriminate sexual escapades would later result in him having two children from two different women out of wedlock. Living dangerously without focus, he seemed destined for perdition by the evil forces that tossed him about like a kite in a turbulent wind. A visit to The SCOAN penultimate Sunday delivered his soul from the total destruction which had lay in wait. As the man of God ministered prayer around the congregation, the spirit in him had tried to prove stubborn but fell silenced in defeat by the anointing in the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Speaking through him, the demon tormenting his life cried out, “I am his wife… I want to kill this boy… I am a spirit of snake… I came to see the powers of this man of God. I came to challenge him. I am the snake; the great python.” Crawling on the ground in serpentine style, towards the man of God, Mr Dickson, visibly controlled by the demon received a liberating blast of God’s power and the enemy bowed to the anointing that breaks every yoke in the name of Jesus Christ. Testifying and thanking God for his deliverance and freedom from the spirit wife and marine world, he confessed his new-found peace of mind in Christ Jesus even as he urged people, especially youths, to be wary of the internet which he said can be used for good but had equal scope for evil and destruction.



Mr Chris Chibuzor Okwonkwo from Anambra, Nigeria, had impregnated a girl out of wedlock and had denied the pregnancy. For over 2 years, he avoided the lady and refused to have anything to do with the child. But during a Sunday service, the man of God, through prophetic insight made the following revelation: “There is a man here, you have a child. The woman was not your wife but you went out with her two to three times. She is pregnant and she has a child for you. You say you are not aware, you are not interested. But this child is yours. You have seen the child in a picture and he looks like you.”

Coming forward in the auditorium, the young man confessed his misdeeds and agreed totally with the prophecy of the man of God. In line with his divine mandate to bring salvation, hope and repentance to the world, Prophet T.B. Joshua arranged a reconciliatory meeting for the lady, her parents and the father of her child. According to the man of God while counselling Mr Okonkwo, the reconciliation became necessary in order to avoid blocking his own future progress with a silly mistake of the past. After reconciling the interested parties, the man of God admonished young people to be of good behaviour and to honour their parents. As you continue to make God’s Word the standard for your life, may you recover your real value in Christ Jesus, in Jesus’ name. Emmanuel!



The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of March 6, 2016 witnessed the power of God at work. The prophecies, healings and testimonies that followed showed that we can always receive answers and solutions to our questions and challenges, respectively, when we put a demand on the anointing of God. The choir’s ministration coupled with the brief but profound sermon of Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the congregants much to meditate upon. The highpoint of the sermon centred on our relationship with God: To know that God hears us when we pray is much greater than healing, blessing, deliverance and breakthrough. If you can hear from God, you will know when to pray and what to ask for. When we pray according to God’s will, He answers us.”

Concluding, the man of God left the congregants with the following eye-opener: “If you are destined for Heaven and Heaven is your home, God has a way of stopping you so that you can inherit the Kingdom. He can use anything to stop you. Your sickness as a Christian is not like others – it is not to destroy you but to improve you.”



Mrs Comfort Akama Shidem was not a happy woman for twelve years. Her dream of climbing up the corporate ladder in her career was threatened by the sad reality of stagnation. She had remained a Chief Nursing Officer for quite a long while and was in dire need of promotion but it was not forthcoming. Approaching her organisation’s management for clarification on her long-sought promotion, she was told she needed to upgrade her qualification by returning to school.



The Benue State-born woman gladly enrolled into the University of Calabar, Nigeria. In spite of her age, pressures from home and the strangulating strictures of non-payment of salary, she was able to fulfil the academic requirements with the help of the Morning Water (which she ministered with devotion) and was awarded a degree. Thinking her new certificate would unlock the closed doors of her promotion, it was a rude shock that awaited her. She was told that her new qualification was no longer relevant and was once again advised to go back to school.

In anguish but with a strong faith in God, she decided to visit the Arena of Liberty, knowing that her case was a very small one compared to the impossible cases handled here. Her visit to The SCOAN would become one of the most significant events in her life. Receiving the Morning Water, she ministered it periodically as one who was administering doses of medication. After a while, she reapplied for her promotion. It was at this point that her life was overtaken by the Shekinah glory of God. The same man who had turned down her application for promotion, surprisingly granted it. She was thereafter promoted to the position of Deputy Director. While she was still pondering on the awesomeness of God, she was appointed Head of Department and was posted to a Local Government Area in her State. These were her words of advice to people all over the world, as she testified before The SCOAN congregation, “Believe in God and His prophets and it shall be well with you.”




For Mr Zacharias Njikta, life was not as smooth as he had wanted it to be. He spent his youthful days hoping to study abroad without success. Now, at 65 years, the retired Principal from Cameroon recounts his unlikely ‘promotion’ by God at His own time.

As an Emmanuel TV Partner, he was always ministering the Morning Water in prayer. One fateful day, he decided to apply for an American visa in order to visit his children who were living there. Ministering the Morning Water before stepping out for his appointment, he was surprised at the ease at which he passed the visa interview at the embassy and he received his visa in no time. However, landing in the US, he was greeted with a not too palatable situation. One of his sons who had spent some time over there had no work permit and was virtually living in hiding. Mr Njikta encouraged his son to apply for a work permit. As the young man applied online, his father anointed the screen of the computer with his Morning Water and within a month, the young man received his work permit. After a while, the young man procured two cars – one for himself and the other for his father.



Inspired by the breakthrough of his son, Mr Njikta applied for admission into a university in the US and his application was granted. He is now a student of Walden University on scholarship. He is studying Teacher Leadership and intends to establish a school to train young students. According to him, people should not put a time limit to their ambitions because God’s time is the best. He challenged them to aspire, irrespective of age. He also urged people all over the world to read the Word of God and live by it. Miss Lynda Favour Njikta, his daughter, also testified to her deliverance through the Morning Water, from the spirits of career dissatisfaction, frustration and alcoholism. She glorified God for her new-found freedom and for discovering her purpose as a designer after many lukewarm experiments with the wrong jobs.


Mrs Juanita Macarby, a Ghanaian national, had been trying to join her husband in the US for several years without luck. The visa process which should ordinarily take six months was spanning into years. After many failed attempts, her husband advised her to visit the Arena of Liberty to “receive a touch and the Morning Water”. True to her husband’s belief, Mrs Macarby received prayers, ministered the Morning Water and returned to Ghana where things took a new turn for the better.



On the day of her visa interview, she ministered the Morning Water and headed straight to the US Consulate. The Consular was very nice and receptive to the extent that Mrs Macarby felt that she was chatting with a friend. At the end of the whole process, Mrs Juanita Macarby was told to come for her visa in two weeks but surprisingly, she was called just after two days to come and pick up her permanent resident visa to the US. Mrs Macarby is departing Nigeria for the US on Thursday, March 10, 2016 to join her husband. She advised people to rejoice in every unpleasant situation as God is still saying something.


Mr and Mrs Gabriel Ebagun had been searching for fruit of the womb for close to six years and all medical technologies such as IVF could not help them.  This was not the first struggle for Mr Ebagun who had previously separated from his first wife after twenty one years of childlessness.



His second wife was mocked by many people who labelled her husband a serial failure in terms of fathering children. It was at the peak of all those embarrassing developments that the couple visited The SCOAN where they received prayer at the Prayer Line.

After prayer and deliverance, the couple left and continued to minister the Morning Water they were given by Prophet T.B. Joshua. To their great joy, shortly thereafter, Mrs Ebagun conceived and today, she is the proud mother of twins – two bouncing baby boys named Solomon and Jesse. Thanking God for delivering him from a thirty year stigma, Mr Ebagun advised people to plan their way in the Lord and remain focused on Him.


Mr Akpo Victor Adikpe was on the verge of dropping out of school as lack of finances almost crippled his illustrious ambition to get a good education. It was a tough battle before he could even pass his WAEC and JAMB exams. He had to wait for ten years after graduating from secondary school to be able to pass those exams but not without the spiritual help and prayers he had received at The SCOAN in 2007.



The big and influential men whom he had run to for help turned him down, making him feel more miserable. After all disappointments, friends who felt for him advised him to approach The SCOAN which has maintained a reputation for helping the needy achieve their God-given destinies. Mr Adikpe did not waste time in contacting the ministry. Narrating his challenges to the man of God, he was treated with so much dignity – a rare occurrence in a world where people look down on the poor and needy. Even though he was not a member of the church, the man of God, T.B. Joshua took up the responsibility of his education through The SCOAN scholarship programme.

Today, Mr Akpo Victor Adikpe is a qualified legal practitioner, having successfully graduated from the Law Department of the University of Jos, Nigeria and the Nigerian Law School. All glory and honour be unto God. A young man who facing lack, frustration and rejection is now an important member of the Nigerian society. Thanking God for transforming him from zero to hero, he advised people out there to keep on watching Emmanuel TV.


For two years, Chief Peter Mackwin was in a big financial mess. His business collapsed while his immediate family struggled to survive. As the breadwinner, he could no longer manage to provide his family’s needs to the extent that his children stopped going to school. Help was not forthcoming from any angle. After waiting in vain for any form of human respite, he decided to visit The SCOAN.



Receiving the Morning Water, the indigene of Plateau, Nigeria returned home and started ministering it on himself and all his business documents. After a short while, the glorious changes that flooded his life are better experienced than described in writing. His business took an upward leap as contracts began to flow in from different angles. Money is no longer an issue in his life as his family has started enjoying the best. A man who could not pay his children’s school fees is now sponsoring seven other people (not members of his family) in the university.

He has been blessed with a building and two exotic cars. He has also constructed a twenty one-chalet hostel for his state university as well as a motorised borehole for his local community. He thanked God for the turn-around and advised people with the following words: “God is the Master of everything and He will provide for you at your point of need.”

During penultimate Sunday service, the man of God, while ministering to the congregation, prophesied about a woman who was having the issue of blood. His words were as follows: “There is a woman, you put on a pad – it is not your period. You have been like that for some time now. Sometimes, when you don’t have money, you use a rag just to stop whatever is coming out of your body. It’s no longer just blood; your system is damaged. Please, come out; Jesus loves you. You know Jesus can stop it. Remember the woman with the issue of blood. Come out and enjoy the grace”. Coming out of the congregation, the woman confirmed the prophecy to be true about her life. The man of God delivered her immediately, declaring an end to her problem through Christ Jesus.



Testifying in company of her mother and two sisters, Miss Lianna Douglas, all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, recounted how she had suffered so much embarrassment as a result of the bleeding she was experiencing. According to her, as soon as she heard the prophecy, she was frozen with surprise. She explained that when the man of God stretched his hand towards her, she felt the power of God on her womb and could not help but fall to the ground. The bleeding ceased immediately she fell to the ground.

In an emotion-laden thanksgiving, Lianna’s mother said they placed a demand on the anointing of God in the man of God and were able to get the healing their daughter needed. “No more bleeding – it has stopped by the hand of God,” said Lianna’s mother as she continued to express her gratitude to God. On her own part, Lianna, overwhelmed with joy sang a song of praise to the Most High for healing her.

Brethren, as we submit our lives to the will of God, He will uphold us in His glory and set us high on the hill where His light in us cannot be hidden; then, we shall be called THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

We want to thank our viewers and partners for their love and care all the way long
as they have supported Emmanuel TV to become the channel of change – changing lives,
changing nations and changing the world! We love you so much!








On Sunday 28th February, 2016, the SCOAN Choir ensured that the congregants danced away all their fears and burdens, replacing them with the hope and faith that abound in the Word of God. That is always the case when the Spirit of the Lord is upon the souls of his children – they will dance a living dance!


Prophet T.B. Joshua sent the congregation pondering with a deep message titled, BELIEF IN THE HEART. The bottom-line of the message laid in the fact that God cherishes anything done from the heart. In his message, the man of God emphasised that “Faith is not imitation.” He observed that many Christians have been doing foolish things and calling it faith: “God will not meet you because you imitate what someone did. Faith is not imitation. God will meet you when you take action in obedience to God. When our spirit acts upon the Word, all we need to do is use our faith to put a demand upon the anointing.”

Speaking further, the man of God taught the congregation how to connect with God through the study of His Word, stating that mere recital of the scripture is not what is needed to connect with God but a heart-felt and slow approach, attentively and repeatedly: “The more you think, meditate about what you read in the Bible, the more your spirit, that is your heart acts upon the Word you read.”

Concluding, the man of God urged Christians to avoid taking offence as it blocks their connection to God and His everlasting blessings: “Only a free spirit can communicate with God, hear from God. Whether you are right or wrong, you have to release yourself and put it behind you and move forward. You have no right or permission to hold onto an offence. Holding onto an offence affects the glory of God in your life.”




MRS MUKAMBONERA CLAUDINEMrs Mukambonera Claudine, a Rwandan national residing in France visited The SCOAN with a couple of challenges. She had been applying for citizenship in France but all her efforts hit the brick wall. Her bedwetting problem was perhaps the biggest and most embarrassing challenge that had troubled her right from birth. During her school days, her fellow students would run away from her saying that she had an offensive odour. While in the boarding house, no student wanted to share the same bed with her.  Sometimes, while she slept on the upper bunk, her urine would trickle down on the body of the student who slept on the lower bunk. She was left alone in her world and was made to feel very bad about herself. She was always washing and cleaning the hostel in order to minimize the stench of urine that came from her. Those were really challenging moments in her life. Her marital aspirations were also troubled by her bedwetting problem. On one occasion, a suitor was discouraged by someone who informed him that she was bedwetting. Though she eventually married her suitor, the bedwetting problem continued into her marriage. To save her head, she would ensure that she slept together with her children and would ascribe her bedwetting to them. Even when she shared a bed with a friend in France, it was the same sad story. Sometimes, she would be on the street crying and bemoaning her unfortunate lot in life.

When she came to The SCOAN, she was placed at the Prayer Line where the man of God prayed for her and subsequently gave her the Morning Water. On her return to France, she ministered the Morning Water devotedly with prayers. To the glory of God, she was granted French citizenship. The bedwetting problem also came to a permanent end. Joy and self-esteem which were seriously lacking in her life have now returned. She praised God for answering her prayers.


Ambassador and Mrs Raphael Horsfall came to The SCOAN with the problem of recurrent miscarriage. Since they got married, Mrs Horsfall had been experiencing recurrent miscarriages. Whenever the pregnancy was six weeks old, she would have a nightmare in which she would find herself eating in the dream. The aftermath of that nightmare was that she would start bleeding, thereby losing the pregnancy.AMBASSADOR & MRS RAPHAEL HORSEFALL

Medical appointments with the best gynaecologists could not help just as all diagnosis failed to detect any problem. Her husband is an Ambassador of Peace and Conflict Management with the Presidency in Abuja and who, in company of other Niger Delta dignitaries, had visited The SCOAN in 2009 in search of a spiritual solution to the problem of militancy. According to Ambassador Horsfall, the spiritual guidance and direction given to them by the man of God resulted in the creation of the Amnesty programme by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua.

Ambassador Horsfall believed that if the man of God could solve a national problem that almost crippled the national economy, then his wife’s case was miniature. His candid conviction would eventually prove true indeed. The couple visited The SCOAN and received prayers as well as the Morning Water. As they returned to Abuja and continued to minister the Morning Water, the hand of God upon their case was made manifest. One afternoon, as he was about to have his lunch, Ambassador Horsfall received a cheery news from his wife. She was pregnant and this time, the pregnancy has come to stay. Today, Mrs Horsfall is eight months pregnant. Grateful to God for the miracle, Ambassador Horsfall urged leaders to seek the face of God in everything they do.

To end his testimony, Ambassador Horsfall explained his recent post as Senior Special Assistant to the Political Advisor of the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. During a time of tension in the in the run-up to the election, there was confusion and worry as to which direction to follow in the government. They had sought advice from different places. Ambassador Horsfall came to The SCOAN and pleaded with Prophet T.B. Joshua for God’s opinion and the man of God clearly stated that the election had been lost and they should concede defeat graciously.

He took the instruction in righteousness back to the Aso Villa and told the president. A few months later, people wondered why the president didn’t fight back or annul the election as he had the powers to do so. This was the reason why.


For Mrs Rebecca Odoi Laryea, it was the problem of indebtedness that brought her to The SCOAN after she and her husband were duped by a trusted family friend who absconded with the sum of eighty thousand dollars paid in by a customer for the purchase of a coaster bus. All efforts to retrieve the money remained futile. The automobile business of the Ghanaian couple ran into murky waters as all their savings went down the drain in their bid to locate the duper. After exhausting all options, the couple visited The SCOAN.


At The SCOAN, they received the Morning Water and returned to Ghana with faith. Ministering the Morning Water, they called on God to save them from the mess they had found themselves in. Within a short time, the man who had absconded with their money called her husband from Dubai, paid her husband’s air fare to the Middle East city, refunded the money for the bus with an extra six thousand dollars on top to enable them purchase the latest brand of coaster. The couple eventually bought and shipped a brand new coaster bus for their business at the expense of the lost-but-found friend.

Apart from recovering their money, the couple who had faced accommodation problems, were able to build an apartment of their own in a prime location in Accra within seven months. Thanking God for taking away shame and reproach from their lives, Mrs Odoi Laryea advised people to look up to God when their human strength fails them.


“There is a brother; you are going to the embassy on Thursday. You have the document. You have been there two to three times but whatever happens, don’t be disappointed…” It was with these words that Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied the case of Mr Hilary Ugochukwu Anyamene. The native of Anambra State, Nigeria was facing challenges with his visa application. As a business man who specialised in marketing American spares, he needed to get his visa in order to go over to the US to ship products to Nigeria. On two occasions, his visa applications were rejected. He made up his mind to apply for a third time and also insisted on MR UGOCHUKWYU ANYAMENEvisiting The SCOAN before embarking on the third journey to the US embassy. Even though friends had tried to discourage him from visiting The SCOAN, his mind was made up. For them, it was better that he should wait and reapply after one year.

Visiting The SCOAN, he received a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua regarding his visa issue. That message turned around his situation for good. He returned home and prepared for another date with the American embassy. On getting there, the lady who interviewed him only asked a few questions after which she told him that his visa application was successful. Filled with joy and displaying his two-year multiple entry visa, Mr Anyamene thanked God for granting his heart’s desire.


“I don’t want her to have any good in her life… just to destroy her life to make her miserable… her family – everyone is miserable…” Amidst heavy pummelling by the undiluted power of the Holy Ghost, the evil spirit in the young woman cried out revealing all the wicked plans it had for her life. Even the physical appearance of Miss Biliki showed that something was amiss with her spiritual life. A ring in the nose, another beneath the lips plus a plethora of tattoos all over the body – all those were relics of her association with the marine kingdom.

Even her mother knew that she had an evil spirit which had caused so much havoc in her life. At 15, she absconded from home only to team up with a prostitution cartel in Lagos Island. A woman who traded in prostitutes promised to take her out of the country to Cotonou where she became a professional prostitute. While nine other girls were sold away, she was kept because of herMISS BILIKI GIWA & MOTHER BLURREDage. As she plied her trade in the illicit business, she ran into a man who took her away to a new location. After two weeks, the man left.


Young Biliki started working in night clubs to make ends meet. In her long romance with prostitution, she had travelled to a couple of countries, including Niger where she met a witch doctor who promised to exorcise the evil spirit tormenting her life. After spending money for the spiritual exercise, her life became worse. She returned to Cameroon and became a stripper, dancing in strip clubs and exposing her nakedness to the evil delight of irresponsible men. Most of the so-called witch doctors who claimed they would help deliver her from the evil spirit tormenting her life ended up sleeping with her.

She had come to The SCOAN to test the power of God in Prophet T.B. Joshua. That was the greatest but best mistake she made. During Mass Prayer, the fire of the Holy Ghost located her and beat the evil spirit blue-black before sending it back to the pit of hell. Renouncing her former life amid tears, Miss Biliki advised people to put their trust in God while promising to dedicate the rest of her life to serving Him.




T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed the secret behind the application of faith in the life of a true Christian with his message titled CHRISTIANITY LIES IN THE HEART during the Sunday service of February 21, 2016. While the choir complemented his teaching with songs of worship, the atmosphere in the auditorium took a remarkable dimension with prophesies, testimonies and deliverance which all attested to the fact that with faith, God’s power is always within reach. According to the man of God, “Faith is a Heavenly currency. Faith is natural. We need to know the faithfulness and trustworthiness of God. If you pay attention to God’s Word, you will find that faith comes spontaneously, that is naturally.” In other words, there is no way a Christian can claim to have faith without feeding his mind on the Word of God. The more he or she feeds their mind with God’s Word, faith comes naturally.

The man of God explained that whatever we do that is not from our heart will not be rewarded by God because it amounts to pretentious living. “Faith is of man’s heart and without faith, you cannot please God. God is our Rewarder, Whatever you do that is not from your heart, God is not the Rewarder.”

Concluding, the man of God led the congregation in a prayer to denounce and renounce every form of pretentious life that they have lived with a pledge to rededicate their hearts to God Whom we cannot please without faith.




Miss Onyinye Anyanwu, a beautiful native of Imo State and a fresh graduate from the North American University, Benin Republic, was seriously embarrassed by the spirit of bedwetting right from her childhood days. It was a very terrible experience for her from secondary school through her university days. Once she closed her eyes to sleep, she would wet the bed; it was something she could not control. For thirty three years, the embarrassment lingered.

She had lost many would-be husbands as a result of her bedwetting problem. Some of the men that came her way opted out of the relationship as they could not understand the reason a beautiful grown-up woman would wet the bed. All efforts by her late mother to seek solution yielded no results. Troubled to the extreme, Miss Anyanwu decided to visit The SCOAN in anticipation of divine intervention. The Spirit of God located her in the midst of the crowd and Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her a prophetic word saying, “There is a woman here, you bedwet uncontrollably”. Amazed at this accurate prophecy exposing her secret problem, she came out to confirm the words of the prophet.

Receiving her deliverance in the name of Jesus, Miss Anyanwu rolled on the floor as the spirit of bedwetting was being cast out of her. After her deliverance, she dreamt of a strange woman advancing towards her but for the first time, she was able to overcome her. Smiling with joy, she said that she has not wet the bed since! Thanking God for her deliverance, Miss Anyanwu urged people all over the world to always look unto God and depend on Him for everything.



Mr Kofi Enoch Awayiwu from Ghana was a security guard who started his career in 1999. Life was very tough for him then, as he would struggle to take care of his family. Along the way, a woman introduced him to Emmanuel TV and also gave him the Morning Water which he started ministering to himself in faith. After a while, he was promoted to the position of Security Supervisor. As he continued ministering the Morning Water, another opportunity came from a different company which offered him the position of Operations and Marketing Manager. Mr Awayiwu resigned his position as Security Supervisor and took up the new offer which came with a better remuneration.

His faith God increased as he continued to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Through ministration of the Morning Water, he was inspired to apply for the establishment of his own security company. Though he did not have a licence from the Ministry of Interior as at the time, he got a contract offer from a big international franchise. He quickly applied for the licence, ministering the Morning Water while he waited against all suggestions by ministry staff that he would not get his license the same day he applied. His faith eventually paid off when the Minister of Interior walked in and signed his licence, enabling him to establish his private security company. Today, he owns his own company and is also an employer. While thanking God for uplifting him through The SCOAN, he advised the congregation to always watch Emmanuel TV and pray with the man God.



Life took a dramatic turn for Mr Abiola Ogunade, a humble electrician from Nigeria when he came into contact with the Morning Water and Sticker from the ministry of T.B. Joshua. Each day was a constant struggle as he had to carry his heavy bag of tools on his back and enter public transport, in the busy streets of Lagos, looking for work. As an electrician who moved from place to place fixing electrical problems for his clients, he really needed to upgrade his mobility. He used to look at people with their own vehicles and imagine what it would be like to one day be a car owner. Something that was a far-away dream became a reality when he came to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water and Sticker. He ministered the Morning Water in Jesus’ name and prayed with the car sticker in faith that people would see the glory of God in his life. God answered his prayer sooner than he expected as the next morning, a relative in the USA sent him a photo of a new car and said, “Do you like it? It’s yours!” Truly, a month later, the car arrived in Nigeria and today Mr Abiola Ogunade stands before the congregation proudly displaying the keys and ownership documents of his very own vehicle. He also advised the youth to focus on God and have faith in Him, in order to receive His blessings.


Mr Cletus Eze from Enugu, Nigeria suffered from a stiff neck and near paralysis after he had an accident which affected his spine several years ago.  He was afterwards diagnosed with cervical spondylosis and was almost reduced to a liability. His trip to India to undergo surgery did not help matters. Instead, things got worse. After realising that there was no other way he could get help medically, he decided to visit The SCOAN. It was a divine appointment for him as God made it possible for him to receive prayer from the man of God.


God performed a spiritual operation on him and set him free from a condition that had rendered him almost useless for a year and six months. Describing the manner in which he got his healing, he said, “When the man of God prayed for me, I felt a sensation and realised that I could move my neck freely.” All the burdens and discomfort, including the neck collar are gone for good. Displaying much agility, Mr Eze urged people to have faith in God, no matter the situation they find themselves in.






Mr and Mrs Leonard Bashumika from Tanzania have been legally married for twelve years yet there was lack of affection in the marriage to the extent that they separated for five years as they could not find an amicable way to settle the scores between them. As a beautiful woman, Mrs David Bashumika told of how during the period of separation, she was practically confined to the house because anywhere she went, she was accused of wanting to take other people’s husbands. The problems led Mrs Bashumika to The SCOAN where she received the Morning Water and returned to her native Tanzania praying to God to restore her marriage. After a while, the couple re-united for a while only to start the inexplicable fight all over again. But Mr Bashumika knew that there was more to their problems than met their physical eyes. He became even more convinced when his wife called from China to tell him that she dreamt of a big snake always lying beside her whenever she wanted to sleep.

That dream coupled with other strange experiences forced husband and wife to visit The SCOAN. During a Sunday service, the man of God gave a prophetic message about their problem and called them out. As Mrs Bashumika came out from the congregation towards the man of God, she suddenly took to her heels, running away from the Prophet. After her deliverance, she confessed that she ran from the man of God because she saw him driving a very big truck towards her – a confirmation of the bulldozing nature of the anointing of God in Prophet T.B. Joshua. Today, the couple are enjoying their marriage and have rekindled the fire of love that joined them together as husband and wife.




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