EVANGELIST CINDYIn the spirit of worship, the congregants, raising and waving their hands in reverence to Heaven, were visibly absolved by the heart-moving songs from the choristers. The Sunday service of July 5, 2015 at The SCOAN was a blend of Kingdom enthusiasm with a harvest of God’s boundless grace. Evangelist Cindy added evangelical bite to the atmosphere with her illuminating teaching on a very topical as well as universal issue – The Language Barrier.  In this regard, she was emphatic about our communication with God which is only possible through a relationship in which both parties understand each other’s language. We can only talk to God and get His responses to our requests when we make ourselves comprehensible to Him through our acts and deeds. Hence, the success or otherwise of our communion with God depends on the language factor. And the language factor in our relationship with God is much deeper than we think: “Brethren, we are designed to think, talk, plan and act with God. There is no real communication or communion unless both parties take part in the conversation. Remember, Christianity is not a religion but it is all about our relationship with Jesus Christ. Based on the dictionary, communication is the exchanging of information. Imagine if you cannot communicate, will there be a lasting relationship? When there is no good communication, there is no good relationship”. Language in our relationship with God includes so many things. The level and strength of our faith, the priority and essence of our prayer requests as well as the state of our hearts determine whether or not we speak a language God would understand just as Evangelist Cindy observed: “What the Bible says in James 4:3 is true that many do not have because they do not ask but many ask/ pray and yet do not receive because they ask amiss (wrongly).  We need to know the language first before we can get it right. In our relationship with God, by prayer, we speak to God and when you read the Bible, you hear God speak. One is not complete without the other. This is what happens when we read. Remember, prayer has language. God only hears the language of the Bible. So, talk God’s language, talk faith”. She went ahead to explain that God cherishes our faith, especially when we exercise it with total commitment and confidence: Brethren, it is funny to see Christians sweating while praying as if everything depends on them. Prophet T.B. Joshua always encourages us that we must work hard as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything depends on God. Remember, it is God that makes it happen. Therefore, your failure to act faith nullifies your prayer.  Brethren, without faith, it is impossible for you to reach God and His promises or to receive answer to your prayer”. Evangelist Cindy also extolled the attitude of some Biblical characters who became models of the Christian faith due to their unshaken conviction in the ability of God, through His Son, Jesus to grant their heart desires: “Look at the woman with the issue of blood, it was very tight when multitudes of people were moving together; you will not know who touched you but how did Jesus know that it was that woman with the issue of blood who touched the hem of His garment? How did she attract Jesus’ attention? What about the Canaanite woman. Thousands of people were talking, crying but how did she attract Jesus’ attention while shouting, “Son of David, have mercy on me”? How did Zacchaeus, the tax collector attract Jesus’ attention when crowd was following Jesus and Zacchaeus was just looking from the top of a tree? How? It was the faith in their heart that attracted Jesus’ attention”.  Having established the fact that the only language God understands is the language of the Bible, Evangelist Cindy concluded by encouraging Christians to hold on to God as their prayers still count irrespective of how long ago they have been praying, declaring that God is working out the answer: “Remember, your prayers for many years are not lost. Faith is a lifestyle of trusting in God, not ordering God around. Believe that God will answer your question on His own schedule. Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11 says that there is time for everything under the sun and everything is beautiful in God’s time. There is a time to pray or to send our petition to God but there is also time to wait in faith in Christ Jesus. They will surely come to you a hundredfold at God’s appointed time”.   TESTIMONIES Testimonies from different parts of the world show that indeed, God is daily working out something for our good. The following testimonies will inspire you and help build your faith in God. HEALED OF LUNG FAILURE THROUGH MORNING WATER MINISTRATION MRS KARUHAKA NGOTOTHIRITEFor Ms Karuhaka Ngotothirite, a nurse from Botswana, it was a scenario akin to being in- between the devil and the deep blue sea to take the decision for her son to undergo surgery or succumb to the deadly blow of a chest infection that had rendered the young man inactive in school. With an incision already made and connected to a tube through to his lungs to drain air and to facilitate his breathing after doctors had diagnosed him with a failed lung, Ms Ngotothirite knew the risks and needed to do something fast lest she lost her son to the cold hands of death. In the midst of her dilemma, she had come across a friend who introduced her to a man who in turn promised to help her out with the Morning Water he had received from The SCOAN. The man agreed to meet her at the hospital where her son was admitted. At the hospital, the man ministered the Morning Water on her son. Ms Ngotothirite and the man continued to minister the Morning Water with prayer on her son. By the fourth day, the young man was feeling much better and disclosed the improvement to his mother. Elated by this disclosure, she suggested another x-ray to ascertain the state of his lungs. And to God be the glory, after the x-ray, the doctors discovered that the ailing lung had returned to its normal function without any further need of the air drainage. Thanking God for his healing, Ms Ngotothirite advised people all over the world to remain calm in times of trouble because God is always there to rescue them.   FRUIT OF THE WOMB GRANTED THROUGH MORNING WATER MINISTRATION MR&MRS OGHENKARO ODUBU (2)For nine long years, Mr and Mrs Oghenekaro Odubu from Delta State, Nigeria, battled with the problem of barrenness. The prospect of carrying their own children became a mirage in their marriage as they ran from pillar to post without any solution. While Mr Odubu was diagnosed with low sperm count, his wife had irregular menstruation. All the cocktail of medicines they consumed could not help. It eventually dawned on them that what they required was God’s power to turn their sorrow into dancing. Their decision to come down to The SCOAN last year proved to be the wisest thing to do. While at The SCOAN, they received the Morning Water, went back home and ministered it in prayer. After a month, Ms Odubu noticed some changes in her physiological conditions and headed to the hospital for medical examination where she was confirmed pregnant by the doctor. Filled with joy and the reality of being expectant parents, the couple came to The SCOAN to testify to God’s intervention. They thanked Him for restoring their pride as parents and urged people to put their trust in God because with Him, all things are possible. SAVED FROM ROBBERY AND PROMOTED ABOVE EXPECTATION THROUGH MINISTRATION OF ANOINTING MATERIALS MS FIDELIA NGOZI ABARA (2)Just like the confusion that erupted amongst the Babylonians who tried to construct the tower at Babel, the robbers that tried to invade Ms Fidelia Abara’s house fought themselves at the gate. Never did she rely on her training as a Chief Superintendent of Police. She must have understood the futility of self effort having grown with The SCOAN ministry through the years. The UN-employed security officer and Emmanuel TV Partner only had the Anointing Stickers on her gate. The robbers on rampage had sent shivers down the spines of the inhabitants of her street. It was her landlord who alerted her to the horrible presence of the night marauders at the gate of her compound. With the highest level of calm and confidence in God, she neither panicked nor tried to call in the police. Instead, she told her landlord that there were invisible soldiers fighting for her safety at the gate. After fighting themselves, the robbers miraculously left without gaining entry into the compound. The next day, neighbours who had thought she was attacked were shell-shocked when they realised that the men of the underworld couldn’t even find their way into the compound. Ms Abara told them that the invisible soldiers at the gate prevented them from entering her compound – referring to the Anointing Stickers on the gate. Thanking God for what He has been doing for her through the anointing materials at The SCOAN, she also testified to her miraculous promotion after she ministered the Morning Water on a promotion list that had her name as number one. She was eventually promoted far above her expectation to the glory of God in addition to providing her the funds to acquire two bungalows in Abuja.  She has also been redeployed to Lahore, Pakistan to head a UN security team. Ms Abara urged the people to continue to trust God as He is the only one who can help them. FRUIT OF THE WOMB GRANTED THROUGH MORNING WATER MINISTRATION MRS BLESSING ANYAELE (2)For Mrs Blessing Anyaele, a Nigerian resident in Ghana, life was meaningless without a child after several years of marriage. Though she had been diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease and given some medication, her condition did not improve. She continued to carry the burden of barrenness and the social stigma associated with it. Somehow, she stumbled on an idea – to visit The SCOAN, her last bus stop! Upon reaching The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water and returned back to Ghana ministering it in prayer and expecting a miracle from God. During this time, by divine direction, she bought baby clothes, ministered them with the Morning Water and presented them as gift to an acquaintance who had just given birth to a baby, hoping in God to visit her in a mighty way. Within that same month, she was confirmed pregnant by doctors. Describing herself as a happy woman, Mrs Anyaele told the congregation at The SCOAN that she would be coming back with her baby for another testimony. She was admonished to hold on to God.   After the testimonies, the Morning Water was ministered among congregants to deliver many from the wicked onslaught of the powers of darkness unto the glorious realm of freedom in Christ Jesus.

The congregation exuded so much faith and confidence in the way they accompanied the Emmanuel Singers who reeled out soul-lifting tunes in praise and worship of The Great King. Every song that emanated from the choristers shaped the expectation of congregants with messages of hope, love, redemption and salvation. That Sunday service of June 28, 2015, witnessed an out-pouring of God’s grace through His word.



Evangelist Angela hit the hammer of   word on the anvil of the congregation’s understanding. Her message captured the universal reality of life as a battle field even from time immemorial. Titled THIS BATTLE IS NECESSARY, her message is both an admonition and exhortation to Christians all over the world to understand the imperative essence of maintaining our relationships with God in the face of all the trials and tribulations that are part of our existence in this troubled world: In this world, there would be tribulation. Your tribulation could be any situation. Jesus knows better... Are you feeling the challenge to our Christian faith with the announcement of rights in the international news?”

Evangelist Angela however observed that no matter what we go through as Christians, all we need is the morning dew – a mixture of God’s Word and His Spirit: “Whatever might have happened to you in the night, in the afternoon, you just need the morning dew. You need dew, in your health, in your family, in your future. This is dew for you – God’s Word mixed with His Spirit. May you receive dew for your soul today, in Jesus’ name”. She further added that the world in its characteristic nature is full of events and issues that antagonise our faith and belief in God but cautioned that we as Christians must realise that life is not a bed of roses: “As long as we live we will continue to be confronted with issues that violate our conscience. We will continue to be exposed to things that are contrary to God’s standard. This is not Heaven. It is the highway of life and it is covered not in a bed of red roses but of snakes, thorns and scorpions. Tensions arise, not necessarily because we have done wrong but because we live in a complex and contradictory world”.

Citing Revelation 2:9-10 as proof text, Evangelist Angela said that those who are facing tribulation are not rejected by God neither would their trials cut them away from God. According to her, trials and temptations are important ingredients that cement a true Christian’s relationship with God: “That you face challenges does not mean you are not a friend of God. David never questioned why a giant challenged his future. He simply ran to represent God on the battlefield. That you find yourself between a rock and a hard place does not mean you are not a candidate of Heaven. Stephen never questioned why stones were being hurled. He stood – and resembled God in all He stands for. That you face an enemy as close as your mouth does not mean you are not a favourite of Heaven”.

Evangelist Angela concluded with an admonition for Christians on the need to remain focused on God’s ability to help them rather than dwell on the doubts and distractive tendencies usually used by the devil to deceive them: “One of satan’s tactics is to get you to doubt God’s goodness, to forget all God has given you and to focus on what you do not have. Like Peter, who began to look for a bridge to walk upon, if you are spending much time thinking about what you do not have, you may be slipping into unhealthy doubt – as Peter began to slip into the water. Never doubt God’s desire or ability to help you”.


God will always prove Himself with signs and wonders. At The SCOAN, great miracles, through healing, restoration, promotion and deliverance are being performed to the glory of His name. Your faith matters most. The following testimony will help build your fate.





Mr. Egbamokumo Japhet Zikenah came from Bayelsa, Nigeria to testify to the goodness of God. He had been involved in a terrible motor accident that left him unconscious for hours. He was rushed to the hospital and it was discovered that he had sustained a fracture on his leg bone. The doctor fixed a POP on his leg and also put him on crutches. Sometime later, he happened to watch Emmanuel TV and as Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers, he prayed along with him in Jesus’ name. And that was all that was needed to get him back on his feet. Through that prayer, our Lord Jesus Christ healed him of the bone fracture. According to him, while he was praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, the affected leg started shaking. He felt strength return to the leg and immediately, he stood up and began to move the leg. He went to his doctor asking him to remove the POP but the doctor refused because, according to the doctor, the leg could not have been okay at that time. So, he went to a friend of his who helped him remove the POP. With the POP removed, he discovered he could walk freely. Today, he is totally healed of his fractured leg bone. To God be the glory!




Sunday 21st June 2015 was another wonderful time in God’s presence at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, filled with inspirational testimonies, a thought-provoking message and a powerful demonstration of God’s power through the ministration of Morning Water.



After the congregation were led in praise and worship, Evangelist Chris gave a message titled, ‘My Heart Is Heaven’, calling for a period of self-examination.

“If really you are a citizen of Heaven, why do you behave like others when trouble comes when your trouble is not like others,” he questioned the congregation, stating that people of God are meant to handle their situations differently to the people of the world.

“There will be trouble but as a Christian, your heart cannot be troubled because your heart belongs to Jesus,” he said. As a Christian, your body may get sick but your heart cannot fall sick because your heart belongs to Jesus! As a Christian, there may be confusion around you but there can never be confusion within you because your heart belongs to Jesus!”

Using Colossians 3:1-11 as a proof text, he insisted that Christianity is a relationship, not a religion, measured not by outward church attendance or engaging in Christian services but rather in the purity of one’s heart.

“The great thing that God looks at and requires is the heart,” he emphasised. “If that be far from Him, it is not a reasonable service and therefore not an acceptable one. It is the sacrifice of fools. Hypocrisy, no matter how cleverly managed, cannot be hidden from Jesus. If you are merely pretending, Jesus knows.”

He went on, using some practical examples, to explain how answers to prayer will come only when our lifestyle begins to reflect the One we are praying to. “Communion with Christ springs from union with Christ. The Word dominating you is the Christ you are calling,” he said, adding that it’s not the noise we make but the life we live that brings the results to our petitions in God’s time and way.

He concluded by stating that as citizens of Heaven, nothing should separate Christians from the love of God. “An effort to separate us from the love of God with affliction strengthens our desire for God. An effort to separate us from the love of God by death sends us to our home because here, we are in the market. An effort to separate us from the love of God through blackmail and name-calling makes our name known all over the world for the purpose we are living for.”

After the message, there were several powerful testimonies of God’s power at work in the lives of His people, especially through the ministration of the Morning Water:

For ten painful years, Mr and Mrs Japheth Uzochukwu (Nigerian couple based in Uganda) cried their lives out in search fruit of the womb. Before their marriage, all medical tests had shown that they all had clean bills of health. The whole joy that accompanied their marriage soon gave way to the reign of sorrow. Suddenly, the wife was diagnosed with fibroids while her husband was discovered to have low sperm count. The scenario was not funny as it affected the couple psychologically. Not even the endless visits to different hospitals and herbal homes could solve the problem.



The more medication he took, the worse his condition became. Mr Uzochukwu became seriously frustrated and dejected; he became paranoid and harboured suicidal thoughts. Death to him would be the best solution to his problems. The societal stigma attached to childlessness in Africa and the demeaning feeling associated with the inability to be man enough were issues he battled with even as people around made jest of their situation. Their marriage was on the brink of total collapse. At a time, Mr Uzochukwu dug a grave in his apartment asking to be buried there in the event of his death.

Realising that there was no other place to run to for solution and having been building their faith by keying into the manifestation of God’s power on the Emmanuel TV channel, Mr. Uzochukwu contacted his brother based in Nigeria and requested for the Morning Water. His brother in Nigeria wasted no time in sending the Morning Water to them through courier service. On getting the Morning Water, husband and wife ministered bit prayerfully and kept faith with God. Sooner than later, Mrs Uzochukwu fell ill. Her husband took her to the hospital only to be confronted with an incredible and miraculous reality. She was pregnant according to the doctor. While Mr. Uzochukwu was lost in joy and bewilderment, his wife took the news with a pinch of salt thinking it was a ploy between her husband and the doctor to make her happy. It was in the fifth month of the pregnancy that she accepted the reality that God had granted her fruit of the womb.

At last, a bouncing baby boy was born to the Uzochukwus to the glory of God’s name. In the midst of that miracle, God also blessed the couple with their own house. Thanking God before a moved congregation, the couple were urged to hold on to God in order to experience more of his grace upon their lives.

Mr Taylor Wodu’s case was hopeless according to the doctors. Even dialysis and transplant, they reckoned, would not help him. His kidneys were totally damaged. He was told he had barely two days to live. He was advised to write out his will. In the ensuing tears and dejection, his wife encouraged him and advised they came down to The SCOAN. Bed-ridden and unable to walk unaided, his son was sent down to Lagos to make arrangements for the visit to The SCOAN. On getting to Lagos and viewing The SCOAN building a refreshing cool breeze came upon him and energised him. He was able to walk to his hotel room unaided. By the time he received and ministered the Morning Water, strange things began to happen to him. His inability to eat soon gave way to a strong craving for food. His energy level improved drastically.



Feeling exceedingly better, he decided to visit his doctors for check-up. After carrying out three different tests on his blood samples, the doctors were shocked and wondered what had happened to him. From their finding, his totally damaged kidneys were replaced. They even thought he had gone to India for transplant. Mr Wodu told them that he only visited The SCOAN and ministered the Morning Water he received there. Thanking God for his healing, Mr and Mrs Wodu urged people to have concrete faith in God.

Magistrate Mavis Kwainoe, an Emmanuel TV partner from Ghana, had received a scholarship to pursue a Master’s programme in International and Comparative Law at the George Washington University USA but needed additional funds to take care of her flight tickets, accommodation and upkeep since the scholarship was purely tuition-based. Believing God for a miracle, Prophet T.B. Joshua stepped in and provided the additional funding required for her to pursue her scholarship. The man of God also followed her progress and offered spiritual guidance at times when things went bad for her. On her part, she prayed regularly ministering the Morning Water and asking for God’s grace.



The scholarship provided her the opportunity to interact with legal luminaries from across the world and by the grace of God, she came out with an outstanding result. She was also awarded the Justice Thurgood Marshal Civil liberties Award for her dedication to the field of Civil Rights and Liberties. She becomes the first African to have received the award. Thanking God and acknowledging that it was not by her power, she advised people to call on God when they are weak by ministering the Morning Water in prayer.

Mr Asawga Rih-reh, a Cameroonian footballer had his professional career cut short by a nagging knee injury. As a left-footed player, the injury affected his left knee. He could no longer play. Both his club side and national team dropped him and life became difficult for him. He had to undergo surgery on two occasions, all to no avail. After trying all within his ability, he decided to come down to The SCOAN.



At The SCOAN, he received the Morning Water and went back to his country. He continued to minister the Morning Water in prayer and suddenly discovered that his knee has healed. The pains were no more. He was also able to get a new and better club in Portugal with better pay compared to his former club in Switzerland. He now scores goals regularly and enjoys beautiful moments on the pitch. Thanking God for his healing and restoration, he advised people, especially young players, to run towards God.

The power and wisdom of our God are beyond human comprehension. Those who rely solely on God will never be put to shame. That was the mood at The SCOAN Sunday service on June 14, 2015. Aside the wonderful testimonies that reminded the congregation of God’s miraculous omnipresence, the inspiring songs of the choristers raised the momentum of praise and worship and kept every heart expectant of Heaven’s windfall of blessings and uncommon grace.

EVANGELIST EVELYN JOSHUAEvangelist Evelyn Joshua added spiritual substance and depth to the occasion with her admonition to Christians to remain steadfast in God and rely on His supremacy over everything rather than cling to their own human capacity which is limited: “People of God, believers, Christians, upon our strength, power and wisdom we cannot rely, all our sufficiency is of God. And in His wisdom, power and grace we must go on and go forth. Those who have many battles to fight on the way to Heaven, be strong in the Lord, be strong for service, be strong for fighting and, be strong for suffering. Apply yourself to your work and duties as Christian soldiers. Don’t change your position, rest in the place God has for you”.

She cautioned believers on the need to realise the huge task that awaits them in the long and tedious walk of faith. According to her, the more we advance as Christians, the more life becomes slippery. No matter how high we climb in the ladder of life, our ability to sustain our faith in God and the capacity to survive temptation matters most: “Mountain climbing is a picture of the life of faith. Throughout our lives we are to continue moving upward. Faith grows stronger as we climb higher, learning more about God, growing in our relationship with Him, becoming stronger in our battle with temptation and pushing ahead in telling the lost about Jesus Christ”.

Evangelist Evelyn Joshua added: “What God values in a man are beyond human discernment and are planted in the heart. What God requires of us is planted in our heart. It does not consist in costly sacrifices or waving of hands in worship without a thorough reformation of heart and life. The profession of faith with the mouth alone without the power of it in the heart is a mockery of the very fundamental article of the Christian faith”.

In her concluding counsel, she urged all to have faith in God. According to her, in the midst of tribulation, God is still saying something.





Professor and Mrs. Hungwe have continued to marvel at the miraculous way God saved their lives from a domestic accident that can only be described as awful. Living in far away Michigan in the United States of America, the couple had been battling the freezing snowflakes of the city before the shadow of death came, creeping stealthily under the cover of the early hours of dawn in an attempt to wreak havoc on their lives.MR & MRS HUNGWE

The couple were asleep when the worst happened. It was 3 ‘O clock in the morning. Professor Hungwe heard the loud bang and is fortunate to live and recount the story. A very tall and big tree very close to their house had fallen missing the building and their two cars by whiskers. Going by the position and proximity of the tree to their bedroom, they would have been crushed to death but for divine intervention.

The visibly amazed couple agree that their lives and properties were spared as a result of the Morning Water and Morning Stickers with which they have always prayed. Their cars had the Morning Stickers just like the house on which the Morning Water was also ministered and around which were placed the Morning Sticker. The way and manner the tree missed the cars and the building remains a miracle to the couple and their neighbours who witnessed the aftermath of the incident.

Ascribing the miracle to God’s mercy, the couple thanked Him for saving their lives and urged viewers all over the world to embrace Him.


Mrs Janet Pius had requested for the Morning Water from her husband that fateful morning as if she had a premonition of the ghastly motor accident that was waiting for her. The inter-state trader from Bayelsa State had successfully purchased her goods from Onitsha and was on her way back when the unpalatable happened. Seated in front beside the driver, the vehicle’s front and rear tyres burst causing it to summersault into the bush.

MR JANNET ZIKE & FAMILYWhile the wounded passengers were being led out of the vehicle, she was nowhere to be found. All the goods in the vehicle fell on her and covered her away from eye sight. But an injured man who had sat close to her insisted she was hidden somewhere in the vehicle and this prompted the search that led to her rescue from under the heap of goods. Even though she could not minister the Morning Water because of the tight corner where the strangulating weight of the goods had kept her, she was able to place her hands on it calling on the name of Jesus and the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come to her rescue.

Her husband, Mr Pius got information about the accident and his wife’s involvement from a police officer who was at the scene. His wife was taken to a hospital and an x-ray was carried out on her to ascertain the level of internal injury she might have sustained from the accident. But to the surprise of all, the x-ray  result certified that she was okay apart from a little swelling on her leg. How she even managed to breath under the weight of all those goods remains a mystery. Testifying before The SCOAN congregation, husband and wife were unanimous in their belief that it was God at work. The family friend who introduced and later accompanied the couple to The SCOAN also testified that it was indeed a miracle that Mrs Janet Pius came out of the vehicle alive.



Waking up one morning, Mrs Eunice Likita from Gombe State noticed she had severe pains on her two breasts. The pains were so terrible that she could not bend down. The next option for her was to consult a doctor. Getting to the hospital, she was diagnosed with two lumps on her breasts and was advised to come for surgery so that the lumps would be removed lest they develop into cancer. At that point, the fear of death built its tent in her heart. But rather than succumb to the defeatist promptings of human nature, she jettisoned the doctor’s advice and headed to The SCOAN.

MRS EUNICE BARNABASAt The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water which she ministered daily. She also ministered some into her bathing and drinking water. Soon after, she discovered that the pains had disappeared. Curious and surprised, she went back to the doctor claiming she had come for the surgery she had run away from. In line with medical practice, the doctors needed to examine her to ascertain the condition of the lumps before surgery takes place.

After she was re-examined, it was a huge amazement to discover that the lumps which they diagnosed had disappeared. Thank You, Jesus Christ.



MR & MRS ROLAND ZHOU (1)Mr and Mrs Roland Zhou from Pretoria South Africa were involved in a motor accident while travelling within their native country. The accident was so serious that they could not move their bodies. The police officer that came on rescue mission at the scene of the accident had to help retrieve their Morning Water in the woman’s bag to minister on them before they were taken to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, it was discovered through x-ray that the couple were injured. While the woman suffered a bone fracture on her hand, her husband had a broken neck.

Her husband’s case was worse and it was suggested that he had to undergo surgery. MR & MRS ROLAND ZHOU (3)Even the doctors wondered how the man managed to move his body eventually when the x-ray report showed that he should have been paralysed. In spite of all the discomfort and pain, the couple continued to minister the Morning Water believing that Mr Roland Zhou will not be paralysed. And to the glory of God, he walks properly today without any difficulty. The Pretoria-based couple, thanking God for their miraculous healing, urged people to believe in the Word of God always because it is powerful.


Mr. Elvis Osakwe is a cashier with one of the commercial banks in Nigeria and hails from Delta State. The banker received a rude shock at work one day when a woman walked into his office and claimed she deposited the sum of three million naira into her account through him. MR ELVIS OSAKWETo the young man, it was like another episode in a theatre of the absurd. The matter got to a head and attracted the attention of the bank’s management.  Even when footages of the CCTV camera within the entire bank showed that Mr Osakwe never collected any money from the woman, she, in alliance with her husband, claimed that the CCTV footage might have been tampered with bearing in mind the power of technology.

Bent on carrying out further investigations, the parties involved namely: Mr Osakwe, the woman and her husband were taken to the police station where a statement was made and eventually, Mr Osakwe was taken into police custody. While in custody, Mr Osakwe prayed along with a downloaded YouTube message of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua on his phone, asking God to vindicate him. Sooner than later, the woman confessed to the police how she had tried to frame the young man into a crime he never committed. It was later discovered that the said money was with her in her house. She only tried to frame the young man because she wanted to convince her husband (who kept putting pressure on her to produce the money) that she had deposited it with a bank. Thanking God for his vindication, the young banker advised people to always trust in God.

As usual, the congregants expressed their passion and joy for praise and worship led by the Emmanuel Singers. Every negativity, unbelief, infirmity and disappointment had to make way for the promise of salvation, redemption and elevation through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. It was The SCOAN Sunday service of June 7, 2015. Everything that had breath praised the Lord!

Still loaded with the fresh anointing of the Mexico Crusade and Pastors’ Conference, the man of God, whose birthday comes up on Friday, June 12, 2015, had appreciative words for the congregation as well as all his well-wishers all over the world which was read by one of the evangelists, on his behalf: “Greetings to you, household of faith.  My thoughts and prayers are with you. At this hour, you need this kind of prayer greatly. I came back from the revival trip last week Saturday, waiting for God’s command on what to do next. I can’t wait to join you. Thank you for your love and prayers. I am always in your thoughts and prayers”.

But beyond the expectations of well-wishers and followers all over the world, the man of God observed that the celebration of his birthday this time around would have to be done in line with the directive of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to Whom all power belongs: “About my birthday, which will take place this coming Friday, this is how Jesus wants us to celebrate it: E.G. – West Africa will celebrate in Ghana. Southern Africa will celebrate in South Africa. Other African countries – the timetable will be released on Emmanuel TV where each country will celebrate the birthday. Mexico, Colombia, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Russia, UK, USA, France etc. – will celebrate in their own countries”.

Speaking further, the man of God said that the birthday celebration would have to be observed accordingly in different parts of the world, without necessarily having to involve people travelling down to Nigeria: “I have to say something today about this birthday because this is the last Sunday before the occasion. I have received so many emails and letters from thousands of people all over the world who are coming to Nigeria for the birthday celebration. Nothing of such birthday celebration will take place here in Nigeria for now”.

Finally, he urged those who have already committed themselves by purchasing travel tickets to Nigeria to bear with him and the ministry for the new development while assuring them of his spiritual support as ever: “Once again, we are very sorry if you have already bought your ticket to come for the celebration – God will reward you. Once again, I am in your prayers and your thoughts. I can’t wait to join you”.


Jesus must be honoured in our lives every day. At The SCOAN, every testimony honours the name of Jesus. By His stripes, we are healed through our faith as sons and daughters of love; a noble creation. The gates of hell shall not prevail over us. The following testimonies depict the victory of our God over the kingdom of darkness.


For Mr. Afachung, his unfortunate fall from grace to grass remains an experience he would continuously recount. How he lost his lucrative job and got entangled in the vicious web of abject poverty tells the story of a man who struggled with the unfavourable tides in the eye of the storm. Life was indeed very unfair to him. After losing his job, his landlord also came calling with a Quit Notice. Perturbed by the discoursing turn of events making a caricature of his life, he somehow stumbled on the Emmanuel TV channel.


Watching the Emmanuel TV channel became the precursor to his eventual breakthrough. The marvellous testimonies and awesome display of God’s power through the channel inspired him to come down to The SCOAN in search of his own redemption. But not without a grave psychological battle in which he had to wade off all discouraging fallacies and preconceived notions about The SCOAN. Receiving the Morning Sticker alongside the Morning Water, the freelance geologist was optimistic he could relive those prosperous days. Heeding the insight of an inner voice, he chose to pray with the Morning Sticker which he eventually placed in his wallet declaring that it will never run dry.

Sooner than expected, the anointing in the Morning Sticker began to manifest its miraculous energies. Companies began to chase Mr. Afachung with jobs, a development that motivated him to register his environmental impact assessment company in the first week of February, 2015. By the second week, he was approached by a company for a job and was awarded a contract worth 6.6 million naira. Today, those tears of anguish that robbed his face of heart-felt smiles have given way to glorious laughter and joy from the depths of his soul. He is currently building a house and has purchased a brand new car. His wife, who had endured those penurious times with him, would not stop thanking God for lifting them from the abyss of lack to the heights of abundant grace.


Mr. Victor Igboerika was still tinkering with plans to marry his fiancé when the worst happened. He was diagnosed with low sperm count and was advised not to put her in the know lest she back-pedals from the marriage plan. But convinced that his honesty would be worth more than anything else, he opened up to her. And to his greatest amazement, she encouraged him with her passionate belief that God is capable of doing all things. Inspired by her encouragement, the marriage went ahead as planned. The couple kept faith in God amid all the embarrassing comments about their childlessness, knowing that ‘though the vision might tarry, it is for an appointed time’.


Knowing that the power of God at The SCOAN would solve the couple’s problem, Mr. Igboerika’s brother based in South Africa introduced them to the ministry. Without wasting of time, the couple visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. On getting home, they ministered it in prayer as husband and wife, hoping on and believing in God for a miracle. And true to their expectation, Mrs. Igboerika informed her husband that she missed her menstruation, a development that saw her go for a pregnancy test. When the result came out, she was confirmed pregnant. On his own part, Mr. Igboerika’s low sperm count was confirmed to have improved drastically to the bewilderment of his doctors. While the doctors were wondering how it happened, Mr. Igboerika used the platform to glorify the name of God for putting an end to his shame through the Morning Water medium. The couple advised people all over the world to wait on God’s time always for their breakthrough.


Suffering from multiple fibroids and career stagnation, Mrs. Judith, a Cameroonian teacher was not happy with the direction her fate was heading to. In 2013, she visited The SCOAN with her heart full of the belief that her problems would bow to the anointing in the Arena of Liberty. Going through the Prayer Line and receiving the Morning Water, she returned to her country and continued to minister the wonder-working medium amid fervent prayers. She would minister the Morning Water on the part of her stomach that was causing her pain.


One morning, she woke up to discover that her underwear was stained by blood even as she had experienced a severe abdominal pain. To her, those were tell-tales of another horrendous episode in the offing but God’s incomprehensible power was at work. Having managed to go to work that day, she returned home and decided to use the convenience. Once in, she felt something drop from her into the toilet sink. The multiple mass of fibroids that threatened her joy was finally flushed out! To further confirm the miracle, she went to the hospital for check-up and was certified free from fibroids to the glory of God. Mrs. Judith also used the medium to testify to her multiple career promotions. She advised people out there to belief in the anointing available in the Morning Water and Morning Sticker.


Miss Uju Muogui’s reputation as a gospel singer was bent to be tarnished by satan, the schemer. He had afflicted her with the yoke of bedwetting for eleven years. It was a huge embarrassment that a young woman who wielded great talent could be so reduced to such shame. Tormented and dejected, Miss Uju would sometimes blame the bedwetting on her baby in order to save the face of her marriage. Aside the bedwetting, she had horrible dreams in which she seemed to be remote-controlled into acts against her wish.


Worried by those realities, she visited The SCOAN in search of solution. During the church service, the Morning Water was ministered on her. That same night, she had those same old dreams. But when something woke her up to go and ease herself, she discovered that for the first time, she did not wet herself and from that day till today, she has not had that embarrassing experience. It has gone for good through the anointing in the Morning Water. Miss Uju, filled with happiness while testifying to the goodness of God in her life, urged people to run to Him in times of trouble.


Mr. Muzenge Hachizibe had languished in the Zambian Police Force as a Sergeant for 22 years without promotion. He was obviously baffled by the stagnant nature of his career. Poised to turn things around, he decided to visit The SCOAN to scuttle the plans of the devil for his life. At The SCOAN, he received prayers from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and also got the Morning Water. Back home in Zambia, he ministered the Morning Water continuously in prayer and believed that God was working out something great for him.


True to his faith, things began to take a dramatic turn. He was given double promotion by the Zambian Police Force from Sergeant to Criminal Investigating Officer. Cresting on the joy of his promotion, he was inspired to register and open his own security company which is doing very well today with a fleet of vehicles. From a frustrated Sergeant, he now counts himself among the blessed as an employer of labour. Thanking God for the breakthrough, he urged people to realise that there is no solution like running to God.


Mr. Uwem Okon is not a man that jokes with Emmanuel TV. Accustomed to praying alongside the man of God via the channel, he had made it a part of his duties to sustain the practice, even before he goes to bed at night. One fateful night however, the story went awry. He had just finished praying alongside the man on Emmanuel TV when a gang of armed robbers invaded his house and shot him at close range. The robbers were jolted by the fact that the bullet could only bruise him instead of penetrating deep into his skin. For that, they made to escape. But as they moved out of his house, something urged him to hide himself in the ceiling. How he got himself into the small ceiling space remains marvellous.

MR UWEM TOM OKON (1)             MR UWEM TOM OKON (2)

As the robbers fashioned out their escape strategy, they made a u-turn, agreeing to go for his life lest he identified them. But as they returned for him, he was already in the ceiling. When they finally left, he managed to drive himself to the police station to report the incident. But rather than treat his case with the required dispatch, the policemen on duty wondered how he survived the gunshot and appealed to him to give them some of the ‘thing’ he used for protection which did not allow the bullet to penetrate his skin. But overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to God for sparing his life, he told them that far from their suspicion, he only watched the Emmanuel TV channel through which he also prayed along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.


Retired Principal Rotimi Kola, a native of Ondo State was travelling within his state when he had a head-on collision with another vehicle in what can be described as a ghastly motor accident. Even though pictures of his damaged car showed how incredible it was for him and the other occupant to have survived the accident, Mr. Kola admits that it could only have been the handiwork of the Almighty God through the medium of the Morning Water and Morning Sticker. According to him, he ministers the Morning Water every day before he leaves his house and always has the Morning Sticker on the windscreen of his car.


After the accident, sympathisers who rushed to the scene marvelled at the occupants’ miraculous escape. However, citing the Morning Stickers on the windscreen, they concluded that the occupants were indeed children of Prophet T.B. Joshua, whom God used to save their lives from the throes of untimely death.


Mr. ThankGod Eribo had gone from place to place looking for a solution to his weak erection and low sperm count problems. He had even had three different crumbled marriages due to his inability to perform his duty as a man. His present marriage being the fourth was threatened by the same problem but he in company of his wife decided to visit The SCOAN to seek God’s help. Seated in the auditorium during a church service, the couple received prophecy and prayer from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.


After the prophecy and prayer, there was an incredible change in his condition! The couple thereafter met as husband and wife and the grace of God through the power of prophecy manifested in their lives. The wife became pregnant and subsequently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom they named Godsend. Thanking God for wiping away their tears, Mr. ThankGod advised people to look up to God for the solution to their problems at all times.

Our God is good; His mercies endureth forever. Wherever you are and whatever your situation, distance is not a barrier. The mighty and miracle-working hands of God are not too short to locate you. Your faith is the key to unlocking God’s miracles! Emmanuel!

On Sunday 31 May, 2015, the church service at The SCOAN witnessed yet another spirit-filled ministration of the Word of God for the edification of His children upon whom He has continued to shower with love and joy unlimited. The congregants, with their hearts full of thanksgiving and praise, glorified the name of their King to the highest heavens. On the lips of the congregants, He has placed songs of testimony as he did to the biblical Israelites by rivers of Babylon. The choristers, motivated by the deep and incisive messages in their songs, left bold impressions of repentance and redemption in the minds of many.


Miracles are proof that the scriptures were true; they still are. There was one proof then and there is one proof now – miracle in His name, Jesus Christ. Below are testimonies of the goodness of God in the life of the people and we know these testimonies will strengthen your faith.


Frustrated by her joblessness which had been a thorn in her flesh since 2007 when she graduated from College of Education, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria, Mrs. Egbaje Lynda Liberty concluded that meeting the man of God at The SCOAN to pray for her in Jesus’ name would be the only solution to her problem. In the company of her husband, she visited The SCOAN but was hugely disappointed when she could not meet the man of God due to the massive population of guests present.MR & MRS EGBAJE LYNDA LIBERTY Bent on encouraging his wife who had already started crying for not being able to meet the man of God, her husband, Mr. Liberty urged his wife to minister the Morning Water which he had got at The SCOAN that day. Shortly after ministering the Morning Water, her father who had also been making moves to get her a job informed her of a friend’s offer to assist her in a very good establishment. Again, her husband, on hearing about the job opportunity encouraged her to minister the Morning Water on the application letter she was going to submit for the job. Mrs. Liberty did as her husband had advised and the quick turn of events caught her fancy. As soon as she submitted the application, she was informed by her father that he had been called to come and pick her employment letter. At that moment, she knew that the power of God in the Morning Water was at work. She never even attended any interview for the job. Against all human expectations, she was employed by the Federal High Court of Nigeria as an Assistant Executive Officer with a very good pay which has greatly improved her standard of living. Almost simultaneously also came an admission offer for her to further her education at the university. And she was given the permission by her employers to combine her education with work. Thanking God for the seamless manifestation of his glory through the Morning Water medium, she urged people to have faith in God.


Mrs. Joseline Vordzogbe from Ghana was ravaged by leg ulcer due to diabetes and needed urgent help to alleviate the pains she was going through. She had gone to several hospitals without finding solution.MISS JOSELINE VORZOGBE (1) Hence, a visit to The SCOAN, the Arena of Liberty became the ultimate decision. She visited The SCOAN and was placed at the Prayer Line where the man of God prayed for her in Jesus’ name.

MISS JOSELINE VORZOGBE (3)On getting back to Ghana, she noticed that the ulcerous wound started covering up and within a short period, it had completely dried up. Stamping her leg on the ground as a proof of her healing, she told the congregation that she could not do so when the ulcer was there. Mrs. Vordzogbe glorified the name of the Lord for freeing her from the pain and incapacitation the ulcer had brought to her life.


Burkina Faso-based Chikezie Ozioma, a Nigerian national, came under the attack of a strange waist pain that made walking difficult for him. Coupled with this was the terrible nightmares he used to experience. He patronised many hospitals in Burkina Faso but could not get any relief. He decided to visit his fatherland, Nigeria. By this time, the pain had spread to his left leg and made movement very difficult and painful. He managed to come down to Nigeria with his condition and visited a hospital where he was diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis. The doctors gave him some medicine to use but his condition remained the same; no improvement.ENG CHIKEZIE OZIOMA  (1) Faced with the dire need to live his normal life again, he decided to come down to The SCOAN where he was arrayed at the Prayer Line. According to him, as the man of God approached him from a distance of about one meter, he felt something like a magnetic force which shook the affected parts of his body. ENG CHIKEZIE OZIOMA  (2)The man of God finally laid hands on him asking him to get up. Immediately, he was up on his feet, walking and running without any pain or difficulty. Proclaiming his healing in utter amazement and gratitude to God, Mr. Ozioma jumped unhindered before the congregation. He also narrated how Jesus Christ rescued him from demonic captivity through the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in a dream after the prayer he received at The SCOAN. According to him, in that dream, he was being chased by a group of people. Then, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared and covered him with a net. Immediately, this group of people disappeared and since then, he has not experienced the terrible nightmares again.


For Miss Faith Nkhwa, working in a bank was the best thing that could ever happen to her. She loved the banking job with passion and held onto the one she had at all personal costs. The young Batswana was a degree holder but received the same remuneration with the very junior workers. Within her, there was something fundamentally wrong. Aside her job issues, she was always in and out of hospital, having been diagnosed with low blood. For her, coming down to The SCOAN for prayers was the only dependable way out of her challenges.MISS FAITH B. NKNWA (1) She was placed at the Prayer Line where the man of God prayed for her even. Back home in Botswana, she dreamt that she was queuing for a job alongside her friends. She noticed that it was the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua that was giving out the application forms for a bank job. While others were receiving theirs, the man of God refused to give her the form, when it got to her turn. As she grappled with the ensuing unhappiness, the man of God directed her to a lady in military attire who eventually handed her a package containing military uniform and she woke up. When she got to work the next day, she narrated the dream to her friend. Few weeks later, the same friend informed her of job advertisement by the Botswana Defence in search of female officers. Though her friend informed her of the job advertisement jokingly, she managed to beat the application deadline. MISS FAITH B. NKNWA (2)To her surprise, she was invited for interview after which she was accepted and sent on one-year training and afterwards commissioned as an Officer. After her commissioning as an Officer, she soon discovered that the bank where she was working before got shut down while all her former colleagues lost their jobs. In her reckoning, God took her to the place of her destiny even though she never understood the whole thing from the beginning. Today, she thanks Him for preserving her destiny and making her smile. Enumerating some of her achievement since joining the military, she is now a second lieutenant, commanding many troops at 20 years. She has been able to buy a house of her own and is presently building one for her mother. Glorifying God for what He  had done in her life, she urged the people to rely on God for the fulfilment of their destinies.  


Mr. Jonathan Onyenekwe, a Nigerian residing in the United States had been trying to process his citizenship for seven years without success. It became more frustrating for him when he was told that his file with which he was to process his documents was missing from the Immigrations Office there in the United States. He employed the services of one of the best lawyers in the USA and even took his matter to the Congress Office, all in a bid to resolve this problem but all proved abortive. Not knowing what to do, he decided to run to God for a way out. MR & MRS JONATHAN ONYENEKWE (1)He visited The SCOAN and got the Morning Water which he ministered in Jesus’ name. Getting back to the USA, he went back to the Immigrations office to once again present his case and to his surprise, that same day, his file was brought out and he was granted an interview which he passed. This was the same office that could not locate his file for many years. Today, he is a citizen of The United States of America. His wife, Mrs Chinwe Onyenekwe also testified of how God saved the life of her baby who was delivered prematurely as a result of a terrible respiratory problem it suffered while in the womb. The doctors had even advised her to carry the baby through as there was no point delivering it prematurely because there was no chance of survival. MR & MRS JONATHAN ONYENEKWE (2)But she stood her ground and asked that the baby be taken out prematurely. After delivery, the baby who was very tiny, was put in an incubator and placed on life support. It was during this period the husband came down to The SCOAN to get the Morning Water which he ministered in Jesus’ name for the procurement of his USA citizenship. He also gave the wife to minister on their baby. Miraculously, the baby that was so tiny and whom doctors had said would not be able to walk or talk, survived and has grown to a healthy three year-old child walking and talking freely to the glory of God! She advised all to always trust in God no matter the situation they are facing for the Lord is able to see them through.


The choristers enlivened the atmosphere with praise and worship songs that got congregants on their feet in expression of their unflinching faith in the almighty God Who has continued to shower them with blessings unspeakable at The SCOAN. Epic clips of the Pastors Conference held by Prophet T.B. Joshua in Mexico were relayed and served as a motivating tonic to worshippers who have been united in faith to trust God and to honour Him for His goodness and compassion towards them.

daddyAs Prophet T.B. Joshua led prayers and ministration at the Pastors Conference, the power of God manifested as the sick people, especially those confined to wheelchairs and those who had lost all hope of ever living a normal life, were healed and redeemed from the captivity of the devil.conference

Even visiting pastors from Mexico and other countries around the world were imparted with the anointing of God. some of them also partook of the healing session. To God be the Glory!




Sunday, May 24, 2015 witnessed a church service that remains memorable in different fronts. Wise Man Christopher anchored the day’s sermon on THE PATH OF GREATNESS.

The Path of Greatness is one that requires a lot of courage and sacrifice. Many people, desire to be great but they lack the courage, patience and staying power to sustain that desire. WISEMAN CHRISTOPHER (1)Wise Man Christopher observed that great and successful people become subjects of admiration in the eyes of the world, whereas the sacrifices they made to attain the positions they occupy are not brought into the picture: When you look at the successful people who have genuinely made a difference in their own world today, please don’t just look at their achievements in life but also consider deeply the path they followed, the seemingly impossible situations they maturely handled, how they handled and captured them for God’s glory before they came to a new level in their lives”. Continuing, he stated that the ability to endure delay and humiliation is a virtue that is rare among men. Citing the example of the Canaanite woman, Wise Man Christopher depicted the nobility in patience and humble perseverance: “The humiliation the Canaanite woman received and the delay in her requests, rather than discouraging her, strengthened her desire for Christ. She did not limit Jesus in her request, she asked for mercy and Christ Jesus said to her, “Be it unto you even as you will (Matthew 15:28).” Originally, she was a stranger to the commonwealth of Israel, being a Canaanite; but Jesus saw her faith and gave her the right of sonship. He redeemed her from the limitation of racial discrimination so that she might receive adoption as a son (Galatians 4:5)”.

In line with the universal reality of trials as part of the grooming process for success and greatness, Wise Man Christopher further said, “Mention any great Biblical character and you would see how much pain or humiliation he had to endure in order to come to a new level in life. The way to your future greatness is not a bed of roses”. He added that enduring trials for what you believe comes with its own inestimable reward which is incomparable to all the riches of this world: “If you endure trials for what you believe, God deals with you as a son (Hebrews 12:7-10). If nothing is able to cut off your dependence upon God or your duty to God and your communion with God, God deals with you as a son. When God deals with you as a son, you are one with Him”. Or what else can be better than being one with God?

However, Wise Man Christopher points out the fact that there is only one condition that can guarantee a Christian’s capacity to survive in the face of trials and all sorts of hardship. And that condition is the presence of the Holy Spirit: “No man can stand the challenges of remaining in faith in the face of the vicissitudes of life, unless he is strengthened by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:13”.

Finally, Wise Man Christopher urged Christians to see greatness as an asset from God. He declared that greatness is a quality that must start from within. In other words, our hearts must think greatly if we desire to see great realities unfold around us: “As Christians, our greatness comes from God. Greatness does not start on the outside but within you. Great thoughts produce great decisions (Romans 12:2). If you do what God puts into your heart you will make a difference in your world, you will be best among equals. The way of obedience is the way of blessing”.


The following testimonies are a confirmation of the glorious manifestation of His wonder-working power in the lives of His children.


Working steadily in an organisation for fifteen years is a great record that deserves good rewards such as promotion and recognition awards. But in the case of Mr. Amidu Adams, a Ghanaian Security Officer, it was the other way round. Instead of promotion and recognition for a meritorious service, what he got for his fifteen years service was stagnation and even demotion. Of a truth, something was definitely amiss somewhere. Another opportunity had come up for him to be promoted in 2011 during a promotion interview but somehow that opportunity ended in a sad story.WISEMAN CHRISTOPHER (2)

Prior to the promotion interview, Mr. Adams had dreamt of a man opening his wardrobe and using faeces to smear on all his clothes. After the interview, he was demoted. His subordinates became his superiors to the extent that even people whom he trained were promoted ahead of him. Concerned about his unfortunate fate, a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV and that became the forerunner to his turn-around. Inspired by the happenings on Emmanuel TV, he visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water with which he commenced daily prayers.

In the thick of those prayers, he was invited to another promotion interview. While preparing for the interview, he ministered the Morning Water on all his documents. By the time he got to the interview venue, the interviewers were shocked and impressed with his responses and even wondered why he did not get promoted after the last exercise. They however told him to expect a positive response from them. After a couple of correspondences with him, they invited him to another meeting where he was awarded the Best Staff for the year 2014. A week later, he was promoted four steps higher to the position of Senior Security Officer. No doubt, our wonder-working Father in Heaven intervened and restored Mr. Adams to his glory through the Morning Water medium.

Testifying before a greatly inspired congregation, the visibly elated Ghanaian advised people to wait on God at all times.



Mr. Emmanuel Frimpong is a Customs Officer from Ghana who loved and did his job to the best of his ability. He was accustomed to carrying out his duties with professional zeal but instead of commendation, all he got was reprimand. He was confused and getting sick of the whole thing to the level of developing some unpalatable health conditions. He would discover blood in his office and all efforts to get to the root of the matter would prove abortive. Whenever he visited the hospital, diagnoses would show nothing was wrong. But within him, he was convinced all was not okay with his health.WISEMAN CHRISTOPHER (3)

Mr. Frimpong visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water with which he returned to his native Ghana and continued to minister in prayer. One morning while he was meditating, he heard a voice say to him that some goods have been diverted. He immediately swung into action and discovered that some persons had diverted some Ivory Coast-bound frozen chicken and was being sold without paying the necessary duties. He reported the matter to his superiors and drove the process that saw the culprits pay all the necessary duties accruable to the Ghanaian Customs. For his gallant and exemplary role, he was recommended for recognition. Shortly afterwards, he was invited by the Customs Commissioner who informed him that he had been awarded a Certificate of Merit by the World Customs Organisation in recognition of his excellent role in the furtherance of international customs operations.

The almighty God also rescued Mr. Frimpong from a terrible motor accident through the Morning Water ministration in Jesus’ name.

Thanking God for His great works through the medium of the Morning Water and Morning Sticker, Mr. Frimpong urged people, especially security operatives, to get closer to God because of the nature of their job.

The Morning Water was ministered to the congregants in Jesus’ name and they received their healing, deliverance, salvation and all of God’s blessings. To God be the Glory!


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