It was an atmosphere filled with the power of God. From the ministration of the choir to the ministration of the Morning Water, the kingdom of darkness was thrown into confusion. Evangelists led the initial onslaught against satan and his evil works as they ministered the Morning Water to the congregation. As the anointing in the Morning Water hit the target, many who were possessed and oppressed by evil spirits manifested and fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit. As the battle raged on, the host of Heaven inflicted heavy casualties on the kingdom of darkness as the afflicted and oppressed were delivered and set free from the grip of the devil.

prophet Ministering prophecy, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on many congregants who came with different challenges. As obstinate as the challenges were, the power of prophecy laid them bare and offered spiritual insight on how they can be solved. In addition, the man of God also ministered deliverance to congregants even as they confirmed the prophecies to be very true. Admonishing congregants, the man of God enjoined them not to focus on their challenges but to focus on their Creator who is greater than all challenges: “We talk about the battle instead pf the One fighting for us.”

He encouraged Christians to maintain a joyful disposition in times of trouble, sickness or hardship, stressing that no hardship or sickness would last if we are happy from the heart: “Once you stop trading your joy with your situation, you always overcome.” He also urged Christians to pray for God’s grace so as not to fall prey to the pressures of the world: “Lord Jesus, give me the grace not to be ignorant of my faith under the pressure or tension of temptation.” A brother who was under the yoke of a generational stomach ulcer testified to his miraculous healing after the man of God laid hands on him.

Several testimonies sent via email were also read out concerning how Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message the previous Sunday titled, ‘Let God Release You’ had brought reconciliation and peace to many lives and homes.

Earlier, Evangelist Evelyn Joshua in her message titled YOUR TRUE IDENTITY, called on Christians to embrace the Spirit of God and abide by the dictates of His Word rather than long ignorantly for the freedom of the world which comes with many negative effects.evang-evelyn According to her, it is man’s endless quest for freedom that has jeopardised his relationship with God: “The quest for freedom brought us out from where God had placed us.” She further explained that true freedom comes from God and described it thus: “Freedom is when you are no longer under the dominion, control and captivity of satan.” In furtherance of her submission that we can only have our true identity through God, she added: “In God, you move, live and have your being… Only God can tell what we are because He judges men by their hearts.” Concluding, she left the following counsel for Christians: “Believe in God’s Word; confess the Word every day and do not change your confession every other day.”

Talking about his prophecies for the year 2016, the man of God recalled that the things he said have come to pass. A couple of congregants also corroborated what the man of God said. Some families told congregants how they were able to beat the ongoing recession by storing food items after the man of God had made the 2016 prophecies last year. Concerning the year 2017, the man of God told congregants, “YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL.” According to him, the coming year will come with serious challenges but he urged those who put their trust in God not to panic as God would see them through. He described 2017 as the bridge that will lead to a refreshing period in 2018, stating that there will be a general sense of reprieve in the second month of that year.

Meanwhile, a delegation of Hausa men from the northern Nigerian state of Jigawa led by Mallam Mohammed Ali visited The SCOAN in search of help from the man of God. According to the group, the man of God had always sent foodstuff and cash to them but for a while now, the largesse has not been forthcoming.27-11-2016-glo-527-11-16 [OLI] (6).jpg27-11-16 [OLI] (3).jpg  Mallam Mohammed Ali and his group therefore decided to come to the church to make their pleas known. They lamented the largescale hunger and deprivation they have been suffering for some time, adding that their children are falling sick and are almost dying of hunger due to the ongoing recession ravaging Nigeria. They submitted that it is only the man of God who could understand their plight because he had been very charitable to them, irrespective of their tribe and religion. After the service, the sum of N700,000 was given to the delegation to support them.

The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a message – LET GOD RELEASE YOU – to viewers all over the world. It centred on relationships and the need to allow God to direct our actions. He urged viewers not to end relationships because of disagreements or fights, adding that such scenarios create tension and stifle the spirit of forgiveness: “We don’t leave relationships as a Christian because of fights or disagreements. The origin of relationships is God. The man who is your enemy today can be your saviour tomorrow.”


Prophet T.B. Joshua

According to the man of God, it is wrong for Christians to carry their offences into new relationships after they have ended previous ones. He reckoned that the same way we quit our previous relationships is the same way we will quit the new ones if we hold onto offences: “Whether you are wrong or right, you have no right to go with that conflict and establish another relationship.”  Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded the congregation and viewers all over the world that no one succeeds alone, hence the need to put away offence and forgive and forget in order to move ahead into a brighter tomorrow. He added that Jesus knew that principle; that was why He had disciples: “You cannot succeed alone; you need people. Jesus knew this; that was why He had disciples.” He also lamented the sad fact that many have lost their opportunity for divine visitation by taking offence and pulling out of the place God had destined for them to succeed. He therefore urged them to realise that the devil will always throw offence their way whenever they are in the right place where God wants them to be: “If you are in a place where God wants you to be, the devil will want to offend you to pull out.”

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised Christians all over the world to wait for God in all circumstances rather than take rash decisions instigated by their human faculties: “No matter the crisis, don’t quit; wait patiently for God’s release.”



Diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, Miss Uzoamaka kept her faith alive by drawing inspiration from the messages of Prophet T.B. Joshua she began to watch on Emmanuel TV. She moved from one hospital to the other but the more the medication and treatment she received, the worse her condition seemed to be. In spite of the huge funds spent in search of a medical solution, there was no sign that the ailment could be cured. The mere thought that cancer is medically incurable was another burden she had to contend with. There were many agonising nights when her distraught mother would weep over the unfortunate lot that had befallen her daughter.

In January 2016, Uzoamaka visited The SCOAN and received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua in the Prayer Line. She had been watching Emmanuel TV prior to that visit and had faith to receive her healing from God. After receiving prayers and deliverance from the man of God, Uzoamaka slept peacefully for the first time in many months. In a matter of days, her cancerous breast healed and the blood and puss that usually oozed from the cancerous wound dried up.


Miss Uzoamaka And Mother

When she returned to the hospital where the diagnosis had been made, nothing was found to be wrong with her any longer. Even the doctors expressed surprise about her healing. Miss Uzoamaka’s story is one of the many examples of God’s illimitable powers to do the impossible. Thanking God in company of her mother, she said, “My advice to you viewers is to hold on to God and believe His Prophet and it shall be well with you.”


A Ugandan living in the UK with her family, Edna Mayindo suddenly started to have issues with her eyesight from an early age. Her vision became inexplicably blurred – a situation that warranted the attention of doctors. After careful examination, it was discovered that she needed to wear glasses. She became disturbed and could not perform as excellently as she used to do in school. Her mates bullied her a lot and that added to the psychological burden she carried. She began to feel that she did not belong to this world.

In her mind, every other person was better than her. Because of the seeming rejection she experienced amongst her peers, she had no one with whom she could share her problems. She resorted to self-pity accompanied by bouts of crying and absolute resignation to a hostile fate. As an escapist measure from all her worries, she harboured suicidal thoughts and expressed them by cutting her wrist with a blade. She had also taken a drug overdose and ended up unconscious. Worse still, she once stated that she was going to commit suicide by jumping in front of a moving train. Edna had nightmares in which unseen forces urged her to jettison the things of God and follow the ways of the world. Though she knew and liked the things of God, she could not explain why it was difficult serving Him in Spirit and in truth. She became addicted to the internet and alcohol and spent her money buying things she never really wanted – all in search of happiness.


Edna and Mother

After going from one church to the other in search of solution, something soon happened that changed her life. Pen ultimate Sunday, Edna visited The SCOAN in company of her mother. During the ministration of the Morning Water in Jesus’ name, the evil spirits tormenting her manifested and confessed all their attempts to destroy her. She received deliverance and all things became new for the young woman who was once an object in the hands of evil spirits. Thanking God during last Sunday’s service, Edna and her mother expressed joy for what He has done in their lives. Edna advised people all over the world to stand on the Word of God.


Aside from the Mass Prayer which witnessed a fervent appeal to Heaven to destroy all the foundations of the works of the kingdom of darkness in the lives of the children of God, the man of God used the Sunday service of November 13, 2016 to pass across certain salient messages to congregants and Christians all over the world. He informed them of a coming revival that will take place in November and December aimed at preparing them to witness a Spirit-filled New Year.

Concerning his prophecy about the US elections, the man of God reminded naysayers that understanding the words of a Prophet requires spiritual maturity while calling for prayers for America. “We have seen the outcome of the election in the United States. Having seen and heard, you would notice that the prophecy was all about the popular vote, the vote of the majority of Americans. In this case, we need the Spirit of a prophet to understand, to know and to recognize what the prophet was talking about. Our levels are different. We are not on the same level. Take note of that. Our levels are different and we are not on the same level,” he said.

Continuing, he emphasised that, “There is no shortcut to spiritual maturity unless earthly understanding gives way to spiritual enlightenment. Many people were trying to interpret prophets on the basis of their minds and ideas. I quite understand, the prophecy actually caused uproar to many who gave it different meaning and interpretation.”




mr-omeneHelicopters hovered over the riot on the streets of London, shining its flood lights down on the ground, trying to locate the perpetrators. Police lights flashed and sirens blared, as they surrounded the unlawful scene. Mr Omene and the crowd of others participating in the riot had been caught. This is the story of Mr Omene, a Nigerian who used to live in London.


The fourth child in a Christian family, Mr Omene had started life on a positive foot. In 2009, Mr Omene had been accepted into a prominent university in London, England. This was his chance to travel abroad and fulfil his dreams. Taking the plunge into the unknown, Mr Omene left Nigeria and set out on a journey that was supposed to connect him to the future he had desired.


Upon arriving in London, Mr Omene quickly felt that the weight of the tuition and living expenses would become so heavy in his first six months into his college journey. With time, his interest in the university education dwindled down. “I woke up one day and decided not to go to school anymore,” he recalled. Resorting to making a living rather than stay in school, he began searching for ways to make fast cash. One night, as he was walking the streets of London, he ran into a friend in a corner shop where he began to explain his problem. His friend described to him how he makes money by defrauding people. Mr Omene was enticed by his friend’s nefarious activity and the prospect of making a lot of money very quickly, not thinking about the implications of the illegal act.


Within three weeks, his friend helped him to fraudulently accumulate over GBP 6,000.00 into his account. Now, with a burning desire to make more money, Mr Omene started down a path that would eventually lead to his destruction. Within six months, he mastered bank fraud and started going deeper into the crime, delving into online fraud and hacking. He ran across a hacker who taught him how to extort money. This was how he began to steal money from international accounts, wiping the accounts clean of all cash. “I would make transactions and other people’s money would go into my account,” explained Mr Omene.

He had many young people working under him, stealing people’s bank cards and bank information, which he used to hack into their accounts. This became his business and started operating what he called ‘an organization.’ In one week, Mr Omene could steal anywhere from GBP 7,000 – 10,000. With the money, he would go to the casino and spend all of it in one weekend. He became so addicted to gambling that he could spend 48 hours straight at the casino. This kind of lifestyle led him to start drinking, smoking and fornicating. The money that he would steal was squandered away on gambling and alcohol.


Along the road, Mr Omene started doing drugs and had gotten connected to a drug dealer. During this time, his fraud business had started to slow down because of the tightening of security within the banks. Now, looking for another means of fast cash, he and a friend decided to break into the drug dealer’s house, stealing everything he had, including his huge stash of drugs. Mr Omene began selling these drugs to make his living and became a self-proclaimed “professional”. From there, something pushed him to start growing and selling his own drugs, recounting that: “Satan used me to destroy so many people’s lives.”


Mr Omene started living in fear that something might happen to him and his gang of “young workers” so he decided to buy guns and other weaponry as a way to protect his so-called organization. His sketchy business reduced him to a spiraling path of doing drugs, drinking alcohol, fornicating and to a life of violence. He was involved in many riots down the main streets of London, involving in many violent acts. He continued breaking the law until one fateful day, the law caught up with him. He was apprehended at the scene of one of the notorious riots. He was taken into custody and subsequently deported back to Nigeria.


His arrival back to Nigeria turned another page in his life. No longer able to practice his fraud activities due to different banking systems and not knowing how to go about his life, he continued to take drugs as a way to cope. One night, he met with a prostitute in a hotel, who said to him, “Don’t leave, the others are coming. I have powers from the water.” He was utterly confused at what she was saying and even became concerned. “I thought I was lost in the world.”


That was when the series of nightmares began, dreaming of a water kingdom and serpents attacking him. What was more, his money had completely finished. Broke and nowhere to go, Mr Omene was forced to go back to his mother’s house. While living there, his mother would have Emmanuel TV on 24/7. He started listening to the testimonies and relating to the things the people were saying. “I realized I might be possessed.” Upon this realization, Mr Omene began to ask God for forgiveness for the life he was living. That night he had a dream that he was told to go to The SCOAN and he would be delivered. That was how he found himself in The SCOAN just two weeks ago. “When the Morning Water touched me, it was like a tsunami hit me. I was taken over completely.”


After receiving deliverance, Mr Omene stood today to testify about how God Almighty had completely set him free from the chains of his addictions and the burdens of his past life. The nightmares he once had are gone and he now no longer has the urge to smoke, drink or do drugs. He has since quit his lifestyle of fornication and adultery. He advised the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers to follow Jesus and to illuminate their lives in the light of God’s Word, saying that the life he was living before was not worth it. Elated by his new found freedom, Mr Omene boasts in the Lord, “I was lost but now I am found. I was blind but now I can see!”

Bottom of Form










Mr. Omotosho developed what seemed to be an ordinary boil in his upper part of the mouth. Little did he know that what he had thought was a small boil and that could be treated medically would actually graduate into a painful mouth and throat cancer. Racing against time as his health began to deteriorate by the hour, Mr. Omotosho went from one hospital to another. He lost speech and his mouth could no longer handle solid foods. He had to survive on liquefied food substances. His doctor warned him that he feared the dreadful prognosis. His mouth smelled so badly that passengers complained about the offensive buccal odour any time he boarded a public transport. He felt like a decaying walking corpse, as he vomited heavy blood every day.

mr-omotoshoWith no medical solution in sight, Mr. Omotosho ran to The SCOAN where he was arranged for the prayer line. Thanking God for what He has done in his life, Mr. Omotosho told people all over the world that as soon as the prophet prayed for him, the saliva dried up immediately and the uncontrollable dripping ceased. The dead mouth tissues and throat started to fall off as the cancerous sore and associated excruciating pain healed away.

Appreciating and glorifying God’s name, Mr. Omotosho advised people all over the world that in every situation you find yourself in, run to God for it is only Him who has a solution. Jesus Christ is the only hope.


Mrs Josephine Olokor and her husband came to The SCOAN with their children to testify what God has done in their lives. Mrs Olokor narrated her story starting from her grandmother who gave birth to five children. All her children died, remaining only one child who gave birth to Mrs Olokor at a tender age. She grew up with her grandparents. She never knew the woman, who she used to see as her elder sister, was actually her biological mother. One day, her grandmother revealed the real story of her birth. Still grieving over the loss of all her children but one, her grandmother slept off during one of her visits to the riverside. In her dream, she saw a little girl went to the river to fetch water. When the child cried, she went to help her and wished that could be hers as she comforted her. Soon after that dream, the grandmother’s only surviving teen conceived and gave birth to Josephine. As she was growing up, she used to see beautiful girls around her that nobody else could see. She felt very comfortable to be in the midst of her invisible friends.


mr-and-mrs-magistrate-olokorfamilyAfraid that she could also lose little Josephine, her grandmother took her to many spiritualists in an attempt to seek protection from death.


At school, Josephine used to be the best student as there was a spiritual giant woman who gave her tutoring and mentorship on how to carry out her assignments. During her seamstress training, the giant woman would appear to her in dream and guide her through. Little did the world around her know that beyond her excellence and exterior was a spiritual giantess mother. This won her admiration by all and subsequently propelled her into establishing a reputable fashion business. In her trade, she used to receive instruction and money both spiritually and physically on how to flourish her business.


Many times, in her dream, the giant woman reminded her that it was time for her to return to their kingdom.

The spirit gave her a serious spirit of anger that nearly destroyed her marriage. Anytime she saw her husband, she hated him to the core. Her husband turned to be her biggest enemy. There was no longer affection for her husband. As if that was not enough, the spirit also destroyed her business. One day, she woke up in the morning, sold all the equipment for her business and drove all her workers away. She literally shut her business down. Her husband’s attempt to re-establishing her failed.


In their quest to better their business and achieve financial sustenance, they patronised quite a number of spiritualists to whom they had to pay huge sums of money that ran into tens of million Naira. Alas, their situation went spiralling down. One day, her husband watched Emmanuel TV and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and breakthrough started coming into their lives. Having the breakthrough, the Olokors attributed their blessing to the works of a spiritualist, whom they visited and showered with very expensive gifts. One night, Mrs. Olokor had a dream in which someone told her to pray for mercy. It was after that dream that she understood that their breakthrough could not have come from the spiritual direction they had headed.


Finally, the Olokor Family decided to come to The SCOAN for their deliverance. When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Mrs Olokor at the Prayer Line, she suddenly lost control of herself. The spirit inside her started manifesting as darkness had no hiding place where there is light. All she could remember was that she was delivered from the spirits that had been tormenting her for so many years. The spirit of anger left her, and peace returned to her heart.


Introducing himself in the person of Magistrate Olokor, the husband of Mrs. Josephine Olokor stated categorically that he was living with his “enemy in the (same) house”. He told people all over the world that, he had had to tolerate his wife’s attitudes for the past 27 years, because he could not fathom the possibility of any other man on earth who could endure what his wife had subjected him to. He recalled how her eyes would bulge red for about a week whenever she became angry. Mr. Olokor would literally had to observe his wife’s eyes for days until they turned normal before he ventured to near her. He recounted how his house caught fire mysteriously a few years after their marriage, which nearly caused them the loss of their last daughter. Whilst she succeeded in shutting down her own promising fashion business, the spirit inside of her also attacked whatever business he engaged himself in.


Their eldest daughter, who also validated the challenges the parents faced, recounted how the mother’s anger and the spiritual attacks turned the house upside down and compromised her own health to the extent she subjected her body to various types of pharmaceutical drugs. She recalled how her mother would sometimes escape into their rooms to pass the night as she was very afraid to sleep alone whenever their father was away.

Thanking God through a fresh breath of freedom, a smiling Mr. Olokor said when they were at the prayer line to receive the touch of God from Prophet T.B. Joshua, he observed how uncomfortable his wife became. He saw how she tried to push back, and readily knew that deliverance was at hand to free the entire family from the torments. And indeed, the God we serve never fails. Following the deliverance, Mr and Mrs Olokor and everything that has to do with them were freed in Jesus’ name. Mr. Olokor said he now experiences a new marriage. He advised people all over the world to love their wives and dedicate their marriages to God. On her part, Mrs. Josephine Olokor urged viewers all over the world to be mindful of their utterances and what they wish for. The error in her grandmother’s request for a child at a riverside culminated in the spiritual torture she and her entire family suffered.



miss-shevon-nidziRight from childhood, Miss Shevon Nidzi had been battling with the yoke of bedwetting. The young Zimbabwean woman was isolated from relations and friends because, each time she visited them, she would wet the bed and become a subject of public ridicule. For so long, she searched for a solution without success. She had gone to several churches in search of solution but still could not find reprieve. At a stage, she was advised by friends to drink her urine. The urine-drinking theory soon became a colossal failure. Stuck with the problem of bedwetting, the prospect of marriage was far from her wish-list.

When self-effort proved futile, she decided to visit The SCOAN in September, 2016, where she was arranged for the Prayer Line. As she used her faith to put a demand, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and that marked the end of her problem of bedwetting.

Thanking God during her testimony last Sunday, she advised people all over the world to hold on to God as He never forsakes those who put their trust in Him.




miss-doris-ugbajiMiss Doris Ugbaji came to The SCOAN to testify to how God Almighty has set her free from evil spirits that had been dominating her entire life. At the age of 8 years, she noticed that her father used to bring a lot of men to the house and always wondered what they were doing but her father only told her that she was too young to understand. As time went by, she was taken to a river to bath.


As Doris was growing up, her parents sent her to boarding school where she was performing extremely well. At school, she struck friendship with a girl in her class. One midnight, the girl woke her up and started to caress her. Suddenly, an urge from within pushed her to respond and after that night, she realized that her affection had changed – she no longer had any affection for boys but only for girls. Their skewed relationship soon graduated into strings of promiscuity. The relationship between the pair grew so strong to the extent that whenever Doris’ girlfriend saw her with other girls, she fought her, accusing her of being unfaithful. After leaving the boarding school, she continued the same lifestyle with other women. She also developed an intense interest in watching pornography, and started experiencing same-sex encounter in her dreams. After such dreams, Doris would lock herself up indoors and masturbate. She recalled a time when she masturbated for three consecutive days.


Having realised that her lifestyle was actually a problem to herself, she started searching for solution. Her relatives advised her to visit The SCOAN and she did. During the mass prayer, the spirit of woman that had been the root cause of her problem manifested. It was cast out by the Power of God and Doris received her total deliverance. Following her freedom from the spirit of woman, she realized that her lustful desire for women had vanished, thanks to God.


Miss Doris Ugbaji advised viewers all over the world that anyone who has a similar challenge should seek the face of God for solution, in the name of Jesus Christ.



After several weeks of dutiful absence, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, made a much-expected appearance at the altar during the Sunday service of November 6, 2016. The man of God brought forth a message titled KNOWLEDGE IS NOT THE KEY; OBEDIENCE IS. The message centred on the need for Christians to cultivate spiritual maturity in the face of the unpleasant challenges of life. According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, Christians must not allow themselves to be controlled by their situations lest they lose their sense of reasoning – “When your situation controls you, you lose all sense of reasoning.”


The man of God also explained that challenges, trials and temptations are tests that show the true character of a person. He revealed that without trials and temptation, sin is given a very good opportunity to hide its ugly head: “Sin hides where there is no heat of trials and temptations and challenges. In times of merriment, prosperity and success, you see the evil ones rejoicing but when the heat of trials come, suddenly their evil actions surface.”


Concluding, he had the following counsel to congregants and Christians all over the world: “No matter how much you master the Scriptures, without true obedience to what you read, you still wear spiritual diapers.” The service also witnessed deliverance and prophecies. Souls under the bondage of the devil were set free while many testified to the goodness of God in their lives.




Mr and Mrs Mutabazi were not the happiest of parents on account of their son’s unstable health condition. Recurrent headaches accompanied by unexplained fainting turned the boy into a shadow of his former boisterous self. The Tanzanian couple was taken aback by the unpleasant development. They took him to different hospitals in Tanzania and neighbouring Kenya where doctors diagnosed nervous blockage and epilepsy, respectively. The boy was placed on a cocktail of medications that proved unhelpful. For one year, he could not go to school. Instead, he developed another problem – addiction to ice cubes.


Through a family friend, the Mutabazis came across Emmanuel TV and eventually installed it in their home. Putting to heart the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua that distance is not a barrier, they prayed along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV and ministered the Morning Water. They also gave their son the Good Morning Sticker alongside the Morning Water which they instructed him to minister to himself from time to time. Shortly afterwards, their son’s health returned to its normal state. The headaches and fainting stopped. The boy is now back to school and is doing very well. He no longer eats ice cubes.

Thanking God for healing their son and for delivering him from ice cube addiction, Mr and Mrs Mutabazi urged congregants and people all over the world to have faith in God.



Unable to bear a child of their own, Mr and Mrs Kyllastinen were reduced to an incomplete couple. In the course of their battle with barrenness, Mrs Kyllastinen suffered three miscarriages and would not stop having nightmares that frustrated her desire to have unhindered sleep. The Finnish couple tried everything within their power to have a child but it seemed as if the cry of a child would never be heard in their home. Diagnosing Mr Kyllastinen with low sperm count shed more light on the fact that it would take a miracle for them to have a child. Even the doctors who did the diagnosis could not offer a viable solution.


In August, 2013, the couple visited The SCOAN and met with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. After praying for them, the man of God gave them the Morning Water. When they returned to Finland, within a short while, changes surfaced. Those disgusting nightmares stopped while Mr Kyllastinen felt stronger as a man. By December, 2013, his wife was confirmed pregnant. Mrs Kyllastinen went on to deliver a baby girl in August, 2014. Expressing gratitude to God during his testimony, Mr Kyllastinen advised congregants and people all over the world in the following words: “Trust in God and the Faith Tools given to us by the Prophet.” To cap off their incredible testimony, Mr Kyllastinen further revealed that his wife gave birth to another beautiful baby girl in May 2016.



One Lawson had lured her into prostitution in faraway Europe after she had sworn to an
oath in a shrine. Lawson also gave her a hint of the abominable mission she was about to embark on by sleeping with her. The fantastic prospect of working in Europe soon cascaded into a sad tale of sex slavery. Lawson had told her that she would work in a bar where she was to wash glasses and dishes. Miss Sifau, a native of Edo State, Nigeria, was forced to sell her body in order to settle her ‘benefactor’. Most times, she slept with as many as fifty men in a day. After mustering the strength to settle her master, she fell very ill and was diagnosed with a kidney problem. The kidney problem was terminal and so, for her to survive, the affected one would have to be removed lest the problem spread to the other. Sifau eventually returned to Nigeria with one kidney and with nothing to show for her hustle abroad.miss-sifau-okoro


During a Saturday service at The SCOAN, she was spotted by the man of God who prophesied to her about her infamous journey to Europe. She was shocked to tears when the man of God even mentioned the name of the man who deceived her into prostitution. Having prophesied to her, the man of God delivered her and gave her the sum of two hundred thousand naira to establish a business for herself. The young woman was at The SCOAN last Sunday to testify to the marvellous work God has done in her life through Prophet T.B. Joshua. Aside from the fact that she has established a thriving foodstuff business, doctors have also, against all human explanation, discovered that her removed left kidney is still there intact.

Testifying before The SCOAN congregation, she marvelled at the mysterious replacement of her removed kidney. According to her, it is clearly the hand of God at work. She thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for being a worthy servant of the Most High whom He used to liberate her from destruction. “Parents, be concerned about what your children are doing abroad. Find out the source of their money,” she advised.



Miss Evelyn Kamara was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia when she was 9-years-old. She was placed on heavy daily medication. The sickness persisted to the extent that she once collapsed in school and was advised by the school authorities to withdraw. Her parents had no choice than to keep their daughter at home while she received treatment. It was a psychologically traumatising moment for Evelyn as she couldn’t come to terms with what was going on, bearing in mind the fact that her mates were in school studying.


After much pleading by her parents, the school authorities rescinded their decision andmiss-evelyn-kamala miss-evelyn-kamalaallowed her back in school, albeit after it was agreed she would observe a strict dieting regime. Evelyn’s mother and four other siblings were also suffering from sickle cell anaemia and spent many days in the hospital together. Other family relatives had to be on hand to look after Evelyn on some occasions. The scenario affected her academic life in the sense that it restricted her movement, preventing her from seeking better medical attention abroad.


In 2013, Evelyn visited The SCOAN and received prayers and the Morning Water from the man of God, which she ministered in faith and additionally gave her sick family members. Immediately, she started experiencing changes in her health. Three months later, she visited her doctors and was confirmed free from sickle cell anaemia. Her mother and siblings also tested negative to the deadly disease. During her testimony last Sunday, Evelyn told congregants that she has also obtained her bachelor’s degree. According to her, she is currently working and pursuing her master’s degree. All those pains and weakness of the body are gone forever. The young Tanzanian advised people not to give up when they are confronted with challenges, adding that, “God is the solution to every challenge.”



Her life was juxtaposed by two serious challenges. Her ambition to obtain a master’s degree in International Accounting and Finance was threatened by lack of funds while incessant headaches and heartburn held her state of health hostage. For Miss Paulina Shifeta, the latter challenge was somehow managed with the administration of pain relievers and adherence to a special dietary regime. But even with all that, she knew that there was a dire need for a lasting solution which only God could offer. With regards to her post-graduate ambition, she had approached the Ministry of Education in her country to sponsor her but the request was turned down.


Sensing that the unseen forces of the world could truncate her noble aspiration, she decided to seek God’s help at The SCOAN. After receiving prayers from the man of God, she returned to her native Namibia and applied for a scholarship with the University of East London – the same school that offered her admission. In a matter of days, her scholarship application was granted with the financial package above what she required. She actually needed a little over eleven thousand pounds but got thirteen thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven pounds for her tuition. By this time, all the headaches and heart burns had disappeared.paulina-shifeta


When she eventually resumed her studies in the UK, she encountered a lot of other challenges that almost made her quit the scholarship. Remembering how God had helped her through The SCOAN, she revisited the Arena of Liberty in April, 2016, exactly two and a half weeks before her exams. Receiving prayers from the man of God, she returned to the UK and sat for her exams. When the final results were released, Paulina came out in flying colours. She graduated with a distinction. Appreciating God for the great things He had done for her, she advised people all over the world to put their trust in the Lord.



Mrs Akosile had suddenly started bleeding from the nose, a situation which threw her family into confusion. Her case was later diagnosed to be a growth in the nose which doctors said had to be removed through an operation. After the growth was removed, it was sent to the laboratory for further examination and was discovered to be cancerous. Doctors recommended chemotherapy. For six months, Mrs Akosile underwent chemotherapy, losing her hair and appetite in the process. She couldn’t eat properly even as she struggled to breathe. Her elder sister who was concerned about her health introduced her and her husband to Emmanuel TV and also gave them the Morning Water.


Mr Akosile installed Emmanuel TV in the house, even though he never believed. His wife and her sister would always pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua by placing their hands on the screen of the television. They also prayed and ministered the Morning Water on their own. One day, while they were praying along with the man of God, Mrs Akosile fell back to the chair and told her husband that she felt something akin to an electrical shock. After that incident, she was to proceed to the hospital for radiography. But on getting to the hospital, doctors were surprised to discover that she had no trace of cancer or any other form of tumour. Up to this very moment, the doctors are still shocked about the miracle which has defied their medical knowledge. Mrs Akosile who was accompanied to The SCOAN to testify by her husband, son and sister, thanked God for doing the impossible in her life. She urged people to stop doubting the power of God, especially His presence in The SCOAN. Mr Akosile, now an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, was especially touched by the miraculous healing of his wife.


evangelist-dupe-2Raising their voices in unison, congregants sang along with the choir: Let Your will be done That song echoed the agony of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. It also reflected the unanimous resolve of congregants to submit themselves to the will of God at all times. The atmosphere was calm and meditative as the Spirit of God traversed the length and breadth of the auditorium.

Evangelist Dupe’s message spiced up the day with its thought-provoking perspectives. Titled THE INDWELLING GRACE, her message enjoined Christians to embrace the Spirit of God rather than cling to their own mundane and limited understanding. She urged them to desist from worldliness and self-righteousness so that they may partake of that indwelling grace which can only come from God. “As long as the world is in place in your life, Christ will be displaced. As long as self-righteousness is in place in your life, the righteousness of God will be displaced,” she added.

According to her, “No man knows by the present signs or situation what the future holds” and therefore God chooses grace rather than works. She explained that by virtue of His grace, He offers help to both the weak and strong alike, stressing that without grace, no one will merit His mercy and favour, especially when our righteous works are like a filthy rag before His eyes. “All our spiritual advantages are from God and are by grace,” she added.

Concluding, Evangelist Dupe reminded Christians that whatever they achieve in life is made possible by God. She urged them to denounce the erroneous impression that a great man is self-made: “Whoever is great among men, it is God who made them so… Let him who glories, glory in the Lord and not in himself,” she submitted.



In spite of the discouraging reality that stared her in the face, she wouldn’t give in to the antics of the devil. Her inability to secure a job after graduating from university since 2007 did not matter at all. What mattered was the fact that she had faith and knew that with God, the situation would transform into glory. And so, during her mandatory National Youth Service programme in Kano, Nigeria, she came across a friend whom God used to change the course of her destiny. According to Miss Sandra Plangtok, a native of North-Central Plateau State of Nigeria, getting to know about Emmanuel TV through her friend helped her invigorate her faith as she watched the anointed channel with remarkable devotion.sandra

In December 2012, Sandra visited The SCOAN. It was during a Sunday service and the man of God had asked congregants to write down their one dearest request on a piece of paper. For Sandra, her ultimate desire was to study for her master’s degree abroad, specifically in the United Kingdom. After writing down her prayer request, she continued to pray and minister her Morning Water. In 2013, her participation in a British Council Education Fair brought her in contact with officials of the University of Huddersfield and their mouth-watering scholarship package for Nigerian students. Sandra applied for a master’s programme in Management and also applied for the scholarship package. She followed up the process with rigorous prayers and ministration of the Morning Water.

On June 27, 2013, a call came from an official of the University of Huddersfield, informing Sandra that her scholarship application was successful. Overwhelmed by the news, she imagined how she would be able to fund the other travelling expenses. Through continuous prayers and ministration of the Morning Water, God opened doors through which she was able to raise funds to process her visa and flight tickets. Sandra proceeded to the University of Huddersfield for her studies. Throughout the programme, she maintained a prayerful disposition and eventually graduated with a Master of Management degree. During her testimony last Sunday, Sandra told congregants and people all over the world: “When you run out of rope, you should hang onto faith.”


For fifteen years, Mr Solomon Ohakwe suffered from insanity. His mental state defied all human solutions to the extent that his father got fed up and left the young man to his fate. Since 2002, Solomon had been roaming the streets of Owerri, begging for alms and dressed in tattered clothes. In his infinite mercies, God had his own plans for the young man. Prince Woboroma and his family had visited The SCOAN and had received healing from Jesus Christ through the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, who also gave them many bottles of the Morning Water. While on their way home, the Woboromas stopped in Owerri where they lodged in an hotel. One afternoon, while Mrs Woboroma was queuing to buy food from a canteen, a mentally unstable Solomon approached her. While other food mongers were trying to chase the mad man away, he kept pointing at Mrs Woboroma, saying he wanted to see her.

Driven by fear, Mrs Woboroma brought out the Morning Water and ministered to Solomon. As she ministered the Morning Water, she prayed thus: “I rebuke you, in Jesus’ name.” As the prayer lasted, Solomon answered, “Amen.” To the greatest surprise of Mrs Woboroma and people around, Solomon regained his senses and realised that he was even naked. Kind-hearted people around offered the healed man new clothes and took him to the salon to have a shave. After that miracle, Mrs Woboroma followed him up for three weeks, praying for him and ministering the Morning Water on him. That miracle created a lot of rumours as the people of Imo State kept trooping to the scene, claiming that Prophet T.B. Joshua had sent a woman to come and liberate the state.

When it became very clear that Solomon was no longer insane, he was taken to his parents who were filled with joy when they saw him. According to Solomon’s father, when he saw his son, he thought he was working in a bank because of the neat and tidy way he was dressed. While testifying to Solomon’s miraculous healing through the Morning Water medium, Mr Woboroma and family in company of other eyewitnesses, thanked God for healing the young man from a yoke that had weighed his senses down for fifteen years.

Each witness expressed great joy for the young man who is now very stable and sound in mind. According to one of them, Pastor Chinwendu, he was excited about the miracle and decided to be a part of the testimony. One thing that stood out during the testimony was the fact that all those involved were unanimous in their belief that with God, nothing is impossible. Advising congregants and people all over the world, Mr Woboroma submitted, “The Morning Water is a weapon of mass rehabilitation and reconstruction”.

T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners gave Mr Solomon Ohakwe a cash gift of 500,000 naira to start a new life in Christ and a copy of The Mirror book.


In 2012, Chief Chika Okpala had visited The SCOAN with his family to seek the face of God concerning his son who got admission to study in a Russian university. During that visit, they received prayers and the Morning Water from the man of God. But shortly after his son had travelled to Russia, he called to inform his father that he had been diagnosed with a hole in the heart and had to be hospitalised. On hearing the unpleasant news, the popular Nigerian comedian reminded his son to use the Morning Water and Good Morning Stickers. Heeding his father’s advice, he ministered the Morning Water and placed the Good Morning Stickers on his chest. In a matter of days, he called again to inform his father that he had been discharged from hospital with a clean bill of health. Returning to Nigeria, Chief Okpala’s son got a job with the National Universities Commission, NUC.

chief-chika-okpalaChief Okpala’s daughter who had just completed her National Youth Service programme and was searching for employment also got a job with TETFUND, Tertiary Education Trust Fund. The young woman also got married. Chief Okpala’s wife was not left out. After completing her Master of Science in Education, she had been out of job for seven years. Recently, Chief Okpala was invited by a Commissioner of Education who informed him that his wife had been appointed to teach in a Federal Government College in Enugu State. On his own part, Chief Okpala, against all local superstitious beliefs that anyone renovating a house would not complete it before he or she dies,  was able to complete the renovation of two houses for himself and his siblings. Aside that, he is currently a brand/advocacy ambassador to many organisations. Chief Zeburdaya, as he was fondly called in the heydays of the now rested comedy series – The New Masquerade, advised people all over the world to remain focused on God just as he urged them to be prayerful and to watch Emmanuel TV.


Mr and Mrs Okuchukwu Igwe suffered the social stigma of childlessness for five years. The problem was diagnosed to be a mutual one. While Mrs Igwe was diagnosed with tubal blockage, her husband was diagnosed with low sperm count. The couple, especially the wife was not having the best of times as she was always isolated. She could not mingle with other woman because she felt ashamed of her inability to conceive a child. When it dawned on her that their problem was beyond human solution, her desire for divine intervention intensified. It was around that time that she conferred with a neighbour who had Emmanuel TV and who later introduced them to The SCOAN.

The couple decided to visit The SCOAN to receive God’s anointed touch. During their visit, they proceeded to the Prayer Line where the man of God laid hands on them. After that anointed encounter with the man of God, husband and wife returned home and met as a married couple. In a matter of weeks, Mrs Igwe was confirmed pregnant by her doctors. After nine months, she delivered a baby girl named Emmanuella. During their testimony, the couple praised God for taking away shame from their lives while urging people all over the world to run to Him, stressing that there is nothing He cannot do.


Diagnosed with Diabetes, Mrs Deborah Abiodun went from one hospital to another in search of solution. For seven years, she endured the debilitating symptoms of the ailment. Last year, she developed a herpetic whitlow that defied all known medications and left her two fingers rotting away gradually. Her doctors had concluded that the best option to save her life was outright amputation of the putrefying fingers lest the malignancy spread to other parts of her body.mrs-deborah

Faced with the horrible reality of having to lose her fingers and perhaps life, she decided to seek the face of God. After communing with God through prayer, she reckoned that she would have to consult her father in the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua. The doctors would have none of her ‘fairy-tale thinking.’ ‘How on earth would she be so daft to think that prayer will heal her when her fingers were already rotting away,’ they must have thought in their usual professional inclinations. But Mrs Abiodun was only exercising her faith in God because she knew pretty well that He is a God of signs and wonders to those who believe. After repeated arguments, she was allowed to leave the hospital but on one condition: her husband had to sign a consent form that if anything happened to her, he would take the blame. As soon as she was released by the doctors, she travelled down to Lagos from Abuja to visit The SCOAN. On arrival, she proceeded to an emergency Prayer Line session where the man of God ministered the Morning Water on her ailing hand. As Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministering the Morning Water, Mrs Abiodun felt a very heavy burden leave her hand. The man of God declared her healed and told her that she would come back to give testimony. In a matter of seven days, her rotting fingers had dried up miraculously. Since that day to this moment, the wound and the diabetes have healed completely! Thanking God during her testimony last Sunday, Mrs Abiodun could not conceal her heartfelt joy for the wondrous work of God in her life. She advised congregants and people all over the world thus: “The Morning Water is not ordinary.”


The glory from above radiated unhindered in the auditorium as the choir did what they know how to do best – keeping the congregation on their feet as they doled out tunes of praise and worship. The message in their songs prepared the ground for sober reflection, repentance and forgiveness. It created the platform for Evangelist Daniel’s message to sink deep into the hearts of the children of God.

Titled, A FORGIVING HEART IS A BLESSED HEART, Evangelist Daniel’s message focused on the need for Christians to forgive those who offend them in order to free themselves from the obstacles that stand in between them and the blessings of God. According to him, “Forgiveness is so important because a relationship does not involve two perfect people. Perfect people do not exist on earth.” He reckoned that no one is above mistake and therefore no man should despise another because of his mistakes. He warned Christians to be cautious about the way they respond to people who make mistakes, adding that such responses could in themselves become mistakes – “Our response to a person who makes a mistake can also be a mistake if care is not taken.”

Citing relevant scriptures, he observed that loving and praying for those who hurt us releases us from destructive emotions that make us look ugly in the face of God: “When you love your enemies and pray for those who hate you, this releases you from the destructive emotions of anger, bitterness, revenge and others.” He concluded by urging Christians to emulate Christ who prayed for those who crucified Him, stressing that being unwilling to forgive shows that we have not understood or benefitted from God’s forgiveness.



Raised in a family that was not very godly, Mrs Douglas grew up to discover that there was an inherent power that controlled her life. Perhaps, her father’s involvement with traditional practices had taken a negative toll on her spiritual life. Though her mother tried to serve God, the devotion was not as solid as expected. Mrs Douglas’s reputation for trouble-shooting in her younger days was a well-known characteristic. She would talk down to people and was always ready to stir the hornet’s nest. She had no regards for elders and felt as though the world was on her finger tips. The fact that her father owned the building where they lived also contributed to her problem. As far as she was concerned, being a landlord’s daughter was enough licence to look down on the tenants.mrs-douglas-and-family

That power that controlled her life soon manifested itself while she was on a visit to see her elder sister. It was in a dream encounter – a spirit husband slept with her. When she woke up from sleep, she discovered that her undies had been pulled down to her utter surprise. After conferring with her equally discomfited sister over the embarrassing development. The more she tried to come to terms with that strange reality, the greater her confusion and anger. Gradually, the spirit of anger pitched its tent in her soul and made her a bunch of trouble to the extent that family members became very wary of her mood and temperament. She would shout at anybody, irrespective of age or status. She was just fearless.

Mrs Douglas was alienated from serious family matters because of her temperament. She was virtually kept incommunicado. Her elder sister took her to different places in search of solution but it appeared that all her efforts were a waste of time and energy. The anger, rudeness and domineering spirit became worse. As a married woman, her husband felt the brunt of her overbearing attitudes. She did not obey his instructions. Instead, she would order him about and make him feel like the wife of the house. On a particular occasion, she manhandled him and tore his clothes from head to toe, leaving him almost stark naked just because she felt he was not giving her support. She also dropped out of university on two occasions owing to her anger and lack of patience.

Mrs Douglas was somewhat irredeemably cantankerous. Even in her children’s school, she would quarrel and fight with other parents on the slightest provocation. While driving, she never spared other drivers who might have offended her. She would wind down her glass and unleash verbal terror on them. The spirit husband ensured that her senses of shame and decorum were no longer existent and so it tossed her around at will. While her late father’s burial arrangements were in top gear, she had injured her elder sister with a broken bottle because she insisted that her own plan and list should supersede all others. Her children avoided her as she was always harsh to them. They preferred the company of their father who was more accommodating.

One day, after falling out with salon attendants who abandoned her hair to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on the Emmanuel TV in their shop, Mrs Douglas returned home only to encounter another Emmanuel TV saga. Her husband instructed her to watch Emmanuel TV and pray along with the man of God. Though she obeyed that instruction while he was at home, whenever he went out of the house, she would change the channel. But Mrs Douglas discovered something whenever she watched Emmanuel TV. She realised that she always had inner peace and was submissive to her husband. On his part, Mr Douglas encouraged his wife to visit The SCOAN and was elated when she agreed to come with him to the Arena of Liberty.

Mrs Douglas was captured by the Holy Spirit on the penultimate Sunday, as Evangelists ministered the Morning Water. The spirit husband spoke through her and confessed all the wicked acts it had perpetrated in her life. After her deliverance, the love and peace that had deserted her family returned. Testifying in company of her husband and children, she told congregants that her life has taken a better turn. She regretted all those things she did under the demonic influence of the spirit husband. According to her, the love and peace she now enjoys are indescribable. “The spirit of anger is real but don’t run away from God,” she advised people all over the world.



Mr Chimaroke Nnaji is an engineer by profession. His interest was caught by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy concerning agriculture. The man of God had prophesied that oil would lose its value globally and that agriculture could well be a way out for the world. Having considered the prophecy, Mrs Nnaji’s wife urged him to key into it. Even though he was initially reluctant, a friend’s mention of that prophecy during another visit to The SCOAN, convinced Mr Nnaji that it was truly from God. And without wasting time, he started a fish farm in his house. Within three months, he had started making huge harvests.engineer-mrs-ben-chimaroke-nnaji

As time went on, Mr and Mrs Nnaji registered and incorporated their farm and started selling and processing their products with a trademark. As the business grew, they acquired plots of land in their home town where they built bigger fish ponds and embarked on other forms of agriculture such as food crop farming. They also started a palm plantation. As it stands today, they have so many customers who are queueing to start exporting their products. According to Mr Nnaji, there have been talks with many agencies regarding the processing and exportation of their products.

Thanking God in company of his wife and children who are staff of the incorporated company, Mr Nnaji left the following advice to people all over the world: “God is indeed faithful when you follow his Word!”


Mr Nivard Malcolm started having strange feelings after he drank a potion given to him by a voodoo priest who had promised to cleanse him of all impurities. Since that day, he had not been himself. He knew something was wrong with him as he felt a strange presence in his body. All efforts to disentangle himself proved abortive. The man from the Virgin Islands started having nightmares in which he would see serpents, especially pythons. Gradually, his finances collapsed. He was unable to get married and was later haunted by insomnia.

In the face of those challenges, a friend told him about Prophet T.B. Joshua. Mr Malcolm searched for the man of God on the internet and was convinced that God was here in The SCOAN. Though it took him a while to save enough money for the visit, he eventually landed in Nigeria from the USA where he resides. When Mass Prayer was going on during the penultimate Sunday service, Mr Malcolm was arrested by the anointing as the python in him manifested. “I control him, he is mine – his body belongs to me… this guy is supposed to be a great musician… No marriage – no woman… the master was the one who put me inside here,” said the frustrated spirit. After undergoing the anointed operation of the Holy Ghost, the python spirit was cast out.malcolm-nivard

During his testimony last Sunday, Mr Malcolm, exuded great joy as he now enjoys freedom and peace of mind. According to him, he now has clarity of mind and can sleep without any hassles. He advised people all over the world to desist from self-acclaimed priests and healers who only end up messing people’s lives. He urged those seeking solution to any problem to seek the face of God in any living church where they can get their deliverance.


Mr and Mrs Akpobor Udu were married but could not enjoy the peace that is supposed to be part of a Christian marriage. Aside from the challenge of barrenness that had left them childless, Mr Udu was constantly being harassed by a spirit husband who was after his wife. On several occasions, the spirit would engage him in fierce battles in his dreams. Unyielding to all of Mr Udu’s resistance, the spirit husband gave him something to remember. He was afflicted with priapism – a permanent erection that defied all attempts to bring it down. For days, the Delta State of Nigeria indigene was in severe pains as his veins became overstretched. When it dawned on him that the situation was beyond him, he visited The SCOAN where the man of God prayed for him at the Prayer Line and he was delivered. After his deliverance, the recalcitrant erection bowed to the power of the Holy Spirit. Mr Udu also received the Morning Water.mr-mrs-akpobor-udu

Having been delivered from the affliction of the spirit husband, the next challenge was to ask for the fruit of the womb. Mr Udu prayed and ministered the Morning Water together with his wife. The couple met as husband and wife and to the glory of God, Mrs Udu became pregnant. Her pregnancy progressed smoothly until the seventh month when it was discovered that the foetus was in a breech presentation. Confronted with that unpleasant reality, Mrs Udu confessed that the child in her womb was a child of God and would not be troubled under any circumstance. She ministered the Morning Water and prayed. After a few days, the foetus returned to the normal position.

When it was time to deliver her baby, the devil tried to strike. On her mother’s advice, Mr Udu was taken to a traditional medicine practitioner who claimed that a rope was holding the baby back and that delivery would be difficult. But unmoved by such a spurious claim, Mrs Udu further reiterated her faith in God by confessing that as a product of prayer, her baby would come forth through normal delivery and nothing less. As she made that confession, she also ministered the Morning Water. In a matter of minutes, labour reached its climax. She was taken to a nearby maternity home where she delivered a baby girl christened Divine. During their testimony, husband and wife expressed immense gratitude to God for turning their lives around.


For physically disciplining her fighting children, Mrs Ani and her husband were denied access to them after the UK social services took them into protective custody in accordance with the Child Protection Law of the country. The matter was subsequently charged to court even as the case lingered for two years. It was an emotionally-turbulent time for the parents who were separated from their children. Mr Ani was not happy with the development and missed the affectionate moments he had spent with his four sons before the unfortunate incident set in. In his desperate search for help, he came down to The SCOAN all the way from the United Kingdom to see Prophet T.B. Joshua who prayed for him and gave him the Morning Water for his children.mr-ani-mike-wife

After he returned to the UK and took the Morning Water to his children at the Social Services facility, he had a dream one night in which the man of God appeared in the court room and ordered him to unseat the presiding judge in the matter. A few days after that dream, the presiding judge was replaced with another one. The new judge after reviewing the case, sympathised with the Anis and even ordered that they should be compensated financially for all the pain they were put through. Though they rejected the option of financial compensation, Mr and Mrs Ani were eventually granted full custody of their four sons after the new judge had rubbished and struck out the case. Today, the elated parents are living together with their four sons after two years. Thanking God for reuniting them with their amiable children, the couple advised congregants to always believe as “there is no one like God.”


Sometime ago Mr and Mrs Livinus Ifeanyi had been to The SCOAN after the husband had received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning their then crumbling marriage. The man of God had requested the presence of his wife who on her own had made it categorically clear that it was only Prophet T.B. Joshua that could settle whatever problems she had with her husband. The man of God had counselled the couple under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit and had urged them to put their differences aside and embrace peace as husband and wife. The couple heeded the advice of the man of God and since then, the peace and new-found affection in their home has been marvellous.mr-livinus-ifeanyi-wife

The couple came to The SCOAN last Sunday to testify to the joy, peace and blessings that have followed their reconciliation. Husband and wife were full of gratitude to God for mending their marriage. They encouraged couples to be tolerant with each other and always seek the intervention of God whenever there are challenges rather than resort to their own human efforts. Mrs Ifeanyi who spoke like an evangelist, counselled people who have marital challenges to draw nearer to God. She urged them not to give up but instead embrace prayer.  She also cautioned them to avoid holding on to offence. According to her, there is no marital challenge that is beyond the power of deliverance. The couple also thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to reconcile them and make them rediscover the love that had eluded their marriage. They left the following words of advice to married couples all over the world: “Marriage does not have a formula; just ask God to give you grace to endure.”


Musical exclamations from the choir echoed all around the auditorium. Congregants from different nations of the world expressed their joy in ways beyond description. They exuded divine confidence as Evangelist Racine stepped in to nourish their minds with the Word of God in a message titled GOD’S AGENDA. According to him, “We have no control over what becomes of us the next day.” He contended that anyone can be a leader but only God chooses a leader with a difference. He also submitted that God’s agenda supersedes all others and is not defined by man’s level of skill or wisdom. It is only God’s will that guarantees success in life. “Wisdom in the practical sense of ability and skill cannot guarantee success in life.  Many would think that men of great understanding who are masters in the field of management would certainly become people of substance,” he added, reminding congregants that no one can succeed without God.


Continuing, Evangelist Racine observed that, “To every man, God has assigned a purpose.”  Quoting Prophet T.B. Joshua, he said, “What God Has designed you to achieve in His master plan determines your divine cause and course. The cause means what you are living for and are going to die for.”  He added that Christians would only succeed when they include God in the affairs of their life, arguing that the brave do not always win the battle just as fast runners do not always win the race.


Concluding, he urged Christians to live a life of purpose because we serve a God of purpose. “It is the will of God for us to prosper in every area of our lives – spirit, soul and body,” he added. He left the following prayerful declaration for congregants to ponder over: “The time has come for me to enlarge my spiritual coasts because I serve a God of purpose.”



Having been brought up by her mother after the death of her father, she was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in law. After obtaining the degree, everything she tried to do met with failure to the extent that she had to move from one church to another in search of a solution. Her efforts to secure a post-graduate admission in Nigerian and foreign universities hit the brick wall for the umpteenth time. For Queen Agbaji, there was no consolation unless God intervened. She often cried unto God and appealed for His divine direction, urging Him to remember that He is father to the fatherless.


One night, she had dreamt of visiting The SCOAN but on waking, she became confused, owing to her skeptical disposition towards Prophet T.B. Joshua and his ministry. However, the more she asked for divine direction, the more she dreamt of the man of God and his ministry. Her cynicism about Prophet T.B. Joshua was so intense that she would give up her meal in a restaurant just because she beheld a portrait of the man of God there.


Queen would however succumb to the prompting of the Holy Spirit after a concerned Muslim acquaintance had asked her why she didn’t want to visit The SCOAN in the face of all her struggles. At that juncture, it dawned on her that there was something deeper about the T.B. Joshua dream encounters than met the ordinary eyes. By the grace of God, a friend was able to pay her way down to The SCOAN. After receiving the Morning Water from The SCOAN, Queen’s life was overtaken by a windfall of favours. Even two universities in the USA which had turned down her post-graduate applications contacted her to reapply.


Against her expectations, her post-graduate application, though incomplete, was accepted by a university in the USA. That university eventually granted her a scholarship worth $20,000 USD (out of the total package of $26,000 USD) after she had visited The SCOAN where she received a prophetic word from the man of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua had told her, “There will be a meeting and in that meeting there will be a breakthrough.”  She would later realise that the prophetic declaration actually captured the eventual decision of the school’s scholarship board to fund her studies. As she contemplated on how to fund the remaining six thousand dollars on her scholarship, God provided $15,000 USD through a case she handled. The money from that case was enough to cover the deficit and her accommodation.


At the embassy of the USA, it was another herculean task as her documents were incomplete. She had to change interview dates several times. But another dream encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua would become the panacea for that precarious situation. The man of God had encouraged her to remain steadfast in that dream. The next day, Queen headed straight to the embassy. There, she was almost thrown off balance after fifteen applicants had been turned down in her very presence. She knew the battle was beyond her and so went to the restroom to minister the Morning Water. And the rest is history – she received her visa and jetted out.


Queen ministered the Morning Water regularly and watched Emmanuel TV incessantly till she completed her Master’s degree. Immediately after her Master’s, she applied for her PhD even without an assurance of where the funding would come from. She had the faith and only needed to activate it. Ministering the Morning Water and praying over her new aspiration, she received a full scholarship for her doctoral degree plus a job. She completed her residency in the USA and was left with the research aspect of the programme.


She returned to Nigeria and visited The SCOAN where she had a one-on-one encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua who encouraged her to go and complete her research and come back with a copy of her thesis for him to see. But when she returned to the USA, the devil struck! Her scholarship was reduced by seventy-five percent while a huge debt profile hung around her neck. She was on the brink of dropping out of school and had even written a letter to the man of God concerning her frustrations but kept her faith intact. Three days before her scholarship status would be terminated, someone she didn’t know had offset her debts. That same day, her scholarship was fully restored!


After completing her thesis, Queen went ahead to defend it. The defence was more like a walk- over as the Holy Spirit guided her in everything she said and did that day. Queen eventually graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Law. Today, she is addressed as Barrister Dr Queen Agbaji. Thanking God during her testimony, she urged congregants to use their faith to put a demand on the anointin-g in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua, stressing that every nation needs a prophet.



They had dared the odds to seek greener pastures abroad through what one can describe as the most tortuous and illegal of routes. Most of them even had to borrow money from loved ones in anticipation of a bright future overseas. Little did it occur to them that they were on a mission of near-death, torture and abuse. For the females among them, sexual molestation was one of the sad realities they had to live with in the hands of their helpers turned tormentors. It was disheartening to wake up to the horrible realisation that those in whom they had reposed the hope of crossing into Europe would turn out to be the greatest villains in this tragedy of their lives.




The experience of the Libyan deportees is perhaps one of the greatest testaments on the drama of existence, of survival and of the absurd. Girls, in their teens, deceived into abandoning their humble beginnings in Nigeria and left to face the grim side of life in a foreign land. For those who survived the long trek through the Sahara Desert, the joy of nearing Europe was always punctuated by the fear of having to float aboard plastic and wooden dinghies in which they were packed like sardines and left at the mercy of the ruthless waves that had no compassion in their trajectory. It was a tale of squalor in motion as they had to drink very dirty water, put up with faeces and dead bodies. Many regretted embarking on that journey of doom but it was late. Many prayed that the Libyan authorities should rescue them alive. They preferred to be arrested and sent to jail rather than die on the sea and be eaten by sharks.


According to Miss Tracy Stephen, one of the deportees, her experience was devastating psychologically and physically in the face of all the hardship she encountered on the ill-fated journey to Europe. According to her, many of her colleagues who embarked on that journey as excited teens have returned as hapless and broken mothers as well as expectant mothers that were raped. Their deportation to Nigeria was facilitated by the International Office for Migration.


Knowing that The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners have always lent helping hands to those in dire need, the contingent decided to visit the ministry to seek for succour in order to start life anew. For one week, Prophet T.B. Joshua provided them medical care, accommodation and transportation to the tune of two million and four hundred thousand naira. They also received cash gifts of seven million and six hundred thousand naira in addition to the two bags of rice they each received. In total, they received the sum of ten million naira as support from Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners. Thanking God, the deportees were unanimous in their resolve to start a new life. They urged youths and parents alike not to be carried away by the flashy lifestyles of people who visit the country from overseas, especially during the yuletide season, stressing that appearance is deceptive.



Mrs Lilian Rotimi had been a staunch critic of Prophet T.B. Joshua and The Synagogue, Church of All Nations. She had received the Morning Water from a neighbour and had destroyed it, thinking her neighbour was insane. As far as she was concerned, anything from The SCOAN was not to be associated with her. But all her misgivings would soon end after she had encountered the man of God giving a sermon about offence on Emmanuel TV in her sister’s room. It dawned on her how ignorantly she had unnecessarily maligned the man of God. She became sober and asked God for forgiveness. From there, younger sister encouraged her to make use of the Morning Water.


Around this time, Mrs Rotimi was preparing to attend a visa interview at the US embassy. She had a virgin passport that had not been used before and so, it would take a miracle for her to be granted the US visa. But her sister believed in the Morning Water as a medium of God’s power and had used it to activate so much blessings, including trips abroad. On the night preceding the visa interview, her sister ministered the Morning Water to her and prayed for her. At the embassy, in spite of the fact that many applicants were rejected, her anointed application was granted without stress.


Mrs Rotimi was overwhelmed with divine astonishment and collapsed. It took the embassy security to bring her up to her feet. After her miracle, she encouraged her husband to follow her example. Ministering the Morning Water on her husband, she encouraged him to apply for the US visa. And just as it was in her case, her husband’s visa application was granted. Having secured the US visa for herself and her husband, the next challenge was to secure their children’s. Ministering the Morning Water on her kid’s applications, Mrs Rotimi headed to the embassy, where after simple questions, the applications were granted with dispatch.


Within a short while, the entire family was granted visas to travel to the USA. And for that, Mrs Rotimi is repentant. She regretted her misgiving about the Morning Water and even asked for forgiveness from the friend who had given her the Morning Water which she destroyed. Thanking God, in company of her sister, for the uncommon miracles through the Morning Water, Mrs Rotimi advised people all over the world not to rush into criticizing things they are ignorant of.



She started drinking and smoking at the age of 15. That early descent into waywardness soon culminated in her becoming a mother at the age of 18. Her heavy dependence on alcohol and cigarette-smoking caused her to develop kidney stones – a life-threatening condition. In spite of that reality, she continued to live her life as though she had a duplicate hidden somewhere. She manipulated her beauty to her advantage. In her eyes was a hidden power which no man could resist. The high and mighty all fell into her trap. She also had a diabolic chain around her waist which infatuated men, especially those who beheld her nudeness.


The evil spirit tormenting her life controlled her psyche and made every other person look like a fool. Even her brother who had sincere intentions to help her find a solution was written off. She saw him as one pest trying to disturb her peace. Miss Sheri Bright Makoso destroyed the destinies of the men she slept with. Some lost their jobs, others had problems in their marriages while many had their businesses grounded.


Stranded in Nigeria and in dire need of money, her brother who was fed up with her irresponsible lifestyle, insisted that he would only financially assist her if she agreed to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. Visiting The SCOAN during a Sunday service, the Cameroonian came in contact with the Holy Spirit. While Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for congregants, she became very uncomfortable and wanted to leave but the power of God arrested her. According to her, as the prayers progressed, she felt as though maggots were coming out of her body. She kept on scratching her body while the spiritual operation lasted. Coming under the bombardment of the Holy Spirit, the evil spirit spoke through her, saying it was a spirit husband which had tried to destroy her life but for the intervention of God through The SCOAN.


Miss Makoso was delivered by Jesus Christ through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Since that day, she has found a breath of fresh air through Christ Jesus. All those unholy urges and desires of the flesh have left her life. Thanking God for her deliverance, in company of her brother, Miss Makoso also expressed gratitude to Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN for their charitable disposition towards her. According to her, she has received medical as well as financial support from them. Her brother who described her deliverance as the removal of a thorn from his flesh, advised people all over the world to be steadfast in the Lord, lest they fight the wrong battles.

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