Ever rich in the presence of the Holy Spirit, the Sunday service of May 10, 2015 at The SCOAN provided another great platform for the impartation of the Word on a congregation of God’s people who have never allowed their faith to waver in spite of the many challenges facing Christians all over the world. The global realities of economic depression, war and natural disasters notwithstanding, the children of God gathered at The SCOAN to give thanks and praise (inspired by the melodic tunes of the choristers) to the Creator  who has continued to strengthen them from grace to grace with blessings unspeakable.

In furtherance of the incisive tradition of sermons at The SCOAN, Wise Man Christopher touched on an important aspect of the Christian race bordering specifically on our walk with God and the understanding of His ways. Even though His ways are not our ways, Wise Man Christopher observed that with a little understanding, we can have more insight into the ways of our Creator: To learn to hear from God after prayer, is a much greater blessing than the blessing itself”. 

Hearing from God is a more significant blessing than the material or physical blessings that we are seeking. This is so because, whoever hears from God has a direct access to His throne of grace and will never be taken unaware by any sudden event. God will always direct such a person. Above all, according to Wise Man Christopher, the salvation of our souls is the main essence of miracles, blessings and the rest of God’s manifestations of His glory: “Miracle is not an end in itself but a means to an end which is the salvation of our souls. Healing, deliverance, blessing, breakthrough, victory, protection or the like is not an end in itself but a means to an end which is the salvation of our souls”.

Commenting on the nature of God’s gift to mankind and how to maintain such gifts, he stated that using God’s gifts to His own glory is the best way to sustain the constant downpour of His blessings to the receiver. This is even more instructive knowing that many would prefer to be proud when they are blessed forgetting that is was God who blessed them so that they may be blessings to their communities: “Character is everything. When you have God’s kind of character, you will see the need to use the gift of God in your life for God’s glory”.


Concluding Wise man Christopher said that we as Christians need God more when we are blessed because of the many challenges that come with receiving blessings. It takes a godly heart to be blessed, especially in wealth and still remember God. That is the reason Christ said “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”. More so, we need God more in times of blessings because, without Him, we may not be able to stand the level of antagonism the wicked world would throw at us knowing that we are enjoying God’s grace. Wise Man Christopher captured the scenario thus: “Why do you need God more? You need God more in blessings than in poverty because the blessings of God always attract uncommon challenges, persecution, hatred, envy or jealousy from the people of the world in such an extent that it is only God that can see you through. If God is not involved in your life then, nobody will see you through them”



Just as God’s mercies endure forever, the testimonies He has put on the lips of His children continue to increase. The following testimonies are a confirmation of the mighty works of God at The SCOAN. As you read, may God locate you with your own testimonies in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Mr. Caleb Awolola, a party stalwart in Lagos received an invitation to attend leadership training in the United States alongside 22 other persons. Being a first-timer to the American Embassy, his approach to the visa interview was different and wise. Before leaving for the American embassy, venue of the visa interview, he had ministered the Morning Water on all necessary documents including his international passport, invitation letter and appointment letter, calling on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come to his aid.


When he arrived at the venue of the interview and while queuing and waiting for his turn, he continued to meditate, asking the son of David to see him through the process. To his greatest surprise, the man who interviewed him only asked very basic and simple questions most pertaining to his personal life. Satisfied with his response, the man collected his passport and asked him to return on a later date to collect his visa. To the glory of God, on the stipulated date, Mr. Awolola collected his visa and has since travelled to the United States. Out of the 23 that attended the interview, he was the only granted the visa. This was a big surprise to his colleagues who attended the interview together with him.

He came back to The SCOAN to testify to the good thing God has done for him through the Morning Water medium. He advised the people of God to pray always and leave everything to God.


Having graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon, in 2013 with a first class honours, it remained a mystery that Mrs. Rolanda Yennah could not secure admission for her Master’s in the same school. All efforts she made resulted to failure. Even when she tried to buy multiple admission forms to increase her chances, it remained the same sad story. This unfortunate story continued for 9 long years. In 2012, she once again decided to apply for three different admissions: Master in African Studies, Master in Adult Education and Bachelor of Law.


After submitting the admission forms, she dreamt that she was sitting for an exam. But while other candidates were busy writing, she was moving from hall to hall in search of her index number. According to her, before that very dream, she had discovered that each time she applied for admission, she always found herself in dreams where invigilators would stop her abruptly and ask her to submit her papers.

Convinced that she needed God to hamper the vicious cycle of failure in her life, she set out for The SCOAN. Upon receiving the Morning Water at The SCOAN, she returned home and began to minister it in prayer. To her amazing delight, those dreams of sitting for exams became a thing of the past in her life. Afterwards, she sat for and passed the exams as well as interviews for the three admissions she applied for. To the glory of God, she received the three admission letters and has decided to go for the Bachelor of Law, dropping the Master in African Studies as well as the Master in Adult Education. Testifying with so much joy and confidence in God’s power, she urged the people to embrace the anointing in the Morning Water and run to God in times of trouble rather than waste their time blaming and suspecting others.


For Mrs. Chinwe Biereagu, her daughter’s incessant bed-wetting had become a pill too bitter to swallow. She found it very hard to come to terms with the disgraceful challenge which had haunted the lass since childhood. It even became a family embarrassment when her daughter’s younger siblings chased her out of their room as a result of her challenge and forced her to sleep on the same bed with their mother who also confirmed that her daughter bed-wetted thrice every night. Fed up with the whole situation and having consulted many people with no solution, she opted for The SCOAN.


During The SCOAN Mass Prayer, Mrs. Biereagu raised Favour’s picture while keying into the powerful declarations of deliverance, healing and breakthrough by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. On getting home, her daughter informed her how she also keyed into the Mass Prayer believing God for her deliverance from the yoke of bed-wetting.  Mrs Biereagu had also received the Morning Water which she ministered on her daughter. Through the power and grace of God in the Mass Prayer and Morning Water, Favour is now free from the torment of incessant bed-wetting. Thanking God for her deliverance, Favour advised people with similar challenges not to patronise native doctors but rather run to God for their deliverance.


Mr. Chukwuemeka Eleje had a premonition of an impending danger as he drove his family of eight back to Niger State after a visit to his village.


When he mentioned his apprehensions to his wife, she advised him to minister the Morning Water which they had right there in the car. He did as she advised and the journey continued. Somewhere along the road, they encountered an acquaintance whose car had broken down and decided to offer a helping hand by towing the vehicle. As they towed the vehicle, the rope kept cutting itself at intervals prompting them to stop by at a market to get a bigger and stronger one.


Having fixed the new rope, the towing continued bringing with it an unfortunate story. As the vehicles trailed each other connected by the towing rope, Mr. Chukwuemeka could only remember hearing a loud bang. Both cars started swerving dangerously on the road creating a pathetic scene on the express way and attracting the attention of other travelling vehicles. Mrs. Eleje who was in front with her husband continued to call on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to intervene. Their car eventually got loosed from the car it was towing, somersaulted seven times and headed into a ditch inside a bush. Against all expectations, no member of his family inside the car was hurt neither was any member of his acquaintance’s family of five hurt. Even the car which was eventually pulled out of the ditch by a crane was not affected as none of its parts was damaged as it was the same car he used to convey his family back home. Testifying before an applauding congregation, Mr. Chukwuemeka Eleje in company of his entire family thanked God for the miracle of saving their lives. He advised people to hold on to God and desist from patronising native doctors.


Mr. Francis Yagarga has been working with the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital for 28 years as a nurse but suffered career setback for reasons he could not fathom. However, from his observations, something was wrong somewhere as he was made to realize that even his promotion have been hijacked by unknown forces.


Unsatisfied with the dimension his career was taking, he came down to The SCOAN in search of solution believing that God would turn his situation around and declaring that his past was over. He received the Morning Water and started to minister it in prayer. He also received the Faith Bracelet with which he observed prayerful meditations, asking God to take more of him and give him more of Himself.

Soon things began to take a positive turn. His promotion that had been hijacked by some forces was restored. He was appointed the Vice Principal, Academic of his institution. Grateful to God for restoring his promotion, he urged the congregation to leave all their burdens for God.



For many months, Miss Wilson Powel battled with the problem of ceased menstruation which saw her visit many hospitals and consume many drugs all to no avail. She was not happy with the way things were turning out and decided to visit The SCOAN, the Arena of Liberty. At The SCOAN, she received the Faith Bracelet with which she embarked on meditation on the Word of God asking God to take more of her and give her more of Himself.


Getting home that fateful day, she felt some stomach discomfort. Nonetheless, she went to sleep and waking up the next morning, she discovered that her menstruation was restored. Standing before the congregation at The SCOAN, she thanked God for using the Faith Bracelet medium to answer her prayer.



Mrs. Zaratu Audu from Ghana had a terrible waist pain that resulted to her difficulty in walking for seven long years due to lumbar spondylosis. She could not do anything but locked herself up in the room crying all day. In the midst of her anguish, a friend introduced her to the Emmanuel TV and she took great interest in the power-packed healings and deliverance taking place at The SCOAN. She thereafter came down to Lagos.


When she got to The SCOAN, she was arranged at the Prayer Line where the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for  her in Jesus’ name. Since that time, she has been walking well and doing all her domestic duties excellently. All the pains and the difficulty that made her cry have all disappeared. Filled with joy and gratitude to God, she told the congregation that God wiped away her tears by using the man of God to heal her. She advised people all over the world to call upon God whenever they carry a burden because He will surely deliver them.


After the testimonies, clips of the happenings in Day 1 of the historic “Two-Day Crusade With Prophet T.B. Joshua” in the nation of Mexico was shown to the congregation and viewers all over the world.


God never stops giving us reasons to praise His Holy name. Through the medium of the Morning Water which was ministered to the congregants in Jesus’ name, the people were delivered from their various afflictions. To God be the Glory!


The mood at The SCOAN during the Sunday service of May 3, 2015 was ecstatic with demonstrations of how God’s people can be passionate in praise and thanksgiving for all the love their Father in heaven has been showering on them all the while. From the countenances of the visibly excited and elated congregants to the lyrical depth of the chorister’s deliveries, it was very obvious that they had come because of their love for the presence of God at The SCOAN as the Emmanuel Singers would put it in UNDER HIS EYES: “… HE watches over us day and night. We are not alone”.

PTBJIn furtherance of the biblical concept of love and its applicability to the Christian life, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, spoke philosophically about the subject and made fundamental allusions to the Bible in which love is described as the greatest. The same love that inspired Christ to lay down His life for mankind is the most universal price Christians have to pay to enter the kingdom of God: “Faith cannot work alone. Faith works by love. Without love, faith is faithless. This is the challenge we have in Christendom – we have faith but no love. That makes us live in a faithless generation. If there is love, the church will be one – but the church is not one. If there is love, there will be unity”.


According to the man of God, the totality of a Christian’s life is measured in terms of the love he extends to God and the people around, especially his neighbours and even those who hurt him/her: “A true Christian is measured by how much he loves God and his neighbour. God measures our life by our love for Him. Faith without love is faithless. Hope without love is hopeless. In 1 Corinthians 13:13, there are three things that will last forever – faith, hope and love. Among them, the greatest is love”.


At a time when the whole world is being strangulated by hate and bitterness, Prophet T.B. Joshua re-echoed the Christian standard of loving one another, irrespective of colour, race or religion. The man of God drew the attention of the congregation to the need to place our love for God above all other considerations: “Your belief in God is calculated by how much love you have for God and your neighbour. God is love. He who abides in love abides in God and God in him. It is not enough to believe in the unity of God but you must love Him above all things. I believe Jesus – it is not enough to believe in the unity of God. You must love God above all things. We must love one another, irrespective of religion or faith”.


In his conclusion, Prophet T.B. Joshua once again reminded Christians of the inevitability of trials and tribulations even in the face of all the love they show to the world. But he/she who continue to place God’s love above all things will never relent in showing love even to those who do not value it. Tribulations will continue to come because life is not meant to be sweet all through: “As you go, there is going to be difficult times. If anyone says life will be sweet throughout, it is not true. The Bible says in this world there will be tribulation but cheer up – I have overcome. Life is all about good times and hard times. If you are not from God, hard times will reveal you. If you are from God, those hard times will strengthen your desire and make you stronger and stronger. Your life is measured by your love for God”.




Just as God’s mercies endure forever, the testimonies He has put on the lips of His children continue to increase. The following testimonies are a confirmation of the mighty works of God at The SCOAN. As you read, may God locate you with your own testimonies in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.


For Mrs. Irakoze Nweta, a Tanzanian national, it took an unshakeable faith in God for her to put the devil to shame. Having been diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy in 2013, the only option left for her was to undergo an operation that would see the pregnancy terminated in order to save her life. Her father, a staunch Christian had encouraged her to minister the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker as soon as she conveyed to him the result of the ultra-sound scan carried out by her doctor. 

After ministering the anointing materials as directed by her father, she was encouraged to go and face her doctor in faith. On the scheduled day of the operation, a sister came to remind her that with God, all things are possible! She told her that pregnancy is God’s gift to her and she should not tamper with what God had given her. As she continued to minister the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker, she defiantly refused to undergo an operation and left to another hospital. Within just one hour, the second hospital tested her and confirmed that the baby in her womb was completely normal and there was no trace of the ectopic pregnancy! Returning to the other hospital to request the discontinuation of the planed operation, the doctor was not happy with her. He therefore asked her to sign a document exonerating himself from whatever happens to her since she refused to go on with the operation. Several hours later, she delivered a bouncing baby boy without an operation and no complication! Everyone at the hospital was so shocked, the doctor in charge even personally calling the her into his office and telling her to ‘keep serving God’.

Testifying at The SCOAN in company of her mother and her baby boy, Mrs. Bukoro urged people all over the world to have trust and faith in God.



Mrs. Georgina Ayamba was jolted by her doctor’s findings. The Ghanaian teacher was told by her doctor that all those body pains, headache and waist pain were as a result of hepatitis B, a terminal viral infection that has no known cure. Carrying out her domestic duties became very difficult even as it became apparent that she needed urgent help. The only help the doctor could offer was to give her some medication that would relieve the pains she felt.

Having realised that she was the only one infected in the entire family, her husband suggested they undergo a 3-day fasting and prayer in order to seek God’s help concerning her condition which he described as an attack. After the fasting and prayer session, Mr. Ayamba reminded his wife of the exploits of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, via the Emmanuel TV channel which they watched frequently. Encouraging her to key into the miracles at The SCOAN, he told her he was sure that as soon as she stepped into The SCOAN, all her problems would be over.

2Arriving at The SCOAN, Mrs. Ayamba was privileged to receive the Anointing Water with which she returned to Ghana in high spirits. That night, the couple prayed together while Mrs. Ayamba ministered the Anointing Water on her entire body. As she slept, she noticed that her body was so light. Unknown to her, the mighty hand of God in the Anointing Water medium was already at work in her life.

That same night in her dream, she found herself at The SCOAN where an usher was telling her not to mingle herself with sick people. The usher directed her to a different position declaring that she was not sick. When she woke up, she narrated her dream to her husband who thanked God and explained to her that the dream was a victorious one. She decided to return to the hospital to carry out another test. On getting to the hospital, she insisted on having another test carried out on her and behold, the result read negative. The hepatitis B virus had disappeared. How it happened, only God knows!

Filled with joy and the spirit of thanksgiving, Mrs. Ayamba vowed to continue to serve God for the rest of her life.


Mr. Don Eromosele suffered from gastro enteritis and did everything he could to cure himself but instead of getting better, the ailment got worse. As a lecturer, it was so embarrassing that on some occasions, he would have to run away from class to avoid messing himself up. Matters got to a head on a particular day when his condition worsened to the extent that he was stooling uncontrollably, running very high temperature and sweating profusely. He was rushed to the hospital by his wife and placed in the emergency ward.

After several tests and treatments, there was no improvement. Instead, his condition worsened. The hospital could not hide their frustration with his inability to recover. By the time the family became financially constrained, the wisest thing they did was to take him home. Back home, it was a sad tale. He was so destabilized by his condition that he could not even sit down properly. His wife became his greatest asset at this point. She would move him from one direction to the other and ensured that he was okay to some extent.8

Mr. Eromosele was eventually introduced to The SCOAN by his younger brother who insisted that he needed to seek solution there. Arriving at The SCOAN, he had lodged in a hotel awaiting the registration of visitors who wanted to be at the Prayer Line. In his hotel room, he realized that the Emmanuel TV channel was aired. As he watched the Emmanuel TV, his attention was attracted to the prayers of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua who was talking to viewers all over the world declaring that every sickness, affliction, curse and yoke were broken in Jesus’ name.

Keying into the prayers by the man of God, Mr. Eromosele managed to stretch his hand and placed it on the screen of the television responding with loud “amen” together with his wife. After the prayer, he placed his hand on his stomach and behold, a loud noise was heard as he felt a sensation of heat all over him. For the first time in a long while, he could sit down comfortably for long without rushing to the toilet. Even his temperature began to normalize.8B

Thanking God for the unexpected way his healing came, Mr. Eromosele confessed that he had wanted to go to the Prayer Line but received his healing in his hotel room through Emmanuel TV. To confirm his miraculous healing, tests were carried out and they showed that his condition was normal. All anomalies within his system were cleared through prayer via the Emmanuel TV channel. To God be the Glory!



Hon. Joseph Bassey was a chronic smoker. This was not just an addiction – it was an obsession! For 21 years, he smoked in a continuous chain – it was his first action in the morning and his last at night. “It was only when I slept that I didn’t smoke,” the Nigerian politician explained. Even politically, the bad habit was an embarrassing hindrance. As a member of the Cross Rivers State House of Assembly, he would be restless and rush to present his views so as to quickly leave the chambers and smoke.6

One fateful day, Hon. Joseph visited his sister’s house and discovered them watching a Christian television station. It was Emmanuel TV. Intrigued by the events he was watching, the Nigerian politician decided to install Emmanuel TV in his own house. The more he watched, the more his faith began to grow! One day as Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for viewers, Hon. Bassey decided to reach out and touch the screen of his television. A strange sensation erupted within his system and he immediately rushed to the restroom. After passing out an unusual substance, Hon. Bassey felt different. It was as if something had left him. From that day forward, smoking has become a thing of the past! “People even placed bets in my community as to when I would return to smoking,” the politician laughed, explaining that no one believed it was possible he could quit smoking. He added that his freedom from smoking has led him to introduce Emmanuel TV to multiple chain smokers in his community. Amazed at his transformation, many of them also received their deliverance from the addiction through Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayers in Jesus’ name.

In addition, Hon. Bassey’s wife was diagnosed with a fibroid, rendering the couple childless. She had even travelled to India for an operation but still remained unable to conceive. After coming to The SCOAN and receiving the Anointing Water, he ministered it to his wife, praying that God would bless their home with a child. They met as husband and wife and shortly afterwards, his wife became pregnant and delivered a bouncing baby boy!

Finally, Hon. Joseph testified that he was successfully re-elected to Cross Rivers House of Assembly in the recently concluded elections, adding that he was the only candidate in his state that ran an election without an opponent in the primaries. “The favour of God in my life since I came to know Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Anointing Water is just too much,” he testified. Advising congregants, especially politicians, he stated that there can be no genuine success without God. “You need God’s grace and guidance to serve in any capacity,” he said.



The government company in Nigeria where Mr Aranki Rimamsike worked was taken over. With more than 50% of the workforce retrenched, the Adamawa-based man feared he was about to lose his job and source of livelihood. Deciding to rush down to The SCOAN, he was among those who received the Anointing Water which he ministered in his office while awaiting his fate. Remarkably, Mr Aranki was not only retained but promoted! A job that his new boss told him was actually reserved for expatriates– the head of the entire Finance Department – was miraculously given to him.3

In addition, Mr Rimamsike had been wearing glasses due to a terrible case of poor vision for nearly 20 years. He could not even read bold letters without wearing spectacles. A spray of the Anointing Water however changed everything! Since ministering the Anointing Water in his eyes, Mr Aranki woke up the following morning and ‘forgot’ to wear his glasses. For over one year now, he has not touched the glasses and his vision is perfect!




Mr. Jan Ntamane from South Africa started an eco-tourism project in his country in 2007 but got stalked along the line in 2010 due to certain challenges. Some other business owners had sued him to court arguing that he did not get the necessary approvals before embarking on the project and must be immediately demolished. And being an environmentally sensitive location, the matter assumed serious dimensions. He was summoned by the provincial government and the high court on different occasions. He was undeniably in the eye of the storm almost going bankrupt in a bid to clear himself. He had even borrowed money from a prominent South African bank but instead of progress, trouble was rearing its ugly head. Mr. Ntamane also experienced a bizarre trend in which robbers would visit and rob him during every winter for several years at the premises of the same project.

1Bent on disentangling himself from the legal battle that could cost him his investment, he visited The SCOAN in March 2013. As soon as he arrived at The SCOAN, he felt flashes of hope and envisioned himself making progress in life. By the time he eventually met the man of God, instead of talking about his business, the man of God counselled him about his health and the need to avoid worry. After offering him counselling and prayer, the man of God gave him the Anointing Water which he ministered in Jesus’ name.

Upon returning to South Africa, the case, which was taken to the highest legal court in South Africa and widely reported in newspapers across the country, was incredibly struck out alongside all the charges against him. Mr Ntemane explained that his case is now the subject of study for South African legal students specializing in the environment due to its unique nature!

Radiating the glory of God, Mr. Ntamane urged people to minister the Anointing Water in faith and that God will see them through.




When Miss Franca bought a set of attractive beads from an unusual market woman, little did she know her life would be plunged into the throws of demonic bondage. In a dream the night before, the young lady saw herself wearing an unusual set of beads. Waking up, a small voice within prompted her to visit the local market where she discovered the very same beads she saw in the dream available for sale.

Wearing it around her waist, Franca instantly became connected to a world under the water. She would see herself in a river in the dream, dressed in fine robes and sending people on errands as if she were a queen. Physically however, trouble erupted. Franca was disgustingly raped shortly after her demonic acquisition, the abuse followed by a strange sequence of events. Firstly, men began romantically approaching the young lady, as if she possessed something that seduced or enticed them. In addition, she lost all interest for her academics and schooling, eventually dropping out. Also, her menstruation strangely ceased after she wore the beads. As the setbacks and disappointments continue to mount in her life, she succumbed to the advice of a friend to visit The SCOAN for deliverance. As Prophet T.B. Joshua offered mass prayer, he began releasing prophetic words to the congregation. “There is a lady here with beads around her waist,” he instantly pronounced. “This stands for destruction.” Franca was shocked. She had not told anyone of the jewellery surrounding her waist. Coming forward, she renounced her covenant with demons through the unusual beads and removed them from her body. The following day, her menstruation was restored and she has been disconnected from that evil chain that satan had used to connect her to himself.

During the service, words of prophecy were given by Prophet T.B. Joshua to the congregants pointing them to their future success. The man of God then went on to the prayer line section of the church and the name of Jesus Christ was again glorified through the miraculous healing and deliverances that took place in the lives of the people.





The SCOAN Sunday service of April 26, 2015 witnessed as usual, the untamed expression of divine love, favour and power in the Word. Excited and spurred on by their faith, the congregants cherished every moment in profound praise and worship joining the choristers in their soul-lifting renditions that enjoyed instrumental harmony. P TBJThe lyrical content of every song delivered captured the depth and power in the Word of God upon which the entire congregation based their faith in expectation of a windfall of blessings.

Prepared to further boost their faith with the Word, its essence and dynamics, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua illuminated the concept of resurrection and how it elevates the true Christian to enviable heights in the salvation and redemption of his/her life: “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God” (Colossians 3:1).

The man of God spoke of the need to embrace the Word of God and act upon it. He stated: Faith is of man’s heart, man’s spirit. Your spirit can only be renewed by studying and acting upon the Word of Christ. You may read the Bible for so many years; if you do not act it, you are not a doer and the mind is not renewed. Many bible students are deceiving themselves saying that they are studying the Bible, because they are not acting, living and doing the Word. The Word is God speaking to you. God and His Word are one. The Word of God is always now”.

Our relationship with God, the man of God posited, has to be in the now at all times. Because your relationship with God is not now, that is why you are facing ups and downs in life. The Word is always now – I receive now, I confess now, I believe now, I act now. If Daniel’s relationship with God was not now, the lion would have consumed him. If Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s relationship with God was not now, they would have been consumed. If David’s relationship with God was not now, history would have taken over him. The Word of God I am talking about is not in the book, not in the written pages but on the lips of believers”.

Admonishing Christians to desist from the vain act of focusing their attention on transitory challenges, Prophet T.B Joshua urged them to focus on God. He also advised them to realise that there is no crown without a cross. In other words, there must be challenges to be faced before breakthrough: “People are always conscious of their problems not God. If you now begin to be conscious of God, you can never be conscious of your problem. Your problem and satan go together. They are synonymous. Indirectly you are confessing satan when you are conscious of your problem and this nullifies your confession of God. Achiever needs to pass through the valley of the shadow of death before he can be an achiever”.

Concluding, the man of God provided the roadmap through which Christians can attain victory through the Word in Christ Jesus: “The battle starts from your heart. If you don’t start that battle from your heart, when trouble comes and you begin to fight that battle, you can’t win that battle. If you can fight it from your heart, you will overcome”.


Every testimony at The SCOAN is a proof of the power in the Word of God. When the man of God binds demons or prophesies breakthrough, he puts the Word of God into action through the precious name of Jesus Christ which knows no bounds. Even distance is not a barrier. The following testimonies reveal how Jesus Christ’s power brought onto the scene led to ground-breaking miracles in the lives of the people.



Mr Boukari from Republic of Benin had been under the yoke of sexual pervasion and lust right from his childhood. His case was so pathetic that at the age of 18, he impregnated three different girls in the same month. Troubled by the problems his reckless sexual attitude was causing, he had been to so many places in search of a solution but without success.

When he travelled to Libya, instead of coming back with good news and greater prospects, he came back like a villain having impregnated a woman who bore him two children. He eventually abandoned the woman and her two kids and returned to his native Benin. Back home in Benin, he met another woman whom he impregnated and abandoned soon after she had given birth to the child. His unbecoming sexual attitude continued to ravage his life like a wild fire. It was difficult for any woman to resist or turn down his advances. His desperate desire for a solution to his problem brought him to The SCOAN.

Dressed in uniform attire with a lady who sat beside him in the church auditorium, Mr Boukari was shell-shocked when the man of God beckoned on him and the lady to step out. At that juncture, the story took a new twist. God had revealed to the man of God that the couple were not legally married but only met in a hotel. Hearing that prophesy, the couple knew that they really needed some spiritual help. Both came out in confirmation of the words of prophecy.  Narrating how they had met in a hotel and fallen in “love” at first sight, Miss Catherine recalled how she had declined Mr Boukari’s attempt to give her a ring insisting that she needed the consent of her parents before that could be done. Mr Amio had actually proposed marriage to her but she preferred to carry her parents along.

Confirming the prophecy of the man of God to be true, the couple confessed that their lives had taken new fashions after receiving prayers. While Mr Boukari testified to the disappearance of his sexual pervasion and the newness of his life, Miss Catherine also confirmed that her immoral life had since been taken over by a new life full of peace and happiness. In fact, she even confessed that she no longer felt anything for Mr Boukari, the same man she could not resist that fateful day when they first met.



Mr Tedus, a Nigerian businessman residing in Cameroon was doing his normal business and leading a normal life until he embarked on an excursion trip to Asia. Done in Asia, the airline conveying him back made a long transit that saw him and other passengers accommodated in an African country for the period of that transit. While in his hotel, he had made new male friends and had decided to enjoy the moment to the brim. He had gone swimming to ease off some stress but that singular act was to become his greatest undoing. That night, he had seen himself swimming in his dream in that very swimming pool where he had swum earlier that day. Waking in a cold sweat, he felt a strange presence. An unusual affection for men began developing within him. Inexplicably deciding to break up with his fiancé, he soon nursed his lust for men by downloading gay pornography on the internet. This eventually rippled into several strange relationships as affection for his fellow men took over his faculties. His work as a translator in a popular church merely a disguise for his nocturnal misadventures, Tedus considered being gay as ‘normal’, not realising a spirit was behind his sudden change in affection.

His pastor in Cameroon beckoned on him one day and insisted that he travel to The SCOAN in Nigeria for deliverance. Arriving at The SCOAN in January 2014, the young man received a powerful deliverance. The demonic spirit confessed it was behind his problem, giving him ‘passion’ for his fellow men. Today, the story of Tedus has radically changed as the affection for men disappeared as quickly as it came. Tedus explained he now has a zeal to pray and read the Bible, choosing to no longer engage in the carefree, partying lifestyle that led him to trouble in the first place. To cap off the remarkable transformation, Tedus did not come to The SCOAN alone! Accompanied by a young lady he introduced as Jessy, the beaming young man told the congregation that this was the lady he planned to marry, adding that he had come to seek God’s opinion before going ahead with nuptials. His advice was simple. “If you are living such a life, you must understand that it’s not normal. There is a spirit behind such acts. Deliverance is the answer!”

Let us remind you what Prophet T.B. Joshua said concerning this issue in response to a question on Facebook: “Judge not, so that you will not be judged (Matthew 7:1). We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. God hates sin, not sinners. When I say, ‘Do not judge so that you will not be judged’, I mean we should hate sin, not the sinner because sinners can change. If you have killed a sinner by judging him, there will be no opportunity for change. Sinners can be delivered. We should hate the act, not the people because our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the ‘spirit beings’ that cause all these acts.

The Bible is my standard. If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to. Those that are asking this question – if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that are reading me – if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer.”




HON. SALOME AUDU JAKANDE (1)Having served Nigeria as a federal Minister on two occasions, Hon. Salome Audu Jankada (OON) from Taraba State was made to realise that spiritual attacks are no respecters of status and opulence.
Seated in her house one fateful day, she had felt a sensation like a pin prick at the back of her foot only to discover that the foot had swollen the next day.
She felt great pain as her entire body burned like fire. She could no longer walk and had to be lifted by her husband who is a medical doctor. Rather than depend on the medical training of her husband, she asked him to take her to The SCOAN. She declared she was not going to die even though she had witnessed two deaths from similar circumstances.

Inspired by a strong faith that she would be healed at The SCOAN, her husband made the necessary arrangements for their journey to Lagos even though there was no service at The SCOAN on that day. HON. SALOME AUDU JAKANDE (2)At the airport, she was wheeled into the aircraft as the journey to Lagos began. On arriving at The SCOAN, she could not see the man of God but received the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker with which she and her husband gladly returned home. They ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and today, she is completely healed.

Demonstrating her fitness and ability to do those things she could not do before, she thanked God for her healing and advised the people all over the world to stick with the will of God in whatever they did.



MR. LOUIS DEDE (1)Mr Louis Dede from Imo State, Nigeria was driving home from work one day when he came across a pothole and slowed down.

Suddenly, two armed robbers jumped out from a nearby bush, shouted “Stop!” before they started firing bullets directly at him in order to take his life, but little did they know the dash of his car was equipped with divine protection – MR. LOUIS DEDE (2)Mr Louis had placed two Anointing Stickers by faith on the dash of his car. Amazingly, by the power of God in those Anointing  Stickers, the bullets were unable to penetrate the windshield and his life was spared.




For Mrs Rita Bridget Hunter, a fashion designer and Canadian citizen of Ghanaian descent, life was miserable for twelve long years after she had lost her job following an industrial accident in which her hands became numb while she suffered from severe backache. MRS. RITA HUNTER (1)Her husband was left to carry the burden of ensuring that she was okay. Having been to many places in search of solution without any positive result, she was introduced to The SCOAN by a pastor.

MRS. RITA HUNTER (2)She eventually visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. Back in Canada, she started ministering the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and soon began making unique designs, a proof that her numb hands and backache were things of the past.
She went back to school and she excelled in her diploma examination scoring thirty over thirty. Displaying photos of the beautiful and wonderful designs she has done after she received her healing, she advised people to keep watching Emmanuel TV, stressing that Jesus is the answer to all their problems.



Mr Richard Prah from Ghana found his life on the trenches of suicide after he had lost everything to robbers. Earlier in 2010, they had robbed him of silver and gold jewelleries only to come back for the kill in 2012; this time, a whopping $60, 000 worth of jewelleries were carted away from his shop. He soon realised that there was a trend of evil always threatening his progress after every two years. While trying to come to terms with the huge loss and how to settle people whose jewelleries had been stolen in the robbery, his landlord asked him to vacate his apartment even when it was apparent his rent was not yet due.

MR. RICHARD PRAHPsychologically troubled by the sad realities around him, he would think of suicide and would sometimes find himself sleeping on the steering while driving. On some occasions, he would find himself drive into a bush, coming out of the car and walking around aimlessly. It was obvious that the problems of life were taking a huge toll on his psyche. He got himself involved in many unwholesome things in search of a solution. One night, he dreamt that his mother brought him to The SCOAN where the man of God laid hands on him at the Prayer Line.

Later on, he visited The SCOAN and was placed on the Prayer Line and the same way the man of God laid hands on him in that dream was the same way it happened on that day. According to him, as soon as the man of God touched his head, he heard a loud explosion. He got the Anointing Water and Sticker which he took back to his home in Ghana. He ministered the Anointing Water and placed the Anointing Stickers throughout his shop. He noticed that things began to change in his life. He was able to clear all his debts.


Two years later, the armed robbers who had been tormenting his life came back again but could not enter his shop because of the powerful anointing in the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers he had placed in his shop. Thanking God for transforming his life through the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker mediums, Mr Richard advised the congregation to seek God’s protection at all times.


During the service, many received prophetic messages from the man of God and the yoke of limitation, failure, sickness and affliction was broken just as those that were also placed on the prayer line received their breakthrough in Jesus’ name.


Sunday April 19, 2015 witnessed an outpouring of the Spirit of God during The SCOAN Live Sunday Service. With songs of praise and worship radiating throughout the entire auditorium and putting the congregants on their dancing feet in celebration of God’s benevolence, the Emmanuel Singers prepared the way for the man of God to impart the Word on the minds of God’s people.

Citing the admonition of Jesus to His faithful in John 16:33 (“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows but take heart because I have overcome the world.”), the man of God reminded Christians of the inevitability of trials in the Heavenly race, stressing the fact and cardinal truth that only in Jesus would the world find peace, redemption and triumph. But before these are attained, there must always be a season of trials and sorrows even as our Lord was put through from Golgotha to Calvary.

TB Joshua

“Your trials could be limitation in progress, setback, isolation or any foolish thing. Jesus is saying in this Scripture, ‘Even though the world is a danger place, in Me, you will be saved – I will keep you safe. Even though the world is a danger zone, a danger place, in me, I will keep you safe’. It means Jesus is closer to you than you, yourself”.

For those who are without Jesus and who have become more engrossed in their problems and challenges, the man of God said they are missing the privilege of enjoying the benefits which being under the cover of Jesus offers. As we cast our minds upon Jesus, He has promised to carry our burdens.

“If you are without Jesus, you will always be conscious of problems, fear instead of being conscious of Jesus. People are conscious of fear and problems but not of Jesus today. People are no longer conscious of God. If the way you are conscious of your situation was the way you were conscious of God, your life would not be like this.”

Commenting on the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Prophet T.B. Joshua observed that every country of the world has its peculiar challenges. This assertion brings us to the fact that even countries pass through trials in order to mature spiritually. It also shows that all human hassles are vanity because those who have fled their countries to South Africa have now realized that the real greener pasture lies in running unto God.

The man of God therefore urged all Africans to come together as one to fight the common enemy, satan. “The wound of one should be the wound of all. Whatever happens in any African country, we should be concerned and come together. We should see it as ours. Every continent is like a human being. One country may be leg, mouth, head etc. If anything happens to a part of the body, the whole body will feel it. That is the way it should be. Today, if anything happens, we evacuate our people. Why can’t we come together to redeem our continent? Africa, unite”.

Concluding, the man of God urged the congregation to use their faith to put a demand on the anointing as he took authority in Jesus’ name to lead a Mass Prayer against satan and all his evil antics manifested through generational curses and other means of disrupting the good works of God.

Week in, week out, the wonderful works of God in the lives of His people from all over the world are testified to at The SCOAN as a mere token of what our Father in Heaven can do. No matter the magnitude of the situation, nothing is beyond our God. Even distance is not a barrier. The following testimonies show that God is truly with us:

Mrs. Tebogo Nfana from Botswana suffered severe pains in her lower abdomen for eight long years. In her quest for medical solution, she was diagnosed by her doctors with an ovarian cyst. The pain that accompanied her health condition rendered her redundant at home as her husband took up her domestic duties such as preparing food and catering for the other needs of their children. The doctors would only administer painkillers to her, telling her that there was no other solution within their reach.

Ovarian Cyst

Moved by a faith that knew no bounds, all she needed to do was to touch the screen while her husband was being prayed for at the Prayer Line. Her husband had come down to The SCOAN in 2013 to stand as a connection point to his wife who was in far away Botswana. They had agreed in faith that as soon as he is being prayed for at the Prayer Line, she should just touch the screen for her healing. Just as her husband was about to receive prayer, he had sent her an SMS asking her to touch the Emmanuel TV screen to receive her healing. As her husband, who had already placed hands on his abdomen (to represent his wife), was being ministered to, Mrs. Nfana touched the TV screen to claim her healing in faith.

Minutes later after her historic display of faith, she felt pressed and rushed to the restroom to relieve herself. To her surprise, a large lump came out! After a while, she returned to her doctors to ascertain her state of health. As usual, a fresh scan was carried out. The result was a miracle. The ovarian cyst that had been earlier detected was nowhere to be found! Filled with indescribable joy and laughter, Mrs. Nfana told the congregation that there is nothing God cannot do and advised them to continue to use the Morning Water as a point of contact between them and their miracles in Jesus’ name.

For Mr. Michael Ayitey Powers, it was a huge embarrassment for months as he kept on jumping from taxi to taxi. It was not a status befitting for an internationally reputed cruiser weight boxing champion of Ghanaian descent. The last car he bought was eventually taken away from him after the purchase deal went awry due to some disagreements with the seller. This development turned him into a common pedestrian who only managed to use taxis from time to time. Soon, the gossip-mongering public began to bandy rumours about his taxi-boarding escapades. Shattered by those unsavoury experiences, he was in dire need of a change for the best. He desired a car befitting of his status and looked up to God for intervention.

As he was walking around one day, he saw a vehicle for sale which he admired at a car dealership showroom and decided to enquire about its cost. The Audi A4 car according to the owner was to go for fifty thousand Ghanaian Cedis. Even though he had no money at that point in time, he requested to test-drive the car. After test-driving the car, he was impressed with it and decided to park somewhere to pray to God for the provision of the money for the purchase of the car. Clutching his Faith Bracelet, he cried out to God asking him to prove Himself once again by making him the proud owner of the Audi A4.

Ayitey Powers

After praying and asking God to make him the owner of the car, he went back to the owner to hand the car over to him. Apparently expecting negotiations to begin, the owner was shocked when Mr. Powers told him that he would come back for the car because it belongs to him. After they had exchanged phone numbers he told the car owner that no one else would buy the car except him. After that encounter with the car owner, he moved on pondering on how to raise the money for the car.

While praying in church one day, he was informed by a friend that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was around. After church that day, he went to one of the ushers to find out if he could just say hello to the man of God. He was told that though, the man of God was in Ghana, he was not available at that moment, so Powers returned home. Being a multi-talented personality with interests in music and showbiz, he was on location for a movie and left his phone at home. When he returned, he discovered several missed calls including an SMS from The SCOAN requesting him pick his calls. By the time he called the number from The SCOAN, he was informed that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua had been trying to see him. He was however also informed that, though the man of God had returned to Nigeria, he left a message for him.

Hearing this message, he rushed down to the church thinking that the man of God had left some Morning Water for him. On getting to the church, he was ushered into a room where he saw one of the greatest wonders of his entire life! A big envelope filled with money was shown to him as the message left for him by the man of God. According to him, all through his professional boxing life, he had never seen that kind of money. Opening the envelope, he discovered he had been blessed with a huge financial. Speaking with authority, he immediately put a call across to the car owner to come for his money. That was how he became the proud owner of an Audi A4 open roofed car. Many people were unable to come to terms with the miraculous blessing that came Mr. Powers’ way; there were insinuations that he rented the car. But that was only a confirmation that God’s glory and power are beyond human comprehension.

Mr. Emmanuel Gati from Ghana suffered untold emotional trauma after the death, in a motor accident, of his loving wife whom he cherished so much. He was so stricken by her death that he collapsed and remained unconscious for four days. Even after he regained consciousness, the mental and emotional tolls weighed heavily upon his shoulders. Doctors diagnosed him with a heart attack. His business also suffered stagnation as he tried to sort his life out from the rubbles of emotional ruin. Burdened by the stark reality of his better half’s demise, some persons were speculating that he had a hand in her death. With the unfortunate interplay of all those incidents, it took only God’s grace for him to survive the sad odds conspiring against his happiness.

One of his friends who took profound notice of his withdrawn composure insisted that he had to come down to The SCOAN for spiritual rehabilitation. But that was a tall order for the grieving man whose wife was still in the mortuary, waiting to be laid to rest that week. Somehow, he bowed to the pressure to visit The SCOAN. Seated in the auditorium, he was spotted during prophecy time by the man of God who first and foremost cleared the air concerning the wrong accusations that he had a hand in his wife’s death. The man of God said Mr. Gati is a very responsible father who loved his wife and was shaken by her death. He even said that had Mr. Gati the power, he would have laid down his own life to save that of his wife.

Emmanuel Gati

The man of God prophesied that Mr. Gati is destined to be rich adding that the Petrol Station he had was only a tip of the iceberg. He said Mr. Gati would own petrol depots. Many people called to sympathise with him having realized through the man of God’s prophecy that he had no hand in his wife’s death. After the burial of his wife, he gradually began to get over all his emotional challenges.

True to the prophecy of the man of God, after the burial of his wife, he started and completed the construction of a multi-purpose stopover made up of a restaurant, shopping malls, a petrol station and fuel depots. His restaurant is now one of the most popular and prestigious in his area, attracting well over 3,000 guests on a daily basis. Confessing that his thinking, emotional life and health improved after coming to The SCOAN where he received the life-changing prophecy, Mr. Gati also said that his businesses took a dramatically prosperous turn to the glory of God.

Displaying pictorial evidence of his booming business empire, he thanked God for changing his story and urged the congregation to take advantage of the anointing available to break every yoke of poverty and setback in their lives!

We give all the glory to God for the wondrous events witnessed throughout the Sunday service and await greater things throughout the week as the presence of God that manifested so tangibly during the service continues to follow all those who participated in the life-changing service!

The Sunday service of April 12, 2015 was loaded with spiritual food for thought. The richness of the Word and its everlasting impact on the lives of Christians were echoed all through the service period. The excellent praise and worship songs that emanated from the choristers prepared the atmosphere for the congregants to absorb the spiritual nutrients dished out by the man of God for their edification.

Citing the injunction of Jesus to Christians in John 16:33 (“I have told you these things, that in me you may have peace, in this world you will have tribulations, But take heart, I have overcome the world.”), the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua admonished Christians on the need to realise the significance of their relationship with God. According to the man of God, troubles will always come but must not be allowed to separate us from our God. Hence, our reverence to God must be at all times not only in moments when we are blessed: “The Bible says, when everything seems not alright, bless Him, honour Him. He promises to honour those who honour Him. When certain things seem not alright with you, when you bless Him, He will bless you greatly… When you are sick, when the business is not going well or bad news comes and at that moment you bless Him, He promises to bless you greatly. If you are waiting to bless God when your trouble is over, you are not proving your son-ship. This is the challenge we are having. Some will say, “When I get the contract, I will give testimony”, meaning you are waiting for the contract before coming to give testimony.

DADDYSpeaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded Christians that the essence of trials and tribulations is to strengthen their faith and not to destroy or punish them. “Your tribulation cannot stop you but rather improve you. Your sickness cannot impair you but improve you. Sometimes, our situation does not improve us financially but spiritually. What you derive from that situation is that your Christian life becomes stronger. When your business collapses, you are expecting the business to turn around, not knowing that it is your spiritual life that the Lord wants to strengthen”.

The man of God stated that in God’s communication with His children, He often uses foolish things to communicate. If God does not want you to go to work because of what will happen there, you may see snakes, pythons on the road. You will say, “I cannot go to work”. Snake is a foolish thing.

In conclusion, Prophet T.B. Joshua observed that a true Christian is known only by the dominance of God’s Word in his/her heart and not by the words he/she speaks: “We can know you are a Christian when the Word of God dominates your heart. No amount of Word that dominates our mouth can make us a Christian. It is when it is dominating our heart that it influences our conduct and character”.

During the service, people came forward to testify of God’s miraculous power in His life.



MR OLUWOLE FUESTUSMr. Olasegha Oluwole Festus, a native of Ondo State was troubled by the sad realization that his career appeared gloomy and inexplicably discouraging. As an accountant, it was unthinkable that he remained in one spot for almost ten years without any clear-cut prospect of promotion both in official and financial terms. The scenario did not augur well with him as he became emotionally disturbed. In his bid to seek God’s intervention, he visited The SCOAN where the man of God prayed for him and gave him the Morning Water.

On reaching home, Mr. Festus ministered the Morning Water in passionate prayer to God to set him free from the strangulating career stagnancy that was tormenting his life. Inspired by his huge faith in God, he also ministered the Morning Water on his credentials and looked forward to a miracle with great hope. Soon after he had ministered the Morning Water, he was invited for an interview by another organization. The interview invitation came as a huge relief to him because he had confessed to his wife that he intended to step into the year 2015 with a new job.

On the day of the interview, he prayed to God reminding Him of the wonderful works He has done in the lives of people and praising His capacity to intervene in his own very case. He attended the interview and waited expectantly for God’s favour. Two weeks after the interview, he was called to come for his employment letter. Even though he was employed as Higher Account Officer, he was promoted a few days after resumption to Senior Account Officer in the most dramatic of manners. How it happened remains mystery even to him. Thanking God at The SCOAN for wiping away his financial woes and restoring his career, Mr. Festus admonished the congregation to hold on to God, irrespective of the challenges they may face stressing that He will see them.


Mrs. Fezeka Florence Olafusi would beat her husband, break things and go wild whenever the spirit of uncontrollable anger came visiting her. Her unpleasant attitudes had seen her lose her job on several occasions and had made her unable to cope with marriage. Mr. Clement Olafusi, a native of Ondo state, Nigeria is her third husband. He had also had enough of her overbearing attitudes. Beyond her anger, Mrs. Florence Olafusi had other challenges that required divine intervention. She was insatiable in many ways. Whatever her husband did for her was not enough, no matter how well he tried to satisfy her.MRS FLORENCE FEZEKA & HUSBAND

Her life pattern suggested some spiritual burden that needed to be lifted. She had even visited many places in search of deliverance but all her efforts yielded no solution.  Thus, a visit to The SCOAN became inevitable. As soon as she arrived at The SCOAN, her journey to redemption had begun. Seated in the auditorium in the midst of other worshippers, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, received some prophetic insights about her life and called her out. He prophesied to her that there were beads she usually wore which had affected her life rather negatively by making her insatiable in many ways. Confirming the prophecy of the man of God, she was instantly delivered. As soon as the man of God laid hands on her in Jesus’ name, she fell to the floor, vomiting blood and poisonous substances.

Testifying before the congregation, Mrs. Olafusi, thanked God for delivering her from her terrible attitudes.  According to her, the husband tried his best to please her but still, she was not satisfied. The husband was the one taking care of the baby, doing the cooking and washing yet, all this was not enough. These resulted in marital problems. On a particular day, they both engaged in a fight and she gave the husband a severe beating. However, when the husband hit her once, she reported him to the police and he was put in detention. He was about to be sentenced to five years in prison when she was pacified by the pastor of her church to withdraw the case. She also confirmed that the beads which the man of God spoke about were actually given to her by the woman who brought her up. Her husband, Mr Olafusi also confirmed the prophecy. He said before his wife’ deliverance at The SCOAN, he had wondered why she was never satisfied all through the two years they had been married. He told of how the wife was controlling his life. He had done his best to please her in all areas all to no avail. He became so frustrated that he went back to the life of drinking alcohol which he had dropped earlier. This progressed to the point where he got drunk on a daily basis just because of the problems in his marriage. He also narrated the incident that led him to police custody as earlier spoken by the wife, until the pastor of their church came to bail him out. Today, he is testifying of the tremendous changes in her since she received the prophetic message and deliverance in Jesus’ name. Now, she relates with him in a respectful manner. For Mrs. Olafusi, she remains grateful to God for giving her a new lease of life and has urged the congregation to depend on God in all their life battles.


Mrs. Daria Makaramba, a Tanzanian national was battling to free her life from the shackles of abject poverty. As a fashion designer, she had registered her company since 2006 but could not make much progress business wise. She had only two sewing machines and was operating at the corridor of her home. The discouraging nature of things instigated her decision to travel down to Nigeria in search of spiritual revival at The SCOAN.MRS DARIA MAKARAMBA

Just like many other earnest seekers of God’s favour, she arrived at The SCOAN where she was given the Anointing Water. Back home in Tanzania, Mrs. Makaramba continued to minister the Anointing Water, praying fervently to God to turn her situation around. As her prayers and the ministration of the Morning Water intensified, things began to take a promising shape. Her financial life was revived and her fashion designing business boomed. She purchased ten industrial sewing machines, employed fifteen workers and rented a premise of about 400 square meters.

Customers started chasing her confessing that they had never seen her before. It was obvious to her that some spiritual veil had concealed her glory. Business began to boom and she soon became financially independent. She is now the designer for ministers, companies, members of parliament and other public figures. She even has a VIP lounge in her office. She has participated in national and international trade fairs and fashion exhibitions and her designs have gained great reputation in Tanzania. She was also awarded with different certificates of The Highest Standard of Display and Best Displayer. She owns two cars and can now pay her children’s school fees. To God be the glory! She encouraged the congregation thus: “When God is involved in your matter, nothing else matters”.


ANTHONY DANJUMAFor four years Mr. Anthony Danjuma experienced untold hardship as a result of joblessness. For a father who has mouths to feed at home, it was not the best of experiences. All efforts to secure another job proved futile. He had written series of applications to various organizations without response. Somehow, he managed to carry on with his life hoping that things would take a positive turn. In the thick and thin of his trials, he had encountered Emmanuel TV in a friend’s house. Having watched the awe-inspiring miracles televised via the channel, he decided to install the decoder in his own house. He continued to watch and as his faith grew he decided to take a step and come down to The SCOAN.

At The SCOAN, he received the Morning Water and returned to his base in Kaduna state. Once home, he brought out all his credentials and ministered the Morning Water on them asking God to connect him to a good job. Afterwards, he received an advert on his phone about a job offer and applied asking God to be with the application. Some time later, he was invited for an interview by the organization.

On the day of the interview, he prayed fervently and ministered the Morning Water before leaving home. At the interview venue while it was about time for him to be called in, he quickly dashed to the restroom and once again ministered the Morning Water asking God to show him favour. As soon as he stepped into the interview room, he noticed that the entire panel received him very well. The interview lasted for fifteen minutes after which he left for home. He later received a call from the organization inviting him to a second interview where the few shortlisted candidates were expected to see the chairman and directors of the company in order for them to determine the best candidate.

At the interview venue, when it was approaching time for him to be ushered in to see the chairman, he again dashed to the restroom and ministered the Morning Water telling God to make him successful. To his surprise, upon entering the chairman’s office, he looked at him and told him that he preferred him for the job despite the fact that two others were still waiting outside for the interview. This declaration by the chairman confused the directors and other members of the panel who quickly alerted the chairman that two more people were still waiting outside for the same interview. The chairman insisted that he wanted Mr Danjuma for the job and his appointment letter should be prepared immediately. Today, he is the head of Clearing and Forwarding in an International Shipping Company.

Testifying to God’s intervention in his case, he urged the congregation to put their trust in God.


Mr. Happy Mandala had left his native Malawi to South Africa in search of greener pastures but life abroad became almost hellish. With a wife and daughter to take care of, he had no option but to depend on the goodwill of friends. Somewhere along the line, he got a job as a professional welder. The joy that came with that job soon vanished after he was sacked. Life returned to its bad side once again. After a while, a new and interesting job surfaced for him and his wife with provision for their transportation. They had hardly settled down before the job hit the brick wall. This time, certain provisions like transportation were being withdrawn gradually until he was told that his services were no longer needed. The young man wondered why his life’s happiness was being threatened by the vicious circle of setbacks at the brink of breakthrough.MR HAPPY MANDALA

It was in the centre of his life’s storm that he had a dream in which the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to him and instructed him to try another thing with his hands. After that encounter, he remembered his father’s love for Emmanuel TV and decided to install the decoder in his own house. As a measure of his faith and enthusiasm to prosper, he began to join the man of God in prayer via the Emmanuel TV channel claiming the prophetic declaration of “Let there be light in your career”. He then noticed that the idea of painting was taking deep roots in his heart but wondered how he could make a living with painting which he trivialized.

Within a short while, he was offered a painting contract from which he got the money he used to buy his first car. After some months, he was able to acquire two more cars. Within the few months of his painting career, he has achieved what he could not achieve financially, spiritually and materially for over five years as a professional welder. He has also confessed that a family jinx has been broken through his transformation. According to him, he became the first person from his family to travel by air and has vowed that his own children will follow the trend. Praising God for his transformation, he also testified to the miracle God wrought in the life of a friend who stood by him during his struggles. His friend and the wife, though comfortable, were battling with the problem of barrenness for some years until he introduced them to Emmanuel TV through which they prayed with the man of God for the fruit of the womb. Afterwards, the couple met as husband and wife and she became pregnant. To God be the glory, after nine months she delivered a bouncing baby boy. Sharing his testimony at The SCOAN with humorous enthusiasm, Mr. Mandala advised the congregation, especially the youths, to embrace Jesus.



For Mrs. Michelle Mbilizi, a Malawian national, it was double tragedy. While she was battling with financial problems and imminent business failure, her husband was unemployed and could not provide for the family. A woman who once boasted of an array of shops was only able to have one functioning. It dawned on her that something urgent had to be done. The decision to visit The SCOAN was inspired by her belief in the wonderful works God is doing through his servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

MRS MICHELLE MBILIZIThe visit to The SCOAN was interesting especially because the couple received the Morning Water. When she returned to her country, she ministered the Morning Water and things began to change. Her car hire business which had been lying inert began to boom. A big company hired four of her cars on a contractual basis for one year. As things continued to look up, she embarked on the construction of a lodge in Lilongwe. She also acquired 2.1 acres of land to build a hotel by the beach side.

As she continued to minister the Morning Water, she was able to establish an exclusive furniture shop measuring about 400 meters. In confirmation of God’s favour upon her through the Morning Water medium, she submitted a tender and applied for a government contract. Before submitting the documents, she had ministered the Morning Water on them. To her greatest joy, she was awarded the huge contract that she applied for. Soon after, she was awarded with two more contracts. Mrs. Mbilizi was also awarded 150 square meters shop space in an internationally recognised mall and in addition she was allowed to choose her preferred spot for another furniture shop within the mall.

Now, she has her boutique and also a furniture shop at a prime location in an International Mall. Her boutique is one of the biggest in the mall. Her husband who was also jobless is now the Deputy High Commissioner of Malawi to India after ministering the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name.

She advised the congregation to get the Morning Water so as to witness the wonder-working power of God in their lives.

During the Sunday Service we also witnessed miracles of healings, deliverances and prophesies in the lives of people from all walks of life and the name of Jesus Christ was indeed glorified.


Sunday April 5, 2015 was Easter day and the special service at The SCOAN was set aside to commemorate the supreme sacrifice of the One who bore the sins of the world on the cross. It was a day to embark on sober reflections; a time to determine our relationship with the risen Christ who came to free the world from sin and sorrow and still lives in our midst through the Word. The Emmanuel Singers inspired untamed praise and embellished the day with melodious but thought-provoking tunes that will linger in the memories of passionate worshippers.



In a deep message, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the dual essence of the Word of faith. According to the man of God, the Word of faith exists on two cardinal platforms: in our hearts to believe and in our mouths to confess. That is the only way we can bring the Word into real action. Citing Psalm 107:20, the man of God observed: “He sent out His Word and healed them…” This means, His Word is quite different from the word you are used to. He sent forth His Word. He did not say, “He sent forth word” but, “He sent forth His Word”. If it is Christ’s Word, it is the Word of the Holy Spirit. Before you can make use of His Word, your soul must be guided towards it. When you want to speak His Word, your soul must be guided towards it. It means your spirit must act upon the Word”.

Symbolically speaking, Prophet T.B. Joshua analysed the Word of God and how it works in relation to the mystery of faith. “After you have planted the Seed – the imperishable Seed that is the Word of God, you believe it is growing before you see it grow. Before the Word of God is planted, it must be known, received and steadfastly trusted. It is not just to plant the Word. For the Word to dominate your heart, the Word must be known, received and trusted. This is faith, which is the evidence of things not seen. In Christ Jesus, we have perfect evidence of faith for any one of us to get rid of our doubts. You can get rid of your doubts by the Word of the Holy Spirit”.

Conclusively, the man of God gave the scriptural instruction for the workability of the Word in the life of anyone: “The Word is not planted until it is known, received and trusted. It is settled. You can never believe in Christ Jesus until the Word is known, received and trusted. When you receive it, you grow. When you continue to hear the Word, you grow.




He sent His Word and healed our diseases. The only thing we need to activate God’s Word into our miracles is to continue to grow our faith through Christ Jesus. The following testimonies will add to your faith and put you in a position to receive your own miracle, in Jesus’ name.




Miss Corrreitia Nguaiah, a Gabonese law graduate was tempted to take her life as a result of the unpalatable frustrations that greeted her inability to secure a job for almost three years after leaving school. In the midst of her tribulations, she headed to Nigeria to seek divine solution at The SCOAN.



Fortunately for her, she was able to meet the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua who prayed for her and declared her free. Two weeks after she had returned from Nigeria, she dreamt that she had secured a job and gave thanks to God when she woke up claiming the victory she had seen in the dream. In physical manifestation of her dream, she received two different job invitations within a space of seven days and was left to grapple with the best choice. She eventually settled for one and today serves as Administration Officer in a company.

Thanking God for turning her situation around, she also testified to His miraculous intervention in an already hopeless situation when a plane she had boarded to the Republic of Benin en route to Nigeria, suddenly developed a fault and started to descend rapidly to the emotional undoing of the entire passengers and crew members. According to her, most passengers had started crying because the manner in which the aircraft descended elicited the highest feelings of hopelessness.

Resigned to fate but with a whimper of hope in God’s ability to do all things, she clutched her Good Morning Sticker and prayed fervently for divine intervention in a situation when paranoia had begun to set in – a passenger had loosened his seat belt and had attempted to escape. Where to? Only God knew. Suddenly, the troubled aircraft regained its aerial composure as a result of the prayers offered by Miss Nguaiah. The rest is absolute praise to the Most High God.

By the time they landed, some of the air hostesses marvelled at the fervency with which she prayed while one who was visibly shaken by the incident burst into tears of joy. It was naturally unthinkable that an aircraft that was on the brink of a nosedive could be stabilised mid-air. God alone can muster the power to do that. Beaming with resplendent joy, she magnified the Holy of Holies for His intervention and advised the audience: “What seems impossible to man is possible to God. We should call on Him in times of trouble and He will answer us.


She had eaten the food given to her by an acquaintance and never suspected that the food gift had been contaminated with the charms of a witch doctor in Sudan who had used her name to conjure some demonic abracadabra. For four years, she battled to save herself from the molestations of a demon. Soon after eating that food Mrs. Lucia Haile, an Eritrean residing in Sweden lost her mind and went almost spiritually berserk under the diabolical influence of the bewitched food she had eaten. One early morning as early as 5am, she woke up to see a demon that appeared with a knife asking her to collect the knife and use it to stab her husband.



“The demon was urging me on to kill my husband. It was demanding blood and I could sense that it was desperately blood-thirsty”, she said. One day, while her husband was away at work, she was at home with her fourteen month-old baby when the demon appeared with the same knife and asked her to kill her child. The demon kept on pressing her to shed blood until she became tired and confused and decided to open up to her sister based in Eritrea. Her sister made an arrangement for her to see a priest in Eritrea reputed to have travelled extensively and in possession of the solution to such spiritual challenges. To convince her of his ability, the priest had called to say he knew what was wrong with her and that she only needed to come over to Eritrea.

When she got to Eritrea, the priest used some so-called “holy water” to clean her body, an action that did not yield any positive result. She was thereafter taken to a lake where she was bound and had to be dipped inside and lifted out to free her from the marauding demon. She was given a concoction made of sheep’s droppings and other vegetation to bath with for two months – all to no avail. It got to the extent that she had to bath with the blood of sheep in a bid to cleanse her from the contamination of the demon.

Back in Sweden, she encountered Christians who decided to help her by introducing her to Emmanuel TV. One of the Christians told her to go to The SCOAN for a lasting solution to her problem. When she got to The SCOAN, she was placed at the Prayer Line. As soon as she sighted the man of God, the demon told her to attack and kill him. But because the power of God supersedes all powers, the demon was brought down to its knees when the man of God laid hands on her. The demon within her came crashing down as she received her deliverance, in Jesus’ name.

Elated and full of thanksgiving, Mrs. Haile advised people, especially those who are experiencing similar problems to come to Jesus and receive their salvation. “Jesus is the way, the truth and the light”, she said.



For seven years, Mrs. Rose Nasimolo experienced career stagnation working with one of the international banks based in Uganda. She remained in the same spot for so long and was not happy with the state of things. Before her very eyes, new employees would come in, get promoted and move on with their lives while she remained rooted on the same spot. For those seven years, her rating was C3 from the possible best of A1.



Though her rating was averagely okay, she felt it was not a reflection of her real worth. While she was on the threshold of resigning from her employment out of frustration, her husband introduced her to Emmanuel TV. At first, she did not really come to terms with what she saw of the man of God’s preaching style but her husband encouraged her more. As she continued to watch, she was impressed with the life-changing deliverances and testimonies that she witnessed and her faith took a leap that was to change her story. She started joining the man of God in prayer by placing her hands on the screen. For the first time in seven years, her rating improved from C3 to B2. This development fortified her faith and belief in the presence of God at The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV.

Even though she was posted to a unit that was considered the lot of people who never did well, she was convinced in her mind that God was working out something. In 2014, she visited The SCOAN in the company of her husband. They were fortunate to receive the Anointing Water after receiving prayer at the Prayer Line. Before they departed Nigeria, one of the wise men assured them that God was already working out something good for them. Mrs. Nasimolo keyed into that assurance with a resounding AMEN.

By the time she got back to Uganda, a pleasant surprise was waiting for her. One month later, precisely April, 2014, she got a promotion after seven years. By the end of 2014, she had attained the highest job rating of 1A with six units to manage as a proof of her competence and performance.

Praising God for the breakthrough, Mrs. Nasimolo said she applied the Anointing Water every morning when she was on her way to work. According to her, she always prayed asking God to take control of her in both her utterances and actions while ministering the Anointing Water. She advised the congregation to have faith in God and never doubt His power and ability to turn things around.


Miss Yereke Motlogelwa is a student from Botswana who found it very hard to concentrate on her studies. Each time she tried to read her books, other distractive attractions popped their ugly heads into her mind. She would go on and on clubbing and drinking with friends to the detriment of her academic endeavours. For her, those distractions were more interesting and enjoyable because of the momentary pleasures that came with them. Her greatest problem was that she could not resist the urge for the nightlife whenever it arose.

Sometimes, her desire to study would be overtaken by the internet. She would chat endlessly with friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. Any moment her mind reminded her of the need to study, she would dose off into the stream of sleep. If she managed to read at all, it would be magazines and other soft-sell materials rather than her school books. All these culminated in her low performance rating in school. Bothered about the precarious path her life was towing, she made up her mind to visit The SCOAN in May, 2013.



At The SCOAN, she was privileged to meet the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua who prayed for her and gave her the Anointing Water. As she ministered the Anointing Water, she realised that her interest for those distractions waned while her desire and zeal for her studies increased. She became more and more attached to her studies rebuffing the invitations of friends who wanted her to hang out with them. Her life took a new and promising turn for the better. And having discovered the power of Jesus Christ in the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker, she would minister the former on herself while pasting the latter on her books. The result soon came. She scored a distinction in her exams and was recognised as the best student.

Praising God for His wonderful intervention in her case, she advised youths, especially students, to remain focused in their studies and avoid friends who would want to lure them away from their illustrious endeavours with distractions such as clubbing, drinking and social media.


He had woken up at midnight and had wanted to go to the bathroom but realised he could not get out of his bed. His walking capacity was threatened. On seeing his doctor, he was diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis. His condition became very bad as he could not carry out his official duties as a Town Planner. All the medications prescribed for him did not work and he became very confused and sad having to make do with a lumbar corset which was a burden on him. His wife’s business provided succour for the family’s upkeep while he battled with his condition.



Somehow, friends introduced him to Emmanuel TV and he started praying along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. To his surprise, as he prayed along with the man of God, he felt some relief and reckoned that he would be completely healed if he visited The SCOAN. True to his belief, he came to The SCOAN and was privileged to be at the Prayer Line where the man of God prayed for him. According to him, he felt something like an electric shock as soon as the man of God touched him and immediately he felt very light and discovered he could walk unaided to the glory of God.

Exalting God and His healing prowess, he advised people to learn to trust God rather than believe in their own strength because, like the Word of God says, “By strength shall no man prevail”.


Mrs. Nancy Okwengu was very optimistic about securing a good job after she had graduated from university in 2006 and had even obtained a post-graduate diploma to add to her credentials but all she could get was a contract job that was as uncertain as the future. Her initial term at the contract job was two weeks. From two weeks, it was renewed for one month. Even though she loved the job,



she could not come to terms with the frustrating feeling of uncertainty that pervaded the whole arrangement. The uncertainty continued until she mustered the courage to move on to another job. Though it was a hard decision to take, when the time came, she left the job and looked forward to a better one.

While she waited for a new job, she visited The SCOAN in December 2014 and attended the New Year Candlelight Service where she keyed into the prophetic declarations of career renewal by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. On getting to her native Kenya, she browsed the internet and discovered a job vacancy that greatly appealed to her. Coincidentally, it was the same organisation where she had worked years back. Against all doubts about her capability in the face of competition, she applied for the job and looked up to God for a miracle. By this time, her faith had been immensely boosted with the recent visit to The SCOAN.

Equipped with unbeatable faith, she would minister the Anointing Water on her credentials, placing the Anointing Sticker in-between them while waiting on God to show His power. Within her, she had the strong conviction that she would be called for the interview and would emerge the best candidate. Three weeks later, according to her faith, she was invited to attend an interview for the exalted position of Regional Communications Director with an international NGO.

On the day of the interview, the devil tried to punctuate her joy with sorrow. But God was on the throne. Her son who was usually very boisterous and full of health became the target. He was emitting puss from his ears much to the disorientation of his parents. Because of the level of puss from her child’s ear, she had to appeal to her husband to drive her down to the interview venue with the intention of taking him to the hospital after the interview. While ironing the dress she was to put on later for the interview, she ministered the Anointing Water on it and asked God to take control of everything she was going to do and say. When they hit the road, the traffic situation was terrible. Through prayer with the Anointing Water, she was able to get to the interview venue in time.

At the interview, she also counted her Faith Bracelet in meditation believing that God would favour her. To her greatest surprise, all the people on the interview panel favoured her. Five days after the interview, she was offered employment as Regional Communications Director with the international NGO. After the interview that day, she discovered that her ailing son’s condition improved dramatically to the glory of God.

Displaying her employment letter with benefits to the congregation, she advised them to aim for greater heights and never be comfortable wherever they are.

To conclude the service, the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua raised some powerful prayer points and faith confessions. All those in attendance and watching all over the world confessed, “I have been released to where I belong!” They vowed to keep up their confession of faith during the week, in Jesus’ name.

Sunday March 29, 2015 witnessed the commemoration of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem with the Palm Sunday celebrations. The children at The SCOAN gave a symbolic enactment of that event as one of them rode on a donkey amidst shouts of Hosanna! The congregation was poised for an encounter with God even as they remained excited in anticipation of the showers of His blessings upon their lives. As usual, the Emmanuel Singers were on hand to dish out melodious tunes much to the edification of the entire congregation.

The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the dynamics of the Word of God and its everlasting significance in the life of the Christian who desires to live above board in the Christian race: “You begin to believe the Word of God when it dominates your heart. There is no amount of the Word of God in your mouth that can influence your conduct and character. It is when the Word dominates your heart that you can go forth and go on in the discharge of your Christian duty”.

Pastor T.B. Joshua

Pastor T.B. Joshua

Continuing, Prophet T.B. Joshua observed that in teaching and preaching the Word, it must be in accordance with the Spirit of God. “The words we use in counsel, teaching and preaching must be in accordance with God’s Spirit. The more you think more about what you read, the more your heart acts upon the Word.”

On how we can nurture our faith, the man of God opined that we can only do so by steadily dwelling on God and His Word. According to him, when we look up to God in the totality of our affairs and build our trust around Him, it is only then that His power can be manifested in our lives: “How do we have faith? We have faith when we know God. Faith continues to grow as we continue to look unto God, look at God, and meditate on God. If you know God, you will simultaneously have faith. It grows”.

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to continue to meditate on God’s Word at all times as it enables them to gain access to God and to understand His will: “Meditation in God’s Word is a visit with God. Do you know something is greater than all you are waiting for? Hearing from God is a much greater blessing than any other blessing you are waiting for.


At The SCOAN, testimonies remain the living proof of God’s mighty presence. His power is so felt by all who come in contact with His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua who has been given a divine mandate to set the captives free in Jesus’ name. The following testimonies are meant to inspire your faith and unflinching belief in the power of God to do all things.


He had resorted to consuming a cocktail of pharmaceuticals as well as Chinese tea on the advice of friends who showed concern for his condition. Mr. Mutimba Zulu, a Zambian national suffered obesity and was torn between finding a solution and managing the debilitating effects of his condition. He would wake up tired and sapped of energy. On some occasions, he would dose off in public much to his own embarrassment. His work life was affected as it was always difficult for him getting up from the bed. His weight was no doubt his greatest undoing.

Mr Mutamba

Mr Mutamba

In the midst of his frustrations, he had encountered the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua speaking about water therapy on Emmanuel TV and had decided to key into the directives of the man of God – to do water therapy every day. To his greatest surprise, things took a dramatically encouraging turn. His weight began to diminish while a new surge of energy popped up. A man who had once suffered constipation and excessive weakness now bubbles with energy and the zest of youth. He now enjoys waking up and preparing for work, a scenario that was once a huge burden.

Thanking God for what He had done in his life using the water therapy medium, he advised people to desist from consuming drugs that claim to offer solutions for obesity and instead embrace the instructions of the man of God on water therapy. He also testified to God’s intervention in his eviction saga when the landlord of his rented shop gave him an eviction notice, only for God to provide him a way out as he secured and bought a new property which he renovated and now uses as his own.


Mrs. Nwandu Comfort Okonkwo, a Nigerian living in Holland had two health problems that gave her serious concern. She had a tooth problem which doctors diagnosed as a bacterial infection. She was avoided by people because of the offensive odour that emanated from her mouth whenever she talked. She suffered headaches, jaw pains and used all kinds of medication but never got any results. Even her doctors had suggested the extraction of her tooth in order to thoroughly clean the inside of her mouth so that the bacterial infection and odour could stop.

Sceptical about the viability of the tooth extraction operation, she made up her mind to visit The SCOAN believing that God would intervene in her case. At The SCOAN, the man of God gave her a bottle of the Morning Water which she continued to apply while asking God to visit her as He had been visiting the multitudes who continually gave testimonies at The SCOAN.

When she got back to Holland, she called on God to manifest Himself in her situation declaring that if He could deliver many people from worse situations, then hers was a minor case. Establishing her total faith in God and His ability to heal her, she began to administer the Morning Water prayerfully. After three months of ministering the Morning Water, she went back to her doctor for a check-up. To her joyous amazement, the doctor declared her free from the infection that had greatly embarrassed her. Her elation knew no bounds!

Mrs nwandu Comfort  Okonkwo

Mrs Nwandu Comfort Okonkwo

Testifying before the congregation at The SCOAN, Mrs. Okonkwo also recounted the restoration of her hearing through the same Morning Water ministration. According to her, she had grown up with an ear ailment from which puss always came out. Because, nobody paid attention to her predicament, she grew up carrying that burden until it affected her hearing with the right ear. While battling with her right ear, her hearing with the left ear also suffered some setback after she was involved in an accident in which her left ear got perforated while deafness stared her in the face!

In order to get some help, she had gone to the hospital after the accident to correct the problem with her left ear. The doctors mistakenly operated on her right ear claiming that it was worse-affected from their diagnosis. After undergoing operations on both ears, she still could not hear. Her last hope was the Morning Water.

Just as she did in the case of her tooth infection, she called on God to prove Himself through the Morning Water. She appreciated the wonderful things He had done for other people in the past and declared that her case would not be different. With faith and absolute belief in God, she prayerfully applied the Morning Water on her ears. One day, after returning from work, she had put on her television but discovered that she could hear extremely louder than normal. Even when she turned down the volume, she still could hear the voice from the television. She also discovered she could hear the voices of people outside her room. That was how she got to know that her hearing has been restored. To further confirm the miracle, she put a call through to her friend and heard everything from the other side. To God be the glory!

In the spirit of thanksgiving and praise, she urged people all over the world to believe that nothing is beyond God stressing that He will always be there for those who put their trust in Him.


For three years, Miss Margaret Philip had tried in vain to secure redeployment from her northern Nigeria office branch to Lagos. But each time, she failed. As a contract staff with one of the Nigerian banks, she had been posted to Katsina State since 2012. She had contacted her superiors over there concerning her desire to be redeployed back to Lagos but they all told her that the final decision on whether she would be granted redeployment rested with their overall superior based in Lagos. Bothered by the situation of things, she decided to visit The SCOAN in search of a solution.

At the SCOAN, she received the Morning Water together with the Morning Sticker which she ministered as she prepared to keep an appointment with her overall superior in Lagos. One thing that surprised her was the pleasant conduct of her overall superior who only asked her why she wanted to redeploy to Lagos. And because of the power of God in the Morning Water medium, she found favour in the sight of her overall superior. To God be all the honour and praise, after that encounter with her overall superior, she was in church at The SCOAN when she received a call she could not pick because of the church service. After church service, she called the number back and was informed by another superior colleague that her request for redeployment to Lagos was granted.

Miss Margret Philip

Miss Margret Philip

In the end, she was redeployed to Lagos against all expectations. It was an ironic twist of fate through the power of God as some of her colleagues who were permanent staff approached her to help them facilitate their own redeployment through the woman (overall superior) who approved hers. It was like the case of a slave being sought after by a master for help. This can only happen when God is involved.

Expressing her bewilderment with the “magical” manner in which the Morning Water works, she advised people to have faith and believe in the medium because it works wonders in Jesus’ name.


Mrs. Vera Stijf, a Nigerian living in Holland had been searching for the fruit of the womb for eight years without success. She had undergone many fertility treatments without any positive result. She had even tried the In-vitro fertilisation on six occasions without achieving results. She became downcast as a result of her situation more so because of the fact that her friends and other neighbours had children.

Mrs Vera Stijf

Mrs Vera Stijf

Having suffered under the yoke of childlessness for so long, her mother, an ardent follower of The SCOAN through the Emmanuel TV channel, introduced her to the ministry and convinced her to visit its Lagos, Nigeria headquarters. At The SCOAN, she was prayed for by the Wise Men as well as the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua who also gave her the Anointing Water which she ministered in faith through Christ Jesus.

Barely a year later, she testified to God’s intervention into her case. Radiating uncommon grace and divine favour with her baby boy, she advised people to believe in God and appreciate the many mediums through which He can transform their lives at The SCOAN.


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