The choir’s renditions created a hallowed atmosphere for collective worship from the auditorium to the several adjourning over-flows where the glory of God remained aglow as was seen on many smiling faces as congregants raised their hands in reverence to the Rose of Sharon. “Holy Lamb my Redeemer. Prince of Peace. There is no one else like you. You are everything to me…,” sang the choir. The SCOAN Sunday service of September 4, 2016 was another glorious platform for an uncommon encounter with God.

The high point of the service was the message of the day. evangelist-evelyn-joshuaEvangelist Evelyn Joshua in her message titled STANDING IN AWE OF GOD called on Christians to submit to the will of God by picking up their crosses to follow Christ. She urged them to divorce from their hearts all distractive feelings that would only stand in between them and God. “Anxiety and care about your feelings need to be rebuked because it is tantamount to unbelief which is sin. It brings about tension, fear and panic,” she added.

Concluding, she urged believers to live a Christ-like life – a life built around eternity, stressing that God knows our needs and challenges and would take care of them: “Let us live for eternity and we shall secure all that is available in it. God knows the challenges before us, so, He gave us enough grace for each trial we face. God knows our needs and will provide for them.”



dr-sunday-simon-family-2After his retrenchment as a medical practitioner in 2013, Dr Sunday Simon picked up the pieces of his shattered hopes and set up a chemist shop. In spite of his lofty professional qualifications, the no-bed-of-roses reality of life soon dawned on him as he sought a way out of his subsistent challenges. As a trained orthopaedic technologist who specialised in making artificial limbs, the Benue State of Nigeria indigene realised that life in retrenchment was a cumbersome experience; hence, aside from his chemist shop, he reached out individually to clients to see if he could raise enough money to bolster his financial status as a breadwinner.
dr-sunday-simon-family-1While on a mission to procure raw materials for his work, he was involved in a motor accident along Jos road. He regained consciousness in a hospital and was informed by a nurse about the accident. It was an ironic twist of fate that a man who helped fabricate artificial limbs for amputees had become an amputee himself after that accident. Dr Simon could only shed tears as he watched himself without the ‘luxury’ of a full right limb. He somehow summoned the fortitude to bear what life had thrown at him by philosophising and consoling his inconsolable wife who could not come to terms with her husband’s unfortunate experience.

Leaving hospital, Dr Simon returned home only to face another amputation, albeit a psychological one. Some of his clients who had made advance payment for artificial limbs thronged his house asking for the limbs or a refund of their money. It was a huge embarrassment for a man who needed some rest after spending three weeks in hospital under a very traumatising atmosphere. In a bid to attract public sympathy and financial assistance, he had resorted to the media and was interviewed yet nothing tangible emanated from that angle. He was in a big fix; he had no money to settle his creditors and was also incapacitated to do any work. In the end, he was arrested by the police on the complaints of one of his clients and received the humiliation of his life.

Dr Simon was remanded in police cell while his terribly broken wife ran helter-skelter in search of a way out through his friends and associates who eventually reached a compromise with the police. He was given the grace of a month to settle his client or face further embarrassment. Fresh from the cruel world of a police cell, Dr Simon ran into another trouble. His landlord gave him a Quit Notice with a 30-day clause. Fed up with the unfriendly disposition of life towards his predicament coupled with begging family needs, he relocated to Lagos only to team up with beggars on the streets. At least, he was able to get food, money and clothing from kind-hearted Lagosians who considered the plight of the needy.

For the Benue State-born orthopaedic technologist, life on the streets of Lagos was not without its own sad days. Sometimes, government agencies threw spanners in the wheel of their begging progress. On a particular occasion, he was almost crushed to death after he was beaten blue-black by members of a government task force that prohibited street begging. Somehow, he had an encounter with a woman who shared gifts among beggars. The woman had interrogated him and discovered that he was neither a muslim nor a Nigerian northerner. She advised him to seek help from The SCOAN but in his heart, he had erroneously thought that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a poor beggar to see the man of God. ‘The Good Samaritan woman’, in a bid to ensure honesty and sincerity of purpose, videoed Dr Simon in the midst of beggars and forwarded the clips to The SCOAN. In no time, Dr Simon was invited to the ministry to tell the world the story of his life.

dr-sunday-simon-family-3After listening to his emotion-laden story, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners world-wide gave him and his family the sum of five hundred thousand naira with a firm promise to sort out their accommodation problem. All his children who had been out of school were offered scholarships with immediate effect. Dr Simon and his family shed tears of joy. Those tears spoke louder than words of thanksgiving. They captured the totality of their grateful hearts which had been strangulated by the anguish of an unfortunate destiny until God stepped in to assuage their pains through Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners.


mrs-cecilia-mpofuMrs Cecilia Mpofu was addicted to eating anthill soil and crushed stones. For her, they were like appetisers which had to be taken before she could eat any food. She liked them with passion. Her addiction to ‘earth’ was so much so that she kept some in tins inside her room. Sometimes, she would flare up in anger whenever her husband threw the ‘rubbish’ away. As long as she was concerned, nothing or no one could stand between her and her earthy delicacies. But gradually, the Zimbabwean living in South Africa began to realise that something was wrong with her. She traced the problem to a particular day in her past when she sat close to a site where bricks were being crushed.

Mrs Mpofu however visited The SCOAN in 2014 and was at the Prayer Line where she received deliverance. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, commanded the demon out of her after it had manifested its evil grip upon her life. After that day, her favourite snacks turned offensive to her taste. She has since stopped eating them and has realised that an evil spirit was behind the unhealthy habit. Not even the smell of dust could lure her into it anymore. Thanking God for her deliverance, she told congregants how the habit had caused fracas between her and her husband, stressing that she is now renewed.


A friend had initiated her into woman to woman relationship in 2010 and since then, she had lost all feelings for the opposite sex. Mrs Emeson Bright welcomed and accepted only advances from fellow women and even dressed in masculine fashion. Matters got worse after her marriage. Her unsuspecting husband had been unaware of the affection she had for women. In her dreams, she was often harassed by a strange man who always wanted to have sex with her. Whenever she woke up from such dreams, she would feel pains and would have no affection for her husband.

mr-emeson-wifeThe affection she had for women eventually came to an end after she visited The SCOAN two Sundays ago. During a special prayer session for worshippers by the man of God, the demon in her she manifested and the fire power of God located her. The battle was instant and very brief. There was no breathing space for the demon which confessed. “She is my friend… I wanted to marry her; she refused. I have not started with her. I visited her…,” it said. It was apparent from the demon’s uncoordinated speech that it was under heavy bombardment by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus, Prophet T.B. Joshua commanded the demon out of her life and she was set free.

Returning to The SCOAN for her testimony in company of her husband, Mrs Bright explained to congregants how she frustrated her marriage with lack of affection for her husband. She also told them about the newness of spirit which she now enjoys. According to her, her dreams have changed for good even as she now cherishes her husband and feels so much affection for him. On his own part, her husband told congregants that he knew something was wrong with his wife all along. From his account, it was a friend who encouraged him to bring his wife to The SCOAN for deliverance. He thanked God for setting her free and restoring the warmth in their marriage. He advised people to run to Jesus as He is the final bus stop.


Growing up for Mr Akpe Barnabas was tranquil. He had great charisma for the things of God and was an altar boy in the Roman Catholic Church. He was the kind of person you would call a good and easy-going boy. But the good side of him would eventually give way to turbulence. As soon as he got admission into a private university in Nigeria, things fell apart. Meeting with a set of guys who belonged to a cult group, he was influenced to embrace one of the campus confraternities – the Supreme Vikings Confraternity. The promise of power was the hook that pulled him in “like a fish doped out of the deep.” From the very moment he was initiated, his life became a playing ground for all sorts of bad spirits, ranging from substance abuse, incest, anger and stealing. The days of piety and innocence were over; the devil and his cohorts were having a field day.

mr-akpe-tareye-barnabasBarnabas would sneak out of the university campus in company of his bad friends and go to clubs where drinking and smoking were the order of the day. Forming a league with other Vikings members from other universities, the young man though he was enjoying life to the brim. He had sworn to an oath to be with them forever and so it was till death do them part. And knowing that there would always be reasons for fighting and clashes with rival cult groups, Barnabas was a regular customer of native medicine men who provided him with the necessary fortification against bullets and other weapons. He had once tested his skin’s impenetrability with a cutlass and was glad the steel could not have its way. That gave him a super feeling about his capacity to go unscathed in the face of trouble.

He became arrogant, unnecessarily violent and troublesome to the extent that the school authorities placed him under close scrutiny until he fell out with them and was listed among those to be expelled. After his second semester examinations, he became a bad morsel in the throat of the school authorities and had to be vomited by force. He was expelled finally, having been a thorn in their flesh for two turbulent years. Back home, his parents were disappointed in him over his expulsion saga, even though they were not in the know about his cult involvement. Forgiving his boyish demeanours, his father intervened and secured his transfer to another private university where he had to start all over again from 100 Level.

When he resumed in his new school, he had tried to stay away from all cult engagements but Vikings members in his former school had already notified the members in his new school about his coming and so, they were on the look-out for him. As much as he tried to conceal his identity, he later let the cat out of the bag after Vikings had a clash with a rival cult group. He had to present himself to the Vikings confraternity in his new school. They fought dirty battles together and did many despicable things. Before Barnabas graduated from his new school, he had become the number-two-man in his confraternity.

After his graduation, Barnabas returned home only to be confronted with the stark reality of his younger brother’s smoking adventure. Even though he was already an expert in the habit of smoking, he did not like the fact that his younger brother was also toeing his line. He vented his anger on the lad who was only seventeen. It was the intervention of his mother that saved his younger brother from the beating of his life. Weeping together, mother and sons agreed to visit The SCOAN, knowing that the matter was beyond physical solution.

At The SCOAN in company of his brothers and parents, Barnabas received his deliverance when an evangelist ministered the Morning Water to him. The demon that had been responsible for all his wayward behaviours spoke out: “I am a Viking. I made him start smoking. He smokes Indian hemp and cocaine… I made him join a cult; he is a cultist. He’s a very brilliant boy. He takes drugs…” Commanding the demon out in the mighty name of Jesus, Barnabas’ back touched the auditorium ground and was set free. When he regained his senses, he burst into tears – an indication that he had been under the influence of an evil spirit all the while. His younger brother was also delivered from the spirit of smoking.

During his deliverance in company of his parents and siblings, Barnabas told congregants that smoking was a thing of the past. He thanked God for saving him from the legion of doom – smoking, cultism, anger and all other irresponsible acts. His younger brother also expressed his gratitude for his deliverance from the spirit of smoking while their father praised God for making him a happier man. According to him, but for their deliverance, he had regretted having the two boys as children due to their disgraceful behaviours. The entire family were unanimous with their submission that a new dawn of joy and peace had set in after the deliverance at the Arena of Liberty. Barnabas advised people all over the world in the following word: “Youths going into university, resist bad company and cults.”


miss-mary-nenyo-2Ms Mary Nenyo was delivered from demonic slavery of the Trokosi caste system in Ghana two weeks ago. Last Sunday, she came to thank God for all he had used the man of God to do in her life. She had also been reunited with her family and now knows her real age. Mary is currently thirty years-old and is happy about it. Recounting how she spent all her life in an evil shrine worshipping a malevolent idol, she told congregants that she would start a new life in Christ. In line with the charitable disposition of The SCOAN, Emmanuel TV Partners and Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mary was given the sum of one thousand and five hundred US dollars to start a new life. Appreciating the gesture from the man of God and his ministry, she urged people all over the world to make Christ their most important life partner, stressing that He had paid the price for their sins two thousand years ago.


Mrs Nwabudike was always at the receiving end of a demonic attack through her dreams. A giant man alongside wild animals always chased her in the dream. Her condition became delirious as she had to be taken to the hospital but doctors in their own human reasoning reckoned it was mere high fever. They even advised her husband to stock his house with milk and malt so that she could drink them whenever she was about to pass out. In spite of all their human efforts, there was no respite. Her condition became worse as the attacks intensified unabated. By this time, there was no iota of affection in their marriage. They slept like to worlds apart.

mrs-rita-husbandThrough a friend’s advice, they visited The SCOAN two Sundays ago when Prophet T.B. Joshua’s trip to Greece, where he prayed at the Paul and Silas Prison was rebroadcast. After praying with the man of God, the couple received the Morning Water and returned home. After one of their midnight prayers, Mr Nwabudike ministered the Morning Water on his wife and received the shock of his life. She manifested the demon which even spoke through her, denying him as a husband and rejecting their little children who were crying for care.

The more Morning Water he ministered to her, the wilder she became, speaking gibberish and renouncing their marriage. Mr Nwabudike was fear-stricken as he ministered the Morning Water to his wife. He knew and heard it clearly that the strange man in his wife’s life was at work and so, he decided to video the whole scenario. A neighbour whom he had called to assist in the deliverance had ignorantly suggested that she be sedated to make the battle easier. But his thinking was a laughable idea in the midst of a serious matter. It was a battle that took a while to settle but in the end, the evil spirit succumbed to the power of God. After receiving enough bombardment from the Spirit of God, Mrs Nwabudike fell down – a sign that it was all over for the spirit-man.

During their testimony, Mr and Mrs Nwabudike gave detailed accounts of their ordeal in the hands of the spirit-man. Congregants were on the edge of their seats as Mr Nwabudike narrated his encounter with a very high sense of humour. Thanking God for the deliverance, Mrs Nwabudike left the following advice for people all over the world: “Anyone that is experiencing the same problem I once had should just trust in God for deliverance.”


She had come to The SCOAN five years ago with the problems of inability to secure admission and irregular menstruation. However, contrary to her expectations, the man of God dropped a ‘bombshell’ concerning Mary’s life. Even her parents who came with her that day were shell-shocked to hear the man of God prophesy to their daughter. “This is a commitment, think very well. I said she has a commitment. This commitment has to do with a covenant…,” said the man of God. Turning to her mother, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “Before you gave birth to this child, there is a place you went to. You went somewhere and they gave you something. She is a borrowed child.”

miss-serah-buseni-familyReacting to the prophecy, Mary’s mother confessed that she had actually gone seeking for help from some idol worshippers who eventually made Mary’s conception possible. Corroborating the prophecy of the man of God, Mary was a borrowed child that would have been retrieved by her real owner had she not come to The SCOAN. After the prophecy that day, Mary was delivered by the man of God. Other children in the family were later delivered by the man of God.

Last Sunday, Mary came to testify to God’s goodness in her life. According to her, immediately after her deliverance years back, she got admission and has already graduated as at today. The problem of irregular menstruation had since been consigned to the dustbin of history. Mary was full of smiles and radiant joy as she told congregants how God had visited her family with His grace and favour. According to her, her parents are better off now as they have been favoured by God with breakthroughs.

Even her elder brother who had been searching for admission is now in school and doing great. According to Mary’s mother, ever since the multiple deliverance in their family, things have been very good to the extent that different schools offered admissions to each of her admission-seeking children. She also testified to her healing from cervical spondylosis after she had ministered the Morning Water. By the grace of God, she also owns a school and is doing very well in the educational sector. Thanking God for all He had done for the family, Mary and her parents urged people to have faith in God and draw closer to Him.

The SCOAN Sunday service of August 28, 2016 brought God’s children together to experience an outpouring of His grace and glory upon their lives. The words of exhortation and the songs of praise and worship blended together to provide a perfect platform for congregants to express their gratitude to God through testimonies and other acts of thanksgiving that inspire God to do more.



She had been chosen by the gods as the sacrificial lamb to atone for the sins her forefathers had committed many years ago. According to the oracle, her great grandfather had slept with an outcast and had brought a curse of recurrent death upon the family. While in the Ivory Coast with her parents, who had gone there for fishing business, the Ghanaian baby girl the idol had chosen would have to leave her parents for a journey that would put her in bondage for life but for God’s intervention. Her parents could not kick against the decision of the gods and so, they had to let go of their infant daughter.

Baby Mary was eventually taken into a shrine where the Trokosi caste system was being practised. She became one of the wives of the priest, an old man capable of being her great grandfather. She suffered untold humiliation as she had to submit to public disgrace by being reduced to the nude with the hair on her head shaved as a mark of atonement for the misdeeds of her ancestors. After the degradation, she became one of the maidens whose role was to prepare charms for different people who patronised the shrine. The more charms she prepared, the more she was possessed by evil spirits.


When the priest eventually died, the young Mary was forced to undergo widowhood rites that spanned seven days without food and water. At a point the little girl collapsed due to her inability to cope with the tortuous ritual. By the time the widowhood rites were completed, life for Mary presented more challenges. Due to hunger and the lack of almost all the essential and psychological needs of life, she would occasionally sneak into town in search of crumbs from the streets. It was during one of such hunger-inspired journeys to town that she was spotted by an international news organisation which took interest in her case. After interrogating her and listening to her predicament, a financially costly arrangement was reached with the shrine authorities for Mary’s freedom.

Following her liberation, Mary went in search of her family but was rejected because they thought that having been used as a sacrificial lamb, she would bring a curse on them if they allowed her in. Alas! The young Mary’s life only knew a temporary relief after the liberation. With no other place to call home, coupled with the increased hardship she encountered on the streets, she had no other choice than to return to the Trokosi shrine. It was so pathetic a scenario that an 8-year-old girl would traverse the sands of this wicked world without parental care and guidance and yet mustered the courage to move on with her innocence at the receiving end of spiritual molestation.

Gathering fruits from the forests and selling them in town in order to fend for her little life tormented by a giant yoke, she once again came in contact with the international news organisation that had fostered her liberation from bondage. After explaining to them the reason for her return to the fetish enclave, the organisation decided to take up her welfare and education. At that stage, she had to start living with a concerned woman while a Non-Governmental Organisation sponsored her education up to the senior secondary school level.

After her secondary school education, securing and sustaining a job became a nightmare as evil spirits in the form of snakes kept tormenting her. She would dream of snakes entering her body from different points, making her unable to concentrate in the physical. As she battled with that spiritual torment, she became a toy in the hands of many men who took undue advantage of her situation to sleep with her only to abandon her eventually. Mary lived with eleven different persons and faced so much maltreatment and rejection because of the evil spirit that was inside her. The torment continued until she encountered Jesus in a rapture-like dream in which every other person around her was flying into the skies while she could not. Crying out to Jesus, she asked, “Lord why can’t I fly? Is it because of my sin?” According to her, Jesus promised to put a hedge around her that would prevent her from committing more sin.

Mary was directed to The SCOAN when she became terribly broken and shattered by the storms of life. A woman she described as a Good Samaritan had told her that the only person that can deliver her is Prophet T.B. Joshua. The same woman funded her trip to Nigeria. Mary was in the auditorium penultimate Sunday when the evangelists were ministering the Morning Water, in the name of Jesus. As they approached her, a powerful battle ensued. As soon as the Morning Water touched her, the evil spirits in her began to manifest, confessing how it had tormented her life in the form of two billion snakes. The battle lingered for a while as the evil spirit tried to be stubborn but could not withstand the power of God. It finally succumbed to the superior power of the Most High!

Revelling in the new dawn of her total liberation and deliverance, Mary who could not recall her real age due to parental disconnection, thanked God for using The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua to make her a normal person again. She was full of praise for the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua and has since surrendered her life to Christ and the things of God. She advised people all over the world to desist from sin in order to avoid the evil kingdom.


Born into poverty and without knowing her father, young Bahati grew up with her mother who eventually died when she was only nine years old. After her mother’s demise, the young Kenyan had to move in with her elder sister. Life was not easy but God sent help through a church which took up the education of indigent students. Young Bahati enrolled into school but could not come to terms with the strenuous demands of learning and so, she had no other choice than to drop out of school only to strike friendship with a random woman who introduced her into drinking alcoholic beverages. As she progressed in her alcoholic activities, her sister became fed up with her wayward life and ejected her.


Left with nowhere to put up, Bahati resorted to street hustling. She later met an armed robber lover with whom she would move in. But after sometime, troubles crept up. Her lover could not afford to pay his rent and was ejected, leaving them with no option than to move in with her lover’s armed robber friend. Knowing that they were living with men of the underworld, Bahati in connivance with the girlfriend of her husband’s friend, broke into the house and made away with the money the robber-lovers had stolen and kept in the house. While the police were after the robber-lovers, the latter were after their fleeing girlfriends who had absconded with the armed robbers’ loot. Relocating to Nairobi and embracing prostitution, Bahati had affairs with three different Japanese men. She had had a child for the first Japanese who was a married man but had deceived her. The second Japanese man, who accepted Bahati’s first child, took her to Japan but got the beating of his life. Their marriage ended in divorce, albeit they had a child together.

With two children from two failed unions, the Japanese government took up her welfare through strict social measures that made continuing her wayward life very difficult. As the adage goes by “nobody dares cage water”, Bahati found a way to sneak out to clubs where she sold her body to men and drank alcohol to her satisfaction, leaving her young children at home alone. Sometimes, when she returned from her ‘night duties’, she would break down in tears, wondering why she was living that horrible kind of life. Bahati would also get pregnant for an African neighbour whose wife had tried to lure her into idolatry.

Introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend in Japan, Bahati built up her faith and decided to visit The SCOAN. Penultimate Sunday, she was delivered after the evangelists ministered the Morning Water on her. Though, the demon tormenting her life had tried to be unyielding to the power of God, it was however brought down like a pack of cards through the power of the Holy Spirit. During her testimony last Sunday, Bahati told congregants that all her unholy appetites are gone for good. According to her, the urge to go and meet men and the thirst for alcohol are gone even as she now enjoys quality time in the presence of God’s Word.

“Never give up on God,” she advised.


DR. & MRS. SUNNY ODINYE {CHINESE COUPLE -FATHER HEALED - MORNING WATER} (2)Dr and Mrs Sunny Odinye had been offered admission for doctoral and master’s programmes, respectively by a Chinese university in 2010. It was tough yet God was able to see them through. While Mrs Odinye rounded off her programme with distinction in 2012 her husband continued his programme which was supposed to take at least four years. He had visited The SCOAN in 2011 after deriving so much inspiration from watching Emmanuel TV. Before returning to China to finish his PhD in 2013, he had also visited The SCOAN where he received prayers and the Morning Water. As he continued to pray and minister the Morning Water, a miracle happened. The PhD which should have taken at least four years to complete, was awarded to him in less than three years. As the first Nigerian PhD holder in the Chinese Language, Sunny graduated with a distinction.

The university lecturers were also blessed financially as they continued to minister the Morning Water while also praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The building project which they had started in their village since 2010 was finally completed in 2013. They were also blessed with two very good cars, to the glory of God. Dr Odinye also testified to the healing of his father who had been diagnosed with kidney problem at the age of 77. According to him, even though his father had been placed on dialysis, they visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which was ministered to him. After one week, his father’s health was restored, ending his dependence on dialysis. Returning to the doctors for a confirmation test, it was discovered that his father’s kidneys were in good condition up to this moment.

Thanking God for the miracles and their attendant blessings, Dr Odinye reminded people all over the world that, “We are blessed to bless others.”


Mrs Lydia Alshakro’s husband was suffering from a severe stomach pain that deprived him of food. For five years, doctors in America tried in vain to find a cure. But as a concerned wife, an Iraqi living in the United States who had encountered Emmanuel TV and fallen in love with the marvellous works of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mrs Alshakro convinced her husband to visit The SCOAN in 2013. When he did, he received prayers from the man of God as well as the Morning Water and the Good Morning Stickers.


As soon as he returned to his base in the US, Mr Alshakro placed the Good Morning Sticker on his mirror and began to shave. Instantly, he felt God’s power all around him as he started shaking uncontrollably until the age-long stomach ache disappeared miraculously. Mrs Alshakro also testified to the confirmation of the man of God as a Spirit-filled Prophet of God after he had appeared to her in a dream after watching and praying with the prophet on Emmanuel TV. She also testified to a prophecy which the man of God gave her via a dream in her native Arabic language, telling her that she will preach in a strong church established on four pillars. She equally thanked God for using a drop of the Morning Water (which she sent) to heal her friend’s father who had throat cancer. “Prophet T.B. Joshua is giving us pure teaching and the corresponding power of the Holy Spirit,” she told people all over the world.


MISS OSENI FUNMILAYO AND MOTHER { PASSED OUT FIBROID} (2)While the rebroadcast of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayer at the biblical Paul and Silas prison in Greece was going on penultimate Sunday, Miss Oseni Funmilayo, who had been experiencing severe menstrual pain due to fibroid, rushed to the restroom and passed out the huge tumour, which had been disturbing her for so long. According to her mother, Funmilayo was in the Sunday school class when the clip was played on Emmanuel TV.

Prophet T.B Joshua, while praying at the historical site, had commanded every aspect of viewers’ lives that were in bondage to be loosed in Jesus’ name. It is therefore exciting to see how the power of God came into action using the miraculous release of Paul and Silas to release the fibroid that was a thorn in the flesh of the young girl. Thanking God in company of her mother, Funmilayo advised congregants in the following words: “Have faith in God. All things are possible.”



During a Live Sunday service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied concerning an event that would strike the nation of Italy and trigger headlines. These were his words:

“In Jesus Christ’s name. I want every one of us to pray for this country, Italy. I don’t know what happened there. This is Italy. I don’t know but open your lips and pray for God’s protection in that country. Something happened there that caused headlines. For God’s protection – this is Italy. In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray.”

Just as Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied, the catastrophe revealed in the prophetic message made the headlines across the world as the breaking news spread concerning the earthquake which hit Central Italy.

We at The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV wish to offer our condolences to the nation of Italy and to the families and loved ones of all those who lost their lives in the tragic incident that occurred in Central Italy on Wednesday 24th August 2016.

We want to encourage you in this difficult time that Jesus Christ is our Hope. Let us wait upon the Lord, trust in Him alone and we will be strong. Jesus has risen – therefore, in this time, let our minds rise and seek the things that are above so that we will be comforted under the present sorrow.

We pray that God will comfort and support the nation of Italy and the friends and family of all those affected in this disaster and that God will grant them the fortitude to bear the loss, in Jesus’ name.

Always witnessing the exhibition of the glory of God, The SCOAN congregation were pleasantly surprised to see the documentary of the prophetic pilgrimage of Prophet T.B. Joshua to far-away Israel and Greece played to shore up the faith of believers. The man of God was received in Bethlehem – the birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ – by the Mayor, Mrs Vera Baboun. Mr Ayoob Kara, the Israeli Deputy Minister, Regional Cooperation also met with the man of God in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Renowned disaster rescue organisation ZAKA’s Chairman, Rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav also honoured Prophet T.B. Joshua for his humanitarian work with an award.

The next leg of the prophet’s trip to the holy lands, took him to Greece, where he visited the site of the prison that harboured Paul and Silas in Philippi. Led by the Spirit of God, he prayed for viewers and nations all over the world. Using the biblical prison as a point of contact, he commanded every form of spiritual chain to be broken, in Jesus’ name and the testimonies have not stopped flooding in through different media about the forceful power of God that touched people’s lives through the prayer.


Evangelist Yetunde

Meanwhile, in her message titled GOD CAN MAKE YOU FIT FOR IT, Evangelist Yetunde called on Christians not to undermine their capacity to do the great works of God, stressing that whenever God chooses a person for an assignment, no matter how huge it appears, He will make the person fit and equipped to carry out that assignment. Citing the case of Moses who stammered with speech and how God made him fit to lead the Israelites to the promised land, she observed, “When God called Moses in the burning bush for the assignment of leading the people of Israel out of Egypt, He made him fit for it. It is the Holy Spirit poured upon God’s servants that makes them fit for it.”  Concluding, she urged Christians not to allow the pleasures of the world to draw them away from God, adding that, “In His Word, we have His peace.”





Mr Ikechukwu & Son

Haunted by the yoke of untimely death in the family, Mr Ikechukwu Nwodo would not leave his life to chance. He knew pretty well that the cold hands of death were lurking around the corner, waiting to strike again. His parents and some older siblings had died inexplicably too early while his younger brother battled with bone cancer. It was his younger brother’s predicament that led him to the Arena of Liberty. He had consulted many spiritualists in search of help for his brother who was ailing away but found none until a woman introduced the Morning Water to them. After ministering the Morning Water to his ailing brother, the cancer started to heal gradually, prompting them to visit The SCOAN where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for his brother and gave him the Morning Water.


In no time, the cancer became totally healed as his brother continued to minister the Morning Water. For Mr Nwodo, his brother’s healing at the Arena of Liberty inspired in him a greater faith and belief that the yoke of death tormenting his family will be nailed to the grave finally if he visited The SCOAN. It was that belief that brought him to the church during a Sunday service. Seated in the auditorium, he was spotted by the man of God who was prophesying to the congregants. “At a little age, there was an initiation. You are wrestling with regret. Now you know Jesus. You know you need deliverance… You know they initiated you,” said Prophet T.B. Joshua as he laid hands on Mr Nwodo.

After his deliverance, an elated Mr Nwodo came to testify to the wondrous things God has done for him. While the yoke of untimely death and the spirit of poverty have since departed from his family, God has blessed him with material wealth. He has completed three different buildings after he was delivered by the man of God. He told congregants how the Word of prophecy changed his life and restored peace and joy to his family. “With God, all things are possible: we should not limit what God can do in our lives,” he advised people all over the world.



Mr Pascal Mpoy & Family

Mr and Mrs Pascal Mpoy had come face to face with a grim reality. Their little daughter Precious had been diagnosed with a hole in the heart and her doctor insisted she had to undergo an operation to correct the problem. It was even more disheartening for the parents to realise that a special device would be permanently inserted into the little girl’s heart. The South African couple rejected the option of an operation and sought the mercy of God. They brought her down to The SCOAN where she received the ministration of the Morning Water.


When they returned to their country, a series of tests were carried out on Precious to ascertain the condition of her heart. To the glory of God, all the tests carried out showed that the hole in her heart had disappeared. It was a miracle that perplexed even the doctors. Testifying to the awe-inspiring healing of their daughter, Mr and Mrs Mpoy thanked God for coming to their rescue. They left the following advice for people who may come across a similar challenge: “Life is full of challenges. If challenges come, stand strong in the name of Jesus.”


In spite of his illustrious academic qualifications, Mr Edmund Fianu got stuck on his way up the career ladder. Since the year 2000, he had been an Assistant Principal and was supposed to become a substantive Principle after three years. But in his case, the much desired promotion was not forthcoming and so, he remained stuck in the position of Assistant Principal for twelve years. In his desperate search for promotion, he visited many spiritualists who ended up confusing him the more. His wife would not fold her arms and watch her husband wallow in stagnation. She introduced him to Emmanuel TV and visited The SCOAN.

On her return to Ghana, Mrs Fianu gave her husband the Morning Water. As soon as Mr Fianu started ministering the Morning Water, he received an invitation to attend an interview for the position of Principal.


Mr Edmund Fianu

As he prepared for the interview, he ministered the Morning Water and prayed with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. After one week, he received a letter notifying him of his appointment as a substantive Principal of a Senior High School. After his wife visited The SCOAN again, Mr Fianu was transferred to a bigger Senior High School ranked among the top 20 in Ghana.


Mr Fianu’s career as an educationist has continued to blossom since he started ministering the Morning Water and praying with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. He has authored books on English Language and has published and sold them to Teacher Training Colleges and Senior High Schools. He presently prints his books in China and India. He has also been awarded a doctorate degree. Mr Edmund is also a proud owner of a six-bedroom flat and a fleet of five cars. Thanking God for his promotion and all the blessings that followed, Mr Fianu had the following words for people all over the world: “Educated people often take spiritual things for granted. However, people are beginning to see that spiritual things cannot be handled in a physical way. I advise learned people facing spiritual problems to seek Jesus Christ.”



Mrs Christie Pua & Family

Distraught and emotionally battered, Mrs Christie Pua, an Indonesian had come to The SCOAN premises with her two kids crying and soliciting help from the man of God whom she believed would come to her aid. Her husband, a Nigerian from Imo State named John Egesi who was doing business in Indonesia had returned to the country with his family only for things to fall apart. Even in his village where he was putting up with his family, things were not at ease as he was accused of killing his father and another family relation. In order to avoid the brewing trouble in the village, he had run down to Lagos with his family after selling off most of his belongings but could not sustain their hotel bills and feeding costs.


Eventually evicted to the streets, life took another turn for the worst. They had nowhere to live, nowhere to go, nothing to eat and nothing to do. Mr Egesi struggled to hustle for their daily bread at an electronics market called Alaba International, at times, realising no more than 200 to 1000 naira at best for the day’s toil, not enough to give even him three square meals per day. His Indonesian wife and kids loitered around the streets in search of succour. Their 13-year-old son took to searching through dustbins to find anything he could sell. It was that search for help that brought them to The SCOAN late at night, crying and in distress. The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV Team accepted them into the church, gave them a sumptuous meal and a place to rest their heads. The accounts of the couple and their kids on the level of suffering they were facing was heart-rending. Mr Egesi himself broke down in tears as he narrated his ordeals at the unfriendly junction of a troubled world.


Mrs Christie Pua & Family

Having been briefed about their situation, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners made the following cash donations to the family. For Mr John Egesi, he received the sum of five hundred thousand naira to get him back on his feet, with assurances by the man of God to get him a good job so that once he had established himself once again, he could meet his family in Indonesia. For Mrs Christie Pua and her two kids, their travel documents and flight tickets back to Indonesia have been procured at the sum of seven thousand US dollars with another three thousand US dollars for their upkeep. The man of God and Emmanuel TV Partners also gave scholarship to the two kids in any school of their choice in Indonesia.



Mrs Christie Pua & Family

Thanking God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners to wipe away their tears, the couple and their kids expressed profound joy for the new lease of life they now enjoy through God’s grace.



He was in a deep mess as his supposed spouse had accused him of kidnapping and sexually molesting her. As a Ugandan serving in the US Army, he knew that the American society does not treat such allegations lightly. Staff Sargent Ian James Musika had no other place to run to but The SCOAN. He knew that his job and career were on the line should he be found guilty of the offence he was accused of.


S.S.G. Ian James Musika

When he visited The SCOAN, he received the ministration of the Morning Water by evangelists and the demon that was behind his recurrent encounters with irresponsible women was cast out. Returning to the United States with the Morning Water, he had geared himself up for the litigation that was on concerning the allegations against him. As the matter came up for hearing, he went to the court armed with his Morning Water. Before stepping into the court room, he had ministered it in between the doors leading to the court room.


His accuser, on getting to the court, could not enter the court room. She continued fidgeting in an uncoordinated matter until the judge struck out the case after she decided to withdraw it. Mr Musika was thereafter discharged and acquitted. Shortly after that experience, he was promoted to his current rank to the glory of the Almighty God. “You should not run from God but run to God when facing challenging circumstances and have faith in Him,” he told congregants and people all over the world.



Mr Alabo Ayebaemi & Family

How he was able to weather the storm of shame and low self-esteem brought about by his inability to impregnate his first wife remains a case-study in patience. For twenty-three years, Mr Alabo Ayebaemi battled with the problem of low sperm count to the extent that his first wife ran away when she could no longer bear the social stigma that hung over their childless union. When all hopes of getting a medical solution crumbled, he decided to visit The SCOAN, where he received the Morning Water.


As he started ministering the Morning Water, he accompanied it with prayers. With his faith rising astronomically, he married another wife. True to his belief, within a short while of her coming into his house, the new wife became pregnant. Even though people around gossiped that he had brought in an already pregnant woman, he remained calm and instead continued to pray to God. After nine months, his new wife gave birth to a baby boy named Praise God.

As he testified to his healing and blessing with a baby boy in company of his wife, Mr Ayebaemi informed congregants that his wife is currently carrying another pregnancy – an infallible proof that his low sperm count has been completely healed after he ministered the Morning Water. The couple were unanimous in their advice to people all over the world: “Believe God and trust in Him! Don’t fight the battle yourself”.



Ms Nkechi & Family

She had a noble ambition to further her education but that ambition fell prey to a wrong and destructive choice she made when she was only thirteen years-old. A deceiver dangled the offer of greener pastures overseas before her. Betrayed by her childish judgement, she could not decipher the danger that awaited her on the ill-fated journey. She abandoned her academic pursuits and travelled down to Cote D’Ivoire in company of nine other girls only to later realise that she was going into prostitution. It was even more dispiriting for her when she discovered that she would have to settle the woman who sponsored her trip to the country by ‘working very hard.’


Ms Nkechi would sleep with as many as thirty men in a day. In a matter of three months, she was able to settle her sponsor. For eight years, her family back home in Nigeria did not really know her whereabouts. Whenever she called them, she fed them with stories aimed at pacifying their anxieties over her veiled absence. On two occasions, she had been deported from Spain as she attempted to do the same thing in Europe.

After her aborted trip to Europe, she met a Nigerian who said he fell in love with her and immediately proposed marriage. As they professed love to each other, Nkechi became pregnant. Her elated lover brought her to Nigeria so she could know his family. Having been introduced to her lover’s family, she stayed with his mother in Delta where she put to bed a set of twins that tragically died afterwards. Broken and frustrated with no money to cater to her needs, she made efforts to return to Cote D’Ivoire. But all the money she had kept in her lover’s account went down the drain as she later discovered that he duped her of one million CFAs. Feeling that she had nowhere else to go, she returned to Cote D’Ivoire, went back into prostitution but surprisingly was deceived again and had another child by the same man. When the child named Blessing was one year-old, she returned to Nigeria.


Ms Nkechi & Family

Twelve wasted years later and with a child to cater for she was still caught in the trap of prostitution. The now single mother threatened her family with suicide or a return to Cote D’Ivoire. Her mother knew that the problem had spiritual undertones and advised her to seek deliverance at the Arena of Liberty. Nkechi hearkened to her mother’s advice and attended a special Monday prayer session at The SCOAN where she came under the influence of God’s power as Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on her. She manifested the demon that had made a mess of her life as the undiluted anointing of God pummelled it until it was cast out.


After her deliverance, Ms Nkechi told congregants that she is a new person. Her dreams have been very encouraging. She had even seen herself evangelising against prostitution in a dream the very day she was delivered by the man of God. A loud ovation from congregants greeted her confession of Christ. Her family members who accompanied her also thanked God for retrieving their lost sheep from the claws of a destructive demon called prostitution. “Young girls should hold on to God and believe that their present condition is not their final destination. Young girls should hold on to God and not be deceived by bad friends,” advised Nkechi.



Mr Egbuehe Boyd Ikemekuna

Mr Egbuehe Boyd Ikemekuna from Anambra state, Nigeria testified. He explained that in 2013 he felt sick and thought it was malaria. So he was treated for malaria but his health still deteriorated. His employers released him for further treatment. When he went to the hospital, he was diagnosed with hepatitis B and inflammed appendicitis. He became very lean and “looked like a walking skeleton” to the extent that hospitals started rejecting him and some health staff became afraid of his presence. Even some family members rejected him due to his deplorable health condition.


At a time, the doctors told him that all they could do was operate but there was a high risk that during the operation he could lose his life. All hope was lost and he thought his end was near. Distressed, he began to plan his early death through suicide. His pastor introduced him to Emmanuel TV and He started praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. A voice started telling him there was hope. He said one day he prayed saying, “God, I have tried all this, now I want to try You”. After the prayer, he felt strength in his body and decided to travel to The SCOAN. At the prayer line, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his hand on him and instantly, something left his body. He was further blessed with the Morning Water, which he continued to minister.

One week after his visit to The SCOAN, he went to the hospital for a checkup and was tested negative to hepatitis B. He was totally healed of both the hepatitis B and inflammed appendicitis. Mr Egbuehe advised all listening that, “Sickness is from the pit of hell, the only thing that attracts it is sin; Jesus is the cure. I came to The SCOAN nearly dead but now I’m alive, stronger than before”.

During The SCOAN Sunday service of 14th August, 2016, the power of our Lord Jesus Christ reverberated all-round the auditorium. The choir reminded congregants that the race is neither to the swift nor to the strong but to God who shows mercy through His son, Jesus, the eternal Redeemer of our sins.


In her message titled, MADE NEW IN CHRIST, Evangelist Catherine, using the analogy of an egg, illustrated the fact that a true Christian would sometimes seem battered when he or she passes through life’s experiences but in the real sense, is only being prepared for a new level in life. She illustrated that crushing an egg shell is never tantamount to destroying the egg itself. Connecting her illustration to the Christian race she added, “My situation may look like setback but it is not. It is to keep and preserve me for a new level in life.”

Citing the example of Joseph who was sold into slavery, she argued that ordinarily, his experiences were inconsistent with his destiny as a great king but he had to experience the dry pit, slavery and imprisonment in order to be positioned for the glory that eventually came his way. She reminded congregants, “Your situation is not an enemy but a friend that God is using to make you new. We must be ready to go through a little discomfort to experience a new level in life.”

Concluding, Evangelist Catherine urged Christians to see the positive side of whatever they are going through: “Whatever you are going through, maybe you are just being broken. Each of us has been endowed with something on the inside that needs to be transferred to the outside. The only way our character grows is by facing difficulties and dealing with problems.”



Her bedwetting problem had been described as something that would fade away with time by doctors but Miss Ataikiru Usiwoma eventually discovered that the matter was getting out of hand. The issue of bedwetting may be seen as ‘normal’ in infancy and sometimes through early juvenile years but for it to stand its ground even while she was in medical school called for urgent concern. The young Nigerian resident in Romania found the whole situation very embarrassing. Many a time, she would be disgraced by the bedwetting problem to the extent that her movement became punctuated. The freedom to visit friends and family relations waned drastically. Her case was even a special one because the affliction struck daily both in the day and at night. Her medical school days in Ukraine were marred by the embarrassing incidents of wetting her friends’ beds with urine.


Moved by an irrepressible spirit to find a way out of the problem that had been messing up her reputation as an aspiring medical practitioner, she came in contact with a Ghanaian doctor who introduced her to Emmanuel TV. The more excited she was about exploring the anointed channel, the more she was discouraged by people around her who alleged that Emmanuel TV was a demonic channel. She also recalled that in her younger years, there had been pamphlets which were circulated, condemning Emmanuel TV. Her confusion about the veracity or otherwise of those allegations were heightened by a pastor’s negative submissions about the channel. The pastor had told her that she would be possessed by evil spirits if she dared watch Emmanuel TV. However, the whole saga was brought to an end when the Holy Spirit itself ministered to her to find out for herself and not listen to the unfounded discouragement from people around her.

Watching Emmanuel TV, she discovered that all the teachings of the man of God were centred on the Word of God. “After all, he teaches and prays in the name of Jesus. Why should I not watch the channel?”, she had asked herself. As she went ahead to pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, against all discouragements, she realised that her bedwetting problem miraculously left her. As things stand today, she said that it’s been six years without bedwetting. The embarrassing yoke is no more through the power of the Most High!

Currently a qualified medical doctor, Miss Ataikiru Usiwoma also testified to the miraculous turn-around in the academic fortunes of her sister who was on the brink of being expelled from school due to a string of unusual circumstances. According to her, her sister had been a first class student who was always carting home all the awards but suddenly fell from the zenith of academic excellence to the brink of failure. For Dr Usiwoma who just witnessed a miracle through Emmanuel TV, whatever was responsible for her sister’s retrogression was more than met the ordinary eye. In spite of her sister’s scepticism about Emmanuel TV, Dr Usiwoma encouraged her to pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua the channel and minister the Morning Water on her. After that day, her sister confessed to her that she was having inner peace more than ever.

By the time she returned to school where she was expected to start all over again, the mother of miracles unfolded before her very eyes. Within one year, she had completed her programme and had graduated with a First Class distinction. Thanking God for her deliverance from the yoke of bedwetting and the restoration of her sister’s academic glory, Dr Usiwoma advised people thus: “Remember God’s Word. With God, all things are possible.”



Mrs Angelica Lofving battled with severe depression which gave rise to stomach aches. Her job was threatened by her mental condition. She could not go out of the house because she soon developed panic attacks that kept her indoors. It was a terrible experience for her husband who had to work extra-hard to shoulder the responsibilities of the family. Even though she eventually got a job, it was not without daily medication to alleviate the stomach troubles and to enable her to perform her duties well. She had earlier consulted with doctors at a psychiatric hospital but the solution they proffered was not permanent. They only gave her medication which was aimed at calming her down and inducing sleep. When she discovered that it was not as effective as she had wanted, she increased the dosage, all to no avail.

MRS. ANGELICA LOFVING & HUSBAND.jpgHer visit to The SCOAN two weeks ago, however, brought her face to face with the undiluted power of God. As evangelists were ministering the Morning Water during the The SCOAN Live Sunday Service, Mrs Angelica Lofving fell under the influence of God’s power even as the evil spirit tormenting her life spoke out, “She fights everyday with her husband. I make her to have a lot of pain… in her stomach…” Angelica was brought down with her back to the ground as the evangelists commanded the demon to leave her in the mighty name of Jesus. Regaining full consciousness of herself, she ran into her husband’s warm embrace, declaring, “Thank You Jesus, I am free!”

Testifying after her deliverance, in company of her husband, she told congregants how she felt something leave her immediately the evangelist ministered the Morning Water on her. According to her, she now has absolute peace in her life. She no longer smokes cigarettes which she had used as some sort of escapist mechanism to avoid the pains and frustrations depression had brought her way. On his own part, her husband also expressed gratitude to God for his wife’s deliverance. He was full of joy to see his wife now totally free from depression. “People who find themselves in a similar situation, seek God in a living church for your deliverance,” said Mrs Lofving to people all over the world.


MRS. GLADYS, HUSBAND & RELATIVEMrs Gladys Calmday was expecting her husband to come home from work but he was nowhere near home. After waiting for some time, she received series of phone calls from some people who addressed themselves as a group of notorious militants. They told her that her husband had been mistakenly kidnapped and that she should provide the sum of one hundred million naira in order to secure his release. In the ensuing trepidation that greeted that sad news, Mrs Calmday ran helter-skelter trying to get help to rescue her husband from the den of the kidnappers. After a while, they reduced the ransom to fifty million naira, urging her to expedite payment lest they kill her husband. Knowing that the matter was beyond her, she raced down to The SCOAN where she sought Divine intervention.

As she attended the activity-filled Sunday service, she waited to see the man of God who prayed for her. Having been touched by the man of God even as she displayed her husband’s picture on the screen of her phone, she noticed some burden had left her when she returned to her sitting position. By that time, she had switched off her phone in order to avoid the nuisance of the criminals who had been calling her on account of the ransom they were demanding. Emboldened by the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the fact that she was still in God’s presence, she switched on her phone only to receive a call. It was the sweet voice of her husband, announcing his freedom from the den of the kidnappers!

Testifying in company of his wife and sister, Mr Calmday expressed profound gratitude to God for his safe release from the kidnappers’ den. He told congregants how he had been mistakenly kidnapped and how he was threatened with death on several occasions. According to his wife, it was exactly one hour after Prophet T.B. Joshua had prayed for her that her husband was technically released amid apologies by the kidnappers who also returned every single thing they had taken from him. He recalled that one of the kidnappers told him how lucky he was not to have been killed. According to him, the man told him to hold on to God who was evidently in charge of his situation.

The couple from Bayelsa State, Nigeria, thanking God for the miracle, exhibited immense belief in the power of God to do all things. Mr Calmday, from all indications, was humbled by the unusual display of divine love upon him and his family by the kingdom of Heaven. “God listens to prayers and intervenes in the affairs of man,” he counselled people all over the world while describing Prophet T.B. Joshua as a rare gift to this generation.



A terrible kidney disease had stifled the comfort out of her life. Miss Chioma Mbamara was tormented by swelling of the body, frequent illness, headaches, weakness of the body and general debility. Walking became very difficult just as her work life collapsed after her employment was terminated due to the instability of her health. Her doctor in Nigeria frowned against dialysis. He suggested a kidney transplant in India but the money involved was too big. They decided to run to the The SCOAN, the ‘Arena of Liberty’ where the Morning Water was ministered to her, in Jesus’ name.


Shortly after the ministration of the Morning Water, the Imo State of Nigeria indigene received her remarkable healing! All the symptoms that had characterised the kidney problem disappeared. Today, Miss Mbamara is totally healed without spending a dime. The trip to India would have gulped a whopping 8 million naira but for divine intervention through the Morning Water. To top up her healing with glory, two days after she had left The SCOAN, she received an invitation for an interview. Today, the rest is history as she currently works with a federal college of education.

Testifying, Miss Mbamara told congregants that the Morning Water has become her companion since the very day she received her healing. According to her, she has been ministering it to people around her and will continue to have it by her side.



MR. & MRS. ZOUBENWith eight miscarriages and the wagging tongues that called her all sorts of names, Mrs Tracy Zouben faced hell here on earth. Even some family members rejected her because of her inability to produce a child. She was labelled a daughter of the marine world and was left to ponder over the unfortunate direction her life had taken. She had envisaged great respite would come after seeing doctors but alas, all they could do was to see that she had a sack of fluid in her womb. For them, that sack of fluid must be removed through surgery, if she really wanted to bear a child. Consulting with her husband, she rejected the suggestion of the doctors and instead insisted on coming to meet God at the Arena of Liberty, having been an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV.

Arriving at The SCOAN and attending the Sunday service of July 27, 2014, the Cameroonian couple soon witnessed God’s illimitable power in action. Seated in the auditorium, the evil spirit within Mrs Zouben manifested as soon as the evangelists ministered the Morning Water on her. The demon confessed how it had been responsible for all her miscarriages and how it had tormented her psychologically with thoughts of inadequacy and low self-esteem, before it was finally cast into the bottomless pit, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Returning to Cameroon with their own bottle of the Morning Water, the couple became evangelists of a sort. Many people searching for the fruit of the womb got pregnant after Mr and Mrs Zouben ministered the Morning Water to them. There was the case of a woman who was barren for twenty-five years but got pregnant after they had ministered the Morning Water to her. As they continued to minister the Morning Water on others whereas they themselves needed the fruit of the womb, people started wondering aloud why “the physician could not heal himself.” To every of such thought, they had an answer – “God’s time is the best.” And true to their belief, in a matter of weeks, Mrs Zouben had a series of dreams in which she saw the man of God urging her to visit the orphanage to extend love to the less-privileged children. The couple also used the Morning Water to cook, bathe and to do almost everything.

Within weeks, Mrs Zouben fell ill and visited the hospital. The illness was diagnosed to be seven weeks’ pregnancy! In spite of all the difficulties she passed through during the progression of the pregnancy, Mrs Tracy Zouben eventually gave birth to a baby girl named Zouben Gift-Joy. Thanking God for blessing them with their hearts’ desire, the couple told congregants how they endured shame and dishonour for eight years and waited for God’s time which finally came after their visit to The SCOAN. “Whatever you are passing through is for a purpose,” said Mrs Zouben as she urged people all over the world to hold on to God and wait for His time.



MR. & MRS. OPOKU DEBRAH & SONFor thirteen years, Mr and Mrs Opoku Debrah were searching tirelessly for the fruit of the womb. They had been through much psychological trauma due to the problem of barrenness caused by low sperm count and tube blockage. Socially, the Ghanaians were somewhat isolated as they could not come to terms with the fact that while many others were celebrating their children’s naming ceremonies, they were just there like the biblical fig tree which could not bear fruit in its season. At a time, they were asked to pay the sum of twelve thousand euros for artificial insemination. But a friend who had visited The SCOAN came with some ray of hope. He brought the Morning Water to them!

As the couple ministered the Morning Water in prayer, the hand of God took charge of their predicament. Within that very month, Mrs Debrah was confirmed to be pregnant. The couple were at The SCOAN to testify when Mrs Debrah was pregnant. Today, their son is five years-old. The couple glorified God immensely while calling on people trust in God.


The glory of God was felt in the atmosphere as congregants expressed gratitude to God in different ways. Through songs of praise and worship coupled with the testimonies, God’s goodness in their lives was declared with joy and gracefulness. The SCOAN Sunday service of August 7, 2016, above every other thing, opened the eyes of all Christians to the fact that they are more than they see themselves. This eye opener came with the thought-provoking message of Evangelist Chloe tilted A PURPOSE LARGER THAN YOURSELF.

EVANGELIST CHLOEEvangelist Chloe reminded Christians of their true identity as children of God and how some have always short-changed themselves by dwelling on themselves and the situations around them instead of focusing on Christ Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith. “When a little hard time comes, we get overwhelmed and feel as if the end has come,” she submitted, insisting that “the only way to see life clearly is to focus on Christ alone.” She enlightened Christians further on their true identity in Christ Jesus, stressing that they are not ordinary as they have always seen themselves among the crowd. “We are called not to be among the masses out there who move without direction,” she posited.

She also called on Christians to attune themselves to the fact that by His death on the Cross of Calvary, they are redeemed. She said, “The only way to feel good about yourself is to believe and accept what Jesus has done for you on the Cross.” Alluding to the story of Job who held on and focused on God, in spite of all the calamities that befell him, Evangelist Chloe maintained that a man’s heart is what his thoughts are. In other words, the more we ponder over our situation, the more we get dejected and allow the devil to torment us more and more. Job was able to overcome his calamities with the latter glory that came in a hundred-fold because all along, he never lost his focus on God.

Concluding, she left the following advice for Christians all over the world – “Just as satan loses no time in plotting against us, we too should lose no time in committing ourselves to God.”



MR & MRS MAGNUS ORDUTroubled by a spiritual husband, Mrs Ordu’s marriage was threatened by barrenness. All her human efforts to explain the reason she was unable to conceive yielded no answers. It was by the time she started watching Emmanuel TV that it dawned on her clearly that the spirit husband was behind all the predicaments that had taken over her marriage like weeds in the soil. As she continued watching Emmanuel TV in company of her husband, her faith grew in leaps and bounds. Before the couple realised it, they had embraced coming to The SCOAN as the ultimate decision.

Mrs Ordu visited The SCOAN on September 5th, 2014 when Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying to the sick during a Sunday service. According to her, while the man of God was prophesying to another woman who had issues with fruit of the womb, she placed her hands on her belly and claimed the prophecy. Mrs Ordu received the Morning Water and proceeded to minister it at home alongside her husband. As she continued to minister the Morning Water, she discovered that all the symptoms that characterised her condition were giving way gradually and within the same week of her visit to The SCOAN, she became pregnant. All those evil dreams in which her sanitary pads appeared and the strange movements in her body gave way for good.

A visit to The SCOAN coupled with the ministration of the Morning Water brought about the miracle they had been looking for over the years. Mr and Mrs Ordu are today proud parents of a baby girl christened Deborah Ordu. “Believing is our connection. When you believe, you receive,” said Mrs Ordu, as she shared her testimony with the congregation.

In the same vein, Mr Ordu who is a Chartered Accountant also testified to his promotion after several years of stagnation. From an ordinary Accounting Officer, he was elevated to a Regional Manager after many nights of prayers and ministering the Morning Water. The couple are also blessed with a good car.


Mr and Mrs Uzoegbu were not the happiest of parents. Their daughter’s educational performance had been punctuated by recurrent illness – malaria, body pains, headache and weakness. Her attendance in school became very irregular. She would spend one day in school and the next in the hospital. Getting an expert paediatrician by her father to look into her case could not help the situation. Being ardent viewers of the Emmanuel TV channel, the parents decided to contact a family friend who worships at The SCOAN to get them the Morning Water.MISS GRACE UZOEGBU & PARENTS

As soon as they received the Morning Water and started ministering it on their daughter, the debilitating symptoms she was having started disappearing. She became strong and was able to sit for her exams. When the results were released, young Grace came out tops both in her class and in the entire school. She also received three different awards in English, Mathematics and Science. The Nigerian couple, residing in Ivory Coast with their daughter, were full of joy as they testified to the goodness of God in the life of their daughter. Thanking God during their testimony, Mr Uzoegbu left the following advice to people all over the world: “Whenever you are stranded, run to Jesus. He is the only solution.”

On her own part, Miss Grace Uzoegbu told congregants that after she ministered the Morning Water, she realised that a heavy burden left her while the answers to the exam questions she was writing then came easily. “Pray as if it all depends on God and work as if it all depends on you,” she advised youths.


MRS FAUSTINA MENSAHMrs Faustina Mensah was diagnosed with cephalalgia and somatoform disorder – an ailment characterised by severe headaches and insomnia. According to the Ghanaian national, most of the medication she was given by doctors ended up compounding her situation. In a desperate search for solution, she had encountered a friend who introduced her to Emmanuel TV. After witnessing the massive demonstration of God’s power at the Arena of Liberty through Emmanuel TV, Mrs Mensah decided to visit The SCOAN.

Upon coming to The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water. When she returned to Ghana, she continued to minister it in prayer, in Jesus’ name. The effect was almost immediate. As she ministered the Morning Water, the pain and other horrible symptoms that had threatened her job and career left her. She insisted on seeing her doctors who also confirmed that the sickness had gone. Thanking God for rescuing and healing her from an ailment that had held her down for two years, Mrs Faustina Mensah advised people all over the world in the following words: “When you are sick, don’t run from Jesus; run to Jesus. He heals all manner of sicknesses.”


Mrs Pat was troubled. Her son’s health was in a very terrible state. Having painful urination, abdominal pains and passing blood through urine, young Oguguo was diagnosed with bilateral urethral blockage – a condition that required urgent medical attention abroad. The doctors in Nigeria, having tried their best with no solution in sight, advised the mother to look for money so he could be taken to India for treatment. After reaching out for help, she was able to raise money for the trip. Though they went and returned from India, they later discovered that his condition had become worse after the medical trip. Young Oguguo reacted to some of the drugs he received in India and was in serious pain. He developed other complications that affected his walking, sight, heart and other major organs.MASTER OGUGUA & FAMILY

When he returned to school, he became isolated as other students avoided him because of the uncontrollable urine that frequently flowed out of him. The lad was seriously disappointed by the events that had followed his return from India. His mother’s encounter with Emmanuel TV changed the story of his life. After watching the different awe-inspiring miracles on the anointed channel, Mrs Pat decided to visit the Arena of Liberty with her ailing son. At The SCOAN, they received the Morning Water and returned to their home. After ministering the Morning Water for a while, the symptoms that ravaged Oguguo’s health ceased. Even the embarrassing and uncontrollable urination stopped. Mrs Pat returned to her doctors and they confirmed through several tests that her son was healed. Today, Oguguo is going about his educational pursuits with peace of mind. No more troubles! “Don’t be afraid to come to God. No situation is bigger than God,” he advised people all over the world.


Mr and Mrs Fanwell Zulu were on their way to their building site when tragedy struck. The Zambian couple had hired a truck loaded with stones which ran out of oil on the road. As the truck operators were trying to refill the tank, they lifted the cabin to enable them to have access to the oil tank. Mr Zulu went to help the truck operators while Mrs Zulu remained in the car behind the truck. She picked up her Faith Bracelet and began to meditate. “Lord, take more of me and give me more of You”. At a point, instead of continuing with the meditation, “Take more of me,” she began to meditate, “Take more of him.” Unknown to her, her husband would soon pass through the valley of the shadow of death.

As she continued her meditation, a loud bang sent her out of the car. The lifted cabin had collapsed on its own, trapping someone underneath. People began to gather, screaming and calling for help. As Mrs Zulu got to the scene of the incident, she began to minister the Morning Water, in the name of Jesus Christ. Suddenly, a vehicle parked at the scene of the incident and three men came out. Strangely, without talking to anyone, they walked straight onto the scene, lifted up the cabin which had been an impossible task for all who had earlier attempted it and the trapped person was released. To her greatest surprise, it was her husband that was trapped under the collapsed cabin.

The three men carried her unconscious husband into the car parked behind the truck and instructed Mrs Zulu to wind down the window so that Mr Zulu could get some ventilation. As Mrs Zulu prepared to drive her husband to hospital, she looked around for the three men but strangely did not see them. While under observation in hospital, it was discovered that Mr Zulu had a Good Morning Sticker in his wallet. Mrs Zulu continued to minister the Morning water to her husband at the hospital. The following morning, an x-ray was done and to the surprise of everyone present, against all permutations, Mr Zulu whose head was trapped under the collapsed cabin sustained no single injury and nothing was found to be wrong with his system.

MR&MRS FANWELL ZULUThanking God during their testimony at The SCOAN, the couple told congregants how praying with the Morning Water and Sticker had saved them from sorrow and pain. According to Mrs Zulu, God used the mediums to save her husband’s life. A visibly elated Mr Zulu, who described the mediums of the Morning Water and Sticker as God’s Hammer, urged people all over the world to repose their trust in God.


The SCOAN Sunday Service of 31st July, 2016 was a special package from the Holy Spirit. From the songs of the choir to the wonderful testimonies, the presence of God was demonstrated beyond doubt. Congregants had the opportunity to watch clips of the Morning Water ministration during the just concluded South Korea, 2016 Pastors’ Conference with Prophet T.B. Joshua. They witnessed the power of God at work, breaking yokes, healing different kinds of ailments and delivering souls from the captivity of satan.

EVANGELIST  EDWARDEvangelist Edward animated the atmosphere with evangelical zest when he delivered his edifying message titled LEARN OBEDIENCE. He reminded Christians that whenever they are faced with challenging situations, they always have two options. One is to act from their own human frailties or to obey and abide by the Spirit of God: “But in the moment of decision, you are presented with two options: to act out of character and react badly, emotionally or intellectually to the weight of your situation or to trust the Holy Spirit in the midst of your challenges and respond by the Spirit. You can choose to learn offence, anger and disobedience or you can choose to learn obedience to the will of God.”

Citing the sufferings of Christ and how He obeyed and abided by the will of His father, Evangelist Edward observed that a Christian’s character is shaped by the difficulties he encounters as he journeys through life with all its ups and downs: “The way a Christian’s character grows through obedience is by facing difficulties and dealing with problems. As a Christian, what you are going through serves a useful purpose: To form and strengthen your character and to prepare you for the eternal glory that lies ahead.”

He concluded by encouraging Christians to accept and embrace every difficult challenge as an opportunity to pass through God’s refinement process, stating that many have missed the glory ahead because of their refusal to accept the process: “Whatever situation you are passing through is an opportunity for you to learn obedience to the will of God. However, many of us are rejecting the process, the method, the very instrument God is using to refine us. This is why we remain as we are. That is why all we go through seems to be wasted. We will continue to repeat the test until we learn our lesson and pass it.”



MISS CHIKODI NORAH IWUAfter failing her Bar Final exams at the Nigerian Law School, Abuja campus in 2015, Miss Chikodi Iwu realised that her failure was not ordinary. Recalling that her family had had a pedigree of backwardness and limitation in progress, the picture of what was going on became clearer to her. No one in her entire family had ever attained success academically. It took her eleven years to gain admission into university and after graduating, an evil tormenting spirit had vowed never to allow her to become a Barrister. That failure at the law school in 2015 became a sore point in her life as all subsequent efforts she made resulted in disappointment.

As soon as she started preparing for a resit of the exams, all those who supported her in the past abandoned her, thinking she was an incurable failure. She had to beg to be able to survive and faced serious accommodation problems. As the resit exams approached, she could not concentrate. Frustrated by different worries, she had to run to a pastor who was a staff of the Nigerian Law School in Abuja. The pastor revealed to her that her problem was from her village and advised her to visit The SCOAN, stressing that she doesn’t need to see the man of God in person before her situation would be turned around.

Visiting The SCOAN during a Sunday service, Chikodi witnessed God’s power as soon as Mass Prayer started. Immediately Prophet T.B Joshua raised his voice to lead prayer, Miss Iwu started screaming and shaking uncontrollably, attracting the attention of ushers who held her while the evil spirit spoke through her. The evil spirit confessed that it had wanted to kill her and destroy every good thing in her life, including her educational aspirations. Taking authority in the name of Jesus, the man of God commanded the evil spirit out of her. Delivered and redeemed from the oppression of the devil, Miss Iwu received two Good Morning Stickers from Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Wrapping the Good Morning Stickers around her writing pens, she returned to Abuja and unwrapped them as she sat for the exams. To God be the glory, after the exams, she came out in flying colours. Her results qualified her to be called to the Nigerian bar. A dream of eighteen years finally came to fruition after her encounter with the power of God at The SCOAN. Today, Miss Chikodi Iwu is addressed as Barrister Chikodi Iwu – a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Thanking God during her testimony, she told congregants that she is the first in her family to break the so-called jinx of attaining university level and graduating as a qualified lawyer. She promised to serve God diligently.


Mr Ifeanyi was deep into fetish engagements right from his childhood days when he was twelve years old. His grandfather, a witch doctor initiated him into witchcraft when he took him to his shrine and instructed him never to allow the water in a particular pot get dry. Days later, his grandfather became ill and demanded to see his father in order to hand over the affairs of the dark arts to him. But when Ifeanyi’s father arrived at the hospital where the old man was ailing away, the old man denied him, saying he was not the one to take over the shrine from him.

When Ifeanyi arrived at the hospital, he met his grandmother, who on seeing him rushed to go and call the nurse. But while she left the hospital room, his grandfather had laid hands on his head – an act that sent cold shivers down his whole body. After that episode, he fell asleep only to be woken up by nurses later. He was asked to go home, unknown to him that his grandfather had passed on. But the laying of hands on his head meant a lot even though he did not know. When it became public knowledge that his grandfather was dead, a meeting of witchdoctors was convened to deliberate on their member’s burial. Before his corpse was buried, Ifeanyi was given white powder by the witchdoctors to administer on grandfather’s face.

MR IFEANYI ENYESIOBIAfter the burial, Ifeanyi continued to carry out the instructions the old man had given to him before he died. But he would soon be faced with a dilemma as his father insisted on destroying the shrine, saying it was the cause of the animosity between their family and people of the village. Ifeanyi’s father actually came with anointed oil which he handed over to his son to minister on the shrine before it would be destroyed. Unknown to his father, Ifeanyi had removed some fetish items from the shrine and had kept them in his own room.

Ifeanyi would go ahead to destroy the shrine as directed by his father. While digging to uproot some of the evil pots buried under the soil, a bird and smoke flew out from one of the pots. An enraged Ifeanyi told his father that he should be ready to face the consequences of that action. When the witchdoctors discovered that the shrine had been destroyed on the directive of Ifeanyi’s father, they afflicted him with poison and he died. After the death of his father, the witchdoctors regrouped and tried to retrieve a fetish staff from him. Ifeanyi would not be cowed into releasing the staff given to him by his late grandfather. His defiance attracted their wrath as they fought him through all sorts of demonic manipulations.

After undergoing all sorts of spiritual fortification in different shrines and through initiations, Ifeanyi managed to withstand the fetish battle between him and his enemies. On many occasions, the river goddess controlling one of the rivers where he was initiated would appear to him in dreams giving him evil counsel. She had told him what to do to become very powerful and had also given him a live fish to swallow. Ifeanyi eventually swallowed a live fish physically and later started carrying masquerades from village to village. He became so popular that people consulted him for spiritual help. Truck drivers consulted him for amulets to prevent robbery attacks and accidents on the road. Women who were desperate to marry also came and received ‘solution’.

All efforts to neutralise his evil powers through prayers proved abortive as he used some fetish items to cause heavy sleeping among the ‘prayer warriors’ whenever they gathered to pray against him. Ifeanyi became a very notorious witchdoctor that had many evil powers. He wore some around his waist while others were in different parts of his body. He continued to live with his evil powers, tormenting and oppressing people until a certain man appeared in his dream and kept telling him, “Son, follow me.” The man and his voice kept recurring to him in a mysterious dream-like experience until he found himself in Lagos at The SCOAN being bombarded by the Spirit of God in the Morning Water medium. The evangelist commanded the evil spirit in him to speak and it revealed so many horrible things it had done to Mr Ifeanyi’s life. Said it, among other things, “No man can bring him down. No masquerade in the land of the east can bring him down.” Through the power in the blood of Jesus, Mr Ifeanyi was brought down with his back on the floor while the evil spirit was cast out completely. During his testimony, a completely transformed Mr Ifeanyi said he has surrendered his life to Christ and will continue to be devoted to the Word of God. He advised people in the following words, “There is no other way; Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life.”

For four years, Mr Acha Vincent Njeok was out of employment. The former IT Officer in the Cameroonian Ministry of Sports and Physical Education faced a lot of difficulties trying to keep body and soul together. In the midst of all the hardship, he had encountered a friend who just returned from Nigeria. He asked his friend if he had visited The SCOAN and went further to demand the Morning Water from him. His friend asked him to come over the next day. Getting to his friend’s house, they prayed together. Thereafter, his friend asked him to buy a bottle of mineral water so he could minister some drops of the Morning Water into it for him.

MR ACHA VINCENT  NJEOKAfter getting the bottle of mineral water, Mr Njeok received just three drops of the Morning Water into the beverage. With that, he continued to pray that his sacking should be reversed. In February this year, he was recalled to his place of work and entrusted with more responsibility as Chief of the Department of Maintenance. He was also recommended to travel to Europe for more training on the job. Thanking God for the restoration of his job, promotion and recommendation for foreign travel, Mr Njeok also testified to his healing from a strange and debilitating tumor (that had developed around his anal region) through the same Morning Water medium. “I advise viewers that if you have the Morning Water, you can do anything. With the Morning Water, you can cross the oceans by faith, in Jesus’ name!”, he said.

The SCOAN Sunday Service of July 24, 2016 demonstrated the fact that the works of God are beyond the barriers of space and time. While Evangelist Joseph engaged the minds of congregants with his message titled CAPTURE YOUR THOUGHTS FOR THE GLORY OF GOD, the man of God was in faraway South Korea doing what he was born to do.

IMG_2099Prophet T.B. Joshua was received in Seoul by a crowd that had waited for hours at the airport to welcome him to the South Korea 2016 Crusade. Day 1 and Day 2 of the crusade witnessed a heroic manifestation of God’s power as the sick were healed, the captives and oppressed were set free and the broken-hearted were uplifted.


Meanwhile to sum up his message, Evangelist Joseph urged Christians all over the world to guide and guard their thoughts in order not to allow the devil a space in their hearts. According to him, the life of a Christian will only attract more positivity when he or she thinks positively. “Every time you allow yourself to think positively and talk positively, you act positively”, he said. He acknowledged the common dilemma of choice that faces Christians but insists that there are no neutral thoughts. He stated that our thoughts are either of faith or of doubt. According to him, when our thoughts are of faith, they become great and produce great results – “Great thoughts produce great decisions but bad thoughts produce wrong decisions.”


Concluding, he urged Christians to manage their minds in order to be able to attract the kind of positive reality they desire. “Manage your mind because what happens in your mind will happen in time,” he advised.

During the Morning Water ministration, evangelists unleashed divine wrath on the kingdom of darkness as many were delivered from the grip of evil spirits and all sorts of afflictions in the name of Jesus Christ. Many who had received their own miracles also came out to testify to the goodness and glory of God in their lives.


The problem of bedwetting had ravaged the life of Mrs Obiageli Onuoha’s son right from birth. The lad had a horrible time with that problem and had to move from one hospital to the other in search of a medical solution that never really came. Even in Dublin, Ireland where they reside, all efforts to stop the problem proved abortive. A special machine which had an alarm system made for him could not tame the evil yoke as he usually slept too deep. The alarm system ended up being a waste of time and effort. Mrs Onuoha was not happy with the turn of events and decided to try other options. But the more her human reasoning tried to find a way out, the worse his situation became. He continued bedwetting to the extent that he lost two important excursion opportunities in his school. Trips to Ghana and Spain organised by his school eluded him because of his constant challenge.

At age 14, Bobby was still battling with the problem of bedwetting much to the disappointment of his mother. Having traversed different landscapes in search of solution without finding any, Mrs Onuoha decided to visit The SCOAN last week. During that Sunday, Bobby received the anointed touch of the man of God and immediately fell to the ground. After that encounter, he had said to his mother, “Mummy, I felt something leave my body as the man of God touched me.” Since that day, Bobby has not wet the bed. He now enjoys peaceful sleep. The yoke of bedwetting is definitely gone forever. Expressing her gratitude, Mrs Onuoha marvelled at the incomprehensible power and ways of God. She advised parents all over the world to draw closer to Him.


After a romantic misadventure that resulted in a pregnancy which she aborted during her secondary school days, Mrs Eucharia Okoye never knew that a destructive growth had started raising its ugly head in her womb. When it was time to have a child for her husband, doctors discovered, after several tests, that the growth had continued to develop in her womb preventing her from conceiving. The only offer they could make was to suggest a surgery. It was at the brink of being operated upon that her husband asked her to leave the hospital and get ready for a visit to The SCOAN.

At The SCOAN, Mrs Okoye received the Morning Water. She continued to minister it to herself, praying to God to flush out the growth from her body. After a while, she returned to the hospital for a test. The doctor that conducted the test wondered what had gone wrong. “Who is that doctor that wanted to operate you? I can’t see any growth in your womb. There’s nothing growing in your womb!” he exclaimed. How an 18-year-old growth suddenly disappeared can only be an act of divine intervention.

As she testified last Sunday in company of her sisters-in-law, Mrs Okoye bubbled with so much joy as she flaunted her pregnancy for the congregation to see the work of God. She encouraged people facing her type of situation to come to The SCOAN and receive their own miracle. She advised them to have faith in God and come to Him, irrespective of their past mistakes.

MRS OBEN EVELINE (3)Mrs Oben Eveline Ayuk laboured with heart failure and peptic ulcer for six years. The Cameroonian visited many hospitals in her native country but could not really get any respite. She suffered from severe weakness and had difficulty eating food and drinking water. She virtually lived on medication all through those six years. The doctors advised her against eating starchy foods. They also told her to avoid foods high in cholesterol. In an effort to normalise her lifestyle as much as possible, they offered her an option of temporary relief at a very high price. She would have to provide a whopping 4 million francs to have a special instrument known as a battery inserted into her heart as a palliative measure.

Thinking that was the end of her life here on earth, she rushed down to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. As she returned to Cameroon, she continued to minister it amidst prayers. Gradually, all those debilitating symptoms started giving way to renewed vigour and better well-being. She became strong once again and could do all those things she could not do before now. She now eats good food and drinks water, irrespective of the quantity. To confirm God’s marvellous work in her life, she returned to the hospital and did some tests. When the results were released, they showed that both the heart problem and peptic ulcer were no more.

MRS OBEN EVELINE (2)Testifying at The SCOAN where congregants expressed their joy for her healing, Mrs Ayuk downed a full bottle of water to prove that she is now completely well. She advised people with similar conditions to seek the face of God.

MRS FOLASHADE JEHOVASON & HUSBANDMrs Folashade Jehovahson was diagnosed with multiple fibroids after she had experienced abdominal discomfort. After confirming the existence of the abnormal growths in her womb, her doctors had suggested surgery but she rejected it and declared that she had a God who would heal her without collecting a dime. She visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. Apart from ministering it during prayers, she would use it to cook and bathe. A few months later, her stomach which was previously hard started becoming soft. She knew that something miraculous had taken place.

Returning to the hospital for further tests, it was discovered that the multiple fibroids had melted away like snowflakes in the sun. The result of the tests showed that the fibroids were completely gone. Testifying in company of her husband, Mrs Jehovahson advised people all over the world, especially women facing her type of predicament, to run to God as He is the only One that can truly heal them. On his own part, her husband, Mr Olayinka Jehovahson had the following words for people of God – “For all Christians who centre their lives on Jesus Christ, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.”

MRS MARY ONUMONUMrs Mary Onumonu, with all her qualifications, worked as an ordinary classroom teacher for nine years. Her aspiration was to work in a higher institution as a lecturer. But because of rising unemployment, she had no other choice than to accept the secondary school job. With her Master of Business Administration, Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and a Higher National Diploma, she earned the same salary as people who had only a first degree. However, in spite of that unpalatable experience, Mrs Onumonu had a strong belief in her heart that one day, she would attain that height she had been aspiring to. She had even told her colleagues that her rise to glory was just a matter of time.

She visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which she ministered daily, in the name of Jesus. Eventually, a new institute in her native Bayelsa State, Nigeria took off – The International Institute of Tourism and Hospitality. She applied as a lecturer to the new institute and was called for an interview. After the interview, she was selected and was appointed as a lecturer. It didn’t end there! She was also made the Head of Department of Business Management and Public Administration. Testifying in style and exuding glorious confidence, Mrs Onumonu advised people, especially teachers who are under-employed not to lose hope but to trust in God.


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