Musical exclamations from the choir echoed all around the auditorium. Congregants from different nations of the world expressed their joy in ways beyond description. They exuded divine confidence as Evangelist Racine stepped in to nourish their minds with the Word of God in a message titled GOD’S AGENDA. According to him, “We have no control over what becomes of us the next day.” He contended that anyone can be a leader but only God chooses a leader with a difference. He also submitted that God’s agenda supersedes all others and is not defined by man’s level of skill or wisdom. It is only God’s will that guarantees success in life. “Wisdom in the practical sense of ability and skill cannot guarantee success in life.  Many would think that men of great understanding who are masters in the field of management would certainly become people of substance,” he added, reminding congregants that no one can succeed without God.


Continuing, Evangelist Racine observed that, “To every man, God has assigned a purpose.”  Quoting Prophet T.B. Joshua, he said, “What God Has designed you to achieve in His master plan determines your divine cause and course. The cause means what you are living for and are going to die for.”  He added that Christians would only succeed when they include God in the affairs of their life, arguing that the brave do not always win the battle just as fast runners do not always win the race.


Concluding, he urged Christians to live a life of purpose because we serve a God of purpose. “It is the will of God for us to prosper in every area of our lives – spirit, soul and body,” he added. He left the following prayerful declaration for congregants to ponder over: “The time has come for me to enlarge my spiritual coasts because I serve a God of purpose.”



Having been brought up by her mother after the death of her father, she was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in law. After obtaining the degree, everything she tried to do met with failure to the extent that she had to move from one church to another in search of a solution. Her efforts to secure a post-graduate admission in Nigerian and foreign universities hit the brick wall for the umpteenth time. For Queen Agbaji, there was no consolation unless God intervened. She often cried unto God and appealed for His divine direction, urging Him to remember that He is father to the fatherless.


One night, she had dreamt of visiting The SCOAN but on waking, she became confused, owing to her skeptical disposition towards Prophet T.B. Joshua and his ministry. However, the more she asked for divine direction, the more she dreamt of the man of God and his ministry. Her cynicism about Prophet T.B. Joshua was so intense that she would give up her meal in a restaurant just because she beheld a portrait of the man of God there.


Queen would however succumb to the prompting of the Holy Spirit after a concerned Muslim acquaintance had asked her why she didn’t want to visit The SCOAN in the face of all her struggles. At that juncture, it dawned on her that there was something deeper about the T.B. Joshua dream encounters than met the ordinary eyes. By the grace of God, a friend was able to pay her way down to The SCOAN. After receiving the Morning Water from The SCOAN, Queen’s life was overtaken by a windfall of favours. Even two universities in the USA which had turned down her post-graduate applications contacted her to reapply.


Against her expectations, her post-graduate application, though incomplete, was accepted by a university in the USA. That university eventually granted her a scholarship worth $20,000 USD (out of the total package of $26,000 USD) after she had visited The SCOAN where she received a prophetic word from the man of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua had told her, “There will be a meeting and in that meeting there will be a breakthrough.”  She would later realise that the prophetic declaration actually captured the eventual decision of the school’s scholarship board to fund her studies. As she contemplated on how to fund the remaining six thousand dollars on her scholarship, God provided $15,000 USD through a case she handled. The money from that case was enough to cover the deficit and her accommodation.


At the embassy of the USA, it was another herculean task as her documents were incomplete. She had to change interview dates several times. But another dream encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua would become the panacea for that precarious situation. The man of God had encouraged her to remain steadfast in that dream. The next day, Queen headed straight to the embassy. There, she was almost thrown off balance after fifteen applicants had been turned down in her very presence. She knew the battle was beyond her and so went to the restroom to minister the Morning Water. And the rest is history – she received her visa and jetted out.


Queen ministered the Morning Water regularly and watched Emmanuel TV incessantly till she completed her Master’s degree. Immediately after her Master’s, she applied for her PhD even without an assurance of where the funding would come from. She had the faith and only needed to activate it. Ministering the Morning Water and praying over her new aspiration, she received a full scholarship for her doctoral degree plus a job. She completed her residency in the USA and was left with the research aspect of the programme.


She returned to Nigeria and visited The SCOAN where she had a one-on-one encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua who encouraged her to go and complete her research and come back with a copy of her thesis for him to see. But when she returned to the USA, the devil struck! Her scholarship was reduced by seventy-five percent while a huge debt profile hung around her neck. She was on the brink of dropping out of school and had even written a letter to the man of God concerning her frustrations but kept her faith intact. Three days before her scholarship status would be terminated, someone she didn’t know had offset her debts. That same day, her scholarship was fully restored!


After completing her thesis, Queen went ahead to defend it. The defence was more like a walk- over as the Holy Spirit guided her in everything she said and did that day. Queen eventually graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Law. Today, she is addressed as Barrister Dr Queen Agbaji. Thanking God during her testimony, she urged congregants to use their faith to put a demand on the anointin-g in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua, stressing that every nation needs a prophet.



They had dared the odds to seek greener pastures abroad through what one can describe as the most tortuous and illegal of routes. Most of them even had to borrow money from loved ones in anticipation of a bright future overseas. Little did it occur to them that they were on a mission of near-death, torture and abuse. For the females among them, sexual molestation was one of the sad realities they had to live with in the hands of their helpers turned tormentors. It was disheartening to wake up to the horrible realisation that those in whom they had reposed the hope of crossing into Europe would turn out to be the greatest villains in this tragedy of their lives.




The experience of the Libyan deportees is perhaps one of the greatest testaments on the drama of existence, of survival and of the absurd. Girls, in their teens, deceived into abandoning their humble beginnings in Nigeria and left to face the grim side of life in a foreign land. For those who survived the long trek through the Sahara Desert, the joy of nearing Europe was always punctuated by the fear of having to float aboard plastic and wooden dinghies in which they were packed like sardines and left at the mercy of the ruthless waves that had no compassion in their trajectory. It was a tale of squalor in motion as they had to drink very dirty water, put up with faeces and dead bodies. Many regretted embarking on that journey of doom but it was late. Many prayed that the Libyan authorities should rescue them alive. They preferred to be arrested and sent to jail rather than die on the sea and be eaten by sharks.


According to Miss Tracy Stephen, one of the deportees, her experience was devastating psychologically and physically in the face of all the hardship she encountered on the ill-fated journey to Europe. According to her, many of her colleagues who embarked on that journey as excited teens have returned as hapless and broken mothers as well as expectant mothers that were raped. Their deportation to Nigeria was facilitated by the International Office for Migration.


Knowing that The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners have always lent helping hands to those in dire need, the contingent decided to visit the ministry to seek for succour in order to start life anew. For one week, Prophet T.B. Joshua provided them medical care, accommodation and transportation to the tune of two million and four hundred thousand naira. They also received cash gifts of seven million and six hundred thousand naira in addition to the two bags of rice they each received. In total, they received the sum of ten million naira as support from Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners. Thanking God, the deportees were unanimous in their resolve to start a new life. They urged youths and parents alike not to be carried away by the flashy lifestyles of people who visit the country from overseas, especially during the yuletide season, stressing that appearance is deceptive.



Mrs Lilian Rotimi had been a staunch critic of Prophet T.B. Joshua and The Synagogue, Church of All Nations. She had received the Morning Water from a neighbour and had destroyed it, thinking her neighbour was insane. As far as she was concerned, anything from The SCOAN was not to be associated with her. But all her misgivings would soon end after she had encountered the man of God giving a sermon about offence on Emmanuel TV in her sister’s room. It dawned on her how ignorantly she had unnecessarily maligned the man of God. She became sober and asked God for forgiveness. From there, younger sister encouraged her to make use of the Morning Water.


Around this time, Mrs Rotimi was preparing to attend a visa interview at the US embassy. She had a virgin passport that had not been used before and so, it would take a miracle for her to be granted the US visa. But her sister believed in the Morning Water as a medium of God’s power and had used it to activate so much blessings, including trips abroad. On the night preceding the visa interview, her sister ministered the Morning Water to her and prayed for her. At the embassy, in spite of the fact that many applicants were rejected, her anointed application was granted without stress.


Mrs Rotimi was overwhelmed with divine astonishment and collapsed. It took the embassy security to bring her up to her feet. After her miracle, she encouraged her husband to follow her example. Ministering the Morning Water on her husband, she encouraged him to apply for the US visa. And just as it was in her case, her husband’s visa application was granted. Having secured the US visa for herself and her husband, the next challenge was to secure their children’s. Ministering the Morning Water on her kid’s applications, Mrs Rotimi headed to the embassy, where after simple questions, the applications were granted with dispatch.


Within a short while, the entire family was granted visas to travel to the USA. And for that, Mrs Rotimi is repentant. She regretted her misgiving about the Morning Water and even asked for forgiveness from the friend who had given her the Morning Water which she destroyed. Thanking God, in company of her sister, for the uncommon miracles through the Morning Water, Mrs Rotimi advised people all over the world not to rush into criticizing things they are ignorant of.



She started drinking and smoking at the age of 15. That early descent into waywardness soon culminated in her becoming a mother at the age of 18. Her heavy dependence on alcohol and cigarette-smoking caused her to develop kidney stones – a life-threatening condition. In spite of that reality, she continued to live her life as though she had a duplicate hidden somewhere. She manipulated her beauty to her advantage. In her eyes was a hidden power which no man could resist. The high and mighty all fell into her trap. She also had a diabolic chain around her waist which infatuated men, especially those who beheld her nudeness.


The evil spirit tormenting her life controlled her psyche and made every other person look like a fool. Even her brother who had sincere intentions to help her find a solution was written off. She saw him as one pest trying to disturb her peace. Miss Sheri Bright Makoso destroyed the destinies of the men she slept with. Some lost their jobs, others had problems in their marriages while many had their businesses grounded.


Stranded in Nigeria and in dire need of money, her brother who was fed up with her irresponsible lifestyle, insisted that he would only financially assist her if she agreed to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. Visiting The SCOAN during a Sunday service, the Cameroonian came in contact with the Holy Spirit. While Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for congregants, she became very uncomfortable and wanted to leave but the power of God arrested her. According to her, as the prayers progressed, she felt as though maggots were coming out of her body. She kept on scratching her body while the spiritual operation lasted. Coming under the bombardment of the Holy Spirit, the evil spirit spoke through her, saying it was a spirit husband which had tried to destroy her life but for the intervention of God through The SCOAN.


Miss Makoso was delivered by Jesus Christ through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Since that day, she has found a breath of fresh air through Christ Jesus. All those unholy urges and desires of the flesh have left her life. Thanking God for her deliverance, in company of her brother, Miss Makoso also expressed gratitude to Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN for their charitable disposition towards her. According to her, she has received medical as well as financial support from them. Her brother who described her deliverance as the removal of a thorn from his flesh, advised people all over the world to be steadfast in the Lord, lest they fight the wrong battles.

The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of October 9, 2016 had all the aspects of a Spirit-filled event. The calmness and confidence exhibited by worshippers signified the intensity of their faith in God and His ability to tackle whatever cares they brought before His mighty presence. The musical interludes from the choir added flavour to the occasion and the words of exhortation in Evangelist Bolaji’s message provoked visible introspection amongst congregants. Titled DIVINE APPOINTMENT, evangelist-bolaji

the message centred on the vicissitudes of Christian life which in itself has never been a bed of roses right from the days of Abraham. According to Evangelist Bolaji, though we have perfect expectations as Christians, we must not lose faith and courage when such expectations hit the rocks of uncertainty, trials and temptations. “Even the seeming perfect plan we make for the future usually encounters some accident that makes it seem as if we never made any plans at all,” she said.

She admonished Christians not to entertain the mind-set that God does not love them whenever they are experiencing a trial of their faith, adding that, “It is the mind of God to answer prayer. God is still saying something which you may not understand because of your limitation in the things of the Spirit”. Making several biblical analogies, Evangelist Bolaji reminded Christians that God does not make mistakes in His timing. He knows everything and will always do things in His own time. Using the story of Peter and his fishing misadventure as an example, she told congregants that an encounter with Jesus would turn their disappointment to a divine appointment just as it did for Peter who made a remarkable catch after he met the Master and went ahead to become a fisher of men.



Sent to England to pursue her university education, Miss Titilola Labode got side tracked from her ultimate goal. She developed the addictive habits of cigarette smoking and binge drinking. Every day, she consumed at least twenty sticks of cigarettes coupled with wine. miss-titilola-labode-motherWhen she began to run out of money due to her bad habits, she decided to take up a part-time job, against the wish of her parents. As an act parental love, her father gave her his credit card, thinking he was helping a deserving daughter. Little did he know that his money would be squandered on her addictions. As fa as the Nigerian-Zimbabwean was concerned, there was no going back on her habits, more so, because she had friends of like mind who also shared in the same destructive life-style.

After her studies in England, her parents begged her to return to Zimbabwe. Back home, she continued drinking herself to a stupor. Sometimes, she would get drunk and start vomiting in public. There was a very sorry occasion on which she got drunk and crawled in the company of dogs to the entrance of her parents’ house. According to Titilola, while she was enmeshed in those habits, her dream life was typically nightmarish. She dreamt of snakes, scorpions and all sorts of vermin. There were instances when she dreamt of having sexual intercourse with strange people. Above all, her health was in tatters as excess alcohol and cigarette-smoking took their toll.

Titilola’s mother, a prominent member of the Zimbabwean Parliament, had illustrious intentions for her beloved daughter and would not fold her arms while the deceptive desires of the world continued to grow like weeds in her life. The best thing she would do for her was to bring her to The SCOAN for deliverance, knowing that stopping those habits were beyond human effort. Titilola was brought to The SCOAN where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and she was delivered of those bad habits. Her deliverance was immediate and almost effortless – a proof of God’s omnipotence. Describing the experience, Titilola said she felt an electric activity all over her as the man of God pointed towards her. “Even without touching me, I found myself on the ground, thinking that somebody had pushed me from behind but after watching the video, I discovered there was nobody behind me,” she added.

Testifying in company of her mother, Titilola told congregants how her life changed for the better after her deliverance. According to her, shortly after she was delivered, she found herself in a dream trying to smoke a cigarette but Prophet T.B. Joshua collected the cigarette and destroyed it. She woke up and found that the urge to smoke and drink alcohol and completely left her. While her mother urged parents to pay more attention to the spiritual development of their children beyond the provision of material things, Titilola advised youths to surround themselves with godly people, study the Bible and listen to their parents.


Struggling to obtain a residence permit in the UK, Mr Joseph Imarhiagbe began to mingle with bad friends driven by the inordinate ambition to get rich quickly and at all costs. To his greatest disappointment, Mr Imarhiagbe was arrested and deported from the United Kingdom for being in the country without a residence permit.mr-mrs-joseph-imarhagbe

Back home to face the harsh realities of life back in Nigeria, Mr Imarhiagbe realised that it would take at least ten years before becoming eligible to apply for another visa to the country. All hope of ever establishing a home for his family in the UK was gone, until he came across Emmanuel TV via YouTube. Encouraged by a France-based family friend to visit the Arena of Liberty where the abundance of God’s marvellous works speaks louder than words, he visited in April, 2016 and came face to face with God’s prophetic insight into his life through Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God revealed many things about him, including his imminent appointment at the UK embassy.  After receiving an anointed touch of God through the Prophet, he was brought to the ground by a force from Heaven. In confirmation of the prophecy, two weeks after visiting The SCOAN, Mr Imarhiagbe was granted a European Family Member Residence Permit to return to the United Kingdom.

On his way back to the UK, he was erroneously arrested at the Heathrow airport in London for being in possession of an impersonated passport. While he was being interrogated by the UK border agency officials, he ministered the Morning Water, asking for God’s divine intervention. Ten minutes later, the UK border agency officials apologised to him on behalf of their agency and allowed him unhindered entry into the country. Testifying in company of his wife, Mr Imarhiagbe told congregants that Jesus has taken control of his life. According to him, the peace of mind and progress that have come into his life are incomparable to the anguish and frustration that he had experienced after his deportation. “Don’t run to friends; run to Jesus,” he advised congregants and people, the world over.


evang-boseOn Sunday, October 2, 2016, there was a splendid display of God’s power during The SCOAN Live Service. Aside from the inspiring testimonies, the choir was in its usual elements – providing the musical impetus for the Spirit-filled moments of praise and worship. The Mass Prayer session brought the kingdom of darkness to its knees as the fire of God was released at every demonic affliction, yoke and manipulation that had held the children of God hostage. In the end of the spiritual face-off, chains were loosed while age-long afflictions were brought to an end courtesy of the Holy Spirit, which worked in tandem with the Father and the Son to restore glory to God’s children.

In her message titled TRUSTING IN GOD, Evangelist Bose urged Christians to repose their total belief in God, even in the face of the worst of situations. According to her, in spite of the reality of the lion’s den, Daniel refused to give up his trust in the Most High God. He was not only saved from the lion’s, he was set up for a new level in life while his status and relationship with God attained different levels entirely. “He received the future he desired and not the future he feared,” she added.

Continuing, Evangelist Bose observed that the human character must undergo tests in order for it to be shaped for greater things ahead. But when these tests come in the form of humiliation or hardship, a good Christian must not repudiate his faith and focus in God: – “Remember as gold is tested by fire, so also the human character is tested in the furnace of humiliation.” Urging Christians to cling unto their faith in God rather than give in to fear, she concluded, leaving a huge and inspiring nugget: – “I am here to encourage you that you have a friend – the Holy Spirit – who will defeat fear for you today.”



mrs-jane-godfreySometime last year, Mrs Jane Godfrey had come to The SCOAN to testify to a miracle God had wrought in her life through the Morning Water. She had been applying for the American visa for ten years without success. That jinx was finally broken after she had visited the Arena of Liberty and received the Morning Water. According to her, after ministering the Morning Water in preparation for the visa interview, the entire process went miraculously smooth. At the end, she was awarded a visa to travel to the USA.

Getting to the USA, she was faced with a strange problem of bedwetting, after a dog had bitten her in a dream. It became a huge thorn in her flesh to the extent that she called her husband in Nigeria and solicited for prayers. On several occasions, she had to find ways to cover up the mess whenever she wet the bed in her elder sister’s house. She became scared of sleep because the spirit behind her predicament manipulated her through dreams. She usually wet the bed anytime she saw that evil dog in her dream. Sometimes, it happened whenever she felt pressed and needed to use the restroom.

While the shameful problem persisted, she came to an agreement with her husband that the only solution would be to pray with the man of God on Emmanuel TV and minister the Morning Water. Mrs Godfrey kept vigils praying with the man of God on Emmanuel TV while also ministering the Morning Water with uncommon devotion. One day, while asleep, the usual dream of feeling pressed reared its evil head but as she was about to bedwet, a hand woke her up. Waking up, she headed straight to the restroom. Since that day, the humiliating experience of bedwetting from the pit of hell, had left her.

Testifying before The SCOAN congregation, Mrs Jane Godfrey said the problem has stopped for one year now. She regretted all the embarrassment it had caused her, especially in her sister’s house where she had to cover up for the shameful occurrence. According to her, her business is now flourishing after she was delivered from the problem of bedwetting. “Children of God, wherever you are going, make sure you obtain the Morning Water. It is the body and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It works wonders. Keep on praying. Watch and pray so that God will continue to dwell in you all the days of your lives in Jesus’ name,” she advised congregants and people all over the world.


mrs-lami-sisterLast year, Mrs Lami Yakubu had dreamt that a building collapsed on her and her husband. After that dream, she started feeling pains all over her body. While she was trying to figure out the cause of the sudden pains, rashes took over her body. The combination of pains and rashes militated against her general wellbeing as it regulated her efficiency and rendered her almost unable to do any work or go out of the house. When it dawned on her and her husband that the problem was more than met the ordinary eyes, she decided to tackle it spiritually.

Coming down to The SCOAN and receiving the Morning Water, Mrs Yakubu ministered it on her entire body, believing God for instant healing. In a matter of days, all the rashes and pains disappeared. Testifying in company of her sister, the Ibadan-based indigene of Kaduna State, Nigeria, told congregants that she is now fit to do those things she could not do before. She advised people all over the world to make God’s Word the standard for their lives so that His blessings would remain permanent in their lives.


mrs-sepha-friendMrs Sepha Ochieng and her Nigerian friend were travelling from Belgium to Nigeria through Amsterdam when their aircraft developed some fault mid-air. It was a very scary moment for the two friends and other passengers. As the aircraft swerved from left to right, they imagined the cold hands of death hovering in the air. However, they summoned courage and began to call on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come to their rescue. While Mrs Ochieng, prayed and cried out aloud, insisting that she would not die before reaching The SCOAN, her Nigerian friend, Nnenna, brought out the Faith Bracelet she had borrowed from her husband, held it up and asked for God’s intervention.

In the midst of the ensuing commotion inside the plane coupled with the fervent prayers of the two friends, God hearkened to the cries of His children. Within five minutes, the turbulence that had held the flight hostage came to an end. According to Mrs Ochieng, a Kenyan living in Belgium and her Nigerian friend, that experience is something they would not wish even their enemies. Thanking God for miraculously rescuing them from a potential plane crash, they advised people all over the world to hold on to God and always pray before they board flights.


mr-edafe-sisterFor seventeen years, Mr Edafe Unoho was hooked on alcohol and cigarette smoking. Then, he would drink himself to a stupor and chase prostitutes just to satisfy his fleshly desires. The more he drank, smoked and frolicked with women of easy virtue, the more his family suffered neglect as he could not cater adequately to their needs. His earnings suffered a major blow as they went down the drains. There were also times when he would drink on credit only to sell some of his properties to pay the bills. The sad story continued until it dawned on him that something was wrong with his life. At that point, he became sober and started asking God for help.

The man from Delta State, Nigeria, had been to many churches but the more they tried to deliver him, the more beer he drank. Though, he had always heard about The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV  his ‘fellow drunkards’ discouraged him from seeking help at the Arena of Liberty, claiming that the man of God was a ritualist. As his drinking malaise continued, his life witnessed so many sad moments. He had lost a couple of teeth after drinking and falling into a gutter. He also had scars all over his body as a result of unwarranted violence caused by over-indulgence with alcohol.

One night, after he had gotten himself drunk and had lodged into an hotel with a prostitute, policemen busted the area and dragged him out almost naked in an area famed for its notoriety in crime and all sorts of illicit affairs. For four days, he slept in the police cell without food. That experience humbled him to his knees as he called on God to help him out, promising to serve Him all the days of his life. When he left the police cell, his yearning for God started growing as he watched Emmanuel TV. He also visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which he ministered amidst prayers. He eventually dreamt about his deliverance by the man of God and since then, his life has changed for the better. He no longer thinks or talks about alcohol, smoking and women. Today, he is a happy man with huge savings. He has also established a business for his wife and has bought a car for himself.

Turning himself into an instant evangelist for the Kingdom of God, Mr Unoho received another Morning Water, armed himself with the Good Morning Stickers and headed to his village where his mother was ailing away and could not walk. Believing that he would deliver her, he prayed to God for guidance and set into action as soon as he landed in his village. Ministering the Morning Water on his mother and commanding the spirit behind her ailment, Mr Unoho was able to deliver her and put her back on her feet, after the spirit tormenting her had revealed all the destruction it had wrought in her life. Refilling the Morning Water bottles with ordinary water, he had faith that the anointing in the bottles would bring about more miracles. Mr Unoho also delivered his younger sister from a 35- year-old demonic affliction.mr-edafe-sister-2

During his testimony in company of his younger sister, he thanked God for using him to bring deliverance to members of his family. While narrating her encounter with her brother during the deliverance, his sister confessed that she saw fire around him as he approached her prior to the deliverance. She advised people all over the world to give their lives to Christ


mrs-petra-friend-1Mrs Petra Otee had been under the influence of ancestral spirits right from her childhood. The Ugandan resident in the USA could not decipher the origin of the problem but knew pretty well that something was amiss with her. In 2015, while on a trip to her native Uganda, she experienced a strange occurrence. Waking up from sleep one day, she could no longer walk, see or hear. After local efforts to treat her failed, her sister decided that she be flown back to the USA. Landing in the USA, she was moved from the airport to the hospital where she spent two weeks without any sign of improvement.

The doctors in the USA sent her home, urging her to cope with the situation as they had exhausted all medical options and still could not understand what her problem was. Back home, she still couldn’t walk, see or hear. The problem jeopardised her role in her church choir. All the subsequent tests, apart from the hearing test, showed that nothing was wrong with her. She had considered the option of surgery but her friend came up with a different idea. Showing her clips of Emmanuel TV, her friend persuaded her to exploit the spiritual option ahead of all others. As she watched Emmanuel TV, she realised that she too needed deliverance urgently.

While those problems persisted, Mrs Otee’s job was severely threatened even as she had to part with a lot of money owing to the several appointments she had with specialists. Surviving three accidents at the same spot further reinforced her suspicion that there was a spiritual battle to fight and for that, she became more and more attracted to Emmanuel TV. She was allergic to noise and had to make do with headphones, without which she would get dizzy and collapse. She moved about with different medical support tools coupled with a cocktail of pharmaceuticals.

mrs-petra-friend-2Visiting The SCOAN brought her face to face with the power of God. During a Sunday service, she received the ministration of the Morning Water from the Evangelists and the demons that had been tormenting her life manifested. Among other sordid revelations, the demons confessed how they had vowed to kill her after inflicting different illnesses on her and destroying her career as a US government employee. During her deliverance, the Morning Water was too hot for the demons who were cast out of her life as she fell to the ground. Rising to her feet, she thanked God for her freedom from the throes of evil. During her testimony in company of a friend, she expressed gratitude to God for putting an end to the agonies that had almost rendered her useless. “Many do not believe in deliverance. God still saves and heals,” Mrs Otee reminded congregants and people all over the world.


In the physical, he found it very difficult to accomplish any task successfully but in the spiritual realm, he was a wealthy young man controlling a lot of things, including countless women whom he slept with. Mr Daniel Ezeissi’s problems started after he had an encounter with a so-called priest who turned out to be a man-monger. The spiritualist had made advances at him on the very first appointment they had. Though he turned down those advances, he would eventually succumb after he had a strange dream in which he found himself surrounded by some people who were making merry in an island-like locale.

The relationship between him and the spiritualist lingered for some time until he later relocated to Ghana to join his elder brother at the expense of his education. In Ghana, he also found one of his kind and they started a relationship that would soon graduate into an almost irredeemable tango. The more he slept with men, the more favours he got in kind, albeit his soul was ablaze in the great conflagration called hellfire.

Daniel’s problems bore other kindred fruits. He delved into drinking and smoking at the expense of his scholastic endeavours. His irresponsible focus soon degenerated into cultism to the extent that he purchased a pistol in order to fortify himself for any form of impending violence. During his cult initiation which spanned seven hours of ruthless beating, he felt no pain even when other initiates had passed out. He was nicknamed Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada for his heartlessness akin to that of the late Ugandan dictator. Back in Ghana, whenever his brother was watching Emmanuel TV, he would feel very uncomfortable. A strange heat usually came over him and forced him out of the house. According to him, his feeling of discomfort was more when The SCOAN Mass Prayer was being broadcast.

Strong-willed and unyielding to good counsel, Daniel continued to mess himself around until he met a banker friend who talked him into going back to school. When he eventually started school in Nigeria, he embraced substance abuse and flocked with bad boys and prostitutes whose activities kindled the fire of his wayward life. sometimes, Daniel used webcams to disguise as a woman in order to attract and scam men through the internet.

Dropping out of school after a bloody inter-cult war, he had relocated to Lagos in search of a job but ended up in the Arena of Liberty where the raging fire of the Holy Spirit refined him. During the Mass Prayer in the previous Sunday service, the Holy Spirit purged his life of the spiritual wife that had been tormenting him. According to the evil spirit which spoke through him, he was doomed to be destroyed and made useless. But God would not permit such an evil design. Daniel received his deliverance and ever since then, his life has retrieved its stolen glory from the pit of hades.

During his testimony last Sunday in company of his mother, Daniel narrated his escapades with bad boys while he was under the influence of the spirit wife. Regretting all he had done, he wept as he realised that the evil spirit had almost destroyed his life but for God’s intervention through the Arena of Liberty. He urged young people brought up in Christian homes to always open up to their parents whenever they had issues.


Mr Adries J Coetzee from South Africa was full of tears of joy as he came to testify with his fiancée and child about how God delivered him through the medium of the Morning Water. Mr Coetzee used to drink, smoke cigarettes and take drugs for over 23 years since the age of 15. This caused him to be very aggressive at work and to those close to him, even to the point that he would commit violent acts with knives. His body is marked with all kinds of different scars from violent acts that he used to commit while drunk and high with hard drugs. He tried many times to find a solution to his bad habits but found none. He never had the desire to go to church or pray, but he discovered Emmanuel TV on his television and as he began watching, it made him realise that he needed to change. When he explained to his fiancée that he wanted to change his life, they decided to get the Morning Water they had seen many testify about. A friend of theirs gave them the Morning Water and a DVD of Prophet T.B Joshua’s teaching. They began to watch the DVD from The SCOAN and pray with the Morning Water. Immediately, Mr Coetzee’s body began to severely itch for over 45 minutes. He continued praying until the itching finally stopped. He then went out to his porch to smoke a cigarette as he usually did but to his surprise, it did not taste like before. He immediately threw the cigarette away and from that point, he has been free from smoking, drinking and doing drugs for the past two months. Thank You, Jesus!

evangelist-christopherThe mood was gloriously ecstatic as the Word of God blended excellently with songs of praise and worship. The Evangelists demonstrated the power of God in the Morning Water medium as they ministered it to congregants, loosing chains of affliction and demonic manipulation. The outpouring of testimonies signalled the triumph of the children of God over the kingdom of darkness. The rebroadcast of the Peru Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua further proved that God is with the ministry. The mammoth crowd at the Monumental Stadium in Peru as well as the awe-inspiring miracles that took place, rekindled hope in the hopeless and brought salvation to those hungry and thirsty for righteousness through the great works of God.

One of the high points of The SCOAN Sunday service of September 25, 2016 was the delivery of the message by Evangelist Christopher, titled THE OBJECT OF MERCY. The message bordered on the inevitability of sin among men and the illimitable power of God to forgive. According to the evangelist, “Whether your sins are great or small, Jesus Christ has paid the price on the Cross of Calvary.” Speaking further, he assured Christians all over the world of God’s ability to transform their lives irrespective of their former sins. He cited the examples of Apostle Paul and Moses who had terrible pasts yet became great ambassadors of the Kingdom. “Moses was once a murderer but became a great deliverer. Saul who later became Paul was a state persecutor who murdered saints of God,” he said. In his conclusion, he assured Christians that there is hope for them in Christ Jesus, no matter their backgrounds.




mr-augustine-famous-iyabrade-family-2Augustine Famous and Kelvin Elabor had applied for scholarships to study Marine Engineering in the Philippines through the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA).  After passing the requisite tests, they were faced with the hurdle of passing medical tests. They visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which they ministered to themselves before undergoing the various tests. At the end of it all, they were both granted scholarships and thereafter travelled to the Philippines.

While in the Philippines, two natural disasters – an earthquake and a typhoon wreaked havoc on some sections of the nation close to where the two brothers were residing. However, through the continued ministration of the Morning Water, Augustine and Kelvin were kept safe under God’s protection. Augustine and Kelvin ensured that they ministered the Morning Water anytime they were about to sit for their examinations. At the end of their studies, spanning three years, they qualified as Marine Engineers with multiple certifications.

During their testimony, the cadets thanked God for granting them success in their course of study. “Keep to your dreams and put God first,” he advised people all over the world, especially fellow cadets.



mrs-sylvia-ogidiFor seven years, Mrs Silvia Ogidi was ravaged by diabetes. The illness made her to become very weak. She could hardly walk a far distance before she would start sweating profusely. She continued to battle with the illness until her business collapsed. Due to the severity of her condition, doctors told her children to keep a special watch over her. By this time, all starchy foods became banned in her feeding regimes. However, in spite of all the medical manoeuvres aimed at regulating her very high blood sugar level, there was no improvement, at all.

While she was receiving medical attention, she kept confessing that she would not die. According to her, the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua would heal her. After those confessions, she visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which she ministered. She would also minister it into her bathing water. She soon noticed that all those symptoms of diabetes had left her. In order to be sure, she visited her doctors. After undergoing some tests, she was told that her blood sugar level was back to its normal state. She was declared diabetes-free to the glory of God.

Thanking God for her healing, Mrs Ogidi told congregants that she now eats all those starchy foods that were hitherto banned in her feeding regimes. She advised people all over the world to have absolute trust in God and believe in Him.



insp-atodo-momoh-familyMr Momoh, an Inspector with the Marine arm of the Nigerian Police, was on a routine patrol of the waterways when the boat conveying him and other officers capsized, emptying all its occupants into the river. As a prayerful Christian, Mr Momoh would always minister the Morning Water whenever he wanted to leave for work and during one of his visits to The SCOAN, he had received the Faith Bracelet and Morning Sticker from the man of God. Incidentally, on the day of that unfortunate occurrence, he had both the Morning Water, Morning Sticker and Faith Bracelet in his pocket while in the belly of the river. For 45 minutes, professional rescue divers combed the river bed in search of him without success and at a point, presumed he was dead.

While all hope seemed lost for the searchers, a strange power pushed Mr Momoh out of the deep to the surface of the water and to the delight of rescuers and sympathisers who had formed a gathering at the scene of the incident. According to Mr Momoh, how he managed to survive under the water for 45 minutes without any supply of oxygen is still a mystery to all who witnessed the incident.

Mrs Momoh who accompanied her husband, also thanked God for saving his life. She told congregants that if not for God’s divine intervention, her husband would be dead by now. The couple alongside their children were full of joy and adoration for the great thing God did in their lives, as they testified last Sunday service. They left the following advice for people all over the world: “Always believe in God and have trust in Him because without Him, we are nothing.”






miss-anyama-henrietta-ebere-1When she was nine years-old, she had a dream in which she was crowned a king in the river and was given a woman to marry as wife. Even though the innocence of childhood blurred her understanding of that dream, Miss Genevieve would later realise that there was something definitely amiss with her spiritual life. She grew up having many female friends while severing every relationship she had with her male friends, as she had been possessed with the spirit of woman. Her feelings for fellow women grew stronger with time.

While in the university in India, she had little time for her studies. She spent most of her time pursuing her womanish fancies. It later dawned on her that her academic performance was dwindling as she would spend hours online chatting with women who had the same spirit as her. In her third year, she dated a lady she had met online.

Through her mother’s devotion to the things of God, Genevieve’s deliverance would soon come to pass. In company of her younger sister who was also studying in India, Genevieve found herself at the Prayer Line of The SCOAN at the instance of their mother who knew that something was wrong with her daughters. As Genevieve would later reveal, her wayward life as an elder sister created the enabling environment for her younger sister, Henrietta, to team up with bad friends and started smoking and drinking. Though the two sisters were reluctant to come to The SCOAN, their mother had her way. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for them, the Spirit of God took over their lives from the grip of the demons tormenting them and they were set free.

After their deliverance, Genevieve and Henrietta came back to The SCOAN to give glory to God for their new found freedom and academic success. While Genevieve went on to graduate with a First Class honours in Nursing Science, Henrietta also got her degree in Nursing Science. Both sisters are now new creations. To God be the Glory!

evangelist-frankIt was another moment to celebrate God’s majesty over all the earth during The SCOAN Sunday service of September 18, 2016. Congregants sang and danced along with the beautiful soul-lifting songs of the choir. Every minute echoed the glory of His name in the lives of His children who have not stopped praising Him, in spite of the harsh economic realities facing the world. The testimonies and prayers reassured Christians that, in Christ Jesus, there is hope everlasting.

Congregants went into sober reflection when Evangelist Frank delivered his message titled CHARACTER IS MORE IMPORTANT. According to him, “Only your character can testify to your confession of Christ, not your gift. A Christian’s life comes from Christ Himself. Jesus Christ is the Word of God and God’s Word reflects His character. Great men are those who mirror Jesus Christ because His character is the foundation of everything great. The problem today is that many are after gift but few are after character.” Continuing, he posited that, “As a Christian, you need to be humiliated. Prophet T.B. Joshua says that man will continue to hide his true character until his pride is injured. As a Christian, when you are humiliated by foolish things such as sickness, poverty, disrespect and the like, don’t think it strange and begin to act out of character – keep calm and be determined.”

Concluding, he left the following advice for those who think that their lives are irredeemable because of sin: “Broken things become useful in the hands of God. Following Jesus is not difficult once you realize that all He is asking from us is our goodness. Humans misjudge character because they value people by their gifts and outward appearance but the Lord values only the holy faith, fear, love and the fruit of the Spirit, which are planted in the heart – beyond any human discernment. This is why character is more important.”



mrs-patience-iraborLike the proverbial grain of wheat that fell to the ground and withered in order to live anew, Miss Patience Irabor’s life was in the macabre grip of a spirit husband which thrived on the idolatrous pedigree of her family. Her father worshipped idols before he died and created a pathway for the dark world to later torment his daughter. As soon as she gained admission into the university, Patience threw caution to the winds. She embraced a notorious lifestyle that called for divine intervention. Rather than cling to her academic pursuits, she derived greater satisfaction from going to clubs and selling her body to men for money in company of her wayward allies. Together, they damned the consequences of their irresponsible lifestyle and cheered themselves with alcohol.

But unknown to the young woman from Edo State, Nigeria, she was being controlled by a wicked spirit that was bent on destroying her life. It had afflicted her with a wayward life and the spirit of anger so that nothing good and noble would come her way. Patience was not the only prey. Her elder sister was also a victim as she was in Malaysia working hard as a prostitute without anything tangible to show for all her hustles. Patience’s elder brother, a university graduate was also languishing on the highway of unemployment while their mother also had her own issues. As the wife of a late idolater, she had scores to settle with the dark world.

Coming to The SCOAN was at the instance of Patience’s Malaysia-based elder sister who confessed that she was tired of living an ungodly life over there. After several years of prostitution, she saw that all was vanity upon vanity and therefore, she had no choice but to encourage her sister and mother to seek deliverance at the Arena of Liberty. During penultimate Sunday service, Patience and her mother were in the church when the evangelists were ministering the Morning Water to congregants. As soon as the Morning Water was ministered to Patience, the spiritual husband in her started manifesting, confessing that it had made a mess of her life. Speaking through her, the contrary spirit boasted how it had afflicted her with the spirit of anger in a bid to ensure that nothing good ever comes out of her. Its resistance was too weak for the anointing in the Morning Water. Before a cock would swallow a grain of maize, the evil spirit was cast out of Patience as she landed with her back on the ground.

Patience’s mother who was jubilant for her daughter’s deliverance also received hers. After ministering the Morning Water to her mother, the spirit of an idol which possessed her started manifesting. And so, she also had to undergo deliverance through the Morning Water. As it was being ministered to her, the spirit continued to groan under the fire of the Holy Spirit until it was finally cast out in Jesus’ name. Both mother and daughter looked elated after the deliverance and were full of thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. During their testimony last Sunday, Patience and her mother, in company of her other siblings, thanked God for their deliverance. They attested to the new-found peace that has taken over their lives. According to Patience, the lust after men is no more there. She is now totally free from the shackles of the devil and his messengers. Mother and daughter were unanimous in their advice to people all over the world: “Be prayerful so that God can deliver you,” they reckoned.


mrs-christine-pua-familyChristie Pua and her husband Mr John Egesi were in The SCOAN some weeks back after they were rescued from the grip of poverty and homelessness. After roaming the streets of Lagos without food and shelter, they were received into The SCOAN and were provided with temporary accommodation while the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners made arrangements for their upkeep and travel documents for Christie Pua and her two kids who have made it clear that they would prefer to return to Indonesia. The man of God and the Emmanuel TV Partners had also donated the sum of five hundred thousand naira to her husband to start life anew with the promise of a job.

The travel documents and air tickets for Mrs Pua and her two children were purchased for the value of 6,000,000 naira (approximately US$15,000), including a sum of US$3,000 cash gift for their upkeep. Their two children have been awarded scholarship in any school of their choice back in Indonesia. According to the family, since they were received into The SCOAN, they have been accorded great care by the ministry. Christie Pua thanked the evangelists, who she said, have been very inspiring with their words of encouragement and prayers. For Mr Egesi, he sees himself as a transformed person. “If you look at me now, I am like a bank manager,” he told congregants who exploded into joyous ovation.

While Christie Pua alongside her children is set to travel to Indonesia on Tuesday, September 20, 2016, she promised never to forsake the love between her and her husband. In a nutshell, the couple promised to be faithful to each other.


mr-jeffery-familyJeffery was eighteen years-old when he was inducted into the drug users’ club. He had visited a friend and had ordered for a plate of noodles. But while the plate of noodles was to be served, he had noticed some green vegetables on the meal. On interrogating his host, he was told it was normal vegetables used to garnish the sumptuous delicacy. However, after the meal, his senses took a flight. Somehow, he managed to come over that stupefying experience after he had administered an eye-drop to clear his bloodshot eyes.

He fell in love with that vegetable and subsequently discovered he could use it in different ways. He started experimenting with Indian Hemp and smoked it at will while in the university. His craving for the drug became habitual to the extent that he would spend his school fees on it and on other drugs. He formed a league of bad boys who also defrauded unsuspecting people through the internet. He also hobnobbed with cultists. He had no time for his studies but enjoyed partying, drinking and smoking his life away. He kept living the wayward life until he summoned courage to seek for help by himself. He had watched Emmanuel TV a couple of times and had seen the marvellous things God was doing in The SCOAN and so, he begged his aunty to bring him to the church.

During a Sunday service, as the evangelists were ministering the Morning Water, Jeffery could not withstand the fire of the Holy Spirit that had permeated the entire atmosphere. Immediately, the spirit that had been terrorising his life started manifesting. According to the spirit which spoke through him, “He is a star but the star belongs to me.” Jeffery’s aunty who was beside him during the deliverance confirmed how wayward and irresponsible he had been. According to her, he would spend his school fees on drinks and drugs and would lie to his parents. He also stole and sold his parents properties in order to finance his illicit desires. It was a straight knockout as the Holy Spirit sent the evil spirit to the pit of hell with a deadly blow as Jeffery found himself on the ground. By this time, the evil spirit was gone while a breath of fresh air in Christ came into his life.

Testifying in company of his family members, Jeffery regretted the life he lived in the past and how it ruined his educational pursuits and impacted negatively on his parents’ businesses. He however thanked God for his deliverance at The SCOAN. His father was also full of praise to God for rescuing an almost unrepentant child who had held sway as the bad boy of the family. Jeffery, who is now a totally changed person has regained the love and admiration of his father who advised parents to create time for their children rather than chase the material and ephemeral fancies of life.

The SCOAN Sunday service of September 11, 2016 was a memento of sort. While bringing together God’s people to worship and praise the name of their God, it heralded the commemoration of the transition to glory of the Martyrs of Faith who ascended to meet with their Creator on September 12, 2014 while on a spiritual pilgrimage. Kimmy Skota’s sonorous voice reverberated beyond the auditorium into the hearts of congregants as well as family members of the transited who came all the way from their countries to keep an appointment with God. Her delivery of the hymn HEAVEN IS OUR HOME reminded all that life on earth is indeed transitory. All power belongs to God and so, the family members and relations of the Martyrs of Faith have decided to submit to His will.evangelist-kimmy

In her message titled OUR NEED FOR A MENTOR, Evangelist Kimmy drew the attention of Christians to the expediency of going through a mentor who plays the role of a guide and director in their lives. She however noted that, to enjoy the benefits of a mentor, we need to be sincere. She likened her concept of sincerity to the relationship between a new convert and our Lord Jesus who accepts repentant souls unconditionally: “If you are sincere, you will remember the first day you believed Jesus and the way He accepted you unconditionally.” With ample biblical exemplifications, she further demonstrated that the relationship between mentor and mentee should be unconditional just as Ruth and Naomi exhibited in the Bible.

According to her, sincerity wins it all, as any attempt at pretence will always lead to problems: “Pretence is the disease that causes people to fall down when they are climbing the ladder of success.” Using the story of her life as an example, Evangelist Kimmy noted that if not for the divine appointment she had with her mentor, Prophet T.B. Joshua, she would have lost out in the race of destiny, stressing that she was at the point of total annihilation when God sent His prophet to guide her to salvation.

In her conclusion, she left the following food for thought for Christian mentees all over the world: “You start to discover yourself when you know that where you are is the right place.”




Tormented by excruciating pains in his stomach, Chief Peter Aka visited the hospital and was diagnosed with kidney stones. According to his doctors, he needed to undergo surgery so that the stones could be removed from his kidneys. The Nigerian octogenarian was taken aback when he was told that he had a 50-50 chance of surviving the operation due to the delicate nature of his internals. Worried, he resorted to prayers while almost resigning to fate. While asleep one night, he had a dream-like encounter with a voice which encouraged him to visit The SCOAN since he had been a fan of Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV.

As far as Chief Aka was concerned, Lagos was the next port of call. Communing with his children, he was financially supported to travel down to Lagos to visit The SCOAN. When he arrived at The SCOAN, he met a beehive of activities as visitors from different countries of the world had converged for prayers and counselling. After undergoing the necessary screening, Chief Aka joined the Prayer Line, where he received the anointed touch of the man of God, the Faith Bracelet, Morning Water and other evangelical items.

HON CHIEF PETER AKA.jpgSince that day in December, 2014, Chief Aka has not had any of the symptoms of kidney stones anymore. Confirming through several scans, doctors declared him free from kidney stones. Chief Aka is now full of energy. According to him, he now does all those things he could not do before. Thanking God during his testimony, in company of one of his sons, Chief Peter Aka exhibited illimitable joy as he narrated his miraculous healing to congregants. He also advised people not to lose hope but to trust in God.



MS PATISWA MBONGWANA.jpgStagnation had twined her life like a snake and had left her stuck in one position for years. The diminishing fortunes of her career had forced her to visit The SCOAN. Arriving at The SCOAN, the South African received prayers from the man of God and returned to her country. As soon as she resumed work, Miss Patiswa Mbongwana was promoted from the position of Senior Administration Officer to Assistant Director. Later on, she revisited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which she continued to minister when she returned to South Africa. Miraculously, there came another promotion in her career.

For a young woman who once had serious career and financial challenges, life has suddenly beamed its smiles on her after her spiritual pilgrimage to The SCOAN. Aside from rebuilding her parents’ house, she has built her own and currently owns two exotic cars. During her testimony, Miss Mbongwana told congregants how she enrolled for a programme in Practical Labour Law at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and graduated with a distinction. Currently, she has applied for a Master’s degree in the same course. Miss Mbongwana, expressing her gratitude to God for the blessings she has received, left the following advice for people all over the world: “Your prayers of yesteryears were not in vain. Just believe. Just have faith in God. God’s time is the best. If God can do it for me, definitely, He will surely do it for you.”



Mr Jonathan Ogiku had visited The SCOAN two months ago to testify to his promotion to the position of Senior General Manager, Regional Head of Audit for Nigeria, West and Central Africa for his company. After his testimony that very day, the man of God counselled him to commit more time to God’s work because the Lord had lined up many more blessings for him. Mr Ogiku hearkened to the counsel of the man of God and always find time to volunteer his professional expertise in the ministry. He also received the Believer’s Card from Prophet T.B. Joshua. According to him, the day he received the Believer’s Card from the man of God, it sent him spinning like a whirlwind until he found himself on the floor. MR JONATHAN OGIKU.jpg

The events that followed thereafter are awe-inspiring. Just a few days later, the President and the Group Managing Director of his company invited him to a meeting where they confirmed him as Senior General Manager, Head of Audit for the whole Africa. Thanking God in the company of his wife, children and a family friend, Mr Ogiku marvelled at the greatness of the promotion. According to him, the promotion was beyond his imagination even though he knew that God could do anything. He advised people all over the world to channel their talents, intellect and abilities to promote the work of God.



MRS ANTHONIA ODOMETA.jpgHaving practiced the legal profession for 23 years, Mrs Anthonia Odometa had always wanted to be a Judge. She had made several attempts in Lagos but was not considered. She cast the net of her ambition wider by refocusing her mind to Delta State. She made three more attempts and the third one paid off after she had ministered the Morning Water on the application. Suddenly, she received an SMS directing her to report at the Delta State Judicial Service Commission. Mrs Odometa was interviewed and offered an appointment. She is currently the President/Judge of a Customary Court in Delta State.

Now known as Honourable Mrs Anthonia Odometa, she has since been given an official residence by the Delta State Government. Testifying alongside her husband, Hon. Mrs Anthonia Odometa advised people all over the world in the following words: “Delay is not denial. Don’t give up”.



Mr Godwin Sunday Udoh had lost his wife after they were brutally shot by a trigger-happy police man on September 16, 2015 while they were on their way back from church. He had spent several weeks at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital where he underwent surgery on his bullet-battered lower jaw. Some months back, he had come to The SCOAN in search of help as his wife’s corpse was ingloriously lying in the mortuary. After narrating his ordeal that fateful day, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners gave him the sum of five million naira aside from the many individual donations sent in by church members from all over the world.MR GODWIN SUNDAY.jpg

Last Sunday, Mr Udoh, who is now looking very graceful and happy, came to thank God for using the man of God and his ministry to bring about a great change in his life. Accompanied by his children, Mr Udoh praised God immensely for what He has done in his life. According to him, his wife had just been laid to rest and in line with the counsel of the man of God, he has forgotten about the past. Even his children who were emotionally broken have since resumed school. While praying God to continue to uplift Prophet T.B. Joshua, Emmanuel TV Partners and The SCOAN, he advised people all over the world thus: “No matter the situation you are experiencing, put your trust in the Lord.”



When Mr Godfrey Nkala visited The SCOAN in while he was facing some health and financial challenges. Though he was working, he knew that his finances were not at the level they ought to be. His visit to The SCOAN was therefore a solution-seeking move. During a church service, Mr Nkala had been spotted by the man of God who was prophesying to the congregation. According to the man of God, he saw doors open for Mr Nkala. Soon after, Mr Nkala’s life started to manifest the fulfilment of the prophecy given to him by Prophet T.B. Joshua. MR GODFREY NKALA.jpg

He acquired plots of land to the extent that he got a huge financial compensation from a government corporation after they had used one of his lands for a power project. From the acquisition of landed properties, he went into large scale integrated farming, drawing inspiration from the counsel of the man of God to people all over the world to embrace farming as a way out of the global economic recession. Today, his life is transformed as he no longer lacks money. His health also has since come back to normal through the power of God. “We have a Prophet, we should listen to his words,” he urged congregants and people all over the world as he testified to God’s goodness in his life.



MRS ELMIRA PAK.jpgMrs Elmira’s life was ravaged by a demon that made her hyper-aggressive and always angry. Her case soon attracted the attention of loved ones who took her to so many places in search of solution but without success. Even her marriage was on the brink of collapse, as she would always want to have her own way at all cost; she never really took her husband’s views seriously and would vent her spleen over little matters. Though they were blessed financially, her attitude was a sore point in the union. She continued to wallow under the yoke of the wicked demon until it dawned on her that she really needed help, and urgently!

Unrelenting in their search for solution, they came across Emmanuel TV on YouTube and watched a couple of deliverance sessions presided over by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Convinced that God is using the man of God, they decided to visit The SCOAN. And last Sunday, while the Evangelists were ministering the Morning Water, Mrs Elmira became uneasy as they approached her. The demon that had been tormenting her spoke out. “I destroyed her marriage and will make her divorce. She will be unhappy until the end of her life… I want them to divorce. I have many powers; her mother and sister are unhappy; she will be unhappy all her life,” it said, among other sordid revelations. In spite of the resistance put up by the demon, it was cast out of the Kazakhstani woman as the anointing in the Morning Water brought her to the ground.

During her testimony, in company of her husband, Elmira told congregants how she lost consciousness immediately the Morning Water touched her. According to her, from that moment, she could not control herself until the Evangelist beckoned on her to get up from the ground. She thanked God for her deliverance and testified to her new-found freedom. She now loves her husband more than ever before and is always glued to the Word of God. No more anger. No more strife. “Believe in God and trust in Him; He will see you through,” she advised.


On April 16th 2016, the nation, Ecuador was hit by a colossal earthquake of magnitude 7.8. The severity of the disaster reverberated throughout the entire country, leaving at least 500 dead and 27,500 injured. Moved by the plight of Ecuadorians, T.B. Joshua –  Founder of Emmanuel TV – sent a relief team to Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador and dispatched a Boeing 727 Cargo Plane, which contained 20 tons of relief hygiene materials, perishable, and non-perishable food stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.16.11 PM.pngUpon arrival, the relief and aid supplies were received by representatives of the Minister of Defense on behalf of the people ofEcuador. The Armed Forces of Ecuador loaded the aid into army trucks and transported to the Emmanuel TV Operations Center, situated close to Esmeraldas City. The supplies were offloaded, repackaged, and distributed to various shelter camps in the Esmeraldas Province.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.17.03 PM.pngThe Emmanuel TV Team also extended its relief efforts to a remote village, Chachi de San Salvador, which had also been gravely affected by the quake in the areas of access to clean water and the destruction of its local school. In response to this particular community’s needs, the Team supplied the community with equipment that converts river and unclean water into potable water. The Team is also undergoing a school construction project – at a cost of US$262,000 – to rebuild the entire school complex that was destroyed. The reconstructed school will provide learning facilities for 350 students.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 12.24.52 PM.pngThe people of Ecuador, as well as its Government, continue to express their gratitude for the Emmanuel TV Ecuador Relief efforts. A grateful beneficiary, from the Chachi community, said: “This is the first aid we have received from another country”. The relief efforts have aided over 5,000 Ecuadorians, totalling over half a million US Dollars.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-12-17-56-pmAbout Emmanuel TV
Emmanuel TV is an international TV Station and NGO, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded by T.B. Joshua, a philanthropist, who has been responding to individual and societal needs across the world. Emmanuel TV has been providing food aid to poor communities in Colorado, USA; promoting women’s rights by providing funds to widows to start small businesses; building a school in Lahore, Pakistan and granting international scholarships – these are among a fraction of its practices. Such humanitarian endeavours are its strides to achieving the international community’s Sustainable Development Goals.

screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-12-23-37-pmTo find out more, click here.

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