Sunday, 26 June, 2016 was another scintillating experience in God’s presence at The SCOAN. The church service was remarkable in many ways. The manifestation of God’s power through prophecy, testimony and mountain-moving prayers inspired so much hope and songs of thanksgiving amidst the congregation. Prophet T.B. Joshua engaged the minds of Christians with the Word of God. In his message, he urged them to continue to trust God no matter the condition they find themselves in.



According to him, the good Christian must not allow situations to rule him or her because, “In our walking with God, there are good and hard times alike.” Speaking further, he urged congregants not to allow their situation to make them lose faith in God, stressing that if they allowed such, they would lose their relationship with Him. He also bemoaned the disconnect between people and the Spirit of God due to their attachment to worldly cares. “People have the Word all over the world but they cannot obey it because they need the Spirit,” he submitted.

Evangelist Evelyn Joshua had earlier spoken to the congregation. In her message, she urged Christians to maintain a solid relationship with God as that is the only guarantee for a great future of glory and honour in Him. By keeping a good relationship with God,


“The supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to us to minister to one another.” She concluded by emphasizing to Christians the need to love God and maintain a good relationship with Him. “The main thing about you as a believer is not the work you do for God but the relationship you maintain. If you want to do great things, you must have a great relationship with Him,” she added.



Before she got to know about Emmanuel TV and The SCOAN, her life had been a playground for an evil spirit which usually came to torment her in her dreams, raping her and leaving her dejected in real life. Sometimes, she would see elephants pursuing and trying to attack her in her dreams. As she battled with those burdens, her sister introduced her to Emmanuel TV. The more she watched Emmanuel TV, the more she desired to come to The SCOAN. Miss Memory Kasema, a Zambian, resident in the United Kingdom, eventually got the opportunity to visit The SCOAN in 2013.


At The SCOAN, she went through the Prayer Line and also received the Morning Water. As she prayed with the Morning Water, she committed her career into God’s hands. As a registered nurse, she had been experiencing setbacks, in spite of her intelligence and hard work. Most of her mates were promoted but she remained stagnant. Having missed two job opportunities in Scotland and Northern Ireland, she continued to minister the Morning Water in prayer. Another opportunity surfaced thereafter and a job interview was scheduled.

Miss Kasema, having been given the date and time for the interview and the large volume of reading materials, ministered the Morning Water and read only a small portion of the documents because there wasn’t the luxury of time. As she sat for the interview, it was like clockwork. All the questions that were thrown at her came from those areas she had covered during her reading. After the interview, she was informed that a job was waiting for her. The new job came with a significantly bigger remuneration. All her travelling documents which should have taken about two weeks to arrange, came in less than ten days with all expenses paid, including accommodation and feeding.

Miss Kasema expressed immense gratitude to God for lifting her higher than her expectations. To that effect, she advised people all over the world not to be discouraged in times of trials but to see the Morning Water as a weapon for pulling down strongholds.


In April 2015, Miss Sindoe Naaege from French Guiana was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Her case was said to be a medical emergency because it was severe. Being a very contagious disease, she was worried about the possibility of spreading the disease to other people. As she grappled with the psychological effects of having the disease, she also battled with the symptoms of the ailment. Severe weakness of the body and loss of weight became a part of her daily life. She almost had her career strangulated by the gradual killer yet she would not panic. She hung onto her faith and trusted in God and was later introduced to the Morning Water.


Just after three days of ministering the Morning Water, the deadly tuberculosis disappeared totally. By the time the French national would return to confirm her health status, she was given a clean bill of health. Her new medical report showed that she is totally free from tuberculosis. Radiating an air of joy and calmness, she advised people on the sick bed, especially youth, to believe that Jesus is alive and remains the same yesterday, today and forever.


Mr Etumodor Jonathan always went to swim in a river in his childhood days. Unknown to him, the swimming would not just end in the physical world. As he slept, he would find himself swimming in rivers and having sex with men in the dream. That dream experience soon became a recurring event to the extent that a spirit would appear to him and cajole him into sexual relations. The spirit would eventually propel him into male prostitution across different states in Nigeria. He became a habitual browser of social media platforms that created opportunities for him to meet men. He would keep dating appointments with married men and would sometimes reject offers only to connect his unwanted patrons to other homosexuals. It became a huge money-making venture for him even as he initiated so many people into the unholy trade.


He would dress like women in order to attract more men. It got to a level that he became infected with the Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV). All spiritual efforts to deliver him proved abortive. His case was almost an incurable one. In spite of all the harassments he had received from the public, he wouldn’t stop his illicit behavior. Somehow, he had discovered Emmanuel TV in Enugu, in a relative’s house. Anytime, he touched the screen of the TV set broadcasting Emmanuel TV, he would fall to the ground. Realising that there was a power that could set him free at The SCOAN, he decided to visit.

During the Mass Prayer, on a previous Sunday service, Mr Jonathan came face to face with the raw power of the Most High. As the man of God ministered deliverance to him, the evil spirit, crying like a wounded animal, confessed how it had almost ruined the young man’s life with the spirit of man. As the anointing in Prophet T.B. Joshua landed on Mr Jonathan, he crashed to the floor as the spirit was completely decimated through the power in the name of Jesus Christ. Since that moment, Mr Jonathan has become a new creation.

Thanking God during his testimony for saving him from destruction and death in the hands of the evil spirit, the young Nigerian from Delta State, regretted his past deeds and asked for forgiveness from those who must have been affected by his wrong choices. He advised people all over the world to hope only in God for their deliverance, stressing that all should run to God because He is the ultimate solution.



She was six years-old when she had an encounter with a beautiful lady inside a river. Young Nadine was in company of her cousin playing by the riverside when she eventually found herself in the deep. The beautiful lady helped her out after asking her what had brought her to such a dangerous place. After that experience, the lady visited her in the dream and gave her a gold ring and power in her mouth, eyes, breasts and private part. The essence of the power was to enable her to seduce men at will.


As the lady in the river became more dominant in her life, she received the eyes of a snake that enabled her to attract men. She became very powerful as the spirit woman continued to supply her with different types of evil powers. It got to a level that whatever she pronounced came to pass. At 22, she put her powers to maximal use. She dealt with anyone who dared to step on her toes. A lot of men felt the brunt of her wrath, especially those married men who tried to play deceptive games with her. Most of the men who slept with her did not know that they were only inserting their manhood into the mouth of a snake which represented her private part. Such men ended up having problems or fathering deformed children.

She became an errand girl to the spirit woman who sent her out to nightclubs to destroy men who loved women of easy virtue. Sometimes, the spirit would possess her in order to be able to destroy men through illicit sex. She did not have sex with men for money. She only wanted to destroy their lives. Nadine soon graduated into occult practices. She became a witchdoctor, practiced black magic and wielded a lot of influence. She would deceptively purport to heal people and help girls overcome their problems. But all her gifts were not free; they came with a destructive price. Her relationship with the spirit woman got to a level that they communicated one on one. The spirit woman gave her a couple of protective charms which had terrible side effects. She used those charms to destroy so many marriages and caused some of her patrons to lose their children. Some of the women who patronised her never knew that they were destroying their destinies. All those who consulted her for love potions ended up destroying their lovers. In conjunction with the spirit woman, she would give out fruits and food gifts to innocent people who ended up being destroyed through accidents, diseases and sundry calamities

Having destroyed many people, the spirit woman wanted her to get pregnant and sacrifice her child to the kingdom of darkness but she refused. That was the beginning of her problem with the spirit woman. In the midst of her dilemma, a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV but the spirit woman would not allow her to concentrate and listen to the Word of God. As the spirit woman never wanted Nadine to be delivered, it battled to distract her anytime she tried to listen to the man of God. It was her quest for freedom that finally brought her to The SCOAN.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua unleashed the power of God during Mass Prayer on that fateful Sunday, the evil spirit in her spoke out. “I am the deceiver. I want to destroy her. I don’t want her to get married. I took everything – her Porsche car, her house, her shop and her business… I destroyed her contact with her family. We are 35…” Immediately the man of God laid his hand on her, she crumbled to the ground. The evil spirit was finally expelled in the mighty name of Jesus.

Testifying and displaying some of the charms she had used to wreak havoc on many innocent souls, she thanked God for letting her loose from the grip of the evil spirit. All those evil experiences and dreams are no more; she is now completely free. She advised people to desist from witchcraft and witchdoctors.


Mr Jonathan Ogiku came to The SCOAN with many burdens. He had lost his job and had been unable to pay his bills. Life was a bitter lot for him as he also came under the heavy pressure of financial insolvency. He was virtually left to his unfortunate fate as nobody cared to lend a helping hand. All the projects he had started could not be completed. With the stark reality of poverty staring at him, he knew he needed God at all costs. The chartered accountant, with a very enviable academic background, was spotted by the man of God during a recent Sunday service.


Led by the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua called him out and told him about the challenges he had been facing as a result of his job loss. The man of God also told him, to the delight of congregants, that after he was delivered, his life would change. Mr Ogiku thereafter received the anointed touch of the man of God and he fell to the ground under the influence of the anointing that breaks the yoke.

As he returned to The SCOAN for his testimony, Mr Ogiku told congregants that his breakthrough came barely weeks after his deliverance. According to him, a better job came after a few weeks. In the new job, he received unexpected increments in his remuneration. He was later promoted to Senior General Manager and Head of Audit for Nigeria, Central and West Africa. As a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Accountants of Nigeria, he has been recognized as a resource person of distinction for his presentation skills and papers. He has been a regular member of faculty at different seminars and training platforms both within and outside Lagos.

Now enjoying a new dispensation of freedom through the power of Jesus, he has been able to complete all his abandoned projects and is no longer a slave to poverty and lack. All his needs are met as and when due. His employers are taking care of him very well. Thanking God for turning his sadness into joy, Mr Ogiku advised people to take the declarations of the Prophet of God seriously as they would always come to pass, irrespective of the prevailing physical circumstances.



Mr and Mrs Mulawisha were living peacefully as husband and wife until the year 2006 when an unpleasant tide of evil attacks punctuated their marriage. Mrs Mulawisha had nightmares in which she would see her mother in-law come to torment her. The torment became rampant to the extent that she almost became paranoid and depressed. In an effort to bring her husband into the picture, she had told him about her experiences, thinking he could help her. But Mr Mulawisha could not swallow what his wife told him. He felt it was an affront on him for his mother to be fingered as the brain behind his wife’s problem. Mr Mulawisha compounded the whole thing by letting the cat out of the bag to his mother.


Both his extended family and that of his wife were then pitched against each other and drawn into some kind of crisis. All efforts to bring about peace failed; not even the intervention of Mrs Mulawisha’s parents could appease her mother in-law who felt she was wrongly accused. As the crisis brewed on, Mr Mulawisha and his wife fell apart. They lived like two flowers sharing the same root but living in separate worlds. Mrs Mulawisha would sleep in the bedroom while her husband made do with the sitting room. Gradually, they lost affection for each other. Mr Mulawisha eventually went after other women outside and ended up fathering a child out of wedlock.

No one would be happy if their mother was accused of witchcraft. And so, Mr Mulawisha would not be an exception. That wrong accusation became the gateway to all the negative things that worked against his marriage. At a time, there was total lack of communication and intimacy between husband and wife. For four years, they could not come to terms with each other. Even though her mother in-law later died, Mrs Mulawisha was never at peace with herself. She had wanted the whole matter resolved amicably and had sought spiritual help from different places but all her efforts hit the brick wall.

Fed up with their inability to resolve their differences, the couple had gambled with the option of divorce. But before that, they wanted to see the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, whose God-given wisdom and prophetic insight is much sought after. They eventually visited The SCOAN. As the man of God prophesied during the service, he walked up to them and spoke about their matter. “There is a dispute in the house. When you sleep in the room, she will sleep in the sitting room. When you sleep in the sitting room, she will sleep in the room,” said the man of God. Confirming the prophecy to be true and stating that it was the reason they were in the church, the man of God laid hands on them and they were delivered. The manifestation of God’s anointing on them was instant as they both fell to the ground.

Testifying, the couple regretted their different roles in the saga. They confessed that after their deliverance, the lost love in their lives had been found. Mrs Mulawisha apologised to her husband, her late mother in-law and members of her husband’s family. The couple advised people to seek the face of God in whatever situation they may encounter in life.


Mr Dennis Tuapaye had written his promotion exams as a police officer and was told by friends that his name appeared in the list of those who passed the exams and would be promoted to their next rank. However, he received the greatest and strangest shock of his life when the page that was supposed to contain his name was blank. Confused and distraught by the strange development, Mr Tuapaye realised that he needed God to resolve his dilemma. He started watching Emmanuel TV and reading the Word of God.


He received so much inspiration from the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua and decided to visit the church during the 53rd birthday anniversary of the man of God. During the special Prayer Line of June 11, 2016, Mr Tuapaye received the anointed touch of the man of God as well as the Morning Water. Returning home, he prayed and ministered the Morning Water, calling on God to unravel the mystery surrounding his missing name. The next day, a call came from his office informing him of the release of a new list of promoted officers.

When he got to his office, he met twelve other officers waiting to check if their names appeared on the list. Mr Tuapaye was informed that of the thirteen of them that had come to check, he was the only one whose name appeared on the promotion list. To the glory of God, Inspector Dennis Tuapaye was promoted to an Assistant Superintendent of Police. He was filled with joy as he testified to God’s grace in his life after waiting to be promoted for six years.



The everlasting beauty and power in God’s Word cannot be over-emphasized. The foregoing came into play on Sunday June 19, 2016 during The SCOAN service. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua called on Christians to walk in line with God’s agenda, stressing that the only way we can conquer worry and all the uncertainties of life is to attune ourselves to God’s agenda. “God’s time is God’s agenda. Let the Word of God lead us. You have seen that God is reliable and when you know that God is reliable, you have to put your trust in Him. Jesus is reliable and now it is time to put your trust in Him. There is so much worry and upset. There is one thing that is needed – God’s agenda,” he submitted.

PROPHET TB JOSHUAConcluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua enjoined Christians to embrace practical Christianity by reading the Word of God and accompanying it with prayer. He observed that it is only by so doing that we can create and attain that infallible connection between us and our Creator. According to him, “Prayer and Bible reading should always go together. One is not complete without the other. When you read your Bible without offence, you are talking to God. God is listening as you pray and replies accordingly.”
EVANGELIST CHRISTOPHEREarlier, evangelist Christopher had reminded Christians of the need to obey the commandments of God by embracing the dictates of His will. According to him, the beauty of obedience to God is measured by our indomitable spirit in the face of the adversities of life when the going is not good. He observed that a true Christian is he or she who still obeys God even in the worst of situations. “Christian or godly character is the divine oil that keeps the gift of God in the life of Christians burning. No one can maintain God’s gift without God’s character”. Evangelist Christopher concluded with an eye-opener for Christians. He submitted that obedience to the will of God is the true Christian’s license for receiving the ultimate and everlasting reward from God: “Your obedience to the Word of God is the only proof of your faith in Him. God oftentimes does not reward the smart or clever people; He rewards the obedient.”



Mrs Esther Ebhodagha was diagnosed with diabetes. The doctors, in their own human reckoning, had concluded that she was not going to live her normal life without the cocktail of insulin and glucophage which are usually the last resort for people living with the destructive health condition. She had resigned to the conclusions of her doctors, battling headache, body pains, halitosis, high blood pressure and the unpalatable odour of different medications and thinking that she would depend on those anti-diabetic drugs till her dying day. But the ways of mortal men are not the ways of God.1 MRS ESTHER EGHODAGHA

As soon as her daughter installed the Emmanuel TV cable in her house, the power of God visited her. After watching the wonderful works of the Most High on Emmanuel TV, she visited The SCOAN in 2015 and received the Morning Water. As she continued to minister the Morning Water, her very high blood sugar level began to decline until it hit the normal range. By this time, all the debilitating symptoms took to their heels, living her healthier and stronger.

As she testified to her miraculous healing through the Morning Water medium, she urged the congregation and people all over the world to trust in God always, stressing that with Him, all things are possible. She also described the Morning Water as an atomic bomb that destroys all illnesses, no matter their duration and magnitude.


 11 MR MARCELO MALDONADOMr Marcelo, from Argentina, came to The SCOAN for deliverance. Little did he know that God Almighty was about to perform huge miracle in his life. As Prophet T.B. Joshua began ministering prayer and prophecy last Sunday, he came to Mr Marcelo and simply touched his head, revealing the evil forces behind his situation. The man of God prophesied to him saying that a ‘spirit of man’ entered him from a young age and that he had evil powers. Prophet T.B. Joshua also asked him if he used to preach, where Mr Marcelo confirmed the question to be true.

When he was five years old, Mr Marcelo was raped by a male older than him. Since then, his life was never the same as the spirit of man entered him. As he grew older, he didn’t have any affection for women, only for men. When he was 12 years old, he had another sexual relationship with a man who was older than him. Mr Marcelo grew up in church. Despite being tormented by this spirit, he would preach in his church, while keeping his problem a secret but he always consumed with guilt. No matter how much he prayed, read the Bible and went to church, he couldn’t get free from this spirit. The evil spirit finally pushed him to abandon the church and started drinking, taking drugs and going to clubs. He was studying law at a university and became obsessed with a boy in his class. His obsession was so much so that he went to the internet to find ways to try to seduce the boy. On the internet, he made a pact with a god called, “Eros,” a god of love, that gave him powers to seduce and make people fall in love with him.

One day, Mr Marcelo discovered Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube and he was made to understand that his affection for men was caused by an evil spirit. This prompted him to come and visit The SCOAN. Last Sunday, as the man of God prophesied to him and delivered him, he felt as though he was walking on air, like an electric shock came through his body. After the prayer, the spirit left him forever and he doesn’t have that affection for men anymore. Now, when he sees women, he sees their beauty and appreciates them. When he sees a man, he no longer has attraction for them. He advised the world that those who are suffering from a similar spirit should seek God for a spiritual solution because it’s a spiritual problem. “I am totally free, in the name of Jesus!”



10 MRS DANIELLE PHILIPS & HUSBANDThough it seemed like the sicknesses and troubles she encountered would take her life away, Mrs Danielle Phillips knew that God holds the key to her life. As she labored with her own problems, she was also weighed down by the troubles of family members who shared the same fate with her. However, her resolve not to give up on God became the prologue of her journey to victory. Allergies and eating disorders would soon be rendered powerless as she made up her mind to visit the Arena of Liberty.

Visiting The SCOAN with her husband who had also been elevated from hopelessness to academic glory penultimate Sunday, she came face to face with the power of God as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered deliverance to her troubled soul. During the deliverance session, the evil spirit tormenting her life had confessed all its atrocious activities against her existence. “I want blood. I want to kill her. I split. We are eleven. Death is number one. I am a man,” it cried

Revealing how it tried to destroy the marriage between her and her husband coupled with all the travails it had put her through, the evil spirit met its waterloo as the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua stepped into the scene, proclaiming the superiority of the blood of Jesus over her situation. The evil spirit which had entered her through a dream lost its grip on her life as the man of God commanded it to leave her in Jesus’ name. Exuding the anointing in a very dramatic way, the man of God sent the foul spirit packing. In the instant, the hitherto troubled Australian found herself on the floor. Thereafter, it was praises all the way.

Thanking God for her deliverance, Mrs Phillips also recounted her terrible encounter with an evil spirit which had threatened to kill her through a motor accident. According to her, after that experience, a tiger came and attacked her at home. In spite of all the horrors that accompanied that saga, the power of God restored her health and happiness as soon as she was delivered at The SCOAN. According to her husband, after her deliverance, she has been calm, relaxed and okay. “The spiritual realm is a reality but Jesus has conquered the enemy. He has given us salvation,” she reminded people all over the world.


8 MR THORISO MADUNAAt age 13, young Thoriso Maduna had started drinking, smoking and lusting after women. Those corrupting tendencies emanated from his romance with music, which had a terrible influence on his life. The psychedelic impact of worldly music on his life triggered a horrible lifestyle that revolved around clubbing, drug abuse and living life on the fast lane. The South African national was hooked on drugs and sundry addictions, losing touch with God and reality. All attachment to reasoning deserted him as he wallowed in self-hate, frustration and despondency.

On three different occasions, he had escaped death miraculously after he had tried to kill himself. He had also escaped death through motor accidents, after soaking himself in alcohol and cocaine. All the money made from fraudulent activities went down the drain of women of easy virtue and substance abuse. The delusional tendencies of those substances gave him a false impression about the world. Those times, life was a sorry façade draped in fantastical illusions and nothing on the face of mother earth could change his jaundiced worldview. He had enjoyed the bad boy reputation because of the vainglorious fame it brought to him even as he laboured under the yokes of lust and sexual perversion. He was in bondage!

He had visited many churches in South Africa in search of a lasting solution but none was in sight. Whenever he prayed, he would hear those evil spirits mocking him and giving him the impression that his case was insoluble. Those experiences doctored his mindset to believe that real deliverance came with a monetary cost. But a loved one’s healing from cancer at The SCOAN inspired him to visit the church. During Mass Prayer, the penultimate Sunday, the hammer of God fell upon him at the Arena of Liberty. According to him, “As the man of God was approaching, I was getting ready to fight. When the man of God touched me, it was as if the light went off. It was as I woke up from a long deep sleep. I started seeing the cameras and evangelists, wondering where I was and when I got to this place.”

As he gave his testimony amid wild jubilation by congregants, Mr Maduna confessed that all his addictions and cravings have disappeared as though they never ever existed. “I am free in the name of Jesus!” he declared. Now, his desire for the Word of God has taken preeminence in his life. His reasoning has returned to him while all those obstacles that hindered his progress have been dismantled. “The only way to be free is to know Jesus Christ; there is no other way,” he advised people all over the world.



Mrs Nneka Nnanyelugo was more like a tiger in her matrimonial home. The spirit of anger in her almost destroyed her marriage. For no explainable reason, she would get mad at her husband, making him to go searching for solace outside the family. She derived pleasure in controlling him. There was a total lack of affection in the marriage even as Mr Nnanyelugo had opted to carry his cross by bearing the unfortunate fate that had befallen his marriage.

6 MR & MRS JOSEPHShe would engage her husband in physical fights just to impose her authority over him. All efforts by her husband to make peace proved abortive. Even their children noticed her overbearing attitude towards their father. Her son once told her that if anything happened to their father, she would be held responsible. But all those entreaties and warnings fell on deaf ears. Mrs Nnanyelugo was on a path of dishonor for her husband and nothing on earth could restrain her.

However the ‘iron lady’ of the Nnanyelugo family had visited The SCOAN on Sunday, June 12, 2016 to join in prayers for the celebration of Prophet T.B Joshua’s 53rd birthday anniversary, when the Holy Spirit, through the man of God presented with a life-changing birthday gift. As the man of God ministered with God’s anointing during Mass Prayer, the spirit of anger that had been rubbishing her marriage came under heavy spiritual bombardment. Just a touch on her forehead, the ‘iron lady’ fell to the floor. Confirming how she had ruthlessly terrorized him in his own home, Mr Nnanyelugo also received deliverance as the man of God laid hands on him in the mighty name of Jesus.

During their testimony last Sunday, the couple thanked God for restoring the lost affection in their marriage. According to Mr Nnanyelugo, “After last Sunday, my wife and I were delivered. It is like I have a new marriage altogether; things changed automatically.” Confirming her deliverance, Mrs Nnanyelugo confessed her new-found peace and miraculous change that has taken over her life. “Since that Sunday, I am a new person… My disposition has changed and we can laugh and discuss now,” she added. The woman advised people all over the world, especially her fellow women to always rethink their actions towards their husbands in order to sustain their marriage in love, peace and harmony.


4 MR ARO OLUSANYA (2)For five years, Mr Aro Olusanya had been unable to walk due to lumbar spondylosis. The engineer who spent most of his working time repairing heavy duty generators struggled to live each passing day as doctors suggested he had to go for an operation. The amount of money involved and the fear of coming under the surgeon’s knife kept him away from the doctors’ suggestion. Having been introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend, Mr Olusanya got information about the special Prayer Line session for the commemoration of the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua; he visited The SCOAN on Saturday, June 11 2016.

4 MR ARO OLUSANYA (1)As the man of God ministered prayer during the special Prayer Line, Mr Olusanya received a touch on his head and the rest is history. According to Mr Olusanya, as soon as the man of God touched his head, he heard a cracking sound and felt an electrical sensation from his head through his spine down to his waist. The man who had been condemned to the use of a lumbar corset rose to his feet immediately and threw the medical support away. He bubbled with youthful vigour as he testified before The SCOAN congregation, thanking the  Almighty God for his miraculous healing.



2 MR VICTOR NINAJEIMr Victor Nwajei’s life had been under the merciless grip of poverty to the extent that he could not feed himself well. For a long while, the Nigerian living in South Africa ate one loaf of bread for an entire week and could not pay his bills, even though he was only squatting with friends who made monthly contributions to offset their rent. Providing his own part of the rent ended up in cock and bull stories. People avoided him; nobody wanted to associate with him because he was seen as a potential burden and liability. The struggle with poverty continued into his marriage.

His flight from post to post in search of a solution brought him in contact with a friend who took interest in his affairs and motivated him to visit The SCOAN. Mr Nwajei was eventually delivered at The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. When he returned to South Africa, a glimmer of hope began to shine brilliantly in the firmament of his hitherto cloudy existence. Prior to his visit to The SCOAN, he had intended to buy the house he was renting – a two-bedroom flat – but his application was turned down on the argument that his income was lower than his outflow. When he returned to South Africa from Nigeria, instead of the two-bedroom flat, he dreamt higher by deciding to go for a four-bedroom flat with a swimming pool and other attractions.

Barely three months after receiving deliverance at The SCOAN, Mr Nwajei, against all competition from other capable bidders, bought the four-bedroom flat apartment. After acquiring the beautiful house situated in a high-brow area of Johannesburg, he added four choice cars to his fleet. In total, he owns seven cars. He has since become a much sought after business man with an extensive international travelling exposure. He has been approached by several investment companies who want him to be their representative in Nigeria.

He also owns a company which has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Germany-based firm specializing in real estate investments. How Mr Nwajei was elevated from poverty to wealth remains a case study in divine intervention.



He had come to test the prophetic gift of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua but unknown to him, the Spirit of God in Prophet T.B. Joshua had already seen beyond his laughable intentions.9 MR SAMSON OMAYE & FAMILY (2) Mr Samson had been a practicing witch doctor and chief priest for thirty-five years. As he served these idols, nothing good ever came out of his life. Instead, he had lost some of his children to the destructive deities. He was also being constantly afflicted with illnesses.

Along the line, a brother encouraged him to watch Emmanuel TV to witness the wonderful works of God. Having installed the Emmanuel TV cable, Mr Omaye visited The SCOAN and was spotted by the man of God. He received deliverance and decided to give his life to Christ. All connection he had with those idols has been severed by the blood of Jesus.

9 MR SAMSON OMAYE & FAMILY (1)Testifying in company of his immediate and extended families, he emphasized the fact that he decided to forsake his fetish ways because for all the thirty-five years he had served them, he benefitted nothing except sickness and the death of his children. Surrendering all the charms and totems of his fetish practices to The SCOAN for destruction, Mr Omaye advised people serving idols to desist henceforth as they bring no good but total destruction.






01 PROPHET T.B.JOSHUAProphet T.B. Joshua marked his 53rd birthday anniversary with an explosive Sunday Service as an outpouring of testimonies, signs and wonders filled the screen of Emmanuel TV. The previous day, Saturday, God had unleashed His power on the sick who thronged the premises of The SCOAN to receive their healing as a birthday gift from Heaven. The whole world watched on Emmanuel TV as chains were broken and captives were set free from various afflictions.

After those who had received healing testified during The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of June 12, 2016, the man of God still went ahead to lead a Mass Prayer that saw many oppressed delivered as they manifested and vomited poisonous substances. Those who were watching and praying along with the man of God from their homes around the world also received a touch of God’s grace and blessing. Nations were not left out as their affairs were committed into the hands of God by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Speaking on the special service of his birthday, the man of God stated, “Birthday is to bless the sick, to deliver those who need to be delivered”. Continuing, the man of God identified with the congregants and people all over the world concerning the present socio-economic realities across the world and the need to persevere in prayer. “In this season, there is poverty and sickness everywhere. God promised to release a mighty anointing to do the job. My people need breakthrough and good health to celebrate better. To have breakthrough and good health, you need a mighty anointing that will separate the wheat from the situation you are complaining of. We have been listening to testimonies since morning and the testimonies will never stop. It is your turn.”

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua called on the Holy Spirit to take over the service. “Let’s welcome the Holy Spirit mightily. Take more of us, Lord and give us more of You – more of Your purity, holiness, faithfulness, kindness. We want Your declaration, confirmation, Lord. Thank You, Lord!”



Overwhelmed by the plethora of challenges life had thrown her way, young Miss Evelyn from Malaysia became fed up with her existence and almost threw in the towel in the battle of survival. Depression took over her spirit and built its destructive tent there. Often times, she would harbour suicidal thoughts, thinking that the sunny side of life would never come her way. She was definitely not to blame for all the terrible experiences as her family background was enmeshed in idol worship and thus hindered any meaningful communion with the Most High God.02 MISS EVELYN

Growing up under the tutelage of her parents, she joined them in serving and paying obeisance to strange gods which only caused more retrogression in the family. Ancestral spirits became the focal point of worship as they were offered incense and libations for the ‘liberation’ of the family. Young Evelyn, carried away with the fantasies of youth, enjoyed the ritualistic nature of her religious background without an inkling of the grave dangers they posed to her spiritual development. Her romance with idol worship was for better or for worse!

Growing up, she discovered that her aspirations in life were miles apart from the ruthless realities that stared her in the face. Of course, the consequence of that discovery resulted in frustration, loss of hope and depression which in turn gave birth to suicidal thoughts. In her reckoning, people never liked her. She felt she was socially rejected and concluded that there was nothing to live for. She struggled with that piteous mindset and at one time, almost jumped down from a twenty-storey building. Feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem and failure took over her heart like weeds unyielding to the farmer’s cutlass.

Changing jobs due to an unexplained lack of satisfaction, her career almost became comatose. Her interpersonal relationship was a fundamental disaster. When it dawned on her that there was no easy way out of her dilemma and having been disappointed by her famous but powerless gods, she decided to explore superior options. Incidentally, she had become acquainted with The SCOAN many years prior and had even dreamt of receiving prophecy and deliverance from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Against all discouraging odds, Evelyn found her way to Nigeria to visit The SCOAN.

Penultimate Sunday, she attended the church service and had an interesting encounter with the Prophet of God. Walking up to her in the congregation, Prophet T.B. Joshua told her, “You have the spirit of suicide. You want to commit suicide. You have depression – serious depression. Three times, you attempted to commit suicide. Your family serves gods – strong gods”. Confirming the prophecy to be true, Evelyn received her deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus.

During her testimony, she revealed to the world how depression almost led her into taking her own life. She however regretted her actions and told the congregants that she no longer harbours suicidal thoughts as the Spirit of God has taken over her heart, filling her with inner peace and a sense of satisfaction. “Get used to challenges. God did not promise that we will not encounter challenges but He promised to see us through,” she reminded congregants and viewers all over the world.





The debilitating hands of lumbar spondylosis had targeted several parts of Mrs Felicia Nwachi’s body and rendered them ineffective. From her head to toes through her spine, an excruciating pain remained for fifteen years. She was in for the toughest time of her life. It was a tale of incessant pains and anguish as she could not walk on her feet. All efforts both traditional and orthodox made by her family to get her back on her feet proved abysmally abortive until her daughter brought her to The SCOAN, following Prophet T.B. Joshua’s decision to pray for the sick and troubled as part of his birthday celebrations.03 MRS FELICIA & FAMILY (1)

She was brought in a car, unable to walk. The man of God came to her outside the auditorium and demonstrated God’s power in action as he prayed for Mrs Nwachi’s daughter. The man of God then instructed her daughter to pray for Mrs Nwachi. As soon as her daughter laid hands on her, she testified that she felt something come out of her eyes! Suddenly, a woman who had been in a wheelchair for fifteen years, sprang to her feet and began to walk, declaring the awesomeness of the Most High.03 MRS FELICIA & FAMILY (2)

Testifying before the congregation, a visibly elated Mrs Nwachi walked around happily, thanking God for restoring her to her feet. She expressed joy that she can now sleep peacefully as against her previous state of not being able to sleep at all due to the pain all over her body. She pledged to remain faithful to Jesus Christ.


Mr Konstantinos was deep in sin. He lusted after women, drank alcohol and smoked three packets of cigarette daily, for twenty-five years. He was always out clubbing and enjoying the ‘good things of life.’ It got to an extent that he started to ask himself fundamental questions about his wayward life. He tried to seek help from many churches but the more he did, they greater his sins became. Matters got to an unbearable end when his irresponsible ways became the cause of family squabbles, with his marriage hanging in the balance. By this time, the Greek national had started praying to God to help him out of his unwholesome ways. He yearned for an opportunity to forsake his sins and embrace God, asking for direction to a place where he could get real help.04 MR KONSTANTINOS & SON.jpg

Along the way, he was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend. As he started watching and praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he noticed that his life was changing gradually. He vomited poisonous substances as the prayers continued. Peace began to return to his family. On two occasions, he was saved from death. On one of those occasions, he almost lost his life as he tried to rescue a dog which had fallen into a heavy duty machine. He escaped to safety after some people came to rescue him while he was meditating on the prayers he had witnessed Prophet T.B. Joshua offer on Emmanuel TV. According to him, “The prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua had a lot of influence on me. I would touch my screen and the things that were taking place at The SCOAN were happening to me also.

Thanking God for his deliverance through the Emmanuel TV medium, Mr Konstantinos said he has now reconciled with his family and is at peace with himself as even the urge for smoking and all other vices have disappeared. Mr Konstantinos advised people to uphold the saying that distance is not a barrier.


Battered by a hit-and-run truck, Mrs Chinwe Amandi had her bones fractured. The doctors, after conducting an X-ray, ordered that she should undergo surgery but the woman would have none of that. She remembered she has a God that can do all things. She was completely incapacitated and could not carry out her domestic chores without the help of her crutches and husband, a popular Nollywood actor who had to cut short a production to attend to her. She continued struggling with life until God showed up through Prophet T.B. Joshua.05 MRS AMANDI HUSBAND (1)

The man of God had informed the world about his intention to hold a Prayer Line on Saturday June 11, 2016 as a divine instruction to mark his 53rd birthday anniversary. Mr and Mrs Amandi seized the opportunity to register for the healing programme. At the Prayer Line, the man of God laid hands on Mrs Amandi and the power of God sent her to the ground. As she stood up, she started walking without support for the first time in many months. Her husband also fell to the ground as he came one on one with the touch of God through the anointed man of God. Springing to his feet to join his wife in the frenzy of celebration, Mr Amandi observed, “The man of God not only prayed for my wife but he prayed for me too and I started laughing with joy!05 MRS AMANDI HUSBAND (2)

Mrs Amandi showed the congregation that she is now very fit and can even run and walk majestically. She advised the world in the following words: “Believe that God can heal you. Once you believe, your problem is solved”.



Mr Dancho Hadzhieu’s actions had become a thorn in the flesh to many.  Having been born into an extremely wealthy family, he never lacked anything. The young Bulgarian living in Greece began beating people up and confiscating their money, fearing no one because he knew his parents wielded a lot of influence in his community. While in high school, he formed a gang that specialised in harassing unsuspecting persons. He knew he was not doing the right things but just could not put a stop to them. He felt like a god.

06 MR DANCHIO HADZHIEUHe eventually joined the police force after graduating from the academy but continued to carry out his nefarious activities with even more confidence as a police officer. Because he had the gun and uniform, he would beat people up mercilessly and unlawfully without any feeling of regret. At one stage, the police authorities got wind of his misdemeanours and threatened to sack him but instead of showing remorse, Mr Hadzhieu boasted that they should do their worst to him. He told his superior that he had money to take care of himself and that their action against him meant nothing. Even though his conscience pricked him from time to time, he could not help but continue in his bad characters.

One day, while at home, he received a sack letter. Infuriated, he made up his mind to continue in his irresponsible life. He started a night life, hanging out with a mafia group, smoking and drinking. He never bothered about the consequences of his actions because he still had friends in the police. The hand of God eventually grabbed him however, after a friend had visited to preach salvation to him. The same friend also introduced him to Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua. In spite of his initial misgivings, he was convinced to watch Emmanuel TV.

While watching Prophet T.B. Joshua pray for people via Emmanuel TV, Mr Hadzhieu cried out to God to have mercy on him and change him from his evil ways. Since that day, his life truly changed. He stopped gambling, drinking and smoking. All the problems hanging on his shoulders disappeared. All the court cases instituted against him were quashed and he was even recalled and reabsorbed into the police force with a superior rank.

Visiting The SCOAN last Sunday to testify to God’s goodness and how his life was transformed, he expressed so much joy for finding Christ through Emmanuel TV and regretted all the evils he had done in the past. “If you have spoken negative words about T.B. Joshua, ask God for forgiveness,” he advised congregants and people all over the world, recalling the Scripture in Matthew 10:41 that if we honour a prophet of God, we would receive a prophet’s reward, in Jesus’ name.


Mrs Diane Ebele Okeke was confined to the wheelchair for years. Since 2009, she had been having serious issues with her legs. She was thereafter diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which had rendered her ineffective as a mother and as a wife. Initially, there were fears that she may not be able to bear a child as the illness had affected many other parts of her body including her waist. 07 MRS DIANE EBERE& FAMILY (1)She had been living with the support of family members for several years. Many visits to different hospitals did not yield any solution. Even when she managed to give birth to a child, after a very long labour, the problem worsened. You can imagine how a woman confined to the wheelchair and in pain could breastfeed her baby. It was a serious travail for her!

Her seven years of anguish eventually came to an end on Saturday June 11, 2016 as Prophet T.B. Joshua held a Prayer Line in commemoration of his 53rd birthday anniversary as directed by the Holy Spirit. Mrs Okeke was brought down to The SCOAN all the way from Abuja in her wheelchair. As the man of God was ministering healing outside the auditorium, Mrs Okeke cried out and attracted his attention. Laying his anointed hands on her in the mighty name of Jesus, Mrs Okeke sprang to her feet and walked without support for the first time in seven years. Shouting, “I am healed… Thank you Jesus,” there was wild jubilation by her sister and those who witnessed the demonstration of God’s power through the man of God. 07 MRS DIANE EBERE& FAMILY (2)Testifying in company of her sister, Mrs Okeke thanked God for her healing, saying that she now does things for herself. All the pain that had made her life sorrowful are gone for good.


While trying to reconcile her accounts after close of work, Mrs Okechukwu had discovered a shortfall of two hundred and fifty thousand naira. She was confused as all attempts to trace the source of the problem failed. Not even a detailed viewing of the CCTV could trace the source of the missing money. Bearing in mind the implication of that development, she knew that summary dismissal was in the offing for her. The bank teller was not going to give in to the pranks of the devil and so she immediately called one of the numerous Prayer and Counselling Lines from Emmanuel TV and prayed with the Emmanuel TV Prayer Warriors.08 MR&MRS OKECHUKWU DAVIES

Mrs Okechukwu ran home to pick up her Morning Water. Returning to her office, she prayed with zeal, asking God to locate the source of that money, no matter who had it or where it was hidden. After the prayer, she ministered the Morning Water all around her cubicle. Later that night, she dreamt of meeting Prophet T.B. Joshua. In that dream, the man of God asked her, “Who am I?” three times and she replied, “You are my Prophet”. Immediately, he asked her to sit down, she woke up from sleep.

Resuming work on Monday, she met a rather lukewarm reception. She had been told to relinquish her daily duties while investigations continued. By this time, there were muted insinuations that she might have stolen the money and was only looking for a soft landing out of the whole dilemma. But the following day, she received a call urging her to run down to the office; the mysteriously missing money had been found! On getting to her workplace, she shed tears of joy as the money was found in a spot that had been searched thoroughly. In her heart, she knew that someone had stolen the money but returned it due to the intensity of her prayer and Morning Water ministration.

Thanking God alongside her husband, Mrs Okechukwu advised people to trust in God as there is nothing too difficult for God.


Mr Trevor Phillips had abandoned his degree programme in Music Production and Sound Engineering and began pursuing other careers. In prayer one day, he said that God told him to return to school and complete the degree he had started. The UK citizen, resident in Australia, returned to school and moved from Adelaide to Melbourne in order to complete the practical aspects of the course. In Melbourne, he and his family discovered Emmanuel TV and developed great interest watching the channel and building their faith in the things of God. As they continued to watch Emmanuel TV, their spiritual lives improved and they were uplifted and blessed by the testimonies of people as well as the motivating messages of Prophet T.B. Joshua. After a while, his wife was granted a job which provided the finances needed for his degree. By May 2015, he completed his degree programme to the glory of God.09 MR&MRS TREVOR &BABY

The school authorities sent him a special invitation to attend the graduation ceremony as the Best Graduating Student with the highest grades in the whole of Australia. He was given an award to that effect and was also honoured with the rare privilege of speaking to other graduates at the valedictory event. Mr Trevor Phillips, in company of his wife and child, thanked God for lifting him to the zenith of academic breakthrough. He advised people, especially students to focus on God and pursue their dreams no matter how difficult they appear, adding that God will surely see them through.


Anastasia Mavridoy started working at the age of 20. Even though she was making a lot of money, it remained a mystery to her how she easily frittered it away. Though she was buying and selling across the world, she had nothing to show for her hard work. She was earning between 300,000 to 500,000 euros monthly but still could not boast of anything. She became sad and depressed. Each night she would retire to her room, calling on God to help her out of her problem. She started watching Emmanuel TV and developed a longing to visit The SCOAN for deliverance. It was strange to her that a woman who made so much money could not account for it; definitely, there was something wrong somewhere.10 MRS ANASTASIA MAVRIDOY

Eventually, her prayer for an opportunity to visit The SCOAN soon materialised. She got the exact money she needed to fund her trip and headed to Nigeria. When she arrived in The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water and a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning her agricultural business. According to the man of God, the business would boom. As soon as she returned to Greece, she ministered the Morning Water, declaring that her business would thrive as prophesied by the man of God.

By the grace of God, her business soon became a beehive as people trooped in to buy her products – in numbers beyond her imagination. As the business brought more and more gain, she was encouraged to register another company called ‘TEMITOPE Company’ in honour of the man of God whom God used to revive her business fortunes. Thanking God for blessing her and making her smile once again, Mrs Mavridoy reminded people all over the world that there is always a spirit behind every problem. She advised them to take their burdens to God.


Twelve years prior, Pastor Ely Blunck had developed a severe heart problem. As the problem persisted, he underwent surgery in which a pacemaker was inserted into his chest to enable his heart to beat. PEACEMAKER MAN1The Brazilian pastor had been living with the pacemaker for many years until the power of God fell upon him during The SCOAN Live Sunday Service. As Prophet T.B. Joshua was moving among the congregation, he stopped in front of Pastor Blunck and placed his hand upon his chest in prayer. As the anointing of God permeated the atmosphere during the prayers, Pastor Blunck suddenly felt his heart beating by itself. Rushing forward, he gave thanks to God for the miraculous healing he had received.

PEACEMAKER MAN2Overwhelmed with tears and shouts of joy, other Latin American nationals who had come to The SCOAN for the special birthday celebrations, thanked God for reviving his heart beat.

As they expressed their gratitude to God, they also presented their national flags, declaring that they had come to The SCOAN with the express purpose of inviting Prophet T.B. Joshua to their nations. The delegations were comprised of nations from Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Russia and Greece. 253416The service was indeed a celebration of God’s love and grace through the life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua as he marked his 53rd birthday to the glory of God!



The SCOAN Sunday Service of June 5, 2016 brought to the fore God’s generous blessings on the lives of His people. Congregants partook of the occasion by sharing their testimonies and joining the choir to sing excellent praises to God. There was an overflow of healing, prophecy and deliverance. Speaking about his forthcoming birthday celebrations on Sunday June 12, 2016, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua informed the congregation about his plans for the event as directed by the Holy Spirit.

According to the man of God, in the face of the economic hardship and other challenges in the world, he has been directed to hold a Prayer Line session on Saturday, June 11, 2016 starting by 10am. He announced that registration for the sick and others who need deliverance would commence on Wednesday June 8, 2016 beginning from 10am to 4pm. The man of God urged congregants to share with the needy the good things God has given them, both material and emotional gifts such as love and moral support. He encouraged Christians all over the world to give freely so that they can have abundance. He emphasised the essence of showing love to people, irrespective of their religious affiliations. “Tell your enemy and those who do not share the same faith with you ‘I love you’ with all your heart”.



   Her life had been like a rubbish heap infested with maggots. An evil which manifested as a dog had bitten her left buttock in a dream. As she grappled with the strangeness of that dream, the same dog-spirit returned in another dream to have sex with her. That singular episode marked the genesis of her problems. Miss Nyasha Kausi’s life became a playground for the evil spirit which ensured that nothing good came her way. The young Zimbabwean studying for a PhD in South Africa lost focus while her entire psyche was ravaged by the spirit of lust.MISS NYASHIA KAUSI.jpg  She would spend time browsing the internet for dating opportunities with all sorts of men. Her unholy flirtations with those men disrupted her plans. She lost concentration and focus on her educational pursuits. The grand plot of the evil spirit was to truncate her glorious future but she ignorantly thought she was enjoying the sweet things of life. Like an ill-fated vehicle destined for destruction, the spirit of lust drove her into so many illicit affairs with men. All the pastors that knew her problem only knew for knowing sake; they could not offer any solution.

It was at The SCOAN that the malevolent spirit was arrested, bound and cast out of her life. Ministering prophecy during a Sunday service, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua beckoned on her with the following prophetic revelations: “You had an encounter with a dog in the dream. After that affair with the dog – you are loose. Sometimes when it comes upon you, you cannot reason well. This has destroyed you. Because of that, you cannot have a home. Lust for men without limits. You are not satisfied.” Confirming the prophetic words to be true for her life, Miss Nyasha Kausi fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit as the man of God laid hands on her. She was swept off her feet and landed on the floor as the power of God retrieved her soul from the hands of the evil spirit.

During her testimony, she revealed that she now enjoys inner peace. She no longer dreams about that evil dog and has developed a remarkable dislike for anything related to dating through social media. Pledging to pursue her educational aspirations with renewed zeal, she advised viewers all over the world in the following words: “If the God of Prophet T.B Joshua did it for me, He will do it for you. Just have faith!”


 If not for God’s intervention, Mr Nosakhare’s gas-laden truck would have annihilated an entire community in Edo State, Nigeria. The businessman-politician was expecting his truck to arrive in Benin, having been loaded with thirty-five thousand litres of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). As the truck arrived in Benin at about 10pm, workers in his gas station had wanted to offload the product but he insisted they should wait until the next day. As he waited for the offloading of the truck, a call came in informing him that one of his trucks that had gone to Enugu almost got burnt on its way back to Benin. MR NOSAKA & BROTHER

Some hours later, another call came in, informing him that the gas-laden truck waiting to be offloaded had leaked and was posing an environmental danger as the entire vicinity had been polluted by gas. The implication was that any spark of fire would cause a serious conflagration that would have led to a colossal loss of lives and property. As the unpalatable news came in, he remembered his Morning Water amid a frenzy of panicky moves all around his house. Picking up the Morning Water, he faced the direction of his gas station and ministered it, calling on God to take control of everything.

When he eventually got to the gas station, he discovered that despite the heavy leakage of gas into the atmosphere, vehicles were still moving without any problem. The whole scenario looked incredible to him because it was strange to have such a heavy leakage of gas without fire outbreak. But deep down in his heart, Mr Nosakhare knew that the power of God in the Morning Water had arrested the situation. Thanking God for saving him and the entire community from an incident that would have been too gruesome to cope with, he urged people all over the world to believe in God.


 Though he was not born with it, the disgraceful spirit of epilepsy suddenly went for the jugular in Henry Cleveland’s life. It was a long, sad story. The first encounter he had with that nasty spirit was during a church service several years ago after he had given his life to Christ. That day, a guest pastor was invited to speak in his local church. When the event was about to begin, out of the blue, a strange wind hit him to the ground and sent him into a coma. Henry was later rushed to the hospital where doctors ended up not diagnosing anything. The yoke of epilepsy kept dealing him disgraceful blows beyond the comprehension of both orthodox and traditional medicine.

 MR HENRY CLEVELANDAs he laboured with the yoke, he spent his meagre resources trying to find a solution. Friends and family deserted him and left an indelible scar of stigmatisation on his psyche. The young Ghanaian who later enrolled into university could not attend his lectures regularly for the fear of sudden attacks. A friend would later introduce him to Emmanuel TV, knowing that his problem was a spiritual attack rather than a physical one. Eventually, he visited The SCOAN this year and was able to receive the anointed touch of Jesus through prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. According to the young man, it was just a touch from the man of God that sent him to the ground. Since that encounter with the man of God, the spirit of epilepsy left his life for good. Recalling how the yoke had deprived him of a major breakthrough (a banking job), he thanked God for healing him permanently. These were his words of advice to people all over the world: “The situation you are in is to refine you. Keep your focus and don’t give up on God. Believe in God.”


PASTOR NATHANIEL OLUBIYITwenty years ago, Mr Nathaniel Olubiyi had an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. He had attended The SCOAN service in which the man of God had asked all those who desired having a car to raise any key in their hands. Obeying the instruction, Mr Olubiyi raised a key in faith. By the next day, when he resumed at his work place, he was approached by his boss who confirmed his redeployment to the Sales and Marketing department from the Administrative department as a Product Sales Manager. That same day, he was given cash to buy a car. Three weeks after he bought his first car, he was sent to the United States of America for a training course. Today, Mr Olubiyi is a pastor based in the United Kingdom. He encountered many challenges, including issues with the UK immigration at the Heathrow Airport. After that experience, he returned to Nigeria and made efforts to sort out his papers. He came to The SCOAN and received the Good Morning Stickers and the Morning Water. As he applied for his residence permit, he ministered the Morning Water and sent it to Abuja. By the time the UK High Commission would respond to his application, the documents they sent to him were incomplete. After several unsuccessful attempts, he was finally granted a month’s visa. By the time he received the visa, he had barely four days to travel to the UK before the visa would expire.

Landing in London with great faith, he was referred to a local post office where he was given his Residency Card which enables him and his family to stay and work in the UK. The next challenge was seeking for employment. After several failed efforts, some wealthy investors with interests in real estate contacted him and made him their representative in the whole of Africa. His status improved dramatically. He interfaces with state governments and is even in the process of meeting the Nigerian President. He is entitled to travel on business class with his wife anytime he so wishes.

Affirming the efficacy of the Morning Water as a miraculous medium of God’s power while testifying before the congregation, he confirmed, as a matter of fact, the authenticity of Prophet T.B. Joshua as a true man of God. According to him, he never knew God would honour him this way. He advised people all over the world to continue to have faith and wait on the Lord as He would surely bless them, no matter how long it may take.


His case could be described as a pastoral misadventure. He had tried to deliver a female course mate in school only for a spirit to come out of her and enter him. Since that day, his life had not remained the same. He would always encounter the spirit wife in his dreams. The evil spirit wreaked so much havoc in his life. She infected him with a spiritual malady – the spirit of lust. All through his university days, he lived a very randy life and would not spare anything on skirt. Linking his problem to his family background, Pastor Wisdom recounted how his grandfather’s fetish engagements laid the foundation for the family’s reputation for idolatry. His father also soiled his hands in fetish activities. He would retrieve food items sacrificed to the river goddess and share for his children to eat. At age 10, Wisdom was already having sexual intercourse. By the time he entered secondary school, he had impregnated two different girls.PASTOR WISDOM OKPOHO AND WIFEIn the university, he had a lot of scandalous affairs with women even when he claimed he was on evangelism. The more he had sex in the dream, the more his problem of lust became worse. Even when he became a minister, the spirit wife would not let go of him. Every effort he made to ward off the wicked spirit proved abortive. He visited many prophets and even spiritualists yet the problems remained. At a time, things started falling apart in his life both materially and spiritually. He even accused his wife of being behind his problem. The spirit wife ensured that there was no affection in their marriage.

He had slept with many female members of his ministry to the extent that he lost respect and also lost many of his members. His life was recklessly remote-controlled by the spirit wife until he visited The SCOAN penultimate Sunday where he was fished out by the man of God through prophecy. Seated in the auditorium, the prophecy of the man of God pulled him out from the congregation. “My brother, there is a minister of God. You have so much attack – spiritual wife… You put on a black suit; light in complexion. Your ministry has been destroyed.” Confirming the prophecy, Pastor Wisdom Okpoho was delivered immediately by the man of God.

Testifying in company of his wife, he expressed gratitude to God for putting an end to his nightmarish experiences in the hands of the spirit wife who almost ruined his life with the spirit of lust. His wife also thanked God for restoring her marriage which was at the brink of collapse as at the time her husband visited The SCOAN. Pastor Wisdom Okpoho advised men of God who are still struggling with their ministries to seek deliverance.


She never leaves her house without ministering the Morning Water. Mrs Linda Onyekwere was in her office one day and was meditating with her Faith Bracelet in company of her younger brother and some staff when three armed robbers walked in. While two headed to the cash room, one came straight to her, took her phone and demanded for her bag and money. He pointed a locally-made pistol at her forehead. Shocked but still holding on to her Faith bracelet, she continued to stare at the marauder while her brother summoned courage to face him. “In the mighty name of Jesus, the God of T.B. Joshua, drop that gun!” MRS LINDA ONYEKWERE & NEIGHBOURS he shouted at the robber who was trying in vain to pull the trigger. As Mrs Linda’s brother continued to command him to drop the gun, Mrs Linda Onyekwere herself joined in rebuking the robber who suddenly developed cold feet, moving backwards with fear written all over him and eventually falling to the ground.

The unfortunate robber was pounced upon by Mrs Onyekwere’s brother while the gun was retrieved from him. As the other staff who had fallen face down stood up to get a hold on him, he outwitted them and took to his heels, jumping unto a waiting motorcycle which sped off with him. Mrs Onyekwere went into the streets shouting “armed robbers… thieves.” She attracted the attention of neighbours who came out in their numbers.

Testifying in company of her brothers and neighbours, Mrs Onyekwere thanked God for saving her life from the hands of robbers who would have killed her if not for His intervention. According to her, the failure of the trigger was divine intervention. “Say what you believe. What you believe in your heart will happen to you in time,” she advised.



 Mr Innocent from Edo state stood to glorify God and put the devil to shame. He had been delivered from the spirit of man that had tormented his life and others greatly.

At a young age, Innocent was sent by his parents to buy them something from the local shops. On the way, he was hit on his back with a stone. Upon turning around he saw a snake facing him. He hurriedly continued on his way. On his way back he was at alert and surely he saw the snake again at the same place. This time as he looked he saw the snake was holding a stone with his tail. Once again he was hit by a stone the snake threw at him. When he got home he narrated the encounter with his parents but to his dismay Innocent’s parents didn’t believe him.

That night he had a dream in which he saw the same snake again; this time he was playing with the snake in the dream. The following morning he was a different man. He began to have feelings, a sexual desire towards men. The urge became so intense that he began to engage in the act. It pushed him to do many things: travelling to meet men and sleeping with young boys. He would meet men through social media. He would connect with people online; once he engaged with someone, he would do all to make sure he satisfied the spirit of man in him. Through all his promiscuity, he became ill and tested positive to HIV. Despite the deadly disease he continued sleeping with men, further spreading the HIV.

He tried to get out of this life, but things became worse. One day, he went to urinate and there he saw diabolical things but still went ahead. That night, he saw vultures in his room and they entered his body. He then followed them into a tree. The spirit of vulture increased the promiscuity in his life – he started to have intercourse with animals. It started with a lizard that became human size in his room. After that he could use any means to satisfy his desire sleeping with chickens and goats, as the evil spirit would direct him. He noticed that every animal he would sleep with would later die.

He got a job in a hotel. The manager in the hotel put Emmanuel TV in each room. One day when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying with the viewers, Innocent felt uncomfortably hot and ran outside. His colleagues were asking him what was wrong; he said he was fine and came back inside. He switched off Emmanuel TV. His colleague found the TV off and turned it back on. When she left, he turned it off again and removed the cable. His colleague saw it off again and began to question him, he made various excuses. As it became clear that Innocent was not comfortable with Emmanuel TV, he was asked to leave his job and go for deliverance. Angrily he left and from that point people began to notice his countenance was not normal. He was trying to resist the questioning but he could not. In annoyance he left his house and got on a bus for Lagos, he decided he was coming to The SCOAN.

During the Mass Prayer session, he felt agitated and the evil spirits in him began to manifest and confess how they had been using and destroying him terribly.

Innocent was delivered that day and every power of darkness left his body. Since then, Innocent said that he has changed drastically. Prior to his deliverance he said that he never regretted any evil act he had engaged in. But after deliverance he feels regret for all he had done. He no longer has affection for men; he sleeps well now and is able to chase any demonic attack away, in the name of Jesus.


 Ukpaka Sochima, a Level 300 Psychology student testified today of complete and total liberation from bedwetting. Right from a young age, this spirit of bedwetting had plagued her life. Pain, discomfort and embarrassment were her constant companions. She had become accustomed to washing her bed sheet and clothes daily because not a night would pass without an unfortunate accident. She was not able to stay in a boarding school due to the stigma attached to the bedwetting.MISS UKPAKA SOCHIMA KAY AND MOTHER

When she enrolled for university, the problem seemed to have stopped for a while. Delighted, Ukpaka opted to stay in a room with four of her peers for the first time. However, the joy was short lived. The very first night, the inevitable occurred and she woke up to loud and angry exclamations from her colleague who was sleeping in the bunk below her. She could hardly bear the shame and embarrassment that erupted as a result.

Ukpaka eventually resorted to sleeping on the floor so as not to mess up the bed. With few friends and low self-esteem, “I felt like committing suicide. I wanted to end it all because I could not imagine myself telling people that I was bedwetting. Many times, I attempted to do it.” With little hope for future happiness, she stated: “I concluded that I would never get married because no man would accept me with that situation.”

Her mother was her only confidant. Ukpaka confessed to her that she wanted to end her life but she continued to encourage her daughter not to give up, making sure that she was never left alone.

After several visits to hospitals yielded no solution, and all hope had been exhausted, Ukpaka decided to visit The SCOAN in desperate search of deliverance.

Towards the end of the service in the mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua pointed towards the crowd. “There is a young lady there sitting behind the lady with spectacles. You have the problem of bedwetting.” At first, Ukpaka did not realise that the prophecy was for her. She was looking around to see who would come out to confirm the prophecy. Suddenly, she noticed that the lady sitting directly in front of her was wearing spectacles. Convinced that it was her, she came out to confirm the prophetic message.

Instantly, she received her deliverance from the spirit of bedwetting that had tormented her life since birth.

After the prophecy and the deliverance, she decided to take six sachets of water that night. Before sleeping, she meditated with her Faith Bracelet: ‘Take more of me and give me more of You”. In the course of meditating, she fell asleep. To her surprise, it was not until the next morning that she woke up to a dry bed. Since the deliverance, she has been completely free from the scourge of bedwetting. Thanking Jesus with tears streaming down her cheeks, Ukpaka testified to the whole world.

She advised: “Have faith. Run to God. He is the only true Father who never fails.”

“I want to thank you for allowing God to use you to deliver me. I felt as if all hope was lost. I did not want to get close to people before,” she said to the man of God.

Prophet T.B. Joshua used her case to address the viewers all over the world: “When it is your time, when you meet a man God has sent to you, whether you believe or not, it will definitely happen. Your unbelief may not be able to give you grace to maintain that blessing but you will receive that blessing.”


PROPHET T.B.JOSHUAThe SCOAN Sunday service of May 29, 2016 brought to the fore the demonstration of God’s power and glory in line with its basic purpose of redemption, salvation and deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregants in pulling down strongholds through the power of prayer, prophecy and deliverance. During Mass Prayer, the man of God loosed souls from the entanglement of the devil and restored destinies stolen or ruined. He prayed for the nations of the world and committed their leaders into the hands of God, especially nations that are in the process of electing new leaders. He also prayed for troubled nations and asked God to intervene, bearing in mind the immigrant and refugee challenges that have become a global phenomena.


Earlier, Evangelist Michelle had called on Christians to endure the harsh and discouragingEVANGELIST MITCHELLE situations they face in order to enjoy the future glory that awaits them. She cited many biblical examples of great men of God who, in spite of the challenges they faced, soldiered on and eventually attained great heights. In a message titled ENDURE: IT IS POSSIBLE, she named biblical icons such as Noah and David who in spite of the opposition and challenges they faced eventually became celebrated men in history. She therefore urged Christians to remain focused and unrelenting with their visions if they really want to attain remarkable greatness. “When God gives you a vision and it is opposed by men, don’t reduce your vision. Endure, it is possible,” she advised.




Cigarettes became his greatest source of joy and satisfaction. He smoked as though his entire life depended on it to the extent that he lost one of his sons as a result of his reckless attachment to the nicotinic wraps. Mr Johnson Mobote, a retired lieutenant in the Nigerian Army would smoke an average of two rolls of cigarettes in a day accompanied with shots of a local gin popularly known as ‘ogogoro’. Whenever he was on hospital admission, he would sneak out to go and smoke much to the frustration of his doctors who wondered what manner of man he was. For more than fifty years years, he “enjoyed” the evil smoke.


His father and uncle had become sworn enemies till their death based on allegations that the latter cast the spell of smoking on him. The unholy habit triggered several irresponsible behaviours in the soldier who had attained the rank of a Major but was demoted to a Lieutenant due to insubordination. During the Nigeria-Biafra war, he sustained a leg injury from a gunshot as he went ransacking the corpses of dead soldiers in search of cigarettes. His addiction was that bad!


All efforts made by his family to cure his addiction proved futile. His case was like that of a burning grass upon which fire increased as more water was being poured in an attempt to extinguish it. “I had been to many churches, undergone several deliverances and even visited traditional medicine homes, but the more they tried to cure my addiction, the worse it became. I have consumed gallons of holy water and yet no solution,” he told congregants at The SCOAN. Most times, he would abscond from home after altercations with his family over his unwholesome habit and settle into a private haven to continue his smoking spree. After several failed attempts to lure him to The SCOAN, his family finally received divine assistance through Emmanuel TV.


He had watched Prophet T.B. Joshua preach about OFFENCE on Emmanuel TV and that prepared the ground for his reconciliation with his family whom he had abandoned. Arriving at The SCOAN, Mr Mobote received the biggest gift from his daughter who approached him and asked to minister the Morning Water to him. After ministering the Morning Water, the old soldier confiscated the whole bottle and emptied it into his mouth to appease his daughter and prevent her further nagging. Unknown to him, he had exorcised the demon that was disturbing his life for over five decades!


After gulping a whole bottle of the Morning Water, Mr Mobote stopped having the urge of smoking from that very moment ‘til now. It has remained a mystery how his unholy appetite came to an end. But to those who believe in the power of God, there is nothing beyond that power. Thanking God for his deliverance from cigarette addiction, in company of his family, Mr Johnson Mobote expressed gratitude to God for freeing his soul from destruction. He advised people all over the world to desist from smoking as it offers no single good, adding that he had tried to stop on his own but failed several times.



Mrs Suresh was involved in an accident six years ago in which she fractured her shoulder and was unable to do her house chores. In fact, she could not even raise her arm up. Her husband had to make out time from his busy schedule to assist her. As she battled with her fractured shoulder following a surgery, she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua after she had been encouraged by the testimony of a South African woman who got healed at The SCOAN. After praying along with the man of God, in a matter of minutes, she began to raise her arm. The fractured shoulder was healed completely!


After his wife’s healing, Mr Suresh got inspired and joined a team of believers to install satellite dishes enabling Emmanuel TV to be viewed in over one hundred homes across India. For that act of faith, he received a reward from God. His stagnant career was turned around as he got promoted in his place of work to the glory of God. He told congregants that many who got their Emmanuel TV cables through him have continued to experience God’s blessings. According to him, their testimonies are too numerous to mention. The thankful couple praised God for His divine touch through Emmanuel TV. They advised people to believe in God, stating that He does not consider money even as distance is not a barrier to His power.



Six years of barrenness stood in between them and marital bliss like a plague. Having been diagnosed with low sperm count, staphylococcus and poor ejaculation, Mr Olubode sought medical, spiritual and traditional solutions but none was forthcoming. He was made to consume a lot of concoctions by spiritualists and traditional doctors yet nothing changed about his condition. A friend would later introduce him to Emmanuel TV through which his long-sought solution came.


MR & MRS OLUBODE FEMIMr and Mrs Olubode were excited with the awesome display of God’s power as they watched the numerous miracles that happened at The SCOAN. Having been convinced that the solution to their problem would be found at The SCOAN, the couple visited the church in September last year and received prayers and the Morning Water from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. As they returned home and continued to minister the Morning Water, they got intimate and in a space of one month, Mrs Olubode was confirmed pregnant much to the perplexity of her husband who could not comprehend the workings of God’s power.


Thanking God alongside his heavily pregnant wife, Mr Olubode expressed the huge relief they now enjoy after the good Lord smiled on them. All the psychological traumas they went through are now overtaken by the grace of God. They advised people with a similar challenge to have faith in God, no matter the problem.



Mr Blessing Eleke started his professional football career aged 17 and travelled to Italy where he tried his skills with three different clubs but failed to get a professional contract. He returned to Nigeria distraught and disappointed. He saw the development as a major setback to his career as a footballer. Back in Nigeria, he decided to visit The SCOAN and received the Morning Water.


As he started ministering the Morning Water, events around him began to take a promising turn. His manager informed him of an opportunity for trials with a Slovenian club. As he prepared for the trials, he ministered the Morning Water and was shocked at the results. He was able to net remarkable goals during the trials and became a bride of the team which had no other option than to offer him a professional contract in 2014. Because of his impressive performance, he was sold to a bigger club barely after one season.MR BLESSING .C. ELEKE AND BROTHER


He signed a four-year contract with AK Olympija, a big team in the Slovenian league, albeit without a trophy for twenty years. In his first season with AK Olympija, he scored vital goals and made several assists, helping them to win the league trophy for the first time in twenty years. In total, he scored fifteen goals in his first season at the new club. According to the footballer, he usually ministered the Morning Water whenever he had a game to play. He thanked God for the colossal transformation his career has witnessed ever since he started ministering the Morning Water. He advised people all over the world to continue watching Emmanuel TV and ministering the Morning Water.



For Mrs Roseline Johnson, nature seemed to have shut its door against her. The Bayelsa State indigene had not seen her menstruation for ten years and could not fathom why it was so. She knew that something was amiss and had to visit many hospitals and traditional homes. Each quest for solution ended in futility and left her more dejected. All the medications she received even made a caricature of her condition as they all proved ineffective.


Last Saturday, as she watched Emmanuel TV, she saw a woman who had her type of problemMRS ROSELINE JOHNSON being prophesied to by the man of God and decided to key into the prophecy by placing her hand on the screen of her television. After that act of irrepressible faith, it took just twenty-four hours for her age-long problem to be brought to an end. Her ceased menstruation was restored to the glory of God. Overwhelmed with awe and the joy of thanksgiving, she advised people all over the world to have faith, stressing that distance is not a barrier.



Mr Victor Olympio and family have been watching Emmanuel TV for many years and had seen that God was doing mighty things at the Arena of Liberty. The Togolese family resident in the Republic of Benin were happy until the devil tried to mess up their joy with their son’s health. The young lad was trying to transfer to another school and needed to undergo medicals only for him to be diagnosed with the deadly hepatitis B virus. The discovery sent shockwaves down the spines of his parents who made frantic efforts to see specialists in connection with the sad development. The specialist contacted only suggested further tests for the entire family.


MR VICTOR OLYMPIO AND FAMILYTurning down the advice of the specialist, the couple declined to carry out further tests on themselves and instead tinkered with the idea of visiting The SCOAN to see the man of God. After being unable to see Prophet T.B. Joshua, the couple decided to get the Morning Water which they ministered to their son in faith. After ministering the Morning Water for a while, they revisited the laboratory where they received the happiest shock of their lives. The hepatitis B virus was no more! Like an evil stronghold, it had been pulled down by the mighty hand of God through the Morning Water medium. All other laboratories visited confirmed he was free from the hepatitis B virus. As they testified to God’s goodness in their life as a family, the parents urged viewers all over the world to run to God, no matter the situation they found themselves in.



Ms Sylvia Ogbebor was shocked when the man of God prophesied about her case. She had been engrossed in prostitution for many years and had been a customer to many herbalists who made incisions on her private part to enable her to attract men at will. She was given beads to wear and formed the habit of travelling cross West Africa in furtherance of her prostitution business. She was insatiable sexually. In the long run, she had a child for a young man who eventually turned her into a punching bag. After surviving the abuse and beating in the hands of her ‘baby father’, she was helped to Dubai by a friend.


At Dubai, she continued her prostitution business, sleeping with up to forty men in a day in MS. OGBEBOR SYLVIA, MOTHER AND SONorder to repay the ticket cost her friend had paid for her. From Dubai, she returned to Nigeria and decided to start using the internet to canvass for men. All her efforts to keep her son and mother comfortable hit the brick wall as the boy’s health condition ran into troubled waters. Her friends prevailed upon her to return to Abuja to continue her prostitution.


She continued to prostitute between Nigeria and Dubai and was able to raise enough money to rent an apartment for her mother and son. She would lie to her mother that she was travelling for business but the old woman never suspected that her daughter was a chartered harlot. Eventually, Ms Ogbebor embraced lesbianism, smoking and alcoholism in order to escape from depression. Her insatiable urge for sex remained at its zenith and made a mince meat of her life. After perambulating around in search of deliverance, she was advised to seek the face of God.


Visiting The SCOAN with so much expectation, the man of God prophesied to her thus: “There is a woman there. In those days, in your past, you used to wear some beads. You have done away with these beads, you no longer wear beads but now, the challenge you are facing is that you have no settled home. No single man can please you. No one can give you the kind of affection you want. This has bastardised your career. You are just from one place to another but right now, you are tired. You don’t know what is wrong with you. Please, come; Jesus loves you.” Coming out of the congregation to confirm the prophecy, Ms Ogbebor received her deliverance.


Returning to testify, she gave a gory account of all her illicit sexual escapades in company of some other irresponsible women. If not for God’s grace, her descent into the abysmal trenches of prostitution would have claimed her life, bearing in mind the existence of deadly sexually transmitted diseases and the huge presence of ritualists who would stop at nothing to use unsuspecting woman for their nefarious activities. Indeed, she was saved by grace through Christ Jesus.


Thanking God for her deliverance, she told the congregation how blessed and calm she now feels. According to her, the urge for sex has now given way to meditation on the Word of God using the Faith Bracelet. She now enjoys an inner peace that is so indescribable. Smiling with renewed hope and faith in Christ Jesus, she advised the world to repose their faith in God, no matter their expectations.



Mr Lebohang Malokotsa was addicted to pornography right from his primary school days. It all started out as a prank amongst his peers but eventually developed into masturbation. The young lawyer from Lesotho became sexually perverted and would do anything to sleep with woman. As he laboured under the yoke of lust, he contacted the kindred spirits of smoking and drinking. All through his university years, he battled with these problems. His academic life was greatly distracted by pornography which he usually found on the internet through Facebook and YouTube.


MR LEBOHANG MALOKOTABecause of the negative toll the spirit of lust took on him, he has spent three years in his post-graduate study which ordinarily should take one year. On several occasions, he had had issues with his father who frowned at his irresponsible behaviours and got his mother depressed due to his misdemeanours. His legal career suffered untold stagnation as he went deeper and deeper into his pornographic distraction. He would lie to his fiancée deceiving her into believing he was a responsible young man. After making many failed efforts to quit his ungodly habits, he decided to visit The SCOAN. Seated in the auditorium penultimate Sunday, he was fished out by the man of God through words of prophecy.


You are addicted to watching the internet, a lot of pornography and naked people. Because of that, you can masturbate without anything. Even as you sit down, it’s an attack. As you sit down, you can begin to masturbate. This thing is destroying your life…,” said the man of God even as the young man confirmed the prophecy in its entirety. With just a touch from the man of God, the young man fell to the ground under the power of the Holy Spirit. All thanks and honour belong to our God who made his deliverance possible, through Christ Jesus! During his testimony, he expressed joy for coming to his real senses after the deliverance, urging viewers all over the world not to put themselves in positions where the devil would tempt them.



Mr Solomon Gawera had divorced his wife and was busy lusting after other woman. The Ugandan national recounted how he was possessed by an evil spirit which eventually had a sexual relationship with him. This happened when he was in secondary school. Since then his life had not remained the same. The spirit wife thereafter took control of his life, drifting him towards the embers of destruction and death but for the intervention of God through the word of prophecy revealed to Prophet T.B. Joshua during penultimate Sunday service.


Inviting his wife to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua surrendered the matter to God and said His will concerning their case must be sought before anything could happen. The young woman recalled how she had to accept divorce as a result of her estranged husband’s lustful behMR SOLOMON GAWERA AND WIFEaviours and illicit affairs with many women, including her best friend. The woman was visibly distraught as she narrated her ex-husband’s irresponsible attitudes. He would beat her up whenever she protested against his wayward ways.


Following the direction of the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua who had earlier delivered Mr Gawera, reconciled the couple, restoring their broken marriage in the mighty name of Jesus. He directed Mr Gawera to apologise to his wife, saying that their marriage is the will of God. Speaking extensively on the issue of divorce, the man of God observed that one of the major roles of the church is to restore broken marriages. He also observed that couples could be divorced in spirit and yet live together. According to him, that trend is dangerous as it could lead to dire consequences. He however blamed the rampant case of divorce on the lack of understanding.



Prophet T.B. Joshua

The Holy Spirit moved strongly as the entire atmosphere radiated the unfading glory of God. The SCOAN Sunday service of May 22, 2016, reminded people all over the world that, where two or three are gathered in His name, He is always there with them.


The man of God, in his message, dwelt on a variety of issues relating to our relationship with God. Above all, he focused on the need to know the will of God in every situation, especially before prayer. He spoke extensively on the principles of belief as well as our disposition to the will of God. “Believing is simply acting on what God has spoken,” he said, stressing that our belief becomes solid if we base it on God’s promises. In other words, believing God on His promises to us makes our faith and trust in Him stronger: “If your Father has promised you something and you base your belief on that, this believing is solid.”

Speaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the reason we need to know God’s will and act in accordance with it. He stated that those who commanded things to happen through God’s power are people who already knew that God will answer them. However, he lamented man’s fall from the true sense of believing due to his selfish reasoning that measures God’s love for him according to prayers answered – “Today, you don’t know whether you are a man of faith or not. You measure how God loves you according to the prayer that is answered.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua then took time to prophesy to individuals in the congregation, opening their eyes to the hidden traps set against their destinies by the kingdom of darkness.


Evangelist Cindy

In her message NO SHORTCUT, Evangelist Cindy encouraged Christians to be patient and persevering in the race of life, stressing that the road to glory is not paved with milk and honey but rather is a long and muddy one. She aptly captured the psyche of a faithless generation which would aim for the top without wanting to start from the bottom. But she insists that the attainment of glory is a process which she compared to the baking process. “What are you going through? Many successful people in society had once passed through similar situations before they were promoted to the level they are now. Successful people don’t just drift to the top. It takes focused action, personal discipline and a lot of energy everyday to make things happen. Ask David, he will tell you about his opposition. Ask Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and they will tell you what they had to pass through before coming to a new level of life.” Calling on Christians to always see unpleasant situations as signifiers of impending glory, she urged them to thank God in every situation: “When you look at your situation, it is a signal that something greater is coming. When you know where God is leading you or when you know where you are going, whatever happens to you midway cannot change your focus. Rather, you will begin to describe the taste of honey while swallowing tears. When the goings are good, thank God; when the goings are tough, thank God. When you get there at God’s time, you will begin to sing, I didn’t know You would favour me this way”.


MISS VIVIAN AHIAKPAFor twelve years, Miss Vivian Ahiakpa found it very difficult to work due to a strange ailment that got her legs swollen while pain took over her entire body. She could not walk on her own and had to depend on the support of people. At a time, she had to use a crutch. Doctors had to give her a body brace, saying she had sustained damage to her bones and therefore could not do things without support. However, respite soon came her way when a friend gave her the Morning Water. As she ministered the Morning Water, she discovered that the swelling of her legs reduced gradually in confirmation that the power of God was at work.

Having been encouraged by the effects of the Morning Water on her hitherto swollen legs, Miss Ahiakpa visited The SCOAN in 2014 and was arranged for the Prayer Line. Narrating her experience at the Prayer Line, she recalled: “When the man of God was coming closer to me, I saw him like a normal human being at first but before he reached me, what I saw was a very tall flame of fire.” She explained how she felt that fire had penetrated through her head and down her injured back. Afterwards, describing a very cool sensation and being free to walk and move again.

Walking happily before the congregation, Miss Ahiakpa showed no sign of difficulty in walking anymore. According to her, she now does all those things which she could not do before. Even her doctors marvelled at the miracle and even encouraged her to share her testimony. Bending, turning and shaking her body with ease and renewed strength, it was obvious that the beast that had held her down had been crushed by the power of the Holy Ghost. She expressed immense gratitude to God for her healing and advised people all over the world in the following words: “Have faith and trust in God.

DR AND MRS TIMOTHY MMELLADr Timothy Mmella, a high-level international diplomat and former representative of Kenya to the United Nations on matters of Environment, struggled with affection in his marriage. It was extremely difficult to express his feelings. The passionate fire of love that had been the driving force of their marriage suddenly fizzled out. Unknown to the couple, an evil spirit was in between them working hard to truncate their union. The wicked but unseen man ensured that he made the couple unable to demonstrate love to each other. Whenever it was time to get romantic, Mrs Mmella would either fall sick or complain of one form of discomfort or the other.

Due to the unseen barriers hindering their marriage, the couple lived like two souls apart to the extent that Dr Mmella, out of starvation for affection, began to lust after other women. Haunted by their inability to bear a child after several years of marriage, the couple were not happy and could not fathom the reason for the distance growing between them. It soon dawned on the couple that their spiritual problem required a spiritual solution. It was their visit to The SCOAN that finally exposed the root cause of their problem.

While prophesying and ministering deliverance to the congregation, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked up to the couple with the following revelation, that a spiritual husband was the cause of their marital woes and had also pushed Dr Mmella to go outside of his marriage to look for affection. Yet, no matter how far the couple had drifted, they were not beyond God’s reach, whose promise for the couple was that they would have a baby boy. The man of God laid hands on them, setting them free from the influence of the strange man.DR AND MRS TIMOTHY MMELLA.

The couple thanked God for resurrecting the affection that had died in their marriage. In the words of Dr Mmella: “I thank God for my wife who introduced me to God through Emmanuel TV.” He advised congregants and people all over the world, Dr Mmella said, “There is nothing you gain by isolating the mighty God from your destiny.”


As an immigration officer, promotion to her next rank of Chief Superintendent remainedMRS ELIZABETH BETTY ADUDU elusive for seven years. After three promotion interviews, Mrs Elizabeth Betty Adudu remained stuck on the rank of Superintendent. The Abuja based officer did not give up; she kept hope alive, trying out every opportunity that presented itself for her promotion. That persevering spirit soon paid off.

Another promotion opportunity presented itself and Mrs Adudu prepared herself with prayers. The hotel she lodged in had Emmanuel TV and provided a superior opportunity for her to settle the battle spiritually before stepping out for the physical interview. She wasted no time in praying along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, committing the interview into God’s hands and calling on the Holy Spirit to make her promotion a success. All through the night preceding the interview day, Mrs Adudu never opened any book to read. Instead, she committed herself to prayer, believing that God’s effort, rather than hers, would put an end to her seven years of struggle.

On the morning of the interview, she radiated a strange air of confidence which could have been only divinely inspired. She went into the interview with that confidence and gave an exceptional account of her achievements. When the results were released, despite the erroneous information she had earlier received, her name was on the list of successful officers promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent of Immigration. Mrs Adudu told congregants that it was purely a manifestation of God’s power and grace in her life. According to her, all the while she had been depending on her human strength, knowledge and might, yet could not make it. As soon as she involved God in the matter, her case was settled. “It is not by power or might but by the special grace of God,” she said as she reminded people all over the world that distance is not a barrier to God’s blessings.

Madame Le Goff Aminata Dadu was diagnosed with a childbirth-related deformity after she had complained of pains. For the Malian living in France, life lost its meaning when doctors told her that the condition was incurable. That submission affected her both psychologically and socially and condemned her to the use of pain killers. Her knees and shoulders were affected to the extent that her doctors suggested they would infuse iron to support those weak joints. She became handicapped and could hardly walk, prompting the social security department to give her a card that allowed her access to certain services because of her problem. She attained a job allocated by the French government specifically reserved for those who are handicapped, as she could neither walk nor use her hands effectively.

One day, she encountered Emmanuel TV and marvelled at the miracles God used His Prophet to perform at The SCOAN. Convinced in her heart that God was truly at work at The SCOAN, she decided to visit Nigeria. As she arrived at the Arena of Liberty, she was placed in the Prayer Line where she received God’s mercy. Displaying medical documents which showed how degenerated and terrible her condition was, she thanked God for her healing. “Jesus is the answer; the only answer,” she told congregants and people watching her all over the world as she exuded the joy of her freedom from sickness and sorrow.


The SCOAN Sunday service of May 15, 2016 demonstrated the harmony of God’s Word and power. The congregants expressed their joy of being in His presence, knowing that all their petitions and supplications would be heard. The testimonies, prophecies and prayers showed that the Most High is always at work to ensure that those who live in accordance with His will are happy and blessed. The choir ensured that there was never a dull moment as it reeled out soul-lifting melodies to the admiration of the congregants.


Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message, MATCH YOUR ACTION WITH YOUR WORDS, dwelt on the dependability of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The man of God urged Christians to confess Christ and cling to Him if they really expect the positive changes and blessings associated with those who believe in Him: “You have seen the reason to believe Jesus. He is reliable. If you rely on Him, He will not disappoint you. He will not fail you. He is not a man. If you know He is reliable, what you need to do is confess what is in your heart. When you confess what is in your heart, here Jesus comes in to bring the balance. ‘Confess what is in your heart’, means, ‘Match your action with your words’. That is, what you are saying is what you are doing.

But confessing Christ is not all that is required. According to the man of God, we must confess Christ from our heart and with faith because the heart is where the Spirit of God resides. In other words, those who confess Christ in Spirit and in truth will always move God into action, no matter the magnitude of the situation or challenge: “Faith is of man’s heart. Heart means spirit, your spirit. Not in a literal meaning. In your school, it’s not regarded like that. Biblically, heart means spirit of man. Call it heart or spirit. Faith is of man’s heart or faith is of man’s spirit. Heart has to do with now and next. What you are doing now, standing for now, is what you are going to stand for tomorrow. When you confess what is in your heart, the job is half done.”

Concluding, the man of God told Christians to bother less when their matter is before God through prayer. According to him, once God is aware of a person’s situation, He would ensure that the situation does not consume that person. Instead, He would make the person stronger through that situation or challenge: “When God is aware of your situation, don’t bother; the situation cannot kill you any longer, destroy you any longer. Your struggle will make you stronger. It will not impair you but improve you.”


Evangelist Anne earlier spoke on a message titled: GOD’S HAND PERFORMING ALL THINGS. She summed up her message by stating that by the power of the Holy Spirit and obedience, a man can do exploits in the Kingdom through God’s hand performing all things beyond the comprehension of a world full of doubt, intellectualism, vanities and uncertainties: “When the Holy Spirit takes up residence within you, He does so with the thought of aiding you in developing a holy character and so, man will not be judged by the colour of his skin or ability to inspire but by the content of his character. Just as physical growth is a function of time, intellectual growth is a function of learning and spiritual growth is a function of obedience, we grow in character through our obedience to God. God does not necessarily reward, good, smart or intelligent people but He rewards the obedient. The anointing that comes through obedience makes you one with a difference and has God’s hand performing all things through you.  

Enlightened through the Words of faith, the congregants were further inspired through the uplifting testimonies that followed.


9.jpg    Despite the fact that he came from a family of evangelists, Bishop Nkosi, a South African, could not repel the spirit of lust that held his life hostage. His marriage of 19 years suffered from the onslaught of the itinerant spirit that animated itself into a spirit wife. On many occasions, the spirit wife would speak to him audibly. Before he became a pastor, he was a surveyor and was involved in land matters. Whenever he travelled on official assignment, he would lodge in a hotel and ask his driver to get him women of easy virtue. He could not control his evil urge for women.

When he embraced Christ as a pastor and was given a church to head, he found it difficult staying away from extra-marital affairs. At this point, his wife was no longer attractive to him; everything about her looked strange and ugly to him. He only derived pleasure sleeping around with strange women who, in actual reality, were not as beautiful as his wife. The spirit wife was deep in her plot to destroy his marriage. Whenever he wanted to prepare his sermons using his ipad, pornographic images would pop up trying to distract his attention. His woes were compounded when members of his ministry, especially the females, addressed him casually without according him the respect befitting of a bishop and servant of God.

The magnitude of the grip the spirit wife had on him was colossally terrible. She would visit him in his dreams and have sexual relations with him. He enjoyed it while it lasted but would sometimes be overtaken by regret and remorse. It was a scenario that was beyond his comprehension and control. His wife was left to suffer the loneliness he created in their marriage due to his unholy escapades with women. Even when she wanted intimacy with him, he would give flimsy excuses, at times blaming her of a foul smell. It was also difficult to understand why a bishop who had become a millionaire at age eighteen could not boast of an enduring wealth. It was obvious that the spirit wife was on a destructive mission in his life.

After fasting and praying in an attempt to expel the spirit wife from his life, the ubiquitous marauder appeared to him, much to his consternation. It was at this juncture that his wife prevailed on him to follow her down to The SCOAN where the power of God is doing exploits. Even though she had introduced him to Emmanuel TV as far back as 2010, his denominational sentiments created a firewall that prevented him from enjoying the spiritual benefits of watching the channel. When he finally arrived at The SCOAN in company of his wife in May, 2016, he came face to face with the undiluted power of God.

Prophesying to the congregants, the man of God spotted his challenge. “There is a brother there; you are a pastor. You have a spiritual wife. This has been disturbing your ministry and wife. Come out…,” said the man of God. Bishop Nkosi wasted no time in rushing out, accompanied by his wife, as he confirmed the prophecy of the man of God. “Man of God, I’m the pastor you prophesied about who had a spiritual wife disturbing the ministry…She comes in my dreams; she comes and sometimes sleeps in between me and my wife,” he cried out.

Bishop Nkosi received his deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit and was let loose from the evil grip of the spirit wife which contaminated his life with lust, anger and other irresponsible attitudes. Recounting the terrible times her husband’s attitudes put her through, Mrs Nkosi thanked God for the new life she is experiencing today after his deliverance. In the same vein, Bishop Nkosi gave God all the glory for his deliverance. He no longer sees his wife’s ‘four-corner head and big tummy’. He now sees a beautiful and attractive wife. He urged people to be wary of social media as it could be a gateway for spiritual corruption. He also advised other men to hold on to God alone whenever they are facing challenges.



It was a rude awakening for Mr Shittu Kareem, a native of Osun State, Nigeria. He was asleep at about 1:30 am when suddenly he felt some strange sensations inside his nostrils. As he made for the mirror, he discovered blood was gushing out from his nose. Panicky and confused, he woke his wife from sleep. As his wife saw the blood and the rate at which it was gushing out, she went into intense prayer while she retrieved a Morning Sticker from their fridge and placed it on his forehead. As the pandemonium ensued, Mrs Kareem also ministered the Morning Water all over her husband, insisting that he must not die, in Jesus’ name. On his own part, Mr Kareem woke his children up and asked them to video him in order that they may have a proper record of how he died. In spite of his human reasoning, his wife’s prayers and efforts soon yielded the desired result. Retrieving another Morning Sticker from his phone, his wife placed it inside a glass of water and asked him to drink. By this time Mr Kareem had swallowed so much blood. But as he drank the glass of water, God came on to the scene. At exactly 3:00 am, as Mrs Kareem had requested in her prayers, her husband’s nose stopped bleeding; the bloody downpour from his nose dried up as it came in contact with the marvellous power of God.

Elated, confounded and victoriously flabbergasted, Mr Kareem, a Muslim by faith reckoned that the miracle was too much to be swept under the carpet. As a Muslim, he was motivated to testify to the goodness of God because he had never witnessed such a practical display and confirmation of God’s omnipotence. He, in company of his wife and in-law, advised people to have absolute faith in God.


In 2006, Mrs Rachel Oka Owan Enoh, a native of Cross River, Nigeria, had a dream in which someone hit her head with a talisman. Since then, she had being suffering from excruciating pains as a result of a swelling around her neck. All efforts to find a solution failed, even as she was taken to many so-called prophets and herbalists who only collected her money and left her to her fate. As she grappled with the painful condition, a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV. Seeing the multitude of testimonies and miracles on the anointed channel, she decided to come to The SCOAN, believing that her healing was already sealed in Jesus’ name.1.jpg

At The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water and the anointed literatures that accompanied it. Reading the testimonies attached to the literatures, Mrs Enoh returned home and continued to minister the Morning Water. The first sign of her healing was the strange emission of puss from her mouth after the swelling around her neck had burst – showing that the Morning Water had destroyed something fatal inside her throat. To her utmost shock, a strange stone was ejected from the burst swelling around her neck. Since then, all the pains and discomfort disappeared.

There was radiant grace and God’s glory all around the Senator’s wife as she advised viewers all over the world to stay strong and steadfast whenever they are facing trials and temptations. She assured them of God’s protection in the long run.



Since 2008, Mrs Godwin experienced heavy bleeding. All the doctors she had consulted tried to proffer their own solutions but nothing worked. After several medical examinations, the doctors became more confused as they could not really point to a particular condition. Mrs Godwin had to face the reality of living the rest of her life with sanitary pads to control the excessive flow of blood from her system. Sometimes, she would use double pads or her wrappers in order to be safe from public embarrassment. She had been looking up to God for help for quite a long time and help eventually came at The SCOAN. Prior to her visit to the Arena of Liberty, she had encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream. According to her, the man of God appeared to her in the dream and healed her of the infirmity. That dream experience was one of the factors that encouraged her to visit The SCOAN.

During penultimate Sunday service, the man of God prophesied to her: “There is a sister there – you are bleeding. Not that it has stopped – sometimes, when you use some tablets. It subsides but this is bleeding.” Dressed in all-white attire, Mrs Godwin came out from the congregation and knelt before the altar where she received her deliverance by mere tapping of her head by the man of God.

Returning to testify with her husband, Mrs Godwin lamented the tough times she faced as a result of that problem. She advised people to believe in God and have faith in Him.


When Concepcion was eighteen years-old, she went swimming with her friends in her native Equatorial Guinea. As she plunged into the bowels of the river, she sighted a shiny object that attracted her attention. As the object glittered away under the currents of the waters, stubborn Concepcion swam towards it and picked it up. As soon as she had the treasure in her possession, she came out of the river only to discover it was a gold ring. She fell in instant love with the treasure and fixed it to one of her fingers. She had no premonition that the golden treasure would eventually open up a horrible chapter in the story of her life.6.jpg  Out of the blue, after she got married, a spirit husband started appearing to her and tormenting her life. He would appear to her in half-human-half-man form, asking her to surrender her two children to him in exchange for the material treasures of the world which he promised to give her. Rejecting his offer and asking him to request for another thing other than the lives of her children, the spirit husband got angry and continued tormenting her life. Problem upon problem hit her. She started fighting her legitimately married husband and ended up absconding to Cameroon just to avoid the problems in her marriage.

As is always the case, she narrated her experiences to a friend who took her to a man who attempted to seek traditional solution for her problem after asking her for a huge sum of money. But on their way to the remote village, they had an accident which almost rendered her limbless. When they eventually met the traditional seer, he only took her into the bush, killed a fowl and told her that her problems were over. Another woman she was introduced to demanded food ingredients like rice, cow meat and palm oil in order to cure her. After the entire abracadabra and having been told to take fetish food items to a junction where they would be eaten by a goat, her problems remained. Mrs Concepcion had no other choice than to return to her country.

Back home, she became violent and always wanted to shed blood. She got involved in many violent fights and injured people. She would usually calm down after she had inflicted injury on someone. She became so notorious that even the police knew her; in fact, they were tired of her misdemeanours. Even when they threatened her with prison sentences, she dared them.

However, Mrs Concepcion was arrested by the Spirit of God during a SCOAN Sunday service. The man of God, prophesying to the congregation fished her out through the power of the Holy Spirit and set her loose from the spirit husband that had made a mess of her life. For Concepcion, life after her deliverance has been peaceful. She is no longer under the influence of the marine world. Neither does she fight at the slightest provocation. She is full of calmness – such that can only be found where the Spirit of God operates. She advised people to seek God for their deliverance.



Mr and Mrs Ogong had been married for twenty-six years but had only spent twelve years together as husband and wife. Those twelve years were even characterised by disagreements and rancour. The Ugandan couple had had the opportunity of living in the United Kingdom where they raised four children and were also fortunate to have good jobs. Mr Ogong would later secure another job back home in Uganda as a Director with a government agency. He had to relocate to Uganda, leaving his wife and children in the United Kingdom. Though he visited them once in a while, it was however very clear that things had fallen apart as the intimacy between him and his wife went sour. Whenever he stopped over to see them en route other foreign climes, he would prefer to frolic around with friends rather than spend quality time with members of his family.

Mr Ogong’s attitude was a reaction to some marital issues. According to him, his wife was becoming too intolerant by the day. She would nag at the slightest provocation and would harbour malice for days and even weeks. She was a hard nut to crack for her husband. And because she was not living with him back home in Uganda, he had enough opportunity to chase after other women. He had seven different girlfriends and fathered a child out of wedlock. He continued to enjoy his abominable escapades until he encountered Christ and fell in love with Emmanuel TV. Because Emmanuel TV was not on terrestrial TV then in Uganda, he watched the channel on YouTube and got inspired by the messages of Prophet T.B. Joshua, especially the one that centred on “offence”. As he continued to draw closer to Emmanuel TV and listening to the teachings of the man of God, it began to dawn on him that his marital challenges were not ordinary. So, he decided to visit The SCOAN with his wife.

During penultimate Sunday service, he was seated in the auditorium in company of his wife when the man of God located their problem through the influence of the Holy Spirit: “Where is your wife? I hope you are back now?” “Yes we are back now”, answered Mrs Ogong. The man of God continued: “Because there was a crisis that actually separated you people. That crisis alone has destroyed the house…because now, you people coming together, there’s no affection.” After the couple confirmed every bit of the prophecy, they received their deliverance instantly in the name of Jesus.

Mr and Mrs Ogong exuded great happiness as they testified to the restoration of their marriage. Apologising to each other for every hurt caused, the couple thanked God for the peace that has now found its way into their lives. They advised couples and people all over the world to hold on to God and never to run away from Him.



Mr Jeffry Osei, a Radiologic Technologist specializing in MRI is a Ghanaian living in New York. One day while playing with his son, Joshua, he discovered a painful lump in his breast. Upon getting to the doctors, it was found that he was suffering from stage two breast cancer.  As a medical professional himself, having worked with cancer patients, he knew the horrible implications. He was faced with the daunting prospect of chemotherapy.

He underwent both chemotherapy and radiation and was instructed to take medication for the next five years after which time, he thought he would be free. But after the harsh treatment, he discovered the nightmare was not yet over.

One day, on getting to work, he felt a pain. He had tests done and it was discovered that the cancer which had affected organs of his body such as his liver had returned.

His brother called him from overseas and told him to watch T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. He said he had difficulty watching because each time he would touch the monitor of Emmanuel TV, his body would begin to shake and he would feel sicker. When his brother would ask him if he had watched Emmanuel TV, he would lie and say, “Yes” but his brother would later catch him out when he realised he could not relate what had happened in the service. His brother decided they would both visit The SCOAN but in his own mind, Mr Jeffry believed he would die.

He related, “If somebody tells you that you have cancer, that’s the end of it for you. Any time I slept, I thought, ‘This is going to be the last day’.” He was always sleepless due to worries about his family and condition.

Upon coming to The SCOAN, he received a prophecy from the man of God Prophet T.B.  Joshua who hit the nail on the head. The man of God mentioned the growth of breast cancer which had spread over his entire body and stated that the doctors had told him it had reached its highest level.

The prophet prayed for Mr Osei and at Mr Osei’s amazement, the man of God touched him at the exact point where he was experiencing the most pain.

As his bones were brittle, he was always conscious of falling so that he would not break any bones but after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he fell to the ground under the anointing that broke the chains of sickness in his life and was declared free.

That night, he slept for the first time like a baby, adding that he woke up late for breakfast.

He said now he feels so great – both inside and out! “I just want to thank Jesus and encourage you all that Jesus is alive. The pain in my chest is gone whereas it was formally difficult to take a deep breath.

His advice: “Clean your heart before going to Jesus. When you pray with a clean heart, you score 50% already. When you pray with a clean heart, your troubles are done. Man of God, I don’t know how to thank you but I’ll be back to testify again. Seek Jesus – Jesus is the answer.”



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