On Sunday 23 August, 2015, the congregation at The SCOAN extolled the name of God as the Emmanuel Singers raised praises to God centred on the Word. No doubt, the grace of God is upon His people and His banner over them is love. Evangelist Rikhard took the church on an excursion into the Scriptures with his message titled, THE SECRET OF OUR STRENGTH. He encouraged Christians to hold on to God and their faith even in the face of a world full of troubles and discouraging situations, noting that the secret of our strength as Christians lies in our unshakeable faith in God and His Word. “When the three Hebrew men, in Daniel 3, faced the fiery furnace, they never changed their confession. When Joseph found himself in life-threatening circumstances, he never abandoned his dream. When David slipped into moral failure, he never stayed there. When Job lost it all, he never lost his faith. When Jesus Christ, the Son of God, hung on the Cross and people said it was the end, Jesus boldly declared that the end has not yet come; the best is yet to come”. In other words, the secret of the Christian’s strength is his or her unshaken faith in God in the face of harsh and unpleasant circumstances.



INSPECTOR SAARA NDINELAGU SAKARIASergeant Saara Sakaria’s introduction to Emmanuel TV by a friend became the precursor to the glorious turn her life eventually took. Upon installing the cable in her home, she spent most of her time watching the power of God on display via the channel. By July 2013, her faith had developed to the extent that she made her way to Nigeria to come and worship at The SCOAN. Before travelling back home, the sergeant had the opportunity to receive the Morning Water and the Morning Sticker. Upon return to her native Namibia, Sergeant Sakaria called on God through the mighty name of Jesus to come and turn things around in her life and career as she was yet to be promoted in the last eight years. She made this supplication while ministering the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name. She specifically asked God to break every chain holding her destiny in bondage and appealed to Him to take her where He pleases.

One afternoon, while watching Emmanuel TV, a friend called to congratulate her on her promotion from the rank of Sergeant to Inspector. By the time she confirmed her promotion, it was discovered that she was actually given double promotion. Today, Inspector Sakaria is a commissioned police officer and the overall commander in her station. Displaying her promotion letter before the congregants at The SCOAN, Inspector Sakaria also revealed that she had received a brand new car to enhance her duties in her new capacity. She advised people all over the world to have faith in God and stay connected to experience God’s goodness in their lives.


The atmosphere was tense, swelling in suspense as an evangelist ministered the Morning Water on a woman possessed ofMISS KHATUNA KAKHELI an evil spirit trying to resist being cast out. The more the evangelist ministered the Morning Water, the more the demon protested, challenging the evangelist with boasts that he owns his victim’s life, “I am an ancient dragon spirit; I am very old. She is mine. I have many powers”. At one point, Prophet T.B. Joshua communicated to the evangelist a superior spiritual strategy which eventually brought the demon to its knees, in Jesus’ name. After her deliverance, Miss Khatuna Kakheli, a Georgian national based in Spain shared the intriguing but sad story of her life under the influence of a stubborn dragon spirit that almost ruined her entire existence. The problem had started from her childhood when she was barely six years old. She had a dream of the dragon spirit strangling her repeatedly for several nights. Because of that experience, she was scared of sleeping in dark places and only enjoyed her sleep whenever the room was lit. The problem persisted into adulthood and saw her go from one church to the other in search of solution, all to no avail. The dragon spirit spread its evil tentacles around the family, destroying anyone who attempted to help her. An uncle who tried to help her mysteriously died in a motor accident and her own father became a victim to cancer. Her mother was not spared from the vicious onslaught of the demon as her ailing leg was confirmed for amputation. On Khatuna’s own part, the spirit ensured that she never made good use of her adult life as she was also diagnosed with cancer and suffered bleeding for six months. As a young woman of marriageable age, most of the suitors that came her way were drug addicts, mafia members and other men of questionable character.

She became a vagabond, leaving her native country and heading to Spain on foot under the rebellious influence of the dragon spirit in company of a friend – birds of the same feather. They traversed seven different countries on foot before reaching Spain. No iota of fear ever popped up in her mind as she was destined for total annihilation by the dragon spirit. Back home in Georgia, the cycle of doom was far from abating as her family lost everything, resulting in the homelessness of her parents.

In the midst of all the troubles facing her life, she made up her mind to find a lasting solution to a problem that has torn her life and those of other family members apart for too long. It was that sincere quest for redemption and salvation that brought her to The SCOAN where the Almighty once again proved that He is omnipotent. Her deliverance was herculean but was worth all the hassle that came with it. Even her father who suffered from cancer revealed his gradual healing since she was delivered.

Miss Khatuna Kakheli was beaming with smiles as she testified before a congregation that shared in her joy. Thanking God for her deliverance, she urged the congregants and people all over the world to continue to seek for their deliverance, confident that Jesus is their Deliverer.

Mr and Mrs Uche Nwoke were not a happy couple at all. Shedding of tears became a recurring activity in their marriage. MR & MRS UCHENNA NWOKEAfter several years of living as husband and wife, the cry of a child was not heard in their midst. Repeated visits to the doctors showed that Mrs Uche had multiple fibroids and required surgeries to be able to practicalise her dream of bearing a child. But rather than dance to the tune of the doctors, the couple agreed and opted to visit The SCOAN.

When they arrived, they were privileged to meet with the man of God who laid hands on Mrs Uche, prayed for her and gave her the Morning Water. By the time the couple got home, they ministered the Morning Water in prayer and continued their normal lives as husband and wife. To their joy, Mrs Uche became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. In addition to their bundle of joy, God also worked through the prayer of the man of God to secure Mr Uche’s land and provide him with the resources to construct a two-storey building on the same land. Today, the family lives together in their own house with their baby. Both husband and wife expressed their heart-felt appreciation to God for using The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua to wipe away their tears. They encouraged people to use the Morning Water and experience the power of God in it.


MR ONYA ADOL & FAMILYMr Onya Adol had accompanied his children to church for thanksgiving and was returning home when six men wielding AK-47 assault rifles accosted him by the gate of his house and whisked him away in their vehicle. Mrs Adol was alerted about her husband’s abduction by one of the house staff and immediately swung into action, placing his picture on the screen of Emmanuel TV and praying in Jesus’ name. The next day, she reached out to The SCOAN through one of the prayer hotlines, explained her story to the prayer warrior and was relieved when she received a return call from Prophet T.B. Joshua. After listening to Mrs Adol narrate her ordeal, the man of God prophesied that her husband would be released, in Jesus’ name. At the same time, as the kidnappers drove Mr Adol to their hideout, he ministered the Morning Water and committed his life into the hands of the Almighty God. From that moment, things started happening to the abductors. One of their vehicle’s front tyres burst and affected the swiftness of their operation. While they fixed the tyre, they made arrangements to convey their captive on a motorbike to their destination. Mr Adol was tied and taken on a motorbike to the creek and dumped inside a boat. A ransom of one hundred and fifty thousand naira was placed on his head.

It was beating galore as the abductors flogged their victim. They insisted that someone had paid them to kill him and wanted him to free himself from ‘death row’. They had even dug a makeshift grave for his burial. But the more they beat him, the more resolute he became in his prayers; he ministered the Morning Water continuously and prayed with the Faith Bracelet. Mr Adol then saw Prophet T.B. Joshua appear to him, assuring him of his freedom, in Jesus’ name. All efforts to squeeze money out of his family hit the brick wall. In frustration, the captors dismembered his Faith Bracelet. But as soon as they did that, they became repentant, begging him to plead with Prophet T.B. Joshua to forgive them, claiming it was a mistake. In fact, one of them never laid a hand on him from the very beginning because he had discovered that Mr Adol had a connection with T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN.

In the ensuing confusion after they had asked for forgiveness for dismembering the Faith Bracelet, they made up their mind to release him. They called his family and directed them to where they would find their father. To God be the glory, Mr Adol was finally released and returned to his family.Thanking God at The SCOAN, Mr Adol, in the company of his wife and children, praised the name of the Lord for rescuing him from his abductors. He urged the congregation to hold on to God and admonished Nigerians to appreciate what God has done for them by sending his servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua to their nation.


MR OJUMITEMr Ojum Ite from Rivers, Nigeria, was stuck in the mud of stagnation for 31 years. As a staff in the state civil service, he was on level 4 since 1984. Most of the people employed after him became his superiors as he inexplicably languished in hopelessness and confusion. As he carried on with his discouraging life, he had come across Emmanuel TV in a friend’s house. Impressed by what he saw – the wonderful demonstration of God’s power – he vowed that he must visit The SCOAN and prayed to God not to let his own blessings pass him by.

When he got to The SCOAN, he received the Morning Water and returned home in high spirits, ministering it with faith and prayer. When time for promotion came, he prepared himself, ministered the Morning Water and headed to face the panel. Realising that one must present an approval letter before he or she is qualified for promotion, he called on God to help him through the medium of the Morning Water as he had no approval letter but needed the promotion earnestly. He prayed that the approval letter should not be the stumbling block between him and his promotion. When he was called and asked about his approval letter, a voice answered and defended him, explaining to the panel that though he had applied for the letter, it was not given to him. And so on that basis, the head of the panel declared that he be promoted from level 4 to level 8 – a management level with a handsome pay package.

Mr Ite praised God for his promotion and also advised people all over the world, especially Nigerians, to begin to appreciate the gift of God to them in the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua.


Recurrent miscarriages and the loss of her first husband made Mrs Sarah Mensah’s life a miserable lot. Doctors had discovered that her womb was too weak to carry a baby, hence the barrenness. She faced the social stigma associated with women who cannot bear children. To make matters worse, all her siblings, including the younger ones have all had their own children but her case remained a mystery. She tried everything for eight years to have a child but it all ended in futility. Fortunately for her, a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV and inspired her visit to The SCOAN.

At The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water and returned to her native Ghana. Back home, she ministered the Morning Water together with her husband and prayed for the fruit of the womb. A few weeks later, she noticed she was pregnant. In spite of her doubts, the foetus developed and survived till the ninth month. When she was about to deliver, the devil came playing a prank; the doctor told her she would have to give birth through operation but she would have none of that expensive joke.

As her faith led her, she delivered her baby successfully without operation. Holding her baby as she testified before the elated congregation, Mrs Mensah expressed much gratitude to God and urged viewers all over the world to put their trust in God.


Miss Stephanie Norvor suffered untold hardship to the extent that it was difficult to find food to eat. She struggled with life and found herself exploited by men. Her search for grace remained unbreakable and eventually yielded fruit. She came across Emmanuel TV in a friend’s house and fell in love with the way the man of God gave to the needy; this motivated her to become an Emmanuel TV Partner. As she became a partner, the wind of blessing began to blow towards her. Her life started taking a promising turn; her bead-making business began to boom. She rented a very big apartment with all necessary facilities and used it as an office where she displayed her products and trained students in bead-making. A young woman who could not feed herself is now offering employment and training to others. It could only be God. Wives of the affluent, politicians and celebrities patronise her regularly as money keeps flying into her bank account. Her life of lack and poverty is now in the dustbin of history as prosperity has taken over. Testifying before the congregation in company of a friend, Miss Norvor thanked God for lifting her from grass to grace and urged people to partner with God through Emmanuel TV Partnership.


EVANGELIST JUSTIN“Many have changed the history of their lives because they fell into the trap of looking back. Many have not discovered the promise of God for their lives because they keep taking journeys into yesterday. Many have stumbled in their walk with the Lord because they built their future around their past and present circumstances”. With these deep and incisive words, Evangelist Justin engaged the congregants’ minds in a message titled, ‘DISCUSS YOUR FUTURE IN CHRIST JESUS’.

 Evangelist Justin observed that the totality of a Christian’s life is made meaningful only when it is viewed from the perspective of Christ who died for our sins. “What is your situation? Do you feel condemned, bound, trapped, chained down because of your past? I want to tell you that there is hope – Jesus Christ is the hope. Jesus does not look at where we are coming from but where we are going. He does not look at our present situation but our future – Jesus Christ enters our lives to put an end to our past and gives birth to our future”.

Speaking further, Evangelist Justin opined that our future as Christians depends on Jesus who was sent to die for us. He stated that our past is over when the sanctifying power of Christ falls upon us and makes us new: “When your past is over, you are sanctified by the truth of Christ. There is a cleansing virtue in Christ’s Word – the Gospel. God has, as part of His sovereign plans, brought us to faith by grace. This is known as sanctification, without which no-one can see God”.

 In his final words, Evangelist Justin urged Christians to put their past behind them and embrace their new identity in Christ while allowing Him to discuss their future: “No matter the situation you are in, remember, Jesus Christ discusses your future; therefore, change your thoughts and words and begin to discuss your future in Him… Never think or talk on the level of your old life – change your thoughts and words because you are new creation in Christ Jesus. Let your heart be engaged with God’s Word because if your heart is not engaged with God’s Word, it will be engaged with thoughts from your past”.



MR YURIR SHUIGAMr Yuriy Shulga’s wife was tending their son at home in Ukraine when suddenly a strange pain crept through her back as she tried to pick up their baby. It was devastating as she could not move on her own spending almost two days on the same spot. Mr Shulga’s efforts to get the doctors yielded no positive result. Distraught and bent on putting the devil to shame, he went searching for Emmanuel TV on YouTube and together with his wife prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. As they prayed along with the man of God, the power of God manifested in their home as his wife, who could hardly move, suddenly began to move all parts of her body without stress. The strange pain succumbed to the power of the anointing via Emmanuel TV.

Thanking God for healing his wife through Emmanuel TV, Mr Shulga urged people all over the world to keep faith in God and understand that distance is never a barrier to healing and breakthrough.


When he was merely eight months old, Mr Job Mark from Tanzania suffered ankle arthrosis after an injection that gravely affected nerves in his ankle area. He grew up with the condition and received ankle support from doctors. One fateful day, while playing football, he had injured his leg on the same spot where the ankle arthrosis had developed thereby complicating an already deteriorating health condition. He became socially isolated as he considered himself a physically-challenged person. The hope of living as a completely fit man gradually eluded himMR JOB MARKBut one day, he told himself some courageous truth and declared that with God all things are possible. He came down to The SCOAN and received prayer from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. In his own words, “After the prayer by the man of God, I felt completely okay and normal to live a full life again. All the pain in my leg has disappeared. Indeed, God is truly at The SCOAN”.MR JOB MARK 2Testifying before the congregation and demonstrating his physical fitness amid tears of joy, he advised people to come to Jesus as He is present in The SCOAN.


Mrs Unnicia Shor, a South African residing in Israel, came to The SCOAN for spiritual rejuvenation and by the grace of God, was delivered from the lion spirit that had ravaged her family right from her father’s house. While the Morning Water was being ministered during a Sunday service, the lion spirit manifested through Mrs Shor.NICIA SHORRoaring menacingly as the big cats do when confronted with danger, the lion spirit made a couple of shocking revelations through its victim: “I destroyed her husband and ceased her menstruation. I gave her alcohol to drink and she thought of killing herself. I made her tired of life. I entered her through a dream”. The lion spirit said: “I wanted to kill her but your master would not let me do so”. After exhibiting the usual stubbornness associated with demons, the lion spirit eventually fell to the power of God. It was cast out of the woman and she was totally freed from its wicked onslaught.

Narrating the story of her family after the deliverance, Mrs Shor recalled how her father had worshipped the lion spirit after he was attacked by a lion many years ago. She revealed that every member of her family was born with a scar on their left leg, exactly the same spot where the lion had scarred her father. According to her, her father exhibited violent attitudes which all of his children also had in them. She remembered her encounter with the lion spirit in the dream and how that encounter suddenly changed her life in the physical and made her want to shed blood at every given opportunity. She also confessed of the attacks she had carried out against her perceived enemies. It got to the extent that she preferred going to stay in the forest with wild animals to feel at home as a result of the evil spirit in her.

Thanking God for her deliverance, she celebrated her new-found peace in God and urged especially parents to train their children in the ways of the Lord.



A.S.P. FATMA AYUBAStuck in the centre of stagnation, ASP Fatima Ayuba wallowed in dejection and self-pity for 18 years without promotion. The officer with the Nigeria Police Force got tired of her position as an unconfirmed Assistant Superintendent of Police and searched for divine intervention. Her quest for God brought her to The SCOAN where she received the Morning Water.

She ministered the Morning Water with all the seriousness she could muster calling on our Lord Jesus to come to her rescue. After ministering the Morning Water, she sat for her promotion exams and came out with flying colours.

Today, she has been confirmed as a two-star ASP. For many years, she had refused to wear the old uniform bearing one star. She was happy to display her two-star uniform which she was wearing for the first time to give thanks to God for the mighty turnaround in her life. Testifying with so much joy, she urged people to come to The SCOAN to receive their own share of God’s blessings which abound.



The scan result had shown that the placenta would come out before the baby even as the doctor said that she could only deliver her baby through caesarean section. When this information hit her like a bolt out of the blue, Rachel ran down to The SCOAN after agreeing with her husband and mother. On getting inside the church auditorium, she felt a sensation and on her way to the bathroom, she noticed blood on her body. She became weak and had to be attended to by the ushers.MRS RACHEAL & MOTHER

When her case got to the hearing of the man of God, he immediately sent an evangelist to minister the Morning Water on her. Ministering the Morning Water, the evangelist commanded her to deliver her baby safely, in Jesus’ name. Almost immediately, Rachel delivered a baby boy without any stress. Contrary to the result of the scan and the doctor’s verdict, her baby came out first followed shortly by the placenta. Testifying before a moved congregation, Rachel urged people to get the Morning Water and hold on to God.



Mrs Mweene Kambombi from Zambia hearkened to the directive of the man of God on extending love to the families and victims of the September 12, 2014 incident at The SCOAN and God in turn blessed her beyond her expectations. As a second year student in a private university, she also worked as a civil servant but wanted her education to be sponsored through scholarship because she did not have enough financial muscle to see herself through school. An attempt to get the government sponsor her education failed on the grounds that government scholarships exclude students from private universities.KAMBOMBI MWLEME

She got involved in the extension of love, care and assistance to the families of the Martyrs of Faith and even travelled down to South Africa all the way from Zambia for that cause. She believed in her heart that whatever she did for them, God would do for her even more abundantly. And true to her belief and prayer, God used the World Bank to bless her life. The World Bank offered her a four-year scholarship with more than double the funds she had envisaged. Their stolen car was also recovered after they made monetary contribution to the families of the Martyrs of Faith. Expressing her heartfelt gratitude to God for His flawlessness in rewarding His children, she advised people all over the world to love God and involve Him in all their projects.

Amazing grace abounds here always. The devotion to worship and thanksgiving was such that brought out the best from the congregants. The SCOAN Sunday service of August 9, 2015 was another occasion inspired by Heaven for the redemption of lives and the restoration of peace and freedom to the sons and daughters of God.


The congregation at The SCOAN

Evangelist Bose took the congregation on an excursion into the depth and freshness of the Word of God in a message that bordered on our response as Christians to situations around us. Titled WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, the message dwelt on what is expected of a true Christian in the face of all the vicissitudes of life: “When you are faced with a trying situation which tends to challenge your faith in God remember to take your place in the believer’s authority as a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people. We have the authority because Jesus Christ is supporting our position”.



She further said, “When you have a place in the believer’s authority, you have the name of Jesus Christ at your command. You can contact God in the name of Jesus Christ because God loves you just as much as He does any of His children. When you have a place in the believer’s authority, even though you walk through the valley of shadow of the death you will fear no evil. When you have a place in the believer’s authority, every mountain shall be levelled for your sake, every hill shall be made plain for your sake, every rough road shall become smooth for your sake”.

Evangelist Bose further stated that when we cry and lament over unpleasant situations we are giving our problems more impetus to magnify themselves above us. But commanding them to dance to the tune of what the Word of God says reduces them to nothing before our very eyes. Evangelist Bose captured the foregoing thus: “When you are crying, lamenting saying, God why me of all this, why me of all that, why me of all these problems, you are magnifying the adversary above our Heavenly father thus destroying your own confidence in God’s Word. The Word dominating your mouth would soon dominate your heart. The Word coming forth from your mouth produces an overcoming spirit within you. Never allow your situation, challenges or your circumstances to dictate the direction of your confession”.

In her final admonition, she urged Christians to guard their confessions so as not to give unnecessary strength and stamina to the devil to mock them and make them toys in the hands of his agents and discouraging situations that rear their ugly heads in the course of their journeys through life: “You cannot rise above the level of your words! It’s not possible; you cannot talk contrary to God’s Word and expect to win His blessings and His favour. Do you know that with your mouth you constantly paint the public picture of your inner self…? Let your words becomes the photograph of the future you aim, propose, you pray for, not of the future you fear. Your mind must be disciplined to become your servant not your master”.



“How on earth would I weather the storm of these educational challenges”, he had thought to himself. With the number of candidates involved and with the very stringent selection process, Mr. Vengai Mukwena knew that he was indeed embarking on a mission to crack a hard nut. The Master’s scholarship in Japan which he had applied for had spaces for only 15 candidates even though 3000 of them sent in applications. His chances of making it through, to the carnal minded, would be zero but in his heart, there was a great ray of hope.



After completing the application form he had downloaded online, he ministered the Morning Water on it by faith through the screen of his computer and submitted it. He was overwhelmed by joy when the results showed that he was among the 15 lucky ones. He was thereafter granted the scholarship and travelled to Japan to commence the programme. Meanwhile, he had quietly wished that his family come over with him and had continued to pray over it while ministering the Morning Water in Jesus’ name. Out of miraculous providence, a financial breakthrough located him and ensured that his family joined him in Japan. Having completed his programme, the result was even a bigger miracle. He got 21 distinctions from the 21 courses that made up the Master’s programme. What seemed totally impossible with man has been made easily possible by God. With a Master’s degree in International Public Policy, Mr. Mukwena is full of gratitude to God for the reshaping of his destiny.



That demonic voice called out to her, urging her, “eat… it is good for you… eat for you shall derive some good satisfaction from it”. Miss Kuagbenu tried to wave aside the invitation but each time she tried, it was as if her appetite was already magnetised by some unknown forces to do the bidding of that evil voice. Before she could gather herself together to fathom the reality unfolding around her, she had found herself eating clay soil with incurable passion. Her appetite for the strange delicacy became a family embarrassment as she became deeply addicted to it. Even when her mother resorted to pouring urine on the clay soil in order to prevent her from eating it, she would patiently wait for the urine to evaporate before she pounces on the earth pie.



In the process of this unwholesome habit, she had been rushed to hospital on several occasions and had suffered anaemia. She also succumbed to the spirit of bedwetting. For ten long years, her life was a mess. Concerned and hopeful on God, her brother who had been following the sad trajectory of her life, gave her the Morning Water. On ministering the Morning Water in Jesus’ name, the addiction to eating clay soil and the spirit of bed-wetting vanished instantaneously. Thanking God for her deliverance, Miss Kuagbenu’s sister told the congregation that her sister had refused to go to the boarding school in order to avoid the embarrassment of bed-wetting. She thanked God for the freedom and peace of mind He has brought into her life today.


Every direction she turned to was greeted with the grim realities of failure and setback. All the time and energy she had invested into different businesses all amounted to nothing. Not even her sojourn in far away Netherlands could place her above board in an age when most Africans seek greener pastures abroad. Now faced with a huge debt profile and a gradual decline in self-esteem, Mrs Success needed all the help she could muster. But it was obvious she needed more than human assistance. Through a friend, she got to know the Emmanuel TV channel and installed the cable in her house. She would wake up and pray with the man of God via the channel.



On one occasion, she witnessed the testimony of someone who was delivered from a case similar to hers through the Morning Water medium and made up her mind to get the Morning Water for herself. Immediately she got the Morning Water, she ministered it in humility calling on God to help her out of her situation. After ministering the Morning Water things began to change. She started a new business known as Emmanuel Consultancy and declared God as the CEO. Even though it was a business dominated by men, she was able to make a lot of success and breakthrough from it. Today, she boasts of so many customers, financial uplifting and a brand new Mercedes Benz car. Thanking God for turning her life around, Mrs Success urged Christians to trust in God at all times.


For 10 years, it was a marriage gone sour for the couple as they daily engaged in quarrels and counter-accusations. The bone of contention is that the cry of a child is far from being heard in the family. The doctors on their part had diagnosed the wife with poor ovulation and ceased menstruation while the husband was diagnosed with low sperm count. In the midst of their travails, Mrs Idowu dreamt one night of two men who came to empty her womb of the eggs that should have developed into a child. On waking up and visiting her doctor, it was discovered that her condition had degenerated from poor to no ovulation.



Having been introduced to Emmanuel TV through which they prayed alongside the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mrs Idowu had another dream in which the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked her why she was crying and then went on to tell her that she was going to have a baby boy. The man of God also revealed to her that if she had had a child 10 years ago as she had wished, the baby would have come with spina bifida. After relaying the dream to her husband, they decided to visit The SCOAN to receive the Morning Water which they ministered together as husband and wife.

Mrs Idowu had yet another dream in which she saw a baby. As she bathed the baby, a song came to her mind – “when the battle is over, I shall wear the crown…” Shortly after that dream, Mrs Idowu soon discovered she was pregnant and has since been delivered of a bouncing baby boy named Emmanuel Temitopeoluwa Chinyere. Filled with joy and unquantifiable gratitude to God, Mr Idowu revealed how unbelieving he had been to the extent of trying to discourage his wife from watching Emmanuel TV. One fateful day, he decided to join his wife to watch Emmanuel TV and he saw how people were being delivered from problems similar to the one they had been facing. He then realised what he had been missing all along by refusing to watch Emmanuel TV. He is so much grateful to God Almighty for this gift of a baby.  Aside from the blessing of a baby, they were also blessed with a brand new car.


Mr. Henry Osabor from Delta state, Nigeria was doing well in his banking job until the unfortunate hands of life dealt him a deadly blow. He was asked to resign from the job and was told to pay a debt of 600,000 Naira which he was said to owe the bank. One Sunday, still dejected by the situation, he was travelling in a bus when he heard that The SCOAN was located nearby. He asked for direction and was duly directed. He arrived at The SCOAN with the intention of seeing the man of God but instead of that happening, he was absorbed by a voice which ministered a Scripture to him: “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it (1 Corinthians 10:13).



Encouraged by the development, he was convinced that the Holy Spirit would locate him wherever he was seated. He was eventually at the Prayer Line where he received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua in Jesus’ name and afterwards received the Morning Water and the Good Morning Sticker. After ministering them in Jesus’ name, the unlikely began to unfold. First, the bank that asked him to resign called him back and apologised with a huge monetary compensation even as the purported debt was cancelled. On his plans to relocate, he had applied for a US visa as well as a Canadian visa. To God be the glory, he was granted a two year multiple entry visa to the US and permanent resident visa to Canada. What a mighty God we serve!

Words are not enough to depict what a Sunday Service experience at The SCOAN is like. Lively, inspiring and uplifting all fall short of the full scale of the emotion, the exhilaration and the motivation of the great move of God on Sunday, 2 August, 2015. Worship brought the congregants into the court of the Most High God and opened the doors of their hearts for the Word of God.


Evangelist Catherine

In a message titled WHO YOU ARE, Evangelist Catherine gave the congregation food for thought from the Word of God: “When you open and read the Bible with devotion that is with love and reverence for it, you will discover who you were, who you are and who you shall be”. According to her, we are wonderfully made and can only discover our real worth when we walk with God: “Do you know that there is nobody and there will never be anybody quite like you? In Psalm 139:14 the Bible says you were fearfully and wonderfully made. But have you discovered your real value? When you do, a new power, a new goal, a new purpose in life will emerge. I mean, when you discover your roots in God everything becomes different. You’ll think differently, you’ll dream differently and I don’t just mean when you sleep, I mean your dreams and aspirations will change, you’ll have a sensitivity that you never had before”.

Speaking further, Evangelist Catherine observed that where we are does not matter as much as whom we are. In other words, it is our true character and not the environment we find ourselves in that makes us who we are: “Where are you? Are you in the palace enjoying all the mouth-watering rights and privileges of the king? Or are you in the pit with no light, no food, no phone, nothing? Are you in the warm arms of your father’s house, or are you in the cold arms of society? Are you in the beautiful field, or in the rough ground? Anywhere you are, it’s not where you are but who you are that counts. Who are you?”

Concluding, she urged Christians to strive to discover themselves in order to excel wherever they find themselves through Christ Jesus: “Even if you get to the best country in the world, or join the best church or group in the world or fall into the warmest arms in the world – if you have not discovered yourself, it will not last long because this is not Heaven”.


The following testimonies are meant to inspire your faith and unflinching belief in the power of God to do all things.


“Where are you going tomorrow?” Mrs Akhiwu paused, perplexed. There was no prior dialogue that pointed to such a question. Why was the man of God asking such? “For an exam,” she hurriedly replied. “Don’t worry – you are going to pass.” Her heart skipped a beat. Did he know she had failed this exam on three consecutive occasions? What gave him such assurance to release such a statement? “Amen, sir,” was the only response Helen could muster.DR HELEN AKHIWU

For Mrs Helen Akhiwu, stagnancy marred her blossoming career as a paediatrician with repeated failure in examinations despite her academic excellence and studious preparation. One day, with Emmanuel TV on in her house, Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray for viewers around the world. Rushing towards the screen, Helen began praying along with him, committing her career challenges into the hands of the Almighty. At that moment, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied a Heavenly declaration – “Be released to where you belong!” As she joined her faith with his, Mrs Akhiwu found herself sprawling on the floor, the power of God descending heavily within her house.

Upon seeing the dramatic encounter, her husband had a simple word of advice – get to The SCOAN immediately! Privileged to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua in his office, he told her directly that she would pass the exam – even though she never mentioned her past failures or plans to retake the exam to him.

Brimming with confidence the following day, Mrs Akhiwu set out for the exam venue undeterred by the rain that began to pour. As she stepped out, the rain stopped – only to restart the second she entered the venue. God was involved! “I could feel the difference in the atmosphere,” Helen reminisced, stating that everything about the oral examination exceeded her expectations.

Shortly after the exam had concluded, Helen was given the good news – not only had she passed the exam but was told her results were ‘exceptional’! “I am now a qualified Consultant Paediatrician and can be referred to by my new title, Dr Mrs Helen Akhiwu,” she ecstatically told The SCOAN congregation. Indeed, she was released to where she belonged in Christ Jesus!


A perfectly normal day in the life of Mrs Temitope Idowu Adetutu took a drastic turn for the worse as her right leg began to feel heavy. Shrugging it off as nothing, she continued with her morning activities. By afternoon however, the leg had began to swell alarmingly quickly and before long, she could not walk or move by herself but this was only the beginning. The huge swelling burst open into an ugly wound which continued to expand and spread until her entire calf had been engulfed in a ravaging ulcer.


Vividly recalling with tears the bitter experience of her affliction, she explained how she could not go to the bathroom by herself or take care of herself in regards to even the most menial tasks – eating, dressing, cooking and bathing, all of which she needed the assistance of her family to perform. She became dependent on a walking aid to move about and the problem even began to affect her urination. She could no longer go to the toilet normally but rather, all the fluid in her body began to leak out through the terrible ulcerous wound in her leg. The result was an unbearable stench that permeated any room in which she stayed.

When she came to The SCOAN, she was privileged to be on the prayer line and Prophet T.B. Joshua brought the Anointing Water to her and gave it to her, instructing her to minister it all over the affected leg. Immediately as she ministered the Anointing Water on her leg, her body began to shake and quiver rapidly. Suddenly, an expression came over her face as if a bucket of ice cold water had been poured over her, and she became calm. She rose to her feet and with a flurry, cast away her walking aid and began to walk by herself. MRS TEMITOPE IDOWU ADETITU (2)

A few days later, she discovered that the damaged skin began to peel away and new healthy skin took its place. Now, she is completely healed and can do everything she was unable to do as a result of the problem, including wearing shoes. She has also regained a healthy appetite once again.

Strolling about and tapping hard at the now healed leg, Mrs Adetutu smiled as the congregation and viewers worldwide looked on in wonder at what the Lord Jesus Christ had done in her life through the Anointing Water. Mrs Adetutu challenged her audience, “If my problem of many years was over in just days, how long do you think it will take the Lord to solve your problem? Trust in the Lord and He will work it out.”


The clock struck midnight. The unholy hour had arrived. Rudely awoken, Ijeoma had no voice of her own to complain or condemn. At the tender age of seven, she was about to be a victim of forced marriage. Taken to a local river, the site of the dirty ‘ceremony’ about to unfold, a sense of foreboding was palpable. This was the beginning of the end. But where was the groom? Who would be so loathsome enough to take an innocent little girl as a wife? Dunked into the water, she was told to prepare for married life. The only snag in this wicked covenant? Her husband had no blood or flesh; he lived in the water.


Brought up in a home where idol-worship was the norm, Ijeoma Ebom was accustomed to their unusual antics. But when she was awoken at midnight, alongside all her other siblings, nothing could prepare the young girl for what was about to happen. A covenant in a river to a ‘spiritual husband’ signalled the start of a life driven by demonic attacks and spiritual bondage.

Ever since that initial ‘initiation’, Ijeoma began having strange encounter, oftentimes seeing herself having sexual encounters with snakes and witnessing strange apparitions in her bedroom at night. An early marriage did nothing to quell the strange forces at work; in fact, they only seemed to enrage them.

Her marriage was filled with sorrow and strife as the ‘spiritual husband’ reacted angrily to the intrusion of her physical spouse, using every spiritual weapon at its disposal to ensure the marriage split. But Mr Princewill flatly refused. Various spiritualists insisted he was the cause of her unnatural sickness, even going as far as accusing him of using Ijeoma for a money ritual. The duo could barely sleep in the same room, talk less of eating from the same table. All the maternal responsibilities that Ijeoma ordinarily should have taken up were thrust upon her husband and their four children barely knew their mother.

Princewill had only heard unsavory rumors about The SCOAN, convinced Prophet T.B. Joshua was using demonic powers and never mentioned the name of Jesus in his ministry. An ‘accidental’ discovery of Emmanuel TV changed that jaundiced impression and the man the couple once considered heretical suddenly became their source of inspiration in the home. Eventually resolving to seek God’s face at The SCOAN, Ijeoma received her deliverance last week on Sunday when the Morning Water was ministered to her. It was an emotional moment for the family as a tortuous journey spanning almost 40 years finally came to an end. Testifying, husband and children were unanimous – Ijeoma had completely changed! The family had been able to spend quality time together for the first time in decades, depression had been replaced by happiness and the once daily nocturnal attacks were a thing of the past! Thank You, Jesus Christ!


A tape was played of one of the man of God’s prophecies regarding the Malaysia 370 flight which went missing last year. In several prophecies given in the months of March and April 2014, Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed that debris from the missing airline would wash up on the shore of the ‘West Indian Ocean’, specifying that the item found would belong to the wing of the plane.

In confirmation, new evidence has come to light of a wing ‘flapperon’ along with dishevelled bags and luggages which could have washed ashore on the remote Reunion Island in the West Indian Ocean. It was confirmed by Boeing aircraft company that this wing indeed matched a 777 plane, the same that had gone missing in the MH370 incident.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVrrPu6bZm0

Similarly, another prophetic message was replayed, this time showing Prophet T.B. Joshua in April 2014 warning the nation of Turkey to prepare for an attack related to a neighbouring country already involved in war. In confirmation, a deadly attack by ISIS militants in Syria against Turkey spurred them to take a military stance against the insurgents and fully join the fight against them.

The continued mercy and grace of the Living God, ever with us, ever praying for us and ever watching over us is the reason for our thanksgiving. It is all about Jesus Christ and for those whose lives are centred in Him, better is not good enough; the best is yet to come.

Evangelist Olamide

Evangelist Olamide

The grace and glory of God radiated in The SCOAN auditorium as the choir energized the atmosphere with praise and worship songs that touched the hearts of everyone. Evangelist Olamide edified the congregation with an inspiring message, titled, ABUNDANCE OF GOD’S BLESSINGS.


If God gave you and I His most priceless possession, why would He withhold from you and I anything of less value? The Lord has spoken; it is left for you now to step out in boldness and take God at His Word by reaching out and claiming God’s promises for your life.”


Citing the example of David and his miraculous defeat of Goliath, she said, “David confessed positively and he received the incredible! He refused to make a bad confession because he knew that Someone was listening to him. I mean, Someone was watching over him. David used the power in the spoken Word of God which is the Sword of the Spirit in the Christian armour to defeat Goliath and indeed, the battle became his. Your confession of God’s ability in your situation will put you over”.

Concluding, Evangelist Olamide encouraged Christians to maintain the abundance of God’s blessings in their lives by channelling their blessings to kingdom investment and works of charity. “Brethren, do not ask for blessings in order to spend them on your own pleasures. The primary aim of asking for blessings should be to share them with others because works of charity and righteousness go together. If you say you are a Christian, all your concerns, aspirations and heart desires must be subject to the Gospel by works of charity, knowing that you lose nothing by doing that which pleases God.”


The Psalmist said in Psalm 27:13, “I am confident that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” As you read the following accounts which testify to the truth of this statement, prepare to receive the abundance of God’s blessings in your own life, in Jesus’ name!

The congregation at The SCOAN

The congregation at The SCOAN



“Whatever door the enemy has closed, let it be opened, in the name of Jesus! Door to your finances, door to your business, door to your career, be opened in the name of Jesus Christ!” As he prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua via Emmanuel TV, Mechanical Engineer  Babatunde Moshood began to declare with increased faith that indeed, his six years of business setback were coming to an end.

Mr Babatunde .T. Moshood sharing his testimony.

Mr Babatunde .T. Moshood sharing his testimony


Having worked with many major corporations in his country, he was left devastated when his business began to fail. He found himself unable to provide food for his family and school fees for his children’s education. Discouraged, he flipped through the television channels one night and suddenly encountered a light at the end of the tunnel. He had discovered the Viewer’s Prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

Two days after praying this powerful prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua, he unexpectedly received a call from a company. To his joy, they instantly awarded him a large contract. With increased faith, he continued to join the Viewer’s Prayer and was able to execute the contract perfectly. Upon completion, he found an abundance of God’s blessings in his finances and continued job opportunities, confirming that the door to his business had indeed been opened, in Jesus’ name.



The more we see, the more we enjoy, the more we want. This is a life ruled by the senses – what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. This was the life 15 year old Christopher Kalu found himself attracted to. Enticed by a ‘big guy’ in his community, the young son of a pastor, a youth leader and worship team member, Christopher began spending much time thinking about the things of the flesh. It consumed his mind to such a degree that he became desperate for power and possessions. While managing to maintain a ‘good boy’ image at home and church, he slipped out one day and joined a cult. Thus began his secret double life.


Although during the weekends he would sing and preach at his father’s church and lead the youth on outreach missions, Monday through Friday he would initiate the youth into a cult he had started at his school. His cultic activities came to a level at which he was carrying weapons and even shooting himself in demonstrations of power.

After several years of leading this double life, he met a friend who expressed concern about his behaviour. Not realizing that she was a viewer of Emmanuel TV, he unexpectedly began telling her the secret of his life. When he had finished, she advised him that he could not keep professing Christ with his mouth but with his actions, praising satan. She invited him to join her for a service at The SCOAN, to which he hesitantly agreed.

Mr Christopher Kalu giving thanks to God

Mr Christopher Kalu giving thanks to God

During the Sunday service last week, he received a spray of the Morning Water. With just a touch, a strange sensation like fire began to burn his heart and eyes. Unable to control himself, something within him began to confess the double life he had been living, the destruction he had caused and the evil he wanted to continue. These were the last words of the evil spirit that had been dictating his thoughts, words and actions. As the name of Jesus Christ was declared in his life with a spray of the Morning Water, the evil spirit fled and Christopher was delivered. The young man immediately began to feel regret for what he had done in his past. His desire for power, money and violence – all the things he had placed before God in his heart – had vanished in a moment. He testified that his secret double life had ended and he had only one life now – one life for Christ.

Christopher advised the youth around the world to see beyond the illusive and misleading vanities of this world and look unto God, the true wealth of life.



Mr Sani Mohammed glorifying God for His wonderful works

Mr Sani Mohammed thanking God for making impossibilities possible in his life

Experiencing poverty of the highest order after the death of his father, Mr Mohammed Sani Maibaba was looking for a way up. Faced with the immense task of caring for his three young children, he attempted to revive his late father’s dried-up petrol station in order to generate an income.

The station had failed to such an extent that even motorcycles avoided it and the road in front had deteriorated. While discussing the impossible undertaking with a friend, he was informed that he could see impossibilities become possible if he watched a SCOAN Live Sunday Service on Emmanuel TV. He had never attended a church before and was sceptical at first but as he watched the live broadcast, something within him told him to look beyond his doubts and see for himself.


During the course of that historic Sunday Service, Mr Mohammed received the ministration of the Morning Water. As the drops of water sprayed his face, the heavy burdens of poverty and frustration were washed away. He could not have imagined such a relief could come simply by entering a church.

Equipped with his own bottle of Morning Water, Mr Mohammed returned to the dilapidated petrol station and proceeded to minister the Morning Water by faith in Christ Jesus all over the compound. To his utmost shock, within days, the petrol station suddenly sprang to life, began making huge sales, broke even and reported huge profits. Encouraged by the breakthrough, he decided to submit an application to the NNPC, The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and ministered the Morning Water on it in prayer, in Jesus’ name. Out of 380 applicants, he was the only one successful and his petrol station became an official government petrol station. He then began receiving state government contracts.

Encouraged to extend love and charity to the needy from the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he now houses the less privileged and sponsors many to school. In response, the Federal Ministry of Information gave him an award for his humanitarian efforts.

In line with the instruction of the man of God to explore other non-oil ventures, he was able to acquire expansive land in Ebonyi and now also farms rice, fish and cassava. Today, 76 people in his community are now employed as a result of his business ventures.

Mr Mohammed encouraged all viewers to seek for solution at a living church for God stepped into his life the moment he stepped into the church.



As Mrs Nkechi Ezimoha received the Morning Water and Morning Stickers from The SCOAN, little did she know she was being prepared for an encounter that would reveal the divine protection she was under. A few weeks later, gunmen invaded the 70-year-old woman’s home where she had placed the Morning Stickers. As they pointed their gun at her head threatening to kill her, she boldly began to call on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to rescue her. Infuriated, the gunmen began to fight, one arguing that they should kill her, the other claiming that something was preventing him from pulling the trigger. Frustrated, they commanded her to bring out her valuables, forced her into her car and drove off to an unknown destination. Thus began seven days of incarceration in the hands of armed kidnappers.

Mrs Ezimoha and son thanking God for His saving grace

Mrs Ezimoha and son thanking God for His saving grace

Mrs Ezimoha began fasting and praying with the Morning Water, believing that her children would be fasting for her release as well. As she was confined to a dark room, her faith becoming brighter, the kidnappers were confined to frustration, their demand for a ransom left unanswered.

Unable to handle the continuous prayers and acts of faith of Mrs Nkechi Ezimoha and her children, the discouraged kidnappers gave up and surprisingly agreed to release her. One of them even paid her transport fare back to her destination. Joyously testifying to the miraculous release, Mrs Ezimoha and her son Charles proclaimed, “Why should we be afraid of death when we know where we are going? Jesus is the protection we are under”.






Evangelist Yinka

After the service was opened with prayer and songs of praise Evangelist Yinka came out with a heart-warming message called, DON’T MISINTERPRET GOD’S SILENCE AS REJECTION. She said, Maybe you have been praying for so long and it is as if your prayers yielded no result, do not misinterpret God’s silence as rejection. Who knows what would have happened if your prayer for a better condition had been answered. Everything is beautiful in God’s time, yet that time is limited. There is a time to labour without immediate result and a time to reap the product of grace. Therefore, life is in stages. As we all know, when it is time to start a race, everybody waits for the blast of the gun or the sound of the whistle; but in our daily lives today, opposite is the case of many. In an attempt to beat the gun, we discover that we are worse off for it; we pay dearly. “

There is never a situation Jesus cannot handle. At The SCOAN, the power of the son of God is experienced daily through mind-blowing miracles and encounters. The following testimonies attest to the fact that only our faith in God and His son Jesus Christ can bring about our total deliverance, salvation and redemption from the snares of the devil who prowls around looking for souls to torment. May your faith lead you to victory over the adversary in Jesus’ name. Amen!



Mr and Mrs Olufolaju And Their Twins

Mr and Mrs Olufolaju battled barrenness for 11 years after their last. They visited different places in search of solution but found none. Life was at its most frustrating phase as long as the issue of getting another child was concerned. Most of the hospitals they visited diagnosed low sperm count on the part of the man but still could not find a solution to the problem. Having exhausted all available options, the couple decided to start praying with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

During one of the prayers on Emmanuel TV, they had specifically asked for female twins. After that prayer, the continued to nurture their faith by even going to the extent of buying the babies’ clothing and naming them. After a while, Mrs Olufolaju became pregnant while the prayer on Emmanuel TV continued but this time around, the couple kept thanking God for answering their prayer. When the pregnancy was five months old, the doctors had insisted that they could only see a viable singleton – a position that Mr Olufolaju vehemently rejected contending that his wife was carrying twins.

And to God be the glory, moments before delivery the doctor realised he had made a mistake and agreed with Mr Olufolaju that there were indeed twins in his wife’s womb. Mrs Olufolaju was eventually delivered of a set of female twins in accordance with their prayers and expectations. Thanking God for answering their prayer, the couple urged people to put their faith to work by receiving one and continue to thank God even before the miracle manifests.



Mr John Nyame And Daughter 

Mr John Nyame was beset by many challenges. He was unemployed, suffered from prostate cancer and had nightmares. In the face of these challenges, it was difficult financing his children’s education. He became very weak and uncomfortable and even urinated blood. Having visited The SCOAN in the past, Mr. Nyame had already received the Morning Water. When his health condition became precarious, he had been booked for surgery and was even being wheeled to the operating theatre when he decided to minister the Morning Water on himself asking Jesus to heal him.

By the time he got to the operation ward, the doctor checked him and told him to his greatest surprise that his prostate was okay. After receiving this surprising news, he went to the convenience and discovered that he passed out very clear urine – an indication that the prostate cancer was gone. After the victory over prostate cancer, all other challenges began to give way to the anointing in the Morning Water. His daughter’s academic performance improved to the extent that she received scholarship from the government and subsequently got admission to study medicine. His unemployment also became a thing of the past as he got a new and good job with very favourable working conditions including a Toyota Hilux. Mr Nyame, in company of his daughter, thanked God for blessing him and advised people to wait on God no matter the situation as His time is the best.



Mr Sylvester Ihemedeme

Mr Sylvester Ihemedeme was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The ailment threatened his academic pursuits in far away Ukraine. All human and medical efforts to cure him proved futile. The doses of insulin by injection could not save him from the pains, loss of weight and other abdominal problems that came with the ailment. Matters became so bad that the school authorities in Ukraine advised him to withdraw in order to get appropriate medical attention. The young man had even given up on life believing that he would soon die. But God had nobler plans in spite of his unbelief.

One of his brothers revived hope by informing him that there was a solution and that solution was to come down to The SCOAN. But doubting Sylvester would not give in to that ‘deception’. Somehow, he was brought down to The SCOAN Prayer Line where the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on him and congratulated him for being healed. Even though he was not convinced that healing had taken place because he did not fall under the anointing, his family encouraged him to believe in the power of God. Since the day the man of God prayed for him, his condition has returned to normal. His blood sugar normalised even to the surprise of his doctors in Ukraine. Mr Sylvester and family rejoiced before the congregation for his healing and encouraged people all over the world never to lose hope as God is the final solution.



Dr Orok Arrey

Dr Orok Arrey, HOD of the department of Business Administration in one of the Nigerian universities had taught for so many years without much progress until a friend introduced him to the Emmanuel TV Partnership. Since he became an Emmanuel TV Partner, his life and academic career have taken a glorious turn. He made history as the only Head of Department who was retained after his tenure had ended to the surprise of most of his colleagues who were waiting to take over from him. All other Heads of Department in the faculty were sacked except him.

Most of his academic papers which were rejected in the past by Nigerian journals became the bride of foreign journals as soon as he became an Emmanuel TV Partner. His fame as an academic of repute and prolific researcher swelled. His internet presence became very much pronounced. There is hardly any international journal of Business Administration that does not have one or more of his papers published. Today, he has a total of 52 research papers published in different international journals of Business Administration with 22 presently accessible via Google. Dr Arrey also has 6 academic awards in his kitty as an academic of repute. Praising God for the progress he has made since becoming an Emmanuel TV Partner, Dr. Arrey advised people to partner with God so that He would partner with them for their own benefit.



Reverend Kamu’s Daughter

For Reverend Chris Kamu, a Cameroonian Geography educator residing in South Africa, his faith came across one of the greatest tests a servant of God could encounter in his life time. `The news that his daughter had been knocked down by her school principal’s vehicle was not as devastating as the realisation that she had given up the ghost, certified dead by doctors and was even on the way to the mortuary.

Tensed with emotion and dejection that accompanied the bad news, Reverend Kamu armed himself with the Morning Water his faith into action. Using himself as a point of contact, he ministered the Morning Water. Instead of resigning to crying and grief, he resorted to prayer. Kneeling down, he called on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come to his aid with every sense of urgency. In the thick of his prayer, shouts were heard from the mortuary area. Something strange had happened. The mortuary attendants were calling for a stretcher to enable them move the revived daughter back to the intensive care unit. Just as Jesus raised the dead, the Morning Water, being a medium filled with the blood of Jesus, brought his daughter back to life to the glory of God. And within five days, as he continued ministering the Morning Water on his daughter, the broken spine and fractured bones were healed. Thanking God before a visibly elated congregation, Reverend Kamu, who could not hold back the tears of joy in his eyes, urged people to realise that only God can do what no man can do.


 Reverend Kamu’s Daughter



It was another moment of praise, worship and thanksgiving. The congregation would never be tired of giving thanks to their God for all the wonderful works He continues to do in their lives. The atmosphere was replete with joy, hope and the urgency of divine expectations. The songs of the Emmanuel Singers added life to the day as the congregants digested some spiritual food from the lyrical admonitions of the choir. Sunday, July 12, 2015 witnessed a SCOAN church service that once again connected the people of God with their Father in heaven. It was a day the Lord Himself made and the congregants rejoiced and were glad in it.


Evangelist Fanny reminded Christians of the need to guard the content of their heart as it is the most treasured gift God has given them. In fact, she describes the heart as a treasury in a message titled: TAKE CARE OF THE TREASURY, YOUR HEART. According to Evangelist Fanny: “What a person treasures or values determine what he thinks about all day long, what he talks about and whom he will obey I mean determines his meditation, conversation and actions. God has entrusted us with a treasury which is our heart and the things coming out of the treasury translate what you regard as valuable I mean whom you decided to yield your spirit to. Just as there is no neutral kingdom, there is no neutral heart. Your heart is either a residence of the Holy Spirit or a residence of satan (Romans 8:7-9)”. In other words, our hearts determine the nature and quality of our lives. As Christians, it is from the contents of our hearts that we can be seen either as God’s children or friends of the devil.

According to Evangelist Fanny, we cannot occupy our hearts with worldly things and expect the Spirit of God to remain there: “As long as the things of the world are in place in your treasury, the things of the spirit will be displaced. I mean as long as the rocks of hatred, the thorns of unfaithfulness and the stone of un-forgiveness are in your treasury, the pearls of kindness, the precious stones of faithfulness, the silver of goodness and the gold of love will be affected – for a good man has a good treasure in his heart and from there he brings forth good things proving his son-ship”.

Continuing, she added that Christians fall into temptations and lose faith in God because their hearts are filled with mundane things: “Our heart is so corrupt that when faced with temptation, test and trials, our affection becomes unstable. We focus on man and lose focus on God. We place position, money and the likes above God in our heart and fail the test -because we are more of ourselves and less of Him, more of the flesh and less of the Spirit – not in harmony with the Word. We are hiding under the cover of religion rather than relationship with God – forgetting that the great thing God looks at and requires is the heart”.

To live a fulfilled and Spirit-filled life capable of making our hearts His dwelling place, Evangelist Fanny offered a recipe: “Let the Word of God become your database for your personal opinion. Love, kindness, good affection, tenderness, wisdom of utterance, power to counsel and good knowledge must be treasures hidden in the treasury ready for use as occasion demands. Your heart must be fixed and established on the solid foundation, the right source which is the living Word of God.You must do the Word, act the Word, live the Word, trust implicitly in the Word because God on His throne is backing up every Word – Him and the Word are one, if your heart and the word are one, your heart is heaven”.

She concluded by admonishing Christians to take good care of their hearts and ensure that it is always filled with positive things rather than the garbage of mundane considerations: “Take care of your heart – Be careful with what you think right now – always think positively. Let us remember always that Jesus still sees the treasury today, just as much as He had done during His earthly ministry. He knows the motives and purpose behind men’s action; He looks at the disposition of their hearts while praying, moving, talking – whether they are doing what they are doing to honour God that is in humility and faith or to be honoured by men with arrogance and conceit. You cannot do anything successfully and fellowship with God when your heart is full of evil thoughts, hatred, jealousy, greed and the like”.



For Mrs Lillian Lawrence, the joy that came into her life was definitely a miracle. Never had she thought that her daughter’s admission headache which had lingered for two years would come to be resolved on a platter of gold. The native of Imo State based in Gabon was fed up with the inability of her daughter to secure admission into the university to study Medicine. The girl had made very good grades in her Senior School Certificate Examination but was inexplicably unable to secure admission into a university abroad. Several attempts to work out something in Romania and the UK proved futile and kept mother and daughter on the trenches of surrender.

Mrs Lawrence would not give up. She came down to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water with which she prayed fervently asking God to make her daughter’s admission a reality. After the prayers and ministration of the Morning Water, young Nadine’s results were sent to Georgia, United States. To God be the glory, a university based in Georgia offered her admission to study Medicine (with her visa secured) bringing an end to all the frustrations mother and daughter went through – a confirmation of the fact that when we run to God, He takes care of our troubles. Testifying before The SCOAN congregation, both mother and daughter urged people to wait on God as He is the only one that can do what no man can do.

MR&MRS ELOM BERNARD (2)Mr and Mrs Elom Bernard from Ebonyi State were married for over five years without a child. Diagnosed with low sperm count and staphylococcus, respectively, it was the most dispiriting experience for them to bear the brunt of childlessness in a continent where it is perceived as some kind of stigma and social inadequacy. Mr Bernard gathered himself together hoping to find a way out of their burden. A good friend came along to introduce the couple to The SCOAN where they received the Morning Water. The couple MR&MRS ELOM BERNARD (3)ministered the Morning Water in faith thanking God for answering their prayers and granting their requests even when they had not seen the manifestation. And their strong faith moved God into action. Three months later, Mrs Bernard became pregnant.

Testifying at The SCOAN with his wife who is now nine months pregnant, Mr Bernard thanked God for putting smiles on their faces and for making them expectant parents. The couple advised people to take their problems to God alone.



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