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Sunday Service 19.07.12

The Sunday Service started off with the prayer line attended by a significant number of people who were set free from their bondage after which Prophet T.B. Joshua preached on “Acting On The Word – Part 2”.

Preaching the Word of God

In the sermon, the man of God said, “We have exact knowledge, perfect knowledge and complete knowledge. That knowledge is in the Word when illumined by the Spirit. Our spirit acts upon the Word”. He also said “The problem of believing is made simple when we know that it is acting on what God has spoken”. He also emphasized on the fact that if we have all gifts without love, it is a wasted energy (1 John 5:13).

He added that faith is not rooted in intellectualism. It is purely a spiritual issue, rather than an intellectual agreement. Faith comes when the Word prevails over the thinking processing. We may be familiar with original Greek or Hebrew or the history of the Word, but it is all wasted energy if we do not practice it.

He stated that Scriptural prayer releases the power of God and to fill your prayers with the Scripture. If the Word dominates your spirit, it will influence your conduct and behaviour. In our ministry (The SCOAN), the Word has been a living and growing force. The mighty One (Jesus Christ) that is in us is taken out of the Word. As we begin to do the Word, God begins to act in us and through us.


Apostle Ekune Joseph sharing his testimony of complete deliverance

The video recording of the experiences of Apostle (Dr) Ekune Joseph was the first to be played.  Before his deliverance last week, the evil spirit had spoken through him in the church, to the effect that it had destroyed his ministry after he had burnt the village idol and shrine which had been revealed to him in a dream as the cause of their limitation. The evil spirit further stated it’s dislike of the Bible, and was angered by the pastor’s passion for delivering people; it also caused people to protest in the church and fight within themselves when the Word of God was being preached. The evil spirit also explained that it was because the name, Jesus, was an enemy, which sent fire into their kingdom. The evil spirit also confessed to being behind his wife’s barrenness for 12 years. His church lost many members due to the attack from the infuriated idol. In the midst of his trouble, he had watched Emmanuel TV and decided to visit The SCOAN for deliverance.

In his testimony, Apostle Joseph explained that after destroying the idol in his village with a group of fellow pastors and prayer warriors, he had a strange attack in his dream whereby he saw squirrels chasing him away from the village. Following this experience, his zeal for prayer and reading the Bible suddenly began to diminish. He explained that any time he opened his Bible to read, dizziness would come upon him to such an extent that he would often sleep off without actually studying the Scriptures.

Upon his return to his church, strange incidents began occurring during his services. Firstly, anytime he mounted the pulpit to preach, some form of commotion or argument would break out within the members, distracting the people present from listening to the message. As a result of these distractions and contentions, many members left his ministry and the church he had worked so hard in to build up began to crumble.

The grateful minister of God explained that after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, he had a remarkable dream where he saw the Prophet calling on him to come to The SCOAN. Honouring the Divine invitation, he came and received his mighty deliverance. To God be the glory!

Another video was also shown of Pastor Kenny Udeh’s deliverance in The SCOAN the previous week. He was invaded and possessed by seven spirits stating they were from the jungle on the planet, Jupiter after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights on a mountain in Enugu State. He had wanted to assist an old woman and her daughter to lift some wood after which they disappeared and he became confused. He later travelled to Dubai where he ran into an ugly situation which put him into prison. After release from prison, he returned to Nigeria to continue preaching through his ministry, Paraclete Ministries.

Pastor Kenny narrating his experience of demonic possession

After that, his wife was feeding him and his household was always under constant threat. The spirit spoke through him that over nine people in his family had been killed and that although the pastor was strong, he also was tempted to almost kill his wife with a bottle and knife.

Pastor Kenny came forward to share his experiences. He explained that, as a minister of God, he had read various books about how other men of God had gone into prolonged periods of fasting and prayer in their quest for more supernatural power. Yearning for the same power in his ministry, one day he decided to enter into a 40 day fast on a mountain. He was there alone and did not even inform his wife of his intentions before going to the mountain.

He explained that on the 39th day of the fast, with his body both weak and frail, he saw an old woman suddenly appear on the mountain attempting to carry firewood. Helping the old woman to carry the fire wood, he gave it to her and returned back to his place of prayer. To his greatest surprise, upon looking back to see where the woman was, she had totally disappeared. He had just encountered an evil spirit! After returning from the mountain, Pastor Kenny explained how strange beings attacked him in his house the following night. From that point onwards, his ministry began spiralling steadily downwards. Frustration and stagnation became the order of the day

It came to the point where one day, he picked up a knife intent on stabbing his wife to death and ending his ministry in disgrace. However, before carrying out the devilish act, his daughter discovered him grasping the knife and pleaded with him to release it. Realising what the spirit was pushing him to do, Pastor Kenny resolved to visit The SCOAN, knowing that his case required spiritual intervention.

After attending The SCOAN service on Sunday, Pastor Kenny had a remarkable encounter in his dream. He found himself in a strange reddish land where demonic beings began introducing themselves to him, stating that they were from the planet Jupiter and their mission was to destroy him. In the midst of the encounter, he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua suddenly appear in their midst in a ray of light and strike him on the chest, calling on him to come. Waking up from the dream, it was the following day on Monday that he received his deliverance through prayer from the Wise Man.

When probed, Pastor Kenny explained that during the prayer from the Wise Man, he could actually see Prophet T.B. Joshua praying on his knees behind the Wise Man. This explained why the demons within Pastor Kenny had said they knew T.B. Joshua’s secret was hidden in Matthew 6:6 – “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”


Professor healed of glaucoma

The second service, characteristically, was the wise men praying for the congregation in the church where deliverance and healing took place in the lives of thousands of people. The second service ended with mass prayer from the wise men.

Reverend Professor Ngochindo had experienced glaucoma for 10 years, and had ocular pressure which rose to 29. He explained that if it reached 30, he would have gone blind. He was to be operated upon in Port Harcourt, where he practices as a medical doctor. Having refused the option of operation, he visited The SCOAN. He went through the prayer line and was later given the Anointing Water; he believed a spiritual operation was done on him by the five Wise Men. His ocular pressure dropped from 29 to 22.2, back to regular levels. He advised the viewers that if doctors had faith, they could do many things without a knife in the operating theatre and that everyone should put God first.

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Leading UK Newspaper, The Times, today (Monday 9th April) published an article on Prophet T.B. Joshua and his recent prediction concerning the passing of Malawi’s President, Bingu Wa Mutharika. When they heard about the prophecy, The Times …phoned T.B. Joshua for a brief interview as they wanted to hear directly from him. Here is the article. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/


Ruth Maclean, Malawi

When the President of Malawi died last week, the country rejoiced. Violently crushing peaceful protests, throwing donors out of the country and lining up his brother to succeed him, President Bingu wa Mutharika was beginning to resemble Robert Mugabe of neighbouring Zimbabwe.

The President’s death last Thursday appeared to be a miraculous solution to their problems. But perhaps they should have seen it coming.

On February 5, Prophet T.B. Joshua predicted, live on the hit Nigerian Christian channel Emmanuel TV, that an African leader would die within 60 days.

“We should pray for one African head of state, what I say, president, against the sickness that will take life,” he told a 15,000-strong congregation and millions of viewers. He said that he was in negotiations with God and that prayer might save the president. He did not say which one.

“I’m just being used by God Almighty,” Mr Joshua told The Times. “I had to send the message … I cannot say more than that. I will not say somebody will die. I’m not God.”

Many thought that Mugabe, who is 88 and constantly quashing rumours that he is sick, was a safe bet. President Mutharika, although 78, seemed to have considerable life in him. Enough, at least, to get rid of Joyce Banda, the Vice-President, whom he threw out of his party when she refused to back his attempts to line up his brother as his successor.

After Mr Mutharika’s heart attack, clandestine negotiations in the top echelons of his party went on for two days and the Malawian people were not told whether he was dead.

Ms Banda was finally sworn in on Saturday. She is a firm devotee of Mr Joshua, whose latest prophecy is the bizarre crown on a number of “miracles” performed to her benefit.

It is well known in Malawi that when he suffered a serious stroke she took her husband to see the prophet and believes that Mr Joshua’s prayers cured him.

“In Malawi, T.B. Joshua is a person that is dearly loved,” she said before her latest prayers were answered. “I must say that I’m addicted, because every Sunday … I sit all day watching Emmanuel TV.”

Mr Mutharika’s death came hot on the heels of Mr Joshua’s repetition of his prophecy last Sunday, when he narrowed down the location of the presidential demise, eliminating West Africa: “I’m seeing a sudden death. This is as a result of sickness. Quote me. The Lord showed me the country . . . this is not even in West Africa.”

Although he is often vague and never names his subject, Mr Joshua’s purported predictions range from the deaths of Michael Jackson and Kim Jong Il to the London riots last summer.

“You remember when I said your country will be burnt and crash, you never listened!” he told The Times crossly. He does not rule out helping again, however. “You want to know what is going to happen? I will make an appointment with God.”

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ImageWise Man Harry gave a challenging message, titled, The Company You Keep. He started off by talking about the situation in the world today. He said,When you look around the world today,   no one wants to be a failure in life; everyone wants to succeed. Yet, many find themselves in the realm of failure. When we talk of success, we need to understand that success is a collection of relationships. No one can go it all alone. We need good people, informed people and inspired people to make it in our respective callings.” He then reminded us that there are four classes of people in our lives today. Those who: add, multiply, subtract and divide. Quoting Proverbs 13:20, “He who walks with the wise grows wise but a companion of fools suffers harm” he stated that we are what we are by virtue of the company we keep. He warned that we should be careful in our relationships and not too quick to trust others just because they look and sound good on the outside. Many people want to be your friend only when it is convenient for them. Others will sit at your table as long as things are going well but would not stand by you when your situation takes a turn for the worse. Therefore, when you make friends, don’t be too quick to trust them until they have proved themselves.

The wise man led the congregation in a prayer, saying, “Lord Jesus, guide me and grant me wisdom to know who I should turn to as a partner/ friend/ companion. Lord Jesus, I know I cannot do it without others. I cannot do it alone. I need good, inspired, informed people. Thank you for answering my prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

He concluded his message by stating that Jesus is the most reliable companion. “Are you still looking for a companion? If you need a companion, Jesus Christ is the most reliable One. Whom can we trust? Trust in yourself, you are doomed to disappointment. Trust in your friends, they will die and leave you. Trust in Jesus Christ and you will never be confounded in time or eternity.”


ImageT.B. Joshua came out to speak to the congregation and the viewers worldwide. “This is a prophetic word for you. I have been able to overcome my past by focusing on my gift and its possibilities. You have created me for a purpose; Help me, Lord to find those who need me the most, in Jesus Christ’s name. You are saved to save others, healed to heal others; you are blessed to bless others.”

He then introduced the time for testimonies, saying, “There’s no way that we can begin to ask God for bread without thanking God for the bread He has given us yesterday”.


ImageVictoria Alexander Zandy from Kaduna testified to her deliverance from a drug addiction for 18 long, horrible years. She said that from the age of 16, she had been taking drugs – cocaine, heroin, marijuana – and that this had enslaved her. She described the drugs as her boyfriend, husband, job and life. She said that anytime she received any money at all, the first thing she would do is get more substances to satisfy her craving. This addiction to drugs had made her lean, sick and unable to function as any normal person would. She had found herself in an endless cycle of life that appeared to have no end. She was on a downhill slope and was gaining speed on her downward journey before miraculously Jesus Christ rescued her and gave her a firm place to stand through the medium of the Anointing Water. She described how she had come to her last bus stop and came to The SCOAN in a desperate last attempt for deliverance before ending her life. When she had come to The SCOAN, TB Joshua had given her the Anointing Water. Her sister ministered the Anointing Water on her and thereafter, she knew she was a completely different person. The urge to take drugs was no longer there. She was able to reason well and she saw herself clearly for the first time in many years. Unable to contain her joy, she rushed back to The SCOAN to testify to God’s mercy, goodness and grace in her life. She concluded by thanking God for giving her another chance in life. She advised all those listening to be careful of drugs as they are a trap of satan.



ImageRita Ignatius, resident in Gabon testified of the mighty deliverance she had received through the prayer of Wise Man Daniel in Jesus’ name.  She explained that she had been possessed with an evil spirit known as ‘queen of all queens’ for many years. This spirit had afflicted her life with a severe spirit of anger which made life very difficult for her and her husband. Each time he wanted to go to church, the evil spirit in her would manifest and she would try and prevent him from going. They went to many places in search of deliverance even where even in one church, the evil spirit in her manifested so violently that she started to beat the pastor. Testifying, Mrs Rita Ignatius explained that that morning, she had come to The SCOAN Church Service just to worship but little did she know what would happen when Wise Man Daniel prayed for her. At just one touch from the wise man, the darkness in her was exposed and a mighty deliverance took place. Thanking God for her freedom, she said that she was now calm and at peace.



ImageMujidat Bankole, a Nigerian living in Paris, France testified to her deliverance after prayer from the Wise Man during the service the week before. The spiritual husband that had entered her life since she was young had tormented her life and also caused her menstruation to cease. At just one touch from the Wise Man the evil spirit was exposed and manifested violently. After her deliverance, not only was she delivered from the spiritual husband but the following day, her menstruation miraculously reappeared!


ImageMrs Chigoozirim Offorkee from Anamabra, Nigeria told how she was delivered from a marine spirit that had possessed her since birth. Showing the occultic marks that had been placed on her palms, she explained that a spiritualist had instructed her to carry out sacrifices in the River Niger each year. The demonic bond was so strong over her life that if ever she failed to do the sacrifice, she would encounter terrible problems and opposition. She came to The SCOAN and Wise Man Harry prayed for her in Jesus’ name. The evil spirit in her started to manifest and was cast out in the power of the Holy Spirit. A week after her deliverance, Mrs Chigoozirim Offorkee, now full of joy, told how she no longer experienced nightmares or evil attacks.


What followed was the deliverance of five women who had travelled from their respective countries, all eager to break the hold that strange addictions had over them.

First to speak was Miss Barulaganye Ditsele,Image a mining accounts clerk from Botswana who had been addicted to eating ant hill soil for 11 years. The addiction had now spread to her three sisters and dominated her life. When she woke up in the morning, the first things she craved was the ant hill soil which she would eat more than normal food. Unable to go anywhere without the soil, she took it out of her bag and began to eat it, exclaiming that it tasted like chocolate!

ImageNext to speak was Mrs Emely Mpofu from Zimbabwe who suffered from a similar addiction to eating anthill soil, this time for 17 years. Her sister also had this addiction and when she died, Emely started eating double the amount of the anthill soil. Explaining that she would eat the soil after each meal, Mrs Emely took the soil and began to eat it in the presence of the congregation of The SCOAN.

ImageThe following to address her issue was Miss Consolata Thomas, a teacher from Tanzania who told of her 14 year addiction to eating uncooked rice. This habit had started in boarding school when she used to take the uncooked rice from the store to the kitchen. As a hungry little girl, she explained how she had heard a voice telling her to eat the uncooked rice. The moment she did, she became hooked and it became a part of her life. To have the uncooked rice with her was so essential that even if she ran out of it at school, she would give the students an assignment and quickly get some more to eat.

ImageNext was the case of Mrs Tebogo Motlamme from Botswana who had come to The SCOAN for deliverance from a 23 year addiction to eating anthill soil. This addiction which had affected her blood pressure and menstrual cycle dominated her life as she enjoyed the soil more than ordinary food and could not go anywhere without it.

ImageFinally, Miss Bonsu Charlotte Serwaa from Ghana explained how she had been addicted to eating ice cubes for 11 years. Eating them in the presence of the man of God and the congregation, she asserted that they didn’t taste cold but rather very satisfying.


After listening to those with strange eating addictions, the man of God promptly asked someone with the Anointing Water to come forward. He then instructed the man that came forward to minister the Anointing Water to them all in Jesus’ name, saying that, “Something is there – a force; God is behind that force for its accomplishment.”

At just one spray of the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name, the demonic influence in these ladies’ lives was broken and they were set free. After their deliverance, the prophet said, “Let us see whether the old man is gone. If the old man is gone, that thing they were eating, they will no longer eat it.”

Sure enough, when offered the anthill soil, uncooked rice and ice cubes, one by one, they spat it out saying that they no longer enjoyed it and did not regard it as food anymore.

With histories rewritten and cycles of limitation broken, the congregation left the auditorium and viewers turned off their televisions after another spectacular service day at The SCOAN.

Thank You, Jesus Christ!

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The power-packed service at The SCOAN started with beautiful praise and worship, culminating in a message by Wise Man Daniel titled, “Be Determined As A Christian”.

Using the response of the three Hebrew men as an example in the Book of Daniel 3:16-17, Wise Man Daniel explained that we, people of God, we believers of all nations do not need to defend ourselves in whatever situation we find ourselves whether good or bad because we have a Defender – God Almighty Himself. He is the Defender of the universe. He is the One who rescues and delivers those who genuinely trust in Him from their adversities in life. Speaking about our response to adversities that we encounter, he added that adversities, rather than dampen our love for God increase the depth of our love for Christ, whose love for us surpasses all understanding.


Engineer Jonathan Iwueze testified to his powerful deliverance after receiving prayer the previous Sunday from Wise Man Racine. He explained how he had been tormented by a spiritual wife for many years and that his family had been tormented by evil attacks coming in the form of swarms of bees. He said that each time a swarm of bees arrived outside his house, within a short space of time, a family member would die. He explained how he had kept fasting and praying but found no remedy to his many woes. Prophet T.B. Joshua took the opportunity to explain that we can fast and pray for years but if our words are not from the mouth of the Holy Ghost, we would be hearing ourselves but God would not hear us. He said that the Word of God is the tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit. He also said that it is not just about confessing Christianity without being delivered. He said the old man needs to be cast out before our confession can become a reality. Jonathan narrated that he had sought solution in many places but to no avail. Hope rekindled, however when he watched Emmanuel TV and saw people getting delivered from problems even greater and more complex than his own. He said that when he came to The SCOAN, the Spirit of God located him through Wise Man Racine and the spirit within him began to manifest. He did not know what happened and wasn’t conscious of himself ‘til he received a congratulatory call from his wife saying that she had seen him rolling and shaking uncontrollably on her TV screen. The anointing of God had come upon him like a hurricane and he rose up a free man; the spirit that had disturbed him for his whole life had been forced out, to the glory of God! He explained how since his deliverance, he was no longer tormented by fear and had slept very well. He even said that on the night of his deliverance, he had a dream and saw a ring being removed from his hand – a confirmation that he had truly been disconnected from the spiritual wife. When Prophet T.B. Joshua asked him his experience when he saw the wise man, he said that he saw a bright light and there was a force coming out from the wise man like a hurricane, so powerful that he couldn’t resist it.

Mrs Ama Amo, a native of Ghana residing in Australia, came to The SCOAN due to a terrible addiction to eating moth balls, known as camphor. She had developed this worrying habit two and a half years prior when she opened her bag and the aroma of the moth ball inside entered her nose. She became incredibly attracted to it. She continued sniffing and sniffing until the toxic insecticide inside began to affect her nose. Not satisfied with the smell alone, she explained how one day she heard a voice telling her to eat it and from that moment, it became an addiction. The moth ball became a snack to eat after and even instead of meals. Peace would come when the scent of the moth balls filled her nostrils and she would carry the moth balls everywhere she went. Having travelled all the way from Australia to The SCOAN to receive her deliverance, Mrs Ama Amo’s case touched the hearts of all who heard her. Upon hearing, the man of God asked for someone with the Anointing Water to come forward. The power of God in the Anointing Water broke the chains of this deadly addiction off her and she was delivered in Jesus’ name. After her deliverance, the taste and scent of the moth balls was revolting to her as she said that it now tasted of chemical. With tears in her eyes, she thanked Jesus for her freedom.


Mrs Comfort Mustafa testified of healing through the Anointing Water from inability to walk due to a bone fracture. She had been bedridden for 4 years. She said that a friend had given her some Anointing Water but she had doubted what God could do, imagining how it was possible that ordinary water could change her situation. That perception changed quickly, however as she watched people receiving healing on Emmanuel TV. She said that she saw one lady who was unable to walk being prayed for so she instinctively remembered the Anointing Water and ministered it on herself. Miraculously, as the person she watched on Emmanuel TV began to walk, she too, began to walk. She cried out loudly, attracting attention from family and neighbours around who all rejoiced with her, almost unable to believe what they were hearing and seeing. Comfort was moving and walking freely without any pain! After being limited to the confines of her bedroom and house for 4 years, within a few seconds, God’s power had brought her out of sickness and into health, out of bondage and into freedom, out of darkness and into light!



Blessing from Abuja came out to testify to deliverance from suicidal thoughts. She said that she had received a prophecy the previous week from Prophet T.B. Joshua regarding her suicidal attempts. She said that she had tried to kill herself many times, had been depressed and did not sleep at night. However, since her deliverance the previous week, she had slept peacefully and now felt deep inner joy in her heart as Jesus had wiped away every tear and lifted every heavy load from her shoulders. She testified that she was like a new person and no longer felt the chilling sensation of snakes moving round her body which had tormented her for years. Words were not enough to express her joy as she advised all to hope in God as He would never fail them.



John came out to share his testimony of deliverance from bedwetting from birth. He explained that he got so sick and tired of the problem that he decided to come to The SCOAN. He had received a prophecy the previous week and explained how since then, he had been sleeping very peacefully. He said that something would always wake him when it was time to go to the bathroom. He happily testified, rejoicing that all the shame and embarrassment was now a thing of the past. He advised all those listening, saying, “Your own problem may have started recently but my own started from birth. Have faith and God will deliver you as He delivered me!”



Doris and her mother from Adamawa, northern Nigeria cried out about their pitiful situation. They had received a prophecy the previous week about their life of frustration. Doris explained that due to her poverty, setback and lack of opportunities, she had attempted to end her own life many times. She and her mother explained that they had nowhere to go and that in their minds, The SCOAN was their last bus stop. Fresh tears flowed as they narrated their plight. In response to their plea, they received a cash gift of N500,000 from T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners and five bags of rice to get them back on their feet again.

Augustine an amputee from Anambra, Nigeria also came out to share his story. He had also received a prophecy the previous week and the man of God had promised to support him financially. He explained how his leg had to be amputated after an accident. He also testified that before, he saw dead people in his dreams but since that Sunday, he had been sleeping well and was no longer seeing the dead people. He then received a cash gift of N300,000 from T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners and five bags of rice to support him and his family. He thanked God Almighty for His provision and for keeping him alive ‘til that moment.

As the moment for the Africa Cup Of Nations Final between Zambia and Ivory Coast drew close, the second service of The SCOAN was still underway. Prophet T.B. Joshua thanked those present for being there at that time when the rest of the country was most probably glued to their televisions. Five minutes into the match, Prophet T.B. Joshua astonished the congregation by speaking the mind of God concerning the match at hand. He said that the victory was for a country we were not expecting, that it was to make them happy because of the past record they have. He said that the record was being brought back to put it behind them. He also said that in the second half, at 25 minutes, there would be a mistake. Demonstrating, he said, “Even if you have the opportunity to enter the television where they are playing, you will enter and flog them. Why can’t you score this thing? You will face the goalkeeper and you play it out over the bar.”

Adding that this was the goal that would have cost the cup, the prophet explained that it would be taken to the other side.

As the tense match unfolded, the accuracy of the prophet’s words became glaringly clear.

Clearly the underdogs from the beginning of the tournament, Zambia were indeed a country that they were not expecting, compared to star-studded Ivory Coast. The victory would truly help to ease the pain of the past when, 19 years prior, 18 members of the national football team were killed in a fatal plane crash while on their way to a World Cup qualifier.

The mistake that the prophet saw truly happened 25 minutes into the second half, as Ivorian Striker, Didier Drogba missed a penalty by shooting the ball over the cross bar of the goal post. This was a mistake that cost Ivory Coast the cup, just as the prophet had said.

When the match went into penalty time and Zambia won eight goals to seven, the stadium exploded in joy. Zambia had won the victory. It was a day of forgetting the past – the terrible air disaster in 1993 in which a generation of Zambian football stars was wiped out. The victory was truly to make them happy because of what happened in their history, just as the man of God had said. As Zambia was given the Cup and proclaimed champions of the Africa Cup Of Nations, all who heard the prophetic message were amazed at how the mind of God had been revealed. Truly, God still speaks to His servants today and when God speaks, the wise listen.

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Addressing the issue that goes through the minds of many, Prophet T.B. Joshua started the message by asking the age old question, ‘How do I know what my calling from God is?’ In answer to the question, the prophet explained that whatever you do through God, whatever He accepts you to do through Him – that is your calling. Raising the Holy Bible, he continued that the first step in knowing your calling is to get to know God better by reading His Word (Psalm 119:105). Referring to Romans 12:2, he said that when you let God transform you by the power of the Holy Spirit, He will literally begin to show you the way. Elaborating on the importance of God’s Word, he said that it is the tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit to nurture us and to furnish us with everything you need to succeed on earth. Giving practical advice on how to use the Word of God in everyday life, the prophet continued, “Talk Scripture in every conversation. You may be on the phone or in a business transaction. Use the Word of God to answer someone. The Word of God becomes your data base for your personal opinion.”
After the message, two women came forward to testify to the goodness of God for setting them free from strange addictions that had plagued their lives. One woman, Ruth Christian from Tanzania, having been freed from the bondage of eating uncooked rice in the name of Jesus, gave her testimony stating that since her deliverance, she no longer relished the taste of the uncooked rice. The second woman, delivered from an addiction to sniffing and drinking kerosene, testified that the smell of kerosene had become a revolting odour. Now, both of them are back to eating regular food and enjoying every bite.

Following the testimonies, Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced a group of people as they were ushered into the church auditorium – the beneficiaries of The SCOAN Scholarship Programme: the orphans, children of widows, physically challenged and others in need. Each term, the students come

The SCOAN Scholarship Scheme

The SCOAN Rice Store

Delivered Now Joined The SCOAN Scholarship Scheme

to collect their school fees so that they will be able to continue their education. The recipients of the scholarship programme were given a total of 5 million naira in scholarships along with bags of top quality rice to assist them while they are busy studying. Part of those receiving scholarship were two young men, Clever & Onitsha, who received deliverance from the spirit of stealing through a prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. It was discovered that due to the lack of parental care and financial means, they had to stop attending school and were living a wayward life to support themselves. To get them back on the right track and prepare them for the bright future ahead, they were given 200,000 naira each to continue their studies at university. This scholarship programme is just one of the ways that T.B. Joshua leads by example by demonstrating this guiding principle – we begin to succeed with our lives when the hurt and problems matter to us. After the recipients of The SCOAN Scholarship Programme received their school fees, they were escorted to The SCOAN Rice Store where tall stacks of rice had been prepared and the Emmanuel TV Team were positioned ready and waiting to give them their bags or rice.
A video of The Emmanuel TV Partners in Lahore, Pakistan was the next item on the agenda showing the beginning stages of a school being built. The Emmanuel TV Partners along with a pastor from Lahore joined together to make the plans for a seven room school on top of his church building. Once the plans were finished, the supplies necessary to complete the task were brought in to begin laying the foundation – brick by brick. They will continue building until every room is completed and then the students will resume classes and be on the path of a bright future, all because The Emmanuel TV Partners let love lead and looked around to see those in need.

The second service began with Wise Man Racine delivering an inspirational and encouraging message: Welcome To A Place Of Significance. Using the example of Peter, Wise Man Racine gave hope to those listening by saying that Peter’s wasted hours were redeemed and he came to a place of significance, a place that was lost for a period of time. Jesus made Peter the center of his own world. What God has designed you to achieve in His master plan determines your divine course and cause in life. Ending the message, Wise Man Racine spoke into their lives, saying, “As it was for Peter, so it shall be for you! There is indeed a promise of radical transformation for you.” To end the second service, T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men prayed for the congregation and viewers all around the world – encouraging them to exercise their faith and step out in boldness to possess their miracles – healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings.

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There have been numerous reports flying round the internet and various news media in many African countries for the last few days about what Prophet TB Joshua said on Sunday 5th February about an African president. Different time-frames and false dates, including ‘2 months’ ’60 days’ ‘February 16th’ and ‘April 16th’ have been mentioned. This is to certify and clarify once and for all what Prophet TB Joshua actually said on that day.

Prophet TB Joshua DID NOT prophesy that an African president would die in 60 days or two months time. He DID NOT mention any specific date or time-frame.
DO NOT misquote him. DO NOT spread rumours and attribute them to Prophet TB Joshua. Prophet TB Joshua speaks forth only what he hears from God Almighty and it is not to be misquoted, mistreated or misused for one’s own benefit. “You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you” (Deuteronomy 4:2).

PROPHECIES revealed by God Almighty through Prophet TB Joshua are broadcast LIVE on Emmanuel TV during the Sunday Live Services At The SCOAN.


THIS is what Prophet TB Joshua prophesied regarding an African head of state:
“We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time – being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned.”

He did not say more than that. He only said that we should pray for his life to be saved. He did not say that the prophecy was unchangeable. He did not give his name; he did not say when the leader would die; he did not say that the leader must die; he did not give the name of the country the leader was from. He only said that we should pray for him.

Please let people around you, your friends and colleagues and all who care to listen know what TB Joshua actually said. What a prophet says is not meant for speculation; it is rather a sober encouragement for us all to continue to give ourselves to prayer. We may know that we need God but we may not know how much we really need Him. 

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An intriguing interview that you won’t want to stop reading…

“I love the prison. Each time the judge acquits me, I will tell him that ‘I really love where I am staying – there is no need for you take me out.’ Because I know that once I am out, I will come back again in another week.”

Cursed into prison...

The tale of David Brown is mind-boggling. It’s an experience in life one can never forget – a cold reminder of the terrifying darkness that ensnares so many souls and a clear expression of the beauty of God’s grace and work. In this enlightening interview, Read Us brings to you the riveting story of a first class graduate from Kingston University, United Kingdom who went from being the rich heir-apparent of a powerful occultic lodge, to a homeless beggar who embraced the dirty prison cells of London and Lagos, calling them his only home.

 A Strange Background With Spiritual Ties
“I’m David Brown from Rivers State, Bonny Island. I’m an architect, a graduate of the University of Kingston, London. When my mother gave birth to me, my father denied me and said I was not his son. So I was taken from my mother’s hands when I was just a year and six months. I never knew my mother or father because I grew up with my auntie. I thought my auntie and her husband were my biological mother and father, so I called them mum and dad.

“My auntie is a great spiritualist. She has a big lodge in her compound in Lagos where people come to ‘fellowship’. They worship the sun and guardian angels – and they use the destinies of people for rituals. If any member there is about to die, they look for somebody to exchange their head with to keep them alive, or to give them money and wealth. My auntie has a lot of companies because she is very rich and is the head of the lodge. She brought the lodge from England down to Lagos. Whatever she says stays. Nobody challenges her authority.

Family Revelations
“When I was about 9-10 years old, I used to see a man come to the house each time we were on vacation. I kept asking my mum, as in my auntie, ‘Who is this man?’ She said, ‘Don’t worry – one day I will explain to you.’ Then one day she called him and me, and said, ‘Do you know this is your father?’ Since then I just hated him because he never showed any remorse for his actions. He never asked of me, showed me love or care – he just abandoned me as if I were not there. And now here was somebody coming from the blue to say he was my father. She started taking me to the house to get me acquainted with my father gradually, but still I never liked him because each time I went to their house, my stepmother would treat me as a slave, not a son.

 “My auntie didn’t have any biological son, so she wanted me to be her son and heir. What actually motivated her in accepting me to be her son was that I was very brilliant. Throughout my school, I was always first in class, right through to university. She had seen my destiny was so bright. So, she was training me to take over her position. They wanted me to take over the company and everything she was in charge of. They began showing me the pattern and secrets of the lodge, so that I could take over. But there was something in me that really revoked it and didn’t want that position.

Exposing The ‘Lodge’
“The lodge appears in the guise of helping people’s problems, but in reality, it is to destroy them. But only the real members know what happens there. They have a secret room called ‘the inner room’ where only members are allowed to go. Everyone gathers round in a circle and begins what they call ‘meditation’. You have to travel astrally to meet with other spirits in space. You communicate with these spirits and bring their messages down to people here on earth. My auntie was a medium to those spirits. She communicates with those spirits and they dialogue with her. When they give instructions, she conveys the instructions down from the spirit world to earth, and she speaks in a spiritual language – and there will be a recorder recording what she says. In the inner circle, there is a power embedded in you that you can understand other languages beyond human comprehension – spiritual languages. If you are not baptised to be among the inner circle, you cannot understand what the spirit beings say. I was among those who wrote her ‘revelations’ down. I would type them out, and send them to the people who wanted solution. Through this, we began to gain access to their spirits and manipulate them into doing whatever we wanted.

Astral Travel
“Our body remains here on earth and the spirit travels beyond the earth down to the galaxies and stars. There we meet celestial beings, and we have interactions with them and seek advice from them. If there is anybody who comes to us with a problem or who needs healing, we astrally travel down to the spirit world, where the spirits gather and they tell us things to do, ‘solutions’ to take back to earth. These messages are conveyed by my auntie, because she is the head of the lodge. They call her the queen of the lodge because she is the founder here in Nigeria. Nobody ever dares to counter what she says. Her words are final, because everybody is under her, and everybody that is under her is a slave to her. Be you big or small, whether you have all the wealth in the world – as long as you are in the lodge with her, you are under her – and you must seek advice or order from her before anything is done.

Subtle Manipulation
“We don’t collect money from the people who come for help, but we know what impact we have on them – because the more they come closer to us, the more they are weak in spirit and the more we draw their destiny and destroy them. Because she reads your star to know if you are intelligent – so we would only target and go into direct contact with people who are very intelligent, people whose futures are bright. These are the people we try to lure into it. You would begin to innocently interact with us, and soon everything you have that God has given to you will be taken out of you and be imparted into us. They become our slaves, subject to us – because now their spirit has been locked in a box.

“My auntie was the one who dictated to us, because she saw beyond the human. There is something they call spirit seeing – spirit eyes. She knows who you are and what you will become in future. If you come to our lodge, she will tell us, ‘This one is ripe, he’s okay for us. Follow up and make sure you lure him into being a member.’ And once you are a member of the inner circle, there is no turning back – you can’t go back to the world, you can’t expose what you are part of. If you want to make any attempt of exposing, it’s either your life goes or they begin to take your family one by one until it gets to your turn. They will just lure you into an accident. Naturally people will see someone has died in a mere accident, but spiritually something has been done to create such accident.

White Rituals
“We meet in a circle with six pointed stars. The chairs are white and you are only to wear white. Each time you see us wearing white in the inner circle, it means we have a killing to do. It’s either we are about to ruin somebody’s life – or impart somebody’s life into one of our members, to increase their stay here on earth. We do that to increase our life-span, as well as using it in subjecting you to become a slave, so that you won’t have any understanding, any knowledge or thought of querying our methods or asking questions. Whatever we say – you just obey. You are like a vehicle, a robot.

“Each person who comes to the lodge has their image tied in a box. If we want to do anything to you, it’s just to invoke your spirit in the night. We come and take your spirit to the image – and whatever we say to the image, that’s what you will do. You don’t have any atom of strength of your own, any say of your own – you act based on what we tell you.

Sold To The Devil
“Because of this, my auntie has no children. Her womb was sold to the devil; she gave her womb to the devil so there is no way she could bear children. There was something like a pot that they replaced her womb with in her stomach. It’s like a medium, an antenna that connects her to the spirit world, a strength that enables her to accommodate such powers. Because of that, she had to take me. They wanted me to become their own son. That’s why they started training me, because she told me that when her time comes, I will be the one to take over the lodge and all her companies in UK and other places around the world. But something in me really refused this offer. Each time I tried to take the crown, I was drawn back by something. I feel it’s just God – if not for God, I know I would not be here. I know it was God drawing me out from being crowned as a prince of that dark lodge, or let me call it ‘cult’.

A Messenger Of Initiation
“When I was schooling in UK, I became a messenger, initiating people into the lodge. The way I do it – if I see that you are weak in spirit, I begin to come closer to you. We begin to interact – the more you begin to respond to me, the more your spirit is being drawn down. By the time you know it, your spirit is in our coven – your body will be in UK, while your spirit is in the lodge in Lagos. And then she begins to control you and tell you what to do, and you begin to act according to what she says. That was the job I was doing. I was able to convert more than 30 people during my days in university.

“In university I became the president of the youths, because I was very brilliant. I didn’t acquire my knowledge from what we do – it is God-given. God has invested such knowledge in me because right from my youth, I came out on top of the class – from primary through to university. Anywhere I go, they want to make me the president of the students, to lead others. I used that opportunity to ensnare people. I was controlling about 385 students while in Kingston University; so I had the privilege of talking to people, and they would want to listen by virtue of my position. I would use enticing language to make you listen, while manipulating your spirit down to the coven here inLagos.

“There is a secret room in our compound where my auntie keeps all her valuables – and nobody dares enter, except me. I was the only one who could enter that room besides her, because of the training she was giving me. That is where she keeps all her charms and some spiritual things that are not supposed to be touched by physical hands, as well as her gold and jewellery. There was a time the security man in our compound in Lagos became friendly with me, although I never knew his evil intentions. He used to ask me to allow him into the house when my auntie was not around, and we watched television together. As we were talking one day, he asked where the key to that secret room was kept. I naively showed him, not knowing what he was planning to do. By the time we came back from our summer holiday in UK, my auntie saw somebody had tampered with the door. This guy had stolen all the valuables in that room and touched those things that were not supposed to be handled by ordinary hands, defiling them, making them worthless and useless.

“She became very furious and angry. It was like fire was coming out of her eyes. The thing that made her most angry was that she trusted me, she believed in me and I betrayed her trust by allowing a stranger into the house. In the secret lodge, there are laws that bind us and for anyone that goes contrary to the law, the penalty is death. But that death is not instant – they will push you to the point where you lead yourself into death gradually. Then she cursed me. She said that because I told a stranger where the key is, wherever I go, I will be a vagabond and roam around restlessly. She said I will be going to prison until I die, and I will always be caught with keys in my hands, and the prison will become my home all the days of my life until I hang myself and take my life.

Robbed Of Real Value
“Immediately she pronounced that curse, it took effect at that very moment. It was like some strange spirit came into me, and my real value went out. Everything I ever went to school for went out. It was lost. From that moment, I was being controlled by the spirit assigned to me – the spirit of death, the spirit of stealing, the spirit of robbery. And straight after that curse, my auntie disconnected herself from everything that had to do with me and threw me outside her house. Because my father was also a member of the inner circle, he refused to take me in. He was also scared of his life, because he knew that if he accepted me, he had gone against the law – and the penalty was death. So they pushed me out into the darkness, alone.


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