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Prophet T.B. Joshua

Working hand in hand with the choir, Prophet T. B. Joshua proceeded to give the sermon, taking advantage of the short break by the choir. He entitled the message, Faith Acts In Concert. He referred the congregation to Romans 10:1-17. After the reading, the man of God asserted that there were two natures in a person and that the just would live by faith. Faith, according to him, acts in concert with other spiritual forces to accomplish the purpose of God. He cited holiness, consecration, judgment, evangelism and the love of God as some of the other spiritual forces that team with faith to develop man spiritually. He however hinted that some people seem to choose a few words and live by them. They want to pick out healing and prosperity among others as their spiritual foundation. In crusades and revival gatherings, such words as prosperity, healing and deliverance are echoed to attract attendance. Such people are not eager about such other areas of the Bible as consecration, holiness, judgment, evangelism and the love of God, which work in concert with faith to develop man spiritually. Many seem merely concerned with receiving from God. We would then pray, “Give me, God; heal me…” It is true that the Word of God talks about healing and receiving but we cannot give to others until we ourselves have received something from God. In this case, we have a role to play. We cannot rely on bits and pieces from the Scriptures. Our knowledge of the Bible must be broad and holistic. We need the whole counsel of God, all the bits and pieces strung, fastened and laced together in our lives to develop into a strong spiritual man. Faith and love must work together to be effective. Sometimes, it seems that the people who preoccupy themselves with faith, talk faith, live faith, believe faith and know faith do not have much love. Where is love today among men? Many people believe that faith is the greatest quality but the Bible, in 1 Corinthians 13 :13, says the greatest is love because faith works by love. Love is the more important because it is the force that sets faith working. Your faith cannot work without love. This is why many believers cannot use their faith. Their faith is latent, dormant. What is love? Love looks around for those who are in need, the sick, the poor and all those who need help. Love is tolerant and does not criticize; love puts up with anything and is happy when others are happy. Love rejoices when others give testimony; love does not compare itself to others. It does not measure itself by itself; it is content. In a tribute to his mother whom the prophet described as a symbol of love, he told his listeners that she advised him that when he did not seem to receive or hear from God, he should look into his love walk. This is because faith without love cannot receive, bless or heal. Many can quote the Word and boast about how much they know God but they do not seem to receive; lack of love may be the cause. If you have taken God’s Word to heart and truly made it part of you, you will be blessed; you will fear no circumstances because you can do all things through Christ. Taking the Word to heart and truly making it part of you, will by its very nature, change you. Love has no time for critics. You cannot use wrong to fight wrong. We fight wrong with good. Many believers have stifled their faith by failing to show love. Failure to show love can shut down one’s spiritual walk with the Lord.


We must be careful in entering into temptation but if God allows it as a trial, we must not think it strange and doubt our Guard.

We must not think strong and tempt the devil to tempt us and provoke God to leave us to our strength.

A video clip unfolded a prophecy given by the prophet in which he urged people to fast and pray on Wednesday and Thursday and read Psalm 91. He asked those travelling by air to read Psalm 91 because he could see ‘Breaking news’ about the crashing of a plane and that it would occur on Wednesday. He urged congregants to inscribe a sign of the cross on their foreheads and pray for those travelling on Wednesday all over the world. This prophecy foretold the crash of the Russian plane that was conveying an ice hockey team on Wednesday 7 September 2011. The breaking news report showed that the plane had crashed on its way to a tournament and that all but two had perished in the crash. The prophet then asked congregants and the world at large to pray for the families of those who had died.


Mrs Emiliana Shitindi, who was delivered in the church the previous Sunday, accompanied by her husband, had come from Tanzania to the prophet to seek deliverance from the contrary spirits which made her eat charcoal. The woman and her husband appeared on the platform to confirm the addiction to charcoal and her deliverance during the previous Sunday service. The prophet added that she had been made to stay for the week so that her eating behaviour after the deliverance could be monitored. Both the woman and her husband confirmed that since the deliverance her addiction to charcoal stopped completely. They thanked God and the man of God for her deliverance from that evil spirit.


A prophecy from Wise Man Daniel was then shown, as he issued a prophecy to a pregnant woman. In the prophecy, the wise man reminded the woman of a dream she had which had been frightening her ever since. The wise man told her that she had been very worried since she had the dream and that she had been thinking about operation. He dissuaded her from going for an operation, adding that if she went, she would not survive it. Thereafter, he prayed for the baby to be repositioned in the womb and told her to go home and deliver her baby boy safely without operation. At the end of the clip, a woman, Mrs Adegoke with a child in her arms, stepped out to the platform to introduce herself as the subject of the prophecy. She further confirmed the prophecy as relayed and added that while pregnant, she had a dream in which she was shown a coffin of hers and after that dream, her thought was dogged with fear until she came to The SCOAN. It was after the deliverance by Wise Man Daniel that the fearful thought vanished from her mind. She added that she later delivered a bouncing baby boy as prophesied by the wise man. The congregation praised the Lord for her safe delivery.


In course of the mass prayer the previous Sunday, those who had contrary spirits began to manifest under the influence of the Holy Spirit. A ten –year –old boy among them clenched his fists and ground his teeth as he rolled on the floor. Thanks to God, he was later delivered through prayer from the prophet. After the clip was over, the boy and his parents appeared on the podium for confirmation and their testimony. The father, Pastor Joshua Musa told the congregation that they observed at a time that their son exhibited strange traits of behaviour and stubbornness. As parents, his wife and he had done all they could to have him delivered but without success. It was in the continued effort to deliver him that made them bring him to The SCOAN. Luckily for them, according to the father, their son was entrapped in the pervading anointing of the church during the mass prayer and he manifested the evil spirit in him. After deliverance by the man of God, their son had become normal, the father concluded. In his testimony, the boy, Joshua Musa revealed that he had the habit of watching cartoons from which he was infected with the spirit of lion, which he also saw in his dream. He was led to the evil kingdom in the dream where he obtained powers for his hand and teeth. The power for the hand was for stealing and destroying while that for the teeth was for biting. After his testimony, the prophet asked him to shout the name, ‘Jesus’. As soon as he did that, he fell down in total deliverance. The family of Pastor Musa then thanked God, the church and Prophet T. B. Joshua for the deliverance of their son.


A video clip revealed a boy whose eye had been afflicted with cancer. It was a pitiable sight to behold as the affected eye was so swollen that the entire face of the boy, Nosa Irabor by name, was disfigured in addition to the perceived pain in it. In the prayer line, the man of God stretched his hand at him and issued the words, ‘You are free’. Three weeks after that, the boy, then healed, came for his testimony. He came again to the church for the same testimony last Sunday after 13 years. This time, he came not as a boy but as a full-grown man close to 30 years. Recounting his ordeal as an adult, Mr Nosa Irabor recounted the steps he took to seek healing in the homes of witch doctors and hospitals where doctors told him that he would undergo an operation. He never got healing until that historic stretching of the arm at him by the prophet to declare him free. Thirteen years after the healing in The SCOAN, the affected eye is as normal as the unaffected one and only by story telling would one would know that the eye was once affected by cancer. Mr Irabor, like the rest before him, thanked God and the man of God for his healing.


A woman, Mrs Fatima Dalhatu mounted the platform for her testimony. She narrated to her listeners how the Anointing Water had healed her of the brain tumour that had held her down for 13 years. All that time, she experienced vomiting and constant headaches as symptoms of the disease. As a patient of the dreaded disease, she had been to hospitals for cure but without success. At a stage, she was advised by her doctors to go to India for an operation. To do that, she revealed, she would need the sum of 2.7 million naira. In their dilemma, her husband brought her to The SCOAN, where they received the Anointing Water. After praying and ministering the Anointing Water, she clearly experienced total healing which was later confirmed by her doctor. She happily thanked God for using the Anointing Water to heal her.


A couple, Mr and Mrs Darlington mounted the podium to unfold the story of their deliverance from eight years of barrenness with the ministration of the Anointing Water. In their plight as a barren couple, the husband revealed, they became the object of ridicule among friends and neighbours who said they had sacrificed their children to obtain wealth. It was during a confrontation with one of the men who assaulted his wife in his absence that Mr Darlington ran into a deputy superintendent of police who, after settling the quarrel, introduced him to Prophet T. B. Joshua and the Anointing Water. The couple visited The SCOAN as a way of paying heed to the advice of the officer and received the Anointing Water. They prayed over the Anointing Water and met as a couple. At the time of the testimony, the wife was pregnant and thus closed the chapter of barrenness in their marriage. They both thanked God for using the Anointing Water to end their barrenness.


A man, Mr Moses Nosa from Edo, Nigeria who described himself as a pastor was among those who manifested evil spirits during the mass prayer the previous Sunday. The man revealed that he acquired evil powers by reading many books including the seven books of Moses. He mounted a shrine in his house where he practised his powers and occasionally sacrificed animals to it. He founded a church, which never thrived possibly, because of his evil interests. A snake used to chase members of his church from the church and a friend attempted to help him to revive the church through evil means. Among his items of power was one he called the spirit of echo. Even though he used his powers to make money from those who visited him for help, he found that the money left him even poorer and more miserable than before.

At the end of the service, the man of God gave him the Anointing Water to spray at his temple at home to dispossess it of all its powers. The prophet then asked him to hold some of the items he had brought from his shrine as he was about to deliver him. Mr Nosa held the echo, a garment and the seven books of Moses and the prophet delivered him in the name of Jesus.

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide can hardly fully express their joy in the Lord for the many wonders He manifests among them.

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True to his commitment to the work of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua has often dwelt on different aspects of the committed worshipper and true worshipping in his teaching during live service every Sunday. One of his themes on Sunday the 11th of April 2010 was the mark of a true prophet. The man of God cited various portions of the Bible to elucidate his point. This was however, preceded by a short period of devotional prayers.
After a short period of worship, the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua gave a message which was titled: God speaks to us. The prophet clearly identified the marks by which one may detect a cheat or false prophet and a true prophet quoting the book of DEUTERONOMY 18:20 as his proof text. He said, “God puts His Word in our mouths when we say, ‘God says’ genuinely. When God gives us His Word, It heals, blesses and delivers. When we say ‘God says’, at that moment, we are speaking of God, not of ourselves. But if I say, ‘God says’ and it does not come to pass, this will serve to disapprove my commission as a prophet.”
After an exhaustive examination of the theme, the man of God decided to illustrate his point further by authorising to be highlighted on the screen, two recent incidents in the church. The first was the delivery of a baby in the church the previous Sunday. In this incident the man of God prayed for a woman in the prayer line for safe delivery and immediately her water broke and she entered labour. Some moments later, after she had been taken to the church labour room, the man of God went to her and prayed for her once again.

The hallmark of this event was the total identification of the baby by the prophet before it came out. As if that was what the baby had been waiting for before showing its face, it came out as soon as the prophet identified it both by sex and name. In apparent response to the prophet’s repeated utterance; “Ezekiel, come out” the baby boy surfaced much to the surprise of the anxious congregation.

The second prophetic message concerned a flag the man of God said he had seen being brought down. The prophet added that the flag he saw had two colours, one of which was white. The prophecy was actually the final part of a series of prophecies the man of God had been giving from the very beginning of the year. The DVD began by showing a prophecy dated back in the month of January when Prophet TB Joshua prophesied concerning the nation Russia and one of her neighbours that something would happen to cause a dispute that might escalate into a fight between the two countries. Later in the year, the prophet prophesied again that he saw an aeroplane full of government officials and people that mattered in their society adding that something would happen in the air. He then called on the congregation to pray for the protection of the innocent souls. Footage from CNN’s Breaking News on Saturday 10th April announced that the Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady, the Chief of Army Staff and many other prominent government officials and leaders died when their plane crashed in Russia. To confirm the prophecy, the reporters drew attention to the national flag of Poland which is a flag comprising two colours: red and white. In memory of the life of the great president and those who lost their lives in the tragic accident, Prophet T.B. Joshua called for a prayerful two minute silence in which the prophet instructed the congregation to pray for God to rebuild and reinstate the nation of Poland and to give her good governors, good officials and good people to take over the running of the country.
Before commencing with the mass prayer, the man of God said that we, as Christians, must feel what others feel by which he alluded to all those waiting for God’s healing. One of the most touching moments was when Mrs Mukhele from Cameroon who had come with a terrible case of cancer of the cheek, touched her swollen face and smiled testifying that the pain had gone after the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered the Anointing Water for salvation, healing and deliverance to her. This was just one of the many pathetic cases that received healing.
Two other cases that are worth mentioning are those of Mrs Comfort Okpere, 57, who had a fracture of the right femoral head due to an accident and had to use a pair of crutches in order to walk; she miraculously threw away her crutches and began walking unassisted after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The other one was Mr Frank Ebaghelli who suffered from inability to walk due to a fracture of his tibia and fibula and was brought to the church lying down in his vehicle. The man of God gave a bottle of Anointing Water for salvation, healing and deliverance to the family members to minister to the invalid and after receiving the Anointing Water, Mr Ebaghelli rose to his feet and walked to the glory of God!
This goes to show that there is never a disease Jesus Christ cannot cure.

The second service began a short time later with the mass prayer. The man of God raised prayer points instructing the congregation “to release themselves from every situation that threatened their joy, peace and comfort” and “from every spirit that was not of God”. In response to the man of God’s prayer, God generously released healing to all those who were in need to the joy of the entire congregation.
Amidst the powerful prayer points the man of God also revealed many prophecies both of international and personal significance to members of the congregation.
There is no space enough to record all the happenings and miracles that took place that service day, suffice to say that our Lord Jesus Christ proved that though He is no longer visible in our midst, His power has not stopped. Rather, Jesus Christ’s power and effectiveness are even greater today because He can be in all places, at all times through His Word by His Spirit!
In addition to this, Prophet T.B. Joshua also demonstrated by the various vindications of earlier prophecies and instances of miraculous healings and deliverance the mark of God’s true prophet.

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