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Spirits were high and countenances fresh as the multitudes thronged to attend the first Sunday Service of the year in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. Echoing on the lips of the congregants were the words, “Happy New Year, Happy Another Chance!” Yes, the message for the New Year was clear, The Year of Another Chance.

This was the revelation that Prophet T.B. Joshua had declared during the Candlelight Service on New Year’s Eve. While the world celebrated the beginning of 2011, a message of hope was shared which touched the hearts of all who heard it. “If you are hurt, cheated, disappointed, give them another chance because you are given another chance. Jesus has given us another chance,” said Prophet T.B. Joshua. He explained that our old approach to life must change. Criticising instead of praising, neglecting others, being rude, belittling others’ opinions, using insensitive words – these kinds of attitudes and behaviours would hinder the healing of past hurts (Philemon 1:10,16).

As the thousands inside the auditorium and outside the church lit their candles, they joined together in prayer to thank Jesus for giving them another chance. Prophet T.B. Joshua followed by the entire congregation went on their knees. The man of God committed the congregation and viewers worldwide to God saying, “I commit you to God who is able to make you strong and steady in the Lord.” As the people rose to their feet, victory pervaded the atmosphere as the man of God declared, “What you were supposed to become, this is the year to become it! What you have lost, this is the year to regain it!”








The people danced and sang in appreciation to God as the prophet declared, “The voice of weeping, difficulty, trouble, failure, poverty and sickness shall no longer be heard, in Jesus’ name. (Isaiah 65:19)





It was an average morning for Evangelist Ndeanco Ogbonaya as he entered a bus in a busy Lagocian street with 10 other people on board. Suddenly, he became aware of the other men onboard giving each other signs and then the bus came to a standstill while the driver parked by the side of the road. The men came together and changed the number plate. With this suspicious operation complete, the bus was driven three and a half hours into the deep forest. A chemical powder was sprinkled in the bus making it impossible for him to see although he could still hear the conversation of the hijackers. He could hear the men telling the driver, to drive quick because there in failure there was no security. When they arrived at their destination, the occupants of the bus came out, one by one. Sounds of screaming echoed through the forest. Fear struck Ndeanco’s heart as he realized that he was in a ritualist shrine. Evangelist Ndeanco was about to experience brutal inhuman scenes that he would never forget. Stepping down from the vehicle, he was told to look at the heavens and the earth and say his prayers. He was taken to where they killed people with machetes like animals. He saw people being slaughtered, their heads severed from their body and rolling on the ground. When asked if he thought it was good, Ndeanco had no option but to nod his head as he knew that at the slightest inkling, they could kill him in their place. There was a continual flow of people who were brought into the shrine, in bus loads every 45 minutes. There were about 30 buses in total that were routinely sent out on their deadly missions. The people they kidnapped were young and old alike, from different professions and walks of life yet all victims of this brutal act. They made the fatal mistake of entering the wrong bus at the wrong time. Living in fear, Ndeanco began crying silently because they were killing human beings in his presence, created by the living God. When it was his turn, they asked him to say his last prayer. In the moment of his utter desperation, he heard a voice saying, “Call the God of T.B. Joshua”. He started, shocked at the revelation as he had never worshipped in the church of T.B. Joshua during the nine years he had lived in Lagos. He had even listened to rumours that the man was a magician and had vowed that he would never even cross the street of The SCOAN for fear of the magical powers that were reportedly inside. But the voice came, “Call the God of TB Joshua!” As he did so, the man who was about to kill him dropped the sword and a mighty wind descended upon the shrine, stripping the idols of their power.

The ritualists tried to kill him by using many charms and occultist medicines on him which resulted in terrible wounds on his stomach and leg. When their efforts failed, they placed him in a separate room and called their commander as they did not know what to do. On the sixth day, they called Evangelist Ndeanco and said, ‘This God of T.B. Joshua, where did you obtain Him? You must go because you are causing havoc in our kingdom.’ They then blindfolded him and drove almost four hours before dropping him by the side of the road. Out of nowhere, he saw a blue car which stopped. He couldn’t see the face of the driver because it was shining. The mysterious driver didn’t even ask for any direction but just drove him to where he was headed. He dropped him in a place and said that from there, he could get to where he was going. The next thing he knew, Evangelist Ndeanco made his way to The SCOAN where he shared his incredible testimony during the live Sunday Service, giving thanks to God for saving his life.


For one year, Mrs Comfort Edwin from Abia state, Nigeria had not seen her menstruation. This worrying condition had led her to different hospitals in search of a solution but in vain. Adamant not to enter the new year with this affliction, Mrs Comfort came to The Candlelight Service at The SCOAN. It was there that she witnessed the deliverance of a man possessed of an evil spirit that pushed him to have affairs with animals, who received the Anointing Wristband. Her faith was lifted up and she began praying to receive her own. When she received the Anointing Wristband, she felt something moving in her stomach. She then went to the bathroom and lo and behold, she discovered that she had started her menstruation! Brimming with joy, Mrs Comfort came out to share her testimony during the service that Sunday.



Life held a terrible stigma for Mrs Tolulope and her husband. For two and a half years, she had been bleeding severely due to cervical cancer which resulted in an embarrassing and offensive odour. The strain began to take its toll on Mrs Tolulope who became pale due to the loss of blood. Each day, she had to leave the office at 1pm as her boss and colleagues began to complain of the odour. The medics were unable to provide a solution and an operation was deemed to be her last hope. It was then that Mrs Tolulope decided to come to the SCOAN to seek the face of God for her divine healing. It was the Candlelight Service and the night that the Anointing Wristband were used a point of contact for many to receive their healing, deliverance and blessing through the power of the Holy Spirit. The moment that Mrs Tolulope received the wristband which bore the word, “Meditation in God’s Word is a visit with Him”, the bleeding miraculously stopped and the odour simultaneously disappeared. The end to her suffering had come.

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