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The news of TB Joshua’s prophecy concerning the death of the ‘King Of Pop’, Michael Jackson, is still reverberating around the society. Another article in National Daily tells of the remarkable prophetic message…

The Legend Of A Thriller

The Legend Of A Thriller

How T.B Joshua predicted Michael Jackson’s death

• Begged Tee Mac to bring MJ to Nigeria • Jackson family informed about prediction. • Marlon Jackson invites Tee Mac to burial. • Tee Mac blames self for not acting fast enough.

THE death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson which occurred on the 25th of June 2009 was predicted by Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue of All Nations Church Trend’tainment can authoritatively reveal.

Trend’tainment gathered that Prophet Joshua had called Tee Mac, the immediate past president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) on during his birthday celebration on June 12 and informed him to bring Michael Jackson to Nigeria. According to Tee Mac who met Michael Jackson in 1974 while in an office that shared a building with the Quincy Jones Foundation in the United States, then, he confirmed that Pastor Joshua did inform him before hand.

The King Of Pop

The King Of Pop

“On June 12 I went to the Synagogue to wish him happy birthday and played some flute for the guests, but the Man of God did not come down to the party. He called me up to his private office. There we discussed the PMAN problem and he told me to bring through Marlon Jackson, Michael to Nigeria. He stated that Michael needs urgent help, medical and deliverance. I replied that Michael has just passed a medical test before the events managers would sign him for the 50 shows, but Prophet T.B. Joshua insisted that Michel must come to Nigeria to the Synagogue for treatment and that this was a very serious situation,” he said.

Tee Mac went on to say that he spoke with Marlon Jackson, Michael’s elder brother, concerning the issue but dwelt more on a business concern he had with Marlon.

“I spoke with Marlon a day later with regards to delaying his coming to Nigeria because the MOU with the Lagos State Government on a project he was handling in Nigeria was not ready and mentioned T.B. Joshua’s request. But he stated that Michael is rehearsing. I left it like that,” he explained. On the 14th of June, Prophet T.B Joshua, who had earlier predicted the Afghanistan earthquake, the New York plane that crash landed in the Hudson River early in the year as well as the death of the former South Korea Prime Minister, told the congregation about the impending death of the pop star. Tee Mac said he was shocked when the news of Michael Jackson’s death was announced and got more shocker when he went to the Synagogue church the next Sunday only to have the video of the prophesy played to him.

TB Joshua Predicted MJ's Death

TB Joshua Predicted MJ's Death

“The following Sunday the Man of God told his congregation in the Synagogue that the following week one of the world’s top stars shall pass away. I was not in the Synagogue that Sunday but the following Sunday, after Michael passed away, I saw the video played back to me. I went on Sunday the 28th of June to the Synagogue three days after MJ’s death to speak to the congregation and give a testimony to the fact T.B. Joshua had predicted Michael’s death and that I did not act fast enough or could not influence the family to send him to Nigeria. Michael died on Thursday the 25th of June and on Friday morning T.B. Joshua called me and just stated that he had seen on the death of Michael and tried to tell me to do my best to bring him for healing. I am still absolutely shocked about the whole incident.

Tee Mac informed that he has called he called Marlon to render his sympathy and he invited him to come for the funeral of which he would leave fly to the U.S today.

SOURCE: National Daily

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Chiji Okafor adds more reflections on Prophet TB Joshua at 46, as published in today’s edition of ‘The National Life’…

It is amazing that anybody who lays claim to being a pastor of God (like Pastor Oritsejafor of the PFN does) should be talking about mentoring in matters of the faith as if talking about some rookie artisan being shepherded into ‘freedom’ from his master’s workshop. Such drivel simply speaks volumes of the man who utters it. It reveals the depth of vulgarity to which our ‘modern’ men of God have allowed the gospel of Jesus Christ to sink.

Anybody who boasts in God’s vineyard about his mentor and such other inane subjects as earthly endowments has simply not imbibed the lessons of Christ’s personal life. Jesus Christ the Son of God could have been born a prince, if He so chose. On the contrary, God made man, decided to come into this world, the son of a wretched carpenter born in, of all places, a manger and side-by-side animals! He had neither an earthly mentor, nor did the Bible tell us that He had doctorate degrees in sacred theology and dogmatic philosophy.

TB Joshua At 46

TB Joshua At 46

In His divine wisdom, God chooses whom He crowns king and decides whom He endows with any gift He likes – and we all have our different gifts. Anybody who challenges this wisdom of God Almighty blasphemes against Him, by querying His authority.
So, why would God choose a humble, even innocent, or bucolic Temitope Balogun Joshua for the enormous anointing he has received? Why didn’t He pick one of those blue-blooded, Oxford-trained peers of the realm?

One cannot exactly tell and neither can anybody else, for that matter. However, having watched Pastor Joshua very closely these past few months, followed with keen interest, the documentaries of his early ministry and his teachings and other activities on Emmanuel TV, physically witnessed his Sunday healing and miracle services at the Synagogue Church and had numerous private audiences with him, I have been privileged to glean a few facts and to learn a very important lesson about faith, from this soldier of Christ.

As humans, we usually crack in the daunting face of adversity. In fact, at some point, many of us not only give up on God, we even dare to turn against Him. In the case of Prophet Joshua, the harder the battle to survive, the greater his loyalty to his God appears to be. I have never seen anybody with such unshakable faith in what he believes, such optimism that may even look to an observer during those his ministry’s early years as mere folly.

Anybody who has seen that documentary on his early ministry, of his first church (a miserable looking shack, with about 20 worshippers) and the optimism with which he prophesied how the whole world would soon come to Synagogue Church, would simply be awed by the power of the living God and testify to His glory. A little later during those early years, Prophet Joshua who leads by example went down to such fine details as personally cleaning the toilets of the church for three long years. As he says, “In order to be able to manage success, I had to first learn how to manage poverty”. As bad as things were then, Pastor Joshua was always seen ministering to his flock with a broad smile, even as his first, second and third churches, drowned in flood waters.

In contrast to those humble beginnings, today’s Synagogue Church of All Nations is an intimidating edifice that has become one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations! If there is anything I have learnt from the story of Pastor Joshua, my interactions with the prophet and his church, it is the humility and faithfulness of God Almighty Himself, towards those that maintain abiding faith in Him, in the face of all odds. This is what Prophet TB Joshua always teaches: “Of all graces, FAITH honours Christ the most; of all graces, Christ honours FAITH the most.”

Those who today want to give Christianity a highfaluting image and discriminate against their fellow men either do not know, or simply forget its humble beginnings. The cross, the banner under which all of Christendom gathers derives from an ancient mystical symbol, which many may refer to as (sorry for that derogatory word) pagan.

The Celtic cross, a religious symbol seen all over Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, has a long history that presages Christianity itself. Its four arms are interpreted as the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire. It also represents the four directions of the compass – north, south, east, west – and the four parts of man – mind, soul, heart, and body.

This is also the basis of the Jewish Tetragrammaton, represented by the Hebrew letters, Yod, He, Vau, He, with the last He, bearing a dot, symbolising completion, just like the shoot of a dormant seed. Those four Hebrew letters, together, spell out Yahuvah, or Jehovah, the elements that emanated from the Divine Essence at the point of Creation, as documented in the first chapter of Genesis. I had written extensively about this in the past and the correlation between this Biblical account of the beginning of space-time and the Quantum Theory in particle physics is indeed amazing!

One and the same concept runs through most major mystical-religious concepts of all civilisations, worldwide, from ancient, so-called primitive African and Amerindian cultures, to Indo-Chinese, European and Arabic cultures and more. This universal symbolism is seen in the Popol Vuh, the Holy Book of the Quiche Maya of South America. It is the Yin and Yang of Taoist China, also symbolised by the Dance of Shiva, in the Indian Sanskrit.

Back here, in Africa, this same symbolism is seen in the ancient drawings of the Dogon of Mali, as it is in Ghana’s Adinkra culture. It is the Creation Snake that Wole Soyinka talks about in his “Idanre and Other Poems”, which the Igbo celebrate in the New Yam festival, the basis of their four market days and their lunar calendar, depicted by the Uli motif of the kola nut head.

Ancient Egyptians equally celebrated the feast of Eostre in honour of the goddess of fertility and the endless cycles of the death of winter and the birth of spring. The Romans borrowed the same practice and baptised it Saturnalia. It is this very old belief, depicted by the image of the Egyptian Ankh or the Crux Ansata, which found its way into Judaeo-Christian theology, that the first Christians adopted and celebrated as Easter, directly borrowing its name from the goddess: “Unless the grain falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.” (John 12:24).

To think that the symbol of the very basis of the Christian faith, the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary and the power of New Life in the Risen Christ, had its humble beginnings in the faiths of peoples we would now rather turn up our noses at, as pagans, is a lesson in God’s own humility and mysterious but wise ways. It teaches us never to look down on anybody but rather, to embrace all. From the high priests of quantum physics, to the lowly African chief priests and sages, to our modern, “funky pastors”, we should have nothing but respect for our fellow man, for it is only God Himself who can tell who worships Him in truth and in spirit.

This is another major lesson that Pastor Joshua teaches everyone with his unique ministry. At the Synagogue Church, you find people of all races and creeds. You find the very rich and the very poor, the homeless, beggars, everybody, side-by-side. You even find grandmasters of the occult that have come to receive deliverance. Nobody discriminates against anybody and people are actually encouraged after receiving their healing, to go back to their respective churches or mosques.

I am yet to see this in other Pentecostal churches and this ecumenism, I believe, is the message of Christ’s mission while on earth.

SOURCE: Chiji Okafor – The National Life

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June 12th will ever be printed in the minds of so many Nigerians as the day that politics and democracy was beaten by rivalry, jealousy and opinion. It’s all about a man, known as M.K.O. Abiola who won the election hands down, but never spent one day as the president.

In 1992, M.K.O. met a strange man who prophesied this very occurrence. Below is an article taken from the publication ‘Faith Cometh’ that gives full details of how this encounter took place…

M.K.O. Abiola - the man who won the election but never ruled

M.K.O. Abiola - the man who won the election but never ruled

It is often said that when God talks, the wise listen. God often uses men as instruments of His wisdom. Why is this a lesson that many learn only in retrospect? If we could live our lives over again, what warnings would we heed? What advice would we ignore? An encounter with a true prophet of God can change the course of the history of one’s life forever.

What you are about to read is the narration of an encounter between the late Chief MKO Abiola and Prophet T.B. Joshua, as narrated by journalist turned businessman, Otunba Andy Anibor.

F. C: Welcome to Faith Cometh. Can we talk to you sir?
A.A: My name is Chief Andy Anibor. I am the Bobagunwa of Ilaro and a businessman.

F.C: What is your relation with the Synagogue via the prophet?

A.A: In 1992 when I was working with the Guardian Newspaper as Chief Correspondent, I was the one sent by the office to cover the launch of a vessel bought by the late business mogul Chief M.K.O Abiola in faraway Germany. When we returned to Nigeria, a relationship had begun and developed and he asked me to resign my position with The Guardian to become his (Abiola’s) Protocol Officer.

During that period, I had the opportunity of meeting the man of God and that was in 1992 when the church was still at its old site. I told him that I wanted him to meet my boss Chief Abiola who was contesting the presidential election. At about 8pm on that day, I and the man of God drove to the Chief’s house on Abiola Crescent, Ikeja. The man of God, within ten minutes of the meeting, told Abiola that he was going to win the election but he was never going to be the President of Nigeria.

Immediately, Chief called me aside and told me that this man was not an ordinary man, he asked me how I knew him and where he is from. I told him that the Prophet is from The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. He said: “Where is Synagogue?” I told him that Synagogue is in Lagos, and he asked what he could do now? I told him to give the prophet money; maybe he could turn away the evil that would make his ascension to the exalted office of president, impossible.

I came back to the man of God and told him that Chief says I should give him money. There was always enough money on me. I counted fifty thousand naira, but the prophet refused saying he had told Chief what was going to happen and that the only thing he could do to salvage the situation was for him to come to the church.

I went back to the Chief and told him the message from the man of God and Chief said: ‘‘Yes, he is a man of God, he should make me win instead of telling me to come to his church, he knows I am a Muslim’’. He there and then told me that I should desist from seeing the man of God again and that he is too powerful for my kind of person, I should stay away from the Synagogue and that is how I abandoned my friend for several years.

F.C: Prophet T.B. Joshua has been painted negatively in the press before the public so that one would think that everyone would keep their distance and here you are saying he is your friend. What informs this stance?
A.A: Well at that time, my contact with the man of God was an act of God. He is very humane. We used to drive in my car to Oyingbo with the food in my car booth. It was a ‘gazing watch’ for passers-by who must have thought: ‘Ah, what is wrong with this duo?’ Here were people in their respective places of work and we prefer to share food to the destitute. We also used to go to motherless babies homes at Makoko, he would feed the children and for hours he would be in their midst. So, I came to like him until that event between him and Chief Abiola and the instruction to stay away.

F.C: Were you surprised that he turned down the offer of fifty thousand naira even when it was obvious that he could do a lot with that sum in 1992/93?
A.A: Before he rejected the offer, I knew he was not money conscious because I used to see a lot of money in his office. I knew it was not all about money. I knew he was not going to take it because he gives out more than that to those who seek his assistance. So, he not taking the money was not a shock to me.

F.C: Looking back, do you not feel guilty for jettisoning your friend because your boss dreaded the truth?
A.A: The man pays my bills and I thought he was actually going to be the president. I did not want to believe the man of God, not with the money, the connection national and international and the backing of the military and one man is saying he is not going to be there? I said to myself this man has only one vote, so I tried to follow the man that has been spending money, I thought we will win. Yes we did win fare and square, but the election was annulled.

F.C: Why didn’t you run back to the prophet?
A.A: I remembered him quickly but it was too late because Chief had been arrested, so I had to run to my uncle Chief Kokori and told him that we have to help this man. He asked: ‘‘If we have to help this man what of those who betrayed him?’’ It is the cumulative events of that period that gave birth to June 12 struggle, NUPENG strike and other things that shook Abacha. At that time, I became angered that the man of God refused to help us after all I would have been living inside Aso Rock. So I did not want to come and see him again until recently.

F.C: There were more prominent men of God who told Abiola that it was Eldorado and here was T.B. Joshua just coming up and he is saying the contrary. What can you say of Prophet T.B. Joshua?
A.A: In fact, when you take a man to a big man’s house, you expect him to say what the big man wants to hear and here was a young prophet who looked deeply into the big man’s eyes and told him point blank that he was going to win but that he will never rule. We were all alone in the late Kudirat’s apartment when he told him the message face to face. After that encounter, before the ugly events that unfolded later, Chief always taunted me saying: “Where is that your friend”, and I would say that I no longer go there, so I do not know much about him. I did not believe the prophet’s prediction because with Abiola’s weight and connection in society, nobody would have given the prophet’s prediction a second thought because it has never been heard of in the annals of political history in Nigeria that a candidate wins an election and he is denied his mandate and here is a man, a year before the election, predicting that there would be annulment.

I think that was why Chief warned me saying: ‘‘You know, you are a small boy and these people are more than you. This man of God is not an ordinary man. He told me that when he shook his hand, he knew the prophet is not an ordinary man and that I should distance myself from the man of God if I wanted to stay with him but that if I wanted to go, I could go. I wanted to stay with Chief so I stayed away from the prophet.

F.C: After the annulment was there anytime Chief Abiola in retrospect mentioned T.B. Joshua to you?
A.A: After the annulment, a lot of prophets and pastors were coming and were trying to make him believe that the situation would change. I was all over the place busy looking for spiritual people who could work on Babaginda’s mind to de-annul the election. Let me be frank, I was also scared of reminding him that there was a man who stood out against what others said because I was feeling that in his annoyance, he could say I should go and bring the man, alleging that he caused his failure, so I couldn’t brace up myself to tell him of the prophet. But I think he still remembered because he once complained that he is not comfortable with these people because they were the ones who told him that he would become the president and now they are telling him that Babagida will die tomorrow. A few days later, security men picked him up and he never came back alive.

F.C: Do you think over confidence and not religion informed Abiola’s decision not to honour the prophet’s simple instruction?
A.A: Indeed he had on one occasion boasted that I should not mind the prophet, that either through the right means or through the back door he will be sworn in as the president. I think it is both factors but his confidence in his ability to twist things to his taste overwhelmed his judgement.

F.C: T.B. Joshua is your friend and the friend of so many people. Why do you think people hold him high, now?
A.A: There are so many factors responsible for this. I spoke about his humility, his lifestyle, for which many would mistake him for an ordinary man. Secondly, his magnanimity to those in need. Let me tell you that as I left service on Sunday, a friend called me all the way from London informing me that he just watched on the screen the church programme where according to him the prophet was giving out cash gifts to widows/widowers, dwarfs and after that the fellow said that unlike his pastor who cruises past beggars who lined the church path on service days but I told him that he has not just started the doling out of gifts, it is a thing he’s been practicing over fifteen years now though at that time it was on a small scale, I mean financially. T.B. Joshua is a rare breed. In this era where pastors are amassing wealth for themselves and their families, going into ventures that are outside the confines of the sanctuary, here is a man who is sharing his wealth with the less privileged. Once in a lifetime, such fellows grace the earth and they are always true prophets of God.

F.C: You still remember some of those pastors and prophets who prophesied falsehood, if per chance your path crosses theirs, what would you tell them?
A.A: I know so many of them who will see me and take a duck because they knew then that they were after the man’s money and told a lie against the Holy Spirit of God. If I am opportune to talk with any of them, I will point out one thing to them now, how they let themselves down and will warn them to shun crowd prophesies. T.B. Joshua was not a big pastor then, I mean compared with some big names at that time and yet he stood on the truth. See how God vindicated him as a true prophet of God.

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TB Joshua At 46

TB Joshua At 46

As the world celebrates Prophet TB Joshua as he reaches 46 today, he is challenging people to spend more on others and less on themselves…

The founder of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua turns 46 on June 12th 2009.

Prophet Joshua, who began his ministry about 20 years ago, was born in Arigidi-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria. His is a unique sort of healing and prophecy ministry that combines preaching the gospel with extensive charity work on such a large scale that puts his ministry at the services of all, irrespective of creed or race.

Speaking to a large congregation at The Synagogue Church last Sunday, Prophet Joshua enjoined the faithful to be true to the teachings of Jesus Christ by always giving to the less privileged. This is in keeping with his policy of “spend more on others and less on ourselves”.

To celebrate his birthday this year therefore, the prophet asked all who would have given anything to contribute to his birthday, to put such gifts together and give them away to the needy, rather than to himself, as he celebrates his 46th birthday. He also said that anyone who wished to make paid newspaper announcements to congratulate him on the occasion should monetise such gestures and give them away to the under-privileged.

Prophet TB Joshua at 46

Prophet TB Joshua at 46

“Another June 12th is at hand, so I want to say happy birthday in advance,” said the prophet. “As we all know, we are the father to the orphans, husband to the widows, benefactors to the needy and companions to the lonely. This coming Friday, I want you to go out and celebrate with them, or invite them to your house and rededicate yourself to the act of giving in terms of food, shelter, scholarships to the less privileged. This is what we are born for, what we are to live for and what we are to die for. ”

The prophet reflected on his own life by playing back a recorded video of his early ministry, his 40-day and night fast at the prayer mountain and the hardships he went through to build his first, second and third churches, which were all destroyed by the elements. It was a heart-rending story from which Pastor Joshua encouraged the congregation to learn the lessons of the hard knocks of life.

No one, he remarked, should think that adversity was meant to destroy them. Rather, we should draw strength from setbacks for, he said, “God can use disappointment to preserve you for redemption, strengthen your desire for God and prepare you for the challenges ahead.”

Finally, to the worshippers, visitors and viewers of Emmanuel TV, worldwide, the prophet emphasised the virtues of charity, describing as “vanity upon vanity” a situation where a man parks 10 jeeps or stores excess worldly possessions in his garage in a country where many cannot find a single meal to eat in a day. People must continue to give cheerfully, to be their brother’s keepers, he finalised. “Someone is waiting for you for a lifetime. You cannot afford to fail them. Failing them is failing God…”

SOURCE: Modern Ghana

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In today’s edition of The National Life, a weekly Nigerian tabloid, Chiji Okafor, a celebrated columnist, artist and journalist looks at the life of TB Joshua in the light of his upcoming birthday, and shares his own personal testimony…

In Nigeria’s recent history, June 12 has become a very special and important day. It has become a symbolic day that reminds Nigerians of their history of many shattered dreams, of a fact that the ordinary folk of this country cannot even be allowed to become what they want to become, to choose the leaders that they want to choose for themselves.

June 12 is also the birthday of a remarkable Nigerian, a man whose type graces this world once in an epoch. On June 12, this year, Temitope Balogun Joshua, Nigeria’s healing pastor, extraordinary preacher, prophet and humanitarian, turns a mere 46 earth years. But it is only God Almighty Himself (judging by the profundity and wisdom exhibited by Joshua) who can tell the real age of this prodigious man of God.

TB Joshua will turn 46 on June 12th 2009

TB Joshua will turn 46 on June 12th 2009

Until I watched the story of Nigeria’s beleaguered dwarves on Prophet TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV early this year, my attitude to organised religion had been one of total indifference, if not downright hostility. And who could really blame one for this? If the general attitude of many of our today’s religious people and their leadership is anything to go by – and I mean of every popular religion in this country – then, it is time to consider Satanism as an option!

It is also impossible for any serious African, a student of history and one who has taken pains to research into Black history and avail himself of facts, of the role that religion (particularly Christianity and Islam) played and still plays in the subjugation of the Black race, not to be bitter towards and suspicious of anything religious. This is only human.

The world, for instance, annually celebrates the very unfortunate fate of the Jews in the concentration camps of Auswitch and Birkenau. But nobody ever mentions the horrendous massacres and enslavement of the Bakongo of five centuries earlier and the fate of the last Mani-Kongo who even transmuted to Dom Afonso I, from Nzinga a Mvemba, on conversion to Christianity, thinking he was dealing with honest people of God.

Today, the ongoing genocide in Omar al-Bashir’s Sudan is there for all to see. But what is the so-called civilised world doing about this evil and well-orchestrated decimation of Black African populations in that country? Why are even other independent African nations pretending to be doing something, whilst the long-suffering people of Darfur are steadily wasting away?

Because of the long history of struggle for survival of the Black race and the many terrible things that have happened to our people in the past and still continue to happen, many African elite have turned sceptical to matters of religion. This cynicism is aptly captured by the battle song of one of the leaders of the Haitian Revolution, (1791-1804) Jamaican-born Bookman Dutty, now famously referred to as “Bookman’s Prayer”.

That revolution, begun almost half a century earlier by Maroon leader, Francois Makandal, was carried to a successful conclusion by Black fighters, under Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Unfortunately, the struggle came to a tragic end when the White agents of Napoleon Bonaparte tricked the last leader of the revolution, a mulatto named, Toussaint L’Ouverture. Toussaint was promptly shipped to exile in France where he was executed by means of starvation and cold.

The revolution was thus extinguished and since then, Haiti, the first independent Black nation on earth has never been allowed to be the same. And neither has Nigeria, either, since our so-called independence – this Nigeria of ours, the one Black nation on this earth with the capability and enough resources, human and material, to strike out on its own. The deepest roots of Nigeria’s myriad of problems lie in matters of race and religion.

For me therefore – and like I believe, for many of my kind – Jesus Christ merely became a symbol of Western deceit, cheating and thievery. Everything about the Christianity into which I was born irritated me completely, until I discovered Prophet TB Joshua’s brand of practical Christianity. In the name of the same Jesus Christ that one viewed with great suspicion, the man heals the sick, preaches the gospel in his own unique way, gives without any reservations whatsoever and sees deep into the future and even into people’s private problems, to reconcile feuding families, among other things.

I have continued to study this man and my interest in his activities, are growing by the day. He demonstrates Christian virtues like no other pastor I have come across, does. Well, if all this is what Jesus Christ is all about, then I should review my opinion of Him. Like I have said here before, his miracles are simply mind-blowing, which have led many to accuse him of witchcraft and sorcery. I believe people who are saying this need some enlightenment for, like Prophet Joshua himself often says, “what people don’t understand, they criticise…”

But anybody who has taken pains to study the principles of some occultic practices would know that with Joshua’s many diverse capabilities, it is not possible to combine darkness and light, at the same time. This is a simple fact of nature. No one occultist could combine the many capabilities of Prophet TB Joshua – not even great masters like Abramelin the Mage and Aleister Crowley could. Such endowments as he has exhibited, coupled with his personality, can only come from an enlightened soul, directly connected to and tapping from the highest source of Light. Those who have taken the trouble to study the man at close range would understand what I am talking about.

Ironically, like Nigeria his country, Pastor Joshua has not been allowed the peace of mind he deserves, to continue his good work of charity by, of all people, his fellow Christians. I just read an interview granted a magazine (or is it newspaper now?) by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the current President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, in which he declared that Pastor Joshua is not of God. Pastor Oritsejafor was also quoted as having demanded to know who Prophet TB Joshua’s mentor is.

Let me begin by asking Pastor Oritsejafor who his own mentor was and who his own mentor’s mentor was. Secondly, by whose authority were both himself and his mentors ordained pastors? Having said that, by whose authority has he declared that anybody is not of God? Hasn’t his own Bible told him yet that judgment is only for the Most High Himself? Well, if a man should disobey the Biblical injunction simply because he is the president of a Christian group and pass judgment unto his fellow man – something that is an exclusive preserve of God – then, he is not doing God’s will. By that very token, he is not of God!

To be continued…

SOURCE: Chiji Okafor – The National Life, Nigeria

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