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In unison with the choir who rendered melodies occasionally to season the message and redound to the pervading atmosphere of spiritual solemnity, Wise Man Daniel made a distinction between messages and a message. The only message that brings the joy of salvation is the Gospel, he clarified. In his words, knowing the Redeemer brings joy that nothing can destroy. The Holy Spirit is the overcoming Spirit in us. Entitling his message ‘The Holy Spirit in us today’ and citing Galatians 4:4-7 as his proof text, the wise man averred that the Holy Spirit residing in us helps us to develop the virtues of Christian character. It renews our personality, desires and wills. The overcoming Spirit is not known to everyone. It comes only to those who are prepared for Him. The Holy Ghost must be the power, CEO and director in the house, otherwise you are on your own. It has nothing to do with family background, position or how fast you are. You cannot condition the overcoming Spirit. You cannot dictate for the Holy Ghost. Citing 1 Samuel 17:45-47, the wise man told his listeners that it was God’s Word from David’s lips that produced the overcoming Spirit against Goliath. With confession and testimony David overcame Goliath.

In a spirited effusion on the power of prophecy in separating God’s prophets from fake prophets, Prophet T. B. Joshua contended that while the failure of deliverance and healing could be attributed to lack of faith on the part of the recipient, that of prophecy goes to confirm such a prophet as a fake. He thereafter extols that singular uniqueness of prophecy that clearly sets it apart from healing and deliverance. In practical terms, some of the prophecies of the wise men in the previous week were visited for authentication. The first video clip revealed Wise Man Harry issuing a message of prophecy to Mrs Ugochukwu Okegbo, a 28 year old lady from Anambra, Nigeria. In the prophecy the wise man employed all tact to draw the lady’s attention to one ugly experience she used to have occasionally. After diplomatically skirting round the issue, he went straight to the point and told her to her face that she was a bed wetter.

Confirming the prophecy as given by the wise man, Mrs Okegbo was immediately delivered by the Wise Man Harry. Standing on the platform beside her husband to give her testimony, Mrs Okegbo, a mother of five, confirmed that the ugly experience stopped after the deliverance and she also gave the historical background to the embarrassing experience.  Isolating the gift of prophecy as a means of knowing true prophets of God from impostors, the prophet ordered that more prophecies should be visited.

The next video clip revealed a prophecy delivered by the prophet himself on a case of rejection. The clip revealed an epistolary interaction between Victoria Udoye who was based in the USA and her father, Dr Martin Udoye of NAFDAC, Nigeria. The said interaction clearly revealed the anger of the father as he instructed his daughter to ignore the issue of her children and concentrate on her studies in the USA. Uncomfortable with the angst emanating from her father, Victoria recollected the rift between her family and her parents in- law and considered the words of her father to her a case of rejection. She consequently flew from the US directly to The SCOAN to seek God’s opinion. It was while she was ruminating over her plight that it was mentioned in a prophecy.  On the platform to confirm the prophecy a week after, the family, comprising Dr Martin and Mrs Francisca Udoye and their two offspring, the father revealed the mental ordeal he suffered in the hands of Victora’s fiancé by whom she had four children in five years and who too was a blood relation at home. The father went on to narrate how the money paid to him by an insurance company in respect of his eldest son who died in a road accident in the US was concealed from him by Victoria’s fiancé.  Due  to the sensitive nature of the families strife, the prophet put a hold to the testimony, promising to handle the family reconciliation privately.

The next video clip revealed  the Wise Man issuing a prophetic message to a lady and telling her that her husband deserved more respect than she hitherto gave him.  He further asked for the cause of the fight between her husband and her. He added that when she slept a man used to come to her in her dreams.

Turning to the husband, the wise man prophetically told him that his request to God had been granted. In her testimony that day, the lady said that in a trance she saw her spiritual husband naked and was heading amorously for her. Instantly, she woke and got up. She then told the dream to her husband who, in reaction, held her hand and prayed with her to ward off the spirit.  Appearing on the podium a week later for a full testimony after their deliverance, the lady told the congregation that the issue of contention between them was the number of children they should have. In disregard of her husband’s preference for the two they already had, Mrs Awobanjo went on unilaterally to consult her gynaecologist about having twins and came back to demand the money for treatment from her husband who refused to accede to her request and thereby escalated the misunderstanding into a fight. In pursuit of her stance, Mrs Awobanjo vented her anger through Face Book where she intimated to the internet world to void the marriage because of the misunderstanding. When his brother in France drew his attention to the internet notice, Architect Femi Awobanjo went about retrieving all the internet notices by his wife and proceeded tactically to appease her. The prophet emphasized in this case how love had turned the aggrieved husband into a peace maker.


The next video clip displayed the family of Mr Uche Ezebike whose wife had been healed of paralysis in The  SCOAN in 1996. The clip displaying her helpless condition then also revealed the developmental strides of the church since then. Apart from the healing they got from the church, the Ezebike family also enjoyed much blessing from God in terms of children and finance. Before temptation set into their family, they were proud owners of four children and two trailers. However, the wife soon began to adopt a new style of life in which she treasured nocturnal outings from which she would come back home about 1.30 am, abandoning the household chores and the care of the children for the husband.  In obedience to her advice which she got from a pastor, the husband sold the two trailers with other property and also put the education of the children on hold until the same pastor would advise otherwise. Though surprised like the congregation, the prophet promised to point them once again to success in their marital togetherness.


The next video clip revealed the Holy Spirit in its worldwide cleansing using the medium of the new Anointing Water. The new Anointing Water encapsulates the environment in which it is ministered in the Lord’s anointing, causing all contrary spirits to seek refuge thereby making those infected reel, fall, vomit and, in some cases, shake uncontrollably, being wreathed in deliverance. In the London branch, the Anointing Water sent a lady down in deliverance as the contrary spirit in her threatened to destroy her. The evil spirit revealed the lump in the lady’s back which was the mark used to trace her movement in life. After a shiver, she received her deliverance.

In the Cape Town branch, a similar scenario was repeated and a lady, 47 and   Catherine by name, went to the toilet after the ministration of the Anointing Water where she voided the fibroid that had disturbed her for 17 years. In the   Greece branch, a man with a strained arm was healed following the ministration of the new Anointing Water. The service was put on hold till Monday because of the eclipsing night fall.

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