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Attention all Emmanuel TV Viewers:
Emmanuel TV has moved from frequency 12682, symbol rate 26657 to frequency 12722, symbol rate 26657 – where you are watching us now. Please share this message with others. God bless you!

Press “Menu”
Press “Installation”
Press “Auto Scan” or “Auto Search” or “Scan All” or “OK”
Scroll down the list of channels for “Emmanuel TV” or “Emman”


Press “Menu”
Press “Installation”
Press “Manual Scan”
Select: Satellite Name – IS7/10
Select: Frequency: 12722
Select: FEC: ½
Select: Symbol Rate: 26657
Select: Polarisation: Vertical
Press “Scan” or “Search” or “OK”
Scroll down the list of channels for “Emmanuel TV” or “Emman”

Press “menu”
Press advanced option
Press code: 9949
Select network 2-change to DSTV Pas 7
Select LNB ON
Select LNB mode: dual frequency
Frequency: 11170
Symbol rate: 26652
FEC: 5/6
Polarisation: vertical
Enter “OK”
Scan all networks
Wait for scan to finish
Push TV button on remote
Select public PAS 7/10

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THE television arm of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Emmanuel TV, has received commendations for its impact on lives.

At the church, recently, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Services in Zimbabwe, Hon. Tracy Mutinhiri expressed amazement at how the channel had impacted upon her life.

“I did not know how to describe it, because the moment I got to know about Emmanuel TV, I became somehow addicted to it. I knew that God was saying something to me and I prayed that He would give me an opportunity to come and visit this place and worship with my Christian brothers and sisters.”

“I continue to praise what Prophet T.B. Joshua is doing. I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to meet him physically today. He is a humble person, committed to helping people. He reaches out his hand to the poor and underprivileged. What a wonderful thing to do.

“I am overwhelmed with joy and I thank my Lord for giving me the opportunity to worship with brothers and sisters in Lagos. I really enjoyed the service and the prophecy too. They are amazing.”

In the same vein, President of South African Football Association, Mr. Kirsten Nemathenda, said: “I have been watching this channel most of the time. Little did I realise that one day I will have this opportunity to be around. I must tell you, the man of God is highly anointed. I have seen miracles today, indeed. A church without miracles is just a church of philosophers.

“I must say to the leaders that I have a strong belief that any leadership position is an act of God. You have to align yourself with God in order to lead effectively.”

By Obire Onakemu
Guardian Newspapers

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