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Being Palm Sunday, Christians all over the world commemorated the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem with pomp. The SCOAN children created mementos of that Biblical event with a grand parade in and outside the church premises. As they sang and danced along to the glorious tunes from the choir, the presence of God was felt by all and sundry. Speaking to congregants, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged them to develop the attitude of putting a demand on the anointing by faith, adding that it makes the work of a miracle easy. According to him, “The force behind your action determines your action.”


The man of God also admonished Christians to call on God to release them from the mental entanglements that prevent their prayers from being answered. He added that it is only God that can release us from such entanglements when we sincerely ask Him to do so through our prayers: “When you say this with all your heart, the job is half done.”4.jpg

In an earlier message titled OBEDIENCE IS THE KEY, Evangelist Racine tasked Christians to hearken to the instruction of God, adding that it is the best way they can walk with Him in peace and receive their blessings: “God does not necessarily reward good, smart or intelligent people but He rewards the obedient. Knowledge is not the key; obedience is.” He further added that the Word of God is the ultimate answer: “God’s Word is the answer to all fundamental issues of life. God always instructs us to do something we cannot do ourselves, so that He can teach us how to do it. It is God’s Word that teaches the believer how to please God.”

Making reference to Peter’s encounter with Jesus at the seaside and how his obedience of our Lord’s instruction led to an unprecedented catch, Evangelist Racine noted that obeying God puts an end to human struggles and confusion, just as it put an end to the dark days of Peter’s fishing career. Concluding, he left the following words of wisdom for people of God all over the world: “Those who obey His instruction seek two qualities: righteousness and humility. So this Easter, if you follow Jesus in righteousness and humility, what seems impossible will become possible for you! Happy Palm Sunday!”




Mrs Ebelechukwu Ulasi was suffering from high blood pressure and was hoping to find a way around the health condition. Somewhere along the line, it was discovered that the high blood pressure had affected her kidneys. The discovery jolted her, bearing in mind the fact that kidney-related issues are very delicate. She had been told to continue to drink plenty of water, lest the condition degenerates to a level where dialysis would become inevitable. The native of Anambra State, Nigeria would not resign to fate; instead she chose to go God’s way. Amid the pains, discomfort and inability to sleep well, Mrs Ulasi was very optimistic of a turnaround.

An opportunity to place a demand on the anointing came when she visited her daughter who had just delivered her baby. There in her daughter’s house, Emmanuel TV was accessible on all the televisions in all the rooms and so, she could not afford to ignore the anointed channel. As she watched, she marvelled at the wonderful miracles at the Arena of Liberty and concluded that her case was a minor one. Filled with faith and an overwhelming passion to be healed, Mrs Ulasi would visit The SCOAN every weekend just to worship God and remind Him of her heart’s desire. As she continued worshipping at the Arena of Liberty, she also received the Morning Water which she would minister on her body, into her bathing water and into her body cream.

After six months, she realised that those debilitating symptoms had disappeared. In her heart, she knew something divine had taken place. Returning for further tests, she insisted that they had to be comprehensive enough. When the results of the tests were released, she was certified very okay. The kidney disease was no more. According to Mrs Ulasi, even her doctor confessed that her kidney looked like that of a young person. The woman who selected what she ate in the past and who had been tormented by the ailment now eats her choice and is full of life. Thanking God and bubbling with a reinvigorated burst of energy, the Enugu-based educationist urged people to believe in God as He would always meet them at the point of their need.


She had passed through a lot of difficult times in her life and yet remained resolute with a mind-set that God would make a way where there seemed to be no way. For twenty-seven years, Mrs Anna Acayo had difficulties in communicating within her immediate family. Her hearing loss problem was that bad that the only solution her doctors could offer was a hearing aid. Even with the hearing aid, she knew quite well that it was not natural and could never be like that of a normal person. The Ugandan would later be introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend and since then, her faith was immensely boosted, culminating in her decision to visit The SCOAN penultimate Sunday.

During the Mass Prayer of the Sunday service, as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved round the auditorium, ministering prayer and deliverance, Anna was one of those whom God’s benevolent hands located. Approaching her, the man of God clasped her ears with his two hands after which she went down on the floor under the influence of the anointing. As soon as she stood up, she discovered that her blocked ears had been opened by the mighty hands of God. For the first time in twenty-seven years, she heard people talking clearly without the hearing aid. Thanking God for her healing Mrs Acayo urged congregants and people all over the world to run to God whenever they encounter problems.


He came to The SCOAN with a severe back pain that had trailed him for twenty-two years, rendering his career almost comatose. There were even instances when he had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Those embarrassing scenarios affected his performance at work and saw him go on medical leave on several occasions to the extent that his employer almost got fed up with him. Before coming to the Arena of Liberty, Mr Emmanuel Okwii was considering the option of resigning his employment out of frustration.

Emmanuel Okwii.jpgEmmanuel Okwii +

His condition was very precarious as he could not sit properly. At night, sleep would become a lonesome struggle. The best his doctor could do was to give him painkilling injections and a lumbar device meant to produce heat around his back region in order to alleviate the pains. Against all odds, the Ugandan based in the United Kingdom visited The SCOAN last Sunday where he had an encounter with God as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved round the auditorium, ministering prayer and deliverance. Getting to his position, the man of God commanded Mr Okwii’s problems out in the mighty name of Jesus.

Swept off his feet and landed on the floor by the influence of the Holy Spirit, Mr Okwii began crying wildly while the Spirit of God continued its operation. As he gradually regained consciousness, he felt two forces pulling his spine until one surrendered. By the time he regained full consciousness, the back pain had stopped. Recounting his ordeal, during his testimony last Sunday, he lamented the pain and discomfort he endured for twenty-two years. He however thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to heal him. In his advice, he urged people all over the world not to limit God, no matter the circumstance.


To her, it was just bleeding that had persisted for two years, embarrassing her in public places and leaving her with a lot of psychological agonies. According to her, she had visited many hospitals and herbal homes and yet no solution. Mrs Ihuoma Obioma never knew that she had fibroids until she visited the Arena of Liberty penultimate Sunday. Due to the severity of her bleeding, even some family members had deserted her. According to her, there were occasions when she fainted only to be resuscitated by God. The Nigerian from Imo State had spent a lot on the problem and was left with no other option than to come to Jesus.

One of the things that gave her hope all through those trying times was the appearance of Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dreams. According to her, the man of God had appeared in her dream several times, assuring her of divine protection and help. During the Mass Prayer of penultimate Sunday service, Mrs Obioma was in the auditorium as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered healing and prophecy to the congregation. Prophesying about her case while the atmosphere was charged with serious prayers, the man of God pointed out that there was a woman whose fibroid had burst and that she was bleeding. According to Mrs Obioma, before the man of God would finish that prophetic statement, she felt something burst inside her and she suddenly started bleeding profusely. After that, she was taken to the convenience to clean up by the ushers. Since that moment, the bleeding has stopped!

Thanking God last Sunday, Mrs Obioma testified to the wonderful work God has done in her life by removing the reproach and yoke of bleeding from her. She added that if not for God, she would have continued to lose her blood gradually – a situation that would have led to severe anaemia and possibly, sudden death. She was full of praises for the Almighty in words and even in her victorious body language. “No matter your problem, come to Jesus and God will take it away from you,” she advised.



While she was in the womb, her mother, fed up with having only baby girls, had wanted to ‘help God’ by visiting a native doctor who claimed he would change her sex from a baby girl to a baby boy. Trouble would later ensue after she delivered a baby girl. The native doctor had categorically warned Mrs Ibrahim to present the baby after one week of birth so that he would perform certain rituals. But owing to her disappointment with the sex of the baby, she refused to keep to the agreement. Instead, she gave her life to Christ, acknowledging that she had made a mistake. However, the damage had already been done.

In a matter of weeks, the baby started manifesting some strange traits. She would always cry inconsolably between the hours of 1am and 4am every day. By the time Sagira clocked sixteen, she had started sleeping with older men. According to her, she would dream of snakes and strange entities. When she eventually got into higher institution, she teamed up with a group of ungodly friends with whom she exercised her immoral urges. Together, they would go to clubs and other social gatherings where they had flings with married men. The spirit of lust and seduction possessed Sagira to the extent that the married men who came her way would even abandon their families because of her.

Because of the magnitude of her engagement in those immoral acts, a time came when she became recurrently ill, taking medication almost ceaselessly. Her mother was not happy because she knew all along that she somehow had a hand in the unnatural experiences that her daughter was going through. After taking her from hospital to hospital, Mrs Ibrahim became the more confused.

She once remembered her encounter with the native doctor twenty-two years ago and had confessed to her family, saying she wanted to return to the man for settlement. Her family were not keen on such a fetish venture. They immediately discouraged her and washed their hands off the whole saga. But she needed a way out desperately in order to save the life of her daughter and so, something urgent had to be done.

Being an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Mrs Ibrahim encouraged her daughter to devote time to watching the anointed channel. Realising that there was no other hope of salvation for her daughter, she concluded that Prophet T.B. Joshua is the one God would use to deliver her daughter. And as if the whole episode was crafted by God himself, Mrs Ibrahim did not have any hassles in convincing her daughter to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. Sagira received her deliverance penultimate Sunday during the church service as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved round the congregation, ministering prayer and healing to congregants. As the heat of the prayers grew in intensity, the evil spirit inside Sagira manifested, confessing the harm it had done in the life of the young woman – how it had used her for prostitution and had afflicted her with all sorts of ailments just to distract her from achieving her God-given potentials in life.

The mighty power of God took over Sagira’s life and turned it around for good. After receiving her deliverance, the young woman regretted her past life, promising to live the rest for God. According to her, she is now free as her body feels great and well. The urge to engage in immorality has since been displaced by a passion for Christ and things of the Spirit. She advised young people to draw close to God so that He would uphold them in whatever they do. For her mother, parents should wait on God because in His time, all things are beautiful.


Possessed by sixty-five demons, she had come to The SCOAN all the way from Tanzania afflicted from birth with strange spiritual attacks. However, the moment she stepped her feet into the Arena of Liberty, the demons in her manifested, confessing that they planned to crash the plane she travelled in. For Dr Beatha Assey, her problems started when she was a child. Then, she would find herself dreaming of snakes, insects and eating all sorts of concoctions. Her woes were further compounded when her stepmother performed some negative ritual on her. As she grew in age, she discovered that her menstrual cycle started very late and then completely stopped.


With recurring abdominal pains and on the advice of her aunt, a team of medical doctors decided to carry out an operation on her to ascertain if there was anything in her womb. A day to the proposed operation, she had dreamt that a mighty snake came out of her womb and was swallowed by her aunt. Sharing the horrible dream with her parents, they seemed not to understand what she was talking about. Their seeming indifference to her challenges somehow made matters worse as they left her at the mercy of those evil dreams.

When it was time for her to undergo the operation, there was serious confusion in the theatre among the doctors. Eventually, all other doctors except one were forced out and her aunt was left alone with her already anaesthetised niece. As she would later be told by the other doctors who peeped through the window, her uterus was cut out and physically eaten by her aunt after an operation that lasted twelve hours.

When she regained full consciousness, her aunt came to her and told her three things: she is not going to have a child because she had swallowed her uterus; she would never get married; she would always be sick. Dr Assey would later experience a failed marriage after just six months of its consummation. Her second attempt seemed successful until her husband later died. She became very sad about life as nothing she placed her hands on ever worked out well. She had lost a lot of money on several occasions after paying for land only to discover that the same land had been sold to other people. Sometimes, while at work as a medical doctor, she would see dead people coming to visit her. It was just bizarre!

Even though she later adopted a child, it did not bring the desired peace to her life because she kept beating the child at the slightest provocation – a scenario that showed that her actions were being tele-guided by some wicked forces. Discovering Emmanuel TV, Dr Assey, after seeing the great works of God on the anointed channel, decided to come to The SCOAN for her deliverance against all odds. And as soon as she stepped her feet at the Arena of Liberty, the demons in her could not stand the fire of the Holy Ghost that permeates the whole atmosphere. And so, her manifestation was not a surprise.

Kneeling down to pray at the Prayer Line, she lost consciousness as the demons confessed their heinous activities in her life. Dr Assey received total deliverance after Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, casting out the demons from her. During her testimony last Sunday, she was very joyful with what God has done for her – replacing her woes with peace and hope. According to her, she will still return with greater testimonies very soon. “Put your faith in Jesus Christ and He will take all your problems,” she advised.


Bishop Guillermo Barrera, an ordained bishop and phycologist with an outreach ministry throughout Latin America, travelled to The SCOAN from Uruguay to seek the deeper power of God in his life and ministry. Accompanied by his wife, a minister of God and medical doctor, he explained that 10 years ago in 2008, a strange buzzing noise in his ears started after a flight and, much to his frustration, persisted. He went to medical specialists in Argentina and in Paraguay and after the suspicion of wax was discarded after an examination, they could not diagnose the cause of the strange buzzing in his ears.


The days turned to weeks, months and years and the buzzing sound soon became a part of his daily existence. As a minister of God, even praying to God was not a peaceful experience as the silence was never free from this incessant noise. After 10 years and many journeys throughout the world to different centres of Revival, he had resigned to this frustrating persistent noise in his ears.

One day, a friend gave him a DVD of the miracles of God in the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua and despite all his experiences in renowned ministries all over the world, he knew this was something different. Together with his wife he finally decided to travel to Nigeria to visit The SCOAN and it was in the Sunday Service when just one touch set him free. He fell to the ground overcome by the presence of God and it was during breakfast the next morning that he suddenly realised that the buzzing noise of ten years was no longer there.


Ecstatic at his healing, Bishop Guillermo advised viewers that the power of God is present in The SCOAN and that all should watch Emmanuel TV. His wife, with her stethoscope in one hand and Bible in the other, said that she could hear the heartbeat of Jesus in The SCOAN and that Jesus is the Doctor of all doctors!

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The atmosphere was Spirit-filled as congregants witnessed the mighty hands of God in the lives of His children. Those who had been blessed by the Most High came out to share their faith-building testimonies to the glory of His name. Informing congregants of the 11th anniversary of Emmanuel TV on Wednesday March 8th, 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua also took them on a spiritual excursion with a message titled TALK ON FAITHT.B.J

According to the man of God, those who truly believe in God would always be at rest: “Faith and rest cannot be separated from one another. Whenever our heart truly believes, it will always be at rest. If our hearts are restless and uneasy, if we are afraid of this and that, if we are struggling with all our efforts to plan, resolve and ask for help, this shows we have not yet believed.” Speaking further, he urged Christians to make their faith practical by not just believing but by carrying out actions that show that they really believe in God: “If you have faith in God, you should not just believe in Him.          Today, we claim we believe but where is our faith? Faith is practical. What we do expresses what we believe. The reality of faith can only be proven by practice. We should not merely talk about faith but put it into practice. Faith is a conviction. It’s a demonstration.”

He then asked the congregants and viewers a probing question: How many of us know God like children know their father?  “Not only should we know God as our Sovereign Lord; we should know Him like children know their father,” he submitted, adding that good children depend on their father for everything and know how much they need him: Jesus calls you children. Before God, you are a child – total dependence on God for everything.” He said that many of us introduce ourselves as children of God but behave otherwise. Concluding, the man of God urged Christians to see themselves as children of God and not to behave as if they were superior to Him. Leaving them with this to ponder on, he said: Just recognise you are a child of God before your Father.”    




Last year, he had visited The SCOAN and had shared a testimony of how God used the Morning Water to inspire his promotion to the rank of a Warrant Officer in the South African Police Force. Captain Mbhalati Simon Kita {Promotion in S.A Police} (2)Then, from a position of near-obscurity, Mr Mbhalati Simon Kita was saddled with the responsibility of commanding a unit of 34 officers. After that memorable testimony, the South African police officer returned to his country only to be further smiled upon by the Heavens. Barely four months after he returned from Nigeria, he was promoted to the rank of a Captain. According to him, all along he knew that great tidings were in the offing for him as he had always memorised one of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sayings that “BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH; THE BEST IS YET TO COME.”

As soon as I arrived in South Africa from Nigeria, I started praying and ministering the Morning Water given to me by my father in the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua. I continued ministering the Morning Water day and night and that is what opened the doors for me,” he said. Mr Kita is not just a Captain but one that commands a unit of 44 police officers. While still savouring the joy that came with his promotion, the devil, in his kill-joy tendency, struck! Ten members of his unit were involved in a torture and murder case and were detained in prison. The development was a big blow to him administratively and psychologically. However, he was able to muster the courage to weather the storm of that inglorious saga by latching on to another of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sayings – “GREAT PROBLEMS BRING GREAT PROMOTION.”

Captain Mbhalati Simon Kita {Promotion in S.A Police} (1)The power in those words energised him and instigated in him an irrepressible spirit to stand up to the occasion and follow the matter up with prayer, faith and a powerful sense of expectation from the Throne of Grace. While his detained unit members were in prison, he would go and pray with them, ministering the Morning Water and using the Believer’s Card to place demands on the anointing. Likening the matter to the case of Paul and Silas, he always called on God to miraculously free his members. When the trial of his members commenced in court, he had told them, against all their misgivings, that they would celebrate but they took his optimistic confessions with a pinch of salt.

Mr Kita would not eat his words. He kept operating at that frequency of faith where doubt and unbelief would never survive. When it was time for judgement, he went into meditation, confessing the unconditional release of his members. To the glory of God, all the ten members of his unit were discharged and acquitted. Mr Kita, professionally known as Captain Mbhalati Simon Kita told congregants that the discharge and acquittal of his men was an act of God. He recalled a similar case in the past, in which some officers were sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment. “Those who are police officers – you must receive Jesus and follow Him in carrying out your duties,” he advised as he thanked God for doing what no man could do in his life and in the lives of his men.


The unfriendly hands of poverty and lack had gripped her family and had thrown them into the gutter of humiliation. The only thing they were known for was their poverty. Not even her sweet-selling business could upturn the yoke from her family. They were so poor that no member of their family could get formal education. Mrs. Hleziphi Doreen Goge {councillor & treasurer of ANC women's League - S.A} (1)For Mrs Doreen Goge, there had to be a way out and even though she didn’t have a television in her house, somehow, she found a way of going to a neighbour’s house to watch Emmanuel TV and pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua before selling sweets on the streets.

One day while watching Emmanuel TV, the South African was thrilled by the documentary of Prophet T.B. Joshua showing his grass to grace story. It dawned on her that the man whom she was watching praying for people from all nooks and crannies of the world was once in a humble state as she was. She also discovered, through many miracles on Emmanuel TV, that God had changed the lives of many people who were like her. That discovery gave her a new orientation about life and prepared her mind for a brighter future. That very moment, she cried out to God, urging Him to do in her life what he had done for Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Whenever she was coming back from work she would stop by her neighbour’s house asking her to put on the television so that she could pray with the man of God. Mrs Goge believed that distance was not a barrier and had great faith that praying with the man of God would bring about the needed change in her life. According to her, as a mark of his genuineness as a man of God, she always felt the presence of the Spirit of God whenever she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. During those prayer sessions, she would refuse to focus on her troubles but on the prayer with the man of God.

Mrs Goge eventually became a strong woman spiritually. As iron sharpens iron, the anointing in Prophet T.B. Joshua released her and put her in a good position to tackle her problems. Her role as an activist in a local party was unknown by virtue of her lack of education. But as soon as her praying with the man of God intensified, she was elected as a Councillor in her party. Her journey from oblivion to recognition, from poverty to contentment are testaments to the fact that nobody is a write-off before God’s benevolent eyes. A woman who couldn’t read and write now communicates fluently in English as she joyfully told her own testimony. “Before watching Emmanuel TV, nobody knew me but after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, I was promoted to a Councillor in my political party. I was uneducated before watching Emmanuel TV but after I was appointed a Councillor, I also went to school,” she told congregants as she testified.

Thanking God amid loud ovation by congregants, Mrs Goge marvelled at the transformation that God has brought about in her life. With a house of her own and an exotic car, she remembered her humble beginning, adding that her children are now living comfortably. Mrs Goge is well-loved in her community because of the way she rose from obscurity to prominence through prayers with Prophet T.B. Joshua. “I am also doing charity to people of different countries and races because of the example of Prophet T.B. Joshua. I am blessed to bless others and I use the blessings God has given me to help the less privileged in my community,” she added. She also advised people all over the world to listen to the voice of God spoken through Prophet T.B. Joshua because it works.


Hajia Sohiya Abu {Rescued from armed robber} (1)Hajia Safiyat Abubakar had been a victim of armed robbery whenever she embarked on business trips. She hardly returned with money. Instead, her husband would have to provide new funds whenever she wanted to travel to buy her wares. Bothered by the development, her family became edgy, forcing her to seek for solution from places she ought not to have gone to. She visited a lot of herbalists and spiritualists but all ended as exercises in futility until a friend told her about The SCOAN. Coming to The SCOAN and receiving the Morning Water, she returned home and told her husband about the new discovery. “Let’s try this,” she had told him, thinking it would end up failing her like all the other charms she had received from herbalists.

With the Morning Water in her possession, her husband provided new funds for her to embark on another business trip. As she set out for the trip, she ministered the Morning Water. On getting to her destination and after buying her wares, she ministered the Morning Water once more both on herself and on her wares. Other passengers were wondering what the heck she was doing but she remained focused. Midway into the return journey, their vehicle ran into a gang of ‘gentlemen on the highway.’ Shooting at their vehicles and eventually stopping it, the marauders ransacked all the luggage in the car, discharging occupants. When they got to her luggage, they asked about its owner.

As soon as they asked that question, she stood up and was immediately told to follow them into a bush. While eight of them ushered her into the bush, she would later discover that seven others were waiting inside the bush, bringing their total number to fifteen. As she stood before their dreadful presence, one of them screamed that she was a sumptuous meal. As she tried to figure out what they meant, she was asked by their leader to undress, apparently in a bid to rape her. As she pleaded for mercy, they threatened to kill her. In an attempt to register their seriousness, they pointed a gun at her and pulled the trigger but the firearm could not fire. Shocked, they raised it up and fired into the sky. Confused, they tried again to shoot her but the gun went impotent. They raised it to the sky once more and fired.

At that juncture, the criminals became jittery. “Which church do you attend?” they had asked. “I don’t go to any church. I am a Moslem,” she responded. Thinking she was using a charm, they wanted to know its source but she told them she was using the Morning Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. As soon as he heard the name T.B. JOSHUA, their leader decided to search her by himself. Dipping his hand into her brassiere, he brought out the Morning Water only for his hand to start trembling like a sea-water fish placed on sand. Unable to come to terms with the reality before them, the leader of the gang and his fellow bandits, bolted away on their heels, leaving all their guns and loot behind. They ran and ran until they were buried in the depth of the bushes.

Hajia Sohiya Abu {Rescued from armed robber} (2).jpgFinding her way to the road from where she was abducted by the robbers, she met her fellow passengers in a stable state. They even thought she had been killed, going by the number of gunshot sounds they heard. It was not her ghost appearing as they had thought. It was the same Mrs Safiyat Abubakar, who went, saw and conquered the machinations of armed robbers who thought they could touch the Lord’s anointed. Happy to be reunited with her co-travellers, she became happier when she discovered that not a single pin was taken from them. All their monies were intact. Testifying in company of her husband, Mrs Abubakar told congregants that ever since that day, she has not encountered armed robbers on her way. “This Morning Water looks very small but it is very mighty. It saved my life. It works, in Jesus’ name,” she advised.




October 26, 2015 will remain an unforgettable day in his life. He had helped a friend buy cooking gas and was about preparing a meal but unknown to him, a cooking stove was already aflame. Immediately he removed the seal on the gas cylinder, in an attempt to connect the cylinder to the gas plate, his whole body was engulfed by fire. Mr. Mbangsi Emile Suzeh {Severe Fire Burn Injure A.W} (1)By the time Mr Mbangsi Emile would get out of the flames, his body was severely burnt. Rushed to a hospital by a friend, the doctors there said the only thing they could do was to give him painkillers.

Moved to another hospital in his village, Emile’s case deteriorated with his skin rotting away gradually and emitting offensive odour. After four days, the doctors confided in his mother that he would require staying in the hospital for at least six months to stand the chance of recovering. Meanwhile, they also observed that his left ear would have to be amputated because the vein was affected. The doctors’ suggestions notwithstanding, he had an ultimate expectation. He was waiting patiently for an acquaintance who had visited The SCOAN to return with the Morning Water.

Mr. Mbangsi Emile Suzeh {Severe Fire Burn Injure A.W} (3)As soon as the Morning Water arrived, his family, friends and acquaintances prayed and ministered it on him regularly. In a matter of days, his condition improved. Even the doctors who had said his ear would have to be amputated rescinded their suggestion after they discovered that he was very okay. Praying and ministering the Morning Water continuously, the young Cameroonian was discharged after sixteen days as the doctors found no reason for him to stay longer. Just as no one knows how water gets into the coconut, they could not comprehend the way their patient was healed in a matter of days, having said that he would have to spend six months with them to recover. Thanking God for healing him rapidly and giving him new skin, Mr Mbangsi Emile told congregants that he is now very well. He advised people to run to God in whatever situation they may find themselves.


MRS VIRGINIA & HUSBAND [ARGENTINA]3.jpgFor twenty years, she had battled with a severe back ache which was later discovered to be a herniated disc by doctors. The pains that came with the ailment made life very difficult for her as she could hardly carry out domestic chores. She couldn’t even take care of her children as a mother. The doctors recommended many medications that ended up not proffering a permanent solution. They also advised her to undergo physiotherapy – a treatment she underwent three times yearly. Later, she was advised to undergo surgery but because they were not sure she would get any better, they told her to bear the pains, instead of coming under the surgeon’s knives and ending up on the wheelchair.

MRS VIRGINIA & HUSBAND [ARGENTINA]2.jpgMrs Virginia Martha was eventually given a lumbar corset and also received a lot of medications, including those that would make her sleep. When she became fed up with the futility of human effort, she decided to seek for divine intervention. According to her, the Spirit of God led her to the internet from where she got to know about Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua. After watching the man of God pray for the first time, she became attracted to the anointed channel. She would pray along with the man of God, asking her children to interpret for her as she was a Spanish-speaking Bolivian living in Argentina.

MRS VIRGINIA & HUSBAND [ARGENTINA].jpgVisiting The SCOAN, Mrs Martha received her healing penultimate Sunday as the man of God laid hands on her during the church service. According to her, as soon as the man of God touched her, she felt a cold sensation all over her body. Almost immediately, the twenty-year-old pain and discomfort disappeared. Filled with joy and a spirit of thanksgiving, she threw her lumbar corset and medication away, saying she needs them no more. Testifying in company of her husband, Mrs Martha said she is now free and can sleep well. The couple advised people to have faith in God.


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The 2016 Christmas service at The SCOAN witnessed a blend of celebration and warfare. While congregants exuded illimitable joy on account evangelist-racineof the commemoration of the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, they also used the occasion to unleash holy terror on the kingdom of darkness. The Mass Prayer shook the foundations of the satanical kingdom and caused commotion in the gates of hell. The intensity of the Mass Prayer also brought about deliverance, healing and liberation for those under the many different yokes of the devil. Congregants also made positive confessions of promotion, prosperity, sound health and career progress ahead of the approaching new year.

In his message, The Promise of Liberation, Evangelist Racine urged Christians to look onto Jesus whom the Father sent to liberate us from all the worries and burdens of the world. According to him, “He (Jesus) is the fulfilment of every God’s Word. He is a Light for direction and comfort. A glorious Light that will dispel every shade of darkness in our lives.”  He also assured them, using Biblical references, that their stolen joy would be restored through the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Urging them to repose their absolute trust in the Son of God, he added that they will never be overwhelmed by the oddities of this world: “When you trust in Jesus Christ, you will never be confounded in time or eternity.” Concluding, he urged Christians never to allow the devil remind them of their past, stressing that their past is over. He also encouraged them to rebuke the evil one by reminding him of his future failure: “When the devil comes to remind you of your past, remind him of his future failure.”



3-mr-mrs-ebenezer-first-quaoMr Ebenezer First-Quao’s decades-long service with the United Nations as an interpreter witnessed its own sad times. The Ghanaian would suddenly be hit by a nasty ailment that threatened his career. Each time he went to the restroom to ease himself, he came out weak. Visiting a specialist hospital in his Ethiopia base, he was diagnosed with severe haemorrhoids with thrombosis. The doctors had suggested the option of surgery but his wife would rather have the matter tabled before God; she encouraged her husband to visit The SCOAN, having become an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV after some initial scepticism.

Visiting The SCOAN in 2009, exactly the same time when the late Ghanaian President, Atta-Mills held a thanksgiving at the church, Mr First-Quao received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. During the prayer, he felt an unprecedented calmness all around him. That same evening, as he went to ease himself, he felt no more pain even as the blood stains that usually accompanied his visit to the restroom disappeared. Before he left The SCOAN, Mr First-Quao received the Morning Water. He subsequently visited his children in different countries across Europe and ministered it to them.

The entire First-Quao family received great and remarkable blessings thereafter. Apart from receiving academic and business breakthroughs, some of his children also received their citizenship in their various countries of residence in Europe. As for Mr First-Quao himself, he was recognised in retirement by former United Nations Secretary-General, Ban-Ki Moon with an award for an initiative he had spearheaded to assist victims of drought in Ethiopia. He was also blessed financially with a retirement benefit to the tune of five hundred thousand US dollars. He has invested the money into several building projects aside from buying his own house in Addis-Ababa.

According to his wife, during their testimony, coming across Emmanuel TV was the biggest breakthrough they had ever experienced in life. She also submitted that the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua have enabled her to discover practical Christianity.



francis-ekene-1Having been diagnosed with a stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis, Mr Francis Ekene was advised to go for a corrective surgery but the Nigerian living in South Africa rejected the idea. Instead, he chose to seek the face of God rather than waste his money on an operation that was without any concrete guarantee. He eventually visited The SCOAN and proceeded to the Prayer Line.francis-ekene-2

After Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, he noticed that he could turn his hitherto stiff neck. All the debility and excruciating pain that came with the stiff neck stopped. Thanking God during his testimony, Mr Ekene who has since returned to his work, observed that he can now sleep peacefully without discomfort.

According to him, he now drives his car with ease. He advised people all over the world to put their trust in God.



For ten years, it was a sad experience of joblessness or at least, having to make do with odd jobs just to keep body and soul together. Sometimes, her daughter would have to intervene to save her from total financial annihilation. Mrs Christiana Abiye Rullich really needed God to bring her dire situation under His control. One of her concerned friends became the angel God used to change her situation. Her friend had learnt about the December 2016 Revival Service on Emmanuel TV and had informed Mrs Rullich about it. In a display of absolute faith, Mrs Rullich purchased her flight ticket and flew down to Nigeria. In her mind, the unending failure to secure a permanent job must succumb to the 5-christianapower of God.

During the Revival Service, Mrs Rullich received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. She also received the Morning Water. After the prayers, she received a letter from Germany, notifying her of her employment for a permanent position which commences on January 2, 2017. Thanking God for the miracle, Mrs Rullich told congregants that the employment is her first permanent one in ten years. The new job comes with several securities including health insurance. She advised people going through her type of challenge to believe in God as the only real Helper.


caroline-2 Despite the fact that she is a nurse, Princess Caroline Ene could not help herself tackle the ailment that had befallen her. For two years, she suffered from difficulty in walking and had to resort to the use of a lumbar corset. The ailment made her unable to carry out domestic chores. Not even was she able to lift a bucket of water. All her quest for a solution ended in futility. The Nigerian residing in the United States of America had to make the over twelve-hour journey in order to attend the 2016 Revival Service at The SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria in December.caroline

Mrs Ene was at the Prayer Line where she received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua. The power of God through His Prophet uprooted the cause of her problem and made her whole again. Demonstrating her new-found fitness, Mrs Ene urged people all over the world to believe in Jesus as He is the ultimate Healer.


family-3Mrs Maduekwe was born to a sangoma-practicing father and had grown up to find herself dreaming of taking over from him. Sometimes, she would dream about herself dressed as a princess. Her problems started after her father’s death when she refused to take over from him as a sangoma practitioner. The sangoma spirit forcefully possessed her and made her do many terrible things, especially in her marriage. Before she married her husband, they both enjoyed unmitigated peace until they got married. The love that bound them together soon took flight. Mrs Maduekwe became a terror. She would become uncontrollably angry and would threaten to injure her husband. Whenever her husband wanted some intimacy, his manhood would die unnaturally.
Mrs Maduakwe had terminated three of her pregnancies and almost lost her life in another attempt to abort a six-months-old pregnancy. She continued to live a violent life and eventually rekindled a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She even told her husband that the young man was just a cousin. She continued to frolic with her ex-boyfriend as they would meet secretly without her husband having an inkling of their escapades. On his part, Mr Maduekwe also had extra-marital affairs because of his wife’s seeming frigidity. For fourteen years, the marriage hit the doldrums.family-2

The couple visited The SCOAN and encountered the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua as he ministered prophecy to congregants. As soon as the prophet approached her, the spirit inside Mrs Maduekwe started manifesting. The man of God went on to tell the couple that the cause of their marital woes was a spiritual husband that had been tormenting Mrs Maduekwe for a long time. The couple thereafter received their deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus. Since their deliverance, the couple have rediscovered the true love that was the hallmark of their early days as a married couple. Mrs Maduekwe urged people all over the world to know that God’s time is the best while her husband added that we should run to God in the face of every marital problem.

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The glory from above radiated unhindered in the auditorium as the choir did what they know how to do best – keeping the congregation on their feet as they doled out tunes of praise and worship. The message in their songs prepared the ground for sober reflection, repentance and forgiveness. It created the platform for Evangelist Daniel’s message to sink deep into the hearts of the children of God.

Titled, A FORGIVING HEART IS A BLESSED HEART, Evangelist Daniel’s message focused on the need for Christians to forgive those who offend them in order to free themselves from the obstacles that stand in between them and the blessings of God. According to him, “Forgiveness is so important because a relationship does not involve two perfect people. Perfect people do not exist on earth.” He reckoned that no one is above mistake and therefore no man should despise another because of his mistakes. He warned Christians to be cautious about the way they respond to people who make mistakes, adding that such responses could in themselves become mistakes – “Our response to a person who makes a mistake can also be a mistake if care is not taken.”

Citing relevant scriptures, he observed that loving and praying for those who hurt us releases us from destructive emotions that make us look ugly in the face of God: “When you love your enemies and pray for those who hate you, this releases you from the destructive emotions of anger, bitterness, revenge and others.” He concluded by urging Christians to emulate Christ who prayed for those who crucified Him, stressing that being unwilling to forgive shows that we have not understood or benefitted from God’s forgiveness.



Raised in a family that was not very godly, Mrs Douglas grew up to discover that there was an inherent power that controlled her life. Perhaps, her father’s involvement with traditional practices had taken a negative toll on her spiritual life. Though her mother tried to serve God, the devotion was not as solid as expected. Mrs Douglas’s reputation for trouble-shooting in her younger days was a well-known characteristic. She would talk down to people and was always ready to stir the hornet’s nest. She had no regards for elders and felt as though the world was on her finger tips. The fact that her father owned the building where they lived also contributed to her problem. As far as she was concerned, being a landlord’s daughter was enough licence to look down on the tenants.mrs-douglas-and-family

That power that controlled her life soon manifested itself while she was on a visit to see her elder sister. It was in a dream encounter – a spirit husband slept with her. When she woke up from sleep, she discovered that her undies had been pulled down to her utter surprise. After conferring with her equally discomfited sister over the embarrassing development. The more she tried to come to terms with that strange reality, the greater her confusion and anger. Gradually, the spirit of anger pitched its tent in her soul and made her a bunch of trouble to the extent that family members became very wary of her mood and temperament. She would shout at anybody, irrespective of age or status. She was just fearless.

Mrs Douglas was alienated from serious family matters because of her temperament. She was virtually kept incommunicado. Her elder sister took her to different places in search of solution but it appeared that all her efforts were a waste of time and energy. The anger, rudeness and domineering spirit became worse. As a married woman, her husband felt the brunt of her overbearing attitudes. She did not obey his instructions. Instead, she would order him about and make him feel like the wife of the house. On a particular occasion, she manhandled him and tore his clothes from head to toe, leaving him almost stark naked just because she felt he was not giving her support. She also dropped out of university on two occasions owing to her anger and lack of patience.

Mrs Douglas was somewhat irredeemably cantankerous. Even in her children’s school, she would quarrel and fight with other parents on the slightest provocation. While driving, she never spared other drivers who might have offended her. She would wind down her glass and unleash verbal terror on them. The spirit husband ensured that her senses of shame and decorum were no longer existent and so it tossed her around at will. While her late father’s burial arrangements were in top gear, she had injured her elder sister with a broken bottle because she insisted that her own plan and list should supersede all others. Her children avoided her as she was always harsh to them. They preferred the company of their father who was more accommodating.

One day, after falling out with salon attendants who abandoned her hair to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on the Emmanuel TV in their shop, Mrs Douglas returned home only to encounter another Emmanuel TV saga. Her husband instructed her to watch Emmanuel TV and pray along with the man of God. Though she obeyed that instruction while he was at home, whenever he went out of the house, she would change the channel. But Mrs Douglas discovered something whenever she watched Emmanuel TV. She realised that she always had inner peace and was submissive to her husband. On his part, Mr Douglas encouraged his wife to visit The SCOAN and was elated when she agreed to come with him to the Arena of Liberty.

Mrs Douglas was captured by the Holy Spirit on the penultimate Sunday, as Evangelists ministered the Morning Water. The spirit husband spoke through her and confessed all the wicked acts it had perpetrated in her life. After her deliverance, the love and peace that had deserted her family returned. Testifying in company of her husband and children, she told congregants that her life has taken a better turn. She regretted all those things she did under the demonic influence of the spirit husband. According to her, the love and peace she now enjoys are indescribable. “The spirit of anger is real but don’t run away from God,” she advised people all over the world.



Mr Chimaroke Nnaji is an engineer by profession. His interest was caught by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy concerning agriculture. The man of God had prophesied that oil would lose its value globally and that agriculture could well be a way out for the world. Having considered the prophecy, Mrs Nnaji’s wife urged him to key into it. Even though he was initially reluctant, a friend’s mention of that prophecy during another visit to The SCOAN, convinced Mr Nnaji that it was truly from God. And without wasting time, he started a fish farm in his house. Within three months, he had started making huge harvests.engineer-mrs-ben-chimaroke-nnaji

As time went on, Mr and Mrs Nnaji registered and incorporated their farm and started selling and processing their products with a trademark. As the business grew, they acquired plots of land in their home town where they built bigger fish ponds and embarked on other forms of agriculture such as food crop farming. They also started a palm plantation. As it stands today, they have so many customers who are queueing to start exporting their products. According to Mr Nnaji, there have been talks with many agencies regarding the processing and exportation of their products.

Thanking God in company of his wife and children who are staff of the incorporated company, Mr Nnaji left the following advice to people all over the world: “God is indeed faithful when you follow his Word!”


Mr Nivard Malcolm started having strange feelings after he drank a potion given to him by a voodoo priest who had promised to cleanse him of all impurities. Since that day, he had not been himself. He knew something was wrong with him as he felt a strange presence in his body. All efforts to disentangle himself proved abortive. The man from the Virgin Islands started having nightmares in which he would see serpents, especially pythons. Gradually, his finances collapsed. He was unable to get married and was later haunted by insomnia.

In the face of those challenges, a friend told him about Prophet T.B. Joshua. Mr Malcolm searched for the man of God on the internet and was convinced that God was here in The SCOAN. Though it took him a while to save enough money for the visit, he eventually landed in Nigeria from the USA where he resides. When Mass Prayer was going on during the penultimate Sunday service, Mr Malcolm was arrested by the anointing as the python in him manifested. “I control him, he is mine – his body belongs to me… this guy is supposed to be a great musician… No marriage – no woman… the master was the one who put me inside here,” said the frustrated spirit. After undergoing the anointed operation of the Holy Ghost, the python spirit was cast out.malcolm-nivard

During his testimony last Sunday, Mr Malcolm, exuded great joy as he now enjoys freedom and peace of mind. According to him, he now has clarity of mind and can sleep without any hassles. He advised people all over the world to desist from self-acclaimed priests and healers who only end up messing people’s lives. He urged those seeking solution to any problem to seek the face of God in any living church where they can get their deliverance.


Mr and Mrs Akpobor Udu were married but could not enjoy the peace that is supposed to be part of a Christian marriage. Aside from the challenge of barrenness that had left them childless, Mr Udu was constantly being harassed by a spirit husband who was after his wife. On several occasions, the spirit would engage him in fierce battles in his dreams. Unyielding to all of Mr Udu’s resistance, the spirit husband gave him something to remember. He was afflicted with priapism – a permanent erection that defied all attempts to bring it down. For days, the Delta State of Nigeria indigene was in severe pains as his veins became overstretched. When it dawned on him that the situation was beyond him, he visited The SCOAN where the man of God prayed for him at the Prayer Line and he was delivered. After his deliverance, the recalcitrant erection bowed to the power of the Holy Spirit. Mr Udu also received the Morning Water.mr-mrs-akpobor-udu

Having been delivered from the affliction of the spirit husband, the next challenge was to ask for the fruit of the womb. Mr Udu prayed and ministered the Morning Water together with his wife. The couple met as husband and wife and to the glory of God, Mrs Udu became pregnant. Her pregnancy progressed smoothly until the seventh month when it was discovered that the foetus was in a breech presentation. Confronted with that unpleasant reality, Mrs Udu confessed that the child in her womb was a child of God and would not be troubled under any circumstance. She ministered the Morning Water and prayed. After a few days, the foetus returned to the normal position.

When it was time to deliver her baby, the devil tried to strike. On her mother’s advice, Mr Udu was taken to a traditional medicine practitioner who claimed that a rope was holding the baby back and that delivery would be difficult. But unmoved by such a spurious claim, Mrs Udu further reiterated her faith in God by confessing that as a product of prayer, her baby would come forth through normal delivery and nothing less. As she made that confession, she also ministered the Morning Water. In a matter of minutes, labour reached its climax. She was taken to a nearby maternity home where she delivered a baby girl christened Divine. During their testimony, husband and wife expressed immense gratitude to God for turning their lives around.


For physically disciplining her fighting children, Mrs Ani and her husband were denied access to them after the UK social services took them into protective custody in accordance with the Child Protection Law of the country. The matter was subsequently charged to court even as the case lingered for two years. It was an emotionally-turbulent time for the parents who were separated from their children. Mr Ani was not happy with the development and missed the affectionate moments he had spent with his four sons before the unfortunate incident set in. In his desperate search for help, he came down to The SCOAN all the way from the United Kingdom to see Prophet T.B. Joshua who prayed for him and gave him the Morning Water for his children.mr-ani-mike-wife

After he returned to the UK and took the Morning Water to his children at the Social Services facility, he had a dream one night in which the man of God appeared in the court room and ordered him to unseat the presiding judge in the matter. A few days after that dream, the presiding judge was replaced with another one. The new judge after reviewing the case, sympathised with the Anis and even ordered that they should be compensated financially for all the pain they were put through. Though they rejected the option of financial compensation, Mr and Mrs Ani were eventually granted full custody of their four sons after the new judge had rubbished and struck out the case. Today, the elated parents are living together with their four sons after two years. Thanking God for reuniting them with their amiable children, the couple advised congregants to always believe as “there is no one like God.”


Sometime ago Mr and Mrs Livinus Ifeanyi had been to The SCOAN after the husband had received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning their then crumbling marriage. The man of God had requested the presence of his wife who on her own had made it categorically clear that it was only Prophet T.B. Joshua that could settle whatever problems she had with her husband. The man of God had counselled the couple under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit and had urged them to put their differences aside and embrace peace as husband and wife. The couple heeded the advice of the man of God and since then, the peace and new-found affection in their home has been marvellous.mr-livinus-ifeanyi-wife

The couple came to The SCOAN last Sunday to testify to the joy, peace and blessings that have followed their reconciliation. Husband and wife were full of gratitude to God for mending their marriage. They encouraged couples to be tolerant with each other and always seek the intervention of God whenever there are challenges rather than resort to their own human efforts. Mrs Ifeanyi who spoke like an evangelist, counselled people who have marital challenges to draw nearer to God. She urged them not to give up but instead embrace prayer.  She also cautioned them to avoid holding on to offence. According to her, there is no marital challenge that is beyond the power of deliverance. The couple also thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to reconcile them and make them rediscover the love that had eluded their marriage. They left the following words of advice to married couples all over the world: “Marriage does not have a formula; just ask God to give you grace to endure.”

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The everlasting beauty and power in God’s Word cannot be over-emphasized. The foregoing came into play on Sunday June 19, 2016 during The SCOAN service. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua called on Christians to walk in line with God’s agenda, stressing that the only way we can conquer worry and all the uncertainties of life is to attune ourselves to God’s agenda. “God’s time is God’s agenda. Let the Word of God lead us. You have seen that God is reliable and when you know that God is reliable, you have to put your trust in Him. Jesus is reliable and now it is time to put your trust in Him. There is so much worry and upset. There is one thing that is needed – God’s agenda,” he submitted.

PROPHET TB JOSHUAConcluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua enjoined Christians to embrace practical Christianity by reading the Word of God and accompanying it with prayer. He observed that it is only by so doing that we can create and attain that infallible connection between us and our Creator. According to him, “Prayer and Bible reading should always go together. One is not complete without the other. When you read your Bible without offence, you are talking to God. God is listening as you pray and replies accordingly.”
EVANGELIST CHRISTOPHEREarlier, evangelist Christopher had reminded Christians of the need to obey the commandments of God by embracing the dictates of His will. According to him, the beauty of obedience to God is measured by our indomitable spirit in the face of the adversities of life when the going is not good. He observed that a true Christian is he or she who still obeys God even in the worst of situations. “Christian or godly character is the divine oil that keeps the gift of God in the life of Christians burning. No one can maintain God’s gift without God’s character”. Evangelist Christopher concluded with an eye-opener for Christians. He submitted that obedience to the will of God is the true Christian’s license for receiving the ultimate and everlasting reward from God: “Your obedience to the Word of God is the only proof of your faith in Him. God oftentimes does not reward the smart or clever people; He rewards the obedient.”



Mrs Esther Ebhodagha was diagnosed with diabetes. The doctors, in their own human reckoning, had concluded that she was not going to live her normal life without the cocktail of insulin and glucophage which are usually the last resort for people living with the destructive health condition. She had resigned to the conclusions of her doctors, battling headache, body pains, halitosis, high blood pressure and the unpalatable odour of different medications and thinking that she would depend on those anti-diabetic drugs till her dying day. But the ways of mortal men are not the ways of God.1 MRS ESTHER EGHODAGHA

As soon as her daughter installed the Emmanuel TV cable in her house, the power of God visited her. After watching the wonderful works of the Most High on Emmanuel TV, she visited The SCOAN in 2015 and received the Morning Water. As she continued to minister the Morning Water, her very high blood sugar level began to decline until it hit the normal range. By this time, all the debilitating symptoms took to their heels, living her healthier and stronger.

As she testified to her miraculous healing through the Morning Water medium, she urged the congregation and people all over the world to trust in God always, stressing that with Him, all things are possible. She also described the Morning Water as an atomic bomb that destroys all illnesses, no matter their duration and magnitude.


 11 MR MARCELO MALDONADOMr Marcelo, from Argentina, came to The SCOAN for deliverance. Little did he know that God Almighty was about to perform huge miracle in his life. As Prophet T.B. Joshua began ministering prayer and prophecy last Sunday, he came to Mr Marcelo and simply touched his head, revealing the evil forces behind his situation. The man of God prophesied to him saying that a ‘spirit of man’ entered him from a young age and that he had evil powers. Prophet T.B. Joshua also asked him if he used to preach, where Mr Marcelo confirmed the question to be true.

When he was five years old, Mr Marcelo was raped by a male older than him. Since then, his life was never the same as the spirit of man entered him. As he grew older, he didn’t have any affection for women, only for men. When he was 12 years old, he had another sexual relationship with a man who was older than him. Mr Marcelo grew up in church. Despite being tormented by this spirit, he would preach in his church, while keeping his problem a secret but he always consumed with guilt. No matter how much he prayed, read the Bible and went to church, he couldn’t get free from this spirit. The evil spirit finally pushed him to abandon the church and started drinking, taking drugs and going to clubs. He was studying law at a university and became obsessed with a boy in his class. His obsession was so much so that he went to the internet to find ways to try to seduce the boy. On the internet, he made a pact with a god called, “Eros,” a god of love, that gave him powers to seduce and make people fall in love with him.

One day, Mr Marcelo discovered Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube and he was made to understand that his affection for men was caused by an evil spirit. This prompted him to come and visit The SCOAN. Last Sunday, as the man of God prophesied to him and delivered him, he felt as though he was walking on air, like an electric shock came through his body. After the prayer, the spirit left him forever and he doesn’t have that affection for men anymore. Now, when he sees women, he sees their beauty and appreciates them. When he sees a man, he no longer has attraction for them. He advised the world that those who are suffering from a similar spirit should seek God for a spiritual solution because it’s a spiritual problem. “I am totally free, in the name of Jesus!”



10 MRS DANIELLE PHILIPS & HUSBANDThough it seemed like the sicknesses and troubles she encountered would take her life away, Mrs Danielle Phillips knew that God holds the key to her life. As she labored with her own problems, she was also weighed down by the troubles of family members who shared the same fate with her. However, her resolve not to give up on God became the prologue of her journey to victory. Allergies and eating disorders would soon be rendered powerless as she made up her mind to visit the Arena of Liberty.

Visiting The SCOAN with her husband who had also been elevated from hopelessness to academic glory penultimate Sunday, she came face to face with the power of God as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered deliverance to her troubled soul. During the deliverance session, the evil spirit tormenting her life had confessed all its atrocious activities against her existence. “I want blood. I want to kill her. I split. We are eleven. Death is number one. I am a man,” it cried

Revealing how it tried to destroy the marriage between her and her husband coupled with all the travails it had put her through, the evil spirit met its waterloo as the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua stepped into the scene, proclaiming the superiority of the blood of Jesus over her situation. The evil spirit which had entered her through a dream lost its grip on her life as the man of God commanded it to leave her in Jesus’ name. Exuding the anointing in a very dramatic way, the man of God sent the foul spirit packing. In the instant, the hitherto troubled Australian found herself on the floor. Thereafter, it was praises all the way.

Thanking God for her deliverance, Mrs Phillips also recounted her terrible encounter with an evil spirit which had threatened to kill her through a motor accident. According to her, after that experience, a tiger came and attacked her at home. In spite of all the horrors that accompanied that saga, the power of God restored her health and happiness as soon as she was delivered at The SCOAN. According to her husband, after her deliverance, she has been calm, relaxed and okay. “The spiritual realm is a reality but Jesus has conquered the enemy. He has given us salvation,” she reminded people all over the world.


8 MR THORISO MADUNAAt age 13, young Thoriso Maduna had started drinking, smoking and lusting after women. Those corrupting tendencies emanated from his romance with music, which had a terrible influence on his life. The psychedelic impact of worldly music on his life triggered a horrible lifestyle that revolved around clubbing, drug abuse and living life on the fast lane. The South African national was hooked on drugs and sundry addictions, losing touch with God and reality. All attachment to reasoning deserted him as he wallowed in self-hate, frustration and despondency.

On three different occasions, he had escaped death miraculously after he had tried to kill himself. He had also escaped death through motor accidents, after soaking himself in alcohol and cocaine. All the money made from fraudulent activities went down the drain of women of easy virtue and substance abuse. The delusional tendencies of those substances gave him a false impression about the world. Those times, life was a sorry façade draped in fantastical illusions and nothing on the face of mother earth could change his jaundiced worldview. He had enjoyed the bad boy reputation because of the vainglorious fame it brought to him even as he laboured under the yokes of lust and sexual perversion. He was in bondage!

He had visited many churches in South Africa in search of a lasting solution but none was in sight. Whenever he prayed, he would hear those evil spirits mocking him and giving him the impression that his case was insoluble. Those experiences doctored his mindset to believe that real deliverance came with a monetary cost. But a loved one’s healing from cancer at The SCOAN inspired him to visit the church. During Mass Prayer, the penultimate Sunday, the hammer of God fell upon him at the Arena of Liberty. According to him, “As the man of God was approaching, I was getting ready to fight. When the man of God touched me, it was as if the light went off. It was as I woke up from a long deep sleep. I started seeing the cameras and evangelists, wondering where I was and when I got to this place.”

As he gave his testimony amid wild jubilation by congregants, Mr Maduna confessed that all his addictions and cravings have disappeared as though they never ever existed. “I am free in the name of Jesus!” he declared. Now, his desire for the Word of God has taken preeminence in his life. His reasoning has returned to him while all those obstacles that hindered his progress have been dismantled. “The only way to be free is to know Jesus Christ; there is no other way,” he advised people all over the world.



Mrs Nneka Nnanyelugo was more like a tiger in her matrimonial home. The spirit of anger in her almost destroyed her marriage. For no explainable reason, she would get mad at her husband, making him to go searching for solace outside the family. She derived pleasure in controlling him. There was a total lack of affection in the marriage even as Mr Nnanyelugo had opted to carry his cross by bearing the unfortunate fate that had befallen his marriage.

6 MR & MRS JOSEPHShe would engage her husband in physical fights just to impose her authority over him. All efforts by her husband to make peace proved abortive. Even their children noticed her overbearing attitude towards their father. Her son once told her that if anything happened to their father, she would be held responsible. But all those entreaties and warnings fell on deaf ears. Mrs Nnanyelugo was on a path of dishonor for her husband and nothing on earth could restrain her.

However the ‘iron lady’ of the Nnanyelugo family had visited The SCOAN on Sunday, June 12, 2016 to join in prayers for the celebration of Prophet T.B Joshua’s 53rd birthday anniversary, when the Holy Spirit, through the man of God presented with a life-changing birthday gift. As the man of God ministered with God’s anointing during Mass Prayer, the spirit of anger that had been rubbishing her marriage came under heavy spiritual bombardment. Just a touch on her forehead, the ‘iron lady’ fell to the floor. Confirming how she had ruthlessly terrorized him in his own home, Mr Nnanyelugo also received deliverance as the man of God laid hands on him in the mighty name of Jesus.

During their testimony last Sunday, the couple thanked God for restoring the lost affection in their marriage. According to Mr Nnanyelugo, “After last Sunday, my wife and I were delivered. It is like I have a new marriage altogether; things changed automatically.” Confirming her deliverance, Mrs Nnanyelugo confessed her new-found peace and miraculous change that has taken over her life. “Since that Sunday, I am a new person… My disposition has changed and we can laugh and discuss now,” she added. The woman advised people all over the world, especially her fellow women to always rethink their actions towards their husbands in order to sustain their marriage in love, peace and harmony.


4 MR ARO OLUSANYA (2)For five years, Mr Aro Olusanya had been unable to walk due to lumbar spondylosis. The engineer who spent most of his working time repairing heavy duty generators struggled to live each passing day as doctors suggested he had to go for an operation. The amount of money involved and the fear of coming under the surgeon’s knife kept him away from the doctors’ suggestion. Having been introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend, Mr Olusanya got information about the special Prayer Line session for the commemoration of the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua; he visited The SCOAN on Saturday, June 11 2016.

4 MR ARO OLUSANYA (1)As the man of God ministered prayer during the special Prayer Line, Mr Olusanya received a touch on his head and the rest is history. According to Mr Olusanya, as soon as the man of God touched his head, he heard a cracking sound and felt an electrical sensation from his head through his spine down to his waist. The man who had been condemned to the use of a lumbar corset rose to his feet immediately and threw the medical support away. He bubbled with youthful vigour as he testified before The SCOAN congregation, thanking the  Almighty God for his miraculous healing.



2 MR VICTOR NINAJEIMr Victor Nwajei’s life had been under the merciless grip of poverty to the extent that he could not feed himself well. For a long while, the Nigerian living in South Africa ate one loaf of bread for an entire week and could not pay his bills, even though he was only squatting with friends who made monthly contributions to offset their rent. Providing his own part of the rent ended up in cock and bull stories. People avoided him; nobody wanted to associate with him because he was seen as a potential burden and liability. The struggle with poverty continued into his marriage.

His flight from post to post in search of a solution brought him in contact with a friend who took interest in his affairs and motivated him to visit The SCOAN. Mr Nwajei was eventually delivered at The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. When he returned to South Africa, a glimmer of hope began to shine brilliantly in the firmament of his hitherto cloudy existence. Prior to his visit to The SCOAN, he had intended to buy the house he was renting – a two-bedroom flat – but his application was turned down on the argument that his income was lower than his outflow. When he returned to South Africa from Nigeria, instead of the two-bedroom flat, he dreamt higher by deciding to go for a four-bedroom flat with a swimming pool and other attractions.

Barely three months after receiving deliverance at The SCOAN, Mr Nwajei, against all competition from other capable bidders, bought the four-bedroom flat apartment. After acquiring the beautiful house situated in a high-brow area of Johannesburg, he added four choice cars to his fleet. In total, he owns seven cars. He has since become a much sought after business man with an extensive international travelling exposure. He has been approached by several investment companies who want him to be their representative in Nigeria.

He also owns a company which has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Germany-based firm specializing in real estate investments. How Mr Nwajei was elevated from poverty to wealth remains a case study in divine intervention.



He had come to test the prophetic gift of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua but unknown to him, the Spirit of God in Prophet T.B. Joshua had already seen beyond his laughable intentions.9 MR SAMSON OMAYE & FAMILY (2) Mr Samson had been a practicing witch doctor and chief priest for thirty-five years. As he served these idols, nothing good ever came out of his life. Instead, he had lost some of his children to the destructive deities. He was also being constantly afflicted with illnesses.

Along the line, a brother encouraged him to watch Emmanuel TV to witness the wonderful works of God. Having installed the Emmanuel TV cable, Mr Omaye visited The SCOAN and was spotted by the man of God. He received deliverance and decided to give his life to Christ. All connection he had with those idols has been severed by the blood of Jesus.

9 MR SAMSON OMAYE & FAMILY (1)Testifying in company of his immediate and extended families, he emphasized the fact that he decided to forsake his fetish ways because for all the thirty-five years he had served them, he benefitted nothing except sickness and the death of his children. Surrendering all the charms and totems of his fetish practices to The SCOAN for destruction, Mr Omaye advised people serving idols to desist henceforth as they bring no good but total destruction.






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PROPHET T.B.JOSHUAThe SCOAN Sunday service of May 29, 2016 brought to the fore the demonstration of God’s power and glory in line with its basic purpose of redemption, salvation and deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregants in pulling down strongholds through the power of prayer, prophecy and deliverance. During Mass Prayer, the man of God loosed souls from the entanglement of the devil and restored destinies stolen or ruined. He prayed for the nations of the world and committed their leaders into the hands of God, especially nations that are in the process of electing new leaders. He also prayed for troubled nations and asked God to intervene, bearing in mind the immigrant and refugee challenges that have become a global phenomena.


Earlier, Evangelist Michelle had called on Christians to endure the harsh and discouragingEVANGELIST MITCHELLE situations they face in order to enjoy the future glory that awaits them. She cited many biblical examples of great men of God who, in spite of the challenges they faced, soldiered on and eventually attained great heights. In a message titled ENDURE: IT IS POSSIBLE, she named biblical icons such as Noah and David who in spite of the opposition and challenges they faced eventually became celebrated men in history. She therefore urged Christians to remain focused and unrelenting with their visions if they really want to attain remarkable greatness. “When God gives you a vision and it is opposed by men, don’t reduce your vision. Endure, it is possible,” she advised.




Cigarettes became his greatest source of joy and satisfaction. He smoked as though his entire life depended on it to the extent that he lost one of his sons as a result of his reckless attachment to the nicotinic wraps. Mr Johnson Mobote, a retired lieutenant in the Nigerian Army would smoke an average of two rolls of cigarettes in a day accompanied with shots of a local gin popularly known as ‘ogogoro’. Whenever he was on hospital admission, he would sneak out to go and smoke much to the frustration of his doctors who wondered what manner of man he was. For more than fifty years years, he “enjoyed” the evil smoke.


His father and uncle had become sworn enemies till their death based on allegations that the latter cast the spell of smoking on him. The unholy habit triggered several irresponsible behaviours in the soldier who had attained the rank of a Major but was demoted to a Lieutenant due to insubordination. During the Nigeria-Biafra war, he sustained a leg injury from a gunshot as he went ransacking the corpses of dead soldiers in search of cigarettes. His addiction was that bad!


All efforts made by his family to cure his addiction proved futile. His case was like that of a burning grass upon which fire increased as more water was being poured in an attempt to extinguish it. “I had been to many churches, undergone several deliverances and even visited traditional medicine homes, but the more they tried to cure my addiction, the worse it became. I have consumed gallons of holy water and yet no solution,” he told congregants at The SCOAN. Most times, he would abscond from home after altercations with his family over his unwholesome habit and settle into a private haven to continue his smoking spree. After several failed attempts to lure him to The SCOAN, his family finally received divine assistance through Emmanuel TV.


He had watched Prophet T.B. Joshua preach about OFFENCE on Emmanuel TV and that prepared the ground for his reconciliation with his family whom he had abandoned. Arriving at The SCOAN, Mr Mobote received the biggest gift from his daughter who approached him and asked to minister the Morning Water to him. After ministering the Morning Water, the old soldier confiscated the whole bottle and emptied it into his mouth to appease his daughter and prevent her further nagging. Unknown to him, he had exorcised the demon that was disturbing his life for over five decades!


After gulping a whole bottle of the Morning Water, Mr Mobote stopped having the urge of smoking from that very moment ‘til now. It has remained a mystery how his unholy appetite came to an end. But to those who believe in the power of God, there is nothing beyond that power. Thanking God for his deliverance from cigarette addiction, in company of his family, Mr Johnson Mobote expressed gratitude to God for freeing his soul from destruction. He advised people all over the world to desist from smoking as it offers no single good, adding that he had tried to stop on his own but failed several times.



Mrs Suresh was involved in an accident six years ago in which she fractured her shoulder and was unable to do her house chores. In fact, she could not even raise her arm up. Her husband had to make out time from his busy schedule to assist her. As she battled with her fractured shoulder following a surgery, she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua after she had been encouraged by the testimony of a South African woman who got healed at The SCOAN. After praying along with the man of God, in a matter of minutes, she began to raise her arm. The fractured shoulder was healed completely!


After his wife’s healing, Mr Suresh got inspired and joined a team of believers to install satellite dishes enabling Emmanuel TV to be viewed in over one hundred homes across India. For that act of faith, he received a reward from God. His stagnant career was turned around as he got promoted in his place of work to the glory of God. He told congregants that many who got their Emmanuel TV cables through him have continued to experience God’s blessings. According to him, their testimonies are too numerous to mention. The thankful couple praised God for His divine touch through Emmanuel TV. They advised people to believe in God, stating that He does not consider money even as distance is not a barrier to His power.



Six years of barrenness stood in between them and marital bliss like a plague. Having been diagnosed with low sperm count, staphylococcus and poor ejaculation, Mr Olubode sought medical, spiritual and traditional solutions but none was forthcoming. He was made to consume a lot of concoctions by spiritualists and traditional doctors yet nothing changed about his condition. A friend would later introduce him to Emmanuel TV through which his long-sought solution came.


MR & MRS OLUBODE FEMIMr and Mrs Olubode were excited with the awesome display of God’s power as they watched the numerous miracles that happened at The SCOAN. Having been convinced that the solution to their problem would be found at The SCOAN, the couple visited the church in September last year and received prayers and the Morning Water from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. As they returned home and continued to minister the Morning Water, they got intimate and in a space of one month, Mrs Olubode was confirmed pregnant much to the perplexity of her husband who could not comprehend the workings of God’s power.


Thanking God alongside his heavily pregnant wife, Mr Olubode expressed the huge relief they now enjoy after the good Lord smiled on them. All the psychological traumas they went through are now overtaken by the grace of God. They advised people with a similar challenge to have faith in God, no matter the problem.



Mr Blessing Eleke started his professional football career aged 17 and travelled to Italy where he tried his skills with three different clubs but failed to get a professional contract. He returned to Nigeria distraught and disappointed. He saw the development as a major setback to his career as a footballer. Back in Nigeria, he decided to visit The SCOAN and received the Morning Water.


As he started ministering the Morning Water, events around him began to take a promising turn. His manager informed him of an opportunity for trials with a Slovenian club. As he prepared for the trials, he ministered the Morning Water and was shocked at the results. He was able to net remarkable goals during the trials and became a bride of the team which had no other option than to offer him a professional contract in 2014. Because of his impressive performance, he was sold to a bigger club barely after one season.MR BLESSING .C. ELEKE AND BROTHER


He signed a four-year contract with AK Olympija, a big team in the Slovenian league, albeit without a trophy for twenty years. In his first season with AK Olympija, he scored vital goals and made several assists, helping them to win the league trophy for the first time in twenty years. In total, he scored fifteen goals in his first season at the new club. According to the footballer, he usually ministered the Morning Water whenever he had a game to play. He thanked God for the colossal transformation his career has witnessed ever since he started ministering the Morning Water. He advised people all over the world to continue watching Emmanuel TV and ministering the Morning Water.



For Mrs Roseline Johnson, nature seemed to have shut its door against her. The Bayelsa State indigene had not seen her menstruation for ten years and could not fathom why it was so. She knew that something was amiss and had to visit many hospitals and traditional homes. Each quest for solution ended in futility and left her more dejected. All the medications she received even made a caricature of her condition as they all proved ineffective.


Last Saturday, as she watched Emmanuel TV, she saw a woman who had her type of problemMRS ROSELINE JOHNSON being prophesied to by the man of God and decided to key into the prophecy by placing her hand on the screen of her television. After that act of irrepressible faith, it took just twenty-four hours for her age-long problem to be brought to an end. Her ceased menstruation was restored to the glory of God. Overwhelmed with awe and the joy of thanksgiving, she advised people all over the world to have faith, stressing that distance is not a barrier.



Mr Victor Olympio and family have been watching Emmanuel TV for many years and had seen that God was doing mighty things at the Arena of Liberty. The Togolese family resident in the Republic of Benin were happy until the devil tried to mess up their joy with their son’s health. The young lad was trying to transfer to another school and needed to undergo medicals only for him to be diagnosed with the deadly hepatitis B virus. The discovery sent shockwaves down the spines of his parents who made frantic efforts to see specialists in connection with the sad development. The specialist contacted only suggested further tests for the entire family.


MR VICTOR OLYMPIO AND FAMILYTurning down the advice of the specialist, the couple declined to carry out further tests on themselves and instead tinkered with the idea of visiting The SCOAN to see the man of God. After being unable to see Prophet T.B. Joshua, the couple decided to get the Morning Water which they ministered to their son in faith. After ministering the Morning Water for a while, they revisited the laboratory where they received the happiest shock of their lives. The hepatitis B virus was no more! Like an evil stronghold, it had been pulled down by the mighty hand of God through the Morning Water medium. All other laboratories visited confirmed he was free from the hepatitis B virus. As they testified to God’s goodness in their life as a family, the parents urged viewers all over the world to run to God, no matter the situation they found themselves in.



Ms Sylvia Ogbebor was shocked when the man of God prophesied about her case. She had been engrossed in prostitution for many years and had been a customer to many herbalists who made incisions on her private part to enable her to attract men at will. She was given beads to wear and formed the habit of travelling cross West Africa in furtherance of her prostitution business. She was insatiable sexually. In the long run, she had a child for a young man who eventually turned her into a punching bag. After surviving the abuse and beating in the hands of her ‘baby father’, she was helped to Dubai by a friend.


At Dubai, she continued her prostitution business, sleeping with up to forty men in a day in MS. OGBEBOR SYLVIA, MOTHER AND SONorder to repay the ticket cost her friend had paid for her. From Dubai, she returned to Nigeria and decided to start using the internet to canvass for men. All her efforts to keep her son and mother comfortable hit the brick wall as the boy’s health condition ran into troubled waters. Her friends prevailed upon her to return to Abuja to continue her prostitution.


She continued to prostitute between Nigeria and Dubai and was able to raise enough money to rent an apartment for her mother and son. She would lie to her mother that she was travelling for business but the old woman never suspected that her daughter was a chartered harlot. Eventually, Ms Ogbebor embraced lesbianism, smoking and alcoholism in order to escape from depression. Her insatiable urge for sex remained at its zenith and made a mince meat of her life. After perambulating around in search of deliverance, she was advised to seek the face of God.


Visiting The SCOAN with so much expectation, the man of God prophesied to her thus: “There is a woman there. In those days, in your past, you used to wear some beads. You have done away with these beads, you no longer wear beads but now, the challenge you are facing is that you have no settled home. No single man can please you. No one can give you the kind of affection you want. This has bastardised your career. You are just from one place to another but right now, you are tired. You don’t know what is wrong with you. Please, come; Jesus loves you.” Coming out of the congregation to confirm the prophecy, Ms Ogbebor received her deliverance.


Returning to testify, she gave a gory account of all her illicit sexual escapades in company of some other irresponsible women. If not for God’s grace, her descent into the abysmal trenches of prostitution would have claimed her life, bearing in mind the existence of deadly sexually transmitted diseases and the huge presence of ritualists who would stop at nothing to use unsuspecting woman for their nefarious activities. Indeed, she was saved by grace through Christ Jesus.


Thanking God for her deliverance, she told the congregation how blessed and calm she now feels. According to her, the urge for sex has now given way to meditation on the Word of God using the Faith Bracelet. She now enjoys an inner peace that is so indescribable. Smiling with renewed hope and faith in Christ Jesus, she advised the world to repose their faith in God, no matter their expectations.



Mr Lebohang Malokotsa was addicted to pornography right from his primary school days. It all started out as a prank amongst his peers but eventually developed into masturbation. The young lawyer from Lesotho became sexually perverted and would do anything to sleep with woman. As he laboured under the yoke of lust, he contacted the kindred spirits of smoking and drinking. All through his university years, he battled with these problems. His academic life was greatly distracted by pornography which he usually found on the internet through Facebook and YouTube.


MR LEBOHANG MALOKOTABecause of the negative toll the spirit of lust took on him, he has spent three years in his post-graduate study which ordinarily should take one year. On several occasions, he had had issues with his father who frowned at his irresponsible behaviours and got his mother depressed due to his misdemeanours. His legal career suffered untold stagnation as he went deeper and deeper into his pornographic distraction. He would lie to his fiancée deceiving her into believing he was a responsible young man. After making many failed efforts to quit his ungodly habits, he decided to visit The SCOAN. Seated in the auditorium penultimate Sunday, he was fished out by the man of God through words of prophecy.


You are addicted to watching the internet, a lot of pornography and naked people. Because of that, you can masturbate without anything. Even as you sit down, it’s an attack. As you sit down, you can begin to masturbate. This thing is destroying your life…,” said the man of God even as the young man confirmed the prophecy in its entirety. With just a touch from the man of God, the young man fell to the ground under the power of the Holy Spirit. All thanks and honour belong to our God who made his deliverance possible, through Christ Jesus! During his testimony, he expressed joy for coming to his real senses after the deliverance, urging viewers all over the world not to put themselves in positions where the devil would tempt them.



Mr Solomon Gawera had divorced his wife and was busy lusting after other woman. The Ugandan national recounted how he was possessed by an evil spirit which eventually had a sexual relationship with him. This happened when he was in secondary school. Since then his life had not remained the same. The spirit wife thereafter took control of his life, drifting him towards the embers of destruction and death but for the intervention of God through the word of prophecy revealed to Prophet T.B. Joshua during penultimate Sunday service.


Inviting his wife to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua surrendered the matter to God and said His will concerning their case must be sought before anything could happen. The young woman recalled how she had to accept divorce as a result of her estranged husband’s lustful behMR SOLOMON GAWERA AND WIFEaviours and illicit affairs with many women, including her best friend. The woman was visibly distraught as she narrated her ex-husband’s irresponsible attitudes. He would beat her up whenever she protested against his wayward ways.


Following the direction of the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua who had earlier delivered Mr Gawera, reconciled the couple, restoring their broken marriage in the mighty name of Jesus. He directed Mr Gawera to apologise to his wife, saying that their marriage is the will of God. Speaking extensively on the issue of divorce, the man of God observed that one of the major roles of the church is to restore broken marriages. He also observed that couples could be divorced in spirit and yet live together. According to him, that trend is dangerous as it could lead to dire consequences. He however blamed the rampant case of divorce on the lack of understanding.


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On Sunday 28th February, 2016, the SCOAN Choir ensured that the congregants danced away all their fears and burdens, replacing them with the hope and faith that abound in the Word of God. That is always the case when the Spirit of the Lord is upon the souls of his children – they will dance a living dance!


Prophet T.B. Joshua sent the congregation pondering with a deep message titled, BELIEF IN THE HEART. The bottom-line of the message laid in the fact that God cherishes anything done from the heart. In his message, the man of God emphasised that “Faith is not imitation.” He observed that many Christians have been doing foolish things and calling it faith: “God will not meet you because you imitate what someone did. Faith is not imitation. God will meet you when you take action in obedience to God. When our spirit acts upon the Word, all we need to do is use our faith to put a demand upon the anointing.”

Speaking further, the man of God taught the congregation how to connect with God through the study of His Word, stating that mere recital of the scripture is not what is needed to connect with God but a heart-felt and slow approach, attentively and repeatedly: “The more you think, meditate about what you read in the Bible, the more your spirit, that is your heart acts upon the Word you read.”

Concluding, the man of God urged Christians to avoid taking offence as it blocks their connection to God and His everlasting blessings: “Only a free spirit can communicate with God, hear from God. Whether you are right or wrong, you have to release yourself and put it behind you and move forward. You have no right or permission to hold onto an offence. Holding onto an offence affects the glory of God in your life.”




MRS MUKAMBONERA CLAUDINEMrs Mukambonera Claudine, a Rwandan national residing in France visited The SCOAN with a couple of challenges. She had been applying for citizenship in France but all her efforts hit the brick wall. Her bedwetting problem was perhaps the biggest and most embarrassing challenge that had troubled her right from birth. During her school days, her fellow students would run away from her saying that she had an offensive odour. While in the boarding house, no student wanted to share the same bed with her.  Sometimes, while she slept on the upper bunk, her urine would trickle down on the body of the student who slept on the lower bunk. She was left alone in her world and was made to feel very bad about herself. She was always washing and cleaning the hostel in order to minimize the stench of urine that came from her. Those were really challenging moments in her life. Her marital aspirations were also troubled by her bedwetting problem. On one occasion, a suitor was discouraged by someone who informed him that she was bedwetting. Though she eventually married her suitor, the bedwetting problem continued into her marriage. To save her head, she would ensure that she slept together with her children and would ascribe her bedwetting to them. Even when she shared a bed with a friend in France, it was the same sad story. Sometimes, she would be on the street crying and bemoaning her unfortunate lot in life.

When she came to The SCOAN, she was placed at the Prayer Line where the man of God prayed for her and subsequently gave her the Morning Water. On her return to France, she ministered the Morning Water devotedly with prayers. To the glory of God, she was granted French citizenship. The bedwetting problem also came to a permanent end. Joy and self-esteem which were seriously lacking in her life have now returned. She praised God for answering her prayers.


Ambassador and Mrs Raphael Horsfall came to The SCOAN with the problem of recurrent miscarriage. Since they got married, Mrs Horsfall had been experiencing recurrent miscarriages. Whenever the pregnancy was six weeks old, she would have a nightmare in which she would find herself eating in the dream. The aftermath of that nightmare was that she would start bleeding, thereby losing the pregnancy.AMBASSADOR & MRS RAPHAEL HORSEFALL

Medical appointments with the best gynaecologists could not help just as all diagnosis failed to detect any problem. Her husband is an Ambassador of Peace and Conflict Management with the Presidency in Abuja and who, in company of other Niger Delta dignitaries, had visited The SCOAN in 2009 in search of a spiritual solution to the problem of militancy. According to Ambassador Horsfall, the spiritual guidance and direction given to them by the man of God resulted in the creation of the Amnesty programme by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua.

Ambassador Horsfall believed that if the man of God could solve a national problem that almost crippled the national economy, then his wife’s case was miniature. His candid conviction would eventually prove true indeed. The couple visited The SCOAN and received prayers as well as the Morning Water. As they returned to Abuja and continued to minister the Morning Water, the hand of God upon their case was made manifest. One afternoon, as he was about to have his lunch, Ambassador Horsfall received a cheery news from his wife. She was pregnant and this time, the pregnancy has come to stay. Today, Mrs Horsfall is eight months pregnant. Grateful to God for the miracle, Ambassador Horsfall urged leaders to seek the face of God in everything they do.

To end his testimony, Ambassador Horsfall explained his recent post as Senior Special Assistant to the Political Advisor of the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. During a time of tension in the in the run-up to the election, there was confusion and worry as to which direction to follow in the government. They had sought advice from different places. Ambassador Horsfall came to The SCOAN and pleaded with Prophet T.B. Joshua for God’s opinion and the man of God clearly stated that the election had been lost and they should concede defeat graciously.

He took the instruction in righteousness back to the Aso Villa and told the president. A few months later, people wondered why the president didn’t fight back or annul the election as he had the powers to do so. This was the reason why.


For Mrs Rebecca Odoi Laryea, it was the problem of indebtedness that brought her to The SCOAN after she and her husband were duped by a trusted family friend who absconded with the sum of eighty thousand dollars paid in by a customer for the purchase of a coaster bus. All efforts to retrieve the money remained futile. The automobile business of the Ghanaian couple ran into murky waters as all their savings went down the drain in their bid to locate the duper. After exhausting all options, the couple visited The SCOAN.


At The SCOAN, they received the Morning Water and returned to Ghana with faith. Ministering the Morning Water, they called on God to save them from the mess they had found themselves in. Within a short time, the man who had absconded with their money called her husband from Dubai, paid her husband’s air fare to the Middle East city, refunded the money for the bus with an extra six thousand dollars on top to enable them purchase the latest brand of coaster. The couple eventually bought and shipped a brand new coaster bus for their business at the expense of the lost-but-found friend.

Apart from recovering their money, the couple who had faced accommodation problems, were able to build an apartment of their own in a prime location in Accra within seven months. Thanking God for taking away shame and reproach from their lives, Mrs Odoi Laryea advised people to look up to God when their human strength fails them.


“There is a brother; you are going to the embassy on Thursday. You have the document. You have been there two to three times but whatever happens, don’t be disappointed…” It was with these words that Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied the case of Mr Hilary Ugochukwu Anyamene. The native of Anambra State, Nigeria was facing challenges with his visa application. As a business man who specialised in marketing American spares, he needed to get his visa in order to go over to the US to ship products to Nigeria. On two occasions, his visa applications were rejected. He made up his mind to apply for a third time and also insisted on MR UGOCHUKWYU ANYAMENEvisiting The SCOAN before embarking on the third journey to the US embassy. Even though friends had tried to discourage him from visiting The SCOAN, his mind was made up. For them, it was better that he should wait and reapply after one year.

Visiting The SCOAN, he received a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua regarding his visa issue. That message turned around his situation for good. He returned home and prepared for another date with the American embassy. On getting there, the lady who interviewed him only asked a few questions after which she told him that his visa application was successful. Filled with joy and displaying his two-year multiple entry visa, Mr Anyamene thanked God for granting his heart’s desire.


“I don’t want her to have any good in her life… just to destroy her life to make her miserable… her family – everyone is miserable…” Amidst heavy pummelling by the undiluted power of the Holy Ghost, the evil spirit in the young woman cried out revealing all the wicked plans it had for her life. Even the physical appearance of Miss Biliki showed that something was amiss with her spiritual life. A ring in the nose, another beneath the lips plus a plethora of tattoos all over the body – all those were relics of her association with the marine kingdom.

Even her mother knew that she had an evil spirit which had caused so much havoc in her life. At 15, she absconded from home only to team up with a prostitution cartel in Lagos Island. A woman who traded in prostitutes promised to take her out of the country to Cotonou where she became a professional prostitute. While nine other girls were sold away, she was kept because of herMISS BILIKI GIWA & MOTHER BLURREDage. As she plied her trade in the illicit business, she ran into a man who took her away to a new location. After two weeks, the man left.


Young Biliki started working in night clubs to make ends meet. In her long romance with prostitution, she had travelled to a couple of countries, including Niger where she met a witch doctor who promised to exorcise the evil spirit tormenting her life. After spending money for the spiritual exercise, her life became worse. She returned to Cameroon and became a stripper, dancing in strip clubs and exposing her nakedness to the evil delight of irresponsible men. Most of the so-called witch doctors who claimed they would help deliver her from the evil spirit tormenting her life ended up sleeping with her.

She had come to The SCOAN to test the power of God in Prophet T.B. Joshua. That was the greatest but best mistake she made. During Mass Prayer, the fire of the Holy Ghost located her and beat the evil spirit blue-black before sending it back to the pit of hell. Renouncing her former life amid tears, Miss Biliki advised people to put their trust in God while promising to dedicate the rest of her life to serving Him.


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