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There is currently a rumour circulating that on Sunday 11th December, 2011, TB Joshua predicted a third world war.

CORRECTION: Prophet T.B. Joshua did not say that there would be a third world war. He did not say that civilisation would be gone. We should be very careful about changing a prophetic message to suit our own philosophy or our own world view.

The title chosen for this post is wrong and grossly misleading. Emmanuel TV is a means of communicating a message from God. All messages of prophecy given by Prophet T.B. Joshua to the world are shown live on Emmanuel TV during the Sunday live services at The SCOAN.

You can see the complete prophecy of the rebroadcast of the live service.

The correct response given to any prophecy is to call people together in order to pray and to seek the face of God. As Prophet T.B. Joshua advised, we continue to ask God to redeem our nation and the whole world.

Do not hear this or that and jump to a hasty conclusion. Find out the truth from the source and it shall be well with you.

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Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesies the outcome of the Africa Cup of Nations 2012 Qualifying Match between Guinea and Nigeria, predicting that the first team to score would win the encounter. Watch and discover the prophets and prophecy did not die out with the Old Testament; truly, a prophet is in our mids.

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It was testimonies galore as soon as the service message was given. Beginning with events that happened outside Nigeria, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised a replay of his recent prophecies about some Asian countries. The video replay once more reminded listeners of his prophecy about Pakistan and what would befall her between the 10th and 12th of March i.e. on Thursday , Friday and Saturday. He therefore enjoined prayer for Pakistan as what was to happen would shake the nation.

Prophet TB Joshua

He asked for protection prayers for Pakistan and all the troubled nations. In confirmation of the prophecy, CNN reports confirmed the detonation of a bomb near a gas station in Pakistan which wounded many people. The explosion which was described as an act of terrorism caused buildings to collapse and many others to be on fire. The incident which happened in the Punjab province killed over 100 people and left more than 130 people injured. The case of Japan which was part of the prophecy, as the prophet saw many people crying in that region of the Asian continent, actualised in an 8.9 magnitude earthquake which again shook the whole country and beyond. The quake swept away a ship with over 100 people on board. Some houses were submerged and many people were evacuated to schools. These two catastrophes were revealed to the prophet and the names of the affected countries also mentioned to him.

Wise Man Christopher

THE PROPHETIC POWERS OF THE WISE MEN In vindication of the prophetic powers of the five wise men, the prophet again ordered that a particular video clip be activated. The said clip revealed the Wise Man prophesying to a certain man whom the wise man described as being in darkness. He further revealed that what was in the man was contrary to what was in him (Wise Man). The prophecy added that the man was initiated into a cult and that his days were numbered. In confirmation of the prophecy, the man, Emmanuel by name revealed that he had been deliberately away from his family for over a year as he was being sought after by his fellow cultists whom he had disappointed by refusing to submit to them the blood of his close relation to replace the one he drank during his initiation. Broke and indebted Emmanuel was desperately in need of money when he ran into a man one evening in a beer parlour. As the man looked rather buoyant, Emmanuel thought he could get financial help from him. On the contrary, the man promised to take him to Power Kingdom Wealth. Getting to the Power Kingdom Wealth, Emmanuel was ordered to remove his clothes and a coffin filled with human bones was brought before him. A sharp bone among them was used to cut Emmanuel’s body for incision and ground bone was rubbed into the cuts. Following that, a calabash of blood was given to him from which he drank by way of oath taking. It was this blood that he was asked to replace with that of his child or wife. First he was asked to go home and bring the picture of his baby before he would be given money. He pretended but never actually went home realizing the impracticability of sacrificing any member of his family. He could not go to the cultists empty-handed either, so he decided to embark on an aimless prowl. In a dream he saw the skeleton that reminded him of the baby or the alternative of killing himself. In the process, he met a woman who agreed to help and house him in a gesture of amorous disposition towards him. He however realized that the woman’s scheme of help would deepen his problem if he adopted it, so he decided to use the woman’s blood to replace the blood in the cult but the cult members declined for the fact that the woman was not his blood relation.

At the end of his prophecy confirmation, Emmanuel was given the new Anointing Water for deliverance. The prophet had before then spent time extolling the powers of the new Anointing Water. In a nutshell, he described it as, ‘We have arrived’. By that he meant, ‘It is greater than your problems’. He further described it as the father of the old Anointing Water. He added that whatever you say into the new Anointing Water works for you as you said it.

Even if you do not say anything, you will get the expected result. As soon Emmanuel touched the new Anointing Water given to him in the name of Jesus, he started writhing all over the place. He hadn’t even opened it before he received the impact which sent him gyrating in a powerful deliverance. Emmanuel confessed that he was literally shocked when he touched the new Anointing Water.

Could it be said that just the packet of the new Anointing Water does what the liquid of the old one does?

Another wise man whose clip was used to prove the immense anointing of the wise men was Daniel. In this clip, Wise Man Daniel was shown as he laid hands on the congregants. As he laid hands on a lady by name Prisca (of Imo State in Nigeria but resident in Ghana), the contrary spirit in her felt affronted and vocally came into the open to challenge the wise man in the words, ‘Leave me alone; she is my wife. I have destroyed her family and killed her three children.’ Prisca herself revealed that she had carried the evil spirit from birth. Her mother told her that she (Prisca) had followed her from the ocean in a dream to be born by her as a daughter. When her mother had a baby, it was Prisca. The evil spirit had plagued Prisca’s marital life, causing her first husband to die, the second one to fall sick and the third to divorce her. Receiving the new Anointing Water for deliverance, she was in a fit of turning round ‘til she finally fell down.

She revealed that as soon as she touched the Anointing Water, there was fire all over her causing her hand to shake.

The third case also involved Wise Man Daniel as he laid hands on people. This time, it was one Rosemary Ofoegbu from Anambra, Nigeria. Rosemary, in her confirmation, revealed that she was initiated by friends while in secondary school with food after which she was given a ring, a bead and glasses. She used the bead to initiate people into their kingdom, the glasses for seducing men and collecting their sperm for cosmetics in their kingdom and the ring for causing accidents. She added how she frustrated the economic ventures of her relations and her mother and how she killed her sister because she was more loved by the parents. She destroyed and seduced pastors who tried to deliver her. The new Anointing Water was used to deliver her.

The next lady was one whom Wise Man Daniel looked and pointed a finger at saying that she slept and felt cold in her tummy because of a python and that the python was the cause of her problems. The lady, Queen by name, confirmed the prophecy saying that she always saw snakes especially when alone and consequently never wanted to stay alone. She had no peace in her present marriage and no child either. Her husband, who was doing well before, had also come down in his business. All this he attributed to the effect of the python in her life. Like the rest before her, she was delivered.

The lady whose video clip was shown next was named Mrs Jack Maureen. In the Monday Live service,the  Wise Man had accosted and told her prophetically that she was a man and as such she could fight anybody and destroy things and that consequently, her marriage was on the verge of breakage as she played the commanding role of the man and relegated her husband to the background.She confirmed the prophecy as revealed on the screen in the Sunday service. She admitted playing the role of the husband for which reason the husband threw her out. She also added that the spirit husband in her had done much damage to her marriage, reducing her husband from wealth to penury. In his confirmation, the husband admitted that he was rich when he married her and also a guitarist in The SCOAN choir at which time the prophet always fondly called him for counselling. He added that the spirit husband lured him to another church so that it could deal with him as was the case. He knelt down before the man of God pleading that he be allowed to reclaim his membership of The SCOAN — a plea which never won the blessing of the prophet, who maintained that it was not so much his membership of another church as his relationship with Christ that was his undoing, assuring him however, that he would always pray for him when required even as he remained in his new church. The couple were delivered.

The lady who mounted the platform next for a testimony, as revealed in the clip, was Mary from Anambra Nigeria who had come to The SCOAN in December for prayer for her baby that was in the wrong position causing her to be booked for operation. The Wise Man at that time warned her on the danger of shunning her mother’s advice in her sexual escapade. The man responsible for the pregnancy was not ready to take responsibility and decided to go into hiding. The wise man advised her to go and apologise to her mother for failing to heed her warning. The immediate problem was that her passage appeared too small for the baby to come through. The Wise Man prayed for her and by that she was able to deliver her twins (a boy and a girl) safely on December 25th last year even though both twins came out with their legs and her male friend also came from hiding.


Mr and Mrs Elsie Nglembua from Namibia were among those in The SCOAN in December 2009 for the Fruit Of The Womb Meeting as part of their struggle against twelve years of barrenness. She recollected some bits from the prophet’s prayer that day -‘Make it happen; your day of deliverance.’ Getting home, her husband and she met spousally that month and it resulted in a pregnancy, later delivered as a baby girl. She reminded the prophet that he should remember that his granddaughter was in Namibia. The couple thanked God and the prophet for their blessing.


On the platform to narrate his testimony too was Mr John Okoh of Cross River State. John worked in the Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna as a store keeper. As soon as he resumed work at the end of his sick leave in 1989, he was arrested and taken to the police station for a very serious offence for which he was sentenced to death by hanging. He was however transferred to Calabar prison. In the Calabar prison, according to him, they had Emmanuel day when the inmates watched Emmanuel TV . As they watched the television, they heard Prophet T.B. Joshua say that somebody was about to be set free and each claimed the declaration for himself. Two weeks later, the governor ordered that a list of all the inmates be sent to his office. The result was that all those on life imprisonment were set free including Mr John Okoh. That was how he regained his freedom after 22 years in prison. He thanked God and the prophet for his release.


Mrs Freida Ukpoh from Akwa Ibom had suffered from asthma for 18 years. She received the Anointing Water. She found out that seven days after that, she was never troubled by the asthma even though she never took her drugs. It was in that state of physical well-being that she decided to mount the platform for her testimony. As an immediate reward, the prophet gave her the new Anointing Water.


Mr and Mrs Chukwuma of Anambra, Nigeria had for the past eight years been looking for the fruit of the womb without success. While the man had the problem of low sperm count, the woman was said to have tube blockage. They got the Anointing Water from a family friend, applied it as instructed and met as husband and wife. That very month Mrs Chukwuma became pregnant and gave birth to twins after nine months. The couple mounted the platform to thank God for His mercy and favour. IT IS SATAN’S GREATEST MISTAKE For two years Mr and Mrs Eze of Enugu, Nigeria had been barren. Like many others who were in need of the fruit of the womb, they took advantage of the Fruit Of the Womb Meeting to visit The SCOAN. An expression from the prophet which struck them most was, ‘The greatest mistake of satan is to allow you to come here.’ They went home after the meeting and met as husband and wife at home resulting in pregnancy. They mounted the platform to thank God for their blessing.


In course of the mass prayer, many with contrary spirits were arrested and fell down in manifestation. One of these was a notorious armed robber named Kelechi. He had a gang of armed robbers with whom he unleashed criminality on innocent people. He had been caught, tried and imprisoned but became more hardened and brutal to his victims on regaining freedom. He had rendered himself invulnerable by meeting witch doctors for charms. He had the head of a three -year -old baby in him which told him what to do during operations. At deliverance he found it difficult to get up complaining that the baby had held his waist stiff. It was not until he shouted, ‘Jesus’ as instructed by the prophet that he was able to get up and thank God for his deliverance. Many of those who had wished the wise men to lay hands on them or prophesy to them felt consoled when the prophet pronounced that the service would start again at 12 noon on Monday.

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The Bible says whatsoever a man confesses in faith he shall receive (Matt. 21:21). It was not David’s victory over Goliath that catapulted him into public notice but his bold confession in the face of an obvious threat to his life. He overcame by the testimony of his mouth (Rev. 12:11). In giving his testimony, he applied his will of God (1 Samuel 17:37). As members of the household of faith, whenever you are facing difficult situations in which it seems there is no future, you should learn to use your weapon of testimony and confession of what the Lord has done in the past and what He is able to do in the circumstance. This would give you strength to face the situation.

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A stirring account from The SCOAN’s new publication ‘Read Us’ detailing the astonishing story of an armed robber who was saved from certain death by what can only be termed ‘divine providence’.

ONE by one they led them out. Faces covered in black. Handcuffed. Their last seconds of life. Last moments of reflection. The last breath of this world. No time to even say goodbye. One by one their names were called. The other five had already gone – gone for ever – gone to the gallows. A cold sweat broke out on his brow. He was next in line. This was it. The end. The grand finale. The next few seconds would be the last he would ever spend in life.

The tale of Chuks Olisemeka is block-buster material. It could well pass for a best-selling fiction thriller. But this is no fiction. It’s the real story of a young man who came from condemnation to salvation, in both the literal and spiritual sense. The story of a man who came face to face with death in a way few people could ever imagine. The story of redemption amidst retribution.

From a humble home in Delta to wild parties in Lagos, dangerous dealings in cannabis in Tunisia and gun-training for armed robbery in the Saharan desert, from a condemned cell in Tunis’ maximum security prison to a Nigerian church he had never heard of before, here is Chuks’ incredible journey, in his own words:

Chuks Olisemeka

Chuks Olisemeka - brought from death to life!

“My name is Chuks Olisemeka and I come from Delta State. When my mother was pregnant with me, she separated from my father. Later in 1991, my mother died of sickness. From there my grandmother took care of me. I never knew my father and hardly knew my mum, Mrs Josephine. In the year 2000 after finishing secondary school, I came to Lagos. I didn’t know anybody in Lagos. What made me come is that some friends came from Lagos every December with flashy flashy things, spending money. When I asked them, they said they went to Victoria Island. One day I just decided by myself to come to Lagos, though I didn’t know anyone there and had no money. I was only 20. Some people dropped me in Ojota. At that time I still smoked so I bought a cigar and began smoking. I saw one guy like me who now bought a cigarette. We got talking and he now asked me some questions. When I introduced myself to him, the guy said he would help me for accommodation. We bought Indian hemp together and he then took me to his house.


Every night you would go to the club and hawk drugs - cocaine

“Every night we went to the clubs and enjoyed ourselves. I was helping in his brother’s electronics business in Alaba. One day we met some guys who came from Tunisia. Those guys gave us the guidelines about Tunisia that time, but we never said we wanted to travel as we were enjoying in Lagos. Some months later, my close friend Chima suggested we both go to Tunisia and I agreed. We went by road through the desert. We entered from Libya, through Tripoli. Those guys we met gave us the address of their place in Tunisia. We met some guys there and a Nigerian guy now introduced us to one man who was dealing in drugs. He had some boys working for him. Every night he would give you 200 or 300 grams and you would go to the club and hawk drugs. Cocaine. At the end of the day he would give you $300. From there he introduced us to the business. We were moving with guys who were into it before and from there we got our own customers.

“After about eight months in the business, I met Jack, an Italian man. Every time the man would normally come to me and buy drugs; he would buy in quantity. He was a big man, and always came with his boys. My friend called me and said let us travel to Morocco and from there to Spain. But already that Jack said he would introduce me to his business, so I was not interested in going to Spain. After about two weeks, Jack introduced me to his business – robbery business.

Tunisia Desert

The Tunisian Desert where Chuks learned his trade

“I didn’t know how to shoot a gun, so every morning he took me to the desert with some guys and taught me how to use a gun. We started going on operations. We go with information. Some people will come from Europe and land in Tunisia, and stay in a hotel – so the manager of the hotel would give us information, and we would go there and rob. After robbing, he would give me $5000. It was not only in Tunisia we robbed, but also in Libya – because they share a border together. We were based in Tunis. On one operation in a company, we got $800,000 – so Jack now gave me $20,000. I know tomorrow I would see more money, so I would go to the clubs, gamble, buy expensive wears and move with high-class babes. Then something happened in 2004.

“This hotel manager now brought information that one woman came from Holland who brought big money for a contract, and the woman lodged in his hotel. Our boss called us and said we should go to this hotel. We reached there around 10am. We were five – four boys and one Algerian girl. We met the woman and collected the money. Two of our members were down and three went up – it was a five storey building. On the way down, we just heard guns from nowhere. Two of our members were shot. They died there instantly. They now shot the girl, but we didn’t know the place where the bullets were coming from. We used one woman as a human shield to cover us saying – if you shoot again, we will shoot her – and we now managed to drag ourselves out and enter our car. As we started the engine, they started shooting again. We saw almost five jeeps pursuing us, police vehicles – blowing sirens. We got to a bend at the traffic lights. We were supposed to wait but because of the pressure, we moved on. One lorry coming from the other side collided full-on with our vehicle. It somersaulted. That is why I have these scars. At that time, I never knew that my friend who was driving was already dead.

“The policemen came, and rushed me to hospital. I was in serious pain – blood covered everywhere and I couldn’t even open my eyes. The following day, they put POP all over me. Three men came and started interviewing me, and I opened up for them. They wrote everything down. The following day, they took me to our building – Jack was no more there, because he heard the information. They searched everywhere. They saw some drugs and carried them, including three vehicles. They padlocked the building, and took me back to hospital.

Death By Hanging

After the judgement, they sentenced me to death by hanging.

“The following day, they took me to court. I still had POP all over, and they had to carry me. When I reached court, the magistrate looked at my condition and said they should carry me back to hospital. I spent seven months in hospital. After seven months they took me back to court, and tried the case. After that, they took me to prison. From prison, I still went to the court. In August 2007 my final judgement came. After the judgement, they sentenced me to death by hanging. I had already given my life to Christ in prison. This guy Mr Charles normally shared the Word of God with me. But after the sentence they didn’t take me back to the same prison again. They took me to another prison where they put those who are condemned to death. We were five inside the prison room. I started praying there.

The SCOAN Auditorium

The church Chuks incredibly dreamt of whilst on death row in Tunisia

“On 15th August, I dreamt and saw myself in this big church with someone saying, ‘Welcome to Synagogue Church, Emmanuel!’ When I woke up, I didn’t understand the dream. I’d never heard of Synagogue Church before. On 19th August, some men came with a lady. They started calling names. When they had called the name, they would put a mask to cover the person and handcuff him. They now carried him outside to be hanged. I had already said today is the day I would die, but I still had this hope that God would do a miracle. When it got to my turn, the woman asked – ‘Where is this boy’s paper?’ They started searching and finally said they could not see it. So she said they should go and find my case file, that if they didn’t find the case file, they should not take me anywhere. The men carried the other five for hanging. Only me was left in that place. A week, two weeks, a month went by and nobody talked to me. It was only me in the cell. Some men now came and took me back to the other prison.

“It was 2008, February. One day the warden called me and said they wanted to hand me over to the Nigerian embassy to send me back to my country. I saw about three men, wearing suits who asked me for my name. They now signed all these documents and told me to carry my load. They took me to the airport and one man followed me down to Nigeria. After about three hours, we arrived. They now handed me over to some men who ushered me inside a motor. A few hours later, I saw myself in Ikoyi prison. They searched me and then took me to the prison cell. I was still praying to God.

Behind Bars

Behind Bars - Condemned to die

“Another year passed in prison. It was July 2009 and I dreamed again – Welcome to Synagogue Church – Emmanuel! It was exactly the same dream I had seen in the prison in Tunisia. But this time, I saw rain fall on me as I entered inside the church, and I rejoiced with people inside. But I never knew the place. I had never heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Two weeks later, one of the wardens called me. He said they brought some papers yesterday and that I didn’t have a case to answer, that I should be released. I was just surprised, shocked. He gave me one paper, and told me I should carry my load. I didn’t have anything to carry.

“As I left the gate, I asked God: where shall I go? Direct me – I don’t know where to go. Rain was falling and suddenly that dream came to me – welcome to Synagogue Church – Emmanuel. I asked the warden – where is Synagogue? He said it’s far, in Ikotun. I asked where is Ikotun. God has directed me there. He looked at me and asked if I had money. The man gave me N500 and told me how to get to the church. It was a Friday.

“I finally found the church. I met one man and asked him – how can I see the pastor here? He looked at me and asked where I was from. I told him from a very far place. He said I should come back to church early on Sunday. I was still wearing the clothes I had in prison. It was Sunday. As I entered the church that morning, I recognized it from the dream. Everything was the same as I had seen it in that dream. I prayed that God should direct the man of God to where I am. God finally directed him to me in the second service. After prophesying to about four people, he touched me and said you are a murderer – and not in this country but another country. I had never met him before, but he knew me. He prayed and I found myself down on the floor. As he touched me, I believed all my problems had gone. That day I became a new person in life. The church now took care of me, gave me new clothes and a place to stay. God is really using that man (T.B. Joshua). Nobody in Nigeria can do that thing – you don’t know a person before and after praying for you – he puts you in his house, gives you money for clothes and feeding and treats you as one of his own. He is a real man of God.

TB Joshua Prophecy

TB Joshua prophesies to Chuks upon his arrival at the SCOAN straight from prison

“There are many things people can learn from me. God created everybody for a purpose. Instead of pursuing fast money which makes you go into crime in which you may die or find yourself in prison, you should follow Christ. Those who travel outside Nigeria and don’t know where they are going to or anybody there, there is no way they will not take to crime when they get there. It’s either you take to robbery or drug business or go into 419 – and after everything you will find yourself in bigger trouble.


If God could give me another chance, I will worship Him, praise Him all my days.

“I regret a lot, because I wasted so many years in prison. If not the flashy things of this life, I would not go into all of that crime. If I had calmed down and given my life to Christ that time, by now I am supposed to know where I am going in life. But now – if God could give me another chance, I will worship Him, praise Him all my days. I believe God really has something for me in this life. He has a purpose for my living.”

Following Chuk’s arrival in the church straight from prison, he remained there for almost two months for a period of rehabilitation and reformation, receiving the message of salvation and learning about the ways of God. He was then given N120, 000, three bags of rice and a Holy Bible to start his life afresh.

Read Us

For more information about ‘Read Us’ and its availability, please email us: info@scoan.com, info@emmanuel.tv

SOURCE: Articles Base

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True to his commitment to the work of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua has often dwelt on different aspects of the committed worshipper and true worshipping in his teaching during live service every Sunday. One of his themes on Sunday the 11th of April 2010 was the mark of a true prophet. The man of God cited various portions of the Bible to elucidate his point. This was however, preceded by a short period of devotional prayers.
After a short period of worship, the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua gave a message which was titled: God speaks to us. The prophet clearly identified the marks by which one may detect a cheat or false prophet and a true prophet quoting the book of DEUTERONOMY 18:20 as his proof text. He said, “God puts His Word in our mouths when we say, ‘God says’ genuinely. When God gives us His Word, It heals, blesses and delivers. When we say ‘God says’, at that moment, we are speaking of God, not of ourselves. But if I say, ‘God says’ and it does not come to pass, this will serve to disapprove my commission as a prophet.”
After an exhaustive examination of the theme, the man of God decided to illustrate his point further by authorising to be highlighted on the screen, two recent incidents in the church. The first was the delivery of a baby in the church the previous Sunday. In this incident the man of God prayed for a woman in the prayer line for safe delivery and immediately her water broke and she entered labour. Some moments later, after she had been taken to the church labour room, the man of God went to her and prayed for her once again.

The hallmark of this event was the total identification of the baby by the prophet before it came out. As if that was what the baby had been waiting for before showing its face, it came out as soon as the prophet identified it both by sex and name. In apparent response to the prophet’s repeated utterance; “Ezekiel, come out” the baby boy surfaced much to the surprise of the anxious congregation.

The second prophetic message concerned a flag the man of God said he had seen being brought down. The prophet added that the flag he saw had two colours, one of which was white. The prophecy was actually the final part of a series of prophecies the man of God had been giving from the very beginning of the year. The DVD began by showing a prophecy dated back in the month of January when Prophet TB Joshua prophesied concerning the nation Russia and one of her neighbours that something would happen to cause a dispute that might escalate into a fight between the two countries. Later in the year, the prophet prophesied again that he saw an aeroplane full of government officials and people that mattered in their society adding that something would happen in the air. He then called on the congregation to pray for the protection of the innocent souls. Footage from CNN’s Breaking News on Saturday 10th April announced that the Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady, the Chief of Army Staff and many other prominent government officials and leaders died when their plane crashed in Russia. To confirm the prophecy, the reporters drew attention to the national flag of Poland which is a flag comprising two colours: red and white. In memory of the life of the great president and those who lost their lives in the tragic accident, Prophet T.B. Joshua called for a prayerful two minute silence in which the prophet instructed the congregation to pray for God to rebuild and reinstate the nation of Poland and to give her good governors, good officials and good people to take over the running of the country.
Before commencing with the mass prayer, the man of God said that we, as Christians, must feel what others feel by which he alluded to all those waiting for God’s healing. One of the most touching moments was when Mrs Mukhele from Cameroon who had come with a terrible case of cancer of the cheek, touched her swollen face and smiled testifying that the pain had gone after the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered the Anointing Water for salvation, healing and deliverance to her. This was just one of the many pathetic cases that received healing.
Two other cases that are worth mentioning are those of Mrs Comfort Okpere, 57, who had a fracture of the right femoral head due to an accident and had to use a pair of crutches in order to walk; she miraculously threw away her crutches and began walking unassisted after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The other one was Mr Frank Ebaghelli who suffered from inability to walk due to a fracture of his tibia and fibula and was brought to the church lying down in his vehicle. The man of God gave a bottle of Anointing Water for salvation, healing and deliverance to the family members to minister to the invalid and after receiving the Anointing Water, Mr Ebaghelli rose to his feet and walked to the glory of God!
This goes to show that there is never a disease Jesus Christ cannot cure.

The second service began a short time later with the mass prayer. The man of God raised prayer points instructing the congregation “to release themselves from every situation that threatened their joy, peace and comfort” and “from every spirit that was not of God”. In response to the man of God’s prayer, God generously released healing to all those who were in need to the joy of the entire congregation.
Amidst the powerful prayer points the man of God also revealed many prophecies both of international and personal significance to members of the congregation.
There is no space enough to record all the happenings and miracles that took place that service day, suffice to say that our Lord Jesus Christ proved that though He is no longer visible in our midst, His power has not stopped. Rather, Jesus Christ’s power and effectiveness are even greater today because He can be in all places, at all times through His Word by His Spirit!
In addition to this, Prophet T.B. Joshua also demonstrated by the various vindications of earlier prophecies and instances of miraculous healings and deliverance the mark of God’s true prophet.

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The service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations began with the usual morning prayer followed by an inspiring Easter message by Evangelist Racine titled, “INSTRUCTION IN RIGHTEOUSNESS”.The man of God, T.B. Joshua came into the service about 10:20 am. He wished everyone a happy Palm Sunday and urged all believers in Christ Jesus to continue to live in the glory and majesty of His resurrection. According to him, “Easter is all about love, redemption, forgiveness, repentance and forbearance. It is time to confess in faith. Whatever a man confesses in faith, he shall receive because our confession solves the problem. Our confession is our present attitude towards God. Therefore, we should be very careful of what we confess. Your confession is what God says about your situation. Let the Spirit of God guide you in whatever you say or do. The confession of our lips should have our heart’s full agreement. Do not say “Amen” because T.B. Joshua says, “in the name of Jesus Christ”, say “Amen” because you believe. This is the traditional or conventional way of life in which most of us were brought up. If you say, “Amen” when you do not believe, it’s like you are working against yourself because a wrong confession hinders the Spirit’s work in our body. If I say, “Show your excitement” and you are not happy, do not bother because you are in the presence of God.”
After the brief message, the prophet talked about the confirmation of the prophetic message concerning an Asian country given on the 14th of February 2010, which he expounded upon last Sunday, the 21st of March. He had prophesied earlier that we should pray for an Asian country, saying, “Those who lodge in hotel, I see an Asian country. I see a place where thousands of people lodge being burnt.” He mentioned that the event would take place in an Asian country with, “IN” at the initial letters of the spelling of the name, adding that he would set prayer warriors to pray over this matter.

TB Joshua

He ended by saying, “Fast and pray on Tuesday.” Last Sunday, 21ST March, the prophet repeated the prophecy, this time giving the name of the Asian country in question. He said, “Pray for India. Remember the country in your prayers. Fast and pray on Tuesday”. In direct confirmation of the prophecy, breaking news footage on CNN on Tuesday showed a report of the fire outbreak in a historic eatery and residential building in Kolkata, India. The prophet noted that if not for God’s intervention, thousands would have lost their lives.
Next, video footage featuring the update of the activities of the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team was shown. The reputation of the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team has grown to the extent that some large international aid organizations such as OIM and Shelter Box have begun to contribute to their efforts. So far, a large amount of educational materials and large tents have been donated to the Emmanuel TV Team in confidence that in their hands these supplies would get to the people who really needed them most. The Team visited orphanage homes in Arcahaie where they provided several tents as well as educational packs, water purification tablets and medical assistance for the children.
The Team also visited refugee camps outside the capital Port-au-Prince, where they gave out over 20 tents to the most vulnerable people who had been affected by the earthquake. More partners and friends of Emmanuel TV from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Greece joined the Team in Haiti.
The Team from Greece, the most recent group to join the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake relief team in Haiti, took with them a large amount of medical supplies and other essential materials needed at the Emmanuel TV field hospital, Clinique Emmanuel.
During the service, over 30 students from various schools and universities in Nigeria and other countries who are all a part of T.B. Joshua’s scholarship scheme received their school fees, accommodation, feeding allowances as well as 2 bags of rice each for the new term. Among those who spoke in appreciation of T.B. Joshua’s benevolence was Benjamin Aduna Kwane, a Ghanaian and BSc. student of Administration in the University of Ghana, who the man of God granted a scholarship in August, 2009.

Scholarship For Students

He has completed his first semester and has come for fees for tuition, accommodation, feeding and projects for the new semester. He concluded his speech by saying that not only has he benefitted financially and spiritually from the man of God, as have many other students but also that he has learnt from the prophet’s act of giving which he sees as worth emulating. In his response, the prophet said that there is no greater will than to raise people in righteousness by offering support and assistance to them without any condition attached so that after their university education, when they are better placed, they would also be a help to others.
The total sum received by these students was 3.1 million naira for their school fees, accommodation, feeding and other needs in addition to 2 bags of rice for each of them.
Among the numerous people who received messages of prophecy through the prophet that day was Mr Kunle Adeyemi who came to The SCOAN last Sunday because his job was terminated. During the service, the prophet prophesied that there was a man named Kunle who had two homes, two “wives” but only one of them was known to his family. Concerning the second wife, the man of God revealed that there was a plan by certain criminals to attack Mr Kunle one early morning when he would be in the house.


If he was not killed, he would become a “dead-living”. After the prophecy last Sunday, the prophet invited his wife and him for reconciliation and the service today witnessed that reconciliation as Mr Kunle’s wife graciously forgave him.
Prayer Line

Prayer Line

After this, the man of God proceeded to the prayer line section where thousands of people were waiting to receive succor from the Lord for their various problems.


The prayer began as usual with those who came with bodily afflictions such as leg ulcer, swollen belly and body, hernia and cancer cases, followed by those with difficulties in walking, mental disorders, epilepsy and similar conditions. Then came people who were diagnosed HIV/AIDS positive from different countries before those with general cases such as stiff neck, fruit of the womb, stomach ulcer, diabetes, hypertension, liver, kidney and heart problems and so on. There were many foreign visitors from various countries also in attendance. In course of the prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua also ministered the new Anointing Water to the sick and they were all healed. The first service ended at 2:20 PM.
The second service started with testimonies from those who had received healing from using the Anointing Water. Firstly, Mrs Okonkwo Chinwe who came with lumbar spondylosis and was using a lumbar corset and knee braces to ease the pain, was healed through the new Anointing Water at the prayer line. Mr Joshua Ovwo who suffered from the problem of stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis and consequently was using a neck collar was also healed through the ministering of the Anointing Water at the prayer line.
Anointed Water Testimony

Anointed Water Testimony

Thirdly, Mr Oviemuno Amraidhe from Delta State testified of how he came to the church a few months ago and the Anointed Water he received from the man of God broke the yoke of barrenness in the lives of his wife and two other women. Mr Amraidhe’s wife, Christy Amraidhe, was diagnosed with the problem of inverted womb. One of the two other women was his brother’s wife, Mrs Ugbosu Sylvestina, a legal practitioner and Mrs Adline Blessing who suffered a tubal blockage due to blood clotting in her tubes. After they all had Anointing Water sprayed into their mouths they met with their husbands and are now seven months pregnant.
Praise and worship by The SCOAN choir followed the testimonies until the prophet returned to the church auditorium to begin the mass prayer. The prophet asked the congregation to rebuke the spirit that kills, steals and destroys and to remove the hands of evil spirits from their affairs.
During the mass prayer, the man of God dished out astonishing prophetic messages. The first prophecy concerned a lady who the man of God said was under the church gallery and was a prostitute living in a hotel. With tears flowing down her face, Miss Rosemary came forward to confirm the prophecy. The prophet said that this lady came seeking deliverance and she must not return to the hotel. After her deliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that people of God should join hands to restore her. Another case was a lady the man of God described as tall, light in complexion and aged 32. The prophet said she was a bed-wetter and that it was an attack. She also possessed a ghost spirit and any man who met with her would in turn, bed-wet.
Prophet T.B. Joshua also gave a national prophecy. He said, “Let us pray for our countries and ask God to redeem your land. I see a flag being brought down. Which country? I see three. One and two were wet but now the third. Wet flag cannot fly but goes down. Pray for your country for redemption.” Then the song, ‘God’s intervention’ was sung while the congregation reflected over the prophet’s words. After the song, the man of God gave instruction to believers worldwide to observe fasting on Tuesday and Thursday concerning the prophecy.
The service ended around 7:00 PM rounded up with the deliverance of some of the people who had received a word of prophecy including the prostitute and the lady who used to bed-wet. Join us again next week for the next live service at the SCOAN to witness the evidence of Jesus Christ which is lives changed, Only on Emmanuel TV. Emmanuel! God with us.

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