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During the first few weeks of January, 2010, TB Joshua read out from a typed written list, prophecies for the year. One list concerned other nations across the world; whereas, the other list concerned Nigeria. All those who heard these prophecies took cognisance of them. One by one, these prophecies are being fulfilled.

Among them was a prophetic message specifically for the nation of America, cautioning the nation to be more conscious of internal security. These were the prophet’s words on three separate Sundays in January, 2010:

3rd January
“The great nation, America, should pray against what is uncommon. That is, they should take more cognisance over internal security ‘til march. Internal. It’s like more fugitives, dangerous people inside. They should take more notice inside. They should not be carried away about outside this time. From now till March they should be more vigilant.”

17th January
“The great country America – people should be security conscious. More attention to be paid on internal security, homeland security. More attention than outside. There is more to that. We are praying. We love the whole world and we are praying for the nations all the time. We have prayer warriors that are praying for all the nations – peace and comfort. Our big brother here, pray January ‘til March against attack. Take care of your airspace.”

31st January
“Take care of airspace – against attack; January ‘til March. Take care of airspace.”

Scene of the crash site

It was on Thursday 18th February 2010, just weeks after the prophecy was read live, that the news broke out in the United States and the world that an American pilot and software engineer, Joseph Stack had intentionally crashed his plane into a US government building, causing huge damage, killing himself and at least 1 other.

When the nation and its leaders learned that the suicide mission was as a result of Stack’s bitter protest against the US Government and its legislature, it caused great shock, concern and alarm. For a US citizen to go to the extent of deliberately crashing his plane into a government building because of frustration and hatred for his own government; it certainly was an uncommon threat for the great nation of America just as Prophet TB Joshua had said.

Smoke billows from the seven-story building in Austin, Texas after a small private plane crashed into it.

It was an IRS (Internal Revenue Service)office in the Echelon 1 complex in Austin, Texas, USA that was Stack’s target on that fateful day. The occurrence was a huge threat to US internal and homeland security. At a period when America’s main focus is on external security, Joseph’s Stack’s suicide mission came as a rude shock, a little too close to home.

“They should take more cognisance over internal security ‘til march. Internal. It’s like more fugitives, dangerous people inside. They should take more notice inside. They should not be carried away about outside this time.”

The crash caused a furious fire that sent massive plumes of thick, black smoke rising from the seven-story structure where 200 federal tax employees work.

More stringent internal security measures were put into effect after this incident. When President Obama was briefed on the incident, as a precaution, the Colorado-based North American Aerospace Defence Command launched two f-16 aircraft from Houston’s Ellington field, to conduct an air patrol over the crash area.

After the attack, the US homeland security began investigating all angles. Rep Michael McCaugh, a republican from Austin on the homeland security committee said the panel will take up the issue of how to better protect buildings from attacks with planes.

Joseph Stack, committed suicide, February 18th 2010

Stack, reportedly also set fire to his house about six miles from the crash site before embarking on the suicide flight. In a diatribe note that was posted on the web, the motive behind the attack was revealed. In this note, Stack vented his grievance and rage against the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US government.

Stack furiously referred to the US government using the words, ‘Big Brother’, the same words used by Prophet TB Joshua in the prophecy.

“I have had all I can stand,” he wrote in the note, dated Thursday 18th February, adding: “I choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at `big brother’ while he strips my carcass.” he concluded by saying, “Well Mr. big brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well”

Stack’s suicide note was addressed to Big Brother, the very same term used by Prophet TB Joshua when prophesying about an attack and a warning to take care of airspace.

This attack was not the only internal security scare that day Thursday 18th February 2010 however as news also broke of a United Airlines flight bound for San Francisco diverted to Salt Lake City due to a letter found on the plane regarded as a bomb threat.

All 168 passengers and 6 crew members were evacuated and individually interviewed by FBI agents before their flight was eventually cleared.

God is speaking today and telling us what is to come. In this world, full of violence and unrest, it is imperative that we listen to, recognize and acknowledge God’s voice. Many know that they need God, but they don’t know how much they really need Him. He is the only Rescuer, Redeemer, Saviour and Restorer and we need Him with us at all times.

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On Thursday February 18th 2010, when it became known that there had been a military coup in the Republic of Niger and that the President of the country had been captured alongside his cabinet, some were shocked but others were not. Among the latter were Emmanuel TV devotees who had been closely following the prophetic messages revealed weekly by TB Joshua. During the month of January 2010, on three separate occasions, he had mentioned that there would be a coup in one of the French speaking African countries. So to them, this occurrence was another confirmation of prophecy and a proof that God Almighty still speaks today.

This is what TB Joshua said:
3rd January: “There is one of the African countries we should help in prayer so that they will not send their democracy backward again. Because I am seeing a kind of coup attempt on the leader of one of the African countries. This is one of the French speaking countries.”

17th January: Pray against something against democracy (coup) of one of the African countries. Pray.

31st January: Pray against a coup in one of the African countries. This is one of the French speaking countries.

Niger's Location

The Republic of Niger, a French speaking West African country, is not unfamiliar with such coups as the nation has a history of political instability. In 1974 and 1999, coups took place, which the country claimed were to establish free and fair elections. In 2002, 2007 and 2008 violence again incurred in the form of various rebel groups.
The February 2010 coup was a culmination of what had been brooding in the minds of many Nigeriens for a long time. Tension had been rising in Niger as a result of President Tandja prolonging his mandate beyond December 2009, when his second term was originally supposed to end.
President Mamadou Tandja

President Mamadou Tandja

Many nationally and internationally reacted adversely, to this move of constitutional manipulation. On 26th May 2009, after two terms in power, President Tandja dissolved Parliament after the country’s Constitutional Court ruled against plans to hold a referendum on whether to allow him a third term in office. He subsequently appointed a new Constitutional Court. President Tandja had been behaving in an increasingly dictatorial fashion. As both national and international pressure mounted, it was clear that Niger’s democracy was indeed in crisis.

Anti-Government Protestors

At midday on Thursday 18th February, 2010, soldiers stormed the presidential palace in the nation’s capital, Niamey – capturing President Mamadou Tandja and many of his ministers. Later in the day, the rebels announced on national television the formation of a ruling junta, the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy (CSRD), headed by Chef d’escadron Salou Djibo.

Tandja and government ministers were said to be held in detention at a point near the palace. Military music was broadcast on national radio and the military leaders of the coup announced on national television that they had suspended the country’s constitution and dissolved all state institutions, declaring a national curfew to last for several days.

Military Leader Addressing the nation after coup was successful

This prophecy and its confirmation further go to prove that God Almighty is aware of everything, both the present and what is to come. He uses His servants to speak forth His messages to the world. Some are to warn of what may happen, some are to declare what will happen, some are to instigate prayer and fasting that could prevent what could happen. Wise are they that heed these messages and follow their instruction. It would be a sad thing indeed to live with the knowledge that you heard the message from God but did not acknowledge it. Who knows whether one day, that message may concern you, your family, your workplace or your nation? When God talks, the wise listen.

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Wonders, they say, shall never end! A strange rumor regarding a purported prophecy of TB Joshua about a mysterious lion has been circulating around certain areas of Nigeria of late. To enlighten the confused public, The SCOAN has made an official announcement on their website regarding the issue, also being shown on Emmanuel TV. It reads thus:

“Please take note: Emmanuel TV is our means of communicating a message. We were surprised to receive hundreds of phone calls and emails asking us to confirm whether certain prophetic messages were spoken by Prophet TB Joshua or not, that we were forced to come out and address this issue. Two rumors are currently in circulation: one concerning a lion and the other, an earthquake in Delta State. The news has spread so far that even two popular Nigerian newspapers covered the story.

“The rumours now circulating around Delta State, Nigeria concerning prophecies by Prophet TB Joshua are not true. Do not listen to satanic lies. John 8:44 says that satan is the father of lies. Satan has children, he has sons, he has daughters. He has wives, He has uncles, He has aunties, he has nephews, he has nieces, he has nephews, he has cousins he has grandmothers, he has grandfathers. Do not listen to them. Do not let the father of lies deceive you.

“People of Delta State, Nigeria, we love you. God bless you. We are praying for you. Be advised: All messages of prophecy revealed by God through Prophet T.B. Joshua will be broadcast on Emmanuel TV and subsequently posted on our official websites: http://www.emmanuel.tv and http://www.scoan.org.

“Please, do not sit somewhere, hear this or that and come to a hasty conclusion. God requires that we find out the truth from Him first and hold fast to that which is true, as it says in 1 Thessalonians 5:21. ”


Mystery lion In Delta???

The bizarre and fake rumour had really spread far, as reflected in the numerous newspaper articles referred to above:

Schools shut in Effurun over ‘mystery’ lion prophecy

By Emma Amaize
WARRI—The panic in Effurun, Delta State, over an alleged prophecy by a Lagos-based prophet that a lion would go haywire, killing its owner and a number of persons between Tuesday and tomorrow, went to a ridiculous dimension with some private school owners and traders in the affected area shutting down their schools and businesses.

The rumour had also spread to Ughelli, where the prophet was purported to have said that there would be an earthquake, as some residents were said to be packing away.

The proprietor of Christ the King School on Jakpa Road, Effurun, was said to have declared Tuesday and Wednesday as holiday for the pupils on the grounds that a lion was going to be on the loose.

The news is actually everywhere in Warri and Effurun and some people have said they would stay indoors tomorrow for fear of the lion.

Nobody could categorically say that the prophet mentioned any person as the owner of the lion, but the news is that a particular business man and popular politician in Jakpa area is the one that has the resources to train a lion.

Yesterday, the politician, who was rumoured to have fled to India with his children, trekked a long distance from his house to Jakpa road for people to see him and know that it was all a lie.

Some people claimed that the lion was used for money-making ritual for the man and that it was going to escape and kill the man to stop his source of money or kill other people for the man to continue to enjoy his wealth.

SOURCE: The Vanguard


Mysterious’ lion causes panic in Delta community

Residents of Effurun, headquarters of Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State, are living in fear, following a report that a killer lion was on the loose.

It was gathered that the panic was sparked off by a prophecy allegedly made by a popular Lagos preacher, Pastor TB Joshua, that the lion would unleash mayhem in the area at the weekend and in the new week.

Although the veracity of the prediction could not be ascertained, the rumour quickly spread, leading to panic and concern among residents, particularly those living around the Praise Centre, Spring Garden Hotel and PB Djebah Estate, among others.

Our correspondent who visited the area at the weekend reported that some residents have already abandoned their homes.

Investigations by our correspondent revealed that the rumour started last week, following the alleged prophecy that a lion would kill several people.

Some residents, who spoke with our reporter, said a prominent politician in the neighbourhood keeps wild animals, including a lion, as pets. They fear that it was the animal that was being referred to in the prediction.

Mr. Chuks Okeke said he was being inundated with calls from family members and friends about the report.

Okeke also confirmed that the rumour was started by a pastor’s prophecy but it was now a major cause of concern for residents.

The Divisional Police Officer in charge of Ekpan Police Station, Mr. Mu’azu Mohammed, said he was not aware of the report.

SOURCE: The Nation


Residents flee as ‘mystery’ lion causes panic

Residents yesterday continued to flee Aya and other streets around the Praise Centre Area of Effurun, Delta State over fears of a rampaging lion predicted by Lagos preacher, Pastor Temitope Joshua.

No fewer than 50 families have abandoned their homes over concerns that the lion, reportedly being kept by a prominent Urhobo chief in the area, would break loose by 12:00 midnight yesterday.

A visit to some schools, including the Word of Faith Group of Schools, revealed that pupils’ turnout was unusually low.

Also, the issue was a subject of debate at the morning assembly at the New Era Schools, where the authority resolved to monitor the situation closely and advise parents on whether the school would be opened today or not.

Residents have been living in fear over the prophecy allegedly made by Pastor Joshua that the lion would break loose and harm residents.

SOURCE: The Nation

We thank God the truth has been unveiled and the tension in the affected areas is steadily reducing.


To stop hearing rumours, start praying

Church debunks ‘mystery’ lion prophecy

WARRI—THE purported prophecy by a Lagos-based pastor, Temitope Joshua, that a lion would run amok, kill its owner and many other persons in Warri, Delta State, between yesterday and today, has been debunked by a member of the Synagogue Church, Chief Vincent Okudolor.

Many private school owners shut down their schools yesterday in anticipation of the lion but there was none.
Okudolor told Vanguard: “I am surprised that people will believe such rumour and close down their businesses without verifying its authenticity. I called my church headquarters and they told me our pastor, T. B. Joshua, never made any such prophecy.

“The highest authorities in the church said it is not true that there was such a prophecy, and if there was any, it would be relayed on Emmanuel TV and the details would be put on the church’s website. So where are people getting this fake information from?”

Up till yesterday, there was still tension in Warri and Effurun over the mystery lion. As at 10.00 am, some people claimed that security agents have been deployed to Jakpa area of Effurun to shoot dead the lion, which was sighted in the residence of a businessman.

However, Chief Okudulor said, “It’s all lies, there was no prophesy like that by Prophet Joshua, people should stop peddling rumour and maligning the character of other people”.

SOURCE: Vanguard


Fears over Effurun ‘mystery’ lion allayed

The controversy over the ‘mysterious lion’ in Effurun, Delta State, was laid to rest yesterday when Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi allowed his home to be searched to prove he had no lion or other wild animals.

The former governorship aspirant, who was reported to be keeping the wild cat, and Chairman of Uvwie Local Government Peter Abugewa, dispelled the rumour and advised residents to go about their businesses.

Effurun and other parts of Warri had been paralysed with fear, following reports that a lion allegedly being kept by Gbagi would be let loose.

The rumour, which started late last week, was reportedly as a result of an alleged prophecy by Lagos preacher, Pastor TB Joshua, that the lion would kill several persons, including its owner.

Pastor Joshua denied making such a prophecy.

Gbagi, who with his wife hosted reporters to breakfast at his home yesterday, blamed the rumour on joblessness and advised the state to create jobs for the teeming populace.

He shrugged off the negative publicity occasioned by the rumour, adding that he was unperturbed by the ‘childish’ rumour, which could have been spread by either his political or business enemies, ostensibly to disrupt his progress.

Abugewa condemned the development in its entirety, stressing the report was circulated “to embarrass some persons and to cause instability and disrupt the prevailing peace in the community.”

SOURCE: The Nation


‘Mystery’ lion: Gbagi dismisses insinuations

WARRI—The man in the centre of the mystery lion rumour that rocked Warri, Delta State, earlier in the week, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, has dismissed insinuations of ownership of the lion.

Prophet of the Church of All Nations, Temitope Joshua, was alleged to have prophesied that a lion would run amok in Warri and attack people, and this forced many private school proprietors at Effurun, near Warri, to shut down their schools.

But reacting to the development yesterday, Gbagi, who conducted newsmen round his house, said he had no underground cage where he trained lions, as speculated.

Gbagi, an hotelier in Effurun, said workers of an oil company who had one or two things to do with his hotel panicked also.

“I believe the rumour was borne out of the joblessness of many people,” he said, adding that anybody who had a job to do would not find time to peddle such rumour.”

Though he said he was not training a lion in his house, Gbagi noted that there was no law prohibiting anyone from doing so and wondered why people were not talking about religious inclination, given the fact that he has a church in his compound.

He said he was not interested in joining issues with anybody on the wicked rumour but for the fact that some closed persons called and asked him to “do something about it” because of the negative image it was bringing to him.

The industrialist, who owns the biggest shopping plaza in Delta State, said he was not perturbed, even if it was a strategy by his business competitors to rub mud on his name.

He said if the rumour was the handiwork of politicians, it had only succeeded in making him more popular and told those behind it to hold their gunpowder, saying he would declare him political interest when the time was ripe.

Gbagi called on the government to provide jobs for people, so they could be engaged and do something useful for themselves, rather than engage in rumour peddling, as an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop.

Olorogun Gbagi said his wife and children who were speculated to have been flown to India were with him in Warri. Vanguard saw the wife and children, last Sunday, at the politician’s Woodridge Hotel in Effurun when this reporter went to speak with Gbagi on the raging rumour.

Chairman of Uvwie local government council, Mr. Abugewa, who also spoke to newsmen, said it was a bad, baseless and unfounded rumour, saying he had been trying to trace the source, but to no avail.

Abugewa confirmed that there was confusion in Effurun over the rumour but said the council took steps to douse the ensuing tension , as he went on air to tell the people that there was no iota of truth in it.

SOURCE: Vanguard

The lesson learned from these events is clear: everything we hear and read must be subject to confirmation in the light of God’s Word, because the Bible says that everyone lies to his neighbor (Psalm 12:2).

Love everyone, trust only God!

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A report from ‘All Voices’ chronicling yet another prophetic confirmation. When God’s servants speak forth, the wise listen…

First was heartthrob Heath Ledger, then iconic pop legend Michael Jackson and now the young Brittany Murphy. Deaths that shocked the world, monumental losses to their respective industries, igniting an epidemic of grief and sobering reflections among fans and well wishers worldwide… But tragic as they were, these three celebrity losses bear an uncommon semblance, share an uncanny connection. Before these tragedies ever happened, they were all seen and spoken of by one man – a Nigerian pastor. His name: T.B. Joshua. Could it be a 21st century prophet has been discovered?

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy - a young woman at the center of her own world

The latest affirmation seems to weave the cords of authenticity ever tighter. Barely a week after Pastor T.B. Joshua’s prophetic declaration regarding the attack on Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi was instantly confirmed, yet another event of international magnitude is said to have been prophesied by the famed Nigerian pastor.

“A young lady, famous, known all over the world – pray for her,” said T.B. Joshua during a service broadcast live on his Christian station: Emmanuel TV. “She is very young and famous. They should just pray for her, because I am seeing heart failure. Somebody who is not seriously sick – just a little while and passed on. This is a young woman who is at the centre of her own world.”

On Sunday 20th December 2009, news spread worldwide that Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy had died tragically of heart failure at the tender age of 32. The ‘Clueless’ and ‘8 Mile’ star who will also be remembered as the voice of Luanne Platter in the popular sitcom, ‘King Of The Hill’, was found unresponsive in her home early Sunday morning, paramedics stating she was in full cardiac arrest. She was pronounced dead hours later.

Adding credence to such claims is the remarkable consistency in accuracy of Joshua’s prophecies. This is not a unique event in his ministry. Over sixty varying prophetic declarations in the past two years and their subsequent confirmations are all chronicled on his churches website (www.scoan.com) , the video evidence then posted on You Tube for all to verify.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

Joshua had prophesied concerning the death of Heath Ledger on January 20th 2009, stating he saw a young personality going on ‘a journey of no return’¸ setting aside Tuesday to pray for the individual concerned. Two days later, on Tuesday, Ledger died at the age of 28.

Concerning the demise of the legend Michael Jackson, Joshua had prophesied earlier this year that ‘a great star’ would go ‘on a journey of no return,’ and then sent a personal message to Marlon Jackson via Tee Mac Iseli on June 12th that his brother urgently needed healing and deliverance, imploring him to bring the controversial star to Nigeria for prayers. He died two weeks later.

Each week unveils new prophetic revelations, all broadcast on Emmanuel TV The question is: will the world take note?

SOURCE: All Voices

Part 1
Part 2

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Another remarkable confirmation. In every situation, God has something to say!

When the potentially lethal metal object was viciously, maliciously hurled at Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, little did he know that the prayers and prophecy of a popular pastor in faraway Nigeria could well have averted a pending calamity…

On Sunday 13th December 2009, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations unveiled a prophecy concerning an attempt on the life of a nation’s leader. “I see an attempt on one of the presidents of one of the great nations,” he said. “Pray for protection. I see a narrow escape – very narrow, too narrow. But the whole thing failed. We continue to pray…” The declaration was made during a live broadcast on Emmanuel TV, a Christian television station with a growing passionate following across Africa. The congregation and viewers worldwide subsequently offered supplication for God’s protection for the president concerned.

Berlusconi Attacked

Silvio Berlusconi Attacked

Merely hours later that evening, news of the nasty attack on Berlusconi filtered through to media outlets worldwide. The assault at a campaign rally on Sunday in Milan left Berlusconi bleeding profusely from his left upper lip and cheek. The man accused of hitting the controversial prime minister in the face with a replica of Milan’s cathedral was charged with grievous bodily harm and is still in police custody. Berlusconi, who is still recuperating in hospital, testified it was a miracle that he was not blinded by the attack that left him with a broken nose, two missing teeth and a cut lip. Debate has since been rife throughout Italy with commentators wondering what would have been the outcome if the assailant held a gun as opposed to a statuette.

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister

T.B. Joshua is a pastor with a remarkable record of accurate prophetic pronouncements, including the death of iconic pop legend Michael Jackson and the release of Ingrid Betancourt from the Colombian jungles last year. His weekly services are broadcast live via Emmanuel TV, and his ministry continues to attract international attention due to the copious healing testimonies, widespread charitable activities and accurate prophecies on both personal and national levels.

SOURCE: All Voices

Part 1
Part 2

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God has ordered all so that the whole shall appear to be of grace. Therefore, all boasting is excluded. He that glories must not glory in himself but in the LORD.

A report from Nigeria’s PM News, detailing Nigeria’s Super Eagles Coach Shaibu Amodu’s visit to the The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and the testimony he shared there, to the glory of God!

Super Eagles coach, Shaibu Amodu says he owes the qualification of his team for the 2010 World Cup to Prophet T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Amodu, who spoke yesterday at a thanksgiving service in the church yesterday, confessed that but for the timely intervention of T. B. Joshua, his job was already on the line.

According to the coach, who was in the church with some Super Eagles crew members, nobody believed that Nigeria could qualify for the championship..

Shaibu Amodu

Shaibu Amodu - Super Eagles Coach

“At a time, the journey of the Super Eagles to 2010 was on a cliff hanger, as some would call it, and it was only a miracle that would make it work. Some even said it won’t work.

“But as this was going on, I was monitoring what the Ghanaian team was doing in Cairo, Egypt.

“We knew that the team leaders were in constant touch with the man of God,” Amodu said adding that he monitored minute by minute, the Prophet’s declarations and how they came to pass in favour of the Ghanaians.

Coach Amodu said he knew how the man of God intervened in the recent U-17 World Cup, which got the Golden Eaglets a second position, which the nation never thought could happen because of their rough start.

“I have known the man of God for about 10 years now but I ceased contact with him for a while.

“When I called him later he asked me ‘what is wrong with you my friend? You are in this mess and you cannot come and ask for God’s intervention?’

“I came with members of the team as the man of God said he would pray about it, then we – me, Kanu Nwankwor, Peterside Idah – continued bombarding him with calls.”

Amodu said after several calls, Prophet Joshua told them not to be afraid and that the prayer point should be for Tunisia to lose to Mozambique since the Super Eagles were going to defeat Kenya.

“When it was first half, we were down by one and the man of God called Peterside, our press co-ordinator, and told him to ask me not to panic as we would equalize and win. This is a true confession and it came to pass,” he said.

By Eromosele Ebhomele


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God is still saying something…

Amidst stunning revelations of Pastor T.B. Joshua’s prophetic involvement in FIFA’S U-17 and U-20 World Cups, another event of international magnitude has been added to the growing list of accurate prophecies pronounced by the Nigerian cleric…

Over a month earlier, T.B. Joshua had spoken forth a prophetic message regarding a strange event to occur at a place bearing the name, ‘Fort’. “This message is not even for Nigeria, but a super nation,” said the prophet during a live Sunday Service, alluding to the revelation about to be unveiled. “The name, ‘Fort’. We should pray for that name,” he continued. “It’s a parable because I’m seeing a strange person carrying something.” The pastor then demonstrated his hands cocked as if holding a gun. “We are praying for the whole world here”. The service was broadcast live via Emmanuel TV.

Fort Hood, TB Joshua,

The name, ‘Fort’. We should pray for that name.

On Thursday, November 5th 2009, a soldier carrying two handguns opened fire on fellow soldiers at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas, USA, killing 13 people and wounding 30 in a tragic event that elicited shock and grief throughout the nation and beyond. The incident in Fort Hood, the largest active duty armored post in the world, stands as the deadliest ever on a military base on American soil. Arguments have run awry as to the motive of such massacre, the perpetrator being a fellow American soldier, Dr. Malik Nadal Hasan, a trained psychiatrist and major decorated with a number of prestigious military awards.

Barack Obama, Fort Hood, TB Joshua

These are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis.

Addressing the nation, President Barack Obama said on the horrific shootings: “These are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. It’s difficult enough when we lose these brave Americans in battles overseas…But it’s all the more heartbreaking and all the more despicable because of the place where it occurred and the patriots who were its victims.”

Coming on the heels of recent confirmations of Joshua’s prophetic insight in the football arena from the likes of Sellas Tetteh, coach of Ghana’s victorious U-20 team and John Fashanu, Nigerian Ambassador for Sports and Tourism, events continue to unveil the authenticity of such prophetic pronouncements

SOURCE: All Voices, Modern Ghana,

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