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On Sunday 28th February, 2016, the SCOAN Choir ensured that the congregants danced away all their fears and burdens, replacing them with the hope and faith that abound in the Word of God. That is always the case when the Spirit of the Lord is upon the souls of his children – they will dance a living dance!


Prophet T.B. Joshua sent the congregation pondering with a deep message titled, BELIEF IN THE HEART. The bottom-line of the message laid in the fact that God cherishes anything done from the heart. In his message, the man of God emphasised that “Faith is not imitation.” He observed that many Christians have been doing foolish things and calling it faith: “God will not meet you because you imitate what someone did. Faith is not imitation. God will meet you when you take action in obedience to God. When our spirit acts upon the Word, all we need to do is use our faith to put a demand upon the anointing.”

Speaking further, the man of God taught the congregation how to connect with God through the study of His Word, stating that mere recital of the scripture is not what is needed to connect with God but a heart-felt and slow approach, attentively and repeatedly: “The more you think, meditate about what you read in the Bible, the more your spirit, that is your heart acts upon the Word you read.”

Concluding, the man of God urged Christians to avoid taking offence as it blocks their connection to God and His everlasting blessings: “Only a free spirit can communicate with God, hear from God. Whether you are right or wrong, you have to release yourself and put it behind you and move forward. You have no right or permission to hold onto an offence. Holding onto an offence affects the glory of God in your life.”




MRS MUKAMBONERA CLAUDINEMrs Mukambonera Claudine, a Rwandan national residing in France visited The SCOAN with a couple of challenges. She had been applying for citizenship in France but all her efforts hit the brick wall. Her bedwetting problem was perhaps the biggest and most embarrassing challenge that had troubled her right from birth. During her school days, her fellow students would run away from her saying that she had an offensive odour. While in the boarding house, no student wanted to share the same bed with her.  Sometimes, while she slept on the upper bunk, her urine would trickle down on the body of the student who slept on the lower bunk. She was left alone in her world and was made to feel very bad about herself. She was always washing and cleaning the hostel in order to minimize the stench of urine that came from her. Those were really challenging moments in her life. Her marital aspirations were also troubled by her bedwetting problem. On one occasion, a suitor was discouraged by someone who informed him that she was bedwetting. Though she eventually married her suitor, the bedwetting problem continued into her marriage. To save her head, she would ensure that she slept together with her children and would ascribe her bedwetting to them. Even when she shared a bed with a friend in France, it was the same sad story. Sometimes, she would be on the street crying and bemoaning her unfortunate lot in life.

When she came to The SCOAN, she was placed at the Prayer Line where the man of God prayed for her and subsequently gave her the Morning Water. On her return to France, she ministered the Morning Water devotedly with prayers. To the glory of God, she was granted French citizenship. The bedwetting problem also came to a permanent end. Joy and self-esteem which were seriously lacking in her life have now returned. She praised God for answering her prayers.


Ambassador and Mrs Raphael Horsfall came to The SCOAN with the problem of recurrent miscarriage. Since they got married, Mrs Horsfall had been experiencing recurrent miscarriages. Whenever the pregnancy was six weeks old, she would have a nightmare in which she would find herself eating in the dream. The aftermath of that nightmare was that she would start bleeding, thereby losing the pregnancy.AMBASSADOR & MRS RAPHAEL HORSEFALL

Medical appointments with the best gynaecologists could not help just as all diagnosis failed to detect any problem. Her husband is an Ambassador of Peace and Conflict Management with the Presidency in Abuja and who, in company of other Niger Delta dignitaries, had visited The SCOAN in 2009 in search of a spiritual solution to the problem of militancy. According to Ambassador Horsfall, the spiritual guidance and direction given to them by the man of God resulted in the creation of the Amnesty programme by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua.

Ambassador Horsfall believed that if the man of God could solve a national problem that almost crippled the national economy, then his wife’s case was miniature. His candid conviction would eventually prove true indeed. The couple visited The SCOAN and received prayers as well as the Morning Water. As they returned to Abuja and continued to minister the Morning Water, the hand of God upon their case was made manifest. One afternoon, as he was about to have his lunch, Ambassador Horsfall received a cheery news from his wife. She was pregnant and this time, the pregnancy has come to stay. Today, Mrs Horsfall is eight months pregnant. Grateful to God for the miracle, Ambassador Horsfall urged leaders to seek the face of God in everything they do.

To end his testimony, Ambassador Horsfall explained his recent post as Senior Special Assistant to the Political Advisor of the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. During a time of tension in the in the run-up to the election, there was confusion and worry as to which direction to follow in the government. They had sought advice from different places. Ambassador Horsfall came to The SCOAN and pleaded with Prophet T.B. Joshua for God’s opinion and the man of God clearly stated that the election had been lost and they should concede defeat graciously.

He took the instruction in righteousness back to the Aso Villa and told the president. A few months later, people wondered why the president didn’t fight back or annul the election as he had the powers to do so. This was the reason why.


For Mrs Rebecca Odoi Laryea, it was the problem of indebtedness that brought her to The SCOAN after she and her husband were duped by a trusted family friend who absconded with the sum of eighty thousand dollars paid in by a customer for the purchase of a coaster bus. All efforts to retrieve the money remained futile. The automobile business of the Ghanaian couple ran into murky waters as all their savings went down the drain in their bid to locate the duper. After exhausting all options, the couple visited The SCOAN.


At The SCOAN, they received the Morning Water and returned to Ghana with faith. Ministering the Morning Water, they called on God to save them from the mess they had found themselves in. Within a short time, the man who had absconded with their money called her husband from Dubai, paid her husband’s air fare to the Middle East city, refunded the money for the bus with an extra six thousand dollars on top to enable them purchase the latest brand of coaster. The couple eventually bought and shipped a brand new coaster bus for their business at the expense of the lost-but-found friend.

Apart from recovering their money, the couple who had faced accommodation problems, were able to build an apartment of their own in a prime location in Accra within seven months. Thanking God for taking away shame and reproach from their lives, Mrs Odoi Laryea advised people to look up to God when their human strength fails them.


“There is a brother; you are going to the embassy on Thursday. You have the document. You have been there two to three times but whatever happens, don’t be disappointed…” It was with these words that Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied the case of Mr Hilary Ugochukwu Anyamene. The native of Anambra State, Nigeria was facing challenges with his visa application. As a business man who specialised in marketing American spares, he needed to get his visa in order to go over to the US to ship products to Nigeria. On two occasions, his visa applications were rejected. He made up his mind to apply for a third time and also insisted on MR UGOCHUKWYU ANYAMENEvisiting The SCOAN before embarking on the third journey to the US embassy. Even though friends had tried to discourage him from visiting The SCOAN, his mind was made up. For them, it was better that he should wait and reapply after one year.

Visiting The SCOAN, he received a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua regarding his visa issue. That message turned around his situation for good. He returned home and prepared for another date with the American embassy. On getting there, the lady who interviewed him only asked a few questions after which she told him that his visa application was successful. Filled with joy and displaying his two-year multiple entry visa, Mr Anyamene thanked God for granting his heart’s desire.


“I don’t want her to have any good in her life… just to destroy her life to make her miserable… her family – everyone is miserable…” Amidst heavy pummelling by the undiluted power of the Holy Ghost, the evil spirit in the young woman cried out revealing all the wicked plans it had for her life. Even the physical appearance of Miss Biliki showed that something was amiss with her spiritual life. A ring in the nose, another beneath the lips plus a plethora of tattoos all over the body – all those were relics of her association with the marine kingdom.

Even her mother knew that she had an evil spirit which had caused so much havoc in her life. At 15, she absconded from home only to team up with a prostitution cartel in Lagos Island. A woman who traded in prostitutes promised to take her out of the country to Cotonou where she became a professional prostitute. While nine other girls were sold away, she was kept because of herMISS BILIKI GIWA & MOTHER BLURREDage. As she plied her trade in the illicit business, she ran into a man who took her away to a new location. After two weeks, the man left.


Young Biliki started working in night clubs to make ends meet. In her long romance with prostitution, she had travelled to a couple of countries, including Niger where she met a witch doctor who promised to exorcise the evil spirit tormenting her life. After spending money for the spiritual exercise, her life became worse. She returned to Cameroon and became a stripper, dancing in strip clubs and exposing her nakedness to the evil delight of irresponsible men. Most of the so-called witch doctors who claimed they would help deliver her from the evil spirit tormenting her life ended up sleeping with her.

She had come to The SCOAN to test the power of God in Prophet T.B. Joshua. That was the greatest but best mistake she made. During Mass Prayer, the fire of the Holy Ghost located her and beat the evil spirit blue-black before sending it back to the pit of hell. Renouncing her former life amid tears, Miss Biliki advised people to put their trust in God while promising to dedicate the rest of her life to serving Him.


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In The SCOAN Sunday Service of February 7, 2016, after a time of anointed praise and worship, the congregants received food for their souls from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.PTBJ (2) As he dwelt further on certain salient truths about the Christian race, he enlightened the congregation on the attitude required of the true Christian in order to maintain and sustain relationship with their Creator. According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, no Christian should consider themselves out of touch with the harsh reality of trials, attacks and challenges as this forms the basis for their elevation: “As a Christian, take note of this word of exhortation. Anything close to Jesus receives attack. If you are in the place where God wants you to be, the devil will do everything to dislodge you, displace you out of the relationship. It is a sign. When the devil knows you are in a place God wants you, that this is your destiny in your hands, he will fight you. By thinking that you are out of touch, you are giving the devil a chance. I pray you will see that attack you are going through as an object that separates impurities, as a refiner of character, a builder of character.”



Dr Archibong Henry, HON DR & MRS ARCHIBONG HENRYa medical doctor from Cross River, Nigeria, passed through hardship after his attempt in 2007 to contest a political office left him bankrupt and stranded at point zero. Visiting The SCOAN, Dr and Mrs Archibong received the Morning Water as well as the Good Morning Sticker and their faith and conviction spurred them to conclude that God would soon turn it around for them. One night, after praying with and ministering the Morning Water, Dr Archibong encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream, taking him to the front of a large crowd where he was given the flag of Nigeria. He woke up and concluded that he needed to re-contest for political office in the upcoming elections.

With no money in his pocket to run a campaign, he was surprised when well wishers raised money for him to get the nomination form. He then chose to send his campaign messages through social media, which did not cost him a dime. Barely a day to the election, he was asked by his party leaders to step down for another candidate who had the financial muscle to flex himself through the tasking processes of the election. He stepped down but was then suddenly invited to another meeting where he was informed that a mock election had been conducted and he had come out the winner. The party leaders therefore said he would be their nominee in the election, despite the fact that he did not have the necessary money to continue the process.

When the election proper was conducted, he won and the electoral tribunal confirmed his victory, naming him the representative of the Itu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, National Assembly. The lawmaker advised people never to see distance as a barrier to blessings from God.


Miss Chiazoka Chukwuma, from Enugu, Nigeria was born with sickle cell anaemia, a disease that had claimed the lives of eight of her siblings and truncated her secondary school education. She was also addicted to eating sand and charcoal. The pain she experienced was untold.MISS CHIAZOKA CHUKWUMA & SISTER After traversing several places in search of solution, Miss Chukwuma came across Emmanuel TV in her elder sister’s house. Witnessing that cases worse than hers were being tackled at The SCOAN, she decided to come for her healing. She visited and received the Morning Water which she ministered in prayer at home.

Miss Chiazoka was ecstatic to notice that the pain she had been experiencing all over her body was no more. Excited about the development, she told her elder sister and decided to return to the hospital for a medical re-examination. The tests confirmed that her genotype, which was previously SS, had miraculously turned AA. She is no longer a sickle cell patient! Thanking God in company of her elder sister, she advised people to believe in God’s ability to tackle their own situations just as He has done in her case.


Mr Tonyekiri Biewari from Bayelsa, Nigeria, had dreamt of encountering Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream. In that dream, the man of God gave him three cubes of sugar and told him, “Son, you are not meant to struggle in life. God has given you everything you need”. After that experience, the young man who was a contractor with an oil company and was expecting a big contract, made up his mind to visit The SCOAN where he received the Morning Water. Getting home, he gathered his family for prayers and ministered the Morning Water.MR TONYEKIRI BIEWARI & FAMILY Two days after returning to his base in Bayelsa, he was awarded the contract he had been running after for two years. Having been awarded the contract, Mr Biewari needed funds to execute it and called the prayer warriors at Emmanuel TV for prayer. Seven days later, he was granted a loan of sixty million naira without collateral.

Within six months, he had offset the loan facility he got from the bank and now has over seven oil barges which he rents outs to oil companies. He has also been able to complete five massive homes which had previously been abandoned for many years due to lack of funds. The number of exotic cars in his garage is unimaginable. He has also embraced the spirit of giving and has given out houses and cars to both individuals and churches. Displaying pictorial evidences of his God-inspired achievement since visiting The SCOAN, Mr Biewari, who was accompanied by members of his family, advised people never to give up on God, no matter the situation.






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The Sunday Service of January 18, 2015 at The SCOAN was remarkable in many ways. The atmosphere was divinely electric and as usual the congregation was lively and animated by the pervading expectation of receiving something from Heaven. The uplifting renditions of the choir prepared the minds of worshippers for the deep exhortation that was to follow.
DADDYThe man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, delivered a double-pronged encouragement. One had material but very significant undertones while the other was a scriptural injunction that will always benefit those who walk in the ways of God. Advising people about WATER THERAPY, the man of God highlighted the quintessential nature of water to the life of man. According to the man of God, water is the only drink that has no disadvantages. “There is nothing you drink apart from water that does not have disadvantages. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. There is no man’s natural gift – there is none that does not have disadvantage. It is only God that gives without disadvantage”. This noble quality of water emanated from its therapeutic nature and capacity to act as a cleanser. Water helps flush the system of unwanted waste and equally helps in the regulation of body temperature. Water plays many vital roles in safeguarding the human health and therefore becomes one of the most infallible gifts from God to mankind.

Speaking about GIVING, the man of God delved into the indestructible spiritual essence of giving. However, the man of God explained that in giving, the giver must do so with a pure heart. He/she must give from the heart. It is only on that basis that what is being given becomes useful and capable of attracting blessings from God: “If you give something from your heart, it will bless you that gave it and it will also bless the person you are giving to. If you give something that is not from your heart, you that gave it have nothing to gain and the person you gave it to will receive a curse. If you give something from your heart, you will receive a double portion of what you give. If you give your own time, strength from your heart, double portion of it you will receive. When you get back home and there are possessions that you are not using, sell those things and share them to the poor, see how the Lord will bless you. Sell those possessions and set up a charity and the finger of God will begin to fight for you”.

Concluding, the man of God frowned against money-mongering in its totality, stating that anyone who is looking for money should seek direction from God: “When you are looking for money, you should also look for direction, what sort of money am I looking for?”

On her own part, Evangelist Kemi, whose message preceded that of the man of God, EVANGELIST KEMIspoke on the topic BE A PROBLEM SOLVER. According to her, bearing in mind our roles as witnesses to the world, all Christians should make it a top priority to affect lives positively, especially now that we live in a troubled world where the magnitude of problems has since attained alarming ramifications: “Be a problem solver. We are witnessing to a troubled world. Life is full of challenges. Life is a struggle. Our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to be compassionate; I mean problem solvers. In the world that cares less, we should care more”.

Speaking on the essential nature of Christian life, Evangelist Kemi posited that love is the hallmark of our relationship with others, hence, the Christian must extend love to others just as God gave His only begotten Son to us for the redemption of our sins: “Our position in Christ Jesus is enhanced each time we help someone in trouble. We are called to build our lives around our contribution to one another, ultimately, we are called to respond to all human needs, for that is what love entails. How many lives have you improved? There is no love that does not express itself by giving”.

Echoing the lyrical undertones of the popular Emmanuel TV song YOU ARE A SOLUTION written by Prophet T.B. Joshua and performed by Emmanuel Singers, Evangelist Kemi admonished Christians to remain united in love and realise that we live our lives for one another, carrying one another’s burdens: “I am a solution to your problem, just as you are to mine, in other words, I am because you are and you are because I am. There are many people on the sickbed in the hospitals around you, go there, visit them and show them your love and compassion. Who knows – that may be that is all needed for their recovery. Pray with them and pray for them, by doing this, you are not only helping to solve someone else’s problem, you may discover who you are thereby.”

In a final coda, Evangelist Kemi made a clarion call on Christians to remain focused in the bid to make positive impact on the world around them: “Adopting a lifestyle that is on purpose provides an opportunity to enrich others by leaving your imprint in a positive way”.

During Mass Prayer, the man of God prayed along with the congregation as he led them to command the light of God into their lives. He commanded all immoral spirits out in Jesus’ name. He also enjoined viewers all over the world to act in faith by praying along with him for their salvation through Christ Jesus: “Let there be light in my health, eyes, ears, throat, tongue, nose, mouth, in Jesus’ name! Every spirit of addiction, immorality, fornication, lust, begin to command them out, in the name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit from your past that is hindering your present and your future, command them out, in Jesus Christ’s name! Viewers, whatever medium you are using to view us, right now, be connected in the name of Jesus.”

At The SCOAN, God continually fills the hearts of His children with joy and their mouths with laughter. He puts new songs on their lips to demonstrate the endlessness of His grace. He has wiped away their tears with His mighty hands and has restored them to their glory through Christ Jesus. The following testimonies prove that He is not far from you. You too can be a joyful partaker of His grace by faith in Jesus’ name.

MRS ABELA BARONGA KAMARA [SICKLE CELL ANAEMIAMrs. Abela Baronga Kamara from Tanzania was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at 20 years of age. She had four children and all of them had the problem of sickle cell anaemia. Due to this problem, she spent all of her time in the hospital because it was either she fell sick or one of her children would fell sick.

Her son, Ericson was constantly visiting hospitals instead of attending school and as a result, he was coming last in his class. After ministering the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name, he was healed of sickle cell anaemia and went from last place to first in his class. They went to the hospital and conducted a test and to their surprise he was negative to sickle cell anaemia. Equally Mrs. Abela also had a test done after ministering the Anointing Water and she was declared free of sickle cell anaemia. They had used a lot of injections and medications every day and spent a lot of money but all that is now a thing of the past. Medical reports were shown as evidence of their healing. Ericson and his mother are now happy that they are healed and gave thanks to Jesus Christ with a song during The SCOAN live Sunday service.
They advised Christians to be problem solvers. “The more you share, the more God will bless you”.

Mr. Christopher Oliha, a Nigerian living in Belgium is a politician in Belgium. He MR CHRISTOPHER OLIHA DELIEVERD FROM SMOKING MARIJUANAwas elected in 2006 as a Councillor. He has contested for Senate and Parliament and other public offices in Belgium. He is well known in Belgian politics. Suddenly, everything started collapsing. He lost his job as a Councillor; his mum died and he suffered an addiction of smoking marijuana for 36 years. He thought he needed to smoke it to speak in public and give lectures. In addition to this, the addiction to smoking marijuana made him very aggressive and affected his relationship with people. He would drive long hours travelling to neighbouring countries just to get marijuana to smoke. His friends nicknamed him ‘marijuana’. He would buy it in cartons and store them in his house.

He came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water and ministered it on himself in Jesus’ name and received his deliverance. When he went to his country, his friend who was also addicted visited him and asked if he could bring some marijuana for him and to his surprise, he realized that he had not smoked it for many weeks and there was no craving for it. After the Anointing Water delivered him from the addiction to smoking marijuana, things began to go well in his life. 25 years ago, he had tried to stop, but he fell ill for 2 weeks and went back to the addiction and it became worse. A few weeks later, the chairman of his party called and said the person in the position of Councillor had resigned and the other two candidates who were supposed to fill the post declined and he was automatically re-elected as a Councillor. He advised Christians to seek God’s help because He is reachable anywhere, adding that, “God that did it for me will do it in your lives in Jesus’ name.”

Setback and hardship were the order of the day for Mr. Richard Robert from Tanzania. He had a sad story to tell anytime people asked him of his wellbeing. Firstly, his chemical business was almost on the rocks with no profit in sight. And as if that was not enough, he became afflicted with a debilitating sickness – lumbar spondylosis. Excruciating pain limited him to his bed for two years. He could not even stand up, let alone carry out his business activities efficiently. His two children were crying every day for their father. It was not only seeing him in pain that made them cry; their academic prospects also looked bleak as he was not in a position to provide for them. They wanted to go to university and pursue their education overseas. All this became a distant dream and faint hope. MR RICHARD ROBERT [A

When the road became roughest and he had almost run out of rope, he grabbed onto faith and made a trip to The SCOAN. Privileged to receive the Anointing Water and Sticker, he claimed by faith that he would be healed and be able to get two cars! On getting back to Tanzania, it was as if he was a different person living a different life entirely. His business began to boom and within a short period, he was not only able to purchase two cars but four! The pain in his back vanished and he was able to do everything with strength and vigour. Now, he has purchased three plots of land and is building a family house. His son is studying Petroleum Engineering in Canada and his daughter is doing a degree in World Trade in China. The victory in Christ Jesus he has received is victory indeed. The rest is history!

PRINCE AYODELE OJO DELIEVERED FROM EVIL ATTACKSPrince Ayodele Ojo Arimoro suffered from serious evil attacks for two years in which he would eat continuously in his dreams. It got to the extent that if he tried to resist, it was as if someone would force the food into his mouth. The problem worsened as time went on. During the day, he would doze off in his office and be fed in his dreams. Physically, the problem affected his health. He began experiencing severe pain in his body and his system systematically broke down. When he went to the toilet, he would defecate pure blood and even the doctors were worried because his blood count was reducing. Overwhelmed with pain and agony, he complained to people around him and was advised to visit native doctors and herbal homes.

He started moving from one herbalist to another and in no time, he had sampled almost all the herbalists in the country but his problem persisted; none could provide a solution to his problem. A ‘Good Samaritan’ then told him about Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV. He decided to give it a try and installed Emmanuel TV. He began watching Emmanuel TV and one day, he had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua came to him and laid hands on his head and he vomited three fresh leaves. Prophet T.B. Joshua then said, “It is over”. When he woke up from the dream, he was convinced that his healing laid in Jesus Christ, so he came to The SCOAN.

He came to The SCOAN with the problem of severe liver and kidney damage. When Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on him, he lost consciousness for a moment. The next second, he realized that his body felt lighter and he immediately went to the toilet. He passed out faeces with clots of blood and he knew within him that the sickness was over. Before the prayer, he could not stand or walk by himself because he was so PRINCE AYODELE OJO DELIEVERED FROM EVIL ATTACKS1.JPGweak. People had to assist him with everything, even with going to the toilet and bathing. But now, his strength has been totally restored and his health has been captured for the glory of God. The nightly food has become a thing of the past and his dreams are now of breakthrough, success and victory.

Advising Christians, he observed “Your solution lies in Christ only. I spent huge amounts of money in herbal and ritual homes without solution but freely, I received my complete healing and deliverance at The SCOAN”.

“My joy knows no bounds” – this was the beaming confession of Inspector Osamede Egtharevba of the Lagos State Police Command as she proudly stood at The SCOAN INSPECTOR OSAMEDE EGTHAREVBA2 [Aauditorium to share her testimony. This had not always been the case though. Instead of joy, sadness and bitterness had plagued her days. The last five years seemed like a lifetime as each day she met frustration and setback in her career. She watched many who had joined the force after her and had less experience climb the ladder of promotion without any effort while she painstakingly remained on step one. Her husband was equally saddened at the stagnant state of his wife’s career. He discovered Emmanuel TV and introduced her to it in hope and faith for a new dawn in their lives. Although, unsure at first, Mrs. Egtharevba followed in her husband’s footsteps and one day, they came to The SCOAN.

As she received the Anointing Water, she felt a weight lifted from her shoulders. INSPECTOR OSAMEDE EGTHAREVBA1 [AWith faith rising, she ministered it on herself and believed in the faithfulness and trustworthiness of God. By faith, she put the new rank on her uniform believing her promotion was around the corner. True to her faith, she was called to the police station and received a promotion which was backdated. She is now an Inspector of Police! As she was considering the challenges of acquiring a new car to compliment the position, out of the blue, a friend invited her to a car dealer and told her to choose any car she liked as she would buy it for her! She chose a small car but the friend immediately replaced it with a big expensive car stating that she deserved the best. Unable to contain her tears of joy, Inspector Osamede proudly showed off her promotion photos and her brand new car!

JESSE GANUN BASKETBALLER HEALED FROM DIFFICULTY IN WALKING USING CRUTCHES1A boisterous basketball career nipped in the bud by a burdening injury. At the tender age of 17, Jesse faced an enormous setback in his sporting pursuits after a stress fracture in his left tibia left hopes practically in tatters. Specialist doctors in America frowned upon inspection, informing the young Sudanese-American that a surgical operation was required and further cautioning him that a full recovery was not guaranteed. Jesse Ganun could not place any weight whatsoever on his left leg and was forced to move around with a pair of crutches. For six months, his bed became both a daily and nocturnal companion.

As an avid Emmanuel TV viewer, he resolved with his mum to make the long journey from America to Nigeria to visit The SCOAN for prayer. Arriving on Sunday morning, Jesse was among the thousands of congregants who were privileged to receive the Anointing Water alongside the recently introduced ‘Good Morning’ Anointing Sticker. That night, in their hotel room, Jesse ministered the Anointing Water to his affected leg. In that miraculous instant, the pain disappeared! Deciding to sleep and test his leg the following day, Jesse placed the ‘Good Morning’ Anointing Sticker on his leg. JESSE GANUN BASKETBALLER HEALED FROM DIFFICULTY IN WALKING USING CRUTCHESAwakening the next day, he rose to his feet. Astoundingly, Jesse could walk! Gingerly stepping forward and placing weight on his left leg, he walked freely for the first time in six months! “Just believe,” Jesse passionately advised the congregation. “Just believe – that is your connection.”


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The Sunday Service on 30 September 2012 kicked off with the prayer line after which Prophet T.B. Joshua asked for testimonies to be given, one after the other.


A video was played in which the prophet last Monday prophesied to a couple that there was no affection at home. The husband, Mr Nnamdi Edozie revealed that though he has a beautiful woman as a wife, she is used to beating him; he washed her clothes and she was indeed the husband at home. He used to dream also, in which he saw his wife’s spiritual husband sleeping with her while he was turned into a houseboy. He said the wife was also wasteful in spending, violent and domineering. The second video was played, revealing the wife’s deliverance. The evil spirit spoke through her that it wanted to kill the couple through an accident and the wife would never have a child.

The husband told the congregation this Sunday morning that he had suffered so much, and had spent close to N15 million, visiting over 50 churches and 21 herbalists, for a solution, without success. Instead, he was told lies as to the causes of the problems in his household. He suffered financially and even had to use his vehicle as collateral. He experienced terrible accidents with his personal Jeep and three of his vehicles used in his transport business.

After her deliverance, she dreamt that the spiritual husband who had previously chased her wanting to use her for pepper soup was instead cut to pieces and used for pepper soup. Calling her husband “my baby boy” to acknowledge the renewed love between them, she stated that she was “the happiest woman on earth”. To the husband, the affection is now wonderful – “Just like an electric shock”, he said with a huge smile. He had advised that couples should look up to God as “there is nothing God cannot do”.


A video was replayed showing the prophet prophesying to Mrs Hellen Ubong Toon that she had caught her husband with another woman and that she needed to hear God’s voice on the issue. After revealing a prophetic word to the woman about a man meeting her in her dreams, Prophet T.B. Joshua posed a question to her, asking her if that was not fornicating spiritually. Her home, according to the prophet was plagued by a spiritual husband. This morning, the woman had come with her husband; her husband used to be good to her, until recently when he turned against her, especially as she had remained barren for 12 years. For the first three years of their marriage, he said that things were really good for him but after that time, he had to sell his three cars and house due to financial problems caused by the spiritual husband. He had also slept with other women to prove his virility and fertility after which he was convinced that she was the cause of the barrenness. Prophet Joshua promised to deliver them and reconciliation occurred immediately.


The USA based pastor (with a prophet for a husband) and co-founder of The End Times Ministries had come to the church, having watched numerous miracles performed and shown on Emmanuel TV. The evil spirit which spoke through her said it was responsible for fighting against the ministry, especially the commitment towards liberating Africa through the mechanism of Christianity. It said it was a collection of evil spirits from under the sea, which specialized in confusing people and creating sicknesses all over them. She had worked on a number of items (like a foundation centered on the less privileged and victims of HIV/AIDS, orphans, widows, etc) but had often procrastinated. She had told the church today, that she had only come for deliverance but was shocked to see what happened to her. She said she had pursued a career in medicine and now Biblical studies. She said deliverance is an important process but it must be done in a living church because though delivered before now, nothing worked for her.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the need for people to be aware of the fact that one may not know himself and that God can use anything to do His work. Works of charity must be done consistently to “prove that you are a servant”.


A Ghanaian woman had come to the church to thank God for the spectacular breakthrough she has experienced in her life, through a former poor, kindergarten teacher. She had earlier come to The SCOAN to collect Anointing Water from the prophet, which she administered. She started selling timber and this soon grew into a prosperous business. Today, she has two Jeeps and five trucks and four building though she started the business with only $350. 

Her advice to people was that the most important change is her life was not becoming a comfortable millionaire but that her faith increased to a new level and her life was completely transformed. This was her advice to people.


A Cameroonian, this multiple award winner, came to the church to express gratitude to God for His mercy on him. Frustrated in his job as an MTN Financial Analyst and Planning Manager, he had visited The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. He applied it in his home and office and also sprayed in directly on himself. In 2011, he received an award for best performance in November and then the quarterly award as an outstanding employee. He also got the 2011 award in the category of “knowledge shared” and the MTN- Best Award in West and Central Africa. He chose to be sponsored by the company; he attended the Harvard Business School, Oxford Business School and The London Business School and made good impressions in the midst of other business executives from all over the world.

The Anointing Water is always his companion and it has opened a lot of doors and many companies wish to employ him, even as a physically challenged. His advice to the young is to trust in God though “we live in a world of temptations, doing crazy things to make money”. He said Jesus gives us an open cheque to fill any amount and enjoy life to the fullest with no strings attached. He also encouraged people should trust and have faith in Jesus and “He will do the rest”.


Mrs Botho had initially experienced terrible pain and felt she was dying before she chose to visit the hospital where she was diagnosed with gall bladder stones. Doctors recommended operation but she refused and came to The SCOAN and was privileged to get Anointing Water which she used; upon use, she felt a burning sensation and her pain faded gradually. Eventually, she did a test and was told the stones were no longer there. She had advised that people should trust God because through Him, all things are possible. It was her first time of coming to The SCOAN from Botswana.


He had actively used drugs for 18 years and became morally and psychologically depressed. He had used a variety – Indian hemp, cocaine, heroine and many other drugs. Not being able to stop it by himself, his wife joined the battle when she became terrified of him as he was always humiliating and beating her. After one of his violent rants, she was hospitalized and operated on but in the end because of his financial carelessness, he could not pay the hospital bill. He explained that without his knowledge, she was pouring the Anointing Water into his bath, food and drinking water and praying with Emmanuel TV. Due to her prayers and active faith, he became calmer and calmer. One night, he was ‘arrested’ in the dream by the Holy Spirit, God met with him and he abandoned his drug habits and old ways of life.


Hnr King Richard Seiba is from Yenogoa Council, Bayelsa State, Nigeria and was kidnapped from his home by seven armed youths who removed him through a window. He was alleged to be having an oil company in his domain through which he made a lot of money and built several houses. The kidnappers had demanded for a ransom of N30 million. One of those close to the king, Mishak Matthew (from Edo State) had tried to raise some money – first N2 million and then N4.5 million which was rejected by the kidnappers. Matthew travelled to The SCOAN from Bayelsa and obtained the Anointing Water which he sprayed on the king’s photograph and prayed. During the service, Mr Mishak also held the photograph of the king and one of the wise men touched it and ‘it was over’.

The king though he had suffered hunger and deprivation for many days was eventually released after the prayer as confusion set in among the kidnappers.

The king thanked God and T.B. Joshua as he said he was released on 25 September 2012. He said though they had wanted to kill him, Jesus saved him as he had seen T.B. Joshua in a dream. He said the kidnappers told him that some members of his community betrayed him but he had fasted and prayed earnestly. Grief-hearted, he had been released only narrowly. He thanked God for his security and return home. During the Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua had promised to give him a car and N500,000. The very next day, during the Monday service, the pledge was fulfilled – a brand new Honda Accord car was given to him along with N500,000. He was advised to put the troubles behind him.


Both are sisters from Malawi and suffered from HIV/AIDS Positive 1 for two years before they came to The SCOAN to be part of the prayer line. Miriam is 28 years and Felistas is 33 years old and both had suffered from dizziness and chronic headaches for two years. Holding their medical reports as evidence, they were certified negative, after returning to their country following their healing in the church on 25 December 2012. Both said that fornication and adultery led to their plagues before they were delivered. Miriam said she is free and fit and that people should always trust in God as “The Mighty Healer”. Felistus also said people should not lose hope; they should know that God is able to do all things for His children.


A lecturer in a College of Education, Botswana (Dean of Physical Education Department), Molly Sebele had suffered from cervical cancer which gave her copious vaginal discharges that made her smell badly. By the grace of God, she received the Anointing Water which she used constantly and prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and was miraculously healed with the medical report to prove it.


Moses Ani had suffered from low sperm count while his wife, Blessing had experienced no menses for years and this had resulted in barrenness. They were privileged to have The Anointing Water with which they prayed and later sprayed. Today, God has blessed them with a child of their own. They advised that people should hold on and hold out and trust in God because “with Him, all things are possible”.


He had been a drug addict for many years selling his own clothes to buy drugs; he led a miserable life living moment by moment for his next fix. For seven years, he was not himself. He was taken to a rehabilitation centre and released on July 18, 2012, yet he returned to drugs. His wife had decided to put The Anointing Water in his food and he slept for many hours after eating it. The man who had once led a terribly rough life and had sold three cars, gradually regained himself and reconciled with his wife who had separated from him because of the drugs. He said that as The Anointing Water was having effect on him, a ball of fire left his body. He said drugs ruin people and that it is only God could help them in moments of stress.


Mrs Beatrice Atom is a Liberian whose husband was killed by militants on August 10, 1990. He was actually shot dead and cut into four pieces right in front of his wife. She escaped into the forest with her kids and stayed there for eight months. She was full of pain in her heart and had to take care of three daughters and a boy, alone. Her house was also burnt to the ground.

After narrating her story, T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners in an act of charity, gave her N300,000 and a copy of “The Mirror”. She was grateful to T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners for their generosity and for being located by the Holy Spirit.

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A feature article in Nigeria’s popular evening newspaper, PM News, detailing the inspiring charitable works taking place at The SCOAN. Remember, your rewards in life are determined by the problems you solve for someone else!

His words are witty but powerful. Perhaps this accounts for the number of prominent individuals around the world who have paid visit to Prophet T.B Joshua, head of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

At the last count, presidents of various countries have been to the church, which is conspicuously located in the hilly Ikotun Egbe, a busy Lagos suburb. The Ghanaian president, Prof. John Attah Mills visited the Church before the keenly contested election in his country, which ushered in his government. He also came to give thanks for his victory. The King of Limpopo, Koshi Kgabo Moloto, and his Zulu, South African counterpart, King Godswill Zwelithni Kabhekuzulu have visited the church too.

Yet the man of God, renowned for his exceptional simplicity, is not satisfied, and until he is able to reduce the suffering and hunger daily experienced by the majority, he says his job is not done .

“People are helpless, they have no hope … They know what they want in life and can achieve them when faced with the right opportunities, but they are facing serious challenges in their lives and this is my utmost concern,” he has continued to emphasise – while asking, “How many of these people have you helped to become happy again?”

Little wonder, last Sunday, 8 November, 2009 the prophet declared a N4.3 million cash gift and scholarships to indigent students, especially the physically challenged. One of the beneficiaries, Miss Ibeabuchi Onyinyechi, who is a second degree student of the Abia State University where she currently studies Business Administration, would forever tell the story of her life and how the prophet has shown her there is life beyond disability.

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua - You are created to change somebody

The lady, who is now proud owner of a specially made car for the disabled, could not hide her emotions when she shared her testimony. “Before I came to this church, I was living a life of no hope…. from hand to mouth. I used to crawl on the ground because of the problem that made me unable to walk like every normal human being,” she said in an emotion-laden voice.

Onyinyechi continued, “But with the wheel chair donated by Emmanuel TV, a branch of the church, my mobility problem was solved. When I met the man of God, he took over my education problems and paid my school fees. He said he would continue to do so.”

The beneficiary told this medium that Prophet Joshua has also been taking care of her other expenses including payment for her accommodation, transportation and every other daily expense.

“Last session, we were here and he treated us well. Can’t you see me full of smiles? I am doing my masters degree programme and now this is my second year.”

Onyinyechi never anticipated that she would get more than just the school fees as usual, but that Sunday, after telling the church how she had fared academically, the prophet declared that she must go home with an automatic car. All others of her kind who were in the church for their school fees that day also got blessed with a car gift apart from their school fees, some bags of rice and wheel chairs.

For Adams Surajudeen, it was a tale of hopelessness turned victory over death and dejection. The final year Computer Science student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba – Akoko, Ondo State, said that being from a poor home, his condition got his parents discouraged. Though he wanted to go to school, there was no money and “l go to the street begging for alms. I used part of the money I derived to pay my school fees till I met Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God provided me with money enough to pay my fees, transport myself and solve other problems of life money can solve,” he said.

Another beneficiary, Nwokorobia Grace, a Mass Communication student of Imo State University, told P.M.NEWS that when she started watching the prophet on television, she knew that her time for God’s blessing had come. “He has assisted me since I first met him,” she added.

The man of God, who was deeply encouraged by these less privileged, said apart from the scholarships, he was setting up a Non Government Organisation (NGO), to cater for the needs of the poor in the society.
The beneficiaries of the NGO, he said, would include widows, those who are victims of social wickedness and those wrongfully accused of evil practices. According to him, “How would a normal person feel to see people like these litter the streets?”

Speaking about Onyinyechi, Joshua emphasized that, “a sister like this actually needs an automatic car since she has her two hands working. She is in the condition so that we can help to support her and others.”

Joshua added that the NGO would collaborate with some vehicle manufacturing companies for the manufacture of specially built vehicles for these set of people whom he said have been divided into 10 batches. “Even if there is nobody to support me, I can sell my property including my clothes and underwear to see that these people are happy,” he said.

But hardly had the man of God finished explaining the nature of the NGO when calls and e-mail messages flooded the church from every part of the world. While some promised several thousands of dollars, others promised to provide specially built vehicles most of which are Honda ,Toyota , Peugeot brands to the NGO for onward donation to the needy.

Hear Joshua: “This donation will be used solely for these special people. We will encourage them too to have good husbands and wives. If you have a beautiful church and the people there are suffering, then it is useless. The heat will continue until we are able to provide adequately for the needy. This is what ministry is all about and you know this has been my calling. I will not relent.”

He added that another paramount area the NGO, which name has not been made public, will focus on are “armed robbers, especially those who are tired of the act and want to be delivered. We will rehabilitate and help them find their bearings in the society,” he promised.

A church member, who gave her name as Musa, told P.M. NEWS that he had to change his religion after meeting the man of God. “I came to this church on invitation. But my orientation about the church and the man of God changed when I saw how he was helping the poor. Repented armed robbers have been rehabilitated and given money to start something. These people are really doing well.

“I can tell you categorically that this man is a father of over 12,000 needy people, some of whom he does not even know .This church is always busy, full of people and 90 percent are under the care of Prophet T.B. Joshua,” he told P.M. NEWS.

Musa may not be far from the truth. Recently, Mr Kefa Olatunji Taiwo, his wife and 11 children were brought out from a slum in Lagos where they had been living for several years due to acute poverty. The 60-year old man was looked upon as a lunatic due to this extreme condition. One day, he decided to visit The Synagogue, Church of All Nations. Mr Taiwo explained that the man of God suddenly came to him and said, “You are the one I am chasing. Where is your family? You are getting old and a man of your age should not be sleeping outside.”

The former furniture maker said he told the man of God that he had become a useless person. “I just went there to hide myself when it is night. This is a shameful place, but I have no alternative. That is why I stay there living like a mad man,” he told the prophet. But the man got a comfortable accommodation, his children all got scholarships and he was empowered with N300,000 and some bags of rice.

Close to this was the tale of Philomena Sunday, a mother of nine, whose husband died in 2004. Since then she became a regular visitor to dump sites, where she got her clothing and foods.

“Even the clothes we wear, we picked them up from the dust bin. Sometimes, if we don’t make it early to the dust bin, we don’t have anything to eat at all. We pick bread, groundnuts, yams and everything we could find to eat.”

She, however, claimed that she was one day approached by a lady she did not know. This lady, Philomena claimed, asked her what she was doing there. “My explanation must have touched her, but I didn’t know she had a video recorder with which she recorded us.

“The lady later gave me the video clip and directed me to go and see the prophet after hiring a bus for us. Even the clothes we wore to church were from the dustbin.

“After listening to our story, T.B. Joshua asked the whole church to come to our aid. I remember him saying ‘we must do everything possible to restore this family and make them part of our families and counsel them, we must not allow these children to be destroyed.’ And that was it. We got a donation of N500,000, some bags of rice and the Bible. He also promised to assist in the education of my children. Viewers around the world who watched us on television also donated money, which was given to us.”

She concluded by saying she daily offers prayers that God should strengthen the prophet and empower him to continue to help the needy.

His charity works, which have become widespread, have been attracting commendations, one of which recently came from Senator Anthony Agbo, vice chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital.

The senator, who said he watched the church’s television and saw all efforts by the man of God to alleviate poverty, explained that the number of foreigners who trooped into the church made him think about any other spots in the county that could attract such influx of foreign nationals in Nigeria.

The senator, who is also the National Patron of the National Association of Disabled Persons in Nigeria, said the influx of foreign citizens to the church to benefit from healing and the ‘unparalleled charity works’ of the man of God made him happy to be a Nigerian in spite of everything.

“Watching Emmanuel TV, I cannot see myself fail to glorify God for giving this kind of gift and man of God to Nigeria. The TV channel has made Nigeria one of the world’s hottest spots for religious tourism.”

Agbo, while lamenting that the greatest problem bedevilling the country was poverty, also lamented that the situation is further compounded by the fact that the rich get richer but hold tightly to what they have because no rich wants to give the smallest bit of what he has to the next poor person in his community.

Hear him: “On Emmanuel TV, I see in contrast how an individual is being used to associate with widows with pathetic and plaintive cries as well as disabled persons who live under the bridges and on the streets of all states in this country.

“He clothes, feeds and rehabilitates them. Mother Theresa of Calcutta got the Nobel Prize and highest award in India. From what I have seen on Emmanuel TV within the last months, Pastor Joshua deserves a national award; not only for his charitable works, but to glorify God. It is not for him as a person but to God for giving this gift to Nigeria and Africa.”

But TB Joshua believes helping the poor remains the most important part of his work on earth. “People out there are waiting for you for a lifetime, to give them a chance to smile again. You cannot afford to fail them. Failing them is failing God. Remember, God is speaking to you through them, saying: ‘They are fatherless so that you can be their father; they are lonely so that you can be their companion; they are in want so that you can be their benefactor.’

Written by Eromosele Ebhomele

SOURCE: The PM News – Vol. 15, No 218

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On the heels of his accurate prediction concerning the Super Eagles stalemate with Tunisia last month, Prophet TB Joshua has released yet another prophetic revelation pertaining the footballing arena, an incredible confirmation coming mere hours thereafter…

In a proclamation of uncanny precision, controversial Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua has once again shocked his plethora of critics and wowed his army of supporters, this time correctly prophesying the result of Nigeria’s World Cup qualifying encounter with Mozambique, just hours before the match commenced…

“I learn you will play ball today,” said Joshua during the weekly service at The Synagogue Church of All Nations on Sunday 11th October, beamed live to the world via Emmanuel TV. It was approximately 2pm. “Do you want me to talk about it?” A thunderous roar from the crowd sounded their palpable eagerness to hear more. “Because the man was heading ball like a footballer, I quickly remembered that you have ball today,” said the prophet, referring to a member among the congregation who had earlier jerked his head under the Spirit’s influence. “We need a goal to lead the other people. If we can just have one goal to lead them. We need a goal ahead of these people. It’s not every time they will beat us. Draw, draw, draw, draw…” Proceeding to demonstrate someone scoring a goal, the prophet then shouted, “A goal!” much to the delight of the riveted Nigerians within the church. “We’ll smile differently today. This man will head a goal for us. We’ll smile.” The beaming prophet went on to demonstrate someone heading a ball, indicating the means by which Nigeria would score the winning goal in their crucial encounter with Mozambique.

Obinna Nsofor - heading Nigeria ahead

Obinna Nsofor - heading Nigeria ahead

Hours later in the Abuja National Stadium, the match between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Black Mambas of Mozambique kicked off at around 5:15pm. It was a critical contest that would either dash Nigeria’s World Cup dreams or keep the flames of hope alive. In a largely frustrating game with countless scoring opportunities missed by the Nigerian strikers, the game approached the final minutes with a stagnant score line, neither team able to register a single goal. As the game entered stoppage time, Nigeria frantically piled on the pressure, knowing a draw would signal an end to their South African ambitions. In literally the last attack of the match, Obafemi Martins close-range shot was parried by the impressive Mozambiquan goal-stopper Joao Kapango, only for the ball to be hooked back into the box for Obinna Nsofor to head home from six yards, finally breaking the resilient Mozambique defence. Seconds later the match ended with Nigeria securing a vital 1-0 victory, left to hope a fumble from Tunisia in the final qualifying match would gain them a ticket to South Africa 2010.

Interestingly, the outcome of last month’s qualifier between Tunisia and Nigeria was also predicted by TB Joshua. The prophet had stated on Sunday 6th September that he saw the match as a ‘balanced’ affair, further describing it as a ‘tough’ game. “They could not take a decision – who is the most powerful among the two,” he said. The match eventually ended in a 2-2 stalemate.

Prophet Joshua’s repertoire of accurate predictions continues to steadily increase, his prophetic ministry coming to the fore of late with predictions such as the deaths of Michael Jackson and Gani Fawehinmi being widely reported. The prophet is also known for his extensive charitable activities, giving over N4.3m worth of scholarships to less-privileged students in the course of the same service on Sunday 11th October, alongside N500,000 to a widow and her nine children who had been living in and eating from a rubbish dump in Delta State for over four years.

His ministry continues to attract growing support and patronage across Africa, particularly due to the popularity of his television station Emmanuel TV.

SOURCE: Africa News

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A comprehensive article concerning the charitable works of God at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nation in Lagos, Nigeria with Pastor TB Joshua, as written by the prestigious Tell Magazine of Nigeria…

For many, The Synagogue Church of All Nation is a house of miracles. But unknown to many also, some other kinds of miracles do come from The Synagogue. For a country where the poverty level is ever on the increase and people appear helpless, not a few believe that the time has come for the church to go beyond giving people spiritual food to giving more than a cursory attention to their physical needs.

One man of God who has realised this long ago is Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, better known as ‘The Man in The Synagogue’. For him, the situation of things in the country, especially as it affects the growing population of the needy, calls for all hands to be on deck. So, helping the needy is one cardinal principle that The Synagogue Church of All Nations holds in high esteem. According to the founder of the church, Prophet TB Joshua, “if millions of this generation are to believe, they must see proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He, therefore, admonished everyone to be a shining light where there is darkness, a channel of knowledge where there is ignorance and a channel of faith were there is doubt. According to him, “The Bible records that works of charity and righteousness go together. So, you cannot separate one from the other. This is what the Bible means when it says ‘watch and pray’. A Christian without work is dead.”

As a demonstration of biblical teaching of helping the poor, which includes the needy, widows, dwarfs and widowers, he organises different programmes to meet their needs. He was also very instrumental to the resettlement of over 200 people displaced as a result of the Lagos bomb blast of year 2000. First, they were accommodated in the church for no fewer than 20 days, with the church spending not less than N500,000 daily to cater for them. “At the end of the day, many of them could not go back to their homes because their houses were destroyed. WE had to give them between N200,000 and N300,000 for them to go and look for accommodation. If not, they would have continued to live in the church,” recalled the prophet.

Pastor TB Joshua

Pastor TB Joshua

Widows And Widowers Forum
This programme is targeted at widows and widowers in the society. It is designed to bring succour and relief to persons who have lost their spouses to the cold hands of death. In the words of Prophet Joshua, it is to encourage them in their Christian walk. The Bible, he says, teaches us that ‘in a world that cares less, we should care more” adding that Jesus is a ‘father to the fatherless, a defender of widows and husband to all’. Aside from feeding the widows and widowers with the Word of God, he demonstrated practical love for them by giving them various sums of money ranging from N50,000 to N250,000 to enable them to start their own businesses. Some of the beneficiaries could not believe their eyes as they rolled on the floor dancing and singing praises to God. They also thanked the prophet for making himself an instrument in the hands of the Almighty. It is not difficult to fathom why the women were so joyous. Some of them who shared their testimony told pathetic stories of how the pangs of poverty had ravaged their lives. They were poor and homeless, with their children out of school because they could not pay their school fees.

It is quite unbelievable that many of these beneficiaries are non-members of The Synagogue Church of All Nations. In their testimonies, they came to know about the programme on television when the forum for widows and widowers was aired. For instance, Olawunmi Kayode, one of the recipients who became a widow at the age of 23 with four children, told a heart-rending story of how the only property her late husband left behind was demolished by officials of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. With no house to stay in and no thriving business, life was hellish for Kayode and her children who had also dropped out of school. However, succour came her way after watching one of the Widow’s Forum programmes on television in Abuja. Though she had no transportation fare, she was determined to be in Lagos, hence she came by a lorry loaded with foodstuff. To here amazement, she was given N200,000 to start a new business. Widows were not the only people that were touched by the man of God. A widower, Raphael Bamidele, a professional mechanic who lost his workshop to local government officials, was also given money to re-start his life.

Integrating the Dwarfs
The man of God has instituted a programme to help dwarfs in the society. Dwarfs, he recognised, are rejected and neglected by their families and the mainstream in the society. In his efforts to integrate them into the society, he shared a wonderful moment with them, teaching them the Word of God. His sermon was titled: ‘With God, all things are possible.’ He told them to borrow a leaf from the biblical Zacchaeus who, though a short man, was not frustrated but was determined to see Jesus. So, he encouraged them to be focussed and to be good disciples of Jesus who created them. According to him, because they were dwarfs does not make them lesser human beings. He encouraged them to aim high and distinguish themselves in their various callings. As a way of integrating them into the society, he stated that the church was going to be concerned with their welfare, health, accommodation, food as well as education in the form of giving scholarships to those who are students among them. One of the dwarfs who is a student of the nation’s premier university, the University of Ibadan, was given N90,000 to enable him to settle his fees, accommodation and other needs in school. Another who is a student of Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin received N70,000.

Feeding the Destitute Persons at Okobaba, Ebute-Metta, Lagos
Like the biblical example when Jesus fed the multitude with five loaves of bread, and two fish when they were hungry. Prophet Joshua has also been feeding the destitute persons at Okobaba, Lagos, Apart from feeding them with prepared food, he also gave them some bags of rice. It was not only their children that were fed, the aged were also provided for.

Mohammed Baba, general secretary of the Okobaba Destitute Home, Abubakar Gaya, ‘emir’ for the crippled, Mohammed Daniru, ‘emir’ for the blind and Ado Ahamadu, ‘emir’ for the lepers, are full of praises for Prophet Joshua. “We are very happy! May God bless Prophet Joshua and Emmanuel TV,” declared Baba and many others. Baba said that Joshua had been with them even before the Lagos State government moved them away from the railway track in Ebute-Metta. He submitted that “If there are three or four people doing what TB Joshua is doing, the number of beggars would have been drastically reduced on the roads”.

Recently, the man of God donated food items and school uniforms for over 200 pupils of the home. This, according to Joshua, was to enable them to return to the classroom. The church also donated a bus to convey the children to school and their parents to the hospital for medical care. The sum of N300,000 was earmarked for fuelling the bus. Joshua equally gave out mobile phones to officers of the home to ease communication. According to Prophet Joshua, “This bus is provided to convey your children to school and return them. The bus will also be used to take you, the parents and aged people to hospital whenever the need arises. I make this solemn promise to sponsor the children up to university education because I believe that there are great leaders, presidents and ministers among them. If there is nobody to help them, there is no way they could achieve this.” While delivering the particulars and the key of the bus to Baba, Joshua promised to pay the driver of the bus a monthly salary. He also said he was ready to provide another bus if necessary. He further promised to arrange for doctors to come to the home regularly for routine medical check-ups for the aged among them. He also said he would find a lasting solution to their water problem.

But why is Joshua doing all this? “I feel what they feel because I was once like them. I have tasted poverty, abject neglect and suffering. So, I understand their pains. Regardless of their religion or belief, I love to help them; I am passionate to lessen their suffering and give them a new lease of life. I cannot say I won’t help them because there was no one to help when I was like them. I am a product of grace; therefore, I should show love. I know it is to be poor and I know what it is to have more than enough. More importantly, God has commanded us to help and be our brother’s keeper.”

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations...

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations...

Prophet Joshua and Peacemaking
Liberia, until a few years back, was in the throes of a civil war that left it prostate. The whole crisis snowballed following the death of Samuel Doe, the country’s then President. Doe’s family and others believe that it was Yormie Johnson, then a rebel leader, who was responsible for Doe’s death. This sad event, even though he was in the United States of America when it happened, was ever fresh in the memory of Mr. Samuel Kenyon Doe Jr, son of the late president, and he vowed to give Johnson the battle of his life whenever he had opportunity to meet him.

As a way of finding lasting peace in the country, the likes of Johnson had to go into exile. Nigeria offered Johnson asylum. While in Nigeria, he became a member of the church. And as fate would have it, Johnson and Doe Jr met in The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria, and Doe Jr. lived up to his vow. He drew a knife to stab Johnson in the course of the service and there was pandemonium in the church. But for the timely intervention of Prophet TB Joshua, who intervened by standing in between, it would have been a bloody service. There and then, the prophet initiated reconciliation between the two families.

Johnson, who is now a Senate President in Liberia, in a telephone interview explained: “I did not know that members of the Doe’s family were in the church. They were living in America but they came to The Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria, seeking for God’s intervention in the problems that were facing them. I was in the church and somebody told him that ‘you see that man over there. He is Yormie Johnson that killed your father.’ What followed was that he went and brought a dagger to come and harm me.’

Johnson further recalled, “He said, ‘Oh! I have been looking for this man all over the world and I promised that wherever I see Yormie Johnson, I will kill him and kill myself. This is my time to deal with this man.’ But by the intervention of the man of God and by the Spirit of the Living God, he came forward and confessed that he wanted to harm me, that he had been planning it over the years, that whenever he sees me, he was going to kill me. That is how it all started. She, he confessed everything that he had in mind. The man of God brokered a peace and enjoined us to allow peace to reign. He prayed with us and the two families embraced, and he prayed with us.”

The Indonesia Crusade
Though Prophet TB Joshua is widely travelled and has conducted several crusades across the world, his crusade in Indonesia was a terrific experience. The reception he got from the enthusiastic people is that reserved only for kings. The young, the old, the poor and the rich in the society thronged the airport in their thousands to welcome the man of God to their country. Senior ministers of God and other ‘who-is-who’ in Indonesia were on hand to receive the man of God. A young boy and a beautiful young girl presented him with a bouquet of flowers as soon as he alighted from the aircraft. He was driven in a convoy of state-of-the-art vehicles through the major streets of Jakarta before begin taken to a five-star hotel.

TB Joshua Preaches At The Indonesia Crusade, with thousands in attendance...

TB Joshua Preaches At The Indonesia Crusade, with thousands in attendance...

On the night of the crusade, the people of Indonesia came in their thousands. And, to His glory, God used Prophet TB Joshua to open the eyes of the blind. The deaf heard and the lame walked. Many others were delivered from the oppression of the devil. However, there was a peculiar situation that revealed the overwhelming power of God in the life of the prophet. A man who claimed to be an agent of Lucifer, the devil, with a stubborn spirit, was also in the congregation. He told the prophet that he was angry with him and that he wanted to destroy him. But to the glory of God, the prophet of God made a mockery of him and defeated him in the open. The prophet cast out the seven stubborn spirits that were in him. Among them was Beelzebub, which made him to have hatred and anger for the man of God. The man, whose name is Fieri Samosir, later testified to the goodness of God after he was delivered by Prophet TB Joshua. He thanked God for setting him free and for giving him peace of mind like he had never had before.

Donation to the House of Love
Here, Prophet TB Joshua demonstrated his love for God and mankind as he personally provided for the needy in the city of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It is instructive to know that the man of God truly displayed God’s love for all as he openly dined with those who live under the bridges, on railway tracks and the cemeteries. That he cares for the poor was further expressed when he gave $30 000 to the House of Love, as a way of boosting their activities. “Jesus is the Father of the fatherless”, he admonished the people who sang and thanked God. According to TB Joshua, “the rich and powerful want to oppress the poor, but God loves and provides for them; those who are weak and lonely should trust in the goodness of God.” The leader of the House of Love openly expressed deep appreciation to God and Prophet TB Joshua for making himself God’s instrument of blessing to the poor. “You are a blessing for the nation,” she told Prophet Joshua.

TB Joshua in Indonesia

TB Joshua in Indonesia

The Singapore Crusade
This was a unique experience for the people of Singapore. The crusade, which was a national event, was aptly titled, ‘Singapore Healing Campaign’. Held at the country’s international stadium, it was indeed a time of national healing as the rich and mighty, the poor, the sick, the weak and the forsaken that thronged the crusade ground left with testimonies. The two-day crusade program was an awesome experience as people came from neighbouring counties like Malaysia to be blessed by God. And to the glory of God, the blind received their sight, those with exotic diseases were healed, the demon-possessed were set free, while those who had been bound were delivered. As many testified, it was apparent that God had visited the country because the lives of many were transformed.

SOURCE: Tell Magazine – No. 52 – December 24, 2007

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