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In The SCOAN Sunday Service of February 7, 2016, after a time of anointed praise and worship, the congregants received food for their souls from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.PTBJ (2) As he dwelt further on certain salient truths about the Christian race, he enlightened the congregation on the attitude required of the true Christian in order to maintain and sustain relationship with their Creator. According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, no Christian should consider themselves out of touch with the harsh reality of trials, attacks and challenges as this forms the basis for their elevation: “As a Christian, take note of this word of exhortation. Anything close to Jesus receives attack. If you are in the place where God wants you to be, the devil will do everything to dislodge you, displace you out of the relationship. It is a sign. When the devil knows you are in a place God wants you, that this is your destiny in your hands, he will fight you. By thinking that you are out of touch, you are giving the devil a chance. I pray you will see that attack you are going through as an object that separates impurities, as a refiner of character, a builder of character.”



Dr Archibong Henry, HON DR & MRS ARCHIBONG HENRYa medical doctor from Cross River, Nigeria, passed through hardship after his attempt in 2007 to contest a political office left him bankrupt and stranded at point zero. Visiting The SCOAN, Dr and Mrs Archibong received the Morning Water as well as the Good Morning Sticker and their faith and conviction spurred them to conclude that God would soon turn it around for them. One night, after praying with and ministering the Morning Water, Dr Archibong encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream, taking him to the front of a large crowd where he was given the flag of Nigeria. He woke up and concluded that he needed to re-contest for political office in the upcoming elections.

With no money in his pocket to run a campaign, he was surprised when well wishers raised money for him to get the nomination form. He then chose to send his campaign messages through social media, which did not cost him a dime. Barely a day to the election, he was asked by his party leaders to step down for another candidate who had the financial muscle to flex himself through the tasking processes of the election. He stepped down but was then suddenly invited to another meeting where he was informed that a mock election had been conducted and he had come out the winner. The party leaders therefore said he would be their nominee in the election, despite the fact that he did not have the necessary money to continue the process.

When the election proper was conducted, he won and the electoral tribunal confirmed his victory, naming him the representative of the Itu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, National Assembly. The lawmaker advised people never to see distance as a barrier to blessings from God.


Miss Chiazoka Chukwuma, from Enugu, Nigeria was born with sickle cell anaemia, a disease that had claimed the lives of eight of her siblings and truncated her secondary school education. She was also addicted to eating sand and charcoal. The pain she experienced was untold.MISS CHIAZOKA CHUKWUMA & SISTER After traversing several places in search of solution, Miss Chukwuma came across Emmanuel TV in her elder sister’s house. Witnessing that cases worse than hers were being tackled at The SCOAN, she decided to come for her healing. She visited and received the Morning Water which she ministered in prayer at home.

Miss Chiazoka was ecstatic to notice that the pain she had been experiencing all over her body was no more. Excited about the development, she told her elder sister and decided to return to the hospital for a medical re-examination. The tests confirmed that her genotype, which was previously SS, had miraculously turned AA. She is no longer a sickle cell patient! Thanking God in company of her elder sister, she advised people to believe in God’s ability to tackle their own situations just as He has done in her case.


Mr Tonyekiri Biewari from Bayelsa, Nigeria, had dreamt of encountering Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream. In that dream, the man of God gave him three cubes of sugar and told him, “Son, you are not meant to struggle in life. God has given you everything you need”. After that experience, the young man who was a contractor with an oil company and was expecting a big contract, made up his mind to visit The SCOAN where he received the Morning Water. Getting home, he gathered his family for prayers and ministered the Morning Water.MR TONYEKIRI BIEWARI & FAMILY Two days after returning to his base in Bayelsa, he was awarded the contract he had been running after for two years. Having been awarded the contract, Mr Biewari needed funds to execute it and called the prayer warriors at Emmanuel TV for prayer. Seven days later, he was granted a loan of sixty million naira without collateral.

Within six months, he had offset the loan facility he got from the bank and now has over seven oil barges which he rents outs to oil companies. He has also been able to complete five massive homes which had previously been abandoned for many years due to lack of funds. The number of exotic cars in his garage is unimaginable. He has also embraced the spirit of giving and has given out houses and cars to both individuals and churches. Displaying pictorial evidences of his God-inspired achievement since visiting The SCOAN, Mr Biewari, who was accompanied by members of his family, advised people never to give up on God, no matter the situation.






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The Sunday Service on 30 September 2012 kicked off with the prayer line after which Prophet T.B. Joshua asked for testimonies to be given, one after the other.


A video was played in which the prophet last Monday prophesied to a couple that there was no affection at home. The husband, Mr Nnamdi Edozie revealed that though he has a beautiful woman as a wife, she is used to beating him; he washed her clothes and she was indeed the husband at home. He used to dream also, in which he saw his wife’s spiritual husband sleeping with her while he was turned into a houseboy. He said the wife was also wasteful in spending, violent and domineering. The second video was played, revealing the wife’s deliverance. The evil spirit spoke through her that it wanted to kill the couple through an accident and the wife would never have a child.

The husband told the congregation this Sunday morning that he had suffered so much, and had spent close to N15 million, visiting over 50 churches and 21 herbalists, for a solution, without success. Instead, he was told lies as to the causes of the problems in his household. He suffered financially and even had to use his vehicle as collateral. He experienced terrible accidents with his personal Jeep and three of his vehicles used in his transport business.

After her deliverance, she dreamt that the spiritual husband who had previously chased her wanting to use her for pepper soup was instead cut to pieces and used for pepper soup. Calling her husband “my baby boy” to acknowledge the renewed love between them, she stated that she was “the happiest woman on earth”. To the husband, the affection is now wonderful – “Just like an electric shock”, he said with a huge smile. He had advised that couples should look up to God as “there is nothing God cannot do”.


A video was replayed showing the prophet prophesying to Mrs Hellen Ubong Toon that she had caught her husband with another woman and that she needed to hear God’s voice on the issue. After revealing a prophetic word to the woman about a man meeting her in her dreams, Prophet T.B. Joshua posed a question to her, asking her if that was not fornicating spiritually. Her home, according to the prophet was plagued by a spiritual husband. This morning, the woman had come with her husband; her husband used to be good to her, until recently when he turned against her, especially as she had remained barren for 12 years. For the first three years of their marriage, he said that things were really good for him but after that time, he had to sell his three cars and house due to financial problems caused by the spiritual husband. He had also slept with other women to prove his virility and fertility after which he was convinced that she was the cause of the barrenness. Prophet Joshua promised to deliver them and reconciliation occurred immediately.


The USA based pastor (with a prophet for a husband) and co-founder of The End Times Ministries had come to the church, having watched numerous miracles performed and shown on Emmanuel TV. The evil spirit which spoke through her said it was responsible for fighting against the ministry, especially the commitment towards liberating Africa through the mechanism of Christianity. It said it was a collection of evil spirits from under the sea, which specialized in confusing people and creating sicknesses all over them. She had worked on a number of items (like a foundation centered on the less privileged and victims of HIV/AIDS, orphans, widows, etc) but had often procrastinated. She had told the church today, that she had only come for deliverance but was shocked to see what happened to her. She said she had pursued a career in medicine and now Biblical studies. She said deliverance is an important process but it must be done in a living church because though delivered before now, nothing worked for her.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the need for people to be aware of the fact that one may not know himself and that God can use anything to do His work. Works of charity must be done consistently to “prove that you are a servant”.


A Ghanaian woman had come to the church to thank God for the spectacular breakthrough she has experienced in her life, through a former poor, kindergarten teacher. She had earlier come to The SCOAN to collect Anointing Water from the prophet, which she administered. She started selling timber and this soon grew into a prosperous business. Today, she has two Jeeps and five trucks and four building though she started the business with only $350. 

Her advice to people was that the most important change is her life was not becoming a comfortable millionaire but that her faith increased to a new level and her life was completely transformed. This was her advice to people.


A Cameroonian, this multiple award winner, came to the church to express gratitude to God for His mercy on him. Frustrated in his job as an MTN Financial Analyst and Planning Manager, he had visited The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. He applied it in his home and office and also sprayed in directly on himself. In 2011, he received an award for best performance in November and then the quarterly award as an outstanding employee. He also got the 2011 award in the category of “knowledge shared” and the MTN- Best Award in West and Central Africa. He chose to be sponsored by the company; he attended the Harvard Business School, Oxford Business School and The London Business School and made good impressions in the midst of other business executives from all over the world.

The Anointing Water is always his companion and it has opened a lot of doors and many companies wish to employ him, even as a physically challenged. His advice to the young is to trust in God though “we live in a world of temptations, doing crazy things to make money”. He said Jesus gives us an open cheque to fill any amount and enjoy life to the fullest with no strings attached. He also encouraged people should trust and have faith in Jesus and “He will do the rest”.


Mrs Botho had initially experienced terrible pain and felt she was dying before she chose to visit the hospital where she was diagnosed with gall bladder stones. Doctors recommended operation but she refused and came to The SCOAN and was privileged to get Anointing Water which she used; upon use, she felt a burning sensation and her pain faded gradually. Eventually, she did a test and was told the stones were no longer there. She had advised that people should trust God because through Him, all things are possible. It was her first time of coming to The SCOAN from Botswana.


He had actively used drugs for 18 years and became morally and psychologically depressed. He had used a variety – Indian hemp, cocaine, heroine and many other drugs. Not being able to stop it by himself, his wife joined the battle when she became terrified of him as he was always humiliating and beating her. After one of his violent rants, she was hospitalized and operated on but in the end because of his financial carelessness, he could not pay the hospital bill. He explained that without his knowledge, she was pouring the Anointing Water into his bath, food and drinking water and praying with Emmanuel TV. Due to her prayers and active faith, he became calmer and calmer. One night, he was ‘arrested’ in the dream by the Holy Spirit, God met with him and he abandoned his drug habits and old ways of life.


Hnr King Richard Seiba is from Yenogoa Council, Bayelsa State, Nigeria and was kidnapped from his home by seven armed youths who removed him through a window. He was alleged to be having an oil company in his domain through which he made a lot of money and built several houses. The kidnappers had demanded for a ransom of N30 million. One of those close to the king, Mishak Matthew (from Edo State) had tried to raise some money – first N2 million and then N4.5 million which was rejected by the kidnappers. Matthew travelled to The SCOAN from Bayelsa and obtained the Anointing Water which he sprayed on the king’s photograph and prayed. During the service, Mr Mishak also held the photograph of the king and one of the wise men touched it and ‘it was over’.

The king though he had suffered hunger and deprivation for many days was eventually released after the prayer as confusion set in among the kidnappers.

The king thanked God and T.B. Joshua as he said he was released on 25 September 2012. He said though they had wanted to kill him, Jesus saved him as he had seen T.B. Joshua in a dream. He said the kidnappers told him that some members of his community betrayed him but he had fasted and prayed earnestly. Grief-hearted, he had been released only narrowly. He thanked God for his security and return home. During the Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua had promised to give him a car and N500,000. The very next day, during the Monday service, the pledge was fulfilled – a brand new Honda Accord car was given to him along with N500,000. He was advised to put the troubles behind him.


Both are sisters from Malawi and suffered from HIV/AIDS Positive 1 for two years before they came to The SCOAN to be part of the prayer line. Miriam is 28 years and Felistas is 33 years old and both had suffered from dizziness and chronic headaches for two years. Holding their medical reports as evidence, they were certified negative, after returning to their country following their healing in the church on 25 December 2012. Both said that fornication and adultery led to their plagues before they were delivered. Miriam said she is free and fit and that people should always trust in God as “The Mighty Healer”. Felistus also said people should not lose hope; they should know that God is able to do all things for His children.


A lecturer in a College of Education, Botswana (Dean of Physical Education Department), Molly Sebele had suffered from cervical cancer which gave her copious vaginal discharges that made her smell badly. By the grace of God, she received the Anointing Water which she used constantly and prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and was miraculously healed with the medical report to prove it.


Moses Ani had suffered from low sperm count while his wife, Blessing had experienced no menses for years and this had resulted in barrenness. They were privileged to have The Anointing Water with which they prayed and later sprayed. Today, God has blessed them with a child of their own. They advised that people should hold on and hold out and trust in God because “with Him, all things are possible”.


He had been a drug addict for many years selling his own clothes to buy drugs; he led a miserable life living moment by moment for his next fix. For seven years, he was not himself. He was taken to a rehabilitation centre and released on July 18, 2012, yet he returned to drugs. His wife had decided to put The Anointing Water in his food and he slept for many hours after eating it. The man who had once led a terribly rough life and had sold three cars, gradually regained himself and reconciled with his wife who had separated from him because of the drugs. He said that as The Anointing Water was having effect on him, a ball of fire left his body. He said drugs ruin people and that it is only God could help them in moments of stress.


Mrs Beatrice Atom is a Liberian whose husband was killed by militants on August 10, 1990. He was actually shot dead and cut into four pieces right in front of his wife. She escaped into the forest with her kids and stayed there for eight months. She was full of pain in her heart and had to take care of three daughters and a boy, alone. Her house was also burnt to the ground.

After narrating her story, T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners in an act of charity, gave her N300,000 and a copy of “The Mirror”. She was grateful to T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners for their generosity and for being located by the Holy Spirit.

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Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesies the outcome of the Africa Cup of Nations 2012 Qualifying Match between Guinea and Nigeria, predicting that the first team to score would win the encounter. Watch and discover the prophets and prophecy did not die out with the Old Testament; truly, a prophet is in our mids.

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True to his commitment to the work of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua has often dwelt on different aspects of the committed worshipper and true worshipping in his teaching during live service every Sunday. One of his themes on Sunday the 11th of April 2010 was the mark of a true prophet. The man of God cited various portions of the Bible to elucidate his point. This was however, preceded by a short period of devotional prayers.
After a short period of worship, the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua gave a message which was titled: God speaks to us. The prophet clearly identified the marks by which one may detect a cheat or false prophet and a true prophet quoting the book of DEUTERONOMY 18:20 as his proof text. He said, “God puts His Word in our mouths when we say, ‘God says’ genuinely. When God gives us His Word, It heals, blesses and delivers. When we say ‘God says’, at that moment, we are speaking of God, not of ourselves. But if I say, ‘God says’ and it does not come to pass, this will serve to disapprove my commission as a prophet.”
After an exhaustive examination of the theme, the man of God decided to illustrate his point further by authorising to be highlighted on the screen, two recent incidents in the church. The first was the delivery of a baby in the church the previous Sunday. In this incident the man of God prayed for a woman in the prayer line for safe delivery and immediately her water broke and she entered labour. Some moments later, after she had been taken to the church labour room, the man of God went to her and prayed for her once again.

The hallmark of this event was the total identification of the baby by the prophet before it came out. As if that was what the baby had been waiting for before showing its face, it came out as soon as the prophet identified it both by sex and name. In apparent response to the prophet’s repeated utterance; “Ezekiel, come out” the baby boy surfaced much to the surprise of the anxious congregation.

The second prophetic message concerned a flag the man of God said he had seen being brought down. The prophet added that the flag he saw had two colours, one of which was white. The prophecy was actually the final part of a series of prophecies the man of God had been giving from the very beginning of the year. The DVD began by showing a prophecy dated back in the month of January when Prophet TB Joshua prophesied concerning the nation Russia and one of her neighbours that something would happen to cause a dispute that might escalate into a fight between the two countries. Later in the year, the prophet prophesied again that he saw an aeroplane full of government officials and people that mattered in their society adding that something would happen in the air. He then called on the congregation to pray for the protection of the innocent souls. Footage from CNN’s Breaking News on Saturday 10th April announced that the Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady, the Chief of Army Staff and many other prominent government officials and leaders died when their plane crashed in Russia. To confirm the prophecy, the reporters drew attention to the national flag of Poland which is a flag comprising two colours: red and white. In memory of the life of the great president and those who lost their lives in the tragic accident, Prophet T.B. Joshua called for a prayerful two minute silence in which the prophet instructed the congregation to pray for God to rebuild and reinstate the nation of Poland and to give her good governors, good officials and good people to take over the running of the country.
Before commencing with the mass prayer, the man of God said that we, as Christians, must feel what others feel by which he alluded to all those waiting for God’s healing. One of the most touching moments was when Mrs Mukhele from Cameroon who had come with a terrible case of cancer of the cheek, touched her swollen face and smiled testifying that the pain had gone after the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered the Anointing Water for salvation, healing and deliverance to her. This was just one of the many pathetic cases that received healing.
Two other cases that are worth mentioning are those of Mrs Comfort Okpere, 57, who had a fracture of the right femoral head due to an accident and had to use a pair of crutches in order to walk; she miraculously threw away her crutches and began walking unassisted after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The other one was Mr Frank Ebaghelli who suffered from inability to walk due to a fracture of his tibia and fibula and was brought to the church lying down in his vehicle. The man of God gave a bottle of Anointing Water for salvation, healing and deliverance to the family members to minister to the invalid and after receiving the Anointing Water, Mr Ebaghelli rose to his feet and walked to the glory of God!
This goes to show that there is never a disease Jesus Christ cannot cure.

The second service began a short time later with the mass prayer. The man of God raised prayer points instructing the congregation “to release themselves from every situation that threatened their joy, peace and comfort” and “from every spirit that was not of God”. In response to the man of God’s prayer, God generously released healing to all those who were in need to the joy of the entire congregation.
Amidst the powerful prayer points the man of God also revealed many prophecies both of international and personal significance to members of the congregation.
There is no space enough to record all the happenings and miracles that took place that service day, suffice to say that our Lord Jesus Christ proved that though He is no longer visible in our midst, His power has not stopped. Rather, Jesus Christ’s power and effectiveness are even greater today because He can be in all places, at all times through His Word by His Spirit!
In addition to this, Prophet T.B. Joshua also demonstrated by the various vindications of earlier prophecies and instances of miraculous healings and deliverance the mark of God’s true prophet.

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A stirring example that God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise! What a God we have to worship, what a Son we have to praise, what a future lies before us…

In the recently concluded FIFA U-17 World Youth Championship dubbed Nigeria 2009, Sani Emmanuel had the world in his soccer boots. He mesmerized opponents at will, and sliced through defences the way a hot knife slices through butter. He dazzled and made nonsense of defenders, scoring textbook goals. In all, he scored five goals in 221 minutes of play and won the FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Ball as well as the Silver Shoe, through a dint of hard work and dedication to God, Emmanuel now rides the crest of fame and has become a toast from clubs across Europe.

But that is not the news…

The news is that the boy honed his soccer career at a most unlikely place – the church, specifically the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, where he is top striker with My People FC, a football club owned and funded by the church’s General Overseer, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Sani Emmanuel

Sani Emmanuel - The Best Is Always Yet To Come...

Emmanuel has since returned to the Synagogue where he lives. And last Sunday 22nd November 2009, he set thousands of parishioners into rapturous celebration as he stormed the sanctuary for a thanksgiving session. Former Zambian president Frederick Chiluba was among other eminent persons that rejoiced with Emmanuel, who dedicated his awards to Nigeria’s rising army of suffering youth, pledging to start a foundation that would help them become useful and influential members of the society.

Many wept for joy as the golden boy, who currently plays for Bodens BK Football Club’s junior team in Sweden, narrated his rag-to-riches story. His father, Sani Unakhasor, from Edo State, was among the weeping crowd, and he too wept like a baby.

Sani Emmanuel

Emmanuel In Action!

His tears were both of joy and intense sorrow. Joy for his son’s success and deep sadness over the tragedy that brought him, and later, his son, Sani, to the Synagogue. Though not rich, Unokhasor, a father of nine, and husband of two wives, was enjoying life in his little corner until tragedy struck.

One day, a hot argument burst out between both women, and in a fit of madness, the junior wife, who was then nursing a three-month-old baby, took a bottle, broke it and stabbed her senior colleague in the throat. The senior wife bled to death before she could reach the hospital. With one wife in a hospital morgue and another in detention for murder, Unokhasor’s life took a spin. There was an uncontrollable chaos in his family. Nothing he did ever worked. He could not cater for his children, and two of his daughters got married out of frustration. He wanted to commit suicide. He almost did, until he met Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Well, as they say, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Below are excerpts from Unokhasor’s heart-rending narration:

“My name is Sani Unokhasor. I’m form Edo State. I’m a widower. I married my first wife with happiness. We had no problem with child bearing when we got married. We had our first issue, a girl. The second one, too, is a baby girl. The third and the fourth are girls. I was confused because I’m the only son of my father. And my father is an old man. Well. I started worrying (about not having a male child). That’s what made me to go and marry a second wife. But as God would have it, my first wife took in before the second, and she gave me my first baby boy.

Sani Emmanuel

Sani Emmanuel Displaying His Skills

“In all, I have five boys, four girls, making nine. Then, the junior one has three boys, while the senior one has four girls, two boys. And there was trouble in my house every day. I didn’t know what to do. Should I divorce one (and retain the other)? I couldn’t do it because they both have children for me. Well, I started battling with them. I was at work one day, and the chairman (of the residents association) called me to say that my wives were fighting. I went out to settle them. When I got there, and as I was settling them, the junior one (broke loose), took (a broken) bottle and stabbed the senior one in the throat.”

“I started shouting, calling on people to rescue her. On my way outside to look for taxi, I removed her wrapper to cover the wound because she was bleeding seriously like pump (like a burst water pipe). Shortly after, she gave up.”

“I was crying (He starts to cry, ). I was crying. I didn’t know what to do. The children were crying, too. There was confusion everywhere. I decided to kill myself. But I couldn’t do it. So, I ran to the police station and invited the police. The police came and took my junior wife to prison. They took me to (the) police station, too.”

“Now, my junior wife was nursing a baby, she went to prison with the baby. The baby grew up inside prison. She spent three years there. Then, they asked me to come and take the baby. I took the baby home and began to nurse him. I suffered a lot to see that he survived. The problem was so much I decided to kill myself but I couldn’t do it. I felt that if I did it, who would take care of my children? That’s what made me to be patient. And I started suffering with them. Out of frustration, I gave out two of the girls, who were about 20 years old, in marriage. They married out of frustration and I continued to battle with the rest. Some of them couldn’t go to school again. They dropped out.

(Still crying, ) “To worsen my problem, my sons began to fight themselves: ‘Your mother killed my mother I will kill you’. It was hell. Then one day, my son (Sani Emmanuel) came home and began tell me about the Synagogue Church. I became convinced and I said, ’Let me go with you’. That’s how I managed to come here. I begged God to help me out of this problem. To eat was a big problem. There was no money to feed. Some of the children have gone to Abuja to work for people because there is no money. I cannot do anything to help them.”

Sani Emmanuel

Sani Emmanuel - using every proper means to discover the talented ones

At the height of Unokhasor’s extreme suffering, he found The Synagogue, through his son. Prophet T.B. Joshua restored him with an unspecified amount of money and Sani Emmanuel, whose mum was stabbed to death, had found comfort in the hollows of Joshua’s hands and had become an altar boy, living in the church and, for the first time in a long time, enjoying the world. Later he became a member of Joshua’s football club, My People FC.

Sani Emmanuel’s first invitation to the Golden Eaglets’ camp wasn’t quite successful. He was among others who were sent out of the camp. But while his fellow decampees were sad and forlorn, the striker, who was born on December 23, 1992, moved on as if nothing happened. He even encouraged a teammate, Onazi Ogenyi, and took him to Joshua. Joshua counselled them and restored their hope by sending them to Boden BK Football Club’s junior team in Sweden. They excelled and eventually earned another invitation to the Eaglets’ camp. They made the team that won Silver in the U-17 championship that ended two weeks ago. Onazi Ogenyi, Sani Emmanuel and Dami Paul, the Eaglets’ goalkeeper, were celebrated at the Synagogue last Sunday.


SOURCE: The Spectator – Volume 2, No. 82

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Zambia’s Former President Frederick Chiluba was in The SCOAN on Sunday 22nd November 2009. Here is a news report on his visit, and what he said during a live interview with Emmanuel TV after the service…

FORMER president Frederick Chiluba has called on leaders to seek God’s wisdom as they govern people.

In an interview after attending a church service last Sunday at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, Chiluba said leaders who depended on God led their nations peacefully.

His first trip outside Zambia since he was acquitted of varying allegations of corruption, Chiluba returned to the SCOAN almost nine years after his first visit as Zambia’s Republican president.

Frederick Chiluba

Chiluba in The SCOAN

The former president, who has been the subject of intense scrutiny throughout his post-presidential era, was a guest of Pastor TB Joshua of the Emmanuel TV fame last Sunday.

When asked by an Emmanuel TV reporter his experience of the service, which included the deliverance and rehabilitation of several armed robbers as well as a thanksgiving service for the MVP of the recently concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup, Sani Emmanuel, Chiluba was full of praises to God for Prophet Joshua and Emmanuel TV, which he said he watched daily.

Describing the service as ‘highly inspiring’ and ‘motivating’, Chiluba hoped that leaders would do well to seek God’s wisdom in governance.

“If you read the book of Kings in the Bible, kings that depended on God guided their nations peacefully and successfully. God never changes. When we depend on Him… we will do extremely well,” he said.

Chiluba said since declaring Zambia a Christian nation at the start of his presidency, the country had moved steadily forward.

He also extolled the virtues of Emmanuel TV, TB Joshua’s Christian television station that is growing increasing popularity throughout Zambia and indeed Africa.

“It is really inspiring, not only for ordinary people but even for great leaders. I have been watching Emmanuel TV on a daily basis and my wife and I not only enjoy it, we are taught great lessons. We learn, we are inspired, we are motivated and we keep believing the Lord is truly with us; He is always present.”

He further admonished other leaders to follow in his stead by watching Emmanuel TV and inculcating the Godly principles taught there.

“For leaders, it is critical that they watch Emmanuel TV. They learn a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom. God’s wisdom is the only wisdom. And it helps you guide and lead people extremely well with the knowledge you receive because every utterance from the prophet is based on the Bible, it’s scripture-based.”

Chiluba and his wife Regina were witness to the celebration surrounding two members of Pastor Joshua’s football club, My People FC, who were part of Nigeria’s cadet team, the Golden Eaglets, during their recent campaign in the U-17 World Cup. Sani Emmanuel, the MVP of the tournament, was brought up by Joshua and is an altar boy in the SCOAN.

Frederick Chiluba With Sani Emmanuel And Ogenyi Onazi

Frederick Chiluba With My People FC's Sani Emmanuel And Ogenyi Onazi

“This is a beauty to behold,” said Chiluba. “This is the way you build youngsters, the way you draw them away from whatever life of suffering or what they may be going through, and you build and mould them into very responsible citizens. “

Prophet TB Joshua, noted for his charitable works and prophetic prowess, also rehabilitated several armed robbers in the service, an act that won commendation from Chiluba.

“Truly and honestly for me, that is the Gospel at work, they ex-armed robbers are bound to change a lot of people, and we welcome those young men. But remember, that could never have happened if this man of God was not highly anointed; so anointed so that he could be able to speak peace and love to those lost souls and they came in.”

Both Chiluba and Regina were unanimous in their message to viewers: “Don’t miss a single day without watching Emmanuel TV.”

It would be recalled that John Atta Mills, the President of Ghana was in The Synagogue in January this year, testifying to the accurate prophetic message Joshua had given him before his ascension to power.

SOURCE: Post News, Zambia

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An extensive report fron Sports-Day on the thanksgiving service for members of Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets at The SCOAN on Sunday 22nd November

SUNDAY 22nd November, 2009 will go down as one day the over 20,000 worshippers including ex-President Frederick Chiluba of Zambia will forever live to remember. The venue of worship was the famous Synagogue Of All Nations (SCOAN) church which is fast turning into a tourist centre as people from all walks of life especially foreigners visit the holy place to either seek the face of God or view the environment that has become one of the holiest of places.

The event was the thanksgiving service organized for the duo of Sani Emmanuel and Ogenyi Onazi who helped the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria win the silver medal at the just concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup. It was in that same championship that Emmanuel won the silver boot and golden ball. The service was put together by the church to celebrate its products that shone like million stars before the watching world and as well give all the glory to God Almighty.

Sani Emmanuel

Sani Emmanuel Addressing The SCOAN Congregation

The atmosphere was simply electric as the church auditorium was filled to the brim. Worshippers who could not find their way in due to lateness enjoyed the service from their positions outside as Emmanuel TV crew provided television sets from which worshippers could view what was going on inside the magnificent edifice. The program was scheduled to kick off by 9am but was slightly delayed for about one hour to enable guests from overseas arrive the church premises. One of such guests is former Zambia President Frederick Chiluba who came in an entourage.

The choir group dazzled the worshippers with different gospel songs that left all standing and dancing for hours all in praises and worshipping of God. The normal service started as soon as the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua entered the auditorium at about 10:05am. He apologized for the delay and explained to the worshippers that guests were being awaited. Before the Prophet stormed the auditorium, President Chiluba had entered with his entourage and seated. Prophet Joshua had to introduce the former Zambia President before taking his sermon from the book of Ephesian. His lesson dealt on why man’s integrity and outward appearance don’t grant him desired esteem position but the grace of God.

He linked his sermon with the success story of young Sani Emmanuel who came to SCOAN as a needy following the many troubles in his family but was able to rely on God to lift him to the pinnacle of success even though he is just beginning.

At the end of the preaching which drew wild applause from the worshippers Prophet TB Joshua invited the duo of Emmanuel and Onazi to deliver their speeches and cut the ceremony cake. Both players spoke on how God used the Prophet to touch and change their lives. Emmanuel promised to set up a foundation that will cater for the needy as he was a needy. He further promised a scholarship scheme for the deserving ones to ensure that it is used to discover talents just as he was discovered by Prophet TB Joshua. He apologized to the Nation for the inability of the Golden Eaglets to win the World Cup saying, “God is still saying something with that. It is not our intention to lose the World Cup having fought to get to the final but God knows why he allowed the Swiss to win.”

Sani Emmanuel

Cutting The Cake!

Emmanuel dedicated the awards he won to the needy sating that “I know what it is to be poor. I am here today to show what God’s ability can do. As we all know, going by what happened on the field, I am undeserving. Yet, by the grace of God, I am the best Under 17 player in the world.”

In his speech Onazi who came to SCOAN through Emmanuel after both players were initially dropped from the camp of the Golden Eaglets and were accepted to live in the church after being introduced to Prophet TB Joshua who counseled the boys and revealed that God is taking them to higher ground, said “we are here to thank everyone for your prayers and support. I don’t want to repeat myself since my brother (Emmanuel) has spoken on my behalf, I will only add that we shall leave the rest till we go to our future clubs.”

The cutting of cake took place immediately after the speeches which were applauded. There were two cakes, one for the Golden Eaglets as a team and the other for the celebrants (Emmanuel and Onazi). The cake for the duo was cut after the name Jesus was spelt while Eaglets’ cake was cut after Christ was pronounced. The awards were also placed on the table beside the cakes.


Frederick Chiluba With Sani Emmanuel And Ogenyi Onazie

Frederick Chiluba, former president of Zambia with FIFA U-17 World Cup MVP Sani Emmanuel and colleague Ogenyi Onazie

After the cutting of cakes the players were allowed to dance with some of their colleagues from the Golden Eaglets and My People FC and immediately the duo went into photo session. They snapped pictures with family members and colleagues but that was after they took some shots with Preseident Frederick Chiluba who hailed the kids for, “their courage and God fearing stance. Their success should surprise no one because they are in safe hands and on the path of glory. It is good to follow God from one’s youth because when one grows old you will always abide in the house and glory of God.”

The Eaglets’ duo then went into ball juggling. They delighted everyone with skills as they remained on the floor of the auditorium doing ball work.

Veteran musician and multi-instrumentalist Tee Mac stormed the choir and did a special tune for the celebrant. The music of the flute expert held the worshippers spell bound as the handsome Tee Mac radiating in his Aso Oke attire danced and sang to the glory of God. It was a razzmatazz as the music icon stylishly left the stage swinging his flute even as the worshippers applauded and sang on.

Grass To Grace Of Emmanuel
A documentary was showed to the worshippers and viewers of Emmanuel TV worldwide. It was all about the family of Sani Emmanuel. In the 30 minutes documentary Emmanuel’s father who said he hails from Edo State revealed how he came to live in the Synagogue. He stated that he was married to his first wife who initially had four girls for him. Pressure came from his ageing parents who demanded for male children or at least a son as they are growing old and needed to see their grand sons who should keep the family lineage alive. This persistent pressure led him to taken a second wife. But before the second wife took in, the first wife took in for her fifth child and miraculous had a son. Later the second wife also put to bed and was delivered of a baby boy. In all the first wife had four girls and two boys including Emmanuel while the second wife had three boys.

Then the trouble attached with polygamy erupted as both women started fighting on daily basis. On this fateful day the man (Emmanuel’s father) went to work and fighting broke out in his home between his wives. He was called to urgently return home to avert further damage. On reaching home he called both women and as peace talk was going on the younger wife picked a bottle, broke it and drove its sharp edge into the neck of the senior wife who fell and was bleeding profusely.

Sani Emmanuel With Golden Ball and Silver Shoe

Sani Emmanuel, MVP of FIFA U-17 World Cup

She was rushed to the hospital but on reaching the hospital she gave up the ghost. The younger wife was arrested and the matter charged to court, where she was convicted. She had to go to jail with her three months old son. And that was just the beginning of trouble for the man who does not understand how to cope with about nine children. He couldn’t pay school fees and the situation was so bad that two of his daughters were forced into early marriages. In a move to commit suicide he was advised by one of his children to see the man of God Prophet TB Joshua.

He met the man of God and explained his predicaments to him. In one of the church’s programmes for widows and widowers he was given N150,000. e later sent for his son, Emmanuel from Abuja and the two went to see the man of God. Emmanuel’s father appealed to Prophet TB Joshua to allow his son to live with him in the Synagogue. The man of God in his magnanimity accepted and prayed for them.

Emmanuel started living in the church and helps in domestic activities like cleaning of the church’s environment and assisting in project building. From there My People FC was born and the young lad joined the team. It was from the club that he was spotted as a budding star having shone in friendlies with Gateway FC, Golden Eaglets and Flying Eagles. He was invited to the Golden Eaglets but was later dropped alongside Onazi whom he met in camp. They both returned to the Synagogue when Onazi told Emmanuel that he had nowhere to go. On return they reported to Prophet TB Joshua who prayed for them and counseled them.

The man of God then organized a trip for the players including one Yakubu Azeez for Sweden. The intention of the man of God was to expose the trio to quality football after which they can return and try out with the national team again. They traveled to BK Bodens with all expenses paid by the man of God who gave the trio $5000 for upkeep aside the money spent to procure visas and tickets. They spent six months in Sweden and returned. On return the man of God ordered them to go to the Golden Eaglets camp again unaided. And that was the story celebrated today. The documentary according to the man of God will continue as the best of the players is yet to be seen.

Prophet Joshua: I’m Ready To Guide Eaglets
Man Of God Pledges Support
Prophet TB Joshua told the worshippers and viewers of Emmanuel TV worldwide that “I am ready to give spiritual guidance to the entire squad members of the Golden Eaglets because these kids need to be protected so that they can reach the heights that God has set for them. We should not forget that destiny can be tampered with and even altered that is why we need to give these boys God’s cover.

“Whoever among them needs my help in this regard is free to reach me. I will not charge them for this service because we have to give out our precious time and most cherished items as gifts to the less privileged and needy. When you give what you don’t need to the needy it does not count before God. The Almighty God wants us to part ways with things we will greatly miss or feel when we want to give to the needy. Therefore I am giving out my time to help these kids to reach their promised land. Last time I sent out three players to Sweden and I am promising by the grace of God that I will be sending six out to Europe the next time, not to go and sign contracts or to go and seek for clubs but to go for training and equip themselves with the current trend in the game because football is dynamic and it is fast changing.

TB Joshua With Golden Eaglets

TB Joshua - Use every proper means to discover the youth's talents

“I want to use this opportunity to inform everyone that My People FC will be conducting screening exercises every Tuesdays and Wednesdays to select the very best players who will be under our care for free. Those who will not be successful during the screening will be given money to take care of their transport back to their respective destinations. The screening is for the whole world and not just for players within Lagos or Nigeria. We expect players to come from the rest of the world. We will cater for them.

This is one area that everyone here today should endeavor to partake in. Think of how you can help these less privileged people. The future of these young ones is very important because they will determine our future when we grow old. I am out to help the world. Let’s start building the world, let’s start healing the world, let’s start creating hope for all. We can indeed make the world a better place. We have started with Emmanuel and Onazi, more will follow even as I follow the career of the entire Golden Eaglets squad to the top.”

who was In The Synagogue

SOURCE: Sports Day

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