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Wiseman Daniel

T.B. Joshua

At the start of the service, Wise Man Daniel preached a sermon titled, “It Is For A Purpose”. He said, “As Christians, it takes the eyes of faith to see that the situation we are in now is for a purpose. It may look bad on the outside but there is no real evil in it. In other words, the clearer sight we have of the power of Heaven, the less we shall fear the calamities of the earth.” He said that one of God’s greatest attributes is His goodness. “Whatever the situation is, God is good. Whatever life brings, God is good. Whatever life is, God is good.”

Using 1 Peter 5:8-9 as a proof text, he encouraged all Christians to cultivate an attitude of watchfulness and prayer. “Satan, our common enemy, loses no time in plotting against us; we too should lose no time in committing ourselves to God through prayer.” He continued, “It is unfortunate that the graveyard is full of people who failed to resist satan. The prisons are overcrowded with people too weak to stand against satan. Dreams crash daily on the rock of temptation.”

He encouraged all Christians not to be discouraged in their hard times. “That you serve Jesus Christ in truth and in faith does not mean that you will not encounter trials. There will be trials but when they come, keep calm and be determined because the Lord promised to see you through them. Each trial advances our cause in life.” He concluded his message of hope by saying, “As a genuine Christian, if the situation you are facing now suggests that there is no hope or no future, don’t despair or give up because the end has not come. The best is yet to come. God always take us from nobody to somebody so that, when we give our testimonies people will see that, it is the hand of God that made it happen.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua also gave a short message, titled ‘The Integrity Of The Word’. He said, “The Word is always now because faith is in the present tense. Faith acts now, receives now, believes now and confesses now.” Reading Hebrews 4:12, he explained that no created thing is hidden from the sight and reach of God. “The important thing to remember in faith confession is that God’s Word must be the foundation. You must know the truth and be convinced concerning God’s will.”

Using the example of David in 1 Samuel 17, he explained that David spoke the Word of faith even before the giant fell. “It does not take faith to celebrate the victory but it takes faith to celebrate before it.” He also spoke on the importance of God’s Word. “God’s Word is our contact with Jesus Christ; it is His contact with us.”

Mr Dijeh undergoing deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit.

A video was replayed of a Nigerian business man based in Botswana, Mr Ignatius Dijeh, who was delivered remarkably after prayer from Wise Man Daniel. The evil spirit had spoken through him, that he was a chief priest out to destroy him and he was supposed to die on the very day of his deliverance.

He came out to share his experiences with the church over the years. Before he explained himself, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke concerning the importance of both God’s Word and Spirit. “You must have God’s Word and Spirit in order to be born again. God’s Word refreshes our mind; God’s Spirit renews our strength.” He also added that the power of eloquence is not enough to qualify one as a pastor or minister of God, stressing the need for everything to be examined in the light of God’s Word. He further said that the end of the race is the most important and that many don’t end their race well.
Mr Dijeh narrated his experience to the congregation, stating first that he was an elder in his church and an active Christian, involved in counseling and prayer. He explained that the area where he really saw the disastrous effects of the evil spirit in him was in his marital life. After getting married, his affection and love towards his wife continued to wane until he preferred and desired her absence far more than her presence, seeing her as just ‘another man in the house’.

Mr Dijeh during his deliverance

He confessed to sending her back to Nigeria after the birth of their daughter and fathering three children out of wedlock in the following three years, all without the knowledge of his wife. Mr Dijeh, who was in tears while recounting his tale, said that after deliverance, the reality of his actions dawned upon him and he was ashamed. “I acted as if my head did not belong to me,” he somberly explained. He then pleaded with Prophet T.B. Joshua to reconcile his family, as his wife and young daughter were in the church upon the prophet’s invitation.
Many people in the church were moved to tears as Mr Dijeh walked on his knees towards his wife and they were reconciled with the guidance and counsel of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He asked for forgiveness, which his wife accepted. Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for the couple as they fell to the ground while still in an embrace.

Mr Dijeh kneels before his wife as they are reconciled with the guidance and counsel of T.B. Joshua.

Using the occasion to talk on marriage, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that the reason why many homes are troubled today is that they did not pass through any deliverance before their union. “The answer to your situation is deliverance,” he counseled, stressing that couples should not quickly break up or divorce when they experience marital problems. “We are not fighting flesh and blood,” he explained.

T.B. Joshua prays for the couple as they fall to the ground while still in an embrace and their little daughter watches on.

Another video was replayed showing the deliverance of Miss Pauline Iwelomen after the prayers of the Wise Man. In her confession, Pauline explained that when she was prayed for, she experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit. “It was as if they poured acid on me,” she said, adding that immediately afterwards she regained her consciousness.

She confessed that at a tender age, without any tuition, she had begun reciting incantations and using witchcraft to harm others, known as playing ‘an oracle’.  To show the world she knew what she was talking about, Pauline brought out the instruments she would use in the strange rituals, showing the congregation how she used to go about it. Upon growing up, Pauline knew she had evil powers within her and desired to acquire even more. She visited many witchdoctors, ending up seducing and sleeping with them in order to procure more diabolic powers.

Going into prostitution while in university, she explained that she would sleep with up to six men in a day, adding that she financed her school fees through these means. “I pretended to be a seer, a prophetess. Each time I thought of evil, it would always happen,” she said. Pauline also explained that she had a demonic lust for blood, to the point that she would physically beat up people around her until she saw or tasted their blood. She said every police station in her state knew of her as she would warn them that they would soon arrest her before engaging in a bloody brawl.

Thanking God for her deliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua told Pauline her assignment was to go and bring her friends who were involved in prostitution for deliverance, adding that The SCOAN would also assist her financially to complete her education.

Another video was shown of twin sisters who were both delivered after prayer from Wise Man Christopher in last week’s Monday Service. The sisters, named Mary and Martha, explained that they were both involved in smoking, drinking, clubbing and even went to the extent of taking each other’s boyfriends.  They would lie to their parents that they were going out to a prayer vigil and subsequently go out partying with other friends. The duo also explained that the evil spirit caused them to fight incessantly with one another, sometimes to the extent that crowds would gather in their local area just to try and separate them.

The twins further explained that their situation worsened when their parents took them to a witchdoctor where they were made to swallow a razor and rub some black powder on their bodies. Rather than providing any solution, this actually caused them to grow even more rebellious and disrespectful towards their parents. They added that they were disappointed with their parents for introducing them to such a place, especially considering their claim to be Christians.

Twin sisters who were both delivered after prayer from Wise Man Christopher.

They both thanked God for setting them free and said that since their deliverance, the lust for men had gone, peace was reigning in their lives and they were sleeping very soundly. Prophet T.B. Joshua rebuked the parents for taking their children to the witchdoctor, saying that this influence had a very negative effect on their lives.

The twin sisters and parents.

Yet another video of deliverance was played, this time of a young lady named Naomi Kenneth who was delivered last week Monday through the prayers of Wise Man Christopher. Sharing her experiences, Miss Kenneth, who came out with both her parents, said that she saw herself with a crown on her head in her dreams in the marine world. She said that she would oftentimes enter a trance and begin prophesying to people and speaking in tongues, regularly doing so in a local church on Sundays where the pastor had christened her a ‘prophetess’.

Naomi Kenneth and parents.

She said because her father never believed her to be such, she hated him and always wished evil would befall him and his business. She recounted a time when, after flogging her, she wished he would have a stroke, and the arm with which he beat her became stiff and partially paralyzed. Her father, who is a member of The SCOAN, insisted that she attend church with him. However, she always came up with excuses and used the money he gave her to transport herself to The SCOAN to go elsewhere.

Continuing her education in Ghana, her father insisted that she attend The SCOAN Accra Branch, a request she promised to fulfill but actually did not. When the time of her exams arrived, he instructed her to return to Lagos, stating that her spiritual life was more important than her education and he would not provide any further assistance until she agreed to come with him to The SCOAN for deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua praised her father for his steely resolve and his concern for Naomi’s spiritual wellbeing.

A video was replayed of a pastor who manifested during the mass prayer of last week’s Monday service before receiving his deliverance. The evil spirit within him spoke out, saying, “He must die! I killed every male child in his family,” claiming it was a goddess his mother had worshipped.

Pastor Everest manifesting during the mass prayer of Monday service.

Pastor Nnamani glorifying God for his deliverance.

Pastor Everest Nnamani, a Nigerian pastoring in Benin Republic, explained more about his experiences with the evil spirit. He said that he knew he came from an idol worshipping background but passed through two different seminary schools before going into ministry. He would pray for people for deliverance, but realized the problems people were coming to him for prayer for where similar to what he himself was experiencing, especially in his dreams.

Coming to the point where he was even contemplating ending his life, he resolved to go to The SCOAN where he was finally delivered. Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the problem Pastor Everest faced was that he did not go through deliverance before being born again, a statement he firmly agreed with.


Madame Jacqueline with her husband, Professor Tshibangu.

Madame Jacqueline, who came from Congo with her husband, Professor Tshibangu (A Professor of Gynaecology in South Africa) testified to receiving a mighty healing through the Anointing Water. She said that she developed a tumour on her leg that was worryingly large. Her husband, being both a professor and medical doctor, had taken her to the best doctors he knew who said an operation was the only solution for her. Unwilling to have an operation, she resolved to go to The SCOAN where she was opportune to receive the Anointing Water. After ministering it, the tumor miraculously dissolved and disappeared! Upon the remarkable miracle, she returned to the doctors who declared her medically fit. Her husband attested to her testimony, saying he was very afraid the tumour would turn cancerous. He thanked God Almighty for her healing and encouraged others to believe in God!

All those present and viewers worldwide were richly blessed by all the happenings in the service.

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Wise Man Harry delivered the message on Sunday morning. He introduced his sermon by saying there are two sides to life – the spiritual and physical. The title of his message was “A TRUE DISCIPLE”, and the proof text was taken from Mark 10:46-52. The blind man in the story called Jesus the “Son of David”, which is a Messianic title; it is given from above. Though physically unable to see, the blind man could see more than others; he had clearer vision though his enemies had good eyesight. On hearing Jesus’ pronouncement, he cast aside his garment and threw away anything which would hinder him. His garment was symbolic of his old self and all stagnating forces that held him down; he was in his moment of regeneration and renewal.

Wise Man Harry said if every sinner would cast aside his sinful nature like Blind Bartimaeus cast aside his garment, we would have fewer delays in conversion. According to him, Christ is looking for full-time followers, not part-time followers. If you say you are born again or you are a disciple of Christ and you are not, you will never be. It is the mind of God to answer prayers but Christ will not answer prayers until He sees in you a true disciple – a faithful follower, a willing servant and a man of great perception. You must show in your manner that Christ lives in you, he concluded.


 Wise Man Harry 

Prophet T.B. Joshua later spoke on the essence of Christianity, saying that it is a relationship. He said every Christian should understand, “your contribution to others is an assignment from God”. He continued that we cannot afford to fail God and that our contribution to others in trouble will always solve a problem. To emphasize the importance of giving, some clips of Emmanuel TV Partners engaging in charitable projects were shown.


Prophet T.B. Joshua



The first video clip was of the efforts of the Emmanuel TV Partners in Zimbabwe, especially Mr John Chibwe. Inspired by the humanitarian activities he had witnessed on Emmanuel TV, Mr Chibwe purchased a bus for the less privileged community and has been devotedly assisting the visually impaired in their thousands as well as distributing wheelchairs and walking aids to the physically challenged. He was seen in the video distributing bags of rice and maize meal to the needy and helpless.

Mr Chibwe was personally in the service and shared his experience with the congregants. “It is a privilege to be able to give those in need,” he said. “You are a success when you can impact the lives of others”.


Mr John Chibwe. 


Another video clip was shown, where Emmanuel TV Partners in Ghana led by Chief Justice John Ajet Nasam worked hard to transform lives of people at the Countryside Orphanage. They shared love and care, educational books, kegs of palm oil, drawing boards, buckets and shoes in the spirit of giving love to those in need. They equally purchased a bus, which they explained was, “for the welfare of the home, not for commercial use”. Bags of rice were also shared out to people, and the orphans were not left out.


In another video shown to the congregation, Emmanuel TV Partners visited Pallam in Southern India. They went there to assist the over 700 families whose 400 houses were destroyed in a horrific fire incident. Rice and other provisions were freely distributed. The Rev. Dr P.N.S. Chandra Bose (President of Bethel Bible College; National Vice President, Bible Society of India) spoke in appreciation of the team’s essential relief efforts and thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for his kindness.


Next was the announcement of The SCOAN Scholarship Scheme. Some students spoke on behalf of others. One of these was Jennifer Osifo who said due to lack of finance after her father left them, she could not go to school. She said that she was living in a family house, helping her poor mother, but she did not want to stay there without an education. She said, “I have never seen my father for the past 7 years.”


Magaji Mariam (an SS2 student from Ogun State) spoke next. She said that since her father died, her mother could not take care of her and she could not go to school: “My mates go to school; I’m the only one at home”. She had seen other children being given scholarships on Emmanuel TV and requested that she too would be a partaker.


Joseph Aniene (a student of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Benin) also spoke. He said that his course was an expensive one and would need financial assistance to see him through. For his school fees, accommodation, and books, he said he would need 185,000 Naira.

Sandra Paul (a 100 level Economics/ Statistics student at the University of Benin) pleaded to be helped just as the man of God had been helping others. She needed 186,000 Naira to complete her studies.

A total amount of six million naira was given to the hundreds of students who had come for the scholarships. Two bags of rice were also given to the parents and one bag to each student.



A video was replayed showing a woman named Essie Joseph who was afflicted by the spirit of indebtedness. During her deliverance four weeks ago, the evil spirit said she would never be delivered, saying “Nobody can do it”. In her testimony, she said she had been a food seller for many years but her money kept mysteriously vanishing. She soon ran into debts and obtained loans through her sister. Unable to pay back, the creditors made life impossible for her. The sister’s husband was forced to send her out because of the debts and she was beaten by her creditors.

A woman promised to assist Essie Joseph, the Warri-based food seller, by giving her an address of a man who she said would help her. She was asked to go with the kids to the man’s house to obtain his sympathy. He told her that she needed to give what she had to solve her problem and that she should give him her son for the sum of 400,000 naira.


Essie Joseph

Essie initially refused to be persuaded to sell her boy, Efeme, though the man had asked her to “think properly so as not to die of poverty”. However, due to her dire situation, she was prepared to sell her son to the mysterious buyer. As the day when she was to take her son drew closer, Essie resolved to travel to The SCOAN in Lagos due to encouragement by one of her customers.

After her deliverance, she stayed within The SCOAN premises for a month, daily receiving counsel with God’s Word until this service where Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her N400,000 to pay her debts and blessed her children with scholarships. She also received five bags of rice. One of the congregants, moved by her situation, gave her N100,000 to start business afresh.


Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged the man to continue such philanthropic endeavours. “You are blessed to bless others. You should continue to do so. Help the needy. Where I am strong, you are weak: where I am weak, you are strong”. Another Emmanuel TV viewer phoned the church that he would pay her house rent and take care of her for one year.


Miss Patience Matthews from Akwa Ibom State also testified to the work of God through the Anointing Water. She had been a prostitute, “entertaining three to four men every day” until delivered in the church. She said they were thirteen in the family but two had died earlier. Her mother was dead and father blind. She couldn’t attend school because of poverty and thus entered prostitution. Although she had trained as a fashion designer, she didn’t have the resources to pursue that career.

N200,000 was given to her by the church, as well as three bags of rice. Prophet T.B. Joshua said of her case, “We cannot leave her; we have to help her. After you have worked hard and applied everything perfectly, wait. God still needs to mark it.” A man also phoned the prayer line that he would buy Patience Matthew a new sewing machine. Prophet T.B. Joshua said The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV cannot go places without the ministry of giving – love, kindness, humility, strength, faithfulness and goodness: “We must give it unconditionally for God’s sake. If an assembly is not growing, the head should check his ministry of giving”.


Another video was shown. Two young men had come to the church previously to ask for favour from God. However, Prophet T.B. Joshua had asked them to go back home and bring their elderly mother who had been accused as a witch as without their reconciliation, the doors of blessings could not be opened in the family.


During this Sunday service, the mother was brought by her children and other members of the family. Mrs Fatima Ugovwhare from Delta State narrated how she lost her husband and how his family pushed her out of his house, alleging that she was the killer. Her brother died and she became lonely and helpless. She was kept in the backyard of the family house and labelled a witch in the entire community.



Prophet T.B. Joshua openly declared that the woman was not a witch and the family reconciled in a loving embrace. She said she had forgiven all those who had accused her.


A video was shown of a woman, through whom an evil spirit spoke, saying it had created disappointment in her life and caused marital disharmony. It had entered her through her mother and said it had closed all doors of success, causing her husband to send her out of the house. She was delivered by Wise Man Harry in Jesus’ name.


Mrs Franca Chimenta And Husband

Later, Prophet T.B. Joshua phoned to invite her husband. The husband, who had honoured the prophet’s call, said Mrs Franca Chimenta was an epitome of stubbornness; she disregarded him and fought everyone in the compound so much so that the landlord asked him to leave his house. She was into drinking and showed no signs of remorse when cautioned. He said he had already applied for divorce in court and the case was to be heard the following week. Although a lot of people and pastors had called him to settle the problem, he had refused to budge. However, because of the respect he had for Prophet T.B. Joshua, he heeded the prophet’s invitation and promised to withdraw the divorce letter, now his wife was completely delivered.

The woman confessed in church that her mother had a beer parlor where she sold drinks, and it was from there she developed her bad drinking habit. She pleaded with her husband for forgiveness and to the glory of God, the couple were reconciled! 


Mrs Franca Chimenta And Husband

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The Sunday service was kicked off with a sermon by Wise Man Racine, who spoke on the theme of “Active Faith”. Using John 14:2, he said we can only exercise faith when we put substance to our hope by acting on God’s Word. He said faith believes now, receives now and acts now. Also, referring to Hebrews 11:8, he maintained that every person has a role to play because there is no reason for faith as good as God’s Word. God’s duty is to make His Word available to us and give us His grace. God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him but we must hear and obey His Word. He said the way of obedience is the way of blessing and failure to act faith nullifies our prayers. Acting on God’s Word builds faith in the heart of the believer. He said that mental assent recognizes the truthfulness of God’s Word but never acts on it. He also said that prayer changes us; faith changes things.

Wise Man Racine

Wise Man Racine

Wise Man Racine enlightened the congregation by saying that that successful people don’t just drift to the top; it takes focused action, personal discipline and a lot of effort to make things happen. While maintaining that adversity will make our faith to grow, he advised that we should not let our situation mislead us because to delay is not to deny. He said that Jesus refused to be rushed by the emergencies of others. God’s response is not for those in a hurry. We need patience and perseverance to inherit the kingdom of God. We must act faith to move mountains and act on God’s Words to make His promises real and living in our lives.


In his own message of encouragement, T.B. Joshua asked the congregation a question: “What is your problem? What are you facing? Remember our Saviour, no matter what He was going through in life, whether people were praising Him or not, remained the same. His focus remained the same.” He said that as Christians, our challenges are not like others because a man may be poor and yet a friend of God; a man may be sick in body and yet a candidate of Heaven.  He said that Jesus maintained His focus because He had come to do the will of His Father. He then advised that we keep our focus no matter the situation we may be passing through. Using the example of Apostle Paul and his thorn in the flesh, he said, our disadvantage can be turned into our advantage when God is involved.

T.B. Joshua

T.B. Joshua

He went on to talk about prophecy and prophets saying that a prophet of God shall say that which he himself shall live to see accomplished. “The Bible says a Christian has power in his mouth. The belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth. If you are a Christian, a Christian by faith, you shall say that which you shall live to see accomplished.”

Referring back to what he had been talking about for the last few weeks concerning Prophet Micaiah and King Ahab, he said: “There’s a standard in the Bible. The false prophets/ pastors/ bishops/ evangelists that told the people that they shall be victorious/ blessed, shall be disproved by the events. The day will declare who is right and who is wrong. The day will testify to the reality and the fulfilment of the prophecy.”


A video was shown of last week’s Sunday Service in which Uche Ezugba, was prophesied to by Prophet T.B. Joshua, that he had offended a woman who subsequently cursed him, adding that the two of them had made a covenant together on a beach. The man revealed, in confirmation, that he actually spent six and a half years with the woman.

Uche narrated how he had first met the lady at a nightclub and they had agreed to be together. One night, at about 2am, she woke him up and confessed that she was from the water but that he would run mad without any cure if anyone should know of the secret. She told him she had power to make him rich or poor, but he had to fulfil the following obligations – to make love to her every morning before going out for business, to carry out her instructions, to marry her and never to cheat on her with any other woman.

They also went to a beach and swore an oath, making a blood covenant between them. At the beach, she told Uche that she would never be able to conceive for him in life.  He began to see money after agreeing to these conditions. Wealth became his second name. He began to buy cars and business boomed.

However, everything changed when she caught him with another woman.  Angrily driving the lady away, she cut herself with a razor in the kitchen. She touched his forehead and told him he would never forget that day in his entire life, pronouncing a curse of suffering and poverty upon him. She immediately packed her things and left the house, never for him to see her again.

Immediately following the pronouncement of this curse, he lost everything he had – cars, houses and business connections. His shops closed one after the other. He could not even pay the rent for his apartment. He said, “I now squat with a friend, and without anything. I am just camouflaging, just like that.” Any subsequent attempt at a relationship ended in disappointment. The doctor also told him that his sperm count was zero.

Every night, he said he was seeing women in the river whenever he slept who kept flogging and mocking him. He was also full of sickness. When walking alone he would be hearing a voice as if someone was close to him. After his prophecy and deliverance however, he testified that he had been sleeping well without any nightmares. He sincerely thanked God for his deliverance from the marine spirit.

Prophet Joshua used the example to speak to the congregation. He said that many demand for prophecies of prosperity and peace but act in disobedience to God’s Word. He explained that deliverance removes us from the cage of captivity. He said Mr Uche would now “go back and start life again as God created him”.


A video was shown of a woman who had received a prophecy the previous week that she had been initiated into a secret cult. The prophecy from T.B. Joshua had stated that she had found herself in this cult and her son had been mentally affected by this. He was the best among her children and she could not afford to lose him.

Mrs Ugwu Perpetua came to church to confirm the prophecy and explain the circumstances of her being in a cult. Many years ago, she had entered a taxi, without knowing that cultists were the fellow passengers. She was taken to a shrine, under a spell, and initiated while remaining naked. Washing herself in water at the shrine, she was shocked to see the water turn into blood before her eyes. She was warned never to reveal the secret or she or her children would suffer madness.

Her conscience had since been disturbing her because she had not revealed it to anybody, even her husband. Later, she had confided in a friend of hers. Upon exposing the secret, her son who was very intelligent and the best in school suddenly became mentally disturbed and unable to handle. The curse of madness had bounced back onto him. Desperately looking for help, her friend had advised her to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. Remarkably, her husband heard of this story for the first time in the service. She was grateful to God for releasing her and testified of the immense changes in her life since her deliverance the previous week.


Mrs Sylvia Mtetwa from Zimbabwe had come to church to “acknowledge the goodness of the Holy Spirit through the Anointing Water”. According to her, she was coming from years of experience failure, setback and disappointment, but that Jesus Christ had dramatically changed her life after she had administered the Anointing Water. She had applied for a license to own a gold mine, an application which had fallen through consecutively for five long years.

Mrs Sylvia Mtetwa acknowledging the goodness of the Holy Spirit through the Anointing Water

However, after receiving the Anointing Water, she had sprayed it on her application forms, just once, and had taken them to the office. In her words, “I sprayed the water only once. To my greatest surprise, I was given my license instantly! Today, she said she owns a gold mine of about ten (10) hectares. “This is a miracle at my age. Thank You, Jesus; thank You Holy Spirit”, she joyously testified.

Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded all those present of the purpose of our blessing, saying that: “You are blessed to bless others. Help the needy, the poor, the widows and the disabled”.


Mrs Remy Gagara from Bauchi State testified that she had received the Anointing Water and ministered it on herself, believing God for healing from ceased menstruation for many years.

Mrs Remy healed of ceased menstruation through the Anointing Water

She narrated how immediately after ministering the Anointing Water, she started feeling abdominal pains and then discovered that her menstruation had begun to flow again. In tears she explained how prior to that day she had visited many hospitals to get solution to this problem but all efforts had proved fruitless. She thanked Jesus for His mercy shown to her and for allowing the Anointing Water to be used as a medium to express His healing power in her life.


Mr Benjamin told the church that his child, Rowland, “was a sickler from birth” and that there was a curse of premature death in his family. The child, Rowland, was born in 2005 and had always been unwell due to the scourge of sickle cell anaemia. He was unable to enjoy a normal life as a little boy.  Mr Benjamin had visited many hospitals for a solution, and had fasted and prayed for years.

Anointing Water changed genotype SS to genotype AA

Having seen a lot of miracles on Emmanuel TV, he had decided to journey to The SCOAN himself and had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water. After administering it, he confessed to have seen instant changes in his son. Showing the medical reports from the hospitals, he told the church that his son’s genotype had changed from genotype SS to genotype AA, “My son is free from sickness”, he enthusiastically declared to the joy of all those present. Some were also brought to tears by the magnitude of this miracle. T.B. Joshua said of the remarkable miracle, “It is hard for an ordinary man to believe. If you are not delivered, you will not believe. Satan uses doubts to connect us to himself”.

The second service was supervised by the wise men who prophesied into the lives of people on aspects of their limitations, difficulties and troubles. Many also received dramatic deliverances from evil spirits that had tormented their lives for many years. We thank Jesus Christ!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012 was another wonderful day in God’s presence at The SCOAN. Wise Man Christopher preached a message in the morning titled, ‘The Whole Counsel Of God’ in which he emphasised that people should not pick and choose only certain Scriptures, using 2 Timothy 3:16-17 as a proof text.

Wise Man Christopher

In the course of his message, he said, “Faith is of man’s spirit and heart, not of his mind and flesh. Acting on the Word of God builds faith in the believer.” Stressing the fact that faith does not work alone, he said that love, patience, prayer and faith must all work together in order to accomplish the purpose of God in one’s life. Speaking on the need for faith to work by love, Wise Man Christopher said, “A failure to walk in love shuts one down spiritually.” Referring to 1 Corinthians 13, he continued, “If I speak in the tongues of men and angels without loving others, I am merely talking to the air. Without love, I have accomplished nothing in life”.

He maintained that as Christians, we should love our neighbours as ourselves, irrespective of their religion or ethnicity. “Whether you are a friend or enemy, I am commanded by God to bless you. You are blessed!” He concluded by saying that our hearts must be rooted and grounded in God’s Word and in love, adding that there are no shortcuts to spiritual maturity.



Daniel showing the pads he had to use before his deliverance from bedwetting

Mr Momodu Daniel shared a powerful testimony of how God delivered him from a curse of bedwetting after receiving a prophecy in the course of last week’s service from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Sharing his experience, Daniel said the affliction actually began in India where he was living a wayward life – going to clubs, womanising and doing fraudulent business. His girlfriend, whom he met in a club, became pregnant but he was not prepared to take up responsibility for his actions. He gave her money to abort the pregnancy but she cursed him for rejecting the pregnancy, saying that he would bedwet until the day he died. Although he did not take it seriously initially, just one month later the curse kicked into effect. “Since that moment, I wet my bed every single night for the past eight years,” he explained to the shocked congregation.

He said the ugly situation had damaged his reputation, as business colleagues refused to work with him because of the offensive odour around him. The situation was so severe that Daniel would have to wear pads and padded underwear whenever he went out and especially when going to sleep at night. “Without those pads, there was no way I could sleep. I couldn’t even wear light or white clothes; I would always put on black.” Because of the shame, Daniel had behaved like a recluse, unable to keep friends or stay in other people’s houses. He recounted an experience when, after bedwetting in a friend’s house, he was forcibly asked to leave the house at 1am and had to spend the night on the streets. “Just as T.B. Joshua prophesied, when I was caught bedwetting at a colleague’s house, I would blame it on the small boy who lived there,” he explained.

T.B. Joshua


However, Daniel’s story changed following his encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua last week as the word of prophecy was followed by an immediate miracle! As Daniel stood before the congregation in immaculate white clothes, he testified, “Since last week when I received the prophecy, I have not experienced this bedwetting anymore!”

 Using the opportunity to talk on the power in God’s Word, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “The Word of God is more sure and lasting than Heaven and earth.” He then added, “I shall say that which I shall live to see accomplished.”




A video was replayed to the congregation about the prophecy given to a Ghanaian pastor called Stephen during the course of last week’s Monday Prophetic service about his involvement with rituals. In his narration, he explained that shortly after his training at Bible School, he had a strange experience while praying for a man on the street. The man, who had complained to Pastor Stephen of being tormented spiritually following a money ritual, proceeded to physically beat him in the course of the prayer. At that moment, Stephen felt something enter him and left the scene visibly shaken.

“After that encounter, I began to see myself with people partaking in rituals in my dreams,” he explained, saying that the spirit of rituals had entered him from that point. “Whenever I lacked money, my mind would always tell me to go and do a ritual,” he explained. It came to the point where Stephen, without his wife’s knowledge, went to a ritualist who demanded that he bring five human fingers and an embryo in order to carry out the devilish act. Unable to find such items, he could not go further with his plan. He continued to experience setback, disappointment and financial hardship. Despite doing his pastoral work, Stephen was even advising friends in financial straits to visit ritualists.

Having watched Emmanuel TV, Stephen and his wife decided to visit The SCOAN in Nigeria. But even in Nigeria, he still visited a witch doctor, pushed by the spirit to do a ritual at all costs and at whatever price. Before going further, the witch doctor demanded N10,000, a sum which he was unable to afford. The following week he attended The SCOAN where his problem was exposed and he was delivered in Jesus’ name. Ever since his deliverance, Pastor Stephen testified that all thoughts and desires to do rituals vanished and he is now sleeping normally.

Calling on the congregation to pray for the church, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “We need to pray for the church around the world. Pray for your pastor and ask God to redeem the church around the world”.


A new life welcomed into the world!

Prophet T.B. Joshua, during the testimonies, prophesied that very shortly a baby boy would join the congregation, calling on them to pray. The prophecy was fulfilled when in the course of the service, Mrs Uche Patience who was booked for an operation because her baby was unusually large and positioned wrongly in her womb, delivered her baby boy safely and successfully!

Believing God for Divine intervention, she came to The SCOAN, which she called ‘her last bus stop’. After coming to The SCOAN that Sunday morning, she fell into labour and delivered without an operation, buoyed by the prayers of the whole congregation following Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophetic declaration.




Family of former Ivory Coast President, Laurent Gbagbo


In the course of the second service, a delegation from Ivory Coast, including the daughter and cousin of the country’s former President Laurent Gbagbo, came with a message for Prophet T.B. Joshua. Mr Guede Zadi Michael, Mr Gbagbo’s cousin, explained the reason for their attendance, stating that they came to correct the mistake that was made when the former president failed to honour the prophet’s invitation during the crisis in Ivory Coast. “We believe in Christ and the words of a prophet are to be honoured,” he said. Prophet T.B. Joshua thanked the delegation for their visit and prayed for the former President, his family and the nation of Ivory Coast.




A new president for France

During the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that he saw a new person in the presidency of a French speaking nation, mentioning the numbers 2 and 3 and emphasising on 3. Just hours later, exit polls in France revealed that French President Nicolas Sarkozy had lost to Socialist leader Francoise Hollande in the elections by approximately 3 points. God is still saying something!

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There have been several rumours circulating that Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied the outcome of the UEFA Champions League Final. This message is to set the record straight:

  • Prophet TB Joshua did not prophesy concerning the upcoming UEFA Champions League Final.
  • Prophet TB Joshua did not prophesy concerning which team would win the UEFA Champions League Final.
  • Prophet TB Joshua did not prophesy concerning who should play or who should not play in the Champions League Final match.

We must stop lying against the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. This is a tactic of the enemy – to say what he has not said and say he is the one that said it.

Every prophetic message given by Prophet T.B. Joshua is broadcast LIVE on Emmanuel TV and online at:

If you don’t see it on Emmanuel TV, it didn’t happen.

“Touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm.” (Psalm 105:15)

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The service of Sunday 29th April 2012 began with an uplifting and thought-provoking message from Wise Man Daniel, titled “As It Was So It Is”. Using Mark 6:15 for illustration, he preached that the unbelief of people was based on what they saw with their naked eyes. As Christians, if you base your judgement on these, you have not looked deep

enough – if we base our faith on what we see, hear, read in newspapers and circumstances and thus allow our feelings to control our faith, we can be Christians yet controlled by satan’s devices.

Using Luke 6:22-23 for illustration, he preached that any time God is coming with His blessing, the first sign you will receive is attacks. When your trials are getting hotter, you are getting closer to your breakthrough. Trials, difficulties, embarrassment and name callings cannot destroy you, as Christian. Rather, they make way for further strategies which are developed to meet new challenges.

He also referred to Matthew 10:12-15, explaining that there are four kinds of people you will meet in life: those who add, multiply, divide and subtract from our blessing. “Your relationship with them will make or mar you, build you up or destroy you.” He concluded by saying, “As children of God, it is time to dream again – to draw greater plans.”



During the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked a video to be shown to the congregation of a prophetic message given over five years ago in early 2007. In it, Mr Sunday Ehimhen from Edo State (now living in Abuja) cried out during a Sunday Service that he had an accident, resulting in a broken arm which had failed to heal. Though he was focused on his immediate problem, the prophet pointed him to the cause of his dilemma, revealing that his problems began when he abandoned a woman who was pregnant for him 27 years ago. The prophet instructed him to look for the child, stating that upon reconciliation, breakthrough in his life would be restored.

Mr Sunday Ehimhen & Daughter

In his testimony, Mr Ehimhen explained that he had not initially taken the prophecy seriously. However, after his problems continued to persist with failure in business, an unceremonious return from abroad and his house in Abuja being nearly pulled down, he began earnestly searching for his long-lost child. Finally discovering her in Lagos the week before the service through the help of a family friend, he knelt down to beg her for forgiveness. It was the first time had seen his daughter in 32 years!

Explaining how the initial relationship with her mother had ended, Mr. Ehimhen said, “I promised to marry the girl but after she became pregnant, the spirit of love suddenly disappeared from my mind. My love for her vanished and any time I saw her, I was angry”. He broke the relationship, refusing to acknowledge that he was the owner of the pregnancy. From that incident onwards, Sunday moved from one disappointment to another, experiencing inexplicable setback even at the point of breakthrough.

Antonia, his long-lost daughter who accompanied him to The SCOAN, expressed gladness for finding her real father, though she was bitter at not being educated and never enjoying fatherly care. She had grown up believing her step-father to be her biological father as her mother had never revealed the circumstances behind her birth. At 32 years, Antonia said she was unmarried and had been struggling to fend for herself. She explained that her boyfriend had been the one providing her means of sustenance, including clothes and food, for the past eight years.

Reunited father and daughter

Amazed at the way the prophecy had reunited father and daughter, she said she has forgiven her father and believes the reconciliation will pave the way for better things to come.

In the midst of the testimony, Prophet T.B. Joshua suddenly stopped mid-sentence and then dramatically called for the congregation to pray, stating that he saw an imminent attack in his nation Nigeria. Reminding the congregants of his message last week, he said that the youths should cease fire and leave the battle for God. He asked the congregants to pray for God’s protection, which they did for about one minute.  Less than an hour later in the service, the news of an attack on some Christian students of the Bayero University Kanu, was announced. The prophet was grieved, and the church went silent in sober reflection. “All men’s hearts are in His hands,” he said.

A clip was then shown of a prophecy given during last week’s Monday Prophetic Service, where T.B. Joshua told a pregnant woman to pray against an operation. She had immediately confirmed that her baby was positioned wrongly and the doctors had already recommended an operation, adding that her last child was also delivered through an operation. After prayer, the prophet declared her free to go and deliver her baby girl safely!

Romina Ogba and Her baby girl

The lady, Romina Ogba from Delta State came to the Sunday Service, with her parents, to testify to the glory of God in her life. Holding her child with pride and happiness, she said, “Immediately he prayed for me, I felt something moving within me.” After the prayer,

This is the baby girl
to confirm the prophecy

she delivered her child safely and quickly, without an operation! The gender of the child was a girl, confirming the prophecy. T.B. Joshua explained to the church, “Healing, deliverance and prophetic ministries came together to give this result”. He added, “Every Word of God is very pure and therefore very sure”.

Another video was played, documenting an incident during the previous week’s Monday prophetic service where a young lady began manifesting during the mass prayer as T.B. Joshua prayed, “Every constant experience of bondage should be loosed in the name of Jesus”.

The evil spirit within her was manifesting, saying, “I am the serpent of Nembe Kingdom… Everyone born into that kingdom is in my hands.” The spirit said that because this young lady had tried to draw close to God and read the Bible, it had entered her to ensure she would fall.

Miss Eremi Moses explained that in Nembe Kingdom, Bayelsa State, the god of the land whom the people worship and pay homage to is a serpent. According to her, everyone born into that area is dedicated to this serpent and brought up to worship it. Moses said her problems really began when she gave her life to Christ at the age of 16. Immediately following this decision, she experienced different encounters in her dreams such as making love with an unknown man, suffocation and a giant man always pressing her down.

Although she had never experienced true deliverance, she was very actively involved in evangelical work, preaching and spreading the Gospel in her environment.  Over the years, despite her church commitments, she said, “I was suffering under the influence of these demons. I fell and rose, fell and rose. Any time I entered the village, my prayer life would cease”. She said she had a dream where she saw a dark giant man who had red lips, who turned into a wind and hit her against the wall, saying, “Everyone born in Nembe belongs to me and is a leaf on my tree; you must bow before me!”

After realising that she needed through deliverance, Moses discovered Emmanuel TV and made up her mind to come to bring her case before God. She said that as the Mass Prayer was being offered on Monday, she had no consciousness whatsoever of what had happened. However, immediately after her deliverance, she felt renewed, refreshed and revived!

Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the circumstances faced by people like Eremi Moses. He said there are two gospels – the pure and the impure. The pure gospel is sure, and it delivers and saves people. The impure variety does however bring deliverance. Instead, it often provokes evil forces to attack us. He referred to the seven sons of Sceva for illustration. He said as a result of this, many people are going around on a dangerous mission.


Mrs Patricia Okoye

Mrs Patricia Okoye, a Zambian, came to give testimony on how God delivered her through the Anointing Water, having experienced a ceased menstruation for seven years. According to her, she visited the “best gynaecologists”, had countless injections and gone to many pastors for prayer but without a solution. However, after watching Emmanuel TV, she was able to receive Anointing Water from a family member who had visited The SCOAN. “It was as if the menstrual cycle was waiting for the Anointing Water,” she joyously testified, stating that immediately after ministering it, blood started flowing freely! Since then, her menstrual cycle has been restored to normalcy.


Prophet Joshua said told the congregation that “Give thanks to God for the fact that your past is over. You are praying prayer, not saying words. Someone will intercede on your behalf. Whatever you hear now is prophetic. Begin to free yourself from career failure, limitations, and bondage in the name of Jesus! Whatever satan must have been using to connect us to himself – he uses weakness, limitation, shortcoming, that threatens your peace – break it in the name of Jesus”.



He prayed further: “Your body is not temple of demons or evil spirits. Whatever way or connection – be broken in the name of Jesus. Confess your release – my marital life, health, finances, career and future be released”.

To God be the glory!

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