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An intriguing interview that you won’t want to stop reading…

“I love the prison. Each time the judge acquits me, I will tell him that ‘I really love where I am staying – there is no need for you take me out.’ Because I know that once I am out, I will come back again in another week.”

Cursed into prison...

The tale of David Brown is mind-boggling. It’s an experience in life one can never forget – a cold reminder of the terrifying darkness that ensnares so many souls and a clear expression of the beauty of God’s grace and work. In this enlightening interview, Read Us brings to you the riveting story of a first class graduate from Kingston University, United Kingdom who went from being the rich heir-apparent of a powerful occultic lodge, to a homeless beggar who embraced the dirty prison cells of London and Lagos, calling them his only home.

 A Strange Background With Spiritual Ties
“I’m David Brown from Rivers State, Bonny Island. I’m an architect, a graduate of the University of Kingston, London. When my mother gave birth to me, my father denied me and said I was not his son. So I was taken from my mother’s hands when I was just a year and six months. I never knew my mother or father because I grew up with my auntie. I thought my auntie and her husband were my biological mother and father, so I called them mum and dad.

“My auntie is a great spiritualist. She has a big lodge in her compound in Lagos where people come to ‘fellowship’. They worship the sun and guardian angels – and they use the destinies of people for rituals. If any member there is about to die, they look for somebody to exchange their head with to keep them alive, or to give them money and wealth. My auntie has a lot of companies because she is very rich and is the head of the lodge. She brought the lodge from England down to Lagos. Whatever she says stays. Nobody challenges her authority.

Family Revelations
“When I was about 9-10 years old, I used to see a man come to the house each time we were on vacation. I kept asking my mum, as in my auntie, ‘Who is this man?’ She said, ‘Don’t worry – one day I will explain to you.’ Then one day she called him and me, and said, ‘Do you know this is your father?’ Since then I just hated him because he never showed any remorse for his actions. He never asked of me, showed me love or care – he just abandoned me as if I were not there. And now here was somebody coming from the blue to say he was my father. She started taking me to the house to get me acquainted with my father gradually, but still I never liked him because each time I went to their house, my stepmother would treat me as a slave, not a son.

 “My auntie didn’t have any biological son, so she wanted me to be her son and heir. What actually motivated her in accepting me to be her son was that I was very brilliant. Throughout my school, I was always first in class, right through to university. She had seen my destiny was so bright. So, she was training me to take over her position. They wanted me to take over the company and everything she was in charge of. They began showing me the pattern and secrets of the lodge, so that I could take over. But there was something in me that really revoked it and didn’t want that position.

Exposing The ‘Lodge’
“The lodge appears in the guise of helping people’s problems, but in reality, it is to destroy them. But only the real members know what happens there. They have a secret room called ‘the inner room’ where only members are allowed to go. Everyone gathers round in a circle and begins what they call ‘meditation’. You have to travel astrally to meet with other spirits in space. You communicate with these spirits and bring their messages down to people here on earth. My auntie was a medium to those spirits. She communicates with those spirits and they dialogue with her. When they give instructions, she conveys the instructions down from the spirit world to earth, and she speaks in a spiritual language – and there will be a recorder recording what she says. In the inner circle, there is a power embedded in you that you can understand other languages beyond human comprehension – spiritual languages. If you are not baptised to be among the inner circle, you cannot understand what the spirit beings say. I was among those who wrote her ‘revelations’ down. I would type them out, and send them to the people who wanted solution. Through this, we began to gain access to their spirits and manipulate them into doing whatever we wanted.

Astral Travel
“Our body remains here on earth and the spirit travels beyond the earth down to the galaxies and stars. There we meet celestial beings, and we have interactions with them and seek advice from them. If there is anybody who comes to us with a problem or who needs healing, we astrally travel down to the spirit world, where the spirits gather and they tell us things to do, ‘solutions’ to take back to earth. These messages are conveyed by my auntie, because she is the head of the lodge. They call her the queen of the lodge because she is the founder here in Nigeria. Nobody ever dares to counter what she says. Her words are final, because everybody is under her, and everybody that is under her is a slave to her. Be you big or small, whether you have all the wealth in the world – as long as you are in the lodge with her, you are under her – and you must seek advice or order from her before anything is done.

Subtle Manipulation
“We don’t collect money from the people who come for help, but we know what impact we have on them – because the more they come closer to us, the more they are weak in spirit and the more we draw their destiny and destroy them. Because she reads your star to know if you are intelligent – so we would only target and go into direct contact with people who are very intelligent, people whose futures are bright. These are the people we try to lure into it. You would begin to innocently interact with us, and soon everything you have that God has given to you will be taken out of you and be imparted into us. They become our slaves, subject to us – because now their spirit has been locked in a box.

“My auntie was the one who dictated to us, because she saw beyond the human. There is something they call spirit seeing – spirit eyes. She knows who you are and what you will become in future. If you come to our lodge, she will tell us, ‘This one is ripe, he’s okay for us. Follow up and make sure you lure him into being a member.’ And once you are a member of the inner circle, there is no turning back – you can’t go back to the world, you can’t expose what you are part of. If you want to make any attempt of exposing, it’s either your life goes or they begin to take your family one by one until it gets to your turn. They will just lure you into an accident. Naturally people will see someone has died in a mere accident, but spiritually something has been done to create such accident.

White Rituals
“We meet in a circle with six pointed stars. The chairs are white and you are only to wear white. Each time you see us wearing white in the inner circle, it means we have a killing to do. It’s either we are about to ruin somebody’s life – or impart somebody’s life into one of our members, to increase their stay here on earth. We do that to increase our life-span, as well as using it in subjecting you to become a slave, so that you won’t have any understanding, any knowledge or thought of querying our methods or asking questions. Whatever we say – you just obey. You are like a vehicle, a robot.

“Each person who comes to the lodge has their image tied in a box. If we want to do anything to you, it’s just to invoke your spirit in the night. We come and take your spirit to the image – and whatever we say to the image, that’s what you will do. You don’t have any atom of strength of your own, any say of your own – you act based on what we tell you.

Sold To The Devil
“Because of this, my auntie has no children. Her womb was sold to the devil; she gave her womb to the devil so there is no way she could bear children. There was something like a pot that they replaced her womb with in her stomach. It’s like a medium, an antenna that connects her to the spirit world, a strength that enables her to accommodate such powers. Because of that, she had to take me. They wanted me to become their own son. That’s why they started training me, because she told me that when her time comes, I will be the one to take over the lodge and all her companies in UK and other places around the world. But something in me really refused this offer. Each time I tried to take the crown, I was drawn back by something. I feel it’s just God – if not for God, I know I would not be here. I know it was God drawing me out from being crowned as a prince of that dark lodge, or let me call it ‘cult’.

A Messenger Of Initiation
“When I was schooling in UK, I became a messenger, initiating people into the lodge. The way I do it – if I see that you are weak in spirit, I begin to come closer to you. We begin to interact – the more you begin to respond to me, the more your spirit is being drawn down. By the time you know it, your spirit is in our coven – your body will be in UK, while your spirit is in the lodge in Lagos. And then she begins to control you and tell you what to do, and you begin to act according to what she says. That was the job I was doing. I was able to convert more than 30 people during my days in university.

“In university I became the president of the youths, because I was very brilliant. I didn’t acquire my knowledge from what we do – it is God-given. God has invested such knowledge in me because right from my youth, I came out on top of the class – from primary through to university. Anywhere I go, they want to make me the president of the students, to lead others. I used that opportunity to ensnare people. I was controlling about 385 students while in Kingston University; so I had the privilege of talking to people, and they would want to listen by virtue of my position. I would use enticing language to make you listen, while manipulating your spirit down to the coven here inLagos.

“There is a secret room in our compound where my auntie keeps all her valuables – and nobody dares enter, except me. I was the only one who could enter that room besides her, because of the training she was giving me. That is where she keeps all her charms and some spiritual things that are not supposed to be touched by physical hands, as well as her gold and jewellery. There was a time the security man in our compound in Lagos became friendly with me, although I never knew his evil intentions. He used to ask me to allow him into the house when my auntie was not around, and we watched television together. As we were talking one day, he asked where the key to that secret room was kept. I naively showed him, not knowing what he was planning to do. By the time we came back from our summer holiday in UK, my auntie saw somebody had tampered with the door. This guy had stolen all the valuables in that room and touched those things that were not supposed to be handled by ordinary hands, defiling them, making them worthless and useless.

“She became very furious and angry. It was like fire was coming out of her eyes. The thing that made her most angry was that she trusted me, she believed in me and I betrayed her trust by allowing a stranger into the house. In the secret lodge, there are laws that bind us and for anyone that goes contrary to the law, the penalty is death. But that death is not instant – they will push you to the point where you lead yourself into death gradually. Then she cursed me. She said that because I told a stranger where the key is, wherever I go, I will be a vagabond and roam around restlessly. She said I will be going to prison until I die, and I will always be caught with keys in my hands, and the prison will become my home all the days of my life until I hang myself and take my life.

Robbed Of Real Value
“Immediately she pronounced that curse, it took effect at that very moment. It was like some strange spirit came into me, and my real value went out. Everything I ever went to school for went out. It was lost. From that moment, I was being controlled by the spirit assigned to me – the spirit of death, the spirit of stealing, the spirit of robbery. And straight after that curse, my auntie disconnected herself from everything that had to do with me and threw me outside her house. Because my father was also a member of the inner circle, he refused to take me in. He was also scared of his life, because he knew that if he accepted me, he had gone against the law – and the penalty was death. So they pushed me out into the darkness, alone.


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Prophet Temitope Joshua of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, explains the source of his strength and vision, and his care for the aged and needy, to The Week team of Clement Okitikpi (MD), Oluwasegun Abifarin (Editor) and Emeka Ngwei.

 How did the ministry start?

Well, I want to start by saying that no one in the world is born with great knowledge. You become what you are; you discover what you know. But if I begin to tell you the genesis of the ministry, we won’t leave here today. Discovery is for forward lookers. So, no one is born with great knowledge.

TB Joshua

I was in a trance for three consecutive days, then I saw a hand that pointed a Bible to my heart and the Bible entered my heart and my former heart seemed to immerse with the Bible immediately. Then the awareness came and I saw the apostles and prophets of old with someone whose head I could not see because He was tall to the heaven and suspended, which I believe was our Lord Jesus Christ sitting in their midst. I also saw myself in their midst. After a while, I saw a hand of the same tall man, I could not behold His face, which was glittering with an unimaginable light, tall to the high heavens and suspended in the air. But other apostles I could see their faces, particularly Apostles Peter and Paul, Prophets Moses, Elijah and others. Their names were boldly written on their chests.

I heard a voice saying, “I am your God; I am giving you a divine commission to go and carry out the work of the Heavenly Father”. At the same time, the same hand of the tall man gave me a small cross and a big Bible, bigger than the one that entered my heart with a promise that as I keep pressing in His time and name, I would be given a bigger cross but if I fail the opposite would occur. I also heard a voice of the same tall man, I could not see His head, saying, I am the Lord your God who was and who is – Jesus Christ, giving orders to all the apostles and prophets. The same voice said to me, “I would show you the wonderful ways I would reveal myself through you, in teaching, preaching, miracles, signs and wonders for the salvation of souls”.

Since then, I have been receiving in my vision, every year according to my faithfulness to God, a bigger cross that means to me more responsibilities.

What was on your mind when you started the ministry?

That is one important area. For instance, I have been alone here (in the prayer mountain) for the last five hours. I dreamt of a place like this – a swampy area, neglected, where people or government will not dream of coming. I come here, sit here, read and meditate. Above all, I know that I am a product of grace, not the works of righteousness which I have done. I am weak; I am nobody, without formal education. What I want to say is that God has manifested His strength in my weakness. It can also be explained that I am like a dog without teeth. When you have a house and you keep without teeth as a guard, each time the enemy comes, it will bark and then the owner will come out to do the work.

Sometimes, your miracles look like magic…

When it comes to power, God Himself is the power. God often uses foolish things to confound the wise. That is why people like me will ever be grateful to God. In terms of knowledge, education and name, I am nowhere – a neglected stone. I think that is why the persecution was too much. Everything about me is nothing, nothing. But I think no man should boast.

When you were young, did you have any idea that you will one day go into pastoral work?

Then, when I was very young, one thing I knew then and that still happens to me now, is that there is an invisible chain, invisible padlock. What I want to touch, I can’t touch; what I want to say is not what I am saying. Where I want to go is not where I am going. What I want to wear is not what I am wearing. It is like there is a restriction. That has been my experience right form when I was young. That is why you will never find or see me accusing or condemning somebody. I have always restored anyone who has done any wrong in a gentle way, instead of condemning the fellow, because I know it is not by my power that I am doing the right thing.

An invisible padlock

So, I will say the work of righteousness is not my work; it is my faith in His work. The work of healing is not my work, but by faith, healing is done. The work of deliverance, great and mighty deliverance is not my work, but is my faith in Him. It is not the works of righteousness which I have done, but according to His grace. I am a product of His grace.

What’s the difference between Joshua as a person and Joshua as a prophet?

You have two natures in one person – the human and divine nature. Take our Lord Jesus for instance, for his human nature – he was a descendant of David, and for His divine nature – he was raised from the dead by the power of God.

As for TB Joshua, I am a descendant of my family in Arigidi-Akoko in Ondo State, Nigeria – but as for the divine nature, the power of God affects my life to give peace to people, deliverance to people and healing to people. Apart from the power of God, nobody would have noticed me or known where I am. So, it is the power of God that brings the difference, the challenges and an uncommon persecution. Uncommon blessing attracts uncommon persecution. Common blessing attracts common persecution. Uncommon progress attracts uncommon attacks.

Is the Ikotun Headquarters the only branch in Nigeria?

No, we have branches in Akure, Port Harcourt, Jos, Kogi and outside the country also. When you get to the church there, you will see at least 30 different countries represented. There are here to take the ministry back to their countries.

You are on satellite with Emmanuel TV, which is quite expensive. Where is the funding coming from?

Money. Something unbelievers can have should not be a problem to a child of God. Dubious and unrighteous people, they have money. How much more a man of God? So, what are you talking about? Unbelievers, they have money and throw it about. So, let’s talk about something unique. Money is not a unique thing. It is common. You see, everybody talking about money, money, money. Anybody can have money – but let’s talk of what anybody or everybody cannot have. Even the cathedral, anybody can have it. Even satan can build a big mansion; it is a question of money.

It is like you are a prophet without honour at home and among your people.

Even Jesus Christ was not popular among His people. Even till today among some Jews. We thank God for that, because if Jesus had been restricted to only His people in Palestine and Jersualem, how will people like you and me know about Christ and the Kingdom of God today, not to talk of preaching the gospel and becoming a pastor or prophet.

And even here in Nigeria, most of the popular pastors at home anchor their popularity at home on their fame abroad.

Are you also planning to go to the Lagos-Ibadan Express Road to establish a camp ground, as it is the fashion today?

Right from my youth, I have learnt not to go with the crowd. If we are in the same business of selling shoes for instance, if you are selling in Tejuosho (Yaba) market, I won’t go there. I will find another market to sell my own. That way, we are spreading. This swamp, which is our prayer mountain, is our camp.

When you also look at the missionary works outside the country, you will see all the men of God going to Europe and America. I have decided to face the Asian continent. That way, we are fulfilling the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ to take the gospel to the end of the earth and make disciples of all nations.

What is the motivation for your help to the old and the aged?

My help is not only to the old people, but to the lonely, the weak and the poor in society. The Bible says charity and faith in Jesus Christ go together. When you say you have Jesus by faith, without the work of charity, it is nothing. This does not mean however that charity alone is enough to bring us to salvation, but it forms the basis for judging our level of kindness – because looking the other way when your brother is in trouble is equal to rejecting Christ Himself.

Supporting the aged ones

Then, going to the issue of aged people, in this part of our world, it seems it has become a crime to be old and aged. Even many of those who are well to do in our society, the will build a house and put their old and aged in the backyard, as if they are no more useful. But we want to tell the world that it is not a crime to be old and aged. It is time to show appreciation to God for using them to bring us into this world.

The time they cannot work again is the time we should take it upon ourselves to take care for them, like babies. The life they gave us when we were newly born, it is time to give them back now they are old. It is not the time we should isolate them, put them in isolation.

Rejection and isolation are also deadly and incurable diseases like AIDs. We are even praying for God to give us the grace to build a beautiful resort where we can bring them together and properly take care of them, give them medical attention and those who have not travelled before, we fly them outside the country for them to enjoy the best of pleasure, before they die.

For how long have you been planning this?

We have been on this for the past 10 years. It is not just now. These people have been lonely and isolated for a long time, and that has killed many of them. It is not just now that we jump into it, we have been showing that love that Christ gave to us.

I want to tell you that our position in Christ Jesus is enhanced each time we help our fellow brothers.

What has been the reaction of these people and their relations to the program?

Some of them – in fact, many of them, don’t even know me. They only see me on the television screen.

Apart from the aged, do you have programmes for other categories of the needy?

Yes, not only the aged – the Lord is also using us to cater for other categories of people. We have a program for the dwarfs and the destitute. We have also given scholarships to many university students. I don’t know any of these people, and we are not doing it to receive ‘thank-you’ from them.

How did you locate these people?

I believe many of them are not in Lagos. You people live in Lagos, and put your old people in the village.

People say you appear to them in their dream. Can you clarify this?

When I am not God… God can also use you. Don’t be surprised that people can dream and see you.  If God can use the pool of Bethesda, He can use anyone. He uses horses and camels. God can use anything. And I want to tell you that everyone is created with a gift, and each gift is meant to meet a need. It is your gift that God will use to bless others through you. So tomorrow, God can use you to appear to other people, and to pray for them.

How much is the church investing in this care of the aged project?

For the past nine years, we started the whole thing with about 1.5million but it has gradually gone up to N6million per month. But I must tell you, my brothers, that I don’t have enough to live a flamboyant life because of all these.  I even have some students that I gave scholarship to in Ghana, and many other universities in Nigeria.

A privilege to give

It is a rare privilege to do this. We may think we are helping them. No, we are not helping them. Our position in Christ Jesus is enhanced each time we help our fellow brothers. It is a real privilege to be in a position to give. This is what Jesus meant in Matthew 25:45, that whatsoever you do or fail to do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. In other words, Jesus has no farm where He expects you to help Him or an office where he expects you to carry files. He said my farm and office are your fellow brothers.

A lot of churches are getting into the business of establishing universities. Are you thinking along that line?

What God has commissioned me to do here is to care for these people – the destitute, the needy and the poor. So that church here can have a theology school. That is all. I should not dabble into the issue of university. Theology, from primary school to university – that is my calling. I should not dabble into science or law. Anyone that wants to study law or science should go to University of Lagos!

SOURCE: The Week Magazine – Vol. 26 No. 26

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Check out this incredible article giving insight into the state of affairs in the nation Nigeria. The writer listened to what TB Joshua said in yesterday’s service and watched as the events unfolded accordingly. 

By Nosa Osazuwa

The nation of Nigeria was in a state of limbo, a standstill going into Sunday 15th January 2012, as talks between the Federal Government and labour unions in an attempt to come to a consensus on the issue of fuel subsidies and protests, ended in an unsatisfactory deadlock.

The discussions on Saturday evening which lasted for hours in order to resolve the petrol price crisis which had caused a nationwide strike for five days was inconclusive as both sides acknowledged that they had been unable to come to a place of compromise. Talks were postponed again ‘till Sunday night, leaving Nigerians unsure of what the coming week might hold – whether continued protests nationwide or a compromise from the president and the government, or something else.

TB Joshua

On Sunday morning, while Nigerians were worrying about what the outcome of the crisis might be, many still afraid to venture out of the safety of their homes, Pastor TB Joshua, of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, addressed the issue directly during his sermon, broadcast live via his TV station, Emmanuel TV.

He said that Nigeria had prayed and hoped. But that one thing that was yet to be done was to apply love. He quoted, 1 Corinthians 13:13 – There are only 3 things – faith, hope and love. The greatest is love. “Since the greatest thing is love, we need to make the greatest sacrifice. Our president is the person who should make the greatest sacrifice. The other participants will follow”, TB Joshua asserted.

Addressing the nation, he said: “My message to the nation, to you Nigeria – is compromise. Love is compromise – to give chance for peace in the interests of the nation. To compromise means we must shift ground.”

He further said: “We should not give the impression of embarrassing the president and the other participants in the crisis. To achieve this easily, our president must rely more on politicians than on technocrats”.

Towards the end of his sermon, TB Joshua once again reassured his nation of Nigeria, saying:

“The nation Nigeria and people of Nigeria – the issue of the crisis, put it behind you. You say that you are not going on Monday, that you think you’ll be restricted. No. I think God is on top. God is in control.”

Later on Sunday night, the Nigerian government sent mixed messages. Many Nigerians sat glued to their television sets, awaiting a message from the president yet none came. Talks were postponed again and Nigerians went to bed unsure of what the morrow might bring forth.

The tables turned on Monday 16th January 2012, when early in the morning, the news was released nationwide that a consensus had been reached and an agreement had finally been made.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said in an address to the nation that petrol prices would be reduced to 97 naira a litre. That is a reduction of about 35 percent but it still remains higher than the 65 naira per litre Nigerians paid before the government ended the fuel subsidy at the beginning of the year. That is, he had come to a place of compromise.

“The Government will continue to pursue full deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. However, given the hardships being suffered by Nigerians, and after due consideration and consultations … the government has approved the reduction of the pump price of petrol,” said Goodluck Jonathan in a televised address Monday morning.

In response, labour unions promptly agreed to suspend mass protests to allow further negotiations with the government.

The questions that might spring to many minds are, was it all just a co-incidence or did the president listen to the counsel from TB Joshua and act according to it? Did TB Joshua send a message to the president, giving him God’s opinion on the crises at hand?

It doesn’t take Albert Einstein to see the connection between TB Joshua’s words and the action taken later that day by the President and the Federal Government.

TB Joshua is a renowned minister known world over, particularly for his prophetic ministry and his humanitarian services. Most recently, it was said that he had accurately predicted the street protests in Nigeria, stating in October 2011 that he could see people protesting from street to street, from state to state. He mentioned that the people that really make this economy work, the grassroots would soon be on the street and that the nation would come to a standstill as the big men would wonder how they could do the job by themselves.

One might ask, if the president and Nigerians had listened to this prophecy at the time it was given and sought advice on how to handle the crisis, we might not have lost the billions of naira that the catastrophe cost our nation. Perhaps our president should learn from the leaders and kings of old, who always sought God’s opinion from a prophet regarding the matters of the nation.

SOURCE http://www.zimeye.org/?p=44244

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On Sunday 15th January 2012, at around 12pm, TB Joshua addressed the nation of Nigeria in his sermon, saying that the crisis and the restrictions are over. He said, “People of Nigeria – the issue of crisis, put it behind you. Some of you are worrying that you will not go out on Monday and that you will be restricted. No. God is on top of it. He is in control”. He said that there would be free movement on Monday and that the protests would be over as from Monday. He added that there would be a consensus between the government, labour leaders and civil society groups; they would agree to shift the ground.

He emphasised that the lesson we can learn from this is that in this world, anything can happen. He said: “What we have experienced last week, we have never experienced in this country. Therefore, in everything remember God. When you are eating, when you are sitting, remember God”.

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Wise Man Christopher

Wise Man Christopher

Wise Man Christopher, with his usual fervour, issued his message which he titled, ‘The Weapons Of Our Warfare’ to the congregation and cited many portions of the Bible to make his case clear. In his words, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual through God in pulling down every demonic stronghold. The Word, he clarified, is not on the written page of the Bible but in the lips of the believers.  As Christians, you need to fill your mind and heart with the Word to speak it.  In Matthew 4 : 1-11, Jesus gave Christians  the battle plan when He spoke directly to the devil in the wilderness. You need to learn the value of God’s Word on your lips to confront the devil victoriously. In Ephesians 6:17, the Bible tells us that those who overcome satan will be required to use the power of the spoken Word. David, in 1 Samuel 17:45 – 50 used the Word of God in his heart as a weapon to defeat Goliath. David’s first victory was therefore in the choice of the right weapon, which was the Word of God on his lips. As Christians, Jesus has given us the Word of God as a special weapon that no power of satan can withstand. Whatever your giant or mountain, you, as a Christian, can address it with the Word of God and achieve total victory. Prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit is the most formidable weapon, the wise man concluded his message.


A week after her deliverance, Mrs Josephine Eseme Jimmy, standing beside her husband, happily gave thanks to God for her deliverance as, according to her, the urge to eat her hair had completely disappeared.  Josephine came to The SCOAN the previous Sunday for deliverance from addiction to eating her hair, including those on her head, armpits and private parts.  She said the addiction took form after she heard a voice ordering her to eat her hair. The unusual behaviour was cultivated before her marriage and had continued since then for a length of 23 years. After her confession, Josephine was delivered in the mighty name of Jesus by Prophet T.B. Joshua who told her that she was free and would not eat her hair anymore. She said that in her dream two days after the deliverance, the demon appeared to her to lure her to the old act but immediately, the man of God also appeared and the demon ran in fear. The man of God then held her and she woke from sleep. That was the end of her addiction to eating her hair.  The couple thanked the prophet one more time for being used by Jesus to bring about her deliverance. In reaction, the prophet once more established the difference between authority and power. In his words, knowing facts about Jesus does not change your relationship with Him. He however added that your reward for a relationship with Jesus is power.


A video clip on the events of the previous Sunday service showed Wise Man Daniel as he laid hands on the congregants. A woman among them,Mrs Alberta Boakye from Ghana reacted by manifesting the spiritual husband in her.

The spirit, speaking through her, said Alberta was his wife who disobeyed her to marry an earthly husband. The spirit added that it had destroyed the husband’s ministry for that reason. The spirit also said their second child could not learn because of the punishment by the spiritual husband. She was then delivered after prayer from Wise Man Daniel. Standing by her pastor husband as she gave her testimony, Alberta revealed that she sensed the spiritual husband in her life at the age of 16 when it used to have sex with her in her dreams. The spirit had been a thorn in their marriage of ten years, causing her to inflict emotional pain on her husband all the time. Under the influence of the spirit, she became the husband and took delight in issuing orders to her husband and beating him. She was however relieved to be free after her deliverance.

In response to the prophet, Pastor Nicholas the husband chronicled all the shameful treatment his wife inflicted on him under the influence of the spiritual husband. She would wake up and ask her husband in the dead of night to clean the house and wash the dishes. When she knew it was fasting time for her husband, she would deliberately set food before him to break the fast unjustifiably. Either she would meet the husband in the church to fight and embarrass him or prevent him by force from going to church after he was ready. On such occasions, the pastor whose church had branches in other countries, would call his fellow pastors in the church to ask them to carry on as he was still ‘waiting on God’. He lost his congregation to other churches and the branches closed because of the wife’s abnormal behaviour.  A king of the community who attended his church withdrew his membership because of the wife’s behaviour. After praying for the deliverance of the pastor, Prophet T.B. Joshua assured him that he would assist him to reactivate his ministry and re-open the branches. Asked to comment on her husband’s confession, Alberta, in unmistakable remorse said, ‘I feel bad and sad’ and bemoaned satan for all that her husband had suffered in her hands. Prophet T.B. Joshua ended the episode by explaining that it was the evil spirit inside the wife that was responsible and now that she was delivered, her husband should not remind her of the past.


Mr Solomon Ogheneovo

A man from Delta, Nigeria, Solomon Ogheneovo by name, told the congregation of himself as a victim of the spirit of masturbation for 24 years. He thought that getting married would stop the embarrassing act but in fact, it continued. Even after marriage, he masturbated at least every day. After unsuccessful efforts, which included fasting and prayer, on his part to stop it, he finally decided to seek the face of the Lord in The SCOAN. After receiving the Anointing Water, he gathered his family and they prayed with it. That prayer, according to him, marked the end of his masturbation. He thanked God for using the prophet to bring an end to this torment in his life.


Mrs Mercy Anthony

Mrs Mercy Anthony told listeners how she regained her menstruation which ceased for seven years, completely unresponsive to her efforts to reactivate it.  She said a good Samaritan gave her a virtually empty bottle of the Anointing Water which she topped with water, prayed with and ministered on herself. Following that, her menstruation miraculously reappeared. She ended her testimony by advising all her listeners to trust God who has an answer to whatever problems they might have.


Rahamat Yusuf Suleiman had an accident in April which, among other injuries, affected her memory. This affected her reading and preparation for her promotion examination in her workplace. The result was that she failed the examination and was denied promotion. After efforts elsewhere to find a cure had failed, she sent a friend to The SCOAN for the Anointing Water.

  On receiving the Anointing Water, she prayed with it and sprayed it on herself, particularly her forehead. Soon after, to her amazement, she vomited an earthworm. The Anointing Water gave her total healing and following her prayer with it before going for another promotion examination in her workplace, she found the questions the same as the ones she had read, making her pass the examination with ease. As she gave her testimony, Rahamat displayed her promotion letter which was the outcome of her success in the examination.  Rahamat advised her listeners to go to the Lord always for a solution to their problems.


The Emmanuel TV Team and Partners as usual filled trailers with gifts of rice, flour and other food items and transported them to the elderly and physically challenged both within Nigeria and internationally.

Yobe rice trailer 2

Yobe rice trailer 1

Borno rice trailer 1

Two of the many states in Nigeria that were visited by The Emmanuel TV Team were Yobe and Borno in the far north of the country. The team set off with two trailers each filled to capacity with rice and flour, in addition to cash gifts. The venue for the meeting with the Emmanuel TV  Team was General Hospital Leprosy Centre, Maiduguri. People gathered from all around Borno State to attend the meeting.

Borno rice trailer 2

The team sent by T.B. Joshua presented the community leaders with cash gifts and the bags of rice were distributed among everyone, regardless of race, faith or background. The Bible teaches us that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. In the same vein, various gifts were also dispatched to the needy and elderly people in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. In the Asian continent, Lahore, Pakistan was also visited with bags of rice, flour and other gift items.


In the course of the service, five visually impaired students from the University of Jos were led to the platform where they narrated their financial problems as students, one after another.

Yakubu, a student of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, was the first to bare his mind about his financial needs as a student and concluded that he needed the sum of N92,000.00 to pay his school fees and solve other problems as a student.  The rest, in turn, also spoke, explaining that as students, even the money to release their results was hard to come by. Upon listening to their complaint, the prophet directed that their needs be met. Consequently, a total sum of N284,300.00 and bags of rice were disbursed among them.


T.B Joshua

Praying in the power of the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregation and viewers worldwide in a powerful time of mass prayer. Many vomited the poisons long buried in their systems, thus receiving their freedom. The prophet prayed for the total release of his listeners in many areas of their lives, including their finances, businesses, marital lives among others. He also prayed for the restoration of their destinies and health. In the course of the mass prayer, the prophet issued prophecies to some people who, in reaction came forward to confirm the prophecies. Confirming that the entire congregation had been delivered and was free, the prophet proceeded to say the grace and bring the service to a close.

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Referring to many portions of the Bible and particularly to Job 29:24, Prophet T.B. Joshua dwelt on the theme of love and encouragement. Using Job 29:24 as a case for consideration, he remarked that Job means that a look of approval at those in trouble or need gives them hope and assurance. Identifying with those in need as a Christian is precious to them. On the other hand, says Job, looking at the other side when your neighbour is in trouble is ungodly. Loving your enemy is always unreasonable unless you realise that you were an enemy of God until He forgave you. It is also His will that you remember that you have sinned and been forgiven, for it is that remembrance that creates a forgiving heart towards your neighbours. To love an enemy is to see him as Christ does. The issue is not resolved until forgiveness is voiced and received from the heart. Do not allow confrontation to tear you down or pull you apart. Rather, see confrontation as a means of coming closer together, going together and being prepared together for an ever greater relationship. Do not reject anyone on account of weakness because the future is a mystery. You cannot say what will happen tomorrow; someone you reject today may be your strength or helper tomorrow. A person who is a thorn in your flesh today may be your helper tomorrow. If I reject you on account of your weakness, I also reject your strength. If a person is weak in one area, he may be strong in another area, the prophet concluded.


Mr and Mrs Shindume of Namibia were among those who shared their testimony. According to Mr Julius Shindume, he had been a drunkard for 24 years. In fact his wife, Vineyard was also a drunkard. The couple had gone to many places in an effort to stop the ugly habit without success. Luckily for them, their neighbour, a nurse who was a member of the Emmanuel TV team to Haiti, received some Anointing Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua when she visited The SCOAN. At home in Namibia, she invited the couple, prayed with the Anointing Water and ministered it to them. From the moment that the Anointing Water was ministered, the ugly habit stopped.

Testifying to the goodness of God

Mr Shindume reported that he had lost his job and was rejected by his family for his drinking habit. Holding his wife to himself in tears, he recollected how she had prayed fervently for him to deliver him from the shame. In her testimony, the wife confirmed that a week after praying with the nurse, they attended a burial ceremony of her husband’s sister but surprisingly, the husband never drank alcohol there, in spite of its ready availability there.

In his advice to his listeners, Julius asked them not to lose hope but to have faith in God who has answer to all problems.



Testifying to the glory of God.


Mr Jonathan Awewor of Delta but resident in Rivers, Nigeria narrated how he saw himself passing out blood for urine sometime in 1999. When he met his doctor, he was said to be suffering from staphylococcus. It also affected his sperm.  In reaction, a friend brought the Anointing Water to him for ministration. When he had prayed and ministered the Anointing Water, he dreamt that night that he saw a worm coming out of his finger.  After the dream, he went for a second test where he was told to be staphylococcus free. He advised all his listeners to get the Emmanuel TV cable and apply the Anointing Water in faith and the rest would be testimony.





No more setbacks

Mrs Ebere Uzonma, a media practitioner from Ebonyi, Nigeria took turns to tell the congregation about the goodness of the Anointing Water upon her life. In her words, her life before then was characterized by challenges, setbacks and disappointments.In fact, behind her media glamour was real hunger, she added. She received the Anointing Water last year and met the man of God who told her, ‘Go, your problems are over’. Thereafter, she had been praying daily with the Anointing Water and ministering it on herself in faith and today there is much difference in her life.  About 11 pm one day, she received a call which had since then changed her life. That singular call had brought many jobs to her as a media practitioner. She had left her government job and established her own magazine, The Kings. She was able to renovate her house which got burnt and also bought a new car. Her mission to The SCOAN was to thank God for the breakthrough received through the Anointing Water. Advising her listeners to believe in God, she added that they should take a step forward to the Source of power and blessing.



God can use any medium to express Himself



Mr and Mrs Chukwuka of Adamawa, Nigeria told the congregation that they had come to The SCOAN with the difficulty of delivery because the baby inside her womb was overweight, weighing 3.8 kilos. The doctor then prescribed an operation for her. She added that she lost her first baby for the same reason. In The SCOAN, they received the Anointing Water which they prayed with and applied. Moments after, labour started and by evening the same day, she had delivered her baby. She never even got to the hospital before her overweight baby came out safely! The couple thanked God for His mercy upon their lives.





The power of prayer

A video clip introduced the case of Mrs Nnena Ezema, a Nigerian in Cotonu, whose pregnancy could not be delivered because of wrong positioning as diagnosed by her doctor. She however, shunned the operation suggested by the doctor because she had done one before. She then came to The SCOAN, where Wise Man Racine prayed for her. At the time of prayer, the baby was already weak and no more kicking.  However, the grace of the Lord was present and soon after the prayer, she delivered safely. She advised the congregation to have faith in God with whom all things are possible.




Pastor Nneka Ekeleka from an idol worshipping community in Imo, Nigeria came to thank God for her deliverance. In her words, her father had been the custodian of the community idols in addition to his personal one. The birth of a new baby was usually an occasion for dancing and offering animals to the gods from which both adults and children in the family fed. Her father at her marriage gave part of the oracle to the father of her first husband. The two children she had in that marriage died.  Her second marriage broke down the same day. In her third marriage, they, realising the evil the oracle had caused in their family, persuaded their father to do away with it. That very night a demon attacked her in a dream and her father died. After the death of her father, her brother organised a crusade in which many oracles were burnt but they could not locate their father’s oracle. In an effort to get rid of her spiritual problems she underwent deliverances in many churches. During this time she attended a Bible School and at the end of her the course was made a pastor. Her final deliverance in The SCOAN in the hands of the Wise Men warded the demon from her life. In his reaction, her husband who watched her at home on Emmanuel TV during the deliverance, thanked God for his wife’s freedom from the bondage of the devil.  Prophet T.B. Joshua praised her for her efforts, adding that if not for her efforts to be delivered, she would have been dead or seriously sick in a wheel chair. He promised a meeting with her where he would tell her the area of her calling.


With God all things are possible

An 18 – year old girl, Portia accompanied by her mother, stunned the congregation with her odd habit of eating cement  and charcoal as revealed by her mother. She cultivated this habit five years before and grew with it till her mother brought her to The SCOAN. Portia revealed that she found all of these items sweet to eat. The habit, she said, developed five years earlier at a construction site where cement was being used.  She inhaled the scent of an opened bag of cement at the site and was attracted to it. Thereafter, she put the cement powder into her mouth and found it enjoyable.  Later, charcoal came in to diversify her menu.  In a string of surprises, Prophet T.B. Joshua, rather than proceeding to deliver her after she had confirmed the habit by eating these items in everybody’s presence, decided to use the medium of one of The SCOAN prayer lines.  In a phone conversation between her and the prayer warrior,

Deliverance in the power of the Holy Ghost!

Portia described her odd habit to the prayer warrior who, in turn proceeded to pray for her. At the mention of the name Jesus, Portia fell in deliverance and was declared free from her demonic addiction to eating cement and charcoal. On getting up after the deliverance, she said she had a sensation within her during the deliverance and that she became lighter than before.

To God be the glory!

Given those items which had been the mainstay of her diet, she withdrew at the sight of cement and charcoal, saying that as well as being bitter, they had lost their appeal to her as food.  She advised the young ones not to eat anything that is not food but make God’s Word the standard for their lives.


Taking the lead in a spirited mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked the congregation to pray to God to grant them the grace to be sensitive to His voice when He calls so that they would not be deceived by the devil. “Help me to be sensitive to Your voice. When it comes, let me know that it is Your voice.” The mass prayer session, which witnessed wild display among many who were demon-possessed, ushered the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers alike into a spiritual level where the devil can no more exploit their ignorance to deceive them. The service closed on a note of excitement as many left delighted about the new spiritual realm.

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The General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria, Prophet T.B. Joshua has attributed the backwardness of the African Continent to the dearth of consultants and elder statesmen.

Lamenting the situation, T.B. Joshua said that former presidents of the African Continent should, by virtue of their experience and wisdom, become fathers to all political parties, corporate societies, the business class and individuals alike instead of attaching themselves to particular political parties or ethnic groups. The world acclaimed faith healer and philanthropist said each time incumbent presidents in any African country look around for advice, they are disappointed because those they should look up to are busy fighting for one political group, ethnic nationality or another.

 Prophet T.B. Joshua advised that whenever an incumbent is leaving the seat of power, he should tell the whole world that henceforth, he is no more a member of any political party or group but father of the whole nation as an ex-president.

As one who has been there, he is in the best position to tell the incumbent and other groups alike what they should do to succeed, since experience is the best teacher. As a former president, he is well placed to serve as a consultant to all these groups. Others will look up to him for counsel to avoid pitfalls in the pursuit of success. In this way, he will bring harmony, cooperation and prosperity to the continent. The peace the continent requires for progress in all fields of endeavour will become a reality as a result. He urged ex-presidents and heads of state to come together and form a union which current leaders can look up to for direction. This will serve as a beacon of hope and force of unity for the continent in general and the various countries in particular. The union will also ensure that current presidents have access to it and its pool of rich experience for better governance.

 T.B. Joshua declared that the crises in Libya, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire, Tunisia and other countries could have been averted or minimized if ex-leaders had come together to form a union to curb the excesses of any current leader. He therefore calls for the urgency of this union for the good of the entire continent.

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In a few remarks of advice before opening the topic of his message, Wise Man Racine reminded the congregation of the protection the righteous man enjoys in the hand of God. In his words, the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. He advised them to be happy whereas there is nothing to be happy about on the outside. Some people, he went on, complain, lament and murmur in spite of being Christians. The cause, according to him, is that they are centred on what they are doing.  Taking a cue from this, the wise man entitled his sermon, ‘See Beyond Your Situation’ and opened to Psalm 91:14 as his proof text. The Lord, he said, has given assurance to all believers of His protection. Troubles, he continued, do not require any invitation before they come. However, when they come, we should be determined because we are not alone. The devil uses our situation to tempt us. Temptations to sin are the most grievous because they are messengers of satan.  You should not listen to them because you are not alone. Situations make people act out of character. How do you handle temptations?  God, according to him, uses foolish things to prepare us for new things in life. He first humbles those he intends to honour so that they will not be conceited. He cited Daniel in the lion’s den, Joseph and his travails and Anna’s barrenness for years as Biblical cases to buttress his point.  He assured his listeners that their problems were meant to prepare them for the blessings of God. He also echoed Prophet T.B. Joshua’s advice to listeners to be careful when entering temptations allowed by God so as not to think it strange and doubt their Guard. When temptations come, there is a purpose. They are meant to draw you closer to God.  As a man of faith, victory is yours. A man of faith is led by an indwelling Spirit of grace that is greater than him. He does everything out of a heart of peace, not for sheer popularity. He believes that when he is weak, he is strong. Any confidence that is based on the outside cannot stand the test of time. Jesus is my Healer whether he heals me or not. This is confidence based on faith. With the Word of God in our heart, our confidence is settled and nothing can change us. The heart must be grounded and rooted in the Word of God. If you must speak, you must think first and in accordance with the Word of God. The words we speak create the curses or blessings that come our way. Your words dominate your life because they express your thoughts which are the seeds of your life. You cannot be above your words. A poor man acting poor and enjoying the company of poor people will remain poor. My words need cleansing because my heart needs cleansing.  Our heart is cleansed by focusing on the Word of God. Faith focuses on God, not on the situation. Your faith is your personal situation focused on God and His sufficiency. When difficult times come your way, examine all things in the light of God’s Word and listen to the testimonies of your conscience. God’s Word points you to life though your situation may point you to death. The answer to your situation is the Word of God. The Word of God is sure, eternal and cannot fail. You should see beyond your situation where there is God’s purpose for your life. Your situation is meant to draw you closer to God. Once you believe the Word of God, success is yours, the wise man concluded.


After commending the message given by Wise Man Racine, Prophet T.B. Joshua turned to the viewers under the influence of the telecast and assured them that once they listened; their prayers would answer, adding that distance was no barrier. The prophet gave a sermon, which he entitled, ‘Overcome Your Doubt’ and told his listeners that the best saints have need for the help that can make their faith stronger. He drew his listener’s attention to some Biblical characters to make his point.  According to him, Abraham in Genesis 15:6, Gideon in Judges 6:36-37 and John the Baptist in Matthew 11, needed signs to make their faith stronger. Though he believed, John the Baptist wanted concrete signs to make his faith set that Jesus was the expected Messiah. Many people in the Bible who we consider pillars of faith had moments of doubt. This however, does not mean that they had less faith but that their faith was challenged in a new way. Moments of doubt arise when unusual things come one’s way. If you are genuinely seeking salvation from God in the midst of doubt, He will not mind because at the end, your doubt will move you closer to God. When situations in life challenge your faith, they should move you closer to God, not farther away from Him. In situations of poverty, sickness and the like, one seems to be tempted to doubt His ability or desire to help. When one’s faith is challenged in a new way, what one has not experienced before in one’s life cropping up will generate panic, anxiety, worry and doubt in one’s faith.  John the Baptist, Peter and many Biblical heroes struggled with many doubts. However, doubt can become a sin if it leads you away from God to scepticism, cynicism and then to hard-heartedness. As you move closer to God, you will find the strength to trust God. One of satan’s strategies or tactics is to get you to doubt God’s goodness. One should be patient because God’s time is the best. Satan tries to make you forget all that God has given you and focus on what you do not have. If you spend your time thinking about what you do not have, you may be slipping into unhealthy doubt. Today, we only acknowledge the immediate goodness of God when we receive and thereafter, we never mention that miracle or blessing. The sickness you had in the past, others had it and died while many others are still on the sickbed. You may think it was an ordinary sickness but people die of the sickness every day. Do not doubt God’s desire or ability to help you. When David, a rustic boy (1 Samuel 17:37) was brought to the king to defend his cause, he simply testified to how God delivered, saved and rescued him from the mouth of lion and bear at his tender age. Today, people will mention only the immediate ones and forget those at their tender age. God gives everyone plenty of evidence to believe in Him. Doubt comes when we fail to stop long enough to observe all the evidence. Once in a while, we should create time to reflect over God’s track record in our lives. Many who are from poverty-stricken and sickness–ridden families are able to live above all that today. We are like a man who prayed that he had no shoes and when God gave him money, he went to the market and met another man who had no legs. You should review God’s track record in your life and you will realise that many of you have come from nowhere to somebody. When you take time to review God’s track record, it would grow confidence that He would work in your present situation. Your situation is not like others’ but for the glory of God. You will grow confident that a solution is forthcoming and that God will never fail or abandon you because He never did so in the past.  Be patient and let God answer your questions on His own schedule, not on yours. God’s time is the best. At His time, it is all good.


At the instance of the prophet, some of the striking incidents and prophecies of the previous Sunday service were visited on video.  In course of the mass prayer, the prophet issued a message that there was a woman in the congregation whose sexual urge remained unsatisfied after she had a love encounter with a dog in her dream and he asked the woman in question to come out for deliverance. The woman having been delivered the previous Sunday, re-emerged accompanied by her husband as directed for a testimony. In her testimony, the woman who went by the name Tina Ekezie, narrated her encounter with a dog in her dream after which her marriage was destroyed. She had prayed and fasted but all to no avail.  Her marriage after that lacked love for her husband and witnessed much quarrel and hatred. She however, added that after the deliverance her admiration for her husband fully surfaced again. In his testimony, the husband, Eugene Ekezie told the congregation that the radiance displayed by his wife was the function of his money when he was doing well as a kerosene dealer. Since his downfall however, his wife’s attitude and affection for him had become zero, causing a cat and dog relationship between them. Mrs Tina Ekezie knelt before her husband in apology for her past misbehaviour and promised a positive change. The man of God however promised to counsel them on their economic downturn, which seemed to have partially dissipated Tina’s affection.


Another clip revealed the prophet issuing a prophecy to a Kenyan lady as he laid hands on the congregation. In the prophecy, he saw the woman living where men were coming to her for sex. She was living as a harlot. The prophecy also added that her father abandoned her as a child and that frustration had led her to that style of life. It concluded that her father owed her an apology for all that. The lady who bore Nelly Wangari as her name confirmed the entire prophecy as true and she was delivered. She retold the prophecy and recounted all the hardship and name calling she went through because of her father’s behaviour. The man of God consoled her, told her that all was past, that God was her Father and that she would soon know why God allowed that suffering in her life.


The next video clip unfolded the prophet as he issued a prophetic message to a man who sent his wife away on the rumour that she was enjoying an extra-marital relationship. The prophecy ended in two questions. The man was asked whether he was sure he had not sent an innocent woman away and how had his life been since he ejected his wife from the marital home.  A man who called himself Emmanuel and the suspected wife emerged from the congregation to say the prophecy referred to them. In his testimony, the man said that neighbours used to tell him when he came home that his wife had developed the habit of going out often and coming in late and that she might have a lover outside. That was the basis of his action.  The man of God however, told him that the wife was innocent and that the husband was to blame for the challenges that made her go out. In her testimony, Janet, the suspected wife said her husband sent her out because he suspected her with one man. The prophet confirmed her innocence and promised to reconcile them.


A fairly aged man, Kayode by name, mounted the platform with a photograph of his burnt building and started by apologising to the man of God and the congregation that he had not been paying his tithes. He then added that his house was burnt because of the carelessness of one of his tenants with a generator. The entire roof of the storeyed building was burnt and needed rehabilitation. The man of God blamed him for his failure to contribute to the growth of the church in spite of his wealth. A cash gift of one million naira was given to him to put the building in order.


A couple who named themselves as Mr and Mrs Oghobo mounted the stage to say they had been barren for twelve years before they received the Anointing Water. They prayed over the Anointing Water after fasting and met as a couple. That very month, according to the man, the woman missed her period. They had gone to many places and medical doctors in search of a pregnancy but without success. The man of God commended them for fasting before ministering the Anointing Water quite unlike many who would just gulp it as soon as they received it. Thanking God for His mercy on their lives, the couple wished their listeners the same fortune in the hand of the Lord.


Mrs Linda Chinwe and her miracle baby mounted the podium next for their testimony. According to her, she had been barren for fifteen years. Her sister in-law brought her to The SCOAN to collect the Anointing Water. It was that, according to her, that ended her infertility because as soon as they met as a couple, she became pregnant. At the time of the testimony, her baby was five months old. She thanked God for His mercy and advised her listeners to have faith in God.


Mr and Mrs Ani-Nweke climbed the platform to tell their listeners about their ugly experience with miscarriages. They said they came to The SCOAN to meet the man of God for that very reason and he gave them the Anointing Water.  They met as a couple after ministering the Anointing Water and the wife became pregnant. They thanked God for His mercy in their lives.


The video clip revealed a prophecy given by the Wise Man to a pregnant woman in which he reminded her of her unpleasant experience with her earlier pregnancy and her recent dreams in which she used to eat and see dead people. He told her that a similar misfortune might befall her, if she was not delivered.  After delivering her, the wise man told her to go home and enjoy a safe delivery. At the end of the video clip, Mr and Mrs Chukwuma climbed the platform to say that the clip was about them. Mrs Chukwuma retold the story as already told on the clip and added that it was on the 14th of August, 2011 that she was in The SCOAN. Her husband added that she delivered her baby safely on the 6th of September, 2011. Both thanked God for His mercy and advised their listeners to take time to remember the way God had worked in their lives.


The next clip revealed how the Anointing Water worked wonders in the Church of Signs and Wonders, India where Pastor Narula ministered it. Practically everybody who received a spray of the Anointing Water fell down in deliverance. Many cases of healing and deliverance were recorded there, like in the other places where it had been ministered.


Widows and their children of school age trooped to the platform to receive cash gifts from the prophet to pay their fees for the term. Their spokespersons praised the man of God for making it possible for them to enjoy formal education without tears despite being orphans and seized the opportunity to appeal to other well-to-do Nigerians to emulate the good gesture of the prophet. Among those who spoke were Ebele, Ossai and Caroline Akinpelumu.  One Alfred R. among them had physically challenged parents. A total sum of 6 million naira was disbursed to them.  As usual, we always have cause to praise the Lord for His marvellous blessings in our lives. May His mighty name be extolled forever!

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Prophet T.B. Joshua

Working hand in hand with the choir, Prophet T. B. Joshua proceeded to give the sermon, taking advantage of the short break by the choir. He entitled the message, Faith Acts In Concert. He referred the congregation to Romans 10:1-17. After the reading, the man of God asserted that there were two natures in a person and that the just would live by faith. Faith, according to him, acts in concert with other spiritual forces to accomplish the purpose of God. He cited holiness, consecration, judgment, evangelism and the love of God as some of the other spiritual forces that team with faith to develop man spiritually. He however hinted that some people seem to choose a few words and live by them. They want to pick out healing and prosperity among others as their spiritual foundation. In crusades and revival gatherings, such words as prosperity, healing and deliverance are echoed to attract attendance. Such people are not eager about such other areas of the Bible as consecration, holiness, judgment, evangelism and the love of God, which work in concert with faith to develop man spiritually. Many seem merely concerned with receiving from God. We would then pray, “Give me, God; heal me…” It is true that the Word of God talks about healing and receiving but we cannot give to others until we ourselves have received something from God. In this case, we have a role to play. We cannot rely on bits and pieces from the Scriptures. Our knowledge of the Bible must be broad and holistic. We need the whole counsel of God, all the bits and pieces strung, fastened and laced together in our lives to develop into a strong spiritual man. Faith and love must work together to be effective. Sometimes, it seems that the people who preoccupy themselves with faith, talk faith, live faith, believe faith and know faith do not have much love. Where is love today among men? Many people believe that faith is the greatest quality but the Bible, in 1 Corinthians 13 :13, says the greatest is love because faith works by love. Love is the more important because it is the force that sets faith working. Your faith cannot work without love. This is why many believers cannot use their faith. Their faith is latent, dormant. What is love? Love looks around for those who are in need, the sick, the poor and all those who need help. Love is tolerant and does not criticize; love puts up with anything and is happy when others are happy. Love rejoices when others give testimony; love does not compare itself to others. It does not measure itself by itself; it is content. In a tribute to his mother whom the prophet described as a symbol of love, he told his listeners that she advised him that when he did not seem to receive or hear from God, he should look into his love walk. This is because faith without love cannot receive, bless or heal. Many can quote the Word and boast about how much they know God but they do not seem to receive; lack of love may be the cause. If you have taken God’s Word to heart and truly made it part of you, you will be blessed; you will fear no circumstances because you can do all things through Christ. Taking the Word to heart and truly making it part of you, will by its very nature, change you. Love has no time for critics. You cannot use wrong to fight wrong. We fight wrong with good. Many believers have stifled their faith by failing to show love. Failure to show love can shut down one’s spiritual walk with the Lord.


We must be careful in entering into temptation but if God allows it as a trial, we must not think it strange and doubt our Guard.

We must not think strong and tempt the devil to tempt us and provoke God to leave us to our strength.

A video clip unfolded a prophecy given by the prophet in which he urged people to fast and pray on Wednesday and Thursday and read Psalm 91. He asked those travelling by air to read Psalm 91 because he could see ‘Breaking news’ about the crashing of a plane and that it would occur on Wednesday. He urged congregants to inscribe a sign of the cross on their foreheads and pray for those travelling on Wednesday all over the world. This prophecy foretold the crash of the Russian plane that was conveying an ice hockey team on Wednesday 7 September 2011. The breaking news report showed that the plane had crashed on its way to a tournament and that all but two had perished in the crash. The prophet then asked congregants and the world at large to pray for the families of those who had died.


Mrs Emiliana Shitindi, who was delivered in the church the previous Sunday, accompanied by her husband, had come from Tanzania to the prophet to seek deliverance from the contrary spirits which made her eat charcoal. The woman and her husband appeared on the platform to confirm the addiction to charcoal and her deliverance during the previous Sunday service. The prophet added that she had been made to stay for the week so that her eating behaviour after the deliverance could be monitored. Both the woman and her husband confirmed that since the deliverance her addiction to charcoal stopped completely. They thanked God and the man of God for her deliverance from that evil spirit.


A prophecy from Wise Man Daniel was then shown, as he issued a prophecy to a pregnant woman. In the prophecy, the wise man reminded the woman of a dream she had which had been frightening her ever since. The wise man told her that she had been very worried since she had the dream and that she had been thinking about operation. He dissuaded her from going for an operation, adding that if she went, she would not survive it. Thereafter, he prayed for the baby to be repositioned in the womb and told her to go home and deliver her baby boy safely without operation. At the end of the clip, a woman, Mrs Adegoke with a child in her arms, stepped out to the platform to introduce herself as the subject of the prophecy. She further confirmed the prophecy as relayed and added that while pregnant, she had a dream in which she was shown a coffin of hers and after that dream, her thought was dogged with fear until she came to The SCOAN. It was after the deliverance by Wise Man Daniel that the fearful thought vanished from her mind. She added that she later delivered a bouncing baby boy as prophesied by the wise man. The congregation praised the Lord for her safe delivery.


In course of the mass prayer the previous Sunday, those who had contrary spirits began to manifest under the influence of the Holy Spirit. A ten –year –old boy among them clenched his fists and ground his teeth as he rolled on the floor. Thanks to God, he was later delivered through prayer from the prophet. After the clip was over, the boy and his parents appeared on the podium for confirmation and their testimony. The father, Pastor Joshua Musa told the congregation that they observed at a time that their son exhibited strange traits of behaviour and stubbornness. As parents, his wife and he had done all they could to have him delivered but without success. It was in the continued effort to deliver him that made them bring him to The SCOAN. Luckily for them, according to the father, their son was entrapped in the pervading anointing of the church during the mass prayer and he manifested the evil spirit in him. After deliverance by the man of God, their son had become normal, the father concluded. In his testimony, the boy, Joshua Musa revealed that he had the habit of watching cartoons from which he was infected with the spirit of lion, which he also saw in his dream. He was led to the evil kingdom in the dream where he obtained powers for his hand and teeth. The power for the hand was for stealing and destroying while that for the teeth was for biting. After his testimony, the prophet asked him to shout the name, ‘Jesus’. As soon as he did that, he fell down in total deliverance. The family of Pastor Musa then thanked God, the church and Prophet T. B. Joshua for the deliverance of their son.


A video clip revealed a boy whose eye had been afflicted with cancer. It was a pitiable sight to behold as the affected eye was so swollen that the entire face of the boy, Nosa Irabor by name, was disfigured in addition to the perceived pain in it. In the prayer line, the man of God stretched his hand at him and issued the words, ‘You are free’. Three weeks after that, the boy, then healed, came for his testimony. He came again to the church for the same testimony last Sunday after 13 years. This time, he came not as a boy but as a full-grown man close to 30 years. Recounting his ordeal as an adult, Mr Nosa Irabor recounted the steps he took to seek healing in the homes of witch doctors and hospitals where doctors told him that he would undergo an operation. He never got healing until that historic stretching of the arm at him by the prophet to declare him free. Thirteen years after the healing in The SCOAN, the affected eye is as normal as the unaffected one and only by story telling would one would know that the eye was once affected by cancer. Mr Irabor, like the rest before him, thanked God and the man of God for his healing.


A woman, Mrs Fatima Dalhatu mounted the platform for her testimony. She narrated to her listeners how the Anointing Water had healed her of the brain tumour that had held her down for 13 years. All that time, she experienced vomiting and constant headaches as symptoms of the disease. As a patient of the dreaded disease, she had been to hospitals for cure but without success. At a stage, she was advised by her doctors to go to India for an operation. To do that, she revealed, she would need the sum of 2.7 million naira. In their dilemma, her husband brought her to The SCOAN, where they received the Anointing Water. After praying and ministering the Anointing Water, she clearly experienced total healing which was later confirmed by her doctor. She happily thanked God for using the Anointing Water to heal her.


A couple, Mr and Mrs Darlington mounted the podium to unfold the story of their deliverance from eight years of barrenness with the ministration of the Anointing Water. In their plight as a barren couple, the husband revealed, they became the object of ridicule among friends and neighbours who said they had sacrificed their children to obtain wealth. It was during a confrontation with one of the men who assaulted his wife in his absence that Mr Darlington ran into a deputy superintendent of police who, after settling the quarrel, introduced him to Prophet T. B. Joshua and the Anointing Water. The couple visited The SCOAN as a way of paying heed to the advice of the officer and received the Anointing Water. They prayed over the Anointing Water and met as a couple. At the time of the testimony, the wife was pregnant and thus closed the chapter of barrenness in their marriage. They both thanked God for using the Anointing Water to end their barrenness.


A man, Mr Moses Nosa from Edo, Nigeria who described himself as a pastor was among those who manifested evil spirits during the mass prayer the previous Sunday. The man revealed that he acquired evil powers by reading many books including the seven books of Moses. He mounted a shrine in his house where he practised his powers and occasionally sacrificed animals to it. He founded a church, which never thrived possibly, because of his evil interests. A snake used to chase members of his church from the church and a friend attempted to help him to revive the church through evil means. Among his items of power was one he called the spirit of echo. Even though he used his powers to make money from those who visited him for help, he found that the money left him even poorer and more miserable than before.

At the end of the service, the man of God gave him the Anointing Water to spray at his temple at home to dispossess it of all its powers. The prophet then asked him to hold some of the items he had brought from his shrine as he was about to deliver him. Mr Nosa held the echo, a garment and the seven books of Moses and the prophet delivered him in the name of Jesus.

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide can hardly fully express their joy in the Lord for the many wonders He manifests among them.

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After the choir had prepared the atmosphere with tunes for the Holy Spirit,  Wise Man Christopher emerged for the Sunday message. Greeting the congregation warmly and wishing them easy transformation from darkness to light, he proceeded to pray with them. ‘I believe in your Word’, he went on, as the congregation repeated after him. ‘In your Word is my salvation, redemption and victory’, the wise man took the congregation through a length of heart- lifting prayer to the Lord.  Beginning with a short story of a Christian friend who wondered why he had trials in his life in spite of his devotion to the work of God, the wise man advised that trials and tribulations were part of Christianity. In his words, the Bible says everyone who works with the Lord will have testing but that as a child of God, your trouble is not like others’; it is for the glory of God. Trouble comes not because of any wrong step but because we are in a complex and contradictory world. The children of God, according to him, are passing through this world to a place prepared for them. This Is Not Heaven, he aptly titled his message. Citing John 16:33 as his proof text, the wise man said Jesus overcame for us and so we shall overcome, though there will be disappointments, as said in the proof text. In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Apostle Paul derived strength from the Lord. My grace is made perfect in your weakness. Though Apostle Paul was tormented by a thorn in his flesh, the grace of Christ was sufficient for him  and so for us, the wise man affirmed. Continuing, he said the thorn of Christ makes easy and sanctifies our thorns. Jesus took our place in afflictions. Troubles are designed for our spiritual development and  to advance our course. Our situation could be to humble us but to leave us dignified at last. Spiritual burdens are ordered to cure spiritual pride. He allows poverty and setback to humble us. He will however, prepare us for it. Those God calls for service, He makes fit for it, Deuteronomy 28:7. The enemies will come in a united manner but they will be confounded and routed by the superior power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is greater than all the combined forces of hell. He has conquered death for our sake to bring us to the Father. To hope is to look forward to a Heavenly home that will last forever.  Stones were hurled at Stephen but his affection for God’s command was regular because of his hope, Acts 7:54. In Romans 8:35-39, Paul advised Christians to keep the solid front in the face of sickness. The rich should not concentrate on their wealth or the poor on their situation because a man may be poor, yet be a candidate of Heaven. Citing Luke 6:20- 26, the wise man recited the beatitudes. Don’t doubt the genuineness of your spiritual experience or question your sonship of Christ because of your situation. The promise of God can only be appropriated by faith which comes through hearing and obeying the Word of God. We were elected before the foundation of the world to inherit the Kingdom of God. Faith is a necessary condition to access Heaven. Faith purifies and justifies us and removes the guilt of sin. The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears. Fear not, for those who are fighting for you are more than those out to destroy you. Because you know that Heaven is your permanent Home, let everything that has to do with you be redeemed now and forever, the wise man prayed in conclusion.



A lot of Christians, Prophet T. B. Joshua said, after commending the message, grumble and despair about their situation because their lives are centred on how they are doing. How clearly, he asked, do we really see our lives? When you look at your life, what do you see? Do you see your life the way Jesus sees it? Continuing, the prophet added, ‘A man I met yesterday told me that the Holy Spirit gave him an idea but advised him not to take the credit.’ Don’t take the credit, he echoed, is a Word from the Holy Ghost. It is all about Jesus, he said. All we do is to give back what we have received from His generous hands. Don’t take the credit, he reminded his listeners. Citing Mark 11:1, he said whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed’, and does not doubt in his heart, it will be done. The prophet emphasized the prayer of faith. The object of our faith is God. Have faith in God, Jesus said, according to him. Teaching today, he went on, encourages believers to have faith in faith. On the contrary, he maintained, it should be on the finished work of Jesus. Because He is good all the time, I can bring my request to Him and cast my cares  upon Him. Why complain, murmur or despair? Realising that He is God and I am not; that He is a Father and I am but a child; He is a Shepherd; I am a straying sheep, I should have faith in God. We often hear, he continued, that prayer changes things but this is not entirely true. Prayer, he corrected, changes us; faith causes things to happen. Advising his listeners to have faith in God, he added, today we pray but lack the necessary faith to release the belief in our hearts. There is power in our mouth; the belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth. Faith requires us to speak the Word before we feel or see the result. The object of faith, he concluded, is God.



Delivered the previous Sunday from the spirit of eating sand and mattress, Ammen in company with his mother appeared on the platform to confirm the deliverance after the video clip refreshed viewers’ minds. Mrs Izah, the mother joyfully told the congregation that her son no more  had no appetite for those things after the deliverance.  Confirming her mother’s testimony in response to the prophet’s questions, Ammen said that he wanted to be a pastor to pray for the sick, so that they would not die and agreed to submit himself to the fasting and prayer demanded by the profession.


A woman from Anambra, Nigeria and her 14 year-old son took the platform and told the congregation that the son had been eating sand and mattress since the age of four. She added that her watching the deliverance of a girl from Tanzania on Emmanuel TV, fuelled her visit to The SCOAN regarding their plight. Enlightening his listeners on his affliction, Onyeka Ibiano said that at night, an object appeared to him and that caused the addiction to sand and mattress since that time. After touching and staring at him for a while, the prophet declared him free.





A video clip revealed Wise Man Racine as he laid hands on worshippers and asking one man among them, ‘Who are you?’ ‘Nobody’, the man responded. Worried that the man’s deliverance was not thorough as he never opened up, the prophet insisted on his re-deliverance.  Confirming that he never opened up, Chukwemeka Paul, accompanied by his wife, agreed to open up and told the story of his life. He admitted being a cultist in a group of boys who delighted in drinking, robbing  and raping girls. Threatened in Nigeria, he went to Ghana where he discovered that security awareness was even higher and he decided to go into computer training. He married in Ghana but did not approach lovemaking in a normal way, afflicted by the spirit of raping. In a way he never quite understood, he found himself in The SCOAN and after his second deliverance, he demanded to know from the prophet whether the wife who had had twins by him was his God-given wife. He explained that they enjoyed no peace in their marriage and the wife often nagged, calling him a baby especially because of his age. He added that he enjoyed peace more with other women than with his wife. The wife narrated that the man lured her into cultism after she married him. They came into the relationship through a call given to her by the erroneous tapping of just a digit by the man who had intended to call his sister. She was not surprised because her church had told her that her prospective husband would locate her in such a manner. She however complained about the raping approach of her husband to lovemaking. The man of God delivered them and declared their marriage sanctified from Heaven.







The osude family from Anambra, Nigeria, though resident in Lagos, appeared on the platform for their  testimony.
According to the spokesperson among them, they came for the Monday service where Wise Man Christopher prayed and laid hands on them. But on Wednesday, they noticed that their sister, Ikechukwu started to display signs and antics of evil attacks causing her to be violent. It was in that state of violence that they brought her back to the church. As the wise man laid hands on Ikechukwu on the Monday in question, she opened up in a smile and Wise Man Christopher told her that he knew her and she knew he knew her. In her testimony after the second deliverance in the prayer line, she told her listeners that after the Monday service, she began to behave funnily and talk nonsense by Wednesday and so her family brought her to The SCOAN on Thursday. She said she possessed many evil spirits which gave her all sorts of powers that she used to wreck the lives of her parents and siblings.  She said her misbehaviour began at the age of five, when she was afflicted with the spirits of lust and gluttony among others. At the age of five, she was fond of watching herself act before a mirror, where a woman appeared to her and asked her whether she would be her friend. She agreed and thereafter, she played with the woman often, though unnoticed by other people. She started having meetings in the spirit world and had astral powers by which she visited many parts of the world effortlessly. She attacked members of her family one after the other. She afflicted her father with high blood pressure and made him a debtor. She wrecked her mother’s business and rendered her sisters jobless in spite of their very good degrees in International Relations.  At the end of her breath-taking and most surprising confession, she pleaded with the man of God to deliver her family from all the evils of the devil for the past 50 years.



The miraculous work of the Anointing Water in the four corners of the earth was shown on Emmanuel TV. In country after country where the Anointing Water was administered, the atmosphere became charged with anointing that set the devil and all its evil spirits in confusion and disarray. Many of the faithful in such locations became delivered   from ailments which many prayers of yesteryears were yet to free them from. In eager anticipation of the miracles associated with the Anointing Water, congregants besieged the venues in their thousands before the appointed time of service. To the glory of God, they were not disappointed because many left the scene with testimonies of deliverance and healing. That was the picture in London, UK; Athens, Greece; Cape Town, South Africa; Accra, Ghana and other locations where the Anointing Water was ministered.  In Cameroon, where the man of God had just okayed a house fellowship for a family about a month before, the congregation was so much that the man of God, in his surprise, never knew how to classify it. Equally amazing, according to the family granted the concession, was the dumbfounding work of the Anointing Water in deliverance and healing.



Mr John Mark of Kogi State but working in Katsina as a chief superintendent of police also mounted the platform for his testimony. He said he had come to The SCOAN on 31st December for a breakthrough service during the candle night. He added that the man of God prophesied about violence in the country and advised worshippers to obtain both the Anointing Water and the Wristband, which he did. On a date in May 2011, water came out of his Wristband unusually like sweat.  Not quite sure how to react to the situation, he stayed put in his office until his phone rang and a voice asked him to take one of the vehicles for patrol on one of the major streets. He noticed that as he came out of the office, the sweat on the Wristband stopped. He never knew that at that time, hoodlums had come to plant bombs in the police premises. As soon as he drove out for the patrol, he had a terrible sound of the detonated bomb that brought the entire office down in rubbles.  To his surprise, the portion of the office block where he hung the portrait of the man of God and the Anointing Water stood strong and unaffected by the bomb blast. The panel of investigators who had earlier suspected that he had secret knowledge of the blast before it happened, in view of the fact that it was just ten minutes after he left when the blast occurred, became convinced that his safety was the work of God when they saw the Anointing Water and the portrait still hanging safely. Before then, the service provider had no record too of the voice that invited him out of the office. It was the Holy Spirit, they then realised, that took him out of the office and death by that call. Thanking God for His mercy, Mr John Mark remarked that he had become a different person and that his life was no more his. As regards the breakthrough for which he came for the candle light service, Mr John told his listeners that he got it in many areas of his life.



Mrs Ogeshi Okeke from Imo State joyfully mounted the podium to tell her listeners that after the hand- laying ceremony of the very day, she went to the ladies to check herself following the sensation she received when Wise Man Racine laid hands on her.  She had, since her miscarriage last December, lost her menstruation and was longing for it. In the ladies, she saw that her menstruation had miraculously surfaced and she thanked God most spiritedly for the miracle, reassuring her listeners that everything happen at the opportune time and that nothing is beyond God. It is all praise to God almighty as we watch the miracles  which we read in the Bible happening again ceaselessly in our time.

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