The overcoming presence of God’s glory and the power of the Holy Ghost were unmistakably prevalent on Sunday as, in His infinite mercy, He filled The SCOAN with the anointing that brought healing and deliverance to the sick and afflicted, shattering chains and setting the captives free. The instant the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, spoke the word of authority and commanded satan’s grip to loose, Heavens’ response was spontaneous as people caught the fire, fell under the anointing and vomited poisonous substances to signify the expulsion of darkness for light. Those who worshipped through Emmanuel TV and other various mediums, were as equally convicted by the living and piercing Word of God as those that were physically present at the Arena of Liberty as satan lost his hold on their lives and bowed out.




Mounting the pulpit, the man of God meticulously dwelled on the important issue of faith, outlining deep things that are a hindrance to prayer. Flipping to the book of Hebrews 4:3, he pinpointed freedom of the spirit as one such barrier, noting that when one’s spirit is free it becomes sensitive to the Spirit of God unlike when it is in a state of dullness, worry and anxiety.


He explained, “Even when you are in the presence of God, you are worried. It is due to the activity of the devil’s nature. Keep your heart from cares, worry, anxiety or concern because Christianity lies in the heart. When you pray over some matter and yet afterwards, you find yourself still worrying over it, still full of anxious concern, just as if you have never prayed at all, it is because your spirit is not free. When your spirit is not free, it can never be sensitive to the Spirit of God. It can never feel the Spirit of God. It can never be attracted to the Spirit of God.”


Delivering an insight to powerful and effective prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua said prayer for any matter should be followed by an attitude of absolute trust in God that He is now working out the answer. 


“You believe God will do it for you and He has been doing it for you. Why are you troubled, anxious and worried, then? Is it because you are afraid that He will not do it well? Christian faith demands that we truly rest in which the heart is free from worry, anxiety, depression, pressure and burdens, free from labour – that is Christian faith. For your heart to be free from worry, for your body to be free from labour, you must have faith in the finished work of our Lord, Jesus Christ, not faith in yourself. Faith is a gift from God”, he said before proceeding to minister prophecy to individuals and the world.




Earlier, Wise Man Christopher dispatched an encouraging message titled: No Competition In Destiny, saying, “The beauty in creation is that human beings long for eternity, yet they cannot understand what God has done from the beginning to the end. God allows everything to take place at their appointed time and season. We may not understand it, but it is this that constitutes the beauty in creation.”


Where God’s anointing flows, testimonies are endless. Scores of people lined up to give their testimonies of what God has accomplished in their lives. We give you a selected few of the testimonies:



Anthony Ochieng from Kenya and his mother, Mary Ochieng, came to share an astounding testimony of deliverance from bedwetting since birth.


The mother narrated the horrible situation the family had found themselves in as a result of her son’s affliction. They thought that it would be a temporary problem that would fade with age but instead of the bedwetting to reduce, it became worse. “He gave up on life at an early age”, she explained, adding that he would wet himself anywhere he was, including at school or in the car. He would force himself to stay awake at night and wait in an attempt to avoid waking up soaked but each night ended in disappointment.




Because of the bullying he was receiving at school, his parents moved him to another school with fewer students but that didn’t help either. The teasing continued and, as a result, Anthony became bitter, violent and rude, fighting every day. Mrs Ochieng would always be called to come and get her son as the teachers could not handle him. He was sent out from school and Mary found another one for him. In the third school, he got so bad that he started fighting the teachers. It was a sad day indeed when the headteacher called her to the office declaring that she should withdraw Anthony from the school and that they didn’t want her money. They also refused to issue a letter to enable them to apply for another school for Anthony.


One day, Anthony called his brother and told him that if his bedwetting did not stop, he was going to jump off the roof and end his life. His father and mother decided to give themselves to prayer. A short time later, a friend called her from the USA and asked if she knew T.B. Joshua. She had not but began to search on the internet and watch videos of the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. She later installed Emmanuel TV in the house. One day, she was watching and a lady was giving testimony concerning deliverance from bedwetting. She instantly called Anthony to come and watch and told him by faith, “Ours must be over today!” Anthony on his own responded by getting a pen and paper and writing a letter: “Dear Jesus, God of T.B. Joshua, please help me to stop bedwetting and be a good boy”. He then placed the letter on the screen of Emmanuel TV and held it there until the man of God had finished praying. A few minutes later, he felt tired and went to bed. The next morning, to his mother’s shock and surprise, he came out and told her that the bed was not wet.


A curse of 15 years had been broken in a moment. Within a few months, Anthony returned to school and is now doing well. The affliction of bedwetting is only a memory and the rage and bitterness have completely disappeared.


Immaculately dressed, Anthony advised all viewers that they can receive their freedom just by watching Emmanuel TV and having faith in the name of Jesus.



Successfully running a thriving spare parts business in Cameroon, Chief Kenneth Chukwuma was an undisputable guru in his trade for over 26 years when one day the devil hit.  A raging fire burnt down the shop and consumed everything he had laboured for, reducing to ashes property worth a whopping 350million naira. Shocked and himself equally gutted, he toyed with the idea of committing suicide as life no longer mattered to him.



On advice from his friend, he came to The SCOAN to seek the face of God. It was to mark the rebirth of his fortunes. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, blessed him with the Anointing Water and advised him to minister it, in Jesus’ name, in the same shop that was now in rubbles. He prayed and asked God to restore him. Not long after, people who owed him money, started to pay back and he soon relaunched his business. To God be the glory, he now boasts of more than what the fire had destroyed. He also managed to build a magnificent residence in Cameroon where he has also now been appointed President of Nigerians living in Northern Cameroon. He can once again call himself a successful man.


He advised: “Trust God because he is the ultimate.”





Mr Innocent who lives and studied in Ukraine, came to share what God has done in his life. He came to The SCOAN in 2002 due to the career setback he had been facing. He had previously won an award for his educational ability but despite this, he could not move forward in his education. He went to three different educational institutions but did not gain admission to the courses he chose. He became confused and didn’t know what to do. After his visit to The SCOAN, he had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua talking to him and discussing many things. When he woke up, he remembered ‘Engineering’. So he started to look for a course in Engineering. He found a course in Ukraine and applied for the national university.  He was accepted and God made a way for him to travel and start the course in Ukraine. As he started, his grades would range from a couple of A’s and B’s then all else would be C’s; for him to pass that would not do. He started watching Emmanuel TV through the internet and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. His grades began to improve and throughout his third year he got straight A’s. He was awarded with a certificate for best student of the year and got a GPA of 5 out of 5. Needless to say, he achieved a first class certificate in telecommunications engineering. An educational turnaround indeed!



Miss Kehinde Afolabi traced her pitiable life story to when she was only two years old. She had been sexually abused and unbeknown to her, an evil spirit of lust that would torment her for many years, had entered her. At age 15, she discovered she had a chronic lust for men and every man she wanted, she got. In a day, she would sleep with up to seven men purely for satisfaction. She had no control over herself, sleeping in guest houses with all sorts of men older than her. Later, she decided to travel to South Africa, hoping to eke out a new life. It only got worse. Sad to say, every man she slept with would eventually abuse and kick her out of his house. Inevitably she was introduced to prostitution which entailed the same lifestyle she had been living but included cash this time. The word love never existed in her life and she went to do abortions a number of times.




Last month, she encountered a man on the internet whom she befriended and agreed to marry. Lured to the idea of finally settling down, she returned to Nigeria where a nightmare was sadly waiting for her. The man was not who he said he was but a fraudster who simply abused her, snatched all the money she had raised while prostituting in South Africa and kicked her out. Stranded, she went back to prostitution.


Last week, she resolved to go back to her old life in South Africa when at the airport, she met a multitude of people from South Africa coming to The SCOAN. She was astounded because she had always regarded the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in negative light. As God would have it, the moment she landed in South Africa, she was deported. Her next destination, as it were, was to be the same place she had stayed away from due to false rumours. In search of divine help and left with no options, she swallowed her pride and came to The SCOAN. During the ministration of the New Anointing Water, the evil spirit inside of her was exposed and forced to confess all the atrocities it had caused her. Delivered and declared free in the name of Jesus Christ, she came to express how her life had finally changed and how she no longer lusts for men. All she wanted now, she said, was to take care of her six year-old twins she, by the grace of God, had not been able to abort. She advised parents to properly take care of their children and make sure they are indeed in school. “Many children are prostituting and not in school as they make you believe,” she warned.




Strange addictions and experiences tormented the life of Kenyan national, Joseph Muthee Mukindia. All seemed well and sweet before marriage but after the ceremony, each time he looked at his wife, he was disgusted. He no longer saw her as beautiful and gave every excuse in the world not to meet with her. He heard a voice telling him to remove his wedding ring and as soon as he did, this signaled the death of all affection between them.




Soon, they were sleeping in separate rooms and Mr Mukindia kept praying that one day his wife would be tired and leave the matrimonial home. Whenever friends or colleagues asked if he was married, he would be angry. In social gatherings, he would move with single people. Something within him felt that it was right for him to be a single man. All the while, his wife was silently praying and fasting, believing that their situation could turn around. In six years of marriage, they had not met as husband and wife. Nobody knew this. Those who knew them were just asking where the fruit of the marriage was.


While discussing the issue, he prompted his wife that it would be better for both if she would just leave. But she insisted, saying that even if he could not perform, that should not be a reason for her to abandon him. He became frustrated with her stubbornness to stay! While all this was going on, the same evil spirit that wanted separation was evoking a strange addiction within Mr Mukindia. He developed a craving to eat his fingers. After eating his dirty nails, he would proceed to sink his teeth into each of his fingers, one by one. Once he had brought blood from a finger and felt satisfied by the taste, he would move to the next finger and bring out blood from it. This became a daily habit. As if that was not enough, he kept on getting sick with various bacterial stomach infections plaguing him every moment. He became lean and weak.


Apart from that, his wife had become tired. She sent him a text, telling him that she had prayed and fasted but was now ready to give up, declaring her intention to leave the marriage. A friend then encouraged him to watch Emmanuel TV and helped him install it in his home. As he began to watch, the heaviness within him was lifted and his hope became alive. He prayed with the man of God while touching the screen and that horrible addiction was gone in a moment. Incredibly grateful to God, he decided to visit The SCOAN in December 2013, believing for further deliverance and breakthrough. Just as he had believed, while at The SCOAN, he received what he had prayed for. Prophet T.B. Joshua while at the Prayer Line gave him a word of prophecy, telling him that there was crisis in his home and that his wife had threatened to leave him. He confirmed the prophecy and received his deliverance instantly. As he returned home, he called his wife who excitedly responded that she had watched the prophecy, over 5000km away in Kenya. The love returned between them and the affection was completely restored. The voice of confusion was gone and in its place a voice of peace came and told him to look for his wedding ring and put it back on. He did this and within a very short time, his wife informed him that she was pregnant. Not only that, he started having awesome breakthrough in his business after the prophecy and deliverance.


His advice was to all married couples: “You are because I am and I am because you are. Where you are weak, I am strong and where I am weak, you are strong. Divorce is not the solution. Deliverance is the answer!”



Last week, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that there was someone in the congregation whom a friend had deceived to do a money ritual. A young man, John Otoera confirmed the prophecy. He confessed that a friend had told him that he knew someone very powerful who could help them to get rich. Intrigued, he decided to follow his friend to meet the powerful man. When they got there, the man asked him if ‘he was ready’ to which John replied, “Yes”, not knowing what this really meant. He was told he needed to pay something. They returned later to the place and the man became more specific, telling him that he needed to give his mum. He had prepared a cloth which John was supposed to place on his mum’s bed and call her name three times after she had slept on the bed and that would be the end of her. John left without the cloth, his conscience disturbing him as he could not imagine sacrificing his dear mother.




Life after that became a living nightmare. He started having horrible dreams of threats and attacks. His friend kept calling him asking what was wrong with him and he could not concentrate on anything. After the Spirit of God located him at The SCOAN and he confessed, John felt peace and calmness. Now, he can sleep peacefully and his friend no longer calls him. He thanked God for His mercy and favour upon his life. Prince Daniel Aiewekhoe, John’s employer was equally in the church when the prophecy was given. He joined John to thank God, testifying that John is evidently a changed man since the prophecy and deliverance.



Bestiality can be as pervasive as it is beastly and Mr Bitrus learned it the hard way. It all started way back when he was a very young boy. When everyone in his household had gone to the market on a market day, he would be the one to stay and take care of the home. One such day, home alone, he saw a duck fowl and an evil thought crossed his mind to make love with it. Since that time, nothing attracted him more than animals. The urge was so severe that it ruined his life; it gave him the spirit of lust and was jumping from one woman to another. So chronic was the urge that a point came when he considered marriage as a solution. It was never to be and he ended up leaving one marriage after another until he married his current third wife. After some time, he told her to leave and proposed to marry a fourth wife.




He eventually decided to come to the Arena of Liberty. By God’s infinite mercy, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about a man in the congregation who satisfied himself by sleeping with animals. Shocked that his long-kept secret had been exposed, he walked to the altar to confirm the prophecy. The man of God further prophesied that Mr Bitrus also had a son suffering from the same affliction. The prophecy was welcomed by cries of desperation from his wife who confirmed everything the man of God had said to be true. Both he and his wife received their deliverance. His son was also called from the village where he had been living and received his freedom from the appalling evil spirit.


The service closed with the ministration of the New Anointing Water for all who were present both inside the church and outside in the overflow canopies during which many more souls were saved!

From divine revelations uttered through prophecy, to a chain-shattering mass prayer that broke the yokes and set free those that were in bondage, last Sunday service at The SCOAN was one to remember. Windows of Heaven were opened; and what followed was an outpouring of God’s anointing that filled the auditorium. As the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua



commanded out contrary spirits and proclaimed healing and deliverance, in Jesus’ name, the power of the Holy Spirit swept through the church, setting people free from various afflictions. The man of God also took the congregation on ‘a visit to Abraham’ when he preached with power on the need to place one’s faith in God alone.



Picking Genesis 22:8 as proof text, the man of God said Christians should emulate Abraham who, when asked by his son where the lamb for the burnt offering was, said, “God himself will provide.”
He explained, “When you are facing challenges, you say, God Himself will save me. When you lack finances, you say God Himself will provide. Abraham’s faith was not on Isaac but on God. If our faith is on the Giver (God), even when what is given is taken away, we will still have hope. When what is given is taken away, that is the more reason we should believe in God, have faith in God the more. Abraham was asked to sacrifice the only son. Assume he had faith on his only son, he would not have courage to obey God’s instruction. Satan wants you to curse God. Satan wants you to live outside the truth where your light is coming from, while you are in pain, while under temptation or affliction.”
Speaking on the vanity of placing faith on one’s possessions, he said: “If your faith or belief is on your possessions, you will continue to be a friend of satan, you will continue to be tempted. If satan knows you like your possessions more than the Giver of the gift, you will not have a moment’s rest.”




 Earlier on, Wise Man Racine gave a message titled, “Move God” where he explained how and why the faith of the Biblical characters moved God to act.    “Faith is not a risk but a sure and practical act”, he said.











Again, many people lined up to bear testimony to what God the Almighty has done in their lives. Below, are a selected few:

Mr. Ben Makhuvele Soyaphi was an embodiment of sicknesses. He suffered a stiff neck due to severe nerve compression. As a result of this, he experienced numbness and could not do anything on his own. He had to wear a permanent neck collar and lumbar corset. He also had the problem of severe lumber spondylosis which affected the lower part of his body and as a result, he could not walk on his own. Doctors told him his situation could not be treated medically unless he was ready to undergo an operation with a 50-50 chance of survival. At this point, all the doctors could do was to prescribe him a strong pain killer which became his survival kit. Without it, he would suffer a severe and paralyzing pain.



Left with no option, it came with huge relief when he eventually made it to The SCOAN last Saturday in search of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. Hunched in his chair at the prayer line, wrapped in a corset and his head nestled in a neck collar, he cut a pathetic figure of one in huge pain. When the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua approached and stretched his hand to him and touched his affected areas, the overwhelming healing power of Jesus Christ was unmistakable. Mr Ben twitched, writhed, moaned and groaned as health seeped back into his limbs and organs.



A minute later, he shocked everyone as he stood up and started to walk after so many years of spinal and cervical body torture. He advised the congregation to always seek God because He is the answer to all fundamental issues of life.






Mr Sekhodiane Matome Esrom is a farmer from South Africa. He had been into the trade for seven years but there was little progress despite owning huge acres of citrus farms which generates high demand at the international market. His produce could not meet the required certification for exportation. Because of this, he was selling to local markets and juice factories. It was not until he started praying with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, on Emmanuel TV that life changed. One day, a man came and asked to buy the land, apparently swayed by its potential. When he refused to sell, the man offered to help him. He brought in machinery and agricultural experts who sprayed chemicals on the piece of land. Thank God, when experts later visited and carried out inspections on his produce, they approved his citrus produce for export and he is now an international exporter. Overjoyed, he explained that all this was because of God’s intervention in his life. As a way of giving back, he is involved in charity works. He takes care of children on the farm by providing them with food and school material so they can do well at school and have a bright future. Praise God!

A teacher by profession, Mrs Mashabathakga Mapula from South Africa was severely handicapped in her career and personal life due to a crippling and debilitating Ankylosing Spondylitis of the spine and disc hernia. For eight years, she taught her students only by sitting and instructing them. She was in constant pain. The doctors could only recommend a lumbar corset to support her back and ease the terrible pain to a degree.



As someone who used to move around and be active in her teaching job, this was a very difficult development for her. Hope dawned in her heart as she started watching Emmanuel TV and saw people in worse conditions than her get healed of their sicknesses. She finally made her way to The SCOAN for her encounter with the Healer, Jesus Christ. At the prayer line, the light of God operating through Prophet T.B. Joshua overcame the darkness of her sickness and she was healed. Capturing the moment of her healing, she said an electric shock hit her when the man of God prayed for her. Then, without realizing it, as the man of God asked her to walk, she stood up within an instant and started walking again. It wasn’t until she was half way down the prayer line that it dawned on her that normally, she would not even have been able to rise out of the seat in this space of time.



As she testified live in the church, she cast aside the lumbar corset she had unwillingly used for eight pain-filled years just like blind Bartimaeus cast aside his roadside garment and received new life in Christ. She walked freely and joyfully for the glory of God, no longer experiencing any difficulty or discomfort. To God’s power, nothing is impossible.



Miss Ramokoena Camilla Matsek from Lesotho came to The SCOAN at a point when she was considering writing her PhD in Higher Education Studies with the University of Free State. Having received the Anointing Water, she filled in a bursary form which was being circulated online. In faith, she ministered the Anointing Water on the computer, punched the ‘send’ key and claimed her bursary, in Jesus’ name. After a month, she received a confirmation letter from the university, indicating that she had been offered the scholarship!

In another testimony, her daughter was having abdominal pain. This was after she had previously undergone an operation due to the same problem in the past. Faced with a similar situation and considering her tender age, she refused to endorse her second operation. Lucky enough, they had a few drops of the Anointing Water which she ministered on her and declared her healed. As soon as the Anointing Water was ministered, she started to behave like someone in labour and she discharged a massive of blood clot – a giant fibroid. The pain subsided and she was able to sit properly and sat for her examination. Mrs Matsek told the congregation and viewers of Emmanuel TV, there is power in the name Jesus Christ. She advised everyone to trust in the Almighty!

For 12 years, Mrs Jennifer Afua from Ghana had been facing a court case concerning a piece of land and decided to come to The SCOAN to seek God’s opinion on the matter. Graciously, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied into her life that God would solve the case. Indeed, the prophecy came to pass with thundering force as just a week later, she returned to The SCOAN to confirm that the court case had been settled amicably outside of the court in just a day!
She also testified of God’s protection in her hospitality business. She owns a hotel and had suddenly experienced two terrible accidents due to ground floor industrial iron fires caused by negligence. However, the fire did not affect the building at all as she had ministered the Anointing Water all over her property,



without which she stated that untold millions of damage would have been incurred to her hotel, properties adjacent to theirs and numerous vehicles parked in their enclosure. In a normal circumstance, the whole building would have been destroyed but through the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers, the fire was not able to do any damage beyond the power point where the iron had been left plugged. She advised everyone to look unto God for His protection and power and that in God’s mercy, they would not be excluded.

God’s power was tangible as Prophet TB Joshua led the congregation and viewers of Emmanuel TV worldwide in a time of prayer against their weakness:
“Open your lips and begin to command out all spirits of sorcery, witchcraft and divination, in the name of Jesus Christ! There is a common saying, “I am addicted to talking too much, eating too much, sleeping too much, smoking and fleshly desires.” All spirits of addiction, immorality in your life – begin to rebuke them!



Viewers all over the world, receive your portion! Whatever sickness, whatever they call it – there is no sickness Jesus cannot cure. Be healed, in the name of Jesus! Dry bones rise again!
All spirits operating in your system – be cast out, in the name of Jesus! Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Let there be light in your flesh, fluid, bones, blood, tendons, in Jesus’ name. It is well, in the name of Jesus Christ!
Commit your finances, career, business, and destiny to God. Good morning – my career, health, future and destiny – it is a new dawn!”

Satan had nowhere to run on Sunday as the Holy Spirit swept through the congregation, setting free those that were in bondage in a powerful move that affirmed The SCOAN as the arena of liberty. All souls that came weighed down by worries and demonic oppression went back cleansed, renewed and energized to reposition their stand in Christ Jesus. As the anointed servant of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a prayer of deliverance in the power of the Holy Ghost; even the most obstinate demons could not withstand the fire from above but to surrender their occupancy for the light to take over. The man of God taught a prophetic message on the need for maintaining a Christian character, saying nothing can maintain our position except character. Whatever we will become, he said, is not a big deal but maintaining whatever one becomes.
He taught, “In this case, we have a role to play. It is not all up to God, certainly, it is not all up to you. Whatever you are waiting for; the miracle, the healing – you deserve it because God wants excellence for you.



He loves you and is concerned about you. He does not want you to suffer. Your character will make you to be able to carry whatever fame, position you occupy. But if those things are bigger, too heavy for your character to carry, then, it is better not to be famous, wealthy and popular without character. Our character gives birth to our possession and God is in us in the person of character.”

The man of God then ministered to visitors at the prayer line where God manifested Himself through healings and deliverances. Many people were set free of various sicknesses and evil possession, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
Earlier, Wise Man Harry preached a message of restoration titled: MODIFY YOUR MIND whose proof text was from 1 Corinthians 2:12-16.

He said, “In the mind of Christ there is no poverty, failure or sickness. Therefore, we must have the mind of Christ. When you have the mind of Christ, you become spiritually minded. When you are spiritually minded, you will never mind what people say about you. You will go on and on in the midst of strong opposition. I mean, you will stand the test of time, no matter the level of opposition.”




Scores of people lined up to testify to the glory of God for what He has done in their lives. Here are a selected few of the testimonies:

When Mrs Justina Chilambwe from Zambia got married to her husband 12 years ago, she eagerly looked forward to a fruitful marriage. Unfortunately, it was not to be. She could not bear a child and no one could offer solution. It became a big concern as days turned into months and years but with no fruit of the womb. People started to gossip and abuse her over her predicament and soon the situation became a crisis. It was no longer a marriage of joy for them. It was one filled with tears. Mrs Chilambwe began to visit hospitals where they conducted tests but could find no problem with her. Actually, they told her she was fertile. Everyone was confused. Out of desperation, she started visiting herbalists where she was made to drink various concoctions but still nothing worked out.
She was so depressed that she started to toy with the idea of committing suicide. One day, she was told of Emmanuel TV which she encouraged her husband to install in the house. As she watched the testimonies of people who were once in her own predicament but now holding babies in their hands after prayer, she got excited and began to believe that her solution lied with God somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria. When she eventually received the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker through a pastor who frequently visited The SCOAN, she became the happiest person. She prayed and ministered it on herself, asking God to give her children – believing that barrenness was not her portion. She placed the sticker on her abdomen upon which she started to vomit strange substances.



The very month she ministered the Anointing Water, she became pregnant, and the pregnancy is now eight months as she looks forward to a greater testimony when the baby will be finally delivered.


Mr Mbaliso Mbambe from South Africa was under heavy bondage that threatened to break his once happy home. He was addicted to alcohol and the smoking of cigarettes and hard stuffs such as cocaine, for ten years. This made him to sleep out of his matrimonial home and womanize. This gave him the spirit of anger and he became so violent that he often fought his wife. He knew this was a big problem and he certainly loved his wife. To add salt to the already festering wound, his business was failing and the little money it gave him, he spent on drug abuse. They visited churches and fasted but all in vain. The more they prayed, the nastier the urge became. Right from fasting, he would go to beer parlours, mixing up with bad friends all over again. Together, they would chain-smoke and abuse drugs. At one point, he was arrested because of the same problem during which he stayed under police custody for seven days. It was not until a friend helped him install Emmanuel TV in their house where they watched powerful testimonies of people who had been set free from similar enslavement that he saw the light.
The moment he received his own Anointing Water through a friend who had been to The SCOAN, he knew his problems were over. He prayed and ministered it on himself, in Jesus’ name. Immediately, he felt a stomach upset and he vomited poisonous substances. Since then, the idea of taking alcohol and smoking repulsed him. He read the Word of God frequently and always prayed to God to help him maintain the newly found peace. Not long after, his finances picked up and his business which had been suffering stagnation was also set free and he started receiving contracts. His wife testified how the blood of Jesus Christ has restored affection in their marriage and brought breakthrough in their finances through her husband’s deliverance. Praise God!





Mrs Faith Dimkpa and her family came with an extraordinary testimony. She had the problem of an overdue pregnancy and was experiencing evil attacks. When she was close to her delivery, the doctor said the baby was in breech presentation and they gave her only five days before she would have to be operated because her placenta was ruptured. She decided to rush to The SCOAN and was placed on the prayer line where the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed for her. Immediately, labour started and she went back to the same hospital. To the glory of God, she delivered her baby safely without operation. The doctors described it as a miracle. It was a medical impossibility but a possibility by God. She and her husband came on Sunday with their baby as a testimony of God’s power.





It was all doom and gloom for Engineer Chris Onuegbu. For 29 years, working for one of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria, he only experienced promotion once in 26 years. It was one of the most frustrating setbacks. His last promotion was in 1994. He felt downcast and depressed as he watched others, less experienced and younger than him, cruise above him in ranks. It weighed heavily on him and always wondered why only him. It was not until 2011 when he discovered Emmanuel TV that his life changed. He started praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and the same year, he had the first breakthrough. He was able to complete his Masters degree that same year. This is a degree he had pursued for years but failed to accomplish. In 2012, the long awaited promotion came and he was made a senior lecturer. That is not all. He was the same year appointed Head of his department and later dean of faculty. As if this was not sufficient, he was appointed as director of one of the Institution’s campuses. He was also chosen to represent his institution at an international conference in India!
Meanwhile, his son, Akachukwu had been suffering from sickle cell anemia from birth. He had no medical chance to come over it until he brought him to The SCOAN after several frustrating medical applications. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed for him and he received his healing. Now his genotype has changed from SS to AA. That aside, the boy whose academic performances had once dropped to the lowest ebbs, is now one of the leading academic lights in his class. Their faces, radiant with joy and happiness; father and son came to share the awesome breakthroughs they have received in Christ Jesus.





Before Mrs Ebak came to The SCOAN sometime this year; she was the saddest and most depressed woman in the world. Her husband, a mobile police officer, was in police custody charged with murder. He was accused of killing a senior police officer. If the husband was found guilty, he would spend the rest of his life behind the cold walls of a police cell, away from his wife and two children. What happened was that her husband had gone to the northern state of Nigeria when the alleged police officer was said to have been shot. However, there was no evidence that Mr Ebak was the one responsible. He was being wrongly held.
Behold, when she came to The SCOAN, she received her breakthrough through a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua who mentioned the issue, saying, “Where is your husband? You are lonely and your house is scattered.”
Later in the Prophet’s office, she received the Anointing Water and another word of prophecy that as soon as the Anointing Water reached her husband, he would be released. She handed the Anointing Water, together with a letter explaining the words of prophecy she had received, to a brother who was to take them to her husband at the state where he was imprisoned. While the brother was still contemplating how he would get to the state considering the danger the route imposed, he saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream. The man of God gave him his Bible and said, “Hold my Bible, I will be ahead of you”. By the time he woke up, he was confident to embark on the journey. He readily took the Anointing Water and letter to Mr Ebak in prison. Miraculously, the following day after Mr Ebak had ministered the Anointing Water, his file that had been missing was found. His case was then taken to court where he was charged for an offence that warranted life imprisonment. The next time his case came up in the court, he prayed and ministered the Anointing Water again and all those who had falsely testified against him became speechless. He was soon discharged and acquitted for lack of evidence. Not only that, he was reinstated back to his job.





Having no job to provide for his needs, Mr James Gba started to browse the internet in search of one but what he got at the end was not what he bargained for. During the period of browsing the internet for a job, he received an email with a link. Upon viewing the site, he discovered it was a pornographic link and he became addicted to pornography. That was the beginning of more misfortune for Mr Gba. He began to experience nightmares and his body became weak. Everything went down. He wanted to quit the bad habit but he could not master it. While in this predicament, a friend introduced him to The SCOAN. Later, he obtained the Anointing Water which he ministered in Jesus’ name. Immediately, his addiction to pornography was broken. Two days later, he received a call from an organization he had once applied to. He was offered a job. Shortly after this, he got another job offer from a bigger organization. Now a well-employed man, he has been able to procure a piece of land, pay his children’s school fees and live a happy life free of pornography. He advised people to be careful what they do on internet so they don’t fall into a trap as he did!





South African national, Mrs Motlalepule Zulu woke up one morning with a pricking sensation in her shoulder and arm. It felt as if someone was pricking needles into her flesh. It felt terrible and she went to see the doctor but they could not diagnose any cause. The pain radiated to her neck and she was given a neck collar. If she dared to sleep without wearing it, she would wake up with a very severe headache. Her body was always heavy and sore. This affected her job and she decided to come to The SCOAN where she was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua. With just a tap from the man of God, she fell to the ground and she received her instant healing. When she went to sleep later, she woke up in the middle of the night and to her surprise, she did not experience those pains again. She thanked God for healing her and for setting her free from her sickness. To prove her complete healing, she turned around her head and tossed away the neck collar!



The service closed with the ministration of the New Anointing Water where many more people were rescued from evil captivities.

DADDYWhat a splendid and glorious occasion it was for the multitudes that congregated at The SCOAN on Sunday! From the heavenly songs of glorious adoration that soothed broken souls and prepared the way for the anointing of the Holy Ghost, to the power-packed sermons, the beauty of the Lord was irresistible. It did not matter either whether one was worshipping through Emmanuel TV as millions of viewers do worldwide or using online mediums; the touch of our Lord, Jesus Christ, was unmistakable. As the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua launched a chain-smashing prayer against the kingdom of darkness, people could be seen vomiting blood and other poisonous substances the devil had deposited in them to breed sicknesses, disappointments, failures and other vices in their lives. They were declared free of their afflictions, in the name of the Healer and Deliverer, Jesus Christ.

The man of God also mounted the pulpit and delivered a powerful message that brought edification and comfort as people discovered the missing piece to successful and lasting relationships. Titled: NO PERFECT RELATIONSHIP, he urged all to exercise forgiveness at all times, saying, “There is no perfect relationship. Where I am weak, you are strong”.


Aided by scriptures from Romans 15:1-4 and Galatians 6-1, Prophet T.B. Joshua reproved the spirit of self-righteousness, saying such a relationship cannot last.


He explained: “The word ‘relationship’ means cooperation where people involved benefit or gain. What are we benefiting and what are we gaining? If one is weak in one area, he might be strong in another area. This means, we have our strengths and our weaknesses. We must recognise this in each other. Wife, you must recognise the weakness in your husband and his strength – the area of his strength and weakness. So also, you husband. We must recognise this for our relationship to endure and last.”


He added: “This is the secret of my humility. I know you deserve my respect and I also deserve your respect. If I first see you, I should first say, ‘Good morning’. That is what life is all about. Not, I see you but because I am a man of God, I don’t say, ‘Good morning’ and wait to see whether you will greet me or not. I know you deserve my respect, my honour and I too, deserve your respect and your honour. It is not one-sided. That is what relationship is all about. If you reject one because of his weakness, you also reject his strength. If you know your friend’s weakness, help him instead of rejecting him because a person who is a thorn in your flesh today may be your helper tomorrow.”

WM DANIELEarlier, Wise Man Daniel preached a life-transforming message titled, ‘God is Interested in Genuine Believers’. He encouraged everyone to be genuine believers and not the kind to whom Jesus Christ is the Lord only when the times are good – when there is money in your pocket. He declared that by His resurrection, Jesus Christ demonstrated that He is worthy of being the object of our faith and belief.


“It is never too late to start believing and obeying God’s Word. If we realise that our capacity to believe is not enough, we can offer prayers for faith and Jesus Christ will enlarge our spiritual coasts,” he said.




Many people came out to testify to the glory of God of what He had accomplished in their lives. Below are a selected few of the wonderful testimonies. Be blessed as you read and do not forget that your testimony is just around the corner:



Life for Mr and Mrs Makgoba from South Africa was a complete contradiction. They were in a waste management business. Contracts were hard to come by and yet, MR & MRS MAKGOBA FROM SA (AW)even when they finally got one, they could not execute it. Firstly, they were not given the go ahead to start the contract for two years. Each time they tried to follow up on the contract, they would be told to wait. Secondly, they did not even have the waste management trucks needed to start the contract. Stuck between a wall and a hard place, Mr Makgoba decided to come to The SCOAN and seek the face of God. They prayed and received the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers. Back home, they ministered the Anointing Water and prayed together as a family and within a short period of time, God blessed them. From one truck, they raised money and soon, they were able to acquire 13 brand new trucks with which they were able to carry out the contract. Their business has boomed and they are now employers of scores of people. A couple that was staying in a small two-bedroom apartment now have their own palatial building tastefully furnished on a large expanse of land apart from another 8.5 hectares of land already purchased for business purposes, after they had prayed and ministered the Anointing Water. It was a miraculous turnaround in their lives. They advised everyone to wait upon the Lord because God’s time is the best.



That Mr Duru Ferdinand from Anambra, Nigeria is alive today, is not an ordinary miracle. It is an exceptional rescue by God’s power and one which has to be celebrated with thanksgivings to God; hence, he came to give the glory back to Him through this wonderful testimony, explaining how his life was miraculously saved from a fatal car accident. He was travelling in a public bus one day and following behind them, MR DURU FERDINAND FROM ANAMBRA (AW)was a very big truck. The brakes of the truck behind them failed, resulting in the truck crashing into their vehicle and crushing to death everyone travelling with him in the vehicle. Miraculously, only Mr Duru and a young boy sitting next to him were spared. Before he entered the ill-fated vehicle, he had prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on himself! He said that in those few seconds of near-death, all he noted was that his body was covered in diesel fuel. And to his horror, while he was still stuck in the wreck, he saw a flame of fire starting. He remembered his Anointing Water and with faith, he sprayed it on the fire and it was immediately quenched. Astoundingly, he was also able to sneak out of the wrecked vehicle and when the rescue workers arrived on the scene, they were amazed at how he had escaped alive. The young boy who was seated next to him in the vehicle also survived but had to be cut out of the wreck by the rescue services. Mr Ferdinand gave glory to God for giving him another chance at life. Thank You, Jesus!




Mr Matome Jonathan Mohale from South Africa sat patiently yet anxiously in the doctor’s office, waiting for the results of his blood test to be read out to him and when the doctor did, he had a shock of his life. He had tested positive to MR MATOMEHIV/AIDS 1 and 2.He was devastated, knowing that there was no medical cure to the disease. Given chance, he would have preferred to die than to continue living with the virus and watch himself edge to the grave. He desperately wanted to reverse the time back and avoid all the wrongs that had landed him in the predicament but it is never possible. The symptoms that had forced him to undergo the tests such as headaches, running stomach, dizziness and weaknesses, became worse and he was rushed to hospital. Unable to eat, he found himself on the sickbed, dependent on drips day and night.


A few months after his diagnosis, a friend encouraged him to visit The SCOAN. He was not too sure of this, questioning whether it was really possible for one to be cured of such a deadly ailment. He decided to give it a shot and, by faith, he arrived at The SCOAN. That was two years ago in 2012. Placed at the prayer line, Wise Man Harry prayed for him in Jesus’ name and he instantly felt relief. He later received counselling that restored his battered state of mind and was advised to stop blaming himself and instead receive total forgiveness from Jesus. On his return to South Africa, he was determined to live a new life in Christ and abstain from sexual sin; he began to change his pattern of living. He started to develop his relationship with God by reading his Bible every day. A few months later, he went for a blood test and to his profound joy, he was confirmed HIV/AIDS negative. He went to another government approved laboratory where they conducted advanced tests and he was also tested to be negative for HIV/ AIDS.


The doctors were surprised how this could be possible. They even asked him if he had visited spiritualists. He told them of his encounter with the Master Healer and Creator of all, Jesus Christ. He admitted his unfaithfulness to his wife and advised all men to remain faithful to their wives and not look for love elsewhere.


A final encouragement was for all not to despair or feel despondent but to put their hope in God who is able to reverse every disease and sickness, no matter how fatal.




Miss Christy Hangula from Namibia was living her life and growing up just like any innocent girl until she was seven years old when the devil hit. From nowhere, she just found herself masturbating. As she grew up, she could masturbate three times in an hour. This spirit of lust destroyed her affection for men. Each time she masturbated by crossing her legs a certain way, it would physically feel as if she was with a man.MISS CHRISTY FROM NAMIBIA [LUCIFER FACEBOOK]

Aspiring to be a model in her teenage years, she opened Facebook accounts on the internet where she marketed herself to potential clients and accepted an offer from a man claiming to be an Indian who said that he could give her an opportunity to be an international model. The man asked her to pose for him via webcam on Skype and do different poses for him in revealing clothes. As she stripped for him, she felt as if something had entered her and she started to receive evil powers and knowledge on how to seduce men. She started seducing men physically and by placing seductive pictures of hers on her Facebook account. She was on a mission to seduce and destroy men. She especially targeted those not interested in her. After seducing them, she would walk out of the relationships just to break their hearts. The evil powers in her eyes were a point of contact for the evil spirit and she could read the minds of her victims before even talking to them.


Thank God, she came to The SCOAN last week and received her deliverance from the evil spirit that tormented her. During her deliverance at the SCOAN prayer line, the evil spirit that was in her cried out and identified itself as an agent of lucifer. It also confessed to having been responsible for the wrong things she had done and that it was on a mission to destroy youth. Testifying to the congregation, she warned young women against falling into the trap of accepting offers from strangers on Facebook and other social media sites offering to pay for everything, including travel tickets and accommodation. She warned women that such people were trapping young ladies into posing for pornographic pictures. After her deliverance, she says she now feels free from the spirit of lust and no longer hates men. Having received the Faith Bracelet from the man of God, she is rapidly building her relationship with God each time she prays with it; Jesus Christ is now her best friend.




Mrs Ene Adeka, a civil servant from Benue, Nigeria was privileged to receive the Faith Bracelet when she visited The SCOAN during the period of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s 51st birthday in June. When the man of God gave her the Faith MRS ENE ADEKA [FAITH BRECALET]Bracelet, he spoke prophetically that the anointing would break every yoke in her life, including any fibroids. She claimed the prophecy by faith and began praying with the Faith Bracelet, believing that the blood of Jesus Christ would flush out every sickness from her system. She noticed that each time her arm with the Faith Bracelet touched her body, she would start shaking. Moments later, she desperately needed to go to the bathroom. On reaching there, what came out was a large mass of blood. It was shortly followed by two more large clots of blood. Instantly feeling relief from the pain and discomfort, she praised God and immediately photographed the flushed out fibroid for evidence in her testimony. Convinced beyond all doubts that she was healed, she returned to the hospital. A test was conducted and confirmed that she was truly free from all fibroids.


She encouraged all that self-deliverance is possible. Her son Ode Joshua Adeka who accompanied her for the testimony also received his deliverance on praying with the Faith Bracelet. He was delivered from stubbornness, nightmares and an evil spirit inhabiting his life. His mother testified that even before the Faith Bracelet touched him, he had begun to manifest. He is now a new person entirely. Her advice was simple: All you need to do is believe and meditate on Jesus Christ and His sufficiency while using the Faith Bracelet.



A couple from Zambia living in Swaziland made a shocking confession on Sunday. Faced with financial challenges, they tried to extort money from people desperate to visit The SCOAN. They placed an advert in the local newspaper advertising that they could facilitate visits to The SCOAN at a registration fee of $100 USD per person. When people started calling them asking whether they were official SCOAN group leaders, they would say they were, whereas The SCOAN was not aware of their activities. The SCOAN does not charge people for visiting the church. However, their ill-conceived idea to dupe people backfired. After placing the advert in the newspaper, their problems became worse and they had to start selling their property to make ends meet. They were even duped by a con man for the first time in their life after placing the fraudulent advert. One day, a man called and warned them to stop their dubious activities and they had to switch off their mobile phones. They confessed their wrong doing and asked God and the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua to forgive them. They advised people that they should be careful not to fall into the hands of fraudsters masquerading as official group leaders of The SCOAN. He said, “Those indulging in such fraudulent activities should refrain immediately because you cannot hide from the Holy Spirit.”


The service closed with the ministration of the New Anointing Water by the evangelists during which many were liberated from demonic forces.

DADDYWrapped in the anointing atmosphere of God’s presence, The SCOAN on Sunday oozed grace as the man of God;Prophet T.B. Joshua, mounted the altar and engaged the congregation on the important topic – forgiveness. The message, inspired by the case of a barren woman from Ghana who received her fruit of the womb after a prophecy by the man of God last year, stirred the congregation into self-reflection. In the prophecy, the woman was told to forgive her husband for his infidelity as the key to her overcoming her childless condition. Upon obeying the instruction in righteousness through the prophecy, she returned to The SCOAN heavily pregnant!


Explaining Jesus Christ’s words during His crucifixion, the man of God stated: “He never said, ‘Father, forgive him or her’ – He said, ‘Father, forgive them’. It shows you and I are included.”


He went on to explain the implications of un-forgiveness, saying, “If you look at the cause of your stagnancy – why am I not moving forward; what is happening to me; if I go up, I come down again, why is this trouble? Look at the issue of forgiveness. Something is holding you. By now, you are supposed to be at the center of your own world but something is hindering your joy. Ask yourself – what is that thing that is hindering my joy? When you are at the point of breakthrough, something takes you back again. When you have breakthrough, you will begin to experience discomfort, trouble here and there so that you will not enjoy that breakthrough. Something is somewhere hindering you, causing you pain. For 99% here, the answer is forgiveness.”


The man of God then proceeded to minister prayer at the Prayer Line to hundreds of visitors who had come from all over the world to worship at the arena of liberty. The sick were declared healed and those possessed with contrary spirits were set free, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!



Earlier, Wise Man Christopher delivered a powerful message titled: The Best Investment whose proof text was from Acts 9:36-42 – the story of a woman who was kind and good to the poor.


He reiterated: “The case of Dorcas reminds us as Christians that when we help or give, we are planting seeds that will be multiplied back to us in a hundred fold. He who helps others like Dorcas, is conscious of the future for he will find help if he ever falls into trials. If we say that we are Christians, all our concerns, aspirations and earnest heart desires must be subject to the Gospel by works of Charity. If you say that you are a Christian, then you are called to be a father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless, a son or daughter to those who are barren, benefactor to the needy, companion to the lonely and helper to the helpless. They are fatherless so that we can be their fathers. They are motherless so that we can be their mothers. They are lonely so that we can be their companions. They are sick so that we can care for them. When we do this sincerely, we make ourselves so valuable in the Kingdom of God that He will not afford to lose us. The secret of blessing is in giving; the secret of receiving is in giving as in Luke 6:38.”



Below are a few of the many testimonies from people who came from all walks of life to glorify God for His goodness in their lives:





When Judith’s phone rang, little did she know the call was about to spell turmoil in her marital home. A strange female voice on the end of the line informed the Ghanaian banker that she was pregnant for her husband. Shock, horror, confusion and betrayal! Words were not enough to depict how Mrs Marfo felt at that moment. Divorce was her immediate resolve. After looking for the fruit of the womb for many years, the news tore her heart apart. After much counsel and pastoral intervention, Judith eventually decided to remain in her marriage and feigned forgiveness to appease the reconciliatory parties. However, deep down in her heart, she had not released forgiveness to her husband.


After several years of seeking medical solution to her barrenness without solution, Judith decided to visit The SCOAN for prayer. However, as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached her in the service, the secret details of her marital challenges were unveiled through a profound prophetic message. Calling on Judith to release forgiveness to her husband, Prophet T.B. Joshua boldly stated that such action from the heart would result in her fruitfulness. Deciding to obey God and forgive, Judith testified that after the prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, it was as if a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders and heaviness was replaced by calmness.


Returning home to meet her husband, a few months later the prophetic promise had become an incredible reality! She was confirmed pregnant! Judith advised the congregation not to be hasty in taking drastic decisions when marital issues arise but rather release forgiveness and leave the battle for God.




Life suddenly turned black for Mr Kivon Orina Mariera from Kenya as the doctors announced the terrible news to him. The laboratory tests carried out on him had confirmed his fears. He was HIV/AIDS positive. Apart from symptoms such as high fever, general body pains and weakness that plagued his life, he suffered from emotional turmoil. All hope was lost, knowing that naturally, HIV/AIDS has no cure. He was giving up on life when he came across Emmanuel TV and started watching the cable with keen interest. He saw people healed of cancer and HIV/AIDS and told himself that his case would not be an exception. When a friend of his visited The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria, he brought him back the Anointing Water.  With faith, he ministered it in Jesus’ name and believed that his case had been reversed.


Instantly, he felt something ejected out of him. He also felt a sensation flush through his blood as if it was being purified. After a few months when the symptoms did not reappear, he went back to the same hospital that had confirmed he was positive but this time the result declared him negative to the deadly disease. Sharing his testimony live on Emmanuel TV, he encouraged all that nothing is impossible with God. The testimony gives hope to all especially as Prophet T.B. Joshua has just sent 4,000 bottles of the Anointing Water in a chartered private jet to Sierra Leone at the cost of $50,000 for people affected with the Ebola disease. Aside from this, TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners donated $50,000 in humanitarian aid to Sierra Leone in this troubled time.




Mrs Cecilia Murdock was born with asthma and soon, she had diabetes, osteoarthritis of the shoulders and knees coupled with sleep apnea. At the hospital, doctors said her lung was very weak to bring the carbon dioxide out. As a result, she had to take medication after every meal. In fact, life became so miserable that she could not leave her house without bringing her breathing machine. Her life depended on it, without which, she would wake up weak and very sick. With the problem of osteoarthritis of the shoulders and knees, she used to feel excruciating pain and loss of balance. This problem affected her body movement and eventually, cost her job as administrator in the UK. Concerned with her situation and seeing that no medication was proving effective on her, a pastor introduced her to Emmanuel TV.MRS CECILIA HEALED OF ASTHMA .........

Deciding to be free as she had seen on television, this woman who had been asthmatic since birth, made her long journey to The SCOAN to receive a divine touch. At The SCOAN Prayer Line, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and commanded her to get up and since then, she has been healed from all the problems. She has stopped taking her medication. A million thanks are not enough for what Jesus Christ has done in her life.




Mr and Mrs Abraham Bankole were living in agony. Their daughter had been bedwetting from birth and so chronic had the problem become that the whole household was concerned about her. However hard she tried, every night she would wet her bed twice. Not only did the problem bring isolation and shame to her life but also hinder her from having an admission to go to the university. Her parents did every possible thing to root out the embarrassing affliction which also prevented her from sleeping over at friends’ places but all efforts yielded nothing. One day, after watching Emmanuel TV and listening to a testimony of someone who was set free from the same affliction, they encouraged her to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. That marked the end to her problem! She was delivered from bedwetting and when the next university intake was announced, her name was on the admission list. Standing before the congregation, no amount of words could sufficiently explain the relief and happiness that now engulfs the Bankole family. It is all because of Jesus!




When poverty struck Mr and Mrs Simon Tumbuka’s household, it was as if a terrible plague had been unleashed at the Tanzanian family. They could not afford even the most basic things let alone own a house to their name. Their efforts at entrepreneurship suffered a barrage of stagnation from every direction and badly needed solution which was nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, Mr Tumbuka had been chain smoking for 19 years. They told themselves, ‘enough is enough’ and came to The SCOAN where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for them and blessed them with the Anointing Water. The transformation was spontaneous. Their sports equipment business took off with power and soon they experienced a boom with some of their merchandise sought from after from neighbouring countries. Completely transformed, they now order their goods from overseas and have built and owned an elegant mansion with a fleet of cars. To crown it all, Mr Tumbuka’s addiction to smoking left him and the urge is long gone. What a God we have to worship, what a Son we have to praise and what a future lies before us!





Her job involved frequent travelling and, as one who had made Jesus her protector and defender, she regularly ministered the Anointing Water to herself. Miss Presillia Nduta from Kenya also had Anointing Stickers placed on her car with the sole purpose of always being covered with the saving blood of Jesus Christ. One fateful day, she drove for a long distance of over 200km when, suddenly, one of the car tyres burst. She lost control and went on for about 500m. All she managed to do was call on the name, Jesus.


The car hit an electric fence before it finally rested on top of a tree, damaged beyond repair. She felt a shower of splinter glass rain all over her body while another piece flew into her eye. The rescuers had to cut down a few trees in order for the remains of the car to be brought down. When finally she was pulled out of the wreckage she was miraculously unharmed save for the glass in her eye which had to simply be washed out without causing any damage. She came to The SCOAN to testify to this great work of wonder and miracle. Glory be to God!




Mr Isaac Anang had lumbar spondylosis, arthritis of the hip and a liver problem. He could hardly sleep due to excruciating pain to such an extent that even his friends had given up hope on his survival. At one point, his doctor encouraged him to go for a medication in Cuba. However, when he got to the hospital, he discovered that everything in the medical store room from where he was meant to be treated had been gutted down by fire. This, he told himself, was not ordinary. The more he waited, the more his condition worsened. His friends had even stopped visiting him, believing that there was nothing else they could do for him – all hope was shattered. One of his friends took him to The SCOAN for a heavenly touch that would bring suffering to an end. He was placed on the prayer line and was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Instantly, he felt the years of affliction and bondage loose their grip on his fragile body and began to exercise himself anew! Back home in Ghana, he went for a laboratory test and was confirmed free of all the ailments. Indeed, if millions are to believe, they must see proof that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever.







Mrs Abigail Dube had irregular menstrual cycles and when she did have one; she would bleed profusely and become weak due to loss of blood. During this time, she endured two miscarriages. When her cycle came, she would be depressed knowing how bad she would bleed. When she visited her doctor to determine the cause, a scan revealed to her dismay that she had a uterine fibroid and that it was this problem that had caused her miscarriages. When a friend was coming to The SCOAN, she asked her to bring the Anointing Water for her to use. She ministered it to herself, declaring her healing in Jesus’ name. Immediately, she felt light and her bleeding subsided. When she went back to the hospital, good news was awaiting her. The fibroids had been flushed out. Her appetite which was long gone returned and she could now eat. Praise God!


The Sunday service closed with the ministration of the New Anointing Water during which many people who got in contact with the medium were set free by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ!

The glory of God was an evident illumination that radiated and glowed on the multitudes that congregated at The SCOAN last Sunday and, in His infinite mercy, brought salvation, healing, blessings, breakthrough and deliverance. Engaging the worshippers who had come from all over the world, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua tasked all to be good citizens, saying, “Good Christians make good citizens for that which makes us good Christians such as – do not lie, do not kill, do not steal, also makes us good citizens.”



He encouraged all to honour the laws of their countries, saying, “Be proud of your country and God will be proud of you.” The Prophet then ministered prophetic messages to individuals in the congregation and every chain satan had used to connect them to himself began to break, in Jesus’ name.

Moving to The SCOAN Prayer Line, he ministered prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit and those whose bodies were burdened with sickness and disease received healing. The lame walked out of wheelchairs and discarded their crutches and walking sticks while the possessed were set free from the evil spirits that held them captive. Those who once felt far from God were made near through God’s Word and by His Spirit. The Anointing Water was then ministered to everyone in the congregation. Truly, this was the day the Lord had made for His people to rejoice and be made glad in it.



Earlier, the congregants received an inspiring message from Wise Man Racine, encouraging all to be forward lookers in a message titled: Be Forward Lookers. He said each time we try to move forward, satan is there to remind us of our unworthy past in an attempt to provoke our guilt and tarnish our future. To be forward thinkers, he said, is to follow the condition God lays down as it says in Isaiah 43:18-19. “No one is too good or too bad to qualify for the grace of God. Therefore, stop thinking and talking on the level of your old life. Jesus never considers your past to determine your future. He accepts anyone who comes to Him in faith, even those who previously rejected Him, those who previously sinned against Him. Don’t look back. Look forward to Christ Jesus,” he admonished.




Testimonies poured forth from those who had come to appreciate God for His goodness in their lives through the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua and various mediums such as the New Anointing Water and the Faith Bracelet. Here are some selected testimonies:


When Mrs Lieza Ayom from South Sudan was diagnosed with fibroid, she became depressed but the real devastating news was yet to come.  She was found to have ovarian cancer and a combination of the two was a painful and cumbersome burden for the Australia-based woman. She could not walk and had no strength for her to live a normal life. She was in constant pain and soon became a common face at various hospitals. At one point, she bled continuously for three weeks and was put on chemotherapy.



As her condition deteriorated, doctors operated on her and removed her uterus while trying to rid her of the cancer but all yielded nothing. When her cousin heard of her predicament, he was shocked and rushed to The SCOAN, believing there is no sickness our Lord, Jesus Christ cannot cure. He received the Anointing Water and sent it to her in Australia. By this time, her whole body had started to close down. Soon after she started ministering in the name of Jesus Christ, everything that had to do with her health began to recover. The doctors had earlier told her that if she would recover it would take at least two years but within the period of two months she was restored back to her original condition, in good, perfect health. She boldly displayed her medical reports of her health status before and after ministering the Anointing Water. The report after administering the Anointing Water showed there is no more evidence of cancer in her body.




Mrs Acha Juliet Atuh had delivered her first child through an operation and was booked to deliver the second child the same way. Doctors said if she was to deliver naturally, the baby would rupture the uterus and she would bleed to death and the baby too, would die. When she insisted, the doctor told her that if she wanted to go through natural delivery, she would have to sign a document stating that if she died in the course of the natural childbirth, the doctor and hospital would not be held responsible. Faced with such a dilemma, she wasted no time but flew immediately to Nigeria to attend The SCOAN. The night before the service, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream, praying for her and she fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit. When she woke up, she ran to the church where she was arranged on the prayer line. With her faith strengthened, she returned home and continued to pray over her pregnancy with the Anointing Stickers. The next morning, she felt signs of labor and went straight to the hospital. Three doctors gathered around her, preparing for the worst but were shocked when the baby miraculously came out naturally with no complications! It could not be understood by the doctors because it was beyond their knowledge and imagination. Jesus is real!



For four years, Mr and Mrs Joseph had been facing barrenness. Each time his wife became pregnant, she would miscarry.



Making matters worse, one pregnancy turned out to be ectopic and she had to go through an operation for the baby to be removed. After this, the couple decided to come to The SCOAN for solution. They were placed on The SCOAN prayer line and received deliverance in Jesus’ name. Shortly after that, to the glory of God, Mrs Joseph became pregnant for her husband. To secure the pregnancy in the name of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost, they decided to minister the Anointing Water throughout the pregnancy.  To their great joy, the baby survived and Mrs Joseph gave birth safely to a bouncing a baby girl! To give glory to God for turning their test into a testimony, they named their beautiful little girl, Testimony!



From Cameroon, Miss Mbong Claudine had been experiencing pain in her stomach for over a year. It was so severe that she could not sleep or rest. At the hospital, she went through a medical examination which revealed that she had an ovarian cyst.



The doctor told her that she was very young to have a cyst and advised her to seek her parents’ permission for an emergency operation to remove it. She told the doctor that she was a viewer of Emmanuel TV and would not accept that diagnosis. She left the hospital and showed the results to her mother. The mother, who was not a viewer of Emmanuel TV and did not believe, told her not to waste time but to go for the operation. She instead took the situation as an opportunity to demonstrate to her mother the power of the living God. She had the Anointing Water and prayed, asking God to give her a testimony. She sprayed the Anointing Water in her mouth and on her stomach and that night she slept like a baby. In the morning her mother commented on her peaceful sleep. She told her that it was as a result of the Anointing Water and told her she was healed. To prove her healing to her doubtful mother, she returned to the hospital for another test. The test revealed that the young woman, who was told her situation, was too severe and needed urgent operation, was now perfectly free of any ovarian cyst!




Mr Gbenga Awodokun had been attending school in the UK but needed to change and move to the US. However, every time he applied for the visa, he was denied. After complaining to his mother, she collected the Anointing Water from The SCOAN and sent him. He prayed for God’s mercy and favour, in Jesus’ name. To his joy, he was soon accepted to the University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering and Applied Science. The officers at the University told him that it would be difficult to get the visa from Nigeria but that he should still try. Remembering what God had already done for him, he prayed over his application with the Anointing Water. When he arrived for his visa interview, he observed that each interview lasted no less than 45 minutes. He continued to pray with the Anointing Water and when his turn came, they spent only two minutes with him and issued his US Visa. He came to The SCOAN holding his passport replete with visa and University of Cincinnati papers. He advised viewers to always believe in the name Jesus Christ and not give up when things appear impossible. To God is the glory!



Mrs Consolata Ngimbwa, a chairperson of the Contractors Registration Board in her country, Tanzania is a regular visitor to The SCOAN. During Prophet T.B. Joshua’s 51st Birthday this year she was in attendance and was blessed with a Faith Bracelet. Back in Tanzania, she would use it to meditate on the Word of God.



One day, she and some government officials including the Minister of Works were on an official visit when her car encountered a terrible crash. A car had appeared from nowhere and was trying to overtake a couple of cars including hers not knowing that another vehicle was coming from the opposite direction. In the confusion, her car was hit and it somersaulted three times before it landed heavily, upside down. A crowd of shocked onlookers quickly gathered around the car, believing anyone inside the vehicle would be dead. Praise God, Mrs Ngimbwa, who had been counting her faith prior to the accident, was alive and holding her Faith Bracelet! The rescue services quickly came and pulled her out of the wreckage to the hospital. To their surprise, she was not hurt in any way. She was nevertheless rushed to hospital. As the doctors started to remove her Faith Bracelet to put a drip on her wrist, the Minister of Works who was with her and had seen how God had kept her alive through the evangelical item, warned them off, saying, “You can remove everything including her underwear, but don’t tamper with that [the Faith Bracelet]”. She advised people that once they receive their Faith Bracelet, they should not play with it but use it effectively to meditate on God’s Word in every situation.

The service closed with the ministration of the New Anointing Water to the congregation which also witnessed the presence of the Holy Spirit with diverse manifestations of deliverances and breaking of evil yokes. Stay blessed!



TB JOSHUA It was an atmosphere of serenity at The SCOAN last Sunday and one that radiated the magnificence of God’s glory. The awesome power of the Holy Spirit was thick in the church’s auditorium as the choir broke into a Heavenly chorus of worship, calling on God’s anointing to rain down. As the church joined in, lifting their voices to the Heavens, the gates of anointing swung open. The evangelists ministered the New Anointing Water and no one could escape the fire of the Holy Spirit as demons were cast out and people set free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, ministered to the congregation for the first time in two weeks after a successful crusade in Columbia, South America. He thanked the congregation for their prayers which he said, had contributed to the good success of the revival.


WISEMAN HARRY Earlier, Wise Man Harry preached a life-changing message titled: Get Prepared for Christ. With proof text taken from Mark 10:17-22 – the story of ‘The Rich and the Kingdom of God’, he said: “Many seem to desire to know what they must do to receive from God but are not prepared to do it. As a child of God, you need to know that life is not fun and games; it is a warfare where only the spiritually minded are victorious. If you truly love God, nothing should be too small or too big to give out for God’s sake. The rich young ruler seemed to desire his duty but he was not prepared to do it. He seemed to desire to know what he must do to enter the Kingdom of God but he was not prepared to do it. His love for wealth and riches here on earth surpassed his love for Christ. Do not let this happen to you today!”


He concluded, “If we exclude God today in whatever plans we are making, we are guilty of the sins of arrogance and self-sufficiency and certainly, we are not prepared for tomorrow. This does not mean we should not make careful, thoughtful and watchful provision for the future, nor does it consist in unnecessary worry and anxiety about tomorrow. We should recognise who we are before God, realizing that He is God and we are not, that He is the Father and we are but children, that He is a Shepherd and we are straying sheep”.



Thanks to God’s grace, many people lined up to testify to His goodness in their lives. Below are just a selected few. We hope they will help build your faith and you will find reason to thank God for the gift of life!



The great revival led by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in Colombia which took place this July shall certainly go into the record books as God manifested His love and power to the people of the South American continent. After a two-day crusade at the Olympic Stadium and a Pastors’ Conference, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team purchased thousands of dollars worth of foodstuffs, supplies, meals, drinks and medical supplies for single mothers and their children. Huge packages of supplies were distributed, one for each family. Medical doctors were also on hand to assist with basic medical needs of the children, citing difficulties due to malnutrition among the young population. The event put smiles on the faces of the young children of Colombia as Prophet T.B. Joshua went further and pledged to provide scholarships for those in need.

The man of God was also invited to address members of the Colombia National Police Force and representatives of the Ministry of Defence, where he received an award of recognition for his service to humanity, especially in Colombia. He dedicated the award to widows and widowers whose spouses had died in line of duty, providing the country security. He then donated US$100,000 to the police for social welfare to take care of the infirm, wounded, and children with special needs. Prophet T.B. Joshua then encouraged the police to remain dedicated to their job and offered to partner with them through prayer for the security of Columbia, assuring them that the divine hand of God would be with them as they fought for peace.


MR EMMANUEL [ AW BREAKTHROUGH ] Mr. Emmanuel was, in his own words, a reject of his community. Nothing he laid his hands on ever prospered and he was in such abject poverty that his own wife walked out of the home, taking with her the children. No one wanted to associate with him anymore and it was at this peak of despondency that he came to The SCOAN in search of divine intervention. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, gave him the Anointing Water and told him to go home and start believing. Immediately, he started to pray with faith and ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name. Shortly after that prayer, he received a call from the government and was offered the consultancy job which he had previously applied for. This marked the start of his breakthroughs that were to write his ‘from-grass-to-grace’ story. With a life anew, he aspired to buy new land and have his own home. He wrote to his employers and surprisingly, they agreed to pay him upfront. It was very unusual but he had the backing of the mighty hand of God. He was able to purchase land for an estate and was able to build a mansion. He now has a fleet of expensive cars and is engaged in works of charity – reaching out to those that are in need. He showed pictures of his elegant home and the sleek cars he now drives. He advised people to put their trust in God and to remember those that are in bondage.





When a Nigerian businessman, Mr Okechukwu decided to set up a small factory in his home town, he became a target for mischievous individuals. Notorious criminals were monitoring each of his movements and, believing he must be rich, they ambushed and kidnapped him. They took him to an isolated place where they were keeping other victims. He feared for his dear life. Not sure what to do, he removed his bottle of the Anointing Water from his pocket and started ministering it on himself, calling on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come to his rescue. This annoyed the kidnappers who ordered him to stop his utterances. At one point, out of rage and having failed to intimidate him, one of the kidnappers fired a shot at him but the bullet missed him. He kept the bottle of the Anointing Water in his pocket and continued to pray.

Angry, the kidnappers took him to an underground apartment and demanded N10 million from him at gunpoint. He told them he did not have such money. Suddenly, a village vigilante who was passing by spotted the gun-toting kidnapper. Fearing that he had been spotted and that the villager would raise alarm, the armed kidnapper started to shoot at the vigilante, wasting all his bullets in the process. The kidnappers then took Mr Okechukwu to another location in the depth of the forest. There, God gave him a chance and in a split second, he escaped from his captors. The following day, the kidnappers called his wife to go and collect Mr Okechukwu’s car at a particular location where they had abandoned it. When husband and wife retrieved it, they realised that the Anointing Stickers were on it. Thanking God for his escape and his life, Mr Okechukwu advised people never to doubt God’s ability.




Mr Alex Ahmadu from Kaduna, Nigeria was passing through a patch of hardship in his former life. Things did not improve even when he decided to relocate to Lagos in search of greener pastures. He got a job but life remained miserable. He was drinking heavily and all the money he made went down the drain. It wasn’t until he discovered Emmanuel TV that he saw light and accessed his turning point. He installed the channel in his house and started to exercise his faith by praying with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Every time the man of God declared calmness in lives of viewers, Mr Ahmadu would claim and confess it. One day, in his dream, he had an encounter with the man of God who prayed for him and delivered him from the spirit of alcoholism. When he woke up the following day, he discovered to his surprise that the urge for alcohol had left him. The very smell of alcohol he once loved and savoured, he now hated. Since that time, he stopped drinking and started experiencing breakthrough in his life. Through the money he was able to save now that he no longer spent it on alcohol, he has been able to buy land and build a big house. Not only that, he has two cars also. He thanked God for transforming his life and advised viewers to believe in the liberating power of Jesus Christ! For Mr Ahmadu, a million words are certainly not enough to say, “Thank You, Jesus!”





Miss Paulina from Equatorial Guinea rushed to The SCOAN last week, praying to be delivered of something she was not sure of. All she knew was that things were not working out for her in a very weird way. She had had two marriage disappointments, lost a baby through asthma and faced serious setbacks in her career. So, sitting in The SCOAN last Sunday, she patiently waited for her turn as the evangelists ministered the New Anointing Water. Pandemonium erupted, however, the moment a shower of drops landed on her face. The otherwise calm face changed to annoyance and anger. The stranger hiding in her was exposed and identified itself as Lucifer. The enemy could not stand the mighty hand of God and screamed out and confessed to having been responsible for Miss Paulina’s nightmarish life, from the age of two. It was eventually commanded out in the name Jesus Christ to the cheers and applause of the congregation.

Testifying of her great deliverance on Sunday – seven days after her deliverance – Miss Paulina said she was 12 years old when the demon caused her to be raped by a neighbour. From that rape incident, a battle line had been drawn between her and any male who came her way. She became hell-bent on destroying any man she could. She had powers in her eyes and any man who looked into them would have feelings for her; that would be the end of their success in their education, career, marriage and finances. The next time she met them, they would be reduced to beggars. She had power to afflict men with the spirit of masturbation simply by speaking to them on the phone. Many ministers of God had been destroyed through her when she either slept with them or told lies about them just to ruin their ministries. If she went to church and people were being delivered, the evil spirit in her would tell her whether the pastor was powerful enough to deliver her. The moment a minister of God laid a hand on her, she would look into the pastor’s eyes. In her heart, she would be mock them, knowing that they were signing the end of their own careers. In addition to this, she had a spiritual husband who afflicted her with the spirit of anger. That was until her mother introduced her to Emmanuel TV and she decided to come to The SCOAN.

Narrating her experience of what she had felt like when the Anointing Water was ministered to her, she said, “I felt strange. I felt hot. I was on fire and I became so angry!”

Thank God, she was delivered and since that Sunday, her life has transformed. Jesus Christ has taken custody of her soul and calmness and peace have returned to her life. She no longer has the heart to destroy men. She advised people to run to God when they have any problem and the youth to be careful with internet.





Numerous youth came forward to testify of the liberation they received in Jesus’ name through the medium of the Faith Bracelets. The first youth, Godswill Ossai, said he used to have a spiritual wife who was so overpowering that he could not even scream whenever she came to him. When he woke up he would feel devastated. This affected his spiritual life; he could not pray or read the Bible passionately. This continued for a long time and affected his academic life. When he received his Faith Bracelet, he started to pray and meditate in the Word of God. In a dream that night, he was kidnapped and found himself in a car with a strange woman donning long hair. He surprisingly remained calm and miraculously found himself out of the car, dragging the woman by the hair. He was calling on the name Jesus fluently, which he had never been able to do in previous encounters. The woman cried out in terror and disappeared in a burst of flames as he spoke the name of Jesus Christ with boldness. Ordinarily, when he had an encounter with the woman and he woke up, he would be terrified. Not this time. He was smiling, knowing that the battle was over and won! Since then, he has not encountered the spiritual wife and is free. He now reads his Bible and prays with devotion.

For Benedicta, she was suffering from a spiritual husband and had affairs in her dreams. As a result, she used to have lustful thoughts every time she saw a boy. When she received the Faith Bracelet, she was strangely angry. She did not like it and did not want to put it on. However, she forced herself to pray with it and discovered she had been set free. In a dream that night, the giant man came to attack her but he could not do anything. That marked the end to her nightmares and encounters with the notorious evil man.

Another youth, Philip, had the spirit of theft and anger. From a young age, he began stealing people’s belongings and in dreams, he would see himself in a mortuary or casket. The consequences were immense. He was experiencing backwardness in his life and became a young man saturated with anger. Concerned, his parents took him to many churches for deliverance but nothing worked. When he received his Faith Bracelet, he started praying and meditating on God’s Word. Since that time, the nightmares have become a thing of the past and he no longer has the urge to steal.

Another youth, David, was addicted to playing games. Any money his mother gave him to use at school, he spent on computer games. At night, he would encounter the people from the games but this time, instead of winning as he did in the physical, they would fight him and beat him up so severely. In the morning, he would be angry and a spirit of stubbornness soon developed in him. He stopped listening to his mother and would go out and come back late in the night. All this came to a grinding halt when he received the Faith Bracelet. He started to count his faith, asking the Holy Spirit to take more of him and give him more of Himself. Since then, the urge for games is long gone.

All youths urged their peers to give their life to Christ as one life for Christ was all they had and that one life was so dear.

The service closed with the ministration of the New Anointing Water during which many more souls were liberated and saved. Glory to God!




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