Prophet T.B. Joshua

Awe inspiring, exalting and liberating, are the key words that, probably, describe last Sunday service best. From the faith-building testimonies to prophecies and teachings, the experience was as priceless to the congregants as it was to viewers of Emmanuel TV all over the world. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, continued from where he had left off the previous week and prayed for the world, asking for the blood of Jesus Christ to cover every nation for peace and prosperity.

Ministering the Word with power, he called on the congregants and viewers of Emmanuel TV to ask for God’s favour, mercy and forgiveness for their respective nations. This was a continuation of the previous week’s prayer when he cried to God for the nations of Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and the rest of the world especially those nations with trouble spots. The man of God then ministered at the Prayer Line where God set His people free from various evil afflictions that tormented their lives. They were declared healed from sicknesses and delivered from demons, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Michelle

Evangelist Michelle

Earlier in the day, Evangelist Michelle preached on the topic, ‘Energised by God’, a message that urged Christians to hold onto their priceless inheritance as children of God if they are to withstand and win the battle over satan. Referring to two great men of the Bible, Moses and Stephen, she said in our spiritual walk with the Lord, there are good and hard times alike but what matters is the relationship one has with his Creator. She said the moment one gets connected to God, one is no more oneself in idea and behaviour but totally absorbed into the idea and way of our Lord and that no state of being is as rewarding as living in tune with God!

Stephen, she said, knew that the everlasting joy of finally being with his Creator after the stoning could not be equated to the temporary pain he felt as each stone pelted his mortal body.

“But, today, when the stones of rejection, intimidation, humiliation, name calling and campaign of calumny hit us; when the stones of tests and trials hit us, we need to speed up. When the stones of all kinds hit us, we need to speed up because all the attacks, I mean trials are meant for our spiritual benefit – to improve us, not to impair us because our struggles make us stronger.




Again, the service on Sunday was rich with testimonies that glorified the name Jesus Christ and His infinite power to bless, heal and deliver. Here are a selected few:



Mrs Esther James Jada, from the Republic of South Sudan, is a living testimony of how God honours the humble and rewards those who trust and wait upon him in faith. One, who was a local market girl due to limitations in life coupled with the death of her father earlier in life, now, walks the corridors of the rich and powerful. She is the Executive Secretary of the country’s Vice President.

Mrs Esther James Jada

Mrs Esther James Jada

While poverty was knocking on her door, to her surprise, a friend volunteered to sponsor her trip to The SCOAN. She came, prayed and received the Anointing Water.

On her return, she received a call from the presidency of South Sudan and to her utmost surprise, was offered a job as Executive Secretary to the Vice President of the republic. What she had desired for many years came by grace in a short while after she ministered the Anointing Water and left everything to God Almighty.

Now able to sponsor the education of all her siblings, she thanked Jesus Christ for His abundant provision in her life. She showed pictures of the beautiful house and new car God has provided her with. How wonderful God is!


Mrs Dora Wiafe-Akenteng from Ghana but based in the US, was lost for words when she stood before the congregation to testify how God had saved her from widowhood. She told of how death had robbed her of her husband, an Agric-economist, only for the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to manifest itself in their lives through the restoration of his life.


Mr & Mrs Wiafe-Akenteng

One day while in the house, her husband had complained of dizziness. She went to the kitchen to prepare him dinner. She was about to serve the food when she realised that her husband had turned pale. When she advanced to touch him, he simply fell back. As a nurse, she realised that he had become abnormally cold. His breath had also gone out of him. She was confused and worried as they were the only two in the house. The word ‘widow’ suddenly became a huge reality to her. She began thinking about how her life would be meaningless without him. “He lay lifeless in my arms – clinically dead,” she said.

She said, as one with a medical background, she had extensive experience of dealing with terminal cases and her husband had indeed lost life. In her desperation and confused state of mind, she even had difficulty dialing 911. After 10 minutes, she suddenly remembered that she had the Anointing Water in the house. She grabbed it and started ministering the Anointing Water on her husband and prayed for the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to locate him. As she ministered the Anointing Water, a force hit her husband in the back to eject him from where he lay. He vomited in the aftermath, and subsequently gasped for air.

When he woke up, he was shocked and asked his wife why he was drenched with vomit. She felt both nervous and excited, telling him that he had died and resurrected!

Her husband testified that all he could remember was waking up, seeing vomit on his clothes and asking his wife what had happened. He did not understand why she was so excited and was utterly shocked to hear that he had left the world for some minutes. To God be the glory!




Charity Musukwa

Charity Musukwa, a Gospel musician from Zambia, would have been confined to a wheel chair right now if it was not for the healing power of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, who restored her broken bones when doctors had declared her case impossible to reverse. Ms Musukwa was on one fateful day, coming from a Gospel music event when the saloon car she was travelling in, crashed. The car spun and rolled over six times to become an instant write-off. As a result of the accident, her rib was broken from the back-bone, throwing her into a state where she could not walk. The damage was too severe to repair medically and doctors told her she would never walk again. She was given a body brace and later condemned to a wheelchair. She was always in pain and felt traumatised. The thought of never walking again was too much to comprehend. It would mean an end to her musical career and a life of total dependence. Her mother had to do everything for her, including taking her to the bathroom. She could not imagine how she would live like that for the rest of her life.

A friend brought the Anointing Water and ministered it on her, in Jesus’ name. Immediately, she felt something lifting out of her and the courage entered her to take a step. She took that first step of faith and that was the beginning. She started walking from that day. She can now walk and sing for God.

In her advice to the viewers she said, “Have faith in God. He can use any medium to express Himself in your life.”


Ask Theresa Ely and Anvor Ely and they will tell you the bitter heartache stemmed from many years of barrenness. They had reached their forties and hope for having a baby grew slimmer by the day. Theresa had been diagnosed with endometriosis while Anvor had a ridiculously low sperm count. The medical profession had done all they could to assist but there was no change. They were in need of a miracle; they needed the Creator of Heaven and earth to visit them by His grace and grant their heart’s desire.


Mr & Mrs Ely

 On visiting The SCOAN, Theresa was surprised to be one among few to receive a divine revelation from God over their case. Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to her that she had been operated on but the purpose of the operation was not achieved.

He had also said that her menstrual cycle was not regular. After the prophecy, later in the service, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered Anointing Water on her. She began to vomit immediately. All her sicknesses were flushed out by the power of the Holy Spirit, opening the door for God to act. Equally, the couple had the grace to attend the fruit of the womb meeting with Prophet T.B. Joshua and they were able to partake in touching the blessed mantle which was passed around to all congregants. That mantle proved to be the point of contact that Jesus Christ used to intervene in their case.

 They began to believe and trust in God, waiting on him alone. “I started clapping before the miracle happened”, she said. She knew that the word of the man of God was not his own but the very words of God. As if that was not enough, they saw the man of God in his office where he prayed for them and blessed them with Anointing Water. Full of faith, they prayed and ministered the Anointing Water. They met as husband and wife and she became pregnant. The pregnancy period was smooth with no complication. The proud parents held up their beautiful baby girl, named Sarah promising to train her in the way of the Lord.

Anvor likened their case to the leper who came back to give thanks even after ten of them had been cured. He rejoiced at the goodness of God in their lives. Their advice: “There is hope. Jesus is the hope. Jesus Christ is the answer to all fundamental issues of life. Trust in God and not man.”



Pastor Matthew & Family

 When Pastor Matthew got married he looked forward to a blissful family life but to his utter dismay, what he experienced was diametrically opposite. “I have seen hell on earth” he declared, vividly remembering the furious friction that had dominated their family life in the past.  A spirit of anger and confusion possessing his wife had done all it could to wreck a God-ordained marriage. Mrs Varughese would angrily smash things, break them and continually fight with her husband. When the spirit came upon her, she felt as though she had the combined power of 100 men in her. Later, she would realise what she did and bitterly regret it.

There was no peace or happiness in the home. Although they lived together, they were not eating, sleeping or talking together. They were like two strangers in the house. What was uncanny about it was that in the house, it was if hell was let loose but outside, she would be a humble, kind and gentle person. Nobody would believe what was going on behind closed doors.

Her husband carried her to many pastors in India for deliverance. She would be asked to fast and pray but the problem still continued. Truly tired of the state they were in, she began earnestly searching for deliverance and one day on YouTube, she encountered T.B. Joshua and the ministry of The SCOAN.

They determined to come to The SCOAN believing that Jesus Christ was able to put an end to the havoc. In 2011 on 27th February, they were sitting at the front at The SCOAN. The evil spirit within her was whispering to her to leave the front row and move to the back but her husband calmed her and told her to wait. A few moments later, during the time of prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua came towards her and she saw a very bright light coming from him. The dark spirit within her could not stand the light and it was exposed. She was delivered and declared free.

Since the deliverance, the heaviness within her has left. She now sleeps soundly. The hatred, anger and bitterness have all vanished and have been replaced with love. “It is as if we are just married”, the couple declared joyfully, both struggling to hold their tears.  The man of God had also told her that she was going to help her husband in the ministry. Since then, she has been studying the Bible and started sharing the Word with people. There are now miracles taking place in the hospital where she works as a nurse as she takes the Anointing Water with her every day.

 Her advice to the world is: “It is not that demons cannot possess you if you are a believer. We all need deliverance.”

Pastor Matthew received a prophecy that he would serve the Lord fully. He testified that since the deliverance of his family, his ministry has grown and his marriage has been restored. He and his wife now discuss together and pray together. His advice was to stay in faith and never quit. “Call upon God and He will deliver you in His own time.”

Their daughter always felt alone as the only child; seeing the conflict between her parents, she had distanced herself from them. After the deliverance, there is now a better understanding in the family and their relationship with their daughter has been rekindled. Their daughter said that in 2012 she came to The SCOAN and that she received a prophecy that the same spirit that had haunted her mother was haunting her. She confirmed that she was always angry and stressed. But after the prophecy and her deliverance, there is peace and tranquility in the house. Her advice was for children. “Hold onto Jesus. When there is trouble and fighting in the house, pray and He will surely answer your prayers.”



Mr & Mrs Coetzee

“If it was not for this ministry and this deliverance, we would not be here today to say, Jesus is Lord” said Carolien Coetzee from South Africa, a lady who knows all too well the torment of demonic possession. She had been rejected and abused as a child and as a result always felt unwanted and depressed. Believing she was never good enough, she hated herself with a passion. This state of discontent led to anxiety, tension and pressure which infiltrated into her marital home. “The atmosphere in the house was always sensitive and tense” said her husband as he recalled the hours of fighting and constant friction. God had blessed the couple with a beautiful daughter but Carolien’s agitation extended to her child. She would find herself screaming at her at the slightest sign of disobedience. The evil spirit’s aim was to cause a rift in the family but the plans of satan were put to shame by the light and fire of God.

Carolien and her little daughter came to the Candlelight Service in 2012 and Wise Man Daniel prayed for her. The spirit of lust, anger and rejection within her manifested, confessing that it was from the ocean. The evil spirit confessed that its plan was to destroy the relationship between her and her daughter.

After her deliverance, she has a good relationship with her daughter and her husband. No longer tormented by self-hate, she believes and confesses that she is a child of God, loved and accepted by Him. The spirit of lust is no longer disturbing her and she now has real affection for her husband. Prior to her deliverance, she would always look for an excuse not to meet with her husband. The tension and pressure in the house has been replaced with a holy relaxation. Glory be to God! Jesus Christ is the Repairer and Restorer of broken relationships.

The service closed with Mass Prayer ministered by the Wise Men. Stay blessed!

A day of wondrous worship and spiritual transformation!  For those that worshipped at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria and viewers of Emmanuel TV all over the world, no words probably could describe last Sunday service better. The service left the congregants with spiritual fulfilment and rebirth that will reshape their belief irrespective of their situations. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, walked into the auditorium with one edifying message: “In the past, you walked in darkness but now, you have the light of God.” The words re-echoed with more transformative power, a message delivered earlier by Evangelist Yinka who called on people not to be short-sighted by their situations, but look beyond.

Prophet T.B. Joshua said: “When one is adopted by the Holy Ghost, he has access to Jesus Christ of Nazareth and as such, should not listen to one’s situation to act out of character.” God’s Word, he said, “is the final authority.”  He enthused: “No matter the situation you are facing, God’s Word settles all questions. God’s Word is the final authority settling all matters confronting us. Don’t listen to your situation or challenges, to act out of character. Let the weak say I am strong. ‘All ye that labour, I will give you rest’, that is God’s Word.”

Prophet T. B. Joshua

Prophet T. B. Joshua

He further stated: “If you truly serve God in truth and faith, whatever situation you are facing is to prepare you. That you are serving God in truth and faith, however, does not mean you will not face challenges. It was in the midst of challenges that Jesus found me, took me and is using me today. Let your heart be fixed and established on the living Word of God. The matter is settled. When Jesus Christ was raised up from the dead, He went on the Cross for you and died for you so that you could live for Him.”

The man of God then prophesied to nations hinting on impending socio-and economic crises on the African continent. He also prophesied to the congregation, exposing hidden truths that chained people’s lives to satan so he can manipulate them and destroy their destinies. The sick were prayed for and declared healed in Jesus’ name while the afflicted were also released from their diverse bondages.

Earlier on, Evangelist Yinka delivered a strong and edifying message titled: See Beyond Your Situation. She opened the eyes of the congregants to the truth of the transformative power of Jesus Christ and told them not to be blinded by tribulations but to realize that in every situation, God is saying something.  Her proof text was from James 1:2-4; 12.

“When God is executing His plans in our lives, He also designs and arranges events which will continue to unfold until His purpose is revealed in our lives. Those events could be trial, persecution, sickness or humiliation. Remember, God oftentimes visits His people in hard times so that they may learn His way,” she said adding, “In Genesis 39, when Joseph found himself in prison, the Bible says, he did not allow the prison condition to overwhelm him. He knew that for him to be the source of freedom to his people, he had to taste imprisonment.” Evangelist Yinka

She said those who see beyond their immediate situation do not despair in the face of seeming disappointment. Also referring to the book of Daniel 6, she said God arranged the events of Daniel in exile when he was faced with the reality of life.

“A captive, a slave who was supposed to be seen and not to be heard, Daniel was condemned to die in a den of hungry lions, but he looked at his situation by faith and he saw redemption, he saw freedom and God shut the mouth of the lions. When you see beyond your pain, God will manifest to you the benefit of His great salvation. No matter the situation, always remember that when we accept adversity, enduring every pain, then we would learn what we should know; our grief will turn to gain,” she said.


By God’s grace, scores of people from all over the world, came to share their testimonies over what the Lord had done in their lives. Here are but a selected few. Be blessed as you read on:



Nine miscarriages in six years! That was the traumatizing situation Mr Kingsley Clinton and his wife, Faith, faced that they could not believe they would ever have children to call their own. The doctors they visited could not say what was responsible for the problem. After exhausting all their finances looking for an answer and almost losing all hope, they decided to come to The SCOAN for prayers where they were blessed with the Anointing Water. They had always listened to testimonies of people who had once been in their situation.

Mr & Mrs Kingsley Clinton

Mr & Mrs Kingsley Clinton

Now with the Anointing Water in their hands, they prayed with it and ministered it on their bodies, asking Jesus to remove their shame from them. One month later, Mrs Clinton conceived. The purpose for their coming on Sunday was to testify that the mother-to-be is now eight months pregnant, a feat they had never experienced in their life before the use of the Anointing Water. They thanked God for the miracle He had performed in their lives.

Pastor George from the USA testified of how the devil toyed with his life by chaining him to pornography. He was introduced to the ungodly behaviour in 1985 by a friend and it enslaved him for many years. In 2003, he gave his life to Christ but the problem became so bad that on his honeymoon following his wedding, he preoccupied his time watching pornography on television. He said his addiction to the illicit videos affected his ministry and his marriage to the point that he almost lost both. He went to many pastors and churches, prayed and fasted but the devil’s padlock remained intact. His wife would catch him watching pornography on his iPad at night while they were in bed. She caught him a few times watching it but he would argue that he was watching something else.

One day, he had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua, whom he had never met before. He told him that all he needed to be delivered was to have faith. Two weeks later, his wife came across a video of Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube and asked him if he had ever heard of this pastor before. He said he had never seen him but recognized him from the dream he had a few weeks earlier.

Pastor George

Pastor George

He considered this to be a revelation from God, that his solution was at The SCOAN. He came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He would minister it every morning and night on himself, in the name of Jesus Christ. Then, one day, he realized that he no longer had the urge to watch pornography.

“I became a man again, a husband again; I was whole again”, he exclaimed joyfully to the glory of God. His wife also testified to his complete deliverance from this pornographic addiction, saying they now talk more and everything about their relationship has improved.

Chief Chima Choice Nwadike, a Nigerian living in South Africa was facing many challenges in his life. Among his many problems was the struggle to finish his house and he eventually gave up. His financial challenges were so serious that he could not even pay his children’s school fees. He had to borrow money from his parents for his children to go to university. His frustrations in life were made worse with the name-calling he was getting for failing to finish his house in the village for 25 years.

He decided to relocate to South Africa in search of a better life. In due course, he started watching Emmanuel TV at his friend’s shop. He was amazed at the messages and wonders God was performing through The SCOAN.  He could not help but install the cable for Emmanuel TV in his house. He eventually came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He went straight to his abandoned home and ministered it on the ruins before he flew back to his base in South Africa. Favour fell on him and his business started picking up.

Chief Chima Nwadike

Chief Chima Nwadike

With the booming business, he has been able to complete the house he could not for the past 25 years. The house is fully furnished and he no longer faces financial difficulties.

“I am not just a millionaire but a multimillionaire,” he beamed and showed pictures of the fully furnished house standing elegant, to the glory of God.


Mr and Mrs Chukwudi Edeh came from South Africa to give testimony of how God had blessed them with a baby after years of barrenness. Mrs Edeh was suffering from what is known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. This deprived the couple from having a baby. They visited many hospitals, looking for solution.

Mr & Mrs Chukwudi Edeh

Mr & Mrs Chukwudi Edeh

All doctors could do was diagnose the problem and give them different treatments which never led to pregnancy. They would attend baby showers of other couples of their age but the joy never manifested in their own domain! They were so devastated and humiliated. One day, they discovered Emmanuel TV on YouTube and concluded that the solution was in God’s hands at The SCOAN. They came and received the Anointing Water.

They went back to South Africa and began ministering and praying together on a daily basis. On one of Mrs Edeh’s routine check-ups at the doctor’s office, she did a pregnancy test and it came out positive. On Sunday, they came holding the baby boy in their hands whom they have christened, ‘Emmanuel’, in honour to God for the miracle baby He has blessed them with.

They advised, “Don’t just spray the Anointing Water but pray because it is the power of God in the Anointing Water that brings about the miracles.”

Model, actress and beauty salon owner, South African Tshidi Mphaki, had the problem of career failure and disappointment. She used to get many jobs as a model and actress but for seven years, things stopped working for her. She would go to many castings but would not be offered a job. Someone else would be cast for the role.

Tshidi Maphaki

Tshidi Maphaki

She came to The SCOAN and was blessed with a bottle of the Anointing Water which she took home and began to minister in Jesus’ name. Soon, she received a call from one of her casting agents. Before she went for the interview, she prayed and anointed herself with the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name. The following day, she was offered the role. Not long after, she was given two more jobs. Now every other area of her life has taken a positive swing. Praise God!

Kostadinka Machaka from Switzerland received a prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua that she was having the spirit of suicide and that he saw her writing a suicide note. In confirmation of the prophecy, she said that she had had the spirit of suicide for the past 20 years and had turned her back on God thinking that He had abandoned her.

Elsie Johnson

Kostadinka Machaka

She also confirmed that the letter she was writing was to her mother telling her that she was going to commit suicide but something stopped her and she never finished the letter. After the prophecy given to her by Prophet T.B. Joshua, she was delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ. She no longer has the thoughts of suicide but complete peace of mind and is convinced beyond reasonable doubt that God loves her.   Hallelujah!


Viewers of Emmanuel TV and worshippers at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria should be familiar with the controversial issue of the witch doctor who was prophesied to early last month concerning a deadly evil covenant with his wife young enough to be his daughter if not granddaughter.

Chief and Mrs Adeola Adeyemo indeed came to The SCOAN early last month. While seated, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, approached the 80 year-old man and told him, “You are a witch doctor”. Although he tried to refuse, he eventually confessed and it turned out that he was a ‘General’ of his trade in his own right.  It turned out that his marriage with his 35 year-old wife was full of controversy.

Not only that, it turned out that the former witch doctor had used his powers to evoke a covenant that would keep the two together in life and death; that after one had died, the other would follow immediately. The mindboggling confession shocked the congregation and viewers.

The man of God prophesied that the woman had three cowries inside her, which were part of the covenant and that the aged witch doctor had his own inside his body too which were invoked inside them through charms and not by physically swallowing them.

 Mr & Mrs Adeyemo

Mr & Mrs Adeyemo

Three weeks ago, during mass prayer ministered by Prophet T.B. Joshua, it all unfolded before the viewers’ own eyes as the woman vomited two cowries in a pool of blood. These, the man of God said, were the foretold charms Mr Adeyemo had evoked into his wife to chain her to him. He said the remaining one would still come out. Indeed, it did during the subsequent mass prayers to the astonishment of the viewers!

Last Sunday, the young woman came in alongside her aged husband to show the three cowries she had vomited and how light and happy she had been since then. She said the night following her deliverance, she had a dream of masquerades which, previously before her deliverance, had always tormented her in nightmares by making her sing and dance with them. But this time around, when she was about to start singing for and dancing with them, she saw herself shouting ‘Emmanuel!’ Immediately, a bright fire came and lifted her up out of the midst of the masquerades. The masquerades died there and then. Since then, she said that she no longer has those nightmares and has been sleeping soundly.

Mr Adeola Adeyemo told the congregation he was happy for his wife and prayed that the grace that had visited his wife would also visit him so that he could vomit out his own evil cowries. He did not have to wait long. No sooner than the man of God ministered mass prayer, the former witch doctor bent into two and vomited his three cowries. The couple is now delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus has set them free. When God sets one free, he is free indeed!

A spiritually electrifying Sunday Service that started 7:00am and lasted ‘til 10:30pm full of exciting and joyful spiritual activities, ended with another mass prayer where hidden demonic activities were fished out and a final blessing was imparted upon worshippers and viewers all over the world. Keep watching Emmanuel TV and stay blessed!

Last Sunday service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria was another manifestation of God’s holiness and supremacy – a mighty and glorious presence that subdues evil and brings serenity and peace. The day was replete with miracles and wonders as the power of the Holy Spirit moved among the people with force, and gracefully setting the enslaved free from all kinds of affliction. DADDYThe man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, walked among the people with Heavenly authority, preaching and teaching the Word with power. And in accordance with the measure of his faith – the Heavenly currency for healing, blessing and deliverance, he prayed for people and set them free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He taught about love, emphasizing its relevance to a Christian life. ‘Love’, said the man of God, ‘looks around to see those who are sick and in need’. His proof text was from Galatians 5:6.

In his words: “If one does not love, one’s faith will not work because faith works by love”, adding that “it means love is more important because it is the force that sets faith working. It is the greatest in the sense that it is only through love we can respond to God. Without love, I cannot hear from God; I will be without direction – without a father. Through love you can respond to others, ‘Be healed!’ and they are healed. Some of us have suppressed our faith by failing to walk in love. You have faith, no doubt about that, but you lack love,” he noted.

Shedding more light on neighborliness he said, “Your neighbor can be your enemy; those who do not share the same faith with you – love them all. We are known by our love. Jesus knows you not by your name, but your love.” The man of God then prophesied to the congregation before ministering prayer and deliverance at the Prayer Line.

EVANG. RIKHARDEarlier on, Evangelist Rikhard engaged the congregation and viewers with a message titled: A Christian Life. The message, whose proof text was from the book of Joshua 1:8 hinged on the need for a spiritual reconstruction of a Christian life to reflect God’s will. He explained that God has given everybody a plan for success but what matters, is following such a roadmap as given by God. He also emphasized the need for Christians to keep the Word of God in their mouth, meditate on it and do what the Word says.

“What you say can justify or condemn you; your words can free you or put you in trouble. Most of our troubles are tongue troubles. Jesus Christ warned against speaking idle words – words that do not edify or build others up, because for every idle word a man speaks, he shall be accountable,” he said.



Many people from various countries came forward to glorify God through testimonies of what He had done in their lives. We publish just a few of them. Be blessed as you read on.



When Mr Isdore Hetekere from Malawi suffered general body pains last year, he rushed to the hospital where doctors told him: “You are lucky to be alive!” A test by the doctors revealed that he had excess uric acid – a staggering 10.7 reading. According to the doctors, the normal range for uric acid is between 3.4 and 7. He was immediately prescribed to be taking three different types of medications daily. He considered such an arrangement unreliable and enslaving. He decided to seek higher power from the Healer, Jesus Christ. He came to The SCOAN where he received the Anointing Water. MR ISDORE HETEKERE[HEALED OF EXCESS URIC ACID(AW)]On his return home, he started ministering it in Jesus’ name and his energy started coming back, leading to a gradual healing. Over days, the pain disappeared and after a few months, he was very strong and fit. He went back to the hospital for another test. His uric acid level had dropped to 6.1, which is within the normal range. Now healed, healthy and strong, he sleeps well and no longer experiences pain.

That is not all. He and his wife had been looking for the fruit of the womb. After their first daughter, they had not had another child for nine years and had become desperate. His wife was suffering from irregular menstruation. They had gone to various hospitals for medical solutions but nothing seemed to be working. They ministered the Anointing Water and met as husband and wife. Behold, his wife conceived and they are now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl named, Divine.

He advised, “Sometimes, the healing is instant and sometimes gradual. We should be patient and wait upon the Lord.”



Dr Ozoh, a microbiologist residing in South Africa, came to testify how God rescued his home from armed robbery. In August last year, while at home, his son was strangely having difficulties sleeping. For some inexplicable reason, he just could not sleep. This continued till late in the night. Dr Ozoh decided to minister the Anointing Water on him and the house to cast out any demons and spirits of darkness that could have been lurking around. It wasn’t until 2am that they could sleep.DR. OZOH SAVED FROM ROBBERS THROUGH (AW)] In the morning, his wife was the first to wake only to discover to her utter shock that their kitchen had been broken into. Some items were missing. When she woke the whole house, they discovered that the missing items were dumped within the premises. What disappeared from one room was found in another. When police came, they could not believe what had happened; that robbers could labour to break into a highly secured home and yet steal nothing from it, not even a needle! All expensive electrical and hi-fi equipment was intact. Dr Ozoh thanked God for His faithfulness and advised viewers to live each day as if it was their last.



When Jesus sets you free, you are set free indeed and Mr Chris Paul Abure, a professional model from Nigeria living in Ghana, is evidence of this. Standing before the congregation on Sunday, he explained how he was thrown into the devil’s dungeon, living a life of sin – until he came to The SCOAN where Jesus Christ broke the chains and set him free. Narrating his episode of demonic horror, Mr Abure traced his tragedy to 16 years ago when his father cursed him for not following his lifestyle. His father belonged to this secret society which, he said, all the children in the family detested. The father told him he would not prosper in life. As he grew up, he could feel that things were not working for him. He found himself smoking weed, drinking alcohol and sleeping with every woman who crossed his path.

“Every bad thing, you name them, I have done,” he said.

MR CHRIS PAUL ABURE [PROFESSIONAL MODEL DELIVERED]One day, as Mr Abure was smoking at the beach, a strange thing happened. A beautiful lady appeared from nowhere, tapped him by the shoulder and said: “Handsome guy, how are you?” As soon as he replied, they started kissing although the lady was a total stranger to him. She then asked him to walk with her along the beach which was a distance away. He declined preferring to remain sitting where he was. Suddenly, he just discovered that the beach had come to him, touching his feet. The girl told him this was where he belonged, in the water and that one day she would take him there. He was horrified and told her to leave him. This encounter inflamed his lust for women and drugs as the same strange female-being appeared to him again in Ghana. In each instance, she would give him a telephone number and a physical address close to where he stayed. The number would be unreachable and no one would remember ever seeing such a girl if he went to look for her at the address.

He slept with many women – sometimes three women in a day. In due course, he had contracted sexually transmitted infections. He said he had been to all West African countries where he engaged in every abominable thing conceivable. That was not all. He had fought many people including police for no reason and earned himself incarceration behind bars six times in foreign prisons, particularly in Mali and Guinea. He was losing many friends for his unpredictable violent behaviour. He said the evil spirit tormented him so much in his modeling career that it started to crumble before his own eyes and there was nothing he could do about it. After failing to get solution from witch-doctors and various churches, he decided to come to The SCOAN.  First, his brother brought him the Anointing Water. Although he was not a strong believer, he decided to minister it. Soon afterwards, he noted a change in his life. He no longer felt like smoking and his lust for women eased.

One night, he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream, delivering him. He decided to come to The SCOAN in Lagos, where the power of the Holy Spirit located him as Wise Man Daniel ministered prayer and deliverance, in Jesus’ name. The evil spirit was confronted by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and was instantly arrested but not before it confessed its atrocities such as causing him to lust after women, smoke and fight. The demon was cast out, in the name of Jesus Christ. And since that deliverance, Paul said he had become a changed person.

“I used to think evil – bad things. I thought I was having fun. That is not the way anymore. Anger is gone, even if you slap me now, I will just laugh and say thank you,” he said as he gave thanks to God for his freedom.



Pastor and Mrs Joseph Abumere had the problem of barrenness for six years. Doctors cited pelvic inflammatory disease as the cause. Every time she conceived, the pregnancy would go. Not having children brought shame to the family. Her husband, being a pastor, had dedicated many children to God and yet, they could not have their own. For six years, they faced a lot of name-calling and rejection. Every time she saw her menstruation, she would be crying, asking God why she could not conceive. They prayed and fasted but still, nothing. They started watching Emmanuel TV and saw how the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, was being used by God to break yokes. PASTOR & MRS JOSEPH ABUMERE [BARRENNESS TO FRUITFULNESS(AW).]They agreed to come to The SCOAN, where they received the Anointing Water and prayed that God would do it for them. After ministering it, in Jesus’ name, they met as husband and wife and to the glory of God, the yoke was broken. She went back to the hospital for another medical test. Its result confirmed that she no longer suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease. In no time, she conceived and now they have a bouncing baby girl.  God Almighty wiped away Mrs Abumere’s tears of barrenness through the medium of the Anointing Water and brought honour to the pastor’s home!



Miss Christiana Legon was having pain in her side and lower back but real horror struck her when she went for a scan and the doctors discovered an enlarged liver and hepatitis. The moment the doctors mentioned the disease, she remembered many members of her family who had succumbed to the same problem. Her brother had once been asked to go for a transplant only to die later. The thought of being the next, was unbearable. The doctors told her that she needed to come back for another test. Before she could go back, her legs started to swell. She tuned-in to Emmanuel TV and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. As she prayed, she said, she felt like a burden had been lifted off her. MISS CHRISTIANA LEGON [FREE FROM FAMILY CURSE ETVThe pain also left her. She went back to the hospital and went for another test and, to the glory of God and disbelief of doctors, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis C could no longer be found in her system! The power of God through the medium of the Anointing Water had wiped them out. She went for several tests and all proved she was healed of an enlarged liver and hepatitis. Praise God!



It was all but a battle of futility for the demon that had tormented Pastor and Mrs Roland Tabe from Cameroon for over a decade. It had no chance against the power of the Holy Spirit. The couple, both ministers of God, came to The SCOAN with the problem of setback and depression in their family and ministry. Pastor Roalnd Tabe had the spirit of anger that often sent him into tantrums. As a result, there was no love in the family. This also affected his ministry which stopped growing and faced collapse. He had been a pastor for more than ten years and he would hear a voice tell him to give up and quit being pastor. His church would have programs and gain in membership, but the people would suddenly leave. He would pray for people and they would be healed but they would go and give testimony elsewhere. Members were leaving the church in large numbers.

One night, in her dream, the wife saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, ministering in their church and delivering people. She considered this a revelation and decided with her husband to come to The SCOAN. It was while praying in the Arena of Liberty, that the evil spirit spoke out and confessed being responsible for the agony the two had been going through. APOSTLE & PROPHETESS ROLAND TABE FROM CAMEROON DELIVERED.

While they were seated among the congregation at The SCOAN, one of the wise men came and prayed for him, in the name of Jesus Christ.  He felt a hot sensation run through his body. The evil spirit confessed that it had killed many members of his family and destroyed their ministries. Testifying in the church, he said that while he was young, he once stayed with his aunt who was a prostitute. During that time, she took him to a shrine where they performed a ritual on him by making incisions in his body and that his blood was taken and used for the ritual in the shrine.

“I am now a new person. The urge to leave my ministry is gone. I also have affection for my wife,” he said. He then advised other ministers of God that pride goes before a fall and that they should all be humble and ready to receive their deliverance.

The service closed with Mass Prayer ministered by the wise men. Stay blessed and always remember, love looks around!

Prophet T.B. Joshua ministering to the congregation.

Prophet T.B. Joshua ministering to the congregation.

Last Sunday was another awe-inspiring service hallmarked by a powerful and inspiring message from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Packed to capacity and with all overflow canopies spilling over, The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria was gripped with the moving power of the Holy Spirit.   From the din of the choristers that bellowed to the heights of the Heavens, to amazing testimonies and the message of the day, the air was one of glorification and submission to the One who made Heaven and earth – the Almighty God!

Evangelist Chris encouraged viewers worldwide and the congregants in the church with the message titled: ‘Don’t Measure Your Christian Life  By Your Situation’.

Evang. Chris at The SCOAN.

Evang. Chris encouraging the congregants at The SCOAN.

“Remember, the main aim of satan in tempting people of God is to overthrow their relationship to God as Father. He wants to cause you to doubt your faith and question the truth of God’s Word. Each time you want to focus on your future in Christ, satan will remind you of unanswered prayers in the past in order to provoke your guilt and doubt and tarnish your future thereby. Outward afflictions, wants and burdens are the great arguments satan uses to make the people of God question their son ship,” he said.

“It is time you let satan know your stand – whether trouble or not, I will stay true to Jesus. If nothing in this world can separate you from the love of God and nothing in this world can shake your faith in God, then nothing in this world can stop you from crossing the bridge into your Divine destiny!”

Prophet T.B. Joshua, using proof texts from Romans 13:1 and Romans 5:8 taught about spiritual law.

He stressed that God’s hates sin but loves the sinner because sinners can be delivered. If an opportunity is given to a sinner, he can be reformed and change. He explained: “Since our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the spirit beings that cause these acts.”

Also referring to Ephesians 6:12, the man of God warned the church against wrestling against flesh and blood or striving against people, because doing so would be fighting the wrong battle.

“If we fail to see that there are powers that cause people to be bowed down in bondage, we are fighting the wrong battle. There are powers that cause you to be in poverty. When you are armed for battle, you will not fight the wrong battle; you will listen to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit.”


Testimonies glorify God and this Sunday was no different as scores of people lined up to share their stories about how God had made their broken bodies and souls whole again with fulfilment and abundance. Here are but a few of the wonderful testimonies:


A businessman dealing in motor car spare parts, Mr Tedus was a happy entrepreneur and in a relationship with a young woman he was ready to marry. He was also an interpreter at his church. But life for the 26 year-old turned into a total nightmare three years ago when he travelled on a business trip to Dubai. In transit on his way back, he stopped over in East Africa. While he was at a hotel where the airline accommodated him along with others on the delayed flight, he and some other men went to swim in the hotel’s pool. In a dream that night, he saw himself back in the same pool, swimming with other men only that this time, everyone was naked.

Mr Tedus sharing his testimony

Mr Tedus sharing his testimony

He woke up to see himself sweating profusely from the dream with a strong sensation that something strange had entered into his spirit! Before long, he discovered that he no longer had any passion for women but began to develop feelings for men like him. Immediately he returned home, he broke up his relationship with his fiancée who was shocked and could not understand a thing. Something pushed him to research on the internet about relationships with men and there, his interest grew.

One day, his pastor surprised him when he asked him to go to The SCOAN for deliverance without specifying why. The day of salvation for him came when he entered The SCOAN. He explained how as he was seated in the overflow section outside the church, an elderly woman in the overflow canopy gave him her entrance ticket to the church. Inside, when the wise men were praying, he began to feel like running away. As one of the wise men approached and touched him, an evil voice within him spoke out and revealed how it had been responsible for making him love men instead of women.

Now, after his deliverance, he testified that his desires had changed and he no longer has passion for men but rather for women. He can now pray and read his Bible without distraction and diversion.

“Now I am delivered, I no longer have affection for men but for ladies. If you come across someone with the same problem I had, you should not condemn him. The only answer is deliverance,” he said.

Let us remember the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Anytime we strive against people, we fight the wrong battle. God loves sinners but hates sin. We should hate the act but not the people. If we fail to see that there are powers that cause people to be bowed down in bondage, we are fighting the wrong battle.



Mr Samson testifying to God’s goodness in his life.

For Mr Samson of Delta State, Nigeria, life literally had little meaning. For over 20 years, his life was littered with struggles and failures. He was facing stagnation and he could hardly pay his house rent and children’s school fees. While his friends were making headway in the same furniture business he was into, things just didn’t work out for him. It wasn’t until a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV that his life changed. One day, while praying with Emmanuel TV, the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua, declared breakthrough in his life. Two weeks later, while working in his shop, someone came and admired his work. What followed was a miracle as he received a massive contract a week later. Desperate to own his own house, he was able to buy a piece of land and started constructing a house on it the same week. Within eight months, construction was complete. A man, who could not afford even 1,500 naira, now has a house to call his own and is able to pay for his children’s school fees.

“Please, don’t give up on prayer,” he said.


For Mrs Evelyn Ani, what seemed like a normal abdominal pain, took a deadly turn when a trip to the hospital revealed a diagnosis of bilateral enlarged ovaries.  The pain became excruciating to the point that she could not turn on her side. As she left the hospital, fear was added to her pain when she remembered the doctor’s words that she required an operation. She was still nursing scars of a previous operation and was not sure she would survive another one.   It was at the centre of such a dilemma that she decided to come to The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water.

Mrs Evelyn Ani sharing her testimony.

Mrs Evelyn Ani sharing her testimony.

She prayed with it, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, sprinkled it in her mouth and, immediately, the pain left her. She called her children around her and shouted, “Mum has no more pain!” After one year pain free, she went back to the same hospital where doctors confirmed that she was healed. The two medical reports of before and after, testified to the complete transformation in her system.





Mr and Mrs Stanley Igwe encouraging the  members of The SCOAN.

Mr and Mrs Stanley Igwe encouraging the members of The SCOAN.

Low sperm count was the root of the six-year barrenness in the lives of Mr and Mrs Stanley Igwe. They had tried and cried to have fruit of the womb, medically and otherwise, but there was no way out until their relative brought them to The SCOAN, where they received the Anointing Water. As they used the Anointing Water, the fruitfulness of the Lord exploded on the scene of their lives and a few months later, Mrs Igwe was confirmed pregnant.

Mrs Stanley Igwe joyfully testifying to the congregation.

Mrs Stanley Igwe joyfully testifying to the congregation.

She showed the congregation her husband’s medical reports confirming that he had low sperm count and another report that showed the position of the miracle baby in her womb after the ministration of the Anointing Water! The couple’s advice was for all to run to God for solution to their problems.


Who would have thought that a pleasant family outing could be the site of a disaster? For Stella and her family from South Africa, it nearly was. Almost having arrived home from visiting her mother, with her grandchildren, the car suddenly swerved out of control until it hit a tree just a few kilometers from their home. The car was violently thrown over and the devastating crash left the two children seriously injured with a neck injury and broken ribs and the other child with a fracture to the head. The congregation gasped as they saw the pictures of the smashed  car lying upside down. When Stella arrived on the scene after receiving her daughter’s call, she met ambulances and paramedics cutting the children out of the overturned vehicle. They were rushed to hospital to be assessed overnight and the next day when Stella and the children’s mother were allowed to see them, the children had been moved to intensive care. The doctors were worried as they did not have the machinery or specialized staff to handle the gravity of their injuries.

Stella and her family testifying to saving power in the name of Jesus Christ.

Stella and her family testifying to saving power in the name of Jesus Christ.

With seemingly no other way out, the children were booked to be transferred to Pretoria General Hospital over four hours journey away. Then, Stella remembered that she had the Anointing Water and was permitted into the intensive care ward where she ministered it to her two grandchildren. Three days later, when the children were supposed to be moved, the doctors came to Stella and her daughter in the waiting room with a puzzled expression on his face. There was no longer any trace of the neck injury, broken ribs or fracture on the child’s head! The children were discharged immediately and since that day have been healed and healthy to the glory of God. The family advised the viewers that the power of the Anointing Water can penetrate even where the doctors cannot see and we should trust in God’s power.

Mass prayer at The SCOAN.

Mass prayer at The SCOAN.


The service ended with the mass prayer during which the power of the Holy Ghost, working through the wise men, demolished all sorts of evil spiritual entities causing crisis and tension in the life of mankind. Stay blessed and keep watching Emmanuel TV!

A glorious moment of Holy Spirit adoration was the atmosphere of the third Sunday in the year at The SCOAN’s Live Sunday Service. The ringing admonition for worshippers and viewers all over the world was to ensure a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ as a prerequisite to a triumphant Christian life. The Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, vehemently stressed the need for Christians to be prayerful through reading the Word and meditating on it if their faith is to grow. The Man of God, who described the Bible as an uncommon book, said if read slowly, repeatedly and attentively, the Word of God becomes an integral part of one’s life.

“The more you think about what you read in the Bible, the more familiar you become with His voice. Beyond our bodies and minds are our souls. That is why the ministers of God must be concerned about the soul of man because if the soul is sick, the man is sick and only God can heal the soul,” he said, referring to Thessalonians 5:23 which says that man is a divine person possessed of a spirit, soul and body.


                  PROPHET T.B JOSHUA

Ministering to thousands of worshippers who had gathered at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria and viewers of Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua likened reading the Word of God to feeding the soul and the spirit. He said, “The more you think about what you read, the more the Word dominates your mouth. The more the Word dominates your mouth, the more it dominates your heart. The more the Word dominates your heart, the more it changes your conduct and behavior. The Word cannot dominate your mouth without you thinking about what you read. The Word that dominates your heart and mouth establishes, heals and delivers!”

Wise Man Daniel preached on the message: A LASTING RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST, saying that redemption does not call for personal effort but a look of faith to the Cross where Jesus Christ conquered death and gave us victory. Citing John 5:1-14 as proof text, he said it is essential for Christians to trust in Christ’s suffering for their healing, deliverance, salvation and all of God’s blessings.


                          WISEMAN DANIEL

“Remember, in coming to Jesus Christ for help and healing, we should have an eye to Him as the promised Messiah, the trustee of mercy and grace. Trusting in Christ Jesus is not a mere intellectual acknowledgement, but adherence, commitment to, trust and faith in, and total dependence upon Him for everything,” he said.




The service was replete with wonderful testimonies which, shown below, exemplify God’s amazing love demonstrated through healings, deliverances and blessings.


Mrs Grace Emmanuel had been tormented by a spiritual husband, which started when she was still a young girl, and multiple fibroids which had haunted her for four painful years. She visited many hospitals but wherever she went, doctors told her that the fibroids were too huge and the only solution was an operation.


                                                       MRS. GRACE EMMANUEL AND HUSBAND

Deep down in her heart, she knew that it was only Jesus Christ who could give her an effective and lasting solution. She came to The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water, one of the mediums through which God is expressing himself to set His people free from satan’s afflictions. She prayed with it, believing that God would remove the fibroids for her and expel the spiritual husband out of her life. After the prayer, she went to the doctor for a scan which confirmed, to the wonder of the doctors that the multiple fibroids had disappeared. Rushing home to tell her husband the good news, she realized that not only had the pain left her body, the lack of affection towards her husband had also vanished. The spiritual husband stopped appearing to her and they began to live in perfect peace in Christ Jesus. Happily standing next to Mr Emmanuel, she advised all couples to believe in God.


Nigerian popular comedian Owen Eru, commonly known as Owen Tee, came with his wife to The SCOAN to testify of God’s miraculous deliverance through the medium of the Anointing Water. He testified that he had been living a life of smoking and alcoholism, drinking up to two crates of beer a day. He spent so much money on the two vices that he was not able to save any to afford a wedding. As a consequence, his wife’s relatives were hesitant at the idea of allowing their daughter to marry him. His wife, then his girlfriend, tried to talk him out of the two bad habits, but failed. He also tried on his own to stop through prayer and fasting but the moment he broke his fasting, he would find himself perched on the stool, drinking and smoking.


                                                   COMEDIAN OWEN TEE & FAMILY

Desperate to save their relationship and her future husband’s life, Eru’s girlfriend came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. She took it home and told him that they should pray together in Jesus’ name for God’s breakthrough in their lives. After ministering the Anointing Water in prayer, they both noticed a change in their lives. Mr Eru did not smoke the following day. When he remembered that a day had passed without even a single stick, he decided to try drinking beer to see what would happen. To his surprise, the very smell and taste of alcohol suddenly became awful and disgusting. His urge for alcohol and cigarettes had completely left him. No longer wasting money on the bad habits, he was able to save money for their wedding. Jesus had broken his addiction and offered him a new life he had desperately aspired for.

“My friends have tried to tempt me with crates of beer and failed. They now buy me water. I have become a professional water drinker,” said the comedian, jokingly. His former girlfriend, now his wife, sat next to him in the church, displaying their beautiful newborn baby, a result of the glorious union God performed after his deliverance from smoking and drinking, over one year ago!



                                                                       MRS. LOVETH WAITER

Mrs Loveth Waiter had been looking for a baby for six years. Doctors had done all kinds of tests on her but could not see anything wrong. After spending much of her resources looking for solution to this problem, her brother came to The SCOAN where he received the Anointing Water and gave it to her. After ministering it to herself and her husband in Jesus’ name, they met as husband and wife. Two weeks later, she was confirmed pregnant by the same doctors. She displayed her wonderfully large stomach for the glory of God, revealing that she is now nine months pregnant and expecting to deliver her baby any moment. How magnificent God is!



                                               PASTOR MOWA KAMWI FROM ZAMBIA

Pastor Kamwi Mowa from Zambia, testified how Jesus Christ restored his hearing through the medium of the Anointing Water after he was injured by armed robbers in 2004. He explained that the attack by criminals caused him to sustain numerous injuries which rendered him deaf. When people spoke to him, he could not hear. When he wanted to speak with someone, he could not communicate properly. At the gatherings of people where speeches were being made, he had to ask people around him what was being said or ask for a handout of such speeches where available, otherwise it would be as if he did not attend the meetings. People began to communicate with him through hand signs. This was a great embarrassment to him.

“As a minister of God, I found it difficult to convince people that God heals when I was in this situation,” he said.

When doctors examined him, they found that some nerves had been tampered with and that even the use of hearing aids would not help. They told him the only option to regaining his hearing to some degree would be an operation with a 50-50 chance of success. He realized that human effort could not help him. In 2013, he had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water from a visitor to The SCOAN. He read the Anointing Water Booklet with faith and keen interest. He prayed before he ministered the Anointing Water, that God would have mercy. As he ministered the Anointing Water, he felt a strange sensation and then he slept. In the morning, everything had changed! The first thing that happened when he opened his eyes was that he heard the voice of his wife greeting him, “Good morning” – for the first time in nine years! That marked the end of a problem which human wisdom had failed to solve. He can now communicate and minister properly.  All that had been lost has been restored through the medium of the Anointing Water and faith in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Mowa further testified that after his miraculous healing, he took the Anointing Water to his hospitalized father, a military man who could no longer talk, see or sit down due to high blood pressure and diabetes. After praying with him and ministering the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name, his father began to communicate and sat up for the first time in so long. Later that evening, his father testified that his sight was returning! Medical tests later confirmed that his father’s blood pressure had returned to normal and he was confirmed fit to return to military service! Showing the current photo of his father in his combat gear at the military barracks in Zambia, Pastor Mowa said both he and his father can walk, talk, move, see, hear and live freely. To God be all the glory!


When Mr Henry Nwajames came to The SCOAN Sunday last week, the probable prophecy he had expected would come from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, was about his financial problems.  His businesses had been grounded; nothing was working. To his disbelief and utter shock, the man of God prophesied to him about an issue that had happened nearly three decades ago and one he had completely forgotten – the root to his mountain of problems.


                                                             MR. HENRY NWAJAMES & FAMILY

The man of God approached him and asked him about his other wife and a controversy. He was bewildered because, according to him, he only had one wife. Never in his life had he married two women.  When he got home that day, still failing to comprehend what the man of God had said, he told the prophecy to a friend who reminded him of a girl he had impregnated and abandoned in the village a long time back. Mr Nwajames was dumbfounded that the prophet could dig into his past and unearth what he himself had forgotten – something that had happened when he was just a teenager.



He came back this Sunday to clarify what the controversy was all about – the daughter he had forgotten about for many years. He confessed that when he heard his girlfriend was pregnant, he discarded his previous promise to her that they would marry, denied the pregnancy and ran away. That was 28 years ago.

In the meantime, the daughter grew up by being passed from one hand to another. Her mother died and she got married. Unfortunately, her husband also died mysteriously and she was accused of his death. She was therefore widowed, hurt and with two children to raise single handedly.

“As I stand here, I have never seen my daughter. I am told she has come and is in this church. I will see her for the first time,” said Mr Nwajames fighting tears.

The man of God then called out for the daughter to come forward. She did, with two handsome sons, Mr Nwajames’ grandchildren. She explained her ordeal growing up without a father, failing to raise money for her secondary school fees and working in a restaurant to make ends meet – a life of abuse and suffering.

The man of God told Mr Nwajames that this sin he had committed years ago was  responsible for the woes besieging his life, including his collapsed businesses and finances! Thank God, Mr Nwajames re-united with her daughter for the first time in 28 years!

The congregation rejoiced in the goodness of the Lord and then joined the Wise Men for the mass prayer, during which many more souls were set free from the kingdom of darkness, in the name of Jesus. To God be all the glory!



With the year 2014 still in its infancy days, and having been prophetically christened by Prophet T.B. Joshua as ‘The Year of Crossing the Bridge’, nothing could be more timely than a call for Christians to be in an attitude of prayer all the time. The Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, quoted the book of Joshua 1:8; which teaches about keeping and speaking the Word of God.Image


The prophet gave three take-home points: Keeping the Word of God in one’s mouth, meditating day and night in the Word, and doing what the Word says.


Explained the Man of God: “If the heart and mouth are in one accord with God’s Word, you will begin to tap the blessings of God. If the Word dominates your heart, it will surely influence your conduct and behavior and you will do what the Word says. The Word cannot dominate your heart by just reading it, but by meditating day and night. You have to cultivate this habit.”


Prophet T.B. Joshua later ministered prayer at the Prayer Line where people from all over the world received healings, deliverances and prophecies, by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Earlier on, Wise Man Christopher preached on the message: THE PROPHETIC PICTURE OF OUR FUTURE, urging Christians not to look at their situations from the human point of view but God’s. The proof-text was from the book of Genesis 37:5-11; a scripture about Joseph and how the Spirit of God gave him a prophetic picture of his future in a dream and saw himself in a position of authority.Image

He explained, “Your conduct and behaviour cannot change unless the Holy Spirit gives birth in you a picture of what He is looking at when He sees you. And that picture is a victor not a victim, a successful person not a failure, a blessed and healthy person not a poor and sick person. Like Joseph, if the Lord is with you, you would be comforted in whatever situation you find yourself. When God is supporting your position, there is comfort in affliction; strength in your weakness”.



There was an abundance of testimonies from scores of people who came to give God the glory for the goodness He has done in their lives. Be blessed, in Jesus’ name, as you read a few of the amazing and awesome testimonies. We hope they will lift your faith and bring you close to God.



Mrs Chioma Okorie and family came to The SCOAN to testify about the resurrection power they had experienced in the name of Jesus Christ. She and her family had gone on a visit to their village at the beginning of this month. However, what had started as a happy excursion to cheer friends and relatives, ended in horror when, on their way back to the city, their car crashed as they were trying to avoid an oncoming speeding car. While she, her husband and daughter came out safely from the wreck without a scratch, a family friend’s daughter who was with them in the car, collapsed. They rushed her to the hospital but, on arrival, she was confirmed dead, to the shock of everyone. Mrs Okorie became worried and agitated not knowing how she would explain to the family that her own family had come out safely but their daughter had died. She remembered that she had in her handbag the Anointing Sticker she had received from The SCOAN. She placed it on the dead body and prayed with it for the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to restore the girl’s life. While praying in the name of Jesus, the girl stirred, woke up and began to talk, to the amazement of everyone.


“The first thing she asked was, ‘where is uncle?’ and we knew she was back to life,” said Mrs Okorie.

Ada Chukwu, the girl concerned, came out to testify that all she could remember was waking up on the hospital bed with the Anointing Sticker on her body. Praise God!



ImageMr Edolor and his family came to express their sincere gratitude to God for His life-giving power. Mr Martins Edolor, 45 years-old, had developed scrotum cancer from what started as a tiny boil. The small sore turned into a fully-fledged wound that oozed blood and smelly pus. He could not eat. The scrotum as well as his stomach became very swollen. He was urinating blood. He could not drive or walk around or even wear trousers. The pain increased everyday and no drug he took worked. He went to the hospital and they carried out tests on him but they could not treat his condition because it had become too severe. The doctors only gave him some medication just to ease the pain. When his father saw him lie in the hospital bed with a big foul-smelling wound on his private parts and flies buzzing all over the room, he simply broke down in tears. He had just lost three sons in three years and could not stand the sight of seeing another inch close to the edge of yet another grave.Image


His sister, Comfort, a member of The SCOAN, encouraged him that he would not die; that the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua would heal him. She connected his phone so that he could hear Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayers. He began to pray with the man of God. That night, after the prayer, the boil burst open. Blood and strange objects started coming out of the anus. For the first time, he had a slight relief and was able to move his leg. Three days later, they brought him to The SCOAN. By now, the horrible smell from the cancer had gone, making it easier for people to travel with him. He joined the prayer line and, as one of the Wise Men approached him, he said, he felt a cold sensation flow down his body to his feet. He stood up, all the pain was gone! For the first time in three weeks, he asked for his pair of trousers to be brought for him. He had been wearing a wrapper to avoid hurting himself.

“Within days after the prayer, the wound healed. Up to now, everything is normal and you cannot tell that I ever had scrotum cancer,” he said.


Mr Edolor is now back to his business, selling foodstuffs and living his life freely to the glory of God. His 84 year-old father said if his son had died, he was also ready to die as he could not bear the anguish. His sister, Comfort, advised people to get connected to the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and that Jesus Christ would transform their life.


Engineer Ben and Family came to testify how they got breakthrough through the Anointing Sticker and Anointing Water. Although he and his family were staying in town, they had been facing serious accommodation problems when they visited the village. They had been making frantic efforts to build a house to replace the one left by his grandfather but due to financial setbacks, it all proved abortive. In 2012 they received the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN with which he and his wife prayed with it for a miracle. In the same year, he had a dream in which he was reconstructing the old house and getting to his office, asked an architect to sketch it for him. With faith, he put the Anointing Sticker on the door of the old house and instructed his people to start clearing the ground around the old house telling them this was where God wanted them to start. He sprinkled the Anointing Water on the foundation of the new building and prayed in Jesus’ name. Since that time, they did not stop construction until the 10-room duplex building was completed. What they had failed to complete in years, was finished in just two and a half months. Also, while the construction was going on; God blessed him with a new SUV car. In December they all travelled to the village and no one could recognise the way to their house because in place of the old building was a new magnificent house, fully furnished. 



Taking her turn to testify was Mrs Theophilla Myoba from Lusaka in Zambia.  She had earlier come to The SCOAN with the problem of setback and limitation. Her family had been suffering from abject poverty. They were barely surviving. After human power and wisdom had failed to bail the family out of the seeming perpetual problem, she concluded that God was the only solution. Mrs Myoba’s situation was so critical that she even had to borrow money for her transport to come to The SCOAN. Even the clothes she wore, she borrowed. People laughed at her when she told them she was coming to The SCOAN but her faith was so strong that no one could dissuade her. While she was still at The SCOAN, a miracle happened. Her husband received a long-awaited promotion at his place of work and that marked the beginning of her breakthrough in the family. She also met the Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. Back home in Zambia, taps of favour opened and poured upon her family. She received her own promotion. As a civil servant, she was able to complete a five-bedroom house she had been struggling to build. She is also a proud owner of two cars. She had never believed that she would ever own what she now has.Image


“Don’t listen to what people say; they laughed at me. Follow your heart and God will bless you,” she advised and showed viewers her new car and house she has built with God’s grace.



Miss Coulibaly Assetou, from Ivory Coast, came to give testimony of her breakthrough and also tell a tragic account of her encounter with a professional fraudster who conned her of an estimated US$100,000 meant for God’s work. Miss Assetou had been experiencing problems in her business but after ministering the Anointing Water and praying with faith in Jesus’ name, she was able to open a multinational company stretching from France to Belgium and Italy – the first vehicle transit company in Ivory Coast. Since then, she has experienced breakthrough in every area of her life.Image


She explained that she had found out about The SCOAN through a Marie France Monnet, a woman who claimed to be Prophet T.B. Joshua’s representative in Ivory Coast. To express her appreciation to God and to support the worthy cause of Emmanuel TV, she decided to become a partner of the ministry. In line with that understanding, she gave a total sum of 45 million CFA to the woman to present to The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV for tithe and partnership payments. The sum is equivalent to 100,000 US Dollars.


To her utter shock, when she came to The SCOAN last week, she discovered that the money had never reached The SCOAN and that she had fallen into the hands of a fraudster. She was stunned and could not believe that the woman she had held in high esteem was not what she had professed to be but an imposter with no fear of God.


As if that was not enough, the same woman, Marie France Monnet called and told her that the man of God had given her a prophecy that she should give more money or else something bad would happen to her in 2014. Standing before the congregation on Sunday, she warned everyone especially those from Ivory Coast to be careful not to be duped by the fraudster. She also warned that there is no Emmanuel TV office in the country and people should watch out for such unscrupulous individuals who steal in the name of the Lord.


According to her, the woman had even claimed that she was going to bring a wise man to Ivory Coast.  Viewers all over the world, be careful of those who are interested only in their personal gain!



Mrs Imah Rosemary, from Edo State, had been bleeding profusely through her nose and mouth for eight consecutive days due to a ruptured nose artery. The doctor fixed a drip on her but the bleeding continued all the more. Her condition was deteriorating by the day and her situation was critical as she was eight months pregnant. The doctors declared that there was nothing more they could do. It was in this desperate state that her husband rushed her to The SCOAN as the last beacon of hope. Blood was ceaselessly gushing from both her mouth and nostrils into a bucket placed on her lap. It was a shocking spectacle to watch. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her at the prayer line and commanded the bleeding to stop, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. It did. Her nose and mouth went dry. Both her life and that of her unborn baby were saved and she has now safely delivered her baby boy and given him the name ‘Emmanuel’!  Her husband thanked Jesus for His mercy.Image


“She had stopped eating and drinking. The night after the prayer, she demanded for food and slept like a baby,” he said. When it was time for her to deliver her baby, they were in different locations but her husband ministered the Anointing Water on her picture, praying for her. A moment later, she called and told him that she had delivered safely without any complication. What a wonderful God we serve!


Mrs Gifty Torubiri’s great-great grandfather was a witchdoctor and fetish man. Apart from being a seer for the chief’s throne in his area, he provided charms to thieves. It is not surprising, therefore, that the spirit of stealing entered his family and developed deep roots that grew to haunt the generations after him. Each family that descended from him had armed robbers who did not hesitate to shed blood. Mrs Torubiri’s own father was a notorious armed robber and died in the act. His killing made headlines in the press. All male members of the family were notorious criminals who abducted women and raped them. Not long ago, she was called to view bodies of her uncles shot dead by the police during a failed robbery attempt. Many people gathered to watch the execution. Meanwhile, all the females in the family have been prostitutes or married to armed robbers. After marrying armed robbers, they would give birth to armed robbers and so the cycle of crime continued. Her mother too lived a criminal’s life; selling Indian hemp and moving from one hotel to another, prostituting herself. As for herself, she always felt something urging her to steal and she has slept with more men than she can remember, unbeknown to her husband. She even slept with her landlord and the chief in her village while married. She could not explain why, but said that she would always desire other women’s husbands and was never satisfied.


All this was exposed at The SCOAN where she came for prayer the previous week. However, what brought her were financial difficulties. Little did she know that the root of her problem was a horrific family curse of armed robbery. When it was time for her deliverance and one of the wise men was approaching her, she was praying but then, suddenly, something within her told her to run away. The evil spirit inside her started to confess that it was the ‘great old woman’ and that it was responsible for the spirit of armed robbery in her family and that it had destroyed her destiny. To God be the glory, she was finally delivered.


After her deliverance, she is free. The thought of stealing is no longer there and she no longer thinks about other men nor desires to sleep with other people’s husbands. She pleaded for deliverance of her whole family as she did not want to be a mother of armed robbers. Her 17-year old son, she said, was already stealing and had recently been caught stealing a fowl, for which he was severely beaten. The tragic part of her story was that every robber in the family would eventually get killed.


Commenting on her situation and the deliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that when one kills an armed robber or a criminal, it is the body that is killed and not the evil spirit which is the cause of the stealing, killing and destroying. Therefore, the solution is deliverance from that evil spirit. “Once an evil spirit is cast out by the Spirit of God in the name of Jesus, it is caged perpetually until the Day of Judgment”, he said.



Miss Misper Youngwe is a Cameroonian living in Germany. She had a dream where men sprayed tear gas on her. She woke up that day and had rashes all over her body. She went to the hospital where the doctors gave her medication to stop the rashes and scratching. She went for another test and was diagnosed to be a diabetic. This was strange to her because no one in her family had this problem. She started praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua while watching Emmanuel TV and carrying the test results, believing by faith for healing. She went for another test and glory to God, she was pronounced diabetic free to the surprise of the doctors. She advised that watching Emmanuel TV can transform your life.Image


The service closed with a Mass Payer ministered by the Wise Men. Praise God!

January 5 marked the first Sunday for the year 2014 and for those who gathered at The SCOAN in Lagos Nigeria, there could be no better way for stepping into the year than the praise and worship that filled the auditorium. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, preached with power and gave Words of Wisdom, touching on the topic of faith. He stressed that faith is not an imitation but a spiritual experience that should arise in one’s heart according to the Word of God.


Prophet T.B. Joshua

Said the man of God: “Faith arises in each person’s heart because faith is of man’s heart. Don’t base your faith on your improvement after prayer” He then warned against basing one’s spiritual experience on feelings and emotions saying, “If you continue to base faith on your improvement after prayer, the devil will continue to deceive you. You will begin to count how many times your prayer is answered,” he said.

Wise Man Harry preached on the message: MAKE THE YEAR WORK. The proof text was from the Book of Matthew 15:21-28, a scripture about a woman from Canaan who had an encounter with Jesus Christ and persistently begged for the healing of her daughter who was suffering from demon possession. He described the woman as one with vision and active faith, hence her ability to attract Jesus’ attention and to have her daughter healed.


Wise Man Harry 

He said, as a Christian, when one’s focus is on a dream, whatever happens around the person would not matter. “Today, it’s not that we do not have a dream, we have but we do not believe in our dream. If you have a dream, remember that nobody else would believe that dream. If you don’t believe your dream, your dream will not come to pass. Therefore, you must protect that dream as nobody else can do it for you. To protect your dream, you must stop the language or the vocabulary of the victim; be positive. Let your words become the photograph of the future you desire instead of the future you fear,” he said.


The service was laced with testimonies from people who came from all over the world to glorify God over His goodness in their lives. Here are but a selected few:


When Corporal Benjamin Gabriel of the Nigerian Police Force left his station at the Lagos State Command on a special assignment last year to an area notorious for armed robbery, he thought it was just going to be ‘business as usual’ – patrolling the street and mounting a road block that would scare away such criminals from operating. But little did the 24 year-old know he was going to have an unusual dangerous encounter with these men of the underworld that, without God’s presence with him, they would have taken his life! Corporal Benjamin’s experience was one that eventually proved to any doubting Thomas of God’s mightiness as Protector and Defender of His people. While at the checking point with three of his other colleagues that fateful night, he suddenly found himself and his colleagues surrounded by no less than 14 men heavily armed with sub-automatic machine guns. Instantly, the robbers uncorked their AK49 weapons and opened fire at the unsuspecting police officers. The AK49 rifle is a later model to the AK47 which Corporal Gabriel and his unit carried. The officer beside him was shot dead instantly, others were severely injured while another escaped into the bush leaving Corporal Gabriel alone staring into 14 muzzles of loaded guns.

“I could see flares of gun-fire all around me and could feel bullets hit me all over,” he said. Thank God, none of the bullets could penetrate his flesh; he was under the protection of Heavenly armour!

Before he left for the assignment, a friend had given him a copy of one of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sermons, known as an ‘MPG – Mouthpiece of God’ titled, You Must Be Born Again. Although he had never visited The SCOAN before, after reading the message, he was touched and his faith in Christ Jesus increased because he had heard a lot of God’s great work for mankind on earth today through His Prophet, T.B. Joshua. He took his own personal photograph by faith and placed it inside the sermon leaflet as a point of contact for God’s intervention in his life. He had then placed the leaflet inside his bag and believed that the yoke in his life was broken, in Jesus’ name. This was what he went with on this extra-ordinary encounter.

Now, confronted by notorious criminals shooting at him and his fellow officers, he remembered the MPG in his bag. Just as the first bullet rung out, Corporal Gabriel shouted the name, “Jesus!” Even as bullets rained on him, tearing through his combat boots, trousers and underwear, none could go beyond what he wore. They continued firing at him at close range and he continued shouting: “Jesus, God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, save me!” It was a barrage of gun shots tearing everywhere into pieces including the battleground like a volcanic eruption, yet Corporal Benjamin was not hurt despite their firepower and numbers against him even when they had taken his Police Service AK47 gun away as he fell thinking he had been shattered into pieces!


Corporal Benjamin Gabriel

But they failed because the presence of God was with him! The armed robbers were shocked to see the bullets ripping his uniform but not piecing his body. All he was shouting was, ‘Jesus, God of T.B. Joshua!’ The Corporal, now confident that God was at work, charged at his adversaries even without any gun in hand like a lion and eventually collected one of the armed robbers’ guns, an AK49!

He testified, “They collected my AK-47 and I collected their AK-49’s!” Full of fear and confused at this man who refused to die, the armed robbers disappeared into the darkness. Corporal Gabriel, ‘God’s bullet-proof officer’ who joined the police service in 2002, showed the congregation the very uniform and underwear he wore that night with the bullet holes in them. The AK 49 bullets destroyed his combat boots into shreds of leather but his feet were untouched! He said that when he told the Commissioner of Police in his State and his superiors, they could not believe what had happened and questioned him about his unexplainable, unharmed and untouched body. He showed them his photo, inside the sermon of Prophet T.B. Joshua from The SCOAN and they were all amazed at the miraculous escape and were left with no doubt; it was the supreme work of God.

“God made my body bullet-proof!” was his ecstatic reply.


Mrs Roseline Onyishi from Enugu State in Nigeria, and her 16 year-old daughter Precious, came to testify to God’s glory of the miraculous healing her daughter received through the medium of the Anointing Water. In September last year, Precious had fallen ill and had all signs of a malaria attack. She was rushed to hospital but after two days of admission, she continued to vomit and had been put on a drip. Although the doctors said they were doing their best, there did not seem to be any improvement. She remained confined to the hospital bed for four days and on the fifth day, the doctors confessed the limitation of human wisdom. They sent her for another test at a different facility; this was after she spent a week in the hospital. They were told that it was a serious case of kidney failure and that Precious should go for dialysis. The doctor explained that her kidney was enlarged and she needed emergency attention. All her daughter could do was vomit and go to the toilet; she was in a terrible state. Actually, the doctors said she would need to be on dialysis for the rest of her life. Each day, her daughter received one pint of blood and they continued with the dialysis. One of Mrs Onyishi’s in-laws visited her at the hospital and gave her the Anointing Water from The SCOAN. After reading the Anointing Water booklet, her faith was lifted. She ministered the Anointing Water on her daughter’s lower abdomen and in her mouth, in Jesus’ name.


Mrs Roseline Onyishi and Family

One day later, the doctor discharged them for no apparent reason. When they inquired why, the doctor told her that her daughter was inexplicably well and should therefore go home and return the following week. Another test a week later, confirmed that she was indeed healed of the kidney problem – no more dialysis, no more needles and blood transfusions. Today she is safe and free with all her eyes to becoming a medical doctor. Glory to God!


Mrs Peggy Kaluba from Zambia was diagnosed with cancer last year. She had been experiencing a blocked nose for three years and felt pain when swallowing. She visited the hospital and the doctors advised her to go for a CT scan which exposed a tumour. After one month having gone through a biopsy, the next thing was for her to go for an operation in order to remove the large cancerous tumour of the neck and nose which in itself could not even be guaranteed. The doctors said she should go to a hospital where she would receive specialist attention. She decided to visit the Great Physician, Jesus Christ and came to The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water. At this time, the tumour was massive in size. Back home, she prayed and ministered the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name and went for another scan. She said she believed in the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua. When the results came out, she was free from cancer! Jesus had healed her.


Mrs Peggy Kaluba

“Jesus heals; learn to trust in God,” she said.


Another testimony came from Miss Olipha Dube from South Africa, a registered nurse and a strong witch doctor who was delivered at The SCOAN prayer line last week. She testified of how futile the devil’s perceived solutions to man’s problems are. After graduating from her nursing school, she went into private business supplying nurses for government and institutions in the health sector. Her business was going well until a few years later when everything slowed down and plunged. Frustrated and with nowhere to run, her friend introduced her to a witch doctor where she received charms to help her business. Instead, her problems became worse. She started moving from one witch doctor to another, searching for a higher power until one of the witch doctors told her that her ancestors wanted her to become a witch doctor.

She accepted and went through the initiation school where charms were stuffed into her body. She was also given power to see what others could not see and the ability to communicate with the spiritual world. She was initiated and started practicing as a witch doctor. Many people came to her shrine but she discovered that she could not solve every problem brought to her. Even those that she ‘helped’ would later come back complaining that the charms only worked for a few days and then brought worse problems. So, she went to another initiator and paid a huge sum of money for him to teach her how to use plants, trees and animal parts to produce different kinds of charms.

In the process, she used many charms on herself in order to be able to communicate with the spiritual world on a daily basis and attain more powers. She had an evil altar in her bedroom, where she would talk to the ancestral spirits – they would appear to her and communicate with her. She had two shrines for the ancestral spirits – one for her father’s side and another one for her mother’s side. She would use parts of animals, like dogs, drying them in the sun and grinding them into powder.  People would receive the powder, not knowing what it was made of. After inserting the powder into the person, the spirit of the animal would enter them, giving the person an uncontrollable spirit of lust. She explained that because this did not provide a lasting solution, it caused people to start moving from one witch doctor to another unaware that it was actually increasing their problems.  As a witch doctor, she said, she was raising spiritual husbands and wives for people by going to the graveyard and raising the spirit of a dead man or woman which she would assign to her client’s victims. That way many families were destroyed. She also explained that she was able to connect with the evil spirits and could tell people about their past, present and future. If she was standing next to a person, the evil spirit would be telling her about that person. Despite all the powers she possessed, she found herself having more and more problems. She lost her business and all her assets. Her situation became pathetic and one day, one of the people she had initiated told her about Emmanuel TV where she saw people manifesting and confessing the very things she was doing. She was surprised and frustrated at how the evil spirits like those she had unleashed on others, were commanded out of people at just one word –  Jesus!


Miss Olipha Dube


She came to The SCOAN and was arranged at the prayer line. As the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua came towards her, she explained, she felt a great force and at the same time, she heard a voice telling her to run but she could not escape, something was holding her feet

The evil spirit inside of her manifested and was cast out, in Jesus’ name. Today, she is delivered from the evil spirit that had destroyed her life.  “I now feel peace inside and outside me. I am a happy person. My past is over and I am ready for a new life in Christ Jesus,” she said, adding, “If you want to be a Christian, be a Christian. The only solution is Jesus Christ; there is no other solution.”


When Mr and Mrs Eze came to The SCOAN last year, they received a prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He told her she was too young to have problems in her home and that he saw her carrying ‘Samuel’. In her testimony, she said her marriage was full of quarrels and she was also experiencing miscarriages. She was pregnant at the time of the prophecy. After the prophecy, she went for a scan which showed that she was indeed carrying a baby boy and that he was safe. Her husband’s attitude towards her also changed. He became loving. Now, they have a baby boy named Samuel Okechukwu Eze as fulfillment of the prophecy by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua!


 Mr and Mrs Eze


Mrs Diana Nkwo from Cameroon had the horrible problem of no sense of smell and taste for five years. This severely affected her life. At one point her daughter’s apartment in the USA and the rest of the building could have been burnt by the fire she caused by placing a pot on the cooker and not being able to smell that it was burning, if not for her daughter’s intervention. She could not detect the impending inferno because of her dead sense of smell! The incident would have cost life as her daughter’s child was sleeping in one of the rooms. By the time she realised the tragedy and carried the child out, the whole house was thick with smoke. Also as a result of the problem, she could not enjoy her own food because she could not taste. Her nose was also running ‘like a baby’s’ because of the same nasal problem. She went to many hospitals within and outside her country in search of solution but found none. The only hope given to her was an operation in the United States which could not even be guaranteed.


Mrs Diana Nkwo

She tried traditional medicine but to no avail. After everything humanly had failed, she decided to come to The SCOAN for a divine solution. She was placed at the prayer line where the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed for her, in Jesus’ name and instantly, she regained her sense of taste and smell. For the first time in five years, she could smell the scent of her own perfume. She glorified God for her healing and advised people to believe in God.



Emmanuel Batawa from Ghana came to The SCOAN with the problem of stiff neck due to cervical spondylosis. He also suffered from lumbar spondylosis. He could not turn his neck and walked with difficulty. He was experiencing dizziness and had blurred vision. He had visited many hospitals in search of solution but got none. Wearing a lumbar corset and a neck collar that held his neck and back bones together, the 41-year-old was placed at the prayer line where one of the wise men prayed for him in the name of Jesus Christ and he instantly received his healing.  Today, he came to testify how he now is a free man, having been healed by Jesus Christ. He no longer uses a neck collar or lumbar corset. He demonstrated his healing by walking across the altar, bending and turning his neck.


Emmanuel Batawa


Where are your elderly ones? Care for them and you shall reach old age. Today, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave 3 million naira and a trailer full of rice to the elderly members of The SCOAN. He then announced that this care and support is given monthly to the elderly. The elderly gave thanks to God for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wonderful gifts they had received.





Glory to God and stay blessed!


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