Last Sunday came with its glory and passed with great splendor to mark yet another special day at The SCOAN when God was worshipped in the beauty of His holiness during the Live Sunday Service. Not even the heavy rains could dampen the spirits of those who had braved the downpour to attend the service and have an encounter with our Lord, Jesus Christ. The sound of thousands of believers praying together, thundered like the roar of raging waters, in The SCOAN sanctuary where those under the bondage of satan were to be set free for the salvation of their souls. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, excited the already elated congregants and millions of Emmanuel TV viewers across the world when he touched on the issue of the new Anointing Water which he said would be made available soon.

Explaining the reasons behind the new Anointing Water, he said, “I want to see everyone being healed and delivered. This is my desire. When you receive it, I want to see you coming back to share your testimony. It is possible. Even if you don’t have faith, you will be healed immediately. It is like when you don’t believe that a snake can bite. Later, if it bites, you believe that it can bite. This is what will happen to the next Anointing Water.With Christ, all things are possible.”



The man of God then prophesied to the congregation before proceeding to minister healing and deliverance at the prayer line where people from various parts of the world converged for the touch of the Holy Spirit. Earlier, Wise Man Christopher delivered a compelling message titled, TOMORROW IS A MYSTERY, highlighting the uncertainty of man’s life and how only God Almighty determines the future.

Likening life to a flower which blossoms for a while and withers sooner, Wise Man Christopher said no one knows by the present signs or situations what the future holds for him but God. As such, he said, Christians should not exclude God in their decision-making but watch and pray. He enthused: “Those who exclude God today in their plans or battles are certainly not prepared for tomorrow. There is no excuse for being surprised at the uncertainty of coming events because God has purposely left us in the dark concerning future events. When I say, ‘today is our own, tomorrow is not’, this does not mean we should not make thoughtful and watchful provision for the future, nor does it consist in unnecessary anxiety or worry about tomorrow. It only stresses our need to involve God in everything we do, to trust Him and His Kingdom and free ourselves of worry about tomorrow. Does worrying about tomorrow guarantee one’s future? Only God can.”

He explained further: “The blessing of the world is a fading thing; so is the life upon which it is bestowed. But the blessing of God enriches our soul for eternity. Therefore, the rich should not concentrate on their wealth, while the poor should not concentrate on their misery. Let their minds rise and seek the things that are above, because Jesus has risen. It is by this attitude that we can detach ourselves from the lure of worldly possessions. Remember that treasures on earth have their habit of disappointing their owners as they don’t offer permanent security.Only treasures stored up in Heaven are permanent and secure. They retain their value because they are under God’s own security. Let’s focus on serving God so that we can be sure of tomorrow. When we are in God’s strong arms, we can confidently say, ‘Yes, I will be around tomorrow.’ ”


Scores of people came forward to share their testimonies of the great things God has done in their lives. Here are a few:




As an accountant, the last thing Mrs Celina Godfrey Lyimo from Tanzania would ever want to experience in life is bad eyesight. But right from her childhood, she had seen the seed of this trouble germinate in her life as she could not see the chalkboard clearly while in school. Her vision was extremely poor and, as a result, she could not write fast enough and had to oftentimes copy from her friends. At the age of 15, she went to the hospital where they gave her spectacles which she would change every few years. She has worn glasses for the last 40 years. When she did not wear them, she would not be able to function normally. As an accountant, it affected her career because she spent a lot of time on anything she read. Realising that she could no longer rely on glasses, Mrs Lyimo, now 55 years-old, decided to seek permanent healing from the great Physician, Jesus Christ. She came to The SCOAN last year where she was prayed for and received the Anointing Water. Back to Tanzania, she ministered it into her eyes and went to sleep. To her amazement when she woke up the following day, her vision was clear without even putting on her glasses. To prove her total and permanent healing, she read out loud to the viewers without her glasses.

“Trust in the Lord; nothing is impossible for Him,” she said.





Mr Gani Olukoya was impotent and profusely having bad dreams including sleeping with women regularly as soon as he closed his eyes in bed. With this type of problem, even if he got married, he would not be able to have any children. His fears were confirmed some time later when he visited the hospital and tests were carried out on him. To make matters worse, the doctors could provide no solution for his condition and this led him to visit herbalists, moving from one witchdoctor to another. His pursuit to find solution at any cost, took him many spooky places where strange things happened. One day, he read in the newspaper about a powerful spiritualist and decided to try his luck. When he met him, he was told that he had to sleep inside an iroko tree. Desperate for a solution, he wasted no time thinking over it and then, followed through with it. In the middle of the night, the witchdoctor told him to ask for whatever he wanted. After the ritual was accomplished, the witchdoctor told him that his request had been granted. But, behold, solution never came as his life remained stagnant and was gradually wasting away in the same obscure lifestyle.

He had to visit another spiritualist who gave him a charm and words to recite at midnight. He was told that whatever he saw in his dream that night would be the solution to his problem. After following the instructions of the witchdoctor, he drifted to sleep and had a dream in which he saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Excited, he went back to the witchdoctor and described the dream he had. The astonished witchdoctor told him that what he had seen could not be the solution and that they should try the ritual again. However, when Mr Gani reflected on the dream and the situation at hand, he decided to find out more about the man he saw in his dream – Prophet T.B. Joshua. One of his friends, who had been to The SCOAN and received a touch from the wise men, encouraged him to visit.

He told himself this was going to be his last destination. He came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. Immediately after ministering it, he felt a strange sensation all over his body. Not long after, he received his miracle. He noted changes in his body and had the belief that he was indeed healed. Not long after, he got married and three months later, his wife was pregnant. His wife holding the bouncing baby boy, David, in her arms, came with her husband to praise God, knowing that it is only Him who could have performed such a miracle.

Mr Olukoya warned people who are suffering from his former ailment not to waste their time visiting spiritualists, but to run to God.

“If you meet some challenges in life, be persistent until you get your miracle from a right source,” he said.





Pauline Canon, a Nigerian living in France, was living a normal life until one day tragedy hit. She discovered suddenly that she could not see with one of her eyes. Part of her face was completely paralysed. At that time, she remebered that her brother also had the same problem. Scared, she realised this could be a generational curse. She went to the hospital where she received the shock of her life. The doctors told her the nerve behind her eye was actually paralysed. They bandaged the eye and as the doctors examined her with facial exercises, they found one side of her face was totally paralysed. In light of their discovery, they immediately broughta wheelchair for her to sit in. She could not even eat, talk or even open her mouth well. Her mouth had twisted to one side. The more the doctors explained to her about the problem, the more worried she became because she realised the seriousness of her dilemma andshe became depressed. As the problem progressed, she could not even feel the right side of her body. One day, she decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and, immediately, she felt some sensation in her body and surprisingly the dead nerves came back to life. On her own, she removed the bandage on her right eye and she discovered that she could see.

After three continuous days of praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua, she was completely restored. No more paralysis was seen; her face was back to its original position.. The doctors were still sceptical and told her the paralysis could happen again. They put her under observation for four months but it has been two years since that time and there has been no sign of paralysis. She is now able to eat, smile and even sing to the glory of God.   She advised, “Distance is not a barrier; just believe.”





From Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria, Engineer Temple Augustus was in the field of electrical engineering but the job he was doing was not in the specific area he had been trained. This limited his progress as he needed more training to be promoted. Unfortunately, the company he worked for did not offer the kind of training he needed. While his colleagues were being promoted to higher levels, he remained in the same position. New recruits would come, he would train them until they got their promotion but he would not be considered. He had become an object of ridicule and, instead of sympathising with him, people at work coined and conferred on him such titles as chief, guru and landlord. He suffered like this for seven years until one day, he decided to take his problems to God. He came with his wife to The SCOAN for The Candlelight Service held on December 31, 2013. He prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua as he declared that the New Year was a year of destiny. He received the Anointing Water and Sticker that night and went home to pray with them. He had already given up on ever being trained by his employer and decided that he was going to go abroad to train in his field. He went to the US embassy to get a visa but he was denied. He was frustrated but believed that God was working out a solution for him. One month later, he received a phone call from his boss advising him that he had been selected to go for training in his preferred field. Specialists from Germany came to train them and after that, he was promoted. Thank You, Jesus!





Addicted to smoking, drinking and clubbing for 16 years, Mr Foluwa Ukuti described that time period as wasted. He worked hard to earn a living as a supplier of sand for the building industry but there was nothing he could point at. For 20 years, he could not even develop a piece of land he owned. All the money he made was poured into these woeful addictions – women, beer and smoking. All this bothered his wife who had to stand his aggressiveness which came along with his smoking and drinking. She hardly enjoyed her life as a married woman. Knowing that God is the solution provider, they came to The SCOAN, received the Anointing Water and ministered it by faith. Instantly, he felt something leave his body and was very light afterwards. He discovered that the next time he went to the beer parlour, the smell of alcohol alone made him nauseous and even cigarette smoke was not a pleasing odour to him like before. Something great had happened in his life; he was delivered. Now able to save money which he had been wasting on clubbing, he was able to buy the materials to build a house and is now a proud owner of his own beautiful and spacious home. As if that was not enough, one night, his baby daughter stopped breathing and had turned pale. She was lifeless. He remembered the Anointing Water. Spraying it on her with a prayer of faith, she gasped for air and was instantly revived. Glory be to God!





It started in 1991. Mrs Grace Gobbo was drinking alcohol – six bottles of beer every weekday. On the weekend, she would drink every form of alcohol she could get her hands on including wine. Because of this, her Christian life was nonexistent. Her finances were suffering as a result because the money was going for alcohol. There was no progress in her life because all she could do was sit at home and drink and watch TV. She was not involved in anything to do with her family or the community financially because all of it was going towards her drinking habit. It got to a point where she asked her nine-year old son to go and get her alcohol as she was out but he refused saying that he was underage and he wanted her to quit.

One day in 2011, she discovered Emmanuel TV. She was sitting, drinking on the sofa while watching Emmanuel TV. She touched the screen of her television and began praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua that ‘Every chain that satan had used to connect her to himself should be disconnected; and whatever you must have eaten from the table of the enemy be flushed out!’ At that moment, she started vomiting again and again and was unable to finish the glass of wine she was holding. The next time she sat down on her couch with a glass of wine, the taste was not the same and she could not finish it. Since October 2011, she has not taken any alcohol and has been delivered from her alcohol addiction. Today, her life has taken a good turn and has been restored by Christ Jesus.

The service closed with the mass prayer ministered by the wise men during which many more people were set free from satan’s grip!


Packed to capacity and spilling over to the overflow canopies, The SCOAN, on Sunday, was the place to be. From power prayers that crashed spiritual storms to surrender to calmness, to the great and spectacular works of miracles that saw many people receive their healing and deliverance from the talons of the wicked, the incredible power of God was indisputable. Among the many memorable events, the young woman from Ghana, who was healed from mysterious needles that were lodged in her system, returned grinning and glowing with good health to testify that all the pricking she used to feel, left her the moment she encountered the resurrection power of Jesus Christ through the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua; and that ever since, she has become a new person. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, stepped onto the altar and taught with power on the issue of faith, explaining the degrees of faith and how they matter in a Christian life.

His words: “If you possess Christ in deep level, you will be able to give away Christ in deep level. You can only give away that which you possess. When you possess Him in deepest level, you will be able to give away in deepest level. The power to do all things is with you, but the amount of faith you have is the amount of power you release. There is power in our mouth; the belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth.” Having powerfully taught this interesting topic; he led the church and viewers of Emmanuel TV into commanding evil spirits in the lives of people to order. In a powerful time of mass prayer for the nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua ordered satan, the manufacturer of sickness, disease, suffering and failure to order in every area. The atmosphere was charged as the man of God said, “Begin to release your nation, your country in the name of Jesus! Open your lips and order your children out of the forest right now! Whatever you command here shall be command in Heaven. Write it down, you have a testimony!”


WISEMAN RACINEWise Man Racine preached on the topic:  GRAB ONTO FAITH which admonished Christians from ‘looking at life and its adversities from a natural point of view’ saying ‘it only brings fear.’ Quoting various scriptures, he said, “When you log into the new realm above the senses, you will know God’s opinion about yourself; the opening of the eyes of our faith is the silencing of our fear. In the face of overwhelming circumstances, David logged into the realm above the senses and saw the victory; he believed the vision and spoke the Word of faith and Goliath fell. Hannah suffered barrenness for so many years, she received and believed the Word of faith spoken by Eli and her life of barrenness came to an end. She began to describe the taste of honey when she was still swallowing tears.  Her heart responded to the Word of faith and saw beyond her barrenness Samuel, the promised child, a great prophet.”



Many people came to testify to the goodness of God in their lives. Here are just a few of their amazing stories.



Miss Mary Aliyu from Abuja lay in the hospital bed writhing in agony. A test by doctors had revealed a serious attack of high blood pressure and diabetes. She was losing weight and found herself unable to even bathe herself. A peaceful sleep was a faraway cry for her as she had to wake up at least ten times a night to urinate. For three months, she lay in hospital in great pain with no hope until a friend brought her the Anointing Water. A single drop was ministered to her tongue. Although she was not sure if this was enough to set her free, she offered a silent prayer, commanding all traces of diabetes out of her system, in Jesus’ name. To her amazement, that night, she drifted into a deep and sound sleep. She did not get up to urinate either and that marked her freedom. When she woke up in the morning, all the pain had disappeared. She was able to bathe herself and eat. Doctors were surprised to see the woman who had been condemned to the hospital bed, finally walking on her own and looking healthy. They arranged for another test to be carried out. When the results came, all traces of diabetes and high blood pressure had gone. She advised people to trust in God.



   When Magistrate Mavis Kwainoe, a State magistrate from Ghana decided to become an Emmanuel TV Partner, she probably did not realize the extent of Heavenly grace she was unlocking on herself through her philanthropy. Just as she had joined Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners in changing peoples’ lives, her life has also experienced extraordinary transformation by the power of Jesus Christ.

Magistrate Kwainoe came to The SCOAN four years ago where she received the Anointing Water. In her workplace, an opportunity for staff to further their education with a scholarship abroad had risen. However, she was the least qualified and experienced in her department and, therefore, stood little chance. Nevertheless, she wrote her essays and prepared her résumé to apply. After praying and ministering the Anointing Water on the documents, she was the only one who passed the examinations for the scholarship programme. Her superiors were astonished at the news that the least among them had been granted the maximum scholarship award. She sent two applications to two different schools, gained admission to both and was asked to make her choice. She opted to study at the prestigious George Washington University in the United States of America.

She displayed documents outlining the details of her scholarship and the letter of acceptance from The George Washington University. Fees of US$43,920 have been provided for her as part of the full scholarship.

Mrs Beatrice Kwainoe, Magistrate Mavis’s mother, extolled the name of the Lord and gladly gave thanks to God for the overflowing breakthrough and the glory. She advised, “If you are a good giver, you shall receive.”


MR. AREN  He belonged to the mafia. Together with members of his notorious gang, Mr Aren, an Armenian living in Holland, travelled Europe perpetrating all forms of evil from robbery to drug trafficking. In spite of the ill-gotten money he made through robbing people and many other clandestine activities, he had a mountain of personal and health problems. He grew tired of this life which never granted him peace or progress. Desperate to find a solution, hesearched the internet for a supernatural cure and came across youtube videos of Prophet TB Joshua. Amazed by what he saw, he came to The SCOAN where a prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, exposed the darkness that was hiding within him saying that he had the spirit of robbery and belonged to a gang. Perplexed that any man could discover such a hidden evil he had kept to himself for many years, he confirmed the prophecy, explaining how he had started stealing and taking drugs at a very young age. This, he said, led him to join a notorious mafia gang in Europe. Mr Aren was instantly delivered through the prophecy in the power of the Holy Spirit. Smiling, he said he now feels free and happy. Commenting on Mr Aren’s spiritual rebirth, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that evil spirits are the cause of suffering, crime and atrocities in the world today, saying, “There are powers that cause people to be bowed down in bondage.”

Once a hardened criminal, now a friend of Christ, Mr Aren is free and full of joy. He now sleeps peacefully without any nightmares!



SABOI CHITETAWhen Mrs Saboi Chiteta from Zambia came to The SCOAN early this year, she was under heavy chains of limitation. Nothing seemed to work for her. Despite being an accountant, she was serving in a totally different area at her place of work and her husband was a chain smoker. Not only that, they were unable to sell off a property for many years, bringing serious limitations in their life. Everything changed with a single visit to The SCOAN. She received the Anointing Water. When she got back home, miracles started bombarding them from all directions. It started with her husband who, after ministering the Anointing Water, stopped smoking, breaking his 18 year addiction. They were able to dispose of their property and build a business apartment in an up-market location. Knowing that better was not good enough, they exercised their faith further and applied for a farmland with the Ministry of Lands. The government offered them a four hectare piece of land. To crown it all, she has been relocated to the accounts department of her company. Praise Lord!




JESSE DELALILove of money, the Bible says, is the root of all evil. The fetish story of Mr Jesse, a 20-year-old student from Ghana, exemplifies this Scripture well. Born and raised in a Christian home, he was set for a godly life until one day when he travelled to the village to attend a funeral ceremony. He witnessed idol worshipping whereby the priest used his mouth to tear off the head of a live chicken. On his return back home, he noticed a strange and ugly characteristic within him. He started to steal things from his home. Every time he saw money or little things in the home, his heart would not rest until he picked it. Soon, the urge grew and he started to snatch things from friends too, particularly money. It did not matter where it was hidden; he would find it. He stole thousands of dollars from his father to go out and squandered on expensive designer shoes, clothes and the latest gadgets. The problem became chronic when he got to university and encountered colleagues who drove fancy cars and lived a big, luxurious life. He was surprised that students could have such money. One of them took him to a spiritualist who gave him two options – ‘wallet money’ or ‘instant money’. With ‘instant money,’ there was a box the spiritualist would make incantations over, throw a black powder inside and then, any amount of money he wanted would appear in the box. The conditions were that, he immediately had to put the amount; that is, the percentage charged for producing him the money in the bank which he would later withdraw for them after about a week from his bank account so that they would be getting a different money and not the one produced by magic. Then from the remaining money in his hand, he had to give some little money to three different virgin girls, unknowingly ruining their future for they would not give birth in their lives.

Soon, the dirty money from the satanic altar came with its dirty lifestyle and started to stain his otherwise Christian background leading him to be drinking heavily, smoking and taking hard drugs as well as womanizing in clubs. Not even the strictness of his father would redeem his rapidly deteriorating lifestyle. He started to loan his friends money and collect their valuables as collateral which they would not be able to redeem back.

One day, he wanted to get money from his father for another money ritual but his father told him that unless he went to The SCOAN, he was not giving him any more money. Jesse detested anything to do with The SCOAN but his aunt had a leg problem and wanted to come to the church for prayer. Reluctantly, he accompanied her to The SCOAN where he received the shock of his life. He saw one of his friends from Ghana, who was also a habitual thief like him testify of his deliverance the previous week. He laughed it off thinking it was all arranged comedy and started planning how, once back home he would be spending the money his father had promised him.

In the church, the evil spirit told him to run away but, as the man of God was already on the altar, he could not even stand up. Then, the wise men started laying hands on people. He thought he would dodge them but, suddenly, he felt three invisible hard slaps which took him off his feet. He was confused, wondering what was happening to him. He had been to many places for prayer but had never experienced anything like this. Before he knew it, he saw intense fire around the wise men and, unable to run, he was overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He fell to the ground. Light had prevailed over darkness; he was set free!

After his deliverance, he said that he no longer felt that hatred towards the things of God neither does he have the uncontrollable urge to steal, smoke, drink and destroy. Speaking of the instant money rituals that had ruined his life, the 20 year-old advised the youth that if satan gives you something with the right hand that seems like apparent blessing, he takes from you with the left hand what your life depends on.



PASTOR & MRS. KIM JEONG SHOO  Pastor and Mrs Kim Jeong Shoo from South Korea came to testify to the greatness of God for the mighty healing He executed in their lives through a touch by Prophet T.B. Joshua during the Pastors’ Conference in South Korea early this year. Mrs Jeong Shoo had been experiencing ceased menstruation for ten horrible years. Because of this problem, she could not conceive. Being a pastor’s wife, she suffered humiliation and was depressed. Desperate, they visited many hospitals but there was no solution. Some specialists suggested a test-tube baby which she refused. She and her husband were also contemplating adopting a child. She, nevertheless, continued to believe that one day God would see her through. Pastor Jeong Shoo said the problem affected him a great deal as a minister of God. People began to ask how a pastor could have  no child for ten years. He was also not allowed to facilitate weddings at his church for the same reason. When they learned about the Pastors’ Conference with Prophet T.B. Joshua, their hopes lifted and they knew that their solution was just a touch away. She prayed for God to locate her and intervene in her dire situation. When the man of God approached her on that memorable day, she felt a breeze of wind blow into her life. Immediately, she felt pain in her stomach and her menstruation which had ceased began to flow. Today, they are a happy couple redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and a living testimony of His ability. They advised, “There is nothing impossible with the Almighty God.”


REBECCA IDI  (1)  Miss Rebecca Idi from Ghana was for three years experiencing pricking in her abdomen and suspected it could be ulcers but she was in for a shocker. A visit to the hospital revealed that she had needles lodged in her body.  Surprisingly, every time the doctor carried out an operation on her, five needles would replace the one removed. Her stomach was covered with scars, horrible reminders of the doctor’s scalpel. In total, 18 needles had been surgically removed from her body and yet, scores could still be seen littered in her system through an x-ray. Tired of opening her up, the doctors realized the issue was beyond medical wisdom and advised that she should seek for solution elsewhere. She resolved to come to The SCOAN having earlier tried several spiritualists and native doctors to no avail. That was last week and Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her at the prayer line in the power of the Holy Spirit and the 21-year-old was declared free.






Testifying on Sunday, accompanied by members of her family, her face was distinguishably radiant and glowing with full life. She recapped the painful ordeal she had gone through passing from hospital to herbal homes without cure. After the prayer, she found that there was no more pain as the needles had gone. She could sleep easily and eat freely. Smiling, she admitted that she found herself wondering, “Where are the needles that God removed from me?” Now, she can move, sit and stand freely without pain or discomfort. She happily pressed all over her abdomen to demonstrate that there was no more pain.

There was also nothing like the presence of blood in her urine after the healing, contrary to before the prayer when then needles used to cause internal bleeding which would come out in her urine.

Reflecting on the miraculous event, Prophet T.B. Joshua drew the congregation’s attention to the Word in the Book of John 3:32-36.  “He testifies to what he has seen and heard, but no one accepts his testimony. Whoever has accepted it has certified that God is truthful. For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit. The Father loves the Son and has placed everything in his hands. Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.”

She advised the world, especially the youth to put their hope in God as He was the only One who could save them. It was true she had spent a lot of money in the process of searching for solution but now, she has known God and did not pay a dime to receive this total solution from Him. God is great and His mercy endures forever.

What a day, overflowing with heavenly anointing, last Sunday was! From the landmark deliverance of a woman from Ghana who came with a horrible case of needles lodged in her system, to the astounding testimonies of God’s power, the service was phenomenal and breathtaking. The worship by the choir, the electrifying power of the Holy Spirit that unleashed spectacular healings and deliverances and the amazing prophecies all bore witness to the abundantly available anointing as God used the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, to set His people free from bondage.




Commenting on the woman whose case medical doctors had failed to permanently remove through surgical procedure, he said: “In the natural, you cannot defeat satan. The more you try, the more he becomes bigger.” By the power of the Holy Spirit, the man of God later on went ahead to set her free from her agony that had left her with multiple scars of surgeries through futile medical efforts. Prophet T.B. Joshua also taught on the power of faith, likening it to a heavenly currency. He then ministered prophecy to the congregation before attending to visitors who had come from all over the world at the prayer line where many people were set free from demonic affliction.


Earlier in the day, Wise Man Daniel delivered a thought-provoking message that prodded Christians not to murmur or grumble, but use their faith to access God’s blessings. Titled ‘USE YOUR FAITH TO PUT A DEMAND’ and anchored on the scripture from Hebrews 11:6, he said it is not the amount of prayer one prays that counts but the faith one puts into one’s prayer. He explained: “The Healer, the Deliverer, the Blessing Provider and the Saviour of the world is saying here, ‘It is impossible to please Me without faith.’ This implies that, as long as you have faith, God will work for you. Empty confession or profession of faith will not help us at all. Therefore, as a child of God, if you examine your life, you will find out how much faith you have. If you examine your life, you will know how much you please God, because only faith pleases Him – nothing else.”




Cementing his message with the cases of blind Bartimaeus and the woman with the issue of blood, he said: “Blind Bartimaeus’ shout was unique and different because it was a shout born of faith, which made Christ Jesus to stop in front of him. Such a shout could not be stopped by opposition of any form. The woman with the issue of blood believed enough to press through the crowd to touch the Healer Himself. As a Christian, when you discover a true minister of God, your responsibility is to believe.”



The abundant anointing, which God has made available through His servants, was reflected in the hundreds of people who came forward to testify to the glory of God.   Here are but a few of them:



She could barely breathe. As the crowds surged forward, pushing to enter the stadium, Mercy knew that the end was nigh. To her right, she saw a body lying unconscious, the crowd trampling on the lifeless frame unperturbed. Suddenly, a force from behind pushed her off balance and Mercy fell. Darkness reigned as the stampede surged forward and the young job-seeker lost all consciousness. One week later, Mercy opened her eyes to discover she was in a hospital ward. An oxygen mask was fitted to her face and doctors were fighting for her survival. Miss Mercy Attaidu was a victim of the fatal stampede in the National Stadium in Abuja when a job interview for the Nigerian Immigration Services drew an unprecedented crowd. Finally regaining consciousness, Mercy was informed by doctors that a bone in her neck had shifted as a result of a fracture and her spinal cord was severely damaged. Released from hospital several months later, she was given a walking frame, lumbar corset and neck collar to support her and booked for an operation on her neck.


Apart from the physical agony, bitterness toward the authorities responsible for the calamity welled up in her heart. What began as a hopeful search for employment after graduating ended up with her being partially paralyzed. As despondency continued to increase its grip, a friend recommended Mercy, a native of Kogi State, to visit The SCOAN and receive prayer before undergoing the operation. In the prayer line, as Prophet T.B. Joshua approached her and began to pray, the miraculous unfolded! Immediately after prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit, the terrible pain she had been experiencing vanished and she began to walk freely without the use of her walking aids! Apart from her physical healing, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised Mercy to remove the grudge she had in her heart toward Nigeria and promised to help her get a job. Two weeks down the line, Mercy stood before The SCOAN congregation to testify that she is completely healed and no longer needed an operation! She said that her love for the nation Nigeria had been restored and her zeal for life supernaturally replenished. Thank You, Jesus!



For five years, Ms. Catherine Moseki from Botswana had been walking the thorny path of limitation in progress. Despite possessing requisite qualifications and being a hard worker, promotion simply avoided her. She watched in anger as her junior colleagues rose above her in rank. Decided enough was enough, she came to The SCOAN in December last year where she received the Anointing Water. Back home in Botswana, she received a surprise call.


Her boss called her on a Sunday, inviting her for an interview. She was astounded but knew that the time had come for God to manifest in her life. She prayed, ministered the Anointing Water on herself and asked God to take charge. She was able to answer all questions satisfactorily and got her overdue promotion to the position of Chief Technical Assistant in the Ministry of Agriculture. To delay is indeed not to deny for those who trust in Jesus!



Mr Ganiyu Yusuf from Ondo was a handsome and jolly man and yet, under his infectious smile, lay the pitiable being of a very sad man. At his age, 60, he was still bedwetting and this humiliating affliction stole all his joy although very few knew the amount of bondage he was under. Even when time for him to marry came, he was too troubled to disclose to his lovebird and resolved not to say a thing about his embarrassing state lest he lost her. But nothing stays under wraps forever. Soon, his wife discovered and she was very bitter about it.


They became a sad couple but still hoped that one day, God would deliver them. During this period, he used to have bad dreams. He would see himself going to the toilet and before he knew it, his bed would be soaked in his own urine. One day, someone gave him the Anointing Water. Although he had little faith, he started praying, “God of Abraham, Isaac and T.B. Joshua, deliver me from bedwetting that has been disturbing me” and then, ministered the Anointing Water. To his surprise, he did not wet his bed that night. Together with his affliction went the bad dreams. Too good had his deliverance been that he had to wait for one year before he could come for his testimony – to be sure that the shame he had endured for six decades was indeed permanently gone. He advised people all over the world to look and focus on God alone and that Jesus Christ is the Healer.



“I sold my soul to satan to get what I wanted.” These were the words of Mr Frank Kpodzo, a young Ghanaian who explained how his idolatrous and struggling family background pushed him into the dark world of a secret cult. Frank was a freemason. Initially told that the ‘group’ was merely a social gathering with financial perks attached, it was only after initiation that Mr Frank realized the spiritual covenant he had entered by becoming a freemason. He was initiated in a Masonic Lodge where his clothes were removed, his face blindfolded and an oath of secrecy taken. Upon becoming a freemason member, Frank learned there were degrees or levels of influence in the cult, the highest being the 53rd degree. He himself reached the 22nd degree where his understanding was broadened to know that the covenant he had entered by joining freemasonry was to sell his soul to satan in exchange for worldly riches.


Sent on assignments to influence youth to join the cult, he explained how he would socialize with young people at clubs and entice them to join. By so doing, countless young people had been initiated into this satanic society through Frank’s influence. He explained that the more people he brought to join freemasonry, the higher he was upgraded in the cult. Mr Frank confessed that although he was a drunkard, smoker and womanizer before, these bad habits increased exponentially upon his initiation. Although he had money, he lacked peace as realization that he was hell-bound at death dawned on him. It was only when he discovered Emmanuel TV that he saw a greater spiritual power at work and resolved to leave the secret cult. However, with such a strong spiritual connection, merely desiring to leave was not enough.


Mr. Frank needed deliverance. Coming to The SCOAN, he received prayer from Wise Man Harry where the evil spirit, stemming from an idol his family worshipped, was exposed and expelled. Last Sunday was his return to The SCOAN to testify that after deliverance, he slept peacefully, had no more spiritual encounters with freemason members in his dreams and no more urge to smoke, drink, masturbate or womanize. He advised youth not to allow their situations to derail them to satanic deception, knowing that God’s power is above all!



In 2009, Mr Kofi Smiles from Ghana came to The SCOAN with the problem of inability to walk due to advanced osteoarthritis for more than 14 years. The only option he was given by the doctor in order for him to walk again, was to go for a knee replacement surgery. Because of the problem, he could no longer go to his work. He was forced to stay in the house all day long with only his wife assisting him do the most basic duties, such as going to the toilet. As the problem lingered, he realized that he needed to get a wheelchair because the pain was intensifying by the day. His wife advised him to start watching Emmanuel TV and, finally, he decided to come with his wife to the Arena of Liberty. He came completely unable to walk without the aid of his two crutches. After the prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit by Prophet T.B. Joshua, he started walking without the crutches, something he was unable to do for the past 14 years.


Now, it has been 5 years since he received his healing and he is still walking in the light of his testimony, all to the glory of God. Since he dropped his crutches, he has never picked them up again. He advised people to seek God in the Word of God, because the Word of God is true and sure.



Mr. Rodney Edmond Iwelu came to The SCOAN with the problem of joblessness for many years. As a young man, his desire was to be self reliant and yet, he could not get employment to make his dream come true. He had to depend on his parents for his daily upkeep. Even if he was to travel to church, his parents had to give him money for transport. His situation was so depressing that he often flirted with the idea to commit suicide.


One day, he was introduced to The SCOAN and he decided to come to worship and receive the Anointing Water. Back home, he prayed and ministered it to himself, asking God to solve his challenges and restore his destiny. Today, he is the proud owner of a cleaning company with 19 employees. He has contracts with many hotels and companies. He is free from depression and each time he wakes up in the morning, he sees purpose in life. The radical transformation in his life amazes his friends who used to know him before.  “Any evangelical item you receive from a true man of God, you must mix it with faith if God is to manifest Himself,” he said.



The case of Rebecca Idi, a young Ghanaian, baffled medical doctors. Needles had mysteriously appeared all over her body without any physical encounter or explanation. After the needles had been removed surgically, they would return five-fold, a fact attested to by an x-ray which showed the needles increasing throughout her body. It left the surgeon in charge of her case bewildered as there was no plausible scientific reason for the phenomena. A total of 18 needles had been removed from her body but hundreds more returned, causing Rebecca excruciating pain and discomfort on a daily basis. She was forced to leave school and stay isolated at home because of the strange condition.


After Rebecca was taken to a spiritualist in Ghana, her case only seemed to worsen. It was at this point that a family friend recommended she be bought to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. Addressing her situation, Prophet T.B. Joshua stated that the needles had entered her body through an incantation inspired by evil spirits and thus, only they could only leave through a command in the power of the Holy Spirit. He further explained that when your situation has become a curse, it is beyond mere natural or medical help; it requires Divine intervention. Later on, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the young girl who instantly fell to the ground.


At that moment, she explained that she felt a strange force leaving her body! Rushing to the toilet, the elated Ghanaian began checking her body and screamed for joy. All signs and traces of the needles that she formerly felt in her body, alongside the excruciating pain that accompanied it, had disappeared in a glorious instant! Returning to the congregation, she joyfully testified that she could no longer feel the pricking of the mysterious needles and her body felt light! A Ghanaian medical doctor from the congregation came forward to check Rebecca, testifying that she had never heard of such a case and praising God for His miraculous intervention. “Where are the needles?” a delighted Rebecca asked the congregation, stunned that God had removed in a moment what had plagued her life and baffled medical doctors for years. Thank You, Jesus Christ!!!



Imagine a family where everyone – mother, sisters and aunts – are all prostitutes. As detesting as it may sound, this was the case with Miss Francisca whose family came bound and chained to the horrible spirit of prostitution, stemming from an idol that was worshipped from generation to generation. While Francisca was still very young, she saw her mother and aunt doing prostitution. Soon, the cycle continued in her own life as she also became a prostitute, sometimes meeting with more than 15 men in a single day. She carried demonic powers in her body which she employed to manipulate men. Any man who saw her tattoo emblazoned on her upper arm and had lustful intent towards her would easily be seduced. Each man she slept with would feel the negative repercussions in their lives, careers and relationships. She carried more lethal powers in her leg. It was while she was wantonly sleeping with various men, that one day, he encountered God through Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream. The man of God accosted her to stop prostituting. In search of an answer to the strange encounter, she came to The SCOAN where the evil spirit in her spoke out and was eventually cast out in the name of Jesus Christ. Since that day, she has been free and the urge for men has left her.


While she was still having the spirit of prostitution, a woman used to appear to her in her dreams, deceiving her that her biological mother was not her mother. This made her to develop hatred for her mother. Now that she is free, she has started seeing her mother as a real mother in her life. Her mother confirmed coming from an idol worshipping family. She got married at the age of 15 and gave birth to two children to her first husband. With another man, she got another two children. After leaving her second marriage, she went on to marry her third husband and from there she became a prostitute. She would meet up to five men in a day. Miss Francisca also came with her sisters all of whom confessed to being prostitutes. They asked for prayer so that they could be delivered from the demonic attack.


After enjoying a free life since her deliverance last week, she urged all her friends who are into prostitution to seek God and receive their own deliverance so that they can live a godly life.



Olufunke Alao came with her daughters to The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God. Last month, she came to The SCOAN to worship. She was holding her Nigerian flag as is the tradition at The SCOAN. During the mass prayer, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, encouraged people to keep their flags in their homes, offices or cars.


She placed hers in her car and one day, on her way to Akure for an appointment, she had a rude awakening. She saw people running for their lives. When she peered through her window to see what was going on, she discovered that there was an ambush. A gang of heavily armed men brandishing totting guns was walking from car to car robbing the shocked motorists. She started praying for God to deliver her. When they got to her car, they ordered her to wind down the glass. She did so while uttering prayer of faith when suddenly one of them screamed, “She is Joshua’s daughter, can’t you see the flag and Anointing Sticker. So, leave her alone”. Immediately, they ran away, leaving her alone and safe. She said that her security was in God alone and people must take seriously what God’s servants say.



Mr Awet Kebedom from Eritrea had been watching Emmanuel TV and had seen the deliverances that took place at The SCOAN. One day, his friend brought Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker for him from The SCOAN. He placed the Anointing Sticker on his car and he ministered the Anointing Water on a daily basis.


One day, while driving, he made a u-turn and suddenly a car that was speeding behind him smashed into it. His car was utterly destroyed in the collision yet he was completely protected by the Lord. He said that with this Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker, he could feel the presence of God. He showed the picture of the seriously damaged car beyond repair. In fact, he was unconscious for about seven hours before he finally woke up and found himself in the ICU with bruised kidney and fractured ribs. After ministering the Anointing Water, he was totally recovered and he can now drive again to the glory of God. With all these experiences, he calls the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker ‘the signature of God’.



Mr Victor Richmond Sagoe from Ghana came to The SCOAN with his mother and received a message of prophecy by Prophet T.B. Joshua who exposed how the foundation of their family was crumbling due to a terrible spirit of stealing that had crippled his social and educational life.


Right from when he had known himself, he realised he had the embarrassing urge of stealing things around him. Coming from a well-to-do family, he never actually lacked anything and was always sponsored by his father to attain the highest levels of education. Even as he was in one of the best and most expensive universities in Ghana, he continued stealing. As his bad habit of kleptomania developed and matured, his loot became more expensive until he finally stole his mother’s jewellery worth hundreds of thousands of US Dollars. As his mother discovered that he was the one that had stolen and sold her precious gold coins which she inherited from her mother, she called for the authorities to arrest her own son!


Instead of being reformed, it was like he had graduated to a higher level in the craft. He had no intentions of stopping his dreadful vice. Becoming a professional, he started stealing things of greater value and would only trade them for things of no lasting value. He became a money squanderer, spending money on marijuana, alcohol, designer clothes and living a wasteful lifestyle. He would especially concentrate on stealing from people he knew, getting close to them and stealing, knowing that they would never suspect their closest friend to be the mastermind behind these heinous acts. He also discovered the knack for opening locked doors and padlocks. When he was moved to a different school, he tried to stay away from any friends, thinking that he would be able to maintain his focus by doing so. As he gained his first friend in the new place, his acts of stealing resumed once again. This time around, it grew even worse, pushing Victor to enter fraudulent business on internet. He started defrauding innocent victims of big amounts of money by impersonation and pretense. His condition became so severe that his mother, as a final solution, decided to bring him to The SCOAN and the Holy Spirit located them through the prophecy given by Prophet T.B. Joshua.


Confirming to the former notoriety of his son tearfully, his father, a police officer working for the UN, explained how he once had him arrested.  As Victor and family returned to The SCOAN a week later, he testified that all thoughts of stealing and theft had completely left him and he is now like a newborn baby. He advised youths reeling under the weight of his former lifestyle to avoid wrong influence and turn to God. His mother, joining to testify to the goodness of God, advised people to trust in the Lord with all their heart.



The first time Mr Friday Joshua Achema came to The SCOAN, he hid himself. Although he knew he was the one Prophet T.B. Joshua was referring to when he called out for a witchdoctor to come out, he refused. Instead, he sneaked out and went home to fast and pray; deceiving himself that his diabolical powers would leave him. It never occurred to him that it would require powers from above to set him free. When he returned during a prophetic service the following week, the man of God approached him on the same issue. He later sent evangelists with the witchdoctor to go and destroy his shrine in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Testifying, Mr Achema who was accompanied by members of his family, displayed his paraphernalia – the diabolical artillery he used to destroy people’s destinies, bring people counterfeit breakthroughs and cause harm to unsuspecting souls. He also brought out an oracle which people consulted. Along with it came red feathers he used to inflict sadness in people’s lives. Among other things, he had powers to influence court decisions including serious cases of murder. All he would do was evoke evil spirits to enter the presiding officers. People would be seeing his clients speaking, but in reality it was the oracle doing the talking which they didn’t know. If people came to him looking for fruit of the womb, he would give them children from the marine world after performing various sacrifices.


He would defraud his clients by asking them to bring materials they would not be able to find. For example, he would ask them to bring gorilla hair.  If the person said he could not, he would offer to travel out to a different country where he would get the hair. He would use this as justification for charging high prices. However, in reality, such bizarre items were never actually used but only requested so as to provide a platform for effective fraud.


As someone who had experienced a lot in the kingdom of darkness, he advised people those who are into any dubious character to change and follow Jesus because everything is vanity. ‘Have faith and trust in God who is able to do all things because the power of darkness would fail you’ he said.


It was a day of devotion fully packed with healings, deliverances, prophecies and powerful messages. This was the prevailing atmosphere that radiated The SCOAN last Sunday with the admonition for worshippers and viewers all over the world to always love one another irrespective of their faith differences. The admonition by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua just before the closing mass prayer was not without reason. The congregation had just witnessed a powerful deliverance of a man who manifested and later was confirmed to having been a Boko Haram member and involved in many evil operations. The astounding deliverance came less than one month after a similar incident. Addressing the issue, the man of God who had made an impromptu return to the altar, dwelled on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of love.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

He explained, “One thing you must know – we are fighting evil spirits that steal, kill and destroy. Let us not fight our neighbors. We live together and work together. It is evil spirits we are fighting; let us not fight our neighbors. No one can bomb people or kill innocent lives without being under the influence of evil spirits. It’s not possible for your neighbor to do that; it takes an evil spirit to do so.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua had, earlier on, preached on the need for Christians to acknowledge God’s ability and thank Him even before they have received. He said the problem with people today is that they wait to receive before they can thank God. This, said the man of God, is wrong, noting that: “If you know that your God can do all things, why are you waiting for Him to do it before thanking Him? You must believe it is done before you ask.” He then ministered deliverance, prophecy and healing to people who had come to the arena of liberty from all over the world.

Wise Man Harry

Wise Man Harry

Mounting the pulpit earlier in the day, Wise Man Harry preached an inspiring message titled: Our Response As A Christian, which spoke to the hearts of Christians against rejoicing over one another’s tragedies in life. Quoting Galatians 6:1 and 1 Corinthians 10:12, he said: “When someone falls, don’t rejoice! Restore them. If you reject one on account of his or her weakness, you also reject his strength. This means, if you know your friend’s weakness, help him instead of rejecting him because a person who is a thorn in your flesh today, may be the one to help you tomorrow. Don’t reject anyone on account of their weakness today because tomorrow is a mystery.”


Dr Nwankpa Nick, a medical doctor, was at the point of losing his lucrative career back home in Ethiopia. He had an abnormal sugar level which soared so high making him to experience all symptoms of a sick person. Because of this, he was always weak and tired. Despite being prescribed drugs by one of the best hospitals in the country, he could not live a normal and productive life. Soon after taking his drugs, he would have spasm attacks and every time he went for sugar tests, nothing would improve. Instead, his condition would deteriorate.

Dr Nwankpa Nick

Dr Nwankpa Nick

“As a doctor, one thing is to know about a disease, another is to actually feel it,” he said.

It became very obvious to him that unless he received timely, complete and permanent treatment above the unfruitful scientific offers, his career would be on the line. Watching Emmanuel TV, it bothered him that people were being healed through prayer and yet, he was busy spending his precious time dashing from one hospital to another in search of medical solution.  In 2012, he made up his mind, packed his bag and came to The SCOAN where he received the Anointing Water. By then, he could not walk even 15 meters; he would be panting. But after ministering it and praying for Jesus to heal him, he felt strong, walked out of the church and called his wife to tell her how much better he felt. Although his wife insisted that he still took his medication, out of concern; but he said to her: “Don’t worry, I have ‘medicine’ in my hands.” It was not the drugs from his doctor but the Anointing Water which he got from the The SCOAN he was referring to. When he got back home, his wife was shocked to see him taking the Anointing Water in place of his diabetic drugs and yet he looked better. After some time, he went to hospital for a test at one of the best facilities in Ethiopia and his blood level had fallen within normal levels. He showed medical reports showing the severity of his illness before and how he is now completely healed. He advised: “Believe in God.”



Mrs Ojo Omoyemwen was racing against time. The doctors wanted her operated on without delay. What had started as an ordinary pain in her right side had become a nightmare that now threatened her life. Mrs Ojo had been going about her normal duties one day when she felt pain in one of her sides. After taking painkillers, she went to hospital and received drugs but even these, prescribed as they were, failed to bring any improvement. Sleeping became an excruciating battle. She was bothered, went back and requested for an X-ray. Her fears were soon confirmed. The doctors discovered a tumour in her kidney which needed immediate operation to remove one kidney.

Mrs Ojo Omoyemwen

Mrs Ojo Omoyemwen

They gave her an appointment but when she visited the hospital again the following week for another check-up ahead of the operation, the doctors told her the operation had to be fast-tracked. If she did not go for the operation, they said, the government would not be held responsible for any complications that might arise. She decided to go to a teaching hospital for a second opinion and, again, they recommended an operation. Believing God is the Healer of all ailments, she decided to come to The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water. To her surprise, a few days after ministering the Anointing Water, she became better and was able to sleep on either side of her body. She went back to the hospital for a test and the doctors found, to their utter disbelief, that the tumour had disappeared. Today, she is completely free of any kidney problem. She advised people in her situation not to despair but have trust in God.


Mrs Lucy Ojukwu was running out of rope and decided to grab on to faith. She was pregnant even though she was well prepared for the

Mrs Lucy Ojukwu

Mrs Lucy Ojukwu

delivery; yet, time was passing by without any sign she would soon deliver her baby. Soon nine months elapsed and hit ten months.She was developing hypertension and the doctors said if the problem continued, she would have to be operated on. The idea of going under the doctor’s scalpel was nerve-racking. She decided to come to The SCOAN believing she would meet the Great Physician to ease her of her burden. Placed on the prayer line, she was prayed for by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. She felt nothing unusual at the time but little did she know that God had performed His own operation on her. Soon afterwards, she delivered a healthy, bouncing baby girl whom she came with as testimony to the greatness and goodness of the Lord Jesus!



Mother of two, Miss Eshai Mua Joyce from Cameroon, suffered from a swollen belly due to an ovarian cyst. This brought her social embarrassment for four horrible years. Everywhere she went, people thought she was pregnant and would ask when she was going to deliver. Her stomach was enormous and each day, continued to grow in size to an extent that “life was worse than hell” to her. She could hardly sit down and would have to open her legs to make room for her large stomach. The shame she felt made her hide at home and not show her face in public. She could not stand or lie down and felt restless and awkward in her condition.

She went everywhere desperately looking for a solution. She went to several doctors and they kept referring her to other doctors. She was told that the only solution was to go for an operation. She was afraid and told her mother to dig a grave for her, that after the operation, they should bury her, a clear indication that she had given up in her helpless state.

Miss Eshai Mua Joyce

Miss Eshai Mua Joyce

One day a friend who was an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV, told her about The SCOAN. They came and were arranged at the prayer line. As Wise Man Racine prayed for her, she knew that her problem was over. She felt light and was able to stand up and walk.

When she went back to Cameroon, she went for another medical examination to see the condition of her stomach. The test results showed that she had an eight-month old baby inside her stomach – healthy and strong! This was the first time doctors had seen on the scan that she was pregnant, something that was not noticed by medical doctors previously. Previously, all they would see was water.

The amount of fluid in her stomach along with the baby was 21.5 litres. The doctors were concerned and told her that if she delivered the baby and all the fluid came out at the same time, her heart would fail and she would die. But because God had taken control of her situation through the prayer of the wise man in Jesus’ name, she delivered the baby safely and all the liquid drained out without any complications. Upon conducting another test, the doctors found no ovarian cyst and that her uterus was normal. She came with her baby in her arms testifying to the glory of God that the size of her stomach has returned to normal.

She encouraged the viewers with great excitement that “When your time comes, you will be the next one to testify here.”


Miss Mary-Jean Nleya

Miss Mary-Jean Nleya

“When you know T.B. Joshua, you know good success,” said twenty-two year old Mary Jean Nleya from Botswana who came to give testimony to the glory of God. As a SCOAN Scholarship Benefactor, she spoke of how Prophet T.B. Joshua has been there for her as a father would. “If there is any way to describe his role in my life, it is that of a father.” She explained how she came to The SCOAN looking for a father and Prophet T.B. Joshua accepted her and offered to sponsor her education. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, she gained an internship at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Holland. To further her education and with Prophet T.B. Joshua’s encouragement, she applied to many prominent universities around the world including Harvard University in the USA. If not for his support as a father, she said she never would have had the confidence or belief that she could get into such prestigious universities. To encourage her in her faith even more, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her a faith bracelet. To her greatest surprise, she has gained admission into Harvard Law School. The amount for school fees and supplies is US $82,123 which Prophet T.B. Joshua has provided for her.



When Mrs Carolyn Mbisa from Malawi, visited the central hospital in her country hoping for a cure to a nagging headache, little did she know it would not only be a matter of a stronger painkiller. The painkillers she had already been taking did not seem to be working.

Mrs Carolyn Mbisa

Mrs Carolyn Mbisa

She was sweating, had sleepless nights and was bleeding from her nose. Therefore, when the doctor read out the results of a brain scan done on her, it revealed she had a brain abscess. She was scared and completely distressed. Doctors said she needed to immediately see a specialist. She decided to see the Great Physician and came to The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water. Back at her hotel, she sprayed it into her bath water and prayed for healing, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After the bath, she realised that the excessive sweating which had always been in her life was gone. Back in her country, Malawi, she noted that any sign associated with her ailment had vanished. She then had a dream in which she saw herself in The SCOAN. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, told her that she must confess that she was healed. She woke up and confessed her freedom as she made her way to the hospital for another scan. Behold, the abscess had disappeared! The doctor was amazed and even more so when she told him that she had not gone for any medical attention but had sought the attention of God Almighty.



Ms Francis

Ms Francis

Ms Francis came out to testify to the goodness of God in her life through the deliverance she received at The SCOAN through Wise Man Christopher, in Jesus’ name. A prostitute from the age of 14, she contracted HIV/AIDS and, out of bitterness, began to sleep with men in order to afflict them with the same problem she was suffering from. She had met with single and married men alike. She testified that after her deliverance, she began to see that her past life had been a life of sin and started to regret her actions. No longer suffering from nightmares or feelings of hatred and revenge and confirmed that she now sleeps and lives peacefully for the first time in her life. She asked those who had been hurt through her actions to forgive her and to come to Jesus for His help and healing. Prophet T.B. Joshua then blessed her with the sum of US$1,500 to start her life anew as she returns to her country to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of her life.



Professional heavy duty equipment mechanic, Mr Humphrey Zimba from Zambia, found his financial life in need of repair as he passed through many years of joblessness. As a husband and father, he was unable to provide for his family. He had a parcel of bare land which he had possessed for many years but had been unable to develop as a result of poverty.

Mr Humphrey Zimba

Mr Humphrey Zimba

Believing that God could put an end to their suffering, Mr Zimba’s mother-in-law sponsored a trip for him to travel to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to receive the Anointing Water. With great expectation, Mr Zimba made the trip and returned home joyfully with the Anointing Water. After praying and ministering the Anointing Water in faith, Mr Zimba received a phone call offering him a position as a heavy duty equipment mechanic. Money began to flow in and his needs began to be met. Soon, there was enough to begin developing the bare land. In a short time, Mr Zimba, formerly unemployed, became a gainfully employed, brand new home owner!




As she rode through the calm streets on the back of a motorcycle, Mrs Barnabas Ayanoore could never imagine what was about to occur. Out of nowhere, a vehicle coming from the opposite direction crashed into her motorcycle. The bones in her leg were instantly crushed and she was rushed to the hospital. Doctors examined her and determined that she had sustained multiple bone fractures.

Mrs Barnabas Ayanoc

Mrs Barnabas Ayanoc

After undergoing two operations, she was confined to crutches. Despite the efforts of her doctors, her bones refused to heal. The time of her wedding was quickly approaching and, to her disappointment, she was forced to walk down the aisle on crutches. Deeply concerned about his new wife, Mr Ayanoore came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. The couple prayed together and ministered it to all broken parts of her leg. Truly, Jesus Christ showed Himself strong on behalf of those who trusted in Him. Mrs Ayanoore realised that the pain had left. Suddenly, she was strong and began to walk. A visit to the doctor revealed that the fractures had healed, to the glory of God!


The service closed with mass prayer conducted by the wise men.


TB Joshua

TB Joshua

Last Sunday service was an exceptionally Holy Spirit-powered occasion that shimmered with the glory of God. From the bountiful rhythms of wonders and miracles to powerful prophetic messages, the power-packed exaltation of the Almighty God was electrifying. The prayer line saw the lining up of people from all over the world, seeking God’s intervention in their lives. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, laid hands on them in the name of Jesus Christ. Healed of their diseases and liberated from evil spirits that tormented their souls, they waved to God and thanked Him for His enduring mercy and love. To crown the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered mass prayer and prophesied to nations, offering words of peace, hope and love.

WISEMAN CHRISTOPHEREarlier, Wise Man Christopher stepped onto the altar and preached an edifying message titled, “MAKE THE GREATEST SACRIFICE”, which centered on the greatest virtue of a true Christian – love. “Before you can call the name Jesus Christ and expect Him to answer you, please, look around you to see those who are in need of your love. We have fasted, prayed and hoped but the thing that is yet to be applied is love – first to God and then to our fellow human beings,” he said.

Quoting John 21:15-17, he said that by repeating the question ‘Do you love me?’ Jesus wanted the concept of love to be crystal clear; that love is central – the only genuine principle from which the service of God can spring.

Expanding this frontier further he explained: “Jesus did not ask Peter if he was a gifted speaker, a talented leader or lawyer. He did not enquire about Peter’s seminary training or if he had a thorough theological knowledge of the Bible. All these are important but they are not the issue. The essential quality is found in Jesus’ question – do you love Me? Jesus says, ‘If you love Me keep My commandments’. That is to say ‘before you can say you love Me, please, look around you to see and help those who are in need of help or care.’ Jesus is asking you: ‘have you done that? If you have not done that and you want to be My friend, you cannot because you cannot have a relationship with Me without love. I cannot entrust this kind of power to heal, deliver, prophesy, bless and save to you without love because you will use it to hurt yourself and others.’”


Following are some of the testimonies picked from hundreds of people who came to glorify God for His goodness in their lives:




 GERSHAN NATSUGAHUnable to urinate due to protracted chronic illness of prostate enlargement, Mr Gershon Kwame Nutsugah from Ghana was living with a catheter fitted to his bladder which he had to change every week in order to avoid infection that could worsen his problem. But this medical hope of relief soon became a problem when it became stuck in his bladder, thus making it impossible for the regular changing it required. The doctors became alarmed, fearing a possible infection if the catheter was not frequently changed. The only way out of the predicament, they advised, was a surgery but Mr Nutsugah was not very comfortable with the suggestion. A week to the surgery, his son encouraged him to come to The SCOAN which he did. On Sunday after the service, he noticed some blood in his urine and thought that the infection might have started, not knowing that God was busy at work. On his bed, that night, he woke up to see his catheter shaking and moving out of his body. It stopped midway and he called his wife and son to look. They ministered the Anointing Water and turned on Emmanuel TV for him to pray with the man of God. The more he prayed with Emmanuel TV, the more the catheter moved. Then, something pushed him to stand up and the catheter fell out. Immediately, he went to the toilet and urinated by himself, a thing he could not do previously. The following morning, his daughter called him to explain how she had seen him in the theatre being operated on, not by a doctor but by God. Since then, Mr Nutsugah has been urinating freely, healthily and soundly.



DIPLIOMAT JOHN JALLAHA diplomat from Liberia, Mr John Jallah was on his way to work in May 2013 when he had an accident. A car speeding from the opposite direction hit his official vehicle, damaging it. The impact was so huge that people feared for his life. Surprisingly, although the car had been damaged, the place where he was sitting was intact and nothing happened to him. He stepped out alive and safe. When the medics came to take him to hospital, he refused and told people that God was in control. His faith was not without reason. Before leaving home that morning he had ministered the Anointing Water. His car also had five Anointing Stickers on them. As is his normal practice, he had two bottles of the Anointing Water carefully kept in his car. As he stepped out of the damaged car on his own limbs and without being helped, he could not help but marvel at the mighty power of Jesus Christ. If it was not for God working through the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers, said diplomat Jallah, he would not be alive today.

“Trust in God always,” he said.



MR PULAH DINNIMr Pullah Dinini awoke again in a cold sweat. Fever ravaged his system. His life was slowly ebbing away. Diagnosed with the terminal disease of tuberculosis, the young man was losing weight at an alarming rate. Having been reduced to a mere skeletal figure; merely moving his afflicted limbs had become a burden too much for him to bear. It was in this critical condition that Mr Pullah’s sister brought the Anointing Water from The SCOAN and ministered it to him. That signaled the beginning of his miraculous recovery. As he continued to minister the Anointing Water, supernatural strength continued flowing through his system, restoring all that satan had stolen through the deadly disease.


And when he eventually made his way to The SCOAN and encountered direct prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mr Dinini knew it was time for him to return to the hospital that had initially diagnosed him with tuberculosis for another check up. To the astonishment of the hospital staff, results showed that there was no more trace of the disease in his system. There was a dramatic change in his appearance. “Let us worship the Man who made the universe,” Dinini concluded, stating that with his healing, he will never run from God.



MR&MRS ESTHER ENIOLAAn operation appeared to be the only way out for Mr and Mrs Esther Eniola. Desperate for a child, the diagnosis of multiple fibroids left the young couple with seemingly no other option. However, fear of the scalpel pushed Esther away from hospital and into unconventional pursuits of fruitfulness. 15 years later, after various visits to spiritualists and herbal homes, the situation had only deteriorated. With her stomach swollen due to the weight of the fibrous masses occupying her system and her menstruation irregular and accompanied by intense pain, sorrow marred any form of marital bliss.


However, when a sister visited them in their base in Northern Nigeria, she brought an unusual gift: the Anointing Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Having viewed Emmanuel TV and seen testimonies, the couple grabbed the opportunity and ministered the Anointing Water together. As the Anointing Water flowed through her stomach, it was accompanied by a strange sensation within. The following day, her menstrual flow was abnormally thick and oozing with blackish substances. God was at work! As swelling steadily reduced, faith rapidly increased. Returning to the same hospital that had initially diagnosed her for another checkup, the results were indeed remarkable. There was no trace of multiple fibroids or ovarian cysts anymore!



MISS KANAENE EKIOSMiss Kanoere Ekios suffered setback and limitation in progress and continued to reel from one problem to another for ten painful years of shame and pain. Last year, she lost her younger sister which was a painful experience but that led her to watch Emmanuel TV. She was astonished that there was a great man of God like Prophet TB Joshua in the nation. She came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water which she ministered in her apartment at home and prayed with in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. When she woke up, to her utter shock and disbelief, she saw a swarm of dead flies that filled the room. Normally, there were no flies in or around her house. The agents of darkness that had been infesting her life with setbacks were arrested. This strengthened her faith that God would continue to work in her situation. She began to receive mercy and favour from all directions and now has a brand new jeep as a gift and has finished building an uncompleted building which she has been working on from seven years. Praise God!




MISS RACHEL KIISHIMiss Rachel Kiishi’s job was on the line. Government was privatizing the energy sector and one of the companies listed for the exercise was where she was working. The new owners, who included a firm from Turkey, wanted to downsize the workforce by administering an aptitude test. Rachel had often encountered a problem with understanding what she had studied. In preparation for the “must-pass test”, she found it difficult to read and assimilate. She always feared being chopped off the payroll. Thank God, she had the opportunity to get the Anointing Water and her faith was encouraged after reading the Anointing Water booklet. She ministered to herself, prayed and slept. When she woke up the next day which was the examination day, she felt calmness had displaced her anxiety. She sat for a written test and was also tested orally and the examiners were all impressed with her performance. She was retained and assigned to work at the company’s headquarters. Not long after that, she received a promotion letter tripling her salary and moving her to a higher level. Glowing with joy, she said, ‘It is not my qualification but the glory of God made it happen’.




MR&MRS IT0TOWhen Mrs Augustina Chinwuke Itoto’s mother stayed for 25 years without fruit of the womb, she was distraught. She desperately needed a baby. A well-to-do business woman but a non-Christian, the only place she knew as source for solution was spiritualists’ dens. Many things were introduced to her, all of them diabolical. One of the spiritualists told her to buy items for sacrifice and go and sleep by the river bank for two days if she was to have a baby. Without an option, she accepted to go through the ordeal. She eventually fell pregnant and gave birth to baby Augustina. However, instead of joy, she harvested sorrow. Things turned upside down. Her business collapsed and had difficulties even feeding the newborn. To restore her wealth she kept visiting many other places but her situation was deteriorating with every shrine she visited.


Meanwhile, the daughter was having her own nightmares. She would dream of swimming in rivers with mermaids and being married to a marine spirit. She would see half-human and half-fish beings drag her into the depths of waters. Down in the belly of the ocean, she would see a city replete with elegant buildings – satan’s make-believe in his sloppy imitation of God’s great and unequaled creation. One woman in the water told her that she was her real mother; that she was the one who gave her to her mother as a baby. She was 15 years old then. Forced into an early marriage, she continued to suffer. She married a man she did not love. He would beat her up for no apparent reason. Often, she would toy with the idea of committing suicide by setting fire on her home. The marriage did not last and now she has another relationship. But things had not improved and the evil spirit was now affecting her current husband’s business. They decided to come to The SCOAN in search of a genuine and lasting solution from the Author of life – God. Her mother had relied on unreliable powers; she decided to put her faith in God.


That blessed day at The SCOAN, as Wise Man Racine ministered prayer to the congregation in Jesus’ name, the power of the Holy Spirit located her. The evil spirit inside of her manifested as queen of the coast. It confessed responsibility for her problems. As the wise man raised his hand in a great manifestation of God’s power, the demon was cast out and Mrs Itoto was declared free, in Jesus’ name. Since then, she has not had any nightmares or seen herself swimming and feasting with mermaids. She dreams of praying and singing to God. She is at peace and advises that for others to have peace, they must embrace Jesus Christ.



MR ONUEGBU&SONAffliction brought the Onuegbu family to The SCOAN. The only son of the family was diagnosed to have sickle cell anaemia during his infancy. Last year, the problems the child suffered were so much that for a whole week, he was crying, unable to sit, stand or lie down without pain and had to be carried on his father’s back. The doctors prescribed all manner of injections for the boy on a daily basis with little or no improvement. They decided to come to The SCOAN prayer line and the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed for him in the name of Jesus Christ. The day after he was supposed to go to school, his father said he should accompany him to the hospital for another test. When handed the result envelope, he tentatively took time to open it and found the test result AA! Typically, sickle cell patients’ genotypes are SS but he had a moment of doubt that the doctors might have mixed up their test results with someone else’s. So, he took his son to another hospital once again and it came out AA yet again to the glory of God. Engr Chris Onuegbu encouraged viewers that there was never a sickness Jesus Christ cannot cure.



MR BASIL CHUKWUJEKWUMr. Basil Chukwujekwu, popularly known as BBC, is a business man in Cameroon. Some time ago, he came to The SCOAN and was encouraged to get the Anointing Water. He went back to his post and as a business man, owning a massive store in the public market; he would always minister it in his store. A year later, a fire explosion took place in the market and over 150 shops were gutted down, destroying the properties. When this incident was taking place and the fire was raging rapidly towards his shop, he remembered he had an empty bottle of the Anointing Water which he had previously filled with ordinary water. Faced with an incident that would devastate everything he had worked hard for, he grabbed it and sprayed the Anointing Water on his property, asking God to take control. As tongues of fire roared uncontrollably, he left the scene unable to bear the sight of seeing his shop destroyed. Surprisingly, while he was still brooding over his shop and what must have happened to his property, someone frantically called and told him that his shop had survived the inferno. When he returned to the scene, he stared in awe at how the fire had gutted down every shop around him except his which was left untouched. God had saved his shop.

“It was too much to believe but there it was, safe and untouched. Thank You, Jesus!” he shouted to a chorus of Amen from the congregation.



MISS FRANCISBrought up in Tanzania, Miss Francis was a very stubborn child when growing up and hated going to school. Aged 13, she began to see a man sleeping with her in the dream. Waking up from these nightmares, even at that tender age, lustful desires saturated her heart. Upon meeting a group of girls who always had money, the latest technological gadgets and possessions, she was curious to know the source of their worldly riches. One day they let her in on the dark secret; they were doing prostitution. Enamored by the perks of the lifestyle, she abandoned her family, left school, ran to the city and joined the ungodly trade at the age of 14. When she got pregnant the first time at the age of 16, she returned home and abandoned the child with her mother and returned to prostitution until her sister who was staying in Namibia came and rescued her.


However, although her physical location changed, the spirit of lust seemed only to worsen. Within three months of her stay in Namibia, she was kicked out of the house because of her stubborn and rebellious behavior, throwing her back into the life of prostitution with another gang of birds of same feathers right there in Namibia. Sleeping with more than five men every day, she eventually fell pregnant a second time. When she went to hospital to discover that she was pregnant, she also found out that she was HIV/AIDS positive. Anger and bitterness welled up in her heart. Resolving to take vengeance on men, she continued to prostitute, intentionally inflicting countless men with the deadly virus. She said there were thousands that she had slept with while having HIV because her healthy appearance and regular intake of drugs gave no room for people to suspect she was so sick.


Her journey to Nigeria came as a result of becoming pregnant for a Nigerian man she met on an online dating site. After hearing that she was HIV Positive, the man resolved to send her to drop their baby with his parents in Enugu State, Nigeria. Having heard of Emmanuel TV at this point, Francis agreed, resolving to visit The SCOAN after dropping off her baby. Last week, when she came to The SCOAN, when Wise Man Christopher prayed for her, she received deliverance from the evil spirit that pushed her to such a horrific lifestyle. She said that she no longer experienced the negative dreams and spiritual attacks she used to have. Furthermore, she added that she feels so much remorse for the victims she had afflicted with the deadly disease in her former life. Believing that she is healed, she warned that the result of prostitution is nothing but bitterness. She advised youths to be patient for God’s plan in their lives, concluding that they should stay away from bad friends.


     TBJLast Sunday witnessed another awesome service hoisted on a powerful and enlightening message from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Inspired by the case of a young lady from South Africa, whom God had rescued from a killer disease known as lupus through prayer at the church’s prayer line last year, the man of God said anyone whom Jesus heals, it is for the purpose of living for Him.

Said the man of God, “You are not healed because you are sick, your family has spent so much on you or you are a pastor so you can minister to people. You are not healed because you pay huge tithes or you are an archbishop, or you have built a cathedral or because you have spent so much. The only reason for that healing is for you to live for Jesus. If you are not ready to live for Him, forget about the miracle. Healing is for just one purpose; by His stripes we are healed for the salvation of our soul.”

The man of God then ministered to thousands of worshippers who had come from all walks of life seeking an encounter with God. He prophesied to individuals and nations and also prayed for the sick in the mighty name of Jesus Christ upon which people were set free from sicknesses and evil spirits.

WISEMAN RACINE..jpg.Earlier on, Wise Man Racine preached on the message: TAKE HOLD OF GOD’S PROMISES which centred on the need for putting trust in God and exercising an attitude of absolute faith.

“Your belief needs to be reset according to the truth in God’s Word. Your affection and emotions must be set to take the Word without questioning or X-raying it because faith is something that comes spontaneously – willingly. Faith is not abstract; faith can be practiced. A man can only have and exercise what he believes he has. Is God’s Word true for your life? Do you believe in God’s promises for your life? Then take hold of God’s promises,” he said, citing Abraham as a great example of a man of faith.


Scores of people turned up to glorify God for what He has done in their lives. Here are a selected few of the testimonies from the Sunday service:



MR & MRS TONY EGBERIAbject poverty is too mild a term to describe the condition Mr and Mrs Tony Egberi found themselves in. Instead of enjoying a marital life of bliss as they had hoped for, their fortunes took a dramatic turnaround for the worse soon after they had tied the knot. Mr Tony had a Masters degree in Public Administration but could not find a job for the life of him. His wife, a qualified nurse, lost her job. Their circumstances became so dismal that it was his sister-in-law who was supporting the entire household, including the children’s feeding and school fees. Mr Egberi, running out of options, moved to Abuja, where he ended up sleeping in a friend’s furniture shop, almost like a guard. The foam used to cover the furniture items became his mattress and pillow. Acknowledging that the state of his affairs was abnormal, he resolved to seek for deliverance from Someone powerful, wiser and smarter than him – Jesus Christ. He came in faith to The SCOAN, received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua and immediately claimed the blessing that would follow.

A very short while after his return, he received an unusual call from his auntie asking for his resume. She promptly applied for a lecturing job for him. The next thing he knew was that he was being called for an interview and then given an appointment letter. He is now an Assistant Lecturer in the Political Science Department at one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria. Mrs Egberi at the same time was called for a job as a state nurse at a hospital in Cross River State. To add to the mighty blessings, their ten-year old daughter, Confidence who had been bedwetting since birth, prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and her bedwetting ceased from that moment. Their case which had turned around for worse had now turned around for the better because of Christ. Their advice was: Look unto the Lord and He will meet you at the appointed time.



Mr Jamiu Famosa came to The SCOAN driving a sleek Mercedes Benz and waving keys in his hands. He has become one of the happiest in town. What he could not have in ages, God has given him within a twinkle of an eye. The car is a miracle a person in his former situation could never dream of. He had been moving around on public transport. He had no car of his own and had no expectation he would ever own one until he received the Anointing Sticker for a car from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. On reaching home, he decided to exercise his faith. He prayed for God to give him a car although he did not have any money in the house or the bank. The following day, he visited a car dealer who encouraged him to buy the Mercedes Benz but little did he know that his client did not have any money.  He prayed again with the Anointing Sticker and told himself that the Sticker would surely find its way on to his car. Out of nowhere, sometime after the prayer, he received a call from an old friend who owed him a huge amount of money and for three years had been giving excuses. He was stunned. This couldn’t just be happening if not by God’s power. When he collected the money the following day, he walked straight to the car dealer and came back driving.

Waving his car keys and displaying his car ownership documents to the congregation, he advised people to have faith in God.



RUFUS ABIOLAWhat could make a young man stay indoors 24 hours? Definitely ill-health. Mr. Rufus Abiola found himself victim of a dilapidating sickness that was slowly walking him to his death. One may not appreciate the value of a kidney until it fails. Chronic renal failure left him not able to urinate, eat or do anything without pain. His whole body became swollen and tender. The only time he would leave his room was when he was taken to hospitals or herbal homes in desperate search for a remedy. The doctors told him that there was no cure for his condition. He became devastated, his hopes of survival ebbing away by the day. It was in this helpless state that he was carried to The SCOAN where he received prayer from one of the wise men. Describing the sensation after prayer, Rufus said, “I immediately felt light and cool”.

The next day, he started urinating normally and his appetite returned. Becoming stronger by the day, he decided to go back to the hospital for another test. To his joy, his urea level which had been dangerously high had returned to normal. He is now free to pursue his career and enjoy his existence, without pain or hindrance. His advice was to hold on tight to Jesus Christ, the only One that can heal.



Born in an idol worshipping family, Ms Esther Otumunye from Lagos, Nigeria, lived and slept in the same room with a very evil family idol. It never occurred to her that the iron object her father called god, would one day be the architect of shame, hatred and failure in her life.    ESTHER OTUMUNYEThe father, an army officer, brought the idol from the village after he had been struck with madness. The idea was that the idol would bring healing and protect the whole house although it immediately turned the father into a drunkard and an embarrassment to the community in the barracks where he was staying. They called it Idigun, the god of iron. The father, an army officer, built a small shrine for the idol in her room by her bedside being his first daughter whom he loved. Whenever he wanted to make incantations, he would ask her and her siblings to leave. He would then close the door and call out her name, telling the idol to take care of her. He would kill a fowl and use its blood as sacrifice. Away in the dining room, the children would hear different voices yet it was only the father who was in the room, pictures would be falling from the wall and curtains blowing in the air.  Afterwards they would be told to prepare the fowl and eat it.

“My father would call out my name that I should be the one to eat the head of the fowl,” she said.

The effects of the idol became apparent while she was writing her examinations. He father took a pen from the shrine and gave it to her to use during the exam. She failed all the papers, a thing that surprised even her teacher because she had been a brilliant student. It was while in the university that the demon started to manifest physically. She would hear footsteps when she walked on the road. She would also hear a voice calling her name. When in her room, she would feel someone touch her. In her dreams, she would see herself in water in the marine kingdom where, one time they organized a feast for her.  The idol cost her many friends who accused her of being the cause of their misfortunes. They said she had bad luck. It also destroyed her career. Seven years after graduating, she had no job. On those very rare occasions where she would get a job, it would not last six months. She also used to have serious migraines. A voice would tell her to remove her clothes and walk out. Every two months she would be admitted for typhoid.

She decided to come to The SCOAN and on that spectacular day of her remarkable deliverance, as one of the wise men approached her, she panicked. The evil spirit inside of her started to grumble angrily and ordered her to bolt when the wise man stretched his hand over her. The demon was arrested. Later, she fell to the ground during which she saw two men – a giant draped in black who was very aggressive and a calm man who glittered and was shining. She could not see his face as it was too bright to behold. A conversation was going on between the two. The giant man angrily taunted, “You can’t take her from me! She is mine!” The man in white responded calmly, “She is the reason why I died on the cross.” At the end, the giant man vanished and the glittering man picked her up. Then she saw herself at The SCOAN with the wise man standing in front of her, announcing to her that Jesus had set her free.

She testified that, after her deliverance, she has peace which she never experienced. She does not experience the nightmares any more. She is healthy in her body and her mind. When she looks at herself in the mirror, she sees a big change. Before, she would sometimes see the face of an old woman when she looked at herself. She sleeps well and wakes up with a song of praise on her lips. Glory be to God!



NAOMI UMEALA & FAMILYShe was lying on her deathbed, inches away from her grave. Neither dialysis, chemotherapy nor daily injections could guarantee her another day of life. Miss Naomi Umeala, from South Africa, was staring death in the face and when she called her mother to her bedside and handed over her life policy documents that dreadful day, it was evident she was giving up. The doctors had already told her the first time they got to know of the term lupus in 2010 that the disease had no cure. Before then, she had been going through life as a young lady full of energy and hopes for the future; it was on the day of her diagnosis that a bleak and grey picture loomed before her.

Lupus is a disease that slowly eats away at the internal organs. Instead of the antibodies to fight the infections, the body begins to fight and destroy itself. In the case of Naomi, the lupus was developing fast. She began bleeding internally and her kidneys reached the point of failure. She was dependent on medication, having to take 29 tablets a day and two injections, costing her parents a huge amount per month. If for any reason, her parents were unable to afford it, she would be admitted to the hospital forthwith as an emergency case. Her mother was advised to gather her life policy documents and prepare for her funeral. She submitted her documents to her mum, tearfully advising her on who to invite to her funeral.

Her condition reached a climax when she was in hospital while her family was in Nigeria. In the night, she had a panic attack and found herself unable to breathe. She was rushed to another hospital and placed in the ICU. She was then placed on life support and was using a catheter. Her stomach became so swollen due to the kidney failure that she looked as if she was eight months pregnant. She was placed on chemotherapy.

A good Samaritan brought the family an Anointing Sticker and introduced them to Emmanuel TV. When Naomi watched and saw others in worse condition than her being healed on Emmanuel TV, her faith was rekindled. She determined to come to The SCOAN to receive her healing, in Jesus’ name. November 3rd 2013 was the day to be marked down in history for Naomi. She was placed on the prayer line and the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed for her, in Jesus’ name by simply standing at a distance and stretching his hand in prayer. She fell to the ground under the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. With her, fell the deadly sickness, never to rise again.

Testifying in church, she declared to all that she was now free from lupus. Her mother said after her healing at The SCOAN, she went to hospital where doctors were shocked to discover that the killer disease had indeed disappeared. Miss Umeala, who was accompanied by her family, thanked God for her miraculous healing and advised people to always hold onto God. Since the day she received prayer, she has not been taking any tablet or injection.

  CROWDThe Sunday service, broadcast live on the official channel – Emmanuel TV, closed with mass prayer ministered by the wise men. Stay blessed!

TEaster celebrations, which started with Palm Sunday last week, culminated into a din of euphoria at The SCOAN on Sunday with visitors, who came from all over the world, worshipping God for the sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ. The day, which started with a message of hope and triumph from Wise Man Daniel, blossomed and burst into a frenzy of celebration with the church choir seamlessly blending their choruses with the day’s message. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, full with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, stepped to the altar and decreed calmness in people’s lives.

Citing Matthew 8:26, a Scripture depicting how Jesus Christ arose and rebuked the storm on the sea, Prophet T.B. Joshua faced the congregation and prophetically declared: “When we talk of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, we are talking of a new life, life anew, a new beginning in every area of your life. Be it your health, be it your finances, be it your business, be it your career, you are here to receive a new life. Let there be calmness!” The moving power of the Holy Spirit swept through the congregation, throwing many to the floor and forcing some to vomit out poisonous substances, signifying their rescue from the claws of the devil.

Apart from revealing hidden truths to individuals through prophecy, the man of God spoke to nations and prayed for the world to receive calmness in all sectors. He also ministered to people at the prayer line where God manifested the resurrection power of Jesus Christ by restoring people to what he had created them. Many were healed in the name of Jesus Christ and many more were delivered from contrary spirits.

During the Saturday prophetic service on the previous day, Prophet T.B. Joshua had given a message titled, ‘THE LIFE YOU ENJOY’ which dwelt on the importance of aligning our hearts and mouths with God’s Word. “What kind of life are you enjoying?” Prophet T.B. Joshua asked the congregation. “The words you speak determine the life you enjoy. That is, the words a man speaks create the blessings or curses that come his way. Your mouth is the revealer of the belief in your heart. Talk what you believe. This is the challenge we all have today.” He explained that one may profess Christianity with their mouths and yet not be such in heart. “If heart and mouth get in accord with God’s Word, the blessings of God’s Word begin to be tapped,” he emphasised.

WISEMAN DANIELOn Sunday, Wise Man Daniel delivered a compelling message celebrating Easter titled: ‘THE MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY’ which was a reflection of Jesus’ life and suffering for the purpose of ‘restoring man’s lost relationship with God.’ He said the wisest decision one can make in life as a Christian is to trust in Jesus Christ.

He said of Jesus, “He stands to be accepted or to be rejected. You can choose to be false to Him if you will or to be faithful to Him through good. The choice is yours. But this is the Gospel truth: Jesus Christ is the only way to peace and comfort while satan is the sure way to bitterness, pain and death. In other words, satan comes to kill, steal and destroy while Jesus Christ comes to give life and life in abundance, through the blood He shed on the cross of Calvary, which is the most precious commodity in the history of mankind”.

Citing various Scriptures such as Colossians 1:19-20, Revelations 5:12 and Matthew 23:37 which all resonate Jesus as being worthy of our faith, affection, devotion, time, money, possession and giving, Wise Man Daniel summed up: “Those who choose to serve the Lord in truth and in faith, those who have resolved in sincerity to make the Lord their keeper, refuge and shelter, shall be delivered from the malice of the powers of darkness. Whatever others say of God, He is our God, Healer, Deliverer, Comforter, Teacher, Counsellor, Intercessor, Friend in life, Redeemer and Partner. Whether He heals me or not, Jesus Christ is the Healer. Don’t change your confession every other day.”

Again, the day was reminiscent of other Sundays at The SCOAN characterised by great testimonies from hundreds of people who had come to glorify God for what He has done in their lives. Below are a few:

The attack was shocking. When it happened in Abuja that fateful day last week, the scene of the disaster was chaotic. The rescue team had to plough through the rubble of broken glass and mangled metal for any missing limbs. At least 76 people were reported dead on that day and over a hundred seriously injured. Mr Egbe Candidus from Benue State but residing in Abuja would have been one of them if it was not for the merciful hand of God. He and three other people came to separately testify of how God saved them from that fatal bomb blast.MR EBGE CANDIDUS

He was travelling to the capital city in a vehicle with some people. When they reached a prominent place called Nyanya, the already noisy junction was shuttered with a big bang that rocked the area like an earthquake. Before he knew it, the car he was travelling in was tossed into the air like a baby’s toy, above human height. When it landed on the ground, he found himself standing outside on the road, completely unhurt. Around him, he saw scores of dead bodies lying on the ground. Human limbs were strewn everywhere. When he got up, he could not believe he was still alive. He felt his pockets and discovered and realized what had just happened, the Mighty hand of God had lifted him up and out of the car in a great manifestation of His wonders.

Before the journey earlier that morning, he had ministered the Anointing Water on himself as was his habit. Fortified, he had placed the bottle of the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker in his pocket and God who uses any medium to locate His people, met him at the point of his need. “God can use any medium to express Himself. He has rescued me from a fatal bomb blast through the Anointing Water and Sticker. I would have been a dead man by now,” he said.

On Saturday, during the prophetic live service, Evangelist Maria Ajekukor also testified of how God had wrapped her in His armour against the same bomb explosion. She was on her way to work that morning, when she suddenly realised that she had left the house without her Anointing Sticker. She quickly rushed back to get it, as she never went anywhere without it. When her bus came, she realised that she did not have the correct change required, so the bus continued without her. Little did she know that God was delaying her for a purpose. When she finally reached Nyanya, the spot of the attack, everyone was running helter-skelter. At a closer look, she discovered that the very first bus she was about to enter, was one of those hit by the explosion. She saw dead bodies scattered everywhere and limbs that had been torn off people’s bodies. She could not help but shed tears of gratitude as she narrated how God’s hand had held her back to save her from death. “Make sure you carry with you the Anointing Sticker and minister the Anointing Water all the time,” was her advice.

Thirty-seven year-old Anthonia Edozie was staring death in the face. She had a chronic kidney problem which gave her excruciating pain. Each time the pain came, she would have difficulties walking and her body would swell. Her doctor, who said she was born with the problem, advised her to go to Egypt for an operation but she could not imagine herself going under the knife. She was determined to hang on and wait for a better way out. Unfortunately, the longer she hesitated on the operation, the worse her condition became. Her brother invited her to South Africa where he took her to hospital for a scan. The doctors were alarmed at the severity of her problem as her kidneys were failing. She was immediately booked for an operation. Still, she could not stomach the idea. She prayed to God to heal her and told Him that she would not go for the operation.

ANTHONIA EDOZIEHer sister introduced her to Emmanuel TV where she saw a testimony of a man being healed through the medium of the Anointing Water. This lifted her faith. She sent her brother to collect a bottle of the Anointing Water, which she ministered in faith. Immediately, she said, the pain disappeared together with every symptom! She could do things she was not able to do before. Believing she was healed, she went back to the hospital where she had another scan. It showed that her kidney had returned to normal. Excited and relieved that the life-threatening disease had left her, she exercised herself before the congregation, demonstrating her perfect healing in Christ Jesus. She advised, “There is no problem bigger than our Lord Jesus. Trust in Him, believe in Him and He will meet you at the point of your need”.

Fibroids have fast become one of the most common afflictions tormenting women and, when Judith Kuzilwa from Tanzania discovered she had become victim, she was depressed. What started simple with internal heat surged into severe pain she could no longer bear. JUDITH KUZILWATo her utter disbelief, doctors told her that she had not one but two fibroids. She went back home to digest the bad news. Two months later, she went back to the doctor for another scan and she was told the fibroids had doubled in size and that the only solution was to go for an operation. Thank God, she had seen many people delivered from the problem through the Anointing Water. She received hers from a close friend and ministered it in Jesus’ name. When she went back to the hospital for another test, the results confirmed that Jesus Christ is indeed the great Physician. She no longer had fibroids! She was healed from a problem that had tormented her for five years. Praise God!

It caused her great discomfort and pain. Her career was inadvertently teetering until one day when she encountered the Healer, Jesus Christ. Mrs Jawe, a motivational speaker and training consultant from Botswana, was a career woman happy to do what she knew best, travelling around the country and helping people to reach their potential. As satan would have it his wicked way, Mrs Jawe found herself inflicted with a bleeding problem. She profusely bled for three and a half months, seriously affecting her job. MRS JAWEDoctors could not establish the cause and even took her through a pregnancy test in a desperate hunt for the cause. She could not stand for a long time and easily got tired. The problem persisted. Her husband, who testified to having been affected by his ‘beautiful’ wife’s problem, decided to come along with her to The SCOAN where they received the Anointing Water. When they got to their hotel room, they ministered it and before they knew it, the bleeding had stopped. The husband described the problem as having affected them greatly.

“You have a beautiful woman like mine and there is this problem of bleeding, you know what it means,” he said to the amusement of the congregation. Thank God, today, Mrs Jawe is completely free and freely going about her daily work and enjoying her married life, courtesy of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ through the medium of the Anointing Water.


Mr and Mrs Abu John had been married for four years and looking for ‘fruit of the womb’ which, unfortunately, did not come. They visited many medical specialists but there was no solution. They felt bad because their colleagues of the same age had up to two children and yet, they had nothing to show for those barren years.MR&MRS ABU They decided to come to The SCOAN last year. They prayed and received the Anointing Water which they ministered, in the name of Jesus Christ. Mrs John then had a dream in which the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed and delivered her from a spiritual husband. When she met with her husband, the impossible became possible. God touched her and she became pregnant! Mrs John advised people to have faith in God and they would receive fruitfulness in His appointed time.

Mr Obi Inoma, an architect consultant, came to The SCOAN due to a string of setbacks in his career that had thrown him into bondage. Things became very difficult due to some bad choices he had made and he could no longer meet family obligations. He had several children in expensive universities and faced difficulties paying their school fees. Running out of rope, he ran to The SCOAN. Prophet T.B. Joshua gave him hope and encouragement. He also gave him the Anointing Water. MR OBI INIOMAMeanwhile, there was one project he was aspiring to manage as a consultant but each time he submitted his papers, he would be turned down for no apparent reason. After ministering the Anointing Water, the company reversed their initial decision and readily accepted his application. His company was appointed as a consulting firm, overseeing a new housing estate which involves managing 109 housing units. He was also assigned other projects within the system to manage. They gave him accommodation to stay in the estate and a car to use for the project. He is now able to pay for his children’s university fees after receiving a huge breakthrough following his release from bondage. He advised: “We must not joke with anything that comes from the prophet.”

When Mr John Njuma Libwea decided to further his education in Europe, he found himself confronted not only with a language barrier but also a financial mountain that almost obliterated his dream. A Bachelor of Science graduate of a University in Cameroon, he had worked for about four to five years before he received a certificate in pharmacy and later decided to enhance his studies. His applications to schools in the UK and Finland did not go unnoticed but he resolved to further his research in HIV/AIDS which was incidentally being offered in Finland.

MR JOHN NJUMA[WRITE IT DOWN]When he arrived in Finland, he was faced with a different culture and could not speak the language of the land. He was among twelve out of 240 applicants who were selected for the programme; only two were from Africa of which he was one. He graduated with distinction and was offered a four year residence permit to stay in Finland. He was studying for his PhD and due to his financial challenge, he accepted to work for the university as a cleaner. He was in desperate need for substantial money which he could not make out of cleaning services.

He had been watching Emmanuel TV but not with belief. One day, he reached a turning point. He heard the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua say, “Write it down – There is a crossover, you are crossing the bridge”. He claimed the prophetic prayer and to his delight, he was recruited as a research officer at the Finnish Health and Welfare Office in Finland. He was told he would work 100 hours a month and receive a salary. Amazingly, they told him he didn’t need to come to the office but rather, should stay at home and work on his project. His wife who had joined him in the country, was also miraculously given a permit which entitled her to full benefits as a Finnish citizen! Praise God!

The Easter Sunday service closed with mass prayer ministered by the Wise Men during which many more spiritual chains were broken and a new breeze of calmness breathed into people’s lives, in Jesus’ name!


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