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Sunday November 23, 2014 was another great day to witness the manifestation of God’s power at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. As usual the church auditorium was filled to the brim with all the overflows surging with a multitude of people who came to tap from the flowing glory of God. The choir, with their inspiring renditions created the right atmosphere for the power and presence of God to radiate all corners of the church and beyond.

The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a short but very deep and incisive message, emphasising that the Word of God is unquantifiable and useful for the spiritual growth of man. No matter how small or short, the Word of God can perform wonders. He said that when a ministry is led by the Holy Spirit, the apostolic gifts will be exercised. Indeed, there is no other source of connecting with God other than through the power of faith. And Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “When you have faith, you would see beyond the situation at hand”. He saluted the faith of the congregants, especially foreigners who left their various countries to visit The SCOAN.



Prophet T.B. Joshua in furtherance of exercising the apostolic gifts moved to the Prayer Line where he said he had to go to attend to the sick in fulfilment of the promises of God to His people – “I am the Lord that healeth thee…I sent my Word and healed your disease…”. At the Prayer Line, the man of God laid hands on many sick and afflicted and to the glory of God, they received their healing and deliverance instantly.

Wise Man Christopher had earlier on delved into the scripture to give a very thoughtful message titled God’s Response. Knowing that the entire universe is embroiled in one anarchy or the other, Christians themselves are not free from the unpleasantness of certain ugly and discouraging situations that require God’s intervention. But Wise Man Christopher admonishes Christians not to think that God isn’t there: God does not delay to take quick action when His children are passing through life threatening situations orchestrated by satan and his agents. This is because God knows that if He delays to take quick action when His children are passing through life threatening situations orchestrated by satan and his agents, then, Christianity in this world would be eradicated. And what use would Christ’s victory over satan on the Cross of Calvary be to us – God’s children”?

Citing the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego, he urged the congregation to always hand over their challenges or situations unto God, explaining that, God responds when Christians see their challenges as His: “When Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego were facing hard times orchestrated by satan and his agents, they saw their situation as a mere challenge to God and that was why they did not instruct God which way to go. They simply left all to God and let Him glorify His name. That is, they simply left all to God and let Him respond to their situation. To them, responding to their situation themselves or asking God for specific needs would amount to limiting Him to certain answers. So, they said nothing in defense of themselves but simply left it to God to establish their integrity. God, in whom they trusted, rescued them and truly preserved their lives by a miracle.



Concluding, Wise Man Christopher implored the congregation to increase their faith by remaining holy and making the word of God their best companion through meditation: “How do you increase your faith? To increase your faith, please, keep your purity. To keep your purity, meditate on God’s Word day and night and do what the Word says. When you meditate on God’s Word day and night and do what the Word says, whatever you do will prosper”.


In further confirmation of His mighty presence at The SCOAN, many people have continued to testify to the goodness of God in their lives through the man of God and his ministry, The SCOAN. The following testimonies will undoubtedly inspire you to realise that there is no affliction or sickness that is beyond God. God can do everything and this is evident at The SCOAN. As you read, may you give your own testimony as soon as possible to the glory of God in Jesus’ name. Amen!


Mr. Frankie Taylor, a Ghanaian radio presenter, actor and movie producer is back again to testify to what God has continued to do in his life, reminding us that God honours those who honour Him. After 15 years of stagnation, he visited The SCOAN where he and his wife received a prophecy and deliverance at the Prayer Line in the power of the Holy Ghost.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke directly to Mrs. Princess Taylor about a dark time in her life when she attempted to take her life due to marriage problems. The prophet also spoke about the way and manner both partners met and she confirmed it instantly. After the prophecy, the marriage was transformed in a way that positively affected every area of their lives; her husband’s media career took off in a big way after 15 years of no recognition.

Since then, awards have kept pouring in as he was nominated and selected for so many different titles in his media career, bringing him the breakthrough he had been longing for. Among others, ‘Best Media Promoter Of The Year, 2014’ and ‘Best Radio Personality Of The Year, 2014’ were awarded to him. The awards were on a voting basis, for which his competitors did a lot of campaigning, but he did none at all. When asked why he said: “The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua will campaign for me!”



Holding his award proudly for the glory of God, he advised those listening to him: “Christ dwells in our hearts through faith; faith is the channel through which the anointing flows. Speaking to those in his profession, especially to his fellow Ghanaians, he implored them to stop spreading lies about true men of God such as Prophet T.B. Joshua, stating that “Lies can never triumph over truth.”


Deaconess Odunayo was plagued by a terrible curse of persistent armed robbery. Anytime she left her house or shop, they would be burgled and her valuable items stolen. This continued for 15 years. Frustrated, she was advised to consult a witchdoctor. Even though she was a deacon in her church, she felt helpless and went to collect a charm for protection. After placing the charm in her house, the problem worsened severely. Armed robbers began coming when she was still present in the house; at one point, they even woke her up in her bedroom and threatened to rape her.

When all hope seemed lost and with the majority of her valuable and precious possessions in the hands of criminals, she was advised to visit The SCOAN to seek the face of God. She received the Anointing Water and Stickers and with them, came a great surge of hope. From the moment she ministered the Anointing Water and placed the Anointing Stickers in her house and shop, no armed robber entered her home or disturbed her peace again. Testifying to the total transformation, she said that her neighbours even began to ask her permission before cutting any vegetables from her garden or trees!

Advising viewers via Emmanuel TV, she said, “God has a way of solving your problem. Trust Him – He will solve yours as He did mine”.




Miss Angela Tanko suffered from ceased menstruation for six long years. As a young woman not yet married, her future outlook was distressed by the sad thought that she could never marry or have children. A visit to The SCOAN changed the course of her life forever. During The SCOAN Live Sunday Service last week, she received a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua that she suffered from ceased menstruation. He also revealed that there was a man she had not forgiven. She confirmed the prophecy immediately and accepted the prophet’s instruction to offer forgiveness as she was told that if she did not forgive, she would not move forward. Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for her and she began to feel a strange sensation. Rushing to the restroom, she discovered that her ceased menstruation had immediately begun to flow! Truly, forgiveness is the bridge to our future. Miss Tanko exclaimed that the moment she spoke the word of forgiveness, she felt peace in her heart and knew she was being renewed.

She advised all viewers to cultivate the habit of forgiveness so that they can also be forgiven. Thank You, Jesus for the power of Your forgiveness!




When Deborah was nine years old, her mother, a diplomat in Togo, was offered a position in the United States of America. Once there, Deborah met a girl in school who introduced her to prostitution. At the age of eleven, she had started sleeping with up to four men in a day. When she was twelve, she was given a fake ID by a friend of hers. The fake ID card presented her as a twenty one year-old and allowed her to enter clubs. She also had a violent temper and would fight students and even teachers in school until she drew their blood. In her dreams, she would see herself wearing a crown. Men would appear to her in her dream and the following day, she would see the same men approach her for prostitution. She slept with married men and destroyed their marriages. She slept with men with money and they lost their money. Because of her behaviour, the officials put her in foster care for two years but she continued with the prostitution. As a result, her mother lost her position and the family was sent back to Togo. As a last resort, her mother brought her to The SCOAN for deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her last week and the evil spirit tormenting her life was exposed and expelled by the light of Jesus Christ. Deborah testifies that since her deliverance, she no longer finds herself in the satanic kingdom in her dreams; she has no desire to sleep with men and regrets her former behaviour towards herself, her family and God.



Rejoicing in her daughter’s miraculous deliverance, her mother advised, “Put your faith in God. Nobody can help you – only God.”

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Prophet T.B JoshuaThe Sunday Service of November 16, 2014 was symbolic in many dimensions. The radiation of divine inspiration was so intense that the joyous congregation could not but key into the flowing presence of the hosts of Heaven. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua reiterated the church’s affectionate stance regarding the martyrs of faith who ascended in the tragic incident of September 12, 2014. In an emotion-laden tribute, composed by Prophet T.B. Joshua and featuring Kimmy Skota, the man of God celebrated the martyrs of faith for their transition to eternal glory. Wearing a white scarf with the inscription “IN HONOUR OF THE MARTYRS OF FAITH”, the man of God urged the congregation to remain steadfast in their display of love and concern for the victims and their families: TRIBUTERemember your duty to the martyrs of faith’s relations and victim’s relations; it will go a long way to bless our future. It is a revelation. Caring and loving the martyr’s of faith and victims’ relations is caring for ourselves. So, it is a blessing. Our caring and love towards the martyrs of faith and victims’ relations will go a long way to care for our future. The love and care towards them will reshape our destiny”.

Exhorting the congregation to be wary of satan’s tricky antics, the man of God also admonished them to maintain an unmovable faith in God as that is the only guarantee to their intimacy with God. According to him, the more they think less of themselves, the more their lives are controlled by God: It is not about me, it is just about Jesus. If more of Jesus takes over your life, you will have no control of yourself – He will take control of you. Take more of me give me more of You. More of Him will help you to keep your purity. When you keep your purity, your faith increases. When you are able to keep your purity, your faith increases”. He highlighted the importance of the Faith Bracelet and the urgency as well as the enormity of the Christian’s dire need for Jesus: “What makes us Christian? We are Christian because we live, do and act the word. That is what makes us Christians. When you know how much you need Him indeed, your relationship will be strengthened”.

WM HARRYEarlier in a message titled, “Do Something New”, Wise Man Harry had taken the congregation on an intellectual as well as spiritual excursion into the Word. His teaching was multi-dimensionally edifying as it urged Christians to rethink their conservative and monotonous approach to living. According to him, only those who do things differently are guaranteed of different and great results. If you want to experience something that no one has ever experienced before, you need to do something that no one has ever done before. There is no way we can do something new in our lives without an independent mind. Ezekiel 36:26-27 – “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws”. Many of us today, are mere photocopies. For instance, when you want to dance, you look for the best dancer so that you can copy him. When you want to do business, you move around the market to know the products that are selling most. When you want to pray, you look for the best prayer book, so that you can read the prayer that fits you”. Wise Man Harry observed that most of the mess the world is faced with came as a result of a stereotypical lifestyle in which people just prefer to copy others rather than do things independently. He urged Christians to keep an independent mind if they want to achieve different results and make impact on their generation: “Everyone copies his neighbour. Anyone can be a president but it is God that chooses a president with a difference; I mean, one that becomes a torch bearer. There are many kings and queens today, but only God can raise a king or a queen with a difference. To make a difference in your world, you need an independent mind. An independent mind is a mind that thinks for itself, a mind that is determined to find out the truth from God”. Wise Man Harry concluded by encouraging Christians to rise up to the occasion by thinking independently and position themselves for unprecedented results.

Two weeks ago during the usual Sunday Service, the man of God prophesied to a man, Mr Marthias Ebule about the trouble he was passing through, including court cases and the need to forgive a particular woman from his past. While beckoning on the man during prophecy time, the man of God told him: “There is a court case. How do you handle it? Three times now it was appealed. You should forgive this woman. There is a controversy issue. It has to with a child. For so long, the child has been fatherless”.


Family Reconciliation

In confirmation of the prophecy by the man of God, Mr Mathias Ebule agreed that he had a court case and that there was a controversy over a child. According to him, the child the man of God was referring to was the product of a relationship he had with a woman in the past. He refused to accept the pregnancy and when the lady delivered the baby, he warned his mother and sister not to have anything to do with the child and her mother, while threatening to disown them. Several years later, he came back to his mother’s house in Bayelsa and saw a child eating rice outside the house. He inquired from his mother who the child was but she refused to tell him; so, he asked the child who called his name as her father. He was angry with his mother because he had warned her earlier not to accept the child. He decided to train the child up, not believing that she was his child but just as someone he wanted to help. As the child stayed in his home, she became very stubborn, causing problems and always running from home. As a sign that the prophecy was meant for his redemption and reconciliation, Mr Mathias under the counsel of the man of God apologised to the woman and her daughter as well as his own wife in order to pave the way for peace and progress.


Reconciled after 13 years of Seperation

Reconciled after 13 years of Separation

During the prophecy time in the Sunday Service of November 9, 2014, the man of God prophesied to Mrs Precious Roman about an attack she encountered in a dream where she had an affair with a dog and since then she had been moving with different men. According to the man of God, ever since that attack, she had become insatiable: “You had an encounter with dog in your dream. Since this encounter, you are not content; no man can please you. It is not possible for a man to marry you as a wife. You don’t have choice. The urge is too much, that dog is the cause”.

In confirmation of the prophecy after her deliverance, she narrated how she had left her husband. According to her, she had a fibroid and went to meet her mum for treatment but on her return to Lagos, she couldn’t find her husband. She confirmed that they had been separated for 13 years. But to the glory of God, after the service last Sunday, she received a call, in which the caller identified himself as her ex-husband who left her 13 years ago. He said he had been watching Emmanuel TV and had seen her. The man of God said that he would like to meet them after the service to let them know the mind of God concerning their future relationship. She thanked God for using the man of God to reveal the root cause of her problem. She confessed that since her deliverance, she has been sleeping peacefully like a baby – no more nightmares.

As usual, more and more testimonies have continued to pour in like rivers of waters in confirmation of the mighty works of God through His anointed servant Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN. The following are some of the awe-inspiring testimonies that will strengthen your faith in God.

A strong believer in the God of T.B. Joshua, Mr Benjamin Ogbodo told the congregation of his daily habit of ministering the Anointing Water over himself, his business and his home before setting off for work. On the fateful day of which he came to testify, he did the same thing he did every morning, not knowing that he was about to see the power of God manifest greatly in his life. Mr Benjamin was going to the main road to meet a customer when armed robbers unleashed an assault on a nearby bank which was transferring money in an armoured vehicle. The bullet fire was like a hailstorm – peppering a policeman and several people around the area but none was closer to the gang men than Mr Benjamin. Hit in his back, he dropped into a gutter yet said he felt no pain and no panic but something spoke to his heart telling him not to move but lie still where he fell. The chaos continued without an intermission and in a flash the robbers mounted on motorbikes made off with the bank’s money and made their getaway. As people began to move around to assess the situation, Mr Benjamin felt strength come into him and he climbed out of the gutter and went his way. However, on seeing him, his friends took him to the hospital with two wounds in his back. At the hospital, the doctors discovered that a bullet had entered deep into his back and that it was too deep for the doctors to operate on. He was given medicine and told that such a bullet would take a long time to come to the surface where they could remove it surgically. He went home and began to minister his Anointing Water in earnest over the affected area and in a matter of days, the bullet came to his skin and was removed. He suffered no internal damage, bruising, bleeding or other injuries thereafter. Smiling broadly at how death had been swallowed up in victory in his life, he told viewers worldwide that they should trust in God alone and as He had rescued him, He would begin to make a way for them as they make God’s Word the standard for their life.

Mrs Aman Alier gave a lively testimony of how God Almighty used the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker to save her and a Boeing 747 full of people from a fatal crash. During the flight from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America on a Delta Airlines flight to Lagos, Nigeria while over the Atlantic Ocean, the vessel ran into serious turbulence which tossed the plane about to and fro to the extent that the pilot not only put the please be seated sign on but also announced to the passengers to hold their children closely, to brace for impact as the aeroplane was in danger. The cabin erupted in prayer, people shouting, speaking in tongues, yelling the names of different gods but none of that worked. It was not until she took the Anointing Water and Sticker and prayed to the God of T.B. Joshua, Jesus Christ the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the flight that instantly, as if a huge hand had grabbed the plane the howling wind, the noise, the scraping sounds and the shaking all stopped and the plane flew steadily until it reached its destination. She encouraged viewers all over the world to value the gift God had given them in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker and not to be ashamed or shy to stand for what they really believe.




Miss Jacinta Ntumy from Ghana was horrified when after submitting an extensive and elaborate coursework, it returned to her with an ‘F’ grade. This had seriously disappointed her but she drew strength from watching Emmanuel TV that this should not be the end of her studies and that God still had something to say. She came to The SCOAN from Ghana, received the Anointing Water which she ministered on herself and continued to work as hard as she could. God manifested Himself as a God of faithfulness in her life as the final result which was projected as an ‘F’ became a First Class Honours Degree in Linguistics and Psychology in the University of Ghana. She advised that God who had turned her case around would be able to turn around any difficulty in the lives of the viewers all over the world if only we give God time and wait for His Word to speak for us because the Word of God is the final authority, settling all troubles and problems.

The faith of the congregants and viewers were built up to the extent that a suitable atmosphere was created for miracles and there was no lack of the manifestation of God’s power in the prayer line and during the ministration of the Anointing Water.

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The church service of Sunday, November 9, 2014, witnessed the usual ambience of an overflow of members who came in high expectations to receive answers to their different prayers from the throne of grace. The choir lifted the spirits of the congregants with soul-edifying songs of worship; the melodic blend of the choristers’ acoustic voices with the symphony of accompanying instruments created a rich melody that preceded the message of the day as presented by Prophet T.B. Joshua.DADDY

The man of God focused on the mystery of faith and its power to transform a Christian’s life and uplift them to the realm of grace. According to him, “Faith is a spiritual force that grows and develops in the heart or spirit of man. Romans 10:17 says, ‘Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.’ This means, faith originates with God. Faith is not in ourselves. If faith is in ourselves, faith will be weak. Faith is not in apostles but faith originates with God. The more we look at God’s Word, look to God, the more we will have faith. What does this mean to you? This means, spontaneously, naturally, faith comes”.

While admonishing the congregation on the need to develop faith, he observed that it is only when their hearts are focused on the Word of God that faith would thrive and work wonders. He noted that the heart of man is often overtaken by other thoughts that ordinarily should not compete for space with God who owns everything including our hearts: “There is a conflict between light and darkness in our heart. For example, what many are saying, “When will church close today? This is six o clock; tomorrow is Monday, I am going to work”. You keep talking to yourself. All this is going on in your heart and at the same time, God wants to live in your heart. All that you are saying has nothing to do with God. God cannot be a tenant in your heart; He should take over your heart. In the same heart, faith needs to be developed but a lot of things are going on there”.

Referring to the Faith Bracelet as a tool to help in meditating on God’s Word, the man of God encouraged the congregation to count with their hands and talk to God with their hearts in order to checkmate the dubious activities of satan. “You need to be in an attitude of prayer all the time. A break in prayer is a break with God”.

Speaking further, the man of God enlightened the congregation on the dual-nature of life. According to him, life is all about falling and rising. He observed that in falling, there is always a lesson learnt that will be to the advantage of the person. He further maintained that a Christian’s faith in God is usually tested to see if he can handle the coming glory: “Life is all about falling and rising; it is not smooth. You fall and you rise again. If anybody tells you that life is all about rising, they are deceiving themselves. You rise and fall and learn a lesson from it. That is what makes you strong. If you don’t know what it takes to be condemned and you are being praised everywhere, how will you manage the blessing?”

The man of God concluded his message with a call to the congregation to increase their faith by meditating on the Word of God always as that can enhance their ability to win every battle as long as they fight from within their hearts: “To increase your faith, keep your purity. How do we keep our purity? By meditating on God’s Word day and night. Meditate on God’s Word day and night and whatever you do prospers. This (Faith Bracelet) will help you to meditate on God’s Word day and night. Any battle that is not fought in the heart but on the outside, you cannot win it. But the problem we are having today is that we don’t fight the battle in the heart but on the outside”.

Later in the service, there was mass prayer, in which Prophet Τ.Β. Joshua led the congregation in powerful prayer points:
All spirits operating through your mouth, eyes, nose, faculties – begin to command them out!
Begin to command out all religious spirits in your life – spirit of unbelief, heresy, error, in the name of Jesus Christ!
The congregation prayed along with the man of God with so much energy and are expectant of His wonder-working hand upon their situations and lives generally.

Earlier in the Sunday service Wise Man Daniel had spoken explicitly on the biblical concept of confession. In a message titled, YOU CANNOT RISE ABOVE YOUR CONFESSION, he delved into the power of Christian confession: “Christianity is the Great Confession. And the law of confession says, “I confess I have a thing before I consciously possess it.” This clearly shows that, what you speak with your mouth and then believe in your heart becomes a visible reality in this natural world as long as you constantly hold fast to your confession of faith”.
Citing the Book of Romans 10:9–10, Wise Man Daniel expatiated on the true definition of faith from a Christian perspective: “This scripture tells us that believing is a part of salvation just as confession is a part of salvation. Confession is saying what God has said in His Word; it is saying the same thing the Scripture has said; it is simply agreeing with God. With the heart, man believes unto salvation. That is, man’s heart acts on the Word and then drives the lips to confess. Remember, faith is of man’s heart, not of man’s mind or body”.

In his conclusion, the Wise Man urged Christians to endeavour to confess God’s Word so that He will bring it to pass in their lives. According to him, “If you confess that the Lord will not leave you or abandon you in whatever situation you find yourself, then you will possess the very presence of God in every step you take. Therefore, as a Christian, hold fast to your confession of faith. To hold fast to your confession of faith is to say what God has said over and over, until the thing desired in your heart and promised in His Word is fully manifested. With this, you will agree with me that your life will always go to the level of your confession. I mean, YOU CANNOT RISE ABOVE YOUR CONFESSION”.

In confirmation of God’s presence at The SCOAN and His wonderful works through His servant Prophet T.B. Joshua, more and more people have been sharing their testimonies to the glory of the Almighty God. The following are some of the testimonies that will inspire us to put all our faith in God and enjoy the goodness of His mercies. Emmanuel!


Mr & Mrs Iyeh Vincent had the problem of barrenness for five years. Both of them were having staphylococcus and Mr Vincent also had low sperm count. This problem affected their home, family and careers. Mr Vincent was often mocked. People would ask them, “For how many years have you been married and you have no child?” They went to many hospitals where the doctors told them that they would not be able to have children because of their health conditions. Mr Vincent watched Emmanuel TV and believed that they had found their place of solution. Last June, they came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water; they prayed with it and met as husband and wife.

In the meantime, Mrs Vincent got a call for a visa interview in Abuja, Nigeria. She went for the interview and was the only person out of 11 that day to be granted a visa to the U.S.A. She travelled to the U.S.A where she said that God ministered to her heart to buy baby boy clothes. When she returned to Nigeria, her husband asked her what she had bought during her time in the U.S.A; she replied that she had got baby boy clothes believing that their own time to receive a baby was coming. She started experiencing symptoms of pregnancy and went to the doctors for a test. To the doctor’s surprise, they confirmed her pregnant. They also confirmed that both of them were free from staphylococcus. She delivered a baby boy safely for the glory of God on July 11, 2014 and named him Caleb.

Mrs Nweke and her husband came to testify to the transforming goodness of God in their lives. Mrs Nweke was into business for many years. She travelled to the four corners of the earth buying and selling, importing and exporting. Her business focus shifted from African clothing to executive suits and bags to textiles and even fish. Despite her extensive travels, all efforts to maintain her resources proved useless. The money she received would go as fast as it came in and she found herself unable to give account of what she had. The frustration and setback reached a point where she decided to return to Nigeria and seek for a divine solution. When she first visited The SCOAN, to say she was broke was a gross understatement. She had reached wits end.

Privileged to receive the Anointing Water, she decided to pray with it in faith, believing for a total transformation of her life. She returned to Delta state and soon heard that there was a vacancy for the federal position of President of Market Men and Women Association, Delta State Chapter. To her utmost shock and joy, she was selected to fill this position. Last week, a splendid inauguration ceremony was held for her with invitation cards and customized bags to honour the occasion. Displaying her medal, rosette and letter of appointment, Mrs Nweke could not find words to express her happiness. After her appointment, she has started receiving calls from people she had not heard from in years from all over the world. She has a vision and plan for a modern well-equipped warehouse as an encouragement to support the grassroots in society to buy privately and sell in their respective markets. Her advice was: “In this life, there will be grievous thorns poking you and provoking you but do not be disturbed. Keep running the straight race with God and He will surely reward you, in Jesus’ name.”

Hassana and Huseina Edili Ogaji from Canada are the first female twin airline pilots in Nigeria. They are currently doing their Masters Degrees in Aviation Safety Management. Their careers were progressing but their health was in trouble, Hassana had the problem of ceased menstruation while Huseina was having spotting menstruation meaning that her menstruation was continuous. The ceased menstruation caused Hassana to have swelling in her body, pain in her legs and she was not very active; it was affecting all areas of her life. As for Huseina, the problem of hormonal imbalance and spotting menstruation caused her discomfort and was unbearable. She had to change regularly.

They watched a clip on YouTube of Prophet T.B. Joshua and they were inspired to come to The SCOAN for prayer. Last Sunday, Prophet T.B Joshua prayed for them and Hassana felt something coming out and when she went back to where she was accommodated, she started seeing her menstrual flow. Her menstruation flowed for five days, confirming it had normalized. Huseina said that after the prayer the problem of spotting menstruation had stopped and she gave God the glory. They advised people that whatever problem they are having, they should come to Jesus and trust in Him and they would also receive their healing.

Few know the ravaging effects of addictions like Mr Paul Dafiakpor who was delivered last Sunday through the Anointing Water at The SCOAN. He told a tale of how the cravings for pornography, masturbation and alcohol plagued his life, robbing him of his privileges in Christ and ruining his career.

His misfortunes all started from a young age. Born in an idol worshipping home, his father had an altar in the house. Although the altar was burnt, true deliverance had not yet come to the household as they would be tormented by nightmares and cruel setbacks. Paul would often find dogs chasing him in his dreams as well as people with weapons threatening him mercilessly.

Although he was plagued with inner torment, on the outside, Paul was trying to live a godly life. He kept his virginity till he was 23, determined to live a holy life for God. This determination was quashed however in a moment as a friend led him to a brothel and his dreams crashed on the rocks of temptation. That night he spent with a prostitute propelled him to continue the habit. Although hating himself for it and bitterly rejecting his actions, Paul continued to visit brothels in an attempt to satisfy an uncontrollable urge.

It was at this point that a friend introduced him to pornography. After watching it once, he was hooked. After buying a pornographic DVD, he would destroy it but later find himself buying another one. He found himself unable to forgive himself and this led to immense frustration, depression and even thoughts of suicide.

A particular incident that occurred in his work place in April, 2010, was etched in his memory. While relaxing during lunch break, Paul was watching pornography on his phone and as a result, he had an erection. Many were gathered there and this caused him extreme embarrassment. Someone who had been well respected and loved now became a subject of mockery and taunting. In anger, he destroyed his phone and bought a less sophisticated phone instead so he would not be able to download. But after some time, the urge became so strong and his physical strength failed him. He bought another smart phone and continued watching pornography.

Affecting him socially, financially and even psychologically, Paul became paranoid, suspecting everyone around him to be talking about him and calling him names. He hated himself and would often hear voices prompting him to end it all. Watching pornography led him to masturbate regularly and he also succumbed to alcohol. In an attempt to erase the misery, he would drink till night and would return home and collapse on the floor without eating or talking to his wife. He lost his job and for two years he remained at home in a state of depression.

Mrs Dafiakpor told her side of the story. Although she knew her husband had become dependent on alcohol, she had no idea he was addicted to pornography and masturbation. All she realised was that her credit on her phone would mysteriously disappear each time she topped it up. She said her husband was a lovely person when in his right mind but his character would often change and he would be very aggressive and despondent. She would feel for him because although he loved food, he would often go for dry fasting seeking for deliverance. She was overjoyed when she saw him on Emmanuel TV being delivered through the Anointing Water.

Since his deliverance, Mr Dafiakpor is no longer watching pornography, masturbating or drinking alcohol. His sleep is peaceful and his mind is at rest. Jesus Christ has erased the pain of the past and his testimony serves as looking back in order to glorify God for all He has accomplished in his life.

He advised that: “Deliverance is the answer. God will not answer your prayer if you are watching pornography because God does not hear sinners. Pornography is dirty. Seek deliverance and allow Jesus Christ to wipe your heart clean”.

People came from all over the world to attend the prayer line and as Prophet Τ.Β. Joshua prayed for them, their afflictions bowed to the supreme authority of the name Jesus. This was followed by the ministration of the Anointing Water to everyone present and each person returned home, fulfilled, blessed and content in Christ.

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The Sunday Service on November 2, 2014 at The SCOAN was a blend of kingdom spectacle with scriptural depth. Both the ministration of the choir and the spirited rendition by Pastor Fernando Tovar from Mexico created an undiluted atmosphere for divine visitation. The congregation was passionately engaged as they responded to the soul-lifting melodies emanating from the choir. Their energetic dance clearly suggested that God was indeed right there in their midst.

Wise Man Christopher delved into the Scriptures with a thought-provoking message titled “The Coming Judgment”. He began his teaching by making an incisive analogy with the story of a teenager, who took for granted the kind decision of his community’s King to cancel the debt which the boy’s family, from one to four generations had incurred. According to Wise Man Christopher, instead of the teenager to appreciate the King’s gesture, he went the way of his forefathers, incurring more debt and attracting a jail term for himself. The teenager should have done better if he had understood his duty towards the kindness of the king. As  Wise Man Christopher analytically revealed, Today, we are all debtors being sinners. God alone is our Creditor. Whether our sins are great or small, one thing is clear – they are more than we can pay ourselves. Jesus Christ paid the debt of our situation when He died on the Cross of Calvary for our sins. Jesus is the Redeemer, the One sent to buy us back from the dominion of satan. What then is our duty? The Bible taught us in John 6:29 that the great Gospel duty is to believe in Jesus Christ”.



Wise Man Christopher elucidated further by admonishing the congregation not to take for granted the sacrificial act of the remission of our sins by Jesus, Although a person may have committed many sins, the chief sin of the unsaved is not believing in Christ. When a person gets that straightened out, the root of the problem is solved; the blood of Christ cleanses the heart, the moment a person believes and confesses Him as Saviour. The day you make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour, you are forgiven of all your sins, but you do not experience that forgiveness until you receive it by faith. What a grace! However, just because we are saved by grace through faith does not mean that we should continue in sin and expect the grace of God to abound. Certainly not! If certainly not, then, are we waiting expectantly for Jesus’ second coming in faith or sleeping spiritually in sin? And what should the children of God be thinking and talking about right now?”

Continuing, he expatiated on the dynamic nature and quality of faith and its uniqueness to the human situation. He outlined the platforms on which our faith can be activated while also observing that there are scenarios that render faith inactive: “Faith has a unique place where it is expressed. The unique place where faith is expressed is in our works because our works prove, perfect or complete our faith. You cannot be stealing, killing, destroying and lying and at the same time believe in salvation or restoration. If faith and works do not agree with each other, there must be something wrong with the faith. In James 2:17, the Bible says, “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” Without works, faith is dead. Examine your daily life and you will find out how much faith you have in your spiritual life, business, career or marriage and also you will know how prepared you are for the coming judgement of Christ”.

He prayed that on that day, Christians may find themselves worthy to stand before their Creator: “O God, our Lord, make us watchful and keep us faithful as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus that when He shall appear, He may not find us sleeping in sin but active in His service and joyful in His praise.


Testimonies continue to pour in – a confirmation of God’s unceasing presence at The SCOAN. The following are some of the testimonies shared by our brethren.




Gospel Chukwuemezie was experiencing stagnation and setback in his business. One day, he visited his friend and that was the first time he watched Emmanuel TV. Watching all the testimonies given on Emmanuel TV, he decided to make his journey to The SCOAN. Before going back to his State, he had the grace to receive the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker. Upon getting home, he ministered the Anointing Water to his land and prayed, “Whatever I must have eaten from the table of my enemies, let it be flushed out, in Jesus’ name. Lord, secure my life by the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost” and things started changing – people who owed him started returning his money, everything was improving in his import and export business. He began to experience breakthrough in all areas of his life. As he was showing us the certificate he got from the Ministry of Petroleum, he further testified that he has finished building his own petrol station on the land to which he ministered the Anointing Water. Having these breakthroughs, he advises everyone to never give up. In fact, you will never escape the anointing of God.


Mr Clement Banda was addicted to drinking alcohol and watching pornography for 12 years. As a result, he could not take care of his family. He finished all his salary on his addiction and causing his wife to be unhappy. Seeing his wife sad was his joy and he would even beat her when he was drunk. His wife never knew that he was addicted to pornography.



He lost his affection for her to the point that he could not meet her without playing a porn movie in the background. He used to sit down and ask himself if that kind of life was worth living because he was seeing his life destroyed with debt everywhere. One day, he watched Emmanuel TV and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. At night, he had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his hand on the back of his head and when he woke up in the morning, he passed out a black substance and that marked his deliverance. Instantly, the affection for his wife was restored and he started seeing her as part of his life. Mrs Banda also testified that her husband is now a changed man and a wonderful father. He advised all to be encouraged because there is nothing that God created that He cannot change.




Mr Eberechukwu Omasi was suffering from the problem of low sperm count while Mrs Omasi was having hormonal imbalance. They decided to come to The SCOAN in search of solution to their problems. They ministered the Anointing Water to themselves as they prayed, “Heal us, oh Lord and we shall be healed, in Jesus’ name”. After ministering the Anointing Water, Mrs Omasi missed her period and was told by her doctor that she had become pregnant. Indeed, the pregnancy God gave her was not like the world gave. She never had any problem with her pregnancy and she delivered a baby boy safely. Now, they are proud parents of Baby John. Praise the Lord!


Mrs Josephine Fani Ziggar from France, a carer of orphans and children, was surprised one day to find herself in a debilitating condition. As she tried to move, the pain increased until she found herself at a standstill. Upon visiting the doctors, she was diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis and osteoarthritis in both knees. The doctors gave her medication and a lumbar corset but could not cure her problem. The pain increased to such an extent that she was forced to retire from her work. Her in-laws became her carers and had to help her in her every daily activity.



After several painful months, her son introduced her to Emmanuel TV. Witnessing the healing and deliverance of others increased her faith and she determined to visit The SCOAN for her healing in Jesus’ name.

Placed at The SCOAN Prayer Line, one of the wise men prayed for her and she felt heat move through her body. She then stood up and began to walk, to the glory of God. Since that day, she has been walking freely and has not experienced any of the pain of the past. To her joy, she has also been able to return to her work and to the children she cares so much about.

Giving glory to God, she advised all who were watching to put their trust and faith in Jesus Christ for His mercy and divine healing.


Frequent urination due to Hepatitis B had caused Rev John A. Bekoe from Ghana serious embarrassment in ministry for five years.  As the chief assistant pastor to the bishop in charge, he found himself feeling useless and hopeless as time after time while ministering on the pulpit, he would have to exit suddenly and often would not even reach the bathroom before he wet himself. This affected his confidence as a minister and caused great worry about the impression congregants had about him. It got to a point where he had to stop preaching in his church because of this stigma.



While watching Emmanuel TV and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua one day, to his amazement Rev Bekoe received a shock, as if an electric current was surging through his body. After the prayer, he felt instantly relieved and when he went to the hospital for a checkup, he was declared Hepatitis B free! He advised others not to allow people to influence them negatively. Distance is not a barrier; if he could be healed while in Ghana, you can also be healed anywhere you are.


After recounting a terrifying tale of daily nightmares, Miss Nelly Sunday Jacob requested assistance from her sister. In response to her plea, the sister brought Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker to her home. They prayed together, ministered the Anointing Water throughout her home and placed the Anointing Sticker on her door in Jesus’ name.



Miss Jacob suddenly felt something instructing her to dig up a place close to her door. She dug and noticed a black plastic bag in the ground containing a charm. After removing the charm, Miss Jacob found herself delightfully free from the evil dreams.

Some days later, as she entered her compound, suddenly a bucket of boiling water was poured on her. A neighbour quickly noticed it and raced Miss Jacob to hospital. By that time, her skin had become black and began to peel. She was no longer able to wear clothing at all and was in tremendous pain until her sister came to the hospital and ministered the Anointing Water on her, praying for her in the name of Jesus Christ. She felt a sudden relief and a cool sensation all over her body. Within a week, to the amazement of the doctors, her skin had healed completely. A report from the doctor declared her burn-free and infection-free.

Her advice to all was to place themselves under the protecting hand of Jesus Christ by remaining in an attitude of prayer at all times.


Mr Ayodele Olufemi started his testimony saying that his father was a famous mathematician and had encouraged his son to follow in his footsteps. However, at school, he struggled in Mathematics until a pastor introduced him to Emmanuel TV and



ministered the Anointing Water on him. He then slept and had a dream where a tall man dressed in white was speaking to a gathering of all races and each person heard in their own dialect. When he woke up, he realized that he had received inspiration in the subject of Mathematics to the degree that he could complete sums in his brain faster than a friend on a calculator. He has since discovered and developed several theories in Mathematics to help students which he has published in several textbooks which have been approved for senior secondary schools in Ghana and Nigeria. His new techniques make even the most difficult formulae, multiplications and other sums simple for students of any level. As his mathematics career began to flourish in teaching and authoring, he was able to move out of his one room apartment into his own house and now drives two cars by the grace of God. He advised the congregation that God was the Giver of all knowledge and if we make God “Our number one” we would shine in whatever field we find ourselves in.


In the time of mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua came out to give some powerful prayer points: Ask Jesus for the grace of obeying His Word. To increase your faith, keep your purity.

I command every spirit hindering your present and your future; I command it out, in Jesus’ name. You must be separated from religious spirits, from your forefathers’ spirits. You must be separated.

He concluded by declaring that if we meditate on the Word of God day and night; whatever we do will prosper.

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The atmosphere was electric as usual and the ambience created by the choir’s edifying renditions created a holy aroma in the entire congregation. The zest of expectation was vividly written on the faces of the congregants who joined the choir in delivering soul-lifting pieces to the glory of His name.

Amidst the charged atmosphere in The SCOAN cathedral, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua calmly walked to the altar and amplified the topic of the day: “You will never succeed in whatever you are doing unless you believe and you can never believe in any business or whatever you are doing unless it is your dream and your goal – your destiny, what you are destined to do. When you are doing what you are destined to do, even though you pass through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no one. But if you are not doing what you are destined to do, the shadow will quench you.”


According to the man of God, whose sermon centred on DESTINY, it is only our God-given dreams and talents that will stand the test of time. In other words, it is only when we are operating within our divine calling that we may be able to make progress because God had ordained it: “Hear what the Bible says, No trouble or tribulation can seize, stop, consume you except what is common to man. You will never succeed in any job, in anything you are doing unless you believe in that thing. How will you believe in a thing that is not your destiny? You are not destined to be an accountant and you doing the work of an accountant, you are not destined to be a pastor and you are doing the work of a pastor- that situation will crash you, you will be finished and your history will be gone”.


The man of God admonished the congregation about living fake and borrowed lives. According to him, people who try to do what others are doing will fail unless it is their destiny. His sermon laid bare the wrongness in many Christian lives which has become more of a competition rather than living out God’s divine purpose. He made particular reference to marriage, which he said has been misconceived by many people: “Marriage has become competition, running a race – this is why marriages crumble today. There are divorces everywhere, all over the world. Competition has come; crisis has come to the house. Today, marriage seems to be competition whereas it is supposed to be cooperation. In the same vein, Christianity too is co-operation, not competition”.

After nourishing the soul of the congregation with his spiritually wholesome message, the man of God proceeded to the Prayer Line where he laid hands on many who needed healing and deliverance and to the glory of God, there were great testimonies of healing and deliverance from age-long afflictions.



Citing the biblical example of Job and how he lost all his earthly possessions and yet remained faithful to God, Wise Man Harry observed that the death of a believer was not his end but a transition to a higher glory: “…Christians do not die, they are transmuted; they do not cease to be, but they are only removed from one world to another”.

He concluded by urging Christians to make Jesus Christ their source so that whether they die or live, they can say “I AM READY TO MEET HIM”.





The story of Mrs Nkelle Njoh, a Cameroonian living in Gabon was a sorrowful one until the Anointing Water rewrote her history in Jesus’ name. Married for nine years without a child, her husband threatened to leave her. She was desperate and scared of losing her marriage; she ran to her mother and confided in her. The response of her mother was simple: “You don’t have a problem; have you heard of Emmanuel TV?”



When the channel was turned on in front of her, her hope was rekindled. Her mother did not stop at that but determined to see her daughter happy, she accompanied her to The SCOAN in Lagos. She received the Anointing Water and when she ministered it in Jesus’ name and met with her husband, three months later, the happy news came out – that she was pregnant!

The daughter that repaired the marriage was named Blessing after the blessing of God and today Mrs Nkelle Njoh is once again pregnant and bubbling with joy. Advising people not to be selfish with the Anointing Water but to bless others, she said, “If you have Anointing Water, help your neighbours as not everyone has the opportunity to come to The SCOAN”.


Mrs Ifiora Eunice Nkem suffered from an ovarian cyst for three years, a problem that made her a frequent visitor to different hospitals and threatened her job. When her trips to the hospital became too frequent, she herself began to lose hope in a medical solution for her problem.




The pain was excruciating as she could hardly walk when the discomfort gripped her. Tired of her daily pain, one day she discovered Emmanuel TV and came to The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water. She ministered it believing that her own case would not be different to the thousands she had seen on Emmanuel TV. Her joy returned as the pain vanished and she went back to the same hospital where the results of the test confirmed that the ovarian cyst was no longer there.

“Have hope in God – He is the God of impossibilities” she advised the crowd.



 The deep sea sparkled as evening came. Plunging into its depths, Christopher basked in the beauty of the South African ocean. Growing up, he never conceived in his wildest dreams that diving would be the profession he would eventually come to champion.



His story to diving glory began with an admission letter to a prominent South African diving school. However, after securing a visa, finances to purchase a ticket were scarce and it appeared the opportunity was about to disappear as speedily as it arose. Mr Okon desperately called on close confidants, seeking to raise sufficient funds for the ticket but no-one was ready to help. Bidding his goodbyes to friends and family in Akwa-Ibom, Christopher made his way to Lagos for his flight, albeit without the finances for the ticket. Before going to the airport, having watched Emmanuel TV on a few occasions, he decided to visit The SCOAN. Standing outside The SCOAN building, he offered a silent, poignant prayer. “God of T.B. Joshua, as I have seen others testify here, grant me my own testimony!” Pulling forth his Anointing Water, he ministered it on his phone and tried calling one of his friends who had previously told him he could not help. This time, the story changed! Required finances were immediately released and several days later, Christopher touched down in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Arriving at the diving school, another challenge arose. The initial complications in travel meant that he arrived late for the course, missing out on some vital lessons. An exam was set for the next day and Mr Okon had zero knowledge on the subject matter before him. Bringing out his Anointing Water, he ministered it on the examination papers, praying for Divine inspiration. He began randomly ticking the multiple-choice questions, using the scarce knowledge he had and relying on divine intervention. The pass mark was 70%; Christopher got 76%! Several months later, he passed with the highest mark in his class and is now a bonafide, professional diver!


Breathing heavily, Boukari Amibou knew death was nigh. A gun was pointed at his forehead, poised to fire. Armed Libyan militia surrounded him, discussing how they would dispose of his body. Mr Amibou was defenceless save for a ‘weapon’ his captors knew nothing about!



Abducted and bundled into a remote Libyan jungle, it appeared the last had been heard of Mr Boukari Amibou, a businessman from Benin Republic. After a short argument, the moment of execution had arrived. From point-blank range, his assassin shot. Nothing happened; the gun did not fire. Mr Amibou clutched the Anointing Sticker hanging around his neck, a gift he had received from a friend before travelling to Libya. Furious, the gunman took aim once more and fired. Nothing! Checking the gun, the man was perplexed. Turning it to his own head, he tried once more. This time, it worked. Rushing to the bloodied body of their compatriot, confusion reigned in the camp of his captors. Throwing aside their guns and brandishing knives, they decided to finish the job. However, each attempt to penetrate his flesh was met with an almost stony resistance. No knife, sword or machete could pierce his skin.

Seeing that Mr Amibou was clutching the Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN around his neck, they realised its role in his protection and tried to remove it. One eventually managed to cut the lanyard that held it around his neck but as the sticker fell to the ground, so did the man. Gathering courage, Mr Boukari picked up his Anointing Sticker on the ground, declaring to his captors that they must release him. Several days later, he was a free man!

Deciding to leave Libya by road, his car got stuck in the midst of the desert. Placing the Anointing Sticker on the car engine, it miraculously revived, enabling him to finally leave Libyan shores. His next destination – The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos – to share his mind-boggling testimony!

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DADDYThe sermon of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua at the Sunday Service on October 19, 2014 centered on this very symbolic subject. Having variously affirmed his adoration for the Biblical concept of truth, the man of God laid emphasis on this central Christian principle. Addressing the usually receptive and inspired congregation, the man of God stated that: “It is only truth that can see us through. Even our Lord, Jesus Christ cannot do anything against the truth because He, Himself is truth. He is the Creator of Heaven and earth. He has no beginning; He has no end. You have a beginning and you have an end. Stop fighting the truth because truth does not lose the battle; God does not lose battles”.

Speaking further, the man of God said that the Word of God is the only acceptable standard for understanding the truth. CROWD]While admonishing the congregation to strive to make the Word of God a part of their lives, he also posited that it is only by so doing that they can be set free: “Knowing facts about Jesus cannot change your relationship with Him. If you want to know the truth, go to your Bible. Make the Bible your standard because only that can set you free. Take time to splash around in the Word, to absorb it, to imbibe it and to gather it in. It must be an integral part of your being”.

Amplifying further the invaluable power in the Word of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua highlighted the far-reaching impact it can make on the lives of Christians who make it an integral part of their lives: “His Word has healing power, converting power and a purifying power. The Word can keep one from error and sin. If you say your heart is troubled, His Word rejoices the heart; it gladdens the heart. His Word is so profitable. His Word is so enduring”. In his famous style of backing up his sermons with Biblical Scriptures for the sake of expressing their practicality and applicability in today’s Christian living, the man of God drew the attention of the now engrossed congregation to the words of Jesus Christ Himself concerning the healing power of the Word in John 15:3 – “You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you”.

WM RACINEEarlier on that Sunday, Wise Man Racine enlightened the congregation with a spiritually uplifting message titled, HOLD ON TO GOD. The Wise Man’s message made an immediate spiritual impact as it related the prevailing universal crises to the doors of everyone’s particular experience. According to him, “Life is a battlefield and there are many battles to be won”. He also stressed that Christians must not forget to testify to God’s goodness, kindness and mercy each time He gives us victory in any battle.
He went further to exhort the congregation to always see God as their greatest source by giving all glory unto Him, observing that man is incapable of achieving anything without God on his side: “The best man in the world holds his integrity no longer than God upholds him in it. The best man in the world can only maintain his position and honour as long as God keeps him in it.”
He emphasized that we should always hold on to God, knowing that “beyond earthly sorrow is the joy of Heaven”. Adding that we should live in the fear of the Lord more than the fear of man, he concluded that this precept “should be the guiding principle behind every Christian’s faith”.

healing1After praying for the sick and afflicted at The SCOAN Prayer Line, the man of God led the congregation and viewers around the world in a powerful time of mass prayer. Everything that was commanded on earth was commanded in Heaven as prison doors were opened and chains were loosed. Every religious spirit, spirit of doubt, unbelief, error and heresy was commanded out, in the name of Jesus Christ. healing2
As they prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, the congregation released themselves from every ancestral spirit and spirit of their forefathers that had tormented them. They confessed freedom and victory in Christ Jesus, knowing that the truth had won the battle.
Next, the Anointing Water was ministered on all present, being used as a medium to sanctify and purify their spirits, souls and bodies for the service of the Lord.

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Different nations across the world joined worshippers last Sunday to worship God and glorify His Holy name as they dadtuned in to Emmanuel TV.

Bubbling with enthusiasm, the children of God sang melodious songs of praises and worship as they joined the Emmanuel Singers in a divinely charged atmosphere.

The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a thought-provoking message that put believers on their spiritual toes.crowd

“If you pray and you never hear from God, it does not mean that God is powerless – it means your relationship with God fails to prove that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you pray to God and don’t hear His voice saying, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, it does not mean God is not alive. He is alive but your relationship with Him fails to prove that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the same God who rescued Daniel, Meshack, Shahealing4drack and Abed-Nego’. Once again he challenged us to reflect inward on our relationship with God.

Later, the man of God mhealing3oved among the worshippers who were eager to hear from God and touched many lives through prophecies. The congregants witnessed a lot of revelations from which many bondages were broken and evil yokes were lifted from shoulders.

The day’s prayer line session which followed was also memorable to the glory of God as the man of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, saw to the deliverance and healing of those afflicted, including those who threw away their crutches and walked out of their wheel chairs.

Speaking on the topic: JESUS CHRIST KNOWS YOUR SITUATION, Wise Man Daniel uplifted the faith of the wm danielsurging worshippers through a down-to-earth message of God’s unflinching love and care for His people whom He would never fail to uphold by His Word. The Wise Man enjoined the worshippers not be controlled by their situation and always see the saving grace of God’s presence. His words:

“What is your situation? As a Christian, don’t grumble, murmur or rebel because God is aware. What you are complaining about may be to preserve you for the purpose which God created you for. Remember, seeing what God says will produce and increase your faith. And when it is time for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in your life, there will be a driving force that will change your action and location. Don’t forget that many toil very hard and pray fervently, but the duty of God is to determine the time and season of harvest. Therefore, leave your situation for God because He knows. And because He knows, He will never leave you without solution. As Christians, as long as the world is in place in our lives, Christ will be displaced. As long as self-confidence is in place in our hearts, the confidence born of God will be displaced. Jesus Christ is a democrat- He does not impose His Will on anyone. He allows us to exhaust whatever worldly advantages we feel we have so that, when we have learnt lessons, we would value Him.”

healing1The day also witnessed prayer for the nations, reaching out to a troubled world conducted by Prophet T.B. Joshua, who afterwards encouraged the congregation that due to the distractions in this world, the only way to maintain breakthrough is by meditation.  “I mediate on the Word day and night. Whatever I do prospers.”

healing2Not to leave any room for satan to manipulate, the new Anointing Water was also administered on all present to ensure that no one escaped the anointing of God.

It was a glorious day, the name of the Lord was magnified, Praise the Lord.

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