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A report from ‘All Voices’ chronicling yet another prophetic confirmation. When God’s servants speak forth, the wise listen…

First was heartthrob Heath Ledger, then iconic pop legend Michael Jackson and now the young Brittany Murphy. Deaths that shocked the world, monumental losses to their respective industries, igniting an epidemic of grief and sobering reflections among fans and well wishers worldwide… But tragic as they were, these three celebrity losses bear an uncommon semblance, share an uncanny connection. Before these tragedies ever happened, they were all seen and spoken of by one man – a Nigerian pastor. His name: T.B. Joshua. Could it be a 21st century prophet has been discovered?

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy - a young woman at the center of her own world

The latest affirmation seems to weave the cords of authenticity ever tighter. Barely a week after Pastor T.B. Joshua’s prophetic declaration regarding the attack on Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi was instantly confirmed, yet another event of international magnitude is said to have been prophesied by the famed Nigerian pastor.

“A young lady, famous, known all over the world – pray for her,” said T.B. Joshua during a service broadcast live on his Christian station: Emmanuel TV. “She is very young and famous. They should just pray for her, because I am seeing heart failure. Somebody who is not seriously sick – just a little while and passed on. This is a young woman who is at the centre of her own world.”

On Sunday 20th December 2009, news spread worldwide that Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy had died tragically of heart failure at the tender age of 32. The ‘Clueless’ and ‘8 Mile’ star who will also be remembered as the voice of Luanne Platter in the popular sitcom, ‘King Of The Hill’, was found unresponsive in her home early Sunday morning, paramedics stating she was in full cardiac arrest. She was pronounced dead hours later.

Adding credence to such claims is the remarkable consistency in accuracy of Joshua’s prophecies. This is not a unique event in his ministry. Over sixty varying prophetic declarations in the past two years and their subsequent confirmations are all chronicled on his churches website (www.scoan.com) , the video evidence then posted on You Tube for all to verify.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

Joshua had prophesied concerning the death of Heath Ledger on January 20th 2009, stating he saw a young personality going on ‘a journey of no return’¸ setting aside Tuesday to pray for the individual concerned. Two days later, on Tuesday, Ledger died at the age of 28.

Concerning the demise of the legend Michael Jackson, Joshua had prophesied earlier this year that ‘a great star’ would go ‘on a journey of no return,’ and then sent a personal message to Marlon Jackson via Tee Mac Iseli on June 12th that his brother urgently needed healing and deliverance, imploring him to bring the controversial star to Nigeria for prayers. He died two weeks later.

Each week unveils new prophetic revelations, all broadcast on Emmanuel TV The question is: will the world take note?

SOURCE: All Voices

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Another remarkable confirmation. In every situation, God has something to say!

When the potentially lethal metal object was viciously, maliciously hurled at Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, little did he know that the prayers and prophecy of a popular pastor in faraway Nigeria could well have averted a pending calamity…

On Sunday 13th December 2009, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations unveiled a prophecy concerning an attempt on the life of a nation’s leader. “I see an attempt on one of the presidents of one of the great nations,” he said. “Pray for protection. I see a narrow escape – very narrow, too narrow. But the whole thing failed. We continue to pray…” The declaration was made during a live broadcast on Emmanuel TV, a Christian television station with a growing passionate following across Africa. The congregation and viewers worldwide subsequently offered supplication for God’s protection for the president concerned.

Berlusconi Attacked

Silvio Berlusconi Attacked

Merely hours later that evening, news of the nasty attack on Berlusconi filtered through to media outlets worldwide. The assault at a campaign rally on Sunday in Milan left Berlusconi bleeding profusely from his left upper lip and cheek. The man accused of hitting the controversial prime minister in the face with a replica of Milan’s cathedral was charged with grievous bodily harm and is still in police custody. Berlusconi, who is still recuperating in hospital, testified it was a miracle that he was not blinded by the attack that left him with a broken nose, two missing teeth and a cut lip. Debate has since been rife throughout Italy with commentators wondering what would have been the outcome if the assailant held a gun as opposed to a statuette.

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister

T.B. Joshua is a pastor with a remarkable record of accurate prophetic pronouncements, including the death of iconic pop legend Michael Jackson and the release of Ingrid Betancourt from the Colombian jungles last year. His weekly services are broadcast live via Emmanuel TV, and his ministry continues to attract international attention due to the copious healing testimonies, widespread charitable activities and accurate prophecies on both personal and national levels.

SOURCE: All Voices

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God has ordered all so that the whole shall appear to be of grace. Therefore, all boasting is excluded. He that glories must not glory in himself but in the LORD.

A report from Nigeria’s PM News, detailing Nigeria’s Super Eagles Coach Shaibu Amodu’s visit to the The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations and the testimony he shared there, to the glory of God!

Super Eagles coach, Shaibu Amodu says he owes the qualification of his team for the 2010 World Cup to Prophet T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Amodu, who spoke yesterday at a thanksgiving service in the church yesterday, confessed that but for the timely intervention of T. B. Joshua, his job was already on the line.

According to the coach, who was in the church with some Super Eagles crew members, nobody believed that Nigeria could qualify for the championship..

Shaibu Amodu

Shaibu Amodu - Super Eagles Coach

“At a time, the journey of the Super Eagles to 2010 was on a cliff hanger, as some would call it, and it was only a miracle that would make it work. Some even said it won’t work.

“But as this was going on, I was monitoring what the Ghanaian team was doing in Cairo, Egypt.

“We knew that the team leaders were in constant touch with the man of God,” Amodu said adding that he monitored minute by minute, the Prophet’s declarations and how they came to pass in favour of the Ghanaians.

Coach Amodu said he knew how the man of God intervened in the recent U-17 World Cup, which got the Golden Eaglets a second position, which the nation never thought could happen because of their rough start.

“I have known the man of God for about 10 years now but I ceased contact with him for a while.

“When I called him later he asked me ‘what is wrong with you my friend? You are in this mess and you cannot come and ask for God’s intervention?’

“I came with members of the team as the man of God said he would pray about it, then we – me, Kanu Nwankwor, Peterside Idah – continued bombarding him with calls.”

Amodu said after several calls, Prophet Joshua told them not to be afraid and that the prayer point should be for Tunisia to lose to Mozambique since the Super Eagles were going to defeat Kenya.

“When it was first half, we were down by one and the man of God called Peterside, our press co-ordinator, and told him to ask me not to panic as we would equalize and win. This is a true confession and it came to pass,” he said.

By Eromosele Ebhomele


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God is still saying something…

Amidst stunning revelations of Pastor T.B. Joshua’s prophetic involvement in FIFA’S U-17 and U-20 World Cups, another event of international magnitude has been added to the growing list of accurate prophecies pronounced by the Nigerian cleric…

Over a month earlier, T.B. Joshua had spoken forth a prophetic message regarding a strange event to occur at a place bearing the name, ‘Fort’. “This message is not even for Nigeria, but a super nation,” said the prophet during a live Sunday Service, alluding to the revelation about to be unveiled. “The name, ‘Fort’. We should pray for that name,” he continued. “It’s a parable because I’m seeing a strange person carrying something.” The pastor then demonstrated his hands cocked as if holding a gun. “We are praying for the whole world here”. The service was broadcast live via Emmanuel TV.

Fort Hood, TB Joshua,

The name, ‘Fort’. We should pray for that name.

On Thursday, November 5th 2009, a soldier carrying two handguns opened fire on fellow soldiers at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas, USA, killing 13 people and wounding 30 in a tragic event that elicited shock and grief throughout the nation and beyond. The incident in Fort Hood, the largest active duty armored post in the world, stands as the deadliest ever on a military base on American soil. Arguments have run awry as to the motive of such massacre, the perpetrator being a fellow American soldier, Dr. Malik Nadal Hasan, a trained psychiatrist and major decorated with a number of prestigious military awards.

Barack Obama, Fort Hood, TB Joshua

These are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis.

Addressing the nation, President Barack Obama said on the horrific shootings: “These are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. It’s difficult enough when we lose these brave Americans in battles overseas…But it’s all the more heartbreaking and all the more despicable because of the place where it occurred and the patriots who were its victims.”

Coming on the heels of recent confirmations of Joshua’s prophetic insight in the football arena from the likes of Sellas Tetteh, coach of Ghana’s victorious U-20 team and John Fashanu, Nigerian Ambassador for Sports and Tourism, events continue to unveil the authenticity of such prophetic pronouncements

SOURCE: All Voices, Modern Ghana,

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Humility simply means total dependence on God for everything…

On the heels of the recent controversy sparked by insinuations that Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua had claimed glory for the Black Satellites World Cup victory through his prophetic insight to Coach Sellas Tetteh, a similar event seems to have thrown a spanner in the works of the pastors critics…

A mere fortnight after the Satellite debate was at its hottest, revelations have emerged how coach of the current Nigerian U-17 Team, John Obuh, also received prophetic insight from T.B. Joshua concerning the Golden Eaglets last match with Argentina in the ongoing FIFA U-17 World Cup. Prophet Joshua also debunked the allegations of claiming glory for the Satellites triumph, referring to such statements as blasphemous and uncalled for.

On Sunday 4th November, a recorded conversation between the Nigerian cleric and Eaglets coach John Obuh was played back to The SCOAN congregation, an event broadcast live to the world via Emmanuel TV. Obuh was said to have called Joshua on Thursday, the day before the Argentine match on Friday.

“I told you in under 2 to 5 minutes they will score,” Joshua was heard telling the coach. “I want to assure you – your people are going home one ahead. That is the promise of God. But for five minutes they will be very dangerous – let us mark our home. 15 minutes to go will be for us – we must make use of it.” Coach Obuh told Joshua he had already informed the players of the prophecy. Another conversation was then played between Joshua and the Eaglets assistant coach Abimbola Samuel in which he told him in a local Nigerian dialect, “Your boys will work a penalty when it is 15 minutes to go…”

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

As events would have it, the match followed in the footprints of the revelation, Argentina scoring in the first two minutes, Nigeria winning a penalty in the last 15 and eventually winning by one goal to top their group and advance convincingly to the knock-out stages.

Speaking to the enthralled congregants, Joshua clearly defined the role of a prophet in such scenario, demystifying the rumour that he was attempting to ascribe glory to himself. “I cannot help anyone to win any match – I am just a servant,” he carefully explained. “A prophet is to tell God’s opinion. It’s a blasphemy, sin against Holy Spirit if you say a prophet is the one who helped someone win a match. I am a gentle donkey. I am just a donkey Jesus is riding on. If somebody drops beautiful clothes, attires on the floor for the donkey to march on, it is not the donkey they dropped the attire on the floor for, but the One on top.”

He further explained how the opinion of God can guide the team concerned, but the prophet who delivers such message has no say whatsoever in the matter. “There is nothing I can do – I am just a servant. I cannot touch it, I cannot alter it. It is God that can alter anything. A prophet doesn’t make a team win – a prophet only tells you the mind of God. When we know God’s opinion, it will help us to guard against mistake and error…”

The storm that erupted in Ghana over the Satellites Saga seems not to have deterred or discouraged the Nigerian pastor, who is widely known as one of the most persecuted pastors in Africa. Using his own life experience, he encouraged the viewers and those present that they must pass through both schools of persecution and praise as part of the necessary preparation for the journey ahead. “I feel strong in challenges, believing that personal improvement and fulfilment come through the continual process of learning from both negative and positive experiences,” he explained.

Recalling the words of his late mother that have been a source of inspiration for him, Joshua lyrically expounded, “When times are stable, and the sea is calm and secure, no one is really tested.” “People will challenge you, question you, try to get you off track,” he bluntly told the audience. “Don’t listen to the temptation to act out of character.”

On the presumption that such precise prophetic revelations can be dished out according to his own will, Joshua made it clear that the God of all nations who reveals such mysteries shows no partiality, attending equally to all who come to Him in humility and sincerity. “A prophet is a prophet to all nations irrespective of where he is from, and God is the Father of all – and He treats His children equally. For those who come to Him in humility, He opens His heart – and if you receive a prophet because he is a prophet, you receive a prophet’s reward…”

On the reason for the seemingly sudden burst of prophetic revelations about football, the pastor explained it is simply part of God’s mission to save souls, especially those of young people. “God wants to win the souls of young people – and young people today are into games such as football,” he clarified. “If they now see God’s hand in their midst, they will begin to believe God. It’s a game that unites other religions and Christians, even pagans – everyone unites when it is time of the game.”

Speaking on the qualities of true ministers of God, Joshua pointed to the importance of contentment, saying it is the lack of contentment that often causes people to engage in petty and unnecessary criticism of others. “When you are content – you will not compare yourself to others, you will not stand and begin to accuse your fellow brother or pray to rebuke and destroy them… The principle of a contented man is ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ ” Instead of criticising from afar, men of God should do what is good to change the bad they see, Joshua admonished.

The same service also witnessed the testimony of an armed robber who had come to the church last week armed with a gun, and the presentation of a brand new Mercedez car to a physically challenged man who had been begging for food with his three children for many months, his electrical shop having burned down a week after his wife tragically died. The reformed robber was supported with N200,000 while the physically challenged man had earlier been given N330,300, all part of Joshua’s extensive charitable activities.

SOURCE: The Ghanaian Journal, Modern Ghana, All Voices

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Another moving story from Nigerian newspaper ‘The National Life’, detailing an incident in Akwa-Ibom state, and the way in which God used T.B. Joshua to intervene in the issue…

The joy of Ubong Enah Willie, a native of Ndoneyo in Onna Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, having completed his house suffered a fatal blow as tragedy struck his family and the team of prayer band invited to dedicate the house.

In the course of dedicating the house, two of Ubong’s children mysteriously dropped dead, while a pastor lapsed into coma, which ultimately took his life. Other members of the prayer band sustained serious injuries. Ubong, a spare part dealer explained that he had managed to make some savings from his meager income with which he purchased the land on which he built the house.

Ubong - Saved from the stigma of murder allegations

Ubong - Saved from the stigma of murder allegations

He revealed that he bought the land against prior warning by some men of God that he consulted about the dangers inherent in procuring the land and building on it. Tired of being hounded by landlords, Ubong said he over a period of time succeeded in erecting a 3-bedroom apartment on the said land.

Amidst savouring the joy of having become a landlord, Ubong explained that as a devout Christian, he invited a team of prayer warriors to cleanse the house of demonic and satanic powers and presence. Convinced of their divine anointing to uproot satanic powers, he said the pastors swung into action, binding and casting out demonic forces with him and his family members in attendance.

However, midway into the prayer session, Ubong said the whole exercise changed, and tragedy struck. According to him, he said that just as the prayers were going on, evil spirits invaded the building, shutting the doors and invincibly hitting everybody present with what was like a hammer, killing two of his four children instantly an leaving his wife and others seriously injured.

The pastor who led the prayers, he said died few days after while another member of the prayer team till date has lost sensation in his right hand. In his own words, the embattled Ubong said: “I bought the land with my hard earned money although I was warned against buying it. After the purchase, I went ahead to start building on it. At the end of the day, I was able to put up a 3-bedroom apartment. As a Christian who believes in committing everything into the hands of God, I invited some pastors to come and pray over the house before we move in.

“On the day that they came, my family and I were around. Surprisingly, as the prayer was going on, I just experienced a strange feeling all over me and I felt like I had rashes all over my body. As I was wondering over what was happening, others were also having their own very unpalatable experience. There was no way out for any of us because everywhere was locked. At the end of it all, my two children died immediately. One of the pastors died about three days after”

TB Joshua With The Family

TB Joshua - The ministry of reconciliation

Bassey Monday Udoh, another member of the prayer band explained that their mission to pray over Ubong’s new house was not the first time he would go out for such. Stunned by the bizarre experience, he recounted:” I have always gone out to pray for people in their houses and shops. Ubong’s case wasn’t the first time I went for such but it turned out to be a very terrible experience. While we were saying our prayers, some evil spirits just entered the house hitting me all over the body with something that felt like a hammer. I fell and it continued to hit me. After the medical attention that I received, I have lost feeling in my right hand. I have not been able to do anything with it since then and it still gives me serious pains. Apart from my hand, I have not been able to also reason very well as I used to do before now as a result of that demonic torture.”

Pointing to a particular part of his body, he said, “Look at this side of my head, (he shows it), hair has not grown there since the incident” As if the cruel blows he received were not enough, Ubong, who was still dazed by the incidence that still defies comprehension and still mourning the demise of his children and his beloved pastor, was in for another shock when the community accused him of killing his children and the pastor for money rituals.

Aside the pain of having lost his beloved ones, the community’s allegation festered the sore in Ubong’s heart as he faced threats of various forms, including banished from his fatherland. With his whole world apparently crashing, the saying that failure is an orphan dawned on him.

Despite losing his children and his pastor in a prayer session, Ubong’s faith in his creator remained firm. Without any one to lean on, he solidly believed that his God was capable of setting him free.

With this conviction, he left his home town for the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos. At SCOAN, he recounted that while Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying, he mentioned that there was a man present at the service who was alleged of murder and asked such person to come out.

The late pastors wife

The late pastors wife

Stunned by the correctness of the prophecy, Ubong said: “I just came here to pray for God to deliver me from my problems and show to my people that I was innocent of the allegation leveled against me. To my surprise, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in the course of his prophecy, narrated everything that happened. He said the person concerned was innocent and asked that such person should come out for prayers. I did and he prayed for me.”

While away in Lagos seeking spiritual help, Ubong’s community back in Onna had gone to consult witch doctors to ascertain his culpability in the ugly incident. Without prior knowledge of Ubong’s visit to the SCOAN, the community head, he said put the oracles’ revelations aside and said he would have to hear from Prophet Joshua before he could accept that Ubong was not responsible for his children and pastor’s death.

Thus, he arranged that a delegate from the community, the pastor’s family members and Ubong visit SCOAN. Prior to that, the late pastor’s son who was said to be violent had threatened to avenge his father’s death by killing Ubong in return. After some appeals from the community, he was said to have rescinded his decision but demanded that Ubong should pay the sum of N4million for his father’s burial.

The Gift

Gift given to the family of the late pastor by Prophet T.B. Joshua

A bloody clash which would have ensued as a result of the crises was averted when the whole party involved in the crises visited Prophet Joshua. Meeting with the late pastor’s family and the community head’s delegate, Prophet Joshua informed that Ubong was innocent of the murder allegation leveled against him. To save the insolvent Ubong from being further hounded because of the huge sum the late pastor’s son demanded for his father’s burial, Prophet Joshua gave the family a sum of N500,000 and went ahead to assure the widow, Comfort Kiddy of his support for the upkeep of the family.

The widow had also requested that Ubong should be responsible for her mother’s burial which she said the late pastor was supposed to do before his untimely death while praying at Ubong’s new house. Propitiated by the Prophet’s intervention and benevolence, the late pastor’s son, Victor said that they were convinced that Ubong was not responsible for his father’s death and assured that peace would reign hence forth.

SOURCE: The National Life – Vol. 2 No. 68

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An encouraging testimony! When the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed…

Slightly intoxicated from the evening’s drinks and mind ablaze with the night’s exhilarating liberty, a sardonic smile marked Chichi’s countenance as she walked briskly through the dark Lagosian streets. Could life be better! With no cares to check her, responsibilities to tie her down or plans to restrict her, life was without limits, each new day birthing new opportunities to exercise new independence. Suddenly, the silence was shattered: “Hello Chichi…” Whipping around in a myriad of shock and wonder, Chichi beheld the intruder of her solace to discover a dark man with an eerie countenance, smiling softly. Thoughts began racing – moments earlier she had surveyed the empty street opposite the graveyard. Where did this man come from? “I like you… come with me.” Chichi stared on, caught in the conflict of reason and freedom. ‘Well, why not? Should be fun!’ Reason waned and Chichi followed. It was a decision ever etched in the echelons of her life experiences, a decision she would later describe with the term, ‘disastrous’, a decision that left her enslaved in the hands of evil for seventeen years of torment.

For 16 year old Chichi, life revolved around going from one party to the next. It seemed the pinnacle of enjoyment and the height of delight, until the carefree attitude landed the teenager in a predicament she never anticipated. The problem’s genesis stemmed from her strange encounter with a man who simply asked her to follow him. Chichi explained, “He brought me to a house, and it was completely empty. There was only a foam mattress inside the house, nothing else! I didn’t even recollect the way we moved that night or the road we walked down. During that process, we made love together. The following day, he told me he was going somewhere – and left at five in the morning. That was the last I ever saw of the man physically and the last I ever saw of the house.”

From that day on, life for Chichi became miserable – anything she put her hand to suffered while any promise to help her was left empty. At night, the torment continued as a strange figure in the form of a snake came to make love with her, calling her his wife, shattering her peace and destroying her future.

“Each time I sleep, in the dream this person will come as a snake and we make love in the dream. Since then, anything I lay my hands on, everything will end in disaster and disaster. My life has not been the same. Even though people give me money, the money will be scattered. People will promise to marry me but along the line the whole thing will be in vain, and they will say that they are not interested again, In short, I have not been myself for the past seventeen years and I am never happy. He will come in the form of a human but change into a snake down the line and make love with me – every night. On two occasions he told me that I am his future wife and that I should never date another man. He said we are going to have 22 children before he puts a ring on my hand and weds me. I have had four children in the night. He would normally say that these are his children, that they don’t belong to anybody – and that anytime, he will come and take them. When I wake up after these dreams, all my body will be wet. It was a very terrible experience.”

Deeming life of slavery to a snake worse than worthless, contemplations of ending the nightmare once and for all filled her senses. Was life really worth living again? It was in such a state that a flick through the channels on her DSTV satellite revealed a renewal of hope, Emmanuel TV, run by The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. After barely a week of viewing, Chichi resolved to visit The SCOAN, knowing only divine intervention could prevail. The resolve was not without its challenges, as Chichi explained, “The night I decided to come to The Synagogue, when I slept, he still came and made love with me, but he said I should not make a move to the place I wanted to go and I should not leave him alone. He said I should not disown him and that I am his wife and must remain his wife. I woke up in the morning and said ‘Devil – you are a liar. I must go to The SCOAN. God has spoken to me that I must go there and that he will use the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, to deliver me.’ Through watching Emmanuel TV, I had courage.”

The following Sunday, Chichi was arranged in the prayer line of The SCOAN. It was a date with destiny, and one she will not soon forget. “As TB Joshua was praying for me, I felt something suddenly came off my head as if something just flew out. I knew that something was going out of me. Then I actually saw these snakes surrounding me and I started shouting, ‘Snake! Snake! Snake!’ He stretched his hands over me – and I saw many snakes running away. There were more than twenty – both little and big ones going out of me. When he placed his hand on me, I felt, something cold cooling my head and going right over all my body. I just felt free like a new born baby.”

After seventeen long years of captivity, Chichi was instantly and remarkably delivered! But the story was not yet over. As the church service progressed, TB Joshua gave a word of prophecy in the midst of the congregation, saying, “There is a newcomer here with a ‘rasta’ style haircut. A snake has been making love with you in your dreams every night. This problem came from the time you slept with a man. The man came from a graveyard.” Chichi rose from her seat in amazement. She was hearing her life experience from a man she had never personally met. In fact, she had only disclosed the strange dreams to a few close colleagues. Coming forward, TB Joshua told her, “That man you slept with was not a human being – he was a ghost from the graveyard!” It all made sense – the man’s sudden appearing out of thin air, the strange house he brought her to, the terrible experiences since then.

T.B. Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

Reaching home that night following the incredible service, Chichi experienced real peace of mind for the first time in seventeen years. Lying on her bed, she slept soundly with no dreams, or strange encounters with the ‘snake-man’! The nightmare had finally ended! Brimming with joy, Chichi now has hope for the future. Her words to the youth are clear: “I know a lot of young ladies out there like me and I know what I went through in life. My experience is a very big one – a disaster experience. I will advise them to give their lives to Christ and come close to God. You should not allow anyone to come and deceive you into the party lifestyle. By the time you keep on doing it, you will find yourself empty and you will gain nothing. Stop going to parties because there is danger in it. In the process, they will experience what they don’t expect and it will destroy the person. So my advice is simple – to come to God.”

SOURCE: All Voices

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